Day: June 6, 2019


The upcoming new moon solar eclipse in Leo on August 11 is asking you to listen to your true heart’s desire and to make the changes you need to bring more joy, more pleasure, and more passion into your life.

It can be a liberating experience for those who feel as if their life is not as joyful or as happy as they were hoping it would be. This eclipse can motivate you to make the moves you need to create a life you really love.

However, it can frighten others who are resistant to change, don’t know what they want, or are afraid to take the risks in order to get what they want.

Sometimes being happy is scary because it takes radical confidence and an unwavering belief in one’s self to make the life of your dreams truly manifest. This year’s last solar eclipse is asking you to do just that — to break out of your old ruts or patterns and do something radically different in accordance with your own heart.

In true Leo fashion, the mood of the eclipse is asking you to not be afraid and shine your own light into the world, even if the rest of your life seems dark, or even if it is something you never in a million years thought you would do.

 by Brittany Binowski


The Universe Has Your Back

The new moon solar eclipse in Leo will be conjunct Mercury, which is currently going retrograde, and in a square with Jupiter. This can bring up lots of important conversations about what you truly want and feel. It is not a time to hide your own emotions, or to pretend they don’t exist, but to go deeper and deeper into your own soul and experiences to find the truth.

With Mercury nearing the end of its retrograde cycle, and with the sun being so close to a conjunction with Mercury, you may receive important news, insights, or answers about what exactly you need in your life to be happy, if you allow yourself to go there.

It will also form a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. This means that in order to do more of what you love in life, you may have to let go of or change some of your pre-existing ideas of what your life should be like, or what you thought you once wanted it to be.

At the time of the eclipse, Venus will also be in Libra, opposite Chiron, trine Mars, and square Saturn. Relationships and money will play a key factor in this eclipse. You may find that after doing some soul searching to figure out what you really want, you need to have some uncomfortable conversations with the people that mean the most to you, or make some serious decisions about your relationships and finances that can drastically alter the course of your life. You could also possibly feel restricted by others, or by your financial needs at this time.

Need a little help figuring out what it is you really want? 

Uranus is in a square with Mars and the lunar nodes, and a trine with Saturn. This could also bring lots of unexpected events as you or others break free from some old structures in life that may have been providing obstacles.

With Jupiter also in a trine with Neptune at this time, there could be some emotional sensitivities or undertones lingering beneath the surface. However, these inner promptings or intuitions can help you to make the right changes and adjustments you need, with more clarity, so you can feel more comfortable in life.

An eclipse occurs when the sun, earth, and moon all align on a path called the ecliptic. The ecliptic is an invisible circular line through space which denotes the sun’s journey through our solar system.

The north and south nodes in an astrological chart signify where exactly the ecliptic is located at any given time. Both the sun and moon must be in close degrees to the ecliptic, or lunar nodes, at the same time for an eclipse to occur.

Eclipses typically occur in pairs, in opposing signs, over the course of a year and a half. At the end of that year and half, the lunar south and north nodes change signs, and another cycle begins.

The eclipses are currently in the signs of Leo and Aquarius. At the end of this year, the eclipses will occur in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn.

However, this past month on July 11, we did have our first partial eclipse since 2011 in the sign of Cancer, heralding the start of that new cycle. Be on the lookout for things you experienced during that time seven years ago to come back up for review.

The last eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius series will be a lunar eclipse in Leo on January 21, 2019.

How Eclipses Affect Us

Eclipses in astrology are essentially super-powered new or full moons, that bring major, fated events in life that can last for six months at least, until the next series of eclipses, or many times even longer, affecting our lives for years to come.

Eclipses force decisions and events in our lives that we have been putting off, or inspire us to act so that we can break free from old or limiting patterns in our lives.

They serve as catalysts to correct our course, if we are not on the right path — or propel us forward even more onto our current path, if it is the right one.

Because eclipses can bring with them such major events and emotions, it is helpful to spend some time to yourself during an eclipse to process the insights and information you are receiving. It is also helpful at this time to let the things in your life that are no longer meant for you leave, and to open yourself up to the new opportunities they can bring.

Fighting against the messages, nudges, and inklings you receive during this time could create inner conflict, exacerbating some of the eclipses’ more negative effects.

Being open to receive what comes your way will help to ensure a more positive outcome, and an easier transition, into the new circumstances and experiences eclipses usher in.




Based on Pacific Standard (PST)

Retrograde: August 12, 2019, at 6°36′ Taurus

Direct: January 11, 2020, at 2°38′ Taurus

Uranus first entered Taurus for the first time May 15, 2018 and will only exit Taurus for good on April 25, 2026. Once a year, every year, until Uranus enters Gemini, Uranus will retrograde in Taurus for almost half the year. Uranus stations retrograde on August 12, 2019, at 6°36′ Taurus; it stations direct on January 11, 2020, at 2°38′ Taurus.

Taurus embodies the organic wisdom of nature, which never rushes, allowing each season and cycle of life to unfold as and when it should. Well-known for its leisurely pace, Taurus focuses on the here and now, the present and tangible. This is often mistakenly equated with an acquisitive, materialistic inclination.

Although Taurus is indeed a sign ruled by Venus, and therefore enjoys a connection to the finer things in life, in truth, Taurus seeks the comfort of the material as an antidote to the chaos of life, choosing to ground itself in beautiful surroundings that communicate permanence. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus is the most fixed of all the signs; when required, Taurus can become immovable.

Most certainly, Uranus and Taurus make for odd bedfellows: Uranus’ everything-must-go nature is a poor fit for solid, steadfast Taurus, which resists change at all costs.

Globally, the Uranus transit of Taurus may result in innovations and breakthroughs in the handling of our most important asset — planet Earth, our home. Conversations about climate change, green energy, off-grid living, and Earth-friendly diets may become an important component of the cultural zeitgeist. Some astrologers believe that Uranus in Taurus will disrupt financial markets globally, enabling the further rise of alternative currencies such as bitcoin.

On the personal level, Uranus’ transit and retrogrades in Taurus will force a wedge between ourselves and an area of life where we may be ultra-fixed and stuck in our ways. Uranus’ airy brilliance may free us from material strain, or, we may find that our ideas around material comfort undergo a complete revolution.

Being that Taurus moves relatively slowly, the pace of change may not accelerate nearly as fast as when Uranus transited Aries; in any case, most of the core changes will likely occur when Uranus re-enters Taurus for good on March 6, 2019.

But hey, let’s not forget that Uranus, being the planet of rebellion and sudden change, might mean it showing its cleverness and deviance in the most unpredictable, unexpected ways.


If you don’t know your rising sign, find it in our free birth chart. We recommend reading your sun sign and rising sign.

Aries sun (and Aries Rising)

Aries’ may feel as if they’re finally out of the hot seat since Uranus left your sign for pastures anew in May 2018. Don’t get too comfy though: Uranus will be back on your home turf once again between November 2018 and March 2019.

Use the Uranus retrograde in Taurus for insight on how you may develop new ways to manifest more money, honey; when Uranus retrogrades back into Aries for the last time, milk these final moments of innovation for fine-tuning how you show up in the world.

Taurus sun (and Taurus Rising)

Things may have been turbulent for Taureans, especially those born in the earlier part of the sign (those with birthdays between April 20 and 25, give or take a day). Since Uranus entered your sign earlier this year, it has likely thrown more than one curveball your way, possibly upending relationships and situations previously considered fail proof.

As Uranus retrogrades in Taurus, the pressure will temporarily subside, allowing you to gather your thoughts (and actions) for when it re-enters your sign again in March 2019. As the retrograde continues into Aries, you’ll be given one last opportunity to suss out how your own behaviors may be contributing to conflicts you face in the outer world.

Gemini sun (and Gemini Rising)

Uranus’ entry into Taurus heralded a new phase for Gemini, requiring you to dig deep and start facing up to long-held anxieties that you’d be better off without.

The good news is that the Uranus retrograde in Taurus will offer you a temporary reprieve to regroup and identify the right support team to help you wade through these deep waters. As Uranus continues its retrograde into Aries, you’ll be thinking one last time about the groups and friendships you associate with, as well as what truly motivates you.

Cancer sun (and Cancer Rising)

After seven long years spent grappling with Uranus in the part of your chart related to career matters, you’re due for a change. Uranus now looks to bring that same intensity of innovation to your hopes, aspirations, friendships, and collective movements.

Anything you’re fomenting in that space may temporarily cool off as Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus, not to return again until March 2019. As Uranus continues to retrograde in Aries, take one last look at your career aspirations, and adjust accordingly.

Leo sun (and Leo Rising)

Leo is ready for the spotlight (even more than usual). With Uranus newly entered into the house of your chart related to reputation, honors, and career, you’re likely to have grand new visions about how to get your message out there.

Uranus’ retrograde will put those plans onto the back-burner until March 2019 – don’t lose the faith just yet! Instead, use the Uranus retrograde to revisit any changes you’ve made thus far; when Uranus returns to Aries one final time, you may wish to firm up the beliefs and axioms that will best support you as you climb the summit.

Virgo sun (and Virgo Rising)

Uranus has been in an ultra-touchy, not-so-pleasant part of your chart for nearly seven years, provoking you to confront your deepest, most primal emotions; as it moved into Taurus earlier this year, you could finally envisage a light at the end of the tunnel.

Uranus will now retrograde, retreating away from that hopeful, promising place you had recently entered, which may have got you investigating new paths in travel or education. As Uranus retrogrades, you’ll be reviewing those plans intently, and as Uranus re-enters Aries for the final time, you’ll be able to set to rest any lingering worries.

Libra sun (and Libra Rising)

There may have been a recent urgency to start sussing out give and take in relationships since Uranus entered Taurus in May 2018. Relationships, in general, may have been bumpy the past seven years as Uranus transited the part of your chart tasked with meeting ‘the other’ in love and work.

Now, the journey takes you deeper still, into the unspoken agreements that underpin power dynamics in relationships. As Uranus retrogrades, things will slow down, allowing you more space to ruminate on these revelations; Uranus’ temporary re-entry into Aries will give you one final window for injecting your intimate partnerships with adequate freedom.

Scorpio sun (and Scorpio Rising)

Scorpio’s may have gotten a shake-up call since Uranus entered Taurus in May 2018, forcing a necessary review of one-to-one partnerships. Over the next seven years, Uranus’ transit of Taurus will demand that you find new ways to match, meet, and marry.

Now, however, Uranus will retrograde in both Taurus and Aries. While Uranus retrogrades in Taurus, any turbulence in relationships will settle down for now; when Uranus enters Aries for the last time, you’ll have a golden opportunity for making much-needed changes in work and health.

Sagittarius sun (and Sagittarius Rising)

Uranus’ entry into the part of your chart concerned with health, work, and day-to-day life may have you desperately wanting to break away from routines, schedules, and your office cubicle.

With the Uranus retrograde occurring in the same space, you’ll be able to handle mundane life more peacefully until Uranus returns to this space in March 2019. Uranus’ final retrograde into Aries will awaken any latent urges for creativity and pleasure; following these impulses may help you reclaim a sense of joie de vivre in the face of impending responsibility.

Capricorn sun (and Capricorn Rising)

Having had Uranus in the part of your chart related to home, family, and foundations, it may have felt for the past seven years that you were unable to find solid footing. Uranus has now entered the area of your chart dedicated to life’s little luxuries, powerfully re-connecting you to pleasure.

Uranus’ retrograde will have you re-thinking any recent shifts you made in your approach to romance, creativity, and sex, while Uranus’ continued retrograde into Aries will have you revisiting your attachment to home and family one final time.

Aquarius sun (and Aquarius Rising)

Some Aquarians may be considering big changes in their home and family life, owing to Uranus’ entry into Taurus in May 2018. That may mean breaking away from one’s roots or forcefully putting down new ones that better resonate with who you are (or aim to be).

If those changes seemed overwhelming, respite will come as Uranus retrogrades in Taurus, giving you a little breathing room before making any final decisions. As Uranus continues its retrograde into Aries – the last of your lifetime – you can settle up issues regarding siblings, community, and communication.

Pisces sun (and Pisces Rising)

As Uranus entered Taurus, Pisceans may have felt their synapses firing at an all-time high: with Uranus electrifying the part of your chart associated with correspondence, writing, and short-distance travel, your energies may have felt scattered and jagged.

During the Uranus retrograde in Taurus, your mental pace will slow down, and writing or speaking projects may be put on hold temporarily. Once Uranus enters Aries again as part of its retrograde, you’re likely to make swift changes in matters of money.




For many of us, things have been stressful lately. Like, five times more stressful than normal.

Whether it’s the horror of peoples’ basic human rights being taken away, pundits screaming at each other about who’s right and who’s wrong, or news of another shooting tragedy, it seems like every time we turn on the radio or log into social media there’s something horrible going on. Even if it’s not affecting us directly, it can be exhausting.

You may feel guilty for enjoying anything while there is so much tragedy and sorrow out in the ether, but remember:  you can’t do anything unless you take care of yourself. Just as we must treat others with love and kindness, we need to do the same for ourselves. It’s the first step to helping others. Self-care is its own kind of magic. 

If you feel you’re suffering from emotional fatigue, here are some ways to give yourself a little metaphysical reboot.

– Ellen Ricks

Take a bath.

While it may seem like a simple solution, baths are a great way to relax and power down after a stressful day.

Keep the room nice and dark and light a few candles (or dim the lights). Be sure to add some lavender or rose essential oils to the water – they are both great at getting rid of stress and creating positivity.

When getting into the bath, envision all your negative energy leaving your body and being absorbed by the water. When you are done, visualize that energy going down the drain as you pull the plug.

Turn to crystals for support.

It might feel like crystals are the go-to answer for everything, but for good reason! Crystals are great to have with you during difficult times, because their energy becomes your energy, giving your spirits a much-needed lift.

Some great crystals for self-care are smoky quartz (boost moods, overcoming negative emotions), rose quartz (gives feelings of love and compassion), amethyst (release relaxing energy), and citrine (sunny, optimistic energy).

There are so many ways you can find support from crystals: keep them on your desk at work or home, wear them as jewelry, keep them under your pillow at night, or carry them with you as your own personal talisman.

When things become a little too much, hold your crystal in your hand, close your eyes and imagine their positive energy flowing into you.

Try meditating.

Meditating is a great way to ground yourself and check in on your own wellbeing. Often we become so focused on trying to take care of others we forget that we also need care.

Try to make time at least one a day (or, more realistic, once a week), to go into a dark room, sit or lie down, and meditate for at least fifteen minutes. It can be as simple as shutting your eyes, or as complex as trying to find your center. You can add to this by holding a crystal as you meditate. 

You could also light incense as well, preferably lavender (reduce stress, deep sleep), jasmine (uplifting energy), ylang ylang (calming), lemongrass (emotional balance), or sandalwood (encouraging feelings of well-being) for some added magical benefits.

The main thing is that you’re taking fifteen minutes away from social media and the news to just sitting in silence. It may seem insignificant, but it is powerful.

Drink up.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what’s going on in the universe; you gotta stay hydrated. Treat yourself to something nice by brewing yourself a lovely raspberry ice tea that’s infused with rose petals. Black tea and mint are also great for protection blends. If tea isn’t your thing, make an iced coffee with cinnamon; cinnamon promotes wellbeing, protection, and luck. Something we all need in tough times.

Take a hike (or even just a deep breath).

In the digital age where we are pretty much chained to our technology, it can feel nearly impossible to break away from news and social media completely. However, while being aware and informed is important, it’s important to get back into nature. Turn your phone on airplane mode and take a nice walk or hike. Take in the fresh air, feel the sunshine on your skin. Sit next to a tree and meditate to get grounded. If you live in a bigger city or don’t really have a safe outdoor space near you, open your windows and sit by them for a little while. I promise it will make a big difference.

Color Therapy? Nail it!

It’s important to take time out to pamper yourself because you deserve it. Painting your nails is not only a good self-care ritual but a great way to incorporate magic into your life.

Just like crystals, colors have specific powers that will help you bring in certain energy and protection. If you feel that the world is draining your energy, put down your phone and put on your nail polish.

Start by removing your original nail polish and trimming your nails, visualizing that the old nail polish is wiped away, so is the stress; trimming away the negativity that’s been growing for far too long.

Next, chose a color of nail polish with what you wish to add to your life. Red brings confidence and strength, yellow brings focus and positivity, blue brings wisdom and peace, black brings protection and the banishment of what does not belong, and grey brings calm and stability.

What color is your aura? Learn about your personal chakras.

As you paint your nails in your chosen color, picture yourself painting on these traits onto you, coating yourself in protection. So you will bring positivity and energy at the touch of your fingertips. If you’re not that into nail polish, try painting or drawing with these colors, or wearing them more often.