Day: June 14, 2019


From June 8th to July 2nd Venus will be moving through the Gemini zodiac sign. Welcome to the wild wild west of love folks with this ultra curious energy. For those in committed relationships, keep your energy focused on things that will not create problems for you. For those who are single and ready to mingle, well let’s just say, it’s your time to shine. The playful and flirtatious Gemini will land us in conversations that pique our interest and that could spark romantic inklings in unexpected places.

So, to our loyal readers, here’s a heads up: before you kiss the frog, take some time to really think the situation through before you dive right in. This can certainly be a fun time to get out and socialize in new situations and meet people, but you also want to be aware that people may not be quite so committal at this time either. Tread with caution in new love so you don’t commit to someone before your heart and head agree on the decision.

All in all, there is some serious new love vibrations in the air, so breathe it in and know the type of energy you’re in store for with our astrological assistance!

Venus, the Planet of Love & Pleasures

Venus is the planet that affects our physical attraction and influences the way in which we allow ourselves to enjoy life through our senses. It is the planet that influences the way we indulge and even how we are attracted to the people around us. This planet is known to be able to affect even the most reserved and responsible person because we are all susceptible to her seductive energy. This planet is also the ruler of beauty and aesthetics so it can help us in the area of art, design and fashion as well. Each time the planet moves into another sign, our preferences are filtered through the zodiac sign it is transiting to a certain degree.

We want to be aware that our desires are influenced by this planet so that we can keep tabs on our impulses and not be overcome by them. If you want to use this energy and not be used by someone else’s unbridled passion, get clear with what your goals in love are so you can’t be sidetracked by a temporary Mr. or Ms. wonderful that may try to sweep you off of your feet.

Venus by herself is sensual and wants physical connection, and when you add in the energy of Gemini, you can end up with a hot mess if you aren’t careful! Here’s what you need to know about trickster Gemini influence in your love life.

The Tricky Gemini Twins

Gemini energy is intellectual and attracted to interesting minds. Under this influence, you may find you’re more attracted to wordsmiths and those with a large vocabulary. You may also find you are interested in multiple people under this influence because of Gemini’s insatiable curiosity. Gemini can be someone who is deceptive so make sure if you say something, you stick to your word so you don’t get yourself in a pickle. People may be casting their love fishing lines out to multiple people so don’t feel lucky if someone starts laying it on thick. Be cautious and watch their actions over time and see if they are worth yours. People tend to be a bit dubious with the Gemini energy.

Gemini energy isn’t all bad by any means. In fact, the playful curiosity can help you get out of your box and start dating if you’ve been looking for some gumption. The symbol of the twins also helps amplify the twin flame or soul mate type of energy which means it is high time for you to be open to finding your own passion with another. The New Moon in Gemini on June 4th also helps plant those seeds of inception in our hearts as well. Pay attention to the people you are drawn to now and be willing to at least get to know them. Don’t pass up a chance to open something new while the planets are aligned.

5 Tips for Navigating Venus in Gemini

  • Get Out & Mingle!

Venus in Gemini can help those overly serious people have some fun. Get tickets to a show, go out for dinner or visit a local festival. Do something that involves more than you binge-watching shows from your bed because the time is ripe for adventure dear friends!

  • Have Fun with Your Wardrobe

Both Venus energy and Gemini energy support a bit of diva behavior so go ahead and get that haircut, buy that flashy jacket or wear something bold. Let yourself be expressed through color, texture and accessories.

  • Others’ Interest May Be Short-Lived

Don’t have any bit of desperation and remind yourself that people aren’t always as they first seem. Your happiness comes from being a good person and making a difference, not from the inflating compliments of a stranger. You don’t need someone to be happy but don’t be closed off either. People may be following their whims and not able to sustain what they start at this time.

  • Keep Your Impulses In Check

You may find yourself attracted to people during this time more than others. Think before you act so you don’t do something you will regret.

  • Take Time Getting to Know People

Like we said, it’s okay to have your heart open. But to guard it, take things slow so that you see if there is compatibility. Build up a friendship and make sure they treat you like the royalty you are.

Closing Thoughts…

It’s always important to know the major planetary events and the movements of all the major players in the sky to get the full picture of the energy available to us at any given time. Mercury will turn retrograde on July 7th and stay that way until July 31st, which can keep things from moving forward. So, if you feel like your love life is charging full-speed ahead during the transit of Venus in Gemini, expect it to take a meandering path for most of July so you’re not caught off-guard.

To see how the entrance of Venus into Gemini will affect your zodiac sign, check your free daily horoscope. Once you read your daily horoscope, read your daily love horoscope as well!

We are rooting for you to find that twin flame connection, just be wary that the Gemini kind of love often fizzles out just as quick as it ignites, so be careful with your heart and set healthy boundaries for yourself.

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​The benefits of meditation on our emotional wellbeing and intuitive capabilities have become more popular in recent years, but some of us still have a hard time sitting still with our (lack of) thoughts. If you find yourself getting anxious or restless when attempting to meditate or get into the habit, you’re not alone. You might even think meditation sounds boring. Who wants to sit in silence doing nothing?

But meditation is extremely healing. It can calm the nerves, promote positive thinking, clear negative thoughts, reduce stress, control anxiety, increase attention span, promote kindness and compassion and strengthen self-awareness and confidence, among other benefits. Meditation is all about mindfulness, an activity that improves nearly every aspect of our lives.

Metaphysical tools can help us with so many aspects of our lives, like Astrology, Numerology and Tarot. But many people don’t realize how well these tools work to enhance other practices and rituals, such as meditation. There exists a beautiful, symbiotic relationship between the metaphysical treasures we use – each crystal is associated with an astrological sign, zodiac signs are represented by every Tarot card, Tarot cards have correlating crystals, and so on.

Meditation is an experience that can also be greatly enhanced with the use of these tools, and Tarot cards are a particularly useful medium for promoting peaceful meditation.

Wondering how? Continue reading to find out how tarot is making meditation cooler and more effective than ever.

The Basics of Tarot

To those who are not familiar with Tarot cards, these beautifully illustrated decks can seem intimidating, or even mandated and restricted to use by initiated witches and psychics. While the Tarot has a long-standing association with the occult, the use of Tarot is in no way restricted to or from anyone. Tarot can be useful to anyone who has questions or needs guidance.

While there are some people, typically psychics or mediums, who use Tarot cards to connect with guidance from external sources, be it angels, spirit guides or higher powers, the majority of Tarot-related rituals are carried out by regular people who are seeking guidance from and connection to their own internal well of wisdom.

Many times, the distractions of life can make it difficult to hear our own intuitive voice, and the cards act as bridges between your conscious thoughts and your gut-instincts.

Traditionally, Tarot decks consist of 78 cards – 22 of the Major Arcana and 56 of the Minor Arcana – but these cards come in all shapes, sizes, colors and details. The process of choosing a deck is extremely personal and customizable, as there are thousands to choose from.

There are many ways to read Tarot cards and innumerable resources that explain how to use them in detail. Many decks come with a guidebook that explains each card in detail and suggests different spreads and methods for use. The most important aspect in anything Tarot-related is connecting to your feelings and instincts – the idea is that you will intuitively know which cards to pull and be able to benefit from their meaning and guidance.

Using Tarot Cards in Meditation

If you’re new to Tarot or meditation, the following ideas can help you become acquainted with both tools and encourage you to create your own unique rituals.

A good way to begin the habit of Tarot meditation is by pulling one card a day that seems to be calling to you. Some people like to let their right hand (the “receiving” hand) hover over their deck until they feel warmth or energy from one of the cards. Some people just choose a card at random. The idea is to create your own relationship and traditions with your cards, because the experience is extremely personal. This about connecting to your own internal compass.

Once you’ve chosen your card, look up the meaning of its message. Study its image and associated elements. Try to really take in the sensations that this card provokes and digest the information contained within. Then, take a moment to really meditate on the theme presented to you.

You might sit in silence or with gentle music, contemplating the message and what it means to your life – or you might prefer to write your thoughts and feelings down in a journal. You could even create a piece of art that represents the card of how it makes you feel. The point here is practicing mindfulness and focus.

Because traditional meditation can seem overwhelming to beginners, this process promotes a form of mindfulness and meditation that appeals more to some people and allows them to become more comfortable with the process before diving in fully. It also allows you to get acquainted with your tarot deck in new, exciting ways – even for those who have long worked with the cards.

You don’t have to limit your meditation work to one deck, either. Try spending an hour pulling one card from each of your favorite decks, or you can pull multiple cards from the same deck. You’ll benefit from both the process of mindfulness and focus, as well as the intuition-boosting properties and connection-with-the-self that Tarot promotes.

Concluding Thoughts…

There are so many ways to use the Tarot to increase mindfulness and promote a meditative state, that you can get really creative with the ritual. Try adding incense or a smudged herb to your Tarot-meditation ritual. Light some candles and bring out your favorite crystals.

No matter how you choose to spend time focused on the message and meaning of a Tarot card, you’ll likely find yourself more relaxed, connected to yourself and experiencing more mental clarity in no time.

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Ever wondered what you were meant to do in this lifetime? Or did you ever wonder what you LOVE to do or are passionate about? We all know the things we love and love to do. But we don’t all know that the things we love and love to do are our life’s callings.

It goes back to that old saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,” often attributed to Confucius wisdom.

You may hear the words “heart’s desire number” or “passion number” when it comes to numerology. But do you really get what they mean? Well, they aren’t necessarily about romance. They’re about finding that thing inside you that you are destined for so that you can do it. We are going to have a look at these key terms today.

What is Your Heart’s Desire Number?

In every lifetime on this plane, we have a personality. There are many ways to characterize our personality. We can do that through personality tests that call us Introverted or Extroverted, through the personality traits of our zodiac sign and Rising sign, and through various methods of numerology. The Tarot can help us discover our personal themes as well.

There are many ways to determine your heart’s desire that lies at the depth of your soul and personality. Sometimes you can take personality traits from one lifetime to the next, especially if you have some unfinished karmic business.

But sometimes in life, we see so much chaos that we can’t find the forest through the trees, about our personal Selves. If you ever see your Daily Horoscopes read that you need some downtime or reflection time, or some meditation, you are being shown favorable dates to reflect on who you are as a person. But not many of us have that time. And when we take it, we often feel guilty.


Take that time. Even locking yourself in the bathroom for just 15 minutes a day can produce wonderful internal results.

But another way to discover your heart’s desire is through your heart’s desire number. Using numerology, you discover your heart’s desire number and the themes of that number. Every letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number. Every vowel in your name corresponds to one of those numbers. That is your heart’s desire number.

Discover your heart’s desire number right here When you read about its meaning, ask yourself, “How do these themes resonate in my life?”

For example, mine tells me I enjoy communicating. This resonates with my chosen career! So I’m one step closer to not only knowing my heart’s desire, but living it.

This number will reveal what is going on within, those underlying urges you have that you don’t know that you have that you long to be filled. It will tell you what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning, and why you do the things you do, good and bad. Knowing this, of course, will help you make better choices, but more importantly, live your destiny, your heart’s desire.

Everything that you do in this life has an underlying motivation. That is what your heart’s desire number tell you, why you get that chocolate bar (or not) or make that phone call (or not). This is useful in both work and love.

What is Your Hidden Passion Number?

The hidden passion number takes your desires to the next level and helps you to discover your unique gifts and talents. What are you good at? What do you LOVE to do in your spare time? Your desire number helps you to understand the WHY. Now, the passion number helps you to understand the WHAT.

My son is 16 and is worried that he doesn’t know what he wants to do for the rest of his life. I sometimes chortle when he says this. “How many 16 year-olds have it figured out?” I say.

But also, how many 56-year-olds have it figured out? Not many – I can attest to that! I discovered a heart’s desire that started when I was in high school when my English teacher told me to “never stop writing.”

But I didn’t listen. I followed society’s norms and expectations and wrote in my spare time, when I had time. Now it’s my career. Of course it is work, and of course there are practical responsibilities. But I consider myself blessed every day for it. And this can happen for you too.

I remind my son often that he can find his passion and learn how to be successful at it, regardless of what anyone says in his life or down the road. I tell him God gave him special miracles when he was born that are his gifts and talents. Those are the things you are good at in life. You love them because you are good at them – you may just not know that yet.

Right now he is an athlete, both varsity and Special Olympics. And there’s a gold medal hanging on his wall because he stopped worrying and started focusing on doing what he loves.

When you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. And no matter who or what you believe in, what you love to do is also what you happen to be good at.

In this Age of Aquarius, we can all benefit from the money-making opportunities that technology has opened up for us. When I was a kid, I never had the opportunity to be a YouTube star. That didn’t exist. Now it does. Through geniuses like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, we can now have more opportunities than ever to make a career out of what we love to do.

What do you love to do? You may not even know it yet. Or, you may not even know how you can be successful with it. Are you the best knitter in Bridge Club? Do you bring the moistest brownies to the PTA? You can find a way to use your unique gifts to serve humanity.

Go online and discover ways you can help others, and even make money doing it. Video game developing? Website building? News reading? Or maybe you just like to tweet and can get friends and the world engaged with one powerful tweet every day? People make a living doing that, you know.

What is your passion? With numerology, you can discover this karmic lesson.

Concluding Thoughts…

When it comes to learning more about ourselves, we have literally millions of tools at our disposal. But you don’t need to sift through them all if you have an interest in astrology, the Tarot, and numerology. These are all divination tools will help you to discover what you love to do and why you love to do it.

Don’t beat yourself up if you feel old and haven’t figured it out yet. Some souls never do, and you likely had previous lifetimes where you didn’t. Now, in this lifetime, you can get one step closer to learning your heart’s desire and your hidden passions.

Keep reading your Daily Horoscopes to learn what is favored on this or that day, and then discover your heart’s desire number and hidden passion number. What are you going to do with your lifetime?

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Greetings, Earthlings!

We have a long-awaited slow and steady week from the Universe, friends. There are no major movements from the planets this week, and that will bring some calming energy into the mix this week.

Even the daily transits are rather quiet, although we do see Neptune bringing up some energy this week. Neptune is currently retrograde, and that means Neptune’s influences will primarily be internal this week. But that doesn’t mean that Neptune can’t influence our lives. Even when we perform internal work, it has a trickle effect in our daily living. We make different decisions, we do things differently in our daily lives, and we feel more fulfilled when our souls progress through internal work.

With Neptune, the dreamy planet of creativity, that means our internal work will manifest through dreams (either waking or in sleep), and in creativity.

This week we may dream more, paint more, dance more, sing more, or just be inspired to. Neptune energy is particularly potent this week towards the weekend, on Friday and Sunday. At the same time, we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius arriving early in the week that follows. That means the Full Moon energy is beginning at the end of this week, around the same time that the Neptune work is in play.

Full Moons are about closing chapters, and that means over the next week or so you are going to see some big chapters come to a close. A job project could finish, a relationship could move from one plateau to another, or you may just wrap up something that has been on the backburner for a while. You also may just put something behind you that isn’t working, or let go of an old way of thinking or old patterns. All of that is next week, but this week that energy begins with Neptune influence this weekend.

Spend the better part of the week working on closing up some chapters. Finish projects, close up some business, think about letting go of what isn’t working in your life. Then, next week, watch it come full circle. You may want to invest in a dream journal as well this week, so you have some fresh pages to log all of your dreams and creative inspirations.

Until then though, enjoy this calm week from the Universe.

Planetary Locations During June 10-16, 2019:

Sun: Gemini (May 22, 2019 to June 20, 2019)

Mercury: Cancer (June 5, 2019, to June 27, 2019)

Venus: Gemini (From June 8, 2019, to July 3, 2019)

Mars: Cancer (May 16, 2019, to July 1, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (Until March 22, 2020; Retrograde from April 29, 2019, to September 17, 2019)

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019, to August 19, 2021)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024; Retrograde from April 24, 2019, until October 2, 2019)

Daily Snapshots for June 10-16, 2019:

Monday, June 10

Sun: Gemini – Lead with your head, listen to your heart, and make karmically clean choices.

Moon: Virgo – Flawless attention to detail can be productive, and provocative.


  • Sun (Gemini) opposite Jupiter (Sagittarius) – Here we have the Sun and Jupiter undergoing a slight disagreement with each other. This is compatible energy though with the Sun in airy Gemini and Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius. You can expect something in your life to move quickly today, and you can also enjoy the optimism and generosity that Jupiter is dealing out today. The Sun is shining a spotlight on an area of your life, and Jupiter is working to expand on that element. But Jupiter may also be putting the squeeze on today. Big money or love bonuses are possible now, but don’t overdo it. Even if you get a big money bonus today, saving is favored over spending. Pay your bills, but luxury items are best left for another day.

Tuesday, June 11

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Libra – When you serve as the gracious diplomat in all situations, you win.

Wednesday, June 12

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Libra

Thursday, June 13

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Scorpio – Pick one thing to work on today that will support a karmic rebirth.

Friday, June 14

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Scorpio


  • Mars (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) – This is the warrior planet working favorably with dreamy and creative Neptune. Both planets are in Water signs, so this is compatible energy. But Mars is fast-moving, and Neptune, well, just isn’t. So expect to see some passions and motivations crop up today. You may have some creative Neptunian ideas that Mars inspires you to act on. Love bonuses are in play today as well! Big ones! Enjoy the swooning, but prepare for some reality around the corner. Don’t make huge decisions based on swoony feelings today, because the facts of the situation may not be cropping up today, but they will soon enough.

Saturday, June 15

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Sagittarius – See the Big Picture in all things today.

Sunday, June 16

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Sagittarius

  • Mercury (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) – This is communication and creativity doing a little bit of a dance under this favorable transit. Both Mercury and Neptune are in Water Signs right now, and you are feeling emotional and dreamy during this transit. You are also feeling inspired! Use feeling words today, whether you are communicating with someone, or pouring your heart out in art, dance, song, writing, or even a little text message to someone special. At work, you will be inspired to be creative. In love, you will be inspired to lead with your feelings. Embrace it!

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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Astrology is an excellent and useful tool for learning more about yourself and your life’s purpose, but one thing a solid and informational birth chart needs is your exact birth time. While many of us have the luxury of taking a cursory glance at our birth certificates, some cultures and governments around the world don’t include this information – and, what’s more, some people do not have access to these records.

So, what are you supposed to do when you feel pulled toward the ancient wisdom of the stars without this seemingly necessary information?

While the process may not be simple, there are some steps you can take toward figuring out your birth time once and for all. And, for those who take these steps and still find yourselves in the dark about what time you came into the world, we’ll talk about the parts of your chart that will be less reliable due to the lack of known birth time.

Birth Time: The Lynchpin of Astrology?

You might be wondering why your birth time is so important anyway. A natal chart (or birth chart) in astrology looks at the position of the planets at the exact moment that you were born. Without your time of birth, it is impossible to know the precise positions of the planets – and because some planets move more quickly than others, casting a chart based on a birth time that is even an hour off can greatly affect the outcome of the chart, rendering many of the results inaccurate.

What information actually changes?

An incorrect or unknown birth time can make it impossible to discover your Ascendant, or Rising sign, and your true Rising sign is necessary to determine quite a few things in your chart, including the ruling planets of the houses in your natal chart. For instance, if your Rising sign is Leo, your 2nd house will be ruled by Virgo, your 3rd house by Libra, and so on. This lack of information regarding your houses excludes a significant portion of the benefits of casting your natal chart in the first place.

Not knowing your Ascendant also affects the reliability of your Moon sign because of the Moon’s unique trajectory.

Tips and Tricks for Discovering Your Birth Time

Inquire with Family Members

If you’re able to, ask family members or friends of family if they recall what time you were born. Parents are the family members that would typically possess this information, but there are many reasons why you may not be able to ask them. If there is anyone in your family that might have even a clue as to what time you were born, start by asking them. You might be surprised by the little details that people remember. You might also go through any storage that contains documents or pieces of history within the family – i.e. journals, records, old boxes in the attic. There could be a record of your birth time recorded somewhere within memorabilia.

Try Accessing Your Birth Records

If you don’t have a way to contact family or friends who were around or present when you were born – or if they simply don’t remember – the next step is to try to access your birth records.

Do a little research regarding the birth certificate and record-keeping policies of your country. For instance, in the United States, birth time is only recorded on certain versions of birth certificates – called “long form” or “full” birth certificates. In the United Kingdom, birth times are recorded only in the case of multiple births, and some countries – such as Australia, Canada and Ireland – do not hold official records for time of birth.

Keeping your country’s policies in mind, try requesting a birth certificate that specifically includes time of birth. These records can come from the health department or vital records, most likely found within the province, county or state wherein you were born. Here are a few links that can get you started if you live within one of the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • England or Wales
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • The United States
  • And you can find more information on obtaining birth certificates here.

Run a Solar Sign Chart

A “Solar sign” chart is not as accurate as it could be if your birth time were known, but if you simply cannot locate this information, a Solar sign chart might be your best bet. This is the method used by astrologers who write up the daily horoscopes you see in newspapers and magazines. This process works by marking your birth time as around sunrise.

This type of chart acts more symbolically than a traditional chart and offers more general information about your personality. Yet, even for those who do know their birth time, a Solar sign chart can be extremely enlightening.

This method does have the potential to inaccurately depict your Moon sign, because the Moon moves about 1° every two hours. If you happen to have been born on a day in which the Moon was moving from one sign into another, there is a chance that a Solar sign chart will pick up the wrong sign. You can use some intuitive wisdom here by studying the meaning of Moon signs – if your Solar sign chart suggests your Moon is in Pisces but the description just doesn’t seem to fit, take a look at the meanings of the Moon placements surrounding Pisces – Aquarius and Aries.

“Rectify” Your Chart

An experienced Astrologer can look at the major events of your life and create a pretty accurate chart through a process called “rectification.” The Astrologer will take a look at certain events or experiences in your life – such as births, deaths, divorce, lottery winnings, etc. – as close to the exact time that they happened as possible and use this information to create your chart retrospectively.

This a time-consuming process that might be more expensive than the other options, given that you’ll need an accomplished Astrologer to help you with the process.

Don’t Get Discouraged

As you can see, there are quite a few options available for those who don’t know their time of birth – so don’t panic. Take the steps that you can, in your own time, toward discovering a way to practice and learn about astrology that benefits your own unique situation. Think of this process of discovery as a challenging learning opportunity that will bring you closer to your connection with the stars.

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Photo credit: Alexandru Paraschiv on

You enter a chamber through a beaded curtain and are greeted by an enrobed lady with a crystal ball and lots of jewelry with eyes on it. The smell of incense lies heavily on the air and a black cat appears from under the table, winking as it passes.

When you think of getting a Tarot reading, what do you picture?

We get used to seeing these kinds of stereotypical images on TV and in movies, but if you’ve never actually been for a Tarot reading, this may be an unrealistic place for you to start! Getting a helpful and satisfying Tarot reading actually starts with you! Knowing what to ask, keeping an open mind and preparing before you go can make all the difference in learning more about your world.

Starting with what you should know before you go, the do’s and don’ts when it comes to asking questions and even what to do with the information once you have completed your reading. We’ll prepare you for your best and most helpful Tarot reading yet – no crystal balls necessary.

Before You Go – What to Expect From a Tarot Reading

A good tarot reader will want to ask you questions throughout your reading. What does this mean? Does this make sense to you? Do you have older men around you? Are there younger females around you? Birth dates, times, and locations of birth are also very important information to take with you to readings, or to tell your reader over email or phone.

If you get a reader who does not try to pull information out of you, you may want to look for another one. Your reader cannot actually “see all”, the more you help them the more they will be able to read your cards in a way that will help you develop yourself into its highest potential.

What Can a Tarot Reading Reveal?


The Tarot never lies, so if you really want the absolute truth about any situation, you can get it in as easy or quick as a 1-card draw. For single-card draws, it’s a little bit better to ask ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions, but you will still get the truth. For more complex answers, you want to do a more detailed spread or reading to find all of the factors related to your question. So if you are looking for an immediate answer to a burning question that will be the absolute truth, there is no quicker or more accurate way to get that than the Tarot.

Key issues that you may not even be aware of.

Whether you’re getting information about something going on in someone else’s life, or in your own life, the Tarot always has room for a card in every spread called “Environmental or External Influences.” These are forces happening within your situation that you don’t know about, so it is really and truly worth consulting the Tarot over.

Say you’re asking the Tarot “When will he propose?” and in the “Environmental or External Influences” you see a work card show up, then your answer is going to be related to his work situation. Maybe he needs a promotion, maybe his boss needs to give him a raise, whatever that detail is that has nothing to do with you, will be found in the Environmental Influences position.

This is an awesome position to have in every reading, because when problems occur in our lives we often think we are the cause. This benefit to the Tarot will often help you realize that this situation has to do with external influences that are actually beyond your control. And, even if that answer isn’t the answer you wanted, at least you leave those readings with some peace and less stress because now you know it’s not you that is holding him back from proposing. This brings us to our next benefit!

Relieve stress and find peace.

This is one of the greatest benefits to the Tarot! How many times have you sat with a friend who complains about their romantic life. They go on, and on, and on, about how something fishy must be going on because they haven’t heard from Alice or Richard in such and such a time. You, as a good friend, can go over and over the details with them, or you can whip out your Tarot cards and put the issue to rest relieving stress for BOTH of you in an instant.

We get so wrapped up in our own egos, we often create problems that are never there to begin with! This is one of the best reasons to consult the Tarot – it doesn’t know you or what’s going on in your head – it helps you weed out what is going on, from what is not, and that can be such a tremendous stress relief in your daily life!

Have your hunches validated.

Just like the Tarot can tell you that you are way off on something, so too it can and will tell you when your instinct is bang on. It will also even tell you by how many degrees your instinct might be off! Ever have a big decision looming, and your gut was saying one thing but your brain something else altogether? That’s the beauty of the Tarot. It weeds that out for you too. You can ask a simple one card question like, “Is my instinct right about this?” and you will get an immediate “yes” or “no” answer. We always say, “follow your heart”, which is also your instinct, and follow your gut because it will never lie. The Tarot validates that.

Tarot sharpens your instincts.

It is true that you can actually become more intuitive, just by using the Tarot. Not only do you now have the advantage of seeing the answer right in front of you, but the secrets to using the Tarot wisely and well are to trust the first gut impressions when you see the cards. The cards are very specific and detailed and standing alone will give you a lot of information about your situation. Using them regularly will begin to show you when your instinct is bang on, and when it’s not, and this then becomes an intuitive skill.

How? Well, you have gut hunches and instincts about life in general, and go to the Tarot to learn whether or not they’re validated. True instincts in your life will be validated by the Tarot, and the thoughts that are not instinctive, but fear based, will also be shown to you. When you begin to see this on a regular basis, you actually begin to trust your instinct more, because the Tarot is teaching you what is, and what isn’t the truth.

What happens when you trust your instinct more? You get more and more information from the Universe that allows you to use it more wisely. In so doing, you become more intuitive, and with practice, you won’t even need the Tarot to enjoy that beautiful benefit.

Visit our Tarot Definitions page to learn more about the Major and Minor Arcana!

How Should I Prepare for a Great Tarot Reading?

Be Open Minded & Think Bigger Picture

If you are contemplating investing in a reading with Tarot cards, then you likely have a lot of questions going through your mind. The first of which is the obvious, “Will this be worth the money or am I just wasting everyone’s time?”

You may have a troubling situation or matter in your life, or maybe you have several. Which of these should you bring to the table? What if you don’t mention any of them, will your Tarot reader “figure you out” anyway?

If you know how to go into your reading, you will never wonder again if it will be worth your time. Believe it or not, the best way to get the most out of the Tarot is to know exactly what you are going to ask going in.

The first step is to open your mind.

Perhaps you are wondering about something specific such as, “When will John call me?” This could weigh on your mind so heavily that this is what you bring to the table during your reading.

Open your mind to expand the possibilities of your whole potential before the reading, and these possibilities will come through in your reading. If you are only asking internally, or externally, when he will call you, you will get your answer and the Tarot will be done with you for that moment.

Not only have you gotten your answer, but you’ve just wasted a valuable Tarot reading that could have been revealing inside information on what will make the two of you work and gel together. Opening your mind before you go into the reading means opening yourself to every possibility and potential the universe has for you. Some people say the more specific your question the better. This isn’t the case. Changing the question to, “What lies ahead in my love life?” can reveal a whole lot more info than your original question!

This is the next key in developing the best question before your reading.

Be as general as possible.

This sounds counter-intuitive, but even if you have a specific problem in mind, asking yes or no questions can defeat your reading before you even get started. Pulling it back to a broader view can give your reading more room to play.

Questions such as, “Is Sheila the right girl for me?” are not even general enough. What if she isn’t? Then you’ll get a no answer in your reading, and not much else. Instead, as you shuffle or sit with your reader, ask general questions such as, “What is the right path in love for me?” You will be shown personalities and energies in the cards that you choose on the woman or man that is right for you.

It’s all in the question.

Here are some tips on how to prepare the best questions for your reading with the cards.

Work on Your Questions – What Do You Really Want to Know?

The Tarot is one tool many astrologers and mediums use in their toolbox of resources when it comes to answering life’s deepest questions. Birth charts and planetary transits are others. You might be surprised at just how much information you can get from one simple Tarot draw! With these, you can find out when something is going to happen, what might be next in a certain situation, and you can even find out what you should do right now in a certain situation.

You may also learn from Tarot that you shouldn’t do anything, that you have already done the work necessary, or that some waiting and patience is necessary.

The two most common Tarot questions are about love or money. If your question for your next reading revolves around one of those life experiences, remember to go in as generally as possible. Open your mind, and give your reader a chance to connect your energy with the Tarot cards, and you will have a blessed and invaluable Tarot card reading every single time.

Let’s take a look at some of the key Tarot themes and how you could phrase your question to get the best results.


Of course you can ask about love – who doesn’t wonder about that?! Try to keep the question open-ended, though, as there are many different ways love can present itself. If you try to back your reader into a corner so that he or she will tell you what you want to hear, then you’re doing both of you a disservice.

You’re consulting your reader because you want to know what is possible. Don’t limit the potential, just because it doesn’t seem to resonate with your predetermined ideas. Sometimes being too focused on what seems to be good can blind you to the best that is yet to come.

Here are some great questions to ask about your love life:

  • What can I do to create the love life I truly desire? (From our friends at Biddy Tarot)
  • How will I know when I have met the right partner?
  • What can I do in my life to attract the best partner for me?

Can’t wait to get started? Get your free Daily Tarot Love Reading now!


We love to talk to you about your career, but if you think that a reader is going to just pull a solution to the perfect job for you with no input on your part, you’re going to be disappointed. In order to best steer you to your heart’s desire, we have to get to know you. A good reader won’t just spout facts – he or she will engage you in conversation, so your reading can be full of what pertains to you.

There’s no point in a reader going on and on about what a good nurse you would be if you wish to be a stay-at-home mom – and they can both manifest the same way in a birth chart through the position of Cancer through the houses, or in the Tarot through where The Empress falls. Once we know what excites and motivates you, then we can look for that in your chart or in our oracles, and help you find the best way to manifest it.

  • What stands in my way when it comes to my career?
  • What do I need to do to clear a path to the career/job I desire?
  • How can I stand out more in my current role to receive more recognition?


Let’s face it, everyone is interested in money to some extent or another, because we need money in this society in order to stay afloat. You’re welcome to ask about money—but again, try to make it open-ended questions, and be open-minded about your reading. It may not be in your future to win mega-millions on the lottery, but you may have a multi-million dollar idea for an invention, or write the next blockbuster novel.

Money can manifest itself in many ways in the chart, as can luck. Remember, the planets influence you, but they don’t control you. Nothing can take away your birthright to free will. The potential for money will be there, sure, but it is what you do with that potential that can be the difference between success or failure.

  • What is my biggest challenge when it comes to money?
  • What can I do to align myself with financial abundance? (From
  • How am I holding myself back when it comes to my finances?


Just like anything else (are you seeing a pattern yet), there are things that we can tell you, and there are things we cannot. Your psychic reader or astrologer is not a substitute for medical advice, and if you have any real health concerns, you should be discussing them with your healthcare provider. However, there are things that will show up as potential in your chart. Even though these things are present, that does not mean that they have to manifest, or that they have to control you.

Rather than asking your reader for a diagnosis, or a prediction of whether you or a loved one is going to come through a particular illness or incident, focus instead on asking your reader the best way to cope with things. This will provide more insight for you, and a lot less frustration for you both.

  • What can I do to move past my health issues?
  • Are there any periods in the future where I should be more careful with my health?
  • How can I best cope with the health problems of a loved one?


Yes, Tarot readers get asked about this topic more often than you’d think. People want to know when they are going to die. Now, of course, we cannot play at being deities, and produce a date out of thin air— and would you really want to know? Most readers would rather encourage you to live life to the fullest, rather than advising you when you were going to die, anyway!

Rather than asking when you’re going to die, leave the question more open-ended. Tarot can be helpful in figuring out why you may be so concerned with death in your life or how you can move past fear or thoughts surrounding this topic.

If you really want answers around this topic, try these:

  • What can you tell me about my death?
  • How can I move past my fears about dying?
  • What lies beneath my concerns around myself or a loved one dying?

Astrologers, Tarot readers and those who work with other forms of divination such as runes, the pendulum, the I-Ching, and more – can offer you a lot of insight and guidance when it comes to finding your way through the flotsam and jetsam life throws at you. However, there are questions that simply cannot be answered.

This is often due to the client not understanding how to ask the question, which then makes the reading frustrating for both the customer and the reader. The pitfalls—and how to avoid them—aren’t hard to grasp though. Once you know how to word the question, you’ll be able to avoid the things you should not ask, and thus receive a Tarot reading or (In an astrology reading) chart interpretation full of valuable wisdom and direction.

Now that we know what we are asking, let’s make sure we aren’t committing any of the ‘Must Not Ask Questions’ when it comes to Tarot readings.

Questions Not to Ask in Your Tarot Reading

Our friend in Tarot at suggests the simplest way to think about this is to shift your questions from “will” and “when” to “how” and “what.” This approach can leave you walking away with a guide to what you should do next instead of less helpful ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers that don’t give you much to work with.

Questions That Start With “Will I?”

This goes for questions that start “Am I,’ also – as well as questions that start ‘will he’ or ‘will she.’ You see, the cards and planets can influence you, but they cannot control you – we all have the gift of free will.

Tarot readers and astrologers understand that nothing is carved in stone. If you want to do it, you’ll make it a priority and get it done. If you don’t want to do it, then it won’t be a priority for you and is thus unlikely to happen. There’s nothing magical or mysterious about that. It’s just a matter of choice!

A better way of phrasing this would be to ask:

  • What are my chances of doing this
  • Does this look like a good idea to pursue?
  • How can I move past what’s frustrating me and move forward in a positive way?

That way, your astrologer or Tarot reader can explain the strengths and the weaknesses around the situation for you. Then you can determine whether it is worth you investing your time and energy into it, or not.

“What Are the Lottery Numbers?”

This is another eye roll for most Tarot readers. For one, I have yet to see any planets or Tarot cards with winning lottery tickets on them. For another, if they really could accurately predict the winning lottery ticket numbers, do you think they would actually be working for a living?!

A better way of phrasing this is to ask about fortunate periods that are approaching, or if any financial gain is indicated in your chart. Also looking at astrology, there are aspects of the fifth house that can indicate good luck, there are aspects of the second house that can point to increased income, and there are planetary transits that can mean some periods may be more fortunate than others.

Your astrologer can help you determine when your luck may be at a peak or in a trough, but they cannot accurately predict winning lottery numbers. Just ask for any increase in luck or periods of financial gain, and you’ll get a much better reading than if you asked for winning lottery tickets.

“When Will I Be Happy?”

Let’s be clear – your happiness is your responsibility. You may need to reset your expectations or require some help in moving past something that has made you unhappy, but the Tarot cannot nail down a date of when you will have a perpetual smile on your face. It can reveal obstacles in your way, or periods of great opportunity you can seize.

Choose to look for positive things and hang out with cheerful and giving people, and you will find happiness coming your way. If you focus instead on what is going wrong, remember that if you keep company with people who take advantage of you or bring you down, the joy you seek will elude you.

A better way to word this question would be to ask:

  • Are there future aspects I can tap in order to draw more happiness into my life?
  • Are there any upcoming transits you need to be aware of, so I can take advantage of the energies they bring?

There are always going to be positive and challenging transits happening, but don’t let that scare you. Very often these are when you leave behind what is no longer appropriate for you, so that you can step into bigger things, and find the happiness that you seek once the transit has passed.

“Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know About Myself”

Tarot or astrology readings are not games to play, and this question is neither helpful nor respectful. You wouldn’t go to a doctor and say, “Guess what’s wrong with me.” Don’t do it in your Tarot reading either. They are not there to tell you what happened on your 8th birthday. You already know that.

A better way to phrase this would be to ask your reader to help you understand what happened to you in your past, so that you can come to terms with it, get closure, and let it rest. People will tell you to ‘let it go,’ but you really can’t. You were there. You experienced it. It’s a part of you. Let it rest.

It’s still going to be a memory, but that memory doesn’t have to have a hold over you. Your reader can use the movement of the planets to help you understand aspects of your personality that may have come into play in the past, so that you can improve for the future.

You already know what happened. Let your advisor help you understand why, and give you a glimpse into what is yet to come. Your Tarot reader can help you with many things, but working miracles is not one of them.

Want to get started on your Tarot journey? Check out our Astrology Answers Master Tarot Deck!

After Your Reading

With a bit of time and preparation on your part, you’ll soon start to see how to get a good tarot reading every time you ask your reader a question!

Remember, when it comes to your destiny, the planets and the Tarot can influence you, but they don’t control you. There is no crystal ball or magic wand to wave that will change your entire life in a heartbeat. A good Tarot reading can have a massive impact on how you view your life though – and can give you fresh perspective on how you can handle your issues and dreams in a way that will get you results.

To make significant change in your world, you will have a greater advantage if you approach with an open mind and a willingness to take responsibility for what you need to do to achieve your desired results.

What questions will you prepare for your next psychic, Tarot, or astrology reading?

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​If you’ve been following along with our palmistry series so far, you know the basics of what palmistry is, and what to expect if you get your palm read. Maybe you’ve decided that seeing a palm reader isn’t for you, or that you’d like to be able to do readings more frequently and in the comfort of your home – so now it’s time to practice on your own!

As we’ve discussed before, chiromancy can be a powerful tool for proceeding on your life path and healing unresolved issues. As with any new form of divination, it’s important to invest in the right tools, so be sure to pick up a comprehensive guide on palmistry if you’re going to start doing your own readings.

Here, we’ll go over the main features of the hand, and what some of the interpretations mean for your personality.

Picking the Right Hand – Or the Left!

Before you start your reading, know what your intention is – are you looking for the key to your future, or are you hoping to decipher your past? Both hold heavy influence over your personality, but won’t be found in the same hand.

Most chiromancy experts agree that it is your dominant hand that is the extension of our conscious self, and holds more information of our path forward as it is a sign of our self-actualization. Your non-dominant hand is more likely to shed light on your subconscious, and manifest information on your natural self – some even believe it can give information on past trauma.

The 4 Elements of Palmistry

Once you’ve chosen which facet of your life you want to explore first, take a good look at the shape of your hand before even addressing the lines. What shape is your palm? Are your fingers long, or short? Does your hand seem elegant, or sturdy?

It’s important to spend time getting familiar with the shape of your hand, as in palm reading there are four basic hand shapes connected to the four elements prominent in all metaphysical sciences – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Though these elements connect to astrology as well as chiromancy, they do not necessarily reflect a connection to your zodiac sign. In fact, having a palmar profile that contradicts your astrological profile may reveal subtle nuances to your overall personality. So what kind of palm do you have?

  • Air hand: Air hands are the type often described as elegant, or artistic. They present with square palms and long fingers. The hand overall is usually bony, with prominent knuckles and thin fingers. Air hands are usually dry and soft, with delicate skin. This hand type shows intellectual curiosity, a natural predilection towards analytical though and strong communication skills. Air hand types are easily distracted and fall prone to boredom easily.
  • Earth hand: An Earth hand is one you could easily imagine building or creating something. They’ll have square palms with short fingers and are often firm and fleshy. Earth hands usually present with coarser skin and are very warm. This type of hand usually belongs to somebody with a practical approach to life; they are grounded and reliable, with a straightforward approach. Sometimes Earth hands can be a little too predictable and stuck in their ways though.
  • Fire hand: Fire hands are easily identified by their long palm and short fingers- they are almost childlike in appearance. Since a Fire hand is very dry and coarse, the lines presented in their palms are usually deep and decisive. This aligns with the Fire hand personality, as people with this hand type tend to be exuberant, confident and driven. Since they have such a direct approach, Fire hands can sometimes come across as bossy or arrogant if they’re not careful.
  • Water hand: If you have a long, narrow palm with equally long, narrow fingers, then you have a Water hand. They’re almost flipper-like, which is what you’d expect. Water hands are often soft and a little moist. People with this hand shape are often compassionate, artistic and intuitive, which often leads to them being creative personalities. Being sensitive and emotional is also a hallmark of Water hands, which means they’re frequently offended, or hurt unintentionally.

Though it is not very common, some people may present different elements between each hand – which just reinforces how important it is to know which aspect of your self you’re attempting to divine through palmistry. Subtle variations between hands can be a sign that you had a major, life-altering event that changed your core personality – dividing your natural self from your destined self.

In a case like this, for example, your dominant hand can present as more earthly while your non-dominant hand is perhaps more fire. If this is the case, think back to any event that would have made your alter your personality from something impulsive and reckless to being more responsible and cautious.

It’s All Natural – Or Is It?

Another factor to account for in practicing chiromancy is the elements of your hands which have been introduced with time and experience.

Yes, serious palm readers will include things like scars, calluses, and birthmarks when determining your personality and life experience, as they pertain to your reading. Scars obviously speak to life experience, which can have a tremendous effect on our personalities, and things like calluses and blisters indicate a habitual action- likely also another facet of your personality. Birthmarks or moles on the interior of the hand are rare, so it would be meaningful to have a freckle on your palm if it were on your fate or love line, for instance.

Parting Thoughts

There’s much more information to be gleaned from a reading other than what’s simply in the palm of your hand- though we will get into the significance of each line and mount in our next palmistry article. If you’re serious about discovering the art of palmistry, take the time to familiarize yourself with your entire hand. Think about all you do in a day with it, everything you touch and create, and remember that these acts shape us as much as we are shaping them.

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Is there someone in your life that you are on the fence about? Perhaps you are drawn to them, but you really feel they are not right for you. Maybe you keep hanging out with them, but you just don’t feel really excited about the relationship. Emotional reactions can be hard to interpret when we are getting to know someone, and it can be really time and energy consuming trying to figure out how we actually feel about someone. Have no fear! Tarot can help you get to the root of your true feelings so you don’t waste your time or someone else’s.

If you’re not familiar with tarot, on the surface you may think you’re leaving your destiny up to a random card but that is not actually the case. The Tarot is a symbolic tool that helps you tune into your own intuition. Basically, the brain has a limited perspective which gets caught up on small things that bother us about someone or even make us think we like someone based on appearances. The soul can see beyond differences, beyond lust, and even beyond our own desire to make something out of nothing. The soul is a much better compass for our relationships and the tarot is your way to access that wisdom.

The Tarot works best when we know the type of questions that reveal the most useful information. We stay away from asking how other people feel because we cannot change those things and we don’t want to mess with someone else’s free will. We ask questions about how we can best shift our own energy or how we can align with what is truly best for ourselves.

Here are three questions to get you started so you can get clarity on that special person and if you want to spend more time getting close to them. It’s good to do a few spreads so you can glean the theme and overall message that’s coming forward.

3 Questions to Ask the Tarot to Reveal Your True Feelings:

1. What energy draws me to this person?

You can do a 3-card spread to see the past, present, and current projection of the future based on your energy now.

Let’s say that you pull mostly cards from the suit of swords, which are often about thoughts of feeling trapped or following tradition. This may mean your fears are seeking security in the relationship and you’re in it to keep up with expectations.

However, swords can also denote positive healing such as taking charge of your words, healing with them, and even beginning a new path of wisdom and strength. You will get a feeling from the cards when you read the interpretations as to whether this is uplifting energy drawing you to them or one that is not in alignment with your highest self.

2. Show me the true energy between me and this person.

Somewhere within you, you already know if the energy between you and this person is healthy or toxic. However, there’s no shame in using the Tarot to see it clearly.

Again, do a 3-card spread to see the past, present and current projection of the future, or pull just one card and read its interpretation. Often, just one card can shed some new light on your situation.

3. What does staying/going mean for me emotionally?

Try a 2-card spread for this question. Set in your mind that the first card will represent your emotions if you stay and the second card you pull will represent your emotions if you separate from this person. This can help you see if the issues you may be having are actually within yourself and will only repeat with someone else or if you’re misaligned with this person.

You may also see that both options could be positive which is not a bad outcome at all. This reading may not give you a black and white answer but you may want to meditate on the cards and your feelings about them for a few days before making a decision.

Remember, Tarot is not about predicting the future, but tuning into your own energy and inner wisdom in order to make the best possible choices for you.

3 Follow-Up Questions to Determine What to Do Next:

Often one Tarot reading will give way to more questions. Here are some sample questions you can use to “follow-up” with your Tarot deck to understand your reading better. Ask one of these questions, then draw a single card.

Remember, though, the Tarot cannot read the minds of others or change another person’s actions. It will only enable us to see ourselves, our attitudes, and how we can create the best possible energy so we may enjoy our lives and attract good, kind people.

1. What should I focus on to heal this relationship?

Perhaps you’re feeling that it’s time to go within to resolve the energy in this relationship. Let the cards guide to you see what past perspective or experience may be creeping into this relationship. If there is a pattern of negative thinking you can work to release, it will give you a real sense of freedom and revive the energy of the relationship if you take time to shift your focus and raise your vibration. Self-healing is always a great step towards finding clarity in a relationship as well.

2. How can I prepare to separate from this person?

If you are feeling like you need the courage to break things off with someone, ask the cards what you can focus on to pursue this conscious uncoupling. Treating someone with respect in any sensitive conversations will help them feel you have their best intentions and can allow you to maintain a valuable friendship with them in the future. Also, we don’t have to have less love for someone or hurtful words just because we decide to walk different paths. Asking how to approach the process lovingly can help you heal from it faster and shows the other person you value them as a friend.

3. I’m still not clear, what should I focus on?

There may be many layers to your feelings about someone. It may not all become clear right away. You can be loving to yourself in the process of uncovering your true feelings. Sometimes the universe sends us a bit of confusion because it’s not yet time to decide. Sometimes we must learn to accept unclear times so we can still have peace without having black and white absolute answers. There are many things we can learn from those times of confusion about ourselves and how to find joy. Asking the cards what to focus on even when you don’t have clarity may be the best blessing you never expected. You may find you learn how to be grateful for what you have or how to be present when there is uncertainty. This is not a ‘bad’ place to be.

Closing Thoughts…

We want to congratulate you on taking this step to find what your heart truly wants. Sometimes the noise of other people’s opinions can be so loud in our life that we stop hearing what we truly want. You may not be able to explain the love you have to someone else in words because love is beyond explanation. It is a feeling that expands your heart and makes you want to care for someone regardless of their quirks. It is something where your soul speaks to another soul beyond the personality. If you feel you are pressured to be in or stay in a relationship, use these questions to see how you really feel. Change can be a bit scary but it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to make your life better.

On the flip side, we have access to so many dating apps today that it’s very easy to brush off something that could very well turn into a great love. Before you throw something away because you think there’s something better out there, consult the Tarot to see if it may be something within you that needs to heal or shift instead of giving up on the other person. Combined with the power of the Tarot, your heart will help you recognize if you are seeing things clearly or running away from something within yourself. Finding compassion for others using the Tarot and even finding gratefulness for having someone to walk through life with may be just the prescription your heart needs to heal.

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​Have you ever had one of those days where you felt a little bouncier than usual? You can probably thank Jupiter for that.

Jupiter is the largest planet, the god of all gods, the planet of optimism and confident energy. When we feel great on those bouncy days, we attract positive experiences, and this is why Jupiter is also a lucky planet.

At this stage of the year, Jupiter will take a little time-out in a retrograde period, bringing a time-out period for us all. Does this mean your luck will run out? No. If you use the retrograde period the way Jupiter wants you to, this will be a period of learning important lessons.

You are not being punished when Jupiter is retrograde. Quite the opposite. During this period, Jupiter points out some lessons to you and signals where you may have overlooked some tests in life. If your karma needs some tweaking, Jupiter points that out, too.

This year, Jupiter is retrograde from April 10, 2019, to August 11, 2019. If we use the retrograde period for what it is intended: review, reflection, and reassessment; we can make up those tests and move forward in those areas of our life when Jupiter is direct again.

What is Jupiter Retrograde?

Jupiter is a large planet, and moves rather slowly, staying in each zodiac sign for approximately 12 or 13 months at a time. It goes retrograde for approximately 4 months every year. The effects of Jupiter retrograde aren’t as shattering as the impact of other retrogrades (such as Mercury who moves very quickly and visits a different zodiac sign every 3 to 4 weeks.)

When a planet is direct, it moves in a forward motion and at its regular speed. When a planet is retrograde, the planet slows down. It slows down so much that it appears to be moving backward, but it’s really not backtracking through the sky.

There is the common analogy of cars on a highway. The driver that is moving faster checks their rearview mirror to see the slower vehicles. To the driver in the faster car, the slower vehicles appear to be moving backward, but they aren’t. They are simply moving more slowly.

The same concept occurs with the planets. When a planet is direct, external events in the world will shape our daily lives. When a planet is retrograde, this is our cue from the Universe to slow down and undergo a reflection period before we can move forward in that area of our life again. Remember to focus on the themes commonly associated with retrograde periods: remember, review, reflect, and reassess.

Jupiter rules the themes of philosophy, spirituality, growth, karma, and success. Jupiter is also very optimistic and lucky by nature. When you are growing on your path, Jupiter rewards you with luck. Jupiter retrograde is an important time, even if it feels our optimism is slowed down. It gives us an opportunity to reassess where we are on our spiritual path so that we can move forward when Jupiter is direct again.

The Grand Time Out

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut in an area of your life, and you can’t get out? Maybe you keep having the same relationship problems. Maybe your work life feels stale and uninspired. Any parents that give their children a time-out will understand that the point of that cooling off period is to give the child a period of reflection. They have to slow down and think about what they have done.

That is the exact message from Jupiter during every retrograde. It’s not that we have been bad, or we are being punished. It’s Jupiter, the god of all gods, telling you, “Think about this one and correct your mistakes. Karma is coming your way.”

Ignoring these calls, tests, and opportunities to correct your mistakes means one thing and one thing only from the Universe. If you are so stuck in your ways and refuse to own the responsibility for your part in your life and your problems, the Universe sends you more tests and fated events. Karma is, in fact, a boomerang.

Didn’t back up your computer like you’ve been reminded to do a million times? Mercury retrograde will teach you a lesson there. Didn’t meet the needs of your lover or handled your relationship inappropriately? Venus retrograde is going to send you a test. Jupiter is the planet of integrity and karma. So if you have integrity and karmic issues that you have left unresolved, expect some tests in that area.

What goes around, comes around.

When Jupiter is retrograde in the zodiac sign that it rules, the luck is happening through changes you are making internally. You are responding to Jupiter’s tests. When you are, luck arrives. If you are ignoring karmic lessons, they continue.

Much of the luck you are experiencing now in this area is related to past life experiences. Many astrologers believe that retrograde lessons are always connected to a past life.

That doesn’t mean they are bad lessons to be avoided. Embracing them yields luck.

What lessons are those you ask? We wish we could tell you. The lessons are within. You will understand that more easily if you undergo Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius with the approach that you want to grow.

Reviewing and reassessing your role in key situations is extremely important during Jupiter retrograde. You always have the chance to correct the events yourself, to retake the tests of life yourself, to own your karma and turn it around, before one of these fated events occurs.

When Jupiter is direct, and we are feeling optimistic, we naturally think that anything good can happen at any time. You’re right, it can, but only if you have put forth the effort and the karmic input to earn those rewards. Jupiter direct can inspire us to be lazy and lead us into thinking positive things will just happen to us, but it doesn’t really work that way. Effort leads to bigger rewards. Jupiter retrograde is the same. Complacency is not an option.

Karma is a Boomerang

If you have been ignoring a key karmic principle in your life, Jupiter retrograde is going to inspire you to start paying attention to it. Pretending the problem isn’t there isn’t going to make it go away. That karmic boomerang could make the consequences even worse if you aren’t reviewing and reflecting and correcting your role in certain situations.

It’s a time where new initiatives should be avoided, but you can breathe life into an old event by re-evaluating it and reassessing its realistic viability for success. Correcting your mistakes in these old situations will also breathe new life into it as well, and restore your karma checks and balances.

You will still have many opportunities for unexpected luck in Jupiter retrograde. Don’t think these lucky events will disappear because you are doing the backstroke on your own karma potential. The more work you put out, the more positive karma you attain. That is the Law of Attraction.

It’s like that child that has been given a time out. When the child is taken out of time out if they have corrected the mistake and reviewed and reassessed their role in the situation. If they haven’t, chances of them getting into trouble for the same misbehavior are high.

Concluding Thoughts…

Jupiter always wants you to be the best expression of our highest self. When you are, you are rewarded. Pay attention to the events that happen to you during Jupiter retrograde, good or bad. These are all cues to you from Jupiter. It is telling you where you need to pull up your socks, or where you will get your just deserts.

Our Daily Horoscopes during this transit will also offer multiple ways to point you to exactly what house in your chart Jupiter retrograde will impact the most. It’s all about lessons learned, and the grand time out, and we all have to take these tests of karma. Nobody is immune.

What unexpected luck are you hoping for during Jupiter retrograde?

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Romance and intimacy are important parts of our lives. We could be starting out in a relationship which is exciting and fresh; we could be in a relationship or marriage where the romance has fizzled out; we could be single and looking for ‘the one’ – so many scenarios that express just how much of an impact this area of life has on our own.

So, it can be very handy knowing which crystals are best for intimacy and romance. This can be especially helpful to know if we are looking to spice up our relationships. Often, the best crystals in this area are orange and red in colour as they represent sensuality and passion. These are also fittingly the colours of the Sacral and Root chakras.

We may want a little more adventure and excitement, but this can be tricky when other aspects of life get in the way. The following crystals can help open up our sensual sides, as well as attract new love into our life.

Orange Carnelian

The orange carnelian crystal is particularly good for women as it brings vitality back to a woman’s sexual organs. It helps to bring “sex back to life” so to speak; if other duties in life have been weighing heavily on you, so much that even the idea of sex has become a chore, then orange carnelian can help bring back that flame and passion that was once so enjoyable.

Smoky Quartz

This is a good crystal for people who may have hang-ups about sex that could involve guilt or distaste, sometimes stemming from experiences they had when they were younger. Smoky quartz helps people realize that sex is healthy and normal, and not something to be ashamed of. Wearing this crystal can help boost confidence in one’s sex life so that inhibitions or lack of confidence do not hold them back.

Red Jasper

Red jasper is a powerful crystal for strengthening the libido and keeping things passionate and exciting all night long! It is a creative stone that encourages its wearer to have fun and enjoy the sensual, physical nature of the human body. It inspires confidence and vitality, helping to bring adventure and excitement to a relationship that may have become mundane or dull. It is a powerful stone for boosting one’s own personal beliefs about sex and driving them into a healthy, fulfilling direction.

Rose Quartz

An excellent crystal for love in all forms. This romantic stone helps promote trust and love between two people, clearing away any blockages that may cause mistrust, anger, resentment or bitterness towards the other person. Rose quartz helps promote innocence in a relationship and exemplifies ‘young love,’ and reigniting young love even in old relationships. It also promotes self-love and encourages a sense of worth and confidence in people who lack love for themselves.

Pink Topaz

Also known as the ‘soulmate crystal,’ pink topaz is particularly potent for attracting your soulmate. If you are single or dissatisfied, wearing or carrying a piece of pink topaz can help attract your soulmate to you. They may not always be the person you expected, but they will be the one who is right for you. This crystal helps send vibrations out to bring your other half closer to you.

How to Use Crystals

One of the best ways to use crystals for love and intimacy is to place them under your pillow (where all the action usually takes place!) This can help re-energize you all night and keep the fire burning bright!

Another way to do so is to place them directly over your body so you can awaken your chakras that are linked to love and sexuality (like the Sacral and Heart chakras). It is beneficial to do this several times a day at first until you start to notice a difference in increased sexual appetite.

Alternatively, the crystals that are able to get wet could benefit you in the form of an intimate bath! Placing the crystals in water can help you soak up their energies – even better if you can do it with your partner!

Concluding Thoughts…

There’s no denying that no one is an expert when it comes to romance and intimacy. This area is so vast, complex and different for everyone, with different people requiring different needs and holding different beliefs, that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ way of doing things. What these crystals can do, however, is help assist you in your own unique and individual way so that you can have a happy, fulfilling romantic and sexual life.

As with all things that crystals are involved in, do what feels right for you and then let the crystals work their magic!

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