Day: August 16, 2019


Ah, your dream partner, your twin flame, your one true love. The one we fantasize over, yearn for and dream of. Where are they? Why have they not yet appeared? When will they appear? Will they appear?

So many questions, so little time – at least, that’s how many of us think. In reality, there may be more time than we realize! And while the Tarot cards can’t whip the dream partner out of thin air, what they can do is provide a little more insight into where they may be, who they may be and when they might pop up.

It’s also worth remembering that the dream partner of the fantasy may not quite be the dream partner in reality. One may envision a Christian-Grey-esque type of man and instead end up with a lovely, cuddly Ricky Gervais. Only the Universe knows who our happy match may be, and luckily Tarot has a great way of tapping into the universe. You might not get an exact name, age, height and profession, but you might just get a general idea. which can help you keep a look-out!

So, read on to find out how Tarot can help you find your dream partner!

The Court Cards

A long time ago, before we had such a thing as planes, trains and cars, people mostly existed in little villages of about three hundred people where everyone knew each other. This meant that if you went to the local Tarot reader and asked who you would end up marrying, and they pulled the Page of Wands which represented a young man in his 20’s, quite artistic and with sandy blonde hair, you were usually able to whittle your options down to about five people.

Pretty handy, of course, but times have changed and the traditional physical descriptions of the court cards have changed with them. Population increase and the evolution of multiculturalism have likewise meant that the original physical descriptions no longer apply in the same way they did before, and more emphasis is placed on the characteristics of the cards. Similarly, despite being kings, queens, knights and pages, court cards tend to be genderless unless you ask about a specific person or about gender in general. Pull a Page of Wands today and you may have about a million people to choose from!

But in conjunction with other cards and with the right type of Tarot spread, it can certainly be possible to gain greater insight into who your dream partner is!

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A Tarot Spread to Find Your Dream Partner

This simple spread can be a pretty nifty way of finding more out about your dream partner. Concentrate first on the question:

What is my dream partner like?

Shuffle the cards and then lay them out, with one card for each of the following pointers:

  1. Appearance
  2. Personality
  3. Vocation
  4. Location
  5. Positives
  6. Negatives
  7. Within the three-month time scale?

The seventh card relates to when you may meet this person. Many readers believe it is not good to try and predict after three months as the future is so subject to change. It is up to you whether you choose to include the seventh card or not, or whether you choose to modify it to suit your own desired time-frame. The seventh card interpretation is also strongly based on intuition.

So, as an example, let’s say I shuffled out that exact spread and received the following cards:

  1. The Empress
  2. The Hermit
  3. 9 of Pentacles
  4. 6 of Cups
  5. Queen of Wands
  6. Knight of Swords
  7. 5 of Cups

Here is how I would interpret these cards:

The Empress: This is someone quite classically beautiful, regardless of their gender. Quite curvaceous or has excellent fashion sense. This person has a general positive aura and makes people feel good being in their company. They may come across as quite motherly and nurturing. May be soft-spoken.

The Hermit: This is someone who likes to spend quality alone time and may even go quiet for days on end. This is a thoughtful person and quite a deep thinker. Likely an introvert. They value time alone as they spend a lot of time in introspection.

9 of Pentacles: This person appears to be quite successful in their line of work, possibly in a managerial or CEO position. This person seems to be financially stable and also enjoys the finer things in life.

6 of Cups: This could point to a person I knew from my past! It could also point to someone who might have a significant age gap with me. With location, also pay attention to the background in the card which could give some clue.

Queen of Wands: This person may be a bubbly, outgoing and sociable person. Notice how this is quite opposite to the Hermit, which reflects their personality. To the world, this person may be very Queen-of-Wands-ish – confident, boisterous and highly extroverted. But their true nature may be more Hermit-like. This person is also likely quite sexy!

Knight of Swords: This person may be quite opinionated and let their temper get the better of them. Their words can be cutting and they may use words to hurt people. This person may be quite vengeful and likes to get their own way.

5 of Cups: It looks like a clear disappointed no here! It doesn’t seem I’ll meet this person within the next three months. Tarot cards can be interpreted as yes or no answers, but again this is also strongly linked to your intuition when reading.

So what have I gathered from all this?

It seems my dream partner may be quite successful in their career, very bubbly and outgoing on the outside, but quite introverted and shy deep down and spends a lot of time thinking. This seems to be quite a cerebral person and I would imagine they like exploring new topics and having lengthy discussions, as indicated by the Knight of Swords; though they can be quite brash and opinionated, they can also be charming and lovable like the Queen of Wands. This person will be very attractive to me.

Your True Love is in the Cards…

The Tarot can certainly be a handy and fun way of finding out more about your dream partner. But remember, Tarot is a guide – nothing is set in stone. If you do a reading about your dream partner and gain a specific idea of what they are like, but so happen to come across someone who seems wonderful, clever, funny, caring and loyal all in one and yet they don’t seem like the dream partner from your reading, then don’t restrict yourself simply because your reading said one thing and your experience says another! Go with your gut and instinct – always.

And if you do happen to meet your dream partner from the Tarot, then it will certainly make for interesting discussion with your other half on your wedding day when they discover that you – in the words of Savage Garden – truly did “love them before you met them!”

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Four months of each year, we experience Jupiter retrograde, and luck comes to a bit of a standstill. Lucky for you, August 11th marks the end of this year’s Jupiter retrograde, which began April 10th, as the planet of luck and expansion now goes direct in the Fire sign of Sagittarius.

Due to the adventurous nature of Sagittarius, we will be ready to leap into new ventures in our careers, to seize the day, and make the most of the free-spirited energy in the air. You may have new opportunities that involve risks (ones you finally feel ready to take) arriving on your doorstep, or you may find yourself suddenly thinking of new ideas that seem to come out of nowhere.

Think about how you may have felt stalled in the money sector during the Jupiter retrograde 2019 period and get ready for that stalemate to be shot out of the atmosphere. We are finally starting to see the end of a wacky period of so many planets being in retrograde (Jupiter, Mercury, Chiron, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune) as Mercury has also gone direct and will officially be out of the post-shadow period on August 15th.

If the last paragraph sounded like Greek to you, don’t despair. You don’t have to speak astrology to get something valuable from this article today. First, let’s look at some questions we must answer to understand how a planet stationing direct changes the cosmic energetic landscape.

The two questions we need to answer are: how do planets in retrograde affect us, and what area of life does the planet Jupiter affect?

How Jupiter Retrograde Affected Your Life

We have spent four months in a time of reflection of the past when it comes to our success. When a planet is retrograde, we don’t expect things to move forward in the area of life that it traditionally effects. Jupiter, being the planet of fortune, expansion, and luck, is a planet that dictates a lot of the way in which we manifest new opportunities. We have likely spent the last month learning about how we have done things in the past in relation to our own expansion and that has allowed us to see where our own fears or actions may have blocked us in the past from being luckier.

During a retrograde, we glean the lessons from our past because our mind is more focused on the patterns that we have been playing out in our lives. We learn from those patterns and cut loose from the attitudes that don’t help us attract more success. While a retrograde may test our patience because it feels like we aren’t moving forward, in many ways, it’s a necessary step to be able to move forward when the planet stations direct.

We often are confronted with situations or people that remind us of moments in our past that we can learn from. Think about which memories have been playing in your mind from your past lately and how they are revealing secrets that will allow you to be more successful in the future. Jupiter retrograde was a time of internal inventory to see how we have been blocking success because of a bad attitude or negative expectations. Now that we are free of those bad vibes we have been carrying, it’s time to expand!

How Jupiter Going Direct Changes Things

And now for the fun part. We already know that Jupiter affects our luck and fortune, so how does it behave in the sign of Sagittarius? Well, what we know about Sagittarius is that it is known as the sign of the evolved soul. Sagittarius has a philosophical energy that wants to help society become better. People born under this sign seek to understand the world through adventure and exposure to new people, places, and ideas. Sagittarius is brave, loves travel, and always pushes the limits.

Now, as we mix the energy of Jupiter going direct with this wild fiery energy of Sagittarius, what we get is the need to speak directly about our dreams and visions for the future. Since Jupiter is actually Sagittarius’ ruling planet, this is an extra lucky placement. We are ready to set our aim on the dreams we didn’t dare to dream before and we are willing to do what it takes to get there. Oh, and don’t worry, the Sun in confident Leo right now is also going to lend extra support to all of your endeavors.

One way to capture this energy is to use the Tarot to get clear with your path. We have a Free 3-Card Career Reading that can help you tap into your intuition and set your sights high. Your inner wisdom is available to help guide you through this fun time and help you align with your soul’s greatest purpose. If you have been feeling a change coming, you were right. You can focus your energy on goals that will provide something good for the world and you can break out of your own comfort zone if you allow your soul to be your compass.

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Closing Thoughts…

Sometimes experiencing a big change in your life can feel like walking with a blindfold on. We search the endless jobs on the internet, we feel overwhelmed by choices, and we don’t know where to step next. Your own birth chart will shed light on the path that makes sense for you and your own unique skills. Take a gander at your birth chart to help you get in touch with your unique energy and what your soul came here to do.

You have a unique blueprint that can help you find that guidance without feeling like you’re walking in the dark. Look to your second house for your hidden talents as well as your tenth house for your career and public image potential. These are the tools that we at Astrology Answers rely on and know offer valuable accurate insights into who you are and why you are here! As we move into the second half of 2019, keep the positive momentum going by getting a heads-up on when those other planets will station direct with our Astrology Calendar.

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The Sun is currently in the sign of Leo, giving us even more reason to celebrate this beloved, fiery sign. And what better way to honor the confident Leo than to take a look at the dazzling relationship between Leo’s fire and the magical world of Tarot?

Tarot and astrology are brilliant metaphysical tools on their own; but when used together, they can work to uncover deeper meaning in many areas of our lives — highlighting our strengths and helping us overcome our weaknesses.

For instance, each sign of the zodiac is associated with and ruled by a card from the Major Arcana — the first 22 cards of a Tarot deck. There are also correlations within the remaining 56 cards, called the Minor Arcana. Exploring the relationship between Leo and the corresponding Tarot cards will show you more about your sign and give new meaning to every reading.

Traits of Leo

Leos are a Fire sign ruled by the Sun, the planet of the self — the higher self, one’s purpose, or ego. Your personality is charming, even magnetic, and you naturally draw people toward you. You are very honest, although your honesty can come across as too blunt at times.

Leos are generous and friendly, and they love to be in the spotlight. The passion of a Leo is boundless, and it can sometimes lead to volatile emotions or outbursts. Leos are represented by the lion, a symbol of bravery.

Leo in the Major Arcana: Strength

Strength is traditionally the 8th card of the Major Arcana, corresponding to the month of August when the Sun is in Leo. This card rules over and represents the energetic Leo, and its artwork typically features a woman stroking or standing next to a lion, the symbol of Leo. In one of the most well-known decks, the Rider-Waite Tarot, the beautiful woman is seen calmly holding the lion by his intimidating, yet relaxed jaws.

Though the lion may be fierce, the woman’s calm demeanor has tamed the aggression within the lion. She controls the otherwise dangerous lion with her serene, graceful nature and with love. In astrology, Leo rules the heart, as evidenced by the loving relationship between the woman and her ferocious friend.

The lion represents the passionate nature of the Leo—the emotions of courage and desire, and the need for human connection. When these needs are not met, or when feelings like desire become overwhelming, the destructive nature of the lion will manifest.

The woman in the card represents the self-love and self-acceptance that is necessary to keep destructive behavior patterns in check. She feeds the lion’s passionate disposition with the love needed to maintain an equilibrium between passion and anger.

This card symbolizes the importance of self-love for Leo. If you do not practice acceptance of and gratitude for who you are, you will find yourself feeling out-of-place in the world. While most everyone seeks some kind of external validation, it is impossible to appreciate the love flowing toward us if we do not have that love for ourselves living within us.

This card is also a reminder of the immense internal strength you possess to face challenges head-on. It refers to your resilience and ability to carry on.

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Leo in the Minor Arcana: 6 of Wands

The 6 of Wands is associated with Jupiter in Leo and represents the beautiful marriage between Jupiter’s expansive nature and Leo’s fiery, confident essence. This card indicates victory or public acclaim of some sort and correlates with Leo’s love for the spotlight. There is an air of optimism within this card that perfectly matches the positive, buoyant personality of the Leo.

Conversely, the shadow side of Jupiter in Leo can lead to arrogance or egotism — traits that must be avoided if victory is to be gained fairly.

In the Rider-Waite depiction of this card, a regal man rides atop a white horse — a crown of victory resting upon the man’s head. There is a crowd gathered around him, showing their support and cheering him on. The man enjoys, even adores, the attention — and he is carrying a wreath-decorated wand which further speaks to his accomplishments.

This card represents the public acclaim you may achieve if you can keep the ego uninvolved and play fairly. This card may also indicate that you have acquired the skills needed to highlight your talents and strengths without such distractions.

If you can learn to keep the ego reined in, you will be able to achieve your goals and receive public acknowledgment for them.

Further Readings

If you happen to draw these cards during a reading, this information can help you better understand how the card might be speaking to you. While the cards and corresponding guidebooks of the Tarot contain a multitude of useful information, understanding the relationship between astrology and Tarot can bring out even more meaning from each card.

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Hello, Earthlings!

We are heading into the second week of August with a flurry of renewed energy and excitement. The last of the eclipse cycle is finally out of our system, and now we must simply cope with the changes (or embrace them, depending on how you look at life). We are hoping that you have found the place to embrace them, even if the changes are permanent. Now is the call of karma, as we head into this week, and consider wrapping up some old business and finishing up some cycles.

We are going to get some help with closing up some chapters this week under Thursday’s Full Moon in Aquarius. As this Moon is not arriving until Thursday, that means that we have almost the full week as a Full Moon week. The Full Moon zone will begin on Tuesday and wrap up on Saturday’s Pisces Moon.

So you have the whole week almost to make your Full Moon wishes. Word them around bringing issues to completion and seeing life matters come full circle. When you do, you are making room on your plate for more excitement. Under the Full Moon in the Fixed sign Aquarius, thinking of out of the box solutions is favored. The more unique your plan, the more likely you will have a sweet follow-through rate.

By the end of the week, we have impassioned Mars working in the Mutable sign of the Earth signs, Virgo. This is not a place where Mars thrives, as Mars is quick to the jump and Virgo is… well, not. Virgo carefully considers everything before making a final decision.

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So Mars in Virgo is somewhat opposite energy. But the good news is that this means you will have more time to follow through on those impassioned ideas Mars is sending your way. And you have until October to use this energy with the flawless attention to detail that Virgo requires.

Stay in tune to your Daily Horoscopes along with our regular blog features, and you will be primed for success. Have a blessed week, friends!

Planetary Locations During August 12–18, 2019:

Sun: Leo (July 23 – August 23, 2019)

Mercury: Cancer (July 19 – August 11, 2019)

Venus: Leo (July 28 – August 21, 2019)

Mars: Leo (July 1, 2019 – August 18, 2019); Virgo (August 18, 2019 – October 4, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019); Retrograde: April 10, 2019 – August 11, 2019

Saturn: Capricorn (Until March 22, 2020); Retrograde: April 29, 2019 – September 17, 2019

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019 – August 19, 2021); Retrograde: August 11, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024); Retrograde: April 24, 2019 until October 2, 2019

Daily Snapshots for August 12–18, 2019:

Monday, August 12

Sun: Leo – Take the lead on nurturing love at home and success follows everywhere else

Moon: Capricorn – Take the lead on a thing that you want to last.

Tuesday, August 13

Sun: Leo

Moon: Aquarius – Use Einstein-like problem-solving to close up some chapters and bring relief.

Wednesday, August 14

Sun: Leo

Moon: Aquarius


  • Sun in Leo conjunct Venus in Leo – Here we have the glorious Sun that rules Leo working favorably with Venus in the same sign. This is a happy conjunction that spells warmth and beauty in almost everything you do today. Relationships are especially favored today, and you will find yourself attracting wonderful experiences that make you overall happy. And if you don’t, go out and look for some! Opportunities in both love and money are favored, and the Sun is shining on them all. Are you paying attention?

Thursday, August 15

Sun: Leo

Moon: Full Moon in Aquarius

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Friday, August 16

Sun: Leo

Moon: Pisces – New beginnings that are based in love are favored.

Saturday, August 17

Sun: Leo

Moon: Pisces

Sunday, August 18

Sun: Leo

Moon: Aries – That little spark of passion you have needs to be unleashed.


  • Mars enters Virgo – This is passionate Mars in detail-oriented Virgo. Mars is working with emboldened energy while Virgo is just taking their sweet time. Although Mars isn’t exactly comfortable here, this combination works for you and your long-term goals. It’s time to start making lists about things related to your passions. What do you want to DO with your life? Follow those passions and the inspiration from Mars to map it out and then execute it with Virgo-like precision.

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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Yin and Yang are terms that many people have undoubtedly heard before, but how many of us know their true meaning or what these two words mean?

What is the Philosophy of Yin & Yang?

In a nutshell, Yin and Yang is the belief that all things contradict one another and yet they cannot exist without each other.

We see this every day in its most basic form: Day (Yang) and Night (Yin), or Masculine (Yang) and Feminine (Yin).

The two may be very different and yet they need each other in order for everything to harmonize and achieve balance. Take Day and Night – if there was no Day, how would the planet survive without the sunlight that appears during Day? If there was no Night, how would the world survive without a break from the blazing sun?

Some other examples of Yin and Yang are:

  • Yang: White, light, south, fire, active, heaven.
  • Yin: Black, dark, north, water, receptive, earth.

When it comes to Good and Evil, we would say that Yang is Good (harmony) and Yin is Evil (disharmony). But Good and Evil are not as easily defined as, for example, Night and Day, because so much subjectivity come with them, stemming from what we like and dislike, what we fear and don’t fear.

Take a tourist who wants only Sun and a farmer who wants both Sun and rain. One is not necessarily evil, but evil may be created because of this lack of conflict. Furthermore, Taoists (from which Yin and Yang originated from) believe that all evil stems from imbalance.

If you look at the symbol of Yin and Yang (which look like two little curled tadpoles) you will see that one is white with a black dot inside it and the other is black with a white dot inside it. This represents the fundamental message of Yin and Yang: that in order for us to live in a state of equilibrium, we must find a way to live with peace and harmony, free from aggression or fear. By doing so in our own individual personal lives and by reconciling our own fears and negative thinking, we can then project this same harmony into the world, which is ultimately what Yin and Yang is striving for.

The important thing to remember about Yin and Yang is that neither are absolute or mutually exclusive – they depend on one another. A world without either of them is a world that would cease to exist. Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, summed it up very well when he said:

Yin & Yang in Chinese Astrology

Yin and Yang is the basis of Taoism and a guiding principle in Chinese philosophy. Its roots go very deep, therefore, in areas of Ancient China, such as Feng Shui, medicine and Chinese Astrology.

All of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac are represented by Yin or Yang. This does not mean that any one animal is better than the other; it only means that six of them encompass qualities and energies that are Yang-related and six encompass energies that are Yin related – achieving perfect balance within the Zodiac. The list of Yin and Yang animals is below:

Yang Chinese Zodiac Animals:

  • Rat
  • Dragon
  • Horse
  • Monkey
  • Dog
  • Pig

Yin Chinese Zodiac Animals:

  • Ox
  • Tiger
  • Rabbit
  • Snake
  • Goat
  • Rooster

So, what makes some of these animals Yin and others Yang?

Let’s look at the Dragon. The Dragon represents the masculine, boldness and extroversion. Its dynamic spirit and powerful wings mean it spends a lot of time flying high in the sky, searching for lands to conquer and places to rule. (Not to say all Dragon people behave like this, of course! But this is the basic fundamental energy of the Dragon native.)

Now let’s look at the Tiger, a Yin sign. The Tiger’s fundamental energy is one of patience and purpose, very similar to how a tiger in a wild must employ great patience when stalking their prey. Outwardly, Tigers are passionate and powerful just like the Dragon, but their internal energies are very different. A Dragon’s deepest energy can be fiery and destructive, while the Tiger’s is steady and grounded; therefore, the Dragon’s energy can be tempered by the Tiger’s energy, hereby creating the perfect balance of Yin and Yang.

Yin & Yang in Western Astrology

In Western Astrology, a similar concept applies. Yin and Yang Western Zodiac signs are listed below:

Yang Zodiac Signs:

  • Aries
  • Gemini
  • Leo
  • Libra
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius

Yin Zodiac Signs:

  • Taurus
  • Cancer
  • Virgo
  • Scorpio
  • Capricorn
  • Pisces

Knowing the Yin and Yang sides of your Western Zodiac sign is a good way to understand compatibility between you, loved ones and potential partners. Strong attractions may arise between Yang signs and Yin signs due to their differences – the differences can make or break. If they make, then the relationship between the two can produce one of the most powerful, steadfast relationships the individual will ever experience.

Yin signs tend to be quieter and more introverted, enjoying the same type of music and activities as other Yin signs. An emotional connection tends to be relatively strong.

Yang signs are usually quite sociable and have many friends. They enjoy the company of other Yang signs due to easy-flowing conversation and like-mindedness in many areas.


Yin and Yang is an ancient concept which has been taught for many centuries and has now spread all across the globe. With the difficulties mankind faces and the further challenges that face us in the modern era, understanding Yin and Yang today is more crucial than ever.

Only by bringing peace and harmony to our own lives can we achieve the much-needed balance that is necessary, both as individuals and in the world as a whole.

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If we are all completely honest with ourselves, knowing who we truly are is something that niggles away at us with uncertainty throughout various points in our lives. No matter how confident, bold or dashing we may come across, we’ve all experienced that moment where we think, “Who am I really?”

We’ve all asked ourselves if we are doing the right thing; we’ve all wondered if we’re on the right path. When we’ve found ourselves in compromising situations and reacted in ways we would not have imagined, we begin to doubt and question ourselves.

Firstly, this is completely normal and the most unjust thing we can do is beat ourselves up about it. Life is one long journey, as well as one long lesson. The point of going through life is to find out who we are, as well as continuously grow along the way.

A little helping hand that can give us added guidance into who we are never goes amiss. This is where the Major Arcana of the Tarot comes in handy.

What is the Major Arcana?

Tarot enthusiasts will know that the Tarot cards are made up of 78 cards. 22 of these are known as the Major Arcana – trump cards which tend to have a heavier impact in readings than their counterparts, the Minor Arcana, which are the remaining 56 cards.

Major Arcana cards are significant because they represent the Fool’s journey from start to finish, which is symbolic of our own lives; from the time we are tiny babies right up until the end, the Major Arcana tells a story quite similar to our own with the first card, The Fool (represented by the number 0) representing the innocence and enthusiasm for life just as we do as tiny children; it ends with The World card (number 21), which signifies endings and completion, very similar to us as we come to the end of our lives, having learned the many lessons along the way.

The great thing about using the Major Arcana to find more out about our true selves is that not only does it help give us greater insight into who we are, but it can also give us a better idea of what stage in our own live we are at.

How to Use the Major Arcana to Find Your True Self

First, you’ll want to remove the 22 Major Arcana cards from your Tarot deck. No need for the Minor Arcana cards. Shuffle the 22 cards while focusing on your question:

  • Which Major Arcana card represents my true self?

Or if you prefer shorter, snappier questions,

  • Which card am I truly?

You only want to pull one card for this reading.

How to Read the Card

A wealth of information can be gathered, depending on which card you pull.

Let’s say I pulled The Empress after asking this question. The Empress would represent my true self: creative, nurturing and harboring a distinct desire to grow and flourish. This isn’t necessarily how I may come across to others or even how I may see myself. I may see myself as a lacklustre person who struggles to get motivated. I may see myself as a workaholic, involved in a job I don’t like and unable to find any time for myself; I may see myself as someone who is a complete failure who will never achieve anything.

But if I did see myself in this light, the Empress would be a good indication as to why I feel that way. So not only is this reading good for helping you find your true self, but it can also help you discover why certain negative aspects may be in your life at this time.

If I am lacklustre and unmotivated, then I may not be achieving my true ‘Empress’ potential. I may not be doing what I truly love, yet all my energy is dispensed into something that doesn’t make me happy and fulfilled. What then should I do?

I can then try to become The Empress – my true self. How?

By deep self-evaluation and asking myself what truly makes me happy. What brings me joy? What makes me want to get up every morning? How can I make this a reality?

The Empress is all about creation and nurturing. It is about embodying feminine power and allowing this power to manifest in the external world; but first, it needs to be recognized in the internal one. Discovering my true self through the Tarot can help me manifest the reality I want and tackle blockages that may be standing in my way.

The Empress represents the number 3 in the Tarot. So, my journey is still relatively near the beginning. This has nothing to do with age; you could be 15 or 50 and the stage you are at could be anywhere in the Major Arcana. This indicates that I may still be at the stage where I am yet to reach my full potential, but that in order to grow and move forward, I must embody the qualities of The Empress, focusing on my nurturing side, my creative side and becoming the very best of myself. The Empress also represents the physical body and pulling her in a reading often points to taking care of one’s diet and exercise regime.


Using the Major Arcana to discover your true self and find out which stage of your life you are at can be a wonderful way of utilising the Tarot to provide further help and guidance for us in our lives.

If you are feeling particularly stuck and at a loss, try this reading with the Major Arcana cards and see what comes out. It may just provide that ‘Aha!’ moment that can help lead you to a greater path of happiness and wellness.

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A Gemini man is charming, entertaining, and always looks for an opportunity to steal the spotlight for a quick moment or two — or even the entire night (dive deeper by visiting our Gemini astrology page).

Good-natured and energetic, Geminis are natural storytellers and love to debate, discuss and dissect just about anything. Sometimes it may seem as though a Gemini man is overly challenging or contrarian, but that’s just him working through his thoughts and opinions. However, this can change often as more and more information is made available.

Forever a student of life, Geminis love to learn and experience new things, and they’ll take any opportunity to push the comfort boundaries of the people around them, even if he sometimes takes things too far. That’s because Gemini men are spontaneous and restless, so you never quite know what the day will bring. It’s what drives a Gemini. He’s quick to act and likes to change his mind and activities on the fly if something just isn’t working out.

Some people are intrigued by a Gemini man’s sense of adventure, but sometimes it can strain relationships. Particularly with family and friends that may just want to relax, not feel like they have to keep up. Geminis are also known to cut and run if they feel unchallenged or bored in a social setting. For this reason, some people think of Geminis as two-faced. In reality, they’re just chasing the muse and looking for one of life’s sweet little moments — either you’re on board, or you’re in the way.

Positive Gemini Male Traits

Never boring, a Gemini man is always up to something. Even if he’s on his phone or the computer, he’s always learning, planning, and playing. And his thirst for experiences is a perfect fit for everything from a weekend getaway to grabbing a drink after work — he’s always down to shake things up.

When you have a Gemini in your life it’s kickboxing one week, painting the next, and skydiving the week after. Geminis are rarely satiated, and their quest for the next new thing keeps them moving and their mind stimulated. Even if they’re not doing something new every day, they’re likely cooking up a thousand different plans, or a master plan with a thousand different parts. As the original jack of all trades, Geminis fill their days with different activities and look for the positive in any situation. You can see this in today’s Gemini horoscope.

As a friend, this makes Geminis ideally suited to pick you up when you’re down, but they’re also great at joining in if you need a shoulder to cry on or to help you enact a crazy revenge plot. A Gemini man is understanding and empathetic, and always seems to know just the right thing to say when you least expect it. Some people may misunderstand a Gemini’s compassion as “fake” or fair-weather, particularly since they may be on to something new before you’ve had a chance to go through the emotions yourself. But that’s because they’ve already internalized it, processed it and moved on. In their minds, they’ve dealt with it, and it’s off to see what else life has in store for everyone.

Negative Gemini Male Traits

For all their outgoing and confident tendencies, Gemini guys can be seen as flaky and unsupportive, particularly when you need them most. But that’s because Gemini is busy trying to get as much out of life as he can. He’s down for a night of emotional labour if you need him, but tomorrow he’s ready to push the envelope and hit the club while you may need more time to process everything. It’s not that your Gemini doesn’t care, it’s just that in his mind that was last night, and tonight can be great!

But the most common complaint about Gemini men is that they’re cold and emotionally distant. This is the shadow Twin rearing its ugly head, and even the warmest Gemini is at times cold, harsh, and distant. But don’t jump to conclusions. A Gemini man that is in the final stages of a project or who is working on his next big breakthrough may just be preoccupied, not ignoring you. The saving grace is that Geminis are great at putting their thoughts and emotions into words, so a quick conversation should clear up any doubt or insecurity if your Gemini has been aloof lately.

Indeed, the driving culprit behind the core of Gemini’s behavior is a fear of boredom. It’s why they’re always looking to try that new restaurant or to take that cooking class or joining a softball league. They’ll give anything a shot once and keeping busy is always high on the list. It can be frustrating and hard to keep up, especially when it seems like it’s a never-ending stream of random activities with no continuity, but that’s the point. Routine is the enemy, and Gemini must vanquish it.

About the Gemini Man’s Personality

While some see Gemini as a brash attention-hog, he’s really just looking for a good time, a new experience, and to keep the boredom at bay.

Common male Gemini characteristics are creativity, positivity, spontaneity, open-mindedness and independence, which are sometimes seen by others as cold, unreliable, opinionated and harsh. That’s because Geminis tell it like it is with all the sugar-coating of a steel-wool sponge. They don’t hold back in either their opinions or their zest for life, which can sometimes be misunderstood for harshness and emotional distance.

Know that their heart is in the right place, and sometimes your Gemini just needs a gentle nudge or two to realize he may need to tweak his approach.

For more on Gemini astrology, check out today’s Gemini horoscope and the Gemini daily love horoscope to learn more about the Gemini in your life. And don’t forget to grab your free birth chart to find out where Gemini influences your life!

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August 15 brings a Full Moon in Aquarius which promises to bring you a heightened awareness of global issues and inventive ideas you can bring to the table. You will easily see how to connect the dots with the energy of this Fixed Air sign that has great mental power. It is a time where you will feel energy pushing you forward to take action, but before you do…

Every Full Moon comes with its own unique energy that is basically a combination of what all the stars and planets are doing at that time.

There are some really exciting energies visiting now with the Full Moon in Aquarius that can bring you news about the seeds you planted on July 31st, the New Moon. You may feel more alive and better able to express yourself as well because Aquarius has a way with words. It can feel like you are flying – think double espresso energy- but this sense of optimism and rebellion needs to be kept under control so you don’t burn yourself out.

Today, let’s talk Aquarius Full Moon energy and how best to use it.

Major Aspects of the Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon is opposite Venus, which doesn’t mean flowers and rainbows when it comes to love. Here is how this Full Moon blast of confidence might trip you up.

Check this out: the Sun is in confident Leo, so we are already feeling ourselves, right? Now add in flamboyant and charming Aquarius who knows no fear and connects easily to all types of people. The final player in this quirky equation is Venus, the planet of romance, is clogging our emotional pipes. That means we are at odds with or frustrated in love. We may be so fed up that we make impulsive decisions to end or begin things that we really have no business embarking upon in the first place.

If you want to be wiser than the people who aren’t in the know about this energy, steer clear of making bold moves with new lovers or taking big stances in your relationship because you know your lens might be a bit cloudy right now. Wait until the storm settles before acting. If you remember one thing from this article, remember this, “sleep on it, not with it.”

A Full Moon brings us the things we have been actively working on since the New Moon two and a half weeks prior. But remember, just because something shows up, doesn’t mean we have to move forward with it. We may realize, we need to go back and ask for something more specific. Ask yourself if you’re settling or if you feel like this is it.

5 Tips for Using the Aquarius Full Moon’s Energy

  • Hold Up Somewhere

Go for a power walk in nature, commit to a good book, or paint. Whatever you can do to channel your extra energy right now to not make a decision you later regret would be well advised. Plan to spend your day meditating, not medicating.

  • Practice Self Restraint

You may feel like you’re riding a wild horse, therefore, it’s up to you to take those reins and guide it. Impulse control will help you channel all this energy into something useful like purging your closet’s meaningless items and even banishing seductive treats from your refrigerator that have no business being there.

  • Build Projects, Not Problems

When you have a lot of energy like we know the Full Moon brings, you will want to channel it into something productive. Otherwise, your emotions can come out in a messy and uncontrolled way, even directed at the closest person to you, which is just not going to help your personal relationships.

  • Get Into Your Spiritual Life

Aquarius has a very spiritually-inclined energy; they let their minds soar above the day-to-day tasks. You can spend some time getting rid of habits that are not aligned with your purpose and add some spiritually inspiring activities to your agenda. Attend a meditation, join an online meditation, or find a book that really calls to you. Do some journaling and create an altar to help you stay tuned into your soul.

  • Do An Energy Clearing

Break out the sage and clear your house. Clean the baseboards and get rid of clutter. When you clear your space, it helps you get clear in your mind as well. Release the past as you get rid of the old energy in your place and bring in fresh positive space for the new opportunities that you’ve been manifesting.

Closing Thoughts…

Use this bold energy to uphold the inner humanitarian in you. What brings you purpose and meaning and how is your life aligned with that higher goal? It is never too late to live a meaningful and fulfilling life and this Full Moon is the perfect time to set your direction towards your soul’s calling. You have the extra confidence – the extra push from Universal forces – to finally move into the truest version of yourself that has been ready to claim its place at the table of this lifetime.

You’ve probably heard mention of the Full Moons we’ve already had this year, and this one is referred as the Sturgeon Full Moon – quite fitting because just as the name suggests, it is time to catch fish. We can also catch some serious luck and abundance on this day as well! There is an abundance of energy that is working to help you so get excited. More than any other Full Moon that 2019 has to offer, this one can help you make your big break.

Looking at the other energies on any major event will help you understand why you’re feeling the way you are and why people are acting the way they are. Uranus went retrograde August 11th while Jupiter went direct on August 12th. We will start to see the inner rebel because of Uranus retrograde and we feel ready to expand because of Jupiter direct. We also will see things open to us because August 15th also marks the end of the post shadow of Mercury retrograde. Let’s plan to be able to look back with a smile and say that Full Moon August offered me was a major life turning point in a positive direction.

The more you learn about the zodiac signs and planets, the easier it is to understand the vibes of each day. If you’re wondering what date is the next Full Moon and the next New Moon, you can check our astrology calendar. Also, keep up to speed on your own personal daily horoscope to watch how this energy has predictable patterns for you!

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​We hear the words “karma” and “Law of Attraction” a lot in everyday life, and we even use them a lot here. But sometimes people use these words too easily or blithely, without really understanding what they truly mean.

That’s where we come in. Getting your spiritual weather forecast from the stars is helpful in our daily lives, whether you are using daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, or guiding your horoscopes with the divination tools of free Daily Tarot readings.

But once a month, we get an additional tool to help us manifest abundance using the Law of Attraction. And that is the Full Moon. This month’s Full Moon in ingenious Aquarius is no exception.

So settle in, grab a coffee or your fave bev and read on to discover the only 5 things you need to know to use karma and the Law of Attraction to manifest good karma and abundance.

Can a Full Moon Improve Your Karma?

Absolutely! All of the planets are always working in concert to help us work on just that. They send us events and experiences that help us to get on our way in life, so that our life path matches our Destiny. One of those events occurs every month, that is the Full Moon.

Every Full Moon has a relationship with the New Moon that occurred two weeks prior. The New Moon sparks new beginnings, and the Full Moon uses its light to provide information that launches chapters closing and cycles ending, that are connected to those new beginnings.

This Full Moon in Aquarius on August 15 is connected to the New Moon in Fire sign Leo on August 1. This Full Moon is also influenced by lover Venus this month in an opposition of 20 degrees. That’s not a huge angle, but it could be significant enough to create an opposition in love or financial matters.

So whether you are hoping for good karma in love or money, this Full Moon in Aquarius will help blossom the seeds you planted under the New Moon in Leo two weeks ago. Not sure what those seeds are?

Refresh your memory with a peek back at this: New Moon in Leo Love Horoscopes for August 2019.

Mars is also getting his say in, and Pluto is bringing a darker and more power-playing vibe to this Full Moon.

Use these 5 Law of Attraction tips to help maintain good karma, and manifest miracles using the Law of Attraction.

5 Law of Attraction Tips for Full Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Fire sign Leo was a fiery one, and its connecting Full Moon in Air sign Aquarius is a thinking one. You want to focus on thinking everything through when you are making decisions and Full Moon wishes.

Remember that the Law of Attraction is all about you visualizing your success. Thoughts become things for those with good karma!! So here is your Full Moon in Aquarius Law of Attraction road map.

1. Don’t be needy.

Full Moons are emotional and this always has a tendency or potential to impact our relationships. The Full Moon in Aquarius opposite Venus suggests that we may have some wrinkles in love. You have a tendency to be “blinded by love” and may not see flaws in your partner, or may overwhelm them with your need for attention or affection.

Keep your mood even keel. Use emotional calming tools such as meditation. Try to elevate your Law of Attraction work with remedies such as this Audio Manifestation Set. Remember, thoughts become things, so if your mood feels erratic, that’s exactly what you will get in return from your partners. Don’t be needy. Lead with love. And if your partner isn’t fulfilling your needs, find something else that will make you happy that day so you don’t splurge on anger with someone that doesn’t deserve it.

2. Channel excess energy.

With the Moon also opposite Mars, energy is going to be very restless. You may have more anxiety or general “itchies” to just get rolling on something you want to complete. You could also be quick to the temper. Try not to be.

Use that excess energy and passion in a productive way. Finish a work project. Go for a run. Do some yoga. Take some downtime. If thoughts become things, angry thoughts become angry issues. The Law of Attraction is in play now. Pursue your passions in work or love, instead of pursuing passionate arguments, i.e. picking a fight.

3. Avoid power plays.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is working with a minor transit between the Sun and Pluto. This could present a power play or small crisis, which leads to an ending. Someone else may be the one pushing for a power play as well. This is a karmic test. Don’t fall for it.

Be the Mayor of the city of the Law of Attraction and continue leading with love. How you respond to tension under this Full Moon will put a karmic reaction in play that will manifest something for you. You don’t want it to be a big pout fest because you lost after you were pushing to be right in a certain situation.

4. Focus on the light.

This is a good adage any time of day or night, or anytime in your life. Focus on bringing light into every situation. Under the Full Moon in Air sign Aquarius, you will find lighter and airier energy than the heated sparks of the New Moon in Fire sign Leo. So even though Mars, Venus, and Pluto are bringing some intensity into the mix, the overall vibe is lighter.

Refreshing. Airy. Breezy.

No matter what situation you are in under the Full Moon, bring the breezy and easygoing light into the situation. Lead with unconditional love and compassion. And you win. Let there be light!

5. Release that which causes stress.

Full Moons are about bringing something to completion. But they are also about removing things from your life that aren’t working. That could be a dead-end job, a toxic “friendship”, or a relationship that is more work than love. This may be a decision-making time for you. Remove what you are obsessing about. This Full Moon energy is in play until the end of August. Use that time wisely.

Reboot your August with Numerology: Numerology and the Number 8 – What August Means

Remove what causes you the most anxiety in the day. Maybe you can’t leave your job, because you do need to eat after all. But change the thing that is causing you stress on the job. Talk to your manager about lightening your load or shifting responsibilities. The same in love. If you can’t leave it, quit the issue that is causing the most stress.

When you use the Full Moon for its truest potential, the clearing of stress releases a chain reaction for the Universe to bless you with a miracle in its place. So it’s time to cut it out. What will that be for you?

One Last Thing….

Many folks fret about the Full Moon, but there’s no reason to. These tips should give you a solid road map as to how to navigate this Full Moon emotional roller coaster so that you can trigger the Law of Attraction. Remember this one thing. Every Full Moon offers us the chance for a clean slate. So, wipe the slate clean. Whether that is at work, home, or in love.

Use up that pent up energy on a house project. Clean out your closets when you want to unload a blue streak on your boss. Tackle the garage if your head starts spinning when Lover picks a fight. Don’t be needy with anyone but yourself. Overwhelm yourself with love. Follow your Daily Horoscopes for day-by-day advice through the rest of August.

Don’t engage in power plays or negative attacks just to win. Lead with love. Let there be light. And when you stay in that light, unconditional love flows.

What are your Full Moon wishes?

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​If you haven’t learned that much about numerology, it can seem overwhelming — especially for those of us who are not exactly math wizards. But once you get started, you’ll find it is quite a bit easier to find your Core Numbers than you might have thought, and they can really tell you a lot.

For instance, your Life Path number can help you understand more about your personal style of romance and the people you might be most compatible with. And getting your Life Path number is a breeze.

Finding Your Life Path Number

The simplest way to get your Life Path Number is to check out our Free Life Path Number calculator.

Or, if you’re into math, you can add up the digits of your birthday until you reach a single digit.

For instance, let’s say your birthday is November 11th, 1986.

Month: 1 + 1 = 2

Day: 1 + 1 = 2

Year: 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6

What we are left with are the Master Numbers, 2, 2 and 6.

2 + 2 + 6 = 10

Because 10 has more than one digit, we keep adding:

1 + 0 = 1

Therefore, the Life Path number for someone born on November 11th, 1986 would be the number 1.

One important thing to remember is that these numbers are not all added together in one sitting – the numbers corresponding to month, day and year are reduced separately.

You might be wondering how it can teach you anything about romance. Your Life Path number is aptly named and concerned with the trajectory that your life may take. It can show your talents, strengths, and weaknesses that you may have now or develop later. It can also show you challenges you might face or the ways in which you may achieve success. It is also the most important number to look at when it comes to relationships and romance.

However, like the signs in your chart, you have more than just one Core Number. Think of your Life Path number as akin to your Sun sign. It is an important focal point, but by no means is it the only aspect to consider.

Now that you understand more about the Life Path number, how it correlates to romance, and how to find your unique number, keep reading to discover which numbers you are most compatible with.

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Compatible Life Path Numbers


The Life Path number 1 is a leader in life with a big personality. You bring devotion and intensity to the relationship. The number 1 prefers to be the dominant partner in a relationship and may have difficulty relinquishing control. Power struggles may be a prominent theme within your relationships, so you’re best suited for a more mellow personality like the number 3 or someone with a versatile disposition, like the number 5.


Born romantics, this number is sensitive and sincere. You don’t toy with people’s emotions, but you may have trouble finding others who are as deeply honest as you are. Your romantic nature makes you compatible with many numbers. Your preference for intimacy and deep conversation would make you most compatible with number 8, the dreamer, or the spiritual number 9. You would also experience a harmonious union with other idealistic 2s, like yourself.


This number is all about positive vibes and has an optimistic, flirty disposition. You value your originality as well as your freedom, so you may have some trouble settling down. But sometimes commitment can actually be help give you a better sense of direction. The number 7 has the perfect balance of dependability and empathy for your personality, while the number 5 is adventurous and spontaneous enough to keep you satisfied.


Life Path number 4 is one of practicality, stability, and loyalty. While you may not show your affection with grandiose gestures, you value commitment and devotion. You would appreciate the organized and responsible qualities of a number 8, who shares your views of commitment. You might also benefit from the intuitive personality of the number 6, who might relieve you of the need for over-the-top romantic gestures.


Extroverted and friendly, this number likes to live in the moment. You have an open mind when it comes to romance, but your own insecurities can make it difficult for you to jump in — despite the fact that your personality makes you attractive to just about everyone. While you are loyal, you need spontaneity in your life. You would benefit from the take-charge attitude of a number 1 or the playful, optimistic attitude of a number 3.


The intuitive nature of the number 6 makes it easy for them to be a supportive, loving partner. You are generous, nurturing, and you can get along with just about anyone. However, you have to be careful to avoid partners that would take advantage of your kindness. The number 2 is romantic and sensitive enough to appreciate all that you have to give in a relationship. The balanced and selfless number 9 would also be a great match to your nurturing character.


The number 7 is rather independent and does not take relationships lightly. You do not wish to lose your personal freedom to a partner, which you believe would happen within a commitment. You need a partner who also values their autonomy, like the spontaneous number 3. You may also find yourself intellectual challenged by and drawn toward the feisty number 1. While you may not be as likely to settle down and get married, you might find that you are more than able to create loving relationships within which you are comfortable.


The number 8 can be organized, competitive, and even a bit materialistic. You like to be in control, and while that isn’t a bad thing, it can make finding a partner a bit harder. You might be more concerned with coming out ahead than finding true love at times, but the right partner will open your heart to romance. You would pair well with the romantic and sensitive 2, who will not interfere with your goals. The practical and logical number 4 would also appeal to your responsible sensibilities.


The number 9 can tend to isolate themselves, and as a result, may have difficulty finding relationships—on the off chance that they even want one. You like your solitude and time spent alone, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you do choose to let love into your life, you would be most compatible with someone who is understanding and accepting of your need for space, like the nurturing number 6. The empathy and sensitivity of a number 2 would potentially help you come out of your shell a bit more and learn to trust people.

Maintaining the Balance

While this guide can give you a better idea of how your Life Path number affects your romantic relationships, it is important to remember to look at all of the important numbers in your numerology chart to gain an even better understanding of love in your life.

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