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Dreams, especially for those who remember them, play a large role in our lives. They can be so vivid and feel so real that waking up to this reality can feel odd, almost as if our dream worlds are just as real as our waking world. Dreams have the potential to affect our waking moods and cause introspection and deep thought, especially when certain dreams seem to appear again and again.

What do they mean?

Some people may not be plagued by this question, of course. For many, dreams seem to be nothing more than a surreal reimagining of the events and thoughts of the recent past. Chances are that if you’re reading this, however, you question the meaning behind these dreams – especially the ones that just won’t seem to go away.

Recurring dreams can feel like a blessing or a curse, depending on their content. Sure, if you dream every night about living a luxurious life on your own private island, you’re probably not bothered by it – in fact, this would be a wonderful way to spend your sleeping hours. But due to the nature and origins of recurring dreams – which will be explained shortly – they are often representative of unresolved issues and feelings and typically manifest in more negative ways when we drift off into dreamland.

What Are Recurring Dreams, Exactly?

Recurring dreams are those separate dreams that contain a similar theme over a consistent period of time. The specific details may shift, the colors and characters might change, but the overall subject matter remains the same. They may seem nonsensical or you might understand what’s going on – everyone’s reaction to these dreams are bound to be different.

But one factor remains the same: Recurring dreams seem to linger in our waking thoughts more intensely than other dreams.

Why Do Recurring Dreams Happen?

Some psychologists believe that dreams act as a bridge between our conscious and subconscious selves. This connection can be extremely instrumental in providing resolutions for lingering psychological or emotional issues, whether they’re related to dysfunctional relationships, loss or abandonment or issues with self-esteem and beyond.

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed that recurrent dreams represent our unfulfilled desires, while his Swiss counterpart, Carl Jung, said of recurring dreams:

While it may be tempting to pinpoint the exact origin or even that inspires this dream, but that might prove emotionally exhausting or unnecessary. Your intuition can be one of the most useful assets when attempting to glean the meaning behind these recurring dreams or why they happen, because dreams are so inherently and intensely personal. It is nearly impossible for anyone to assert the ultimate meaning of recurring dreams, and there is likely some truth behind the claims of each psychoanalyst or psychologist that attempts to do so.

Part of the process of discovering the meanings and reasons behind your recurring dreams is attuning yourself to your intuition and listening to what the whispers of your spirit are trying to tell you.

Common Recurring Dreams & Their Potential Meanings


Dreaming of falling is a very common dream for many people. These dreams typically represent certain fears or anxieties, or a general sense of feeling out-of-control. Recurring dreams of falling can also indicate subconscious feelings of failure in some area of life.

Being Naked in Public

Have you ever dreamt that you’re in school or at work, surrounded by people, and fully nude? This dream seems to be one of the most ubiquitous dreams out there, and while it may seem like a funny concept while you’re awake, it can feel terrifying and embarrassing during your dream state. This common dream correlates with feelings of vulnerability and insecurity. It can also represent a push toward openness, perhaps with yourself or with others.

Being Chased

This recurring dream can feel more like a nightmare or even a night terror. While this dream is tied to anxiety, it is a specific kind of anxiety – the kind you experience when you have a deadline looming and you haven’t started your project. Being chased in your dreams represents an issue or issues that need your attention in real life, but which you are neglecting.


Dreams of dying or being close to death are horrifying when they’re happening, however, their underlying meaning is lighter and more benevolent than it may seem. In dreams, death typically represents change – either current or upcoming. Perhaps you sense subconsciously that things are about to transition for the better, but your conscious mind seems to ignore the upcoming positive changes. This dream might be urging you to look forward to the things ahead.

Digging Deep Into Your Dreams

There are many useful tools that can help you understand, recall and even control your dreams, such as dream journals and encyclopedias – check out our dream dictionary right here! A dream journal can be made out of any notebook or journal you like – simply write as much as you can remember of your dream as soon as you wake up. (The more you move around and become alert, the more the dream tends to fade away). As time goes on, this habit will become second nature and even help you remember your dreams more clearly.

A dream encyclopedia describes the meanings behind common and some uncommon dreamy themes. As you remember more of your dreams and learn about their meanings, and by tapping into your intuition, you’ll begin to understand what your sleeping spirit is trying to tell you.

No matter how you initially begin the project of digging deep into your recurring dream’s meanings, just remember not to ignore them. They are trying to tell you something, and simply rejecting their message will not make them go away.

Center yourself and learn to listen to the messages of your recurring dreams; the advice within might be exactly what you need to hear.

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Have you ever heard someone talk about their altar?

You do not have to be religious to have an altar and you don’t have to completely understand how they work to use one. We are here to inspire you to invite more positive energy into your home and life by making an altar and help you understand how to make a spiritual altar.

If you’re into intentional living and mindfulness, altars are one tool you don’t want to miss. When it comes to shifting your life and your energy to attract good things, an altar will help you do that. Let’s take a look at how having your own altar can deepen your spiritual practice and empower you to live a happy, prosperous life.

What is a Spiritual Altar?

An altar is a structure upon which significant items or “offerings” are placed for spiritual or religious purposes.

These offerings can be anything that holds significance to you or to your practice, including items like books, candles, incense, essential oils, plants, crystals, Tarot cards — essentially anything that has meaning to you and helps you connect to your intuition and activate your inner power.

Essentially, an altar is a point of reference for your mind, like a train station that takes you to a higher state of consciousness. Altars have been used throughout many different cultures and have stood the test of time. When seeking a feeling of emotional relief, strengthening your own resolve, or seeking guidance, you can use the physical objects on your altar to conjure the feelings you are trying to generate.

An altar can be small or big. Some people make multiple altars in their home or even assemble a small one at work. Basically, it is a collection of sacred or special items that help you find peace or focus on positive energy. No two altars are the same, but typically they are built on a table or shelf that is low enough to sit in front of while meditating.

Traditionally, altars were used to make offerings and receive blessings. While you don’t need to pray to any specific deity and certainly don’t need to make sacrifices, you can choose items that will connect you to certain streams of consciousness you’d like to invite into your life in any way you feel called to do so.

How To Make an Altar

First, know that there is no wrong way to make an altar.

To create an altar, all you need to know is what you want to bring into your life, whether it’s a physical thing, an experience, or an emotion. Perhaps you simply want to create a space for yourself to find balance or deepen your spiritual connection.

Essentially, you want to find objects that uplift you and help you feel connected to a sense of hope and love. When these objects are gathered and placed together, they create an energetic charging station for your soul.

If you’re sitting and scratching your head about how to build a spiritual altar, the best answer is to look within. Seriously! Close your eyes and relax to see what you feel called to place on your altar.

Maybe you’ll see a place in nature you can visit and collect a piece of nature from. Maybe you’ll see a picture of someone you want to place on your altar because they see the best in you or inspire you. Perhaps you’ll see a book your intuition is guiding you toward. There is no specific set-up for altars because what inspires each of us is unique to us. If you want some ideas though, here are some objects that you can infuse with intention or choose based on the properties they tend to help people find within themselves:

  • Plants or flowers have a soothing effect and connect us to nature.
  • Anything that has a scent you love like candles, incense, or essential oils can help induce deeper meditation.
  • Choose your favorite crystals to raise the energetic frequency of the space and to connect more deeply with your intuition. Crystals known to help ground spiritual energy (labradorite, blue kyanite) or known to have a very high frequency (moldavite, quartz) are great as well as protective crystals (black tourmaline, amethyst) that help transmute negative energy. Sometimes you’ll be drawn to a crystal that will help you heal without even knowing it’s properties.
  • Place important jewelry or meditation/mala beads on your altar when you aren’t wearing them to “charge” them with high-vibe energy. That way, when you wear them, you’ll feel extra powerful and connected.
  • Place your oracle or Tarot cards on the altar to remind you to use them and to represent the sacred connection they offer to your inner knowing. Perhaps you feel a connection to a specific card that you’d like to have displayed on your altar at all times.

How Do You Use an Altar?

An altar is not hard to make, but using it might seem elusive at first. Essentially, the most important thing you need to do when sitting down in front of your altar is to set a single, powerful intention.

It’s possible to set more than one intention for an altar, and to change your intention multiple times. Perhaps you’ll come to your altar with a different intention everytime, and that’s okay too The goal is to use your altar consistently as an anchor for your thoughts.

Let’s say you’re having trouble getting over someone. This is a universal experience that people find challenging. Your altar could help you shift your focus to channel that love energy towards a healthy outlet. Perhaps you choose a cause to focus your energy on or you plan to deepen your spiritual life with your efforts. Maybe you want to spend more of your time showing love and consideration to friends and family. All of those intentions will help you step into your healing and help you direct your thoughts to something positive.

Writing down your intention or your goal and placing it on your altar will send it out into the Universe. When you see your goal every time you sit in front of your altar or walk by it, it helps send those thoughts into the multidimensional Universe to activate the law of attraction. Many people light a candle to signify setting their intention in a strong and direct way.

You can even make an altar that will help you work on a specific chakra you’d like to activate, unblock, or balance by bringing in herbs, affirmations, artwork or symbols that represent that chakra. You can set your intention not just to help your emotions or manifest physical things in your life, but also to help strengthen intuition, connect to a spirit guide, or develop a spiritual skill like mediumship. There’s no right or wrong way to set an intention, but it will be most effective if you sit in front of your altar and use it to focus and connect to your spirit daily or even multiple times per day. Asking for guidance, asking for healing, and listening to your spirit will be facilitated by creating a sacred space to do so. Your altar is just for you and can help you find truth, connect to your own wisdom, and get to a place where you feel strong from within.

What Are You Waiting For?

Well, now you have the scoop on altars, but the really exciting part comes when you experience how powerful an altar truly is. When you realize the power of intention and how it can change your life, empower you to create emotions that charge you with magnetic energy and open to new streams of consciousness, you will grow to love your altar.

Perhaps there is a poem, a picture of a guru or figure you are inspired by, or even something that represents the person you want to become already in your home, waiting to be placed on your new altar. You don’t have to spend money to make an altar, just fill it with things that mean something to you and don’t worry about making it perfect. Connecting to spirit has always been free, just as the yogis have lived without material possessions or jobs for ages. Enlightenment is something that manifests only when we calm our minds and connect to our inner, higher selves.

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​For anyone who has been struggling in the career area of life, turning to the Tarot for help can be of enormous benefit and, in some cases, life-changing. It isn’t uncommon to wake up one morning (or on multiple mornings!) and feel thoroughly disheartened with your job, wondering what on earth you’re doing in it.

The choice, of course, lies with you. There are a multitude of reasons why we have to work in the career we’re currently in, but if a deep-seated unhappiness is growing bigger by the day then it may be time to take the plunge and look elsewhere.

The problem is, not everyone knows exactly what they want to do in life. Young and old suffer equally from this confusion, but this is where the Tarot can come in handy. Below is a Tarot card reading which can help you find a career that brings you everything you need, including the most important thing – happiness!

8-Card Career Change Tarot Spread:

So, let’s get straight down to business. Here is a spread that can provide valuable insight into which direction you want your career to go in, even if you have no idea about which area you want to move into. This is an 8-card spread, and however you lay it out is up to you.

  • Card 1: What am I passionate about?
  • Card 2: What are my strengths?
  • Card 3: What are my weaknesses?
  • Card 4: What motivates me?
  • Card 5: Course of action option 1
  • Card 6: Course of action option 2
  • Card 7: Course of action option 3
  • Card 8: Obstacles

Below are explanations for each card.

1) What am I passionate about?

This is the first card you’ll pull and it will tell you where your true passions lie. It’s OK if you don’t know – your subconscious knows, so trust it! (Remember, be open and relaxed throughout your reading; your intuition knows far more than it lets on at times.)

Example: If I pull the 5 of Wands, this would tell me I thrive in areas where there is competition, banter and being able to prove my worth through group-work. This also indicates a strong team-player attribute.

2) What are my strengths?

The second card will tell you where your strengths lie and help you focus on these strengths so as to choose the right career for you.

Example: If I pull the High Priestess, this tells me my strength lies in my intuition and ability to look beyond the obvious. It could indicate I may be good at detective work or something to do with psychology, such as counselling, where I am able to understand and intuit people’s emotions.

3) What are my weaknesses?

The third card shows what your weaknesses are and can give you greater insight into how they can be tackled, particularly if your conscious mind denies them. This can likewise help you choose the right career, as it can also show you what may be holding you back.

Example: If I pull the 4 of Cups, this may be an indication that I get bored easily and need constant stimulation. It gives a good indication of the type of job I need; this could be a job in the form of something ever-changing – for example, journalism.

4) What motivates me?

This shows where your true motivation lies and even you may be surprised to find the answer to this!

Example: If I pull the 10 of Wands, this would indicate that I am motivated by hard work and that I thrive when my schedule is jam-packed. This indicates I need something to keep me occupied and busy, something I find both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

5-7) Course of action?

For this, you pull three cards, which will provide you with some options regarding what action to take to get the job or career you want.

Example: If I pull the Queen of Wands, the 8 of Pentacles, and the Emperor, this would tell me that I should be sociable, ask around, indulge in social networking (Queen of Wands) and that I should persevere and keep going, even if it seems my efforts are in vain (8 of Pentacles). The Emperor could indicate a powerful man I could turn to who could help me or he could be referring to myself – he could even mean setting up my own business and going at it alone, and taking command of my own endeavors.

8) Obstacles

It’s always good to know what obstacles stand in the way of finding your dream career. For this, you pull one final card to let you know where the drawbacks are.

Example: If I pull the 7 of Cups, this would indicate I have a tendency to daydream too much – so much, that it is actually stopping me from manifesting my dreams into reality. I may be so caught up in the fantasy of my dream job that I have no idea how to bring it into the real-world. This can create a stagnant effect, where I’m stuck between reality and fantasy, unable to make progress because of it.

Concluding Thoughts…

Hopefully, this Tarot spread for career changes can help you make some big changes to your own, especially if you have been feeling dissatisfied with it. It can be difficult to challenge a way of life, particularly if you have been involved in it for a long time, but feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction are there for a reason.

Let the Tarot help you find a path to happiness and well-being through your career – and remember to stay open-minded and intuitive at all times in order to make it as easy for you as possible to understand which direction you wish to move in.

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It’s the most fabulous time of the year! Of course, that must mean Leo season!

Indeed it does. And it is no coincidence that Leo energy happens right smack dab in the middle of Summer energy in the Northern Hemisphere, and Winter energy in the Southern Hemisphere. In the North, Leo energy is infused into lazy, hazy days of Summer where the most common question of the day is: what can we do to have fun today? In the Southern Hemisphere, where Winter is in progress, days are shorter and a little drearier.

The entry of the Sun into Leo is a refreshing change to any potential Winter blahs on the other side of the world. The reason this energy is so refreshing and fabulous is that Leo is a Fixed Fire sign and is ruled by the Sun.

When the Sun enters Leo, fun enters the picture. You’ll have that magical spark that is intensified by the Sun in its ruling zodiac sign, and you’ll want to express that spark in magical ways. Don’t know how? That’s exactly what we are talking about today.

Read on to see 8 ways to live fabulously fierce when the Sun enters Leo, no matter what season you are in right now.

Sun in Leo Fabulosity Themes

When the Sun enters Leo, without even realizing why, we feel a little more free in our everyday comings and goings. This is the energy of the Sun shining on the gorgeously fabulous Leo, who loves passion, expression, fun, vibrancy, and also play, play, play. Leo isn’t always all about play, but even when it is, that play is productive.

We spend so much of the year doing work, work, work. And some signs, yes I’m talking to you, Capricorns, don’t know how to take a break. But, not taking that break, or any break, is unhealthy.

This is the time of the year when it’s very important to tap into that side of you that just wants to have fun. You can have fun and get your stuff done too. Or, take a break from your stuff, and just have even more fun. We call those holidays, vacations, and breaks.

Are those terms foreign to you? They shouldn’t be.

These themes of Leo come at this time of year for a reason. We have longer days to express our spiritual and mental acuities through play, and the Sun is shining on all of that.

So here are 8 ways to live fabulously fierce when the Sun enters Leo, and you want to take those 8 ways into the rest of your year.

1. Express Yourself

One thing we love about Leo is that they are bold like the lion they’re named for. They are not afraid to just say or do something when that little inner spark of theirs arrives.

Think of those moments at work and in play when you stop yourself from saying something. Don’t do that anymore.

Pitch that idea. Even complain or provide constructive feedback if you need to. This is not the time to be the silent easygoing party. Say something.

“You look amazing today!” or “Oh my gosh you smell so good, what IS that?” or, “Hey I have an idea that I think would work better with this client, it’s a little bit out there, what do you think?”

Say something. Or do something. Or wear something that expresses that inner lion.

2. Eat, Play, Love

This is a time of year when simple works best. We spend less time preparing gourmet meals for our families, for example, because hotdogs or a burger and some potato chips will work. Simplify your life, and be okay with that. Don’t have a guilt trip because you didn’t make filet mignon today. Burgers will do.

Do the same at work. Clear your desk and find easier ways of doing the things you normally do.

Leo likes to indulge. Their sandwiches are gourmet, their holidays are 5-star (in their heads), and they go big on everything.

Play is an important part of life. Time to simplify, so you can partake.

Go ahead and get extra cheese today on that sandwich. Go ahead and enjoy some sunshine on your work break. And do nothing else. Eat, play, love. That’s how Leos stay happy, and how you can be fabulously fierce right now.

Want to know something else? Enjoying life as big as you can is very attractive. Expect relationships to get a boost when you infuse this optimistic and generous spirit, with your Self, in your life.

3. Hakuna Matata

No troubles. Don’t sweat it.

Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase that literally means, “no problems.” That means, don’t sweat the small stuff. Move past it. Right now, the little things won’t become the big things.

The live-action remake of The Lion King is an amazing movie coming to life this Summer. Follow the themes of this movie. Put your family first, but don’t worry about the little stuff.

Obsessing about those little things means that you are taking time from just enjoying the journey that life is offering right now.

Hakuna Matata means no worries for the rest of your days. Just enjoy the journey today and every day for the next four weeks.

4. Be Bold

Leo is symbolized in the Tarot with the Strength card, a Major Arcana card that shows an angel taming a lion. Some folks might think a woman couldn’t tame a lion on her own. But both this card and Leo say, “watch me.”

And then, she does it. It’s time to tap into that inner strength that we all have and say, I can do this! Reach for the stars. Do the things you normally would not do.

Apply for jobs that seem out of reach, flirt with a crush that normally you would feel is out of your league, take on a project or battle that feels like it is too much.

Be bold. You are strong. We all have it. Tap into it. Time to show the world how fierce you are.

5. Be Happy

Along with the mantra of not worrying and not sweating the small stuff, fierce Leos are happy Leos. They are optimistic and generous with their happiness as well.

If you know a Leo, you know this. You laugh a lot around them. You feel good around them. Their joy is infectious.

You have that inner joy, even if you are struggling with something right now. Just find that optimistic place, and be happy.

6. Glam it Up

It’s no secret that Leos like the finer things in life. Not every Leo is wealthy tho. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring that bling when you put on that fling.

Glam it up. When you are going out to dinner, get pretty. Put some extra cologne on. Put on that dress or blouse that makes you grimace most of the year because it’s a little too… extra.

Now is the time to be extra. You can’t be fabulously fierce without being a little extra.

7. Do as the Royals Do

To be fabulous and fierce you have to go a little extra, play a little more, and enjoy the little indulgences in life. But you can’t be a diva.

Act like a diva and look like a diva, but do as the royals do. One shadow side of Leo is that they can get a little petulant when they don’t get their own way.

Don’t do that. Smile, and complain on the inside, or, with your insiders alone.

Leos are the Kings and Queens of the jungle. So it’s time to get on that throne and start ruling your life like you are that King or Queen.

But do so in a way that is not arrogant or petulant. Grace, elegance, and dignity, goes a long way now.

8. Get Your Saucy On

What is Leo without some love? And what is Summer without some Summer lovin’?

No matter what your relationship status or style is right now, it’s time to bring it to the fabulously fierce level.

Leo likes their shopping, so maybe you need to splurge a little bit. Amp up the lingerie drawer, and don’t be afraid to, you know… indulge in some toy store fun.

Time to bring out that playful part of your loving side, in a fun and carefree way that does not have any expectations. Get your saucy on, and do it in a way that tells your lover or partner, or crush, that you don’t care about the outcome, you just want to have fun.

We’ll leave it at that.

Concluding Thoughts…

When it comes to being fabulously fierce when the Sun enters Leo, it means it’s time to tap into that side of you that normally suppress. The Strength card in the Tarot embodies a little bit of that. The angel is taming the lion.

But this angel ain’t your average angel. She is sexy, saucy, beautiful, pure in her regal elegance, kind, and she is in control of her own outcome, even if she isn’t too worried about what that is right now.

Tap into that side of you, put a little bling on it, and bring out your inner King and Queen. Eat, play, and love like a Leo, and you’ll have people wondering if you are one.

How are you going to be fabulously fierce this Summer or Winter?

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Hello, friends!

Happy post-eclipse cycle! If you’ve made it this far in July relatively unscathed emotionally, give yourself a big gold star and a pat on the back. And if you are still dealing with some post-eclipse emotional energy, then know that this too shall soon pass.

We’ve just come out of one of the most intensely emotional Moon cycles of the year, and this eclipse cycle that has just passed with the New Moon in Cancer solar eclipse and the Full Moon in Capricorn lunar eclipse is a turning point in our summer. Or, in our Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

It’s not the last eclipse cycle this year, we’ll have another right around the Christmas holiday season. But this one was an important one as you ponder what your life goals are before you head into the last quarter of 2019.

You may have experienced relationship changes, job changes, home and family changes, or even just changes in communication styles or experiences. This eclipse cycle came with a Mercury retrograde, and that means that life has been wrinkly all around. But this week, the Sun shines on all of your activities in life in a very fun and exciting way. This week the Universe is cutting you a very big break. Very few major transits are on the agenda, and the Sun is changing signs and entering lovable Leo this week! That means that for the next four weeks, you are going to be feeling the good, good, good vibrations of the luxurious and fun-loving Leo!

That change happens early this week. On Tuesday, the Sun, the body that rules Leo, will enter the Fixed Fire sign of Leo, and you will get a little break from some of the heavy emotional stuff.

Just have fun. That is Leo’s mission. That mission can’t work 24/7, there’s life and responsibilities to deal with after all. But for the next four weeks of Summer, the Universe wants you to put fun first. You just never know what will happen next.

Enjoy the pleasure-seeking moments that Sun in Leo will offer you for the next few weeks, friends.

Planetary Locations During July 22 – July 28, 2019:

Sun: Cancer (June 20 – July 23, 2019); Leo (July 23 – August 23, 2019)

Mercury: Retrograde in Cancer (July 19 – August 1, 2019)

Venus: Cancer (July 3, 2019 – July 28, 2019)

Mars: Leo (July 1, 2019 – August 18, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (Until March 22, 2020); Retrograde: April 29, 2019 to September 17, 2019

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019 – August 19, 2021)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024); Retrograde: April 24, 2019 – October 2, 2019

Daily Snapshots for July 22 to July 28:

Monday, July 22

Sun: Cancer – Take the lead on nurturing love at home, and success follows everywhere else

Moon: Aries – That little spark of passion you have needs to be unleashed.

Tuesday, July 23

Sun: Leo – The Sun is shining on all that feels good and bold. Time to take charge of those hidden sparks of inspiration.

Moon: Aries

Wednesday, July 24

Sun: Leo

Moon: Taurus – The slow and steady race is the path to abundance.


  • Mercury in Cancer conjunct Venus in Cancer – Here we have communicator Mercury, still retrograde, in Cardinal Water sign Cancer, forming a sweet conjunction with lover Venus, also in Cancer. This is a sweet and loving transit, and you can expect some wonderful vibrations to arrive today. You can also expect some wonderful and loving inspirations and ideas, or you may see some communication or conversations take on a sweet and loving tone. This is a great day to have an important conversation in a relationship matter. Lead with love and kindness, empathy and compassion, and you will see a relationship head towards a brand new level. At the same time, in work, bold ideas that come from bright and kind inspirations work well as well. Follow that sweetheart of yours today, and love just happens.

Thursday, July 25

Sun: Leo

Moon: Taurus


  • Mars in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius – This is a high energy transit that is going to give you a high energy day, in an optimistic and loving kind of way. This is warrior Mars working favorably with lucky and optimistic Jupiter, and both planets are in Fire signs. Sparks and passions are high today. You are feeling driven towards something. You may not even know what, you just know that it feels good. The “feel good” part of your day is coming from lucky Jupiter, and the “I have to get or do this right now” part of your day is coming from aggressive Mars. This should be a good time in your day, but could lead to a temper tantrum if you don’t get what you want. Just don’t go there. Follow the good, and lucky Jupiter is going to award that impassioned drive of yours today.

Friday, July 26

Sun: Leo

Moon: Taurus

Saturday, July 27

Sun: Leo

Moon: Gemini – Follow your intuition, and your good angel, when making decisions.

Sunday, July 28

Sun: Leo

Moon: Gemini

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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The Universe is a mathematical phenomenon.

Numbers reveal patterns in the very fabric of reality that reveals how consciousness, events, and even weather behaves. The system of numerology is a fascinating look into what could very well be called ‘the Matrix.’ Numerology is an entirely different system than astrology and it is still highly informative and helpful for daily life.

One way to start to use numerology in your daily life is to know the number of the day. The global number of the day is a single-digit number that is different than the calendar day number. The numbers that mark the passage of time can all reveal portals of energy that we can tap into. What that means is that we can know what days are going to have certain types of energy so we can be prepared and use our energy efficiently.

For example, on a global day 2, you are going to get along well with others. It’s a great day for a first date, a business partnership meeting or catching up with an old friend. Alternatively, on a 7 day, it’s a good day to spend time in meditation and work on your soul.

Today, we will show you how to calculate the number of the day (don’t worry, it’s easy) and talk about the energy of each number.

How to Calculate the Numerology for Each Day

You will begin by adding the day and reducing it into a single digit. That means if it’s the 19th, you add 1 + 9 = 10, which then reduces to 1 + 0 = 1.

After you reduce the day of the month to a single digit, reduce the month to a single digit. For example, December is the 12th month, so 1 + 2 = 3.

Next, you’ll reduce the year to a single digit. So if you were adding 2019, it would be 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12, which reduces to 1 + 2 = 3.

You then add the three single-digit numbers. So, in this case, we would add 1 + 3 + 3 = 7. So the number for the day would be 7. If the number were a double-digit, you would again reduce it to a single digit.

The Energy of Each Number

  • Number 1

This is the energy of new beginnings and leadership. It is the beginning of a cycle whic

h means there may be a lack of experience. It can represent a basic understanding or a single-pointed focus. It also has an energy of independence and starting out on a new venture. There can be pride with this number as well.

  • Number 2

This energy is about balance and compromise. It is humble and helpful and looks for ways to support. This energy is about partnership and has a soothing effect. There is no ego in this energy but there is a sensitivity. We can learn from others with two energy. This is a reliable energy that doesn’t feel chaotic or intense.

  • Number 3

This is a dynamic energy that brings movement and change. It is all about creative ideas and new viewpoints. It is fun wild energy that is unpredictable. Expect plans to change and people to indulge more with this energy.

  • Number 4

This energy is all about work and practicality. It wants to get things done and enjoys crossing things off the list. This energy can be a bit stubborn but it also has a stick to your word vibe to it. Be careful not to work too hard with this energy and know it’s not the most creative.

  • Number 5

This is a bit of a restless energy. There will be a lack of focus but heightened curiosity. There can even be urges to travel or try something new. The energy is fun and dynamic but unpredictable and has trouble sticking to tasks. You can be open-minded with this energy and see a new viewpoint. Strange flavors or art may be more appealing under this energy.

  • Number 6

This energy looks for ways to help fix problems and it can lead people to say yes when they really should say no. There is a purity to this energy and it can cause underlying anxiousness. It is kind and helpful because of the two vibrations it holds and also a bit unsettled because of the three. It faces problems and debates the right and wrong of issues.

  • Number 7

This is energy that feels alien. It is a unique and spiritual energy that wants to see behind the actions to the reasons why people do things. It is deep and philosophical and can risk coming off as a know it all energy. It is certainly ‘black sheep’ energy where you may see how you are unique.

  • Number 8

This is a career-focused energy that combines the vibration of two and four. The two is about reflecting on how your actions affect others and finding balance in relationships while the four is about making progress and doing things that make sense. There is motivation with this energy to achieve greatness but there’s also an opportunity to learn about integrity.

  • Number 9

This number represents endings and the culmination of a cycle. Things must come to a close so new things can soon begin. Nine is spiritual energy and heightened vibration so you can expect more significant events. It carries the creative energy of three as well as the nurturing energy of six bringing ideas that are new and altruistic. Additionally, this can bring spiritual lessons and ask you to release old views to begin a new cycle in your life.

Closing Thoughts…

You’ll also want to know the year number which is simply calculated by reducing the year to a single digit. So for example 2019 becomes 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 which reduces to 1 + 2 = 3. The single digit of the year represents the theme of the energy for the entire year.

Just like astrology, you want to get a picture of the main influences and not just focus on one thing or you won’t have the full picture. If you don’t enjoy calculating the numerology for the day, you can use our free Daily Numerology Reading.

In addition to tracking the daily numbers, check out the energy based on the exact day of your birth. This can get very in-depth just like a natal chart but it’s best to start out with your life path number which is kind of like looking up your sun sign in astrology. Your life path number reveals hidden talents and strengths. It can even help you see areas of improvement to help yourself find balance. You can use our free life path number calculator and have fun with your friends looking up theirs as well! See what it reveals and you’ll be shocked at how well the numbers read you.

You can also look at the number of the month for the theme of the month. This is similar to how the Sun moves through a sign for 30 days and you can use the astrological information in conjunction with the numerology to see the different layers at play in human consciousness.

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Like the Crab itself, Cancer men are tough on the outside and vulnerable on the inside (learn more about the Cancer sign here).

When it comes to unfamiliar people, places or events, Cancer men are likely to retreat into the comfort of their own little world, shutting everyone — including close friends and family — out. This has led some to call Cancers distant and reserved, maybe even shy, but get him around his best buds or family, and he’ll surprise you with his emotional maturity and sentimentality.

Not quite as hot-and-cold as a Gemini Twin, a Cancer man does battle with the two main forces in his life: his emotions and hiding those emotions from others. This is why one moment you can be deep in conversation and the next moment he’s cracking jokes to avoid a tricky subject. Emotions rule the day for Cancer men, and he’s always trying to balance between showing too little and overwhelming everyone with too much. Some call this behavior mysterious, while others see a jumble of contradictions. But whether a Cancer is in one of his guarded or outgoing moments all has to do with what his emotions are telling him.

If you happen to cross a Cancer man, you may never hear the end of it. They’ve got long memories and never forget a slight. Also, they can hold grudges for what seems like forever. While you’ve long since moved on, Cancers can sit and stew, working themselves up into a frenzy to be unleashed during your next meet-up. So make sure you don’t leave any unresolved issues between you and a Cancer.

Positive Cancer Man Traits

A Cancer man is first and foremost loving and considerate. However, this is usually reserved for his family and close friends. To strangers, he may come off as cold and distant, but that’s just him protecting his emotions from dissection and negativity.

Cancers have high emotional intelligence, which may even tip into sentimentality and nostalgia, and they can even be chivalrous and polite in their behavior when the situation calls for it.

If you get to know a Cancer man, you will see that he’s passionate, sympathetic and affectionate, especially towards the ones he cares about. He loves building a home and protecting himself and his loved ones from the big, bad world out there. He craves security and comfort, and gives it in spades to those around him. He’s also patient and supportive, which is great for those that need a little reigning in.

Cancer men are also highly reflective, so he may still be overthinking that conversation from last week even if you’ve long moved on. But don’t worry. Cancer fluently speaks the language of emotions, even if it’s wrapped up in a bit of logic or a riddle to be solved. The answer is that Cancer men love to be needed, and what looks like an obsessive drive to drive you mad is more about fulfilling a sense of purpose and security. Moreover, his loyalty and devotion mean you don’t have to worry about keeping his attention at a get-together or party.

If this sign has you baffled, check out our Cancer daily horoscope to learn more.

Negative Cancer Male Characteristics

For all of Cancer’s positive traits, his compassion and consideration of others can sometimes come off as controlling or possessive, particularly at home. And because Cancers are deeply sensitive and have a protective nature, they’re easily wounded, moody and often deal with bouts of insecurity, which can put a damper on a night out of if he feels slighted or underappreciated. So whether your Cancer man is prone to fits of jealousy or he’s stuck holding a grudge, know that you won’t be able to reason with him — he’s got to work through the emotions on his own, and only then will he stabilize his mood.

A Cancer man is also guarded, a product of his social defense, so don’t expect a Cancer to open up right away. He might be cold, distant or lack expression, but that’s just on the outside. Give him some time and he’ll show you the support, compassion and love that he’s capable of. But if he’s uncomfortable, he may lash out with fear, especially if things seem to be changing a little too quickly around him. Cancers seek stability and consistency, and when those things are missing, he may be overcome with a longing for a time long past.

Cancer’s sense of home may also prove problematic when he prefers another cozy night in when you haven’t been out in weeks. That’s the fear rearing its ugly head again, because home is a safe place, and the judgment of others can be too much to handle if it’s already been a stressful or emotional period. The familiarity and consistency of a nice home-cooked meal beats the brash energy of a few drinks, and Cancer can really shine by wining and dining at home, and even doing the dishes afterwards.

The Cancer Man Personality

While there are exceptions, the male Cancer zodiac sign depicts someone that is typically loyal, empathetic, caring and compassionate. Cancer men are ruled by their emotions, and a shy or cold exterior is merely a shield he wields against the outside world. Some see a strange contradiction in a man that is ruled by his emotions but that simultaneously seeks to hide them from others, but Cancers, once you get to know them, can be affectionate, loving and even poetic or chivalrous. These traits define Cancer love. They’re sophisticated, not flashy, and traditions are great ways to build bonds, even if it’s just between two.

Unlike more one-dimensional signs, a Cancer man is complex, mysterious and sometimes shy. He’s got a tough outer exterior for strangers or times when he feels threatened, but he turns into a lovable teddy bear in comfortable settings around family and friends. He’s passionate but sometimes reserved, so he might need some coaxing if he’s still got his guard up. And once he’s comfortable, his intuition helps him navigate just about any romantic or emotional situation, if he’s not waxing poetically about how things used to be.

Where does Cancer energy influence your birth chart? Get your free birth chart right here at Astrology Answers!

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Leo, the Fixed Fire sign, emits a warm, bubbly energy that people just seem to gravitate toward. The life of the party, Leos are optimistic, funny and kind-hearted. However, like any sign, Leos experience certain challenges and unfavorable attributes – such as impatience or dominating energy. These challenges can furthermore present themselves more prominently during the month that the sun is in Leo.

Crystal healing is useful for any sign of the zodiac, but did you know that there are certain stones that work to amplify the positive traits and bright energy of your personality? Keep reading to discover the perfect crystals for Leos to use this summer.

The Perfect Crystals for Leo Season


Like the Leo, orangey-red carnelian is associated with the element of fire and works to magnify your emotional warmth. Because this stone has stabilizing properties, it can also help you feel more balanced and creative. Carnelian promotes motivation in areas of success and helps reduce any feelings of indifference, restoring passion. This stone also increases mental clarity and improves memory. Try placing a piece of carnelian in a glass of spring water to create a Leo-inspiring infusion.


Pyrite is perfect for a Leo dealing with challenging people or relationships, as it provides psychic protection to those who work with it. Also known as Fool’s Gold, this glittering stone dispels negative energy and attracts abundance – it is especially useful in business dealings or partnerships. Pyrite also protects against electromagnetic smog, making it perfect for use at work or whenever you have screen time. Keep pyrite on your desk at the office or in your left pocket to manifest opportunity and dispel technological smog.


This crystal is energetic in nature and encourages enthusiasm. Typically found in hues of yellows and golds, citrine works well to balance the chakras, leaving you feeling more connected to your spirit and the earth. This stone is particularly useful for increasing your confidence levels and magnifying that fiery, Leo energy. Citrine is also a great stone for attracting luck and prosperity. Try placing a small piece of citrine in your wallet, or perhaps wearing a citrine bracelet on your left wrist.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is another stone of luck and opportunity, but it is perhaps more well-known for its properties of protection from negative energies and psychic vampires. This stone – which comes in dark shades of brown and black with metallic flashes of yellows and oranges – also increases mental sharpness and clarity, and it helps balance mood swings. Tiger’s eye releases tension that has been stored in the body, helping dispel negative energy and leaving you feeling refreshed. This is an excellent stone to meditate with but wearing or carrying tiger’s eye all day provides the most benefits.


Amber is technically fossilized tree resin and not a crystal, but its energy is powerful nevertheless. Amber harnesses the sun’s energy, basking Leo with the glow of its ruling planet. It has exceptional healing properties and purifies the mind and the body. Amber dispels negativity and absorbs the stress of those who work with it. Amber reduces depression and can lift your mood on darker days, when the sun’s energy is less palpable. What makes it perfect for Leo is that it enhances patience, allowing you to slow down and appreciate the present. There are many ways to work with amber, but amber jewelry is especially effective and easy to find – although not inexpensive, it is worth it.

Rose Quartz

While Leos are thought of as one of the more confident zodiac signs, you may have days where you struggle with self-esteem and self-love. Rose quartz, which comes in shades of romantic pinks, encourages you to give your spirit a big hug and appreciate who you truly are. This stone opens the Heart chakra and shows you the many wonderful traits that you possess. It promotes the unconditional love that you deserve to have toward yourself, while also opening your heart toward others. Meditate – with rose quartz – on feelings of love toward yourself and others, and you’ll soon find your spirit lifted and your confidence glowing.

Leo Love

Like any sign, Leos face certain challenges – but there are so many things to love about your engaging, friendly personality. While your birth month may seem to highlight or intensify these challenges, working with crystals will help you unleash your most powerful, positive self.

There are many ways to work with crystals, and the suggestions offered in this guide are merely that – suggestions. Create new traditions with crystals that interest and excite you. Half of the fun of crystal healing is learning which crystals and practices you are attracted to.

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Choosing the Tarot deck that’s right for you can be a little daunting at times, especially if you’re new to reading the cards. Remembering the Tarot card meanings and applying them to readings is formidable in itself, let alone knowing which deck works best for you!

But as with all things, a bit of intuition and experience goes a long way. When it comes to choosing a Tarot deck, much of the time it’s about going with what feels right as opposed to anything else.

There really is no right or wrong answer; it’s all about how the deck makes you feel, and if it feels like this deck is the one for you, then that’s good enough.

So, How Do I Choose a Tarot Deck?

The last thing you want to be doing is splashing out hundreds of dollars on various decks only to discover that you simply can’t connect with any them. This is why, when it comes to picking the deck that’s right for you, it’s important to go with the best tools you’ve got: your instinct and intuition.

Instinct can be harnessed both on the internet and outside it.

Let’s start with browsing around a Tarot shop. You’re likely to come across loads of decks, all very different from one another. Here are the things to take into consideration when choosing a deck:


Are you drawn to the images on the cards? Do they make you feel repelled or do you love the look of them?

If you like the way the images look then this is a good indication that this is the right deck for you. If you find the imagery confusing or simply draw up a blank when you look at them, then it’s probably best to put it back.

Holding a Deck

Holding a deck in your hands can be a good way for particularly intuitive readers to gain an idea as to which one is right for them.

Hold a deck in your hands for several moments and just stare at it. Let your mind relax and take note of how the deck makes you feel, as well as any random thoughts that pop into your mind. You may feel a connection with this deck; don’t question it, just go with it. If, however, you feel nothing while holding it and nothing comes into your head, then it is likely this particular deck isn’t right for you at this time.

Remember, just because a deck doesn’t feel right for you at the time, it doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. I have discovered over the course of reading Tarot that you can be drawn to a deck at random, unexpected times – so there’s no need to dismiss a particular deck forevermore!


This is quite a fun way to choose a deck, but it does depend on whether you are adept with the pendulum or not.

Simply hold your pendulum and ask it to guide you to the deck most suited to you. As you browse, see which one it points to! (This method can also be used when choosing crystals).

Choosing a Tarot Deck Online

As with choosing a deck offline, choosing a Tarot deck on the Internet mostly revolves around listening to your intuition and going with what feels right. You can browse through various Tarot decks just as you would while visiting a store, and often websites will have at least a few pictures of the cards accompanying them.

You can also read descriptions of the decks, which is pretty handy, and it is easier to access accompanying books that may go with the decks as well. Again, paying close attention to imagery and how it makes you feel is essential. Does this deck seem like the type of deck you would find easy to read?

Remember though, not every deck you are drawn to will necessarily be the one for you! On one occasion, I was strongly drawn to a deck online and promptly purchased it. Upon receiving it, however, I found I couldn’t connect with it at all, much to my disappointment and bewilderment. My friend, also a Tarot reader, came to visit me not long after and she spotted this deck sitting on the table.

Immediately, the strangest sensation swept through me and I picked them up, handed them to her and said, “Take them, they’re yours!”

My friend still uses this particular deck to this day and her accuracy rating with them is quite phenomenal!

There is No Wrong Way to Choose a Tarot Deck!

Not sure where to begin your search? Check out the Astrology Answers Master Tarot Deck right here.

Choosing a Tarot deck can indeed be a little overwhelming in the beginning, but with practice and trusting in your own intuition, you can find the deck that works best for you. In time, as you build up your Tarot deck collection, you’ll also be able to ascertain which one is right for which reading, which can be really nifty and handy as your skills grow!

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​Do you ever feel like what you are doing in your daily life to attract financial freedom just isn’t enough?

Maybe you feel like you are plugging and plugging along and getting nowhere, but somewhere in your bones, you know that something bigger is on the horizon for you? When Venus enters Leo this month, you can expect that feeling to amplify.

You want wealth and financial freedom, and abundance, and you feel that it’s out there for you, but you just aren’t sure how to get to it. That’s what we are going to talk about today, how to use Venus to help you to attract the opportunities that will attract wealth and abundance for you.

We have talked a lot about the recent eclipse cycle, and how to both launch new beginnings in our lives while bringing other issues to completion. Many of these talks center around love and relationships, but there’s another very important part of our lives that we need to touch on as the planets continue on in their comings and goings in the middle of eclipse season.

This month, Venus enters Leo and it’s an exciting time to talk about how to dial it up on your career and financial goals. Venus is well known as the love planet, but she is also the money planet that can help you to attract wealth and abundance, and the Fixed Fire sign of Leo is one of the most luxurious signs of all.

Using tools such as this, along with your Daily Horoscopes, Free Career Tarot Reading, and healing crystals, you can determine exactly what you need to do in order to manifest the wealth of your dreams.

So, with Venus is in Leo between July 28 and August 21 this year, use these 7 magical ways to attract the wealth and abundance you feel you deserve.

Wealth Themes with Venus in Leo

There are a lot of wealth themes to be had when money planet Venus is in the Fixed Fire sign of Leo. These themes are not just “good money vibes” but are themes connected to luxury and wealth. Venus doesn’t do anything halfway, and neither does Leo, especially when it comes to the finer things of life.

When you see Venus in your Daily Horoscopes, you are being pointed to things that can help you to attract these finer things in life. Venus dreams of living in castles in the sky, that are beautifully appointed and that are surrounded by lush opulence.

Leo does too. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and loves to shine, shine, shine. Leo may not always be able to live the five-star way, but they want to. And they have very high standards when it comes to selecting their friends, lovers, and business partners.

Those that don’t make the cut get cut.

Both of these signs are also very demanding, but at the same time very optimistic and generous with the ones that meet those demands. Adore a Leo and you have a Leo for life. They are the most loyal of the bunch because they are Fixed signs. Once you do make the cut for a Leo, they are fixed on you forever, unless you cross them.

Then you would be dead to them. But if you aren’t the kind of person that worries about that, then you won’t have a problem channeling your inner optimistic, generous, and luxury-loving Leo.

Venus is the planet of attraction and opportunity. Venus doesn’t say no to opportunities that drop in her lap. She explores them, even if she isn’t quite sure at the time. But she also sets herself up in a way that helps her to manifest these attractive opportunities. That’s why she is important on your path to financial freedom.

With Venus being in a Fire sign, radiating the warmth and love of Fire signs is what will help you to attract opportunities. Use this energy from astrology, along with your divination tools such as a chakra pendulum to help you to determine if what you are feeling in a work or financial situation is a Venus in Leo-inspired event that can help you to attract wealth and abundance. Then, use these 7 tips while Venus is in Leo to start blazing your trail to wealth and abundance.

7 Venus in Leo Wealth and Attraction Tips

Look at anyone that is wealthy, such as Oprah Winfrey or Donald Trump, and examine their network at a cursory glance. You don’t need extensive research here. It’s common knowledge that both of these wealthy celebrities are wealthy because they got the right advice at the right time.

You will need that too when manifesting your wealth and abundance path. From divination tools to the Tarot to your Daily Horoscopes, you will receive information along the way that will advise you into becoming your best possible self financially. Implement these 7 tips along the way.

1. Be a Colorful Person.

Both Venus and Leo are flamboyant and anything but shy. Gold is their favorite color. So if you want flamboyance in your money matters, be that person. And if you are too shy still, follow and emulate people that are.

Who do you admire? That is who the Universe wants you to be too. Knowing what your inner passions are helps you. When you feed that passion, your inner flamboyance comes out, and you just glow. People are attracted to that.

Discover your Hidden Passion Number and start learning more about what will make you fabulously abundant.

2. Define Abundance.

Everyone thinks that wealth and abundance mean staying in 5-star resorts every time you go away on vacation. But if you are perfectly happy staying in a tent or a Motel 6, then you have already defined abundance.

There is enough abundance in the world for everyone. That’s what abundance is. You can have yours too. Define it, and you become wealthier already. Discover what makes you happy and what gives you peace. That is your inner abundance just waiting to be tapped so that it can multiply in your favor.

3. Do as Royals Do.

Take a look at the Royal Family, or any royal in the world. Find the one that interests you the most. Do as they do.

You may not be able to eat chocolate that is engraved with a presidential seal, ever, at any time in your life. But you can live like them in small ways if you want.

Put yourself in places they would, and talk to people that are in this path of life as well. They are humans too. And they once wondered how to create their own abundance. Talk to them. Be where they are. Venus in Leo will help you to attract those opportunities.

4. Be Confident.

Confidence is a hallmark for Leo, and they love to think they are the peacock in every room, strutting their stuff. And it usually works for them because people find that very attractive, when it’s not overdone with a big head.

Just know who you are and accept it, and share it. Being real, and understanding that you are flawed, and being okay with that and who you are, will help you to exude the kind of confidence that attracts wealth and opportunities.

5. Ask for the Whole Loaf.

Dr. Phil always says, “If you ask for half a loaf, what are you going to get? Half a loaf. If you want a whole loaf, don’t ask for half a loaf. Ask for the whole loaf, because you are worth it.”

Are you asking for the whole loaf in your financial affairs? Start asking, and Venus will help you to attract the things that will help you to get it.

6. Keep Your Standards.

We all let loose on our standards from time to time, and that’s because some people make it very hard to say no to them. Instead of being the doormat and pushover, be the person people can’t say no to.

You have standards and want excellence in your life, and that’s not just about attracting pretty things. You can live in a tent and a hut and have high standards. In this world, there are a lot of Negative Nellies or less than honest car salesmen that will tell you anything to get you to whip out your wallet or your heart.

If you want abundance and wealth in love or money, be the one people can’t say no to. Start being the one that says no, and when you say no to people, tell them why.

“I don’t want this in my life because I deserve better than this.”

If you are settling or being a Yes-man or Yes-woman all of the time, you aren’t serving your needs at all. You’re serving others.

Sometimes that is important. But being the one that says no is important too when it comes to attracting wealth and abundance.

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7. Make Goals.

Wanting wealth and abundance isn’t a goal. It’s a dream. If you want wealth and abundance you need to have actual goals. Start with small ones, and use your angels and guides to steer you on the path towards the bigger ones.

Make them practical and financially based. “This month, I am going to pay off this credit card, and next month I will pay off that one.”

When you make these goals, give yourself a reason why that will support your dream of wealth. Write it all down if you want, or just keep it in your head.

“This month I am going to pay off this credit card, and next month I will pay off that one, and that will improve my credit rating in three month’s time.”

Make goals.

Parting Words…

Nobody is dropping by your house with a big bag of money, sweetie. Dreaming about it isn’t enough. OK, sometimes that actually happens.

Sometimes that works for some people’s path to abundance. But they probably did something action-wise to make that happen. Maybe it was buying a lottery ticket or playing midnight Bingo. Maybe they are criminals that forged their own path using negative attraction tips. For those people, it will come back in some way and they will ultimately lose that money one way or another.

You don’t want that. But dreaming about that big bag of money isn’t enough.

Using these 7 tips, you can create your own wealth and abundance and use the Law of Attraction while Venus is in Leo. Make goals. Define the why, and start with small things such as improving your credit score. Maintain your high standards. Don’t say yes to everybody. Connect or be inspired by the life of the royals. Be confident and colorful. And define what abundance and wealth are to you. Check your Daily Horoscopes every day to ensure that you know the astrology forecast and the ripe times to start picking that abundant fruit.

Do you feel wealthy sitting around a tent and a campfire with a cooler of beer and all of your favorite people? Some people do. And that’s okay. So decide what that “wealth” or abundance is in your life right now, and Venus in Leo will help you to create the action plan to attract just the very things that you need to have that abundance.

What is that for you?

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The ancient practice of Feng Shui dates back thousands of years. Feng Shuit is closely related to the Taoist vision that believes that all land and objects are alive and filled with life-force energy, sometimes known as prana or ki (pronounced “chee”). The concept of Feng Shui today is strongly linked to the placement of certain objects that can affect your life, either negatively or positively.

For example, do you find yourself feeling irritable, snappy or melancholic when you come home from work? Do you find yourself feeling anxious or depressed for no reason at all? Do misfortune and bad luck just keep popping up and you have no idea why? It might not be because of external influences – there may simply be an abundance of negative energy in your home attracting misfortune and making you feel down. You may just need a little Feng Shui in your life!

Moving the objects in your home around to promote good energy, allocating certain areas to places of wisdom,” “love,” “peace,” and other positive concepts that can bring you good fortune is all part of Feng Shui; and if you want to crank up the volume even more and attract positive, happy energy into your life and home, then the best thing to do is seek the help of crystals!

How Can Crystals Improve Feng Shui?

Crystals are tiny vessels filled with phenomenal energy. The purpose of crystals is to help us – so they are always happy when you’re enlisting their help! When it comes to Feng Shui, crystals can be particularly potent as they all have unique, individual energy which can enhance the type of energy you are trying to create in your space.

Let’s take rose quartz.

This lovely pink crystal is known for attracting love and romance into your life, as well as healing from past hurts and relationships which left their scars. Let’s say you have turned an area of your bedroom in an area dedicated to ‘love’. Placing a cluster of rose quartz tumble stones on your desk, or a large rose quartz crystal near your bedroom door, or hanging rose quartz bracelets above your mirror can help enhance the energies of this area that you have already blessed as ‘love.’

So, when you are feeling lonely, or particularly down about a relationship, or wistful about lack of one, take yourself to this corner of your room and surround yourself in the loving energy that rose quartz amplifies.

Rose quartz is also particularly good for self-love. If you have been beating yourself up about something or lacking in self-esteem or confidence, letting yourself sit quietly in this area among the crystals and loving energy is a good way to boost your own self-love.

Another excellent crystal for Feng Shui is black tourmaline.

Tourmaline is a powerful crystal and not one that everybody can wear because of its intensity. It is most famous for warding off negative energy and protecting the user from malevolent forces. Therefore, black tourmaline is very good to use for the space you call ‘protection’ as it repels negative energies, either unconsciously sent from one person towards you or that you may have picked up while out and about in public. Black tourmaline also has the special ability to be able to transform negative energy into positive.

Likewise, choose crystals that have special properties designed to enhance the energies of your particular space.

  • For areas dedicated to ‘wealth and prosperity,’ try tiger’s eye and pyrite.
  • For areas of ‘peace,’ try amethyst and fluorite.
  • For areas of ‘strength,’ try aventurine and clear quartz.

Decorate these areas with the crystals however you like and however feels and looks best to you.

Eventually, you should have a Feng Shui environment that creates peace, prosperity, happiness and good fortune all in one go – with the help of some wonderful crystals!

Tip: Have a piece of selenite in every area. Selenite is wonderful for cleansing other crystals and does not need to be cleansed itself (though for optimum power, it is a good idea to place it under the Full Moon for Moon cleansing or running a bit of incense through it). The selenite crystal can help keep other crystals fresh and revitalized!

Concluding Thoughts

Turning your environment into a place of Feng Shui is beneficial in every possible way. Not only can it attract positive energy and good fortune into your life, but it can also help you combat anxiety, stress, depression and other negative attributes that can send you into a negative spiral, such as exacerbating a poor diet or lack of exercise, both of which are also essential to well-being.

The crystals are there to offer assistance to you, to help you create a wonderful Feng Shui atmosphere all around you and provide you with a safe haven that can help shield and guard you against the storms of the world.

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Starting June 19th, 2019, Brigit Esselmont, founder of Biddy Tarot, will be featured in our monthly Tarot Talk video series and monthly Tarot articles, bringing her 20 years of Tarot knowledge to the lucky readers of Astrology Answers.

Tarot Talk will cover readers’ most burning Tarot questions within and surrounding these topics:

  • How to Choose a Tarot Spread
  • Tarot for Personal Development
  • How to Read Reversed Tarot Cards
  • Using Tarot With the Lunar Cycles

Best-selling author, Intuitive Business Coach, and founder of Biddy Tarot, Brigit Esselmont started her successful business in 1999 and now annually inspires more than 4.5 million people to live more mindful and enlightened lives, using the Tarot as a guide.

A self-confessed Tarot lover, Brigit can’t help but spread the love to other Tarot enthusiasts. She teaches aspiring Tarot readers how to read Tarot with confidence and spiritual professionals how to build their own soul-purpose aligned business empires through her successful podcast, The Intuitive Entrepreneur and her resources for intuitive entrepreneurs at

Brigit is the author of the best-selling books the Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, the Biddy Tarot Planner, and her brand new book and Tarot deck, Everyday Tarot. She has been featured on publications such as HuffPost and gala darling.

Astrology Answers has a deep knowledge of the connections between Tarot and astrology, from the association between the triplicities and the suits (Air – Swords; Water – Cups; Earth – Pentacles; Fire – Wands), to the relationship between zodiac signs and Tarot cards and even how planetary transits can affect your Tarot readings.

Readers have a chance to get involved and be featured in our monthly Tarot Talk videos. In each Tarot Talk video, Brigit will choose a Tarot-themed question asked on our social media platforms. Submit your queries via Facebook and Instagram for a chance to be featured in a future video!

You can also keep up with our Tarot and astrology partnership by following and using the hashtags #BiddyAnswers and #TarotTalk!

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While you may not necessarily feel it, there is an enigmatic yet vigorous energy coursing through your body at this very moment. An energy so powerful, yet discreet, that ignoring it can wreak havoc in our lives.

The chakras are energy points that reside in our bodies, and they affect how we feel, think and behave. When a chakra is blocked or misaligned, our physical, mental and spiritual chemistry can feel off and uncomfortable.

Chakra healing can realign the chakras and provide a modicum of balance that is necessary for our energy to feel positive and grounded in the earth.

So, how can you tell when a chakra is blocked?

Assessing your chakras may seem like a complicated, involved process – especially if you’re new to the art and practice of working with the chakras. But the telltale signs of a blocked chakra can be quite clear and easy to recognize, once you know what you’re looking for.

This guide will highlight the 6 biggest signs that your chakras are blocked and could use some serious love.

Understanding the Chakras

One of the easiest ways to recognize any imbalances in your chakras starts with understanding more about them.

The concept of chakras is derived from Ancient India, and it is tied to the tradition of tantra, and revolves around the idea of Kundalini, a snake-like entity comprised of energy that lives at the base of the spine. It is thought that this energy can be revived by practices such as yoga and meditation.

Surrounding this energy are 7 major points throughout the center of the body that represent the 7 major chakras. Each chakra represents different emotions and aspects of life, and when one chakra is blocked, it can make your world feel topsy-turvy.

Here are the 7 major chakras explained:

Muladhara – The Root Chakra

The Root chakra is located at the base of the spine and represents our feelings of security and groundedness.

Svadhisthana – The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral chakra resides near the pelvis and represents our passion, potential and sensuality.

Manipura – The Solar Plexus Chakra

Also known as the Navel chakra, the Solar Plexus chakra can be found near the navel and is associated with our confidence and personal power.

Anahata – The Heart Chakra

Located near the heart, the Heart chakra deals with our emotions and feelings of love.

Vishudda – The Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra can be found near the throat and represents our need for self-expression and honesty regarding our emotions.

Ajna – The Third-Eye Chakra

The Third-Eye chakra or Brow chakra is located near the center of the forehead and is associated with the ethereal, otherworldly, spiritual side of life.

Sahasrara – The Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra is located at the top of the head and deals with our connection the divine energy and our spiritual nature.

Recognizing a Blocked Chakra

There are many physical and mental symptoms that accompany a blocked chakra, but the following 6 issues are the most common when dealing with a misaligned chakra.

Challenging Mental Energy

Are you having trouble concentrating? Do you feel like remembering certain pieces of information has been a struggle lately? This is one of the most common indicators of a blocked chakra. If you feel like you just can’t concentrate, it’s time to do some chakra work.

Insomnia or Fatigue

Our bodies can feel really out-of-whack when our chakras are blocked, and this certainly affects sleep. If you can’t seem to fall asleep, or conversely, if sleeping is all you want to do, you definitely need to schedule some yoga or chakra-centered meditation into your planner.

Out Of Control

Do you feel out of control, like things are happening around you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it? These feelings often accompany a blocked chakra- specifically the Sacral Chakra. If you can’t seem to regain control over your life, working with the chakras can effectively help you feel powerful and strong.

No Motivation

It can feel impossible to get motivated or energized when chakras are blocked – like there is a paralyzing energy all around you. Clearing the chakras can work to revamp and revitalize your spirit.

Lack of Self-Expression

If you haven’t felt particularly creative lately, a blocked chakra could be to blame. Try meditating or practicing chakra-centered yoga and then revisit your sketchpads and journals – you might find your creativity spilling out of your newly refreshed spirit.

Emotional Disconnection

Have you had a hard time expressing feelings and emotions lately? Is the thought of being vulnerable overwhelming? Chances are, you need to align your chakras. A blocked chakra can prevent us from not only feeling our emotions but feeling comfortable and safe enough to share them.

Don’t Panic!

While discovering that your chakras are blocked can feel startling at first, a blocked chakra is certainly not the end of the world. There are many activities and practices, such as yoga and meditation, that work to naturally clear the chakras.

Working with your chakras will help you feel more expressive, confident and in control of your life.

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It’s often with a grave sigh that many of us greet Sunday night, when we realize that Monday and the work week is a mere few hours away. Even those who love their jobs can feel a twinge of sadness that the weekend, which often provides a respite from the stresses that come with work, is coming to an end.

However, whether we realize it or not, some of this stress is linked to the uncertainty of not knowing what lies in the week ahead. This is where Tarot card readings come in handy. Starting your week with Tarot can not only provide some guidance as to how the week will pan out, but it can help you prepare for any unseemly circumstances or the “unexpected” (which no longer becomes unexpected by dint of the reading!) This can actually take away an inordinate amount of stress from the week.

Read on to see how you can start your week with Tarot and let Tarot card readings lead the way!


An advisable way to begin your Tarot spread for the week ahead is to do the reading the night before on Sunday. This can enable you to have a little extra time to think about the reading, as well as make any necessary notes that can help you prepare for the coming week.

You want to sit in a quiet room with dim lights where you cannot be disturbed. Having a couple of crystals such as selenite and labradorite to hand in order to ground and focus you is also highly recommended.

If you would like to employ the use of incense such as Black Storax or Frankincense, then this is recommended too, as both can be very useful when reading the Tarot.

Ensure phones are switched off so you are not disturbed!

A Tarot Spread for the Week Ahead:

A recommended reading to do in order to prepare for the week ahead is the following:

Card 1: What Monday has in Store

Card 2: What Tuesday has in Store

Card 3: What Wednesday has in Store

Card 4: What Thursday Has in Store

Card 5: What Friday has in Store

Card 6: Positives

Card 7: Negatives

Card 8: Advice for Me

That’s eight cards in total. You can set it out however feels right for you. One straight line, two lines of four cards, a pyramid shape, or even something more complex all work equally as well.

All of these cards can be clarified by pulling a few extra cards if you are still confused by the reading. Alternatively, you could pull one card before each day (So on Monday night, pull a card for Tuesday, on Tuesday night pull a card for Wednesday, and so forth) if it is easier for you to learn about your week ahead in this way. Do what is best for you!

The cards that appear from Monday to Friday will let you know what’s in store for you that day and any particular energies that may crop up.

For example, let’s say the Emperor crops up on Monday. This could point to a man – perhaps your boss – having a particular influence on you that day. If the card is reversed, it could be a negative one. It could also represent you and indicate that you will be fully in charge that day and much progress can be made. As the Emperor is equated with the Fire sign, Aries, it speaks of go-getting, passion and determination; this could mean the day will be filled with energy and the fervent desire to achieve your dreams.

The Positives indicate things that ought to work in your favor for the coming week. This could be internal (within you) or external (among your surroundings and environment). The Negatives show the challenges you may be faced with or the energy surrounding such challenges.

If the Tower crops up, it is likely there may be an unpleasant, unforeseen event that will occur, so you are advised to brace yourself (or you could even pull another couple of cards for clarification as to what the Tower means). If something like the 7 of Cups turns up, it could indicate a desire within you – or someone around you – to drift away from responsibilities and engage in pie-in-the-sky daydreams that have no grounding in reality and could consequently lead to very little being achieved. Look at the negative aspects of whatever card you pull and it should give you a good indication of how it could present as an obstacle for you. As always with Tarot, trust your intuition.

The final card, Advice for Me, indicates how you should conduct yourself during the week in order to best deal. If something like the Knight of Pentacles shows up, then the advice is to remain focused and determined, and not allow distractions to get in your way. If the Page of Wands appears, it could be highlighting the necessity of ‘going for it’ – not holding back, being creative, directing all your passions into your chosen frame of work.

Concluding Thoughts…

As with many things, the Tarot can be an excellent tool and guide to help you prepare for the week ahead. With practice and doing this spread every week, not only will you feel more vigilant and prepared for what lies ahead, but you may also find a reduction in stress, as preparation and planning help whittle down feelings of stress and anxiety, particularly those that come with work. This can have a highly beneficial effect on your health overall – and what’s more, it can be fun too!

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One of the most wonderful aspects of working with metaphysical tools such as numerology, astrology, and crystal healing is the fact that these tools can easily be used together — and when they are, their healing properties and clarifying abilities are more enhanced than ever.

One of the most potent combinations for divination and healing is numerology and crystal healing. Numerology is the belief that every number possesses an energy and the study of these numbers’ effects on our lives.

Crystal healing utilizes the physical, emotional and mental healing properties of certain crystals and gemstones.

Combining the two involves using numerology to determine which crystal will provide the most powerful healing and purifying properties according to your personal Life Path number — one of the core numbers in numerology.

Each Life Path number correlates with a crystal or gemstone that perfectly resonates with the energy of that number.

Finding Your Life Path Number

To find your Life Path number, you’ll need to do some birthday math, or use our free Life Path Number Calculator right here.

We’ll use April 15th, 1987 as an example. First, take a look at the actual birth date. Using April 15th, you will then add those numbers together until you get a single digit. 1 + 5 = 6.

Then, you would add together the numbers of your birth month. Because April is the 4th month, no further reduction is needed.

Next, you need to add/reduce the numbers of your birth year. 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 = 25 = 2 + 5 = 7.

Finally, all three numbers from the birth date, month and year will be added.

6 + 4 + 7 = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8

So, if you were born on April 15th, 1987, your Life Path Number would be 8.

Your Numerology Gemstone:

Once you’ve discovered your Life Path number, you’re ready to learn about the best crystal to use, according to numerology.

Life Path Number 1

Garnet is the most powerful crystal for this Life Path number, increasing self-confidence, opening the Heart Chakra, and balancing the flow of energy within the body to promote physical peace.

Life Path Number 2

This number benefits from the use of certain types of quartz — such as rutilated quartz — due to their ability to promote diplomacy, feelings of personal security, and to foster self-awareness and self-love.

Life Path Number 3

If your Life Path number is 3, you will benefit from the powerful crystal, amazonite. This stone bolsters clear communication, imaginative creativity, and allows you to better share your personal story.

Life Path Number 4

The number 4 Life Path resonates most clearly with jade, a crystal that provides balance, security, and an overall sense of expansion and abundance.

Life Path Number 5

Aquamarine is the most powerful crystal for this Life Path number, inspiring bravery, patience, and resilience. This crystal will bring out the best in your personality.

Life Path Number 6

The number 6 Life Path is most enhanced with the use of peridot. This crystal eliminates feelings of jealousy, irritability, and resentment and inspires feelings of positivity and acceptance.

Life Path Number 7

The best crystal for this Life Path number is amethyst — an overall healer that reduces addictions and physical pain. This crystal will instill increased intuition, spiritual awareness, and faith in yourself.

Life Path Number 8

Citrine is the most beneficial crystal for those with the number 8 Life Path. This crystal manifests fortune and opportunity, increased self-confidence, and promotes mental clarity.

Life Path Number 9

The most harmonious crystal for this number is rose quartz, a crystal of love. This stone opens the Heart Chakra, inspires unconditional love for yourself and others, and restores harmony in relationships.

Working With Other Crystals

While certain crystals listed in this guide might be particularly powerful when matched with your Life Path number, they are by no means the only crystals you can work with when practicing crystal healing. Crystals do not save their healing energy for certain people, despite the fact that they may work more intensely when matched with your numerological energy.

If you’re new to crystal healing and not sure where to start, try this beautiful Crystal Healing Collection — the perfect set of crystals for anyone interested in harnessing the powerful healing properties of gemstones.

Furthermore, discovering your Life Path number can do more than just helping you discover your numerology gemstone — your Life Path number can show you more about yourself, your personality and the potential direction that your life might take.

Although numerology and crystal healing are powerful when their forces are combined, each metaphysical practice has much to offer on its own.

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