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The 12th house in astrology is perhaps the most misunderstood of the houses. Because the 12th house rules your subconscious mind and is the house of the hidden, there is a lot of energy in this house that you don’t even realize is there. It’s locked away in your subconscious, and you don’t even know what’s hidden away!

There are 12 houses in astrology, each governing a different part of your life and personality. The first step to understanding your 12th house better and unlocking what’s hidden is finding the sign your 12th house falls in and any planets you may have in your 12th house. Don’t know that? Use this birth chart calculator to create your natal chart (and read this article to start finding placements!).

What the 12th House Represents

Let’s get into what the 12th house in astrology represents. As mentioned, the 12th house rules your subconscious mind, so all of your subconscious issues, subconscious desires, and subconscious motivations are tucked away in the 12th house. The 12th house in astrology represents what is hidden to you, and this is both externally hidden to you (what others hide from you), and what you hide from yourself. Since the 12th house rules your subconscious, you don’t usually know that you’re hiding it. Your subconscious kicks in, and you hide without realizing it.

In line with the hidden energy, the 12th house also represents privacy, the things you want to keep out of the spotlight. This energy avoids attention, and you can be more comfortable with whatever is in your 12th house when no one is looking, when you’re alone, when you’re in comfortable places with familiar people, and when the pressure is off.

The 12th house governs karma and past lives as well. Being the very last house, it can come with a lot of baggage! Your 12th house can show potential karmic baggage you need to work on releasing, and indicate what you may bring with you from past lives.

Because it’s the last house, endings are also ruled by the 12th house. This is where the line is drawn, transitions are made, and you can clear out what is no longer needed (that pesky baggage!).

Neptune is the natural ruling planet for the 12th house, bringing its watery, flowing, difficult-to-discern energy. The 12th house is a Cadent house, which are the houses that are naturally linked to the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces; the 12th house links to Pisces). All of this energy makes the 12th house a highly intuitive house, and can show where you may feel guided by an unseen hand and intuition can take over.

You can focus on your 12th house by the sign the 12th house falls in and planets in the 12th house. If you have many planets in the 12th house, like 3 or 4 planets in the 12th house (or even more!), then the 12th house has a major influence in your life. You may be someone who hides almost everything, and has real trouble being open. If you have no planets in the 12th house, there’s extra emphasis on the sign the 12th house falls in. Just because your 12th house is empty doesn’t mean you’re exempt!

How to Reveal What Your 12th House Hides

There are basically 2 things you need to do to reveal what is hidden in your 12th house: become more consciously aware and remove blocks. Simple advice, but difficult to follow! Because the 12th house is rooted in your subconscious, you need to work on becoming more consciously aware of what is there. Studying astrology and the sign and planets of your 12th house is a great step to doing just that!

Removing blocks means thinking about what subconscious blocks may be present that are preventing you from accessing what’s in your 12th house. Trauma, abuse, neglect, and stress can all create blocks subconsciously, as well as past life issues and karmic baggage. Take time to reflect, be introspective, meditate, and be honest with yourself about what may be the cause (or multiple causes!). Once you pinpoint causes, you can work on removing them. Energy healing can be helpful, so check out this article about using Reiki for healing.

As you’re working on that, here is what you can unhide in your 12th house:

12th House Signs

12th House Aries:

Aries is the warrior sign, so having your 12th house in Aries can show you hide your inner warrior. It may come out when you have to defend someone else (not yourself), or when you’re fighting for something behind the scenes. Energy can pick up when your subconscious kicks in, and you can have great gut instincts. Channel those instincts and get more in tune with them.

12th House Taurus:

Taurus is the most grounded sign, so having your 12th house in Taurus can show you hide just how grounded you are. You may think you’re much more erratic than you really are, and present yourself as someone who is always going from this to that. There’s actually an earth goddess inside of you that you can work to access consciously.

12th House Gemini:

Gemini is the sign of the mind, so having your 12th house in Gemini can show you hide your intellect and quick thinking. You may let emotion take over logic, but there is likely a strong logical, analytical mind inside of you that can actually help you work through emotional issues so you don’t feel so batted around by your feelings.

12th House Cancer:

Cancer is the sign of emotion, so having your 12th house in Cancer can show you hide your feelings, especially serious feelings. You may want other people to always view you as fun and joyful, but this can keep you from really opening up. There is likely a sensitive, nurturing soul inside of you that can help you truly connect.

12th House Leo:

Leo is the sign of creativity and fun, so having your 12th house in Leo can show you hide your creative side and want to be seen as very practical and serious. You may fear people seeing your playful side, and think they’ll judge your creative expression. Yet you likely have a real artist inside of you, and can be a lot of fun if you let your guard down.

12th House Virgo:

Virgo is the sign of work, so having your 12th house in Virgo can show you hide just how practical and detailed you actually are. You may try to keep the peace as much as you can to avoid confrontation or out of fear of being judged. Sharing your work and letting yourself tend to the details can be a good thing for you.

12th House Libra:

Libra is the sign of relationships, so having your 12th house in Libra can show you hide from others, not wanting to deal with other people very much. You may seem like a loner at times, or are commitment-phobic. Yet working with others and committing may be just what you need, and you can be extremely supportive.

12th House Scorpio:

Scorpio is the sign of power and control, so having your 12th house in Scorpio can show you hide how powerful you really are. You may be afraid of the power inside of you, and don’t want to deal with the intensity you actually have. There is likely a powerful force inside of you though, and you can be formidable when you embrace that.

12th House Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is the sign of optimism and philosophy, so having your 12th house in Sagittarius can show you hide the happy-go-lucky part of yourself. You may want to present yourself as someone to be taken seriously, who is disciplined and mature, but you’re actually someone who likely has a strong inner optimist and solid beliefs.

12th House Capricorn:

Capricorn is the sign of ambition, so having your 12th house in Capricorn can show you hide that ambition. You may want to seem like a rule breaker, unconventional and independent, but you can thrive when you merge that with the traditional and conventional, and find success out of the spotlight.

12th House Aquarius:

Aquarius is the sign of independence, so having your 12th house in Aquarius can show you hide how independent you really are or want to be. You may fear being too independent, unconventional, or seen as weird and shunned. Yet you likely have a strong independent streak and can see the world in an original way.

12th House Pisces:

Pisces is the sign of gentleness, so having your 12th house in Pisces can show you hide just how sweet and understanding you can be. You may be quite assertive on the outside, but have a soft center on the inside. Learn that sharing this with others doesn’t make you weak. You may also have super strong intuition, though you may not want to show it.

12th House Planets

Sun in 12th House:

When your Sun is in the 12th house, the thing you may hide most is YOU! You may struggle with showing who you are to others, and may even struggle with knowing who you are with yourself (particularly in your younger years). Embrace your true self and figure out who you really are. You don’t have to hide yourself. You’re great!

Moon in 12th House:

When your Moon is in the 12th house, this can make you hide your emotions. You may have difficulty expressing what you feel with others, and sometimes have a hard time figuring out how you feel for yourself. This can keep you from getting the support and comfort that you need, so get in tune with your emotions, allow yourself to feel, and share that with others.

Mercury in 12th House:

When your Mercury is in the 12th house, this can make you hide your thoughts, opinions, and ideas. You may struggle with vocalizing what’s on your mind in any way, and can seem very quiet to others. Yet you likely have a gifted mind and a charismatic way of communicating, so work on embracing your mental abilities and showcasing that.

Venus in 12th House:

When your Venus is in the 12th house, this can make you hide your affections for others. You may struggle with openly sharing the love, like, and care you feel for the people in your life (and may loathe public displays of affection). Yet you’re someone who is very caring, very compassionate, and very supportive, so start being more open with those you love.

Mars in 12th House:

When your Mars is in the 12th house, this can make you hide what drives and inspires you to act. You may seem timid and afraid of taking initiative when others are watching, and can take a back seat to what other people want. Yet you’re someone who can make things happen, who can be a quiet leader, and who can have killer instincts. Let others see that part of you.

Jupiter in 12th House:

When your Jupiter is in the 12th house, this can make you hide your happy side. You may not want others to see your jovial moods, perhaps wanting them to take you more seriously. Yet you can be someone who knows how to make everyone happy, put a smile on people’s faces, and you can be a wonderful help to those in need. Embrace your inner guardian angel qualities.

Saturn in 12th House:

When your Saturn is in the 12th house, this can make you hide your goals, and hide from your responsibilities. You may have a lot on your plate, and people can scoop even more on it, which can make you easily stressed and overwhelmed subconsciously. Yet you’re someone who is given so many responsibilities because you can handle them where others can’t, and you can take the reins and keep the trains on time. Instead of trying to run from that, embrace it.

Uranus in 12th House:

When your Uranus is in the 12th house, this can make you hide your individuality. You may worry about what people will think if they see how different you actually are, and you may run away from change and independence. Yet you’re someone who can be quite the innovator, and lead people into the future. Embrace your originality.

Neptune in 12th House:

When your Neptune is in the 12th house, this can make you hide your spiritual self. You may not want to share your spiritual side, and keep quiet about your strong intuitive hits. Yet you’re someone who can inspire others spiritually, and have an awesome intuition that you should connect with.

Pluto in 12th House:

When your Pluto is in the 12th house, this can make you hide your powerful side, and run away from power and control. It may frighten you, or you may attract people to you who want to control you subconsciously. Yet you’re someone who has an incredible will and strength that can’t be matched. When you embrace that, those controlling people run away!


The 12th house may be the house of the hidden and subconscious, but it doesn’t have to be. A little bit of conscious effort can help you unlock what’s hidden.

There’s so much in your 12th house waiting for you. Go find it!

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​One of the first things that many of us do when entering a budding new relationship is to observe and take stock of our level of compatibility – and there are many ways to do that. You can look at the personality traits that each of you share and hobbies or interests that you have in common. But many people turn to the stars to learn more about how their energy will interact with another person.

One of the things that makes astrology such a fascinating, useful tool is the fact that there are so many aspects and new things to discover – especially when it comes to compatibility between people!

There are myriad ways to use astrology to explore compatibility. Some turn to their Chinese zodiac signs to discover more. Many people automatically turn to their Sun sign and that of their partner or crush to gauge compatibility, as this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to utilize astrology for this purpose. However, many factors go into your Sun sign – including the element that rules it.

Each zodiac sign in astrology is ruled by one of the four elements: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. And your elemental personality can have a lot to do with how you interact with others and how you approach relationships and love. The signs can be broken down and grouped by their elements – read on to find out which element(s) would be most compatible with your own elemental personality.

  • Air – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Water – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Fire – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Air signs are most compatible with fellow Air signs, as there is a tendency toward intellectual thought, sociability, and an ability to analyze. Your skill for communication will not go unnoticed by another Air sign, who will appreciate your thoughtful approach. You won’t find yourself bored or your mind wandering during conversations with fellow Air signs, as you are both sharp and willing to talk about deeper topics.

Air signs are great at solving problems, and when you put two together, they can tackle any issue that’s thrown their way. Your free-spirited natures allow you to explore new territory together, charming the new friends you make along the way.

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Earth signs share the qualities of being practical, responsible, pragmatic, and hardworking, and as such you are best paired with another Earth sign who understands your logical approach to life. Earth signs are loyal yet often reserved, sharing the deepest part of themselves only with their closest loved one. A relationship between two Earth signs will be built on a strong, grounded foundation full of devotion and sensuality.

While there is a chance that you could both be stubborn at times, if you try to see things objectively, you should be able to reach a practical middle ground fairly easily. Your relationship may even be rooted in a collective appreciation for Mother Nature.


Water is the element of fluidity and emotion, and those ruled by Water are sensitive, complex, and creative. Those ruled by Water are best suited for the compassionate nature of another Water sign. While you may think that two emotional signs would clash – and sometimes there may be misinterpreted feelings, sure – the ability that you two will have to communicate those feelings to each other cannot be ignored.

You know how to ride each other’s waves, so to speak, and you enjoy going with the flow together. The energy of two Water signs together also has the potential to amplify creativity within each of you.


Fire signs are passionate, feisty, and energetic. Your flames increase and thrive when met with the burning passion of a fellow Fire sign. You two will enjoy adventures, embracing one another’s spontaneity and zest for life. Two Fire signs know how to keep maintain the spark and possess the confidence to do so. While things may get overheated every once in a while, you let go of your anger almost as quickly as it built.

You will appreciate the direct nature of another Fire sign, as it matches your own straightforward energy. The buoyant, energetic approach to life that each of you possess will make for new, exciting experiences that you share together.

Elemental Pattern

You’ll notice a pattern in the compatibility between elements, and that is because elements tend to get along or vibe with their counterparts. Air is at home in the company of Air, while Water flows smoothly with its own fluid kind. Earth appreciates the cooling and grounding energy of more Earth, and Fire feeds the passionate flames of other Fire signs.

Despite this pattern, there is no reason to panic if your crush or partner does not share the same elemental ruler as you do. There are many different factors that go into astrological compatibility, and the elements are but one. To truly understand the level of compatibility you share with someone else you may wish to seek out an experienced astrologer and have them compare your charts together to create what is called a synastry report.

Nevertheless, understanding the elements that rule our signs can help us discover more about ourselves and others, and that is a great place to start.

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​Saturn is very often painted as one of the bad guys. He is indeed not the most affable of the planets, yet he is fundamental in the blueprint of our lives: our birth chart.

Saturn is concerned with teaching us invaluable lessons that facilitate our growth. He rules over karma, time, structures, conditions, limitations, boundaries, customs, norms and symbolizes the father. Let’s talk about Saturn’s influence in each house.

Grab your birth chart and dive in!

Saturn in the 1st House

Here in the first house, Saturn gives a cautious, serious or stern demeanor to the personality. People with Saturn in the first house are very concerned with their responsibilities, they are very hard on themselves and may even suffer from anxiety. Success may take time, but it definitely comes as they work very hard and are very self-assertive. They are industrious and reserved, but their insecurities usually limit their self-expression which can cause them to appear cold.

Saturn in the 2nd House

In the second house, Saturn takes money matters and traditional values seriously. Here we find a person who works very hard to attain possessions as there can be difficulties in attaining them. Once secured their wealth, they are very cautious with their money to the point of being reluctant in spending it.

Saturn in the 3rd House

Communication doesn’t come spontaneously to individuals with Saturn in the third house. They are very careful and logical with their words. They are better listeners than talkers. These are the typical men or women of few words. They can be the strict teacher or the procrastinator student and they can have responsibilities related to their siblings.

Saturn in the 4th House

Saturn in the fourth house gives a conservative, strict early upbringing where authority and the father figure was prominent in some way. This childhood is usually characterized by a lack of affection and emotional nurturing. As such, expressing emotions doesn’t happen easily, so these people come off as withdrawn and unresponsive with difficulties in nurturing others.

Saturn in the 5th House

Love and romance are serious topics, and casual relationships are not for those with Saturn in the fifth house. Because of their sharp sense of responsibility, these people have difficulty in having fun as they can feel guilty about it. Their creativity does not always flow easily and at times they can encounter some blocks.

Saturn in the 6th House

People with Saturn in the sixth house can be workaholics. They take work very seriously and put a lot of effort and responsibility in their tasks. Many times, they work very hard without getting any rewards. These people can worry a lot about their diet, health and exercising. Although they are disciplined, repetitive routines can sometimes feel liming and restrictive to them.

Saturn in the 7th House

In the seventh house, Saturn can bring an older marriage partner or there is an age difference. Alternatively, the partner has strong Capricorn in their chart or Saturnine qualities about him or her: reliable, responsible, loyal and traditionalist. Marriage can come only after the first Saturn Return (around 29 years old) or even later.

Saturn in the 8th House

Those with Saturn in their eighth house are concerned with death, after-life and other occult topics, they may study to know more about them or these topics can make them uneasy. Change is not something they appreciate and Saturn here will bring lessons related to letting go of people or situations that end. There is a need to learn how to let go and to accept the necessary changes that life brings. There maybe be inhibitions in sexual relationships.

Saturn in the 9th House

Saturn in the ninth house prefers practical ways of learning and their way of thinking can be quite conservative. They don’t easily open up to new ideas. Higher education is not a walk in the park for them, but can be successfully achieved with hard work and perseverance.

Saturn in the 10th House

Saturn in the tenth house is another position for workaholics. With Saturn here, success arrives with a disciplined and devoted approach to career. Even if it takes quite a bit of time and effort, the results are usually quite long-lasting and rewarding, so all the hard-working pays off. Saturn here gives managing and organizational skills, so careers in corporations, organizations or even in a governmental position are a possibility.

Saturn in the 11th House

People with Saturn in the eleventh house are not particularly fond of socializing, so usually they don’t have many friendships, but the ones they have are good, solid and long-lasting. They usually restrict their hopes and struggle to define their goals. Social and humanitarian causes concern them.

Saturn in the 12th House

Saturn in the twelfth house is the lone wolf position. These are reserved and solitary people who spend a lot of time alone. They usually fear the unknown and try to escape life itself in many ways. They have a need to learn to surrender. Spirituality is important to these natives as well as taking responsibility for their own spiritual path, it is important for them to have a spiritual practice.

That’s it! Saturn enjoys throwing some obstacles and difficulties at us just to see us overcome them. He thrives on helping us mature, improve, and grow, and rewards us greatly when we do the necessary work and pass his tests. He is not fluffy nor loving, but he is the one that gives form and matter to things; the one that manifests dreams.

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Greetings, Earthlings!

We have another exciting week from the Universe this week. We are coming off of a week where there weren’t too many major activities happening in the galaxy.

This week is not much different, with one exception. We have the Full Moon in Pisces arriving later this week, which will bring some exciting projects and matters to completion or fulfillment. This could be a relationship coming to a close, or even a stage in a relationship coming to an end for another to begin. You may go from single to committed, for example. At the same time, you may also be bringing a work matter to a close, such as a project or big assignment. Or you may be bringing something else to a close, like a real estate deal or matter with your children.

This week’s Full Moon in Pisces has a direct connection to the New Moon in Virgo energy that opened up this month on August 30. While the New Moon occurred in the last couple of days of August, it still brought some New Moon energy into the first few days of September. That New Moon launched some exciting new beginnings for you.

This week’s Full Moon has a direct relationship to that New Moon. The things that you started then, will start to come to fulfillment now. In dreamy and creative Pisces, you want to lead with love in all of those matters. You may have been leading with practical and harder-working energy under the New Moon in Virgo, but this time you are leading with your heart. Pisces is the compassionate dreamer of the zodiac. When you lead with the energy of human kindness and compassion, that is when you will win under this week’s Full Moon.

Other than that, the day-to-day forecast is the same as usual, but you will need to watch your step on a few of them. A Mars and Saturn trine at the beginning of the week is going to help you get things done, and this sets a beautiful tone for the week leading up to the Full Moon.

Full Moons are always about closures and completions and bringing things to fulfillment. Spend the week working on those themes. Finish your projects, get your work done early, and then you can play like a Pisces. That Mars and Saturn trine early in the week is going to help you do just that. At the same time, this week we prepare for Saturn to turn direct after a long retrograde spell. That will happen next week, and that spells out more productivity for you.

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How will you do that? What are your Full Moon wishes?

Planetary Locations During September 9 to September 15:

Sun: Virgo (August 23, 2019 – September 23, 2019)

Mercury: Virgo (August 29, 2019 – September 14, 2019)

Venus: Virgo (August 21, 2019 – September 14, 2019)

Mars: Virgo (August 18, 2019 – October 4, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (Until March 22, 2020); Retrograde: April 29, 2019 – September 17, 2019

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019 – August 19, 2021); Retrograde: August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024); Retrograde: April 24, 2019 – October 2, 2019

Daily Snapshots for September 9 to September 15:

Monday, September 9

Sun: Virgo – Flawless attention to detail is productive and attractive.

Moon: Aquarius – Follow the feelings and the Einstein ideas you are having today.


  • Mars in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn – This is a favorable transit with two planets working in the Earth signs together. Aggressive Mars is in slower-moving Virgo, and stern and serious Saturn is in the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs Capricorn. Mars isn’t exactly too happy in Virgo, as Virgo moves methodically and Mars rushes in. But in this case, Mars is happy to work with Saturn in a trine that will help you to be very productive today. You have both the energy and the motivation to pursue some big goals. It’s a hard-working day, but also one that could have you crossing authority figures or those that are above you in life, such as your boss, landlord, security guards, or even law enforcement. Having road rage on your commute will work against you. Work with the rules and guidelines of your day, and you will be productive. You won’t need to look for energy to do this though, Mars has you covered here. It’s a good and productive day under this energy.

Tuesday, September 10

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Aquarius


  • Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces – We have an opposition between a planet in an Earth sign and a planet in a Water sign. Earth and Water signs are generally compatible with each other, as Water nurtures Earth and Earth needs water to survive. But sometimes these energies can conflict with each other if there are opposing desires and needs in play. The Sun is shining on some dreams that Neptune is triggering today. It’s up to you to decide what to do with them. The Sun in Virgo may be inspiring you to get some work done today, while Neptune in Pisces may be inspiring you to be a dreamer and stare out your office window a little longer than usual. At the same time, the Sun may be shining on a way for you to follow some big dreams. But you’ll need energy to do that. Time to dig deep and discover what dreams are really worth pursuing today. Or, use fantasy and creativity to your advantage, looking for those little detailed events and activities that can help you lock in a big dream.

Wednesday, September 11

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Aquarius

Thursday, September 12

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Pisces – Closures and fulfillments that are based in love are favored.

Friday, September 13

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Pisces

Saturday, September 14

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Full Moon in Pisces


Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces – Here we have warrior Mars opposite dreamy Neptune in creative Pisces. Mars is in Virgo and Neptune is in Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces. So although we have compatible Earth and Water sign energies working together today, the opposition suggests that there could be some wrinkles. That is, unless, you work to find some harmony within the wrinkles that arrive. Warrior Mars is an energized planet, seeking to energize you throughout the day, but Neptune is exactly the opposite, and this is why you may find a bit of a push and pull effect throughout the day. For example, in love, your partner may want you to do something, while you want to do something with a completely different energy flow. That doesn’t mean you are having a knockdown and drag them out kind of fight. It simply means there is an opposition of energies in play today. Finding the way to resolve these issues without a huge temper tantrum is the mission of the day. Follow your passions vis a vis Mars, but also, follow some creative and dreamy energies as well as Neptune is calling for. When you lead with love, no matter what you are passionate about today, you win.

Sunday, September 15

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Aries – That little spark of passion you have needs to be unleashed.

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Virgo season amplifies the qualities of Virgo, namely practicality, focus and determination. The New Moon in Virgo, also known as the Black Supermoon, brings the chance for all of us to delve deep within ourselves and dig out the whatever is holding us back. This epitomizes the Virgo sign beautifully as we focus on cleansing and clearing ourselves in pursuit of clear goals. What’s more, we have a Virgo stellium in our midst – the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus are all in Virgo and will continue to be there for the next couple of weeks.

So, there really is some potent Virgo energy around and that’s why this article is handy for people of all signs, not just Virgoans themselves. Virgo energy is incredibly useful when working towards a goal or implementing visions for the future; and when combined with crystals for Virgo, you really become unstoppable!

Read on to find out what grounding crystals for Virgo you can incorporate this season and how they can best help you.


The Amazonite crystal is an excellent stone for balance. Virgo is the sign of the perfectionist. While this is very helpful in terms of maintaining consistency in striving towards a goal, in its negative spectrum it can lead to stress, anxiety and endless worry. Amazonite is a great crystal for grounding because it keeps the energies balanced, preventing stressful emotions.


Howlite is a great crystal as it not only grounds and balances, but puts you in touch with your spiritual side, amplifying your intuition. It’s especially helpful if you want to harness some of that Virgo energy for Feng Shui as creating order and wellness in your living and working environments is something the howlite crystal can bring balance and sustenance to.

Moss Agate:

All Virgo people and everyone in Virgo season could do with a bit of Moss Agate. Moss Agate works wonderfully with Virgo energy as it is all about new beginnings. Anyone who wants to embark on a new endeavour, new hobby, new relationship or new aspiration would benefit from a piece of moss agate around their neck or in their pocket. This crystal strives for the best while maintaining a keen and alert balance so things do not become out of hand.


Carnelian is a crystal of energy and passion. Sometimes, Virgo energy can throw us into a mindset of “All work and no play” and sometimes this can escalate into an “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” way of thinking. To balance out the extreme focus of Virgo energy, the carnelian crystal brings zest and creativity to ensure that the focus never becomes dull or dispassionate!


A crystal of tenderness and spiritual affection, the sugilite crystal is particularly good for abstract thinking and letting go of precision and the finer details, which Virgo can sometimes fall victim to. Mapping out the finer details is very useful in many tasks, but it can be a blockage towards seeing things from a different or higher perspective. Sugilite encourages abstract thinking and a gentle release of too much precision, helping to ground the energy and prompt a more ‘go with the flow’ energy.


Chrysocolla is a calming crystal, one that promotes peace and tranquillity. As previously mentioned, Virgoans tend towards perfectionism which can result in bouts of stress. The chrysocolla stone works hard to tackle this stress with its soothing energy. It is particularly good during moments of meditation, clasped between one’s palms, helping to balance out the internal energies.


Amethyst is always an excellent crystal for grounding and it is no different when assisting us with the Virgo energy! Virgo can sometimes have trouble connecting to their own emotions as their laser-like focus is so powerful. Amethyst can gently ease them towards getting in touch with the other side of themselves, which is likewise excellent for balance.


Remember, now is a fantastic opportunity for people from all over to harness the brilliant, dedicated energy of Virgo. As with any other sign, Virgo comes with its own pitfalls, just as it comes with its wonderful qualities. The crystals listed above can help to balance the positive and negative together, ensuring you will have the most productive and diligent season, expanding your horizons and helping you get your head down to the task at hand.

As this is also a strong season for new beginnings, the combination of this with the Virgo energy can make for a particularly powerful time. Virgo is an energy that all craftsman and entrepreneurs adore – and as we are all entrepreneurs in our own way, we can all benefit from the fantastic energies sailing across the horizon at this time!

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Get ready for a powerful Full Moon in Pisces on September 14th!

The energies of this particular Full Moon are transformational and can be life-changing. Otherwise known as the Harvest Moon, this is the term granted to any Full Moon closest to the Northern and Southern Equinox on September 22nd. It is called the Harvest Moon because it represents a time when everyone is ready to gather the harvest – and this Full Moon in Pisces can certainly be associated with harvest for each of us in our own individual ways!

The Moon loves being in Water signs. Her natural home is in Cancer, but with any Water sign, she feels in her element. Here, among the watery depths of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, the Moon’s natural disposition for intuition, femininity, nurturing, mystery and magic is empowered, having a potent effect on those of us on earth.

With the Full Moon in Pisces, we are awakened to the spiritual world and our Crown chakra is activated. Our emotions are incredibly powerful at this time. We still have the recent Black Supermoon influencing us, forcing us to confront the dark side within ourselves. With the Full Moon in Pisces exerting its powerful energy on us, we have the choice to decide which way we direct our feelings and emotions: do we thrive with them, spreading love and compassion in abundance? Or do we sink into our ego, allowing our negative qualities to take the rein, watching them amplified under the Moon’s influence? The suppression or misuse of our emotions at this time can also lead to weakened intuition, which goes against the natural energies of the Moon. Therefore, we may wish to be careful when it comes to our feelings and employ some of the powerful Virgo energy currently circulating, which encourages analysis and critical thinking. Thinking before we speak and taking a deep breath before we act can help us harness our intuition effectively, as well as motivate us to manifest our dreams into reality.

For this is a magnificent time for manifestation! The masculine energies of Mars and the Sun in Virgo give us a “Just do it!” attitude which motivates and propels us, while the feminine energies of the Moon in Pisces help us tap into our innermost hopes and dreams. A combination of the two can literally transform dreams into reality.

Using the Tarot for Full Moon in Pisces

You can never go wrong with a bit of help from the Tarot cards! The Full Moon in Pisces brings a deep, spiritual and sensitive time for us. It can be challenging fully understanding the messages the universe has for us or finding our way through the spiritual maze, but a Tarot card reading can give us greater insight and help us clarify a few things. Here, we’ll be looking into the overall themes of this upcoming Full Moon, which is about realization, transformation, acceptance and sacrifice. The various Tarot card meanings can help you understand the energies of this Harvest Moon and how you can harness it to work best for you.

The reading is explained below:

4 Card Spread for Moon in Pisces

  • Card 1: A cycle coming to completion/an ending (This card represents something in your life that is coming to a close)
  • Card 2: A prevalent or salient emotion (This card represents the most powerful emotion within you which will have an important effect on you at this time)
  • Card 3: What must be released/sacrifice (This card represents what you need to let go of to move forward)
  • Card 4: What will emerge/grow (This card represents what will happen as a result of this transformation)

So, let’s do an example reading below!

Card 1: 2 of Cups

As the card that represents something coming to a close, this shows that an emotional relationship is reaching an end. This could be a romantic relationship, a friendship, a work relationship – even a relationship you have with yourself! If it is the latter, it may be a conflict you have within yourself that you are no longer happy with (I.e. being unhappy with your job but forcing yourself to do it anyway; the 2 of Cups here indicates you will sever ties in this area and tell yourself, “Right, I’ve had enough, I’m not doing it anymore!)

Card 2: 5 of Cups

As the card that represents a prevalent emotion, the 5 of Cups is a powerful card for grief and loss. This would indicate that the loss of the relationship indicated in the first card is causing you much sadness and devastation. Familiarity is a powerful thing, especially when accompanied with deep, true feelings. The 5 of Cups is a card of mourning for something that has gone. However, with this card is it important to remember that the man who wallows in grief in the picture still has two cups standing; this shows us that all is not as bad as it seems and the man can still see light on the horizon, if he looks up to find it.

Card 3: 6 of Cups

As the card that represents what must be released in order to move on, this shows clearly that nostalgia and memories are holding the reader back. Wallowing in memories run the risk of forever drowning in them. However, the 6 of Cups shows us that without the release of these memories, it can have negative consequences for us in the long run, leaving us trapped in shadows of the past. This is the advice card – to grow and move forward, one must be able to let go of what came before.

Card 4: The Emperor

As the card that represents what will emerge from this transformation, the Emperor shows a powerful person who has mastered themselves and their surroundings. This is the ultimate pinnacle of transformation – to transmute the pain and suffering into strength and fortitude. If the reader is able to see the pain through, without resistance or struggle, they will find themselves rising from the ashes and becoming stronger than ever before.

Ultimately, this reading is one of hope and strength. Challenges and difficulties will arise, but the reader has every ability to face them, learn from them and grow from them – as the final card shows us.


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This upcoming Full Moon in Pisces is truly something special and it is up to you how you wish to harness its magical energy. Being aware of its potent effects can help prepare you and look for little signs that transformation is on its way.

Whatever the transformation is, it will be for the positive in the long term. Checking out your daily Tarot online can also be a big help in assisting you with riding the waves as we near the Harvest Moon. The Moon’s lunar energies want to help and guide you; sometimes her lesson may not be the easiest, but in typical nurturing fashion, she has your best interests at heart.

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​Just as there is a lot to learn in astrology, there are many layers and details to the form of divination called palmistry.

Palmistry reveals personality traits, general energy, types of life events, and can be predictive which is called chiromancy. Whether you’re interested in being a palm reader, curious how a stranger pin-pointed your secret feelings or just overall curious if there is something to be found within this practice, one place you can look is at the hand shapes and finger shapes. Start by getting to know one topic and see how accurate it is before learning the next thing.

Once you’ve observed the finger and hand shapes of people you know to see how their personalities match up to these shapes, maybe you’ll want to learn about the main lines, the mounts, or the types of lines. Observing finger and hand shapes at parties or out in public is a lot of fun and it can give you insights into how people think or relate to the world around them so you can get along with them easier.

Many people spend time flailing about in life trying to figure out who they are, and they don’t realize it’s all right there in their palms. Helping people see their own unique nature or finding your own can unlock the life of your dreams so you can see what you’re really good at and align your life with it. It can also reveal areas you can work on to find balance such as calming a temper or impulsiveness.

The Basic Hand Shapes:


A dainty hand reveals someone is naturally inclined to have an appreciation for beauty and is stimulated through the senses. Their hand is thin and nothing about it is rugged. They are often a person who is naturally intuitive and enjoys life through colors, textures, scents, and flavor.

They can be quite gifted artistically and live in a world of idealism. They have trouble with practicality or getting the more practical things done on time. They can get lost in their imagination, a good book, or stimulating conversation. They thrive in creative pursuits and feel trapped in overly structured environments.


A long hand reveals someone who is a thinker and intellectual. They probably spend more money on books, travel, and education than they do on cars, clothes, and jewelry. They have an insatiable curiosity and enjoy stimulating conversation. They may even be a bit dishevelled on the exterior or at home because they spend more time collecting information than paying attention appearances.

They are full of theories, pose questions, and often engage with people of different backgrounds. They tend to be writers, philosophers, librarians, teachers, or work in humanitarian fields.


A hand that is markedly flat on the top or bottom reveals an energetic person. They have endurance and a strong work ethic. They are usually confident and ready to try new things. They like to be active more than at rest and can get a lot done compared to others. They are known for having a strong will and for being passionate people who wear their emotions on their sleeve. They often are athletes or entrepreneurs and can be very successful in whatever they put their minds to.

They have the creativity and a desire to accomplish more than others which often puts them in leadership roles or guarantees they keep themselves busy. They may not be great at relaxing or self-reflection.


These are the stable and practical people who will stick with their long term goals and think things through. They live in ‘the real world.’ They are reliable but can also be a bit hotheaded. They know how to read people and are loyal by nature. They like to be financially stable and have a plan. They are the people you call when you’re in a bind. They will usually be skeptical of people who are too high energy and tend to not make life-altering changes too quickly or all that often.

They are kind, generous, and sensitive souls with a big heart. They are people of their word and expect people to be the same. They may have trouble understanding people who have different belief systems or feel threatened by someone who wants to get close to them too quickly. They are good with their hands and can fix or build things. They are thorough and do not rush. They don’t need to be the center of attention but can be a bit inflexible at times.

The Finger Shapes:


They enjoy being direct and are not going to mull over decisions or dwell in their feelings for extended periods of time. If they feel something, they say it. They can have a temper if they don’t know that they lack a filter. People appreciate their forthrightness but they have to be careful not to offend. They can be a lot of fun to hang out with because of their spontaneity and ability to enjoy the pleasures of life but they need to try not to get too carried away. They like to have financial security.


These are people who are the nurturers and parents and are willing to bring up important topics. You can rely on them to be real and emotionally stable. They understand the world and emotions and can often give good advice. They won’t do something if it’s frivolous and are not materialistic. They have a good ability to focus and remarkable intelligence.


They are usually a sensitive and intelligent person who can be a bit indecisive. They will look at all angles before making a decision but values doing what is right over what is easy. They are considerate of others and try to live with the awareness of how their actions affect others. They would rather work for a cause than for money.


They are able to move through life gracefully and seem to have the magic touch to be able to get things done or get what they want. They like to be the best at whatever they do and do not like losing. They are calm and powerful with an alluring charm. They tend to be a bit mysterious.

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Closing Thoughts…

To continue learning about the secrets of your palms, visit our Palmistry homepage to browse our articles on various topics. We recommend you don’t try to learn it all in one day because it is too much information to digest that quickly. You may find it helpful to see the similar traits that a person’s palm reveals that is also reflected in their Chinese Zodiac. There are quite a few systems that reveal the blueprint of a person’s soul including numerology, astrology, and palmistry and if you explore the common threads between each of them you can really see that you do have a purpose, specific gifts, and of course areas for improvement.

Of course, you may look at someone’s hands and think there is not a clear category fit. Some people have mixed characteristics which is what makes palmistry even more interesting. They may have short fingers but very prominent knuckles and show signs of both finger types. The more you observe people’s behavior and hands, the more their hands will start to speak to you. You will intuitively be able to pinpoint the many dimensions in them with remarkable accuracy.

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​Here we go, folks! It’s Full Moon time again! Don’t freak out, okay? This one is going to be all about the love.

For those zodiac signs that aren’t too touchy-feely with their hearts and their feelings words, you may have a tough time. But if you follow our tips and guidelines, then you’ll be okay. We’ve got you! This time we have the Full Moon in a beautiful Water sign, which means emotions are going to be stirring. This month’s Full Moon arrives on September 14, and arrives in the glorious Mutable sign of the Water signs, Pisces.

September’s Full Moon in Pisces is going to close up some issues that you planted or began under the New Moon in Virgo that occurred at the end of August. You’re bringing it full circle now. And when you do, you are leading with love. Full Moons tend to be a little on the emotional side to begin with, and with Pisces chiming in here, you are going to see those feelings dialled up a notch.

So today we are going to take you step-by-step through it. Use your Autumn Equinox Tarot reading to start, and then follow the stars. Today we are going to show you how the Full Moon in Pisces is going to affect you for each zodiac sign.

Are you ready? Let’s get to it.

To-Do List: Autumn Equinox Prep – Your Pre-Fall 2019 Tarot Reading

Full Moon in Pisces Themes

Full Moons are emotional to begin with as the Full Moon guides our feelings. That’s why people get a little weird around Full Moons. It can be overwhelming for some. Full Moons are also about closures and bringing things to fulfillment or completion. You finish a work project, take a relationship to a new level, or something in your life comes full circle.

Then we have Pisces. Pisces is the compassionate one, the Mutable Water sign that is flexible and resilient, and also very loving. Sometimes people get annoyed with Pisces because Pisces forgives almost anyone for anything and is generally non-judgmental. So long as you are serving mankind, Pisces will forgive almost anything. But Pisces also leads with love and that’s why we love Pisces.

As a Mutable sign, you may have your hands in many different pots under this Full Moon. But know that you are bringing something to an end or full circle, and when you lead with love, you win. Here’s how it’s going to impact each zodiac sign.

Aries – Say No to Secrets

Aries, you have the Full Moon in Pisces in your twelfth house of spirituality and secrets. There is a lot of karma in play in a fairly emotional ending here. It’s time to go with the flow on this ending like Pisces does as a Mutable sign.

Dreams are particularly potent and important too. This is also your house of secrets. It’s time to bring one of those to an end as well. When you do, relief arrives. Put it to bed and you begin to see more purpose. It’s time for you to focus more on your life than on everybody else’s. You will be more emotional than usual, and alone time is favored.

Taurus – Friends in High Places

Oh dear, Taurus, your friends are going to be your lifelines now. The Full Moon in Pisces is impacting your eleventh house of groups and friendships, and a friendship issue comes to a close. This is not serious or intense, but it is coming from a place of love and support. You know who you can count on and who you can’t. They may not be big people or celebrities, but they are in high places to you.

They are your superstars right now and you feel completed when you spend time with the ones that uplift your sense of Self. You can be proud of who you have chosen in your life, and they will take you far.

Gemini – All Eyes Are on You

The Full Moon in Pisces is working your tenth house of career destiny, Gemini, and you are feeling the crunch of some public image stuff. You may not be too pleased with the results, either. But you might be ecstatic about them too. This is an opportunity for you to put something to bed that enables you to see a higher status. This is the time to complete a big work thing, or make a big pitch to a higher up. If your karma matters are in good shape, your star is going to rise. If not, tend to these now because people are watching when your public image house is lit up.

Cancer – You Have a Dream

The Full Moon in fellow Water sign Pisces is working your ninth house of foreign affairs and big adventures, Cancer. You may be thinking far and wide into the big wide world, and making big plans about your life. You have a dream and you are committed to it. And if you don’t, now is the time to just stare into the world and think long and far about it. What do you want? If you dream it, it will come, under this Full Moon.

It’s going to put a wrap on something you’ve been thinking about or wondering about for a long time. It’s a good time for a road trip, the kind where you just drive and think about stuff. Or it’s a good time to expand your mind with different ideas for adventurous things. Step outside the box now, it’s okay. You have a dream and you’ll be committed to it now.

Leo – Rebirth!

You are ready for a total transformation, Leo. With Summer coming to a close, you are taking the seasonal change very seriously. It’s time for a brand new way of doing things for your Higher Self, and it’s time to close up a matter to do so. The Full Moon in Pisces is working your eighth house of transformations, and you are ready for that infinity-like change.

You feel the weight of your karma, and you know that you are ready to put one issue behind you so that you can form your rebirth with another. You are committed to only saying hello to the things that serve your higher spiritual Self. It may mean cutting something out, and when you do, you need to put it behind you for good. The weight that is lifted will be exhilarating and you will definitely see the tides of change turning in your favor.

Virgo – Relationship Check-In

This one is all about the love, Virgo, and this could get a little more intense than usual. The Full Moon in Pisces is working your seventh house of relationships and true love, and you are sooooo feeling the love tonight. You may be putting a relationship matter to bed, and you may be just putting something behind you. It’s possible that a relationship change will occur, but don’t freak out. You may be single now, and not, later.

Or you may decide that something isn’t serving you and you need to put something to bed. Could be putting it to bed literally too though! It’s time to work together to change a status. Business partnerships are good too. Lead with your heart in all aspects, compassion comes first, and you will see some magic happening in every possible way.

Libra – Details, Details, Details

The Full Moon in Libra is working your sixth house of details, Libra, and you are going to see something come to completion at work or in a regular routine. You might see a schedule change at work, or you may be putting a particular health matter to bed or bringing it full circle. You may end a diet for example, or see some positive results with a doctor or medical situation. You may even just be finishing a cold.

Something that has changed your recent routine is going to come full circle now. It will be all about the little things now, Libra. Details matter. Changing the slightest thing in your life now is going to make a big change today, or down the road. You’ll know what detail it is when you see it, if you are paying attention.

Scorpio – You Just Wanna Have Fun!

You always get a little bit excited when a Pisces Moon kicks around, and this Full Moon in Pisces is no exception. This Full Moon is touching your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment, and you are excited by the possibilities. A romantic matter may come full circle, and your relationship status may change….for the better. You are living it up every minute too. And if your relationship is suffering or has just kind of lost its shine, you’ll take care of it too.

Just remember, Scorpio, karma points are high now, especially under Pisces. If you aren’t leading with integrity and compassion, the ending you will see won’t be very fun at all. You’ve got this though.

Sagittarius – Home is Where the Win Is

Your domestic center is really stoked right now, Sagittarius, and that is due to this emotive Full Moon in Pisces in your fourth house of roots and foundations. There are a number of things that could be going on here for you, and you want to think back to new beginnings you started about two weeks ago under the New Moon in Virgo. Home matters are taking front and center in an ending kind of way.

You may be moving, closing a real estate deal, signing a mortgage, or even finishing a renovation at home. Something involving the home and family is coming full circle, and you are feeling quite relieved by it all. Put your home people first, and that’s where your win comes under this Full Moon.

Capricorn – Lead With Feelings Words

This is not going to be the easiest Full Moon for you, Capricorn, as you are full of emotions you don’t know what to do with. Talk about them. It’s okay. Nothing bad is going to happen when you do. The Full Moon in Pisces is working your third house of communication, and you are closing up a matter related to information and communication.

Lead with good feelings words, like “I like” or “I love” or if you can’t do that, try “I feel like…” And finish the sentence. As the pragmatic Cardinal Earth sign, you don’t generally roll this way so this may feel awkward. But you get the W for the Win when you use your heart instead of your head here.

Aquarius – Money Matters Matter

Your self-esteem is high and you are feeling on top of the world, Aquarius. The Full Moon in Pisces is working your second house of earned income, and this is going to close up a money matter. But this is also your house of confidence, so you are feeling good about something overall as well. Keep this positive energy going, and you may see a nice money bonus come out.

You also might have a money matter come full circle, like you are putting a big debt or big bill to bed. Whatever matter is closing now, you are feeling like you are the king or queen of your world. This issue gives your confidence a boost that you have not seen in some time. It’s time to put it behind you now and you will feel ten feet taller when you do.

Pisces – It is Your Time to Shine!

This is the only Full Moon that you will get this year, Pisces, and it is truly your time to shine. This Full Moon is in your first house of self, and you are feeling more confident than you have in some time. You are closing a chapter and it’s one that you’ve undergone a great deal of reflection for. And it’s working! You feel like a weight of a hundred buildings has been lifted from your shoulders.

You also may be considering a new look entirely, to put an old you behind you and bring in a new one. It’s almost a new year for you, and that is the energy you are feeling now. Get a new look, go shopping for some new clothes, clean out your closets, dye your hair purple, whatever. Do that thing you are inspired to do right now. It’s your time to shine and it’s time for that new chapter – and you’re writing it.

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​There was a time, not so long ago, that some people in the astrological community were up in arms, concerned that a 13th sign had changed our zodiac lives forever. Many believed they were no longer a member of the sign they had for so long identified with.

Fortunately, that sign — Ophiuchus — is only used in Sidereal Astrology. (Sidereal Astrology uses the exact size and location of the planets at the time you were born, whereas tropical astrology uses seasons of the Earth to set constellations.) So, for those who practice Tropical Astrology, which is most widely used in Western nations, your sign has always remained the same. You can officially breathe easy and leave that Virgo poster on your wall.

While Ophiuchus has been rejected as a sign by many Tropical and Sidereal astrologers alike, it is a fascinating constellation to learn more about — especially for those who are interested in also learning more about what this “sign” means to certain astrologers.

The Serpent Bearer

Ophiuchus is also known as The Serpent Bearer, and as a sign it would fall between November 29th and December 17th. It is symbolized by a man holding a snake and is not associated with any element, unlike the 12 accepted signs of the zodiac.

While the constellation has existed since the dawn of astrology, Ophiuchus was introduced to astrology not by astrologers, but astronomers and scientists — who typically dispute the merits of astrology altogether. In fact, it was Parke Kunkel, a professor of astronomy at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, who suggested that a process called procession had shifted astrology as the Babylonians would have known it. Kunkel gave this information to the Star Tribune, yet the issue came up again when NASA published a blog in 2016 describing the differences between astrology and astronomy — all while claiming that the astrological dates known to Babylonians would not apply today and that a 13th sign is looming over our heads.

As it turns out, Kunkel was never trying to revolutionize the world of astrology — he doesn’t even believe in it. However, through the power of social media and the lightning-fast speed of the spread of information in the internet age, the story swept the world wide web and left us all momentarily confused. Kunkel was simply pointing out a constellation that the sun passes through between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

According to astrologer Jeff Jawer, the very reason that any difference between Babylonian dates and the current astrological dates used does not change our outlook on the zodiac according to tropical astrology is because of the nature of Tropical Astrology. Of the signs changing, Jawer told the Daily Horoscope, “There is no truth in this. Western astrologers use the Tropical Zodiac, which is based on the seasons, not the signs.”

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Ophiuchus Traits

While Ophiuchus may not be considered a sign across the astrological community, it is still interesting to learn about the traits of the Serpent Bearer — especially because this is an actual constellation that the sun passes through, and it is considered a sign to some who practice Sidereal or Vedic astrology.

Ophiuchus is the only “sign” in astrology that is actually depicted by a man. The Greeks believed he represented Apollo, battling the guard of the Oracle of Delphi — a snake.

Ophiuchus is said to seek knowledge and wisdom. This constellation encourages curiosity, transformation, comedy, and passion. Negative traits are said to be a secretive personality and jealousy.

Ophiuchus is associated with dream interpretation, sexual magnetism, passion, a healing nature, rebellion, and a likeable personality. It is also said that this sign often receives special treatment or favor. Interestingly, this sign is said to be drawn to plaid.

Do you identify with any of these traits? If you were born during the end of November or beginning of December and you feel like these descriptions match up with your personality, this might be a matter worth more exploration. After all, astrology is a personal matter, and it exists to help you understand more about yourself.

Astronomy vs. Astrology

One important lesson to be learned is to look to astrologers for news or information pertaining to the zodiac. While thousands of years ago these two practices were essentially one and the same, this is no longer the case. Although certain scientists or astronomers may suggest new information regarding astrology, we have to look at the source and the meaning behind what they’re saying.

Despite the fact that Ophiuchus is not a sign in Tropical Astrology, each star and constellation has a message to send; and learning more about the constellations is a great way to begin to feel more connected to the cosmic wisdom available to us each and every day.

Click here to learn more about astrology.

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