Day: September 6, 2019


​Any fan of the Tarot will know that it is one of the most useful tools for guidance, insight and even prediction. Using Tarot cards can help to provide you with a wealth of insight into a whole range of things, from finding your true self in the Major Arcana to enhancing your powers of intuition.

But Tarot is not alone in its abilities to tap into the powers of the universe and subconscious mind which helps add that extra layer to our lives. One other such esoteric tool that can provide inner wisdom and guidance is the Life Path Number. The Life Path Number is an important factor in Numerology and it provides us with knowledge of our true selves, signifying our core values. It is something we are born with and cannot be changed.

Both Tarot and Numerology are ancient studies that are intertwined. As such, the Life Path Number which ranges from 1 to 9 also coincides with a card from the Major Arcana. Understanding the link between your Life Path Number and the Tarot can provide you with even greater insight into who you are. If you would like to find out your Life Path Number, click here.

So how to better understand the connection between these two similar, and yet very different, tools of exploration?

Once you know your Life Path number, read on to see which Tarot card it correlates with and how it relates to you!

Life Path Number 1: The Magician

If your Life Path Number is 1, you are an optimistic go-getter who exudes confidence and has a natural power and authority.

Like the Magician in the Major Arcana, you know what you want and when you want it. You are not afraid to reach for your dreams. The Magician is so confident that he can sometimes be blind to caution heeded by others; this can result in a stubborn streak, which 1s need to be wary of.

Life Path Number 2: The High Priestess

Your core self is one of magic and mystery if your Life Path Number is 2.

Like the High Priestess, you are highly intuitive and quite introverted. You are not interested in the shallow side of life; everything has depth and that depth is to be explored. You seek answers and will not settle for anything less. There is a mysterious aura about you that others pick up on and it is one that inspires intrigue.

Life Path Number 3: The Empress

If your Life Path Number is 3, then like the Empress you believe in living life to the full.

You have a strong creative and nurturing streak and you enjoy having a wide circle of friends. At times, you can come across as materialistic but this is not necessarily a negative thing; you merely believe in abundance and enjoying all life has to offer. You like to take care of yourself and those around you.

Life Path Number 4: The Emperor

Reliable, diligent and rarely swayed from your conviction, you are the classic Emperor if your Life Path Number is 4.

You are the person who can always be relied upon to get the job done. Always on time and wonderfully prepared, you are the type of person that others can count on when a challenging task needs to be met. The Emperor, however, is someone who believes that his way is the only way; you can be stubborn at times and it can be difficult to convince you that there may be another way that can yield the results you’re after if it clashes with your own.

Life Path Number 5: The Hierophant

Wisdom is your specialty if your Life Path Number is 5 like the Hierophant.

Your core values are one of teaching, listening and learning – knowledge is important to you and, like the High Priest of the Tarot, it is important for you to obtain as much knowledge as possible. With great respect for tradition and history, your knowledge and insight are invaluable and others often come to you for your sage advice. However, because your mental capabilities are so vast, this can leave you overwhelmed and you may also veer down the road of nostalgia a little too much.

Life Path Number 6: The Lovers

This Life Path Number indicates an individual who tends towards the romantic side. Even if relationships are not a number one priority, you are likely to view the world is a fantastical way and your life will often be met with a series of hard choices.

The Lovers is about choice just as much as it is about relationships. As a romantic and ultimately gentle soul, you seek harmony but at times may only be able to find it through conflict. Finding balance in all things is important for you.

Life Path Number 7: The Chariot

The Chariot person is a mover and shaker and the Life Path Number 7 means going full steam ahead with any endeavour that takes your interest.

For you, goals are set and they must be accomplished, whatever the cost. Because of this, your drive and determination is phenomenal. Though you have a desire for teamwork as you see this is the best way to get things done, you can come across as one-track minded and hard-headed to others who may not share the same vision as you. The Life Path Number 7 person also has to be careful not to unwittingly trample over others in their desire to succeed.

Life Path Number 8: Strength

This is the person of true self-confidence. The person with Life Path Number 8 emanates strength to others in a quiet and self-assured way which makes them an inspiration to those around them who may lack confidence themselves. For this reason, they can be excellent guides and mentors. This is not the person who has to throw their weight around to be heard; however, though they may be sure of themselves and what they want, louder personalities are known to drown them out and dominate them.

Therefore, the Strength person must be careful not to let others walk all over them, not due to their own meekness, but through their own laid-back demeanor.

Life Path Number 9: The Hermit

This is the number of universal love. If your Life Path Number is 9, then, like the Hermit, you are wise beyond your years and you view the world with a unique perspective.

Compassion for all in humanity and the world at large comes naturally to you. You are perfectly comfortable retreating into your own world for days on end; others may view you as unsociable or hard to figure out at times, but yours is a rich inner world that few can comprehend.

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​If you’ve been following along with this palmistry series so far, you know the basics of what palmistry is, what to expect if you get your palm read, and the overall features of your palm. Now that you’ve learned a little about the features and areas of the palm, it’s time to dive deeper into one of the most meaningful aspects in the art of chiromancy – the mounts of your hands.

As we’ve discussed before, ‘mounts’ refers to the fleshy pads located all-around your palm; given their abundance in the shape of the hand, there is much knowledge to be gained from the study of their meanings.

Here, we’ll go over the significance of each area, and what some of the interpretations of their features might mean for your life.

Identifying the Mounts on Your Palm

With each aspect of palmistry, being able to see the definition in the area you are studying is crucial.

To find the location of each mount in your palms, you’ll need to do two quick exercises.

With your palms facing up to the sky, first, flatten your fingers and palm out as if you were balancing a platter on your hand. This will draw into focus your finger mounts, located at the base of your index through pinkie fingers, and also the Plane of Mars located in the center of your palm.

Once you have completed your study of that area, you’ll want to cup your palm like you’re holding candy, with the thumb tucked closely against the side of your hand. This action will draw into focus your outer mounts, located along the sides of your palm and the thumb. Depending on your shape and fleshiness of your hand, you may have to flex between these two positions several times during your reading, so be sure to have your arm and wrist supported in a comfortable position while you analyze your palm.

Gods & Planets? What Do Those Have To Do with My Hands?

As with many other popular forms of divination, the art of palmistry was mostly spread through and by the Greco-Roman Empire. Since they defined all things by their gods, the fingers and mounts of the hand are named after various planets and celestial beings, and correlate to the aspects our ancient palm readers attributed to each higher power- money, sex, power, communication all had their patrons.

The key mounts to know are:

Mount of Mercury

Located at the base of the pinkie. This mount is related to your communication style and wisdom. This area shows not only how you relate, but how you think.

Sun Mount

Found under the ring finger, your Sun Mount is your ego, emotions, and interests. The features of this area mainly show your personality.

Mount of Saturn

The Mount of Saturn residing beneath your middle finger shows your perspective on life and your integrity. If the Sun Mount is your external expression, the Mount of Saturn is your internal process.

Mount of Jupiter

At the bottom of your index finger is the Mount of Jupiter, which represents your willpower, ambition, and self-respect. Since this is your most powerful finger, it carries heavy significance in palmistry.

Moon Mount

Found along the base of your palm (pinkie side), the Moon Mount is all about your imagination and intuition. Given the depth of this mount, it’s not surprising it relates to equally deep personality traits!

Mount of Venus

Located at the base of the thumb, it is the other deep mount of your palm and relates to health, love, and sensuality.

Upper/Outer Mars Mount

Nestled between the Mounts of Jupiter and Venus on the inside of your palm, this Mars Mount is related to your self-control and stamina.

Lower/Inner Mars Mount

Found on the outside of your palm between the Mercury and Moon Mounts, this area correlates to courage and your sense of adventure.

Plane of Mars

The flat palm of your hand is where you’ll find the Plane of Mars, which ties into energy and abilities.

What Characteristics Should I Be Looking For?

The first thing to look for is the depth or fleshiness of the mount; this is where most of the information in this area comes from. Well developed, even mounts are reflective of a strong, prominent personality, while overdeveloped or fleshy mounts indicate an excessive or inconsistent character and underdeveloped or flat mounts are a sign of something missing from your life.

For example, an evenly raised Mount of Jupiter would indicate that you are ambitious, honest and reliable. An overly fleshy mount in this area, however, shows that you are prone to cockiness and pretentiousness, while a flat and bony mount of Jupiter is telling of a selfish nature and low drive to succeed.

Being able to interpret the information presented in your palms takes time and practice, so really invest a little energy into looking for small details that will expand your readings. Things like calluses, scars, freckles and unique skin patterns are important to take into consideration when you are looking at each mount.

Long, seemingly unbroken micro lines running across your Mount of Venus would show a desire for deep commitment and long relationships, while short lines that appear to form a chain might be a sign of a free spirit who wants to experience many short loves in life. Having a better sense of how you love and what you’re searching for will make it easier to decide which relationships are worth pursuing for you and which ones are maybe not the right fit.

Calluses are literal hard shells protecting an area, so if you notice calluses on one or two mounts, it may indicate a defensiveness or vulnerability in this area. For example, a callus over your Mount of Mercury indicates an inability or a reluctance to share when you communicate – something that can hinder personal and professional development.

All You Wish to Know, in the Palm of Your Hands

If there is one thing to be taken from the art of palmistry, it’s that our history and our destiny truly are in our own hands – by taking the time to perform a thorough palm reading, we are able to see a reflection of how we are shaping the world, with our touch and strength. Being able to see the areas of power and opportunity we pass on to the world means we can change the way we go through life, nurturing that which we need to change and sharing that which makes us special. Being able to take ownership of your personal growth is a powerful tool, and everything you need to start this journey is right in the palm of your hand!

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First things first – don’t panic!

If you are a Tarot reader, you’ll be well-aware that some readers avoid reversed cards like the plague. You may be one such reader yourself. There is a reason for this – much of it seems to boil down to negativity. Upright cards, in general, tend to point towards the positive and upbeat, generating hope and excitement in the sitter or reader. Reversed cards, however, give the impression of doom and gloom.

Imagine you got the World card in a reading. You’d be over the moon – success in your endeavors, expansion of your horizons, possible travel to new and exciting destinations. Who doesn’t want to see that in a reading?

But imagine you’re reading with reversals and the World falls out in the reversed position. Shock, horror – for here comes lack of success, being stuck in one place for too long, stagnation in your goals… the list of horrors is seemingly endless.

And who wants to see that in a reading?

So much of the stigma surrounding reversals boils mostly down to fear of the negative. Another reason is the daunting prospect of having to learn double the amount of interpretations – quite a lot for the mind to compute! Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. Indeed, reading with reversed cards can result in Tarot readings with greater depth, generating stronger insight into a situation which can help you deal with it more effectively.

Reversed Tarot Cards Aren’t Bad

Firstly, it’s important to remember that reversal doesn’t necessarily mean “bad.” Reversals can point to a whole host of things. Usually, a reversed card represents some blockage in energy. The energy of the upright card is being blocked – but why? The key is not to run from this blocked energy, but instead to face it so the issue might be resolved. An upside-down Tarot card can give you even greater insight into how to interpret Tarot cards and provide you with the knowledge you need to turn this blocked energy into free-flowing energy once more.

So, the key to getting over a fear of reversals is to remove the negative identification with bad and instead replace it with positive identifications such as helpful, deeper insight and good.

How Do I Interpret Tarot Card Reversals?

Of course, there are many ways to interpret reversals just as there are many ways to interpret upright cards; some of it is down to knowledge of the card meanings and the rest of it is down to intuition.

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If you know the meanings of the upright cards, then you will have no trouble interpreting its reversed counterpart. It is not as daunting as it seems!

Let’s say you ask a question about love:

  • What will my love life be like within the next three months?

You pull three cards to give you an idea of what your love life will be like.

The cards you pull are:

  • The Empress
  • The Knight of Cups, reversed
  • The Moon, reversed

Two reversals may appear to be an unwelcome sight at first in a love reading, but let’s look at the situation a little deeper.

The Empress is a card representing a beautiful woman who likely has many admirers. This may very well represent you, the reader, or the person you are reading for. It may represent a person who is at their most bountiful and beautiful, so this could mean a number of admirers are on the way.

The Knight of Cups in its upright state often indicates an offer of romance from a very romantic individual who likes to wine and dine.

However, in its reversed state, it can mean someone who initially seems too good to be true – they may seem romantic and genuine at first, but this may simply be an act. The Knight of Cups reversed can represent a person who has issues with commitment; it could be someone who may have multiple lovers but professes to have only one; it can be someone obsessive and prone to stalking; it can be someone who has a tendency to live in their head and have trouble coming back down to reality.

The Moon upright can represent enchantment, fantasy and all magical things. In its upright position, it can show a romance that is passionate, exciting and enchanting. The full moon can represent beauty, magic and mystery.

In its reversed state, however, there may be a lot of fear and confusion; for while the full moon can represent splendid things, it also highlights the darkness that comes along with it, areas that the light of the moon can’t touch and the monsters and ghouls that may lurk in the shadows. This is what happens when the Moon becomes reversed. This would indicate a romance where things are not as they seem and the sitter/reader ought to tread carefully, lest they lose sight of the moon’s light.

It may seem frightening and negative, but look at the reading as a whole. This reading may be interpreted as having a host of admirers within the next three months and one admirer in particular standing out. This person may seem great at first, but then they may display tendencies that are not so great after all, resulting in fear and confusion. This could indicate deceit of some kind or a discovery of something unpleasant.

So, this reading with its two reversal cards is not negative – not remotely. It acts as a very valuable warning to the sitter/reader, informing them that while it may be an exciting next few months, it is important to be careful about who they become involved with. This reading can stop a potentially bad situation getting out of hand and serve as a reminder to keep an eye out for any unusual behaviour in someone who may otherwise seem consistent.

So, it is not a negative reading at all, but a highly helpful and useful one that can ensure the sitter/reader stays several steps ahead.


Reading reversals can indeed appear daunting and frightening to some readers, but if you do choose to venture into this aspect of Tarot reading, just remember the wealth of benefits it can provide too. A reversed Tarot card is merely the blocked energy of an upright card. It can help you gain deeper insight into your situation and help you find solutions to issues that bother you.

Tarot is not there to tell us what we want to hear; it is there as a guide and tool of insight and wisdom, giving us information so that we can do everything possible to make our lives the best they can be. This may at times involve information we would rather not know, but only by knowing can we take the necessary steps to tackle our issues and find a solution that brings us happiness and fulfilment. The next time you try a few Tarot spreads, see if you can give reversals a try – you may be pleasantly surprised by what the cards churn out.

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Greetings, Earthlings.

Woo hoo! If you made it through Summer and came out the other side relatively unscathed, then you can and should give yourself a big pat on the back for that. There was a lot of intense energy on the docket this Summer, starting out with an intense eclipse cycle in the first week of July.

Now, all is calm and quiet on the Universe’s front as Virgo season arrives. Virgo themes are being organized with a flawless attention to detail. Virgo also rules the health, your house of work, and the little things you do every day to stay organized and productive.

As of this week, we have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Virgo, and even warrior Mars is in Virgo. And that means we have the energy, the drive, and the personality traits coming to the forefront to help us to succeed and pursue our goals. It’s an excellent time to get to work and begin manifesting some renewable resources! Show you the money, honey!

Your Sun in Virgo Review: Your 9-Point Checklist to Manifest Renewable Resources

For some zodiac signs, this slower energy doesn’t jive with our sadness that summer is over. But as you dive into that productivity, treat yourself to something just for you to reward yourself for making it through an emotionally intense Summer. A Mercury talisman or Circle of Luck necklace is the perfect treat, and spiritual tool, to take you into Fall.

There are a few favorable transits in the forecast this week with nothing much to report other than, it’s Virgo season! Favorable transits are going to have you feeling the glow of Virgo and the glow of the success that follows productivity.

Enjoy this practical and flexible energy, and use it to stay focused and organized when it comes to your goals. When you do, you will win!

To your success this week, Earthlings!

Planetary Locations During September 2–8, 2019:

• Sun: Virgo (August 23, 2019 – September 23, 2019)

• Mercury: Leo (August 11, 2019 – August 29, 2019); Virgo (August 29, 2019 – September 14, 2019)

• Venus: Virgo (August 21 2019 – September 14, 2019)

• Mars: Virgo (August 18, 2019 – October 4, 2019)

• Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

• Saturn: Capricorn (Until March 22, 2020); Retrograde: April 29, 2019 – September 17, 2019

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019 – August 19, 2021); Retrograde: August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020

• Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

• Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024); Retrograde: April 24, 2019 – October 2, 2019

Daily Snapshots for September 2–8, 2019:

Monday, September 2

Sun: Virgo – Flawless attention to detail is productive and attractive.

Moon: Scorpio – Time for your rebirth and personal transformation!


  • Sun in Virgo conjunct Mars in Virgo – Here we have the beauty of the glorious Sun working favorably with passionate and warrior planet Mars. Both planets are in a conjunction in Virgo, and this is a favorable transit that is going to send you some excitement. But there’s a lot of energy going on here, even if the planets are in the pokey sign of Virgo. The Sun is very energized, and so is warrior Mars. You may be feeling like you are fit to be tied today, or you may just be a little more restless than usual. What you want to do today is look for clues that match your warrior vision. The Sun is shining on them! These won’t be subtle ones today. And when you find them, pursue them. There’s opportunity behind every door today. Follow the energy and not the tempers, and you may strike some golden opportunities when you do.

Tuesday, September 3

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Scorpio

Wednesday, September 4

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Scorpio

Thursday, September 5

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Sagittarius – See the Big Picture in all things today.


  • Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn — Here we have communicator Mercury working favorably with Saturn and both planets are in Earth signs. This is a time of year where we are starting to increase productivity during what is traditionally a Harvest period for farmers. But productivity is increasing all over the globe, even in the Southern Hemisphere where it is not harvest time. That is because it is Virgo season. Virgo is all about that attention to detail. Mercury rules Virgo, and Saturn rules Capricorn, so already both planets are very comfortable where they are right now. And in this trine, the planets are giving each other a big thumbs up. This is some information coming your way with Mercury in the picture, and with Saturn in the picture here too the information and news are likely going to be rather serious, but not negative. Serious news can be anything from a job promotion to an offer on a home accepted. Some hard work that you have put forth is about to pay off. Enjoy the glow! And if nothing else, enjoy a little extra shot of productivity today.

Friday, September 6

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Sagittarius

Saturday, September 7

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Capricorn – Take the lead on a thing that you want to last.

Sunday, September 8

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Capricorn


  • Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn – This is the communicator planet working with the planet of transformation with both planets in the Earth signs. Information is coming today and this information has the potential to create a big change. With this energy being in a trine though, the information is most likely to be favorable. You may be the one that is communicating what needs to be communicated for the change. The kinds of change you may see here include good news in the mail that alters a pattern in your life, or it could be some information that changes your work schedule, or a little detail comes to light that changes a routine or work product. Pluto is also a power player, so there could be some intense energy in the picture. It’s hard to say who in your day will be making the power play, it could very well be you. Just be sure that anything you are taking the lead on is done so with authenticity and integrity. When you do, the change that arrives next is yours for the taking.

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It’s the Year of the Pig right now, and on January 25th, 2020, we will be moving into the Year of the Rat. Each year brings new adventures, new challenges and new lessons, and this is something inescapable in the future as we move through the great school of life.

Checking out your Chinese Horoscope can also give you a little extra peek into the present. But what about the past?

Mankind has come a long way since the days of lighting fires in caves and hunting with sticks, and if you are a believer in reincarnation then you will know there are a lot of lives and lessons we’ve already been through. Still, some eras are better suited to us than others!

Have you ever wondered what era you belong in, based on your Chinese Zodiac sign? Read on to find out!

Rat: Industrial Revolution (1750 1900)

No era is better suited to the Rat than the Industrial Revolution, a time of massive social and economical development. This era was all about building and expansion, something the Rat is famous for. Intelligent, shrewd and quick-witted, the Rat epitomizes the very heart of the Revolution, which was about persistence, hard work and powers of analysis. Just as Rats are excellent at running their own businesses or managerial positions, the work ethic of this era would have suited them perfectly.

Ox: Iron Age (1200 230 BC)

The slow, steady and diligent characteristics of the Ox make them a perfect fit for the Iron Age. This was a time when people discovered how useful metals could be, turning them into powerful weapons. It was a time when people first began to write. Ox people are dependable and willing to take an innovative idea and craft it, for years on end if necessary. Their reliable and dedicated characters would have worked very well in the Iron Age.

Tiger: Medieval Era (476 – 1435 AD)

Look out – this was the era of wars such as the Crusades and Hundred Years War, famine and plagues! If any sign belongs in the Medieval Era, it is the Tiger who, with their adventurous and bold spirits, would have thrived during this chaotic period, which was filled with battles, knights and damsels in distress. Like the Tiger, it had its fair share of ups and downs and could be downright unbearable at times, but when it was good, it was striking!

Rabbit: The Renaissance (1350 1650)

Ah – refinery. Here is the ideal era for the Rabbit, a dignified, refined individual who would have enjoyed the pleasant learning, culture, science and arts that this period brought. Whether sipping tea with Leonardo Da Vinci or discussing the solar system with Galileo, the Rabbit would have been in their element among such civilized company.

Dragon: Ancient Rome (8th Century BC – 476 CE)

The might and power of Ancient Rome has great attraction for the Dragon. The Roman Empire was filled with wars, love, tragedy and dynamism, every bit as dramatic as the Dragon individual! It laid the foundation for western civilization and went through many political upheavals. With their powerful personalities and eccentricity, Dragons and Ancient Rome go hand in hand.

Snake: The Enlightenment (1650 1780)

The Age of Enlightenment brought intellect and much philosophical discussion and theories to the world. As a sign of wisdom, philosophy and grace, the Snake would have excelled in this era, appreciating the fine arts and lengthy discussions that led to greater civilization and understanding between all people. This was a time of questioning and analysis, something the Snake is famed for.

Horse: Roaring Twenties (1919 – 1929)

Like the free-spirited horse, the Roaring Twenties was a time of ‘out with the old and in with the new!’ It was time to say hello to new music and goodbye to strict behaviours and rules that had previously dominated. The Horse is someone who believes in individualism and being free above all else – they would have thrived in the Roaring Twenties!

Goat: Romantic Era (1790 1850)

What better era for the romantic Goat than the Romantic Era! This was a time when the most romantic poets, writers and artists of all time dominated the scene, spreading love and passion through their words. It was a spiritual era that explored the more spiritual aspects of mankind. The Goat, being a romantic, gentle and spiritual soul, would undoubtedly have been in their element.

Monkey: Age of Discovery (1400 CE – 1700 CE)

Tally-ho! Shiver-me-timbers! What better era for the curious and explorative Monkey than the Age of Discovery? This was a time when foreign travel became possible and new lands were on the horizon. Their innovation and insatiable curiosity would have rendered the Monkey in the perfect era, for there was so much to do and explore!

Rooster: Progressive Era (1890 – 1920)

The confident and enigmatic Rooster would have thrived in the Progressive Era. This was a time of political activism, including civil rights and votes for women. The Rooster is someone who will stand up for what they believe in and ensure their voice is heard; their vibrant and energetic personalities would have been well-suited to this important time of political upheaval.

Dog: Civil Rights Movement (1950 – 1960)

The loyal Dog will fight for a cause that is just and for the greater good of humanity. As such, they would have been perfect during the time of the Civil Rights Movement, which saw leading figures such as Martin Luther King help end segregation and bring greater equality between all people. The Dog is primarily motivated by truth and justice, which were the dominating themes during this crucial point in history.

Pig: Stone Age (50,000 – 3,000 BCE)

As one of the sweetest souls in the Chinese Zodiac, the Pig enjoys the simple things in life. This would have made them suited to the Stone Age, where mankind was just discovering the environment around them, how to build tools, how to light fires and how to survive. The Pig is someone who likes to focus on their immediate domestic surroundings and they would have excelled in the Stone Age era.


Thousands of years of history have helped shape who we are today and pave the way for our present-day world. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet discovered how to travel back in time, but this article should give you a little more insight as to which era in history you would have suited based on your Chinese Zodiac sign!

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It’s September! And no matter where you are in the world, you are wrapping up a cycle. You are not quite there yet, but you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Much of our everyday lives are governed by the seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, all you have to do is call, and you’ll be there. You’ll be there doing the things you do to create a successful and abundant life. We use astrology through our daily horoscopes that forecast our lives in the daily transits. We also use other tools such as divination through Tarot, healing through crystals, and, drumroll, please… numerology!

Every number in the world has an energy vibration and helps to lead us in the direction of love and physical abundance. As we wrap up the cycle of Summer (or Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) we head towards another season. That is either Fall or Spring depending on where you are in the world. With every new season, we see a rush of new energy that helps us to define and create our lives. Today, we are going to talk about how the number 9 in numerology gets us one step closer to our goals. So let’s get to it!

But first – check out how the number 8 in numerology in the month of August helped you: Numerology & the Number 8 – What August Means

The Numerology of the Number 9

The number 9 is a sweet and smooth line that is one curved line that only ends in one point. And this alone gives us a hint as to what the number actually means. The number 9 is the last single digit in the cycle of numerology. And that signifies the end of a cycle. When we reach double digits in numerology, such as the number 10, we add the two digits together to get the single digit vibration.

In the case of number 10, we have: 1 + 0 = 1.

This takes us to the beginning of another cycle.

Know that whenever you see the number 9 vibration in any area of your life, you are reaching the end of a cycle. That number 9 could be all of the digits added up in an address, phone number, birth date, or anything with a numerical vibration. Everything has a meaning when you are on the path to abundance.

The number 9 tells us that we are at the end of a cycle. And every ending in our lives is filled with karma and chapters ending.

Karma and compassion go hand in hand. We can see this in the life of Mother Teresa for example, who is a life path 9. Calculate your life path number now!

In astrology, it is the number 12, for the twelfth house that bears our endings. And the themes of the twelfth house in astrology are very similar to the themes of the number 9 in numerology – endings, spirituality, compassion, humanity, civil rights, and helping others in this big world before we help ourselves.

Now that we’ve learned this, let’s have a look at how this is going to impact our lives in September 2019.

What 9 Means in September 2019

September is a mish-mash of energies that combines the energies of one chapter ending, and another one beginning. We have Summer ending, and Fall beginning, as the Cardinal sign of the Air signs Libra will help us to launch Fall when Sun enters Libra on September 23.

The number 9 energies will be available to use through the entire month, but in that last week of September, we begin looking ahead to October, the tenth month. In astrology, 10 is another ending, but it will also be a beginning as we begin Fall. 10 = 1 + 0 = 1, remember?

In September, we say goodbye to the previous season and hello to another. We may be scattered this month. We have so much to do to finish this month AND to finish an entire season. And we also have to prepare for a new cycle with a new season. It can be overwhelming and it can be emotional. It is easy to get stressed.

Was Mother Teresa ever stressed? Probably. Saving the world from global hunger probably comes with a little bit of anxiety. But she never let anyone see her sweat.

And that is how you need to manage September. With the sweet and kind compassion of one of Earth’s greatest angels. Lead with love to win this month. It is really that simple.

But know, like Mother Teresa, you are not alone.

Every cycle that is ending in our lives is accompanied by one of our guardian angels and spirit guides, who are there to guide us sweetly to that next chapter. Listen to that angel. Lead with compassion and pure unconditional love like Mother Teresa, and you will hear that angel with a little more clarity.

And, if you still need help navigating the changes of the seasons as you move into September 2019, just remember – Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, all you have to do is call. Call that angel and listen to the next steps.

Final Thoughts…

The end of every Summer season always brings a bit of sadness. Nobody loves it when Summer ends, unless we’ve had a tough one and just want to get onto the next cycle. No matter what happened in August 2019, or Summer 2019, we are still anxious about… what happens next.

But now, you don’t have to be. Now you know that all you need to do is lead with love like Mother Teresa. This is a karmic passage that we are all going through right now. It can be, and it should be, smooth sailing, like the sweet smooth curve of the number 9.

To help, get your free Daily Numerology reading to take you to the next level. That level will be the tenth month, October, which is number 1, and a brand new chapter awaits. What do you want your story to say?

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It’s an exciting time this week as we have a stellium in Virgo – that is, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all move into this hard-working and industrious sign, making the qualities associated with Virgo especially potent.

So how does this affect us? We all work towards something and we all have goals we wish to strive for, right? Well, when planets within the universe move into this earth sign, we have the opportunity to harness energy that helps us focus and work towards our goals; and when there’s a stellium involved, this energy is amplified even more!

How Does Each Planet in this Virgo Stellium Affect Us?

Let’s take a look at the way the members of this approaching stellium affect us:

Mercury: Mercury is the planet of intellect and mental focus. It feels very at home in Virgo, the sign of hard work and diligence. When Mercury enters Virgo, we become extra alert, mentally shrewd and make great progress in our daily responsibilities.

Venus: Venus is the planet of love and luxury. When Venus enters Virgo, it encourages a practical, responsible approach to money and love. This is great news for those who have been seeking stability with their finances, enabling them to set a workable, beneficial plan in place. In issues of the heart, we are provided with the opportunity to work harder at our relationships. We are able to analyze what works for us and what doesn’t while maintaining good standards in our relationships. On the negative, we may be more prone to nit-picking at our partners’ flaws or being overly-fussy in regard to potential partners.

Mars: Mars is about energy, passion and action. When Mars enters Virgo, it’s a great opportunity to tackle tasks that we have been putting off. Because Virgo rules the 6th house of health, it’s a wonderful time to join a gym or embark on a new exercise regime.

Sun: When the Sun goes into Virgo, it makes us more industrious and vigilant; it brings greater skills of organization and enhances our abilities to be more responsible. Think of the Virgo people you know and you’ll see what I mean! The Sun in this sign also urges perfectionism, though, so there may also be a tendency to be too hard on oneself, resulting in moments of anxiety.

How Can We Use Tarot Cards to Prepare for the Virgo Stellium?

Astrology and Tarot are very much intertwined and when we know about the significant astrological events that occur throughout the year, we can use Tarot to help them work for us even more! Knowledge is power. Read on to find out about a Tarot card reading that can give you greater insight into how this particular stellium can work for you.

A 5 Card Tarot Spread for the Virgo Stellium

First, pull out your pack of Tarot cards. You can read with reversals or without them, up to you! Shuffle, asking the question, “How will the Virgo stellium impact me?” Then, lay out your cards in the following order:

  • Card 1: How the Sun in Virgo impacts me
  • Card 2: How Mercury in Virgo impacts me
  • Card 3: How Venus in Virgo impacts me
  • Card 4: How Mars in Virgo impacts me
  • Card 5: What will emerge from a combination of these energies?

Here’s an example reading below, along with its interpretation of the different Tarot card meanings in this context.

Card 1: The Sun

What a great card to pull for how the Sun in Virgo impacts you! The Sun is about success paying off as a result of hard work. With the Tarot Sun representing the Sun in Virgo itself, this is a telltale sign that a lot of bright, positive energy surrounds you and whatever you work hard for will pay off.

Card 2: 4 of Cups

The appearance of the 4 of Cups representing Mercury in Virgo indicates that you may have been struggling with boredom and lack of energy lately. Mercury pops the bubble of boredom and instead brings mental agility and great intellectual energy when in Virgo. Therefore, this foretells a period of relief and excitement where you may be brimming with fresh new ideas and the energy to act.

Card 3: 10 of Wands

Have you been neglecting your relationships at the expense of work lately? The 10 of Wands representing Venus in Virgo may indicate this as it seems you have taken on too much and it is exhausting your relationships with others. Or it could mean that your relationship is weighing you down and you do not feel you can bear it much longer. Either way, a problem is indicated; Venus in Virgo provides the opportunity for you to analyze what the problem is and how to resolve it.

Card 4: 8 of Pentacles

This is a great card for Mars in Virgo because it indicates that all those tasks you didn’t want to face are about to be tackled with zeal and energy! You have the chance to work hard with new enthusiasm – this can relate to work, yourself or other areas of your life that you have not wanted to address.

Card 5: The World

Great success is indicated with The World representing the stellium itself! All the hard work you put into this period is going to pay off – a combination of these energies indicates it’s a good time to get your working hat on and that whatever work you put into your life and yourself at this time is going to manifest great reward for you.


Don’t forget to head over to our Instagram to check out a video of this stellium in Virgo Tarot spread! Try it for yourself, snap a picture, and tag us, we’d love to feature your reading on our stories!

This stellium is going to provide opportunities for all of us to get ourselves into gear and reach for the sky. Combining the Tarot with the Virgo stellium can bring you even greater productivity, so why not try a spread out for yourself? This can help bring greater insight, along with checking out your daily Tarot online.

Don’t miss the chances that come with this stellium – reach out, grasp it, and make it yours!

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Like their male counterparts, a Leo woman is bold, confident and expressive, if at times theatrical and stubborn. Their passion and positivity can also be infectious, and a Leo woman is often the center of attention and star of any social gathering with their high emotional and social intelligence. This is a key part of Leo astrology.

But catch her on the wrong day and she might seem stubborn and brazen with a tendency to dominate the conversation. She seeks to have her voice heard, even if it means stepping on the toes and feelings of others.

Some say a Leo Woman lack empathy and can be self-centered and combative, especially if they feel marginalized or slighted. And if she feels underappreciated, be careful. She’ll cut and run with the best of them if she feels caught in a project, role or relationship that is heading downhill or has lost its excitement.

Read today’s Leo horoscope to see what is going on in her world today.

Leo Female Traits

Highly creative, courageous, strong, and ambitious, a Leo woman seeks excitement and passion in everything she does. She’s rarely fulfilled by working for others, particularly if leadership is steering things in the wrong direction, which means Leos are often entrepreneurs — preferring to give orders rather than to take them.

In the wrong environment, this can come off as domineering and controlling, but a Leo woman’s high expectations drive her and her opinions of others, especially if she sees the bigger picture in what she’s doing.

But if she’s not getting the attention or praise she believes she deserves; she can retreat into stubbornness or seek out security and stability in the comfort of others. Cross a Leo woman, however, and she’ll have no issue writing you off forever, at least until you beg for her forgiveness with a grand gesture or show of affection.

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Leo Woman in Love

Because they’re confident and charming, a Leo woman rarely pins their hopes and dreams on another person, even if she’s madly in love — well, maybe a little bit. But the wrong kind of toxic love might even bolster her already high self-esteem to obnoxious levels. Unless you can challenge and match your Leo’s self-assuredness, you just might find yourself left behind as she seeks out someone worthy of her affections.

But strike the right balance and a Leo woman can be extremely romantic, loyal and sensitive, and they’ll reserve all their passions for the person that makes them feel appreciated, challenged and loved.

Leo Woman in Relationships

In a relationship, however, a Leo woman can be demanding and high-maintenance, particularly if she’s feeling self-conscious or if things aren’t quite going her way. She also loves attention, so if she’s being flirty or seeking out the looks of others, don’t try to reign her in. She just might lash out by exploring those tendencies, especially if she thinks her significant other is trying to stifle her freedom.

Additionally, if she feels her partner is ill-behaved, she might take aim and test the boundaries. But don’t fall for this trick. Be calm and confident, and your Leo woman will be intrigued by your optimism and trust, realizing the things that made her choose you in the first place.

Above all, never forget to shower your Leo with attention. We all know how gregarious they can be — after all, it’s just a ploy for attention. So don’t think that once she settles she’ll be satisfied being put on the back burner. Buy her gifts, take her places and admire her. And she’ll shower you with affection if she feels wanted and needed. Just don’t dote on her too much, it could be a turnoff if you make her feel superior.

Read the Leo love horoscope to learn more.

Facts About a Leo Woman

Popular, charming, upbeat and enthusiastic, a Leo woman loves to speak her mind. But she won’t regale you with boring stories of her last visit to the dentist, unless, of course, there’s a hell of a story there — she’s got the gift of gab, and her passion and confidence are infectious, even if she’s not the most discreet.

Sometimes her passion and influence drive her to butt heads with others, particularly if she feels like she can do better. That’s because Leos are born leaders, and they don’t take kindly to substandard plans or ineffective leadership — and they’ll make their opinions known, often to the detriment of the group if they drive a big enough wedge between factions.

Because a Leo woman is a fighter, though, she has no problem going to bat for herself or an idea or person she believes in — just make sure you’re on her side before things go down or you could find yourself driving her away as she feels victimized and cheated.

Caring for Your Leo Woman

As long as you appreciate and reward the Leo in your life, you’ll get the supportive, loyal and fearless woman you’ve come to love, and her warmness and compassion will easily balance out those times she becomes overly emotional or controlling.

It’s the fear taking hold, and if you step up and give her no reason to be afraid, her confidence will grow, and her positivity will encourage herself and everyone around her. And don’t be put off by her directness. It all comes from a good place, and a Leo woman’s criticism is because she thinks you can do better. That’s a good thing, and if you let her take charge every once in a while, you may find that your confidence — and your relationship — has ascended to the next level.

And even though Leo may be seeking the affection or attention of others, what she really craves is stability — in love and life. The confidence is just a means to an end, and what better way to get the love and attention of others than to love and be confident in yourself.

For more about Leo astrology, including today’s Leo horoscope and today’s Leo love horoscope, keep it right here on Astrology Answers!

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​The planet of dreams, Neptune, is opposing the planet of love and beauty, Venus, which can bring about fantasy dreams or ideas that aren’t grounded in reality about how you need to sacrifice for love. Do not let your dreams make you think you need to settle in order to have love people! Let’s look at this a little deeper so you don’t misinterpret the likely vivid dreams that are going to pop into your dream space.

First, let’s note a very important aspect of dream interpretation that most people don’t know – that everything and everyone in your dream represents a part of your psychological self almost all the time. So most of the time, seeing a famous person or an ex doesn’t mean the Universe wants you to marry them. Rather it’s revealing an aspect of your own thoughts and energy that needs to be seen for healing or growth.

Next, we need to know exactly when this is happening, right? This opposition occurs on September 4, 2019. An opposition is a challenging aspect where there is some sort of struggle between the two that are facing off. This tug of war is between our sense of romance and our fantasies and imagination, so this could spark some strange dreams. This is a great opportunity to get to know these two planets, the signs they are in, and see how this opposition may reveal some deeper truths within you that you can use through your weird dreams.

Venus in Virgo Effects

Venus is the planet of love and art. It rules our senses and our sense of romance. When it’s in Virgo, which is an Earth sign, it makes us want to fix things in regards to appearance and love. You may be critical of yourself during this time, thinking you need to be perfect in order to have love or you may be overly critical of your partner, thinking they just aren’t good enough. Your dreams will often reveal emotions you’re not dealing with in regards to identity and insecurities so you may have dreams where you show up without your clothes on or your teeth have fallen out.

Not looking perfect is a deep-rooted insecurity that may play out in your dreams. If you feel like you are dreaming about people who look perfect because you secretly desire them, remember, it actually represents a part of you, not someone else. You will be free when you release the need to look perfect and know that your attraction comes from being kind and positive which makes you radiant. You may have someone pop into your dream for a time period that made you think you’re just not good enough to deserve a happy loving partner. If that is still buried in your subconscious, it will come to light so you can recognize it and release it.

Neptune in Pisces Effects

Neptune rules the Water sign of Pisces and we usually have more vivid and obscure dreams when Neptune is in this sign. By the way, Neptune stays in a sign for 14 years and entered Pisces on February 3, 2012 and will remain until October 22, 2025. Pisces is an artsy and emotional sign so we expect dreams about water to be prevalent. However, we also expect dreams that are about creativity and spiritual significance that evoke strong feelings with Neptune in this sign. Neptune helps us open our intuition and expand our spiritual awareness.

We may find that there is a need for freedom, as Pisces in Neptune offers, but that may be conflicting with our need to have a plan or practicality in regards to either our love or our self-expression. That means you may feel a deep urge to be more spiritual, yet a similar pull to let the logic side of your brain ground you through your senses into the ‘real world.’ Feeling like there is a pull in opposite directions could lead to dreams about being unsure or feeling lost. Emotional feelings that are under the surface show up as weather or cars driving out of control.

Likely Dreams and What They Mean

It’s fun to notice how the planetary movement affects our dream state. For example, people often have very vivid dreams around the time of the Full Moon. While we can’t predict the exact dreams you’re going to have, you can at least be prepared for some of the themes that may pop up for healing in your subconscious like these.

Seeing Details More Vividly

It can be fun to have a full-blown movie when you sleep and this can certainly allow you to see more of the details because we are tuned into our emotions. Don’t get hung up on details or try to extract meaning from every single thing or you’ll overwhelm yourself.

Other Worldly Aspects

You may see that the laws of gravity or time are not present in your dream and you may encounter special abilities which are fun to explore. If you have dreams where you’re flying, for example, your dream is showing you that you can go for your dreams and be successful.

Seeing People You’re Not Dating

If you find yourself seeing other people in your dreams, it’s not that you aren’t faithful to your partner, it’s something you would like to develop in yourself that the person you see has. For example, seeing a famous comedian means you can bring out your sense of humor to lighten up.

Trying To Fix or Save Someone

If you find you are unable to help someone you care about in your dreams and you wake up feeling bad for them, this is the quintessential loving Pisces and helping Virgo. You can’t fix everything and your dreams are there to tell you to stop trying to save everyone.

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Closing Thoughts

This brings us to some final thoughts about this opposition, which is that anything you dream about now might make you overly indulgent in your fantasies and think that people you dreamed about are your long lost soul mates when they actually wouldn’t even be great dating material. Remember to interpret dreams as a mirror, not as a prediction of your future.

If you find yourself having anxiety about faithfulness or not being good enough, look at it as a beautiful blessing which you can recognize and release once and for all. Remember, when we indulge in fantasies we are often just trying to escape a fear that makes us feel we cannot fully love or enjoy our lives. When we look at the fear, let it go, and work to raise our vibration, we can get back to feeling good in every moment and not just when we are receiving adoration from doting eyes.

If you want to keep a dream journal to further explore your subconscious, it would be fun to look at our astrology calendar to see how your dreams differ depending on what the major planetary movements are. You can also use our dream dictionary to unlock the symbolism of things like colors, animals, houses, cars and more. You will start looking forward to sleeping when you dive into the hidden freedom that the messages in your dreams hold!

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Tarot is a wonderful tool for personal development. There are many ways you can use the Tarot cards to build a relationship with your Higher Self, and access your inner wisdom.

As you go on a journey of self-discovery with the Tarot, you will overcome limiting beliefs and the blocks that hold you back, tune into the core essence of who you are, and free yourself to be the highest possible version of You.

Here are 3 of my favorite, powerful ways to use Tarot for personal development:

1. Daily Tarot Card Draw

    Creating sacred time each morning to tune into your inner wisdom will help keep you centered and mindful throughout the day.

    You may like to use an herbal bundle for cleansing, take a few deep breaths to ground yourself, and then shuffle your deck and choose a card. Spend some time sinking into the imagery of the card, and listen to the message it has for you today. This practice is like a conversation with your Higher Self every day, so I recommend doing some free-flow writing on the messages you’re receiving (you don’t want to miss or forget any juicy tidbits Spirit is sending your way!)

    For more ideas on the Daily Card Draw, check out this post.

    2. Automatic or Free-Flow Writing

    This is an essential practice in getting to know yourself through the Tarot (and also a brilliant way to get to know the Tarot cards!). You can do it for a single card draw or a complete Tarot spread.

    After viewing a card or spread, take a pen and paper and write for 15 minutes, without stopping, about what comes up for you when you see that imagery. Even if you can’t think of anything to write, keep the pen moving on the page (you can just write “I don’t know what to write” until something comes through). You may find that as you let go and keep the ink flowing, messages start to show up. Don’t try to analyze them yet, just get it all down on the page.

    When doing this with a complete Tarot spread, you may even find yourself telling the story in the cards. This will not only bring you great personal insights, but also make you an even more confident Tarot reader!

    3. Release & Let Go

    When embarking on a journey of personal development, we come up against a lot of limiting beliefs that are holding us back. These are the subconscious beliefs that have been programmed into us throughout the years (usually as a small child). Most of the time, we’re not even aware of these limiting beliefs until we start doing conscious, mindful personal development work.

    To live to your fullest potential, you need to release your limiting beliefs. I’ve created a powerful Release and Let Go Tarot Spread that you can use whenever you’re facing a limiting belief or intense feelings that are holding you back. You can also use this spread at the full moon to release what’s no longer serving you.

    I hope you get lots of value out of the exercises I’ve shared here, and fall in love with the powerful practice of using Tarot for personal development. It truly is a beautiful way to connect with your Higher Self.

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    ​Ewwwww….it’s time for “The Talk.” It’s that moment in our relationships when we know we need to move forward, but don’t know how to do it, or don’t want to do it….yet. Much of that procrastination comes from Saturn being retrograde.

    Saturn is the serious taskmaster of the planets, one of the planets that deals with karma, and one with that ticking clock reminding us of deadlines, projects, and every day responsibilities. Saturn is not always the planet we think to call on when we want to romance somebody or elevate our love lives. But if we want to finish 2019 with a solid lock on love, and we do, then we need to put that commitment procrastination on the back burner.

    We need to make the karmic choice to get serious, or not. Should you stay or should you go? Should they stay or should they go? A decision needs to be made. Just committing to that decision is the hardest part. As Saturn turns direct, we’ll walk you through it with today’s Saturn direct love horoscopes to help you launch – “The Talk.”

    Check this out: Sun in Virgo – Manifest Renewable Resources Checklist

    We balk at the chance to commit or have “The Talk” because we worry our partner won’t meet us on the same page. So what? Do you want a commitment in love? Then you need to have that conversation. You win no matter how it goes. Either it finishes with you being in a committed relationship, or it ends with you safe in the knowledge that the one you are with is not ‘The One’ you are meant to be with. And that’s okay. Taking charge of this conversation is important for you to propel yourself in love the way the Universe wants you to.

    How does Saturn Direct Nudge “The Talk”?

    “The Talk” doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it isn’t when you know you are going to win either way. When you launch “The Talk”, you tell your partner, and your Self, that you are the Captain of your Fate. You are the authority on what you need – and now is the time to be true to who you are. If you want the commitment, you have to go for it. And if you don’t, then you have to be true to who you are with so that you are being karmically fair to your partner. When you do that, the Universe launches a chain reaction that helps you get closer to The One, whether they are there now, or not.

    In romance, Saturn is the father figure telling us what we need to do to maintain a healthy relationship, and keep it going to stand the test of time. But for the past several months, Saturn has been retrograde, and this has had us all procrastinating a little bit. We just want to have fun! And sometimes that means our duties slide, even in love.

    So if you’ve been wanting to rewind time and reboot love, now is a good time to start taking that seriously. Saturn turns direct on September 17, and this gives us the energy we need to bring some forward motion on the commitments in our relationships. Whether you want to move forward with someone, or without them, the only way you are going to do this the right way is by having, “The Talk”.

    But “The Talk” is scary. So we are here to help you take that next step. No matter what zodiac sign you are, here’s how to launch “The Talk”, and get the answers you need in love, one way or another. These are simple tips, nothing to over-analyze here. Commit to a decision. Should you stay or should you go?

    So let’s get to it!

    Aries – Stop Procrastinating.

    As the Cardinal Fire sign, Aries, you usually think you have it in the bag and are the boss of everything. With Saturn direct in Capricorn in your tenth house of public image, people are watching. If you aren’t handling your love responsibilities right, people will talk.

    Here’s how to do it: Just ask. And pile on the romance. “Honey, let’s go out for dinner tonight, I want to do something nice.” You don’t need a million dollars to win here. You just need to see what your partner needs. Start by asking them what they want to do the day you want to have “The Talk,” and that first step will take you miles further towards your destination in love. Be sure to let them do most of the talking at dinner as well. Time to stop procrastinating.

    Taurus – Set a Deadline.

    You have Saturn turning direct in your ninth house of adventures, Taurus, and this has you thinking big about your responsibilities in love. As the Fixed Earth sign, you are so ready for this. But Saturn direct in your ninth house has you thinking far and wide. And your mind may be going in one million directions at once. Rein it in. Set a deadline. You’ve been thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it all Summer. Harvest time! The little things you’ve been thinking about all Summer long can become the big things, and can become the greatest things. Set a deadline. If you can’t commit to having, “The Talk” by then, you aren’t ready. And that will give you what you need to know to either stay or go.

    Here’s how to do it: A little road trip with a lover is a great chance to expand both of your minds when it comes to the future. You can either go away for a weekend to a lovely B & B, or just hit the road for a little day adventure. “Honey, let’s hit that open market on the 5 we’ve been meaning to catch, I really want to spend the day with you.” And we’ll let you take care of the rest.

    Gemini – Make it or Break it Time.

    Saturn direct is working in your eighth house of transformations, Gemini, and this is the time of the year when you need to decide, one way or the other. Your eighth house is a very karmic house of secrets and change, Gemini, and you are literally at the fork in the road. It’s time to make a decision that is based in integrity. Or, it’s time to go the other way and hope for the best. That’s not the road we recommend, but it will be the easy way out, and you know how we feel about that. Saturn is saying, your rebirth awaits. Either way, your closure is on its way. You spend a lot of time wondering what to do. Now you know. Close the deal or move on.

    Here’s how to do it: Your eighth house often has a lot to do with finances, in addition to secrets and transformations. So one way to lock in “The Talk” is to open up a financial channel. Move in with someone, share a credit card, or even open a business with your amour. Or even just start talking about it. Saturn will be direct here for some time, so you don’t have to start dating and propose moving in on the same day. Start dropping hints and see where it goes. And if someone else is, and you just aren’t on that page yet, you need to pony up some truth. And say it exactly like that, Gem. “I think you’re really great, but I’m just not there yet.” Or, “Hey, are you ready for this step or should we slow down the pace now?”

    Cancer – Speak Softly.

    You have Saturn direct working in your seventh house of relationships, Cancer, and this is your opposite sign working with you now. This could be really amazing, or just the opposite. So it’s time for you to sign the dotted line, one way or another. With Capricorn being your opposite zodiac sign, your partner will likely not be shocked no matter how you broach the subject. Whether you are dining casually over McDonalds or at a 5 star Michelin restaurant, you will have a very easy time locking it in. Your only problem is that you have a chance to get a little bossy, as a Cardinal sign, and Capricorn is a Cardinal sign as well. You need to remember that your lover is your partner and not your employee.

    Here’s how to do it: As a Cardinal sign, you have the advantage of being able to be direct and nobody will notice or care because anybody that loves you is already used to that. In fact, your partner loves this about you. But this could also be your biggest pickle too. So speak softly, lead with love, and remember your partner has words they want to say to you too. Be responsible with your partner’s feelings, and you will find commitment time comes sooner than you may think.

    Leo – It’s the Little Things.

    You have Saturn turning direct in your sixth house of details, Leo, and with detail-oriented Virgo getting a lot of love right now, details matter in every single way. When it comes to love, it’s going to be all about the little things. Do the dishes for your partner, or just pick up that random little trinket or gift that you know will make them blush. Or something else that doesn’t even cost a single thing. Right now, to make a commitment stick, or to make “The Talk” work, your partner is looking to see that you are paying attention, and care about the little things in your life. So start there, keep it consistent, and you will see things roll nicely along.

    Here’s how to do it: You want to start noticing and honoring the little things in your partner’s life right now, and not showering, but just sprinkling little bits of attention here and there. You are Leo, right? Flattery is your middle name. So do that too! Notice her new earrings, compliment his job prowess, and just be supportive of those little things that come up in daily conversation. This is the Pre-Game strategy to “The Talk.” When the moment is right, and you will know when it is, it will be Game time. And you will find that someone is VERY receptive when you do! That gets you one inch closer to locking it in when you are both ready to get into Game mode. Game on, Leo!

    Virgo – Live, Love, Laugh.

    It’s time to have fun, Virgo, real and true fun. Multiple planets are in your sign right now and will be for be for a little while longer. Saturn turning direct in fellow Earth sign Capricorn is working your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment, and this is also your house of true love. Children themes are often associated with this house as well. So this easy, breezy, feeling that you feel when serious Saturn turns direct in your house of play is the theme you want to focus on. You will resist this, because Saturn nudges your productivity bone. But when it comes to love, this transit is telling you to just take it easy a bit. That is not to say that you can’t be successful with “The Talk,” but you of all signs will be just taking it less seriously than others. Or you should be. Having fun can be productive too, Virgo. And that’s what you need to focus on. That light-hearted fun energy that you find in honeymoon aspects of romance. THAT gets you closer to the serious parts of it.

    Here’s how to do it: Lock in the commitment potential in your love game when you enjoy the little fun things in life, Virgo. Tell jokes, do things that are steeped in nostalgia with your partner. Just stoke those pleasure zones. When you do, you build a foundation with your partner, whether it’s someone you’ve been with for years or are just starting out with. Having fun is key to any successful relationship. So try to build those building blocks now, and Saturn direct is going to make this one go the long haul. “The Talk” will come natural to both of you when you do.

    Libra – Bring Out the Domestic Side

    You have Saturn direct in your fourth house of home and foundations over the next several months, Libra, and this puts the emphasis at home. Over the Summer, you’ve been a little lax on home responsibilities, and this may have had an impact on your relationship. Now is the time to get down to the brass tax of it. With this you are going to be keeping things at home and looking for a relationship that fits into that, as opposed to trying to make your relationship fit your lifestyle. And that’s how it should be. When you remember that, you are going to win in the commitment game well before 2019 ends.

    Here’s how to do it: If you are trying to have “The Talk” with someone, and it hasn’t really felt right yet, now is the time to start nurturing that domestic side. Home is where the heart is, Libra, and with your fourth house lit up with Saturn direct, tending to home responsibilities and bringing that nurturing side of you into love is going to lead you right to commitment. Cook your lover a home-cooked meal and stoke the fires of family and home, and you will see the energy for “The Talk” arrive easily. Don’t be afraid to begin throwing hints about moving in together, or even doing a real estate deal. When you do, you will see commitment talks increased on a grand scale.

    Scorpio – Lead With Feelings Words.

    With Saturn direct in your third house of communication, Scorpio, you are dialing it up when it comes to “The Talk.” You start off in this transit with communication as your hidden superpower to begin with. You already have the power of communication on your side. Now you just need to use it to lock in that sought after commitment. The only thing you need to work on now is opening up a bit more. You have a tendency to be the mysterious one in love. So if you don’t have the commitment now, find a way to let your partner know. You will be single for as long as you keep them guessing.

    Here’s how to do it: You may not have said the “L” word yet, but now is the time to start doing that. Don’t freak out! Saturn direct isn’t a one day transit. So start dropping seeds now that use the “L” word. “I love the way you leave me notes on the fridge every day,” or “I love that sweater on you.” It’s not that love isn’t natural to you, anything but. But saying those words to someone is scary for any zodiac sign, even you. Warm the both of you up by leading with feelings words, and watching the natural path they take for you in your life.

    Sagittarius – Show You the Money!

    Most zodiac signs don’t really combine love with money matters until well after “The Talk”, but right now you are in a different position, Sagittarius. Saturn is turning direct in your second house of earned income, and this is going to inspire you to get more responsible with your finances. When you do that, your partner will feel like you are as commitment worthy for them as you want them to be for you. This is not so much a case of joint finances, but it could be about finding a better job, improving your credit rating, or just working on your financial game overall. This is an area that has been slacking for you lately, and your partner may consider you a risky commitment investment if they think this is your overall financial personality. We know it’s not, Sag. But you just need to pull up the boot straps for a bit and you are a winner!

    Here’s how to do it: You need to go about this the natural way, Sag. Announcing to a lover that you’ve been paying your bills on time every month is the surest way to raise their eyebrows, and not in the romantic way. Start showing your lover through small ways that you have your financial game in order, and then you will be a worthy investment to them. Start picking up the tab for things, make your gifts just a pinch more extravagant, you know the drill. Get your financial game en pointe and you win in love too.

    Capricorn – To Thine Own Self Be True.

    Saturn is turning direct in your sign, Cap, and that means that you are on the cusp of some exciting new beginnings. At the same time, you are the one that is leading all of the changes when it comes to love now. If you want a commitment, start with just asking for it. Summer may have had you getting a little lazy with some of your love responsibilities, but now is the time to start taking charge of them. Your partner is waiting to see where you stand in love. So take the lead, but also, be true to who you are and what your responsibilities are. Don’t tie your identity into your relationship. If you are, that’s why you are wondering how to launch “The Talk” with someone. Be real, be you, and don’t be afraid to show some feelings. You are loved, and now you just have to accept that you love your Self too, and your partner will feel more completed in this relationship.

    Here’s how to do it: This one is an easy one, Capricorn. Just be you. To win in anything in love, you can’t pretend you are something that you are not. It’s okay to ask for what you want and need in love. That is how love works. Catering completely to their side of life is going to create an unbalanced situation. So lead with love and lead with your sense of Self in love. In time, you will see a nice thing percolate. You may not even need to launch “The Talk” yourself. Your partner may be so attracted to how you are true to yourself that they want to stick with that forever. Lead with YOU, Cap! It will work.

    Aquarius – Pay Attention to Signs.

    You have Saturn direct working your twelfth house of endings and karma, Aquarius, and this is going to put some forward motion on endings. At the same time, this is your house of spirituality and you are feeling some heavy emotions as some chapters come to a close. Throughout these emotions you will feel a heavier presence from your twelfth house guardian angel, and this angel is whispering some signals to you. You may not be paying attention. Feelings are not always your forte but these are going to feel easier under this transit. Your twelfth house is sending you some clues as well. Are you paying attention? When you do, you will find love talks, including “The Talk,” come so naturally.

    Here’s how to do it: Just look for signs. And also, ask for help from your angel. Clues and cues about how to start the launch are everywhere. And if you aren’t sure what to do with that, again, just ask. When you hear that song or see that movie you both love, or even see a movie poster of the movie you both love, that is your spirit guide sending you some clues about how to launch “The Talk.” Bring these clues and cues to your partner, and you will see “The Talk” happen naturally. Be serious and responsible about it and it will happen precisely when your spirit guide is hinting at. When you connect with your lover on a spiritual level, this is not just “The Talk” you are launching, but a way of life you both are going to share together.

    Pisces – Get your Social On!

    Saturn direct is working in your eleventh house of groups and friendships, Pisces. And this means that getting your social on in love is going to be the way to your lover’s heart. When your lover sees you getting responsible about managing a balanced life, they will want to be a part of it more. So reach out to group connections to dial up the social factor in your lives, and include your partner in it. Volunteering with a partner for a cause you both believe in is another way to deepen bonds and strengthen your connection. But just putting yourself out there socially will help you both more, and also, your relationship.

    Here’s how to do it: To launch “The Talk” using your social energy, it’s important to start as friends first in love, Pisces. Remind your partner of the simplest basis in love. Connect with each other on common ground, social connections, and just be friends first. Then, bring each other into your social realm and social game. When your lover sees you in this light, they will want to be part of your own life more. Be friends first, and remind your lover of that, and you will see this thing blossom into “The Talk,” sooner than later. Be friends first, but don’t stay in the friend zone too long is your only other cautionary tale, Pisces. And if you do, keep your karma clean by being honest with all parties.

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    Crystal healing is a transformative, personal practice – and if you’re reading this article, chances are you already have a few crystals of your own.

    You may have gone to great lengths to choose a crystal that resonated deeply with your spirit. You might have chosen a crystal based on its color, healing properties, or vibrational energy. But there is one aspect of crystals that many of us neglect, and that is their shape.

    Crystals come in myriad shapes and sizes. If you have your own collection, take a look at some of your crystals right now. Are they smooth and tumbled or raw and edgy? Do you have more clusters than wands?

    Crystals are known by many to possess healing properties both emotionally and physically. The shape of a crystal can add even more to a crystal’s natural energy.

    You may not have even thought about their shape. Or conversely, you may have been drawn to a few of your favorite crystals precisely because of their shape. Either way, learning more about the meaning behind the shapes and the energy that certain shapes produce can help you understand even more about crystals and their healing properties.


    Crystal clusters are just that – clusters of crystals that grow together. A cluster will often have many different points, pointing in different directions. These shapes occur naturally, and their vibration is more intense because of that. Due to the many points on these crystals, their energy can actually be directed in various directions.

    Tumbled Stones

    Tumbled stones are small, raw stones that have been polished through a tumble technique, giving them a shiny, smooth appearance. These stones are small enough to carry with you in nearly any situation, making them convenient and portable. These crystals are also typically less expensive than their larger cousins, and as such they are a natural choice for many beginners to the art of crystal healing. Their energy is gentle yet effective.


    Crystal wands, also called massage wands, are stones that have been shaped into long, elegant pieces, typically with a point at one or both ends. Some are long and sleek, while others may be short and chunky. These crystals are excellent for directing energy, especially within the body, and may be used for chakra healing and Reiki therapy.

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    Have you ever seen a crystal ball and been mesmerized by its beauty? There is something inherently magical about a crystal sphere, and it has an energy that is palpable and flows smoothly in all directions. These stones are cut to a certain size and polished until they are a perfect sphere. These crystals can be wonderful to meditate with, filling your hands with their smooth shape, hefty weight, and even energy. With their earthy energy and form, these crystals are also great for grounding.


    Crystal points possess a similar shape to crystal wands but are typically thicker and made to stand on their flat surface, with a point facing the sky. It is thought that they direct your intention or energy out into the Universe, and assist in manifestation of goals and dreams. These crystals can increase positive energy or vibrations within their environment.


    The crystal egg is smooth like the crystal sphere but shaped perfectly to resemble a chicken’s egg. This shape symbolizes the aura, and it can be used to assist in psychic protection. Because the egg is associated with birth, this shape can represent transformation or emotional rebirth. The egg also represents fertility, creation, and universal mysteries.


    The crystal pyramid has a square, flat base, from which a triangular pyramid with four sides emerges. These crystals work powerfully to strengthen and amplify energies and assist in manifestation. Ancient Egyptians believe that this shape represented the light and the rays of the sun. The pyramid shape can also enhance the grounding properties of certain crystals.


    Crystal Harmonizers are stones that have been cut and polished into the shape of a cylinder, with smooth sides and flat surfaces on each end. These crystals are typically held in each hand to correct blocked energy and restore balance between yin and yang.


    Crystal cubes are shaped like small, stone boxes. The cube shape is associated with the root chakra, and this type of crystal can help heal any energetic irregularities in this chakra. The root chakra is grounding, as is this shape, and working with crystal cubes can help you get in touch with Mother Nature. You can also lay a crystal cube in each corner of your room for protection.


    Some crystals are polished and shaped into a heart, representing love and energetic connection. This shape is even more powerful when paired with a stone that promotes unconditional love, like rose quartz. This shape represents the heart chakra and can be used to open up the energies of this chakra. Crystal hearts are useful when seeking new relationships or connections.

    A Shape for All Needs

    The beautiful thing about crystal healing is the variety and ability to personalize your experience. No matter what you’re working on, from emotional and physical healing to energetic balancing, there are not only many types of crystals to assist you, but many shapes that can further amplify the crystal’s energy.

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