Day: November 15, 2019


Astrology can help us learn and understand more about ourselves than we ever thought possible through its rich use of symbolism and symbiotic relationships—each astrological sign is associated with many elements, from flowers to colors to crystals and nearly everything in between, including trees.

Trees are one of the most mystical creatures in nature, with their ancient energy full of wisdom and understanding. You can feel the majestic power of a tree from a mile away, and its magical aura is palpable. It’s hard to be in the presence of such wonder without feeling gratitude for the beauty of life.

Keep reading to find out which tree most closely resembles the unique personality of your zodiac sign.

Aries: Daring Dogwood

Dogwoods are beautiful, flowering trees that produce delicate, rosy blooms. Like the fiery sign of Aries, dogwoods represent durability, tenacity, strength, and resilience. The Dogwood doesn’t give up in challenging conditions, and neither do Aries. While your personality contains beauty and grace, you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Taurus: Whispering Willow

While the earthy Taurus may be known for being stubborn, they can actually be quite malleable. A Taurus will literally bend over backwards for their loved ones, much like the flexible, loyal nature of the Willow tree. You’re truly dedicated to your friends and family. The willow can also act as a reminder for Taureans to learn to surrender to forces beyond our control.

Gemini: Wise Oak

Geminis are ruled by intellectual Air, and their big brains prove it. Like the noble oak tree, Geminis move at their own pace, gathering knowledge and wisdom along the way. The oak tree is a symbol of honor—much like the indecisive but genuine Gemini. While you may struggle when face with too many choices, you always manage to stay true to yourself.

Cancer: Holy, Holly!

Water-ruled Cancers have a loving, giving heart that glows with compassion and empathy. Cancers like to take care of their loved ones, making sure they feel appreciated and supported. The Holly tree shares the same protective qualities, and it is said to keep one safe from evil or negative energies or spirits. Like the loving Cancer, this tree represents peace and good will.

Leo: Inspiring Hazel

Leos, ruled by Fire, have an energy that everyone around them can feel; their spirit buzzes with warmth and vigor, and their aura can be quite the inspiration to those around them. Similarly, the Hazel tree is associated with inspiring spirituality and creativity. The spirit of the Hazel reflects Leo’s wisdom, encouraging energy, and connection to the spiritual realm.

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Virgo: Far-Reaching Aspen

Virgos are earthy and grounded, with their eyes clearly focused on the goals they want to accomplish and the tasks that need to get done for that to happen. Like the beautiful aspen tree, Virgos represent independence, focus, and adventure. Aspens can also help one understand unconditional love, a reminder for Virgo to be gentler on themselves and others.

Libra: Resilient Poplar

An Air sign, Libras are known for being drawn to beauty, truth, balance, and love. However, while Libras are likely to prefer peace and harmony, they are resilient under duress and able to endure challenging times with an air of grace. Like the resilient Poplar, a Libra can see the silver lining in just about any situation and find a way to press forward with determination.

Scorpio: Healing Hemlock

Scorpios feel deeply, their emotions flowing like the Water that rules their sign. When a Scorpio is wounded, that wound takes time to heal. The Hemlock tree is a symbol of healing, and reminds you to tend to your emotional pains, Scorpio. While you are strong like the Hemlock, which represents longevity, you must learn to take care of your more vulnerable side.

Sagittarius: Transformative Elder

Sagittarians are a fiery sign with a chameleon-like personality—you are keen on transformation, and you shift yourself often to suit your needs. Like the Elder tree, your personality represents the many different and beautiful phases of life, from birth to death and beyond. This tree reminds you to stay true to yourself while you grow and change—you are beautiful as you are.

Capricorn: Positive Birch

The Capricorn’s earthiness results in hard work, determination, and a reserved nature. Sometimes, your go-go-go attitude can lead to negativity and stress, which is why you should connect yourself to the Birch tree. This tree represents protection and new beginnings, and its branches have the power to sweep away negativity, reminding you to stay positive and try new things.

Aquarius: Inventive Ash

Aquarians are ruled by the innovative planet Neptune, resulting in a personality that is full of thought-provoking ideas. Like the Ash tree, the Aquarius seems to float between realms, accessing the knowledge of a Universe that we can’t see. The Ash tree is associated with wisdom and encourages you to have faith in your otherworldly ideas.

Pisces: Wild Olive

Water-ruled Pisces are compassionate and empathetic to a fault—you sometimes feel and experience the pain of others so deeply that you forget what your own emotions feel like or how to embrace them. Like the Wild Olive tree, you extend your branches of peace to those who need it most. But the Wild Olive tree also reminds you to shower some of that empathy on yourself, as well.

Arbor Adoration

Trees have a lot to tell us and share with us—their wisdom, their energy, and their protection from the metaphorical storm. There is so much to love and adore about trees, that it’s no wonder many of us want to give them a hug.

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Scorpio season brings the Scorpionic energy to the fray – this is a time for upheaval and being honest with oneself and others, which can lead to sudden and shocking events that have the potential to turn our lives upside down. In Libra, our desire to keep things harmonious and balanced is strong. The downside to this period is that, in our desire for peace, we are more inclined to sweep things under the rug.

This all changes when Scorpio arrives. Just as Scorpio people cannot stand falsities and have a keen instinct for seeing beyond the superficial and getting to the heart of the matter, so does the energy of Scorpio. Some will embrace it with open arms; others will shrink back in fear. Whatever the reaction, Scorpio is always guaranteed to create a shake-up – and sometimes, a much-needed one. Checking out your Scorpio horoscope today and your Scorpio daily horoscope can provide even greater insight for those wishing to dig a little deeper into this intense sign.

Which Tarot Cards Represent Scorpio?

Scorpio is the sign of transformation, regeneration and death. But not the death that necessarily springs to mind (though it is true that many Scorpios tend to have a fascination with death!); it is the death of something in their lives that paves the way for a more fulfilling future.

This could be the death of a situation, an aspect of their character, a relationship, a career… think of the caterpillar that turns into a butterfly or a phoenix that rises from the ashes. This type of death, like the literal death, is rarely pleasant or easy – but it often paves the way for something better.

Scorpio in the Major Arcana: Death

Therefore, the card associated most with Scorpio in the Tarot is the Death card.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, lord of the underworld. Like Scorpio, the Death card represents all that death tends to encompass – in many Tarot decks, a skeleton in armour rides into town on a horse, showing little mercy to those who stand in his way. It shows that change is inevitable, whether we like it or not.

The Death card has a tendency to frighten many people because of its association with death itself, but once you get down to the meaning of the card, there is nothing to fear. Death and transformation are a part of life; everyone must go through them. As a Major Arcana card, Death represents sweeping change that we have little control over. We have two choices when it comes to death; we can ride the waves of change or we can resist. Whichever way we choose, change is coming so what we should focus on is how we can make this transformation easiest on ourselves.

This represents the life of Scorpio in general. Scorpio must die and be reborn many times throughout life in order to reach the highest point of their existence. Much of the theme of Scorpio is in learning to surrender to what is, rather than fighting back. This is not a sign of weakness, but rather an acceptance that the universe is looking after them, and that if they should trust in the universal forces, their trust will not be misplaced.

For who has control over death itself? None of us do. Not the richest, the most powerful, the most pious or the most devilish. In the eyes of death, we are all the same. The Death card represents the pain that Scorpio must endure; the skeletal figure represents what remains after death, a metaphor of our own survival once we undergo the necessary transformation.

More than any other sign and any other card, both Scorpio and Death highlight the necessity to endure pain and suffering in order that darkness may be transformed into light.

Scorpio in the Minor Arcana: 5 of Cups

In the Minor Arcana, the 5 of Cups represents Scorpio.

This is another card that is not always the most welcome in a Tarot spread. It often shows a grieving figure standing over spilled cups. The 5 of Cups represents grief, sorrow, regret and some kind of bereavement. The lesson of the 5 of Cups is a harsh one, but it is a lesson nonetheless.

If the person in the 5 of Cups should only look up from his devastation, he will see that two cups remain standing. Like Scorpio who must go through dark nights of the soul but retain that glimmer of hope within, no matter how small it is, the 5 of Cups show that the two cups standing prove that all is not lost. The dark time will pass and the figure shall be even stronger from their experience.

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Scorpio season can produce some great upheavals in our life that many of us would prefer not to go through. But understanding the true concept of death, which is one of transformation and regeneration, can help us ride the waves of change, rather than continually resist them. The Death card is always more likely to appear when we know change must come, but one thing or another forces us to remain as we are. It is the Universe’s way of kicking us into gear.

Realizing that Death is not something to fear, but instead an opportunity for greater and brighter things to come our way is the first step towards an absence of fear and a stronger sense of self, regardless of the situation.

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November 12 brings a Full Moon in the sign of Taurus. Get ready to indulge in some nostalgia and your extravagant taste, because in this Earth sign, the emotional Moon will be perched in the zodiac sign ruled by none other than Venus herself.

To put it simply, it’s time to break out the crystal goblets and dress up for the cosmic ball. Full Moons are a very exciting time and the more informed we are about their unique energy each time, the more we can be open to the types of opportunities that often arise around this time.

The Sun will be in Scorpio for this Full Moon which means we have quite intense energy already at play. When you add the planet of romance Venus, which rules Taurus, into the mix, well it’s sure to be a time of heightened attraction!

Taurus is practical and serious but they are mostly serious about keeping a healthy balance between labor and love. Taurus is also all about latching on whereas Scorpio is all about letting go. Tug and push. This is the crux of this Full Moon’s message for you. What in your life is tearing you down? What isn’t making you feel good about yourself? Figure out what’s stopping you from not only growing up, but showing up – and fix it.

How to Indulge in the Lavish Taurus Full Moon

For this Full Moon in Taurus, your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get your sexy on. And when you do, wait for it. Those Full Moon wishes are closer than you think. How can you make the most of the Full Moon in Taurus this month? You can start getting ready right now!

Think Relationships

Want to elevate things in love? This is the week to make some big moves! ALL of us will be feeling it, so don’t be surprised if someone else makes a move on you before you have a chance to even realize what is happening. And do enjoy. If ever you have been waiting for the astrological transit that can help you elevate your relationship status, this is the one. Full Moons always do, as they have a pre-existing relationship themselves with the New Moon that occurred 2 weeks prior. This Full Moon is in Taurus, but the New Moon was in sultry Scorpio, so we probably wanted to call in more passion.

Magic Time

What other intentions did you set during the New Moon in Scorpio two weeks ago? It’s time to see what beauty is going to blossom for you. Take a look back over the past few weeks and think about what you started in the way of projects or situations in your current relationships. What can you bring to fruition on these matters? Fine-tune, tweak, and complete those projects and conversations that need to be completed. What magic do you wish for under this Full Moon?

Prepare for a Wake-up Call

Full Moons illuminate. They shed light and provide information on matters that once perplexed you. Expect some of this to come up during this period. With this light, you will have more clarity on these matters than ever before. You will be able to see the imbalance in partnerships and where discord in relationships occurs. If you are in tune with your own authentic intentions, those that aren’t will soon be revealed. Preparing for this wake-up call now could save you some stress down the road.

Believe that it’s Happening – It’s Not Too Good to be True!

Expect to be experiencing a lot of really feel-good vibes under the Full Moon in Taurus. These are the kind that make you feel secure and comfortable in your experiences, whether that is in work or in love. Use the magic! Don’t question it! It’s there and it is happening for a reason, and doubting it will only make all of that ooey-gooey goodness disappear. Believe that all of these wonderful blessings are coming your way, and accept that you are WORTH it, and deserve the abundance of love and success that the Universe wants to offer you right now. Believe it, and embrace it, and watch the magic unfold.

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Other Influences During the Taurus Full Moon:

We are experiencing the healing and sometimes persnickety effects of Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. When Mercury, the planet of communication, is in the Water sign of Scorpio, we love to talk about our deep longings and feelings. When it is retrograde, we will often unearth the truth of some of the past, whether it’s secret feelings we held for someone, or pain we can finally let go of.

Reconnect with that spiritual practice that sustains you, whether that be church, yoga, prayer, meditation, or otherwise. This is so important because when we keep ourselves in an open line of communication with the Universe and our frequencies clear and positive, we aren’t as pulled towards self-destructive behaviors.

If you are a Taurus, you can expect some extra luck to come your way as your own energy which is familiar to you is amplified. Be sure to read your Taurus horoscope today and in the days right before and after the Full Moon check your Taurus daily horoscope to get your energy in line with the stars. If you know a Taurus, do them a favor, and send them their Taurus horoscope.

All of the astrology signs are going to be finding treasure this Full Moon. The more you learn about astrology, the more you’ll find yourself able to use your energy wisely. Keep up using our Astrology Calendar and soon you’ll find your personal power unlock and start waking up wondering what is going on with astrology today.

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Greetings Earthlings,

Here we are at the halfway point of November, and feelings are mixed. We are excited about the pending holiday season, but at the same time, disliking the colder temperatures and the expenses that seem to rack up at this point of the year. But still, many of us are with excitement looking ahead to 2020, and getting geared up for the goals of the next year. Or even just a change of pace.

Even if you have been dealing with some heavy life stuff, or even just a lot of minor life stuff, you may be finding the doldrums are getting just a little too much and just want a change, any change.

If this is the case, while you are at the halfway point and not quite committed to your holiday shopping yet, indulge in a little splurge for yourself and use Rune stones to help you get through November. That and, a chakra pendulum can help you to really get answers to the questions you need answers on before the year closes out.

Check this out! Beneficial Thought: Runes for November—Find your Spiritual Zen

As far as getting out of the doldrums this week, we can count on a few things from the galaxy to help us do that. We are gearing up for a glorious Full Moon on Tuesday, and that Full Moon is going to happen in the Fixed sign of Taurus. You are at a crossroads where you are committed to and fixated on a goal. Keep on keeping on with that goal, and Tuesday’s Full Moon in practical Taurus is going to help you to wrap up a big component of that goal.

Some Saturn and Jupiter energy is also in play this week, and we also have Mercury retrograde on the docket. Be sure you are keeping your Daily Horoscopes bookmarked so that you can get the goods on the play by play from the stars every day.

And, as Mercury retrograde continues to slow down a few things in our lives, remember that to every thing there is a season and a reason. This slowing down is to lead you into a slight moment of nostalgia and review so that you can keep going towards those goals. Sometimes past influences are exactly what we need to get there. Don’t dismiss them when they arrive, and truly look into their depth to understand their presence in your every day.

Then, use those revelations to power up some Full Moon wishes, which you can do right through Thursday of this week. Happy wishing, friends!

Happy Full Moon!

Planetary Locations During November 11–17, 2019:

Sun: Scorpio (October 23–November 22, 2019)

Mercury Retrograde: Scorpio (October 31, 2019–November 20, 2019)

Venus: Sagittarius (November 1, 2019–November 26, 2019)

Mars: Libra (October 4–November 18, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17–March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (March 6–August 19, 2021); Retrograde: August 19, 2019–January 10, 2020

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for November 11–17, 2019:

Monday, November 11

Sun: Scorpio – Follow your emotional intuition to find clues to your next win.

Moon: Taurus – Make wishes for the chapter that you want to close for long-term success.


• Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mercury in Scorpio – This is a beautiful conjunction where the Sun is working alongside Mercury with both planets in Scorpio. Mercury at this time is still retrograde, but that will not negate the effects of this charming transit. When Sun is conjunct Mercury, you are going to be prone to big ideas, inspiring thoughts and messages, and you are going to be bound for an exciting and optimistic day. With Mercury retrograde, you may find some of your thoughts going back in time, or you may find inspiring ideas arise from a little bit of nostalgia. And you want to let the Sun shine on those ideas. Bring them forward. Show your true Self. Don’t be afraid to be authentic today. When you do, magic happens.

Tuesday, November 12

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Full Moon in Taurus


• Mars in Libra sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius – This is an exciting transit with a lucky twist. We have warrior Mars in Air sign Libra working favorably with lucky Jupiter in Fire sign Sagittarius and this is putting some wind into some steamy situations! This has all the potential to send you luck and optimism today, and you will be feeling good and will be feeling larger than life. Mars is inspiring you to pursue some amazing goals, and Jupiter’s lucky magic wand may be just what you need to attain them. In this favorable sextile, you are likely to get what you want when you pursue it with just the right dose of energy and optimism. The only caution here is, don’t go too big, or it could all fall flat. At the same time, if a little extra optimism is needed, and it arrives, follow that. A lucky turn courtesy of Jupiter is right around the corner. Keep that karma clean. Winning at any cost today is going to cost you dearly.

Wednesday, November 13

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Gemini – Follow your intuition, and your good angel, when making decisions.


• Mercury in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn – Here we have the communicator planet Mercury, still retrograde in Scorpio, working in a sweet and favorable sextile with serious and karmic Saturn in Capricorn. There is a lot of karmic energy in this one, as Mercury retrograde is a karmic transit, and Saturn is a karmic planet. This favorable sextile is going to help you in communication areas today. Saturn is the king of time and responsibility, and this transit suggests that you will get news or information or be involved in favorable conversations today. The news or information could bear a positive change, or it may provide just what you need to be more productive and responsible today. You may get good news to help you finish a job, pay a bill, or deepen a love bond. You’ll know it when you see it and when you feel the rewards of karmic bank well spent.

Thursday, November 14

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Gemini

Friday, November 15

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Cancer – Nurturing others nurtures your soul.

Weekend Review: Beneficial ThoughtDiscover the Power of Chakra Healing

Saturday, November 16

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Cancer

Sunday, November 17

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Leo – Take 5 minutes to find pleasure today, just for you.

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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The ancient art of palmistry is one that has roots in Indian and Chinese Astrology and it is the ability to read one’s hands in order to discover more about one’s character and possibly predict aspects of their future.

In the Zhou Dynasty (roughly 3,000 years ago) palmistry was very popular in China. It was here that the distinction between reading the right palm and left palm was made, with one hand as dominant and another passive; the left palm represents the traits you were born with while the right palm represents your future and what happens to you when you grow older as well as, in some cases, how the traits in the right palm influence your future.

While the results of palm reading are different for everyone as we are all unique individuals, there are certain similarities that we may share based on the elements in our chart. This stands for Western Astrology, but also for Chinese Astrology. In fact, because palmistry has such a long history stemming from Ancient China, it has a strong connection with the Chinese Zodiac and the different animals and elements within it.

This especially rings true for the four different trines in the Chinese Zodiac. The trines are made up of three animals, all of whom share similar qualities and tend to be highly compatible. While these animals may not be the same element, they do share characteristics that represent their motivational drive, relationship needs, and overall life goals.

In palmistry, there are three main lines that are read on the hand: the life line, the head line and the heart line. There are also more minor lines that can be read, such as the marriage line, money line and child line.

What is the 1st Trine of the Chinese Zodiac?

The first trine of the Chinese Zodiac is made up of the Rat, Dragon and Monkey.

These animals are capable of great good or great evil; they are usually powerful leaders, though they are known for being unpredictable and in their most negative state they can become tyrannical dictators. Their energy is a strong one and it is common for them to have high ambitions.

Below are some explanations for the three different animals in the first trine and the palmistry correlations they share.


The Rat is governed by the water element which shows a strong emotional current. Their hands are often rectangular with long fingers. Though ruled by water, Rats are very methodical and logical, hence why they get on so well with the Dragon and Monkey. In palmistry, it is not uncommon to find a Rat with potent head lines as these people place much value on wisdom and knowledge. They can also be very creative when they choose to be. This is the type of water that is often kept under good control – a babbling brook as opposed to a tsunami. Rats typically have good control over their emotions and their emotions will often be a tool they use with their mind in control.


The Dragon is ruled by earth and this shows a strong, practical, down to earth nature. Dragons are high achievers and often have big plans; they think big and do not settle for any less. Their palms are often square with short fingers. They are hardworking and practical and have no time for nonsense. These people often have potent heart lines as they are very much governed by how events, situations and people make them feel. It is also common for them to have a secondary line running parallel with their life line as they have strong vitality.


The Monkey is ruled by the metal element and this is the element that does not feature in Western Astrology. Metal is an element of strength, control and a powerful disposition. These people are often self-reliant and highly ambitious in their endeavours. Monkeys will very often have many upward branches in their palms which shows they are ambitious with plenty lofty ideals; however, this can also mean that they struggle to stay focused on one task at a time and this is why they are such a good match with the Dragon and Rat, who can keep them focused and grounded.


Check back soon for palmistry for the second, third, and fourth trines.

Palmistry is a many-layered and fascinating form of divination. When paired with Chinese Astrology, it can provide greater insight into a person’s character and future. As with all forms of divination, it is important to remember that nothing is set in stone. Free will exists for a reason; we each have the ability to determine our own destiny, but we can certainly use Chinese Astrology, palmistry and other esoteric forms in order to help guide us through life.

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On November 10th, 2019, the Full Moon lands in Taurus and this is welcome news for us, especially as many people will be feeling the effects of the dominant Scorpio energy at the moment which is likely to have brought all kinds of chaotic or uncomfortable things to the surface.

The Full Moon in Taurus brings us a sense of relief and an opportunity for calm. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, a strong placement for it, and this is a wonderful time for delighting in the five senses, which can include spending time with friends, enjoying delicious meals and going to the theatre. This is a powerful time for enjoying the simple pleasures in life and taking a break from all that is heavy, draining and taxing.

It is also a time when traditional values and old-fashioned qualities such as chivalry and honour will be more prominent. In fact, the Full Moon in Taurus grounds emotions and stabilizes them; it is also a good time to focus on creative endeavours as the practical earth energy of Taurus will also provide motivation to bring these creative joys into reality.

So as today is all about enjoying the moment and indulging in the things that make you feel good, it’s a good idea to do a Tarot spread that harnesses the power of the Full Moon in Taurus. A spread to discover more about your creative side and see how you can manage this time in a stress-free, productive way is the best way to use the cards. Checking your daily Tarot card reading online also provides added insight and combining that with a Tarot card reading can give you an excellent basis for working with this upcoming Full Moon!

So, without further ado, read on to discover a Tarot card spread you can use to help you work with the magic of Taurus during the lunar peak!

4-Card Tarot Spread for the Full Moon in Taurus:

Question: What does the Full Moon bring for me this month?

  • Card 1: The best way for me to relax
  • Card 2: Obstacles that stand in my way
  • Card 3: A project I should focus on
  • Card 4: Overall energy

Below is an example card reading so you can get a better idea of how this spread works.

Card 1: The Moon

As the card representing the best way to relax, The Moon speaks of imagination and creativity, so the reading is saying it is a great idea to indulge in your creative side at this time. This could involve writing, drawing, painting and sculpting; it could even include spending some time outdoors under the full moon and letting your imagination take you to magical places! Relaxation comes from going inwards at this time and nurturing your inner child.

Card 2: 5 of Wands

The 5 of Wands is typically a card of conflict and strife so this conflict could be internal or external. There may be people around me demanding too much time and attention which doesn’t provide me with the chance to relax; the conflict may be internal which could indicate misplaced guilt on my part if I don’t let myself relax. Addressing the obstacles is the best way to find a way around them.

Card 3: Death

This is an interesting card in this position and suggests that whatever I am supposed to focus on is something that will be entirely new. Not something I’d previously focused on but something that may well come out of the blue around the time that the moon is in Taurus! Keeping an eye out for signs or having an “A-ha!” moment is very much on the agenda and can indicate one door opening as another door closes.

Card 4: The Empress

A great card for overall energy – the Empress is a card of abundance and creativity. She suggests that the creative energies are powerful at this time. The Empress also represents sensual pleasure and urges me to enjoy the pleasures of life, taking time to sniff pleasing scents and enjoy delicious tastes. This is not a time for stress, but a time for allowing myself to enjoy the fruitful joys the earth permits.


Remember to keep an eye on our Instagram today to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action!

With a Tarot card reading at this time and delving deep into the various Tarot card meanings, it is possible to utilize the power of this upcoming full moon in Taurus to its greatest extent! This is a fortunate fool moon for many and it brings respite from any heavy and difficult situations that may have been prevalent lately. It is the perfect time for manifestation and spending time with loved ones, as well as exploring your own innate creativity. Enjoy whatever the full moon brings you and, above all, permit yourself to relax and unwind!

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The first thing most people notice about a Libra sign is that they are not like everyone else.

The friendly and charming personality of a Libra man is a part of what makes him stand out from others and a big part of what makes it so enjoyable to be around them. Libra men cherish their friendships, making them a loyal and nurturing person to have in your life. Today, we’re taking a closer look at this unique zodiac sign – and digging into what they are like in life, love and relationships.

Personality Characteristics of the Libra Man

Libra Men are Idealistic Revolutionaries

What sets a Libra man’s personality apart from other signs is their remarkable sense of personal responsibility to social justice. They have one of the most compassionate and determined personalities when it comes to creating harmony on local and global levels.

These men will put it all on the line for a good cause and seem to have endless ideas for solving human rights issues, criminal justice problems, or stopping discriminatory practices. Because they are so positive and quirky, some people may not see the knowledge of many topics they hold at the ready to swing hard at their opponent in a casual debate which they always take seriously.

They also have a strong moral compass, so although you need not have the same exact life views, they will look to see you have integrity. To continue learning about the unique traits that make Libra men great artists, writers, teachers, lawyers, confidants, healers, and musicians, read the Libra daily horoscope which will help you see how they think.

There is much excitement when you have the motivated and gregarious Libra man around. A Libra man has endless creativity, which can allow them to be very successful and attract attention if they can put their ideas into a plan.

They value other’s strengths and love collaboration with those who have other talents and skills. They help us bring meaning to life and their unwillingness to do things that have no meaning can help us all evaluate our own intentions.

Libra Men are Easy-going Dreamers

Getting along with a Libra man at first is the easiest thing in the world because they get along with just about everyone. When you get to know them more, it can be tricky because they do not operate on the same schedule or play by the same rules as everyone else.

They have both a bit of an addiction to having fun (never turning down the opportunity to socialize) and will also work into all hours of the night to help a friend with whatever is important to them. They are also an air sign, so they have an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and can get lost in topics learning every detail for days on end.

We know Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and art, which greatly affects the Libra traits male adults display in their lifestyle and even the way they approach eating. Libra men are deeply connected to the appreciation of beauty in all of its forms, whether it’s music, architecture, dance, food, or fine art. They hold more respect and awe for a work of art than an impressive bottom line in business.

While Libra characteristics male adults display can seem idealistic or even sometimes too big to be practical, they are also the intuitive dreamers that push society to bloom into colors we didn’t even know could exist. You will find one thing (that keeps you coming back for more) in the Libra personality male adults intrinsically carry is a deep sense of purpose and connection to humanity which propels them forward and inspires those around them.

The Libra Man in Love

What most of us are curious about is what this charming man is like in love relationships. It can be really challenging to date a Libra because they love people without putting up a stop sign so if you’re the jealous type, you might find it difficult. An important thing to know about Libra men in relationships is that you have to be willing to share his time with his large social circle.

If you can really embrace all the love they have to share with the world, you can create a more beautiful world together.

Some important characteristics of a Libra man in love is that they show their affection openly. They don’t hide their feelings or feel the need to hold back anything they feel for that matter. The Libra man in love is passionate, speaks their mind, and wants you to share in their thirst for a deeper connection to life often through nature, art, and meaningful bonds with friends.

While the Libra man will impress you with his ability to retain information, he may let you down when it comes to being there for you because he is subject to his own energy being a bit up and down. A Libra man in love struggles to maintain balance and often neglects an area of their life unconsciously causing some unexpected hardships. They love what they love and avoid what they don’t.

They also don’t know when to stop socializing and being immersed in groups of friends because they can lose sight of their personal identity feeling so welcomed and needed in a group.

Libra Men are Unique in Love & Life

A Libra man falls quickly for a big heart, a transparent communicator, and someone with a student-like approach to the deeper meaning of life. When a Libra man is in love, be patient with him, he will create memorable experiences and give you his undivided attention. Just don’t expect to be by yourselves all the time with his ‘the more the merrier attitude.’

He is a man who speaks his mind, so if you’re wondering how he feels, just ask.

Above all, a Libra man is greatly attracted to those with eccentric fashion and bold personal style. He needs to be able to express himself and will often have a unique and daring style of this own, that will make all lovers feel like they have to keep up. His personality can change just as fast as he changes his clothes, so if you’re wondering why he acts differently from one day to the next, read the Libra love horoscope.

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Communication & Libra Compatibility

Libra Men Are Passionate Communicators

A Libra man communicates with a huge amount of information. They like to go into details when they explain concepts so get ready to learn about the world when they open their mouths. They have a beautiful way with words, stringing them together to make even mundane things sounds interesting.

A good starting point to engage a Libra man in conversation is a global issue or current event. They often keep their finger on the pulse of trends and want to know everything that’s going on to understand the world around them better. You can also talk about local groups or activist opportunities, which is like music to a Libra man’s ears.

You may feel like a Libra man is argumentative but they just enjoy a healthy debate and like to play the devil’s advocate to extract your opinions and hash out the truth. Don’t mistake their love for challenging information for rudeness because they don’t mean to assault you when they openly evaluate what you say or want you to explain yourself.

Hey, at least they are listening intently! Allow them to get their point across and don’t shut them down or tell them their ideas and feelings aren’t valid.

Who are Libra Men Compatible With?

Libra men are most compatible with other Libras, Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius. They love candid and direct communication which these signs are known for. They experience intimacy through communication so you can focus on that even if your signs aren’t listed as ‘most compatible.’

To find out more about how to get along with your Libra family member, friend, pet, and lover, check out the Libra compatibility page.

Learn More About the Libra Man

Remember, a Libra man takes his personal freedom very, so it’s important to give him his space and let him explore as much as his heart desires. He is also very loyal to those he cares about, so there should be no fear of him wandering too far in his explorations.

The Libra man is always on a quest for knowledge and balance in some aspect, so being a friend means helping them in that discovery with both patience and compassion. They will always help you see the world in a more loving way, and they will inspire you to be a more kind and brave person.

In the end, all Libra men want is to see everyone as one family in which we are all happy and peaceful and they fight for this any chance they can.

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The Scorpio season is upon us, meaning our lives are about to get more complicated, mysterious, in-depth, spiritual, passionate, and even dark. Scorpio energy is rich, intense, and a little bit edgy.

Many people will feel well-prepared and personally equipped to deal with the feelings that may come up during the Scorpio season – such as jealousy, secrecy, and envy – but many more of us may need the assistance of external energies to keep our heads above the engulfing Scorpio waters.

Furthermore, there are spiritual energies associated with the sign of Scorpio that plenty of people will wish to amplify and draw towards them; Scorpio season is an excellent time to dive into the mysteries and spiritual nature of life.

Scorpio Season & the Crystal Connection

Whether you’re looking to keep yourself relaxed and upbeat or trying to draw more of that enigmatic Scorpio energy near you, there’s a crystal out there to assist you.

Crystals work during every astrological season, but there are certain stones whose energy are practically buzzing with excitement during Scorpio’s reign. Keep reading to discover the perfect crystals to work with this Scorpio season.


Obsidian is a crystal that shares the same intensity as Scorpio’s vibes, but with a twist: this stone is known for its ability to cleanse the psychic sphere. We all need a psychic cleanse from time to time, and this is the perfect stone to use for that purpose. Everyone we encounter leaves a bit of their energy lingering near our aura, and sometimes our own negativity can stick around much longer than we’d like. If you feel your psychic energy needs purification, meditate with a piece of obsidian.

Obsidian can help bring attention to the darker aspects of your personality. It reminds us that we are all comprised of positive and negative, dark and light. While both sides are necessary, it can help tremendously to understand all parts of yourself.

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Amethyst is a wonderful stone to work with during the Scorpio season due to its ability to soothe emotional wounds, help with addictive behaviors, and increase spiritual energy.

You might find yourself unearthing past hurts and upsets this time of the year due to Scorpio’s push to dig deeper. Amethyst can help you deal with the resulting emotions. If you need help regulating your feelings as you navigate older issues that need healing, amethyst can help immensely.

These feelings are also likely to urge us towards substances in an attempt to numb them. While it may seem like a glass of wine can’t hurt, it is important to face our emotional wounds head-on, and especially to avoid covering pain with alcohol or other substances. Amethyst has long been known for its ability to lessen addictive behaviors.

Finally, amethyst connects us to our spiritual center – a welcomed invitation as we encounter the mystical nature of Scorpio.

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Scorpio energy contains mystery and secrecy. You may never truly feel like you know the Scorpios in your life, and that’s because there is a sense of keeping certain things hidden within the nature of this sign. However, while no one is required to share every single part of themselves with anyone, it is important that we learn to open up and let others in. When Scorpio energy is in full swing, you may feel the tendency to bottle your feelings up and try to let them sink.

Yet, try as you might, the bottled emotions will always rise to the surface eventually. It’s important to learn to let some of that out early on with people you trust, and aquamarine is just the stone to help you hit the release button.

Aquamarine encourages openness and improves communication skills, making it a little bit easier to let people see your vulnerable side. This stone reduces fear and helps you feel more balanced when opening up to others. It is especially well-known for improving the communication skills of those with a Scorpio Sun.


Malachite is a metaphysical stone with a connection to the spiritual realm. This crystal is especially useful when meditating or doing other introspective work. Malachite encourages grounding and balance and helps reduce the intensity of certain emotions.

Malachite is also a sensual stone, matching the sensual energy of Scorpio. It increases blood flow in the sex organs and is associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

This crystal is associated with Pluto, the transformative ruling planet of the sign Scorpio. Pluto encourages us to explore deeper, more metaphysical concepts and observe the hidden world around us. It promotes transformation within and helps us develop our spiritual, inquisitive nature.

Malachite is also an excellent stone for cleansing the space of negative energy.


Labradorite perfectly embodies the mystical, magical nature of Scorpio. Quite literally known as the Stone of Magic, labradorite increases the energy of wonder and the supernatural. Scorpio is known for its curious nature and willingness to explore hidden realms, and labradorite is the perfect stepping-stone into these unknown realms.

Perfect for meditation and Tarot work, this crystal radiates with alchemical energy and is excellent for this Scorpio season.

Working with Crystals

The truth is, you don’t have to do much actual work when working with crystals. Their presence and energy work well on their own. However, there are many ways to incorporate crystals into your life.

Carry a crystal in your left pocket to absorb its energy or try infusing your drinking water with the power of your chosen crystal by soaking it for 30 minutes. (Remove before drinking.) You can meditate surrounded by your crystals or hold one in each hand. You can even simply place your favorite crystals around your home or office.

No matter how you choose to work with your stones, make sure you feel a sense of connection to yourself and your spirit.

And if you’re new to crystal healing and you aren’t sure where to start, check out this gorgeous Crystal Healing Collection – includes everything you need to start working with the powerful energy of crystals.

Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals – we’ll show you How to Cleanse Your Divination Tools in under 3 minutes!

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We are in the last two months of the year, and along with the advent of the holiday season, this time of year we also see a little change in direction when it comes to luck. That is because this time of year is the time that Jupiter comes out to play. Jupiter is the planet of luck and optimism, and journeys through one zodiac sign every 12 or 13 months or so. So when Jupiter changes signs, it changes the landscape of your luck for the year ahead, as Jupiter enters your houses and determines where to wave that magical and lucky wand.

These are the areas you are also going to feel most confident and optimistic about when Jupiter changes signs. Right now we are in that last month of Jupiter’s journey in lucky and adventurous Sagittarius. On December 2, Jupiter will leave the Mutable sign of the Fire signs Sagittarius and enter the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs Capricorn. So your luck will take on a new tone next month. As we work our way through November, soak up the last of this Jupiter in Sagittarius energy with these tips right here.

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Jupiter in Sagittarius Themes

The themes of Jupiter in Sagittarius are exciting, adventurous, and a lot of happy optimism. Sagittarius is that friend you love to have around. They are always ready for a good time, and they don’t plan it. As the Mutable sign of the Fire signs, Sagittarius is all about being the flexible and fun friend, always up for a good adventure.

Jupiter is the big planet, the god of all gods, and known to be the happy and lucky planet. When you see Jupiter transits in your Daily Horoscopes, you’re going to be having a good day, most likely. It’s the “on top of the world” energy that makes you go shopping, go out to eat, or just play and have some fun. Or it sends you some vibes that good things are coming. Jupiter is also directly tied to karma. So that is why good days are “most likely.”

But Jupiter can also be a planet of excess on the other side of things. You might overeat, overspend, or go overboard on something because you feel just that carefree. You might sleep in, for example. Or spend too much time binging television.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, we have picked up some luck in the adventurous side of life. It makes us feel good to be flexible and adventurous. You’ve probably picked up luck without having to do very much to get it. But that’s not Jupiter luck. That is your karma. Jupiter luck works when you work it. You have to work that good karma angle to reap the god Jupiter’s rewards.

Next month, on December 3, Jupiter will enter Capricorn and the lucky energy will take on a more serious tone. A hard-working one when Jupiter takes over in the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs Capricorn. But we aren’t there yet.

We have a few weeks left of this magical fiery lucky Jupiter transit, that is at home in the sign it rules, Sagittarius.

So how can you kick up some of that lucky magic for yourself before Jupiter changes signs? We’re so glad you asked.

Lucky Tips for Jupiter in Sagittarius

To harvest the last wisps of luck with Jupiter in Sagittarius over the next few weeks, check off a few of the things on this checklist. Remember, Jupiter luck only works if you work it, and you need to be following the Law of Attraction. Do that with these 5 tips and your next few weeks are going to feel magical.

• Try something new.

Whether that is a new restaurant or bungee jumping is up to you. Find that inner child spirit and just try something new. Anything. The key to making that Jupiter optimism multiply is to find that happy flow, but you have to jump-start the engine. Try something new.

• Connect today, to tomorrow.

What you are doing in your life matters. Find a way to connect what you are doing in your life now, to your dreams. And if your dreams don’t match what you are doing now, then add something to your daily routine, however small, to connect your today with tomorrow. Jupiter in Sagittarius optimism can extend past tomorrow when you do that.

• Dream.

Think big or go home. Have a dream to connect to today with. If you can see it, they will come. No dream is too big. Just dream. See it. See the success you want to be in this world. Jupiter is listening!

• Learn something.

Never ever think you know it all, as that is when complacency sets in. And when complacency sets in, you don’t grow. That is the definition of complacency. Learn something that is connected to one of your dreams.

• Stay open-minded.

Mutable sign Sagittarius rolls with it in all things. Flexibility and adaptability are key to this lucky tip. Roll with it. In all things. From politics at the water cooler to your lunch sandwich. It’s important to follow the laws of compassion and humanity in order to reach Jupiter’s magical luck. Sagittarius is well-loved because Sagittarius is generally not judgemental and open-minded. Be prepared to face the world without prejudice and accepting of all humans and their perspectives. That is when you grow, and when Jupiter gets very excited for you. You could be this close to your soul mate and not even know it. Be open-minded and you may see them better!

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Final Thoughts…

Jupiter in Sagittarius is always an exciting transit, as Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and is home here. So you get a little bit of extra luck in this transit. It will be sad to see Jupiter leave, but next month when Jupiter enters Earth sign Capricorn, your luck isn’t going to go away. It’s just going to change tone.

We’ll cover that in your Daily Horoscopes next month. Until then, use these Jupiter in Sagittarius tips to weave that one last kick of magical luck before the energy changes. That and, a Free Love Tarot Reading after you read your horoscopes will help you make decisions too. Be open-minded, learn something new, do something new, dream, and do something every day to connect what you do to those dreams. What luck are you hoping for this month?

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