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Astrology today provides much insight into our personalities, careers, and relationships. You may be familiar with your zodiac sign, which refers to astrology and is determined by birth, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your birth chart is divided into 12 houses, each of which contains a zodiac sign. Relationships fall under the 7th house, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and Libra, a sign that determines partnerships and compatibility.

First of all, let me explain what the term house means.

The birth chart is divided into 12 houses, and each house contains a zodiac sign. Today we are looking at relationships in your life, which falls in the 7th house. The reason the 7th house is linked to relationships is because this house is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and Libra, a sign ruled by Venus. Libra is about partnerships and getting along with others.

How do you find out which sign is in your 7th house? It’s in your birth chart, which is not hard to get. A simple search of the Internet will provide you with multiple websites that will draw up your birth chart for you! The only caveat is that you will need to know your exact time of birth. This is because it’s important to know which planets were in which signs at the exact moment you were born.

Once you know which sign is in your 7th house, we are going to help you decode how to interpret your relationships. You’ll be able to understand the qualities you look for in your relationships, and why you’re attracted to certain people and not to others. You will be surprised at how accurately it decodes your own attractions!

Astrology Today: Signs in the 7th House

Aries – You will be attracted to doers, those with leadership abilities and those that speak their minds. Those with fierce independence often become your muse.

Taurus – You will look to see if someone takes care of their home and sticks to things long-term. You will also want someone who doesn’t frequently change their mind and isn’t easily swayed by the opinions of others.

Gemini – You’ll want someone with a playful, childlike wonder for the world. Those who have an itch to travel and discover mysteries of other cultures will likely pique your interest.

Cancer – You will want a cuddle bug and someone who values close bonds with people. You’ll seek someone who is nurturing and caring, in touch with their feelings.

Leo – You’ll be drawn to leaders and charismatic people. Those that seem to be a magnet for attention will interest you and light your fire.

Virgo – You seek someone who is orderly and considerate. You probably do not go after the typical ‘bad boy’ or ‘bad girl’ personalities depicted in films, but rather someone with a more stable personality and predictable kind demeanour.

Libra – You seek someone who is eternally optimistic and outgoing. You probably don’t like people who are reclusive and don’t make friends easily. You admire those who live for a cause and are habitually loving.

Scorpio – You find depth and mystery intriguing. You look for those who are wounded; not to heal them, but to understand the root of their pain. You get along with those who embrace their sexual side. You appreciate vulnerability and deep conversation.

Sagittarius – You crave someone who sees the big picture and wants to help the planet, explore the edges of the continents, or bring new ideas to the world. You seek those who are optimistic and not morose about life.

Capricorn – You are turned off by those without a plan. You find security in those who stick to their budget, are entrepreneurial, and not overly emotional when making decisions. You are attracted to practicality and leadership qualities.

Aquarius – You love someone who will sacrifice a normal life for something greater than themselves. You’re intrigued by someone who makes friends everywhere they go. You’re probably interested in writers, artists, or other similar visionary-type people, and not people who live for the moment.

Pisces – You’re attracted to artsy types who always follow their hearts and aren’t afraid of delving deep into their emotions. Those who love to look at life through a unique colourful lens will probably steal your heart.


Just viewing astrological compatibility based on sun sign is really limiting and often times not accurate. It also explains why you can be completely turned off by one Gemini but then wildly attracted to another.

Relationships don’t stop with your romantic partnerships either. Astrology today helps explain the qualities you admire in people as well as the qualities you dislike. You can see how you’re usually drawn to be friends with the same qualities you admire based on your 7th house. The 7th house is the house of marriage, but we are all quite aware that work is often a second marriage. We often choose platonic, non-romantic partnerships with just as much scrutiny, considering we can very easily spend more time with a “work wife” than the person we are actually married to, right? If you can’t communicate and relate to someone you spend 40 hours a week or more with, chances are you’re not going to be a happy camper.

Understanding astrology today can help you in the long run when choosing partners and jobs. In order to look past the allure of a big paycheck or a very physically attractive person, you can look to the 7th house to see if there is long-term satisfaction on the table. Doing this is getting real with who you are and who you’re going to jive with. We aren’t all wired to speak the same language, even though English words are coming out of our mouths. Goals and life views we want to see in others are revealed through the helpful tool of the 7th house and how we interpret astrology today.

For more about the 7th house, check out this article, Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The 7th House.

Understanding your 7th house in relation to someone else’s can be very helpful in unlocking the often elusive reasons why some relationships fail and others seem to fit so seamlessly. You might be surprised at the type of person you’re astrologically compatible with!

Discover more about zodiac compatibility with Astrology Answers!

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Do you have an energy vampire in your life?

We’ve all had people in our lives, whether family, friends, or colleagues, that are a drain on our energy. In some circumstances, we are able to distance ourselves from these people who seem to take and take, giving nothing in return.

You might find yourself asking exactly what an energy vampire is, and it’s eerily similar to how it sounds. An energy vampire, also known as a psychic vampire, is essentially anyone who feeds off of the energy of others, either knowingly or subconsciously.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the option of removing these people from our lives. For instance, you may have a demanding boss that seems to wear down on your psychic shield.

Your psychic shield is what protects you from negative and draining energies, and gives you the strength and intuition to defer hostile vibrations. But, when you’ve been around someone who’s wearing you down for a while, your psychic shield can weaken, allowing the vampire (and anyone else, for that matter) to get under your skin and into your head.

Fortunately, there are useful metaphysical tools you can use to keep your shield fortified and strong, adding a protective barrier between psychic vampires and your field of energy.

Crystals are an outstanding tool for battling many of life’s challenges, as well manifesting the things you want out of life. Crystals have many different purposes, and each crystal holds a unique charge of energy that can assist you in different ways along your journey. Many of these crystals have protective qualities that build your immunity to the negative energies of those around you.

Read on to discover the best gemstones and crystals for strengthening your psychic shield!

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for protecting yourself from unintentionally negative energies. While this stone may not protect you from those who wish to do you harm, it will protect you from those who do not realize they are getting to you. This stone acts as a goalie for the mind, rejecting harmful energies and providing a barrier for those frequencies that tend to bring us down. This crystal’s bad-to-the-bone forcefield extends to your aura, blocking bad vibes and allowing you to remain positive in the face of negativity.


If you do happen to find yourself in a situation where someone is actively trying to drain your energy or harm you, fluorite can assist you in avoiding the effects of such harm by protecting your energetic identity. This stone essentially provides invisibility for your aura, so that any negative energy heading toward you will have a difficult time finding you. This may seem silly, but there are some dangerous people and energies in the world that we must be aware of and protect ourselves from, and fluorite works swimmingly well for this type of protection.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz may not be the first crystal one thinks of when speaking of protection, but it has a unique effect that will help you in unexpected ways. Rose quartz helps you build up your self-confidence and self-assurance so that when people throw those negative curve-balls your way, you can easily deflect them. This stone reminds you to be gentler with yourself and practice self-love as often as possible. It’s incredibly difficult to remain strong and centered in the face of energy vampires when we aren’t telling ourselves that we are worthy of love and respect. You are awesome, and rose quartz will ensure you never forget it!


Garnet is another stone that assists against energy vampires in an unusual way. This stone is typically a deep, crimson hue that is reminiscent of the blood coursing through our veins. This stone actually boosts your energy when you’ve been drained, giving you a little extra pep in your step when you need it most. The other interesting feature of garnet is that it actually deflects the intentions of negative energies. While protected by garnet, anyone attempting to drain your energy will actually drain the energy of the stone itself, leaving your psychic shield strong and impenetrable.

Life can be hard enough without having to worry about keeping your aura safe and protected from harmful energies around you. These crystals may not protect you from every negative aspect or person in life, but they will certainly assist you in keeping yourself and your energy safer in this world.

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Happy Birthday, Geminis!

The Sun entered Gemini on May 21st and will remain there until June 21st, meaning you Geminis have birthdays this month – and we’re here to help you celebrate!

Geminis have a youthful energy, a playful spirit and a quick wit – they bring a little sparkle into our lives. Whether you are an energetic Gemini looking for exciting ideas, or you want to honor the special Gemini in your life, this is the ultimate Gemini Birthday Guide.

What Makes Gemini So Special

Before we dive into the best celebration ideas for a Gemini birthday, let’s take a moment to talk about what makes Geminis so cool.

Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, and it can be quite the trickster. (We’re looking at you, Mercury retrograde.) This aspect of Mercury can trickle into the Gemini personality, making them mischievous and leading to pranks and shenanigans.

Yet, Mercury’s influence is also responsible for the intellectual, communicative aspect of the Gemini psyche. You have a way with words and a sharp mind, making you a great problem solver. You are also adept at sharing your ideas, with a natural social ability.

Geminis are known as the Twin sign, and their personality can often possess a certain duality. You might feel as though there are two versions of yourself and struggle to find the balance between them. Your deep thoughts can sometimes cause a shift from your social, energetic self to a more serious, even sombre mood. While this can be frustrating, learning to embrace your thoughtful nature will help you adjust to darker moods or feelings.

Like Libra and Aquarius, Geminis are an Air sign – the element associated with curiosity, communication, intellect and analyzation. You are likely an overthinker, attempting to process every bit of data and information that crosses your path, which sometimes leads to indecision.

Other positive Gemini traits are creativity, a cheerful disposition, adaptability, a gentle nature, compassion and a free spirit. Like all signs, Geminis also have negative qualities, which include nervousness, moodiness, inconsistency and restlessness.

Celebrate Yourself

Whether you have a big party planned or you’re planning on going low-key this year, you should still take some time for a special celebration with yourself.

1. Create a New Journal

Try harnessing your creativity and thoughtful nature by starting a new journal, like this beautiful Sacred Rune Journal. Journaling is an excellent activity for expressing yourself and your emotions in whatever manner you like. You can write poetry, stream-of-consciousness entries or even doodle when you’re feeling restless. You might start the journal with a birthday note to yourself and a comprehensive guide to who you are right now, including your favorite books, TV shows, movies, music, current jobs and relationships and goals for the next year.

2. Go on an Adventure

Take a day to plan out and go on a new adventure, perhaps to a city you’ve never been to before or part of your own town that you have yet to explore. Head to a museum you haven’t visited or an art gallery opening. Pack a lunch and go on a hike through a serene trail. Geminis love new and spontaneous experiences, and the act of analyzing new terrain will delight your senses. You might choose to meander around and traverse the new territory on your own – free to take it all in – or bring some friends with you. You’ll feel invigorated by the experience of newness and the sensation of exploration.

3. Take a Class

Geminis also love learning new things, and stimulating your mind is an excellent way to celebrate your cerebral self. Maybe there’s a cooking class you’ve always wanted to take, or perhaps you’re more into physical activities like yoga, belly dancing or martial arts. If taking an academic class from your local community college sounds like fun, sign up. Expanding your mind can be an especially gratifying activity for intellectual Gemini.

4. Paint a Self-Portrait

Break out the art supplies, grab yourself a big canvas and try to capture yourself creatively. Self-expression is a healthy and fun way to center yourself and reduce stress – so don’t overthink it. Have fun with colors and textures, perhaps playing with mediums and mixing in magazine clippings or pretty pictures that you enjoy. Incorporate the things you love and what you love about yourself.

5. See Live Music

Your adventurous nature means that you’ve probably seen plenty of concerts and attended a music festival or two. Your birthday is an excellent time to not only celebrate yourself but your love of music. See if there’s a local indie band playing that you’d like to see, or you might even get yourself tickets for an upcoming show that you just can’t miss.

6. Bring the Spa to You

A trip to the spa can be expensive – but bringing the spa to you is not only a great way to save money, it can be even more fun to feel pampered in the comfort of your own home. Gather a few items from your local grocery store, like cucumbers – for cucumber water and those refreshing slices that go over your eyes – and sparkling water. Most floral shops sell relatively inexpensive rose petals, which make for a delightful soaking experience in the tub. Drug stores typically sell sample and travel sizes of luxurious bath and beauty products, such as facial masks and body scrubs. Give yourself a manicure and a pedicure, perhaps alongside a nice glass of wine, and spend the day treating your body and soul.

7. Spend Time in Nature

Spending time connecting to nature can leave us feeling refreshed and replenished, and your birthday is an excellent time to take in the world around you and thank Mother Nature for her gifts. You might head to your local park or nature preserve – take advantage of the landscape around you.

8. Read a Book

While this may not initially seem as exciting as some of the other activities on this list, Geminis love learning and expanding their minds – and our busy, technologically-driven lives often mean that we don’t spend as much time reading as we’d like to. Get that book you’ve had on your wishlist for months or pick up that novel you’ve had and been meaning to read for years, take a few hours to cozy up with a delicious beverage and some comfy pajamas, and dive in.

9. Go Shopping!

You might not have a lot to spend, but you deserve to get yourself a birthday treat if you can – and shopping can be about much more than spending money. Invite your girlfriends along for the ride or pop your headphones in and enjoy the added bonus of people watching, and taking in the sights, sounds and smells of baking pretzels and cinnamon buns. Head to your local thrift store and keep your eye out for an unexpected score – Geminis are notoriously lucky when it comes to finding awesome second-hand items. Or check out the local shops downtown that might have unique treasures.

10. Indulge in Your Guilty Pleasure

We all have our guilty pleasures. Whether you enjoy reading tabloid magazines, eating red velvet cake or playing video games in your pajamas, allow yourself the chance to indulge in them today. Don’t let anyone guilt you or make you feel bad. If you want to spend 5 hours watching re-runs of your favorite reality TV show, you do it with pride. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or anyone else, give yourself the opportunity to really enjoy your day and how you choose to spend it.

Even if what you really want to do didn’t appear in this guide, hopefully it inspires you to celebrate yourself and your unique, exciting personality. What you choose to do on your birthday is up to you – but remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!

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Hang on, everyone, because 2019 offers us three squares between the planets Jupiter and Neptune!

A square is a tense aspect created by 2 planets making a 90-degree angle to each other from our perspective on Earth. Square aspects tend to bring resolution through some type of psychological conflict. If that doesn’t mean anything to you yet, hold on, we are going to break it down for you so you know how to use this energy to expand and trim the fat in your psychological budget.

We saw a similar square on January 13th, and will experience it again September 21st. This square is like the pre-game to this Summer’s eclipse season, which we know will always bring major change. Let’s look at the energy of both of these planets so we know what area of our psyche is likely to be amplified on June 16th so we can use the energy to evolve instead of just feeling odd and out-of-sorts.

When you start learning astrology, your first question is usually what’s my horoscope for today? As you get a deeper understanding of the astrology signs and planetary movements, you can start to see the larger themes that influence you in a month, a year, or a decade which can relieve the emotional stress that occurs in each of us underneath the surface. In the case of a major square like this, it can lead to a bit of an existential crisis for those unaware of its energetic pressure. However, gifts of personal growth await those who study astrology and consult the stars for understanding.

Jupiter: The Planet of Luck & Fortune

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, staying in one sign for 12-13 months. It represents an expansion of the self and is known as Zeus, king of the gods. This time it’s in the sign of Sagittarius which is the most evolved consciousness of the zodiac and will bring to light the spiritual truths within us that guide our deepest motivations and views. At this time we may approach our lives from a more spiritual angle and align our goals with ‘the big picture.’ Being in retrograde means we are able to see our blocks to personal expansion instead of actually moving forward. We assess and evaluate our approach to success when the planet is retrograde.

That may mean we leave the habits, people or places that don’t support our vision for a better future for humanity. This is some deep stuff and it’s not an easy matter. We will all feel it because Jupiter is such a big planet, it can’t be ignored. We may find a plan for our career that is more aligned with our core beliefs comes to light. We may also experience a crisis that wakes us up to the need to do just that.

Neptune: The Planet of Dreams & Illusion

The expansive energy of Neptune in Pisces can lead us to live in our imagination and we can get caught up in fantasies or escapism. Neptune takes 16 years to pass through one zodiac sign. Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces and Neptune is linked to our dreams, intuition and spiritual consciousness. Because of the square aspect between Jupiter and Neptune, you can expect to snap back to reality but also feel pulled out of it. It may be like sitting on the edge of a cliff feeling pulled in both directions, towards the spirit, and towards the real world. It’s a dance that can feel a bit disconcerting for sure.

You may feel like jumping head-first into your spiritual life or look for emotional comfort in a spiritual community. You may also find disappointment when some spiritual leaders are exposed for their human traits that burst the illusion we can project onto them as our redeeming saviour. In a positive light, the wake-up call can make us look to ourselves for meaning instead of clinging to others co-dependently. When we look within, we can find deeper truths because we sense with the third eye and not with the eyes.

Key Themes for Jupiter Square Neptune:

Beware of substances seducing your emotionally vulnerable state.

Be wary of strong personalities seeking enablers who invite you to try strange drugs that promise answers to your deepest questions. The temptation may even come from those who you look up to so keep a watchful eye.

Keep an eye in the news for corruption scandals in religious establishments.

There is a shaking up of spiritual traditions to clean the chimney of the ethical soot at this time, so to speak. You may hear of abuse allegations in the news or even in your spiritual community. Don’t let it turn you off to spirituality entirely.

Expand your mind, but not to the point of delusion.

We may have some experiences where others question our beliefs or conversations that run in circles about the meaning of life. Take these moments of inner stress over the nature of your soul with a sense of lightness and take time to just not think at all so you don’t become overwhelmed. We are digging up questions to shed the old paradigms but things can get a bit uncomfortable in the process because we are throwing out dried up roots within group consciousness.

Prepare for change because both Jupiter and Neptune are in Mutable signs.

Yes, you can expect changes to occur in yourself, your life, your group of friends, relationships, and job in the coming months. This may be a tipping point or initiate a change process. Keep your sights on what can help others and not selfish pursuits so you get the energy that will ride you to a state of fulfillment and not another painful cycle of a karmic lesson.

Closing Thoughts…

As always, keep an eye on all the major planetary aspects of the day rather than just honing in on one. This allows us to get a feel for the biggest energetic themes blasting our group psyche. We have a Full Moon on June 17 in the sign of Sagittarius, which also brings a very expansive energy. People (including you!) may be really elated, grandiose, and philosophical at this time.

To see how June 16th will be for you, make sure to check out your free daily horoscope right here. It’s helpful to be aware of the planetary movements of the week by reading the weekly horoscopes as well. We also have the summer solstice coming up on the coattails of all this, which is always a spiritual time, so get ready for your drum circles, your goddess gatherings and your Tarot readings folks!

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The 2019 Summer Solstice is now officially upon us, and it’s go-time for all of those big ideas and infused positive energy vibes.

Hours of planning go into gardening, travel plans, family schedules, reunions, weddings, and then the major plans of just vegging on those lazy and hazy days. And, with the Summer Solstice comes an energy of excitement, inspiration, and hope!

We want to ensure that we enjoy ourselves this Summer to the best of our abilities, and we want to use up this exciting energy in a productive way. Did you know that you can do this without just wishing and hoping that it happens? Put this Summer Solstice 2019 checklist to memory, and you are one step closer to another amazing Summer.

What is the Summer Solstice?

The Summer Solstice occurs when the Cardinal sign of the Water signs, Cancer, launches the Summer season when the Sun enters Cancer. This is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

Dawn will begin to arrive earlier every day, and after June 21, 2019, the days will get a little bit shorter by a few minutes. That will mean less Sunlight in the day than we have right now as we inch closer to Fall and Winter once again.

The word “solstice” itself comes from the Latin and literally means ‘the Sun stands still.’

It is a moment marked by the statues we call Stonehenge. During this moment when the Sun appears to stand still, we see the Sun rising dead center between the Heel Stone and Altar Stone of Stonehenge. There is such a thing as a Manhattan Solstice as well, where the Sun appears to stand directly still at the end of Wall Street.

Simply put, the Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, or the day where we get the most light from the Sun. It also marks a time of new beginnings, as Cardinal sign Cancer gets some love. It’s time to start taking spiritual stock of our lives and decide what new beginnings that we want.

The Summer Solstice & Cardinal Cancer

When the Sun enters a Cardinal sign, it is crossing an invisible line on the Earth we call the Tropics. For Winter, the Sun is crossing the Tropic of Capricorn for example. In the Summer, the Sun is directly above the Tropic of Cancer, and this point of the year is the highest the Sun ever gets. Hence, Summer.

This isn’t the hottest day of the year, as that usually doesn’t arrive for a month or two. The reason for that is because the water that the Sun is heating takes some time to heat up in Summer, and cool down in Winter. Because of climate change, we experience more heat in Summer and more frigid temperatures in Winter.

The temperature in your daily weather gets warmer and warmer as the oceans, which make up most of the surface of the Earth, get warmer as well. When they retain that heat, it feels muggy, and in some climates, you can feel that damp muggy energy in the air. It takes about six weeks for the Earth’s water to warm up to a point that it can start releasing that temperature in the form of rain, or even snow several months later when the oceans cool down.

This science lesson on the Summer Solstice helps us to understand how this time in our year can be an exciting time of new beginnings.

What do you want to warm up to in your life as this season kicks off? Cross off everything on your bucket list this Summer with this Summer Solstice 2019 checklist.

Summer Solstice 2019 Checklist

There are a lot of emotions floating around when the Summer Solstice kicks off. This is because the Summer begins when the Sun enters the emotional Cardinal sign of the Water signs, Cancer. And Cancer is ruled by the Moon, another emotional watery body like the Earth. So emotions are swirling, and Cardinal sign leadership energy is kicking in.

We want to make change and we mean it. But sometimes those emotions get us carried away, and we overreact or under-react in situations and it all blows up in our faces. It won’t this year, as long as you are using this Summer Solstice 2019 checklist.

1. Connect with nature.

There is no better way to feel at peace as the Summer Solstice arrives. In many guided meditations you are inspired to go to your “happy place.” Make an actual happy place for yourself this Summer.

It might be a bench at the park in front of a water fountain, a cozy spot on a private beach, or just a haven in your backyard that you can escape to while dinner is cooking and nobody will bother you.

As the old Natasha Bedingfield song ‘Unwritten’ goes, “live your life with arms wide open.” Feel the wind on your face. Smell the actual roses. Close your eyes in your nature spot and connect with the energies that are arriving. Don’t think of anything but relaxing, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Just enjoy the world and the sensations that are coming to you.

Do this 15 minutes a day this summer and it will be the best Summer Solstice ritual you’ve ever made, that keeps giving all season long.

2. Know your goals, write them down.

If you want to be successful, you need to have a plan. Just wishing for it isn’t enough. But you will have more inspiration in the summer months to reach those goals. So when you are inspired this season, and we know you will be, write those goals down.

Cancer is a very creative soul and uses feelings to create. Water signs are typically emotional, but also intuitive. If you aren’t sure of what your goals are, spend some time near water and just think about it. Write down whatever comes to you.

That Water element can be anything from an actual beach to enjoy, or simply putting a diffuser in your bedroom and contemplating on life for a few minutes as you enjoy that relaxing sensation of water bubbling and giving back into the world.

Know your goals, write them down, or they will never happen. Period.

3. Family matters matter.

It is no coincidence that we see more of our families during the Summer months. Everybody is going on vacation and connecting with people they only see a few times a year. Family might be coming to you, or you may be going to family this year.

There is of course also the obligatory gaggle of family events in the Summer – church picnics, weddings, bridal showers, graduations, Stag and Does, and a multitude of other such awkward encounters with family members you barely know.

Attend these things with a different spirit this year. Go into these things feeling grateful for the family you have to visit and connect with, and open your heart to them. You will be amazed at the results. Don’t be awkward, it’s family.

As the fourth zodiac sign, Cancer rules the fourth house of roots and foundations, which is your family and home house. It is no coincidence that the Universe is sending you family things to deal with. Embrace them. Follow your true Self. Be authentic.

These folks may not be for you. Sometimes family just isn’t. But you have to give it the old college try first. Then you make your decisions, and sometimes you make cuts.

That’s okay, as long as you are following your authentic self. Remember that everything you experience this year is happening for a reason.

4. Use Fire rituals to spark your inner flame.

Because there is so much Sun in the world now, and the Sun is a fiery star in the sky, many Summer solstice rituals include Fire rituals. Try this yourself. Use Fire to light your inner inspiration.

This is not only an ancient ritual, but one still celebrated today in certain Eastern parts of Europe. Light a Fire and invite friends to join you to dance around it or just enjoy yourselves as you usher in the longest day of light. In some of these rituals they even play drums and literally dance to the beat of their own drummer.

It’s time to discover that inner child. As one of the four elements of the zodiac, Fire has a way of tapping into that side of you. Get in that vibration and just dance to celebrate the Summer Solstice. You may find a wave of enlightenment or creativity along the way.

Follow that.

5. Create a Yin/Yang plan.

The Sun and the Moon are luminary components of the solar system and in our daily lives, astrologically speaking. We use these components first when forming your Daily and Weekly Horoscopes. The Sun and the Moon balance each other.

In Chinese Astrology, that balance is known as Yin/Yang, and is a balance of feminine and masculine energies in our lives. The Sun is in compassionate and emotional Cancer now. Use this energy to create an action plan about where you can be more feminine in your life, whether you are male or female.

Ask yourself – In what situation or life experience can I be more gentle? More intuitive and empathic? More kind? This is the Yang of life.

Then ask yourself the same question about masculine energy, which is the Yin of life.

Where can you bring more aggressive energy in your life? Do you have a dream but just aren’t pursuing it? Maybe it’s time to bring warrior energy to something in your life. What is that? It may not even be warrior energy, but you may want to ask yourself where you can bring more rational or pragmatic energy into your life.

What area of your life needs to be nurtured into growth and progress as a Mama Bear does to her cubs? Where can you bring more Mama Bear into your life? That is your Yang.

Your Yin is where you can bring actionable energy that is decisive and thorough. What area of your life needs to make a big decision without an emotional attachment? Lead with your head but take your heart with you.

When you have that plan, you are ready to launch Summer before it even arrives. Wanting to have a great Summer is, well, great. But knowing exactly how great you want it to be is even better.

Concluding Thoughts…

The Summer Solstice has arrived at last! It is the longest day of the year which means it’s the day we have the most Sun all year long. When the Sun enters Cardinal Water sign Cancer, it is a time to celebrate.

Dance around a fire and rejoice in how far you have come, regardless of what work you have yet to do. But find the time to connect with nature, and develop a Yin and Yang plan.

Share your dreams and even your sorrows with your family, or just connect with your roots and your legacy in a way that fulfills your soul to its core. Let that inner child free once in a while. It’s a healthy dose of self-care all in itself.

Shine, baby, shine. How are you celebrating the Summer Solstice?

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Neptune, in mythology, is the God of the Sea – reigning over the ocean’s waves and tides and every creature within its majestic body of water. In the zodiac, Neptune is the planet that rules over Pisces and represents dreams, psychic abilities and receptivity, illusion, mystery, confusion, spirituality and inspiration, among other things.

On June 21st, Neptune goes retrograde in its home sign of Pisces until November 27th. A planet is considered retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards from our vantage point here on Earth, however this is merely an illusion. The shifting energies brought with a planet’s retrograde cycle, however, are real and palpable.

Neptune’s Mysterious Effect

To really understand what a Neptune retrograde cycle represents and how it will affect you, it is helpful to look at how Neptune interacts with and influences our lives.

Neptune correlates with the dreamy, illusory and magical aspects of our lives: spirituality, creativity, mystical inklings. Neptune is the apex of subtlety, sometimes hiding its intentions in clues, dreams or clairvoyant visions. It is connected to your sense of intuition, and a strong sense of intuition is often necessary to clearly observe this planet’s intentions.

Neptune can act as a trickster, leading yours through a proverbial House of Mirrors. At once, Neptune might shed light on an otherwise murky situation and shroud other areas of your life in a confusing, mysterious fog. Neptune might encourage you to see the truth, but it can also make it easier to see what you’d prefer to see in certain situations – perhaps causing you to ignore things like red flags in a new relationship or job in favor of blind optimism.

The foggy, mysterious nature of Neptune can leave us open and vulnerable to deception and nearly eradicate any healthy boundaries we may have had. Neptune encourages us to put others before ourselves, and there is potential for losing ourselves altogether in someone else – someone who may not be good for us. If you’ve experienced or are currently experience a state of emotional exhaustion and feeling drained every day, there is a good chance that you’ve ignored your spiritual and emotional needs and put emphasis on someone else’s.

Neptune looks for the potential in everyone and pursues the ideal in every situation. While this can be a wonderful quality, it can also leave you feeling blindsided when you finally see things for what they really are.

Neptune in Retrograde

When Neptune goes retrograde, the illusory effect is reversed and the fog is effectively lifted. The situations we saw through Neptune’s slightly rose-colored glasses are now illuminated and shown for their true nature.

This transit shows us the truths about ourselves we might have kept hidden from our conscious minds as well. These realities can be frightening and upsetting to face head-on, but the process is necessary for growth.

Depending on how tightly you cling to the realities you’ve chosen to see – whether consciously or subconsciously – this aspect can make you feel like you’re getting your magic carpet ripped out from right under you.

Neptune retrograde can illuminate our relationships to others and to ourselves and show the gritty truth of these connections, whether we’re ready for it or not. While this process can seem scary, it’s entirely necessary for spiritual and emotional growth.

The Benefits of Neptune Retrograde

While viewing jobs or relationships in a new, perhaps unflattering light and realizing they may not serve you anymore can be overwhelming, this tough love from Neptune is truly a blessing in disguise. This transit promotes spiritual growth and personal development that wouldn’t be possible if you continued to cling to or endure situations, relationships or habits that no longer serve you.

This is an excellent time to pay attention to and record our dreams, as Neptune often sends its messages through the dream space. Break out your dream journal or create a new one and record your dreams each morning when you wake up. Neptune is likely to provide illuminating clarity within this realm.

Because this transit lasts for such a long time, its effects are more gradual and subtle than other retrograde transits, such as Mercury retrograde – which occurs in short, chaotic bursts. Neptune moves very slowly compared to some other planets and it spends 14 years in each sign of the zodiac. Therefore, for the several months that Neptune is retrograde, you can expect spiritual awakenings and an overall increase in experiences of a mystical nature.

This transit provides the perfect energy for use with metaphysical tools, such as Tarot cards, crystal healing and pendulum work. Your spiritual energy will thrive and flow during this time, and you’ll be more connected to the spiritual wisdom that emanates from these tools.

Meditation and yoga are encouraged during this time to help center yourself, increase intuition and alleviate any negative emotions associated with the changes this planetary transit brings.

Creativity will likely take on a spiritual essence, and you may feel that you’re connected with other realms or realities through your work. This is a great time to experiment with art forms and different mediums, paying attention to the content that naturally flows from your spirit at this time.

This can be a difficult time, especially if you are naturally resistant to change; but the benefits far outweigh the unpleasantness that you might experience. If you can center yourself and your spirit, prepare for the winds of change that accompany Neptune retrograde, and stay up to date on your daily horoscopes, you’ll move through the transitions fluidly, with grace, and most importantly, with gratitude.

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