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Palmistry is a largely misunderstood art; it is an observation of the predictable lines and patterns on the hand that display characteristics of a person’s personality.

The Renaissance era imbued many of the topics related to the healing arts as heretical and established a culture of fear around any topics linked to psychic phenomena to promote the concept of a sole deity that held supreme power over lesser subjects, humans with a need for redemption. This mechanism of washing or erasing the actual truth from the culture created massive misconceptions about its purpose and the process by which someone reads a palm. Instead of being a help, someone who could read palms was deemed ‘evil’ or a threat to the power structure of the time.

Let’s debunk the most common myths about this simple and revealing practice so we can use it to be empowered instead of think of it as a bunch of bologna and miss out on potential insights into ourselves. Knowledge is power.

Myth #1: Only Your Dominant Hand Should Be Read

In the practice of palmistry, also known as chiromancy, one of the first questions that can come up is which hand to read because you will quickly notice that there are differences in the lines on each hand. With the conflicting information online about which hand to read, this can make one feel frustrated and perhaps give up on furthering their study.

There are two main myths about which hand to use:

  • The first is that women’s left palm should be read while men’s left hand should be read. This is largely based on the idea that feminine energy is on the left side of the body and masculine energy is on the right which is true but that doesn’t affect which palm needs to be read.
  • The second misconception is that the hand you write with should be read, which is just not true. According to Astrohub, the consensus among professionals is that the right-hand correlates to the logic side of the brain and so that hand reveals thought patterns which makes it a good hand to read.

Myth #2: Your Future is Predetermined

While some people think of palmistry as a way to predict the future, and this is where some of the biggest misconceptions arrive.

The hands reveal the tendencies of a person’s personality, not their predetermined fate. There is always a projection of the future that can be inferred based on patterns of behavior but if someone makes a prediction, it is still just an educated guess and there is always the opportunity to change behaviors to shift the projected outcome. A truly empowering palmist will help you avoid patterns that aren’t helping you and find your strengths so that you can improve the outcomes of your own future.

Myth #3: A Palmist Can Tell When & How You Die

Many people are afraid of palmistry because they think it reveals how or when they will die. But that information is just not something that palmistry can reveal. The life line is not about the length of your life, but about your energy.

  • If you have a deep groove, it can mean you’re very passionate and have strong emotions while a very faint groove can mean that you are lethargic or more reserved in an emotional sense.
  • A short line can mean you tend to start and stop things instead of sticking with them.

The placement of the line is also significant and helps reveal the way you interact with others but none of it says when you will kick the bucket folks so don’t fall into the trap of believing someone who says it does. When you really understand the

life line

, it can reveal a lot about what roles you can excel in and which are just not naturally suited to your energy.

Myth #4: Palmists Have a Supernatural Gift

Have you ever felt in awe of someone who has a spiritual gift? What you don’t see are the hours and hours of studying and practicing which they have done.

Both clairvoyance and palmistry are skills you can learn and develop just as much as learning how to fix the plumbing in a house. While some pick it up easier than others, there is no magical gift to palmistry. It is based on observations of lines and the people that shared common traits based on common lines.

This is a well-documented and observed study that is much more scientific than magical. People who have an eye for details will do well in this practice because it requires a lot of patience to learn the many types of lines, line breaks, mounts, hand shapes, finger shapes, and other indicators of human behavior that have been linked to certain brain patterns.

Myth #5: Hand Lines Don’t Change

This is a point of contention for those new to palmistry as well. How can it be accurate if the lines change?

This comes back to the original purpose of palmistry, which is still grossly misunderstood. This is not an art of predicting future events, but a way of seeing patterns of behavior that can change over time. The lines change in response to the brain changing.

Someone who was high strung, for instance, may learn how to be a calm person over time and the lines in their hands may shift. However, the lines are still helpful in knowing the type of energy you’re working with and being able to use it or redirect it.

Myth #6: Hand Lines are the Only Thing a Palmist Reads

One more common misconception is that palmistry is only about the hand’s lines. The hands are observedin many ways actually. A true palmist will look at the shape, length, and thickness of the hand and fingers as well as other more subtle things such as the distances between fingers and the size of the mounts.

Palmistry is not something that can be learned overnight and people who think they have figured out palmistry based on limited information are no different than someone who throws out the idea of astrology based on one horoscope they read. In short, palmistry is much more in-depth than most people think. But it is human nature to make assumptions based on limited information which is a survival instinct.

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Closing Thoughts…

No doubt, palmistry is literally changing before our eyes.

Have you tried some of the palmistry apps out there right now? They are becoming more popular as scanning technology has advanced so much in the last few years. Much can be understood about the misconceptions of palmistry by studying history. Originating in India, it was tried by famous people when it first arrived in London. Oscar Wilde, Thomas Edison, and the Prince of Whales were among the rich and famous who sought the wisdom held with the palm. It is still a part of celebrity culture today and books on the topic are widely published and sold in metaphysical shops and online.

A fun way to see the accuracy of palmistry is to compare it with other systems that have been able to accurately reveal personality and talents such as numerology. The numbers don’t lie and they reveal accurate truths about our core personality just as the lines on our hands. Try learning about the important lines in palmistry and compare the results in numerology by using our free Life Path Number Calculator.

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​We are at the time of the year when we begin to think about wrapping up some business. As we head into November 2019, several things are on our minds. Are we ready to get ready for the holidays? Are we ready to say goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020? Or maybe you just have one specific problem as you head into November this year and are looking for some clarity.

We are so glad you are here at Astrology Answers as you search for this clarity. Know that we are all in this search together. Here we offer a number of tools at your disposal to help you find that clarity overall, and on a day-by-day basis. Your Daily Horoscopes are one such tool from astrology, but we also use Tarot, chakra cleansing, healing crystals, and the divination tool called runes to help you get those answers that you need. Runes are the divination tool that we are going to talk about today.

So let’s have a look at how you can use the powerful tool of runes for November 2019.

But first: Beneficial Thought – How to Use Rune Stones for Love Readings

A Brief Overview of Runes:

Runes have been used as far back as 150 AD, but they have not always been used as divination tools. The system of runes started with runic alphabets in the Anglo-Saxon German and Scandinavian regions, but were also seen in many cultures in the medieval eras.

They were initially used as an alphabet that when written would go from right to left, as opposed to left to write as we do in the English speaking world today. After their use as an alphabet, they were used mythologically on stones for divination purposes.

Each of the letters of the Runic alphabet would be inscribed onto a stone, with one stone representing each letter. Each stone and each letter has a symbolic significance that can be used to answer questions in your life. These stones are then used like the Tarot system. You ask a question, and then draw one or several runes from a bag to get clarity and answers.

Now when it comes to November, you are thinking about a lot and have a lot of questions, and there are runes for that. Today we are going to look at the two runes that correspond with the month of November, and give you an idea of what themes and questions to ask when you are working with runes. Have a look at these runes and their meanings, and really begin to think about how the themes within these meanings will fit in your November 2019 life and everyday questions.

After this primer, go ahead and pick up your own rune stone set, and you will have access to answers and clarity at your fingertips, anytime you want.

Naudiz – Your Needs Matter

Naudiz is a rune stone that is shaped almost like an X. It has the theme of needs. This rune also symbolizes a dual nature, as noted by the two lines that intersect in the middle. This is a rune that often comes up in readings when you are wondering about what next. This rune brings with it the message then to examine your individual needs in the situation and make decisions from there.

It’s important to note that “needs” is the key word here. We tend as humans to be in a constant state of perpetual want. We always want more, particularly in this society of instant gratification. This rune is sending the message that what we want may well be different than what we need. So if you pull this rune in a reading, the message is that it is time to be honest and authentic with your needs.

Now, what this tells us about November 2019 is that your needs need to take a bigger priority over your wants. You may have a ton of questions for the month as you begin to wrap up the year, and you have a lot of goals as well. But maybe they aren’t aligned with what is spiritually best for you.

Use Naudiz to really assess what your needs are at this time of year. When you feed those needs, your spiritual zen is just moments away. Even just making the decision to be more honest with yourself about what you need brings peace.

So maybe this means you need to rid yourself of something that is not a need, but is a want. Unhealthy relationships, jobs that have you in a rut, or even friendships that are sucking it all out of you, may fit more in your “want” category than your “need” category.

But at the same time, Naudiz has this dual nature that we need to remember. It’s not unlike the dual-sides of the Mutable sign of the Air signs Gemini. So you need to be on your toes when you are dealing with this assessment of your needs and wants. You’ll be flip-flopping a little bit, and just need to take that big breath and follow your instinct.

Because when you do, and you tap into those needs, you start to see more miracles blossoming in your life. Doing what is good for you is always what is best for you.

Hagalaz – Transitions & Transformations

The second rune that is accompanied by the month of November is called Hagalaz, and it looks just like the letter H in our alphabet. This is the rune of transitions and transformations, and also symbolizes death of sorts. This is significant for November because we are in the period of the year where the Fixed sign of the intuitive Water sign Scorpio is prevalent in November, and is also the zodiac sign of transformations and transitions.

It’s all about this wheel of Fate that sends us experiences that transform our lives and guides us through life’s transitions. Hagalaz can be somewhat destructive, and you can compare this rune to the planet of Pluto, which also rules Scorpio. So when this rune pops up in a reading, you’re being told to expect some walls to come down. Or you may be undergoing some transitions or transformations. As you use Naudiz to assess your needs you make changes if you are using these themes authentically.

And that’s where Hagalaz comes in. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, as the old Green Day song goes. But Hagalaz is not to be feared, even though this rune offers up a tone of death.

October offered us up some new beginnings, and November is going to be about wrapping things up. Use your numerology readings in conjunction with your rune readings in November, and you will be feeling the love and enlightenment all month long. And with enlightenment comes clarity… and peace.

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These transitions are life transitions. You move from one job to another, one relationship to another, one goal to another. And so it’s really time to assess what you need to transition from and to at this time of the year. And when you do that, you find your spiritual zen and happy place and are one step closer to true enlightenment.

Final Thoughts…

So now you have a little taste of November runes, and the themes you can expect to work with when it comes to this month. You want to focus on being honest about what you need, and not really focused on what you want as with the Rune Naudiz. You need to then use that information to guide your Self through life’s transitions through Hagalaz.

When you do, you won’t worry so much about getting goals accomplished by the calendar date of December 31, 2019. Instead, you will be accomplishing the most important goal of all – spiritual zen. It’s called peace. Be sure you are bookmarking your Daily Horoscopes, and add your Free Daily Tarot Reading to your morning to-do checklist to ensure that every day this month is as fabulous as you are. What do you think you NEED to have done this month to achieve that human state of peace?

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