Day: June 7, 2019


What is a miracle, exactly? This is a very common question, with the answers just as often misunderstood. For every question, there are astrology answers. A famous quote about miracles has been commonly attributed to the great scientist Albert Einstein.

It is said that he said this on miracles, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” That is your simple answer: everything, or nothing. In this season of miracles, the stars are aligned to help you harness the power of the law of attraction.

You can get your own miracles too, and achieve the most successful 2018 you can. Attracting and keeping miracles is exactly what we are talking about today.

The reason this Albert Einstein quote is so incredible is because he was a scientist, one of the greatest who ever happened into this world. People think of magical things like the theory of relativity when they think of him. Think about that. That was ONE idea, but he lived a long life.

In other words, he had a trash bin full of terrible ideas, before he had that ONE great one. So do you. See?

Most doctors and scientists in this world do not believe in miracles. Tell your doctor next time you see him that you have a “gut feeling” about something, and he or she will probably shrug, or raise their eyebrows, check your file and respond with, “All right, but the test data and your history isn’t showing me that.”

That’s why Einstein’s ideas on miracles are so incredible. Miracles kind of go against the grain of science. Science is data and testing and paperwork and things you can SEE. If you can not SEE it in science, it is not a thing. Unless, you are Albert Einstein, and discussing the theory of relativity, which is literally invisible.

We talk every day on how to improve your life and attract miracles through astrology, but do you really get it? It’s okay if your answer is “no” as we are going to clarify that right now. There’s an actual scientific and proven formula to attract them. It’s not the Law of Relativity. It’s the Law of Attraction, and is just as amazing a concept of the space time continuum as relativity.

Astrology and Miracles – When Fate and Free Will Get Married

When we talk about your life and daily events in your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes, we are telling you what the planets have decided for you that day. This is called Fate or Destined events. Based on your zodiac sign, things will happen, or they won’t, because you always have a choice to have your own outlook or experience on any given day. This is called free will.

Every zodiac sign has a shadow side and a light side. Some of us stay in one side more than the other. When we need to balance that, the universe steps in. We can always say no, whether the universe is sending us positive light, or a shadowy kind of day. Here’s an example.

Let’s say your horoscope says Jupiter is chiming in today, and you are going to feel good and optimistic and positive and good things are going to happen. Following Einstein’s principle, one of two things will happen. Either you will accept this news Fate has offered you, and embrace everything in your day as a miracle.

Or, you will get grumpy over the positive tone that was sent to you, and decide or comment that, “Ugh no my life is terrible. My husband is dead, my ex is in jail, my health is a train wreck, NOTHING good is going to happen today, screw Jupiter okay?”

Well guess what my response to that shadow side would be? “But you’re here, aren’t you? We know you believe, and we know you are still looking for miracles and still have that tiny sliver of hope that something good COULD happen today. Let’s talk about your day. What’s going on? What are the best parts of it so far?”

When that answer comes, the response again is, THERE are your miracles.

The moral of this story is that every zodiac sign is going to have a bad day once in a while. That’s called being human. No zodiac sign has the market cornered on having a bad day, and it’s not a “bad day competition” for the chronic complainers and Negative Nellies of every bunch. Sometimes we have a long string of bad days, and it really sucks.

Until it doesn’t, but only if you believe in the power of the universe to turn your day around in an instant. Miracles are not lightning bolts of amazing things. Well, sometimes they are. Sometimes they are just things like having your phone bill paid on time by a bonus that came out of the blue.

Or having a tow truck drive by at the exact same time that your car died on the highway. Angels are among us, and visit and help and protect those willing to accept their gifts. The universe is always about balance, if you believe. For every bad day, there’s a good one coming….if you believe. That’s fate and free will getting married, and it’s the purest love and joy you’ll ever experience.

No matter what your zodiac sign, YOU have the free will to decide what is and what isn’t a miracle in your life every day. If you don’t, then, you will attract fewer miracles into your life. This is the law of attraction. It’s a powerful formula you NEED to practice daily to understand what Albert Einstein is saying to see those miracles in your life every day. Yes, EVERY DAY.

The Miracle Formula—How to Get Them!

Whenever my son used to ask me if Santa was real after he heard horror stories at school, I would say, “Well honey, you have to believe to receive.” This is the law of attraction. The three steps to achieving and attracting miracles are aligned with the Law of Attraction. It’s super simple: Ask, Believe, Receive.

Kids make Christmas wish lists and send them out (Ask). They believe in Santa with all their soul and their heart (Believe). Then on Christmas Day, the miracles and magic of Christmas arrives (Receive).

Of course, there are practical events happening behind the scenes unbeknownst to them that is creating all of this magic. That is the case for your life too! If you are getting news or money out of the blue, it’s not because Santa is in control. Things are happening behind the scenes to help you, because you put that intention out into the universe.

If you don’t do that part, you aren’t properly asking for your miracle. Or maybe you aren’t asking at all? Along with Einstein’s quote, I also often say, “If you need a miracle, BE a miracle.”

Have a complaint about something? Join the club. Here’s another question. What have you done to change it or make it a better experience for yourself? If the answer is nothing, you’ll be waiting for your miracle for forever. BUT, if you Ask (set the intentions), then believe you will get it, then you will receive your wish.

There are steps within these steps which we have talked about before. You have to release your attachment to the outcome as a big part of these steps, but you have to truly believe with all of your heart that it will happen. Or it won’t.

Start practicing this now while Venus is in Capricorn. Venus is the attraction planet and loves sending us good things. Capricorn is the practical and realistic earth sign. Have a few practical wishes still from Christmas? We all do. So ask, believe, and wait for Venus and the other planets, with the help of the angels, to help grant your wish.

Concluding thoughts…

Oh beloveds, you are worthy of miracles. Do not let fear stop you from asking for them. Never forget that many believe the first Christmas miracle came from believing in The Star. You have to believe to receive, and you can use the stars and the angels and guides as your guiding lights too.

Empower yourself for the most successful 2018 possible, whether you are looking for love or money, or why not both! As Einstein said, it’s not about what happens to you. It’s about how you choose to live your life. You decide if you have miracles, nobody else. That Einstein was a pretty smart guy. He won a Nobel Prize for a theory nobody can even see.

Start small with your request for miracles, believe the universe is working on your behalf, and wait for more to arrive.

What miracles have you experienced lately? What miracles have you asked for?

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With the New Year fast approaching, we’re probably all thinking about the dreaded resolutions we’ll be making and forgetting soon after. It seems like a never-ending cycle; each year, millions of people make resolutions and each year most people have forgotten or dismissed their resolutions by February.

There are however, ways to make sure you stick to your guns this year. By setting reasonable goals for yourself, in increments that you know you’re likely to keep up with, you’ll be more likely to stick with it for the long haul.

Resolutions can be big or small, reasonable or fantastic, as long as they are within the realm of possibility. The key is to take small steps each day, basking in the sense of accomplishment for the future goal that you’re actively working toward.

Astrology can be extremely beneficial for discovering in which direction you should guide your path this year. By utilizing the clarity that astrology provides, you will better understand your position in the universe, and the fortuitous time you can look forward to. It also gives you an idea of any hiccups you might encounter in 2018, so you can be better prepared.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas for the best New Year’s Resolution for you, based on your sign.


You’re a passionate, feisty person. This is wonderful at times, and frightening at other times. You might have a tendency to get quite frustrated, or even angry, when your sparks are ignited. This year, you might resolve to temper your mood ever-so-slightly. Your many gifts and talents far outweigh your flaws, however, and you should keep this in mind during the year to come.


You can be hard-working, patient and kind quite frequently. You have an appreciation for incredible art, delicious food and relaxation. Sometimes our Taurus friends have a proclivity for a little couch-potato time now and again. Perhaps you can use 2018 to balance this out with more outdoor activities.

There is so much art in nature that you’ll feel as though you’re at a new gallery opening – and the artist is the universe!


Geminis are swift thinkers, typically able to concoct multiple solutions for any situation, however, they are not always quick to choose one. Yours is the sign of the twins, meaning you have many wonderful sides to your personality, but decision making is not necessarily your strength. This year, try learning to trust your gut and your decisions. You know what’s right for you.


Cancers are affectionate and deeply devoted to those they care for, but they can be quite moody sometimes. Try self-soothing techniques this year to bring your emotions into check before you accidently hurt someone’s feelings. Your friends will appreciate the effort, like they appreciate the wonderful ways you show that you care.


Leos are the life of the party and often the center of attention. You might steal the limelight from others from time to time, sometimes unbeknownst to yourself. Let 2018 be the year of letting those around you get the laughs and the attention. People will still naturally gravitate toward you because of your winning personality and your sparkling smile.


Virgos are hard-working and reliable. When you do a job, you do it well, however, you have a tendency to be a perfectionist. Remember that there is no such thing as perfect, and let this be the year you give yourself a break. You are talented and skilled; trust in that and let that knowledge guide you through 2018.


You have a passion for balance and justice, causing you to be diplomatic in most cases. You play devil’s advocate to achieve centered focus in a conversation, but some things in life really are black and white. Use this year to resolve to learn what’s right for you, leaving behind any relationships wherein you feel you’re being taken advantage of.


Scorpios are mysterious and they move with purpose. What people see on the surface of your person is just the tip of the iceberg; there’s an entire world of you that no one has yet to visit. This year, resolve to learn to let others in a bit more than usual. People are inherently good, and just interested in getting to know you because, frankly, you’re interesting.


You’re fun-loving, always looking for the next spontaneous adventure. You have about a million great ideas for new projects that don’t always stick; in fact, many of them fall through. It’s not necessarily your fault, you just want to experience it all. Use 2018 to learn to make clear-cut goals and begin ventures you’ll make sure to follow through on. Your potential is unlimited.


Capricorns are family-oriented, responsible individuals who work hard to achieve what they want. You’ll suffer through demanding physical labor to get where you need to go; you’ve got your eye on the prize. This year, resolve to take time for yourself and for relaxation. This is a no-work zone. You must simply exist in the peaceful moment of doing nothing.


You’re innovative and intelligent, likely having come up with more than one invention in your lifetime. This year, take your ideas to a new level by expanding your network. This should be a simple task for your sociable, likable self. Putting yourself and your thoughts out there will surely warrant positive and lucrative feedback.


Pisces are creative, talented individuals with a propensity for romance. You like to daydream of the life you hope to create. Use 2018 as the year to turn your fantasies into realities. Make one small goal each day that propels you on your path toward greatness. You’ll be surprised as how much you can achieve.

Resolutions are completely possible, even probable, with the right preparation. Astrology is a great tool to use to prepare for most situations, especially planning your year. Collectively, we can make 2018 the year of the kept-resolution. Choose themes and ideas that intrigue and excite you, those that will bring you success. Make this the year you finally keep them.

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The year ahead holds great shifts, lots of marital energy and a heightened spiritual awareness. According to numerology forecasts and the Chinese Zodiac being the year of the dog, relationships will be in focus in all areas of our lives. We will be holding hands throughout the year as we realize how to fit together to enjoy life and become successful.

Expect to see a lot of political systems shift because people’s hearts will be beaming with passion to protect those who are oppressed. This passionate year is about loyalty, expansion of consciousness and connecting to our spiritual side.

2018 Numerology

We are entering a universal number 2 year, with the positive themes such as marriage and teaming up as well as the negative themes of being two faced or taking sides. The 2 energy is all about patience and we can see relationships turn into marriages in the coming year as it’s not a year of isolation but of joining. In our careers we will need to share and pool our resources.

It is also a master Number 11 year which means we will have a heightened spiritual connection, just as we saw in 2009 when a lot of people got into spirituality and there was a thinning of the veil. Personally, the 11 energy will help us with intuition and expansion of consciousness.

Find good ways to manage anxiety because 11 is a master number that brings a great magnitude of energy that we will need to anchor into our psyche and nervous system. On a large scale, the 2 energy will highlight extremes in beliefs that can clash, but it also will allow for the coming together and joining of groups.

The 11 energy is always going to bring shifts of great magnitude so we can expect old systems that no longer serve the people to be confronted. We are ending a 1 year which is about independence and starting something new. Now we will revamp our plans on those projects and pool our skills to make things work more efficiently.

This year is about patience, being dependable and growing wise as our collective consciousness is catapulted to higher ideals.

Chinese Zodiac Year of The Earth Dog

The year of the dog technically begins February 16, 2018. The earth dog is sometimes called the yellow dog. The energy matches that of the 2 in numerology with the themes of balance as well as empathy and tolerance. We will see people joining together with those that are neglected in society to bring equality.

The 2018 Chinese Zodiac element is earth and this is the natural element of the dog, accentuating its characteristics that much more. Coming from the outgoing year of the fire rooster where we began projects, we are now asked to team up with people to push that momentum forward.

Just like the 2 energy, this year will be all about the communication between people. Similar to the energy of the master number 11, the dog year brings a new consciousness only seen once every 60 years. This will bring new thoughts about what it means to be human philosophically and can lead to new systems that help our society run better.

Maybe we see energy infrastructures shift and education programs revised for instance. The energy for relationships is assuring according to the Chinese Zodiac which matches the numerology predictions.

The earth element in Chinese astrology corresponds to the planet Saturn. Saturn is a responsible energy that can be serious but communicates well. We will see the loyal characteristics of the dog combined with pragmatism and efficiency. We have a strong moral sense with the earth dog and much less extravagant energy than last year.

The dog is also the 11th position of the Chinese Zodiac, which matches the numerology master number energy. Again, to avoid excessive worrying, do things that make you laugh and lighten up. You’ll feel like planning a lot before moving but your instincts will also be strong. There will be innovations and combining of resources to create new socially conscious businesses.


Your personal year number reveals more specifics about what you can expect in 2018. Use our personal year number calculator to find yours. Those that live in fear will experience a year of confusion and chaos, seeing only strong opposing viewpoints. Those that live from their heart, accentuating spiritual ideals will find love bridges our differences and heals our world.

Greed will not fare well in the coming year as we subtly want to find a way to connect through higher ideals. We may see the overthrowing of regimes that have been oppressive, so be prepared for even more revolutionary changes. Your heart and mind may feel like they are in a tug of war this year.

Spend lots of time in meditation listening to your heart so it can guide you away from fear based decisions.

Being a 2 year with the expansive 11 energy, you may want to find your own balance number to understand how to center yourself amidst strong winds of change and divisiveness in ideologies. The Chinese horoscope for 2018 points to love as does the 2 energy, so maybe save some extra dollars for the fun times and events to come!

Family, equality and morality are in our hearts and minds as we plunge into the next dimension of our spiritual evolution. This year you can best support your friends by reminding them to follow their heart and take time to relax to lower anxiety.

To thrive and enjoy 2018, prioritize partnerships, make a habit of getting massages, listening to calm music and taking bubble baths to balance the energy you will have that makes you feel like you have to do so much and push yourself. You can make great changes in your life this year that will benefit the big picture!

Even if there is drama on the global scale, sometimes things must be shaken up to see what is meant to remain after the dust settles.

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2018 kicks off with a pretty hot and heavy full moon in Cancer on January 1st! There is lots of passion around the New Year’s Eve celebration time. People may be getting that New Year’s Eve kiss because of a Venus opposition to the full moon. We will feel a strong need to connect emotionally and may meet someone special.

Watch how your friends even have romances blossom around you because of strong Neptune, Mars, Venus, Pluto and Jupiter alignments. It’s a unique day to say the least with a cosmic recipe for spiritual connections too.

Additionally, we are out of that Mercury retrograde shadow, so the floodgates are open and things are moving full speed ahead. Just do a mental break check to make sure you’re not making emotional decisions with the watery Cancer moon energy exaggerating our feelings.

Known as the full wolf moon to many Native American tribes, the wolf is a pack animal (making us feel social) and has heightened instincts. It’s sure to be a lively couple of days because a full moon is in effect two days before and two days after the actual event.

The Bright Side: Things Come To Fruition

If you have been intentionally manifesting a relationship, expect someone to make the first move now. Today people have more confidence and desire. We have strong intuition when the full moon is in a water sign so you may be picking up on unspoken cues just like a wolf communicates with body language and eye contact.

The moon is also in the sign it rules, Cancer, bolstering our intuitive capabilities that much more. You may feel a deeper than usual connection with someone this full moon which feels extraordinary. The reason we are feeling confident is because the planet of passion, Mars, is joined with Venus, the planet of love in a sextile.

Other things you have started around the December 18th new moon may show up or move forward now. A full moon is always an exciting time that rewards those who have diligently followed up on their goals. The manifesting energy is also extra potent because the Mercury retrograde is over. We may see solutions that were right in front of us now.

The Dark Side: Beware of Seduction

If you know someone has feelings for you and you don’t feel the same way about them, it’s best to just not be around them on this full moon. Unfortunately, the power plays we have been seeing a lot of recently may also be heightened with everyone feeling so frisky. We may see more symptoms of the inequalities in our society.

These disparities are coming to light through days like this. The symbolic wolf moon qualities of the alpha male could show its fangs today.For those already in relationships, this is a time where differences in perspectives may become evident. To strengthen your relationships instead of pushing each other away, use the tools of compassion, empathy and affection.

To overcome the differences that may arise, do something that makes your partner feel safe in your relationship. There’s a little dark humor here too because we will see those who aren’t aware of the astrological influence having some hard to curtail impulses that we astrology geeks may get a little chuckle out of.

The Sun in Capricorn Increases Our Desire For Security

The sun is always in opposition to the moon on a full moon. The sun is currently in grounded Capricorn and Cancer is a sign that loves a cozy home. Cancers are natural cuddle bugs and need a sense of home to feel safe. Capricorns also place strong emphasis on security in the physical world which could make people look to relationships to create that reality.

It’s not just the sun in Capricorn that is pulling our focus to these practical living ideas. We have Saturn, Mercury and Venus in this Capricorn sign that requires physical security to feel at ease. Saturn’s energy makes us crave the characteristics of the sign it is in and it just entered Capricorn December 19th where it will be for 2 ½ years.

This brings our awareness to more practical needs of security than a creative and risk taking sign would. Chances are, we will be craving stable, committed relationships under this influence.


Looking to get to know astrology better this year? Use our astrology calendar to track what’s going on when. With relationships in full focus, the numerology for 2018 also confirms that long term relationships will fare well this year with the full moon in Cancer kick off at the very start of the year.

The wolf moon concept was derived from a pack of wolves howling in the winter outside of town because they were hungry and yet a wolf is good at surviving. Their innate sensitivities will help them seek out options that others will miss. Similarly, we may now see options we didn’t before.

With a year ripe for love, why not give yourself the best possible shot for a lasting relationship? The moon sign in our birth chart indicates our emotional needs. Knowing what you need to feel secure and what your partner needs can help a relationship last. Get your free birth chart and expand your relationship intelligence.

The moon being a feminine sign and Capricorn being a masculine sign points to people wanting stable relationships. These two opposite signs can bring balance to extremes in personalities as well within our own minds. From now until the new moon on January 16th, follow up on what comes on today’s full moon and let go of habits you no longer need as it’s not the best time to begin projects.

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On the heels of another holiday season, we may be feeling satisfied, tired, broke or maybe just relieved that the annual visit to Aunt Shirley and Uncle Pete’s smelly cat house is over for another 52 weeks. This time of year is about celebrating 365 days’ worth of hard work and accomplishments with friends and family, but what happens when you just don’t get along with them?

Today we’re going to look at how to use astrology to decipher your weirdest and most difficult family members. No matter how they communicate, everyone has a style you can relate to, some of them are just harder nuts to crack. How do you deal with weird Capricorn family friend Renee? What’s up with your chatterbox Gemini brother-in-law?

We’ll look at each sign and give you some tips on what may be going on and how, if you keep these characteristics in mind, you just might learn to get along with your wacky family members – or even start to enjoy their company!

Someone invited an Aries if:

  • They can’t sit still
  • They jump conversational topics like a frog crossing a pond
  • They always bring the most modern dishes and presents

Cousin Bette shows up late to every family dinner, but she’s also the one everyone fights over for Secret Santa. She bears fabulous new dishes with outlandish ingredients and they look straight out of a food magazine. She’s blunt as hell and in perpetual motion, never seeming to land anywhere for long. Conversations can stop short, especially when you insert your own opinions.

Aries is at the head of the pack in ideas, trends and things to do. They have a childlike need to be first, to win and to come out on top. If you want to relate to her, ask her questions about her life, watch for when her eyes light up and keep the chatter going in that direction. Once she sees you as an ally and not a competitor, she’ll warm up to you and probably be a very loyal friend.

There’s a Taurus in the room if:

  • You can’t find them – they seem to go off on their own a lot, especially if it’s noisy and chaotic
  • They clearly came with an appetite – and probably wear stretchy pants for a big meal
  • They are the voice of reason when your family is fighting or being dramatic

Uncle Pete is a bit of a loner, and you can eventually find him at family gatherings in the garage, the backyard, or hanging with the dogs. He always seems to be avoiding the rush and chaos, trying to find a quiet spot to wait it out. He’s a little intimidating, because he doesn’t seem to care about getting to know you.

Taurus is not interested in gossip or drama, they like to keep it real. Totally down to earth, they’d rather be alone with their thoughts than in a room full of people talking about silly crap or worse – arguing. If you want to get to know him better, approach him one on one for advice, or about something cerebral. Once he sees you cut through any b.s. he’ll seek you out at the next event!

You can spot a Gemini if:

  • They never stop talking
  • They have a different date with them at every family gathering
  • They are charming, but can be very opinionated

Your sister’s husband Sam has two sides: 1. Gregarious social butterfly, quick with a laugh and endlessly entertaining. 2. Opinionated loudmouth who just has to get his point across – no matter how uncomfortable everyone else gets. You all hope the first one shows up, but you just never know. The best way to get to know a Gemini is to just get in the boat with them.

Geminis are very adaptable, but they have to be interested in the subject to gain their full attention. Either really get into what they’re discussing, or come armed with a really cool topic they will light up at hearing. If shady Sam comes out – stop fueling his fire. Geminis get bored easily, so by showing no interest and ignoring him, he’ll switch to a different topic to get the energy going again.

You know a Cancer if:

  • Their emotional state is totally unpredictable
  • You feel completely welcome in their gorgeous, comfortable home
  • They have a way of making you feel guilty

Will Mom lose her mind about the potatoes again this year? Will she guilt you into spending more time with her, or bring up that you’ve only called her 3 times this week? You want to introduce your new partner to your family, but can you avoid drama? Chances are, Mom put a lot of effort into planning this shindig, so if she feels anyone is less than grateful, it will hurt her very deeply.

Sensitive Cancer finds it hard to control their feelings. To avoid her passive-aggressive side, make her feel like the amazing hostess she is. She might nag you just because she wants to spend more time together. Do something thoughtful ahead of the party – call to ask how to contribute, or compliment her decorating. She’ll feel loved and respected and you can avoid the guilt trip.

You’re talking to a Leo if:

  • They fight everyone for the spotlight
  • They interrupt excitedly in conversation
  • They give a million presents and have a feast ready for you

Your energetic nephew Phil plans an annual spread for all of his friends and family – which can get loud, raucous and a little out of control. In the middle of it all, Phil makes sure he has the spotlight, and it’s always annoyed you that he has to assert his control and take center stage when there are so many other people around who deserve some attention.

He might not know how else to show how awesome he is than by shouting it out. Look past Phil’s childish need to be the main event and see that he really just wants to make sure you all love him as much as he loves you. He’s probably going to be paying off all the generous gifts he creatively wrapped for everyone, simply because he wants to spoil you – to him, you deserve it!

You have a Virgo in your family if:

  • They never have time to stop and chat at the family dinner
  • They likely planned, hosted and cooked for the entire event
  • Their kitchen, outfit and hair are immaculate, even when they’re simultaneously cooking and cleaning

How do you get through to scary Aunt Patty who seems to be in manic control mode at all times? You try to have a convo, but she gives you crazy face as she dashes by with a vacuum and a drink for Grandma. She might even sniff at your appearance if you aren’t dressed up. What you don’t realize is, Aunt Patty cares a whole lot about her family.

She wants to give you a perfect day, and she drives herself to stress trying to get everything right. When you make small talk with her, she’s like, “Are you kidding me? I have 5 million things to do and I haven’t gone to the bathroom all day.” Break the ice by immediately jumping in to ask what you can help with. Also, no bedhead at Thanksgiving and for heaven’s sake, tuck your shirt in!

You’re looking at a Libra if:

  • They seem to be flirting with everyone
  • They make sure to talk to everyone at least once
  • They are noticeably uncomfortable when people are arguing, or there is tension in the room

You always hope lovely Aunt Lemmy will show up at family events. Everyone does! She has a way of making everyone feel important, special and interesting all at once. The trouble with Aunt Lemmy is, she doesn’t seem to go past surface conversation, and you really want to get closer to her. It bothers you that she flits around like a butterfly, and you almost feel like you want her to yourself.

Air sign Libra is devastatingly charming, and it’s easy to become infatuated with them. They feel their job is to maintain harmony within the group, so they don’t go very deep when in large groups because it could stir up something too serious. If you do want to know her on a deeper level, connect with her one on one after the event, when she can turn her focus entirely on you.

You’re related to some Scorpios if:

  • No small talk, you reveal all about your inner most secrets, or they don’t talk to you at all
  • They stare at you curiously as you tell a story – or eat – or do anything
  • There’s a crazy intensity in everything they do

Avoiding your Stepdad at family events has become an art form for you. He has a way of making you feel like you’re somehow on trial, and you’re only focused on getting enough gravy on Grandma’s famous mashed potatoes. When he catches up with you, you’re subject to an investigation of your life. His blunt communication makes you feel like he’s going straight for the jugular.

Scorpios want to cut to the chase and have zero interest in diplomacy. If your Stepdad singles you out, that means he cares about you in his own scary way. Scorpios don’t waste time on people they don’t find worthy, so once you realize he’s grilling you to see what you’re made of – and can take what he dishes out – you might be more willing to accept his straightforward interest in your life.

You’ve spotted a Sagittarius if:

  • They just got back from a trip
  • They get philosophical over dinner
  • They are totally jacked up about a new discovery

Your effervescent niece Chloe bursts in the door chattering, laughing and laden with bags of gifts after another adventure in South America. She quickly exhausts you with her boundless energy and non stop photos, stories and ideas for her next trip. You think she’s selfish, seemingly disinterested in talking about anything but herself, even interrupting to insert her opinion or theory.

Sagittarius is fired up by ideas, learning and discovery. They’re very generous, but have a hard time focusing on the little details and small talk that come with the day to day. Once you realize she did think about you – her souvenirs are very thoughtful – you might soften a little. Tell her about your favorite vacation to a place she’s never been and you’ll have her whole attention.

You are among Capricorns if:

  • The quality of the wine is more important than any of the guests
  • They seem uber smart – but they are very aware of it
  • They are very composed, but listening intently

Quiet family friend Renee has been invited to holiday dinners for years. Her owlish way of perching intently at the dinner table just weirds you out. When she does speak, it can seem condescending, like when she explains to you the difference between plonk and a bottle of Spanish 2009 La Prohibicion, making you feel like a complete heathen.

Reputation is of the utmost importance to Capricorn – you can bet they’re aware of the impression they are making. Rational to a fault, they tell it like it is and focus on what they see as interesting, which may be over everyone else’s head. Asking her questions should draw her out, and once she realizes you are making the effort to know her, she will warm up to you. Slightly.

You’re eating next to an Aquarius if:

  • Anything under the category of weirdness applies here
  • They like to talk about space, inventions or wild and outlandish schemes or ideas about the future
  • They will not cry when you tell everyone you’re getting a divorce, but they’ll call you later with a plan for what you should do next

Really Grandma? You’re not sure you can handle another night of discussion about alien invasions and how we should all invest in grass roofs and goats to live more ‘green.’ She’s always been a free spirit and you admire the way she fearlessly talks about any crazy idea that pops into her head, but it can stress you out that others will write her off as a kook.

Instead of worrying about how crazy Grandma might seem to your new boyfriend, embrace her for the unique individual she is. Fiercely independent Grandma does exactly what she wants – don’t even think about bossing her around. You know she doesn’t give a rip what anyone thinks, so why should you? Taking a page out of her book on life could change yours for the better!

You have a Pisces in your family if:

  • You’re pulled aside for some one-on-one time
  • Your family member tears up when you tell a happy story…a sad story…a proud story
  • They seem overly artistic, creative

Your sister-in-law Rosanne exudes compassion, and seems to know immediately when someone needs support after going through a rough time. She might talk a lot about aligning chakras, the healing power of crystals and how meditation saved her life. She’s a little artsy, maybe gifting handmade macrame or love beads every year, but overall, it’s her kindness that stands out.

Instead of giving her a hard time and rolling your eyes at her patchouli perfume, listen to her advice. You might not agree with her beliefs, but there are few people in your life who will care as much about you as a Pisces. They feel it’s their job to help others, so however you get there, at least respect that you have such a selfless good listener to turn to.


We all have the capacity to drive people crazy – and let’s be real – family gatherings can be chaotic and fueled by bad blood, silly disagreements and on the flip side, an overwhelming sense of being loved. At the end of the day, we all just want to feel understood, and with all those personalities intermingling, that can be the hardest thing to do.

Taking the time to see the relationship from their side can actually help you to move past any issues or communication mix-ups and get to the next level. Hey, if you have to head to Grandma’s every year anyway, why not do your best to get along, make people feel comfortable and learn to laugh at Nana’s bad jokes and perpetual dandruff.

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2017 has been a whirlwind of change and upheaval. Our political climate is tense, yet progressive—this year we saw the first trans woman to be voted into public office, which is a long overdue feat. Our information age is booming and growing faster than we can keep up with, yet there are many ways in which we are more connected as a society.

This year has encompassed a rollercoaster of emotions and growth, pain and endurance, and you might be curious about what 2018 will bring.

The upcoming year can be thought of as The Year of Manifestation. This is the time to evaluate and restructure goals and utilize the tools that will liberate you from prior struggles and limitations. Using astrology, numerology, tarot, motivation and determination, you can make this your most freeing year to date.

Astrologically Speaking….

2018 will be wonderfully filled with feminine energy, which should result in a slightly softer ambiance for the upcoming year. With Pluto and Saturn relaxing in Capricorn, Jupiter hanging out in Scorpio and Neptune booking a stay in Pisces, we’ll have many of our major planets in feminine, or yin signs—as opposed to a masculine, or yang, energy.

Rolling into May of this year, the entirety of the primary planets will be residing in feminine signs, as Uranus moves into Taurus. The previous years included a multitude of fiery, airy energies; but this year should produce a lighter, more liberated quality of internal peace and stability in our surroundings.

Saturn will be roaming in Capricorn for its typical stay of three years, which creates the perfect setting for creating solid foundations—this is a wonderful time to go deep within yourself, discover where your passions lie and begin to build the structure that will house your future goals and dreams. There is a sense of commitment to the task, a natural response that unfolds in this environment.

Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until late autumn this year, which urges us to practice introspection, honesty and depth. The overall theme of the year will be examining the internal self to locate our basest desires and building an external foundation upon which our goals can be achieved.

Following the astrological inclinations for your specific birth chart will better prepare you for the esoteric energies coming this year. There is a freedom in knowing what to expect this year. Astrology can be thought of as our spiritual and psychological weather—while it may not always rain when predicted, it’s nice to have an umbrella, just in case.

Crunching the Numbers….


Eleven is considered a Master Number in numerology and harnesses the energies of intuition, evolution, and growth. The intensity of the vibrational energy of eleven is palpable and will be observable all year. Master Numbers are incredibly spiritual and wash over us with a sense of connection and the power of universal love.

Eleven increases our sensitivities, our compassion for others and our relationships with the ethereal or otherworldly. This year will improve your extrasensory perceptions and psychic abilities, as you connect with the celestial energies around you.

It’s in the Cards…

Tarot is a wonderful way to clear your mind, prepare yourself for change and open your eyes to new perspectives. The cards will always show you what you need to see and give you a new lease on old mindsets. This year, try reading the cards once a week and creating a journal to record your experiences.

You’ll be amazed at the accuracy of tarot, recognizing patterns in repetitious cards and themes. I’m sometimes surprised to find that no amount of shuffling will drastically change the outcome of my readings, as I pull the same cards again and again.

Developing a special relationship with the tarot will allow you to observe your life through an objective, rational lens while embracing your creative, emotional side. The liberating qualities that tarot can provide are found in its intuitive approach—each card speaks to every person differently.

You may not immediately get the answers you want, but with time, you’ll learn to see the truth and freedom each card provides.

Preparation, Liberation, and Celebration

Using tools such as astrology, numerology and tarot will help prepare you mentally and emotionally for the changes to come this year. These ancient practices provide hope for the future, persistence for the present and resolve for the past. These practices might start as a hobby only to develop into a habit and then a lifeline.

Astrology, numerology, and tarot can be the honest friends you need during rough patches, the moments of spiritual solitude in a chaotic world. Sit down with your tools of magic and plan for the freedom that will be found in 2018—the glorious liberation that will shine on you this year.

Celebrate your life and the goals to be achieved, the relationships to be sparked and the friendships to be maintained. Use astrology, numerology, and tarot as your spiritual meteorologists—and when it calls for rain?

Bring an umbrella.

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Happy New Years all my lovely Astrology Answers friends. It’s Patti, your Spiritual Guide, and Soul Space Facilitator here to bring you the first Soul Note of 2018.

According to Cherokee legend, there are two wolves living inside of us, and they are at war. One is evil. It is fear-based and dwells on want, negativity, and scarcity. The other one is good. It is love, joy, and peace. Both are desperate to take the lead…. so, which of these warring wolves wins? The answer quite simply is – the one that you feed the most.

January is an ideal month to ask ourselves a very important question: Which wolf am I feeding?

If you believe on some level that you are not tapping into your potential—you are correct! There is at our deepest core a part of us that is unlimited, abundant and without limitation, but our mindset informs us differently.

We truly are capable of abundance in every area of our life, as it is our natural state, but for most of us, this is not our experience. We tend to be in a perpetual state of want, fear, and scarcity and life closes down on us.

Fear and want is an internal state of being, it’s not what the universe had in store for us. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When you begin to step away from the mindset of want and open up to unlimited possibility, life begins to meet you and provide for you.

For the most part though, we are stuck and we continue to get the same results over and over. How do we change this? Where do we start?

Simply put, you must cultivate an abundant mindset.

Our emotions are excellent guides as to where our thoughts are and as the Cherokee legend states; we must not feed the fear and want. I use the power of awareness to discern when I am feeling a certain way. I then allow the emotion to be felt, because after all, what is emotion? It is energy in motion. E-motion.

By allowing the emotion to be felt and accepted, we are allowing the energy to move. Over time we begin to feel less stuck and ease and flow take over. By simply asking myself “When was the last time I was feeling good?” I am brought to the present moment where change is possible. I reference this as the alchemy of thought and emotion.

I challenge myself to come up with a different thought and then I am able to make a different choice. Typically the choice is love based as opposed to fear based. I am always one thought away from a thought that serves my abundant state vs. my state of want. Giving gratitude for even the smallest things can change the thought, which can affect the emotion.

When we claim an attitude of gratitude, we are energetically aligned with abundance. With practice, it becomes second nature to check in with our emotions and manage our thoughts. Over time, you will be building an abundant mindset and the universe will begin to match your message.

Which wolf are you feeding?

My intention in 2018 is to feed the good wolf.

And YOU, which wolf will you feed?

Until next time friends – be kind and spread the love.

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Everyone gets a little itchy when it comes to the shock planet Uranus. Nobody ever knows what to expect when Uranus has its say. This is the “expect the unexpected” planet. Things literally come out of nowhere and gobsmack us. Or gut us. Or put us in a state of euphoria and bliss. That’s why you shouldn’t freak out over Uranus direct on January 2, 2018.

Sometimes, Uranus is euphoric, so today we are going to talk about the GOOD things to celebrate with Uranus direct on January 2, 2018.

What Uranus Direct REALLY Means

Have you ever had a relationship with someone where it felt like you weren’t really being true to who you are? This doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship. Maybe you just felt unable to express your authentic self, for whatever reason. Most of the time those reasons are fear-based. We worry we won’t be accepted, we worry someone is going to get mad at us, we just worry.

A lot of this internal stress happens when Uranus is retrograde. Uranus is the shock planet that lets its freak flag fly. Uranus does all of those out of the box things that we want to do or say, but hold ourselves back. Uranus is Einstein ideas. When Uranus is retrograde, as it has been since August 2, we hold all of those things in. Why? Because we worry.

All of the ways and means we normally wish to express about our authentic selves, but don’t, get stored up in Uranus retrograde. Once in a while when Uranus chimes in during your Daily Horoscopes, you will see little blips and surprises. People begin to say things for shock value, or without a filter.

That’s because they’ve been storing up those things internally for a long time, and something’s gotta give, so Uranus chimes in and gives us that little nudge. Then we blurt it out, and it is what it is.

This is the main reason why Uranus direct is a good thing. That idea you’ve been meaning to pitch to your boss? That commitment you’ve been meaning to suggest to your lover? That issue you’ve been meaning to address with your bestie? That new outfit or hairstyle you’ve been dying to try but have held yourself back? This will all come out when Uranus is direct.

Sounds scary? Well what if your boss is feeling Uranus direct too and gives you a promotion from that idea? What if your lover has been waiting for YOU to bring up the commitment issue, and you get a ring from it? Or what if your bestie feels terrible for being late every day and had no idea how it was impacting you? What if?

The answers to “what if” arrive under Uranus direct, and this is why it can be exhilarating. Dreams actually do come true. It’s wonderful that Uranus turns direct at the birth of a brand new year. Time to make some dreams come true! Don’t hold yourself back this time.

Don’t Let the Door Hit You Uranus Pluto Square

We’ve been undergoing many years of a Uranus-Pluto square. It’s been kind of a stop and go of drama and tribulations. Uranus is the shock planet, Pluto is the death planet. Many of us have been tearing everything down and forced to rebuild again under every Uranus-Pluto kerfuffle that has come our way.

This is what it means in English. You’ve probably had a lot of shakeups and wakeups from the universe over the past few years. Those probably happened under Uranus-Pluto square influences. You’ve experienced out of the blue shocks, and had to rebuild, or start rebuilding some part of your life from scratch. We all have. That’s why we don’t like Uranus-Pluto squares.

Now, the truly beautiful gift of Uranus turning direct on January 2 is that it’s moving further away from Pluto. Uranus will turn direct in the fire sign of Aries on this day, where it will stay direct until May 15, 2018 and shift gears into the earth sign of Taurus. As Uranus moves closer to Taurus, it leaves that nasty Pluto square spell.

Taurus will also stabilize Uranus somewhat which is a nice switch from the fiery, impulsive Aries energy. Uranus will do a little dance between Taurus and Aries between May 15 and March 2019. In that time frame, it is separating from its position with Pluto that is rather difficult. We have a few shakeups and wakeups to come, but these ones will be good ones.

Then, that horrid square between Uranus and Pluto will be a thing of the past – and the good thing?

The fresh slate you are writing on or rebuilding from will be exciting. It will contain all of those dreams that you’ve been fighting the urge to talk about.

Your 2018 Action Plan When Uranus Turns Direct

When Uranus turns direct on January 2, don’t hide your dreams, feelings, or expressions anymore. This is your new year. This is your fresh slate. You are the master of your fate. Uranus is just going to be there for moral support, so don’t freak out! This is especially important if your life is already experiencing some struggles or challenges.

Think of it this way, when you express what you’ve been meaning to express, those challenges will dissipate. How many of the things that are bothering you right now are challenges you’re afraid to talk about?

Start talking about them. Start letting your freak flag fly. The wilder your ideas, the better. The bolder your plan, the better. It’s time to dust off projects you’ve been “thinking about” for years, relationships you’ve been “meaning to fix” for years, and so on and so forth.

Concluding thoughts….

Are you getting excited? It could take some time, but once Uranus turns direct in Aries on the second day of this new year, don’t fight those urges that bubble up anymore. Embrace them. Then you could have the most euphoric year of your life.

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Entering a new year can be challenging. For a lot of us, the winter blues are still in full effect by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around, and beginning the cycle all over again can seem daunting.

Perhaps the holiday season, along with the cold weather on many parts of the globe this time of year, have left you feeling down and isolated, not quite ready to take on the New Year. Maybe old wounds have been reopened and now need tending to before you can move on to a set of fresh experiences and ideas.

It’s hard to realize how much pain we’re carrying around sometimes. Our shoulders have sunken so deeply from the weight of our burdens that we no longer remember what it felt like without that constant, aching pressure. It’s time to soothe the wounds from your past, and care for them with compassion and strength before approaching the New Year.

Tending to these pains as you transition into 2018 will build an excellent foundation for self-acceptance and self-love, resulting in a smoother, more peaceful year ahead. This article will show you a multitude of practices and techniques that will serve as spiritual Arnica for your emotional bruises.

It is Written in the Stars….

Astrology is a wonderful tool for uncovering hidden, internalized pain and finding solutions for healing it. Some transitions are accompanied by purposeful hassles and draining undertakings. Take the Saturn return for example, which occurs every thirty years, and produces struggles that are meant to teach important life-lessons.

This particular transition can last anywhere from two to three years and will definitely not be forgotten soon after its departure. Your first Saturn return typically happens around the age of thirty, which contributes to the average person’s battle with turning the Big 30.

It can create tensions in your career as well as your personal life, making your entrance into your thirties more of a hazing than a comfortable progression. These tensions, however, lead to the evolution of the self. Saturn causes chaos that eventually leads to the development of your full potential.

While you may not be experiencing a Saturn return this year, the message still rings true: Astrology provides you with information that helps you prepare yourself for such metamorphoses. Taking a look at your chart and examining the locations of the planets and their accompanying houses will give you a better idea of the path your life might take.

Studying your personal astrological indications will also provide you with a more comprehensive sense of the direction the upcoming year could swerve, perhaps wildly or with a more graceful approach to the curves ahead.

Astrology Answers provides many tools for diving into your personal, astrological destiny. Utilize astrology as a creative, entertaining and effective tool for planning ahead and understanding the events of the past.

Uncovering your birth chart can bestow insight upon you surrounding upsetting experiences, rocky relationships and struggles with your career, giving you the opportunity to address these issues and let them go, for good.

Crystal Clear Vision…

Crystals are an incredibly powerful healing tool, emotionally, spiritually and physically; and I won’t lie, it feels incredibly magical to carry a petit, beautiful and mystical piece of the universe in my pocket. The ethereal qualities of crystals are delighting. It’s almost as if helpful, little fairies buried these treasures among the cracks of the earth to assist us along our journey.

Even if you’re not familiar with gemstones and their individual properties, you can easily pick up the practice of allowing them to wash you over with mysteriously curative vitality. The following information will highlight some of the more effective, mystical stones for emotional and physical pain.

Amethyst has astonishing healing properties and is a magnificent sight to behold. It shines like a purple diamond, yet its energy is one-of-a-kind. Amethyst can assist in eliminating addictions, and was even sprinkled in the wine glasses of the Ancient Romans and Ancient Greeks to prevent inebriation. It alleviates depression, reduces anxiety, and improves ailments of the body.

Rose quartz is a gorgeous, pink-hued crystal that is wonderful for heartache. It can reduce hostility and open your heart chakra, leaving you feeling relaxed and loving. It releases negative energy that’s been stored in your body and fills you with a subtle yet joyous sensation.

Moonstone is my favorite stone, and one that is celestially connected with the heavens. It is an intensely spiritual stone that links you to the angels. Its colors range from white to light blue, and it shines with a holographic luminescence that is breathtaking. It is associated with the third eye chakra, and stimulates your intuition and empathic skills.

Moonstone is a magically powerful, divinely feminine stone that everyone should have in their collection. For more information on the powers of stones, check the Crystals and Gemstones section of Astrology Answers which highlights the properties of tons of stones and even includes Daily Crystal Readings!

Manifesting Your Destiny….

One of the most powerful tools you can use to increase your mood and heal old wounds is the power of positive thinking. Manifestation is more effective than we often realize, and negative thoughts are equally effective in the opposite manner. Negative thinking can keep us stuck on an endless loop of hostility and pessimism.

Approach the New Year with clear intention. Your intent is what gives your actions their efficacy. Everything you do is improved with the sense of purpose that you apply to your behavior. Decide here and now to make a change this year, to let go of grudges and create a foundation for evolution and enlightenment.

Life is too short to be miserable and wallowing in the troubles of our pasts. It’s time to gather your strength, connect with your core and stand strong in the face of the anguish you’ve overcome. Allow determination to overcome you and propel you, with the assistance of tools like astrology and crystal healing, into the New Year with a clear sense of who you are.

The energies approaching us this year are gentle yet powerful, and set the perfect tone for a year of healing and growth.

Take your time to map out a plan of action, using esoteric techniques like astrology, numerology, crystal healing or tarot readings to help you make this year the healthiest year yet. Approach your wounds with the care you would give to a helpless animal, remembering to be gentle with yourself and properly mend the lacerations you’ve acquired over your lifetime.

Excitement Abounds….

Allow yourself to be enthusiastic in your approach. Even in times of darkness and pain, there are glimpses of light; embrace them when they flicker in your line of vision. Try to increase your inspiration and stimulate your passionate side.

There is something so hopeful about the beginning of another year; a chance to turn it all around; an opportunity to begin anew and grow into the person you’re meant to become. Embrace the excitement of an unfamiliar era, a dewy morning in the darkness of an icy winter.

Approach the New Year with a desire for health, happiness, strength and resolve. With the right attitude and the assistance of universal love and compassion, you can sky-rocket to a new level of individuality and inspiration that will shine on the twilight of yesteryear.

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The New Year is a time to bring about change, it signals a clean slate, and we all have a chance to improve on ourselves, hopeful for a year when we finally get it right. On top of this, the planets are aligning in a very career-focused way, and our thoughts turn to our job possibilities.

Thirty years ago, it was common to be in one career or company for your entire professional life. Nowadays, the average is more like 4.5 years, which partially comes down to generational differences, but in general, there are just many more options for how we earn our money. The traditional office job is no longer the only choice, which is great for those who never quite fit that mold.

We see plenty of opportunities popping up in our professional lives with so much planetary movement going on, specifically on January 8th.

  • Sun in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Scorpio – Luck for work/practical matters
  • Venus in Capricorn sextile Jupiter in Scorpio – Attracting work opportunities
  • Mars in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn – Energized work/practical changes

Inspired by all of these planetary movements, we thought we’d look at the jobs which perfectly align with each of the zodiac signs.


  • Courageous
  • Passionate
  • Competitive

Your fearlessness and ability to make quick decisions will serve you well in high octane professions like the fire, paramedic or police services. Rescue teams around the world look for adventurous souls like you, who, once the adrenaline rush kicks in, can do anything – bravely putting themselves in danger in order to help others and live on the edge of your seat.

Aries are the resident cheerleaders of the zodiac, jacking up their teams to perform in whatever industry they choose. If you want to keep things closer to home, look into motivational speaking, coaching or even personal training – anything sports related is generally a good choice. Staying active and challenged is the key for you to be happy and successful.


  • Committed
  • Uncompromising
  • Pragmatic

Anything in the food industry would suit you, and while you may dream about being the next Gordon Ramsay, there are so many options to make a career in this field. Food critic, culinary blogger, chef, pastry maker, baker, heck, there are many successful businesses built on one simple item done in creative ways, such as donuts, cookies and cupcakes.

People are ever looking for personal and unique edibles at their weddings, showers and parties. Combine your love of food with your pragmatic approach, skill with managing money and driven personality and nothing will stop you! Consider partnering with someone, you are a great teammate and won’t run yourself down with too much work and not enough money.


  • Curious
  • Expressive
  • Quick learners

Cheerful, adaptable, on the go Geminis, you need at least one career to keep your mind busy and firing on all cylinders. Your biggest talent is your ability to communicate and express yourself, so look into careers that allow you to do just that. Podcasting, public speaking, journalism, heck, you’d probably make a great auctioneer for that matter!

The marketing and fashion industries may be perfect for you, as they require fresh and innovative ideas to jump ahead of the pack and engage millions of people, while always evolving. It would be hard to be bored working for a magazine, as a writer, blogger, photographer, creative director or graphic artist. Finding a way to involve your beloved technology will ensure you are happy.


  • Tenacious
  • Imaginative
  • Sensitive

You create memorable experiences, respectful of tradition and you genuinely care about people! For this, you’d make an excellent proprietor. You might not want the spotlight, but you’d do well owning a small metaphysical shop, bakery or second hand store, earning a loyal client base who comes to depend on you for a great story and real quality of service and product.

Your imagination and love of the home could also translate to interior design of some kind. You don’t have to have your own TV show to be successful, there are many ways you could work in this industry, from color consultant, to landscape designer, to home decor consultant, there are many ways you could parlay your talent for intuiting people’s desires into a rewarding career.


  • Born leaders
  • Generous
  • Creative

Spotlight please! It’s no secret Leos do well as performers, whether as dancers, actors of screen or stage, or even as mascots for sports teams, Leos love to entertain, so anything in that field would likely make you happy. Clubs, restaurants and businesses look for promoters – extroverted people who know how to create a buzz around something – sounds perfect for you Leo!

Leos love being around other people, so working in high end sales, beauty and hairstyling or even in the luxury car industry could be right up your alley. In any service industry, clients will be drawn to your generosity, openness and energy, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see you as a high achiever in these areas, with a loyal following in any case.


  • Deep sense of humanity
  • Methodical
  • Focused on health

Being able to help others would really satisfy your innate characteristics Virgo. Nursing would be an obvious choice, but you can also get involved as a masseuse, natural health practitioner, or even open your own business focusing on healthy living, supplements, alternative medicine or physical therapy.

Your kindness and patience would serve you well as a rehabilitation therapist, and your love of animals could lead you to a life in veterinary medicine, volunteering or working at a shelter, or maybe becoming a foster family for dogs and cats in need of a safe home.


  • Diplomatic
  • Dislikes being alone
  • Fair-minded

Your love for and quick understanding of people, along with your sense of fairness would all serve you well in the human resources industry which seeks to uphold rights for all. Focusing on recruiting could be a win-win for you; constantly meeting people, using your intuition to quickly read personalities and ultimately finding the right people, contributing to a positive work culture.

Graphic arts may also be a great choice for you. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and creativity, so you are naturally drawn to and have a great eye for the harmony of colors and visual art. It would be best for you to work within a team however, Libras thrive on the energy of those around them, so freelance work may not be for your social personality.


  • Assertive
  • Dedicated
  • Problem-solving

Your ability to discern the truth and get the answers you need to come to a solid conclusion would set you up for a career in scientific research, forensics or even as a private investigator. Scorpio represents death and rebirth, and its ruling planet Pluto is all about transformation. Scorpios often have a fascination with these subjects and can likely stomach jobs others would shudder at.

Scorpios would also make excellent writers, with your natural way of digging beneath the surface helping you to really define your characters in believable ways. Investigative journalism may be for you, although you’re more likely to hole up in your studio, penning novels and stories of mystery, sexuality and human complexity.


  • Optimistic
  • Philosophical
  • Blunt

Restless Sagittarius, you work best in an environment of change – feeling stagnant is the best way for you to get frustrated and depressed. There are plenty of options for someone with your need to change it up, including travel writing or blogging, photography, freelance writing or even journalism, all of which could also tap into your sense for adventure.

A great career that combines your love of learning with your extroversion and amiability is to get into teaching workshops and seminars. Facilitators can travel the world, depending on their expertise, and you can find yourself meeting new people, doing constant and interesting research to stay ahead of the pack and using your gift of gab to help others.


  • Disciplined
  • Traditional
  • Leaders

You are known as the hardest working sign and this, combined with your sense of responsibility, means you would excel at pretty much anything. Of course, we’re all more likely to achieve success if we genuinely enjoy what we do, so for you, focusing in on your attention to detail, natural leadership qualities and rock solid loyalty, look to a career where you manage and train a team.

Getting into architecture or classical music could also work for you, appealing to your precision and discipline, and a career in antiques could prove fruitful, tapping into your respect for tradition. Capricorns do like to make the money though, so looking into computer programming, financial or investment advising, accounting or even the real estate market could fulfill your goals.


  • Independent
  • Progressive
  • Altruistic

With your innovative vision, analytical brain and love of humanity, it’s very likely for you to be an entrepreneur, finding unique ways to help people on a larger scale, looking for gaps between services or products that could really serve a need. Your rebellious nature means it can be hard for you to work for others, especially when it ends up being a dictatorial relationship.

It’s probably best to avoid an office job, unless you’re doing work with fast turnover, flexibility and short term goals. Sales jobs or retail would also suit you – you love talking to people, and will find unique ways to sell your product, quickly gaining trust from your clients with your sense of humor and genuine interest in their needs.


  • Imaginative
  • Non-judgmental
  • Deeply intuitive

Your vivid imagination and affinity for the arts would see you do well in any creative endeavor. Writing, music, fine arts – there are many ways to get involved in these areas without a degree in painting or cello. Getting involved in the aesthetic arts, skin care, make up and even hairstylist – could also be an outlet that combines your eye for beauty with your ability to read people.

A career in social work, non-profits or the world of therapy could be a good match for your empathetic, compassionate side – your ability to earn the trust of others is one of your strongest powers, after all. Your soft heart may be broken too many times if you are unable to build a protective shield around yourself, as you’ll be prone to getting too involved with those you seek to help.


While we certainly can’t all fit into a neat little box when it comes to talking about how our zodiac signs predict our choices, it’s a great start on your path to understanding yourself. Using numerology, tarot and even palmistry can also add to our overall search for answers. At the end of the day, it’s about what you want to do and what inspires you.

Knowing that we will spend the majority of our lives at our job can sound – well, depressing. How would your life change if you found a position where you were actually excited to go to work every day? Start doing your research and who knows where you’ll end up!

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When it comes to astrology, every single minute of every single day gives YOU an opportunity to create your own luck! As usual, those lucky secrets and astrology answers are found right in the zodiac signs. Luck is also found from the planets, especially lucky Jupiter. Well right now, Jupiter is in Scorpio, and will be until later this year.

If you want to have the luckiest 2018 possible, you need to know how to channel Jupiter in Scorpio. Today we’re going to talk about how you can do that by looking at how Jupiter impacts your zodiac sign this year.

What Can Jupiter Do For You?

Jupiter is the largest planet and so its effects in our lives are humongous. As the god of the gods, he is the keeper of the Big Picture.

What Jupiter Is: He is the great benefactor, the benevolent one, the optimistic planet, and essentially, the planet of luck. Jupiter has a magic wand on those big picture events in life, and is directly related to karma. Channeling these qualities, compassion, kindness, benevolence, are ways to keep Jupiter happy and working that magic wand in your favor.

What Jupiter Isn′t: Jupiter doesn′t tend to the small details. Asking for Jupiter to send you the lottery numbers for a minute, daily event, will be a waste of time. Instead, ask him to send you the opportunities that will help you create the lucky life windfalls yourself.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Aries

As the cardinal sign of the fire signs, you are going to be very lucky in leadership roles or anything in which you take initiative. Opportunities will fall in your lap, and you should do very well with whatever stokes your fire when it comes to work. With Jupiter in Scorpio though, you need to take the fixed sign approach to your work as opposed to always needing to be the boss.

Jupiter in Scorpio is working your eighth house of transformations. When you get obsessed about your success, big changes happen for you.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Taurus

You are one of those so practical that even leaders turn to you for strength, and that’s the earth sign in you. You are also very stylish, and always seem to just look beautiful without even needing to try. Harness your Jupiter in Scorpio luck is going to come natural to you, as you share this trait with saucy Scorpio.

This transit is touching your seventh house of love, and you should expect all kinds of luck in romance this year. Channel it by tapping into that fixed sign obsessive part of you, but not in the single white female kind of way. Step way back on that and you are in for a very romantic year!

Jupiter in Scorpio for Gemini

You are skilled when it comes to coming up with new ideas, and seeing them through like the good mutable air sign you are. This is especially true in the fields of communication, writing, education, and literature. Your wheels are always turning, aren′t they? Create your Jupiter in Scorpio luck by tending to the little things, and not glossing over them as you tend to do.

Jupiter in Scorpio is in your sixth house of work details and is all about the little things. A flawless attention to detail is the way to win this year.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Cancer

You are one of the most generous people on the planet, and you simply love to make others feel loved due to your cardinal sign maternal nature. Keep doing that. Jupiter in Scorpio is working your fifth house of pleasures, and this will bring luck to areas related to your children, and also of your fun-filled romantic pursuits.

As a cardinal sign, you can get a little intense and bossy. To be lucky this year, you need to let that go and just let your hair down and go for it. We know you can do it, Cancer.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Leo

As the fixed sign of the fire signs ruled by Sun, you have a natural shine to you. You are confident and cultivated and consider yourself to be a star of sorts. You might even be one, or on the way to becoming one. Your lucky for life moments this year will arise when you focus on the home and family, and really establishing roots.

It’s time you planted roots somewhere, Leo. Fear has been holding you back from doing this, but Jupiter in Scorpio is in your fourth house of roots this year, and promising you all kinds of luck when you set up shop with someone special.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Virgo

You are most productive and most successful when you are following routine, structure, and order, you gorgeous mutable earth sign, you. You are very disciplined and seek the refined life, and you will likely get it. Channel your lucky for life Jupiter in Scorpio energy by focusing on your siblings and your communication gifts.

Jupiter in Scorpio is working your third house of communication, and is expanding your luck when you reach out and touch someone, or many someones this year.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Libra

You have high ideals due to your cardinal sign nature, and you work very hard to achieve them. You insist on balance in all areas of your life and you get it. You have a gift for being exceptional in one on one settings with people, and partnerships seem to be very lucky for you. With perfect alignment, this transit is touching your house of earned income and talents.

It’s time to have faith in yourself, Libra! When you do, and use those gifts and talents wisely, luck, and money will follow.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Scorpio

You’ve been waiting for this, Scorpio, as you should. Luck is a factor this year, but you have to play a clean game. You will learn a lot of karmic lessons, but also receive epic karmic blessings as a result. You see the truth and nothing but, and don′t settle for anything but either. With Jupiter in your first house, you have a lot of emotional strength and power.

This is useful in fields like metaphysics, shamanism, healing, and creative industries. Take care of you, but not at the expense of others, or the wrong kind of luck will find you. When you take care of the “little people” in your life, employees, friends, neighbors, your sense of self is complete and luck finds you.

Good karma works for you this year, bad karma has you paying a lot of debts, and you can’t fool Jupiter with manipulations or shady games.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Sagittarius

With Jupiter in your twelfth house this year, Sag, you are in a period of endings and beginnings, but mostly endings. You may be obsessed with this like the fixed sign Scorpio, but you can use this to adapt to life like the mutable sign that you are. You are also protected by a guardian angel this year. Far away and foreign matters are very intriguing for you, and lucrative.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so you have a little extra luck this year too. Use it wisely, or karmic Jupiter will wind that clock back.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Capricorn

As usual, given your cardinal earth sign nature, you want your career affairs to be nothing short of outstanding. The way you can take this up a notch this year is by engaging your social networks, as Jupiter in Scorpio is working your eleventh house of social circles. Dream big, as your eleventh house is also your house of big dreams.

When you do that, the laws of karma and the law of attraction aligns to do something wonderful for you.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Aquarius

This is truly an exceptional Jupiter placement for your career, Aquarius. Jupiter in Scorpio is in your tenth house of career destiny, and you have the chance for some real recognition this year. Finally. This is intelligence that knows no bounds, and genius that can not be created or destroyed when you channel your inner air sign Einstein to shine, baby, shine.

Don’t be afraid to go completely out there with your ideas. Then, be obsessed about them and follow them through like the good fixed sign you are.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Pisces

Jupiter in Scorpio is in your ninth house of foreign matters, and this is the house Jupiter rules so this is a very karmic driven year for you – even more than the karma driven years other zodiac signs are facing. Mother Teresa was ruled by the number nine, to give you an idea of what kind of karma we are talking about.

This is a “feed the world” kind of karma, and you want to do so in your own special way, Pisces. When you do, 2018 promises to be very lucky for you.

Concluding thoughts…

Do you feel luckier yet? Well, maybe you just feel more optimistic. THAT is the power of Jupiter. Be sure you are checking your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes here to find out how Jupiter is impacting you day by day, and week by week. When do you feel luckiest? How can we help you channel your lucky for life superpower?

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This is not just another choosing a career article, this is decoding your skills and potential that were set at birth. This is unlocking secrets the universe gave you that will make your life easier and more enjoyable as well. The formulas are not just theory, they are predictable and reliable. We each have a unique blueprint and a snapshot of that blueprint is visible in our birth chart.

The 2nd house indicates what you want in the physical world, hints at talents you have revealing areas where you can make money. Your 10th house is where your ambitions go, reflects long-term goals and shows our status in society.

You can start to understand the significance of these two houses more in depth with these articles, Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The 10th House, Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The 2nd House.

You may be wondering how to find your houses in astrology. In order to use this secret, you can get a free astrology reading our our site. You’ll see which sign falls in your 2nd and 10th sign. Some people will have an empty 2nd house or an empty 10th house but this doesn’t need to be considered a bad thing, it just means the energy is concentrated somewhere else in our life.

If you know which sign is in your 2nd and 10th house, look below to see what secret potential the stars hold for you. If you feel you are scattering your energy or unfocused, you can use this information to line up your career with energy that will have your desire behind it and fit your attitude so money can start to flow.

2nd House in Each Sign

Aries – They are very creative. They speak bluntly and like things to happen quickly.

Taurus – They crave environments that are inspiring and nice. They are fed by their environment.

Gemini – Freelancers who want frequent change. Practically allergic to routine. They want to communicate constantly.

Cancer – They do well in the family business or feel their skills came from family. They enjoy working in home atmospheres.

Leo – They have a gift of confidence and theatricality. A desire to be in the spotlight and a knack for it.

Virgo – They like to feel they’ve perfected something. If they can dig into details, it will keep their interest.

Libra – They don’t want to work alone but with other people. They are good with and crave relationships.

Scorpio – They love meaningful endeavors and have a knack for investing and uncovering.

Sagittarius – They love adventure, philosophical subjects and are the quintessential mad professor.

Capricorn – This person can manage budgets and does well in business. They can see long-term goals through to completion.

Aquarius – They can do things that affect society as a whole by taking risks.

Pisces – Not a money minded person but can make money through the arts or metaphysics.

10th House in Each Sign

Aries – A career minded person who links up with leaders and may need to overcome low self worth. If they dream big, fame is likely.

Taurus – Motivated by what they love and enjoys the pleasures of the senses, living comfortably and routine.

Gemini – A natural communicator who can handle a lot of information. Tend to be in social roles.

Cancer – Usually they want to work with family, children or do something home related.

Leo – A natural leader, they aim to be the boss and not have restrictions.

Virgo – A taskmaster, who loves to fix problems and be able to be extremely organized. They like helping others.

Libra – They like to uphold justice and improve relationships. They are hopeless romantics and love to work with people.

Scorpio – Any field where they get to dig deep to uncover truths will allow them to channel their energy well.

Sagittarius – They love philosophy and are motivated by big ideas instead of material gains. They are adventurous.

Capricorn – Responsible and practical, they see how to work their way up even if it requires a long time to succeed.

Aquarius – They love to be outside of the box and help humanity with original ideas. They are rebellious revolutionaries who see why things are the way they are, they are change agents.

Pisces – They like variety and artistically freeing positions.

With the areas you can naturally make money (from your 2nd house) and your motivations/long-term goals (from your 10th house), what fields come to mind? What positions in those fields are supported by the natural talents your 2nd house says you possess?

If you don’t have the strong motivation from the 10th house, you probably won’t stick to it. This is a process of helping you see what people in your environment may be pressuring you to do and what your heart truly wants.


Don’t rush this decision, but start to brainstorm and read as much as you can about the 2nd and 10th house until you feel you really get it. Astrology is like an onion, there are many layers. Our understanding begins with our sun sign and then expands to our moon and rising sign.

Next, we usually learn about our houses but we could keep uncovering deeper truths our whole life because the universe is infinite and the planets are constantly shifting offering us more insights.

If you’re ready to deeper to get to the heart of your soul’s purpose look to the 6th house and north node. The 6th house can also help you line up to the right career. The 6th house helps you understand how you relate to your environment, your mindset in work and how you can be of service, what jobs you would enjoy because of how you interact with your environment.

The north node is what your soul came here to learn and it will stretch you outside of your comfort zone. It’s the opposite of your south node which is what your soul came here already knowing, and is detrimental to your soul if you stay in that area of comfort. Astrology has many secrets waiting to help you align with something you love and are good at.

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We all dream of being successful, making money doing what we are passionate about and excelling at it. You have probably utilized many tools for advancing your career, but did you know there’s one simple and effective way to manifest rejuvenating energies in your field of work?

Sometimes our energy becomes a little stale, and needs a bit of assistance to freshen itself up. Working with crystals is a wonderful way to revamp your aura in the workplace, drawing positivity and advancement that might otherwise be overlooked.

Crystals are ancient stones provided to us by the earth. They carry with them helpful, powerful properties that can assist in healing physical ailments, emotional wounds and draw in influential energy that can help us along our journeys.

There are many ways to use the power of crystals to benefit your career – or nearly any part of your life – such as carrying them with you, meditation with the stones and even placing them in your home or on your desk in the office. Your options are limited only by your imagination.

Some people make crystal-infused waters to quench their thirst while penetrating their cells with powerful, healing benefits. Let’s take a look at the most useful crystals for invigorating and refreshing your career, propelling you forward toward success you never thought possible.


Quartz is a clear, diamond-like crystal that shines brilliantly. This stone can help you make your intentions clear to the universe. Our intent is one of the most vital tools for manifesting our desires; knowing exactly what you want makes it that much easier to attain, and making sure your goals are clear and heard by the celestial forces that protect us is key.

Quartz will assist you in clarifying your intentions for yourself, as well as connecting that energy to the stars and the heavens above.


Citrine is one of my favorite stones for prosperity, and one that I recommend for everyone. There is not one person who won’t benefit from the magical powers of this stone, and every individual should have at least one piece in their arsenal.

This stone is so wonderful for drawing success that it is often called the “Merchant’s Stone,” due to the amazing influence it has over bringing in business. Whatever your motives, Citrine assists in bringing that motivation to fruition.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a very protective stone, and therefore looks after your interests. It promotes confidence, which is a wonderful tool for selling yourself to the job world and making it easier to approach your boss about a potential raise or promotion.

Gold Stone

Gold stone is particularly great for promotions and advancing your career. It is thought to provide one with good fortune. It glitters with flecks of gold, filling the eye with images or wealth and abundance.

Green Aventurine

This is another stone that provides you with confidence, giving you a professionally capable aura. This crystal can give you the leadership skills you might be lacking, or simply need to improve. These stones can give you the boost you need to get your mojo working and revitalize your career.

Try placing them in your left pocket, which is located on the receiving side of your body, to make sure you get the most out of these useful stones.

With helpful crystals like these, along with the right attitude, you can sky-rocket your career and feel better and more successful than ever.

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If you know in what areas of your life you will have industrious energy, you can use this Capricorn influence to create long term stability in your life. With four planets in Capricorn at the beginning of January, here are some tips to help you relax and find balance. Capricorn is the most hardworking sign of the zodiac and it is about responsibility, stability and security.

In order to make sure we don’t focus so much on work that we forget to sleep or don’t feed ourselves properly, we wanted to let you know what you can expect from the planetary energies and how to navigate this unique time. Knowing what the cosmos are doing helps you manage expectations of yourself and others.

It can also allow you to help other coworkers and friends from getting sick this winter season. If you know someone tends to get obsessive, tell them it’s really important for them to stop and let their brain shut down and do some fun things to keep stress from building up. Here are the four planets in Capricorn and how you can use their energy to create some magic in your life!

Sun in Capricorn

The Sun entered Capricorn on December 21st and will be there until January 19th when it enters Aquarius. You’ll finally feel like working and will get an idea of what projects to get off the ground over the year. However, this is the most conservative, proactive sign when it comes to our careers and we must be careful not to become so obsessive we don’t take care of our health.

Take time to smell the roses or you’ll quickly lose emotional balance as well as physical health.

Capricorn is an earth sign and serious about security and saving money. We’ll feel the urge to prepare for the future and won’t be as interested in frivolous, emotional experiences. However, we do need to take breathers. Late night talk shows are there for a reason, so use them! Some people’s entire careers are built around helping others when they’re too wound up in work.

Avoid trying to control everything and notice if you’re not willing to spend what you need on food that will keep you healthy. The Sun isn’t the only sign in Capricorn though, so we need to know which other areas in our lives are seeing the arrival of the fun police (or finally can get down to business).

Venus in Capricorn

Venus entered Capricorn December 25th and will be there until January 17th. Our relationships will be affected by this but it’s generally a positive affect. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure and aesthetics. However, hard working Capricorn colors our romantic eyes with a desire to be impressed.

We essentially raise our standards and get picky because we want to know that our commitments will pay off. If someone is toying with our emotions, they won’t last. We want things to be simple and clear with defined boundaries under this influence. What should you be aware of?

Don’t try to impress your partner so much by doing nice things for them that you lose yourself. Also, really make sure they are worth the effort. It will be helpful to know that most (not all) relationships will likely notice a maturity or coming to a decision point. It can help you emotionally to know that this type of shift is happening so it doesn’t catch you off guard.

Don’t be controlling or force your partner to decide on things if they aren’t ready. Your urges may be so strong towards creating stable commitment that you may smother your partner. Be sensitive to people who are slow to make major decisions if you really feel it has potential. Basically, don’t just throw out something that feels promising because it’s not moving as fast as you’d like.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn entered Capricorn on December 19th and will be there until March 21st, 2020. Potential negatives you want to be sure to avoid behavior wise include materialistic living, being controlling of others, being paranoid about finances or isolating yourself because of fear. Keep reminders around that you can manifest when you ask the universe for help.

Thoughts are the most powerful wavelength in the universe. Lower stress by getting a message, taking a bubble bath or watching a funny movie.

“There are two ways of life. Be the nucleus, let Time and Space come and serve you or go out and serve the Time and Space and be a nut.” – Yogi Bhajan

Capricorn is one of the signs Saturn rules which can help us in our careers when it comes to finding what is best. This sign likes to be thorough, so take your time. Don’t try to do it all in a day and rush, just bite off what you can chew and make slow, steady progress towards your goals.

You may feel extra pragmatic and realistic, but don’t forget you also can use your ability to focus on the positive to overcome pessimism that can come with this earthy sign. Saturn’s energy will help accentuate the positive traits of Capricorn, so the load from this aspect shouldn’t really be too heavy.

Just be aware that your energy is going to be focused on simplifying your career and improving the quality of your work.

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury enters Capricorn on January 11th and will be there until January 31st when it enters Aquarius. We often hear of Mercury when it goes retrograde and that can bring up a negative connotation for many people, however this transit is moving direct, so the planetary energy is different.

As if there wasn’t already enough seriousness in the air, we will be speaking straight to the point and want people to communicate directly. This can come across as cold but under the surface it’s actually very loving. Capricorn energy wants to get to the heart of the matter and is willing to be direct.

Mercury controls our communication so when its in Capricorn, we talk business. It can be helpful not to push to much in our words because some people are sensitive and need to be spoken to lovingly, while other people just flat out do not like being told what to do. If you want to keep your relationships positive, be mindful to use humor instead of being overly factual or bossy.


We will have a New Moon in Capricorn on January 16th which is a date to be aware of for overworking and pushing yourself too hard. When both the Sun and Moon are in a sign, those traits are extra potent. This is the best day to book a massage! Mars will be entering Capricorn in March.

Mars is our passion, so we can expect our career goals to be defined in January and start to really be moving full speed ahead when Mars moves into Capricorn. If you’re feeling somewhat down, just know it’s a time to think, plan, work and yes, take breaks for fun, love and of course connection to your soul.

Don’t get so caught up in the earthly plane that you forget to meditate and keep that connection with your soul strong. The biggest risk with so many planets in an earth sign is that we forget our ability to manifest using intention and magic and we end up taking the long road up the mountain.

We can also feel more fearful, as if we are just our physical body. Take moments to remember that the whole universe is within you and you are co-creating with your thoughts and intentions! Capricorn energy focuses a lot on the root chakra. Carry your crystals with you to activate your crown and third eye chakras.

Meditate every morning and night with calm music to balance the energy between earth and spirit. To understand more about using crystals with astrology, check out this article!.

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We have what is called a stellium of planets in the cardinal sign of Capricorn right now. That is basically just a collection of planets, as it so happens every month for every zodiac sign. Some planets will stick around for a little while, such as Saturn, who will stay in Capricorn for as long as three years. Others, like the Sun will only last a few weeks.

This week we have Mercury joining the Capricorn party, and Mercury in Capricorn is a transit that will last a few weeks. All of this is exciting energy to start a new year with, as Capricorn is the zodiac sign deeply committed to success.

This means that no matter what zodiac sign you are, you can harness the power of this stellium of energy in Capricorn for your own higher self, so you can start the year off on a success note. How does Capricorn do this, and how can you do this too? This is exactly what we are talking about today – how to create your own success formula with Capricorn energy by your side.

What is Mercury in Capricorn?

Here we have the quick-witted planet of communication, short journeys, intellect and research, entering the cardinal sign of the earth signs, Capricorn. Capricorn is a pragmatic one, an Earth-bound zodiac sign that is ruled by Saturn.

Saturn is the serious,responsible and structured planet, that is always reminding us what we need to get done as far as chores, work, and physical and emotional responsibilities. Capricorn is destined to succeed when they channel this Earth-bound energy for productivity and success.

When Mercury enters Capricorn, all zodiac signs have the opportunity to use communication, inspiration, and intellect as a tool in their own tool box for success. Because Capricorn is a cardinal sign, and one that launches the season of winter, that means Capricorn launches and initiates action to produce success.

These are the first two variables of your success formula: Mercury (communication) + Capricorn (initiating and leading).

These are variables that ANY zodiac sign can and should use. Mercury will be in Capricorn between January 11 and January 31, giving you solid lead time to launch this success formula, and close out the first month of 2018 with an ace in the hole for your own success.

The Mercury in Capricorn Success Formula

Mercury has a tendency to be a little all over the map, and that’s not a bad thing. As the god of messengers, this is how Mercury rolls. Mercury needs to have their hands in many pots, and be moving at lightning speed to get their own job done. Capricorn, who is ruled by structured Saturn, is not so much of the “lightning speed” variety. That’s a good thing when Mercury enters Capricorn.

Capricorn will stabilize Mercury somewhat, in a practical and grounded way that is geared with success in mind. Mercury will give Capricorn a little bit of a boost in energy, and guide them on their short journeys towards success. Mercury in Capricorn will be doing this with and for all zodiac signs in the weeks to come, if you use this energy well.

Capricorn’s mission in life is to manifest success. They do this by using the rules of law and structure. Mercury in Capricorn eases up on this rigid nature and helps you to be a bit more flexible in your own quest for success. You can’t just go in all helter skelter – you need to have a plan, Capricorn style, and you need to be ready to engage go-time on that plan, Mercury style.

At the same time, you want to use this manifestation principle in a similar fashion to the Law of Attraction. Capricorn does not “guess” they will be successful. They believe they will be, and are committed to it. This is the next variable in your success formula: Belief that you will succeed. Here’s what your formula looks like now:

Mercury (communication, intellect, research) + Capricorn (initiating and leading) + Belief in your own outcome.

When Tradition Meets Innovation

Another important variable in this success formula is tradition. As an earth sign, and as the leader of the earth signs, Capricorn is pragmatic and traditional. He is the father figure, the law enforcement officer who doesn’t waiver on the laws when pulling someone over, the CEO who has a budget to meet and no time for drama.

He is the politician or government official with a policy-driven mandate and a mission that does not include bickering with the opposition. Get the picture? You need to be committed to this success of yours regardless of what is going on around you.

You also need to be traditional, policy-driven, and focused on the rule of your own law when you are performing actions that will take you to your destination of success. You also have to be a little flexible – Mercury style, and be prepared to navigate road bumps along the way.

Capricorn is not the sign to come up with an out of the box idea that nobody is tried before. Capricorn is going to try the traditional and proven methods of success first. Mercury is the lightning speed aspect of this transit that will help you to pull it all together in a short time frame, and provide flexibility when the road bumps arrive on your journey to success.

Here’s what your success formula looks like now.

Mercury (communication, intellect, research) + Capricorn (initiating and leading) + Traditional methods of success (Capricorn style) + Flexibility and resiliency for speed bumps (Mercury style) + Belief in the outcome (Law of Attraction) = Success!

There you have it. Now you just need to plug in the variables that are individualized to you and your own goals, and begin working out this formula. Do not take your eye off the prize or outcome, as Capricorn never waivers. You don’t see police officers humming and hawing about what the law is, do you?

You don’t see CEOs budging on a budget because a secretary is having a personal crisis, do you? Well, sometimes you do in both of these situations, and that’s where the flexibility of Mercury comes in for your own success formula.

Concluding thoughts…

With so many planets in Capricorn right now, the energy is yours for the taking when it comes to your success. Saturn in Capricorn is here for a while, and that is really going to help you form success from structured goals. Now you just need to plug in the variables to finish the first month of 2018 off with a bang.

Know what you want. Be committed to going after it. Be traditional, but flexible. Believe you are going to get it. Then report back your results. Stay up to date with our Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes so you know exactly how this is going to play out for you this month, day by glorious day.

We can’t wait to hear what success you have found this first month of this fabulous new year!

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