Day: August 2, 2019


​While many of us are familiar with the effects of the stars and the planets upon our astrological identity, there are many other celestial entities for us to navigate that can hold significance over our personalities.

Meteors, moons, and black holes all interact with the planets and constellations that influence us, but not everybody spends time learning how these factors can have a lasting impact on our identities. Read on if you’re interested in discovering what meaning a black hole may have on your chart!

What Is a Black Hole?

Despite the slightly ominous sounding name, which brings to mind images of bottomless wells and creepy caverns, a black hole is actually the opposite of what it sounds like; rather than being an absence or empty space, black holes consist of a great amount of celestial matter densely packed into a very small area. Their weight is immeasurable and creates a gravitational pull so strong that nothing can escape from it- not even light, hence their name.

Einstein was one of the first to explain how black holes form through his theory of relativity, which states that all actions must have an equal reaction. Without needing an advanced degree in astrophysics to explain it, as the energy expended by a star wanes, that energy collapses within itself and “dies,” leaving behind a small remnant core. If this core’s mass is heavy enough, the force of the gravity it creates overwhelms all other forces and creates a black hole, rather than just winking out of existence as other smaller stars do.

Black Holes & Astrology:

If this is all starting to sound like a lecture you’d hear at a planetarium rather than anything you’d need to interpret your personal chart, bear with us.

Since black holes were once stars (and large ones too!), they’ve been mapped in the chart of the sky like any other star would be – including the stars that make up our astrological signs and appear on the horoscopic wheel.

Scientists have actually named black holes by their proximity to other major constellations, many of which are the zodiac signs. Within our own Milky Way galaxy exists Sagittarius A, a supermassive black hole located between the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius. As recently as April 2019, NASA scientists were able to capture a telescopic image of another supermassive black hole, Virgo A, which is the first picture ever to actually depict a real black hole. If you’re wondering what the A stands for, it denotes how many celestial degrees away from the constellation the black hole exists… and this is where it gets interesting.

Should You Care If a Black Hole Exists In Your Chart?

The short answer is yes!

Unlike planets, black holes do not move on an orbital path; though they drift a minute amount, they are mostly considered fixed points that other celestial bodies gain proximity to. As such, astronomers theorize that if you have a black hole in your chart, it may also have a significant pull over the aspects of the planet it is closest aligned to – and as we know, these planets influence those born in their orbital path.

Essentially, a black hole in your natal chart has the potential to intensify the traits aligned with this planetary sign, and consume you by the deepest aspects of its nature.

Don’t panic though – it’s not entirely as ominous as it may sound. Yes, there is a negative aspect to the energy of a black hole, but this is no different from the negative aspects we all carry within our personalities as well; the light within the universe and ourselves are what creates the darkness too.

While the most popular working theory is that a black hole will intensify the darkness within you, feeding negative energy and gradually magnifying your unevolved traits, others believe they may also enhance the magnetism of the personality influenced by that planet, pulling things to you the way a black hole consumes matter.

If a black hole is located near a planet in your birth chart, it is worth investigating which aspects of your personality it’s influencing – and how.

If your Sun sign has a black hole in proximity, it may indicate you struggle with your self-identity, and need external validation to define yourself, whereas a black hole hovering near your Mars placement could be the reason you struggle to have healthy conflict resolution and are unable to release aggression or negative emotion in a healthy way. For those that find they have a pattern of unhealthy relationships and romantic obsessions, it could be an indicator of a black hole lurking in your Venus that is worth investigating.

As stated earlier though, not all black hole influences are unfavorable; sometimes, black holes can simply amplify the aspect of the planet it shares placement with, and create a magnetism of those qualities. For example, if you are lucky enough to have healthy black hole energy in your Mercury placement, it’s likely you’re an impassioned speaker with the ability to influence easily and make people see things your way. If your Moon has a neighboring black hole, you might be blessed with exceptional emotional health that allows you to find inner peace and fulfillment.

The Light at the End of the Black Hole

The most important thing to take away from the discovery of a black hole in your natal chart is that it may be a time for personal inventory and self-reflection; as with any aspect of our astrological personality, we have the ability to change that which we do not appreciate, or nurture the elements we desire to grow, within our selves. The knowledge of a stronger pull towards darkness and entropy merely enables us to find the tools to push back against it – or embrace the previously undiscovered magnetism this aspect of our inner self may hold.

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​When you’re getting started with astrology, your first exposure is usually horoscopes. Everyone is familiar with their Sun sign horoscope, but as you get more familiar with astrology, you may find lots of advice saying you should read your Moon sign horoscope too.

This may seem well and good if your Sun and Moon signs are compatible (making positive aspects to one another), or are even the same sign.

But what about when your Sun sign and Moon sign oppose each other? What horoscope should you follow then? Commence hair-ripping!

Are Your Sun & Moon Signs Opposing?

First, let’s determine if your Sun sign and Moon sign are opposing.

In astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, and each sign has an opposing sign (so they’re paired up). They are:

  • Aries opposite Libra
  • Taurus opposite Scorpio
  • Gemini opposite Sagittarius
  • Cancer opposite Capricorn
  • Leo opposite Aquarius
  • Virgo opposite Pisces

So, if your Sun is in Cancer and your Moon is in Capricorn, your Sun and Moon are opposite; if your Sun is in Scorpio and your Moon is in Taurus, your Sun and Moon are opposite; and so on (you get it!).

Your Sun and Moon signs are the signs the Sun and Moon were in at the time you were born, and this is found in your birth chart.

Don’t know what your Sun and Moon signs are? You can use our free birth chart calculator to find out!

What Do the Sun & Moon Represent in Astrology?

The Sun represents your true self, the inner you, who you really are. Not your external face, but your true face. This is shown first and foremost through your Sun sign. The Sun is so important in astrology because it’s who you really are. Number one in your natal chart!

The Moon represents your emotional self, what you need to feel emotionally stable and secure, and how you respond emotionally to situations. This is shown first and foremost through your Moon sign. The Moon is part of the triad with the Sun in your natal chart, representing the very base of who you are as a person.

When your Sun and Moon are in harmonious signs, this can bring an ease to how your ego (Sun) and emotions (Moon) play together. But when they oppose? Not so easy! There can be an internal conflict that needs to be worked out, often tying into issues with the home/family growing up (since the Moon rules your home and family). When used properly, the Sun opposite the Moon can mean you have a dynamic personality and a strong sense of self.

How a Horoscope is Determined

A horoscope tracks what the transiting, or moving, planets are doing currently, and how that relates to the sign the horoscope is for.

Horoscopes are written using the solar houses, which places the Sun sign as the sign on the 1st house cusp (beginning of the house), and the remaining 11 signs follow in order for the rest of the houses with all starting at 0. This way, when a transiting planet enters a new sign, it also enters a new solar house, which makes it easy for horoscopes.

There are 12 houses in astrology, each having their own energy and ruling different parts of your life and personality. When a transiting planet enters a new solar house, it’s bringing the energy of that planet into new areas of life ruled by that house.

The solar houses link to your Sun sign because they are derived from that sign, so horoscopes that you read for your Sun sign relate to your Sun. If you instead read your Moon sign horoscope, this would relate to your Moon, and would instead be lunar houses instead of solar houses for you.

Which Horoscope Do I Read, My Sun Sign or Moon Sign?

The short answer for which horoscope you should read, your Sun sign or Moon sign, is BOTH!

Your Sun sign horoscope will relate to your Sun, and you may find that the horoscope resonates more with personal desires and focuses, and is more tangible. Your Moon sign horoscope will relate to your Moon, and you may find that the horoscope shows your emotional focus and emotional needs, drives, and instincts for the period.

When your Sun and Moon oppose one another, this doesn’t cancel out one over the other for your horoscope. You consider both! Just in slightly different ways, with the Sun being more in the forefront and the Moon being more in the background (conscious = Sun; unconscious = Moon).

What it does mean when your Sun and Moon oppose one another in terms of horoscopes is the transit planets will be in opposing houses. But opposing houses lie along the same axis, and therefore govern very similar things, just on different ends of the spectrum. What you may find is that the house axis is what’s elevated by the transit planet in the horoscope.

They are:

1st & 7th Houses: Axis of Relationships (self and others; when a transiting planet is in the sign of your Sun or Moon, it’s in the 1st house, which puts it in the 7th house in the other horoscope)

2nd & 8th Houses: Axis of Resources (personal and shared; when a transiting planet moves out of the sign of your Sun or Moon to the next sign, it’s in the 2nd house, which puts it in the 8th house in the other horoscope)

3rd & 9th Houses: Axis of Communication (detailed and big-picture; when a transiting planet moves two signs forward from your Sun or Moon sign, it’s in the 3rd house, which puts it in the 9th house in the other horoscope)

4th & 10th Houses: Axis of Foundation (internal and external, personal and professional; when a transiting planet moves 3 signs forward from your Sun or Moon sign, it’s in the 4th house, which puts it in the 10th house in the other horoscope)

5th & 11th Houses: Axis of Connection (personal and casual; when a transiting planet moves 4 signs forward from your Sun or Moon sign, it’s in the 5th house, which puts it in the 11th house in the other horoscope)

6th & 12th Houses: Axis of Service (practical/daily and personal/sacrificing; when a transiting planet moves 5 signs forward from your Sun or Moon sign, it’s in the 6th house, which puts it in the 12th house in the other horoscope and is in the sign preceding)

Don’t Forget about the Rising Sign!

In reality, reading the horoscope for your Rising sign will likely be the most accurate for you. This is because your Rising sign is the sign on the 1st house cusp in your natal chart, so the horoscope for your Rising sign links up to your actual natal houses. Your Rising sign horoscope is most likely to show actual events and what’s going on externally in your life.

This doesn’t mean you have to discount your Sun and Moon sign horoscopes though! They can still give further insights into your life in their way.

Concluding Thoughts…

Having opposing Sun and Moon signs doesn’t mean you’re doomed with your horoscopes. You just have to be a little smarter with what you’re reading and know what they’re showing you!

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Understanding the masculine and feminine energies in astrology can help us see much more clearly how the planets affect us and having this insight will help us better understand people. When we know the introverted (feminine) and extroverted (masculine) signs, we can better understand the birth chart as well as how the planets affect us in our day to day life.

The zodiac signs that are considered masculine are:

  • Aries
  • Gemini
  • Leo
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius

Then the zodiac signs that are considered feminine are the other six:

  • Taurus
  • Cancer
  • Virgo
  • Scorpio
  • Capricorn
  • Pisces

You can also categorize the planets as masculine and feminine.

The masculine planets are

  • The Sun
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn

The feminine planets are:

  • The Moon
  • Venus
  • Neptune
  • Pluto

Mercury and Uranus are neutral.

To be clear, we are not talking about men and women or biological sex; rather, astrology uses the yin and yang interpretation of gender polarities.

The energy which we think of as ‘giving’ is yang or masculine and the energy which we think of as ‘receiving’ is yin or feminine. Astrology is learned by understanding categories such as the elements, qualities (Fixed, Cardinal, Mutable), signs, planets, houses and the polarities. However, this new insight into your own chart and people you know will give you deep understanding that you find very useful.

The Masculine & Feminine in Your Core Personality

If you have a masculine Sun sign, you probably have more of a tendency to take charge or take action when you want to accomplish things. However, if you have a feminine Sun sign, you’re more likely to let things come to you and find yourself intuitively gravitating to the right things at the right time. If your Sun sign is masculine, you will tend to use reason and logic to make decisions, but if it is feminine you will tend to prioritize emotion and gut feelings.

If your Sun sign is masculine (regardless of your gender) you will likely be extroverted and take charge in groups. You probably have a good amount of energy and like to be active. If your Sun sign is feminine, you’re probably more of an introvert and homebody who likes to hang out away from large crowds. You probably observe more to understand if your Sun sign is feminine, and if your Sun sign is masculine you probably try to teach people to enact change.

Our approach to life can definitely be colored by our Sun sign and we can certainly understand if someone is moving through the world as a masculine sign or letting the world move through them as a feminine sign.

Masculine & Feminine Moon Signs & Your Hidden Emotional Needs

Your Moon sign represents the emotional needs you have and reveals how you feel safe in the world.

If you have a masculine Moon sign, you will probably need a good amount of independence so you can make your own decisions in your life. You’ll also probably need to be around people to feel better. If you have a feminine Moon sign, you’ll need to be able to get in touch with your feeling to recharge. Additionally, you’ll probably want to connect to people more emotionally than in a competitive manner.

If someone has a masculine Sun sign and seems outgoing but they have a feminine Moon sign, they may need to have frequent deep conversations to feel good. This helps us see the complexities of human nature more clearly. Additionally, a feminine Sun sign and masculine Moon sign might display more traits of nurturing and emotional intelligence on the exterior but need to just forget their emotions with some good hard work to soothe their spirit.

How This Affects Us Each Month

Each month as the Sun moves through a sign we can see how the masculine or feminine energy affects our own energy. We can expect to have more energy to do things when the Sun is in a masculine sign. Alternatively, we can expect to rest, reflect and allow ourselves to take a break from pushing so hard when the Sun is in a feminine sign.

We can also dive much deeper to see these polarities depending on what signs the planets are moving through. Because each planet stays in a sign for different amounts of time and rules a different part of life, when we know when the planets are changing signs, we can know how that part of life will be affected according to the yin/yang principle.

For example, if Venus, the planet of love, moved from Aquarius into Pisces, we could expect our yearnings for companionship to increase being that Pisces loves to bond and blend while Aquarius loves to separate and distinguish itself. Or, let’s say the planet of passion, Mars, moved from action-oriented Aries into practical methodical Taurus. We may expect our passion to move from socializing and making decisions about our life goals to more passion for the close to home, intimate and family-focused things in life.

Masculine/Feminine & Yin/Yang

Each year, the Chinese Zodiac animal is either yin or yang, which will greatly color the energy for that year. You can predict if you will have more energy than other years and be out making changes and starting new things with a yang year or if you will be more spiritual and working on your emotional life with a yin year. This is a larger cycle that still is affected by the polarities and understanding and observing this energy will help you see why certain years feel so different compared to others.

Yin (Feminine) Chinese Zodiac Animals:

  • Rat
  • Tiger
  • Monkey
  • Horse
  • Dragon
  • Dog

Yang (Masculine) Chinese Zodiac Animals:

  • Ox
  • Rabbit
  • Sheep
  • Rooster
  • Snake
  • Pig

2019 being the year of the Earth Pig is a yin year, a feminine year of receiving abundance.

Additionally, when the outer planets move through a masculine or feminine sign, it can shift the area of life that that planet affects. For example, Jupiter, which affects our luck and fortune, stays in a sign for a year and if it’s in a yin or feminine sign, we can expect to receive easier but if it’s in a masculine or yang sign, we will need to get to work to be successful. Some years are planting seeds and some years are harvesting.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, those born under even number years are yin and those born under odd number years are yang. The numbers in numerology and Tarot also follow this pattern that even numbers carry feminine energy and odd numbers carry masculine energy.

The Masculine & Feminine in Your Daily Life

The Moon, being the closest to us, changes signs most frequently. If we want to know how the energy for the day will be, we can look at what sign the Moon is in. This helps us understand why we can wake up feeling so different from day-to-day.

Of course, knowing the traits of the sign will help and a part of knowing the traits of the sign is knowing its element as well as which polarity of energy it brings. On a day when the Moon is in Aries, for example, we will feel like getting things done, but on a day when the Moon is in Taurus, we’d rather lounge and enjoy a good meal.

Closing Thoughts…

The reason that these polarities won’t show up as black and white in us is that the birth chart is more than just the Sun, Moon and Rising signs. If you have a lot of masculine zodiac signs in your chart, you’re likely to lean toward more masculine energy and vice versa. Additionally, for those that are more androgynous, they likely have a more equal balance of the polarities in their chart.

The people you gel with easily may not be predominantly feminine or masculine like you, they may be more balancing to you. We often find safe harbor in friends who are like us but are intrigued by those who can help balance our own polarities. This may help to unravel the saying, ‘opposites attract,’ or the statement, ‘you’re the yin to my yang.’

When it comes to compatibility, it would help to see how much of each polarity you both have. This can help you understand the dynamics of work and personal relationships.

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Quartz is a variety of crystal that is wonderfully effective and unique in crystal healing.

There are many varieties of quartz, and it is the most abundant mineral on the planet. And considering the spirited, powerful healing properties of quartz, we can count ourselves lucky that it is so plentiful.

The most well-known variety of quartz is clear quartz, which can resemble a large diamonds and can be found in crystal clear varieties to cloudier, more opaque hue variants. But there are many other varieties of quartz, all of which are beautiful and healing in their own way. Today, we’re going to walk you through the main types of quartz crystals you’re likely to find so you can decide which types might work best for you.

Your Ultimate Guide to Quartz Crystals

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most powerful stones to work with in crystal healing. It acts as an energy conduit and amplifies the energies of other crystals. It also works to increase your own energies or intentions, making it extremely effective when used in conjunction with manifestation or affirmations. This stone clears negative energy from the body and the space surrounding it, purifying and enhancing the aura.

Clear quartz helps you connect to your higher, spiritual self. This stone helps you hear the messages coming from your highest wisdom, your deepest intuition. This powerful crystal also works to clear and align all seven of the major chakras.

Physically, clear quartz assists with dental issues, kidney problems, pain and weakened memory. Emotionally, this crystal promotes acceptance, healing, harmony, and it reduces emotional tension.

Clear quartz is a must-have for anyone interested in crystal healing, as it is not only powerful on its own, but it works to increase the energies of other stones you work with, as well as your own intentions.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated quartz is a beautiful variety of this quartz, which ranges from transparent, smoky greys to more opaque yellows and browns, with long, thin strands of rutile running through it. This is a truly magical stone that represents balance and duality. This stone has intensely healing properties and connects to and aligns each one of the seven major chakras.

This form of quartz works wonders for reducing depression and healing emotional wounds. It has purifying properties that collect and disperse negative energies around and within you. Because the base of this crystal is clear quartz, it amplifies the energy of other crystals and acts as a powerful energy conductor for your own body.

Rutilated quartz is particularly effective when used alongside meditation, as it quiets the mind and eliminates negativity.

The strands of rutile running through this stone appear golden and shimmer under the light. This is a physical representation of the light that this stone brings out within you — working with rutilated quartz will help uncover and highlight your natural, internal glow.

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Aura Quartz

Aura quartz glows with an almost holographic effect, shining brilliantly with its iridescent sheen. While the shimmering, rainbow-like effect of this stone is man-made, the result is powerful, as it utilizes the magic of nature alongside the mysteries of mankind. Aura quartz is created by bonding precious metals to clear quartz electrostatically — in a process called vacuum metalising — resulting in a mesmerizing glow that is hard to resist.

This beautiful stone is known for its expanding and healing properties. Aura quartz possesses a remarkably high vibration. Perhaps the most well-known form of aura quartz is angel aura quartz, which is created by bonding platinum and silver to clear quartz — the result of which is an angelic, blue sheen that shine with celestial light.

Each form of aura quartz possesses different properties, based on the precious metals to which it has been bonded. For restlessness, try cobalt aura quartz, which has been bonded to stabilizing cobalt. For an intensely healing stone, try opal aura quartz — quartz bonded with platinum. For body image issues, rose aura quartz will soothe your insecurities, as it contains the emotionally healing properties of silver and gold.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most loving, gentle crystals available, and its energy is excellent for combating any type of heartache. This stone comes in varieties of translucent-to-opaque rosy pinks, resembling its own compassionate essence.

Rose quartz represents unconditional love, and it is this unconditional love that rose quartz inspires you to share with yourself and the world. Its energy is feminine, strong yet peaceful, tender and healing. This stone heals emotional wounds and dissolves fears, opening your heart and encouraging self-acceptance and self-love.

This crystal is often referred to as the “heart stone” due to its ability to heal aches within the heart and improve relationships. Rose quartz promotes harmony and peaceful dialogue within romantic relationships, and helps each partner open their heart toward true intimacy.

Rose quartz inspires love, beauty, nature, art, and creativity. This is an excellent stone to use when experiencing any kind of creative block, as it allows you to access your imagination without judgement.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz comes in darker, translucent shades of blacks and browns and resembles a drop of water under the night sky in crystal form. This form of quartz is associated with the Root chakra and helps with feelings of insecurity or loss. This is a stone of power, regarded as highly spiritual by ancient Druids for its connection to the gods.

This is an extremely grounding stone, bringing you back down to earth during times when you can’t seem to root yourself. It helps you feel powerful and stable in your body, like a tree firmly rooted within the Earth’s crust.

Smoky quartz protects from psychic vampires by shielding your aura. This is especially useful for clairvoyants or those who are uniquely attuned to the energies and moods of others.

Other Types of Quartz:

Beyond the types of quartz highlighted in this guide, there are many other varieties that may surprise you.

  • Tourmalinated quartz contains inclusions of black tourmaline to form an uplifting, clarifying crystal.
  • Amethyst — while well-known on its own — is actually a purple variety of quartz that heals addictions, depression, and emotional distress.
  • Citrine is another well-known crystal that comes from the quartz family, promoting opportunity, luck, and positive energy.
  • Strawberry quartz resembles rose quartz in its physical nature, but works to increase love while reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Cat’s eye quartz contains dense inclusions of rutile, which causes a shimmering, cat-eye effect. It is thought to bring fortune to those who work with it.

Building Your Crystal Collection

If you’re just beginning to work with healing crystals, the process of building your crystal collection can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, many of the most powerful stones available are inexpensive and relatively easy to acquire.

Start by acquiring the crystals you feel most drawn to — like most metaphysical activities, working with crystals is a personal process and requires you to connect to your intuition. Your spirit will guide you toward the stones you most need at the time.

If you’re not sure where to start, try this beautiful Crystal Healing Collection, which features 10 genuine healing crystals that will help you get more acquainted with crystal healing.

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It’s time to say farewell to July, and this week we have many transits to help us do so.

It’s impossible to believe that we are officially at the halfway point of the laziest Summer months of the year already. We hope that you have been having a safe, happy, and spiritually healthy Summer.

The Universe has certainly been sending us some zingers to challenge us and test us emotionally. July was a month ripe with change potential. The month opened up with a New Moon in Cancer and a solar eclipse, and the halfway point of the month completed some emotional deals with us with the Full Moon in Capricorn and a lunar eclipse.

Eclipse energy is all about change. And eclipse changes are generally large and broad-sweeping changes in our lives. The changes may not happen when the eclipse occurs, as much of the information we need to create change is eclipsed from the picture.

It’s important to note that both of the zodiac signs that the eclipses were in are Cardinal signs. And that means that many of the changes that happen in your lives, whether thy are eclipse changes or not, will be led and managed by you. You will initiate the change.

Also happening under this eclipse cycle during the month of July was Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde took almost the entire month, but Mercury retrograde never lasts more than a few weeks. Come August, Mercury retrograde will be a thing of the past. As August opens up, Mercury retrograde energy is leaving the picture.

Goodbye, July! Goodbye, Mercury retrograde! And hello, August!

Other than that, there are few things in the forecast to think about. Just enjoy those lazy, hazy days of Summer.

Enjoy this week, friends, and when you need a little more information for your forecast, check out your Daily Horoscopes, or pull a card or two using our Daily Tarot reading.

Have a grand week, beloveds!

Planetary Locations During July 29 – August 4:

Sun: Leo (July 23 – August 23, 2019)

Mercury: Cancer (July 19 – August 1, 2019)

Venus: Leo (July 28 – August 21, 2019)

Mars: Leo (July 1, 2019 – August 18, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (Until March 22, 2020); Retrograde: April 29, 2019 – September 17, 2019

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019 – August 19, 2021)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024); Retrograde: April 24, 2019 – October 2, 2019

Daily Snapshots for July 29 – August 4, 2019:

Monday, July 29

Sun: Cancer – Take the lead on nurturing love at home, and success follows everywhere else

Moon: Cancer – Nurturing others nurtures your soul.


  • Sun in Leo square Uranus in Taurus – This is the luminary body of the Sun squaring off with the shock planet Uranus. Sun is in glorious Leo, and Uranus is in slower-moving Earthbound Taurus. This energy is somewhat incompatible, as both Leo and Taurus move at completely different speeds with completely different reasons for doing so. At the same time, a square in this transit implies there are going to be some wrinkles in the forecast. The Sun relates to your personality, your sense of self, and who you are in the world. Uranus is the planet of ingenious ideas that liberate and usher freedom in. So your sense of Self is going to be at odds with some events that happen out of the blue under Uranus energy. Expect the unexpected here! And breathe… this too shall pass.

Tuesday, July 30

Sun: Leo – The Sun is shining on all that feels good and bold. Time to take charge of those hidden sparks of inspiration.

Moon: Cancer

Wednesday, July 31

Sun: Leo

Moon: Leo – Take 5 minutes to find pleasure today, just for you.

Thursday, August 1

Sun: Leo

Moon: Leo


  • Mercury direct in Cancer – Goodbye Mercury retrograde! Mercury is now finished his backstroke in Cancer, and is going to go direct in the Cardinal sign of Cancer today. This means that themes that Mercury rules, travel, transportation, communication, and any gadgets or technology involved in those things, experience delays and wrinkles. Mercury will go direct in Cancer today, and bring an end to these confusions and delays. But that does not mean the switchover to direct is going to feel smooth immediately. Mercury goes direct today but as it makes a station and turns direct, it could take some time. And so too will smoothing over any wrinkles from this retrograde period. Give Mercury time, and continue exercising patience. Hello, Mercury direct!

Friday, August 2

Sun: Leo

Moon: Virgo – Flawless attention to detail can be productive and provocative.


  • Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus – This is an interesting transit that may cause life to feel wrinkly at first, but you will soon learn that it is a liberating transit. Again, we have shock planet Uranus involved in a square, and this time with lover Venus. You may still be dealing with shock waves from the Uranus square with the Sun earlier in the week, and today’s square is going to feel similar, but touch a different area of your life. This is incompatible energy with Venus in Fire sign Leo and Uranus in Earth sign Taurus. But instead of your sense of self being touched on as with the earlier Sun square, this time your relationships may experience some out of the blue moments. Venus is the love and money planet, and she helps you to attract opportunities in these areas. Uranus is the shock planet that wants you to march to the beat of your own drummer. Uranus liberates. But it does so in a shocking and out of the blue way. So when Venus and Uranus square today, you are going to see some out of the blue relationship moments arrive. Potentially. At the end of the day, you will find them liberating, and you may be the one leading this change. But along the way, there is going to be a wrinkle or two. Breathe. Follow the Laws of Attraction. And stay the bigger person to win this one.

Saturday, August 3

Sun: Leo

Moon: Virgo

Sunday, August 4

Sun: Leo

Moon: Libra – When you serve as the gracious diplomat in all situations, you win.

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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Crystals – intriguing, beautiful, varied, and above all, here to assist us.

When we’re very young, crystals tend to amaze us. Their bright colors, the way they glitter under the moonlight or sunlight, the general magical feeling they give. As we get older, though, the magic of crystals tends to lose its charm in our lives, especially as we become bogged down by the weight of the real world and adulthood.

But there was a reason why crystals fascinated us so much as children, the time when we are at our most intuitive, innocent and imaginative. It’s because crystals hold a magic of their own; it’s a magic that works best with intuition, for the deeper you are able to tap into your instinctive abilities, the easier it is for the crystals to connect to you.

Delving into the world of crystals can be challenging. Where do you even begin? How can you use your intuition to find the right crystal for you? There are so many of them and what if they have no effect at all?

The truth is that all crystals will have an effect, but it is up to the individual to open themselves enough to let this effect take place. This is why intuition is such a crucial factor when choosing and using crystals. Read on to find out how you can tap into your intuition to find the crystal most helpful for you!

Setting Your Intention

Perhaps the most important thing to do when using your intuition is beginning with intention. Some people find it easy to tap into their intuition; others (including me on many occasions!) have no idea where to begin. Intention can be a wonderful way of making things easier.

First, think about what it is you need help with. The following are some examples:

  • I need help choosing the right career
  • I need help in my relationship
  • I want to be happier
  • I want to be healed
  • I want to be brave
  • I just want a crystal to help me, no matter what happens!

Whatever the intention is, close your eyes and focus on it. Spend about ten to fifteen minutes doing this, breathing deeply in and out. You might even find that the name of a specific crystal pops into your head, or a certain color, or a specific gemstone – this is your intuition’s way of letting you know what crystal you need at this time.

But even if you don’t receive any flashes or images in your mind, it doesn’t matter. After you’ve set your intention, it is a good idea to write your intention down on a piece of paper, fold it, place it in your pocket, and then…

To the Crystal Shop!

While you’re browsing around the crystal shop, try to keep your mind open and leave any doubts or judgement to the side. Remember, belief is just as crucial as intent. If you believe you’ll find the right crystal, then find it you will!

If it helps, take your piece of paper out of your pocket and read through it again. Browse through the crystals, all the while focusing on your intention. Trust in your intuition; let your rational mind snooze for a bit – don’t worry, it’ll wake up again soon enough!

Browsing may be very short or quite lengthy; but here are some clues that your intuition is working:

  • One crystal just catches your eye and you feel drawn to it. There may be no exact reason for this; it may not be the shiniest, the brightest or the most sparkling, but you feel compelled to take a closer look.
  • The crystal tingles in your hands when you pick it up.
  • You don’t want to put the crystal down again once you’ve picked it up.
  • An odd smile creeps up on your face as you hold it, or a memory flashes into your mind, or you feel a little short of breath. These are physical signs that the crystal has connected with you.
  • You feel a series of (or just one) particular emotions race through you as you hold the crystal.
  • A sense of empowerment engulfs you.

Any of these clues are a sign that you have found the right crystal for you and that your intuition has done its job.

Remember, the crystal you choose may not be the one you expected at all.

You may have even done some research on crystals prior to your visit and had an intention to buy that particular crystal – I did this once when I was looking for a crystal to help my self-confidence at a public event. After some research, I decided a sodalite pendant was the best one for me due to its abilities to raise self-esteem. I ended up purchasing an orange carnelian pendant instead after employing my intuition while browsing – it turns out the orange carnelian was just what I needed! Trust your intuition and you cannot go wrong.

If you can’t get to a crystal store, you can always apply the same intuitive method to online shopping too!

Concluding Thoughts…

Crystals are brilliant, nifty little things that can help us in pretty much every area of life you can think of. They can’t magically make all of our problems disappear, but they can certainly assist and guide us, as well as helping us grow as people. Learning to harness your intuition to find the right crystal is a very handy ability to have.

Try these techniques the next time you hunt around for a crystal and let your intuition lead the way!

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We started one of the auspicious Mercury retrograde periods on July 7th, and the good news is, it ends on August 1st, 2019, in the Water sign of Cancer!

Connected with the fourth house of roots and foundations, Cancer is the sign of home, family, nurturing and oh yes baking, cooking and eating. Let’s look at how Mercury direct energy will help amplify good changes at home and what you have to look forward to.

When Mercury stations direct, we see things start to move forward again, and we can finally think clearly enough to make those big decisions we’ve been putting off. During retrograde periods, especially Mercury retrograde periods, we often don’t have the words or can’t find the way to express how we feel because we are focused more on looking within to figure out what it is we want to say. Now the energy is free and we don’t have to keep looking to the past to learn our lessons. It’s time again to shift our lives into taking action and apply the things we learned during the reflection period of Mercury retrograde.

Remind Me, What is Mercury Retrograde Again?

If you’re not sure what Mercury retrograde is, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In astrology, the energy created by the movements of the planets through the zodiac signs results in predictable states of mind that we can take advantage of and see ahead of time. Many people attest that they notice the effects of tricky Mercury retrograde. Mercury controls the mind, so it can have us thinking about the past when it goes retrograde. But we still have to take care of our daily lives and we all know when our mind is somewhere else, we often trip over our own feet because we aren’t looking where we are going.

During a Mercury retrograde, people often experience miscommunications, electronic malfunctions or feelings of being unable to move forward with their goals (I call this the running in sand feeling). In a more positive sense, the retrograde is a time to learn from our past so that we can break any behavioral patterns that aren’t helping us live a positive and fulfilling life. When Mercury stations direct, it represents our minds shifting back to the present and future so that we can move forward with more wisdom and a better approach.

In this case, Mercury, being the planet of communication, will help us say what we need and want in order to feel comfortable and happy at home when it stations direct. Our attention will be drawn to the home because the Cancer zodiac sign brings a nurturing, home-body type of energy. You can look forward to good conversations with loved ones and more family time even if they are at a distance (or at least you can catch up over the phone). You will feel like taking time to make your home nice and welcoming so that it is a place of refuge where you can recharge your batteries.

5 Ways to Use Mercury Direct in Cancer Energy at Home

1. Divide Up Chores

If you live by yourself, you can set a goal for weekly and monthly cleaning to help keep the vibes in your house up. If you live with other people, you want to make sure no one feels they are stuck doing all the housework. Use the Mercury direct vibes to talk about keeping the energy in the home uplifting instead of pointing fingers at who isn’t doing something right. Approach communication with the idea of positive solutions instead of negative feedback.

2. Plan a Night to Cook at Home

Sometimes we get in a routine of getting through the week and feel busy but don’t stop to share our love with the people we truly care about. If you live with people, cooking together and turning off your phones can really help to make home life fun again. If you live at home, perhaps you can spend time learning a recipe you’re excited about instead of heating up a frozen dinner or ordering something quick. You can also invite a friend over to cook with you and catch up or deepen a new friendship.

3. Create a Meditation Space

Home can be a place to rejuvenate and unwind and creating a place to be with yourself can help you value your meditation and make it a part of your day. Everyone in your life benefits when you spend time meditating too. Creating this space can help create positive momentum in your relationships with everyone because it will help you settle down and see things without being overly emotional.

4. Create Healthy Boundaries for Venting

Talk about how it’s best to limit negative dumping about your day to the people at home. Walking through the door only to express how mad you are will bring down the home energy. Allow the moment of coming home to be welcoming and loving and set a time when you can share the heavier things and listen to each other so that the negativity doesn’t spiral and so no one becomes a sounding board. If you live alone, notice if you do this by calling someone or if they do it to you.

5. Make a Vision Board

Having a goal that you can focus on helps you feel inspired when you’re in your home. If you live with people, supporting each other’s goals can build strong positive bonds as well. Include self-development goals so you each hold yourself accountable for improving communication and taking responsibility for bringing positive energy into the home.

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Closing Thoughts…

The Mercury retrograde post-shadow period will still be in effect until August 15th. If you’re wondering if there are more Mercury retrograde 2019 dates you need to be aware of, well you’re right to be wondering that! There is one more on November 1st through the 20th. But you have some time before that happens to live your life focusing on moving forward.

It’s important to never look at one part of what is going on in astrology by itself or you won’t really get a clear picture of the energy you’re dealing with. We are not quite out of the weeds when it comes to retrogrades:

  • Uranus (January 6 – August 12)
  • Chiron (July 8 – December 31)
  • Pluto (April 24 – October 3)
  • Neptune (June 21 – November 27)
  • Jupiter (April 10 – August 11)
  • Saturn (April 30 – September 18)

Without a long, drawn-out explanation of how all of that is affecting us, let’s say it is a time of inner transformation and learning from our past.

Keep yourself up to speed each day by printing off a copy of our awesome and totally free astrology calendar.

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A Cancer woman is many things. According to Cancer astrology, she’s mysterious and complex, ruled by her emotions, but sometimes she’ll keep them bottled up inside under her hard shell.

Depending on who you ask, Cancer women are intriguing or frustrating, and she can go from compassionate and loving to protective and possessive in seconds, particularly when she’s feeling comfortable or threatened. But no matter what, her emotional vulnerability and strength is her strongest asset.

The Cancer woman is queen of the home and loves sharing her space with family and friends. She has a natural talent for picking you up when you’re down and supporting you from afar when you need a bit of me-time.

But don’t think it’s a one-way street. Cross a Cancer woman and her sensitive and supportive tendencies can be whisked away amid her fluid temperament. Less emotionally intelligent signs may be confused by Cancer’s actions but wearing your heart on your sleeve — or, better yet, hiding your emotions — is exhausting, and a Cancer that feels unappreciated may close up and withdraw. Communication is important, and it’ll give your Cancer lady the comfort she needs to really open up and let you in.

Because she’s so in tune with her emotions, she’s great at expressing herself through words and art, so don’t be surprised if your Cancer woman dabbles in poetry, painting or music. But it may be just for her, so don’t push too hard if she’s not ready to take things public just yet, or ever — some things are just too personal. However, the right handmade piece may be just what makes the house feel like a home and may provide a comfort that more ambitious dreamers may find silly.

Positive Cancer Woman Traits

Once you get past her tough exterior, a Cancer woman is loving, nurturing and loyal. She’s driven by her emotions and likes consistency in life to balance out her fluid moods. Decisions concerning her home, partner and circle of friends are not to be taken lightly, especially when she’s channelling her intuition, and she’ll often put the needs of others before her own when she’s feeling strong.

But while a Cancer may wear her emotions on her sleeve, she’s very in tune to those around her. If you’ve brought some baggage with you to a meet-up, she’s quick to empathize and join in, even if you’re not quite ready to talk about it. Cancers make great listeners and may even turn their emotional intelligence into a career in psychology, or as an empath or psychic. But even if she’s not working with emotions in a more professional role, she’s often the one in her family that others rely upon, and her strength can be a beacon for those in need.

That’s because Cancer women think with their feelings, not their minds, so they can get right to the heart of the matter, helping others that may not be as in tune with what drives them. In fact, any conversation you have will likely be about emotions instead of thoughts or beliefs, though Cancers do have a soft spot for tradition and nostalgia. But it’s all comes back to being in a safe space with the freedom to express herself without feeling judged or disregarded, otherwise into the shell she’ll retreat.

Negative Cancer Female Characteristics

Typically known for their moodiness, the Cancer female personality struggles with balancing the strength of her emotions with the callousness of the world. If she’s feeling self-conscious or vulnerable, she may retreat into her shell out of fear of being rejected. Though this shy or guarded side of Cancer is just a defence mechanism, it usually takes a change of scenery or another activity to entice her to open up again.

Sometimes, this may manifest itself in about of people-pleasing, especially if she’s feeling down or rejected, but don’t rush a Cancer woman to snap out of it. She’s equally stubborn as she is sensitive, and she can hold a grudge with the best of ‘em. So, it’s usually best to keep the criticism to yourself and let her overanalyze and work through it if she’s in the middle of one of her mood swings. Whatever you do, don’t overreact, because she’ll raise the stakes higher with her active imagination — it’s probably best to wait it out or to flatter her with kindness and acceptance, but be careful of being disingenuous. That could make matters worse.

Indeed, the biggest shock for many comes when they push her too far. If she feels betrayed or badly hurt, or if she feels taken advantage of, she may cut you out of her life forever. It takes a lot for a Cancer to let you in, so once you’re in, don’t blow it, or you may find yourself on the wrong end of a Cancerian cold shoulder.

Understanding the Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is a dichotomy of emotions wrapped in a fear of being wronged or ridiculed. Not one to engage in confrontation, Cancer women are more likely to change course or adapt instead of raising their voice or having it out over the latest bit of drama. Many times, this manifests itself as a retreat as Cancer heads back into her shell. But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. Her distance or engagement is all governed by her emotions, and she decides when, where and with whom she’ll share herself.

When she does let you in, she can be kind, dependable and persistent, so they’re great to have in your corner when adversity comes your way. And because they work hard and won’t give up easily, they make great partners and friends, if you stay on her good side. Just don’t cross her or push her too far out of her comfort zone. She can’t be your rock if she feels uncomfortable or exposed.

To help you understand the Cancer woman in your life, check out today’s Cancer horoscope and the Cancer love horoscope, and read more about Cancer astrology right here at Astrology Answers.

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​In this recurring monthly series, we’ll discuss ways for the various signs to get inspired and make some changes around their most important spaces within the home. Regardless of budget or skill level, there are always small ways we can adapt our living spaces to bring about renewed inspiration, harmony, and energies to the places we occupy.

It’s officially Leo season, which means vibrant, confident energy that is infectious and enjoyable for almost every sign. Ruled by the Sun and born in the peak of summer, Leos are a ray of sunshine! Confident, proud and generous, this Fire sign loves to be admired – and their living spaces are no exception. Leos are very home-proud since entertaining is just a different stage for them to strut their stuff on. Read on for some fiery and bold ways for Leo to shine a spotlight on their home renovations!

What’s In for Leo?

Faux Mantle

Just like Leo thrives in any type of spotlight, a mantle is the best centrepiece of a truly gorgeous living room. Not only does it align with their inviting, confident vibe, but a mantle is a perfect way to show off mementos and accolades – which this Fire sign loves everybody being able to see.

Given modern architectural trends though, few spaces will have this feature. Worry not! A faux mantle is easy to install, and they come in a variety of materials and sizes to suit any living space.

Aztec Influence

While certain decorating trends are winding down, Aztec-inspired pieces are starting to gain momentum – and the bright, bold designs of this trend are sure to appeal to Leos cheery and confident nature!

With key elements like a turquoise, orange and gold color palette, cacti or succulents, and bold décor, this is a polished but warm and inviting decorating trend that is well suited to this social and giving Fire signs. Start incorporating this style with a boldly patterned rug, or new desert plants.


Though it may seem outdated or unstylish to some, velvet is having a bit of a revival right now. It is surprisingly chic, and traditional velvet (as opposed to crushed velvet) is luxurious and comfortable – which appeals to the sensual, decadent side of Leo that loves to be pampered.

If you want to start small, incorporate a throw pillow or curtain in a butter-soft velvet; however, if you’re feeling a little glamorous, which is a truer Leo fashion, look for a velvet chair or sculpted headboard covered in this luxe fabric.

What’s Out for Leo?

Overly Curated Looks

Given that they are such high energy performers, Leo tends to always be “on,” to feel as though they must be flawless – which can sometimes leave their friends feeling kept at a distance. In this aspect, a lot of Leo homes have been perfectly curated to present an image that they want you to admire.

Well, sorry to say, but it’s time to let that go! This Fire sign needs to embrace a less curated space, and show their softer, more genuine side. You’re still a star, in or out of the spotlight!


Often regarded as a power color for this Fire sign, yellow is a shade many lions are drawn to. However, those who study color theory believe it is also a high impact color that creates stress, friction and impulse control issues when used in heavy density in the home – yikes! For Leo to create living spaces that are still warm and cheerful without this frantic energy, try limiting your yellow pieces to accents and décor.

Still love large, bright pieces? Consider burnt orange or chartreuse instead.

Inspirational Signs

Natural leaders with deeply social energy, Leos love to inspire and elevate those around them (as long as they’re not competing!). While inspirational art had its moment, it’s time to take down those generic, impersonal slogans and replace them with something truly uplifting.

This Fire sign always has a kind word to say, so try replacing your “Live, Laugh, Love” print with your own words of wisdom – it’s easier than ever to create custom prints online. Or, try an uplifting nature view that inspires.

Giving themselves time away from the spotlight is key to keeping this Fire sign balances, so creating a warm, welcoming home to relax in goes a long way – otherwise, their claws might come out! By creating this den of comfort, Leo can start each day refreshed and ready to share their light with the world.

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It’s New Moon time, friends!

This is your monthly shot at launching some exciting new beginnings in any area of your life. Remember that New Moons display the shadow side of the Moon, and are hence very dark. This means that the Moon is symbolizing a slight waiting period before you go hog wild on those new beginnings. During that waiting period, you will receive information that will help you to make even more decisions on those new beginnings. So this month’s New Moon in Leo is going to help you to plant the seeds of new chapters.

The themes of this New Moon are exciting. We have the themes of new beginnings under this tiny sliver of a Moon. We also have Leo themes chiming in here. Leo is the Fixed sign of the Fire signs, and as such is always an exciting companion to have. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and thus has a very vivacious personality that loves attention, flattery, and a little glow on life. Lovable Leo has all of the qualities of fire, and always has a spark of love to share. Leo is friendly, flirty, and always looking for fun. And as a Fixed sign that is symbolized by the Strength card in the Tarot, Leo is loyal to the core.

When Leo smiles, you do too. That little spark of love is contagious. So you want to remember these themes when you are using the New Moon in Leo for love horoscopes this month. It only takes a spark to get a fire going now…so light that spark and make those New Moon wishes count!

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Romantic New Moon in Lovable Leo Themes

Here we have the tiniest sliver of the Moon hanging out in the passionate Fire sign of Leo. You don’t have to be one of the snappy Fire signs to relish in all of the sparks that are going to unite now. All of the zodiac signs will benefit from this glorious energy, if you play your cards right.

  • Who: Leo will feel this energy the most, as will the other Fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius. But this transit is happening to all of us, so all zodiac signs will reap the benefits and loveliness of the New Moon in Lovable Leo.
  • What: The themes of New Moons are the themes of new beginnings. Anything you start now will have been blessed by the New Moon in Leo. Romance, business partnerships, or simply a new writing project like a poem. Is it new? Does it get you excited like Leo gets excited? Then go for it. That is the energy that this New Moon provides.
  • When: The New Moon in Leo will be August 1 for the Northern Hemisphere and August 2 for the Southern Hemisphere. Remember that no matter where you are located, the 48 hours before and the 48 hours after these times will be ripe with New Moon in Leo energy! That means starting July 29, get your New Moon wishes in motion and keep making those love wishes until August 3!
  • Where: This particular New Moon is dipping into the Fixed Fire sign of Leo, and can be found flirting with the lion’s head portion of the constellation. Imagine you are the head of the lion, and the New Moon is pointing right on your crown chakra, ready to unleash all of your fire within. What are you going to do with this energy?

What happens during a New Moon cycle is this: The cycle runs for 28 days. With this New Moon cycle, we are finishing the New Moon beginnings we began under the New Moon in Cancer last month. Now we start a new cycle, this time in Leo, and the energy shifts from emotional and heartfelt to spontaneous and exciting. It’s not a bad shift, it’s just a shift. What seeds did you plant under the New Moon in Cancer? Many should be starting to blossom about now. If not, use this New Moon in Leo cycle to start fresh.

Use our Daily Horoscopes during this time, and a free Tarot Card Love Reading might help too. But let’s have a look at precisely how this New Moon will impact your romantic lives this August. Are you ready? Time to plant the seeds of new beginnings in love, now.

Aries – Start Your Pleasure Engines

With the New Moon in Leo working your fifth house of pleasures as August opens up, Aries, you are expected to be planting some exciting seeds of new beginnings in romance. This is the playful, nostalgic type of romance that feels like a honeymoon phase. This is a phase of love where you don’t think about what is next, love just happens. You can have this no matter what your relationship status is now, just stay breezy. Have fun. Bring back that inner child. The New Moon in Leo is beckoning fun, and nothing else, but keep it in the light to optimize those romantic blessings.

What are your New Moon wishes in love, Aries?

Taurus – Nurture Your Domestic Zones

The New Moon in Leo is in your fourth house of foundations and home, Taurus, and this is your home base. This can go way back to your roots and legacy, or could actually refer to your actual home. You are going to have more romance by staying in tonight than going out. Stroke the pleasure centers starting from the domestic zones. Focus on the family. You may see some new beginnings on the family front, and this can even include a pregnancy, or moving in with someone special and finally taking that step of a new beginning. It’s a good time to talk about it as well if you haven’t already. The air is alive with this spark of your domestic center.

What are your New Moon wishes in love, Taurus?

Gemini – Use Your Feeling Words, and Mean Them

The New Moon in Gemini is working your third house of communication, and this means that you are really feeling like you need to let some words out. This is true whether you are single or attached. Be careful here, Gemini, and think things through. Use feelings words, and mean it. Don’t say things in love because you think that’s what is needed. Speak from your heart and don’t be afraid to be authentic. The real you that is in the light and aligned with karma is pretty awesome. Show it! Use your feelings words. Your ruler Mercury awakes from retrograde as well. Use it or lose it, baby!

What are your New Moon wishes in love, Gemini?

Cancer – Embrace Your Awesomeness

It’s time to embrace your creative self, Cancer, as the New Moon in Leo arrives in your second house of worth. This is often a money house, but it also is a house of confidence and self-esteem, because too often we tie our Egos up in our wallet. Release that for a second and just show your lover the real you. Dip into that creative self and don’t be afraid to be a little vulnerable. When you open up to that person you care about, single or attached, under this New Moon you can make some incredible miracle producing wishes. Being vulnerable is sexy right now. Let that self-confidence soar and you plant some very romantic seeds of new beginnings.

What are your New Moon wishes in love, Cancer?

Leo – To Thine Own Self Be True

The New Moon in your sign, Leo, is also working your first house of self. This means that you have both the Sun and the Moon shining on who you are as a person right now. That means you should be feeling on top of the world. If you want to snag that special someone, it’s time to show your true self and just be true to who that is. You in your sign wants you to start something really new and exciting now. What new beginning in love do you want? Go for it now. The New Moon is your romantic oyster.

What are your New Moon wishes in love, Leo?

Virgo – Every New Beginning Is Another Ending

There’s an old Green Day song that goes, “every new beginning is the start of some other beginning’s ending.” That theme is very real for you right now, Virgo, with so much Leo energy working your twelfth house of spirituality and endings. The New Moon is working this twelfth house as well, and so you are creating endings while also setting up some exciting new beginnings. Look for ways to be fresh and inspired under this New Moon. It’s time to really catch that Leo spark and put yourself out there, if you want to. But sometimes, a little downtime is a new beginning as well. Take a time out if you need one, Virgo, and answers from that twelfth house guardian angel will arrive. The next step is just around this romantic corner, and you’re about to find out what that is.

What are your New Moon wishes in love, Virgo?

Libra – You’ve Got to Have Friends

The social scene is your wheelhouse right now, Libra, and the New Moon in Leo can certainly help you tap right into that. This New Moon in Leo is working your eleventh house of groups and friendships, and this is lighting a little spark in you when it comes to love. Groups and networking will help you in romance, no matter what your relationship status is right now. If you are attached, get out and mingle with your partner with friends. Have more friends over, or hit the festivals with your besties. Oddly romantic magic happens in the Summer when socializing. And if you are single, do the same! Amp up that social network profile and start filling it with that awesome life of yours. You’ll attract some wonderful things when you do.

What are your New Moon wishes in love, Libra?

Scorpio – It’s Your Time to Shine

You may have a lot of work on your mind over the opening of August, Scorpio, as the New Moon in Leo is working your tenth house of career destiny and public image. But even though this is largely a career house, it is also your house of reputation. You may be undergoing some good karma now with the New Moon in Leo in your reputation house. You are being seen for exactly what you are now, or be seeing some just desserts in love. It’s all delicious for you. Being with someone that is high in status may also be on the romantic agenda. Put yourself out there if you are single, or treat your lover like a superhero if you are not. You will see that New Moon in Leo create a sparkle that lasts.

What are your New Moon wishes in love, Scorpio?

Sagittarius – Think Big Picture

The New Moon in fellow Fire sign Leo is painting a sparkly picture for you in romance, Sagittarius. This New Noon is working your ninth house of Big Picture adventures, and this is causing you to feel more adventurous even than you usually are. You may even be feeling the travel bug right now, whether you are single or attached. Whatever little bug is itching you right now, scratch it. Go on a road trip, single or attached, or try something new on the foreign scene. Or, play the long game with a lover and see where it goes, but only if you mean it. You may even be planning something like a honeymoon or other type of trip right now. Think Big Picture and play the long game in love, or find an adventure and love finds you.

What are your New Moon wishes in love, Sagittarius?

Capricorn – Secrets Share Magic

The New Moon in Leo is working your eighth house of shared resources and secrets, Capricorn, and that is going to have an impact on your love matters if you want some saucy times to arrive. This transit is working in your house of all things taboo. It’s time to break the mould in love and really do something new in your current relationship, or to attract a new one. Don’t be afraid to get a little scandalous, or just toe the line with a partner. And if you just aren’t there yet, use secrets. Or, “I had a dream about you and it was…saucy.” This creates a spark that creates more sharing. Watch the romantic power of secrets under the New Moon in Leo, Capricorn, and you will see your love status elevate, no matter what it is right now.

What are your New Moon wishes in love, Capricorn?

Aquarius – True Love, Actually

Leo is your opposite sign, Aquarius, and the New Moon in Leo then is going to be working your seventh house of true love. So you have some very exciting opportunities to make a big play in love. This is a wonderful time to plant a seed with a special someone and get closer to a commitment or elevation of status. But at the same time, it’s a great time to just have a talk with someone and see where you stand. You are feeling very romantic right now, and feel like whatever happens now could stick. You are right. Follow the flow and the light and the magic that can happen under this New Moon in your opposite sign could definitely create some fireworks. You want them to be the good ones. Shop for healing crystals and you will find the one that soothes the soul if any wrinkles crop up. But they won’t if you stay in the light.

What are your New Moon in Leo love wishes, Aquarius?

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Pisces – It’s the Little Things

It’s time to focus on the little things in love, Pisces, as they will become the big things you don’t want to deal with if you don’t tend to them. Do the dishes, pick up some extra things for your lover, or just start tending to little things. Even a new health routine or fitness program can help you improve in love. And if you are single, start tending to the little things in love that you haven’t done yet to put yourself out there. The New Moon in Leo is working your sixth house of details, and the little things become the big things in love. Leo loves flattery, so compliment someone more, or just put a little flirt out there of the tiniest detail. Brush some imaginary lint off of someone and see what happens. The little things become the big things in love, no matter what your relationship status is right now.

What are your New Moon in Leo love wishes, Pisces?

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July 31st marks the New Moon in Leo as well as Mercury stationing direct ending our latest Mercury retrograde phase.

As we come out of our big season of change that we astrology nerds like to call ‘eclipse season,’ it’s time to move forward into our new normal and reinvent ourselves as we become the upgraded versions of our former selves. We’ve shed layers of our past to be able to sense the hope of what we can accomplish.

Today, we have a great New Moon purification ritual using two of nature’s most powerful cleansing elements, salt and sage, that will help you step into this new beginning with the confident swagger of Leo and the purity of mother Earth.

What Salt & Sage Do

There are scientifically measurable positive effects on the body and energy field from these two substances.

Sage actually kills 94% of bacteria in the air and disinfects while transforming something called positive ions into negative ions as it is burned. Your body is held in an energy field that contains both negative and positive ions (the presence of both is important to maintain balance). Unfortunately though, electronics can bombard our energy field with positive ions that stress our nervous and immune systems. The sage smoke, conversely, transforms positive ions into negative ions, and salt emits measurable negative ions that will restore a sense of wellbeing.

You will feel fatigued and foggy when there is a build-up of positive ions in your house and in your energy field. That creates negative emotions which in turn attracts more low vibration negative thoughts that block you from higher states of consciousness where you can access your intuition. Stress in the body releases positive ions and that creates a tense atmosphere.

How To Use Salt & Sage

There’s nothing like a good salt bath to get rid of stress and reset your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll want to drink lots of water to counteract the dehydrating effect of the salt, but you will find that the salt bath gives you a sense of calm and peace.

You can use Epsom salts which are easy to find in almost any pharmacy or grocery store. Taking a hot bath with these salts will begin your ritual for New Moon purification. As you step into the water, set your intention to release negative thoughts and feel them being pulled from you.

Next, you can create a salt bowl (or a series of them) for your home to keep the energy positive. It’s best to use a natural salt, like Himalayan or sea salt, because they are not processed and don’t have added anti-caking agents like your standard table salt, making them more effective. You can typically get these at any grocery store.

Place a bowl of salt near your bed or in the corners. Be sure that it is out of reach of pets and you can leave them there until they feel like they need to be changed like a dirty dishrag. They will be doing their thing, removing negative vibes for you because that’s what salt does. That’s why you feel amazing at the beach too. The saltwater and the moving water create negative ions that soothe you.

Now for the sage. Light the end of the sage and blow out the flame so the herbs begin to smoulder. Circle the sage bundle around your body with the intention to clear all negative energy from your aura. Then walk around your house and relight the sage as necessary.

Of course, be aware of how sensitive your smoke alarm is and do not inhale the smoke directly. Open the windows and let the air out of the house. Allow the sage to burn until you feel the energy has shifted. This could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

If you find that the smell of sage bothers you, you may alternatively want to use cedar, sweetgrass, palo santo, or copal. Be sure to keep the smouldering sage in a non-flammable metal, ceramic, or glass container as it cools, and be aware that the sage may flake off as it burns.

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Now You’re Ready to Set Your New Moon Intention!

Now that you have cleared your space and your own energy field, find a place that feels the most welcoming to sit and meditate.

You can tap into your intuition easier when your emotions are positive and the environment is clear from negative energy. You will find it easier to meditate and ask what it is that will be in your highest good to start on this New Moon. Each New Moon starts a cycle where our creative energy is renewed and we can use that energy to manifest for the following two and a half weeks leading up to the Full Moon. The Full Moon will often bring your wish to fruition if you’ve done the work to visualize and put energy into the intention.

Sit and breathe slowly and deeply for about a minute. Set your intention to connect to the deepest purest part of you. This is where you can find the guidance you need that will help you know what to do with your life in big and smaller ways.

When you feel you are in this expanded state in connection with your soul, your true identity, empty your mind and open your heart. Ask what it is that is most important for you to focus on manifesting with this Moon cycle. Allow it to be revealed to you and see if it surprises you even. Relax and breathe and wait until you get a clear message that is coming from your heart and not your ego.

Write down what you see and then take three slow and deep breaths to return to the room where you are sitting.

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Closing Thoughts…

This is not just another cute new-age ritual that will just be a cute Instagram post but not make an impact on your life. It will help you in a great many ways actually. Salt and sage have been used for healing, purification, and spiritual work for thousands of years and by many different cultures.

The New Moon will be in the bold sign of Leo, prepping you to go after those big dreams full-speed ahead. You may find yourself ready to go for the bigger fish with this Moon cycle, whether that’s stepping into a new identity with courage, asking for what you really want, or even finally taking a leap of faith into something new.

The Full Moon will occur on August 15th and at that time you will likely see things move forward in relation to the intention you set on the New Moon. This Full Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius. We expect things to move forward on this Full Moon because it also marks the end of the post-shadow period of Mercury retrograde. This would be a great day to smudge yourself and your home again with sage, replace the salt in your bowls, and take another salt bath. This day allows you to see your wishes materialize as well as release thoughts that aren’t helping you.

Keep up with the major planetary alignments with our astrology calendar and free daily horoscopes. You will start to see how these energies play out each day and you will be able to understand how to use astrology in your daily life to find more joy and success. Thanks for being a part of our community – let’s make this New Moon count!

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