Day: October 18, 2019


Greetings, Earthlings!

It’s the final countdown to Fall. We are in the last chunk of Summer, and the lazy and hazy days are winding down. But that doesn’t mean the fun is over. Some of it is just beginning! All of the fun you’ve been having this season that started with the New Moon eclipse in Cardinal sign of the Water signs, Cancer, is going to start laying down dome roots.

The New Moon in Fixed Fire sign Leo that came one month after that lit a spark on some of your biggest dreams. Maybe some of them were just fantasy. But who cares? Isn’t dreaming big and living large what Summer is all about? It’s what Leo is all about too.

Were we right? Revisit these New Moon in Leo Love Horoscopes to get a check on your love game. It’s not too late to plant the seeds of new beginnings in love.

This week, all of those sparks from Leo energy and love from Cancer energy will begin to lay down roots with the New Moon in the Mutable sign of the Earth signs, Virgo, that is happening this week! You’ll want to focus on doing just that, laying down some roots and planting the seeds of new beginnings as we work towards Fall.

And it’s not just the New Moon. Communicator Mercury is entering Virgo as well. You are going to start seeing the lazy days wind down, and some slower but more productive, and more committed, energy coming in.

Virgo energy is going to draw your attention to a flawless attention to detail. That is going to have you nitpicking as well. Try not to jump to that. When you are confused or perplexed, use this slower energy of Virgo to take a step back and assess the situation from a realistic perspective.

When you are feeling stuck and need to mull something over, our Daily Horoscopes are by your side. And, a Free Tarot reading during the New Moon zone will help you to make some sound decisions.

Logic prevails over emotions now. It’s time to be as real as it gets. But just because you are using your head, doesn’t mean you can’t bring your heart with you.

Happy Virgo season, Earthlings!

Planetary Locations During August 26 – September 1, 2019:

Sun: Virgo (August 23, 2019 – September 23, 2019)

Mercury: Leo (August 11, 2019 – August 29, 2019); Virgo (August 29, 2019 – September 14, 2019)

Venus: Virgo (August 21 2019 – September 14, 2019)

Mars: Virgo (August 18, 2019 – October 4, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (Until March 22, 2020) Retrograde: April 29, 2019 – September 17, 2019

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019 – August 19, 2021) Retrograde: August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024); Retrograde: April 24, 2019 – October 2, 2019

Daily Snapshots for August 26 to September 1:

Monday, August 26

Sun: Virgo – Flawless attention to detail is productive and attractive.

Moon: Cancer – Nurturing others nurtures your soul.


  • Venus in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus – Here we have lover Venus trining with shock planet Uranus, and both of these planets are in Earth signs. This is a favorable transit that is going to have you seeing some unexpected bolts of excitement. You are really wanting to break the mould today in a lasting way. The littlest change will do it too. It’s a dye your hair purple kind of day today just because you can. New relationships could start today, or you may just see some unexpected bolts of excitement creeping in. It’s time to really step out of the box. Today you are inspired to do that. What will it be?

Tuesday, August 27

Sun: Leo – The Sun is shining on all that feels good and bold. Time to take charge of those hidden sparks of inspiration.

Moon: Leo – Feed your inner child today.

Wednesday, August 28

Sun: Leo

Moon: Leo

Thursday, August 29

Sun: Leo

Moon: Virgo – Your flawless attention to details and lists help you win today.

Friday, August 30

Sun: Virgo

Moon: New Moon in Virgo

Saturday, August 31

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Libra – Begin new chapters by giving peace a chance.

Sunday, September 1

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Libra


  • Mercury in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus – You are stimulated in every way today, but mostly intellectually. Big and bright ideas are coming at you. You want to express yourself in a way that you haven’t before. Or, you may be hearing from someone that feels this way or wants to express themselves in a unique way. This is the kind of day when people say something that they’ve been meaning to say for a while, and they keep it in and keep it in and keep it in until they get really ticked off, or lovey-dovey, and it all comes out. Expect this today, and it may be from you. Use the restless energy of today to scrub the floors, purge the closets, go for a run, or all of the above. This is favorable energy so it’s not likely to bring much tension into the day. But even good changes can be stressful. Use your feelings words but also be very rational amidst likely outbursts today. Being the calm one makes you the winning one.

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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One of the first things people like to discover when it comes to astrology is compatibility between signs. Astrology can be a fun, unique way to try to determine whether or not you and your match are right for each other. But astrological compatibility may be more complex than you originally thought.

The easiest and most popular way to look at your compatibility with another person using the map of the stars is to look at and compare your Sun signs. (Your Sun sign refers to the location of the Sun when you were born and is the sign you most likely identify as or check when looking at horoscopes.) While there is some definite truth to the compatibilities found between Sun signs, there are many other key factors to consider.

Your birth chart consists of your unique astrological map, detailing the position and relationships of the planets at the time of your birth. The Sun sign is one of the most important signs to examine, yet there are many other aspects within your chart that contribute to your one-of-a-kind personality. Other important details to look at when it comes to love include your Moon sign, your Rising sign, and your Venus placement — and the houses they fall under.

For a truly comprehensive dive into the positive and negative aspects of a certain relationship, you might want to consult an Astrologer and ask them to run your birth charts together, a process that results in a synastry report. The synastry report will look at how your charts interact together and give you a detailed view of strengths and weaknesses this partnership may possess. This is the best approach for a compatibility report that truly factors in all the elements of your personality; yet exploring the compatibility between Sun signs can still be a fun and easy way to take a light-hearted peek into your union.

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Sun Sign Compatibility

It’s true that there are many factors that go into your unique birth chart, but your Sun sign is still likely to represent a substantial portion of who you are, astrologically.

Your Sun sign represents your essential identity, your life force, your individuality. Your Sun sign can tell you quite a bit about yourself, so it’s no wonder that we use our Sun signs so frequently to explore romantic compatibility.

The following guide will tell you which signs you are most likely to vibe with, based on your Sun sign.

Aries Compatibility

As a passionate Fire sign, you have a charming personality that seems to draw people to you. It may not be difficult for you to find a match, however, pairing up with another Aries may cause the fire and passion to grow beyond your preferred boundaries.

Your most compatible signs are fellow Fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius, or intellectual Air signs, like Aquarius and Gemini.

Taurus Compatibility

Taurean energy is sensible yet sensual, although as your loved ones may know, you can come across as stubborn at times. This quality could also be attributed to the loyalty you possess, which you need from your partners.

You would get along well with the loyal and hard-working Virgo, another grounded Earth sign. Additionally, the understanding and intuitive nature of Pisces will work hard to see your point of view.

Gemini Compatibility

Geminis are known as the “Twin Sign” because of the duality within their nature. Your mind is sharp and quick, and you need someone who can keep up with your shifting ideas.

The intellectual nature of fellow Air signs Libra and Aquarius are quick-witted enough to follow your speeding train of thought. The dual nature of Pisces is also likely to understand the many sides of your personality.

Cancer Compatibility

Cancers are a sensitive Water sign, whose emotional nature can sometimes lead to jealousy or misunderstandings within relationships.

You would pair well with someone who understands your emotional nature, like the intuitive and mysterious Scorpio. The intimate and loyal nature of the Taurus would also fulfill your need for deep connection.

Leo Compatibility

Leos are gregarious and friendly, preferring the center stage to a seat in the audience. You need to find a mellow yet light-hearted personality that will support your need for admiration.

Sagittarians are a contemporary to your Fire sign, and they admire your willingness to put yourself out there. On the other hand, social Libras are happy to find the balance between their need for beauty and your need for love.

Virgo Compatibility

Virgos are practical and grounded, hard-working and independent. You need someone who shares your values and pragmatic concerns, like fellow Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn.

The earthy nature of these signs helps you express the parts of yourself that may seem less exciting to some, like organization and a strong work ethic. These signs complement each other’s need for stability in order to find passion.

Libra Compatibility

The Air sign, Libra, is concerned with balance, beauty, truth, and love. You prefer harmony to confrontation, and you like to get along within relationships.

The buoyant energy of Leo works well with your love of beauty and life in general, while a fellow Air sign would bring out your need for intellectual discourse. A Gemini, Aquarius, or even another Libra would flow well with your personality.

Scorpio Compatibility

This Water sign runs deep and contains a wealth of mystery and intrigue.

You need a partner who feels things intensely and doesn’t shy away from the grittiness of life, like another Scorpio. Your love of life’s mystery and intensity will be understood and even celebrated within such a union. You would also get along well with the watery, dreamy Pisces.

Sagittarius Compatibility

Your bubbly, optimistic personality is always looking for the next fun thing to do, and as a result, you get quite bored and often lose focus.

You need another adventure-seeking personality, like your Fire sign counterparts, Leo and Aries. Leos bring out your social side and help you put yourself out there, while Aries’ fire feeds your passion for life and helps you maintain your own enthusiasm.

Capricorn Compatibility

This sign doesn’t beat around the bush, and you won’t get along well with anyone who prefers to sugarcoat a situation.

Your Earth flows well with the grounded natures of Virgo and Taurus, as they understand your need for practical communication. You might also find a compatible union with Scorpio, who isn’t afraid of talking about the difficult subjects, and whose sensual nature will encourage a passionate physical relationship.

Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarians are the revolutionaries of the zodiac, always innovating and thinking of new and exciting ways to better humanity. You need another visionary like yourself to spark ideas and passion in your life.

The far-reaching goals of the Sagittarius would inspire and delight your senses. On the other hand, you can maintain deep and intellectual conversations easily with fellow Air signs, Libra and Gemini.

Pisces Compatibility

Pisces are the dreamers — sensitive, whimsical, and ruled by Water. You need someone who understands your emotive nature and supports your creativity and self-expression.

Fellow Water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, understand what it’s like to swim in the depths of emotional waters, and they won’t shy away when you’re feeling moody. These signs will support your creativity and acknowledge your feelings.

The Astrological Truth

While this guide suggests certain signs that you may be more compatible with than others, it is impossible to say that there is any sign you would be truly incompatible with. Our Sun signs can guide us toward many layers of truth, but to accurately determine true compatibility, you must look at both of your charts in conjunction with one another.

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Well, it is that time again friends for your download on the special astrology today. Let us guide you to receive the gifts that this monthly New Moon can offer you! And this time we have the New Moon in Libra, arriving on September 28 in all of its balanced glory to help you get on track for Fall. What New Moon wishes do you have this month? Universe says, if you play your cards right, your wish is its command!

With Libra being a Cardinal sign, a sign that launches a season, and a sign famous for beginnings, you have at your disposal a wide range of new possibilities this month. Today we start new goals and they often will bear fruit in just two and a half weeks at the time of the Full Moon. It’s very exciting! This is the most important day for your manifesting and for reaching your goals both small and large.

This starts a new sixth-month cycle of goal setting as well so take some time to meditate and write down your goals clearly. What beginnings do you want? If you’ve been looking for some peace and harmony, the New Moon in Libra has all of that potential for you…and more! How can you make the most of it? By following our handy lovable Libra New Moon checklist, of course!

Key Themes With New Moon in Libra

• What?

This is a New Moon event, and New Moons usher in new beginnings. As this New Moon occurs at the beginning of Fall, consider fall-like themes in your wishes, what wishes do you want to harvest this month?

• Where?

Themes of Libra that will be of note here are romance, balance, harmony, communication, intelligence, beginnings, and leadership! Work your wishes accordingly!

• Who?

This New Moon falls in an Air sign, and of course Libra will feel these effects the most intensely. The other Air signs, Gemini and Aquarius will also enjoy some extra special energy this month. Even so, this New Moon is falling on us ALL, and so all zodiac signs will get to appreciate these wonderful, lovable Libra effects.

• When?

The New Moon is on September 28. Remember, 48 hours before and after this event offers energy that is yours for the taking, so enjoy this energy right through to September 30!

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Your Checklist for the New Moon in Lovable Libra

• Spruce It Up A Bit

With the Sun (and many of the other planets) in Virgo, the past few weeks have been about getting back to the grindstone for many. With the Sun now in Libra, and also the New Moon in Libra, art and romance will be the focus. Libra is ruled by Venus, who loves companionship and beautiful environments. Is it time to spice up your wardrobe by donating and thrift store browsing or perhaps you’d like to do something fun and flirty with your hair? Your true beauty is on the inside where your creativity lives so express that love for the world and it will start to be mirrored back to you.

• Even Out Your Life Boat

Is all of your time and energy spent on one side of the ship of your life causing you to feel lopsided? Balance is also a key theme with Libra, so what you want to do here in this New Moon period is to take stock of what is out of whack in your life. Where do you need more balance? Relationships? Work? Make a list, but focus on the first thing you wrote down because subconsciously, that is your most important one. Focus your wishes on that first thing, and make a task list for the rest. Libra loves lists!

• Lead With Optimism & Let Creativity Soar

Virgo energy was about over-analyzing and obsessing and we may have felt like a total stress ball. But now, Libra energy is about grace and composure. Use your ability to see the good in any situation to rise above pettiness and let optimism win. You can now see how things can go right instead of looking for problems so use it to launch into your creative pursuits!

• Don’t Stick Your Foot In It

You may feel smarter than everyone else but stay humble. Libra is a skilled communicator, as a Cardinal sign in the Air group, they are also among the most intelligent. A well thought out response in every situation is a must, or you will say something you will regret. Think before you speak.

• Enjoy the Journey

Virgo was about productivity and thoroughness which can just feel like a lot of work but Libra is about enjoying what you do so take time to dress up, cook something special, and engage with people throughout your day so you don’t just feel like you’re going through the motions but that you’re truly having memorable and exciting new experiences!

• Look for Opportunities to Make Peace

Smooth out any edges of drama that crop up around you, and in New Moon energy that is inevitable. As the zodiac sign of balance and harmony, Libra is very good at squashing fights and drama in their track. Instead of engaging, as we as humans are so tempted to do, smooth it out and become the hero in the situation.

• Find Inspiration Through Artistic Expression

Again we go back to beauty, and if finding a happy place inside is difficult, do something around you that is beautiful. Redecorate your bedroom, or even just move the furniture around. Create something beautiful, a garden, a new recipe, or a new poem, wherever your talents are they can be used to create beauty. Elevating music, note, not elevator music, will lift your spirits as well.

Closing Thoughts…

Libra energy can be overly critical, so stop judging and don’t fall into complaining. Instead, start dancing and let your hair down. Enjoy the world around you as we embark upon a new season where we will have less work and more personal connection. We are slowing down from the productive natural cycle of the year and moving into the time where we get to reap the rewards for all of our hard work so maybe it’s time to use this New Moon to book a vacation or plan a dinner with friends!

And there you have it, folks! Your New Moon in Libra checklist for 2019. This is a New Moon that will help you enjoy and harness the beauty of September 2019 New Moon. Our checklist will help you time your wishes accordingly and plan how to make the most of this beautiful, lovable Libra energy. How are you going to make the most of this New Moon?

We can help you do that with our free 3-card love reading and as we move towards the next Full Moon which occurs on October 13, keep planting seeds and taking action on your dreams so the Universe can help you manifest. The more energy you put into your vision of what you want, the stronger your magnetic field will pull it towards you. As we go through the next two weeks, keep up with the changing energy using our astrology calendar so you know when to move ahead and when to rest.

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Do you feel like your creativity is blocked or stagnant? Numbers can help.

Numerology is a wonderful tool for learning more about your personality and how you share yourself with the world. Your numerological chart consists of many different numbers, the most essential of which being your core numbers. And one of your core numbers, the Expression number, can tell you about your creative style and how to get those juices flowing once more.

Your Expression Number

Your Expression number is based on your full birth name—the name you were given on your birth certificate—and can show you which talents, gifts, strengths, and weaknesses you are likely to experience, as well as who you are at your core.

In numerology, each of the numbers 1-9 are thought to possess a certain energy, and each letter of the alphabet is given a corresponding number:

  • 1 = A, J, S
  • 2 = B, K, T
  • 3 = C, L, U
  • 4 = D, M, V
  • 5 = E, N, W
  • 6 = F, O, X
  • 7 = G, P, Y
  • 8 = H, Q, Z
  • 9 = I, R

To find your Expression number, simply write your full birth name down on a piece of paper and use the chart above to assign numbers to each letter. Once you’ve determined the numerical value, you’ll need to add the digits of each name, until you reach a single digit. We’ll use the name Amy Lyn Smith as an example:

Amy- 1 + 4 + 7 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3

Lyn- 3 + 7 + 5 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6

Smith- 1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8 = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6

Now, we just need to add the three numbers we’re left with:

3 + 6 + 6 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6

So, Amy Lyn Smith’s Expression Number would be 6.

Once you’ve found your Expression number, you can use it to learn more about how you express and harness your individual sense of creativity.

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Expression Numbers & Creativity

Every person alive has the potential to be creative and self-expressive, even if certain activities—such as drawing, writing, or singing—may not seem to come naturally to you. The following guide will give you a sense of your unique sense of expression and how to foster and boost your creativity.

Expression Number 1

This number is equipped with leadership skills and natural courage. Your energy can be intense, so while you may feel capable of expressing yourself fully, you may not always feel understood by others. Try tapping into a more sensitive, vulnerable form of creativity that really incorporates your emotions. From poetry to painting, any medium that allows you to open and release the energies from your heart will help others see the real you.

Expression Number 2

Your number is associated with connections, intuition and sensitivity. While you might not feel like a natural-born leader, you work flawlessly with others. You may already possess a certain creative style; but to truly break through your potential, try collaborative self-expression—such as working on a group art project or forming a band. You thrive in friendships and group dynamics, and the creative energy of others will bring out the true visionary within you.

Expression Number 3

This number is known for its creative and self-expressive personality, but that doesn’t mean that discipline comes naturally. Chances are, your focus is sprinkled across many mediums and outlets, as it can be hard for you to settle. You would benefit from exploring and increasing your sense of discipline. If you can stick to one artistic project long enough to complete it, you’ll find your imagination expanding and lighting up with all the colors of the rainbow.

Expression Number 4

You are pragmatic and organized, preferring order over creative chaos. You may find it difficult to embrace the clutter accompanied by arts and crafts projects, and therefore avoid participating. You should try reaching out to people for whom artistic endeavors come naturally and soak in their process. By surrounding yourself with the mayhem of their imagination, you’ll be inspired to cut loose and let your own sense of expression get a little messy.

Expression Number 5

This number possesses a carefree quality that others admire, although it can leave you a bit scattered from time to time. You probably don’t enjoy sitting still for too long, preferring instead to seek one adventure after another. Your challenge is to find a form of self-expression that keeps you entertained, which means lots of exploration. Try any new form of creativity that you haven’t yet participated in and see if it sparks a new sense of passion within you.

Expression Number 6

Creativity comes naturally to this number, yet your tendency to put others first can hinder the creative process. Self-expression can only be released when you are willing to acknowledge your needs and take care of them. While your generosity of spirit is admirable, you have to put yourself first every once in a while. Try setting aside an hour or two a day where you can create, undisturbed from the outside world. If you allow yourself the luxury of solitude, your imagination will pour out of you.

Expression Number 7

Your number is marked by an air of the philosophical—you love to explore new ideas and collect any form of wisdom available to you. You are best suited for self-expression and creativity that taps into your thirst for knowledge. You might feel inspired by each new piece of information or spiritual notion. Embrace these flashes of inspiration by writing about your reaction or painting an image of the concrete idea that comes from abstract thought.

Expression Number 8

This number is competitive and driven. You may feel like cultivating creativity is a waste of time, especially if it doesn’t further your career or guarantee some modicum of success. Your challenge is knowing when to take a break and simply play. Giving your creativity room to grow will only further your ability to find innovative solutions to any problems that could deter you on your path. Sit down, grab a pen, and just have fun.

Expression Number 9

Your love for humankind is immense, and you probably daydream often about how you can make the world a better place. Because you are so concerned with the well-being of others, it can be hard for you to express yourself. You have to remember that you deserve to be heard just as much as anyone else does. Try to find the confidence that allows you to feel comfortable with your creativity. Write a poem to your feelings or sing a song about your dreams.

Creativity is Infinite

It doesn’t matter what kind of creative activity you enjoy, whether you prefer to sit down with a box of crayons and some coloring books, or you like to write sonnets to your dog. Self-expression is exactly that—expressing yourself, in whatever form you choose.

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The Sun just recently entered Libra on September 23rd and will be in Libra until October 23rd when it moves into Scorpio. Libra and Scorpio are excellent signs for focusing on your relationships, and this time of the year when the Sun travels through them can bring great energy for strengthening your connection with others. The Sun will be in Scorpio until November 22nd, so it’s almost 2 months of positive relationship energy you have to work with.

During this time, you’ll also get a pair of New Moons bringing helpful energy, with a New Moon in Libra on September 28th and a New Moon in Scorpio on October 27th. These New Moons amplify the energy and help us come together. Mercury and Venus are in Libra now and will tour Scorpio, though there will be a Mercury retrograde in Scorpio October 31st – November 20th, so make sure you’re prepared for that. It may bring you out of this period addressing old issues and eliminating intimacy blocks.

Libra Traits vs. Scorpio Traits

Libra is the sign that governs other people. Libra wants to focus on others rather than itself. The Libra personality is one that is usually trying to get everyone on the same page and find a way to keep the peace. Libra isn’t a fan of drama! This is an Air sign, making Libra quite sociable, and a Cardinal sign, so Libra takes charge in diplomacy.

Scorpio, on the other hand, is a very intense sign Water sign full of much more emotion than Libra. Scorpio is researching and wants to get below the surface to find what’s underneath it all. Scorpio takes everything seriously, and as a Fixed sign, sticks with whatever it focuses on. The Scorpio personality is strong and willful.

You may think that Libra and Scorpio don’t have much in common! They are pretty different on the surface. But every sign builds on the previous sign, and Scorpio is the sign that follows Libra, so they do have some commonalities. Relationships is one of them!

Libra, Scorpio & Relationships

Libra rules our committed relationships, the people and relationships that are more than just acquaintances, while Scorpio rules intimacy. As Scorpio builds on Libra, Scorpio takes the commitment of Libra and deepens it with emotional bonds. Scorpio doesn’t take relationships lightly at all, which is something Libra greatly appreciates after putting so much time and energy into commitment.

With the Sun moving through Libra and Scorpio back-to-back, you have a period during the year when you can get serious about commitment and intimacy in your relationships. Keeping things loose and casual doesn’t really fly during this time. Commit and stick around, and put in the time and effort.

BTW, you’ll feel this much stronger if you have any planets in your natal chart in Libra or Scorpio, especially the Sun, Moon, Venus, or Jupiter.

Tips to Improve Relationships With Libra & Scorpio

While the Sun is in Libra, focus on the following to improve your relationships:

Pinpoint areas of imbalance in your relationships.

There are usually areas where you give too much attention, and areas that you neglect. Work on bringing balance to these areas by taking away from the ones that are sucking up all of the oxygen and giving to the ones that are in desperate need.

Make compromises.

In every good relationship, you have to agree to meet in the middle sometimes (or most of the time, or all of the time!). If you’ve been feeling the need to push your positions too much and haven’t been open enough to what the people you care about want, this is a good time to take a step back and work on having a more compromising attitude.

Show respect.

When you respect others, they usually respect you back. Libra loves connections rooted in mutual respect, so if you haven’t been very respectful, or you haven’t been shown much respect, work on changing that. If you show respect and you’re not getting it back, there may be something deeper lurking, or the relationship may not be worth pursuing further.

While the Sun is in Scorpio, focus on the following to improve your relationships:

Dig deeper.

Pull back the layers of your relationships and of your loved ones. This helps you understand the way they operate and the way your relationship operates. This helps improve your connection and allows you to figure out what needs more work.

Find solutions to long-standing problems.

With Scorpio, if you just let things continue to grow and fester without trying to find a solution, it can lead to the unraveling of the relationship. Avoid that by facing issues that have persisted in the relationship, coming up with a solution, and committing to it.

Improve intimacy.

Share more with your loved ones, and understand it’s a two-way street. You have to give as much as you get. Don’t stay closed off. Open up emotionally, and you can connect on a new emotional level. This can be scary, but ultimately leads to much stronger connections. Check out this article on how to use your Moon sign to influence your love language.


Astrology provides you with plenty of chances to get things right in any and every area of life, including relationships. The Sun touring Libra and Scorpio is one of those times when you can get serious and committed. Focus on the relationships that you’d like to strengthen, and see where it can lead.

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​Are you a Rabbit who enjoys the finer things in life and detests conflict in all forms? Are you a Snake who enjoys a good philosophical debate and is typically slow to anger? Are you a Tiger who is brave and tough on the outside, but warm and fuzzy on the inside?

Your Chinese Zodiac sign can reveal all kinds of things about you, from what type of tea is best for you to what era you belong in based on your sign. You would be surprised at the stunning accuracy of Chinese Astrology, which is why learning about your Chinese Zodiac sign can be so helpful.

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Those of you who have an interest in crystals may also be intrigued to know that each sign has a specific crystal that is most beneficial for them. Of course, many crystals have various properties that can help us in a variety of ways, but knowing your Chinese Zodiac Crystal can be very helpful indeed. Keeping a piece permanently in your home or wearing it on your body can ensure the power of your Chinese Zodiac animal is always with you! Read on to discover yours!

Rat: Green Aventurine

The Rat is one smart cookie and very much driven by success. Green aventurine is the perfect crystal for you to carry or wear; it is a stone for prosperity and success, encouraging you to reach your highest potential. Green aventurine can enhance the Rat’s natural disposition for determination and self-belief.

Ox: Angelite

The Ox is one of the most dependable and down-to-earth characters of the Chinese Zodiacs. They are solid, trustworthy and very much grounded. But sometimes they can be a little too grounded. The Ox may stubbornly keep themselves in the physical realm and shut their minds to other realms. Carry an angelite crystal with you to open your mind even more and harness your intuition.

Tiger: Rose Quartz

The Tiger is a fiery individual, ready to take on the challenges of the world. Because of this, it is not uncommon for them to burn themselves out and struggle with their health and vitality. Wearing a rose quartz or keeping one in your work and home area can help remind you of vital self-care; rose quartz is the stone of love and Tigers need to remember that love for themselves is just as important as love for others or a cause.

Rabbit: Tiger’s Eye

In the Chinese Zodiac, Rabbits and Tigers typically make good friends. They are opposites, but in this case, opposites attract. The Rabbit, while being a gentle, kind and refined soul, can learn from the Tiger by not fleeing from conflict whenever it pops up. Tiger’s eye is a stone of courage. Carry a tiger’s eye with you to give you strength and courage when you feel the moment arises.

Dragon: Clear Quartz

The Dragon is a sign of power and honour. They can lead and inspire in equal measure. But on the negative side, this means Dragons sometimes struggle to see things from others’ points of view, thinking their way is the only way. If you are a Dragon, clear quartz is the perfect crystal for you as it clears negative thoughts or stubbornness and opens you to receive messages from others.

Snake: Blue Agate

A philosophical, wise and intelligent individual, the Snake is someone who enjoys having an intellectual discussion and promoting their own values through civilized discussions. However, if a Snake feels wronged by someone, then there is no other sign in the zodiac who can be as vengeful or set on getting their own back; if need be, a Snake will wait years before striking out on those that wronged them. As a Snake, your best crystal is blue agate, which promotes forgiveness and reconciling differences.

Horse: Sodalite

The free-spirit of the Zodiac, Horses are fun frolickers who don’t take life or themselves too seriously. Here one minute and gone the next, the Horse doesn’t let anyone tie them down; they go where the wind takes them. Sometimes, they need a little grounding and stability! This is why sodalite is the perfect crystal for you if you are a Horse as it promotes objectivity and rational thought, giving you the opportunity to see things from every angle before rushing into a decision.

Goat: Smoky Quartz

The poet and daydreamer of the Chinese Zodiac, Goats known for their gentle ways and their romantic disposition. People adore them for their wonderful company. However, they can have their heads in the clouds sometimes and come across as a little over-sensitive! Smoky quartz is the best crystal for you if you are a Goat as it is a strong grounding crystal and protects your energies due to sensitivity.

Monkey: Kunzite

Is there a greater innovator and charmer than the Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac? This highly intelligent sign is brimming with wit and vivacity; they have ingenious ideas and are very charming and lever. However, the Monkey can be selfish and self-centred at times. The kunzite crystal promotes a willingness to serve humanity while connecting the heart and mind at one; if you are a Monkey, carry one with you or place a permanent crystal in your living space.

Rooster: Amethyst

Roosters are flamboyant and outgoing; they speak their minds and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in! Others admire their ability to stand by their convictions. However, Roosters can be a little too puffed up in their own feathers at times, so the amethyst crystal is perfect for helping them with humility. If you are a Rooster, wear an amethyst crystal to also helpenhance your intuition and ground you.

Dog: Apache Tears

A true justice warrior of the world, the Dog believes in sticking up for the underdog and fighting for a cause to make the world a better place. Dogs are loyal and stout-hearted; they will defend a friend to the end. However, they are prone to suffering from anxiety and worry and can retain trauma for a long time; apache tears are perfect for you if you are a Dog as it promotes a gentle, calm and peaceful energy, helping to heal trauma and helps with anxiety.

Pig: Agate

The kind Pig is a simple soul who enjoys a pleasant and happy life. They are always willing to lend a hand and spending time with a Pig usually leads to comfort and joy. However, when a Pig has been wronged, they can become bitter and negative as the trauma tends to set in deep. Agate is a great crystal for you if you are a Pig, as it helps to overcome any emotional trauma and keep your heart free from bitterness or resentment.


Understanding what crystals can help us based on our Chinese Zodiac sign can further help us understand ourselves better. Understanding what element you are in the Chinese Zodiac can be even more revealing if you want to know more about yourself. Try the Chinese lucky stone that connects to your own personal sign and see how it can help you!

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A sign best known for their love of balance, harmony and beauty, the Libran desire to keep those scales balanced

goes far deeper than just ensuring everything is in its proper place and keeping things pleasant on an aesthetic level. Ruled by Venus, Libra is the sign that wants the world to be a beautiful, harmonious place – and sometimes, this involves delving into discord and ugliness in order to transform something into purity and beauty.

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If you need grounding or protection in your life, you need larvikite.

Also known as Norwegian moonstone, larvikite is actually a member of the feldspar family, which also includes moonstone and labradorite. (The nickname, Norwegian moonstone, is actually misleading, as this crystal is much closer in composition to labradorite.)

Leopold von Buch traveled through Norway in the 1800s and described the spectre of the beautiful crystals he encountered:

All cliffs and rocks shine like they are from a strange world, such we are not used to seeing. This freshness and lustre in the feldspars, such large crystals, the extraordinary blue colour and the frequent labradoritic play of colours.

Like other feldspars, the most striking aspect of larvikite is the shimmering blue quality that can be seen under different lights. This illumination is known as chatoyancy, which is the optical reflectance of beautiful colors within the stone. Larvikite resembles labradorite, with its dark shades of grey and its illuminating flashes of blue lights. And like all stones, larvikite comes in all shapes and sizes.

This stone is associated with the zodiac sign, Aquarius, the element of Water, and the Root (or base) chakra.

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Healing Properties of Larvikite:

Larvikite is a grounding stone that helps you get connected to your center and stay rooted firmly in the Earth. It can be easy to float off into our daydreams from time to time, but larvikite helps us get back down to reality when the situation calls for it. It can also stabilize the emotions that cause one to feel less grounded than usual, especially negative emotions. The grounded foundation that this crystal helps you build inspires confidence for making new adventures and taking opportunities.

The calming energy of larvikite can be felt by all of those who work with it. This unique stone has a soothing vibration that is palpable and comforting, like a warm, spiritual hug. It provides a sense of balance within yourself that helps you see both sides of any situation. If you need objectivity or clarity of emotion, larvikite can help you find it. It helps you shift your perspective and see things from a new, more productive point of view.

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Larvikite provides a spiritual peace that inspires a sense of understanding, compassion, and patience. When you aren’t at peace within yourself, it can feel almost impossible to share any positive feelings with those around you—it can feel even harder to keep your negative feelings to yourself. In order to be a beacon of light, you must first feel a sense of balance within yourself. Larvikite instills this balance, allowing you to embrace patience and understanding.

This patience will help you see certain situations or relationships through, whereas impatience may have caused you to prematurely give up. This sense of patience is also extremely helpful during hard or consuming work projects. You will feel drawn toward the idea of completing a goal when larvikite is by your side; it instills a sense of motivation to get the job done.

Larvikite is a great crystal for students, as it helps your brain more readily absorb information. It opens your mind’s eye and allows you to soak in incoming ideas and facts. It is also useful for those with learning disabilities.

Physically, larvikite removes toxins from the body as well as negative energy. It can also encourage the end of events or situations that are no longer serving you. While larvikite instills patience, it can also reveal to you the ways in which a relationship or job is toxic, allowing you to set yourself free from negative bonds. You’ll not only feel relieved to release a source of negative energy from your life, but you’ll also be able to more appropriately appreciate the flow of positive energy that larvikite promotes.

Working with Larvikite

Like any crystal or gemstone, there are many ways to work with larvikite, and your personal preference is the only determining factor for which method will work best: it all depends on how you prefer to practice crystal healing. You might choose an activity as simple as carrying a chunk of larvikite in your left pocket or placing a small piece on your desk while you work.

You might enjoy larvikite-infused water—let your water soak up the energy of this stone by placing a small piece in your drinking glass or bottle for 30 minutes. Just be sure to remove it before you consume its positive, grounding potion!

How you choose to work with larvikite is up to you, but one thing is certain: you won’t regret picking up a shining piece of this gorgeous Norwegian moonstone.

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The 11th house in astrology is one of the 12 astrology houses, each of which governs different parts of your personality and life. The 11th house is the house that doesn’t follow the rules and doesn’t care for convention. The 11th house is the wild child in you!

Want to embrace your inner wild child? The first step to understanding your 11th house better is finding the sign your 11th house falls in and any planets you may have in your 11th house.

Don’t know your 11th house sign or planets? Use our free birth chart calculator to create your natal chart!

What the 11th House Represents:

Let’s dive into what the 11th house represents in astrology. The 11th house rules your hopes and dreams for the future, what you hope will happen in your life and what you envision your future to be. This house is always looking forward, not backward. Because of this, the 11th house is also linked to change, and doesn’t like things being kept the same. That doesn’t move you forward!

Your friendships are ruled by the 11th house, and you can see the friends you make and how you treat friendships through your 11th house. The 11th house also rules groups, the groups that you belong to and participate in (and because of this, the 11th house also links to fame, which puts you before the masses).

The 11th house rules the causes that you champion, pushing you to make the world a better place. The 11th house takes a wide view of life and the world since it rules the future, and has better objectivity than most of the other houses. This view allows the 11th house to show where you can find causes that you pursue in your life.

Innovation and invention fall under the domain of the 11th house. Being so forward-thinking, this house believes in pushing boundaries and leaping outside of the box. This allows the 11th house to come up with entirely new ways of doing and being and thinking. The 11th house is the inventor and scientist, the rebel and iconoclast. Rules are more like loose guidelines!

Since this is the case, the 11th house rules originality and individuality. This house doesn’t want to be boxed in. It wants to celebrate the wild child! This goes along perfectly with the natural ruling planet for the 11th house, Uranus. Uranus is THE original. It takes whatever’s traditional and turns it on its head! You should explore further and check out this article about original Uranus in your birth chart.

The 11th house is one of the Succedent houses, which are the houses that naturally link to the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius; the 11th house links to Aquarius). This helps to ground the wild energy of Uranus so you can do something with it instead of letting it grow out of control.

You can focus on your 11th house by the sign the 11th house falls in and planets in the 11th house. If you have many planets in the 11th house (3+), then the 11th house has a major influence on your life. You may be someone who is a true original, rebel, and does everything your own way. If you have no planets in the 11th house, there’s extra emphasis on the sign the 11th house falls in. An empty 11th house doesn’t mean you have no wild child in you!

Harness the Wild Energy of the 11th House:

There’s a wild child inside of you, an independent, unique individual. Want to harness the 11th house energy? Embrace that! Embrace what makes you different and special and one of a kind.

Too often, we’re taught to shove that away and avoid being different, desperate to fit the mould society or family has created for us. The 11th house wants you to shed what you think you should be and be who you really are, warts and tails and fins and all! Don’t worry about the rules that are designed to make you boring beige. Be hot pink! Harness the energy even more with a crystal (and be super 11th house by creating your own talisman!).

11th House Signs:

Here is a little guide to the 11th house in the signs and planets in the 11th house:

11th House Aries:

Having your 11th house in fiery Aries can show you’re someone who is a true independent warrior. You can take charge with change and try to be true to yourself. You know what makes you original, and you can enthusiastically embrace your wild child. Go forth down new roads and be the iconic pioneer you’re capable of.

11th House Taurus:

Having your 11th house in grounded Taurus can show you’re someone who can let your wild child out when you feel secure and safe. Even then, you may be someone who is a rebel in quieter ways, and you may slowly but surely make changes. One thing is for certain though – no one can tell you what to do!

11th House Gemini:

Having your 11th house in intellectual Gemini can show you’re someone who is a rebel of the mind. The way you communicate, the ideas you come up with, and the plans you make can be totally unconventional and way left of center, but you can find a way to make it work and get others to see things the way you do.

11th House Cancer:

Having your 11th house in nurturing Cancer can show you’re someone who can express your individuality when you feel emotionally secure and stable. Being supported by others can encourage you to pursue the unconventional and do things differently. You may also feel at home with change sometimes, and the wild child can become quite natural once integrated.

11th House Leo:

Having your 11th house in creative Leo can show you’re someone who can be a wild child creatively. You can find creative ways to push boundaries, and you can express your individuality through creative outlets. You can be the visionary artist that becomes an icon for a generation.

11th House Virgo:

Having your 11th house in hard-working Virgo can show you’re someone who may need to push boundaries in your daily life. Having a normal day job and normal routine may drive you bonkers! You need to shake things up all of the time, and can be an icon and visionary with the work you produce.

11th House Libra:

Having your 11th house in airy Libra can show you’re someone who may need to push boundaries in your relationships. Not in an unhealthy way, of course! But you may be someone for whom a conventional relationship just doesn’t fly. You may go for an unconventional relationship type, or for an unconventional person.

11th House Scorpio:

Having your 11th house in transforming Scorpio can show you’re someone who embraces change as a way of transforming yourself and your life, and who transforms your life as a way of making change happen. The two go together like PB&J for you, and you can be quite skilled at making major transformations.

11th House Sagittarius:

Having your 11th house in expansive Sagittarius can show you’re someone who loves freedom, loves independence, and can’t get enough of it! For you, being true to who you are is part of what allows you to breathe. You can focus on expanding your life and the experiences you have through the changes you make.

11th House Capricorn:

Having your 11th house in ambitious Capricorn can show you’re someone who takes your own approach to your goals and ambitions. What you strive for, the road you take, and how you get there may be completely unconventional, and you can embrace that (which can make you a wanderer for life, or an iconic success!).

11th House Aquarius:

Having your 11th house in ruler Aquarius can show you’re someone who is comfortable with change, independence, and free-thinking. You can embrace your wild child whenever you want, and understand the importance of doing things in your own time and way. Other people can’t control you!

11th House Pisces:

Having your 11th house in mystical Pisces can show you’re someone who takes your own approach to your spirituality. You’re likely highly intuitive, highly compassionate, and highly empathic, but you may keep some of this to yourself. You’re a wild child not in your bones, but in your soul.

11th House Planets:

Sun in 11th House:

When your Sun is in the 11th house, this makes you the ultimate wild child. The Sun shows your true self and where you’re comfortable, and you can be completely at ease with embracing the unconventional, the unusual, the futuristic, the eccentric. You may be known for this, and you can be proud of that!

Moon in 11th House:

When your Moon is in the 11th house, you can feel quite comfortable with being unique and different. You need change in order to feel secure emotionally, and you can gravitate toward what’s different. You can change pretty easily with the times, always staying relevant and in tune with the masses.

Mercury in 11th House:

When your Mercury is in the 11th house, you can think outside of the box – way outside! You believe in challenging your thinking and making everyone question the status quo. If we never do, we never move forward! You can come up with wild ideas and talk others into seeing things your way.

Venus in 11th House:

When your Venus is in the 11th house, you can embrace unconventional relationships, and may attract some really strange people to you. To you, they’re not strange, they’re interesting and spice up your life. You may be attracted to the rebel, the icon, the visionary, and can be extremely supportive of them on their quest.

Mars in 11th House:

When your Mars is in the 11th house, you may feel driven to pursue your dreams, go for the changes you want, and have a strong desire for independence. Boxing you in is likely a great challenge for all! You can push pretty strongly against anyone who tries, and place a lot of value in your free spirit.

Jupiter in 11th House:

When your Jupiter is in the 11th house, you can find it easy to be the wild child. It might be your greatest attribute, and at times, can be like a good luck charm. You can be open to anyone and everyone, and want others to be free to be themselves like you are. Your wild child can lead you to success and prosperity.

Saturn in 11th House:

When your Saturn is in the 11th house, you may struggle with embracing your wild child, especially in youth. You may feel that you need to be traditional and avoid going outside of your comfort zone, even a little. Over time, this should start to change as you release whatever has made you feel this way. Then you can become a strong, independent force.

Uranus in 11th House:

When your Uranus is in the 11th house, this puts Uranus in the house it naturally rules, so you can feel more at ease with change, independence, and individuality. You’re not just comfortable with it, you may demand it at all times! Being the wild child is a part of who you are, and others can be impressed by your eccentricities.

Neptune in 11th House:

When your Neptune is in the 11th house, you may be a little different with your spiritual pursuits and beliefs, likely into whatever you consider to be alternative. Neptune can be a little foggy at times, so you may have a hard time grasping your individuality, but when you’re operating subconsciously, it can kick in big.

Pluto in 11th House:

When your Pluto is in the 11th house, there can be great potential for you to be a powerful inspiration to others to be true to themselves. You may need to work on issues around power and control first, but once you do, you can have a strong belief in yourself and what makes you special, and show the way for others.


The 11th house may be the wild child, but that doesn’t mean the energy is so wild that you can’t use it. Understand what your wild child wants, and find the rebel in you.

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Greetings, Earthlings,

It’s a quiet week from the Universe, beginning after a Full Moon week ends. You begin this week in a Full Moon zone that will last through Tuesday. This gives you the first few days of the week to start the week on a fun note with some Full Moon wishes. Whatever you are wishing for this week, make those wishes early in the week to set the tone right.

We also are in the midst of Mars in Libra now, which is going to have an impact on your Fall as well. Mars in Libra can help you with either a work or a love matter, and you are going to need your Mars in Libra horoscopes to guide you in the area of your life that this transit will impact the most.

Bookmark This: Mars in Libra War & Peace Horoscopes by the Zodiac Sign

So between a Full Moon and warrior Mars changing signs, last week gave you a lot of energy to work with. This week you are going to use that slower energy to make wishes and get some solid progress on your goals.

When you are stuck, use our tools such as our Daily Horoscopes or Daily Tarot reading to help you find your way in your world every day.

And spend the rest of the month working on tying up any loose ends, making travel plans, or sending out major contracts or mailings. Come the end of the month, a Mercury retrograde will arrive in Scorpio, and mail, transportation, and all forms of communications are going to slow right down.

It‘s going to be emotional. Use Fall’s Mars in Libra energy to bring warrior-style action to your biggest goals before that Mercury retrograde swings into action on October 31.

Until then, happy wishing friends. Namaste!

Planetary Locations During October 14–20, 2019:

Sun: Libra (September 23, 2019 – October 23, 2019)

Mercury: Scorpio (October 3 – October 31, 2019)

Venus: Scorpio (October 9 – November 1, 2019)

Mars: Libra (October 4 – November 18, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (March 6 – August 19, 2021); Retrograde: August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for October 14–20, 2019:

Monday, October 14

Sun: Libra – To win, let the Sun shine in on the most peaceful and gracious situation.

Moon: Taurus – The slow and steady race is the path to abundance.


  • Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn – There is big change on the horizon when the Sun shines on change-maker Pluto. This is the glory of the Sun that represents your sense of Self working in a tense square with transformation planet Pluto. Sun is in Air sign Libra and Pluto is in Earth sign Capricorn. So the changes that Pluto works on with the Sun are going to be long-term, or at least give you that long-term mindset. You are committed to a big change. This could also mean a power play in the day, and one where you or someone else tries to gear up their own personal empowerment at the expense of someone else’s sense of Self. Try not to engage a power play if it comes your way today, but instead use the energy for personal gain that is attained with integrity and good karma. You can create a powerful change today, but you don’t need to hit someone over the head with it. A more long-term win is in play when you play the role of the bigger person today.

Tuesday, October 15

Sun: Libra

Moon: Taurus


  • Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces – This is going to be a bit of an emotional and dreamy energy in the day, and you may get some good news or a romantic invitation of sorts. You may also just get a text or message that has your creativity and dreamland energy going full throttle. Use it! Communications come via Mercury in emotive Scorpio and dreams, fantasies, and creativity, comes from Neptune in the Water sign of Pisces. Facts and details are not easy to come by today, so today is not the day to focus on big decisions or contracts, if you can avoid that today. Instead, go where the creativity flows and listen to that intuition of a decision or legal matter comes up today.

Wednesday, October 16

Sun: Libra

Moon: Taurus

Thursday, October 17

Sun: Libra

Moon: Gemini – Choices and karma go hand in hand.

Friday, October 18

Sun: Libra

Moon: Gemini

Saturday, October 19

Sun: Libra

Moon: Cancer – Nurturing others nurtures your soul.


  • Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn – There is more change energy in play today but this change is looking to be a favorable one. We have chatty and witty communicator Mercury in Water sign Scorpio working in a sweet sextile with Pluto in Earth sign Capricorn, and this suggests that some news is coming your way that bears a powerful change, or at least brings with it some powerful energy. Pluto is also a secret keeper on occasion, and we all know how powerful secrets can be. But this transit is one that has a positive potential attached to it. Move forward with your weekend with some favorable vibes when you receive information that has the power to change… everything. If secrets get too intense today, use our Free 3 Card Tarot Reading to give you the guiding light of information you need to make good choices today.

Explore the Power of Sextiles: Venus Sextile Jupiter – Your Love, Luck, & Financial Roadmap

Sunday, October 20

Sun: Libra

Moon: Cancer

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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Libra season is upon us, bringing with it a Libran sense of balance and sociability, an appreciation for beauty, truth, and justice, and an air of love.

Libra is ruled by the sensual, loving planet, Venus, who endows Libra with its mellow mood. Few zodiac signs get along quite like the Libra, who seems to mesh with every person they meet.

Like a shining crystal, Libras sparkle with their unique personalities—and what better way to celebrate the zest of the Libra than by exploring the best crystals to use this Libra season?

Crystal healing is an ancient practice that involves a connection between the mystical energy of gemstones and our own spirits. And while crystals work for every zodiac sign, each crystal shares a unique connection to a certain sign. Furthermore, whilesome of the crystals listed below are not directly associated with the sign of Libra, their individual energy is perfect for amplifying positive Libra traits.

Read on to find out which crystals will bring out the best of the Libran energy this Libra season.

Rose Quartz

One hallmark of the personality of a Libra is their desire to get along with others. Libra energy supports an open mind and an open heart when it comes to relating to and communicating with others. Libras prefer harmony within relationships and rose quartz is the perfect stone to amplify this harmony.

Rose quartz promotes unconditional love and the exact harmony that Libras seek. Rose quartz is a pink-hued variety of quartz that inspires self-confidence and peace within relationships. This stone is perfect for amplifying the sense of love that Libras want to share with the world.

Black Tourmaline

Because a Libra’s heart is so open and loving, they can use extra protection from darker energies that could dampen their light. For those who need psychic protection from negative energy, black tourmaline is the perfect stone to work with.

Not only does it provide protection, it promotes a sense of peace within the aura that allows you to fully blossom without fear. This stone is also useful for anyone experiencing negativity or low energy, as it reduces anxiety and stress, as well as infuses positive energy in the space surrounding it. Like its name suggests, this is a silky black stone with a soothing presence. Black tourmaline opens the mind, allowing you to see a situation from every angle.

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Libra energy is full of positivity, but everyone experiences negative thoughts and feelings from time to time. Citrine is a wonderful stone for promoting the naturally occurring positive energy of the Libra personality. Citrine is also a stone of fortune, bringing opportunity and abundance to those who work with it.

Many people keep citrine near their wallet to attract abundance. This stone comes in shades of yellow, gold, and orange.


Like citrine, aventurine is also a stone that brings fortunate events and circumstances—it’s known as the Stone of Opportunity.

This stone can be translucent or opaque and comes in shades of green, peach, blue, and brown. Aventurine is known for its ability to attract luck and fortune, but it also boosts confidence and reduces stress. It is also excellent for increasing intellectual thought, imagination, and perception. This crystal is perfect for increasing opportunity this Libra season.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful stone with a glowing effect that is known as the cat’s eye effect, which gives it an illuminating shimmer that is quite a sight to behold. This stone brings balance between the Libra’s external and internal realities, aligning both parts of the self.

Tiger’s eye promotes bravery in the face of anxiety-inducing situations and helps one feel courageous.


Amethyst is an excellent stone for any time of the year, but it is especially useful when attempting to quiet the mind.

As Libra is an Air sign, it is often accompanied by nonstop thoughts—the Libra’s brain is constantly on the go. Amethyst works to quiet the mind, reducing negativity and assisting with practices like meditation, that require concentration and internal stillness. This stone also reduces addictive behaviors, which is very useful under the indulgent energy of Libra’s ruling planet, Venus.

Diving into the Libra Light

These crystals will help you fully appreciate and benefit from the energy coming our way this Libra season—whether you’re a Libra or not. As the planets pass through this sign, we will experience a collective shift from the hard-working, meticulous Virgo energy to the languid nature of the Libra. While we may not experience a great deal of motivation during the next month, these crystals will help us appreciate the relaxing and optimistic energy brought on by Libra season.

And, for the perfect collection of healing crystals any time of the year, try this beautiful Crystal Healing Collection—excellent for beginners and connoisseurs alike.

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The upcoming Mercury and Neptune Water Trine brings plenty of opportunities for us in the realm of creativity and success! With Scorpio and Pisces dominating this trine, anyone and everyone can benefit from the creative energies that this period will bring. This is the time to focus on your creative endeavours, merging the practical world with the ethereal world.

As the planet of communication and the rational mind, Mercury is great for helping us communicate with others and putting our ideas into practice. Combined with Neptune, the planet of inspiration, fantasies and all that is magical and mystical, there is no better combination to get your creative juices flowing. So, if you’ve been wanting to write a book, paint a picture, create a website, start your own business or tap into anything deep within you which has been calling out to you, this trine can help you put bring your ideas into reality.

Asking help from the Tarot cards is a great way to help you utilise this amicable and favourable trine; you may have this creative and inspired bubble welling up inside you, but you might feel a little lost as to how to put it into action. Check out your daily Tarot online for more information, but certainly draw your own spread to provide greater insight!

A Tarot card reading at this time can help you harness the powers of Mercury and Neptune. Mercury Trine Neptune is not just about creative endeavours, but also about understanding things on a deep and emotional level, and being able to put them into words. Therefore, it is a great time to explore your own emotions and figure out practical and beneficial ways that you can deal with them.

The reading below is one you can use during this lucky trine. The question is about exploring your creative side and figuring out how you can best use it during this time. Remember, trines are associated with luck in astrology and this is a great time to grab hold of opportunities headed your way.

Mercury Trine Neptune 4-Card Tarot Reading

Shuffle the cards and ask the following question:

How can I use these creative energies to my advantage?

Lay out the cards in the following 4-card spread:

  • Card 1: My creative mission at this time
  • Card 2: How I can best put it into practice
  • Card 3: What obstacles stand in my way
  • Card 4: The outcome of my creative mission

    Below is an example reading so you can see how this Tarot reading works. Here are the cards I pulled for this reading:

    1. The World

    The World represents my creative mission at this time. This tells me that I am embarking on – or would like to embark on – something that will make me feel fulfilled, whole and complete. It could be something involving travel; it could be something that connects me to many people across the globe (this could even indicate a cause that many people around the world feel passionate about); it could be a business or hobby that I would like to expand. Whatever it is, it will make me feel complete as a human being.

    2. 8 of Pentacles

    The 8 of Pentacles is a card of study, focus and dedication. For how I can best put it into practice, this clearly tells me that I need to work hard for whatever it is I want to succeed at. This could mean long hours spent in research, pouring over books and articles. It isn’t something that will fall into my lap, but it is something that will come to me over time, if I am prepared to put in the hard work. With Mercury trine Neptune, it also indicates that communicating with others may be an essential part of my success, so this could indicate joining a group or forum with others that have the same interests as me, or finding a mentor to help me along the way.

    3. 7 of Cups

    As an obstacle card, the 7 of Cups can be a card of procrastination and too much daydreaming. This may indicate a warning that I might spend too much time dreaming of what could be, rather than putting in the effort to actually make it happen. This is where I need to keep remembering the advice of the 8 of Pentacles, a strong earthy card that directly counters the watery daydreamy appeal of the 7 of Cups – to focus on realistic and practical methods, rather than spending too much time in my head.

    4. Justice

    As the outcome card, Justice is a very much an ‘as you sow, you shall reap’ card. It clearly tells me that my success depends entirely on me; that should I follow the advice of the 8 of Pentacles, success will be mine and my creative endeavours shall come to fruition. But if I fall into the trap of the 7 of Cups and allow my imagination and procrastination to get the better of me, I will find very little has been achieved in the way I would want.


    Remember to keep an eye on our Instagram today to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action!

    Of course, you can always create your own personal Tarot spreads but hopefully this one shall give you an idea of the type of spread you can do during the Mercury trine Neptune energies. It’s time to get your creative hat on; you have all the tools and guidance of Tarot cheering you on, so get out there and show the world what you’ve got!

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    There’s something magical about peeling the plastic wrapping off of your new Tarot deck and opening the box to see your cards for the first time. It’s as if you’re meeting a new world that is being created between you and this special tool of intuition. Each deck has its own energy based on what the artist and writer of the deck were resonating with when they created it. You’re usually drawn to the deck because it is going to help you unlock many perspectives that will serve your soul on its journey.

    When it comes to bonding with your Tarot cards, you probably already have an affinity for the artwork (which is sometimes what makes us choose a deck). There are so many interpretations of the 78 Tarot cards today that you may not know what each card means when you pick it up even if you’re already familiar with Tarot cards. Some people change the symbols from pentacles to something that represents the same things to them (money, physical things, work, and resources). With each new deck, you will need to get to know the specific style of the artist so that the cards speak to you.

    Bonding with your Tarot deck doesn’t happen in a day, it happens over a month, years, or a lifetime. Sometimes it’s instantaneous and sometimes it takes time for your deck to start speaking to you, but if you have the right intention, that bond will grow strong and the energy between you and your deck will start to feellike having a best friend. You’ll want to hang out with your Tarot deck just like you love to hang out with your bestie.

    Why “Bond” With Your Tarot Deck?

    Your Tarot deck will start to develop a particular energetic vibration the more you use it. Each time you use your deck with the intention of opening to spiritual wisdom through your soul and guides, you will strengthen the frequency of your deck. Any object we use for spiritual connection becomes a sacred power object that helps us bridge a strong connection to the spiritual realms. The reason people take such good care of their decks by keeping them wrapped in a special cloth, for example, is because they are able to experience such deep transformation.

    In a very real way, your Tarot deck can help you more than a high-priced wellness retreat or a reading from a famous psychic. Your Tarot deck will empower you to unlock your own intuition so that you can access your inner teacher, become enlightened to your sixth sense, and truly overcome the patterns of thought that make you feel like you’re not co-creating with the Universe. Get excited because you are embarking upon a journey that will change your life for the better in monumental ways.

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    4 Ways to Bond With Your Deck:

    So let’s do this.

    Bonding with your deck will help you to see synchronicities and open your intuition right away. It will help you start to see beyond the veil which is what mystical seekers know as the illusion of reality that keeps people from seeing the true energetic nature of reality. It’s going to be fun, and it’s going to be easy.

    1. Do A Daily Spread

    Because you’re essentially learning the meaning of 78 Tarot cards, it will be much easier if you spread out the bonding over a month with a daily Tarot card reading. Each morning, when your mind is fresh, you can start your day by doing a spread or pulling one card. Then you can read the Tarot card meanings and develop a relationship with the cards by checking in with how the card resonates with you. Have an intention when you pull your daily cards so that the cards can help unlock more clarity for you.

    Check out our article about daily Tarot readings to find one that you like.

    2. Go On a Walk with Your Deck

    Hold your deck in your hands or in a bag you can carry and just simply go for a walk. This can allow you to start to bond with the energy of the deck intuitively. Ask yourself how you would like to use the deck as you go on this walk. Will it be just for you for now or do you want to open it up to some friends and offer readings? See what the deck has to say as you go on this walk and see if any part of your life comes to mind that the deck can help you with. Perhaps you will now realize that this deck arrived to help you make a major transformation. The deck will help you create a deeper spiritual life so taking this walk can be a significant opening ceremony to a new chapter of enlightenment and personal power in your life just as profound as the beginning of the Olympic games.

    3. Cleanse & Charge Your Deck

    Die-hard Tarot lovers often have rituals that help them keep the energy of their cards clear. You can find what you like and don’t ever feel like you have to do what someone else does with your cards.

    One simple way to clear your cards is to knock three times on the top of the deck with the intention to clear the energy and start with a blank slate. This helps you clear your own mind from previous questions or thoughts you still may have lingering from someone else’s reading. It also helps you become present to the cards and keep an open mind about what truth will arise from the next spread.

    When you get a new deck or want to bond more with one, you can create a charging altar to leave them on during the day using crystals and images of spiritual figures. You can also cleanse the deck with sage or incense smoke anytime you want. Some people may feel like doing this daily to help create a strong bond with their deck. Hold the intention to clear the energy of the deck, and to use them to connect to your soul and highest truth when you cleanse them. Some people cleanse the deck and charge it by leaving it under a Full Moon. Just be sure there is no inclement weather or leave it by the window where the Moonlight will hit it. After cleansing it, find a special place like a drawer, wooden box, silk bag, or table which will be where you keep the cards. Don’t just shove them in your backpack with everything else carelessly because it shows no respect for the bond and energy you’re cultivating.

    Check this out: Tarot & Crystal Cleansing 101 – Ways to Clear & Cleanse Your Tools

    4. Practice Shuffling Your Deck

    One of the best ways to bond with your Tarot deck is to practice shuffling it. This will get the stiffness out of the cards and it will allow you to get used to the size of the cards. You’ll feel more comfortable doing a Tarot reading with the deck when you can shuffle them without thinking about it. You can lay all the cards out and then put them in order to get to know the images. This will help you connect to the images of this specific deck and help you get to know the meaning of the Minor and Major Arcana as well as the suits of swords, wands, cups, and pentacles. Arrange each suite in the order of Ace to King, and arrange the 22 Major Arcana cards from the Fool to the World card.

    Start with this: How to Shuffle Your Tarot Deck

    Closing Thoughts…

    Still looking for a Tarot card deck that will speak to your soul? If you resonate with our articles on Astrology Answers, chances are you will also resonate with our Master Tarot Deck. If you already have a deck and it didn’t come with a book, you can use our free Tarot card definitions to know your deck. You can also use those definitions supplementary if you’re wanting to expand on what your deck’s book says. Sometimes someone’s interpretation of a card doesn’t open your intuition to all the possible meanings, and it’s a good idea to read a few interpretations to find the perspective that resonates the most with you.

    Some people like having a collection of decks so that they can intuitively see which deck is calling to them on any given day. There’s no rule about only using one and you may find having a combination of oracle cards and Tarot cards allows you to open different streams of creative healing and transformation. For our top picks on oracle cards, check out this article.

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    You can learn an awful lot about yourself from your Chinese Zodiac sign. For example, you can discover which crystals work best for you based on your Chinese Zodiac or, even better, which era you belong in depending on which animal you are in Chinese astrology. (If you’ve ever felt out of place in this modern, bustling, technologically advanced era, then the Chinese Zodiac may have the key to your befuddlement!)

    But Chinese Astrology can tell us even more fascinating things than those fascinating things. You may be familiar with Feng Shui, the Taoist art that dates back thousands of years. It is the belief that every single thing on this planet – including objects and land – is alive and filled with a life-force. If, like me, you have a tendency to pat your television on the head or give your kettle a stroke in the morning, thanking it for that delicious cup of tea or coffee, you will see what I mean. Feng Shui is the movement and placement of certain objects in order to create positive energy in your environment.

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    The notion that everything is filled with life is one that inevitably enriches life in general. By some mysterious force, we were given life; why, then, can the same not happen for objects, creations of ours?

    Each Chinese Zodiac sign has its own special style of Feng Shui attached to it. Remember, Chinese Astrology is as ancient as Feng Shui itself. It represents a time when humans, animals, nature, land, objects, the sky, the Sun and the Universe all beat as one, rather than the divisions we struggle with now. By tapping into the mysterious power of Feng Shui using your Chinese Zodiac sign knowledge, you can create the Feng Shui that is best for your home in order to supercharge your energy!

    Read on to find out which Feng Shui style is best for you.

    Rat: Life Aspirations Style

    The Rat is a methodical, logical and practical sort of person who likes things to be done in a structured and ordered way. Because of this, the Life Aspirations Style of Feng Shui is best for them. This type of style follows a methodical approach to Feng Shui, believing that each of life’s aspirations has a colour and element associated with it. So, for the life aspiration of Wealth, the colour green may be associated with it. For the Wealth side of your Feng Shui environment, you may then put lots of green things in that area – such as plants, bank notes or green pillows.

    Ox: Life Aspirations Style

    Like the Rat, the Ox suits the Life Aspirations Style of Feng Shui. This is because the Ox is also a very diligent and focused individual and this method works best for them. Other styles may be too outlandish or lack structure. An example of using the Life Aspirations Style for the Ox is associating the colour pink with the Marriage/Relationships section of the Feng Shui Home. Here, pink things such as pink flowers, pink pillows or pink crystals like rose quartz could be placed.

    Tiger: Black Hat Sect Style

    The Black Hat Sect Style Feng Shui is the Tiger’s style. The Tiger is a sign that is very much a mixed bag, much like the Black Hat Sect Style. In this type of Feng Shui is a mixture of many different types of practices and beliefs such as Yin and Yang, colour theory, common sense, intuition and the belief in God or Spirit as the creator. The Tiger is someone who likes to put their fingers in many pies and they can never be restricted to one box. This makes the Black Hat Sec Style of Feng Shui perfect for them.

    Rabbit: Compass School Ba Zhai Style

    Also known as the Eight Mansions, Ba Zhai Style Feng Shui is perfect for the Rabbit who needs a little direction and guidance here and there. Brilliant at following instructions, the Eight Mansions style is one that uses directions to enhance Chi energy, providing the Rabbit with lots of great information to determine if they and their home and workplace are compatible.

    Dragon: Compass School Xuan Kong Style

    Also known as Flying Star Charts, Xuan Kong is an ancient and mysterious form of Feng Shui and perfect for the Dragon. It uses Feng Shui based on the nine stars of the constellation, Great Bear, to determine the best way to make positive energy flow in your environment. For the dynamic and resilient Dragon, this is a method that combines ancient wisdom with constellation knowledge and this time of magic and mastery bodes well for the winged native.

    Snake: Pyramid School Style

    Refined, wise and curious about the world in general, the Snake individual suitably fits the Pyramid School Style of Feng Shui. Here, both Western and Eastern Feng Shui is merged and traditions are honoured. For the ritualistic Snake, this is ideal. The Snake would benefit the most from associating Feng Shui with colours and smells – for example, in one part of the room associated with Luck, the smell of lavender could be sprayed or lavender flowers could sit there permanently; or in the Happiness section, things that are the colour orange would help happiness flow freely through the home or workplace.

    Horse: Black Hat Sect Style

    Like the Tiger, the free-spirited Horse sits nicely with the Black Hat Sect Style of Feng Shui. Here, different beliefs and practices are merged together and the Horse’s individualistic nature can benefit from exploring the many avenues this type of Feng Shui offers, such as I Ching, Psychology, Interior Design and the Five Elements. So, if the Horse is interested in the area of Psychology, they would dedicate a place in their environment to a specific mood and ‘Feng Shui’ it accordingly, I.e. Joy would be associated with the colour red, the element fire, the direction north, and so forth.

    Goat: Intuitive School Style

    The dreamy and intuitive Goat who possesses powerful creative energy and formidable instincts works perfectly with the Intuitive School Style of Feng Shui. There are no hard and fast rules here. Feng Shui is based purely on a person’s instincts, so whatever feels right to the individual is how they should Feng Shui their home.

    Monkey: Form School – San He School Style

    The Monkey is a clever and inquisitive character and the ancient method of Form School Feng Shui is perfect for the Monkey person. San He School is a form of Feng Shui based around landscapes of the countryside and the natural symbolisms of shapes that form there. The smart and analytical Monkey is wonderful when combined with the art of Form School because they can use their analytical minds to figure out the maps of the landscapes and the ways in which various shapes can help positive energy flow.

    Rooster: Black Hat Sect Style

    As with the Tiger and Horse, the Rooster benefits most from the Black Hat Sect Style which combines many different types of beliefs and traditions to find the best Feng Shui. The Rooster is a flamboyant and enigmatic character; they do not like to be bracketed and instead prefer to explore many different options. Black Hat Sect Style provides them with the opportunity to explore many different methods of Feng Shui and find the one that works best for them.

    Dog: Pyramid Style

    Like the Snake, the Dog best fits the Pyramid Style of Feng Shui. The Dog is a noble, loyal and just individual; in Western Astrology, their astrological counterpart is Libra, the symbol of Justice. Pyramid Style Feng Shui honours all different types of Feng Shui traditions while merging Eastern and Western Feng Shui as one, so as to keep a fair balance between the two in order to reach harmony.

    Pig: Intuitive School Style

    Like the Goat, the Pig works best with the Intuitive School Style of Feng Shui. The Pig is a happy-go-lucky character who enjoys the simple life and likes to go with the flow. Endless instructions can befuddle them; the Intuitive School Style provides them with the opportunity to tap into their powerful intuition and find the Feng Shui that works best for them.


    Whatever type of Feng Shui your Chinese Zodiac sign is best suited to, all styles of Feng Shui possess the same underlying foundation: learning to live in harmony with nature and finding a way for positive energy to flow freely in and out of your life.

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    ​Ever feel like you are just not yourself? Or maybe you are feeling like the proverbial hamster on the wheel, spinning and spinning and spinning and going nowhere fast. We all go through these phases. Sometimes in our lives, they feel more severe than others. And they can be, and this can lead to serious problems such as anxiety or depression.

    A lot of the times a key concern in our lives that leads to our overall sense of safety and security starts as this little seed planted, and then blows out of proportion. All of this energy boils down to our Root chakra. That is the little energy wheel in your body that controls your sense of security.

    When you feel like you are running around like a hamster on a wheel, some of that has to do with the health of your Root chakra. Let’s have a look at this today, because your Root chakra not only controls your emotional security, but your financial security as well. Today we are going to explore a variety of different kinds of Root chakra exercises so that you can begin to feel more secure in every way.

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    Understand the Root Chakra

    Take a refresher of our Beginner’s Guide to Chakras and discover these untapped energy potentials in your own body. Chakras are the system of energy wheels that our body has, for a total of 7. Each energy wheel is invisible and has its own function.

    The Root chakra is the first chakra, and is located at the base of your spine. Each chakra has a corresponding color and purpose, as well as an element and animal.

    The Root chakra is located near your tailbone, and is the chakra that keeps you feeling grounded. If this energy center is in good shape, you feel secure and safe in your life. You may not be wealthy, but you are confident about who you are as a person. If it is a little out of whack, you may feel some anxiety. It’s that kind of edgy feeling you get when you need money suddenly to pay a big bill, or lose your job.

    You feel like you lost your footing a little bit. The thing in your life that kept you feeling grounded has suddenly been pulled up.

    Best-case scenario, it’s a bad day. Worst-case scenario, it leads to something like anxiety and depression. So you need a variety of tools at your disposal to keep this chakra humming.

    Because when it is, you feel like you can take on the world. And when you feel like that, you DO. And that means you’ll never be stressing on a hamster wheel about your bottom line again.

    The Color Red

    It’s important to feel grounded in our lives if we want to do well when it comes to making money. If we have anxiety or depression, then we are not going to have a good workday, if we can even get there at all. The power of red offers an energy to help reboot your Root chakra. You can do that through food, clothing, and crystal healing.

    Crystal healing is a powerful way to counteract negative energy flows. For the Root chakra, start with red crystals such as red jasper and red carnelian. Bloodstone, while green, has red spots that allow you to align your Root chakra.

    Food that is red will also help you, but you want to look for healthy options or protein-rich options. Red meat when your Root chakra is out of whack will help, but you also will have to choose healthy options. Beets are very effective at boosting the immune system and your Root chakra. Strawberries, red peppers, tomatoes, and cherries, are all great ways to do the same.

    Root Chakra Exercises:

    There are a number of low-impact exercises and yoga poses that will help you to connect with your Root chakra. Here are a few to start.

    1. Sit on the floor with shoulders back and your back straight. Try and relax. Close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply three times. Do this again until you feel centered and rooted to the ground.

    2. Start seated again; try and sit as straight as you can. Clear your head by trying to breathe in and breathe out for about 10 seconds. Do this until a calming feeling arrives. Now you want to pay attention to any physical sensations at the base of your spine. Is it feeling tight? Is it feeling relaxed? Stay centered and breathing until any tightness goes away, and this should be replaced by an overall sense of calm. Use your healing crystals and red colors around you to help attract positive energy flows into this energy center.

    3. Visualize a glowing red orb around the base of your spine. Sit or lie down in a way that feels comfortable. Be relaxed, wear loose-fitting clothes, or just whatever you feel good in. Now breathe in, breathe out, and really concentrate on each breath in, and each breath out. Focus on that red orb encapsulating your entire body. You will reach a point where you feel confident and grounded. That means you’ve just tuned up your Root chakra.

    4. Aromatherapy for the Root chakra also works well. When meditating or trying to get out of an anxiety funk, use ylang-ylang, rosemary, patchouli, and sandalwood essential oils for your Root chakra. A simple Serenity Oil works wonders as well.

    5. Take a shower. There’s something about being clean that helps us feel productive and relaxed. Connect with the Water element in a way that cleanses. A swim, dip in a jacuzzi, or long bath, works wonders at clearing the head and aligning your Root chakra.

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    Final Thoughts…

    And that’s it! Everything you need to know to keep your Root chakra in shape. Stay clean, stay calm, and meditate on. And when you really need a confidence boost, don the red colors and get your power glow on. It’s that time of year to keep your Root chakra singing. When you do, your bank account wins. And so does everyone in your life!

    Keep your Daily Horoscopes bookmarked this Fall so that you can continue your personal transformation as you wind into the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

    Which of your chakras needs a tune-up? Take this quiz to find out!

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