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The above ode to Scorpio Rising represents a snippet of what this intriguing and often unsettled ascendant goes through. The life of a Scorpio Rising is typically filled with storms, challenges and conflict. Life is viewed as a warzone and the Scorpion must fight. When this sign lies on the ascendant, the soul and ego have agreed to do battle with one another; and battle they will. Only one can claim victory, and this is why the life of Scorpio Rising is often filled with obstacles and crises.

Any sign can have a difficult and challenging life, but for the Scorpio Ascendant it is a prerequisite in order for them to accomplish their greatest life lesson: that once the necessary internal war has taken place, they are able to rise to their greatest majesty and become a beacon of light for others.

Spot a Scorpio Rising:

Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is the ultimate sign of death and transformation. Traditionally, Scorpio is represented by the phoenix which highlights the aspect of death and rebirth, as the phoenix dies only to rise again from the ashes.

In the Tarot, the Death card represents Scorpio. For a Scorpio Rising, the challenges they face are necessary so that they may repeatedly “die” in order to be “born again”; each time they are reborn, they shed their skin and become ever closer to achieving the best version of themselves.

In their negative state (or when they are still in their infancy on a soul level), Scorpio Risings are jealous, vindictive, manipulative, vengeful and self-destructive. It is during this stage that the ego is dominant over the soul. A Scorpio Ascendant can suffer astronomically on an internal level in regard to jealousy and obsession; like the scorpion in the wild that is said to sting itself to death rather than allow its enemy to destroy it, a Scorpio Rising can direct their intense and powerful negative emotions inwardly and this is what leads them down the path of self-destruction.

However, it is through experiencing such conflict and challenge that they discover the very best of their nature. This ascendant has an extraordinary gift of resilience; no matter how troubling or difficult their circumstances may be, they have the capability to withstand them and come out stronger on the other side. This makes them excellent friends and lovers, for they will never leave your side or abandon you if you are going through difficulties; their own experiences lead them to empathize strongly with another’s suffering. They are also intensely loyal; a Scorpio Rising, like their Sun-sign counterpart, would rather die than betray your trust.

As such, this means they expect the same loyalty and devotion from others, and woe betide those who betray them; out comes the scorpionic sting. With the Scorpio Rising, it is all or nothing. Either you have their back or you do not; they would give you no less and they expect the same in return.

The Inner Battle of Scorpio Rising:

After much trial and suffering, a Scorpio Rising that has weathered the storms and learned some of the harsh lessons that life has thrown at them will naturally transform into a person of power and majesty, shedding light for others who are going through their own struggling and tribulations. It is at this point that the soul wins the war and the ego finally submits to the authority of the soul; here, Scorpio Ascendants develop a deep understanding of why they are the way they are and why life has panned out the way it has.

Through this understanding, many go on to assist others struggling with their own internal and external battles. The life of Scorpio Rising is sometimes compared to the Labours of Hercules, when he battled the many-headed hydra. Every time he cut off one of the creature’s heads, another one would grow back in its place. This is the quintessential lesson of Scorpio Rising and one that the soul must teach the ego as they do battle: that winning can only come from surrendering. Once the ego has fully surrendered to the soul, the battle is won. The Scorpion transforms into the Phoenix and the flame within them burns bright enough to light up the lives of those around them and across the world.

This is a difficult sign to have on the ascendant, but many astrologers view Scorpio Rising as one of the strongest signs, simply because they must endure crisis after crisis in order to reach their highest spiritual state.

In esoteric astrology, the Scorpio Ascendant is the only rising sign that can transform their entire life path through sheer will alone. This sign was gifted with great power; will they use it for their own agenda, for manipulation and vindictiveness, forever remaining the unevolved Scorpion? Or will they conquer their shadow side by surrendering their ego to their higher self, allowing the Scorpion to die so they may resurrect as a Phoenix?

This is a choice that every Scorpio Rising must make, often several times, during their lifetime.

Concluding Thoughts…

Magnetic, intense and secretive, a Scorpio Rising is often easy to spot in the crowd. People will usually feel instantly attracted to them or instantly repelled by them. They have penetrating eyes and, regardless of their physical appearance, they will often exude sex appeal. Their inner world is a rich one and there will often be a fascination with taboo subjects.

Scorpio is the sign known for going where angels fear to tread; this is because their mission is to find the light at the end of the tunnel. To do that, they must be willing to enter the darkness of the tunnel itself.

The life of Scorpio Rising is not always an easy one, but once the necessary transformations have taken place, these people are capable of making extraordinary changes to their own lives and the lives of others. This is the greatest gift of Scorpio: transforming darkness into light and, ultimately, spreading that light into the world around them. If they can face and conquer their own darkness, they can conquer anything.

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We’re about to move into spook season, and with it comes all kinds of weird and wonderful things – including Halloween costumes!

You may be agonizing over which costume to wear for that upcoming Halloween party, for accompanying your little one for Trick or Treat, or maybe just wearing one for the sake of it (who doesn’t like to dress up for Halloween, regardless of whether they get to show it off or not!) Agonize no more.

As with many things, the Chinese Zodiac has a superb way of helping you discover more about yourself and finding solutions to both big and small puzzles. Your Chinese Zodiac sign is who you are at heart – sometimes, your mind may be disconnected from your true self, but your Chinese Zodiac sign does not lie!

Knowing your Chinese astrology sign can tell you all kinds of things, from what era you belong in, to the best crystals for you to use.

If you’re in a state of flummox and can’t make up your mind which costume to go with, read on to find out which one is best for you.

Your 2019 Halloween Costume, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign:

Rat: Sherlock Holmes

What better outfit for the Rat than a famous sleuth, known for solving some of the most difficult mysteries in the fictional world? The Rat is someone who prizes problem-solving above all else and is totally in their element in the form of a famous detective. To the Rat, there is no greater talent than the talent for being a cerebral genius, as the great Sherlock Holmes is.

Ox: Mummy

Strength is one of the most notable features of the Ox and there is no doubt that the Egyptian mummy is a fearsome character of strength, who often won’t take no for an answer. (Think of Imhotep in The Mummy!) Ox people are strong, stubborn characters; in Ancient Egypt, mummies were the bodies of dead people who had been preserved after death; for many Ox people, one of their defining quotes is, “Not even the fear of death can stop me!”

Tiger: Catwoman

What better Halloween costume for the feline of the Chinese Zodiac than Catwoman? Like the Tiger, Catwoman prowls the night, slaying her enemies. The Tiger is someone who is not afraid to face the demons and monsters that the darkness brings, so dressing up as the sleek, feminine and dangerous Catwoman fits perfectly with their characters. (And if you prefer a more masculine outfit, try Batman!)

Rabbit: Ghost

The Rabbit is someone who prefers to watch from the sidelines, preferring other, more exuberant members of the zodiac to take centre-stage. A ghost costume fits in nicely with their overall demeanor, which has a tendency to fade into the background and make mental notes about all that is going on around them. Rabbits are often quiet people too – silent as a ghost!

Dragon: Zombie

If there’s one sign that likes to make an entrance, it’s the Dragon. What better costume to make an entrance with than a zombie, which is guaranteed to turn heads? So many films have been made about zombies for a reason – they fascinate some, repel others and even generate inspiration. Sounds like the majestic Dragon!

Snake: Witch

A philosopher and deep thinker, the Snake is the Chinese Zodiac’s Plato. Plato was not just a great philosopher of Ancient Greece; he was a great believer in the supernatural and all things esoteric. Witchcraft is merely the manipulation of energy – whatever you think shall manifest in reality. For the Snake who prizes the mind so greatly, it is the perfect costume.

Horse: Mermaid

Always one for venturing into new horizons, the Horse suits the unique splendour of the mermaid costume! A Horse would explore under the sea if possible and the mermaid highlights their very adventurous and explorative characters.

Goat: Vampire

A great costume for the Goat person. Dreamy and gentle they may be, but the Goat has a fiery side! They have no qualms about sinking their fangs into you if you rile them. The vampire costume also provides the Goat with the opportunity to make the most of their creative side; their imagination knows no boundaries!

Monkey: Pirate

The ultimate sign of exploration, what better costume for the Monkey than the original – albeit criminal – explorers, the pirates! With this sign, the cheeky Monkey can proudly show off their curiosity and inquisitiveness, letting everyone know that they are willing to scan vast horizons to achieve their goals!

Rooster: White Walker

The villainous Game of Thrones White Walkers are perfect for the flamboyant Rooster, who also likes to make an entrance. White Walkers will stop at nothing to get what they want, changing others into White Walkers along the way. With their stubborn determination and ability to sway the crowd to their own way of thinking, the Rooster makes a great White Walker!

Find out which Game of Thrones character matches your Chinese Zodiac animal right here!

Dog: Werewolf

What better costume for the Dog than the werewolf, in honour of their ancestors, the original wolf! Dogs are loyal, serious and grounded, but when they or their loved ones are under attack, out comes the werewolf – and when this happens, it’s time for everyone to back away!

Pig: Fairy

The sweet and gentle Pig is most suited to a fairy costume this Halloween. Not one for grim ghoulishness, they like to keep things pleasant and nice. So, while everyone’s off scaring one another to death with Whitewalkers, werewolves and zombies, the Pig in a fairy costume is busy keeping everyone happy and overseeing the bobbing apples!

So there you have the perfect Halloween costumes for your Chinese astrology signs! Enjoy this coming spooky season and wield the inner ghoulishness of your Chinese Zodiac animal while you’re at it!

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Greetings, Earthlings,

Ah, it’s Scorpio season! And this week we have some doozies to report. We have a lot going on, and it’s all centered around Scorpio.

The week starts with a New Moon in Scorpio on Monday, inspiring you to follow your intuition to plant the seeds of new beginnings, and follow that crazy but lovable heart of yours. Love is out there, and even if it is an intense passion for your work product, the New Moon in Scorpio can help you to find that next chapter.

This is also a very karmic New Moon. So keep this in mind when you are working out those New Moon wishes.

Review: New Moon in Scorpio: Karma Payback Time – What Goes Around Comes Around

As the week continues, we have both Mercury and Venus making some changes. On Thursday, Mercury in Scorpio turns retrograde on Halloween, and this is going to slow things down a bit for a few weeks. Take some time to spend the first half of the week getting caught up on any major correspondence, communications, or travel plans before Mercury slows this down. If you have any legal matters to tend to, now is the time to get that done. Remember that for the first half of this week we are in the New Moon zone, so you are going to be on the cusp of some new beginnings as you also wrap things up.

Moving into the week, we have Venus entering Sagittarius on Friday, and this is going to put a little fire in your step when it comes to love and money matters. Venus is the planet that attracts both love and financial opportunities for you, and in Sagittarius, she is going to be using her adventurous spirit to do so. This transit will be in play for most of November. You’ll be thinking big, and maybe feeling a little lucky here as Sagittarius is a notoriously lucky zodiac sign.

Don’t fret. If you need to know how to use this fun transit in your day-by-day, we’ve got the Daily Horoscopes to work it out for you. It’s all wrapping up a busy and lovely week from the stars.

Happy Halloween! Make those New Moon wishes count this week! Namaste, friends.

Planetary Locations During October 28 – November 3, 2019:

Sun: Libra (September 23, 2019 – October 23, 2019); Scorpio (October 23, 2019 – November 22, 2019)

Mercury: Scorpio (October 3 – October 31, 2019); Retrograde in Scorpio (October 31, 2019 – November 20, 2019)

Venus: Scorpio (October 9 – November 1, 2019); Sagittarius (November 1, 2019 – November 26, 2019)

Mars: Libra (October 4 – November 18, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (March 6 – August 19, 2021); Retrograde: August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for October 28 – November 3, 2019:

Monday, October 28

Sun: Scorpio – Follow your emotional intuition to find clues to your next win.

Moon: New Moon in Scorpio –Time for your rebirth and personal transformation!

Tuesday, October 29

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Sagittarius – See the Big Picture in all things today.

Wednesday, October 30

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Sagittarius


  • Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Venus in Scorpio: Here we have communicator Mercury forming a sweet conjunction with lover Venus, and both planets are in Scorpio. This is a favorable transit that is going to help you attract some wonderful things. Mercury in Scorpio is weaving some magic with lover Venus in Scorpio, and this favorable transit may send you some delicious news about love, or something that tickles your emotional centers. You may also be the party that is extending the lines of communication. This happens one day before Mercury goes retrograde, and so if you have a big message to get out in love or life, today is a great day to do it. Your words are going to be received exactly as you wish.

Thursday, October 31

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Sagittarius


  • Mercury retrograde in Scorpio: This is the time of year when life both slows down and picks up at the same time. We are no longer in the lazy and hazy days of Summer and gearing up for the season of Winter. But at the same time, no matter what hemisphere we are in, the holidays and a new year are just weeks away, and it’s time to start picking up the pace for that in our schedules and lives. Then along comes Mercury retrograde. This is the communication planet moving a little slower; so slow that it is almost moving backwards. Mercury is in Scorpio now, and so Mercury in retrograde in a Water sign is going to have you feeling like you are treading water with weights on. Life is super slow now. All things that Mercury rules like paperwork, short journeys, travel, transportation, and all gadgets that rule communication are going to be impacted. So in this technological day and age, a lot of our lives are going to slow down. Try and get as much as you can get done regarding legal or travel plans before November 1, and you won’t worry so much about this retrograde. It won’t hurt to have your car tuned up either. Some wrinkles that can be caused by slower Mercury can be prevented. Use our Free 3 Card Tarot Reading for help making decisions during Mercury retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde Self-Care Help: Discover the Power of Chakra Healing

Friday, November 1

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Capricorn – Take the lead on a thing that you want to last.

Saturday, November 2

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Capricorn

Sunday, November 3

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Aquarius – Follow the feelings and the Einsteinian ideas you are having today.

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit again as we dig out our costume trunks and hang up spider webs on our doors. This year, the holiday of spooky goblins is promising to be extra creepy with the trickster planet Mercury going retrograde on Halloween night. To make it even more auspicious, Mercury will be in the shadow-revealing sign of Scorpio which means we are going to see the monsters of our past. But hark! Before you get worried, this cosmic trickery has hidden blessings and healing treats for your soul.

Mercury is the planet that controls the mind. It also controls communication, electronics, and travel. Anything in those areas is likely to be off-kilter or not go as planned during Mercury retrograde and that’s how the planet gets its tricky reputation. We often are encouraged not to make large purchases, sign contracts, or begin new endeavors like jobs or relationships during this time, not because there is some curse on us, but because our mind isn’t fully in the present to make the best decisions.

Retrograde energy puts us in the past somewhat. It means we are looking at past experiences to understand them and be free of patterns we are creating in our life that are just shooting ourselves in the foot. For example, we may start to think of someone we dated in the past now, not because we are still in love with them, but because there is a lesson about our own behavior that is still waiting to empower us in this memory.

Mercury Retrograde May Play Tricks On You

You know that feeling when it seems like you’re not alone or you’re extra jumpy about shadows? There’s actually something called your shadow that can be full of energy from your own traumatic experiences that reaches capacity and starts to make its presence known so you will actually deal with it. The perfect time for it to spill over is Mercury retrograde in Scorpio.

Basically, when we go through something that is really difficult, we often don’t process it at that time but put it in our shadow to handle it when we are ready. But this is a house of cards, because once too many experiences are stacked up, it can feel like it all comes down on us. In order to avoid that unnecessary dramatic feeling, we can use this specific cosmic event over the next two and a half weeks to dismantle the shadow and actually use the energy in positive ways.

During Mercury retrograde, it’s good to reflect, reorganize, revisit, and rejuvenate. Because it’s generally hard to see a clear path forward with the thick and thorny woods of our past lingering in our view, we are better off cleaning out our emotional closet and taking inventory of our own thought patterns at this time. That way, when Mercury stations direct on November 20th, we’ll have more energy to put into the things we want to create and spend less energy getting angry about the past or reliving experiences we haven’t fully dealt with. Scorpio, the sign which has an intense reputation for stirring up our darkness, can help us deal with those energetic imprints, the memories that haunt us in our sleep.

Enter the Shadows: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Scorpio, the sign symbolized by the stinging insect, is a Water sign ruled by the planet Pluto. This planet is the one that most closely deals with our subconscious. Our subconscious mind is greatly affected by our past experiences and so when the planet of the mind moves into this sign, the Universe is putting a spotlight on our subconscious mind. Ring the bells of celebration folks, because it’s much easier to deal with the subconscious gunk in this window of opportunity. We can clear those cobwebs from our minds and revamp our clarity so we can move in positive directions.

Scorpio is not afraid of the dark and can help you look at those experiences that you have shame about or that you may push away because they bring tears to your eyes. Scorpio can handle the darker aspects of ourselves because it seeks to understand energy not to judge it. It wants to uncover the truth and bring light or wisdom to the parts of ourselves we do not yet understand. This is a great time to address phobias or anxieties that keep us from doing things we would do in a world where we were not scared by past experiences. As we look at those past experiences with the spotlight of Mercury retrograde, we can ask for our soul to help us understand how our choices could have been different or our reactions to things can be altered to find a more loving and compassionate way forward.

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Productive Ways to Embrace Your Shadow Side this Halloween

How will you spend this Halloween? We think it’s a great time to embrace your shadow and find a way to embrace the things that scare you.

In light of this quote, we start to sense that perhaps we hold onto our fears and believe that we shouldn’t go for that bigger dream because we are most afraid of what we are truly capable of. When we remove our fears and live in a higher frequency, where we can manifest quickly, sense the intentions of those around us, and perceive our soul’s highest good, we see that we have a great responsibility to use our mind to build a more loving society. That means we can inspire with our words, our world is responding to our energy, and we are responsible for focusing on a better future. The truth that Scorpio reveals, in our shadow, is actually that we are spiritual beings, ready to step into our soul’s purpose, and able to shape-shift into a brighter more loving version of ourselves. The soul healing held within our shadow is the greatest healing of all and to find it this Halloween, try these simple three steps.

Step One: Find a quiet place to conduct your shadow healing meditation. Make it special by creating a sacred space with candles, pillows, calm music, or anything that you feel will help you focus in meditation. Grab a journal to aid in your meditation.

Step Two: Spend a few minutes breathing slowly and deeply to relax and prepare for meditation. Calm your thoughts and let your body become still.

Step Three: Ask your soul to help you heal three memories or patterns of thinking that are stored in your subconscious. One at a time, look at the pattern or memory, and ask what healing it has for you. How can you replace the negative response you have to it with love? Write down how you can open your heart with this wisdom.

Unlocking your light may feel a bit scary but it will help you be free and allow you to take off the mask of the ego to show the world your soul. To assist you in this process of revealing your soul over the next two and a half weeks, look up your horoscopes and utilize our dream dictionary to see what your subconscious is bringing forward to heal. The horoscopes can help you understand why you feel different on any given day and help you manage the energy that comes with the planetary movements as they affect your sign specifically. The subconscious is likely to come through in your dreams during this time as well and our dream interpretation articles can help you unlock the healing in them.

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There are certain times of year that are perfect for spiritual healing and chakra clearing. The veil between worlds thins during this time because of certain astrological events that ancient cultures, tracked which is where the holiday Samhain originated. This ancient celebration inspired the modern holiday of Halloween which is a prime time to connect with spirit and deepen your intuition.

And that, friends, is where Reiki comes in.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that restores your body’s energetic ecosystem so that you can be free of lower vibrations that cause stress and unhappiness. The stress from life creates negative energy which can attract grumpy spiritual energy or creepy ghosts. When we clear our energy field and aura, we can contact the frequency of love and peace where the more angelic messengers of the other dimensions reside.

How Reiki Can Help You During Halloween

Our perception of our lives, the potential we perceive within ourselves, and the very way in which we engage with the world around us are all determined by one thing, our energy.

When we are younger, we learn from our teachers in school, and if we are lucky, we learn from spiritual guides as we develop our intuition. When we raise our vibration, we can learn from our soul and evolve into people who really invoke positive change in this world. That can be in small and large ways and the Reiki energy will help align you with your soul’s path by helping you see through a lens of compassion.

Here is what you can expect Reiki to help you within the real world which may help you decide to sign up for a session.

First, is it can help you see where your diet or lifestyle is draining your energy. That’s a subtle awareness about the little choices you make that suddenly just shifts when you get Reiki. It’s as if it becomes easier to take care of yourself which leads to feeling better, more optimistic, creative, and confident.

Secondly, it helps us see the unconscious thoughts that are creating self-sabotage. For example, if you’re pining after someone who just isn’t worth your time, Reiki can raise your frequency to suddenly realize this and let that person go. The spiritual healing is the most practical thing you can do for yourself in all honesty.

Your Chakras Hold Your Power to Succeed

Your seven main chakras are the energy centers of your physical body as well as the traffic controllers for your emotions and ability to manifest through your soul. Reiki helps clear your chakras that may be blockeddue to old memories, prolonged stress, or environmental energy (negative people).

When you get a Reiki session, you may feel subtle energetic movements in your chakras and it will help you get in tune with your body. We spend so much time thinking that we often miss out on the messages our intuition is constantly sending us through our body that will make our lives easier.

Your chakras hold the key to your success in life because when they are functioning well, you can have healthy relationships, clear thinking, and insights into how to live for your highest good. They lead to a strong connection with your intuition that will help you see the path to the resources you need which can make life a whole lot easier. The intuition, when functioning, helps you see what is a good choice or a poor choice in advance so you can avoid blindly putting yourself in harm’s way (which usually means a job where you are overworked or a relationship where you’re not respected). The chakras and Reiki are a big part of living a life that is balanced, empowered, energetic, and full of love.

Additionally, your guides can start to communicate more clearly with you while the veil between worlds is thin. Your guides can help you and reach you the easiest when your frequency matches theirs. Reiki helps you match the highest possible vibration guide by clearing that negative energy and helping you make choices to sustain that positive energy.

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Closing Thoughts…

So how do you get Reiki? Well, there are a few options. You can either book a session in person with a local practitioner. Look online for people in your area or ask around for recommendations. You can also find Reiki certification courses, which usually take an afternoon and are very affordable. This gives you an attunement to the energy so that you can do self-Reiki and heal yourself. Long-distance Reiki is offered by Reiki Masters who are certified in level three Reiki. You can also check out our Reiki stones and read about how to use Reiki stones to clear your chakras.

Reiki doesn’t discriminate against people who are new to the metaphysical world, have made mistakes in their life, or feel no natural intuition. It is for everyone and all can benefit from it. It is a gift from the Universe to help you heal and to help you see that you are connected to everything. It helps you feel the ultimate truth which is that we, at our very core, are pure love and pure energy. It is something that will change your life, empower you, and heal you. If you’ve never tried Reiki and are skeptical, you have nothing to lose by giving it a go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how it opens your eyes to a new reality.

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It’s the eve of Halloween! It’s time to get your costumes on and celebrate this time of year which, for many, is one filled with fun, laughter and all things spooky!

But where did the tradition of dressing up for Halloween originate? Originally, Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival, Samhain. It is the time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest and so entities among the spirit world are at their strongest. To celebrate during the festival, people would dress up in costumes in order to ward off ghosts. Similarly, people would wear masks whenever they left their homes after dark in order to trick spirits into thinking they were fellow ghosts and not living humans.

It is a tradition that has survived throughout the ages. But it is one that represents an even deeper side of ourselves, which is synonymous with this intense Scorpio season. The season of Scorpio, which dominates throughout the season of Halloween, is all about revealing what is hidden and facing the darker sides of our nature. It is not uncommon for people who dress up on Halloween to choose a costume that fits with their innermost nature, even if this is on a subconscious level. While it may be both amusing and bemusing to think that someone picks a vampire or werewolf because it may play a fundamental part of their character in some way, this can often be the case! A person who regularly picks a ghost may wish, on some level, to remain invisible in society; a fairy princess may wish to be exactly that – a princess. Someone who loves the idea of dressing up as Catwoman or Batman may want to be a superhero in their real lives.

Essentially, dressing up for Halloween can have strong links to our alter-ego. At times, we ourselves may struggle to know who or what our own alter-ego is. This is where Tarot cards come in handy. A Tarot card reading can help us explore our alter-ego to even greater heights; we can delve deeper into ourselves and take a look at other sides of our characters which may often remain hidden in the shadows. This Halloween Tarot spread is all about discovering more about your alter-ego, so read on to find out more!

5 Card Tarot Spread for Your Alter-Ego

The question for this Tarot spread is: Who is my alter-ego?

  • Card 1: The deeper meaning behind my alter-ego
  • Card 2: Why I have this alter-ego
  • Card 3: The positives of my alter-ego
  • Card 4: The negatives of my alter-ego
  • Card 5: How my alter-ego can help me in my daily life

Below is a Tarot spread including the Tarot card meanings focused around this question so you can get a better idea of how this spread works.

Who is my alter-ego?

Card 1: The Emperor

This shows that my alter-ego is one that is strong, powerful and controlling. My alter-ego likes to be in control. The Emperor is someone who takes charge of situations and does not like to be bossed around by anyone. (A Halloween costume for the Emperor would be someone like Sandman from X-Men or the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland!)

Card 2: The Moon

This is an interesting card in the place of why I have this alter-ego because it shows this is a fundamental part of my character, one that I have perhaps hidden somewhere deep within me and do not acknowledge. This would indicate that there is a side of me I am repressing.

Card 3: Eight of Pentacles

In the upright position, this indicates that my alter-ego drives me to succeed. In conjunction with the Emperor, this may indicate an ambitious nature that stops at nothing to achieve their goals, though they may not easily show it. Someone who does not give up easily and cannot be swayed off their course once they set their mind to someone.

Card 4: Death

In the reversed position, I would interpret Death as resistance to change. The Death card is one of sweeping change and as a card in the Major Arcana, it is not change that we have control over. However, in the negative sense, I would view this as stubbornness (also a prominent quality of the Emperor) and a reluctance to change, even if I should.

Card 5: The Hermit

As the card that helps me in my daily life, I interpret the Hermit to mean that my alter-ego helps me have greater self-awareness and also grow spiritually in some way. The Hermit is a card of self-reflection and understanding oneself greater. So, in some way, my alter-ego is helping me understand myself on a deeper level (one example would be seeking Tarot card meanings about my alter-ego in the first place!)


Remember to keep an eye on our Instagram today to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action!

Remember that checking your daily Tarot and Tarot online can help you gain greater awareness about yourself and the world around you. This Halloween, enjoy the spooky season even more by exploring your own alter-ego through the Tarot cards!

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​It’s the most wonderful time of the year if you’re a horror junkie! Some people love to dress up for Halloween, some people love to party, and some people (like me) love to grab a bottomless bucket of popcorn and scare themselves silly! In celebration of one of our favorite months of the year, we rounded up some of our personal favorite horror movies, guaranteed to make you squirm, sweat, and dig your nails into your armchair!

These movies have been personally selected for you based on your zodiac sign, chosen based on what you might like, but also what you’re most likely to not like and scared the most by, so grab some friends, turn off the lights, turn up the volume and enjoy a night full of scares.

For the curious, I’m using the fabulous Reel Scary website to help map out just how scary these movies are. Users rate movies based on Gore, Disturbing Content, and Suspense, and will let you know if you’re in for a tame evening or one full of nightmares!

Be sure to check out your Sun sign and your Moon sign’s horror movie recommendations (get your free birth chart right here to find out your Moon sign) if you want to add a little extra spook to your Halloween movie marathon.

Aries – Buried

Reel Scary Rating: 6.2

How are you with confined spaces, Aries? While on a contract in Iraq, kidnapped American truck driver Paul awakens to find himself buried in a coffin underground with nothing but a lighter, a cell phone, and his own increasing anxiety. With a dwindling oxygen supply and a dying battery, he must fight panic and delirium as he awaits a rescue that might not arrive in time.

Not for the claustrophobic or the faint of heart, this is as tense a 90 minutes as you’ll find anywhere on this list. For the Aries that loves to take charge, dive headfirst into challenges, and hates any feeling of being trapped, this one’s right up your alley.

…Did I mention the whole movie is filmed from inside the coffin?

Taurus – Climax

Reel Scary Rating: N/R

As a Taurus, you love to relax and are opposed to anything frantic, frenetic and anything posing a threat to that relaxation. Mind and mood-altering drugs are your worst enemy. Luckily we have filmmakers out there to play into that exact fear. Climax has a very simple and effective premise: A group of dancers gather to practice at an empty school for a night. They all celebrate with sangria – sangria that has been laced with LSD.

With mind-bending dance choreography, a brooding, thumping score from one half of Daft Punk, and realistic, long-take shots of the dancers’ dark and explosive nightmares, Climax is a full assault on the senses that should leave even the most battle-tested Taurus reeling.

There are not enough ratings on Reel Scary at this time, but my personal opinion is a 7 – what it lacks in gore it more than makes up for in disturbing content.

Gemini – High Tension

Reel Scary Rating: 9.0

Geminis are playful and communicative, they’re the social butterflies of the astrological world. The greatest fear for a Gemini is to be isolated, confined and lonely. The feeling of losing your mind would be truly terrifying – and that’s where High Tension comes in.

Not just the name of the movie, but named for the feeling it instills in its viewers, High Tension is the story of Marie and Alex, who go together to visit Alex’s parents’ in the French countryside. Things change quickly when the house is broken into by a psychotic truck driver, who brutally murders Alex’s family. He kidnaps Alex, and Marie hides in the back to try and free her – but the bloodshed is far from over.

Cancer – Frailty

Reel Scary Rating: 8.0

The ultimate nightmare for anyone who loves their family and would do anything to protect them. Frailty is a devilishly creepy tale of two brothers, one of which idolizes their Father, and one that is revolted by his actions but can’t bring himself to stop the terror.

Fenton walks into a police station on a rainy night and says he has information about a notorious serial killer that hasn’t been caught for over two decades. He tells the Sheriff that the killer was his brother, Adam. Through flashbacks, Fenton recalls the story of how his father believed he was instructed by God to kill demons in his name – demons masked as regular humans, and how his brother Adam began to believe his father and claimed he shared his prophetic visions.

For a Cancer that’s ever looked up to somebody in their family with reverence, this one might rattle you a bit more, but it’s a very suspenseful and tense movie, nonetheless, and worth the trip. Could you turn your back on your family?

Leo – It Follows

Reel Scary Rating: 6.2

Leos love to be noticed. They’re vivacious, theatrical and gain their energy from being noticed by others. Is there anything that would scare a Leo more than being noticed every waking moment, followed, until you die? It Follows has a very simple and terrifying premise that’s sure to make any Leos’s heart skip a beat whenever anyone walks towards them.

After Jay sleeps with her boyfriend for the first time, she learns she is the recipient of a fatal curse that is passed via sexual intercourse. Death will creep towards Jay at a slow, methodical pace, disguised as a friend or stranger. It will not stop. It will follow her until she finds a way to rid herself of the curse. Any fans of slow, brooding terror like Halloween will get a thrill out of It Follows.

Virgo – Blue Velvet

Reel Scary Rating: N/A

You, the Virgo, live a happy life. You are kind, gentle, practical and a bit of a perfectionist. Your house is always clean, your shirts neatly pressed, your hair always flawless. You live in a lovely house with a white picket fence, a beautiful spouse, two wonderful kids, and a dog. Your life is perfect – But with every perfect life such as this, there is a terrifying, seedy underbelly that can rear its head if you’re not careful.

Happy-go-lucky college student Jeffrey Beaumont has returned home to help his father after a stroke. When passing through a field he finds a severed ear and teams up with his beautiful neighbor as amateur sleuths. They’re quickly thrust into a dark, twisted nightmare unlike anything they could have imagined, involving kidnapping, murder, a lonely lounge singer, and a depraved psychopath that carries around an oxygen canister for when he gets in the mood.

This movie is disturbing. But for the squeaky-clean Virgo, you might just enjoy seeing how the dark side operates. You have been warned.

Libra – Mandy

Reel Scary Rating: 5.4

Librans are obsessed with visuals and the look of things and are very protective of their relationships. They will definitely latch onto this neon-soaked, phantasmagoric tale of a man whose life is destroyed at the hands of a blood-thirsty cult in this beautifully lurid nightmare.

Nicolas Cage (a Capricorn) is completely unhinged as Red, who lives with his wife, Mandy, in the 1980’s Pacific Northwest. Their existence is savagely destroyed by a sadistic cult leader, which thrusts Red into a journey full of blood-soaked vengeance and laced with deadly fire. The film is bursting with color and set to an ominous score, which should please any Libra who will value the aesthetics of a scary movie just as much as the content itself.

Scorpio – Session 9

Reel Scary Rating: 6.2

Scorpios are clever, methodical and love to plan, and they like their movies just the same way. The themes of Session 9 should no doubt win over the Scorpio seeking a clever psychological thriller with the punch of a horror film. Session 9 is a seriously creepy movie set in a seriously creepy location.

An asbestos abatement crew wins a bid to remove the material from an abandoned insane asylum. What should be a straightforward and simple job is complicated by the personal histories of the crew. When one of the crew members stumbles upon the old tapes of a former patient with multiple personalities, things begin to devolve, and crew members begin to see things that may or may not be real. This one will make your skin crawl.

Sagittarius – Green Room

Reel Scary Rating: 9.0

Is there anything more frightening for a Sagittarius than being held against their will? Knowing that whoever is on the other side of that door will kill you when they get you should be enough to send the freedom-loving Sag into a full-blown panic attack. Punk band The Ain’t Rights want to make it big, and that means taking every gig they can possibly book. When they book a show at a Neo-Nazi bar in rural Oregon, things take a turn.

After witnessing a murder at the hands of a group of skinheads, the band locks themselves in a room in the back of the bar, desperate to survive, but the sadistic leader of the Neo-Nazis – played by Jean-Luc Picard himself, Patrick Stewart (a Cancer) – has a different plan, one that involves eliminating all the evidence. Extremely suspenseful and shockingly violent, this one is only for the Sags that can stomach it.

Capricorn – [REC]

Reel Scary Rating: 8.3

Capricorns love order, structure, and routine. Being self-sufficient is a necessity for the Caps, as they often feel like they can only depend on themselves and have to take matters into their own hands. The ultimate fear to bestow upon a Capricorn then would be to live in complete chaos and completely lose control.

[Rec] is the shortest movie on this list, clocking in at only 78 minutes, but trust me when I say that this movie starts in with the action right away and does not let up. Angela, a late-night TV host, and her cameraman are shooting a piece on firefighters when they are permitted to accompany them to a call at an apartment complex. Once inside, they discover they’re not fighting a fire, but something completely different, and the police have sealed off the building from the outside to keep whatever is in there contained – Including Angela.

Aquarius – Joy Ride

Reel Scary Rating: 4.6

Ah, the Aquarius – free-spirited, rebellious at heart, and eccentric. As an Aquarius, you’ve definitely played an innocent practical joke or two in your time. Maybe the results have been mixed, but your carefree attitude has probably gotten you out of a situation or two. What if you weren’t so lucky?

Lewis is on Summer break and is off to pick up his beautiful girlfriend across the country. He buys a cheap used car, sets off, and it’s just him and the road. Along the way, he picks up his Brother and they decide to have a bit of fun with the CB radio installed in the car. They convince a trucker that they’re a cute girl and prank him into meeting the “girl” at a hotel for fun. Things turn violent and the brothers find themselves being tormented cross-country by the mysterious trucker who decides to play some pranks of his own.

Pisces – Hereditary

Reel Scary Rating: 5.6

The newest film on the list, barely a year old, has already joined the upper ranks of horror classics thanks to its relatable theme of family, shocking imagery, and genuine scares. For the empathetic Pisces, who possesses the uncanny ability to understand and absorb the emotions around them, this one should hit particularly close to the place they feel the safest – home.

As the title implies, Hereditary is about what we leave behind to those when we pass. For the Graham family, when the matriarch of the family passes away, her daughter and grandchildren begin to unravel cryptic and terrifying secrets about their ancestry. Are they unlucky, or is there something more sinister afoot? We can outrun any problem in this life, except for what we’ve inherited. Sleep well, Pisces.


Different things are scary to different people – some people are scared by monsters and demons, and some, like yours truly, are scared by itty-bitty spiders. That’s why the Horror genre is so successful, and getting scared is so much fun. To truly make someone scared, you can do it in any number of ways. No matter what your tastes, and no matter what you’re afraid of – there’s a horror movie out there designed to scare you silly.

Too scary? Not scary enough? Tell us what we missed!

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Crystal healing is quite popular at the moment. One of the best ways to use crystals to bring healing and balance into your life is to use them to give your chakras a tuneup. Chakras are the energy centers that run from the base of your spine up to the top of your head. There are seven of them, starting at the bottom with the Root chakra, and working up to the Crown chakra.

The word chakra comes from the old Sanskrit word for wheel, and that’s what chakras are believed to be. They’re portrayed as whirling wheels of color, each one at a specific place and each one a unique color. When your subtle body and your physical body are both healthy and balanced, then that health will manifest in every area of your life. Fortunately, it’s easy to tune up your chakras and it doesn’t take special tools to do so.

About the Root Chakra:

The Root chakra is located at the bottom of your spine, at the base of your tailbone. It’s the most physical of all the chakras, and it is where your survival instinct resides. It’s the foundation for all the other chakras, and it’s advised to begin working with your chakras here, and take the energy up, rather than to bring it down, which is more advanced chakra work.

When this area is underactive, you’ll feel uneasy, maybe even fearful, but you won’t understand why. Sometimes this disharmony manifests itself physically as pain in your coccyx or lower back. Of course, any injury or pain does need to be treated by your health care practitioner, but they’re usually okay with you supplementing their advice with some chakra healing.

When the Root chakra is balanced, your physical health will be good. You’ll have enough energy without being too peppy. Your basic needs like water, shelter, and food will not be a worry to you. Remember, though, this is at a root level. It’s easy to convince yourself you don’t have enough when actually you do, but that’s another chakra’s domain.

The Root chakra is where your past life memory resides, and where the powerful kundalini energy sleeps. If this area is overstimulated in any way, you’ll find it hard to see the joy in your life. You may lash out in anger or irritation. No matter what you do, you find it hard to establish the groundwork for success and fulfillment. You may even be obsessed with accumulating things that you don’t need which creates chaos and drains your energy.

When this area is not fully functional, you lose interest in your life. Everything’s a drag and you don’t have any drive, there’s no ambition. You just drift along, feeling like you’re caught on a road going nowhere from which you can’t escape. You would be hard-pressed to even define what it is that you want. You’ve lost your appreciation of the world.

Motivation is the key to bringing this area back into balance. It’s frequently difficult to get going, but using crystals as you meditate on what you’d like to do with your life will help. The Root chakra’s color is red, so it makes sense that red stones are the ones to use when this area needs some attention.

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How to Use Crystals for Chakra Healing

Because crystals are usually small, we can carry them with us throughout the day. Each time you touch the crystal or look at it sitting on your desk, it can remind you of the intention you are working with. The vibration of the crystal you’ve chosen will help you resonate with the desired state you wish you to reach. This type of energetic alchemy is a way to use the crystal to create a new way of thinking that becomes natural. The natural energy of the stone will help you get into that wavelength and before you know it, you will be that way without trying.

If you want to create a crystal grid for your Root chakra or a specific issue related to your Root chakra, check out our article about how to make one. You can program a crystal to help you with a specific issue by doing a special meditation where you set your intention and infuse it into the crystal as you hold it. The crystal becomes a sacred power object (also known as a talisman) for you just as healers and shamans have used natural items for magickal healing for millennia.

1. Red Jasper

This is probably one of the most easily accessible stones for helping you to tuneup your Root chakra. There are many different kinds of red jasper available, from the solid red color, to brecciated, and even some picture jasper is predominantly red. It’s not an expensive stone, but don’t let that fool you. It still packs a powerful punch!

This is a stone of empowerment, and it helps you to stand up for yourself. If you’ve got a difficult situation that you need to deal with, call on red jasper. It’s a stone of strength and integrity and will help you find your backbone. It gives you the courage to take things head-on, and build the foundations of strength and character so that you can create the life you want to live.

2. Carnelian

This is another easily obtainable healing stone that resonates beautifully with the Root chakra. It will unblock your energy, and allow you to find your purpose. It is an energizing stone, a form of quartz, yet it has the potential to soothe animosity and frustration. Alternatively, if your Root chakra is sluggish, carnelian brings warmth and motivation to it.

Wear or carry carnelian particularly if you’re looking for more independence and self-sufficiency. If you’re struggling to hold onto your temper or dealing with emotional outbursts, this stone will help. If you’re in situations where you’re surrounded by people who are constantly arguing, bickering, or picking on you in any way, this stone will help you find both the resilience to put up with what you have to, and the courage to leave when it’s the right time to do so.

3. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is another jasper. This time it’s a green stone, with blood-red flecks. It’s a stone of protection and will help you stand up to those who are trying to bring you down. It’s a good ally to have when meditating on the Root chakra, because it blends the red healing energy with the green, healing both your resilience and your heart. This is a particularly strong crystal ally if you’ve been dealing with a bad break up.

It’s easy to feel intimidated or alone when facing a new beginning, and bloodstone will help you to find your confidence and your sense of self-worth. If you’re feeling tired, as if there’s not enough of you to go around, or if you’ve lost your motivation when it comes to doing things to enhance and improve your situation, bloodstone will act as a gentle reminder that you’re worth it, and that you can have the life you want to live if you simply persist.

4. Ruby

Ruby is a stone of potential. It helps you to envision what you want, and to find the motivation to achieve it. It also assists you in finding your energy again. If you’re feeling exhausted, downtrodden, lethargic, or just plain tired, wear or carry ruby for an extra boost of pep. Ruby also is an ally when it comes to balancing bravado with confidence, and ego with determination. If you have to face and adversary, ruby increases your chances of having the advantage.

The red form of sapphire, ruby is another stone that calms the Root chakra if it’s overstimulated. It takes away the animosity and frustration and replaces them with the desire to communicate. It calms the fears and creates a place where you can develop your confidence. If you’ve been having problems in your sex life, ruby has the capacity to help with that, too, although it’s not a replacement for medical advice, and shouldn’t be used as such. Make sure that you obtain natural ruby, and not the lab-created versions which won’t have quite the same impact.

5. Garnet

Garnet comes in many colors and they’ll all help with the Root chakra tuneup, but it’s the red ones that will resonate the most with balancing this area of your life. This is one of the oldest known talisman stones, and also one of the most protective. It’s an excellent ally in times of crisis and upheaval and enables you to find your self-confidence and your personal courage, giving you the strength to overcome whatever life happens to be throwing your way.

Red garnet brings success when it comes to financial matters and business dealings. Of course, you have to do more than just carry the stone in order to reap the rewards, but it is a known prosperity stone. One of the reasons for this is because it enables you to deal with your fears about not having enough and not being enough. On that note, it’s another stone that will help you with regards to a healthy libido and sexual appetite.

6. Obsidian

Obsidian can be found in many shades, and it’s the red—mahogany—or black obsidian that you’ll want to obtain when it comes to a Root chakra tune-up. Obsidian is a protective stone, and a wonderful ally when it comes to purging grime and pollution from your chakras and your subtle body. Once you’ve got things balanced and working optimally, count on obsidian to help them stay that way, and shield you against things that would pollute your aura or weaken your energy field.

Black obsidian in particular is a great companion if you’ve been at odds with someone, and the frustration or animosity is creating discord in your everyday life. If you’re living in fear—fear that things are going to change for the worse or that somehow you’re not going to have everything you need to survive and be successful—put an obsidian stone under your pillow.

The apache tear stone, which is a form of black obsidian, is best suited for moving past grief that can make you feel stuck in time. These little globs of translucent lava help you to find strength and determination, and remove what’s standing in your way so that you can see the way forward with logic, reason, and purpose. They’re protective little guys, too, so pop one in your pocket so that you don’t pick up vibrational pollutants as you go about your daily life.

7. Black Tourmaline

Even though it’s black and not red, this is one of the most grounding and beneficial Root chakra stones there is. It comes in many hues and colors, but it’s the black tourmaline—schorl—that is the most protective. It’s long been used by medicine people and healers to enhance grounding, centering, and shielding exercises. It deflects negative energy from the atmosphere and from others, so that you can rise up against anything that is not beneficial to your growth and empowerment, and overcome it.

If you’re prone to panic attacks, wear or carry black tourmaline, and make sure that you take time to ground and center and shield, as often as you need, in order to keep your psychic defences up and strong. The world can be a challenging place, where so many people would rather complain than do something constructive. Be the exception to the rule, and work on your positivity. When you do this in conjunction with the black tourmaline, psychic vampires and others who would rather steal your energy than fix their own will have a much harder time in doing so!

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One of the reasons that it’s so important to ensure that your Root chakra is functioning optimally is because it’s the base for all the other chakras. If it’s out of whack then the upper chakras are going to wobble too, just as if a house was built on shaky foundations. It’s not hard to bring this chakra into alignment, and you’ll soon know if you need to.

If you’re feeling stressed and generally restless, then work with grounding your energy and get your Root chakra working efficiently. If you’re feeling angry at the world, or lethargic, those are signs of under-stimulation or overactivity. Pent up energy is another one, as is holding grudges or harboring fears and doubts. Once you get things spinning properly, you’ll be motivated to get ahead, and a plan of action is all it takes to get things turned around in an empowered and positive way.

If you’re interested in using crystals more to heal your chakras, we have some interesting chakra pendulums that can help you see which chakras are balanced and which need to be. If you’re new to working with pendulums, it’s not hard. Check out our article that explains how to use them and get your energy tuned up. There are many ways you work on healing your Root chakra that will complement using crystals. You may choose to get Reiki, eat red plants like beets or pomegranates that help your Root chakra, and do standing yoga poses that also help the Root chakra.

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Feeling fed up and ready to blow? You can thank Mars opposite Uranus today for that! This aspect pits fiery Mars in Water sign Scorpio against rebel Uranus in Earth sign Taurus. The last time these two opposed was 2 years ago in December 2017, and this occurred in different astrology signs with Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries.

This is the first time they’re opposing in zodiac signs Scorpio and Taurus since December 1940! (a past life experience for most of us) The last time they opposed was the last time they were opposing in those zodiac signs of Aries and Libra as Uranus is now in Taurus. Aries and Libra focus on relationships and connections, so this brought out rebellion with relationships.

How does it differ this time?

What is Mars Opposite Uranus?

First, let’s break this aspect down.

Mars is the planet of energy and drive, and in the birth chart, Mars shows what drives you to take action and how you use your energy to act. In transit, Mars shows where energy and drive are focused at the moment. Mars kicks the energy up quite a few notches!

Uranus is the rebel planet. In the birth chart, Uranus shows where you experience change, where you need things to be unconventional, and your individuality. In transit, Uranus shows where changes can be experienced at the moment. Mars kicks up energy while Uranus directs that energy toward change.

Mars opposite Uranus in your birth chart can show you’re someone who is impulsive, innovative, and decisive. In transit, Mars opposite Uranus can bring this out for all of us.

Mars is in zodiac sign Scorpio, which is a sign of intense emotional energy and seeks to transform. Uranus is in zodiac sign Taurus, which is a grounded sign that takes things slow and steady.

Mars is opposite Uranus, which positions these two energies against one another. They are in opposing astrology signs, and opposing signs are on opposite ends of the same line. They’re extremes of each side, yet there is a strain of commonality between them being on the same line.

Taurus and Scorpio are both Fixed signs. The Fixed signs tend to be more fixed in nature, not wanting to shake things up too much. But with Mars and Uranus, they’re all about shaking things up! So, this opposition involving these astrology signs and these planets means we’re focusing on shaking up the fixed ways.

This makes it perfect energy for breaking out of the stale, stagnant, and stuck, and experiencing breakthroughs as you open up, evolve, and make changes in life. You just have to take control of the energy!

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Key Takeaways for Mars opposite Uranus:

Use impulse & restlessness to create positive change.

Mars opposite Uranus can bring out some extreme restlessness and impulse (these two planets aren’t known for their patience!), especially with anything where you’re frustrated and feel stuck. The best thing to do with that energy is to use it to your advantage to create positive changes in your life that open up new opportunities for you to explore.

Be true to yourself & embrace your potential & power.

Mars and Uranus are highly independent and don’t appreciate being boxed in. If you’ve been letting yourself get put in a box lately, use the energy of this aspect to break out. Be true to your unique self and embrace what makes you different. It’s the only way to realize your full potential in life, and it leads to a whole new level of personal power.

Remove yourself from negative situations & make room for new life.

Taurus and Scorpio want to keep things as-is, but this can get you stuck in negative situations that suck the life out of you. Use Mars and Uranus to change that. Remove yourself from those negative situations (or relationships, or work, or habits), and revel in the space that leaves for you to create new life and have new breakthroughs. You don’t have to be stuck anymore, and the old can lead to the new.

One Final Note:

This is the first time Uranus and Mars are opposing in zodiac signs Taurus and Scorpio in almost 80 years, but it’s only the start. Uranus is in Taurus for over 6 more years and opposes Mars again twice more (in 2021 and 2023). That means that whatever you do with this aspect right now can tie into those oppositions in 2 and 4 years. While the energy of this aspect only lasts for about a week, it’s actually going to be in effect for up to 4 years!

This means you truly do have a chance to make some lasting changes and experience deep, profound breakthroughs. Do not let this energy go to waste! It’s one of the best aspects for getting unstuck and breaking out.

This aspect does occur with Mars at 3 degrees Scorpio and Uranus at 3 degrees Taurus, so if you have any positions at 3 degrees, you’re getting hit in some way directly and can feel the energy strong. If you have any planets at 3 degrees Scorpio or Taurus, you’re getting hit dead-on, so get out, break the rules, break tradition, and go down your own path!

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Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign with a positive, tenacious attitude that charms those around them—if you know a Sagittarius, you’re probably mysteriously and magnetically drawn towards their welcoming nature. As we move into the Sagittarius season, it’s time to take a look at the romance language of this fiery, bubbly sign.

It is important to remember, especially when looking into the world of astrological compatibility, that we are generally looking at how well two Sun signs (the sign that represents where the Sun was located at the time you were born, and the most well-known of the signs) interact with each other. While two Sun signs may not be the most compatible signs together, there are many other signs and aspects within your chart that may smooth out any incompatibilities between your Sun signs.

To truly understand the compatibility between yourself and someone else, you would probably need to contact an experienced astrologer and request a synastry report—a report that looks at both of your natal charts and how they interact with one another.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the most compatible and least compatible signs for the Sagittarian.

Sagittarius Personality Traits:

Before we move on, it would be useful to refresh our understanding of the Sagittarius’ unique nature.

Positive traits include:

  • Honest/Outspoken
  • Ambitious
  • Idealistic
  • Independent
  • Passionate
  • Adventurous
  • Spiritual
  • Seeking
  • Open-minded
  • Gregarious
  • Generous
  • Optimistic
  • Bubbly
  • Strong sense of ethics

Negative traits include:

  • Impatient
  • Blunt/tactless
  • Hotheaded
  • Careless
  • Reckless
  • Impulsive
  • Domineering
  • Forgetful
  • Dogmatic

Do remember that every zodiac sign has its strengths as well as its more challenging aspects—in other words, no sign is perfect. The warm, honest, and hopeful nature of the Sagittarius shines through their impatient or blunt tendencies.

Check out your unique Sagittarius placements in your birth chart!

Sagittarius Compatibility in Love & Relationships

While any two signs can learn to get along, there are some astrological signs that seem to naturally mesh with the Sagittarian vibe.

Most Compatible Matches for Sagittarius


Aries is another Fire sign within the zodiac, and their fire matches seamlessly with Sag’s glow. Both signs enjoy adventure and spontaneity, and their personalities come together to tackle new challenges. These two know how to have fun together. The optimism within this union will be palpable. However, every relationship faces its challenges. Aries and Sag may end up competing for attention or to be the life of the party—embrace each other’s fire and this relationship will undoubtedly be one of joy and connection.


Leo is another sign that belongs to the Fire family, and their buoyant nature matches that of the Sagittarius. This relationship will glow with an air of laughter, liberation, and a bit of drama. Others will take note of the larger-than-life qualities that this union exudes. Both Leo and Sag enjoy socializing and entertaining, meaning this couple will always be busy with a new, fun adventure. Each member of this relationship loves attention, meaning that these two might struggle for the limelight from time to time. If you can learn to let each other shine without jealously, your connection will flourish.


Aquarians are an Air sign, which works well with Sagittarius because Air feeds Fire—Aquarius’ flowing energy brings out the warmth of Sag’s nature. Both Aquarius and Sag are social and enjoy working in groups, meaning you’ll spend quite a bit of time socializing together. These signs are full of ideas, with Sag’s goal-oriented mindset complimenting the innovative nature of Aquarius. Together, this pair can make anything happen. Aquarians can sometimes seem aloof, however, which the blunt Sag might call them out on. If open communication remains steady within this union, these two will succeed.

Least Compatible Matches for Sagittarius


Taureans are grounded and earthy, which is not necessarily the best flow for the impulsive, feisty Sagittarius. Sag likes to act spontaneously, on a whim, while Taurus likes prefers a more local existence, investing in their home life and close connections. Loyal Taurus may have a hard time getting the commitment-avoidant Sagittarius to settle down.


Another Earth sign, Virgos pay close attention to detail and are very hard working. While Sagittarians can definitely be motivated to work tirelessly towards their goals, they need much more playtime than the scrupulous Virgo. Virgo may find themselves trying to hold the Sag back from their spontaneous, adventurous nature in favor of strenuous focus and hard work. Sag might end up feeling held back by the diligent, critical Virgo.


Capricorns are the final Earth sign and piece of this puzzling pattern—Fire and Earth are two elements that don’t always mesh well. Capricorns are reserved with their emotions, while Sagittarians are honest and rather blunt about their emotions. Sag loves freedom and experience, which may clash with Capricorn’s more pragmatic nature. Sagittarians may feel held back or oppressed by Capricorn’s concern with responsibility and tradition.

Smooth Sailing with Sagittarius!

Whether or not you’re the perfect match for the zodiac’s archer, Sagittarius, you’ll have fun in their presence.

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Greetings, Earthlings,

We hope you had a wonderful week last week, and are breathing through November like a breeze. November is an exciting month, we have Jupiter making his last round in Sagittarius, and this is the last week for that. Jupiter is, of course, the planet of luck and karma, and always ready to wave his magic wand of happiness to those in need and ready to commit to random acts of awesomeness!

But you have to do the work. And if you forgot how to do that, dip into this one before November ends. Once this week ends, we will be seeing Jupiter enter Capricorn and the luck will shift houses. But we’ll get to that when it happens.

Until then, use this review to manifest Jupiter luck in this last week of November: Beneficial Thought: How to Manifest Luck in the Last Month of Jupiter in Sagittarius

Last week was a fairly quiet week from the Universe, and because the Universe is all about balance and the Law of Attraction, this week the energy shifts. November is going out with a bang, as lover Venus enters Cardinal sign Capricorn on Tuesday, Neptune goes direct in Pisces, and there’s a New Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday as well.

The rest of the week is fairly breezy as this New Moon ushers in some new beginnings in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. You’ll be inspired to light the spark of new beginnings.

Dreamy and fantastic Neptune goes direct in Pisces on the same day, so Tuesday, there’s a lot! As we approach the holiday season, this week we are working on making New Moon wishes that help us to be adventurous and spontaneous leaders.

Stay on top of your Daily Horoscopes to get the forecast for the day by day, and keep that Free 3 Card Tarot Reading bookmarked and get answers on the nitty-gritty of your daily events.

Happy New Moon week, everybody!

Planetary Locations During November 25 – December 1, 2019:

Sun: Scorpio (October 23, 2019 – November 21, 2019); Sagittarius (November 22 – December 22, 2019)

Mercury: Direct in Scorpio (November 20, 2019 – December 9, 2019)

Venus: Sagittarius (November 1, 2019 – November 26, 2019); Capricorn (November 26, 2019 – December 20, 2019)

Mars: Libra (October 4 – November 18, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Retrograde in Taurus (August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for November 25 – December 1, 2019:

Monday, November 25

Sun: Scorpio – Follow your emotional intuition to find clues to your next win.

Moon: Scorpio – Pick one thing to work on today that will support a karmic rebirth.

Tuesday, November 26

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: New Moon in Sagittarius – Make wishes on new beginnings that sends your sense of adventure soaring!

Wednesday, November 27

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Sagittarius

Thursday, November 28

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Capricorn – Take the lead on a thing that you want to last.

Friday, November 29

Sun: Sagittarius

Moon: Capricorn

Saturday, November 30

Sun: Sagittarius

Moon: Moon enters Aquarius – Use Einstein-like problem-solving to close up some chapters and bring relief.

Check this out! Beneficial Thought: November Numerology & Master Number 11 – Everyday Signs of Your Twin Flame

Sunday, December 1

Sun: Sagittarius

Moon: Aquarius

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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November 26th, 2019 heralds one of the most exciting events of the year, the Sagittarius New Moon.

Of all the astrology signs, Sagittarius is the one the most inspiring zodiac signs for the emotional Moon to be sitting in and this cosmic rendezvous is just what you need to make your holidays extra special by sparking your deepest inner calling.

We are being gifted with a New Moon in a Fire sign which promises us the courage to ready our lasso to catch our biggest, boldest, most noble dreams that lie within our soul. Not only will we be able to boldly move towards our idealistic vision for the future, but we will be doing so with the blessing of lucky Jupiter which rules Sagittarius.

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Time for Adventure!

This is going to be a fun adventure too because, in just two and a half weeks, the ideas we catch today will start to become real at the time of the Full Moon on December 12 in the playful, air sign Gemini.

Since it’s the holidays, we also wanted to bring more good tidings of great joy which is that Mercury Retrograde ended November 20 and we are out of the stronger post-shadow phase of it as well. This means, we can finally see the future clearly and things will actually start to move forward again.

Each New Moon is a time to begin something new and this one is helping you tune into your higher calling because Sagittarius is the sign of the evolved soul that looks out for the greater good of humanity. Today is a time to sit quietly and meditate to listen to your inner voice.

Then set your compass towards your north star by really getting clear with what you’re intuitively being called to do with your life to make this world a better place.

New Moon in Sagittarius: The 5 W’s of Aiming for Your Higher Calling

Who: Sagittarius

This New Moon arrives in the Mutable Fire Sign of Sagittarius. As such, Sagittarius will feel these effects the most, as will their fellow Fire Signs Leo and Aries. However, this New Moon energy is available to all zodiac signs looking to awaken their greatest self, and fly towards their dreams this New Moon.

What: A New Moon

It is a brand New Moon! Hanging in the sky at just a sliver of a Moon, this New Moon brings new beginnings and holds a relationship with the Full Moon later this month. Plant the seeds of new beginnings, and watch them begin to come full circle right before the Christmas holiday.

Where: Fire

This New Moon arrives in the wise and philosophical Fire Sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius themes of luck, evolving human nature, philosophy, and igniting your fire will be the themes you will notice over this period.

When: November 26th, 2019

New Moon in Sagittarius will arrive on November 26. The New Moon energy is available from November 24 through November 28.

Why: New Beginnings

The purpose of every New Moon is to plant the seeds of new beginnings in your life. With this New Moon in Sagittarius, the seeds of new beginnings that harness the qualities of the Fire Signs, luck, adventure, spiritual awakening, direct communication, and friendliness, will be the seeds that manifest the most miracles.

How to Make Your New Moon Wish List

Aim High

How can you help the big picture? Envision yourself helping the world and then believe you can do it. The archer never pulls the arrow unless they truly believe they are going to nail the exact target they have in mind. They don’t shoot and hope for the best, they shoot at their precise and exact dreams.

You have the opportunity under this New Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius to wish as big as you want. Don’t ask, but expect, that your biggest vision for the future is about to come true.

Be as Optimistic as Possible

Don’t settle for an average life but take the wheel and make the world a better place. Make your New Moon wishes as optimistic as possible. Sagittarius always sees the glass in the half-full capacity, and even if yours feels like it is practically empty, time to put those limiting thoughts away.

The Law of Attraction states you have to really believe you are going to get what you want, otherwise, what is the point of wishing? Trust is all-important under this New Moon.

Add a Little Bit of Luck

There’s a little bit of luck under the New Moon in Sagittarius because it’s ruled by Jupiter. This gives some additional fun to your New Moon manifesting. You can wish for simply that then if you are stuck on what your higher calling is. Wishing for more luck under Jupiter energy tells the Universe you are ready to receive opportunities.

Be Specific

Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer, and they always know exactly what they are aiming at. When you pull back the arrow on the bow of your most noble dreams and New Moon wishes, be specific! You want that arrow to land exactly where you want it to land, and you have an infinite well of energy to do just that.

Express Your Inner Free Spirit

This New Moon is about embracing your spirit. Be flexible and free-spirited like the mutable signs. Sagittarius loves to travel because they love to explore this big wide world we live in, but Sagittarius loves to travel philosophically as well. What ideas, causes, people, or places, pull on your heartstrings?

Be Loyal

To Yourself When you are making your New Moon wishes this month if you have been “giving away” your wishes to wish for health and love on those around you in your life, now is the time to start being true to you and your soul.

Sagittarius New Moon wishes are wishes banked on energy that fuses all of the blurred dots in your life up until now. When you are loyal to your own self under this New Moon, you will become inspired to not only wish for what you really want but to also get it!

Under this New Moon, to thine own self be true!

Explore What Excites You

What makes you feel passionate and on fire about something? That’s the New Moon wish that Sagittarius is asking you to make, one that is about something that is much bigger than you but is the focus of your big picture.

Stoke Your Inner Fire

As the New Moon rises upon us, the world darkens a little bit. That’s because our Moon is only a sliver wide. Winter is also falling and so days are shorter and darker already, it can be enough to put anyone in a funk. Make New Moon wishes that stoke your inner fire on the issues that are bothering you the most right now.

This syncs your cosmic energy with the awakened Sagittarius energy and will enlighten you with the glow of your New Moon wish if you play your cards right.

Sagittarius is the Fire sign that is all about feeling fired up and inspired and connected to the greater vision of the world. This time around you are being called upon to be the inspired one.


Imagine that today is something they will write about in history. You can change the world when you listen intuitively to your soul and let your positive energy guide you beyond fear, beyond the ego, and into a world where you express love and hope. How do you want to share the light that is within you during the holiday season?

Perhaps you want to create special gifts for those you love or get friends together to share your love.

No matter where you are, you can let your soul shine and uplift the world by bringing light to it. We often think our higher calling needs a ‘title’ but really it’s about how we show up each day, how deeply we love, and how truly we care. You can and always have been called to do this so make it fun and inspire others to bring their light out too.

Astrology helps us create opportunities to bring more love and light to the world because we get to see how creativity rises and falls with the cycles of the Moon. Each day is exciting because we get to embrace the type of energy available to us to surf the feelings of life to higher places. Our handy astrology calendar and Free Daily Chinese Horoscope can help you do just that.

Today, take the first step.

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On 27th November, the planet of dreams and illusion shall meet the sign of magic and romance; Neptune will turns direct in its home sign, Pisces.

This is a time that can provide wonderful and magical opportunities for us all. Neptune is the planet that takes us out of the tangible, real-world and into the ether. It is the planet where the imagination thrives and where we can escape the harsh realities of life.

Like its home sign, Pisces, it can create a wonderful alternative reality that can help protect us from the harshness of the real world and inspire us to use our own creativity to its fullest extent. When the two meet, our imaginations can be explosive and we can take comfort from the alternative reality we create for ourselves if our physical one is too challenging.

There is a downside to Neptune Direct in Pisces, too much escapism can lead to flying off into the universe and refusing to come back down to earth! This is when beautiful illusions turn into self-destructive delusions such as refusing to accept the truth that others may try to tell us, staying in a toxic relationship, or avoiding the debt letters that come through the letterbox in the hope they’ll go away.

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During this time, we can indeed take advantage of the mystical and magical which both Neptune and Pisces embody, but it is also important for us to inject a dash of realism into our lives too. One way we can do that is by using those ever-reliable divination tools – the Tarot Cards!

Be sure to check your Tarot online and daily Tarot to help bring you a greater perspective during this time!

At this time, a spread to help us stay grounded is a good idea, especially for those who have a tendency to float away in their imaginations. There are many ways to stay grounded, but a Tarot reading can bring us that extra bit of perspective, helping to channel our focus.

Below is a three-card spread to help you use the energy of Neptune direct in Pisces to avoid roadblocks in life.

Neptune Direct in Pisces 4-Card Tarot Spread

Question: What am I avoiding in my current life?

  • Card 1: What I am avoiding?
  • Card 2: What are my roadblocks?
  • Card 3: What I should do to deal with the situation?
  • Card 4: What is my current advantage?

Below is an example spread to give you an idea of how to perform this one:

Card 1: Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles represents what I am avoiding at this time which clearly indicates it is something to do with money. There is a problem with money, but I don’t want to face it. This could be some kind of debt or payment that I am trying to avoid because facing it may be too unpleasant. Bearing Neptune direct in Pisces in mind, my avoidance of this may be amplified so I would see this card as a warning. It is warning me that I may completely throw money troubles to the wind and end up spending what I don’t have!

Card 2: The Hermit

The Hermit is a card of solitude. With it’s Virgo influence upon our lives, everything must be as is to avoid chaos. This card is showing that the roadblocks are within us, as we are too recluse when it comes to social interaction. The Hermit is trying to tell me to break out of my shell and shake things up.

Card 3: The Sun

The Sun is a strong card in the advice position of what to do. It shows that getting everything out into the open and quite possibly discussing with others about my situation. It may be suggesting to write out a set plan of how to tackle my situation. Whatever the Sun is trying to tell me, it is saying it’s important to not keep this problem ‘in the dark’ and that we must bring the issue into the light in order to resolve it.

Card 4: The Magician

This is a great card to turn up in the strength position. It indicates being able to use the power of the mind to create the reality I want. With Neptune direct in Pisces, this shows that my imagination and powers of strategy are particularly potent at the moment, so if I wish to tackle this issue, there is no better time to do so.

This reading indicates that I have a choice before me. I could utilize the gifts of the Magician to face this issue once and for all, or I could sink into the negative pole of Neptune direct in Pisces and do nothing.


Remember to keep an eye onour Instagram to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action!

As with all situations, the Tarot card meanings provide a guideline and advice for how to deal with issues. We always have a choice whether or not to act on that advice. This Neptune direct in Pisces brings opportunities to explore and harness the spiritual world and our creativity, but it also brings us the opportunity to use those same benefits to deal with real-world issues. Whatever comes, enjoy the ethereal beams that Neptune direct in Pisces brings!

Should you get a Tarot reading in person or online? Find out here.

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As 2019 comes to a finish and the new year inches closer and closer, there is never a better time for some guidance than in December.

The Tarot has spoken, and you may find your December Tarotscope with a Major Arcana and Minor Arcana card corresponding to the energy of your month below!

What is a Tarotscope?

You may have never heard this term before, and that’s because it is a simple mashup of the words ‘Tarot’ and ‘horoscope.’ Essentially, a Tarotscope results from using Tarot cards to determine your future. We have pulled two cards that represent the December horoscope for each sign and interpreted them for you below.

Let’s begin!

Your December 2019 Tarot Horoscope:

Aries: 2 of Cups & The Sun

Enjoy some happy unions, thriving connections, and an open-hearted spirit this December, Aries!

Things are picking up for you after what seems like a period of confusion and seriousness, and the world around you is transitioning into the energy of The Sun card, or a much softer, more joyful state.

Things should feel light, more innocent, and sweet — there is definitely a sense of childlike wonder running amok here! The world might suddenly seem new again, and opportunities for new friendships, romance, and fruitful business partnerships are blossoming.

Taurus: 2 of Wands & The World

Good things are in the works for you this month, Taurus!

The Two of Wands indicates a solid planning phase, and The World shows us that it’s properly in sync with what is meant for you.

Keep in mind that these good things take time, and this month, while absolutely meant as a rewarding planning phase, possibly not turning the fruits of your labor over to you overnight. Expect the feelings of productivity, inspiration, and purpose, but don’t rush what’s coming.

Gemini: 9 of Cups & The Hanged Man

If you put in the time, December is about to be a sweet, sweet month for you, Gemini!

The Nine of Cups brings forth a month of manifestation, making December the ideal time to begin those projects you’ve been putting aside, jumping on fulfilling those dreams you’ve been waiting to see come to fruition, and putting yourself out there.

This will also require some dedicated mindfulness time on your part, making sure your headspace is squeaky clean and free of self-limiting thoughts. Be careful what you wish for this month, because you very well may get it!

Cancer: 10 of Cups & Justice

It’s been a bit of a chaotic year for you, Cancer, so December is all about tying up those loose ends!

You’ll notice that things are coming to a close, paths are being finished, and past circumstances may have reappearances in your life to remind you to close that door. Perhaps this is a run-in with an ex, an urge to apologize to someone from the distant past, or simply the need to take a glance over old photos and press the delete button.

In any case, it’s time to let go before you can move onto the new horizons of 2020.

Leo: 2 of Swords & The Moon

It may literally feel like the universe has put a blindfold on you this month, Leo!

Much is occurring behind the scenes, and you may find yourself with a multitude of questions while running low on answers. Patience is key, and a little faith that everything will work itself out will go a long way. Take a few deep breaths, and get ready to begin embracing the unknown.

Besides, knowing all the answers can get a little boring, and a lion such as yourself should have no problem embracing that flair for dramatics and suspense!

Virgo: 5 of Cups & Strength

You win some and you lose some — December brings forth this energy for you, Virgo!

Perhaps you’ve experienced this perceived loss already, you can anticipate it coming, or it’s going to throw you off guard, but do expect some disappointment to be coming your way in the final moments of 2019.

The card Strength invites you to foster balance in your life and suggests that this may be what is missing when this loss occurs — a need to juggle the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves a bit more fairly. Make a mental note of this, keep calm, and maintain control over what you can control — yourself!

Libra: 4 of Swords & Death

Re-awakenings and extreme epiphanies are being suddenly brought to you this December, Libra!

Changes are afoot, and with them come many new perspectives and understandings of the communities around you and how you relate to them (and the larger collective). The mental clarity you gain in the finishing moments of the year may be surprising, but you’ll know it when you feel it, as it should just feel absolutely right.

With this will come the tendency to give advice to others with your newfound point of view, but focus inwardly first, and remember to sort out personal matters before sharing with others.

Scorpio: 9 of Swords & The Chariot

You seem a little on edge this month, Scorpio, but all are likely in this reality!

Faith is required on your end to lock in the sweet rewards that The Chariot card brings, and this may involve some deep inner work to combat the pesky thoughts coming from the Nine of Swords.

It may not be so comforting to know that the battle this month will be within yourself, but you may learn a thing or two about leaning on others for help — even when your scorpion tendencies may make you hesitant to do so!

Sagittarius: 10 of Swords & The Hermit

Introspection is nothing new to you, wise archer, but every year brings some level of newness to the forefront, Sagittarius!

It’s time for your annual checkup, a self-administered spiritual and emotional one, of course. The Ten of Swords depicts a more dramatic close to the end of the year, and you may find that things wrap themselves up in a more destructive way.

However, it doesn’t quite seem to phase you, as you’re very well focused on your own inner business. Keep rolling with the punches and holding up that Hermit energy until the final moments of 2019, Sagittarius!

Capricorn: Knight of Wands & Temperance

A tricky balance needs to be stuck this December for you, Capricorn!

You may find yourself caught between spontaneity and moderation, unable to quite decide between rolling with the expectations of others versus more boldly forging your own path before the year ends. Some of you may find yourselves with regrets over the past year and realize that more action was needed on your part to achieve those lingering goals.

On the other hand, you know that decisions have already been made, and it may just be time to wait to see what the new year brings in. The decision is ultimately yours, but be wary that the clock is ticking, and any decision will be better than none — or else you may find that the universe has selected something for you!

Aquarius: 4 of Pentacles & The Magician

Your skills and work ethic are soon to be rewarded this month, Aquarius!

Be careful of the tendency to keep all rewards for yourself. Many obstacles have been crossed to get to where you are, and not everyone has been so kind or supportive of your journey. Still, gratitude, humility, and composure are needed, and it’s a good idea to remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place.

The humanitarian and lover of life and community that resides within you isn’t going away anytime soon, and that person needs to shine through strongly this December.

Pisces: 7 of Cups & The High Priestess

Choices, choices, choices! Your intuitive inner fish may find itself at a bit of a crossroads this month, Pisces!

It is perhaps you of all signs that would know the answer best. Avoid any tendencies to ask others for help, because you truly do not need it! The High Priestess energy is here to awaken your Third Eye chakra and show you that the answers you need are always within you.

Take the leap and trust what comes to you naturally, and perhaps meditate on it if you find yourself swamped in second guesses!

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A Final Reminder

Keep an eye on the astrological transits at play this month for your particular sign as always. Make note of your Tarotscope and perhaps come back later in the month to see what may resonate differently in the midst of December. Find ways to reflect on your message in everyday life and remember that Tarot exists to place some power back into your palms more than anything else!

If you still find yourself stuck or in need of that little extra push or word of wisdom from the cards, you may wish to try a personalized free Tarot reading yourself, wind down with some meditative practices, or snag a deck of Tarot cards yourself!

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It’s that time of the year again when we begin to celebrate the holidays. And the first weekend that generally launches this every year is the weekend of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. That’s when we start to get serious about shopping and everything exciting when it comes to the holiday season.

This year, as Thanksgiving arrives on November 28, we have both the Sun and Moon in Capricorn.

Sagittarius is ruled by expansive and optimistic Jupiter, and this means that with the Sun in this sign, we are all going to be feeling very lucky and generous on Black Friday. We’ll have the Moon in Capricorn to control our spending though. But it is the Sun in Sagittarius on this Black Friday that will have us going hog-wild with love and optimism when we go shopping. Keep your daily horoscopes and free Tarot card reading handy for this stressful time. Let’s have a look at your Black Friday horoscopes that will help you to launch the holiday season with Black Friday shopping tips that give you a heads up above everybody else, right after this week’s gorgeous New Moon. So let’s get to it!

Review: Your Higher Calling – Sagittarius New Moon

Aries – Think Big

You have the Moon in Capricorn and your tenth house of public image, Aries, and the Sun in Mutable sign Sagittarius in your ninth house of Big Picture visions. You are feeling the high of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius today and want to be generous. Do it! This is the day to take the lead under the Moon in Capricorn and get it all done.

Taurus – Rebirth!

The Sagittarius Sun with the Capricorn Moon today is giving you the initiative to take the lead on a rebirth. You may be sharing financial resources today with the Sun in your eighth house of shared resources. The Moon in Capricorn in your ninth house of Big Picture visions and you want to shop big. And you can. The Sun in your house of resources and rebirth is giving you all of the control you need. Be smart, but think big and your rebirth awaits.

Gemini – Commitment time

Some relationship dynamics are coming under the microscope right now, Gemini, with the Sun in Sagittarius in your seventh house of commitment. You also have the Capricorn Moon working your house of resources. So money and relationships are the keys for your Black Friday shopping fun. Take control of your spending and make decisions together and this Black Friday is sweet and sexy. And, if you are single or dating, a hot present for a big crush awaits. You can splurge now.

Cancer – Details Matter

The Sun in Sagittarius is working your sixth house of details, and Black Friday is going to be all about the little things for you, Cancer. The Capricorn Moon is also working your seventh house of love. So this Black Friday you are thinking of love and all of the little things about it. Pay attention to details with your partner, and remember that just working on the little things in life and love makes all the difference in the world this time of year.

Leo – Inner Child-Like Joy

The Sagittarius Moon is working your fifth house of pleasures, and the Capricorn Moon is working your sixth house of details. The little things in love are the important things right now. Think big and just have fun with this. This is a no-thinking kind of transit. Just follow the flow of love and you are rocking somebody’s world on Black Friday in the tiniest of ways. And in love, the little things become the big things.

Virgo – Homebound

Black Friday is going to be fun for you, Virgo, with the Sagittarius Moon working your fourth house of foundations. The Capricorn Moon at the same time is working your fifth house of pleasures and is stoking the fires of that inner child of yours. It’s all about the family and the kids now. Celebrate this time of year like a kid would, with unbridled fun on Black Friday. Then you are going to be enjoying the day with abandon, as you so deserve. Home is where the heart is on Black Friday, Virgo.

Libra – Communicating Joy

You have the Moon in Sagittarius in your third house of communication, and the Moon in Capricorn in your fourth house of home. So communication and home issues are on your mind right now on Black Friday. You may be inspired to buy pretty things for the home on Black Friday, or communication devices. You are feeling generous and if you are going to be buying these items this holiday season, this is the day to do it.

Scorpio – Shopping Sprees

The Sun is in Sagittarius and your second house of earned income, Scorpio. You also have the Moon in Capricorn in your third house of communication. You need to check all of your finances before you go shopping, and keep the balances on your phone and banking apps on your devices. Today something may come up when it comes to a splurge, and you can do it, just check the numbers first.

Sagittarius – Self-Care

The Sun is in Sagittarius and your first house of self and the Moon is in your second house of earned income for Black Friday, Sagittarius. So it’s all about new beginnings, with a healthy dose of some money fun. You have good income vibes today and you are all about a little splurge. Today with the Sun shining on your side, you can afford a little splurge for yourself. Launch a new beginning with a new look and you may even have a little extra in the bank afterwards.

Capricorn – Karmic Chapters Closing

You have the Sun in Sagittarius in your twelfth house of endings and spirituality and the Capricorn Moon in your first house of self. So you are in a banquet of endings and beginnings on Black Friday. Close a chapter and go shopping to start a brand new one. It’s all about how centered your sense of self feels. Get your hair done, buy something pretty to wear during the holidays, and you are on a new road to loving.

Happy Thanksgiving! Beneficial Thought – Happy Thanksgiving, Gratitude Horoscopes

Aquarius – You’ve Got to Have Friends

The Sun is in Sagittarius and your eleventh house of groups and friendships, and you are feeling good today, Aquarius. You also have the Moon in Capricorn in your twelfth house of endings, and are emotional about closing a chapter. So get your social on today and don’t be afraid to do some friendship shopping today. If you don’t have a clear Black Friday plan, make a list of the friends you are shopping for and get it done.

Pisces – Count Your Admirers

You have the Sun in Sagittarius in your tenth house of public acclaim, Pisces, and so you are going to be admired. You also have the Moon in Capricorn in your eleventh house of friendships and are feeling the love from the people that you love. Go out and get your social on, and you have a great time this Black Friday. You’ll have to be on your best behavior though, they are watching! All eyes are on you in admiration now.

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