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​As we find ourselves in the midst of the Virgo season, let’s think on what we love about the Virgo sign in general.

Practical, efficient, reliable, level-headed, wise and mature, this is a sign of someone who you just know you can rely on, no matter what. There’s nothing thrifty or frivolous with this sign. They like to get down to business and make things happen, all with a determined and focused energy. Others may view them as uptight at times, but Virgo just wants to get things done; and thank goodness for them, because imagine the chaos that would ensue without them!

We have crystals for Virgo and advice to help us get through this Virgo season, but what about Tarot for Virgo? Which cards correspond to Virgo and how can Tarot help you, either as a Virgo sign or through the Virgo season? Read on to find out!

Virgo in the Major Arcana: The Hermit

Each sign of the zodiac is represented by a Tarot card in the Major Arcana. This corresponds to the deepest part of your personality, the one that is not immediate to everyone else at first, but which tends to manifest into something stronger over time.

For Virgo, the Major Arcana card is the Hermit.

Now, while images of a lonely old man who lives in the woods may spring to mind, the Hermit is far, far more than the stereotype. The Hermit is wise – very wise. Wisdom is, in fact, one of the Hermit’s strongest qualities, just as it is a powerful characteristic of the Virgo individual and those with a lot of Virgo in their charts.

Just as the Hermit connects to the earth through hermitting himself away in the woods, among the wildlife, streams, rocks and dirt, so does the Virgo earth energy do the same – and it is through this earth energy that wisdom manifests. Common sense is very much an earthy quality, and wisdom and common sense are strongly intertwined.

How about the solitary aspect? Virgo is not exactly the sign of sociability. Virgoans tend to be quite introverted, even the loud ones. They may not say much, but there is lot going on in their keen minds. Ever the practical one, Virgo will assess a situation and find a practical solution. So does the Hermit – after all, if you’re going off to live on your own in the wild, you’re going to need a certain degree of resourcefulness and practicality!

You need to find your own food, forage your own herbs, find your own stream to drink from, understand how to heal yourself from minor injuries, and so forth. They may not be the most imaginative of the zodiac or the most innovative – but when it comes to dealing with real-world, earthly issues, there is no one better than the Virgo.

A card of strong meditation and reflection, this sums Virgo up to a tee. Reflection and analysis are an inherent part of Virgo’s nature. Whether you are a Virgo or not, Virgo season is an important time to reflect on everything and assess which direction you want your life to turn in. This may include making some adjustments, but this re-assessment time is crucial to your overall sense of self.

Virgos are caring and nurturing individuals, but they do not allow emotions to cloud their judgement. Like the Hermit, they are able to view things clearly and concisely, and after much thought and reflection, they are able to reach conclusions for the benefit of all.

Ultimately, the Hermit is a card of deep reflection that can lead to enlightenment and a greater understanding of oneself and the world around them. With their strong earth energy and resourceful nature, Virgo individuals have the ability to go deep into their inner world and come out of it again with greater clarity and understanding than before. This is the gift of the Hermit and one which everyone can harness under the Virgo energy.

Virgo in the Minor Arcana: 8 of Pentacles

Of all the cards in the Minor Arcana, the 8 of Pentacles is the ultimate card of Virgo. The 8 of Pentacles is all about hard work, focus and dedication. When a Virgo sets their mind to a task, they can spend years diligently and carefully working towards that goal.

The 8 of Pentacles strongly encompasses the Virgo’s talent for perseverance; they have a remarkable ability to work on their craft from beginning to end, patiently plodding on, for years if necessary. It is an excellent sign for success.


During this Virgo season, look deeper into the Hermit and 8 of Pentacles cards. Look closely at the images; how can they relate to your life at this time and what messages are they trying to tell you?

It’s a time to be resourceful and methodical; let the Tarot card meanings help guide your daily Virgo horoscope and the earthy Virgo energy currently at play. Incorporating daily Tarot into your life not only provides you with greater insight into your situations, but helps you learn a great deal more about yourself too.

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Your life path number is a special blueprint that reveals your core personality, natural strengths, and weaknesses based on the system of numerology. You can find out yours with our free life path number calculator. Once you know what your special number is, you are ready to amplify the energy of your natural abilities to bring out your potential. This is

really exciting because all of a sudden, you get into your own flow where things feel natural and that means you get to enjoy things a lot more. If you’ve noticed, people who enjoy themselves,tend to be a lot more successful in every aspect of life too!

Today we are focusing on amplifying your strengths by pairing your number up with a few crystals that are known to help with the things you’re already naturally good at. It’s like a natural athlete getting a football scholarship so they can really shine. Even if you’re new to numerology and crystals, this is a pretty straight forward way to focus your energy on your talents by wearing a crystal that reminds you of them daily. The natural resonance of the crystal will bring forward your own best traits.

We’ve given you two options so you can see if you’re more drawn to one. Your intuition often knows which one is best for you at each moment of your life. You can also click on each life path number to learn more about your number.

Which Crystal Should Each Life Path Number Wear?

Life Path 1

Because one is a natural leader and very independent, a great crystal for this frequency is tiger’s eye. Tiger’s eye helps one feel confident and ready to start new projects. Because number 1 is going to need to communicate without arrogance, we recommend the soothing blue lace agate which can help you come across without pushing people away.

Life Path 2

This number is a natural mediator and loves to help others. We recommend black obsidian because someone this kind, who is often smoothing out differences, needs a stone that will absorb negativity so they don’t take it on themselves. Additionally, we love turquoise for this number because it facilitates your natural inclination to speak from the heart.

Life Path 3

This creative number is one that is playful and helps people see new perspectives. We love the charm and eccentricity that makes three unique and so shiva lingam is a great stone for building passion that you already have naturally. Because your emotions can sometimes get the best of you, a calming amethyst will also help you cool your jets so you stay calm and collected.

Life Path 4

This hardworking sign is practical, reliable, and focused. They like to be productive and have the patience to do a good job. The crystal moss agate can help accentuate your strong sense of order and groundedness that give you opportunities with significant responsibility in life. Because you work so hard, we recommend rose quartz to help you make sure you stay balanced by taking time for yourself.

Life Path 5

The traveller, as the five is known, is one that loves adventure and new experiences. They are bold, courageous and inspire others to get outside of the box. They are creative and thrive on meeting new people and understanding new cultures. Onyx is a great stone that will help you stay protected in the travels you’re sure to have and can help protect you from negativity since you find yourself in any number of environments. Your creativity can be stimulated by citrine, which will also help you attract abundance since you sometimes don’t like holding a steady job.

Life Path 6

This kind and giving nurturer is innocent and idealistic. They will help others until they practically fall over and they are sensitive by nature. We love orange calcite to help maintain a sense of positivity and counteract the highly sensitive emotions of the six. We also love the blue kyanite for the six because this healer’s stone helps protect the aura and grounds higher vibrations into their field so they can do what they do best and assist others.

Life Path 7

This alien-like person is always outside of the box and looks to unconventional methods that can bring people to new ways of thinking. They are not materialistic so we recommend a grounding stone like red garnet to help them keep one foot in the real world to maintain some stability. The enigmatic crystal moldavite which is actually not from the earth as it came from a meteor, is perfect for this number because it heightens their naturally creative and unique mind to see things from an elevated spiritual perspective.

Life Path 8

This business-minded success magnet is someone who has the practicality of a four and the steadfastness of a two. They are hardworking and a natural leader who needs to keep their compassion on to make sure they don’t become driven for the wrong reasons. For that we recommend moonstone which will help activate the upper chakras to keep them spiritually minded in their life. Because they are so driven, we can accentuate that focus with fluorite, which helps with focus and retaining information.

Life Path 9

The spiritual healer is someone who doesn’t think like most people and is almost always ahead of their time. They will talk about new ideas and often be a teacher or inspirational figure in some way. We recommend labradorite because it’s a great stone to ground spiritual energy and snowflake obsidian because it will help them handle the pressure of feeling like they need to do so much that can feel a bit depressing as this stone transmutes negativity.

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Closing Thoughts…

There is no exact perfect crystal for each life path number, but because these numbers are so highly accurate, we can really work with the energy that is unique to you. The neat thing about life path numbers is when you read them for say, the five people closest to you, they are very on point for their tendencies. Think about how you could inspire someone to live their best life by gifting them a piece of jewelry with a crystal that will bring out their personal superpowers.

Crystals carry specific resonance that intuitive people of completely separate cultures have picked up on. They are unique gifts from nature to help us unlock and harness our soul’s purpose.

As you read this, perhaps you feel an excitement building about your own purpose and are starting to get a sense that life can get even better because you can align with the energy you were born with. Every person has gifts and we help you unlock them and remind you they are there so you can love every day and love what you do.

You can also read more about your gifts in your free birth chart. There is much to learn about crystals and gemstones, so be sure to browse our many articles that will help you know how to use them in your home, in meditation, and as spiritual accessories.

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Heads up folks, we have the Sun moving into a new sign on September 22 on the day before the Fall Equinox.

As we transition into Libra season, it’s time to welcome balance into our lives and we have just the tips you need to see how to do it without feeling like you’re pulling your hair out. When you know what energy you’re dealing with, you’re like a wizard instead of the unfortunate village under surprise attack from unknown forces.

Astrology is all about preparation and using the shifting astral energies as if they were currency in the bank account of your emotions. When you know what type of energy you’re dealing with, you know how you can spend it and what it can get you. This month, we have a sale on being more compromising, and there’s a big discount on socializing too! You’re going to feel the pull to communicate through issues and find common ground because Libra is all about finding a happy medium.

5 Tips to Ride the Libra Tide:

You’ll see the subtle shift in your perception and the behavior of others with the Sun in Libra until October 23. This Air sign has a lot of ideas and likes to talk. But more than anything, we are concerned with making sure everyone is heard and feels cared for. That is the diplomatic and justice-seeking determination of the Libra. We can use this energy in our personal lives to build stronger relationships in our community and help mend some of the potentially scratchy bonds that could use some smoothing over in our lives. Here are our tips to make the most of Libra season.

Get Involved in Your Community

Air signs are very social, so this is a good time to start volunteering or attending events with a cause. You can really branch out and meet people now because everyone has an extra shot of ‘outgoing’ working for them. Make some friends, find new groups that interest you, and channel your energy into positive actions that will make a difference for someone. Libra wants to help society and you can become negative if you don’t channel your frustrations about what needs to be fixed in society to make this fair for everyone.

Beware of Needing to Be Right

Libras are iconic lawyers and are known to be excellent in debates. This means you will be more inclined to challenge people during this transit and while speaking your mind is good, being right is not always productive or necessary when you’re trying to move forward in a positive direction. Look to find a compromise and really see the other person’s point of view to avoid offending people or coming off as arrogant.

Take Time to Get to Know People

Because there is more social energy available, this is a good time to slow down to get to know people. Conversations can help you build strong friendships that can fill your soul and lead to long-term bonds. Because the Libra energy is about social justice, you can connect with people in a deeper way if you spark up conversations about current events. But be aware that Venus, the planet of aesthetics and beauty, also rules Libra, so don’t just pick new friends because they’re pretty and know that people might be doing the same to you!

Keep Checking in with Your Intention

Sometimes people can feel a bit hyperactive with the Sun in Libra which means we will be very active and ready to do things. There will be more interest in artistic things like art shows, plays, and music because the artistic planet Venus rules Libra. But don’t just let this energy push you in any direction. Really think about how you’re using your time and if it’s just for instant gratification or if you’re feeding your soul. This month can help direct you towards the holidays in a grounded and meaningful way if you pay attention to why you do things instead of just getting on board to appease your need to have company.

Guard Your Words Carefully

Libra energy is verbose; they use their words as a tool to navigate life. You may not be used to being so outgoing if you’re more of an introvert, so we wanted to remind you that words create energy. Avoid gossip, word vomit, nervously talking about meaningless things, and talking without really needing to. Talking negatively or without reason drains you and others. But if you use your words to build positive energy and build enthusiasm, you can really harness the creative energy of Libra to make magic happen. Libra is also intuitive, so work on reading the room to bring more positive energy with your carefully chosen language.

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Closing Thoughts…

We want to wish a very happy birthday to all of our Libra friends and celebrate their courageous and artistically glorious nature during this transit as well. The Sun shines on you Libras and we hope this month launches you into a cycle of positive things for the year to come. Libras will not be the only ones receiving gifts during this time of harvest. Use the New Moon in Libra on September 28 to get clear with what you want and the Full Moon on October 13 will likely bring your wishes to fruition.

Use our many resources to see what’s going on with astrology today. We have your free daily horoscope and you can always check what other major astrology events will be happening on our astrology calendar. You can find everything from a Libra horoscope to a Full Moon run down on our website so be sure you use all of the tools we offer. Each day has new energy, new possibilities, and is ripe with potential to help you reveal your purpose. Truly, when you really get down to it, astrology unlocks your ability to see how the world works and how you can work best with it in a positive way.

Libras make beautiful art and help keep justice as an important part of our daily lives, so while we have this Libra energy, let’s try to do good, inspire people to take action, and talk about important social issues that need to be addressed.

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Greetings, Earthlings!

Has September been fabulous for you? If not, you get one more week! Woot woot! The Universe is prepared to deliver you just the energy you need to whoop it up as you finish out the month.

This week we don’t have any major moves or shakes from the planet that are beyond their everyday comings and goings. This is with the exception of the Moon who is gracing us with a lovely New Moon in the Cardinal sign of the Air signs, Libra, this week. This New Moon appears on Saturday and is anxious to share goodwill and magical feelings in the relationship department.

The New Moon joins Mercury and Venus in Libra, and that means we will have a stellium of Libra in play starting this week. It’s a lot of exciting and refreshing energy to have from an Air sign that dominates our relationships.

Refresh your memory on that here: What is a Stellium?

No matter what your relationship status is, it’s time to find that new beginning or new page, one way or another.

The rest of this week’s energy is all about Jupiter. And that’s why you are feeling so optimistic and generous for the better part of the week.

All Earthlings can expect Tuesday’s energy to feel inspired and optimistic, and it will bring some luck for those that have some karma points they are waiting to cash in. And Jupiter also chimes in on Saturday on the same day as that lovely New Moon in relationship-oriented Libra.

For the better part of the week, you will be feeling like some things are too good to be true. Or at least, hopeful for some new beginnings.

If you aren’t quite there yet, then just ask your angels and guides to show you how to manifest exactly what you need right now. They are there, waiting to help. When you can’t, keep track of your Daily Horoscopes and Free 3-Card Tarot reading to help you make those specific day-by-day decisions.

It’s a New Moon week lovelies, time to make some wishes really count! What are your New Moon wishes?

Planetary Locations During September 23–29, 2019:

Sun: Libra (September 23, 2019 – October 23, 2019)

Mercury: Libra (September 14, 2019 – October 3, 2019)

Venus: Libra (September 14, 2019 – October 8, 2019)

Mars: Virgo (August 18, 2019 – October 4, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019 – August 19, 2021); Retrograde: (August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024); Retrograde: April 24, 2019 – October 2, 2019

Daily Snapshots for September 23–29, 2019:

Monday, September 23

Sun: Libra – To win, let the Sun shine on the most peaceful and gracious situation.

Moon: Cancer – Nurture your domestic side.

Tuesday, September 24

Sun: Libra

Moon: Leo – Feed your inner child today.


  • Mercury in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius – This is some lucky energy chiming into your day. You have communicator Mercury working with lucky Jupiter, in a compatible set of signs. Mercury is in an Air sign, and Jupiter in a Fire sign. Air and Fire are two elements that are very compatible, and you will always see compatible signs in a sextile. This is a favorable transit that may have you feeling like you are dancing on a cloud. This is a communicator planet working with a luck planet, and so you will be seeing news and information of all kinds today that feels good. It may even feel overly optimistic or generous, or it could feel like something is too good to be true. You may also find that conversations with people go smoothly or even really well. Follow the good vibrations today as luck and opportunity are around every corner for those that are following their karma.

Wednesday, September 25

Sun: Libra

Moon: Leo

Thursday, September 26

Sun: Libra

Moon: Virgo – Your flawless attention to details and lists help you win today.

Friday, September 27

Sun: Libra

Moon: Virgo

Saturday, September 28

Sun: Libra

Moon: New Moon in Libra – Begin new chapters by giving peace a chance.


  • Venus in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius – Here’s another refreshing win from Jupiter on the way, and on the same day as the New Moon to boot! As we prepare to say farewell, to September, we have some lucky energy chirping into the day while the New Moon inspires us to make some new beginnings. This is a very favorable transit between lover Venus and lucky Jupiter, with Venus in an Air sign and Jupiter in a Fire sign. Libra has the advantage here as Libra is getting a lot of love today, and Jupiter is shining down on all of that. Libra is all about being harmonious and diplomatic and being the peacekeepers of the world. Sagittarius puts that little spark in your step and grants you some adventurous spirit. That’s why you’ve been filled with so much luck and adventure this year. Wherever you’ve seen the most luck this year, you should see today, as Venus is attracting some wonderful things for you if your karma is pure. Today’s New Moon wishes should be carefully worded as they are particularly potent now! Use this powerful energy to get exactly what you want out of September as September begins to wrap up while launching some exciting new beginnings under today’s New Moon and lucky Venus energy.

Before that New Moon and before you wrap up September, review this: Numerology & the Number 9 – What September Means

Sunday, September 29

Sun: Libra

Moon: Libra

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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Do you wear a special necklace that seems to bring good luck, or refuse to attend a game for your favorite team without your lucky hat or jersey? Then you may be more familiar with amulets, talismans, and lucky charms than you think.

You may have heard terms like “amulet,” “talisman,” or “lucky charm” in the past and thought these words were all just synonyms for a basic concept; however, in the magical land of energy-infused objects, these terms stand for different practices.

Let’s explore the world of lucky objects: the differences between them and how to make your own.

Lucky Charms

No, we’re not talking about the marshmallow cereal!

While the thought of a lucky charm may bring to mind a rabbit’s foot keychain or a four-leaf clover, charms were originally made of words and intentions. In fact, they were often activated through spoken word or song. Charm even comes from the French word, charme, which translates to song. As spoken-word became less popular, the idea of charms then evolved into the desire for a physical object that can be carried with an individual all day. Eventually, these tangible charms replaced their melodic counterparts altogether.

Anything with value or sentimental meaning can act as a charm. As with many of the metaphysical tools available to us, intention is one of the most important aspects of working with charms. Our intentions are much more powerful than we think, and it is the concept of utilizing this power that lies behind such practices as carrying lucky charms, working with candles, or even the Law of Attraction. When we put our minds to something with intensity, it is more likely to be successful. And infusing this intention with objects is merely one way to remind yourself of your intentions each day.

You may choose to carry your lucky charm all day, or you might prefer to leave it in a safe and sacred place. Many charms exist already, such as the aforementioned four-leaf clover or the rabbit’s foot. The Irish even have a song about the four-leaf clover:

Charms eventually became so popular that charm bracelets entered the world of fashion, allowing someone to wear multiple charms at once.

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Amulets are more closely associated with protection than luck, and they have been used for thousands of years to bring protection to the individual and the home. If you’ve ever seen the famous Egyptian Evil Eye in art or jewelry, you’re already familiar with one powerful and widely popular amulet.

This particular amulet comes from an ancient curse, that held that a malevolent glare from another individual could bring bad luck. This belief is at least 5,000 years old, and it has been said that an evil eye amulet can protect against this specific type of curse.

In the beginning, amulets were primarily comprised of naturally occurring materials, such as animal bone or rock; however, an amulet can be made of any material you desire. It is believed that knots protect against evil spirits and make particularly effective amulets.


Talismans differ from charms and amulets in that they are thought to provide strength, energy, and certain skills or circumstances to the wearer. Because of the nature of talismans and power, many talismans are created under certain astrological conditions to emphasize certain energies. For instance, if you were creating a talisman to attract love, you may wish to wait for the ideal Venus transit to occur before going forward.

Like amulets, and because talismans are often used to provide power, many talismans also come from animal materials: a lion’s tooth for courage, a tiger’s claw for strength.


Stones and crystals have long been used to fulfill the role of charm, talisman, or amulet. Many crystals naturally possess the energy that you may be seeking in making one of these mystical tools. Because so many crystals are inexpensive and readily available, they are an excellent medium to use for work of this nature.

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Making Your Own

Creating your own charm, talisman, or amulet is a personal experience, like many of the metaphysical practices available to us. You may choose to craft your own lucky charm from clay, or you may already own a small bobble that has a special meaning to you and seems perfect for energy infusion.

Regardless of the material or shape of your object of choice, the most important aspect is the energy and intention that you charge it with. Your own energy is one of the most powerful tools that you have at your disposal and it should not be overlooked.

For more information on making your own charms, amulets, and talismans, check out Amulets & Talismans for Beginners: How to Choose, Make & Use Magical Objects by Richard Webster.

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On 23rd September, the Sun enters Libra, which means that the energies of Libra will be particularly potent for us all.

Libra is the sign of balance, indecision, beauty and justice. Ruled by Venus, Libra has a love for all that is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. In the Tarot cards, it corresponds with the eleventh card in the Major Arcana, Justice. The concept of fairness and equality is very important to Librans, just as it is in the Justice card. Doing the right thing is a priority in life, as Librans hate imbalance; even a wonky picture hanging on the wall can irritate them! With Libra, there is an innate desire to right the wrongs of the world and achieve balance and harmony. There is a reason their sign is represented by the scales of justice.

However, this noble trait is also where they tend to find the most conflict within themselves. Libra is a sign that hates conflict and their first instinct is to run from it or do everything possible to avoid it. While this may make them skilled diplomats, it also means that they can come across as two-faced or cowardly, refusing to take a side and instead staying in the middle ground. This is a contradictory aspect of themselves that Librans must face, as very often it is not possible to wield the sword of justice without an element of external conflict. Libra must make the decisionas to what is more important to them: the desire to be loved and liked or the desire to right all that is wrong.

As Libra season draws in, it is a decision many of us may find ourselves facing. The scales of justice force us to take a long hard look at ourselves; we may experience polarities called into question; we may have some difficult decisions to make – are we going to follow our head or our heart? And with the New Moon in Libra appearing on the 28th of September, we may then have the opportunity to manifest the decisions we reach or ask for guidance if we feel particularly lost or confused.

Consulting the Tarot to help with indecision or feelings of perplexity is a fantastic way of working with the Libran energies and gaining instant advice for any situations that arise. Tarot card meanings can provide incredible insight into any situation – read below about the Tarot card spread you can use for this upcoming Libra season!

A Balancing Tarot Spread for Libra Season:

This 6-card spread is fantastic for putting any polarities or differences into perspective. The spread is as follows:

  • Card 1: Your light side
  • Card 2: Your shadow side (This is the side that we tend to keep hidden. It’s typically perceived as “bad, dishonourable and immoral”).
  • Card 3: The state of your heart (This is the card that shows what your feelings are telling you).
  • Card 4: The state of your head (This is the card that shows what your mind is telling you).
  • Card 5: A de-stabilizing force (This is a weakness/obstacle in your path).
  • Card 6: A stabilizing force (This is your strength/advice for you at this time).

With this reading, you can ask a specific question or you can just shuffle out the cards asking them what the Libra season holds for you. See an example spread below to give you an idea of how this spread works! The question below is for a daily Tarot spread.

Question: What challenges do I face today?

Card 1: 6 of Pentacles

You are a generous and giving person. Others adore you for your kindness and generosity. It brings you fulfilment to give to others; your generosity may be unconditional at times, though you too gain something from it – the glowing feeling of being able to simply give in order to help others. This is a compassionate card and one that represents a selfless, giving nature. It represents your light side.

Card 2: Knight of Swords

This is the card that represents your shadow side. This could indicate that you may be prone to harsh words if you feel hurt or stung. Situations may arise today where your generosity is taken advantage of or disrespected, and you may lash out because of it. The Knight of Swords can also represent someone in your life, so it is also important to read intuitively. The Knight of Swords in this position can be someone who may take advantage of your good nature, so caution is advised.

Card 3: 2 of Pentacles

A card of indecision! This shows your heart may be uncertain about how to proceed. Divisiveness between head and heart is gruelling at the best of times, but indecision within the heart itself is even more so! This card represents the state of your heart which shows the inner turmoil you may be going through.

Card 4: King of Swords

This is a good card for the state of your mind as Swords are Air, and Libra is Air. The King of Swords represents good judgement and keen wisdom. Though your feelings may be uncertain, your mind knows what is best for you. The King of Swords can also represent an older male in your life who is going to offer wisdom and guidance to you.

Card 5: 5 of Cups

Hmmm – this is a bit of a clue! The 5 of Cups indicates that powerful feelings may be blinding you at this time. You may be reluctant to “do the right thing” because of potential unhappy feelings that may occur as a result. This is the obstacle card – feelings of grief or unhappiness may be preventing you from doing what you know is right.

Card 6: The Emperor

This is the advice card and clearly has one message: Take control of the situation. In this instance, you would be wise to listen to your head as your emotions may be blinding you right now.

Overall, this reading speaks of someone who may be acting too generous with their time, money and resources, and may be taken advantage of as a result. Their emotions are clouded, but their mind is telling them to “do the right thing.” They may be reluctant to do what they know is right because it may lead to feelings of guilt or unhappiness; but the Emperor card advises them that sometimes the “cruel to be kind” method is the only way to release them from the suffering currently inflicted on themselves, as well as the one taking advantage of them.


Remember to keep an eye on our Instagram page today to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action!

As Libra season approaches, we may all find ourselves riddled with indecision or moments of confusion. The battle between head and heart may be more pronounced; likewise, our desire to enact justice and do the right thing can be more powerful than ever. Reading about the Tarot online, as well as spreads like this, can help provide extra guidance during this very Yin/Yang season. Embrace the lovely Libra and gain deeper insight into yourself and all you hold dear!

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​Intuition is something that exists within every one of us and yet it is something that many of us doubt. In a society that places more value on the rational mind than the intuitive one, it is common from a young age for people to dismiss their innate instinctual abilities and fully immerse themselves in the rational mind.

But in the words of Einstein: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant; we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Sadly, the intuitive mind is suffering from some kind of neglect in society as a whole. The sixth sense, the chakras, the funny feeling in your belly when you just know that something is wrong … they are given little priority in a world where logic and reason reigns supreme.

And yet, our intuitive nature is a fundamental, crucial part of ourselves that, when harnessed and nurtured, can be a brilliant aid in helping us get through life. Though many people bury their intuition or shrug it off, every single person has the opportunity to help their intuition flourish. This is where crystals come in handy!

Because crystal energy is so powerfully connected to the Universe (thereby strongly connecting to our soul which is the beehive of intuitive prowess), different crystals are fantastic at helping us strengthen our own intuitive powers.

Below is a list of crystals that can help you nurture your intuition!


Amethyst is a crystal of high vibration and connects strongly to the sixth chakra, otherwise known as the Third-Eye, which it vibrates at the same frequency to. Amethyst connects with our energy center in order to strengthen and empower our intuition. Amethyst is fantastic for calming the mind, and a calm, peaceful mind is essential to tapping into your intuition.

Shamanic Dream Quartz

Not one of the most well-known crystals, but certainly one of the most powerful. Traditionally a crystal used by shamans (hence the name), these spiritual folk would travel through the astral planes in order to find the source of a person’s distress or sickness on a spiritual level, which may have been manifesting physically. The shamans would use the shamanic dream quartz to help aid them on their journey. This is a powerful crystal for enhancing intuition and also psychic abilities. It is particularly useful when meditating, helping the individual to calm their mind to a greater degree.


Merlinite (named after the magician of Arthurian legend, Merlin) is a stone known for stimulating deep intuitive abilities and provides individuals with access to higher spiritual beings. This is a strong stone for intuition, possessing the ability to transport the individual into the deepest parts of themselves which may be hidden in the subconscious, helping them to discover which aspects of themselves need attention and potential healing. This is a crystal of duality and may unsettle some people, but can be massively healing for those who choose to harness it.


A beautiful crystal in every possible way, the selenite crystal is pure ‘light’. It provides the individual with a relaxing, beautiful feeling and helps them tap into their intuitions. It is one of the best crystals for harnessing intuitive ability. It is the ultimate crystal for spiritual enlightenment and can also strengthen telepathic and clairvoyant abilities.

Moss Agate

Moss agate is a great stone for beginners who are just looking into strengthen their intuition and want a stone that isn’t going to go too heavy on them. This crystal is very specific to balancing the rational mind with the intuitive one; if you feel that your rational mind is too powerful, moss agate can strengthen the intuitive mind and quieten the rational one so that harmony can be found. This stone helps people access their intuition on a more practical level, helping them to harness it in day-to-day matters.


One of the most helpful crystals in assisting intuition and psychic abilities, labradorite is a powerful stone for connecting you to that other side of yourself. It strengthens your faith in yourself so that you do not doubt your instincts and gives you the courage to make decisions based on your intuition. Labradorite is particularly helpful for dreams which are trying to send you messages, so sleeping with one under your pillow is recommended.


Any of these crystals can help harness intuitive ability. For anyone who wants to explore this side of themselves and not allow it to lie dormant, using these crystals can make the journey towards a stronger and more powerful intuition an easier one. It may take time and practice, but regular, frequent use with the crystals will almost certainly garner results.

Meditate with them, wear them on your wrist and as pendants, sleep with them under your pillow … In time, you should feel your intuition expanding and assisting you with day-to-day and life-changing decisions.

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​We are in for a wonderful surprise this week friends, and it’s the kind of stuff that will have you floating on Cloud 9, regarding any area of your life. That is the stuff of a Venus and Jupiter sextile, when love meets luck, or it meets your wallet! This is happening this week, right after the Sun enters Cardinal sign of the Air sign Libra, which is also right after the Autumn Equinox. Venus and Mercury are also celebrating Libra in a beautiful stellium right now, which will only be enhanced under the New Moon in Libra on September 28.

Can you handle all of this Libra energy? Probably. Since Libra is the gracious and harmony inducing zodiac sign. Blessed are the peacemakers! It’s something you want to keep in mind under this beautiful Venus and Jupiter alignment that is happening on the same day as the New Moon in Libra. New beginnings await! So how are you going to handle all of this exciting energy? We’re going to help. Don’t let all of these new beginnings overwhelm you. Just keep reading to discover the only magical Venus and Jupiter sextile roadmap that you will ever need.

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What is Venus Sextile Jupiter?

This is the love and money planet meeting the luck planet in a supportive sextile aspect. Now, do you see why we are so excited? Add to this that on September 28 you also have the New Moon in harmonious and gracious Air sign Libra, and you should be getting exciting too. You have all the tools you need on this day to make powerful wishes, and maybe even see them come true on the same day!

Venus is all about attraction. She loves her beautiful and luxurious things, and of course, you need money for those things. And she loves love. So she tries to help you to attract the things that harness these themes of hers.

Venus is in the beautiful charming Air sign of Libra, which is one of the signs that she rules. This means that Venus energy is a little more powerful right now than it usually is. Strut your stuff, and Venus helps you to attract love, and the means to pay for it all too.

Then we have Jupiter. The lucky and expansive planet. Everything that Jupiter touches gets bigger, and this is what we mean when we say the house that Jupiter touches in your chart will get lucky or see some expansion that year.

So that means when we have attraction planet Venus working with the expansion planet Jupiter, you can expect to see some luck in an area of your life today, in a way that promotes forward progress towards a big goal. If you stay in the right karma zone, and flow with that optimistic and generous vibe of Jupiter, you will attract (through Venus) something pretty spectacular today.

This month we have a Venus and Jupiter sextile happening on the same day as the New Moon in Libra. You are going to feel very optimistic, harmonious, and lucky today. And you will feel it al day because this transit doesn’t happen until later in the evening.

To make the most of this energy, follow this quick checklist of themes for the day:

  • Party. Have fun. Be social. Bring out your charming face.
  • Share that energy! Be good to people wherever you go and mean it.
  • Socialize. Did we say that one already?
  • Date. Make it date night for couples, or put yourself out there if you are single.
  • Travel! And if you don’t travel, plan travel. Get excited about a new adventure!
  • Keep your eyes open for opportunity and be open.
  • Indulge. Don’t over-indulge.

Venus Sextile Jupiter in Love – Smile!

Venus sextile Jupiter in love is all about going big or going home. But to start, you need to send your little love signals out into the world. This is a warm and vivacious transit, and that means you need to put that warm and vivacious face out there. Smiling more actually will help you today! But you have to really mean it. Put on that genuinely happy face.

If you are going out into the world with a smile that you think will win big rewards, but you don’t specifically mean it, you just want to win….well then you won’t win. Smiling is what you need to do to send the message that you are ready to receive a wonderful love miracle. So give that miracle to someone else, first!

Be funny! That is contagious and attractive. You also have to put yourself out there. This is not the day to say no to any invitation at all, no matter what it looks like. With Venus working its way into the day, opportunities are attracted in a number of mysterious ways. So don’t say no today. Come from a place of yes. Follow that flow of optimism and you may see something wonderful and romantic happen.

Follow the flow of the good. Let there be light. This is a transit that has karmic intentions and attractions. When you are stuck on this New Moon day, make New Moon wishes about love. And, use our Free Daily Love Tarot Reading or Free 3-Card Tarot Reading.

Venus Sextile Jupiter in Work and Money – Laziness is Not an Option

When it comes to work and money, Venus has your back. And Jupiter does too! Jupiter wants your life to be as big as it can get. So you sort of have to follow the same checklist for work here.

First, you need to note that, if you are waiting for a big bag of money to come to you, it’s just not going to happen. You have to do the work and make it happen yourself. Stagnation is not an option. Being lazy is not an option.

Put out what you want to get. That which you focus on grows. Venus is the “attraction” planet and Jupiter waves his lucky wand when your karma is in good shape. So, before September 28, clean up any karmic messes.

And then make a life plan. The more you work, the more you earn. And if you are working hard, Venus helps you to attract some wonderful things in the way of money. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t where you want to be. Work just a little bit harder today to get there.

It’s a good day to apply for jobs, make a pitch to the boss for a promotion or a raise, or look at your own employees and do the same thing. The harder you work, the more you will attract now.

As with love, you will need to put yourself out there. This is why feelers such as job applications or promotion questions plant the seeds of new beginnings under this Venus and Jupiter sextile and New Moon in the glorious Cardinal sign of the Air sign Libra.

If you are wondering how to get your work mojo going, you have the additional luck of the work planet Saturn direct now. You should be sensing or at least thinking of all of the wonderful goals you have and the responsibilities you need to undertake to get there. It’s okay. Don’t bite off more than you can chew at once.

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Wrapping Things Up…

When it comes to the loving sextile of Venus sextile Jupiter, you have a lot of energy to work with to attract beautiful things. Along with this transit, you have the New Moon in loving Libra, and this is going to help you to plant the seeds of new beginnings. It’s time to put on that authentic smile and put yourself out there, in work, or in money. This day does encourage a little extra splurge or two, whether you are buying a new interview suit or a new second date lucky dress.

Get a jump on that luck bandwagon with our Circle of Luck Necklace as well. Add your Daily Horoscopes to your morning reading every day, and you’ll have every tool you need to get through the energy transits of the day. Make those New Moon wishes count! Do you want Venus sextile Jupiter to help you in love or in work? Join us on Facebook to add your comments to a lively discussion of this magical lucky spell of Venus and Jupiter.

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If you’ve been on the internet recently, chances are you’ve seen quite a few New Moon rituals out there, and you may be asking yourself what all the fuss is about.

The New Moon occurs once a month and marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This is an excellent time to set your intentions for the upcoming month and let go of the energies that built during the last cycle.

The reason that a New Moon ritual is so important is that it helps you set and solidify your intentions with more intensity, putting a surge of power behind your goals and dreams and empowering your manifestations.

But, like the unique energy that each New Moon brings, no two people are alike—and the rituals that work best for one person may not be perfectly suited for another.

In astrology, each sign is unique and reacts positively to different stimuli. Accordingly, each zodiac sign appreciates and responds to different methods of lunar rituals.

Read on to find out the perfect New Moon ritual for your zodiac sign.


As a Fire sign, you feel things passionately and often act on impulse. Because you aren’t exactly known for your patience, you may prefer a New Moon ritual that is swift yet effective. Try something simple, like writing down the things you want to let go of from the past month, as well as the things you want to manifest in the upcoming month, on a piece of paper. You can bury this paper under the Moonlight or even burn it (safely).


Taurus is an Earth sign that is deeply connected with Mother Nature, and your New Moon ritual should reflect that connection. Put on some comfortable close, take your journal and a candle outside, and bury your feet in the soil. Feel the connection to the Earth and the Moon as you contemplate your goals and reflect on what you’ve learned.


Geminis are thoughtful and airy, thinking of many things at once. Your goal for this New Moon ritual is to really focus on one thought at a time. Situate yourself either outside or in your favorite sacred space and try to meditate on the things you want to achieve in the upcoming month. If you feel your mind begin to wander, simply let the thought pass and bring your focus back to your center.


Cancers are emotional and intuitive, going with the flow like the Water that rules their sign. You tend to focus on the needs of others; so, for this New Moon ritual, you’re going to pamper yourself. Run a warm bubble bath and slice some cucumbers for your tired eyes, because your goal is to sink into the illuminated embrace of the Moon. Try infusing your bath with the healing properties of moonstone to amplify the lunar energy.


Leos are bubbly and warm, and your New Moon ritual should reflect the excitement you feel towards life. Try inviting some friends over for a bonfire and a drum circle, embracing the shifting energy of the New Moon and the feeling of new beginnings. Take turns sharing your insights about the past lunar month and your goals for the future. Bringing your energies together can amplify your intention and heighten your experience.


Virgos are a hard-working Earth sign with near perfect attention to detail. You certainly don’t mind getting your hands dirty, but you aren’t as comfortable with sitting still. Let the refreshing energy of the New Moon’s clean slate help you start over and learn to find the balance between work and play. Your New Moon ritual might even involve actual play, like dancing outside or trying to remember how to do a cartwheel. Whatever you do, have a little fun with it.


Libras are an Air sign that loves to be surrounded by beauty. This New Moon, break out your favorite candles, your prettiest crystals, and your best-smelling incense. No matter where you are, make it a beautiful space to be in and soak up the lunar energy. Light your candles, use the incense to clear any negative energy, and bring your most colorful pens to write your New Moon list.

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Scorpios are a mysterious Water sign with a connection to the deeper things in life. The New Moon is a perfect time to explore your heaviest thoughts and release them. Find a comfortable space, grab your journal, and start writing. Release any heavy energy and thoughts from your system that may have accumulated over the past month and prepare yourself for a lighter state of being.


Optimistic and fiery, Sagittarians are always planning for the future; and this is a great time to write those plans down and really think them over. You might begin by meditating on what you want for your future and follow it up by writing it all down. Place the list under your pillow or under the black Moon for the night and revisit your goals in the morning to seal your intention.


Capricorns are earthy and reserved; you deserve to let your spark ignite every once in a while. Surround yourself with illuminated candles during the New Moon to remind yourself of your internal fire. Feel the warmth of the glow and let it penetrate your entire being. Contemplate your goals for the upcoming month and what you want for yourself and focus your goals into the light of the flame. Extinguish the flame when you’re finished.


Social butterflies, Aquarians are ruled by Air and have many innovative ideas. The New Moon marks new beginnings and fresh ideas, so this is a great time to play with your inventions. Break out your notebook of notions and write down any idea that comes to mind, including your dreams and desires. Don’t forget to include group efforts, as you thrive in team environments. The lunar energy may bring a fresh perspective.


Pisceans are dreamy; ruled by Water, Pisceans are creative and intuitive. The New Moon is the best time to turn your dreams into a reality, taking goals and ideas and contemplating ways to make them happen. Get creative during this New Moon and focus on your goals in whatever way helps you visualize them best. Try painting a picture or writing a poem about your ideal life and leave the rest up to the Moon.

Your Own New Moon Cleansing Ritual

No matter what you do to celebrate the energy of the New Moon, make the ritual your own. Your connection to the Moon is unique and individual, just like you are. You can try a new ritual for each month or stick with one that really speaks to you. It doesn’t matter how or where you perform your New Moon ritual, as long as it brings you closer to the beauty of the lunar cycle.

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Though the knowledge of their power and importance has existed in the practices of Hinduism and Buddhism for thousands of years, the idea of chakra alignment and care is relatively new to many people. Often, we cannot pinpoint the cause of our anxiety, or low energy, or feeling of being stifled. If this sounds like something you have experienced, it may be a blocked connection to your energy centers.

When you are just beginning to work with your chakras, it is advised that you start at the Root chakra and then progress your way up; though many diagrams show them positioned from the head down, this is merely an aesthetic representation. Energy flows through all chakras, and it is impossible to realize spiritual wellness if you don’t even have the vitality of a healthy body or sense of purpose first!

Caring for your chakras at a time of upheaval or growth is not a simple process, so be sure to take the time to work on each individually and feel secure in your development, before moving on to the next center. If you feel that you are in an intermediate state of transitional energy though, feel free to pinpoint the chakra you feel needs attention and work from there.

Muladhara: Root Chakra

The Root chakra resides at the base of your spine and is the seat of your vitality. In the plainest terms, it is your health and energy, which means if it is out of alignment, you are no doubt feeling tired and uneasy in your body. When ignored, this will slowly begin to manifest as low self-esteem and chronic health issues.

Self-care for the Root chakra: Adequate rest, hydration and low impact exercise are the first steps to caring for your Root chakra. Focus on nourishing your body with not only healthy foods, but ones that give you joy to eat them; savor every bite, since this should not only be caloric energy to fuel your body, but emotional energy to fuel your personal growth. Essential oils like cinnamon or nutmeg are good stimulants for this chakra, as they evoke a sense of comfort. Once you have started to heal this energy center, you should begin to feel well-rested and confident, with more overall energy.

Root Chakra Daily Affirmation: “I believe that good health is my natural state, and I accept this blessing”

Svadhishthana: Sacral Chakra

Your Sacral chakra which influences creation and pleasure. Though many assume this chakra relates solely to carnality, it holds more domain over your enjoyment of life. If this chakra is blocked, you may feel uninspired & as though you have no creative spark. Left for too long, these feelings can devolve into despair, and an inability to problem-solve.

Self-care for the Sacral chakra: Engage in small activities that you derive pleasure from- something as simple as a bath or a massage will immediately begin to heal this chakra. Be present in the experience, and let your mind wander as you do; banish any negativity or stress, and only allow yourself to focus on the creative or inspirational ideas that come to you during this time. You’ll begin to equate self-care with healing and seek it out more often to motivate yourself once this chakra is in alignment. Utilize essential oils like sandalwood or lemongrass to bolster your sense of relaxation.

Sacral Chakra Daily Affirmation: “I am capable and strong. I embrace my potential.”

Manipura: Solar Plexus Chakra

Believed to influence your journey of self-discovery, your Solar Plexus houses this chakra. It also influences your drive, and how you motivate yourself. When this chakra has been neglected, you might feel frustrated or helpless. Over time, this can begin to manifest as anger or a sense of being lost.

Self-care for the Solar Plexus chakra: Challenge yourself. By pushing yourself beyond the boundaries of fear that are stifling you, you will start to awaken this dormant energy. Whether it is doing something that scares you, like singing at karaoke or setting a goal you previously thought yourself incapable of achieving, you will begin to remove the energy blockage in this chakra. Scents like lemon or ginger will embolden you to take more chances, and awaken your passion for growth. Developing this chakra will create a sense of accomplishment and leave you energized to continue pushing your boundaries.

Solar Plexus Chakra Daily Affirmation: “I am a being of light. I value myself. I trust myself. I embrace myself.”

Anahata: Heart Chakra

A very powerful chakra positioned at the Heart, it correlates to your balance and sense of connection to influences outside of you – usually other people. If this energy is blocked, you’ll fail to feel a sense of trust or empathy. If not healed, these will intensify into jealousy, selfishness or hatred.

Self-care for the Heart chakra: Begin a practice of appreciation. Whether this means keeping a daily gratitude journal, actively speaking only out of kindness, or even engaging in charity work, create a sense of positive reinforcement by acknowledging the good in the world instead of the bad. After you have started to heal this chakra, you will form stronger relationships with the world around you, and feel a better sense of love & acceptance. Rose and geranium oils promote a feeling of gentleness.

Heart Chakra Daily Affirmation: “I love and accept myself as I am today.”

Vishuddha: Throat Chakra

Believed to be a seat of satisfaction and expression, this chakra resides in your Throat. If you often feel like the “words get stuck in your throat” or that you are not being heard, there is a chance this chakra is blocked. Without attention, this can begin to manifest as feeling misunderstood, or unappreciated.

Self-care for the Throat chakra: Focusing on forms of self-expression that don’t rely on words can be the key to navigating a blockage in this energy. Many creative outlets like dance or music allow you to articulate things that are beyond words. Even something as small as wearing a color that you feel conveys your emotional state is empowering. Sage and chamomile essential oils will soothe your nerves, and allow you to present yourself with confidence. Once you have the belief that you do not need to speak to be heard, your ability to communicate will flourish & allow you to feel that you are recognized.

Throat Chakra Daily Affirmation: “I am confident and grounded. I own my power”

Ajna: Third-Eye Chakra

Also known as the Third-Eye, this chakra is found between your eyebrows is an energy center along with the seat of the mind. Having this chakra out of alignment will lead to a lack of personal insight and indecisiveness. When not dealt with carefully, these can become self-doubt and fear.

Self-care for the Third-Eye chakra: Expanding your world view will stimulate this chakra, and allow you to begin reframing your life. It can be something as simple as reading a book on a topic you know nothing about or involve attending a lecture or speech on something that falls outside of your current beliefs. Once you have healed this energy center, you will be more expansive in your thoughts & capable of solving problems with fresh ideas. Scents that enhance enlightenment, like patchouli or frankincense, will help you process all the new information you’re integrating.

Third-Eye Chakra Daily Affirmation: “I believe and trust in my wisdom. I am open to the truth of the world.”

Sahasrara: Crown Chakra

Located at the Crown of your head, this chakra is your spiritual center. When this energy is blocked, you may feel a general sense of unease manifesting as restlessness or confusion. If allowed to stagnate for too long, this will lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and apathy.

Self-care for the Crown chakra: Visit an awe-inspiring place of peace. Whether you derive these feelings from being in nature, or a monument like an art gallery or museum, allowing yourself to feel the power of creation is humbling and opens you up to the universe. Energizing your spiritual center creates a positive loop of mindful expression and self-fulfillment. Being serene in these moments is key, so utilize the power of jasmine or lavender to calm yourself. Once you have healed this chakra, you’ll begin to feel inner peace- a true sense of belonging and acceptance of your place in the world.

Crown Chakra Daily Affirmation: “I am at peace with myself, and honor this divine energy.”

With this guide to caring for your chakras and increasing positive energy flow, you’ll start to feel like yourself once again as you connect with your mind, body, and soul. Remember that work like this takes time and effort, so be sure to embrace each stage fully, and ensure you feel confident with the work you have put into each chakra before moving on to the next one.

Happy healing!

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​What is a stellium? You’ve probably heard this term here before. We often use it right around the time that the Sun changes zodiac signs, which happens every four weeks on the nose. Every zodiac month, most of the planets keep on moving. And when the Sun enters a zodiac sign, that means we are closer to that zodiac sign’s birthday. The smaller planets follow suit: Mercury enters the sign, Venus, then Mars does too.

These planets stick around in that sign for a few weeks. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, take longer journeys in their signs. And the Moon? The Moon travels into a different zodiac sign every few days, and every month the birthday’s zodiac sign gets their own New Moon. And their opposite sign gets a Full Moon. Confused yet? Don’t be. We’re going to answer all of those obscure questions right here.

What is a Stellium?

For astrology purposes, the technical definition of a stellium is a collection of 3 or more planets in one zodiac sign or astrological house.

We also refer to the Sun and Moon as planets in astrology. That’s significant if you know someone that always wants to argue about whether or not the Sun and Moon are planets, such as my science teacher big brother is always doing with me. For me, they are. For him? Not so much. And that’s okay.

In astrology, the Sun and Moon ARE planets, but you can also call them luminaries or luminary bodies. But they do count as one planet in a sign or house when we are talking stelliums.

So right now, for example, we are experiencing a stellium in Virgo. We have the Sun in Virgo, a New Moon in Virgo on August 30, Mercury in Virgo until mid-September, and Venus in Virgo until mid-September.

So that my friends, is a stellium. Ta-dah! Easier than you thought right?

Stellium Transits Vs. Stelliums in Birth Charts

The next question to answer is, is there a difference between a stellium in the natal chart or birth chart, and a stellium in our everyday lives? The simple answer is no. When it comes to the definition of a stellium, the definition is the same whether the stellium is in our natal chart or our everyday lives.

A stellium is simply a collection of planets (typically 3 or more, depending on which Astrologer you ask!) in the same sign or house.

Stelliums are significant because when multiple planets are in one sign, whether that is in your birth chart or in your Daily Horoscopes, it means the same thing. It means that the power of that zodiac sign is amplified even more than usual on any given day.

For example, we have a stellium in Virgo right now. A lot of people have what is infamously known as Virgo anxiety. This theme of Virgo is amplified when we have a stellium in Virgo. Happy Birthday, Virgo! And thanks for sharing your pacing and worrying with the rest of the Universe.

Quick Check: Do You Have Virgo Anxiety?

But Virgo has many other wonderful themes. Virgo is flawlessly detailed, organized, practical, and as real as they come. They are also very logical.

The aforementioned science teacher I mentioned? A Virgo. And he’s a pacer. And a worrywart. But he’s as real and logical as they come, down-to-Earth like the Earth sign that he is. But he’ll also tell you the Moon isn’t a luminary because it’s dark most of the time, and that the Sun isn’t technically a planet.

And I just smile and say,” yep, you’re right.” Although I do think I may need to get my favorite Virgo some serenity oil for Christmas if this argument comes up one more time.

This is a better example of what a stelllium is in everyday life. Now, let’s talk a bit more on what a stellium is in your natal chart.

The Stellium in Your Birth Chart

The definition of a stellium in your birth chart is the same. You must have three or more planets, and yes that includes the Sun or the Moon, in one zodiac sign or house. You can find that out by just getting a copy of your birth chart, which is readily available for free right here.

The significance of the stellium in your birth chart is that during this life path of yours, you will feel the power of that zodiac sign more intensely. Sometimes you don’t even have your Sun in the stellium. So you will portray the themes of the stellium in your personality before you would anything else.

This answers another question beyond, “what is a stellium?” You may have asked yourself before why you aren’t anything like the Sun sign you were born under according to traditional astrology. One of the reasons for that may be, because you have a stellium somewhere else. So you may be a Scorpio, but your Virgo stellium means you identify more with Virgo traits than you would otherwise.

Make sense? It doesn’t have to yet. You can get your birth chart and begin to slowly make sense of it all.

A Final Word On Stelliums…

When it comes to stelliums, you are not alone when wondering, “what is a stellium?” But now that you have the basic gist of it, you know how you can use it in your life. Check out your birth chart and see if you have a stellium of sorts. Now you know what your superpower is! Use those themes to win in life, in every way.

Do you have a stellium? How does it affect your Sun sign?

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​On September 14th, Venus and Mercury enter Libra.

Get ready for talking to become a big part of how you spend your time during this transit, as well as for your love life to start to blossom effortlessly. We’ve consolidated the most important aspects of these planetary movements to give you a clear path into more enjoyable and positive experiences. As always, we also prep you with the potential pitfalls to be aware of with this change in the psychological landscape so you can continue to move forward and live your best life.

Let’s look at the dates so we know when this energy will start how long it will last. Mercury enters Scorpio on October 3, and Venus enters Scorpio on October 8. The other major influences during this transit include Saturn moving direct on September 18th, and the Full Moon in Libra on September 14th. With the Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Libra on September 14th, expect that day to have all the flavors of this justice-seeking, beauty appreciating zodiac sign.

Harmonious Communication

With Mercury in Libra, we can expect our conversations to have some fun new energy and here is why.

Libra is an Air sign and likes to chat it up. They also are very interested in social causes, art, ideas, and love to have a healthy debate. This social energy wants to find a way that everyone can feel heard which means we will be more inclined to listen and see the other side of a situation. Because the goal for Libra is to mediate and find a resolution, they will communicate with loving and non-combative energy.

They are good at helping mend broken bonds and it’s in their nature to help people get along again. Thus, if you’ve been having frustrations connecting with people, this can heal those dynamics naturally, like water making a plant grow.

Be aware of any self-righteous communicating or boasting of intellectual prowess that is indicative of insecurities. If someone is sounding like a know-it-all, just choose to have compassion for why they may feel less than accepted or why they feel the need to impress.

Everyone’s insecurities come from somewhere. Instead of trying to be right and prove your point, let go of the idea of winning the debate and focus on listening to understand. This will lower stress and allow you to feel more peaceful during this transit.

Love is Beautiful & Balanced

Because Venus rules Libra, Libran energy is really amplified during this transit.

Libra is all about balance and bringing peace so you can expect your relationships to feel like they are smoothing out during this time. You can also expect positive energy to be infused into your relationships because Libra is very gregarious, loving, and friendly energy. You can use this time to enjoy the company of others because Libra is extroverted energy that is stimulated around others.

Keep an eye out for people that become a bit overly social or overly indulgent in romantic pursuits as they may feel like the sky is the limit as if they have drunk a very potent aphrodisiac tea. Venus, being the planet of love and beauty, shoots cupid’s arrow into the collective subconscious with the energy of the sign it’s in.

Therefore, if someone has not dealt with insecurities or are seeking validation to boost their ego, they may be seeking attention in any way they can get it. That means if you’re in the dating scene, beware of people just looking for compliments who don’t seem to care about you. And don’t be that person that is fishing for adoration instead of trying to be a good person which is what gives you true fulfillment.

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Closing Thoughts…

Watch this cosmic play unfold! Now, you can be aware of times of harmony and discord so you can just laugh at the whole thing and ride the cosmic tide, as we love to say. To keep abreast of what is going on in astrology today, use our free resources which have distilled the complex calculations into helpful snippets. We have a monthly Astrology Calendar and Free Daily Horoscopes for you to use to stay up to date, 24/7.

During this harmonious and justice-oriented time, try to engage in your community by volunteering, joining book clubs that cover important social concepts or stimulate your artistic side, or find a creative pursuit to channel your passion and creativity such as writing or journaling. Mercury in an Air sign means we will really need to get our thoughts out there so it is also a great time for creative projects and artistic inspiration with Venus is this idealistic sign symbolized by the balanced scales.

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​While many people will be familiar with the twelve animals associated with Chinese Astrology, fewer are aware of the 5 elements (compared to Western Astrology’s 4 elements) also involved. If you are a Rabbit, you are not simply a Rabbit. You may be a Fire Rabbit or a Water Rabbit. If you are a Snake, you are not just a Snake. You may be a Wood Snake, a Metal Snake, or an Earth Snake.

The 5 elements of the Chinese Zodiac have a powerful effect on us. They are also known as the 5 Movements, 5 Phrases, 5 States of Change and 5 Steps. They move around in either the Generating Cycle (positive) or the Controlling Cycle (negative).

What this means is that the Generating Cycle shows the positive relationship between the elements. This is the mothering, nurturing and supportive cycle as you can see from the following:

Water makes Wood grow > Wood makes Fire burn > Fire creates Earth > Earth bears Metal > Off Metal runs Water.

Then there is the Controlling Cycle. This is a cycle of destruction, where two forces oppose one another. This can be seen from the following:

Water controls Fire > Fire melts Metal > Metal chops down Wood > Wood breaks the Earth > Earth soaks up Water and blocks its flow.

This is one way of determining which characters get along with each other in the Chinese Zodiac and which ones are mortal enemies. Let’s take the Tiger and the Monkey, for example, two traditional enemies. The Tiger is ruled by Wood and the Monkey is ruled by Metal. From the Controlling Cycle, we can see that ‘Metal chops down Wood’ – or rather, ‘Monkey chops down Tiger!”

Though it isn’t quite as simple as all that. Let’s say you have a Metal Tiger who befriends a Monkey – there’s a good chance the two would get along like a house on fire, because the Metal element in this particular Tiger is friendly with the Monkey’s natural element. Similarly, animals in the same trine will often share an affinity for one another, regardless of their individual elements.

The Quick & Simple Trick to Discovering Your Element:

It’s a bit like understanding the nine times table, really, where all the answers add up to nine! If you want to know what your own personal element is, take the last number of your birth year and then follow the formula below:

  • If the last number of your birth date is 0 or 1, yours is a Metal element.
  • If the last number of your birth date is 2 or 3, yours is a Water element.
  • If the last number of your birth date is 4 or 5, yours is a Wood element.
  • If the last number of your birth date is 6 or 7, yours is a Fire element.
  • If the last number of your birth date is 8 or 9, yours is an Earth element.

How About Personality Traits?

Each element bestows a defining set of characteristics onto a person. In the Chinese Zodiac, you will naturally be one of five elements, as well as the natural element of your sign. Imagine you are a Fire Horse – that is one fiery person, as Fire is also the Horse’s natural element. If you are a Water Horse, your natural Fire may be somewhat tempered by the Water in you.

Here’s how the different elements can have an effect on your overall character. Each element is also represented by a totem animal:


Wood people are idealists and highly gifted. They are planners who like to know which direction they’re going in. They’re not the biggest fan of surprises. While everyone else is running around like headless chickens, Wood people are calm in the knowledge that they have a good plan mapped out. Others see them as a source of inspiration.

Totem animal: Owl


Water people are sensitive, sympathetic and excellent at coordinating. They are not as feisty as other elements, but they have a quiet sort of power which can be lethal when unleashed. Water people are always willing to lend an ear or a helping hand, but people should be careful not to take advantage of them or take them for granted.

Totem animal: Chameleon


Fire people are brave and resourceful. Just like the element of Fire, they tend to leave a trail-blaze everywhere they go! The Fire person is an excellent researcher, able to delve into vast amounts of information and find a way to make sense of it. Fire people tend to have strong leadership abilities

Totem animal: Koala


One of the kindest elements, Earth people are known for their compassion and integrity. They are the most tolerant of all the signs and most likely to listen to another person’s side of the story. This is a fair and just sign which does not allow emotions to run away with them. They are cool-headed and honest, and make good and reliable leaders.

Totem animal: Peacock


This is an element of immense strength. Metal people are the most dogged and persistent of the elements and it is rare for them to give up. They can be workaholics sometimes and they have the ability to sway crowds with their strong opinions and intense stares. This is a magnetic element that often draws people to them through sheer charisma.

Totem animal: Tiger


You see, Chinese Astrology isn’t just great for discovering your dream career or figuring out which era you’re most suited to – just like any other form of astrology, it is made up of many complexities and intricacies, and the more we dig, the more we get to find out about ourselves. Adding the Chinese elements factor to this only broadens our knowledge and helps us understand both ourselves and those around us even better.

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Do you know that feeling when you just can’t decide to save your life, like there’s static in your head keeping you from thinking and talking clearly? Some people attribute this to poor sleep or perhaps something they ate, and while this could be the case, often it’s the result of a buildup of negative energy or an energetic block in one of your chakras. If you feel cloudy or low energy, that is the perfect time to gift yourself some Reiki.

What is Reiki, you may ask? It is just energy channelled in a certain direction. It’s essentially the same energy channelled when people do martial arts and can break concrete blocks or hardwood. Reiki is the energy that is present in all things and it carries the blueprints of creation that allow a human to grow into the shape of a human and an oak tree to grow into the shape of its relatives. It is channelled by someone who is attuned to the energy from a Reiki master.

How Blocked Chakras Steal Your Energy

Most people that do not get Reiki are not educated on how it works and therefore do not see any reason to spend their hard-earned cash on something they can’t see with their eyes. Some people feel quite a bit during a Reiki session, which may include pressure, heat, tingling, muscle twitches or something similar. The moving energy is often so noticeable that the person receiving Reiki can feel where the practitioner’s hands are hovering above their body. There’s no question there is an exchange of energy when you get or give this energy healing modality.

Your chakras are the stoplights on the energy highways of your body. If those stoplights get jammed and malfunction, there is a backup of traffic. It’s your emotional energy that we call electromagnetic energy that can block these chakras. Negative emotions like fear, anger, guilt, jealousy, loneliness, and sadness are the traffic ‘cloggers’ of your energetic roads. When those emotions are not released, they make your body unable to function harmoniously; thus, your energy becomes murky and slow, like a traffic jam.

How Reiki Removes Energetic Blocks

Reiki adds a boost or a jolt to the system, and like a traffic controller, it starts to direct the traffic to let that blocked energy flow. You actually don’t have to do anything in this process but relax, which is even more awesome. Reiki practitioners can sense where the energy is blocked, and they are trained to find the source of your cloudiness and then simply remove it.

You’ll likely get a little glimpse of the experience that was causing the emotion as it releases, and sometimes you’ll cry. You may have stuffed the emotion down, and the practitioner will get a glimpse of it, which can feel very heavy temporarily for both of you as you share energy fields.

Reiki can help you feel more clear right away. Many people report that they walk in feeling sluggish and walk out feeling brighter. The aura also holds a lot of energy that we pick up from our environment or that is generated by the subconscious mind. If we are stressing and worrying, we will have a cloudy aura, making us feel tired and foggy.

When the practitioner charges your aura up, you’ll feel back to normal and even better than average because your aura will expand and, for likely the first time in a long time, elevate to a higher vibration. This can allow you to perceive things clearly and suddenly connect the dots in your mind with ease. It’s okay to ask for help, even if you’re usually the strong one.

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Closing Thoughts…

To get the most out of your Reiki session, be ready to rest for the next week if you feel tired as you will continue to process the energy that the practitioner has chipped off the walls of your energetic house to be flushed out. You need to drink lots of water to help you feel emotionally stable and keep in mind that you’ll likely release even more strong emotions over the next week as well. If you feel strong emotions seemingly out of nowhere, know it’s a good thing!

We have tools to help your energetic maintenance on a daily basis because energy is always shifting. To get a heads-up on how the planets will affect your energy, keep up on our daily articles and read your Free Daily Horoscope. In order to connect to your own intuition about why you’re feeling a certain way, you can use our Free 3-Card Reading which helps you tap into your own wisdom held by your soul.

If you’ve felt blocked or stagnant, it’s likely that your energy actually is, and it’s a great time to gift yourself some Reiki. It feels like an energetic hug from the Universe, and could be the missing link in manifesting your goal or finally healing.

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Happy last week of Summer, Earthlings!

We are in for an exciting week of productivity. We are just coming out of a Full Moon week, and are working on tying up some loose ends and finishing some business. At the same time, we are gearing up for a brand new season. The energy of change is upon us. Cycles are ending and coming to a close, a more serious close than they have for a little while.

The lighter and breezier energy of the Summer is passing, and we are getting down to harvest and to a new season of business, agendas, details, and work. This week we are in the last official week of Summer, and the last day of Summer will be this Sunday.

Next week will open up with the beautiful Cardinal sign of the Air signs, Libra, helping us to welcome Fall. But this week, we are going to tend to some things before that happens.

To help us we have the major transit this week of Saturn turning direct in Capricorn, and that is going to get our productivity engines running. Very often we feel like we want to stretch out Summer as long as we can, and we should. It’s that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed on a Saturday morning.

We feel this as Fall opens up because we don’t want to say goodbye to our fun days of Summer. Saturn direct gives us that push we need to get up a little bit earlier on Saturday, and get a few things done around the house, or go on errands, or do something with the kids.

Here’s how to do it for your sign: Saturn Direct in Capricorn Self-Discipline Tips by the Zodiac Sign

We no longer have to work so hard to force ourselves to get things done. Saturn will help this week and that arrives on September 17. This will give you just the push you need to tend to those responsibilities and harvest some success before 2019 says farewell.

Follow those productive urges!

Planetary Locations During September 16–22, 2019:

Sun: Virgo (August 23, 2019 – September 23, 2019)

Mercury: Libra (September 14, 2019 – October 3, 2019)

Venus: Libra (September 14, 2019 – October 8, 2019)

Mars: Virgo (August 18, 2019 – October 4, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019 – August 19, 2021); Retrograde: August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024); Retrograde: April 24, 2019 – October 2, 2019

Daily Snapshots for September 16–22, 2019:

Monday, September 16

Sun: Virgo – Flawless attention to detail is productive and attractive.

Moon: Aries – That little spark of passion you have needs to be unleashed.

Tuesday, September 17

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Taurus – The slow and steady race is the path to abundance.


  • Saturn direct in Capricorn – When Saturn turns direct, we see a change in the pace of our productivity and how we manage our responsibilities. Saturn has been retrograde since April 2019, and when planets are retrograde, the events that planet impacts in our lives take on a reflective process. The events are more internal. Retrograde periods are important for us to understand what we need to do and when we need to do it. They give us a time out of sorts, to really embrace the mindset we need to move forward in an area of our lives. Saturn direct can help us with our love lives or our work lives. Sometimes in love we are afraid of a commitment, but we can also be afraid of pursuing big goals in our work and financial affairs as well. So the retrograde periods allow us to undergo the necessary reflections we need to either make it or break it. You may see love or work matters move forward with Saturn direct, but it really will be up to you. Saturn is the task master and also the ruler of time and karma. So it’s time to pay the piper one way or another. When you follow your own karmic intention, and stay true to that of others, you will see success as a result of this productivity. You will like the results either way.

Ready to have “The Talk?” Saturn Direct Love Horoscopes – How to Have “the Talk” & Win

Wednesday, September 18

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Taurus

Thursday, September 19

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Gemini – Follow your intuition, and your good angel, when making decisions.


  • Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn – A Mars and Pluto trine brings a lot of favorable energy to the table of the day. You have warrior Mars working with change-maker Pluto in a favorable angle. You are impassioned and motivated to achieve results today, but you do have to be careful about how you go about them. This angle could bring a major power play to the table. And this could work in your favor. But it could also go the wrong way, like it does when you continue to be upset about something without doing something about it. Then something triggers all of those emotions and an outburst occurs courtesy of Mars leading to an ending or a change, courtesy of Pluto. Channel this energy in a positive manner, and the results will be a success as opposed to a big mess that you have to clean up. Trines usually yield favorable results, when you use them productively, with clean intent. It’s a game-changing time! What ending or change do you want to create today? Think of that question when leading with this energy, and use it positively.

Friday, September 20

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Gemini

Saturday, September 21

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Cancer – Nurturing others nurtures your soul.


  • Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces – It feels like a lucky day today, but you could also see a pinch or a squeeze on that optimism at various points of the day. This is because Jupiter is the optimistic and generous god of all gods, and Neptune is the dreamy and creative planet that always has you on cloud 9. In this square, we have optimism combining with creativity, and for those signs that don’t enjoy the creative flow so much, you may have trouble with this. But Water signs, in particular, are going to be floating with a happy little glow. We all will be, and won’t really be sure why. It’s the kind of day where we are feeling lucky, and maybe spend a little bit more, dream a little bit more, and productivity is on the low side. Follow the flows of creativity today, but don’t make too many major decisions today. Neptune has a tendency to fuzz up the details and logic of your life, and while this can be a fun creative cloud to be on, it is not the best cloud for decision making. Hold off on major decisions until tomorrow if you can, or, follow your intuitive guidance today, these little clues are around more than you think.

Sunday, September 22

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Cancer

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