Day: July 12, 2019


Have you been in a bit of a career tail-spin? Maybe you have had a pattern of dealing with difficult bosses or jobs that bore you? Well, whatever your career woes may be today, June 18th has some promising energy to help elevate your career to become something you enjoy and thrive in. We are going to give you some of the cosmic secrets our planet is about to get blasted with on this Saturn sextile Neptune aspect so you can use the energy to align yourself with the best possible career path.

A sextile occurs when two planets align in a way that creates harmonious energy from the combination of the energies of both planets. Depending on the areas of our life the planets in question affect, we will see those two areas working well together like a circuit that has just been completed so the light-bulb can turn on. In this case, we have spiritual Neptune aligning with work-oriented Saturn. We will have three of these sextiles in 2019. We had one January 31st, and the last one of the year will be on November 8th.

Often we don’t feel like we really fit a job until our soul can shine through in our work. We will be at odds with our pay, our commute, our coworkers, or the reason we do what we do until we get clear with our soul’s purpose. We have a chance to do that right before the summer kicks off, and all the astrology signs are ripe to find happiness and success through this interesting harmonization of energies. We have some straightforward tips to help you transition from the swamp of negative career woes to the oasis of career growth and fulfillment.

Align With Your Soul – Neptune’s Influence

Neptune is an outer planet, named for the Greek god of the sea. It influences our ability to connect to our soul and to the Universe at large. That means we can see things from a more intuitive perspective when this energy is strong. Our imagination is switched on as is our mystical Third-Eye.

Basically, on the day of the sextile, we will have an easier time seeing through the illusions of the ego that may create false gods for our hearts so we can see the energy that will really keep our passion alive and help us attract even more success. After all, when we are truly happy inside, we attract happy experiences in our life.

Take a moment to sit and listen to the message that comes from within you today. What do you feel called to do? What images or ideas are impressed upon you on this day? This will help you feel your true purpose and true soul imprint. Journal about these two questions.

Align Your Career – Saturn’s Influence

Saturn governs time and the more practical aspects of life that give us stability such as work. As the planetary ‘taskmaster,’ Saturn helps us apply our ideas and make things happen in the physical world. Being the second biggest planet in the solar system, you can bet this sextile will really open your career to new ideas.

Astrologers predict we will have an easier time seeing how to make a living in our own spiritual pursuits. For some that may mean working for the environment, for others, it may mean working for animal rights or human rights. For each of us, the soul will speak its desire to help the world. You have an opportunity to see and sense how to actually make money and a living doing what you truly feel called to do. You may see a creative solution that you never thought of today! You may suddenly realize something you want to do and ‘feel the calling’ to a more meaningful job or see how you can make your current job more meaningful.

Take a moment to sit still and write down careers that come to mind on this day. They may surprise you and they may be what is so familiar to your inner thoughts that they finally reveal themselves as the truth that has always been there. For extra help, read about your life path number as well as look into your 2nd and 10th houses in your birth chart which reveal your talents and opportunities for a really successful career.

Closing Thoughts

Saturn is retrograde until September 18th and Jupiter is retrograde until August 11. That means now is the time to see your own blocks to success clearly and make a plan so you’ll be ready to move forward as the year moves forward.

You also want to keep abreast of the other main astrological happenings at this time. We actually have a really interesting line-up, with three planets in retrograde (Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn). Jupiter squares Neptune on June 16th, which brings forward ways we can expand our careers in a more spiritual way. There is a Full Moon in the evolved Fire sign of Sagittarius on June 17th, followed by the Summer Solstice on June 21st in Cancer season.

It’s going to be a time of elevated consciousness no doubt, and it will bring new awareness that precedes changes that will take place during eclipse season in July and August. You’ll also see changes you started in the first eclipse season of the year in January and February really take hold during this window. Watch as people shed their skins of the ego and fear and step into their light.

We can solidly say that all the zodiac signs will transform now if they ride the cosmic tides and follow their inner desires to spread their unique ideas into the world. For each person, the energy will hit a little differently, so be sure to ask yourself, what’s my horoscope for today? so you can navigate each day skillfully. You will also benefit from knowing the key themes in your sign’s weekly horoscopes as we launch into summer and success!

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Aventurine is a magical stone that comes in hues of green, grey and orange with speckles of orange and shimmer. This stone looks as mystical as its properties are. Aventurine hails from the quartz family of crystals, and the shimmer that it emits is called “aventurescence.”

This magical crystal was discovered first in the 18th century, and its name is derived from the Italian phrase, “a ventura,” which means “by chance.”

The name for this crystal was also created by chance, when a glass worker made a small mistake in the 1700s. While working with melting glass, an Italian worker accidentally let metal shavings fall into the vat. When the glass cooled and hardened, the worker noticed a beautiful, shimmering quality. This gorgeous glass, made by chance, was used to make jewelry and given the name aventurine.

Later, when the natural stone was discovered the name was passed down, as the green, shimmering stone shared similar qualities with the accidentally-made-glass. The meaning, “by chance,” is coincidentally perfect for this stone, due to its ability to attract luck and opportunity.

Aventurine is also called “adventurine,” “aventurine,” and “aventurine quartz.”

The iridescent qualities of aventurine are caused by inclusions of Mica – nature’s glitter. The grey and orange varieties of aventurine are found in Chile, Russia and Spain, while green varieties are found in India – it is sometimes referred to as Indian Jade.

The Physical Side of Aventurine

Physically, aventurine is associated with the heart and supports those with circulatory issues and cardiac problems. It also opens and aligns the Heart chakra.

Aventurine can assist in recovery from illness and surgical procedures and has an overall healing effect on the body. It can assist with fertility issues and is even said to improve eyesight.

Healing Properties of Aventurine

The many healing properties of aventurine include good fortune, creativity, confidence, self-esteem and the ability to break bad habits.

This crystal is sometimes referred to as the “Stone of Opportunity,” as it brings good fortune and is useful for manifesting desires. Some even say that no crystal is luckier than aventurine, whose energy attracts opportunity and blessings. This is a popular and useful crystal for those who gamble.

Crystal healing with aventurine is sure to surprise you in pleasant ways, either by providing financial success, luck in new relationships or career opportunities, or manifesting the situations you have longed for. Aventurine is particularly useful for older folks who are single and seeking love.

According to legend, aventurine is a healer-of-all-ailments. This stone was said to help one develop and maintain confidence and self-esteem, boost creativity and vivid imagination, promote relaxation and reduce anxiety and even improve one’s sense of humor.

Aventurine is powerfully optimistic and can restore one’s faith in and love for life. This crystal is uplifting and infuses a passionate spirit within those who work with it. It is a grounding stone, as it is deeply connected to the Earth. Aventurine will help you feel more grounded, balanced and grateful for your life.

The connection that aventurine shares with the Earth – especially in green varieties – makes it effective at dispersing electromagnetic smog, something that we deal with on a daily basis in our technologically-driven society. Surrounding your home with green aventurine will form a shield and repel geopathic stress. Working with aventurine rids the body of electromagnetic smog and clears the aura. Over-exposure to the energy radiating from electronics can zap our own energy, making aventurine a staple in crystal healing.

Aventurine promotes physical and mental growth within babies and children, and even works to soothe hyperactive behaviors. This is an excellent stone to use when working with younger people and children. It reduces anger and frustration, which is especially useful during hormonal teenage years.

Aventurine can mellow the attitude and help one see the positive rather than focus on negative experiences or circumstances. Because the emotions and mental state of teenagers can be fragile at times, this is the perfect stone for promoting youthful balance and hormonal harmony.

This stone’s ability to soothe emotions also makes it the perfect crystal for fostering connection and peace within relationships. Aventurine can decrease anger between two people and improve their communication. Keep a piece of aventurine in a shared bedroom to increase harmony and connection in relationships.

With all of the benefits that working with aventurine offers, it’s no wonder that this stone is so highly regarded. Whether you are experienced in the art of crystal healing or just beginning, aventurine is the must-have stone to add to your collection.

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​Welcome to your next Mercury retrograde! From July 8th to August 1st, communication planet Mercury will go retrograde in the Fire sign of Leo.

We are over the Moon to report that this cosmic rendezvous will be really great for your career. Mercury is the planet that rules communication, and Leo is confident outgoing energy that will allow us to speak our minds without fear.

You may hear people dreading Mercury retrograde and wonder, is Mercury retrograde bad? The simple answer is that it just changes the energy and some people are prepared to use it, while others are caught off guard. We will help you understand these subtle energies so you can see them and capitalize on how they can help you step into your dream career.

You’ll still see all the tricky jokes Mercury retrograde tends to play on electronics, travel plans and the mail. When people show up at the wrong time, when your internet is wonky, and when words come out backwards making you want to hit rewind, just laugh it off as Mercury retrograde. Those more petty occurrences don’t have to throw you off because you can focus on the positive ways to propel yourself towards success with this astrological insight.

5 Ways to Use Mercury Retrograde Energy

Mercurial energy can revive your work life. Our job is to show you some of the practical ways this Mercury retrograde can help you come out of your shell and take center stage in your career. Astrology can help us in the most important areas of life and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

1. Get Real With What Excites You

They say when you do what you’re most passionate about, you excel. Make a list of things that fire up your passion and brainstorm how you can follow that passion in your work life.

Do you need to speak with your boss about a new role or maybe apply to work in a new field? You can step out of the shadows at work and move into a role that lights you up with enthusiasm if you just let charismatic Leo energy lead you.

Bring your ideas and passion forward in your life and make it who you are and what you are. State your goals, write them down and speak to people about them. As you build energy around your passion, it starts to generate positive energy to help you step into alignment with your soul. When you’re excited about what you do, success will find you. New ideas will stream into your mind that connect you to the right people and places.

2. How Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Mercury allows you to reassess your approach to using the power of communication to help you find lasting success at work. Get ready to finally be able to stick up for yourself and share the things you’ve been holding back. This is actually a time when you can unravel your insecurities around speaking up and better understand how being timid hasn’t served you in the past.

Mercury rules the mind, and when it goes retrograde, we get to reflect on how we think. Mercury also rules how we speak to others which of course affects our dynamics at work. If we have fallen into patterns of dodging our boss because we don’t like confrontation or pushing your big ideas for the company aside because you don’t feel they are good enough, well it’s time to shift those habits and make room for using words and positive approaches to speaking that will serve you best. Words are powerful or destructive and we can now see if we’ve been building a bridge to our future with them or perhaps paving a winding road.

3. Let Your Emotions Talk to You

Because the Sun is in the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer, represented by the Crab, you’ll be feeling all the feels and it will not be easy to ignore your emotions. The good news is, you can now actually see how you avoid saying how you feel and get over that. Whether it’s at work, at home or to yourself, what is keeping you from stepping forward in your work life to pursue your greatest passion? Sometimes we are shy about making a move because we are nervous about failing or being criticized. Let the fire of Leo burn those doubts so you can shine like a star on your terms.

Let others live the life they want in their own time. It’s time to state what you want, bring your creative ideas to the table and tell yourself to accept those deepest truths that want to come out and change your life. Sit with your emotions, the really deep ones, and listen to what they are telling you. The proof is in the pudding, which means only when you eat the pudding do you clearly know how it tastes. Similarly, when we actually allow ourselves to feel, we can see what the emotions are there to show us.

4. Say Sayonara to Negativity

Because we are in the middle of eclipse season, what you say now during Mercury retrograde in Leo can help you change some of the major pillars of your life. While they say it’s not best to start new things during Mercury retrograde because our minds are in the past and there is some wisdom to that, don’t be afraid to put an end to the things that no longer serve you. If you feel there is a negative group or environment, say what you need to say in order to distance yourself from it.

Additionally, if you’re the one creating a negative environment, set some affirmations around your desk and at home that will shift your own attitude. Perhaps get some inspiring artwork that will remind you that your own attitude will attract like experiences. Sit with the deeper patterns in your mind and see if they are expecting positive experiences or have been more doom and gloom. Taking even a minute each morning to set your own positive intention can redirect your energy to help you find success in your career and allow you to attract amazing things.

5. Make a Detailed Plan

Because we are better able to see how our perceptions and actions around communication are shaped by our past during a Mercury retrograde, we also may be reacting to things based in the past. This is why most Astrologers warn not to jump into a new relationship or mortgage too swiftly during Mercury retrograde so you don’t repeat an old pattern. However, because you can see your own behaviors under a microscope, decide what persona you will take on at work and what direct communication you want to take to step into the life you want.

Prepare and plan to bring your ideas forward and then when the time is right, you’ll have worked out the details and be able to really spell it all out. Mercury retrograde is a great time to go back to the drawing board and see what’s working and what’s just taking up time and making you spin your wheels in your career.

Closing Thoughts…

Keep an eye out for the other major happenings during this Mercury retrograde. As we mentioned, we are smack dab in the middle of an eclipse season which means everyone around us will be changing in major ways and likely we will be too. Hold onto astrology to help you see why it’s all happening and which days are likely to bring about the biggest shifts for everyone. July 17th brings a Full Moon partial lunar eclipse in the fire sign of Sagittarius which is adventurous and risk-taking so you can certainly expect people to be saying how they feel on this day. Not only is Sagittarius one of the most direct in communication but with Mercury in Leo, declarations will certainly be made and they will be loud.

Finally, if you feel like a stranger to your own mind or you feel like you’re really experiencing some major tectonic shifts in your life, it’s partially because so many planets are retrograde at the same time. We are learning a lot about ourselves, our past, and how we can take action to solve our biggest life mysteries. Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter retrogrades may make you feel overwhelmed, dear friends, so please turn to the power of nature to calm and soothe yourself instead of to escape through other less gentle means. Take a walk, a salt bath, or use calming essential oils. Be gentle as you shed the caterpillar cocoon so you can become that free butterfly.

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From July 8 to December 13, the asteroid Chiron will be retrograde in the Fire sign Aries, which will bring to light identity issues that we have still carry buried from our past. This is a great opportunity to get clear with who you truly are and stop acting like everyone else.

It will reveal how you people please to avoid stepping into your true identity and it will allow you to finally turn directly into the path of your soul. In more practical terms, you’re not going to believe your own excuses anymore and you’re going to feel the fire underneath you that will compel you to accept your true passion in life.

This is an exciting time when we get to see how our past experiences and environments have shaped our present life behaviors and how we are sitting on the sidelines of our own life because of them.

Get ready for some spiritual growth and reflection on who you truly are and why you’re here. We have five actions you can take to use this Chiron retrograde in Aries energy instead of just finding yourself swimming in emotional memories of the past.

Recognize & Write Down Patterns

Although only an asteroid, Chiron, the cosmic wounded healer, helps us heal and it often brings to mind past experiences that are affecting us now. Pay attention to things that stand out to you or trigger you to react or feel hurt. Those patterns are revealing a past wound that can now be recognized and healed. Chiron can even help us heal past life experiences as well.

Set your intention in meditation to see the root cause of your biggest triggers and ask the Universe to help you heal from that experience instead of block the pain.

Healing means seeing that you can learn something from the experience so ask what the experience can still teach you in order to shift the energy. For example, an abusive home may have been a lesson to always speak kindly to others.

Acknowledge Who You Blame

When Chiron is retrograde, it often feels like our old wounds are just as fresh as when we first experienced them. You may have a conversation that resurfaces the same feelings from a breakup or a difficult time with your parents where you were trying to get them to accept you.

The feelings could come flooding back in just from something that reminds you of that time. When the feelings come up and you feel that anger or that resentment towards someone, sit with it and welcome the feeling so that you can learn from it.

When we blame others for our feelings, we give away our power and we allow ourselves to be broken into pieces instead of whole. Chiron helps us become whole again by taking responsibility for our feelings and no longer making others the cause of our pain.

If you notice you often think about something from your past or talk about it in anger, this is a great time to allow yourself to have the feelings that come up but release them once and for all so they do not have control over you.

When we are free from blame, we are able to decide how to react and not play the victim in our own life. It allows us to take the driver’s seat and decide which direction we truly want to go instead of feeling pushed around. Write down who you feel you blame and how it may be keeping you from being yourself.

Get Clear With Your Passions

Chiron also governs the synchronicities and signs that show up in our lives to help us heal. The healing inevitably leads us towards a more clear picture of who we are and what we came to earth to do. The layers of fear that can develop over the years can shed now that the brave Aries energy is helping us move forward and face down the ghosts of our past that keep us running away from our true desire. Notice what you feel drawn to do the most by sitting down and writing where your thoughts go when you daydream.

Write down what makes you the most excited in life and what past experience or experiences may have made you feel that your dream wasn’t valid or wasn’t worthy of your time. Often those who are afraid to trust their heart will scare others into living in fear. What does your soul truly want and what makes your spirit dance? Take some time to journal about this and you’ll see the moments you may have had false starts where you started to shine and feel free but allowed something to shut you down.

What Would You Do if You Didn’t Care What Others Thought?

It’s easier to see whose opinions matter to you now and it’s also easier to see how that affects your decision making. Take inventory of who is affecting the way you live your life and if that is in alignment with who you feel you want to be and what purpose you want to take on in this life. You are taking back your power by taking time to see this deeper truth. The things that people have said that made you shy away from being a more pure version of you may come to light. You may see how you have dimmed your light out of fear of being judged.

Widen your lens to see that there are people like you who live their life joyfully. You do not have to conform because people may criticize you. Write down the actions you want to take now that you’re ready not to care what people think. Often the people we grew up with or the people that have known us the longest are the opinions that we fear the most. You don’t have to live in fear. When you live the purest version of you, you show other people how to be free as well.

Release Wounds of the Past

Wounds related to your identity are likely to resurface now. Perhaps embarrassing moments or bullying memories may come to life. Maybe you will remember a past life where you were condemned for speaking freely. When something in your current life seems to bring up strong emotions, take that as a cue to sit and find what wound was just reopened. What insults or failures made you stop believing in yourself or made you feel like you weren’t actually capable of accomplishing what you truly dream of?

Mars, the planetary god of passion and war, is the planet that rules Aries, so you can expect to feel some real changes happening in terms of your life goals during this 6-month phase. With Chiron in Aries from 2018 until 2027, this theme of uncovering the identity we hide from the world will continue to play out. The sooner you start to welcome your feelings to the table to deal with them, the sooner you will free yourself from the shackles of the mind.

Wear your scars proudly. Remember, some of the people that go on to help the world the most also failed the most before doing so. Just think of how many incarcerated criminals go on to help people make better choices for example.

Closing Thoughts…

We also have some other retrogrades occurring during this time, which makes it a time of reflection and healing on many levels. If you feel like you’re moving forward with less speed, it’s because we are now being asked to look backward to learn in order to move forward with more wisdom when the time is right. Surrender to the process and you’ll reap the most rewards.

Mercury retrograde in Leo will begin on July 7th and last until the 31st, so it may feel like you’re having to kick start your engine multiple times to get anything done. You can expect some miscommunications and stalled plans to occur but look for opportunities to rejuvenate yourself with some rest and relaxation this summer.

We also have Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in retrograde! This means we are able to see how we block our success, how our own actions come back to us and how our subconscious mind either attracts positive or negative situations into our lives. We may feel a bit out-of-body since many of the planetary influences are digging up the past so we can find a deeper sense of freedom in our lives. Don’t think of this is a negative time but, a time of true liberation that is like a parade for your soul, creating an empowering revolution in your life for the rest of the year!

If you have felt a bit wonky, chances are your friends are too. Give them a heads up about what’s going on with the planets by sharing this article with them!

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Greetings, Earthlings!

We don’t have too many transits or big shakeups on the docket this week, and you can thank the Universe for that. If you made it through last week’s multiple transits, including a New Moon, Mars and Venus changing signs, and a solar eclipse, then you are in good shape as you enjoy this week.

New beginnings are on the docket after last week’s New Moon eclipse. This week you are still feeling that energy, and will for some time. Keep working that karma energy, as it is still high for a few more weeks.

We have just a few transits in the works this week, but they could be big ones. Uranus and Pluto are both getting their say in, so expect all kinds of outbursts, power plays, and conversations that may feel bigger than they actually are. At the same time, as we are in the middle of eclipse energy, conversations may feel as big as they need to be. You are trying to move to the next level in some area of your life, or maybe in all areas. That means you can use this week’s Pluto and Uranus energy to bring those shockwaves into your life. Then when you do, the eclipse energy works in your favor.

Eclipse energy is going to impact everybody differently. We are also in the middle of a Mercury retrograde to boot! So don’t fear big changes, because they may not even come. But if they do, that’s the Universe saying your abundance is just around the corner.

Enjoy this quiet week. And, as we wrap up this week we enter another Full Moon zone, and one that will be an eclipse with the Full Moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse next week. Work on tying up loose ends this week, so that when that eclipse arrives next week, you are saying, “Ready or not wishes, here we come.”

Are you ready? What wishes do you have during this eclipse cycle?

Hang in there, it’s almost over.

Enjoy July, Earthlings!

Planetary Locations During July 8-14, 2019:

  • Sun: Cancer (June 20 – July 23, 2019)
  • Mercury: Retrograde in Leo (July 7 – July 19, 2019)
  • Venus: Cancer (July 3, 2019 – July 28, 2019)
  • Mars: Leo (July 1, 2019 – August 18, 2019)
  • Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)
  • Saturn: Capricorn (Until March 22, 2020; Retrograde April 29, 2019 –September 17, 2019)
  • Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019 – August 19, 2021)
  • Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)
  • Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024; Retrograde April 24, 2019 – October 2, 2019)

Daily Snapshots for July 8-14, 2019:

Monday, July 8

Sun: Cancer – Take the lead on nurturing love at home, and success follows everywhere else

Moon: Libra – When you serve as the gracious diplomat in all situations, you win.

Tuesday, July 9

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Libra

Wednesday, July 10

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Scorpio – Time for your rebirth and personal transformation!

Thursday, July 11

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Scorpio


  • Mars in Leo square Uranus in Taurus – Here we have warrior Mars working with shock planet Uranus, in signs that aren’t so compatible. Fiery Leo doesn’t like the slow and plodding efforts of Earth-bound Taurus, but nonetheless, the two shall meet at any rate today. This is a contentious square, and this means that you are going to see some unexpected heat coming out of the blue today. It could be a temper tantrum, someone may say something out of turn, or a shock value component could come into your day, whether you like it or not. It’s up to you how you make this work in your day. Lay low until it passes, or engage like a warrior. Either way, you choose the consequences. Laying low is advised – this too shall pass.

Friday, July 12

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Sagittarius – See the Big Picture in all things today.

Saturday, July 13

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Sagittarius

Sunday, July 14

Sun: Cancer

Moon: Capricorn – Take the lead on a thing that you want to last.


  • Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn – A big change is in the works when the Sun is working with Pluto. This is the Sun shining on that which you need to change. A power play may come into play today under this energy as the Sun exposes something major. But you may also be inclined to tear down some walls. We have two opposite signs working in this opposition, so expect the energy to be intense. But this energy doesn’t last forever. Be on the lookout for secrets exposed, or big change-making energy arriving that gives you a new perspective.

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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While there are thousands of languages all over the world, the language of numbers is one that remains a constant globally.

You might already be familiar with the concept of numerology – the study of numbers and their Universal meaning in our lives – but did you know that there are several forms of numerology?

Numerology looks at the meaning behind numbers, and using calculations, determines what the core numbers in our lives are trying to tell us. The earliest systems of numerology where created by mathematicians, however, the practice is now considered far more mystical and spiritual.

Learning more about the varying systems of numerology can help you determine which branch resonates most with you and speaks to your spirit.

The 5 most common branches of numerology – and the forms we will be discussing in this guide – are Chaldean, Kabbalah, Pythagorean, New Kabbalah and Abracadabra.

Chaldean Numerology

This form of numerology is also called “Mystic Numerology,” and it is likely the oldest of form of numerology there is. Chaldean numerology hails from ancient Babylonia and is closely related to astrological teachings and Kabbalistic numerology.

Chaldean numerology assigned numbers to letters of the alphabet based on their individual energy, rather than alphabetical order.

Additionally, this form of numerology neglects to assign the number 9 to any letters, although this number can exist as the final sum of a calculation. The reason for this is the spiritual nature thought to be associated with this number – it is held in a higher regard than other numbers in Chaldean numerology, and therefore is set apart from other numbers.

In other forms of numerology, the name analyzed to find core numbers is your birth name – the exact name given to you at birth. However, Chaldean numerology utilizes the name you prefer to go by most frequently, suggesting that you yourself play a part in determining your fate.

This system is thought to be more accurate than the more popular Pythagorean system, however it is harder to fully comprehend and therefore remains more mysterious.

Pythagorean (Western) Numerology

Pythagorean or Western numerology is named after Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher who is considered to be the father of numerology himself. This system might be the most popular form of numerology because it is easy to master and fun to use.

Pythagoras did not separate mathematics from spirituality and was fascinated by metaphysics.

Pythagorean numerology conducts its analysis using the numbers 1-9, while the numbers 11 and 12 are considered “Master Vibrations,” and are not reduced like they are in other systems. This system looks at the name and date of birth to find core numbers.

You can calculate your Pythagorean numerology Life Path number right here!

Abracadabra Numerology

This is one of the lesser used forms of numerology which looks at the subject’s name to discover core numbers using a series of pyramids, or triangles. The letters involved in Abracadabra numerology add up to 365, suggesting its connection with the days of the year.

This form of numerology is less straightforward and easy to use than other practices – and therefore less approachable.

Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah numerology is based on Judaic mysticism and posits that the world and its contents are all comprised of energy. This energy is thought to be the ultimate source of life and strength.

Like the energy that resides within people, this system proposes that our names contain energy. In fact, Kabbalah numerology is more interested in the power of names rather than numbers, such as dates. It was created utilizing the Hebrew alphabet and analyses an individual using their birth name to discover core numbers.

It is thought that, through the analysis of the birth name, certain information about an individual’s future and life path can be revealed.

New Kabbalah Numerology

New Kabbalah numerology is similar to Kabbalah numerology; however, it was changed to utilize the Roman rather than the Hebrew alphabet. This system is also based on an individual’s name and uses the Pythagorean system to determine the meaning behind numbers and dates.

New Kabbalah is concerned with enhancing the previously held philosophical and psychological ideas of Kabbalah numerology and Hebrew mysticism, while introducing the mystical teachings of such schools of thought as Hinduism, Buddhism and Gnosticism.

Which System Is Right for Me?

Like many systems of divination and mystical practice, numerology analysis is an extremely personal process. No one could tell you with any certainty what Tarot deck you should use, and no one other than you can understand what form of numerology speaks to your spirit.

The Pythagorean method of numerology might be the easiest to start with, as it is understandable and popular – leading to many sources of information on how to use the system. However, the best way to find out which system you prefer is to experiment.

No matter which branch you choose to dive into, you’ll soon find that numerology is yet another exciting way to learn more about yourself and the world around you.

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Emotional, intelligent and warm, Cancer is one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac. While they are known to be homebodies at the best of times, during their season, the urge to nest is irresistible for this Water sign – which makes it a perfect time for them to update their living space!

In this recurring monthly series, we’ll discuss ways for the various signs to get inspired and make some changes around their most important spaces within the home. Regardless of budget or skill level, there are always small ways we can adapt our living spaces to bring about renewed inspiration, harmony, and energies to the places we occupy.

Being a Cardinal sign, Cancers can recognize the importance of change, though their sentimental nature can sometimes make it hard to detach their feelings from logic. As long as they’re prepared to separate their nostalgia from their needs, Cancer makes a great home decorator. Read on for some Crab-friendly home updates!

What’s In for Cancer?

Pale Grey

Cancers are prone to taking on the moods of the surrounding environment, so constantly being overstimulated by bright colors while at home is not really ideal. In lieu of having vivid textiles and bold paint, this Water sign should focus on incorporating shades of pale grey in their abodes.

Using this versatile neutral as an anchor in their rooms allows them to relax but still achieve a polished look, and since its coordinates so easily with every other color it’s easy to incorporate into an already existing scheme. Just keep the shades light, to avoid being overly somber, and you’re good to grey… err, go.

Natural Elements

When Cancer feels burned out or stressed, it’s easy for them to get overwhelmed and want to retreat from the world – they aren’t called the Crab for nothing! When they’re in this fragile state, nothing revives a Water sign like a strong connection to something pure and simple. Ensuring that they incorporate as much natural material and living objects into their space is key for a Cancer sanctuary.

Materials like bamboo, linen, and wool all invoke a feeling of comfort, and the act of caring for a beautiful array of plants feeds their desire to nurture. It’s like a little slice of paradise in your bedroom.

Art Deco

Though there are many classical art movements to choose from, Art Deco is a perfect match for Cancer.

Their natural inclination towards items with history combined with their love of aesthetically pleasing design means this Water sign will find beauty in Art Deco pieces. While genuine artifacts from this era are difficult to find (not to mention pricey), there are budget-friendly options like prints of well-known paintings, and Deco-inspired pieces like sculptures, lamps and more.

Go get your Gatsby on!

What’s Out for Cancer?

Unpolished Details

Of the three Water signs, Cancer is the most outgoing and social; they’re not as shy as Pisces, or as secretive as Scorpio, so they feel pretty comfortable displaying the treasures of their home.

However, it may not always come off as polished or presentable – Cancer is more likely to just tack up a poster from the musical they loved, rather than framing it properly. While their enthusiasm for the things they love is one of their best qualities, when it comes to décor, this level of dishabille looks a little sloppy. Taking the time to frame photos and pot plants elevate a living space and bring it all together.

Old Textiles

There’s no denying the happy feeling of a hand-quilted blanket or a squishy throw pillow. In fact, this love of personal luxury is a cornerstone of the Cancer vibe. However, regardless of their attached memories and emotional ties, once textiles start looking ratty & worn, it’s game over.

Throwing down a pilled shawl or shedding pillow is hardly going to invite your guests to settle in. Having layered textures, such as loosely knit blankets with velvet throw pillows in a sitting area, still keeps everything soothing without sacrificing style.

Harsh Lines

While every sign has their exceptions to the rule, for the most part, Cancers are an easy-going bunch; they’re naturally charming and find it easy to relate to people. With that in mind, harsh and rigid lines within furniture and décor don’t really give off the inviting attitude a Cancer has.

Minimalist and industrial design feel too unyielding for their domains, so replacing austere pieces with more soft and fluid design is key for this Water sign. Abstract paintings, rounded bowls, and vases, and slightly overstuffed chairs help lend a mellow vibe. A Papasan would be a key piece to work with here.

Once they’re ready to leave behind the things that no longer serve them, Cancer will feel invigorated and at peace in their newly decorated digs. Comfort is key for this Water sign, so enjoy your beautiful new haven – you’ve earned it!

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Summer is upon us! Are you feeling the heat?

Summer brings the promise of longer days, tans, beaches, holidays and general feel-good moments as we ditch the heavy coats and earmuffs; but it also has a tendency to bring an ample amount of stress with it. First, there’s the planning for vacations themselves – then there are things that (inevitably!) tend to go wrong during the vacations or the stressful, hectic plane flights – then there’s the heat! Heat can do funny things to people and, at times, it can even be fatal. In Europe right now, temperatures are soaring to 44 degrees Celcius!

Minimizing the stressful aspect of summer is just as crucial as enjoying the fun and enjoyable times that come along with it. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of crystals. Remember, crystals come from the earth. Some of them are more than well-equipped to deal with other aspects of the Earth’s energy, such as the weather, and one of the best crystals to do this is the amethyst crystal.

Read on to see how amethyst can help you this summer!

Managing Emotions

As previously mentioned, the heat tends to do funny things to people. Unless you live in the tropics where intense heat is a way of life, you, and others around you, may be hit with a sudden flurry of topsy-turvy emotions. The blazing Sun, like the Full Moon, has a powerful way of affecting that which lies deep within us, albeit they use different methods to do so.

Hence, some form of natural mood stabilizer may be needed. Amethyst has a magnificent way of easing intensity and erratic moods.

It has the ability to balance emotions which may be thrown out of control due to stress. It also has the phenomenal power to help us let go of negative emotions, such as fear, anger or grief, all of which are contributors to stress, as well as improve our moods so that we can feel happiness and joy in abundance, washing away the negative feelings that threaten to bring us down.

Assisting the Mind

Feelings and thoughts are intertwined with stress. Amethyst has a unique ability to improve clarity and help us defeat any negative thoughts we have about ourselves and others.

When our minds are racked with thoughts that focus on the negative as opposed to the positive, our stress levels shoot up. The amethyst stone can help dissolve such thoughts, encouraging us to have patience with ourselves and others, while promoting love in every form.

On a physical level, amethyst is able to assist with headaches and migraines, both of which can be amplified by the blazing Sun. The stone works to gently ease these pains and it is beneficial to place a small piece of amethyst directly onto your forehead when you are suffering from headaches.


One of the most brilliant gifts the amethyst possesses is the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy and love.

Amethyst can indeed get rid of negative emotions and thoughts, but when harnessed correctly, it also has the power to actually turn the negative into positive. This can be especially helpful when you are struggling with a hectic schedule and an array of negativity comes shooting at you. Transform it with amethyst.

Insomnia Reduction

The summer can bring a lot of sleepless nights for some people, particularly if the heat becomes a little overwhelming. Once again, stress is a major factor when it comes to insomnia and can also lead to a rise in cortisol levels which promotes unhealthy fat around the mid-section.

Amethyst can help to settle a mind which is too active. Sleeping with one under or next to your pillow is the best way to get the full benefits when tackling an unruly mind.

Electromagnetic Stress

This one pretty much applies to all year round, but it is certainly well worth including here!

We don’t see it, we don’t smell it, we don’t hear it, but electromagnetic stress is all around us whenever we are surrounded by electronics and power lines. It can make us cranky, irritable, tired and, above all, stressed out.

Combat this invisible foe by placing amethyst crystals around your own electronic devices or anywhere close by when you use your computers, phones or tablets.

Aura Cleansing

This is an important one as the weaker our auras, the easier it is for stress to dominate us. The amethyst crystal is particularly potent in cleansing our auras so we don’t have any ‘holes’ through which stressful, negative energies can penetrate us.

An amethyst wand is particularly good for cleansing yourself, where you slowly move the wand up and down your body, envisioning negative energies to remove themselves from you and for your aura to cleanse.

How to Use the Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is best worn in the form of a bracelet or pendant as then it can sit on your body, working its magic on you to keep stressful vibes away. Alternatively, it is good to have an amethyst stone in your pocket or purse, or next to your bed/desk.

Meditating with the crystal is highly recommended; areas where the crystal should be placed on your body include the head and heart, to manage stress when it tries to penetrate emotions and thoughts. You can even place little pieces of amethyst with you in the bath while you cool off to help soak the stress away!

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Chances are, you’ve heard of Reiki, but do you have any idea what it means or what is involved when talking about this Japanese healing method that’s used as alternative therapy?

Thought to ease tension, relieve pain and facilitate physical, mental and emotional healing, Reiki is a powerful tool for many, many people.

Reiki is a healing technique involving the transfer of energy from practitioner to patient, through their hands. Reiki translates roughly as, ‘spiritual energy,’ from the 2 Japanese words, ‘rei’ – sacred or spiritual and ‘ki’ – energy. The International Center for Reiki Training describes it as, “made of two Japanese words – ‘rei’ which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and ‘ki’ which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually, “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Both translations point to something that can be a very spiritual, powerful and personal experience that has helped millions of people in treatment. While it is considered to be a spiritual experience, it is important to note it is not a religion.

Let’s break it down to better understand this natural healing method!

What is Reiki?

Reiki’s most recognizable form, Usui Reiki, was first developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist called Mikao Usui, who is said to have taught 2,000 people the Reiki method during his lifetime.

Reiki is used to bring a state of balance to the mind, body, and soul, allowing us to live aligned and connected with our highest self. In addition to these amazing benefits, Reiki also helps enhance our intuition and psychic abilities. We’re all vibrational beings with the ability to change our experience based on what frequency we are living at. Reiki assists us in releasing blocked energy and past traumas, bringing more light into our energy body raising our vibration.

You’ll hear the term ‘subtle energy’ and ‘energy’ in general when people describe Reiki, and this is referring to the concepts of ‘ki’ or ‘chi,’ and our 7 chakras. Ki is described as a non-physical energy, flowing through all living things. We are excited to greet and accept the challenges life throws at us when our ki is high, but on the flip side, we can feel weakened and sick when it’s low.

Our bodies are composed of a series of energy centers and energy wheels, and each of those centers has the capacity to send healing energy all throughout our bodies. Unfortunately, these energy wheels also have the capacity to send negative or sick energy all throughout our bodies and this is what the healing art of Reiki does. It realigns and redistributes the energy in our bodies in order to restore health and healing.

Reiki Basics

Reiki uses basic hand placements, differing when you work on yourself or another person. These hand placements are dependent on which energy area, or chakra you intending to work with and what area of the body (or emotional trauma) it relates to.

The energy that flows through our chakras is ki or chi, and the chakra centers are where the work with the energy happens. Reiki helps the flow of this energy to make sure they get to where they need to go, or unblock them if needed, so you can feel whole and enlightened.

Along with the actual energy work, Reiki follows 5 principles, which can enhance the practice for both practitioner and patient/receiver. These can help us be more mindful, allowing us to focus on the work we are to do and encouraging the flow of positive energy.

5 Principles of Reiki

Mr. Usui taught these 5 ethical principles, considering them to be, ‘the secret of inviting happiness,’ as they act as a balm to help us focus on the positive, releasing anything else.

  1. Just for today, do not be angry
  2. Just for today, do not worry
  3. Just for today, be grateful
  4. Just for today, work with diligence
  5. Just for today, be kind to people

Starting with ‘just for today’ helps us focus on what we can do right now, in this moment, and not looking backward to the past or forward to the future – our present state of mind is the only thing we have control over. We can live in the moment, turning our attention to gratitude and compassion. Many Reiki followers use these as a daily mantra or as part of their wellness routine, as well as in their Reiki practice.

Reiki also uses four main symbols in healing:

1st Reiki Symbol – Cho-Ku-Rei, can be used to add or remove energy

2nd Reiki Symbol – Sei Heiki, said to bring balance and harmony to the emotions and mind

3rd Reiki Symbol – Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, used for distance healing

4th Reiki Symbol, The Master Symbol – Dai Ku Myo, said to help one reach enlightenment

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Now that we have a bit more of a grip on what Reiki is and some of the thoughts behind the practice, let’s take a look at some of the basics surrounding what happens when you set out to receive Reiki.

How Does it Work?

What to Expect

While experiences can certainly vary from patient to patient and with different practitioners, in general, you can expect to lie on a table, much like when you go for a massage. Standing or sitting are also possible positions, but it is more common to lie down.

You will not need to remove your clothes, and it’s a good idea to attend your session wearing loose-fitting and comfortable garments. Reiki can also be performed without actually touching the client, if they so choose – the practitioner can instead hover their hands just above your body. Be sure to make this clear before you start your session to avoid awkwardness or feeling uncomfortable.

The Reiki practitioner may have different techniques to do so, but generally, they will start to move their hands lightly on or over your body, using different hand shapes. This is where the energy transfer starts to happen and some clients describe the feeling as relaxing and peaceful and some feel changes in temperature and even in forcefulness. You might even feel the flow of energy, especially if this is not your first time. Your experience will vary with different times, experiences and practitioners, and even with how receptive you are to receiving the treatment.

More advanced Reiki practitioners can actually send healing energy to people from a distance, by using a picture, thinking of them or even writing the or name on a piece of paper! It should be noted that most practitioners will need to be asked to perform this type of distance Reiki, as they would not consider it ethical to do it without invitation.

How to Choose a Reiki Practitioner

While we all connect differently with others, this is much like you would choose a therapist or doctor – there are basic questions you should ask any professional before accepting treatment, but in general, you may need to try a few before you find a connection with someone. Trained Reiki practitioners should be able to make you feel comfortable, but not everyone will connect at first meeting.

Here is a helpful list of questions to ask your practioner before arranging treatment:

  • How long have you been practicing Reiki?
  • How long will our session last?
  • How much do you charge per session?
  • Where will I receive treatment? (Are you comfortable going to someone’s home? Will they come to you?)
  • Do you offer additional types of treatment? (do they work with Reiki stones, crystals, aromatherapy?)
  • You can also ask them for a referral from a current or past client

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect in a Reiki session, let’s look at some of the reasons why people seek out this alternative treatment.

Why Get Reiki Treatment?

Reiki is thought to:

  • strengthen your immune system
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • promote pain relief
  • ease muscle tension
  • encourage peace of body and mind
  • increase injury recovery rate
  • energize and balance your whole body
  • promote deep relaxation

Let’s take a deeper dive and look at how Reiki can help with some of these issues.

Long-term stress relief

This is a big one, and a very easy way to relieve stress in your life. Reiki can help you to redistribute the energy in your body more appropriately, and the effect is instantly calming. This works at the long-term level, and can be a deeper form of stress relief than other methods.

Pain relief

Even if you aren’t using Reiki for health and wellness, the art itself is an instantly calming practice. If you are dealing with chronic pain, many people experience some pain relief when receiving Reiki treatment. This can in no way replace your current medical routine if you are experiencing medical problems, but Reiki works in conjunction with your current treatment plan to help you find healing and pain relief.

Immune system strength

Although our body has many organs and systems, one of the most important is the immune system. If you’re the kind of person who picks up every little germ or bug, you may want to consider Reiki healing. It can’t fix a critical problem, but it can give your body that boost it needs to fight off what is ailing you. Reiki works to boost immune system strength by strengthening all of those energy wheel houses you have spinning, or not spinning, in your organ systems. Improved immune system strength is a long term benefit that ensures optimum health and wellness both physically and spiritually.

Better sleep

Reiki healing works to unblock energy pathways, so if you’re the kind of person who has problems sleeping at night, Reiki work can help. Here you will train your mind and your body to relax, and work with the healing energy and your own chakras and energy systems. When you engage and align all of these systems, you don’t just feel better physically, you feel better spiritually, and feeling better spiritually is often the most important resource needed for those that need more sleep.

Practice Reiki at Home

While you may want to seek out a licensed or certified Reiki practitioner, there is no reason you can’t try this yourself at home to get a feel for how you will respond to it.

You can try this little tutorial on how to do a simple Reiki practice:

To begin any Reiki practice, you must activate the energy within yourself.

  • Close your eyes and take a few rounds of deep breaths
  • Imagine the crown of your head opening and a stream of healing white light flowing from the top of your head, into your heart, and out through your arms and hands
  • Ask to be filled up where you need healing most

(This way, if you’re going to offer Reiki to a loved one, you won’t be giving to them from an empty cup.)

  • As you feel the flow of energy, continue to breathe
  • If you find your mind gets busy or starts to question whether this is working, come back to your breath
  • Envision yourself as a vessel for healing.
  • Then set an intention or prayer to receive healing of the highest good.

It’s important to offer gratitude, cleanse yourself, and close the energy once you’ve completed a healing session. It can be as simple as stepping back, wiping your hands of any excess energy, and placing them in prayer to thank yourself, the energy, and the recipient for the exchange. You can also draw a large circle, crossing the arms in front of the body to signify the close of your two energies, and ending with hands in prayer.

Reiki stones are additional tools used to enhance the Reiki treatment. Let’s take a look at how these polished stones can further assist in our Reiki practice!

What’s the Deal With Reiki Stones?

Reiki stones are one of many methods of divination; generally, highly polished, adorned stones that bear the key symbols used to access specific energies. Key symbols are carved or hand-painted on the stones – Reiki symbols – intended to connect the user in a simple and beautiful way to the universal life force. Each stone bears a symbol representing a different level of vibration that aligns with our chakras.

Reiki stones are smooth to the touch and are often so lovely in appearance that the tranquil beauty of the stones themselves has a calming effect on the psyche even before they’re used in the practice. Visually, these polished stones complete the physical aesthetic of Reiki and the use of them as healing tools can be seen as an energy-infused extension of the hands. While they are traditionally created from black jasper stone and gold leaf, Reiki stones can be made out of any number of stones known for their vibrational properties, such as calcite, quartz, lepidolite and rose quartz.

How are they used?

Reiki stones must be cleared and programmed for the purpose of healing. Clearing is needed before using any stone for healing. The clearer the energy of a healing tool – such as a stone – the more powerful it is. Reiki stones need to be cleared before and after every healing. A cleared, ready stone feels positive and cool to the touch. A stone that needs clearing may give off the feeling of being heavy, or drained of good energy.

To clear a stone, one might use dried leaves of sage or incense – you may pass each stone through the smoke while asking your deities to assist in cleansing the stone of any negativity. To program a stone is basically a way of dedicating it to your purpose. Once a stone is programmed with your intent, it will hold the essence of it until you or someone else reprograms it.

What do the Reiki symbols represent?

The 7 stones, each represented by a color – are much like the colors associated with chakra healing and ancient kundalini yoga. The spectrum of colored stones are specific and work in accordance with the body, the mood, the mind and the awareness of the energy stored within us.

  • Red – Root Chakra: Designed to relieve pain or discomfort. Place on the area that needs physical healing.
  • Orange – Sacral Chakra: Provides and restores balance and sends energy to physical systems. Helps with addictions, can be carried in your pocket through the day, or used on your stomach to align the sacral chakra.
  • Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra: Using this stone helps you restore the confidence that your solar plexus chakra works with every day. When you want to feel “puffed out” like you just had a big win, a healing session with your yellow Reiki stone can help, reducing stress immediately.
  • Green – Heart Chakra: A great stone to use for love, in matters of the heart or otherwise. It heals heartbreak as well. Every time you lie down, put your green Reiki stone on your heart and just breathe for a few minutes to clear negative energy, opening the door to make room for love.
  • Blue – Throat Chakra: This stone will help you to communicate on a higher plane, with the Divine, and also communicate to others with the highest and purest intent. Holding it in your hand can immediately help you to channel this energy.
  • Pink – Third Eye Chakra: The third eye chakra is typically indigo, but it’s the pink Reiki stone that will help you to enhance your intuition and your connection to a plane where visualizing the great beyond is possible. It takes people to a place of healing, and a place where you can see your present pain is only temporary.
  • Purple – Crown Chakra: This is considered the most powerful Reiki stone. Like the Crown chakra, it connects you instantly to the Divine. It also opens up your psychic portal, and seasoned Reiki practitioners can feel it actually vibrate once they tap into this energy.

Take our quiz: Which Reiki Stone are You?

Why Use Reiki Stones?

Reiki stones are used for the purpose of concentration and grounding energy – the stones act as extensions of the energy being transferred by your practitioner.

You use Reiki stones if you wish to become a dedicated, compassionate healer who is committed to the principals of Reiki. You use them to open the channels and expand awareness and healing. They are also helpful when healing animals, children, the elderly or the disabled.

You don’t need to use them for others either though. If you have pain in your life and are seeking comfort, Reiki stones can be a wonderful tool to help you work through it and put it behind you. You don’t need to be certified. Literally anybody can use them and start harnessing this power today.

Reiki stones can be used any and every time one employs the use of Reiki.

Parting Thoughts…

There you have it! While this is really just skimming the surface of the magical healing world of Reiki, it hopefully gives you some context to get started!

With interest in holistic healing on the rise, anyone can learn Reiki and create an at-home practice! They can practice Reiki on themselves, their friends and family, start a business and even animal Reiki is becoming a lot more popular!

While anyone can try Reiki as a healing method, remember that it is considered a complement to medical treatment and should not be substituted. IARP Registered Professional Members Reiki practitioners abide by a code of ethics that clearly lays out that they are not to diagnose or prescribe or impede on treatment from a licensed healthcare professional.

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​It’s eclipse season, and that means that many of us are going to be undergoing major changes in our lives. And by major, we mean changes that will last or have an impact on our daily lives for up to six months.

Eclipses are Moon cycles that amplify the power of New Moons and Full Moons. New Moon solar eclipses are about new beginnings. But Full Moon lunar eclipses are about endings. And because the Moon rules our emotions, many of the changes in our lives during eclipse season mean that our relationships are going to change. These can be good changes, but under lunar eclipses, most of the time those changes are endings.

You know what the old song goes, “breaking up is hard to do?” While we can prepare you as much as possible for the actual eclipse events, you also need a little eclipse aftermath self-care, particularly in the way of relationships. So today, we are going to look at how to move past relationship changes under lunar eclipses to heal your broken heart not just for today… but for the rest of the year.

Let’s have a look at how to heal heartbreak through lunar eclipses and beyond.

Why Do Lunar Eclipses Cause Heartbreak?

Lunar eclipses are all about surprise information, and this surprise information is what will lead to a change in your relationship. You or someone else hears or discovers something, and then a break happens. So this is the quick answer to this question. Lunar eclipses lead to heartbreak because we don’t like these little surprises.

Eclipses, particularly lunar eclipses, are often fretted over because of the change that they cause. Lunar eclipses are most worried about because solar eclipses occur under a New Moon and are all about new beginnings. The Earth is very dark here as the Moon blocks the solar energy. We do not have all of the information we need to make good relationship choices. We can still launch new beginnings, but we do so in the dark a little bit.

Because of this New Moon, under solar eclipses, most changes that occur are not only beginnings, but are directly connected to male energy. Most new beginnings now are likely going to be related to a man in your life, regardless of what gender you are now. You can still see male energies leave your life, as some beginnings occur after an ending.

Lunar eclipses are the opposite in two ways. First, the Moon’s energy is blocked as the Moon is passing behind the Sun. And when the Moon is blocked, our emotions are stifled too.

Our relationships are guided by our emotions and instinct, and the planet that rules our emotions is the Moon. In a lunar eclipse, that planet is blocked a little. We can’t see the forest through the trees. And, when we don’t have information in our relationships, we freak out a little bit. Sometimes too much. Sometimes just enough. This often leads to endings.

Breakups happen. Our emotions are all over the map now, and this is going to amplify the sense of our heartbreaks.

Not all relationships will end now. But some will. With Mercury retrograde in effect until August 1, 2019, a rewind in time is also going to amplify the probability of breakups. So if your relationship is tenuous at best right now, you may have some problems.

But don’t worry. Everything happens for a reason. This is your Destiny.

Every breakup is the Universe’s way of saying, hey, honey, this isn’t good enough for you. I have something better. Just wait.

Here is your lunar eclipse heartbreak checklist if your emotions are more overwhelming than you’d like.

Lunar Eclipse Heartbreak Checklist

When it comes to heartbreak under a lunar eclipse, there is a too much information moment happening. And not the TMI kind. You are on emotion overload., and you don’t know how to handle it.

Take a big breath, and use this checklist to navigate any emotional overwhelm or heartbreak.

• Put down the phone.

Step away from social media. This is most important for women, as we are the ones that usually need this advice the most. And as mentioned, lunar eclipses are generally female-centred. This is the time when you need to give yourself and your lover a time out. Creeping their Facebook page or texting nonstop about the “why’s” and the “how did this happen” moments.

Put down the phone. Step away from social media. Give yourself 30 days of no contact and see what happens. You’ll be glad you did. If you look back at past breakups and heartbreak and how you reacted, you’ll remember that going text crazy only caused more problems after the fact. Step away from the phone. Unplug your lover, and give yourself a 30-day grace period. When that information arrives, you’ll thank yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for your temperance and prudence on the matter.

• Wait for it.

Eclipses are always about information that we do not yet have to make big decisions. The information, and sometimes that information is secrets, is eclipsed. So if you are heartbroken and confused, don’t badger your lover. Wait for it. Like the old Green Day song says, “every new beginning is the start of some other beginning’s end,” there may be an ending now. But that only means a new beginning is just around the corner.

You don’t want to wait right now. I get that. I’ve been there. But if you do, you’ll see that the wait was oh so worth it. I’ve been there too. Sometimes not knowing what the beginning is will be the best part of this change. New opportunities are everywhere now, and may even have been there before this happened. Waiting for beginnings gives you time for the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

• Expect random events.

Things are happening out of the blue like crazy now. That is what an eclipse does. At first, you can’t see what that is. Then you will. This is the exciting part of the change. And you may not see this for a big. But random events are happening, and that is something you can get excited about, even if one of those random things is a breakup. It may not just be one thing. But it may be as well

• Time moves like lightning.

One good thing about eclipses is that your schedule of events in love will move fast.

Let’s say you were expecting to be engaged in about a year. It might happen today instead. That’s the beautiful thing about eclipses. The changes that you need in your life happen, at lightning speed. If you’ve been hemming and hawing about someone that’s not treating you well, Universe will send an event that snaps it in half for you.

• Embrace the greater good.

When things happen quickly and beyond our control, it is always for the greater good. We often stay in relationships because it is safe and it is what we know, even if we are being emotionally abused, or just not valued for our Higher Self. So, if you are on the fence about ending this, the Universe may well make that decision for you. Embrace it.

• Value yourself.

To thine own self be true. One of the hardest parts about relationships is that we are sometimes not treated for our full worth, and we don’t admit it because we want a partner and will even stay with someone that isn’t worth it.

The Universe wants what is best for you. If you aren’t being treated your worth, you may be ingrained with the notion that you don’t deserve better. You do. And if you won’t get it, sometimes the Universe gets it for you.

Concluding Thoughts…

If you’re experiencing changes in your love life, then it is likely caused by the lunar eclipse, which bears endings when the Full Moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse arrives on July 16, 2019. But don’t worry. Prepare for the change, prepare for not having all of the information you need right now, and prepare to embrace the change. This is your Destiny.

And remember, we are also in a Mercury retrograde right now in the Fire sign of Leo. And breakups in a Mercury retrograde often have a way of bouncing back. This may not last forever. It may just last. Maybe you need a little break to sort a big issue out, and then it will repair itself. Or maybe you just need an eternal time out from this person because the Universe has someone better for you.

Does it feel like your standards in love aren’t being met? Are you being treated your value and worth? A “no” to EITHER of these two questions means the Universe has a higher plan for you. Either someone needs to change, or you do. Get ready for the love of your dreams, even if you have heartbreak right now. This news could make every breakup… exciting, almost.

It’s always sad to say goodbye. But it’s always exciting to say hello. Your Summer lovin’ could well be just around the corner. How are you going to find the relationship that meets your worth?

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Many celebrities attribute their wildly successful lives to the law of attraction.

They subscribe to a lifestyle that cultivates good vibes and they hang out with people who use positive language. They crave inspiring words from books, exciting environments of nature, and uplifting feelings from eating well and taking care of themselves. It’s not about their looks, there are plenty of successful people that don’t look like supermodels, it’s about their vibes.

The law of attraction is a law of the Universe just as real as the ones we study in school. In some more progressive private schools, the law of attraction is taught as a fact of life just like chemistry.

If you hang out with people who are movers and shakers, it will come up, all the time. It’s because they’ve experienced the benefits and it’s now a huge part of their life.

So how do you move from not knowing anything about the law of attraction to using it in your daily life?

In this article, we will first help you understand just how this whole law of attraction thing works. Then we’ll provide you with 5 techniques you can start using today to manifest what you want using the law of attraction. We will also provide you with 4 common pitfalls people experience when using the law of attraction, as well as how to overcome them.

Finally, if part of you is still a doubting Debbie, we have some scientific proof that the law of attraction is a real and valid approach to achieving your greatest dreams.

How the Law of Attraction Works:

The simplest way to understand the law of attraction is this: you get the vibes you give.

In other words, the energy you put out into the world (generated by your thoughts, feelings, and actions) vibrates on a specific frequency. That frequency mingles with all of the energy in the world surrounding you, and attracts energy that is on the same or a similar vibrational frequency.

So, if you walk around without smiling at anyone, you can expect to receive that same expression in return.

But, if you’re a generous person, bursting with enthusiasm, you will start to attract people like that. But it goes even deeper, to the subconscious level. If you are thinking about doomsday all the time, you’ll find you attract negative experiences. If you think about inspirational and expansive experiences, that is what you’ll find yourself experiencing.

Essentially, know that if you stay home in bed, you can’t expect much to show up in your life. But, if you’re taking care of yourself and contributing positively to other people’s lives, you’ll meet people who want to take care of you in return.

People take this magnetic quality of our thoughts and harness it to open more specific opportunities and attract abundance in all areas of life including love, health, and spirituality. The law of attraction stresses your action, your visualization, your feelings, and your consistent enthusiasm about your goals are all necessary steps in achieving your goals.

5 Simple Law of Attraction Manifesting Techniques:

Because so many people have been using the law of attraction for so long, there are time tested techniques that you can follow that really provide results. There is no one ingredient as we each are dealing with our unique negative thoughts that change on a daily basis.

Putting more energy into changing your habitual thoughts to be positive will create great momentum in your life. If you want some tangible techniques that will get you from point A to point B, read on, magic-maker.

1. Create a Vision Board

Cut out images and words that make you feel excited about your goals. Be as specific as possible. If you want to manifest love, find pictures that make you think of the type of love you want. If you want a home, find a picture of the type of home, put the location you want to live and even something that makes you feel you are already there such as a house key. You can work on emotional qualities you want to develop such as humor, intuition, or confidence as well.

There are no limits to what you can put on your vision board.

2. Thank the Universe

Start and finish your day by writing a thank you note to the Universe for delivering what you want.

Simply write, ‘thank you for the (fill in the blank).’ Write it as if your goal is already here, as if you’ve already manifested what you want. You can also state it as a mantra throughout the day and feel the feelings that arise when you imagine that it is already in your life. This sense of gratitude keeps your vibration high and consistently projects that good energy into the Universe, magnetizing more good energy.

3. Write Your Manifesto

Write a manifesto that states what your life is like when you have everything you desire.

State what your career, love life, health, finances, friendships, and happiness are like with as much detail as possible. Place the manifesto in a place you will read it daily and it will etch your goals into the blueprint of your mind to begin creating these experiences. There’s no way to know how fast they will show up, but this technique does work.

4. Prepare for Your Goal to Manifest

Do things that you would do if you had already achieved your goal.

For example, if you want a relationship, prepare for someone to come to your house by getting snacks and drinks, cleaning and making it welcoming. If you’re wanting some extra income, plan what you will do when the money arrives. Will you pay off your debt, book a vacation to Greece, or take your mom to visit Paris?

Take actions that tell the Universe you are ready and waiting for it to deliver. If you want a new job, dress the part. If you want to own a business, get your ducks in a row and find the location, figure out what you need to buy and meet with business owners. Plan your marketing strategy and get your business cards and website polished and ready.

5. Keep Your Vibes High

There are many ways to keep yourself in a positive state of mind. Affirmations are a great mental technique you can use anytime to help shift your mood. Choose something that makes you feel hopeful and excited like, “I feel extremely happy right now.” Other ways to keep yourself positive include daily movement, eating well, hanging positive phrases and art, listening to positive music and stopping throughout the day just to shift to a positive mind frame.

These habits can help you immensely and you’ll find things that work for you. Simple reminders to think positive strategically placed will help remind you to direct your emotional energy to higher frequencies.

4 Common Pitfalls & How to Beat Them

You know how they say, “know your enemy”? Well, knowing your own mind and getting real about the ways you (consciously or unconsciously) self-sabotage will be the key to unlock your personal power and manifest the life of your dreams. It’s not that you need to beat yourself up about your blocks, it’s that you just need to know them so you can navigate them.

For example, if you want to make friends but you stay home every night, you’d need to acknowledge your social anxiety so you can take steps to overcome it. You can use affirmations to shift those behaviours, like, “I love meeting new people.”

This is a powerful way to retrain the subconscious energy that will shift your habits and help you manifest. Here are the most common pitfalls we find when it comes to using the law of attraction and how to shift them.

1. Not Taking Action

You can visualize until you’re blue in the face, but if you’re hiding out in a cave, you won’t give the Universe the opportunity to meet you halfway. Taking action is just as important, if not more, as visualizing. If you’re not putting your actual energy into your goals, you will find little results using the law of attraction.

Plant seeds (especially during the New Moon), reach out, make an effort, and dig your feet in. You may not know what result will show up, but keep turning over stones and believe that your efforts are building energy that the Universe will respond to.

2. Fear-Based Thinking

All people have some insecurities or fears they must recognize in order to not block themselves from manifesting. Whether your love for your family makes you afraid to break away from them so you block manifesting something you really want or if your fear of being alone makes you block manifesting a new relationship that you can actually start that healthy family in, you must look at your fears and know them.

3. Lack of Consistency

If you set your goal at new years eve but then forget about it for a few months, your lack of consistency is going to block the law of attraction from working for you. It will always work but it will just bring you what you focus on. So if your focus is just getting through the day, or what you’re having for lunch, that’s what you’ll get.

You need to take action, visualize, and project your vision multiple times per day. Make it a regular part of your day and expect things to actually change.

4. Lack of Clarity

Often people don’t spend time getting really clear about what they want.

For example, a job as a comedy TV writer for an online streaming platform is more specific than just landing a new high paying job. Be as clear as possible with what you want so that you use your energy efficiently. When you visualize, see the scents, textures, weather, feelings, and colors with vivid clarity.

Scientific Proof That the Law of Attraction Works

The Biology of Belief is a book recounting the astounding experiments done by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., who is a cell biologist that found thoughts affect the cells in our body. This helps to prove that our thoughts physically affect our health and explains in layman’s terms his complex scientific findings.

The Intention Experiment is a book by Lynne McTaggart that explains the scientific findings of a vast array of experiments done at Ivy League schools that proves thoughts affect reality. The remarkable studies show that thoughts can affect things at a distance and opens us to start to comprehend the multidimensional universe that vibrations are constantly influencing.

The Science of Miracles is a film that documents a tumour disappearing within minutes when people chant a healing affirmation over the person. It discusses the science that is finding there is much more to the Universal laws that govern our reality than most people realize. Gregg Braden explores the boundaries of human consciousness in a straightforward manner. It’s available on Amazon.

Closing Thoughts…

Congratulations. You’ve just taken a huge step towards manifesting the life of your dreams and you now have more knowledge about the true power of your thoughts than most people in the whole world have.

The law of attraction certainly gives you an advantage and makes us want to inspire you to use that power for good. The more loving and the less selfish your intention, the higher your energetic vibration and the more likely it is to manifest quickly!

Studies have shown that higher vibration emotions like love, peacefulness, and empathy have a faster frequency than lower vibration emotions such as fear or envy. That means kindness really does help us create a sense of peace on earth.

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