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Feeling a little restless? Itching to do or say something? Wary of conversations happening around you, and maybe even a little bit paranoid? Or maybe you feel like your mind is all over the place and you can’t get it to just settle down.

We’re all feeling this right now, and that’s because super sly Mercury has flown into its home sign, the Mutable Air sign, Gemini. We’re all literally all over the map, but not for long. So today we’re going to talk about how to keep calm and carry on for those two weeks of here, there, and everywhere when Mercury enters Gemini.

What is Mercury in Gemini?

Mercury is one of the planets that travels through the zodiac signs throughout the year and only sticks around in each one for a couple of weeks. From May 29 to June 12, Mercury will be in its home sign. Mercury rules Gemini, the quick witted Mutable Sign of the Air signs. But Gemini, the double-sided twins of the zodiac, is a little all over the map as well. This is a lot of energy happening all at once!

The themes of Mercury are logic, intellectual thought, inspiration, and communication. Mercury rules Gemini and also the Mutable sign of the Earth signs, Virgo. Where we see Mercury in our natal charts is where we have the most intellect and inspiration in our lives, and where we are best able to communicate. Mercury in Libra, for example, would indicate someone who is very good at communicating and expressing ideas in relationships that have harmony and balance. That’s how Mercury rules.

Then we have Gemini. The Mutable Sign of the Air Signs Gemini is symbolized by the twins, often characterized as Jekyll and Hyde. Gemini gets a bit of a bad rap this way. Yes, Gemini can be super sarcastic, witty, a little double-edged, and sometimes a little bit loose on truth and facts. But there’s an intelligence to Gemini that is highly underrated.

When Mercury is in Gemini, we have the gift of clear thought, objectivity, and mental flexibility. Yes, we can see the shadowy side of Gemini come in during this time frame, but we also have the gift of clarity. But sometimes, the shadow sides win. Paranoia can ruin the best day, and many times, it’s not rooted in anything real.This is why a lesson in keeping calm and carrying on while Mercury is in Gemini is in order.

Your Keep Calm Checklist for Mercury in Gemini

1. Be cool.

One of the reasons Gemini gets a bad rap is because Gemini doesn’t show their cards. They keep cool during their every day activities, and come from a place of reason and logic. If you want something from someone when Mercury is in Gemini, keep cool. Listen, communicate, and don’t react emotionally. Make decisions based on reason and logic and not emotion. You may have to work a little harder under this restless vibe, but you have to actually make the effort to be cool. Look to celebrities like Angelina Jolie (Mercury in Gemini) for a perfect example of that stoic, peaceful energy.

2. Just the facts.

We are talking Mercurial intellectual energy combined with Air Sign energy, which is not emotional energy. It’s logical, reasonable, rational, fact-based energy. To get what you want in any of your communications under this energy for the next two weeks, stick to the facts. Don’t try to use emotion to express what you feel and what you want, use a cool detachment that privileges facts and information before making decisions, like Marilyn Monroe who also had Mercury in Gemini.

3. Don’t get stuck on truth.

Sad to say, truth may be hard to come by under Mercury in Gemini, and you may find yourself flipping between two sides of the same coin. If you are in search of information or accuracy in a conversation and find yourself being manipulated by wishy-washy folks or double talkers, it can get frustrating. At the same time, you’ll see a lot of smooth-talkers during this transit that will focus more on charming you than dishing out the truth. Think Tom Cruise types, as he has his Mercury in Gemini. This can drive us bonkers or up a wall and ruin a day very quickly.

You’re going to see a lot of chit chat because it will be very easy to talk to people under this witty and conversational transit. But that doesn’t mean you are going to be seeing a lot of truth come your way. Best to accept that before going into conversations, or you could find yourself beating your head against the wall. Don’t worry, the truth will come eventually.

4. Write.

When all else fails, write. That doesn’t mean the whole world needs to see it. If ever there was a time when venting on paper was the best medication for your soul, this is it. More emotional means of soul work and keeping calm are not going to be the most effective methods for staying sane under this transit. We WILL feel pulled in different directions. We WILL feel like we are being told 200 stories at once. We WILL feel like we can’t organize our thoughts and we will be distracted by literally everything.

So, write. Get it all out. If you’re mad at someone, write them a letter, just don’t send it. This practice is for you, no one else. If you’re trying to find truth, write out the jumbled thoughts in your head. Don’t try and force information on or from anybody. Ground yourself in soothing energy with crystal healing, by tucking a rose quartz or amethyst in your pocket. Journal until the cows come home, or at least until Mercury moves on into Cancer.

Concluding thoughts….

If you are feeling restless and antsy and like you don’t know what to do next, stop. Take a big breath. And relax. You are not alone. This is Mercury in Gemini amplifying some of your fears and paranoias. Do not live in them.

Stay tuned to your Daily Horoscopes to make sure you know what your daily forecast is during this time. Keep calm, and carry on. Stick to the facts. Stay cool. Lower your expectations for truth seeking, just for a little while. And write out what you need to vent out. Keep calm. This too shall pass.

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If you want answers about love, you want them from every possible source, am I right? Who among us isn’t raising a hand shouting, “Relatable!”

Love is the most uncertain subject in our lives, and we always want to know the deets. So if that’s you too, you’re in a good place. When it comes to sources for answers, we’ve got the goods.

Today we’re going to look at 2 very powerful tools that you can use to start getting answers about your soulmates right now. Yes. Now. Those tools are the Tarot, and numbers. With June being the 6th month of the calendar year, and 6 being the soulmate symbol, today we are going to look at the power of 6.

Astrological Influences on Love

Between our compatibility series, our numerology discussions, and our lengthy chats on Venus, there is a lot to understand when it comes to the influences from astrology on love. And there’s a lot to cover, we’ve only just hit the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to the planets, the one planet that is the most important in terms of helping you manifest your loving desires is Venus. Venus is very important in every astrological discussion on love, because she is the planet of love and beauty.

But as passionate as she may be, she is also about balance. Venus seeks luxury and the best of the best. Venus brings harmony to everything she touches, and it is this harmony that is the very essence of soul connections. When everything is balanced, in a beautiful equilibrium, then love can prevail. Problems in our relationships only arise when this balance shifts, and this is when we call on Venus to wave her magic wand of harmony and beauty on the relationships that mean the most to us.

The number 6 can be very helpful to us in working with Venus to establish that long sought after harmony.

The Number 6 & Its Secrets

We’ve talked about your life path number before, and we’ve even talked about your life path compatibility in love. One thing we have not talked about is the symbolism of the numbers, and the potential they bring to your love life. In fact, there is no better tool in the universe that can help us understand symbolism better than the tool of the Tarot.

The Number 6 in numerology is considered the most harmonious. Even numbers do not leave much room for argument. It is one easy, swooping line that starts at the top, and meets in the middle in one single stroke. Harmony.

If your life path number is 6, you are the person people love to work with, be friends with, and solve problems with, because you are so easygoing and …harmonious. It is because of this harmonious nature of the powerful number 6 that we relate this number to soul connections. And it’s not just us! If you ever see the number 6 appear in a Tarot reading, it could suggest some soul connection energy in your life at some point, depending on the placement of the card. So let’s look at that a little more closely.

The Tarot & Soul Connections

There are 4 suits in the Tarot, like there are 4 suits in a standard deck of playing cards. Although the experts have different terms or names for them, they basically all mean the same thing. For my purposes, I call the suits of the Tarot the Cups, the Pentacles (also referred to as disks), the Swords, and the Wands (also referred to as rods, knaves, or staffs). Each of these suits is then numbered, like in a regular deck of playing cards.

The cards are numbered from 1-10, and then follows the Court Cards. (The 1′s in the Tarot are represented by Aces.) The court cards are similar to your jacks, queens, and kings in a playing card deck, but in the Tarot, are the Page, Knight, Queen, and King. In addition to these cards, the Tarot has another set of cards to use in your Tarot reading, and these include the Major Arcana cards. Each of the Major cards are numbered as well, from 0, The Fool, to 21, The World. These numbers from these suits in the Major Arcana are what we use to make predictions about your journey towards harmony, using the number 6 as our guide.

6′s in the Tarot are all about journeys. The 5′s in the Tarot represent situations that create transitions in our lives, and transitions are often accompanied by pain. With the 5′s we see a lot of struggle, loss, abandonment, strife, drama, heartache, and sorrow. The 6′s are a refreshing change, and are the Tarot’s way of moving through that pain.

The individual journey towards individual fulfillment and harmony is the focus of the 6′s. On this journey, we must first depart beyond the pain of the 5′s, move through the journey itself, and then finally experience the harmony we have been searching for. This is also why the 6′s are often referred to as “success cards.” If one comes up for you in a reading, the message is not only that of an exciting soul connection, but also of success in your experience after the pain of the 5′s.

The card numbered 6 or VI in the Tarot is The Lovers. Now do you see how everything is connected? So let’s look at each of the 6 cards in the Tarot in the event that one of our Soul Space experts pulls one of these awesome cards for you during one of your readings.

The 6 of Wands

On the 6 of Wands we see a man on a horseback, wearing a wreath — one of the Tarot’s symbols of success. The man is being adored by his fans in the crowd around him. This card illustrates a victory, a success, but only one person is enjoying this acclaim. When this card shows up, you can expect victory in love with a soul connection in your life. Wands represent fire in the Tarot, and Fire signs in astrology. The fire here illustrates the fire of passion, and the fire of inspiration and creativity in life. You are certainly enjoying your journey, but are you enjoying it at someone else’s expense? The crowd around you validates your journey as well, and it is this validation that will help you on your journey towards harmony.

The 6 of Cups

On the 6 of Cups we see 2 figures that are younger, childlike almost. Many readers consider them to be children. One is handing a cup to another, and there are 5 others in the foreground. Cups in the Tarot represent emotions, or Water signs in astrology, and in a relationship reading, love. This card illustrates your emotional connections to the people you are consulting the Tarot over. And, because of the children in this card, the message may be simply that it is time to start taking your love life more seriously. On another note however, the 6 of Cups, with its childlike energy, can also signify that the person you are with now is someone you have traveled with over several life times, a sure sign of a soul connection. The children on this card have a definite connotation of the past, and this past energy is what influences and symbolizes your lifetime of travelling with your soul connections.

The 6 of Swords

On the 6 of Swords we see a ferryman on a boat with a woman and child in the boat. Their backs are turned to us so we can not see them, but we understand the pain they experienced in the 5′s. The ferryman is taking his charges to a brighter future, moving them past the pain and sorrow they are clearly experiencing. Sometimes in life, change is simply inevitable. This card represents a change in your current circumstances in love, and sometimes it can be painful. This is the kind of parting of circumstances that Romeo and Juliet experienced. Parting is sweet sorrow, but to stay in the situation would imprison you. When you see this card in a Tarot reading, you are being beckoned to get on the boat and move out of a painful experience. The ferryman is the symbol that your soul connection is elsewhere, and on its way to you when you remove yourself from this situation.

The 6 of Pentacles

The pentacles in the Tarot embody the Earth signs in astrology, and they also symbolize practical matters in daily life. Most of the time they refer to money changes that are in progress in your life. But this does not mean that seeing pentacles in a relationship reading means your love life is doomed. It simply means that practical matters prevail. In this case, the 6 of Pentacles shows a man holding 2 scales, with money and resources flowing abundantly between the 2. Balance and harmony is restored. This card is one that will elevate your consciousness in a way that reminds you it is as important to give, as it is to receive in love. Is your communication balanced in your relationship? Are everyone’s needs being met? If not, who is doing more giving than receiving? This card generally answers those questions. It also assures you that if money is a big factor in your soul connection, it won’t be for much longer.

Concluding Thoughts…

There you have it friends, everything you ever wanted to know about soul connections and the number 6. Of course you probably have questions about your specific situation. Pick up our Master Tarot Deck today and start getting your answers about your soul mates. I’d love to hear about The Lovers card coming up for all of my friends! And don’t forget to bookmark your Daily Numerology Reading and keep looking for those powerful signs.

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Venus is the planet of beauty, love, and money, and she rules over the astrological signs Libra and Taurus. We look to the placement of Venus in our birth charts to understand how we approach and behave in our relationships (romantic and otherwise). Right now, and until June 14th, Venus is in the sign of Cancer, so it’s the perfect time to take a look at the effects of Venus in Cancer and Water signs in general.

Venus in Water Signs

Water signs represent our emotions, their ebb and flow and their effect on our inner reality. Water is associated with depth of emotion and spirit, with the changing tides of our feelings and the way we can sometimes get swept away in the current.

When Venus enters a Water sign — Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio — it affects the way that you not only react to and experience love, but the way you express that love to those around you. These transits often encourage deep feelings of love that shake the soul and rattle your core. You might be overtaken with romantic feelings for your partner, suddenly realizing how much they mean to you and contribute to your overall happiness, or you might suddenly be overwhelmed with respect and appreciation for a family member who has does a lot to help you out in life. This is an excellent placement for soothing wounds in relationships simply by infusing a sense of appreciation for one another.

Water is an expressive element and Venus is a friendly, loving planet, so expect a sort of Mutual Admiration Society to form in most aspects of your social life. This is a gracious, gregarious vibe that encourages good, positive energy to flow from yourself to those around you, like the flowing tides of the ocean. That is, unless there are elements of resentment or jealousy between you and anyone in your social sphere.

Water also represents sensitivity and moodiness. Emotions shift and flow like the tides, sometimes building and forming huge, almost violent waves. Keep this in mind if you feel overwhelmed with emotion and perhaps volatile feelings when Venus enters a Water sign. Your emotional pendulum might swing from one end of your mind to the other quite frequently, as may the emotions of your friends, family, and colleagues. Try to come from a place of understanding, both of your feelings and the feelings of others during these times.

Venus in Cancer

This is a transit that promotes feelings of comfort, like cozy days spent on a rocking chair in the warm sun with a glass of sweet tea. There is a sense of domestic bliss and a peace within the home, as this transit amps up our preference and delight for the simple pleasures in life.

There is an energy of familiarity, loyalty, and deep admiration for your loved ones. Cancer is a sign of dedication, and Venus is the planet of love. The marrying of these two forces creates an energy of respect and love for our friends and family, and can promote deep connection and harmonious communication.

Cancer is a sign of showing, of action. This transit encourages us to act in service of others, volunteering our time or going out of our way to show our affections for our loved ones, and even mankind as a whole.

With this energy, however, comes an air of caution. You might feel the need to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful energies of the Universe, a feat that is mightier than most of our psychic shields can withstand. Instead of focusing on keeping everyone safe from harm, focus on gratitude for the comfort and safety that there is in your life, and try to remind yourself that everything happens for a reason.

Behind every discomfort or heartbreak is a lesson or a secret blessing, so try to remain calm in the face of pain and remember that there is meaning behind every circumstance and event in our lives, whether or not we see it at the time of impact.

Venus is a sensual planet that demands love, beauty, art, harmony and passion. Surround yourself with good friends, fabulous food, exceptional works of art, mellifluous music, and loving vibrations when Venus enters any Water sign to express your gratitude for her influence as well as offer your energy to her presence. Venus will work to encourage experiences that allow you to reclaim and express your emotions, tapping into your deep well of creative, imaginative, loving, and curious feelings.

When you allow this influence to help you properly express your emotions, you lessen the likelihood that your emotions will become hard to handle or even out of control.

So sit back, feel the love, and let Venus work with the element of Water to create magic in your life.

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We sleep almost half of our life, but rarely give our dreams much thought, waving them away as subconscious nonsense. What if we told you that your dreams could be both helpful and life changing, if you only knew how to speak the language of your dreams? Dream interpretation is very similar to the language of the Tarot, which is all about symbols and emotions.

Dreams can help us protect ourselves by showing us where we are breaking our own boundaries and where our deepest fears live. When our dreams show us where we feel lacking in control, we can recover our power and see the ways in which we may be manipulated by our own insecurities that run below the surface of our waking consciousness.

If you’re interested in becoming a healer, dream interpretation is key to developing intuition. The point of this article is to help you recognize the healing messages your reoccurring or memorable dreams are trying to tell you. By the end of this article, you’ll understand common dream phenomena and how to interpret their subconscious messages coming through to help you.

Reoccurring Dreams

Many people experience reoccurring dreams of some sort. Whether it’s being late for school or work, losing control of a vehicle, or being inexplicably naked in public, these are all messages meant to wake you up to your own inner struggle to show you how to make your life easier. If you are out of control in some way in your dream, you probably need more stability and structure in your life. If you are being stalked or chased, it means you may want to avoid the influence of the thoughts of a culture or person in your waking life.

If you are surrounded by dirt in any negative situation, your subconscious is showing you that you are allowing something in your life that shouldn’t be there. If you had a dream someone shot a gun at you, there may be someone directly draining your energy, and your mind is trying to help you see where you need to reclaim your ability to stand up for your own values.

Whatever your reoccurring dream is, notice your primary emotion in the dream and what similar experience in your waking life makes you feel the same. Being mindful of your dreams can make you realize what you don’t need in your life.

Dying In Dreams

Believe it or not, dying in dreams is usually a good thing! It means you’re letting go of a large psychological part of yourself. You may not notice a dramatic shift when you have a dream like this, but your life may just get better because you’re releasing a weight that has been on your mind.

If you are dreaming about someone else who has passed away, your unconscious mind is trying to show you something unresolved from that person’s life. Notice how that person is behaving. Are they excited and happy? Is the message to bring more fun into your own life? Or are they decrepit and unhappy, revealing a pattern in their life that would behoove you not to repeat? Sometimes our unconscious wants us to see behaviors that have been passed down from one generation to the next so we can free ourselves of them.

Running or Anxiety Dreams

There are many common reoccurring anxiety dreams that may be hinting that you’re not taking care of your health or you’re running from your own emotions. If there’s water in the dream, it’s likely that you need to take some time to let yourself experience and let go of some emotions that have been building up.

If you’re running from a person or group of people, this may represent your own fears that are chasing you, telling you it’s time to face them and shine light on them so you can stop living in fear. When we are actively avoiding someone or doing something that causes us anxiety, we will often have fearful dreams of being pursued relentlessly so we can see that there is a more empowered way of living that can bring us a greater sense of fulfillment.

Dreams Where You Have A Different Life

Sometimes we dream we are living a different life. Pay attention to what is going on and how you feel. If you were really happy in your dream, it’s showing you the potential that you’re pushing away. If you’re walking towards someone or something, the dream is showing you the possibilities awaiting you.

If you are dreaming of romantic relationships with other people, don’t freak out! These dreams don’t usually have much to do with the specific people who appear in them, but instead want you to revisit the themes that these relationships had in your life. Notice how you’re treated by the people that show up in your dreams. Is something you no longer need to allow in your life being revealed? Often times when we are not expressing our creative energy and our own attraction to others, we will have sexual dreams because it’s not natural to suppress our emotions.


Once you receive the healing message that a reoccurring has, you’ll probably stop having those dreams. Maybe they are there to help remind you not to repeat a certain behavior. Maybe they are meant to tell you to be more kind to yourself. Maybe they want to show you how someone else’s thoughts are influencing you. You can also look up certain aspects you remember from your dreams. When you discover a meaning that feels most true for you, that’s your intuition telling you you’ve found the answer. For example, many people dream of animals and then look them up to help receive the healing message that spirit animal is there to help them with.

The best way to find the healing message of a dream is to know that everything in your dream represents a part of you. Another person is a part of your own consciousness. Colours can represent emotions and link to the chakras. Homes and cars are actually about your body, and the weather is representative of your emotions. Sit down with a journal if you are experiencing reoccurring dreams and ask your higher self how is this dream here to help you and what it is trying to tell you that will keep you safe and happy? Your higher self will guide you, as long as you’re open to let the answer come to you.

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Not many people like change. Some Mutable Sign folks like Sagittarius and Gemini love it. Sagittarius not only loves it, but is always seeking a new adventure. Sometimes it seems Gemini thrives on chaos and destruction. But then we have the Fixed Signs, Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio, who resist change. They resist change so much they get a little wiggy when it happens, or in Scorpio’s world, sometimes downright catastrophic. That’s because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of death and transformation. Or, if you don’t want to sound morbid, change-maker Pluto. Pluto’s effects are intense, and if you know a Scorpio, you get that.

Once in a while Pluto makes an appearance, and we have a Venus and Pluto opposition in play this week that we should really talk about. Sit down. And don’t freak out. We’re going to talk about exactly how you need to deal with this.

Lover Venus Meets Change-Maker Pluto & Gets Cranky

Oppositions get a bad rap, but sometimes we can use them to our advantage. When love and money planet Venus forms an opposition to change-maker Pluto, we get some intense energy. This is the beautiful Venus opposing the transformation. Where Venus uplifts with her beauty, Pluto tears down with his intensity.

The message from Venus is: Love life!

The message from Pluto is: Tear it all down and start from scratch, death is liberating.

Venus is all about relationships as well, so when Venus meets Pluto, it’s fair game to get a little concerned. But always remember, when these things happen, it’s because something in your life needs to change and you just haven’t been ready to admit it yet. So Pluto changes it for you. Then Venus starts waving that magic wand, and helps you to attract what you need to replace what was torn down.

We always feel intense when someone disagrees with us, or when we need to connect with a polar opposite, and it just doesn’t jive for whatever reason. Yes, it’s a lot of pressure for you, especially in love or primary relationships, because we feel this energy intensely. Pluto does not play around, and it acts very quickly. Venus and Pluto working in opposition are going to stir up some very intense emotions.

Change is coming! It is nothing to fear. Here are a few tips to embrace it.

Embracing Change

Change is difficult to adapt to. Sometimes we just can’t accept that it’s actually happening. We may not mind the change itself, but adjusting to a change can be very difficult. When you learn to embrace change before it happens or during it, it will be more manageable. And we can manage anything.

1. Adjust the sails.

This one is easy. When you are on a bus or a train and somebody comes and sits down beside you, you move over without even thinking about it. That’s adjusting your sails. When change comes through Pluto, do the same thing. Adapt by controlling how you react to the change. The beauty about the Venus and Pluto opposition is that when you adjust the sails, you automatically feel better about the change, you’ve already adjusted.

Change isn’t so bad. The thing about change is that we don’t often mind the change, we are just lazy. The same applies when Pluto and Venus create change. We may know we need to break up with someone, we are just too lazy to do the work. But what takes more effort? Reveling in pain? Or just adjusting the sails and sailing on?

2. Be okay with pain.

We live in a society where it seems that showing pain isn’t cool. That’s not true. There’s nothing wrong with feeling and showing your pain. Now, you don’t have to start bawling in the middle of a grocery store when you get dumped over a text message. Go to the loo and have your minute. You also don’t need to pretend you are “fine” when you are not. It’s your pain and you can cry if you want to.

Don’t be afraid to talk about it. If someone asks you if you are okay, don’t say, “sure!” when you are dying inside. “You know, today I’m just really feeling the breakup, sorry I’m so sour,” is enough. You don’t need to pretend you don’t have pain. Own it, feel it, and you’ll work through it faster.

3. Meditate.

Meditation is a breathing exercise that will help you deal with the pain of the changes that Pluto causes. Breathe in, breathe out. Do it again. Big deep breath in, big deep breath out. As you breathe out, make sure that you physically breathe out, and maybe even blow a big “whoosh!” with your mouth. Sound silly? It feels SO good. In fact, it may even feel better than talking about your pain. Blow that big “whoosh!” and let it all out. When you do, you should feel instantly lighter.

Divination tools such as pendulums can also help you, especially when paired with meditation. Sometimes uncertainty is the biggest source of pain. Crystals and gemstones can also help ground you during meditation, and bring a sense of calm during these times of uncertainty. There are many tools that you can use when you are bringing yourself down from the brutal cliff of that pain.

4. Find inspiration.

Have a look at celebrities that have Venus opposite Pluto and you’ll see how this energy of change makes a difference in their lives, for the better. Hillary Clinton has a Venus and Pluto square in her chart, which is a little more serious than an opposition. Al Capone has a Venus and Pluto opposition. Chelsea Clinton has Venus opposition to Pluto in her chart. See? Change doesn’t have to be bad. It can be used to change the world. Indeed, the energy of change is the only thing that can exact true progress. Use it or lose it, baby!

Concluding thoughts…..

Okay, let’s be real. Change sucks. It sucks large. Loss sucks. So say it out loud! Own it. Adjust the sails however you can, be okay that you have pain. And meditate. Breathe in. Breathe out. Whoosh! Feel better?

Well, you may still have the pain. But at least you know you are brave enough to own it. That’s the first step to dealing with sudden and intense pain. Respect it and acknowledge that it has a place in your life. That’s the gift of Venus opposition to Pluto. It’s a reminder of something you lost. Respect that loss. And adjust the sails. Keep going.

Stay tuned to our Daily Horoscopes to find out how Venus opposition to Pluto will impact your chart!

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In yesterday’s article, we talked about the big changes you can expect with Venus in opposition to Pluto. But change can hit us at any time, and sometimes we can’t prepare. We can only react, and that’s something we can control.

Life is comprised of ebb and flow, of fortune and deficit, highs and lows, sweet and sour. The wonderful things in life would lose meaning if they lasted forever, and the nature of life is one of change. As we age, it can be harder to accept change and go with the flow – but learning to vibe with life’s changes is paramount for spiritual and mental health.

In astrology, there is a lot of focus on the Sun Sign, overlooking the Rising Sign. So what exactly is the Rising Sign? Also known as your Ascendant, your Rising Sign represents the astrological sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at the time and in the location you were born.

Your Rising Sign can tell you a lot about yourself that you may not have known before. The Sun Sign can be thought of as who you are in a very essential way, while the Rising Sign represents how the world perceives you as a physical being in the world. It is associated with your most impulsive and basic responses to the world around you.

Learning more about your Rising Sign can help you understand why you react to situations the way you do and how to shift those reactions into more open, positive, and trusting experiences.

Let’s take a look at each Ascendant Sign and discover how you can learn to go with the flow of life.

Aries Rising

This is a Rising Sign of action. You are not wont to sit around and wait for an opportunity, favoring swift movement and quick decisions. While this position does not necessarily equal an aggressive individual, you might be more likely to jump the gun, so to speak, than other signs. When things begin to shift around you, try to learn to take a moment and breathe in the present before making any rash decisions. It’s okay to savour the flavour of the moment before making plans and forging ahead with them.

Taurus Rising

A Taurus Rising indicates an individual who is loyal, strong, and trustworthy. Yet, this ascendant is one that is inherently resistant to changes. You aren’t comfortable with quick-shifting scenery, and can get unraveled in chaotic or fast-moving areas of life. Try to take a moment to reassure yourself that everything happens for a reason, and reach into your heart to find that trust in the universe that you need to remain calm in times of change. Remind yourself that everything will be alright, because it will.

Gemini Rising

This placement creates an air of intellect and thoughtful responses to events and circumstances, but it also comes with a difficulty in making decisions. You love to question the nature of reality and dig within yourself for answers, which are sometimes hard to find. During times of change, try to ground yourself in your intuition and understanding. You have more of the answers than you realize, they’re just lying dormant and waiting to be discovered. Discover that inherent truth within yourself to make those changes easier to face.

Cancer Rising

Your personality is one that both feels familiar to others and prefers familiarity in life. You like comfort and cozy surroundings, which are sometimes disrupted when life throws you a curve ball. You instinctively try to protect yourself, retreating within your shell and attempting to avoid discomfort. Sometimes the best things in life happen outside of your comfort zone, however. Try stepping out of that shell and learning to face the discomfort of change. You’ll be proud of yourself and surprised at how strong you are when you push yourself.

Leo Rising

While you are self-aware, you sometimes tend to react too quickly to situations that disturb or upset your center. You might act out during unexpected changes, and while you don’t intend to hurt anyone, it can be jarring for those closest to you. Try to remain focused and calm when things seem to be turning upside-down, and remember that your charm and personality will carry you through any of life’s surprises. If you remain centered, everything around you will appear calmer and easier to take on.

Virgo Rising

Your nature is analytical; you like to pull things apart and get to the bottom of them. You want to discover and properly place each piece of the puzzle. This is not always an option in life, however, as many of the puzzle pieces haven’t been given to us yet. Be patient and know that you can’t know everything. There will be unexpected happenings that you can’t control, and that’s okay. Learn to trust the universe and try to understand that that sometimes, being out of control can be liberating. Once you realize this, you will be much calmer in the face of change.

Libra Rising

Libra Ascending promotes balance, charm, creativity and a friendly approach to life. You seek centered-ness in all things, which can be disrupted when unexpected changes flow your way. When you’re knocked off-balance, it’s important for you to find that focus again, and the easiest way to do this is to accept the transitory nature of life. Remember that balance requires there to be imbalance from time to time as the universe constantly shifts. Trust that you’ll once again find your center when the dust has settled a bit.

Scorpio Rising

You know what you want and you demand it from life. Rather than being thrown off balance when things shift unexpectedly, you shake your fists at the sky and demand answers from the universe. Remember that patience is a virtue, and the answers won’t always be given to us immediately. You must learn to be patient with the universe, and trust its process. When you soften a bit and learn to see the world through more accepting eyes, your destiny will unfold naturally.

Sagittarius Rising

You love adventure and new experiences, and you might accept changes a bit more naturally than others, perhaps because you seem to be perpetually seeking something new and exciting, you can go with the flow rather easily. Just remember that everything happens for a reason in the universe, and when one of your projects falls through, the universe is likely making room for a more fortuitous venture. Don’t fret when things don’t seem to work out despite your efforts, there is always another opportunity around the corner.

Capricorn Rising

You might have the tendency to take things a bit too seriously at times, and the ebbs and flows of life are no exception. You are often deep in thought, concerned with the meaning of certain events and circumstances, and perhaps disappointed when you don’t feel you’ve found an answer. Remember that you are capable and competent and will succeed in any area that you put your focus into. Don’t be discouraged when life pushes you down a new or unknown path, you’re probably on your way to something amazing.

Aquarius Rising

This placement denotes individuality and unique problem solving skills. You find interesting, one-of-a-kind solutions to life’s problems. You seem cool and even reserved in the face of change, rarely shaken by newness or strangeness. But, try to see the message in the changes of life; learn to sense what the universe is trying to tell you. There may be a muse that’s trying to make its way into your sphere, or an idea meant only for you. Keep your eyes and heart open.

Pisces Rising

Your nature is one that goes with the flow quite easily, as you seem to have been born from the very waters that create the flow of life itself. You can lose your direction from time to time, so fluid is your personality. Learn that you can go with the flow while still focusing on the things you desire and the goals you wish to achieve. There is something to be said for remaining focused in times of change.


Change is an inevitability of life. We would do well to learn not only to live with it, but also to learn to appreciate and even enjoy it. Learning more about your astrological chart can show you who you are and how you relate to the world around you, making it easier to adjust the sails when the tides are high.

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Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m a double Scorpio, so you know I tell it like it is!”? What exactly does it mean to be a double, or even a triple sign, and how do you find out if you are?

You all know about your Zodiac sign, where, based on your day of birth, you fall into one of 12 astrological signs. That’s a very basic start to learning about your astrological personality – kind of like those Russian matryoshka dolls, where one doll opens up to reveal another, then another, then another.

After you understand your Sun sign, the next step is to get your birth chart or natal chart done, which will take into account the time and location of your birth. This will determine the planetary alignment of the stars at the exact moment you were born, a map of the sky.

Today we’re going to look at the primal triad of Ascendant, Moon, and Sun signs and how double signs are possible.

What Will My Natal Chart Tell Me?

When your astrologer knows where the planets were when you came into the world, they can determine what these planetary influences say about you. Astrologers often look first to the primal triad; your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant (or Rising) sign to deliver a more well-rounded description of your personality.

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that the entire world is divided into 12 personality types? Have you ever met a person who shares your sign and thought, “we couldn’t be more different, how does that work?” Well, if you look at their Ascendant or Moon sign, the puzzle pieces might start to fit together!

The truth is, we are much more complex than just our Sun sign. It’s important to remember as you learn about astrology that none of us are one-sided! It would be rare for anyone to identify 100% with the description of their Sun sign.

So how do you fill in the blanks?

How Do I Know If I’m a Double Sign?

When you have your birth chart, you’ll want to look at your Ascendant or Rising sign and your Moon sign to determine if you are a double sign.

  • Our Sun sign is our core personality.
  • Our Ascendant or Rising sign is the face we show the world, our mask or shield that guards our true nature.
  • Our Moon sign is our emotional self, and speaks to the way we feel about or react to situations.

If you find after your birth chart reading that you have two or even three signs that are the same in each of these primal triad indicators, you are a double or triple sign. So,

  • If the Sun and Moon are in the same sign in your chart, you likely connect with regular horoscopes.
  • If your Sun and Ascendant are the same sign, people can probably guess your Zodiac sign on sight, because you wear that personality for everyone to see.

The easiest way to keep track of this is to read about the traits of each sign, but apply them to your Moon or Ascendant sign.

Let’s look at an example. Melissa was born May 14th and knows she’s a Taurus, but she doesn’t quite sync up with a lot of her readings on what Taurus portrays. Inwardly, she connects with the Taurus traits of pragmatism, being down-to-earth, and enjoying creature comforts.

Outwardly though, she can be very emotional and unable to control her reactions, especially when she senses someone else is in pain. This does not match up with what she reads about Taurus, who tend to be more controlled and less emotionally expressive. When people meet her, they always guess that she’s a water sign, because she’s so open and caring.

Melissa decides to get her natal chart read. Turns out she has a Taurus Sun, a Taurus Moon, and a Pisces Ascendant. Her core personality and inner, emotional core are both Taurus, but her outward personality reflects Pisces.

Having a Pisces Ascendant means Melissa should research Pisces traits to add to the information she gets from her Taurus characteristics. Pisces is known for being intensely concerned for other people, and their empathy can make them seem a little crazy, because they are always absorbing the energy of those around them. Some people might look at Melissa’s reading and wonder, “isn’t it conflicting for her to have a double Taurus, a grounded earth sign, mixed with super sensitive water sign Pisces?” It might seem that way, but actually, having seemingly opposite signs in your chart can help you balance out areas you may be lacking in.

If you don’t identify completely with your Sun sign, read about your Moon and Ascending sign. Think of it like a big ol’ hamburger. If you just have the meat, it’s pretty boring. You need the bun, the condiments, and the cheese to make it a whole experience! Your primal triad will paint a clearer picture and fill in some blanks for you.

Being a double sign doesn’t mean you have a superpower, but it does mean that of the 3 major indicators, 2 being the same likely makes you much stronger in that sign’s characteristics. Melissa the double Taurus exhibits most Taurus traits in her personal life, but her Pisces Ascendant explains many of the parts of herself that don’t fit the Taurus script.


Astrology is much more complex once you start peeling away the layers! Hopefully, this will information will help you dive deeper into your chart to better understand your unique and dynamic personality. I know when I had my chart done, I was intrigued that the parts of my personality that never really synced together suddenly made sense.

If your interest is piqued, look into the astrological houses next. As there are 12 signs, so are there 12 houses, each speaking to a different part of our lives, such as how we handle money, what we’re like in a relationship and how we should make our money.

Do you wonder, as a Gemini, why you have such a hard time communicating when it’s supposed to come easy to you? You might have shy Cancer or intense Scorpio in your 3rd house. If you’re a Taurus or Capricorn with money troubles, you might have spontaneous Gemini or indecisive Pisces in your 2nd house.

Your birth chart really is the key to opening up a whole world of self-discovery.

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You check your daily horoscope, but did you know you can learn more about yourself by discovering your sign’s shadow and light sides?

When you wonder why someone does something a certain way it all boils down to their personality profile, which can be determined astrologically by a person’s birth/natal chart. In astrology, the Sun is the planet that shines on the personality that the world sees. So when it comes to understanding how the good and bad traits in one person work together uniquely, you can often gain some insight by looking at their personality secrets in their Sun sign or Zodiac sign. We call them the shadow and light sides of the Zodiac, and today we are going to examine them more closely.

The secret to keeping your life in balance is awareness – knowing which shadows and negative situations to think extra carefully about so that you can open yourself up to the light!

Here are the light and shadow sides of each of the Zodiac signs. Use them to understand yourself and others more deeply, and navigate those challenging situations with more awareness. Whether you want to focus on your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign, these guidelines can help!

Aries: The Successful Ram

As the Cardinal sign of the Fire Signs, Aries can be intense. They′re often successful at anything they put their mind to, thanks to their ambition, enthusiasm and courage. They′re typically devoted and loyal to those they love. Fire and spark bring their love to life. Elton John is an Aries!

Like all Zodiac signs, Aries has a dark side they need to keep in check! They have a strong tendency to be moody, short-tempered, and impulsive. They can get angry easily, but like many small fires, it will fizzle out soon enough.

Taurus: The Strong Bull

Taurus energy relates to deep inner strength. This strength makes Taurean types loyal, dependable, persistent, and loyal. Taurus is the Fixed sign of the Earth signs, and this is what brings them their loyal personality. If you have a Taurus friend, you have a friend for life. George Clooney is a lovable Taurus.

The shadow side of Taurus includes stubbornness, over-indulging, and being possessive, which you’ve probably discovered from your daily horoscope. But when a Taurus becomes aware of a negative trait, they can use that inner strength to overcome it!

Gemini: Balancing the Twins

Gemini is a prime example of how everything has two sides. Since Gemini represents “the Twins”, balancing the good and bad can be more challenging for people with a lot of Gemini energy. On the positive side, Geminis are imaginative, energetic, and adaptable. President John F. Kennedy was a Gemini!

The dark side of this Zodiac sign includes superficiality, restlessness, and impulsiveness. This is due to the fact that they are the Mutable Sign of the Air Signs. Gemini is always expecting something to blow in the wind and mess them up, so they’re likely to check their daily horoscope frequently. This paranoia can be a downfall.

Cancer: The Homebody Crab

Cancers are the traditionalists of the Zodiac. They′re extremely caring, dependable, and responsive. And just like the crab who carries its home on its back, strong Cancer types value security and love their homes. As the Cardinal Sign of the Water Signs, Cancer is ruled by the emotional Moon, which is what gives them their natural nurturing instinct. Princess Diana was a Cancer.

This deeply private and emotional sign requires plenty of personal space and “alone time” to deal with the demands of the world. Those emotions can makes them self-pitying, self-absorbed, and oversensitive.

Leo: The Generous Lion

Leos are natural leaders. They′re confident, ambitious, generous, and loyal. They can be very successful when they use these traits properly. These powerful traits come from their Fixed Sign nature, and their fiery traits from their Fire Signs profile. President Barack Obama is a Leo!

Unfortunately, strong Leos can have problems playing with others. People often view them as domineering, pretentious, vain, or melodramatic. A strong Leo type needs to learn to shine their light on others. That generosity of spirit makes everyone happy!

Virgo: The Helpful Virgin

Unlike Leo, Virgos are great team players. They are reliable, precise, observant and analytical. The flexible part of Virgo comes from the fact that they are Mutable Signs, and their practical nature comes from their Earth sign quality. Billionaire Warren Buffet is a Virgo!

Of course, all that analyzing can get in the way… Virgos can also be skeptical, inflexible, cold, and interfering. Virgo types achieve their goals easier by cultivating patience and allowing things to get a little messy once in a while.

Libra: Balancing the Scales

Libra is about balance, making it easier for strong Libran types to keep their negative qualities in check. Librans tend to be graceful, diplomatic, and hospitable, and they like their beautiful things. As a Cardinal Sign, they lead when finishing fights, like Libran Matt Damon.

These wonderful qualities come with a downside. The Libra personality can be introverted, indecisive, and even unreliable. Keeping those scales balanced isn′t always easy!

Scorpio: The Secretive Scorpion

Scorpios are often misunderstood. They′re great at keeping calm in stressful situations, but once that calmness is broken, watch out! They′re also passionate and resourceful. As a Fixed Sign, they are committed to the truth and to loyalty, and their Water Sign nature gives them their renowned empathy. Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio!

But their other side can get them in trouble. Scorpios can also be obsessive, manipulative, and unyielding. The trick for strong Scorpio types is to learn to recognize their impulsive negative qualities, then consciously choose to avoid giving way to them in the heat of the moment. Check out your daily horoscope for further guidance.

Sagittarius: The Focused Centaur

Like Aries, Sagittarians can also be very intense. Gotta love those fiery Fire Signs! On the good side, they′re optimistic, visionary, and inspirational, because they are ruled by Jupiter, the god of gods. Singer Frank Sinatra is a Sagittarius.

Their shadow qualities include a tendency to be overly blunt, restless, and unemotional. Sagittarians may have issues with commitment and often need direction.

Capricorn: The Intelligent Goat

Capricorns are known for being philosophical and intelligent. They′re practical, organized, responsible, and patient. As the Cardinal Sign of the Earth Signs, they are the CEO’s of the Zodiac. It’s hard to find a more hard-working sign. Denzel Washington is a Capricorn!

On the other hand, they can tend to be unimaginative, inhibited, or dictatorial. Capricorns who overcome these issues can climb the highest peaks of their potential.

Aquarius: The Humanitarian Water Bearer

As the only Zodiac sign with a human image, it′s no surprise that folks with a predominance of Aquarius tend to be great humanitarians. And thanks to a strong intellect, they′re generally witty and clever too. Their intellect comes from their Air Sign nature, and they are loyal to the world due to their Fixed sign nature. Oprah Winfrey is an Aquarius!

The shadow side of Aquarius includes a tendency toward laziness, aloofness, and sarcasm. But since they′re so self-aware and likely to check their daily horoscope, overcoming these negative qualities motivates them.

Pisces: The Gentle Fish

Pisces tend to keep a low profile. They are gentle souls who are compassionate, adaptable, imaginative, and devoted. President George Washington was a Pisces!

But these qualities also contribute to their negative side. They can be escapists who may become lazy, oversensitive, or even self-pitying.

Concluding Thoughts on the Shadow & Light Sides of Your Daily Horoscope

Having your negative traits thrown out in the open may seem overwhelming, but you have the power to energize the shadow or the light! By using your positive traits to conquer your negative ones, you can learn to understand yourself better and live a happier, more fulfilling life. You can also learn to understand the people in your life better too! And that always leads to more peace. Be sure to bookmark your Daily Horoscopes to stay on top of how the daily transits impact your Zodiac sign.

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Did you ever consider that your preferences for rest and relaxation are affected by your zodiac sign? Our idea of a dream vacation is certainly influenced by our sun sign because it is, after all, a representation of our core personality.

See how well our vacation suggestion matches your ideal vacation, then find the signs of your family and friends to see if we have discovered something they would love too! This is a fun way to get to know people, impress your partner, or spoil someone with a surprise getaway they will love!

Let the summer games and fun in the sun commence!

Aquarius – Yoga Retreat

Because an Aquarius is a big picture person, you tend to like expanding your mind and hanging out with others who want to change and help the world. Yoga retreats appeal to the Aquarian humanitarian side and help replenish the energy that they give so freely. Places like Bali, Mexico, and California are known for having incredible yoga retreats.

Pisces – Music Festival

The artsy and loving Pisces almost always loves a music and art festival. Festivals are held throughout the summer in many locations all over the globe. They often involve camping and will always allow you to meet lots of new friends. Bonnaroo, Coachella, Wanderlust, Burning Man, Lucidity, and the many smaller, local music festivals will be inspiring summer getaways for any Pisces in search of a fun yet emotionally intense experience.

Aries – Surfing

An Aries will always want something active to do on vacation, which is why high energy activities like surfing or kayaking would certainly appeal to you and give you an outlet for all your natural energy. Aries love moving fast and learning on-the-go, so a fun surf trip would appeal, even if they aren’t experienced. Many Aries love an activity where they can compete as well!

Taurus – Glamping

A Taurus loves comfort and luxury, so why not allow yourself to be somewhat pampered in a fun glamping (glamorous camping) experience? Usually this involves unique accommodation, like a yurt or maybe a houseboat, but you’ll always want a real bathroom, a cozy bedroom, and a place to have a meal and socialize. Since Taurus is ruled by the lover’s sign Venus, a Taurean would love a romantic getaway. There are lots of glamping opportunities popping up in rural areas and other quirky tourist destinations.

Gemini – RV Road Trip

Gemini likes variety, exploration, and new experiences, so why not keep yourself mobile in an RV? The rentals are reasonably priced, and then you have the freedom to go anywhere! Curious Gemini would love something this adventurous—make frequent stops in pursuit of your destination and check out historic locations, unique art, gardens, rock formations, or a variety of national parks and towns.

Cancer – Ecolodge

Since Cancers are loving, caring humans with a soft spot for nature, when you are able to do something with a purpose, it brings you a deeper sense of satisfaction and joy because you are wired to nurture. An ecolodge will offer Cancers a nice break from taking care of others while still allowing you to feel like you are taking care of nature itself. There are ecolodges in places like California, Maine, Oregon, and many remote, tropical areas including Costa Rica.

Leo – Cruise

A Leo likes to be around people and they frankly get quite bored quite quickly. Likely, you will love the glitz and glam of being on a ship with hundreds of people to interact with while having lots of opportunities for dancing, singing, gambling, and indulging in other fast-paced and fun activities. Lots of great cruises leave from Florida and California, but you might want to consider something European for a little more culture.

Virgo – Voluntourism

Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Hands For Africa are just a few of the many charities that host trips to various countries to help build, teach, clean up, and work on projects in developing communities that need assistance. Travelling for a noble cause can fill that Virgo need to nurture while getting you out of your routine and into the sun this summer.

Libra – Staycation

Believe it or not, Libra, this is something that can help you work on slowing down your mind and just being. Often going to new places can be exhausting because you’re not necessarily resting; the active mind of the justice seeking Libra can find peace by taking a vacation right in their own backyard. Plan to see the people you love, don’t work, turn off your phone, watch movies, stay up late, sleep in, slow down, and indulge your senses in your own home without having to spend a fortune.

Scorpio – Cultural

A Scorpio usually loves nothing more than a good intellectual subject to chew on, an interesting person or group to travel with, and a good environment to do it all in. Places with a rich history or controversial culture are always going to be tantalizing to a Scorpio. Places like London, Portland, New York City, and Los Angeles would be top of the list. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it definitely has to be interesting and sexy. Really any city with a vibrant arts and night scene is a fun place to vacation for a Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Backpacking

Sagittarians are known to love nature and adventure, so this sign generally will light up at the idea of going out and roughing it with a tent, a campfire, and a can of beans. Maybe look for some hot springs, a hike up a mountain, or any terrain that you’re not used to. Sagittarians are usually up to try anything fun and exciting as long as it’s outdoors. These trail blazers need to push the limits and have that adrenaline that comes from survival quests.

Capricorn – AirBnB

AirBnB can offer a low-cost travel option as opposed to a typical luxury resort for the practical Capricorn. It’s also a nice way for this sign not to have to interact with a ton of people since they are slow to make new friends. Capricorn, you really do need to get away because you tend to focus on work so much. Booking a few nights in a unique AirBnb where everything you need is right there will allow you to put your feet up and enjoy yourself with all the creature comforts of a home.

Pack Your Bags!

Maybe these ideas sparked some new ones for you as well. We truly do have different passions and personalities and astrology is a great way to put order to the perceived chaos of emotions we swim in. Hey, if we are going to be swimming, we might as well have fun doing it, right?

Learning astrology can be fun and practical! If you really want to impress someone, plan your summer vacation activities based on their moon sign and win extra brownie points. It’s the ultimate way to show consideration because the moon sign represents a person’s emotional needs that are not shown on the surface. It’s a great way to show you care, and you’ll benefit from the vacation yourself!

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The summer solstice is upon us and we say, “Blessed be!”

Litha, the Midsummer Wiccan Sabbat, is an ancient celebration honoring the day of the year when the Sun sticks around the longest and takes place on June 21st. This is a tradition meant to celebrate life, Mother Nature, the spiritual path, and the glorious, golden, life-giving light of the Sun.

This tradition was born of a gratitude for the growing, healthy crops, the warm weather and the abundance of daylight. It is speculated that this celebration could have been observed as early on as the Stone Age. The summer solstice may even have been created by Neolithic humans as a means for determining when to plant, and later harvest, their precious crops.

“Solstice” is configured from the Latin words “sol,” which means Sun, and “stitium,” which essentially means to stop. It is as if the Sun stops moving for a day and simply plants himself in the heavens.

The Greeks had a celebration, called Kronia, around the same time as Midsummer that celebrated their god of agriculture. The Ancient Romans held a similar holiday that celebrated their goddess Vestalia, who guarded the hearth.

Many, many Midsummer celebrations are still practiced today. Every year, tens of thousands of people migrate to Stonehenge in England to create music, dance, pay homage to the stones, and watch the sun rise. In places like Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, the summer solstice is referred to as Ivan Kupala Day and takes place in July. Folks perform purification rituals, jump over bonfires, and don flower wreaths upon their heads to celebrate the summertime.

In the United States, thousands of people gather in New York City to practice yoga, while some citizens in Alaska play a game of midnight baseball.

Why not participate in your own summer solstice ritual? Here are some ideas for creating your very own Midsummer tradition.

Attune Yourself to the World Around You

Take the day to wander outdoors and get in touch with nature. Whether you take a hiking trail through the woods or lounge in the park on a travel hammock, just spend the day getting to know Mother Nature again. It may have been a while since you two have really spoken, but she’ll always be glad to see you.

Build a Witchy Bonfire

After spending your day outdoors in jubilation, gather your best witches and warlocks in a safe place where you can create an enclosed fire to celebrate the fiery energy of the Sun. Bring the ingredients for some S’mores, a few hand drums and a guitar, and get to dancin’ around the fire. Feel the energy and the heat of the fire and give praise to the powers that be for providing us with vitality, life, energy, love and sustenance. Try bringing some sparklers to really get the energy flowing. Tell stories and get to know each other, revel in the atmosphere of friendship and delicious life. Just make sure that you are Smokey-the-Bear-approved.

Dance, Dance, Dance!

One of the best ways to get back to your roots, to the spiritual core of your being, is to celebrate the miracle of life through dance. Dancing frees your mind as well as your body, boosting your confidence and filling you with the life-force of nature. If that isn’t enough to get your booty groovin’, dancing also reduces stress! How cool is that? Whether you form a drum circle or dance around your living room naked, be free, be uninhibited and dance your heart out.

Give Yourself in Service of Others

This is an excellent time to give of yourself, to donate your time to your community and contribute to our global consciousness. Maybe it’s something as small as spending a few hours in the park picking up litter. Or, try volunteering at your local animal shelter — you can give your time by cuddling with puppies and kittens! Visit the hospital or retirement community, or donate the clothes you no longer need to your local thrift shop. Whatever it is, you’ll feel better for having done your part to lift the vibrations of others and contribute positivity and compassion to the globe.

This is a time to enjoy your life, to rejoice in being alive and having love in your life. Create any ritual that reminds you to be grateful, excites your senses, enchants your soul and, of course, harms no one. There are no rules for celebration, no limitations on your imagination. Whatever you choose to do this Summer Solstice, do it with love and appreciation for the warm light of the Sun. We’d have absolutely nothing without him.

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Hello Astrology Answers friends. Patti here, your Spiritual Guide and Soul Space Facilitator with your Soul Note for June!

I have always loved nature. From the raking rays of a golden sun slipping into slumber, to the nature spirits I could sense as a young child, I continue to revel in the magic this planet has to offer.

Recently, while in Costa Rica, I was thrilled when a small group decided to hike to one of the many waterfalls this welcoming country is known for. Our adventure would take approximately 2 hours to hike in and back. We were to traverse 3 ecosystems: rainforest, arid desert, and dusty plains. We had plenty of water and a small feast would reward us on the trek ahead. It was clear to me that this was going to be a good day. I was in high spirits, gratitude and happiness filled my heart.

Our group scattered out on the trailhead, chatting away like squirrels, discussing everything from soup to nuts. I quickly realized that this hike had something more to offer beyond its breathtaking scenery and challenges. There seemed to be an aura of peace wrapping around me with each step forward. I quickly surmised how easy it would be to slip ahead of the others so that I could transition into a mindful state for the 6km journey to the waterfall.

I connected to my breath and forged ahead. It didn’t take long before I was able to coordinate each breath with every step and I effortlessly slid into silence — my happy place where connection to something far greater than self exists. I think of this place as home for my soul and where divinity, a state that is believed to come from a supernatural power, can be experienced.

Where I struggle is with my unhappy place, and that often relates to my humanity. I fear for my family, I have conflicting thoughts around some of my closest relationships, I question why good people experience tough life lessons, I have concerns around the state of our planet, and the list grows on.

I looked at the path that lay ahead of me and stopped dead in my tracks. With piercing clarity, I saw 3 different paths.

The first path, off to my far left, offered me a bumpy trail. An odd variety of shapes and sizes of the indigenous rock against the red earth looked like something out of a Star Trek movie. The path off to the far right looked much the same, and I could clearly see that these 2 were the paths favored.

The path in the middle had burnt and dried desert grasses, the result of a blazing hot sun, that were still standing but overtook the path — it was obvious that it was the path less travelled.

I stood in bewilderment as I realized Mother Nature was teaching me a beautiful, metaphoric life lesson. The far left path symbolized my humanity, whilst the far right represented my divinity; the center path was clearly the path of balance, smack dab in the middle.

I began to reflect on the last several months. The typical 3 or 6 days of retreat were no longer fulfilling for me. I longed for a cave complete with a swami who would sit and contemplate life with me.

In this place of longing, I failed to see the gift of my humanity. After all, it was my humanity that got me to ALL these places.

I was either suffering in my humanity or rejoicing in my divinity. There was no recognition of a middle ground — a path I rarely participated in. I was not traveling the middle road.

Time stood still, offering me an opportunity to reflect over the last several months. A balanced life meant that I shouldn’t feel my heart or mind being pulled too hard in any direction. I should feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated. I made a quick mental checklist. There was no sugar-coating it, I was out of balance. I was either in my head, worrying about what the future held, or deep inside my heart, trying to hide from the world and its challenges.

I heard the path speak to me. I was being invited into a more balanced way of being. I looked up at a bold blue sky that seemed to invite a HELL YES! from deep inside me, and with a clenched fist I jumped up and punched the hot air that Costa Rica is known for.

I had been travelling only the right or the left path for too long. I positioned myself so I could stand directly on the middle path and proceed ahead. I took my The next steps were taken with ease and a smile as wide as the flat desert I was walking on. I felt a deep- seeded confidence knowing that each stride was offering me the gift of the middle path; there would be less tug- of war- between my heart and mind. We would all work together, like one big happy family.

I rounded the bend and was met by the sounds of rushing water. The waterfall glistened in the mid-morning sunshine, its sparkling light casting rainbow prisms in mid air. My breath deepened as a moment of wonder stretched out before me.

It truly was one of the most majestic sights I have ever seen, and I ran to the cooling waters to refresh a more balanced self.

Nature has so much to teach us — no wonder I love visiting her classroom.

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Every tarot reading involves shuffling the Major and Minor Arcana cards, but what’s the difference? Tarot uses symbols and pictures that conjure feelings to help us tap into our own intuition. Understanding the difference between the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana is essential, but fortunately, it’s also straightforward.

The cards are not designed merely to show you the future, but to help you understand your perceptions of the present so you can sculpt those perceptions and modify your behaviours to generate the momentum you desire in life.

A Tarot reading can determine if we are learning from our experiences or if we are being consumed with negativity and failing to find that silver lining. Because we live in a world made of meaning based on reference to everything else in the world, we all have similar experiences that we ascribe certain undeniable value to. Tarot reading is not meant to scare us about the future at all and this is where some people completely misunderstand how helpful Tarot reading actually is.

For example, when we break away from an abusive relationship, we are starting a new chapter and become more adept at navigating future relationships because of the pain we went through.

First, let’s get an understanding of the Major and Minor Arcana in a Tarot reading order for you to unlock the power of the Tarot.

The Major Arcana in Tarot Reading

The Major Arcana follows the maturation process that we go through by experiencing life. We have hardships that allow us to learn and become a wiser version of ourselves. Tarot reading can help us use our life experiences to mature by giving us a bird’s eye view of our emotions and the cycles and effects of our own actions.

The cards in the Major Arcana help reveal our own tendencies that can bite us in the butt if we don’t get real with them. They can help us notice if we are on our high horse or letting fear get the best of us. The Major Arcana starts with the Fool card, who is a novice who must go through the other 21 cards of the Major Arcana to become wise, someone who can offer advice to others by the time they get to the 22nd card, the World, which represents a person balanced in their power.

The Major Arcana helps us tap into the deepest parts of ourselves, such as our intuition, creativity, authority, the power of our words, our ability to decide when something isn’t right for us, and even the value of taking time away to reflect. Because Tarot reading spreads are set up to show us a timeline, we can even gain insight into ways we were thinking in the past that have created our present situation and projection for the future.

Long story short, Major Arcana cards are about life changing situations that shape our core beliefs. They reveal when we are changing our goals or when we are undergoing a metamorphosis through our experiences. They allow us to evolve to higher states of consciousness where we are empowered by our intuition by reflecting back to us our thoughts that are helping or hindering us so we can redirect our larger goals and decisions for our own greater good.

The Major Arcana reveals when we are tapping into our feminine energy and when we are drawing on our masculine energy. It helps us find the power of our emotions( that has always been there!) so we can push our energies towards useful destinations. It also helps clue us into when we are relying too much on logic instead of spiritual guidance, where we allow ourselves to be guided by spirits and to be supported by the unseen messages of the spirit realms and cosmic consciousness.

There are great insights offered from each of the Major Arcana cards and they each have a unique energy from the pictures and archetypes they represent. Check out what each of the Major Arcana cards mean to get to know them and start accessing your intuitive abilities.

The Minor Arcana in Tarot Reading

The smaller actions and events that build up to the major moments of our life are depicted through the Minor Arcana in your Tarot reading. These actions are led by thoughts and beliefs that are either helpful or hindering. For example, the small act of eating a McDonald’s Happy Meal every day could be because we are emotionally eating to drown out some pain we need to deal with over.

The Minor Arcana cards show us the day-to-day experiences we will encounter and help us understand which parts of our mind are dominant in certain situations. The 4 divisions of the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana represent our money (pentacles), our emotions (cups), our thoughts and words (swords), and our passions (wands).

Each of these 4 categories is numbered 1 through 10, which makes it easy to use the Minor Arcana for revealing the details of your own mind’s inner workings. The even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 represent harmonious energy and things coming to fruition. 1 is a new beginning, and 10 is the culmination of a smaller cycle in your life. Check out this article to understand the numbers in the Minor Arcana. This is a key part of being able to read the cards so don’t skip i!

Each of the 4 suits of the Minor Arcana also have 4 court cards, which are the page, the knight, the queen, and the king. The page means you’re a novice in some area, just starting out. The knight shows you’re developing strength in an area. The queen shows maternal qualities, such as compassion and creativity, while the king shows more of your grounded, practical side.


The Major Arcana cards are great at helping you pinpoint moments in your life that shaped your identity. They also help you see major trends that drive your lifestyle and can mean the difference between getting married or not, having kids or not, or changing jobs or not. The Minor Arcana cards help you know when your thinking is fear-based, when your emotions are getting the best of you, or when smaller victories are on the horizon. Both the Major and Minor Arcana are important and helpful.

Some people are afraid when they see the cards such as the Devil, Death or the Tower, and go into a panic that something bad is going to happen. These cards are not meant to generate fear but are actually helpful tools. The Devil card represents an addiction you may have, whether it is to a thought pattern or a person who is influencing you detrimentally. Tarot reading is meant to allow you to see the world around you and your part in it more clearly so you can protect yourself and make better decisions with a more thorough knowledge of yourself. Similarly, the Death card usually doesn’t mean a literal death, but letting go of a psychological part of yourself you no longer need as your spirit purifies.

With both, it’s very important to keep in mind that the future is not written in stone. Some people are afraid of Tarot reading because they think it reveals a future that they can’t do anything about. In reality, Tarot readings only reveal patterns that you can use to create momentum to empower you to decide if you want to continue on a path or change course.

Get your free Tarot reading from Astrology Answers now!

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It′s New Moon time again, and we have another exciting one upon us. With a New Moon in the zodiac sign of the Twins, Gemini, just around the corner, soulmate energy is everywhere. Literally.

If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been seeing signs of true love, it’s not just in your head. Prepare yourself for the New Moon period between June 11 and June 15 when the New Moon in Gemini arrives to help you plant the seeds of change with your special soul mate, even if you don’t know who that is yet!

Know that the possibilities and the energy to manifest those possibilities is just a few days away. On June 13, 2018, we have a gorgeous New Moon in Gemini. Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and this means that this is the best New Moon this year that will help you plant seeds of change with your Twin Flame or soulmate. Are you ready for your life, or your love life, to take a new direction? Then follow these tips on how to plant the seeds of change with this month′s New Moon in Gemini!

New Moon in Gemini Themes

Here we have the New Moon in the zodiac sign of Gemini. This means this month′s New Moon will take on the qualities and themes of the Mutable Sign of the Air Sign Gemini.

  • The Twins. Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, and so the theme of twins, dualities, and synchronicities will be present. Also the theme of twin flames will be available in abundance. The Gemini symbol is the same symbol as the twin flame symbol, and both are ruled by the Lovers Card in Tarot.
  • Choices. Gemini has the quality of choices and flexibility as a Mutable Sign. Expect this theme to be present under this New Moon as well.
  • Dualities. From the peaceful nurturer to the destroyer of all life around you, Gemini energy often comes in extremes. When the extremes hit you, remember that as bad as things may get, that only means that intense good is the next stage of this particular experience. The Universe commands balance, so this New Moon will help prepare you for the dualities of experience that are coming your way, for all zodiac signs.

Here are some tips to help you with that!

1. Plant the seeds that you want.

During Full Moon phases, we experience illumination, as the light of the Full Moon shines on issues that brings them to a close. The Full Moon brings issues to completion, while the New Moon is just the opposite. It′s a darker phase that represents the beginning of something. It′s a time to lay down foundations and get the prep work done so you can reap the benefits later.

Don′t be upset if things don′t come up roses on the day of the New Moon. It′s seed planting time! Did you ever do an experiment in school where you planted a little bean seed and made note of what happened to it over the next few weeks? What did you have to do to it first? Bury it deep in the dark soil.

Think of the New Moon period as the dark soil in which to plant seeds. Plant the seeds that you want, tend to them with care, and leave them to take root on their own. You do this with introspection and reflection. During these darkened moments you find the space and the clarity to plant the right seeds and set that energy in motion. Now let them take on lives of their own in your life, and remember, you did that!

2. Communication takes life to the next level.

If there has been a mystery in your life lately, especially when it comes to soul mates and twin flames, you still may not be all there when it comes to getting what you want. Gemini can be a tricky one, talking out of both sides of the brain. You’ve probably felt a lot of this already the past few weeks.

The New Moon in Mutable sign Gemini can help you on the communication front. But remember, this is a time only about planting seeds. So start planting the seeds of communication with someone that you believe is your soul mate or twin flame. Or, just someone that you care about. Plant the seeds, be casual and breezy, and let them grow under the rich dark of this New Moon.

In two weeks when the Full Moon arrives, clarity is yours for the taking, and communication in key. Relationships will take on a life of their own. When you set the right intentions, this New Moon will unleash the portals that you can use to communicate the truth about who you are, and take your life to the next level. Be careful what you wish for, because you will get it.

3. Long term commitments are favored.

Dualities are key and so are partnerships during this New Moon in Gemini. The seeds that you plant in the way of successful commitments will spring to life for you within a few weeks time. Your relationship can experience sudden movement in the right direction if you are willing to plant the right seeds and own your place in the process. You may see a lot of back and forth with a lover or partner, and this may be frustrating. Stay true to your integrity and the New Moon will help you to attract better communication from your true love or twin flame.

Remember, the New Moon event is not about an event in your life actually happening. It′s about planting the seeds to make it happen. So if you are hoping to find a soul mate or twin flame commitment and it doesn′t happen on June 13, don′t say the New Moon didn′t work for you. Plant the right seeds and then wait for that flower to grow. Be patient!

4. Expect to hear from your twin flame or twin spirit.

If you want to hear from your twin flame, or even get messages about them from your angels and guides, expect that to happen during this New Moon. The New Moon in Gemini is symbolized by the Twin Flame symbol. You may see this symbol appearing around you more often. I saw a gas price once that was 111.1 for days when I was going through a synchronicity period. 11:11 is another common symbol you will see when you are getting messages from or about your twin flame.

Remember, these are fated events. You can′t intentionally drive by a gas station that you know has gas at that price just to see that price number and the 111.1 sign again. It has to happen to you organically, and you will get a lovely warm feeling when it happens. That′s how you’ll know it′s a fated event, sent by or about your twin flame.

Don′t question whether or not it will happen. It will, even if you don′t believe in twin flames. Now you will know what all of those little signs mean and why funny coincidences keep happening. When they do, thank the Universe and send the love back out to your twin flame in some way. Send them an actual message by text or email if you can, or just send a prayer to them or have a meditation “chat” with them and send your love that way. What you focus on grows, so use this lovely twin flame New Moon to make the most of this glorious energy.

5. What you focus on grows….

Remember that thoughts become things, and what you focus on grows. So your thoughts need to become good ones if you want to manifest good things in your life. This is the Law of Attraction. What you focus on grows. Literally.

So here you are planting the seeds of your life that you want to germinate in the darkness of the New Moon. Focus on planting good, healthy seeds. Don′t worry or complain about the “weather” that might damage your “crops”. Be positive, and nurture those dreams with love, joy, and gratitude. And what will happen? Your twin flame or soul mate will send you a message, somehow. This is true for all zodiac signs, you don’t need to be a Gemini to reap these blessings. Just remember, wait. Growth doesn’t happen overnight.

Concluding thoughts….

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about the New Moon in Gemini this June 13, 2018. If you want to plant the seeds of change in your love life and attract your twin flame and soul mate to you, start now. Then, between June 11 and June 15, really focus on sending and receiving communication from or about your twin flame. When you do, what you focus on grows.

Stay tuned to your Daily Horoscopes to find out how this New Moon in Gemini will impact you and your twin flame. What are your New Moon twin flame wishes?

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Many people don’t know the history of astrology. We mostly know it to be a form of divination, but when you look through history, many of the most influential scientists and philosophers were also famous astrologers.

Today’s society seems to split science (astronomy) and astrology, yet history ties the two together because of significant experts in both fields who helped predict and advise on major scientific and political developments.

From predicting the great fire in London to advising Constantine on when to establish Constantinople, astrologers have been shaping society since as far back as 3,500 BCE in Mesopotamia, and in Chinese Astrology, going back to 1046 BCE. When it comes to compiling a short list of famous astrologers that changed history, it’s not easy at all because they can be found throughout the entire scope of written history in Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, India, and Babylon.

You may find your interest in astrology piqued after reading how these people influenced not just astrology, but history itself.

William Lily – Lily lived in London from 1602 to 1681 and published the first astrology book in the English language. He was famously known for predicting the great fire of London 15 years before it occurred. He was considered the most important astrologer in England, had many powerful friends, and was known as a Horary astrologer.

Nechepso and Petosiris – This Egyptian king and his priest influenced Hellenistic astrology and they lived during the first century BCE. While their books were lost, they are mentioned in Hellenistic astrology, the horoscopic astrology used during the time of Alexander the Great in the Roman and early Byzantine empire. It’s also the foundation of modern Western astrology, which is used today.

Masha’allah – A distinguished court astrologer from 8th century Persia. He was instrumental in the political decision to found the city of Baghdad. He wrote many influential horary astrology books and his work influenced many other well-known astrologers well after his death.

Susan Miller – Arguably America’s most famous astrologer, Miller gained her prestige from her book Sun Signs, which is all about compatibility. She is popular celebrity astrologer and has many celebrity fans. Her name is widely known in the U.S. in the astrology realm.

Johannes Kepler – This famous German mathematician was alive in the 17th century and was a very influential figure in the scientific revolution. As an astrologer, he also influenced Sir Isaac Newton. In fact, Newton’s theory of universal gravitation drew upon Kepler’s laws of planetary motion.

Aristotle – Known as the father of Western philosophy, Aristotle was a Greek scientist and philosopher who was said to be the teacher of Alexander the Great. As a student of Plato, he made major contributions to the study of metaphysics from 384 BCE to 322 BCE.

Nostradamus – This Frenchman lived from 1503 to 1566 and is most famous for his prophecies and his almanac, which offered daily predictions. He was also a physician, known as a Seer, and his work is still published.

Galileo Galilei – This Italian is known as the father of modern science and was a key figure in advancing Copernican heliocentrism, which was a huge leap forward in the world during that time. This physicist, engineer, astronomer, and mathematician was a major player in the scientific revolution. During his time, astrology was tied to both mathematics and astronomy.

Claudius Ptolemy – From Roman Egypt, this famous astrologer lived in Alexandria. Ptolemy worked to bring science and astrology together in his book published in the 2nd century called Tetrabiblos, which is still published and in circulation today. It’s written that he was in the royal lineage of kings that followed Alexander the Great. He was also a mathematician, and geographer who influenced Islamic, European and Byzantine science.

Alan Leo – Yet another influential astrologer but more modern day, Leo lived in the U.K. from 1860 to 1970. He is known as the father of modern astrology. He helped make astrology more accessible for people to learn it.


This list could continue on and on and each person’s work is a study within itself. Hopefully this article has given you a glimpse into the very long and diverse history of astrology, as well as shown how the brightest minds that have shaped our world have been well versed in it. The adage that “knowledge is power” continues to hold water as the people on this list (of mostly men) played huge roles in shaping society and what we know about the universe today.

This wisdom has been painstakingly passed down from the beginning of written history when the 12 zodiac signs were depicted as animals. So much time has passed, but influential figures and celebrities in our society are still keen to follow the procession of the planets, sensing that the secret wisdom of astrology can unlock their potential.

Astrology helps us see that we are all connected, no matter what belief systems we hold.

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It can be hard to stay enlightened in a technological environment, and our communication skills may suffer at the hand of our busy schedules. Communication is not a skill we can suddenly master; we need to invest time in improving it. Our communication style is something we need to evaluate and shift often, as we learn through experience what works and what doesn’t.

Speaking and expressing emotions are the most natural human inclinations, yet often the hardest to master. It can be very hard to talk about our feelings, needs, and desires if we haven’t opened our heads and our hearts for honest, vulnerable communication.

Fortunately, there are metaphysical tools and practices that can assist you on your journey toward more effective, compassionate communication with others. Let’s take a look at a few unique items and rituals that will help you sharpen your communication skills while making it easier than ever to really open up and start talking.


Chrysocolla is a crystal that will infuse within you a feeling of confidence and power when communicating. If you find it difficult to express yourself, this is the perfect stone for you. This crystal will enhance your positive, self-assured vibrations, helping you realize your own voice, your own power. You have the right to express yourself, and you owe it to yourself to take advantage of that right. This stone reminds you of that right, urging you to speak up in situations in which you might otherwise keep quiet. Stand up for what you believe in, express your desires and wishes, revisit and talk about past experiences and pain you might be holding onto, confess your love, state your peace, raise your voice and speak out on behalf of everyone who can’t find the strength. Chrysocolla is the stone to help you embody that vocal power.


Yoga helps you find inner balance and peace, focus your mind and your energy, and helps the body relax all while cleansing and centering your energy. The simple act of stretching, making your body more limber and relaxed, translates into your consciousness, making you more fluid and capable of going with the flow, and at ease when communicating. Whether practicing beginner yoga poses or working up to more advanced yogic practices, this activity will leave you cleansed, refreshed, and ready to get your point across.

Opening Your Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra is responsible for regulating communication, and if this chakra is blocked it can make it extremely difficult to converse effectively with others. You might stumble over your words, it might feel impossible to get your point across, or you might even frustrate yourself and others with improper word choice or an aggressive tone. Opening and aligning the throat chakra is one of the easiest, quickest ways to instantly boost your communication game and turn you into a verbal all-star.

There are many interesting and fun ways to open your throat chakra, one of which is singing. Put on your favorite song on in your bedroom, your car, or even the shower, and belt like no one can hear you! (Even if they can.) Not only will singing get that throat chakra open, aligned, and in order, but it actually boosts your mood as well.

Hydrate! Drinking water soothes the throat, purifies the intestines, and cleanses the body. Drink water frequently and focus on the cooling sensation in your throat as it travels down into your body to cleanse and nourish.

Think blue. Blue is the color associated with the throat chakra, so when you feel that your communication skills need brushing up, surround yourself in cool tones and blue hues. Don a blouse in a shade of cerulean that you can peek at throughout the day, or take a stroll outside and soak in the sky blues of the atmosphere.


Finally, the most important thing you can do to improve your communication is to give, live, and spread love. Love is the glue that holds the universe together, it’s the medicine that soothes all emotional wounds. Love will guide you in your speech as long as you hold it in your heart.

Remember that everyone is facing their own battles, and prepare yourself for each conversation by reminding yourself to speak with love in your voice and compassion in your heart. Speak to yourself with the same love that you share with others; being kind to and respecting yourself is a key ingredient in the recipe of effective, open, and honest communication.

Whatever your message is, if you open yourself up to better more effective communication, you’ll find yourself learning and evolving each and every day.

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