Day: November 22, 2019


Fiery Mars is coming to the end of its time in Air sign Libra, and moves into Water sign Scorpio in a few days. This comes just as Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is coming to an end, and Mars will finish 2019 in Scorpio (to January 3, 2020). Mars was last in Scorpio almost 2 years ago (December 2017 – January 2018).

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio may have come with plenty of challenges for all of us, but with Mars in Scorpio you get the chance to make things right and get back on track with anything that got derailed in the last few weeks. If you got pushed back, held down, backtracked, or flat-out failed, this Mars in Scorpio transit gives you the opportunity to rise like a phoenix!

Mars in Astrology

Mars is the planet of energy and drive in astrology. In your natal chart, Mars shows what drives you to take action and how exactly you act. In transit, Mars shows what you’re driven with at the moment, where your energy is focused right now, and what you want to take action with currently.

Mars is a highly enthusiastic and excitable planet, and brings this energy wherever it’s touching. This gets channeled through the sign Mars is touring, and is focused for you personally on the areas of life ruled by the house in your birth chart Mars is traveling (don’t know your chart? Check out the birth chart calculator!).

Scorpio Meaning

Scorpio is the zodiac sign of transformation. The natural ruling planet for Scorpio is Pluto, the transformer. With Scorpio, you have to dig deeper and make profound changes. This is where Scorpio and Pluto are different from Uranus, the planet of change (and Aquarius, the sign Uranus rules). Uranus is more superficial in the changes that it wants made, while Pluto and Scorpio want change that is deep, meaningful, and will last for a long time to come.

Scorpio is a sign that takes things seriously, and has an intense, unrelenting focus. Whatever it wants to do, it does it fully, all the way. There is no halfway point for this sign! That allows Scorpio to make those deep transformations.

This sign also comes back from the dead. Not like a zombie though! Zombies have no focus (well, except to eat brains, I guess). Scorpio comes back from the dead stronger, more powerful, more focused than ever before. This sign is connected to the phoenix rising from the ashes, and there is no defeat for Scorpio!

Mars in Scorpio vs Other Planets in Scorpio

Scorpio actually used to be ruled by Mars, so Mars in Scorpio has an easier time handling the energy versus the other planets. This is an intense sign, and it can get a little tricky to handle with the other planets.

The Sun brings this energy into our personalities, while the Moon in Scorpio brings this into our emotional expression, so we can really feel the Scorpio intensity with these two. Mercury in Scorpio can be a little easier since there’s always an outlet for the mind if you can control your focus (it just wasn’t so easy this go around since Mercury has been retrograde), while Venus in Scorpio funnels lots of passion into relationships (which can get a little frustrating if you’re single or lack solid connections!).

Jupiter and Saturn were in Scorpio in recent years (we won’t have to deal with Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto in Scorpio for a veeeery long time!). Jupiter is helpful but can expand on the intensity, while Saturn makes us learn lessons that force us to transform.

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What to Transform by Element

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

This Mars in Scorpio transit can focus on your emotions. You may feel more deeply and intensely, so transformations for you may be more internal. You may want to dig deeper inside of yourself, let go of some baggage, or strengthen your internal core. Strengthening yourself internally can make you feel like a force!

The Mercury retrograde may have created some challenges for you emotionally, and anything where you feel the foundation has been shaky lately, you can focus on transforming now.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

This Mars in Scorpio transit can focus on your mind. You may be more passionate about your ideas and plans, and can become more involved in your ideas for the future. Transformations that help you make progress with your ideas can be beneficial. You may also feel more engaging, so you can work on transformations that help you improve your relationships and the way you connect with others.

The Mercury retrograde may have brought out issues in relationships or in the way you express yourself, so you can transform now and open up to new solutions.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

This Mars in Scorpio transit can focus on your work, whether your actual professional work and the work of daily life. You can make transformations that allow you to get more done, and to be more practical. Taking things slow and steady can help you make more progress, and you can embark on transformations in practical, steady ways.

The Mercury retrograde may have made it difficult for you to make progress and get things done, so transformations now can help get you unstuck and focused on the right path.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

This Mars in Scorpio transit can focus on the ways you want to bring creations out into the world. Transformations can help you to just get started, and can open up optimism and opportunity. You may feel like you’re seeing the world with fresh eyes, and nothing can hold you back.

The Mercury retrograde may have been the thing to hold you back, but Mars in Scorpio gives you the chance to come back from the ashes, just like a quintessential phoenix!

Parting Thoughts…

Mars in Scorpio can be an intense, powerful transit, and this energy can be scary at times. But when you use it to your advantage, it can be an amazing force in your life to help you succeed, grow strong, and rise again. The power is in your hands, in your head, in your heart, in your soul – what will you do with it?

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In the digital age, you no longer have to seek a local Tarot reader to divine your future or soothe your worries.

Whether you’ve found a Tarot reader through their social media or website, you may have noticed that not only are a variety of readers more accessible, but there are opportunities to receive long-distance readings through the internet.

Get your own free 3-card Tarot Reading here.

Cue the Questions

Do Tarot readings online actually work? How does it work? Doesn’t a reader need to see you to read you? How will the reading get to you?

The short answer is that yes, they can work – as for everything else, it depends. When it comes to the finer details, results shall surely vary. Some readers will send you your reading by email. Some readers will set up a phone call, others will need to see your face or your name; Thankfully, we live in a world where the power of the Internet and other technologies accommodate all of those things.

Though the differences between an in-person and online Tarot reading may be more minimal than you expect. Because the Tarot transcends time, distance, and works primarily with energy rather than physical presence, the true variation could be concerning, depending on your preferred experience, not in effectivity.

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Should I Get an In-Person Tarot Reading or an Online Tarot Reading?

To decide whether an in-person or online Tarot reading is suited for you and your needs, ask yourself the following questions to make the choosing process smooth-sailing.

1. How strong is your memory?

If the reading you wish to receive is a forecast into the future, having an email or audio/video reading will allow you to hold on to the finer details of the predictions.

If you’re less into remembering the exact details of your reading and instead like to prioritize other parts of the experience, an in-person reading might be ideal. While some in-person readers allow for note-taking or recording, the reader’s policies will vary so you’ll want to double-check with them before booking!

2. Are you a homebody or a traveler?

One benefit of online Tarot readings is that you can receive a Tarot reading right in the comfort of your own home.

For those who don’t feel like getting up and moving for the sake of reading or are nervous about venturing into a reader’s establishment, an online reading can still fulfill that need. You must consider whether the atmosphere of your reading is important to you because many think that sitting in a reader’s space and soaking in their environment can be a crucial part of the reading experience! Some readers have super cool reading studios or setups, and you won’t want to miss out on the aura of the space.

3. Are you more of a conversationalist or a listener?

While some online readings are via video messaging services or phone calls, in-person readings tend to lead to further intimate and in-depth conversation. If you believe that Tarot readings need to be a two-way street of direct back-and-forth communication, engagement, and face-to-face time, then these options are essential to consider.

If you’re more interested in kicking back and listening, an email or recorded video reading may be more your speed.

In Conclusion

Overall, before hitting that “book” or “checkout” button, be sure to take some time to read up on the reader’s policies, delivery style, and practices to see if they align with yours. Even if Tarot in-person or online share a lot of the same core features, the delivery and presentation can be a whole piece of the pie for many looking to receive guidance, and your reading should feel like nothing less than the full package.

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The power of essential oils is quite something.

Fragrances can be used to soothe us in many ways: add it to a carrier oil or water in an oil burner, a few drops in the bathtub mixed with a carrier oil or even sniff it straight from the bottle. There are so many beautiful oils and scents to choose from and each one has its own unique properties. So, how do you choose the essential oil that is perfect for you?

Well, did you know that each Chinese Zodiac sign has its own special essential oil to go along with it? Every zodiac animal displays its own unique set of characteristics, so it is easy to make the connection between this and the perfect unique essential oil will accompany it.

Are you a Ylang Ylang person or more of a Frankincense type? Read on to find out the best essential oil for you, based on your Chinese Zodiac sign!

Not sure which Chinese Zodiac sign you are? Find out here.

Which Essential Oil is Best for Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

The Rat: Cedarwood Oil

Of all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac, none are quite so astute or quick-witted as the Rat.

You are someone who feels most alive when you can focus on a task at hand and reap the benefits of a successfully completed mission. So the gorgeous woody smell of Cedarwood is perfect for you! It is particularly potent and aids in uninterrupted concentration and making study time one of focus and diligence.

Get your Rat Daily Horoscope here.

The Ox: Ylang Ylang Oil

Like their four-legged counterparts in the wild, those born in the year of the Ox are famed for their resilience, reliability, diligence, and giving, helpful nature.

Exotic and sweet, Ylang Ylang is the perfect remedy to help soothe the hardworking Ox at the end of a long day. As an Ox, hard work is not uncommon to you. Therefore, winding down is an essential part of your being, particularly if you want to function at your best. Ylang Ylang’s sweet scent is wonderful for helping you relax and preparing you for another day.

Get your Ox Daily Horoscope here.

The Tiger: Clary Sage Oil

The Tiger occupies the third sign of the Chinese Zodiac, awarded this position for the tenacity he showed in crossing the perilous river during the Chinese Zodiac Race. The Jade Emperor, who organized the race, was impressed by his resilience and honored him with third place.

This is why the Tiger gets a powerful aroma. The Tiger thrives on adventure and excitement and sometimes all that excitement can pave the way for implosion. Tigers can find themselves in a sticky mess unless they learn to reign in their emotions. As a Tiger, you’ll find the Clary Sage scent so powerfully soothing that it will help you see things with a clear mind, helping you to be more rational and make good judgment.

Get your Tiger Daily Horoscope here.

The Rabbit: Cinnamon Oil

Occupying the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the well-mannered, gracious Rabbit.

Cinnamon is a wonderful scent for the Rabbit! Aside from the fact it brings that cozy smell that makes it always feel like Christmas, Cinnamon is excellent for having a tonic effect on the mind which helps improve cognitive function. As a Rabbit, you can find it easy to drift away even when there are things that require pressing attention, the Cinnamon will soon bring you back to earth!

Get your Rabbit Daily Horoscope here.

The Dragon: Melissa Oil (Lemon Balm Oil)

The fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is occupied by the mighty and powerful Dragon.

Melissa, also known as Lemon Balm, this is a powerful oil for a powerful sign! As a Dragon, you will be all too familiar with the hectic demands placed upon you; the calls of leadership do not stray far from your path.

You need an oil that can keep you calm, focused and resilient in times of stress. Enter Melissa! Even a few sniffs of this is powerful enough to calm the senses and rid you of negative energies that may creep up on you.

Get your Dragon Daily Horoscope here.

The Snake: Jasmine Oil

The sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the enigmatic, attractive, wise and cunning Snake.

The scent of Jasmine is particularly suited to the thoughtful and wise Snake. Snakes also benefit fromgreen tea with Jasmine, which may interest them!

Like the Snake, you will be all too familiar with the complexities of your own mind. Sometimes, this mind can veer off into the melancholic realm which makes Jasmine the perfect essential oil for you, for it is widely known for its anti-depressant qualities and ability to lift the spirit.

Get your Snake Daily Horoscope here.

The Horse: Sandalwood Oil

Occupying the seventh position of the Chinese Zodiac is the free-spirited, charismatic and unpredictable Horse.

Known for its fabulous calming properties and ability to create an environment of peace, the Horse is one such person who can benefit from Sandalwood! As a Horse, you’ll know how swiftly and suddenly things can change in life; life is never dull for you. With that can come oodles of stress, but Sandalwood can help combat this stress – especially pouring a few drops in boiling water and inhaling for ten to fifteen minutes.

Get your Horse Daily Horoscope here.

The Goat: Frankincense Oil

The Goat occupies the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac and is known as the most peaceful and gentle of all the signs.

You are indeed a gentle soul of the Zodiac and life can be harsh at times! Sometimes all you want to do is drift away and not have all these stressful and chaotic situations nipping at your hooves. Frankincense is the perfect essential oil for you, helping to reduce anxiety and sending you off into your own little world where you can utilize your powers of imagination to their greatest extent!

Get your Goat Daily Horoscope here.

The Monkey: Lavender Oil

The ninth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the Monkey, an intelligent, witty and innovative sign that has oodles of charm and just as much cleverness.

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils used for those who have trouble sleeping or trouble relaxing. As a Monkey, your ingenious mind can often go off on a wild tangent! Where is it going and what does it do? No one really knows, least of all you! Lavender can help calm and soothe you. It can help put your nervous system in a restful state, pushing back any unwanted jittery or distracting emotions that prevent your essential relaxation time.

Get your Monkey Daily Horoscope here.

The Rooster: Vetiver Oil

Occupying the tenth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the enigmatic, self-assured, flamboyant Rooster.

Vetiver, which is a member of the grass family, has a strong earthy smell that is fantastic for grounding. As a flamboyant Rooster, you find it easy to make your point known and ensure your presence is noticed; this doesn’t come without its fair share of stressful situations! Vetiver is excellent for you as it has a strong, grounding effect on your emotions, helping you to control them whenever they may be getting a little out of hand.

Get your Rooster Daily Horoscope here.

The Dog: Clary Sage Oil

The eleventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac is occupied by the loyal, honest, and faithful Dog.

Like your friend, the Tiger, you benefit enormously from the powers of Clary Sage. As a Dog, you are prone to worried, anxious thoughts, especially as you care so deeply about those who are struggling or downtrodden. Sometimes, these thoughts can get a bit too much! A few whiffs of Clary Sage and you’ll be right as rain, ready to battle on for the next day!

Get your Dog Daily Horoscope here.

The Pig: Peppermint Oil

The twelfth and final sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the warm, good-natured and gallant Pig.

As a friendly, loyal Pig, you enjoy the simple pleasures of life and dislike anything that disrupts this harmony you so carefully craft for yourself. Life is to be enjoyed! But sometimes, you may fall into the realm of indulgence and enjoyment so much that you lose a sense of focus and clarity in other areas. Peppermint is the perfect essential oil for brightening your senses and helping to improve your clarity, focus, and concentration.

Get your Pig Daily Horoscope here.


There you have it! The perfect essential oil for your Chinese Zodiac sign! Essential oils are one of nature’s greatest aids in helping us get through stressful or dark times. As we say goodbye to the year of the Earth Pig and hello to the year of the Metal Rat, essential oils are a perfect way to help you win the race!

Try the one that is best for you and let the power of the plant work its magic.

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Greetings, Earthlings.

It’s adventure time! Sagittarius love is upon us and we are expected to enjoy life to the fullest with Venus currently in Sagittarius. This week the Sun joins the party and Sagittarius season officially begins!

This is an exciting time of the year. We are all getting ready for the holidays already, or at least thinking about it. Welcome to a season of festivity and love and sharing lies ahead, along with the thoughts of travelling, seeing loved ones, and just enjoying a few more parties than usual.

That energy is not just coming from the calendar dates but also from the love of our Mutable sign of the Fire signs, Sagittarius. Ruled by lucky Jupiter, we know Sagittarius to be adventurous, flexible, spontaneous, and also to have a little bit of a lucky streak. Sagittarius loves to party but also loves to look far ahead into the future, always dreaming big. With lucky Jupiter energy fueling the Sagittarius fire, sometimes those dreams even come true! We are at the point of the year when we begin thinking more about those big dreams.

Did we get all we wanted this year? Are we going to have romance to share come the holidays? They are big questions, and as the holidays draw nigh, we think about them more. November is a good month to begin thinking about soul mates. With lucky Sagittarius ruling the roost for a few weeks, you just never know what could happen. What might help you on your quest for a soul mate or twin flame this year is a Free Daily Tarot reading.

Remember also that Mercury retrograde is still in effect until Wednesday of this week when Mercury goes direct in Scorpio. For the first few days of the week, this retrograde energy puts some energy directly connected to our past lives, especially those that we lived with soul mates. Do your spiritual work in this enlightened calendar period and you just never know what destiny has in the stars for your love life.

Watch especially for 5th house activity in your Daily Horoscopes when it comes to forecasting your romantic lives as activities for the festive season begins. Until then, enjoy the slow shifts of the planets this week as we look forward to forward motion on Mercury and the Sun entering lucky Sagittarius.

Namaste, friends!

Planetary Locations During November 18–24, 2019:

Sun: Scorpio (October 23, 2019–November 21, 2019); Sagittarius (November 22–December 22, 2019)

Mercury Retrograde: Scorpio (October 31, 2019–November 20, 2019)

Mercury: Direct in Scorpio (November 20, 2019–December 9, 2019)

Venus: Sagittarius (November 1–26, 2019)

Mars: Libra (October 4–November 18, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019–March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Retrograde in Taurus (August 19, 2019–January 10, 2020)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for November 18–24, 2019:

Monday, November 18, 2019

Sun: Scorpio – Follow your emotional intuition to find clues to your next win.

Moon: Leo – Feed your inner child today.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Leo

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Virgo – Flawless attention to detail can be productive, and provocative.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Virgo

Friday, November 22, 2019

Sun: Sagittarius – When you fly by the seat of adventure, your soul sings.

Moon: Libra – When you serve as the gracious diplomat in all situations, you win.

Weekend Review: Libra Man: Personality Traits & Characteristics of the Male Libra

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Sun: Sagittarius

Moon: Libra

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sun: Sagittarius

Moon: Scorpio – Pick one thing to work on today that will support a karmic rebirth.


Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius – This is a lovely and lively transit that brings luck and optimism into the world. We have lover Venus working happily with lucky Jupiter, and Venus wants to help you to attract as much love as you want or need today. Jupiter will have you feeling on top of the world, and will send you just the energy you need to do that. So if you are feeling buoyant, happy, and a little bit lucky, go for it. You’re inspired to go over the top today. Don’t overdo it, but follow those happy vibes and you will feel your karma tingling. When you do, you may run into one of those situations that starts off exciting, and one thing leads to another, and then something wonderful happens! Jupiter gives you that happy vibe, and Venus helps you to attract something wonderful. So don’t be shy, go on and get it! What wonderful thing do you want to happen today?

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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There are so many metaphysical tools and practices available to us that it can be hard to remember that many of these systems share an interesting relationship with one another.

Today, we’ll explore the mystical relationship between astrology, the language of the stars, and our body’s spiritual energy points, the chakras.

There are seven main chakras within the body, starting from the Root chakra and working up to the Crown chakra. Chakra means “spinning wheel” in Sanskrit which directly refers to how chakras are points of circulating energy that are always present. However, sometimes they may become blocked or stagnant. A clear, balanced chakra instills confidence, self-awareness, love, and gratitude, among many other wonderful things.

Astrology is the study of the stars and how they affect our lives. Understanding more about your natal chart helps you discover so many things about yourself and your life path, and there are always new avenues to explore within the zodiac.

Don’t have your chart? Get your free birth/natal chart here.

Did you know that each chakra is associated with specific zodiac signs? Astrology shares a connection to so many of the spiritual practices, tools, and natural objects of this world. Learning more about these connections helps solidify your own relationship with the zodiac, the Universe and yourself.

Chakras & the Zodiac

The Root Chakra

  • Muladhara
  • Saturn
  • Capricorn & Aquarius
  • Red

The Root chakra, also known as Muladhara, is located at the base of the spine. The Root chakra is associated with our feelings of security, stability, and how grounded we feel in the Earth. The Root chakra correlates with the color red and the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and hard work, which ties into the Root chakra’s preoccupation with stability.

The astrological signs associated with this chakra are Capricorn and Aquarius. If you have a Capricorn or Aquarius Sun sign, Moon sign, or rising sign, this may be an important chakra to pay attention too—especially during times where you feel uptight, insecure (emotionally or physically), unstable, or directionless.

Focus on balancing your Root chakra to regain a sense of stability and confidence.

The Sacral Chakra

  • Svadhishthana
  • Jupiter
  • Sagittarius & Pisces
  • Orange

Svadhishthana, or the Sacral Chakra, is located in the lower part of the abdomen. The Sacral chakra is represented by the color orange, and it focuses on self-confidence, self-assurance, sexuality, and creativity. This chakra is associated with the expansive, benevolent planet, Jupiter, which urges us to expand our mind and our worldview.

Sagittarius and Pisces are the astrological signs connected to the Sacral chakra, and those with these signs placed prominently in their chart may need to focus more on this chakra, ensuring that it remains balanced and cleared.

When your Sacral chakra is balanced, you’ll feel more confident, sensual, and self-assured.

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The Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Manipura
  • Mars
  • Aries & Scorpio
  • Yellow

The Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as Manipura, is located near and behind the navel. The Solar Plexis chakra deals with our confidence, personal power, will, discipline, and identity. The color that represents this chakra is yellow, and it’s ruled by the assertive, aggressive planet Mars.

Aries and Scorpio are the planets linked to the Solar Plexus, and if these planets play a significant role in your chart, you may want to pay extra attention to this chakra.

If your Solar Plexus is out of whack, you may have a hard time making decisions, expressing yourself, or controlling your will.

The Heart Chakra

  • Anahata
  • Venus
  • Taurus & Libra
  • Green

Anahata, or the Heart chakra, is located at the center of your chest, near your heart. The Heart chakra is concerned with love, vulnerability, compassion, and empathy. The color connected to the Heart chakra is green, and it’s associated with loving Venus.

The Heart chakra represents Taurus and Libra in the zodiac, and it is especially important to focus on this chakra if Taurus or Libra are influential within your natal chart. A balanced Heart chakra will help you establish and maintain deep, loving connections with yourself and others.

A blocked Heart chakra can inhibit your willingness to be open and affectionate with your loved ones.

The Throat Chakra

  • Vishuddha
  • Mercury
  • Gemini & Virgo
  • Blue

The Throat chakra is also known as Vishuddha, and it resides in the center of your neck, near your throat. The Throat chakra deals with communication, self-expression, and our ability to speak our minds. It’s represented by the color blue and the planet Mercury.

This chakra is connected to the signs Gemini and Virgo and should be monitored closely by those with these planets featured prominently in their chart. Without ample energy flow of the Throat chakra, you will find it difficult to express your thoughts and feelings to others.

However, a balanced Throat chakra helps you feel comfortable and secure in your self-expression.

The Third Eye Chakra

  • Ajna
  • Sun & Moon
  • Leo & Cancer
  • Indigo

The Third Eye Chakra, also known as Ajna, is located in the center of your forehead, in between your eyebrows. The Third Eye chakra is concerned with visions, wisdom, knowledge, and awareness. It is associated with the color indigo and both the Sun and the Moon.

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, and Leo, ruled by the Sun, are the signs associated with the Third Eye chakra. When this chakra is balanced and functioning properly, you’re like a sponge ready to soak up all of the cosmic wisdom available to you.

This chakra should be maintained to assist in meditation, spiritual activities and studies, and attaining higher wisdom.

The Crown Chakra

  • Sahasrara
  • The Universe
  • Violet

Sahasrara, or The Crown chakra, is unique in that it is not associated with any astrological signs, because it is quite literally out of this world. The Crown chakra is located at the crown of your head and associated with the rich, deeply spiritual color indigo.

The Crown chakra is our link to the gods, to the Universe, to that which is. It is connected to our spiritual center, our soul. Enlightenment is nearly impossible when the Crown chakra is out of whack, making this one of the most important chakras to pay attention to.

A balanced Crown chakra allows us to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Chakra Healing & Routine

There are many tools that can help you balance your chakras, such as crystals. In fact, some crystals are even designed to influence and cleanse each chakra, like this beautiful chakra pendulum. If you’re new to chakra work and unsure where to get started, this is the perfect metaphysical tool to begin your journey towards balanced, healthy chakras.

While your sign may be associated with a certain chakra, each and every chakra is important in maintaining an overall balance within your spirit. Chakra maintenance is a practice that you should try to work into your regular routine. It can be easy to forget how deeply our chakras affect our sense of self and our relationship to the world outside of us.

Even one misaligned chakra can send your attitude into a tailspin. So keep this in mind as you move forward into your astrological journey.

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Many of us know that the Moon is more than just a pretty glowing orb in the sky. Even those who are not avid fans of astrology can often feel the effects of a Full Moon and the potency that its energy brings.

Come on, the concept of werewolves didn’t just spring up out of nowhere, both humans and animals have a tendency to act somewhat out of character during the full moon; Whether it’s howling at the night sky or just feeling a bit loopy, the Moonbeams really influences the way we think, feel, and act. Our brain is mostly made up of the subconscious mind and when the moon is in full glowing power, it has a strong ability to draw our subconscious to the surface.

Moon lovers will often tell you that the phases of the Moon bring their own unique energies to us here on earth. The New Moon is a powerful time for setting your intentions for manifestation; the Full Moon is the peak time for those manifestations to come true and also for underlying issues deep within the subconscious to rise to the surface.

What about the last quarter Moon? What significance does this have?

The last quarter Moon is during the waning phase of the Moon after the Full Moon. Its spiritual themes are all about letting go, forgiveness, and moving on. Whatever has hurt you or whatever pain lingers, appealing to the last quarter Moon is a way to help release you from these negative emotions.

What is it in your life you need to reconcile with to move on so you can be freer and happier? Tarot cards are a wonderful divination tool we can use to provide greater insight into issues we may struggle with, including ones we bury deep down. Reading up on your daily Tarot online or having your own Tarot card reading during this last quarter Moon can help you face aspects of yourself that can take courage and fortitude.

So, without further ado, read on to discover a Tarot card spread you can use to bring on the energy of the last quarter Moon in Leo.

Last Quarter Moon 3-Card Tarot Spread

Question: What do I need to let go of in order to move forward?

  • Card 1: The area of my life I need to focus on
  • Card 2: Obstacles that stand in my way
  • Card 3: How can I achieve this?

Below is an example spread so you can gain a better idea of how it works.

Card 1: Knight of Wands

In this instance, I would take the Knight of Wands as a person who has hurt me, most likely a romantic partner. The flightiness of the knight leads me to believe it may be someone who has hurt me because of a lack of commitment, something the fire knight is famous for; this may have been recent or a long time ago, but this person left a scar on me and I may struggle with other relationships or with my self-worth because of this.

Card 2: 6 of Cups

The 6 of Cups is a card of bittersweet memories and the past. In the position of an obstacle, it can mean that I am having trouble letting go of the past. I may wallow in memories of moments shared together and unable to let go because of these memories. I may dream of a return to this time, even if there is nothing to suggest things will go back to the way they were. It is a card that can trap someone in the past if they spend too long dwelling on the memories.

Card 3: The High Priestess

As the card of how I can move past this obstacle, the High Priestess is a card of deep inner work. The High Priestess represents our feminine, intuitive side; she is the card of the subconscious and what lies beneath. In order for me to move past the hurt of the Knight of Wands, it is essential for me to go deep into my psyche and be open and honest with myself. The High Priestess can point towards deep meditative states and facing things that may make us uncomfortable.


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The last quarter Moon brings the opportunity each month to let go and release pains and hurts that are holding us back from achieving our true potential. Sometimes, these hurts can run so deep that our conscious mind may forget they are there, which does not benefit us in the long run. The Tarot and its many card meanings can help us bring these issues to the surface so we can deal with them in a way that is most beneficial for us.

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Let us paint a picture of the quintessential Libra woman:

She’s a free spirit who abhors isolation and loves creative expression.

She is likely to be very involved in the community, attending every charity event or town meeting, and also supportive of those struggling to get back on their feet.

She’s lovely and lovable, making people swoon because of her delicious personable way of engaging with people.

Having a Libra sign in your life can be a great asset because they know how to get things done using the many resources they have cultivated in their social groups. Whether it’s a partner, friend, or a boss, here is everything you need to know about the Libra Woman.

The best Libra traits female adults have are their intellect, their uncanny eye for design, and their infectious positive energy. However, this Air sign isn’t without its quirks! The challenging Libra personality female traits include potential superficiality, argumentativeness, the frequent changing of plans, and the all too common forgetfulness that can accompany a very active mind. While they may seem a bit indulgent in things that please the senses, don’t mistake their desire to play for immaturity. They are wizards when it comes to seeing ways to fuse art with messages that change the world.

Personality Traits of the Libra Female

What makes a Libra woman so much different than other signs is that she processes so fast that she can intuitively see how other people are thinking to play the self-appointed peacemaker. She keeps her nose in other people’s business not to gossip, but because she craves the feeling of helping her friends be happy. A Libra woman is always talking and will find people to talk to even if she doesn’t know anyone. What makes her happy is the vibe of the room. Tasked with being the flame-keeper of happiness, you can count on her to pay attention to each person with a genuine sense of connection.

They intuitively look for the weakest link and try to strengthen it. If they don’t have someone to uplift in the room, they will look to the outside world and find a place to bring light to the darkness. People may wonder why the Libra characteristics female adults display are so unlike other people they know. It’s because the Libra woman personality is so deeply compassionate, that it drives her to the very core of her being. It makes her fearless and infused with what often appears to be divine inspiration. They defend the defenceless and challenge the oppressors.

The Libra zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Venus, goddess of love and the arts. She is attractive because of her energy and her own ability to make things appealing to the senses. The Libra symbol is the scales of balance which represent the sense of justice Libras deliver to society but also the very thing they chronically seem to find is just out of reach in their own psyche. A Libra is often overly passionate in certain areas so much so that they neglect their own needs and this can cause them to get sick if they don’t know their own tendencies to get lost in the moment without keeping a routine for health and wellness.

Love, Sex & the Libra Woman

A Libra woman in love is determined to make the relationship romantic and deep. She is a very passionate partner who will value healthy communication, offer physical affection, and have many ideas about ways to bring you closer such as dancing, cooking exquisite meals, or travelling to see artistic wonders. A key thing to remember about Libra women is that they are attracted to kindness and positivity so you can let your inner nerd out with them. Being vulnerable will help a Libra woman trust you.

It can be a little hard to tell when a Libra woman is in love because she is so nice to everyone. When she loves you, she shows it through actions that help you feel safe being yourself and she will point out your good qualities she loves. She will help you feel strong, capable, and worthy of love. She is attracted to those with a sense of style or a passion for art. She loves to go do things as a couple and has an active itinerary she will welcome you to take part in. If you start to notice her wobbling, check to see if she has taken time for herself and remind her to decompress. Libras are so enthusiastic that it can send mixed signals so be sure to keep up to speed on their Libra love horoscope to better understand their flirtatiousness.

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Libra Home, Family & Compatibility

Libra women get along smoothly with other Libras, as well as Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Gemini. These intellectual signs have lots to talk about, share similar passions, and all have a strong sense of humor. Libra can make friends with anyone but living with a Libra might feel a lot different than knowing them as an acquaintance. The life of the party isn’t always the best at taking out the trash or paying the bills on time. You can expect a Libra to entertain often and even make the home the perfect place to party, stocked with her friends’ favorite treats because she lives and breathes through her relationships.

The Libra woman comes off as confident around family and friends but sometimes they seem like a know-it-all. They love to inform and educate people but struggle with knowing when people are done listening and want to be heard. Libra women also walk to the beat of their own drum and will not abide by convention if they can help it. That means they will wear what they want and speak their minds. That means you’re wasting time if you try to tell them what to do to fit in or expect them to follow the rules of engagement obediently.

Libra women make great lovers as long as you have a life of your own and friends that you spend time with besides her. She is an independent-minded person and needs to be able to make her own decisions instead of being told how to spend her time. Give her that freedom, and the relationship will flourish. This is the case for the family members and friends who are Libras in your life as well. If your pet is a Libra, they tend to stick to you like a loyal companion, entertaining you, and following you around wanting to play.

Learn More About the Libra Woman

Overall, a Libra woman is a warm-hearted person who is a civil servant. She likes to have her own sense of style, loves to be a social butterfly, and seeks to leave things a little better than she found them. A Libra woman will teach you how to have fun again and will help you embrace your more spiritual side.

If you like to learn by studying other people, some Libra women you can look to for similar personalities are well known Libras Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hilary Duff, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian West, and Alicia Silverstone. America’s favorite love story heroin Kate Winslett is the epitome of the outspoken Libra woman.

To continue learning about the Libras in your life, read the Libra daily horoscope to see how the planetary movements affect their groove.

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You may be aware that there are certain crystals that are associated with your Sun sign, but did you know there are crystals that are perfect for bringing out the best qualities of your Rising sign?

When it comes to astrology, the Sun sign is probably the most well-known. If someone were to ask you your sign, you’d respond by telling them what your Sun sign is. Because the Sun sign is so ubiquitous in the zodiac, many other important signs within the natal chart go relatively unnoticed or ignored.

One of the most important signs within your chart is your Rising sign. The Rising sign represents the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth, and it is associated with how you present yourself to the world. It also correlates with your hidden desires, motivations, destiny, and ultimate purpose.

(You can find out your Rising sign by using our free birth chart generator.)

The Best Crystals for Your Rising Sign


Aries is a Fire sign ruled by the planet Mars. If you are an Aries Rising, you may have a spicy personality that is prone to impulsivity. You are more likely to simply act than to stop and consider those actions—you are always on the move. Bloodstone is an excellent stone to help your intuition sharpen and increase, helping you refine those impulsive decisions and focus on the actions that will help you achieve your goals.

Other Crystals for Aries Rising:

Diamond, Heliotrope, Quartz


Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and the element Earth. A Taurus Rising is someone with tenacity, practicality, and loyalty to their loved ones. Your pragmatic approach to life means that you sometimes miss out on things you’d like to do, particularly due to fear or worry. Rose quartz is the best crystal to inspire unconditional love and trust with yourself, allowing you to participate in activities that you simply enjoy.

Other Crystals for Taurus Rising:

Emerald, Agate, Aquamarine


Geminis are an Air sign ruled by the communicative planet Mercury. Those with a Gemini Rising sign are concerned with collecting the knowledge of the Universe and celebrating its wisdom. Gemini Ascendants are also driven by their social circles. Tiger’s eye is a stone that will help you focus mentally in order to obtain the wisdom you seek, while simultaneously protecting you from those who might seek to harm or otherwise negatively influence you.

Other Crystals for Gemini Rising:

Celestine, Citrine, Agate


Cancers are ruled by Water and the Moon—an emotional combination to be sure. A Cancer Rising is gentle, lovable, and sensitive. Your nature is so compassionate that you sometimes forget to protect and care for yourself rather than others. Moonstone is the perfect crystal to bring you back to your gentle but powerfully strong and independent nature. This crystal will inspire self-confidence and a deeper connection to your feelings and emotions.

Other Crystals for Cancer Rising:

Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Selenite


Leos are a Fire sign ruled by the blazing Sun, and a Leo Rising has a personality just as warm. Your energy radiates all around you and fills the room with a jovial spirit. However, you can become overly self-aware or self-conscious, making it difficult to blend in or feel comfortable around others. Sunstone is the perfect stone to inspire and reaffirm the confidence you have, reminding you that you are perfect and that others adore you just as you are.

Other Crystals for Leo Rising:

Citrine, Peridot, Larimar

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Virgos are ruled by the element Earth and the planet Mercury. If you have a Mercury Ascendant, there’s a good chance that you’re an independent, intelligent, and somewhat reserved individual. You can even be a bit shy, which is why you need a crystal like citrine to amplify your self-confidence and self-expression. Citrine will help you feel more at east when sharing yourself with others, and it will also reduce your need to analyze situations, making you feel more relaxed and accepting.

Other Crystals for Virgo:

Amazonite, Carnelian, Moss Agate


Libra is an Air sign ruled by the social planet Venus. If you are a Libra Rising, you’re probably easy to get along with, pleasant to be around, and quite the social butterfly. Libra is a sign very concerned with relationships. Morganite is the perfect crystal to help you feel the divine love all around you, leaving you open to observe any relationships that may no longer be serving you. Morganite gives you the confidence to let go of toxic connections.

Other Crystals for Libra Rising:

Tourmaline, Jade, Sapphire


Scorpios are ruled by Water and the transformative planet Pluto. If you’re Rising sign is Scorpio, you’re probably self-assured, strong, and maybe even a bit demanding. You know what you want, and you won’t settle for less. But your vibe can be a bit intense for others, which is why a stone like obsidian is so perfect. Obsidian reduces negativity and helps you amplify your centered, spiritual personality. When working with obsidian, others will notice a gentle, positive shift in your demeanor.

Other Crystals for Scorpio Rising:

Hematite, Malachite, Topaz


Sagittarius is a Fire sign ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter. If you’re a Sag Rising, you probably have a buoyant, optimistic personality that delights those around you. But it can be hard for your hopeful eyes to set sights on any one thing—you need a bit of focus. You need a stone like lapis lazuli to increase spiritual awareness and refine your vision. If you work with lapis lazuli, you’ll be better able to see the path that you want to go down and how to best get there.

Other Crystals for Sagittarius Rising:

Labradorite, Sodalite, Tiger’s Eye


Capricorns are an Earth sign ruled by the strict planet Saturn. A Capricorn Rising is practical, hard-working, and serious. You could use a little levity and a bit of laughter. Help combat some of those more negative or stressful feelings with a stone like onyx, which absorbs negative energy and helps prevent your own spiritual energy from draining. Onyx increases stamina, giving you that little push toward fun and frivolity—both of which are necessary at times.

Other Crystals for Capricorn Rising:

Jet, Obsidian, Fluorite


Aquarius is a sign ruled by the element Air and the planets Uranus and Saturn—a bit of the hard-working ethics of Saturn with the innovative energy of Uranus. You’re unique, intellectual, and group-oriented. While you love to socialize, you can sometimes come across as aloof or standoffish. Aquarius Rising signs should work with garnet, a stone that will increase your passion and help you feel more comfortable sharing that passion with others.

Other Crystals for Aquarius Rising:

Amethyst, Moonstone, Hematite


Pisces are ruled by Water and the planet Neptune, the God of the Seas. Pisces Rising signs are dreamy, sensitive, and empathetic, but they may also be prone to anxiety or indecision. To increase your self-confidence and ability to trust yourself, work with the healing crystal amethyst. Amethyst will help you deal with your deeper emotions while increasing your strength and personal power. You’ll feel more confident and relaxed in your abilities.

Other Crystals for Pisces Rising:

Jade, Turquoise, Aquamarine

Celebrate Your Ascendant!

Each and every sign possesses both negative and positive traits, both strengths and weaknesses. No matter what your Rising sign is, it’s part of what makes you who you are—so celebrate it!

And if you’re just beginning to work with crystals or looking for some gemstone inspiration, you need this beautiful Crystal Healing Collection. It comes with 10 genuine, gorgeous gemstones that are the perfect addition to any collection.

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Ah, the holidays.They start out full of excitement and joy, but then the To-Do lists start piling up like crazy and we get annoyed. Fast. You’re going to. Accept it.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the joy even on those days when you have 100 things to do. And when you find that joy, that joy multiplies. That joy is also called “gratitude.” And the Law of Attraction says that what you focus on grows. With both the Sun and Jupiter in adventurous Sagittarius, our minds are going to be wandering far and wide. But Jupiter rules Sagittarius and so our minds are going to be lifting a little higher than usual. And it feels wonderful because that’s what Jupiter does. And when we are in that happy and uplifted place we usually feel gratitude.

In this last month of the year, we want to multiply that joy so that we have little room for stress. Maybe you want to harness the power of 11 during November to find your soul mate or twin flame. Or maybe you want to land your dream job. Or maybe you want both to have a Happy Thanksgiving. Start with gratitude. Stay in the happy place of gratitude by choosing it. It’s that simple, and a little bit lucky with Jupiter in Sagittarius until next month. So let’s find out how you can tap into that joy we call gratitude. It’s all laid out for every zodiac sign right here. Pair this with your Daily Horoscopes and you are all set for having the Happiest Thanksgiving, ever.

Find Your Soulmate – Beneficial Thought: November Numerology & Master Number 11 – Everyday Signs of Your Twin Flame

Thanksgiving 2019 Horoscopes:

Aries – Be Thankful for the Big Picture

Aries, you have Jupiter and the Sun in your ninth house of foreign affairs and adventures right now, and the Sun is going to be here almost until the end of the month.

Your mind is wandering far. Gratitude comes easily to you when you think Big Picture, and think big in general. It’s time to expand your mind a little bit and be flexible. You get what you give. And when you give big, you get big, and the Law of Attraction works its magic. It works if you work it. Happy Thanksgiving, Aries!

Taurus – Sharing is Caring

With the Sun and Jupiter both in Sagittarius for a bit longer and through Thanksgiving, Taurus, your eighth house of shared resources is being lit up.

This is a transformational time for you, a moment of rebirth so to speak. Sharing is the way to win during this holiday season, Taurus. It’s where you will find your most luck and love. It has to come from a place of joy and love. When that kind of sharing happens, the Law of Attraction tingles for you. Don’t be afraid to make the first move here. Lead with love, Taurus. Happy Thanksgiving, Taurus!

Gemini – Love is Thankful

It’s time to start appreciating what you do or don’t have in love, Gemini.

The Sun and Jupiter are both in Sagittarius during Thanksgiving and partnerships will be high on your mind. Don’t try to change your current situation. Rather embrace it and be grateful for it. When you do, you find that love multiplies. If attached and unsure of it, be thankful for what brought you here and show your partner a little more appreciation. If single, honor how it gives you freedom. Be thankful for that. When you are, the Law of Attraction multiplies. Happy Thanksgiving, Gemini!

Cancer – The Joy is in the Details

You have the Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius working your sixth house of details, Cancer.

This is also your house of work, routine, schedules, etc. You are going to be the queen of organization in the holiday season, Cancer. You find joy in the little things. And when you do, you find a way to be grateful for the little things. Cherish the little things in your partner or around the home. Or in your pile of lists. It’s all about those little details that make joy spread. Little notes in lunch boxes or work bags, spread the little love and watch that gratitude grow into miracles. Happy Thanksgiving, Cancer!

Leo – Grateful Pleasures

It’s time to let that inner free spirit shine, Leo, and be grateful that you can.

Just have fun! Your joy and gratitude multiply. You have your ruler the Sun and Jupiter in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius, and they are both sending you strokes of luck in your fifth house of pleasures and true love. This love will multiply when you don’t take it for granted, and instead embrace the joy in every little thing. You can’t be judgmental now, Leo. Embrace the joy and find grateful pleasures, and luck and love multiply! Happy Thanksgiving, Leo!

Virgo – Home & Family are Everything

You’ve got Jupiter and the Sun in your fourth house of foundation and roots, Virgo, and so the Sun and luck are shining on you now, you’ve got to take advantage of this.

Find gratitude in the little things at home. Work on your home, go crazy with the holiday decorations, and just concentrate on the roots that really matter in your life. And be grateful for every single twinkling light or twinkling family tree. It’s all about finding gratitude in the people and roots that matter, no matter how much they are annoying you today. Be grateful for what you have and don’t think about what you haven’t. Luck magically arrives! Happy Thanksgiving, Virgo!

Libra – Reach Out & Touch Someone

It’s time to get your chatty Cathy on, Libra!

Both the Sun and lucky Jupiter are going to be in your third house of communication for a few more weeks, and so the gift of communication is going to be very important when it comes to gratitude and multiplying the joy of the holiday season. Say thank you more, that’s all. Show a little more appreciation to the people around you and you find that gratitude turns into something so special. Make the first move. Embrace appreciation. Happy Thanksgiving, Libra!

Scorpio – Creative Self-Esteem

With Jupiter and the Sun in your second house of earned income, Scorpio, you are nurturing your own sense of self and creativity. And when you do, you earn some money in the process!

Your second house is all about Self-esteem and staying true to you in order to be successful in life. So it’s time to be grateful for you, Scorpio! Tap into a creative outlet that makes your soul sing, and be grateful for it. Do you like punching yeast down during baking? Do you like to dance your heart out to old tunes? Do it. And don’t apologize for it. Thank yourself for it.

Sagittarius – You Do You, Baby

You have the Sun and Jupiter in your sign and your first house of self, Sagittarius, and so you are feeling particularly uplifted and lucky at this time.

You are ready to shine in the world, and you can. You do you, baby. And this time, be grateful that you can, instead of guilty for doing so. You need new beginnings and you deserve them. So launch them!! Keep your Free Daily Tarot reading close by for extra daily tips on how to manifest luck at this time. It’s time to be grateful for new beginnings. Happy Thanksgiving, Sagittarius!

Spin the Wheel of Fortune – Beneficial Thought: How to Manifest Luck the Last Month of Jupiter in Sagittarius

Capricorn – Gratitude in Solitude

You’ve got the Sun and Jupiter in your twelfth house of self, Capricorn, and this is going to be sending a lot of alone time your way.

Or if not, this is also your house of endings and you may be feeling like closing a chapter or two. Either way, endings, transformations, and karma are key under these transits. It can be easy to get stuck in some wallowing if you aren’t as social as usual. Don’t. Alone time that is sent your way through the holidays is there for a reason. Don’t complain about it. Embrace it! Your twelfth house guardian angel is with you through both of these transits. That’s one more thing to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving, Capricorn!

Aquarius – Be Human

The glorious Sun and lucky and optimistic Jupiter are in your eleventh house of social circles, Aquarius.

But this is also your house of big dreams. It’s time for you to focus on your work that connects you to humanity at large, but also chase some big dreams of yours. This is a comfortable placement for you since your zodiac sign rules the eleventh house. You are already thinking big in your every day living anyway. Now when you follow that flow you are going to be sent little miracles that can connect you to those big dreams. Be grateful for those miracles and they will multiply. You can save the world, Aquarius! And that is your biggest dream. Thank the opportunities that come your way. Happy Thanksgiving, Aquarius!

Pisces – Your Star Will Rise

It’s time to look out for those public admirations, Pisces!

Don’t retreat to your cave, embrace them. It’s time to be grateful for the love and appreciation, because it’s coming. And when you find gratitude in the joy of those moments, those miracles multiply. It’s the Law. The Law of Attraction that is. The Sun and lucky Jupiter are in your tenth house of career and public image. All eyes are on you, Pisces! It’s time to appreciate those moments, come out of the cave, and be grateful for these opportunities. When you do, your star shines even brighter. Embrace it all, you’ve earned it! Happy Thanksgiving, Pisces!

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