Day: December 6, 2019


Greetings, Earthlings!

We have a fun week on the docket, with a few planets making some major changes. We are officially one full week into the Fall calendar, and Air sign Libra is getting a lot of love from Mercury, Venus, the Sun, and late last week, the New Moon.

This week we have the communicator planet Mercury leaving Libra and heading into Scorpio on Thursday of this week. That is going to bring some intense emotions into the mix when it comes to getting through your Fall comings and goings. Channel communication like a Scorpio with one of our special Mercury talismans and you will be laughing all the way during Mercury in Scorpio. That begins on Thursday this week and goes through the end of October.

By Friday, some harmonizing energies come into play when Scorpio-ruler Mars leaves Virgo to enter the Cardinal sign of the Air sign on Friday. If you have a Libra on your holiday list, or a birthday coming up, one of our silver-plated zodiac necklaces is the perfect item to make her feel like the gorgeous Libra that she is. And she will love enjoying it all through this fun Mars in Libra transit.

Keep your Saturn direct horoscopes bookmarked to help you stay productive and successful this fall: Saturn Direct Horoscopes & Discipline Tips by the Zodiac Sign

Otherwise, those are the biggest things going on in the second full week of Fall, friends. Be sure that you have your Daily Horoscopes bookmarked, or get ready to enjoy a Free 3-Card-Tarot reading during any of the changes that Fall is destined to bring this year.

Planetary Locations During September 30 – October 6, 2019:

Sun: Libra (September 23, 2019 – October 23, 2019)

Mercury: Libra (September 14, 2019 – October 3, 2019); Scorpio (October 3 to October 31, 2019)

Venus: Libra (September 14, 2019 – October 8, 2019)

Mars: Virgo (August 18, 2019 – October 4, 2019); Libra (October 4 – November 18, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (March 6 – August 19, 2021); Retrograde: August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024); Retrograde: April 24, 2019 – October 2, 2019

Daily Snapshots for September 30 – October 6, 2019:

Monday, September 30

Sun: Libra – To win, let the Sun shine in on the most peaceful and gracious situation.

Moon: Scorpio – Time for your rebirth and personal transformation!

Tuesday, October 1

Sun: Libra

Moon: Scorpio

Wednesday, October 2

Sun: Libra

Moon: Sagittarius – See the Big Picture in all things today.

Thursday, October 3

Sun: Libra

Moon: Sagittarius


  • Mercury enters Scorpio – You know that Fall is on the horizon or in full swing when we start to see Scorpio energy. Scorpio is the Fixed sign of the Water signs, and as such, has some Fixed sign tendencies that give their sign a bit of a bad rap. Mercury is the communication planet that rules transportation, communication, some short journeys, and all of the gadgets that rule these themes. When Mercury enters Scorpio, you start to see some intense and emotional energies come into the communication arena. This could include jealousy or obsession, but at the same time could include obsessive loyalty. Whoever you are communicating with during this transit, will e someone that will be with you for the test of time. But at the same time, if you need to extricate yourself from them, it could be tricky. Lead with love, and take measures to protect yourself from that Scorpio stinger when necessary.

Friday, October 4

Sun: Libra

Moon: Capricorn – Take the lead on a thing that you want to last.


  • Mars enters Libra – This is somewhat of a war and peace kind of transit, as Mars is the warrior planet and Libra is the peacemaker of the zodiac sign. And this tells you that you have an abundance of energy to work with over the next several weeks. It’s a lovely combination of energies that will enable you to not only go after what you want, Mars-style, but get it in a way that Libra does – peacemaker-style. You’ll have until mid-November to work with this energy, and this should help you in either love or work. But love matters have the extra advantage here with lover Mars in relationship-oriented Libra. It’s all about following those passions by following a peaceful route. Blessed are the peacemakers, is the only mantra you need to win in any area of your life under this transit. Be sure you have our Daily Horoscopes bookmarked so that you can get your day-to-day guidance under this transit.

Saturday, October 5

Sun: Libra

Moon: Capricorn

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Sunday, October 6

Sun: Libra

Moon: Capricorn

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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Each crystal has unique properties, and many stones work tirelessly to promote positive energy and harmony.

But one crystal is so proficient, so incredible at promoting harmony that it has been nicknamedthe Harmonizer, and that crystal is the one and only sodalite.

What Is Sodalite?

Sodalite typically comes in opaque shades of blue with inclusions of creamy whites—although it can also be found in variations of yellow, orange, purple, and grey—and its harmonious energy is palpable. Due to its appearance, sodalite is often confused with lapis lazuli. It is comprised of a combination of manganese and calcium, which work together to combat adrenal fatigue.

The name sodalite comes from the Greek words, soda, meaning salt, and lithos, meaning stone. Sodalite gets its name from its high salt content. Technically speaking, sodalite is a mineral and not a gemstone, although it still has healing properties.

Sodalite is a relatively young stone in the crystal community, as it wasn’t officially discovered until 1806 in Greenland. It did not become popular for nearly a century after that. Sodalite can also be found in Ontario, Canada; Brazil; India; Montana, U.S.; Russia; and Namibia.

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The Magic of Sodalite

Sodalite is a stone of balance. It helps you think objectively and logically. The vibrations of sodalite buzz with might, and it has deep connections with the psychic realm. Sodalite helps encourage and amplify intuition, allowing you to locate your innate internal wisdom. It is thought that sodalite may assist in the reading of Tarot or understanding of astrology.

Sodalite is perfect for teachers, students, and anyone who simply enjoys learning, as it promotes the acquisition of wisdom and knowledge. It can also assist with the confidence needed for public speaking—a common fear and an even more common activity in academic settings. Sodalite can help you more clearly understand philosophical concepts that can be abstract or hard to grasp. It is known for its ability to help one see the truth, which is especially useful when studying controversial subjects.

Sodalite promotes peaceful communication; it is a wonderful stone to use during a heated debate or confrontation. A piece of sodalite in your left pocket will help you maintain harmonious interactions throughout the day, and it can be perfect for tense or exciting family gatherings.

This crystal reduces negative energy while promoting positive energy. Its balancing effects are one of the reasonsthis stone is known for increasing harmony. You will be more likely to remain optimistic in the face of challenges when working with sodalite because it helps you see life through glasses with a very subtle, rosy hue. Sodalite doesn’t introduce grandiose or unrealistic optimism; itsimply helps you release your naturally positive nature.


Sodalite enhances creativity and is sometimes referred to as the poet’s stone. Not only does the positive energy of this stone release certain creative blocks, its optimistic energy encourages confidence that allows creativity to flow freely. Sodalite stimulates mental energy and empowers those who work with it.


Sodalite stimulates the pituitary gland, opening your spirit and your aura and helping you more readily receive internal guidance. This stone releases emotional tension and helps alleviate fears, transforming these feelings into balanced emotions.

This stone works with the subconscious and allows you to access emotions and opinions that you may try to hide from yourself and others.

Sodalite is associated with the Throat chakra, healing any unbalanced energies in that area. The Throat chakra rules over communication, and a misaligned Throat chakra can make it feel exceedingly hard to express yourself verbally. Sodalite helps you not only access those deeper, perhaps hidden emotions, it also helps you share those feelings in a harmonious, peaceful manner. Romantically, sodalite can help two partners share with each other more deeply and with more compassion.

Physically, sodalite can heal ailments of the heart, throat, blood pressure, metabolism, immune system, and calcium deficiency.

Emotionally, sodalite encourages peace within the spirit. It balances emotions and helps one feel stabilized. It can reduce anxiety and panic attacks, as well as oversensitivity.

Working with Sodalite

Sodalite can be utilized like any other crystal. You can carry a piece of sodalite in your left pocket or wear jewelry featuring this lovely stone. Place sodalite in your home or sacred space to promote harmony. Sodalite in the workplace encourages peaceful exchanges and interactions. You can also infuse your drinking water with sodalite by placing a clean piece in your glass for 30 minutes, or, try using sodalite during Moon rituals.

No matter how you decide to use this harmonizing crystal, you’ll be glad you’re working with it. Sodalite has such powerful balancing energies that it is a must-have for anyone interested in crystal healing.

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All hail the season of Libra! A time for justice, fairness, equality, beauty and rearranging our lives and surroundings into harmonious balance. It’s time to ditch the misgivings, doubts and boat-rocking and instead harness the potent powers of Libra which give us the opportunity to look beyond the cloudiness and fog and bring greater balance into our lives.

But what happens when Mercury enters Scorpio, as it does this coming October 3rd?

Mercury is the planet of intellect and communication, while Scorpio is the sign of transformation, secrecy, and all that is hidden. Therefore, be prepared for some explosive moments! In Scorpio, Mercury makes us more forceful and direct when it comes to disagreements. Scorpio doesn’t put up with nonsense, so don’t expect your mind to put up with any when it takes Mercury by the reins. During this time, you may find yourself with stronger opinions; everything becomes ‘all-or-nothing’ just as Scorpio is very much an ‘all-or-nothing-sign’.

Libra also the season of romance so be prepared for some hard conversations in the area of love and relationships during Mercury in Scorpio. Direct confrontation is inevitable; no more skidding around an issue here. The truth must be told and damn the consequences!

Mercury in Scorpio doesn’t just urge honest conversations with others, but also honest conversations with ourselves. Around this time, we may find ourselves shedding our skin and reaching beyond our own ego – we may discover some uncomfortable truths about ourselves that we would rather remain hidden. But it’s time to get things out in the open and we do a disservice to ourselves and the universal energies if we choose to sweep things under the rug.

A Tarot card reading can be very useful in helping us discover what it is we need to communicate with ourselves about. Checking your daily Tarot cards every day is, of course, very helpful, but doing specific spreads in conjunction with the planetary alignments can ease use through this process and help us deal with the discomforting aspect.

So, let’s do it. How can you make the most of Mercury in Scorpio? Remember, Scorpio is about bringing things into the light and this is particularly apt during the Libra season, for only by shedding light on what is hidden can we truly hope to achieve harmony and equilibrium. The Tarot spread below can be performed any time from or before October 3rd and is designed to help you understand what aspects of yourselves need focusing on.

3-Card Tarot Reading for Mercury in Scorpio:

Question: What is holding me back?

  • Card 1: What have you been hiding/holding back?
  • Card 2: Outcome of staying in your comfort zone
  • Card 3: Outcome of leaving your comfort zone

Shuffle the cards with the question in mind and then lay out three cards as above. Below is an example of a reading to give you an idea of to assess it:

Card 1: King of Wands

The King of Wands is a negative in this position and smacks of ego. It seems my own ego and sense of self-importance is holding me back; perhaps I am too convinced of my own superiority or I am unwilling to yield to others; perhaps too demanding, too domineering, too considerate of others feelings or opinions. I may go to great lengths to hide this side of myself, but it may come out in flashes. This aspect of my ego is to my detriment and preventing me from reaching my full potential.

Card 2: The Hermit

The first word I thought of was “Alone!” It seems my King of Wands ego is getting the better of me; if I choose to stay in my comfort zone and continue to act egotistical or intolerant of others, it will result in me being alone, possibly leading to loneliness.

But the King of Wands is a person of drive and verve. This is the master of the fire suit and he is not meant to be alone. He is meant to be out there in the world, spreading his fiery energy for the good of all. The reading clearly tells me that if I do not take control of this aspect of my shadow side, I am likely to stunt myself by going against the natural energies of the upright King of Wands and turning into a recluse, scaring away friends and supporters because of my behavior.

Card 3: 3 of Cups

Ah, this looks somewhat more positive! The 3 of Cups is about friendly, socializing, companionship and celebrations. If I choose to step outside of my comfort zone (or, in this case, tackle my ego and remember the value of humility) then I will find myself surrounded by others, who may look to me for leadership and guidance (as the King of Wands is famous for) without the dreary aspects of the ego, which can include bullying and intolerance.

The reading is clear. Mercury in Scorpio forces me to have an honest conversation with myself about my ego. Do I want to be the King of Wands in his most positive pole, a leader with vision and courage who others look up to and rally behind? Or do I wish to sink into my shadow self, a tyrannical bully who alienates others because of my own sense of self-importance?


Remember to keep an eye on our Instagram today to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action!

Mercury in Scorpio may prompt some uncomfortable truths but ultimately they are for the greater good so we may become the best version of ourselves – and that is something we are all striving for on some level. Try the reading out for yourself with your own Tarot cards and see what it holds for you!

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Intelligent and methodical, the male Virgo sign is constantly organizing his thoughts, emotions and the chaos of the world around him, all in an attempt to give order and sense to everything.

Indeed, a Virgo is often his best when he can completely focus on the task at hand. He loves finding himself deeply involved in large projects and details that would test the patience of most others.

Prone to over-worrying about the smallest of details, Virgos are great when you want to button up all the loose ends of a big project. However, they can be a drag when time is of the essence and they’re missing the bigger picture.

That said, Virgos are also extremely helpful and responsible. They will rarely back away from the idea of assisting friends or family in need, even if they have to overextend themselves to do it. But their good deeds must not go unnoticed — Virgo men can quickly turn bitter and hostile if they feel they’re being taken advantage of. That’s because first and foremost, Virgos are highly critical of themselves and others, and that can quickly bleed over into their interpersonal relationships if they feel underappreciated.

However, Virgo’s charm and elegance can disarm even the most free-flowing signs and personalities. Virgo’s meticulousness means you likely won’t ever have to worry about the Virgo in your life being unprepared or not taking things seriously enough.

Male Virgo Personality

If you’re familiar with the phrase, “the devil is in the details,” you’re closer to understanding the plight of the Virgo man. Highly critical of himself and others, Virgos find their greatest joy in intricate work that others may dismiss as superfluous or tedious. But when a Virgo is done — truly done — with the task at hand, you know that it’ll be done right and with an attention to detail that can be dissected and appreciated by anyone; there are no quick fixes and shortcuts here.

Born under the sign of the Virgin (also referred to as the Maiden), Virgos are never ones to boast or to actively seek the attention of others, even if they secretly crave it. Their work speaks for itself, and a Virgo’s emotions and feelings are often held close to the chest out of a fear of rejection or ridicule by others, even if they’re in comfortable settings with family or friends. And as self-reliant as Virgos are, they commonly lack the confidence to really push for greatness, and as a result, are often seen as perennial underachievers.

But a Virgo man’s strong drive is led by his need to understand — to understand himself, his work, his loved ones, and the chaotic world he finds himself in. His high standards and discriminating taste are merely a reflection of his attempts to control and better the world around him. Although, his approach may not be fully appreciated by dreamers that act more on instinct and gut, which Virgo views as crude and careless.

For more insight into the Virgo man’s daily mindset, read the Virgo daily horoscope.

Positive Male Virgo Traits

Unlike other gregarious signs that crave the spotlight and demand your love and support at every social function, a Virgo man is much more subtle in his desires and needs, making them the perfect archetype of the quiet, sensitive and intellectual type. Often humorous and quick-witted, Virgos love deep discussions on issues both large and small, and they’re likely to seek out a quiet conversation in a cozy corner rather than a boisterous activity in the middle of the action — so they can really focus.

Grounded and practical, Virgos are also sensible and hardworking. They’d much rather spend their time advancing their understanding of themselves, others and the world around them than participating in a quick thrill. It’s why you won’t likely find Virgos jumping in and out of the latest trends and fads — they’d much rather be timeless and elegant than stuck keeping up with the Joneses or otherwise engaging in flashy or extravagant behavior.

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Negative Male Virgo Characteristics

But for all their reliability and levelheadedness, the Virgo preference for order and intellectual stimulation can drive him to get stuck in endless task lists and routines as he attempts to organize his work and his life. Virgo men can also be highly demanding, a function of their desire to do great things, and his mood can quickly sour if his work or his opinion of himself or others is not as perfect as he’s imagined it.

Worse yet, a Virgo workaholic rarely finds solace in taking a break or relaxing — think of everything that could have been done! — and you may have to encourage the Virgo in your life to take a step back and recharge lest he exhausts himself. The Virgo health horoscope is a great place for inspiration! Furthermore, due to his continuous self-reflection and task-oriented effect, a Virgo man is likely to be reserved and stay focused on himself, particularly in social situations around people he does not know. For this reason, Virgos are often criticized for being aloof or indifferent when it comes time to jump into small talk at a company function or social gathering.

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A Virgo Man in Love

While Virgos are commonly seen as reserved and distant, particularly around people they don’t know well, a Virgo’s intellect makes them great partners for those that value and want to be challenged by a strong mind. And because they live primarily inside their own heads, Virgos are rarely flighty or unreliable, though you may need to prompt him to plan your next spontaneous candlelit dinner or a weekend getaway.

Not one to be always caught up in work or knee-deep in his latest task, Virgo men in relationships are exemplary partners. Visit our Virgo compatibility page to learn more. They are not only thoughtful and faithful, but will show you that he cares by helping out wherever he can, even if he has a full schedule of meticulously planned deadlines and lists weighing on his mind. A Virgo man won’t forget to pick up dinner or call when he says he‘s going to call, and he’ll drop everything if you ask him to.

In a sense, Virgos are the perfect partner, sharing responsibility and the burdens of modern life with nary a complaint or a desire for the greener grass on the other side of the street. They’re stable, predictable and loyal, and the same meticulousness that drives his work also governs his relationships.

For more about the Virgo sign, including the Virgo daily horoscope and the Virgo love horoscope, keep it right here on Astrology Answers.

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October 3 marks the day Pluto moves direct in the work horse sign of Capricorn. Anytime Pluto moves direct, it brings to the surface the deepest part of ourselves that

are buried from sight. When we drudge up those darker aspects, they get blasted with the light which transforms our consciousness so we can enact real changes. Often the fears that have been keeping us locked in a metaphoric tower are suddenly exposed so we can see how to be free of them.

If you’re scratching your head wondering, well how does all this deep stuff relate to me, and how can I use it, you’re in luck. This article will give you simple ways to understand how the theme of this planetary event will likely help you and what you can do to ‘go fish’ for the card of your dreams in this game of life. Are you ready?

While Pluto is small, its influence is mighty. Let’s look at the areas of life it affects so we are prepped. Oh, and you can plan to celebrate too because with the Capricorn energy Pluto direct is going to be riding through, it will be a stampede of liberation in the area of work. Getting excited?

Pluto’s Areas of Influence

Pluto has been retrograde for five months, and we have been replaying our subconscious patterns and fears. Now that we are more aware of them, because they’ve been back for a visit, we can finally move forward in life and those shadows can no longer control us. Let’s put it this way. If you once lost the game for your softball team when you were a kid and you’ve been afraid to be a part of a group or step foot in a sports arena since you’ll be able to see that behavior and finally be free of that fear-based behavior.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and rebirth because it opens the door to our subconscious fears so we can see why we get stuck or limit ourselves. Wherever Pluto is hanging out in the zodiac, we will see change and since it moves into Capricorn today, we will feel the urge to change our career path long term. With Pluto direct in Capricorn, it’s like the light bulb for our career finally turns on. If you’ve felt like you were just waiting to make that

Capricorn Energy: Ready To Lead

If you aren’t familiar with the Earth sign of Capricorn, well here is the skinny on this sign. It’s known to have a head for business and has the stamina to take on large projects. This sign knows how to make things profitable, and it’s calculated about its approach to using money, time, and resources. Capricorn is practical but also extremely driven. If you feel like you’ve been in the doldrums in your career just kind of waiting for inspiration or motivation to strike, it’s striking, and powerfully.

Capricorn is also very loyal and craves family. Your career moves at this time will likely align you with the ability to establish some serious stability and provide that nest which your hard work will allow you to come home to. If you’ve been a vagabond, you may feel like setting down some roots that can provide you with a strong foundation. Because Capricorn is so adamant about material security, you may be looking at plans that will provide you with wealth and long term returns. Capricorn is also willing to take the lead, take risks, and delegate, so you might feel more inclined to start your own projects now instead of being in the back seat so to speak.

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Steps to Capture Career Clarity & Launch Into Success

OK, now that you have an idea of the energy we are dealing with, we want to look at how to apply it in practical ways. Here are three simple steps you can take to get total career clarity with Pluto direct.

The first action stepping up to the plate is to ask yourself what type of work you actually enjoy. When we are really honest about what type of work that doesn’t actually feel like work, we are more likely to succeed because we will enjoy what we do. We all know that a happy person tends to attract more success so step one is brainstorming the qualities you crave in a work environment whether it’s kindred spirits, flexibility, a regular paycheck, independence, creative freedom, or clear tasks. This can give you clarity on the type of role you want whether it’s a freelancer, a manager, a boss, or an assistant. It will also give you clarity on your own standards for what helps you thrive. Write those puppies down!

Next up to bat is going to be asking yourself which area or industry you feel drawn to. Your intuition will help you find a career field that is a match for your own energy. Some people make better accountants and some people make better artists. What have you been wanting to do but maybe haven’t opened up about? Maybe people have put this idea down and you stopped dreaming because you’re surrounded by people projecting their fears onto you. Write down the field you can actually visualize yourself working in clearly. When you can see it, that’s significant.

Finally, we are going to hit a home run with this step. We are going to ask why you haven’t done this or why you don’t feel worthy of what you really want. Those fears we have been facing for the last five months are fresh on our minds and we can now sidestep them to move forward into our dream role. The block is just a wall that you can actually walk around my friend. What has been your wall?

Closing Thoughts…

And there you have it, your easy three steps to get clarity in your career and finally make some lasting change for the better. When this day arrives, notice how other people are also making changes and ready to talk about their career changes suddenly out of nowhere. The drive is now within us to walk across the bridge that we have been building in our minds. You can see the other side, all it takes is one step and you will start to feel more alive. Support your friends and discuss your careers today, it will be productive and help you get excited about life again.

The movements of the planets really affect us all, whether we know they are happening or not. Some people might feel the pressure to change but get confused about feeling pushed by the Universe so maybe you can step in and give them permission to feel what they are feeling. Telling someone that, you don’t have to fight it, can change their lives. Think of someone who believes they have to struggle or do a job they hate, you can unlock the door to their freedom today! Capricorns will feel this change energy extra strong so if you know a Capricorn, do them a favor and share their Capricorn horoscope today with them so they can know why they are feeling the way they are.

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​Hello Fall! It’s the season of oranges and reds and yellows! On September 23, the Sun entered lovely Cardinal sign Libra to launch the Autumn Equinox and the second last season of 2019. Are you having a bit of a freak-out moment on some of those 2019 goals of yours? That’s okay! Mars in Libra is here to save the day. This exciting transit begins October 4 and runs through November 19.

During this time, you are going to see warrior Mars energy meet harmonious and balancing peacekeeping energy of Libra. It’s a very War and Peace kind of energy you are feeling now. Use the energy for good and for productivity, and keep the tempers at home. Here is all you need as your go-to guide for Mars in Libra horoscopes – navigating war and peace by the zodiac sign.

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What is Mars in Libra?

Simply put, this is the warrior planet connecting with the harmonious relationship-oriented Air sign of Libra. Mars is all fire and passion and taps into your inner motivations.

And Libra, just wants everybody to be happy. Libra energy prevails now so it will be this peaceful energy that helps to tamp down Mars fire. This is good for Mars. This gives you what you need to stop and really think about everything you need to do in order to succeed.

So when you see Mars in Libra in your Daily Horoscopes, know this is an area where you can really win. Both Mars and Libra are leaders in their own energetic fields. It’s up to you to take charge of something now. When you do, you’ll be less worried about how close you are to wrapping up those 2019 goals, and realize you are living them.

Mars in Libra Horoscopes by the Zodiac Sign:

Aries – Love Wins

Mars in Libra is working your seventh house of partnerships, Aries, and so you can and will see a lot of energy in partnerships in your life. It’s a good time for romance, and also a really good time for karma to go south. So keep the temper to your inside voice, and don’t share it for just these few weeks. Count to ten before any major love talks that could tend to get heated, or just put a pause in them if you can. Nothing needs to be decided today. Love wins.

Taurus – Lists & Details

You are in planning mode right now, Taurus! Mars in Libra is working your sixth house of routine, and all you can think about is all of your lists and your details. You may even already be thinking about the cooking and cleaning and shopping of the holidays and getting….excited? We hate to hate you for it.

Now is the time of year you can start to put all of that together and organize something in your life. It may not be the holidays. Or it might be. The more detailed you are about the thing you want to be productive with right now, the more successful you will be. Cross one thing off your list with this set of chakra pendulums. 7 presents for the price of one! And if you keep them all you give yourself the gift of carving in some Self-care time as you are making your lists and plans.

Gemini – Be True

You are tempted to just have some fun and play around over the next few weeks, particularly when it comes to love, Gemini. Your inner child is really aching to come out. When Mars enters Libra it enters your fifth house of pleasures, and this is going to be giving you some warrior-like passion in the romantic scene. But this will be tamped down somewhat by cool and Airy Libra working through that impassioned Mars energy.

Mars, however, is still somewhat impulsive here, and you are cautioned to think everything through before you act. Most importantly, be true, because those little white fibs that can sometimes slip out will be easily forgotten, by you. But not by someone who you wish would rather forget. Have fun. But to thine own self be true. It’s very attractive when you get this fun Mars energy going. Believe in it, Gem.

Cancer – Laser Focus at Home

When Mars enters Libra, Cancer, you are right at home. This transit is working your fourth house of roots and foundations for the next few weeks, and this has your focus at home. You are taking the lead at home in a big way, and you want to do it right. Do so with peace and diplomacy but also love and with a sense of your roots. A home reno may be starting now, keep calm and don’t crab on. This too shall pass. Any home issues now will pass, and with this being your wheelhouse, you feel happier and productive as a whole under this energy.

Leo – Reach Out & Touch Someone

You have a little fire in your belly when it comes to communication right now, Leo. This is due to the fact that you have Mars in Libra and working your third house of communication. Warrior Mars is inspiring you to connect on a deeper level with people that you really cherish. You have some sexy spark in your talk as well, so now is the time to reach out and touch someone. You have a special prowess now of being able to think on your feet quickly. And surface-level conversations aren’t enough right now. You want someone that is elegant, witty, charming, and gracious as your chat partner, and you’ll know it when you see it.

Virgo – Show You the Money!

It’s time to shake your moneymaker, Virgo, whatever that is for you! You have some Libra energy left to work with, as Mars enters Libra and keeps your second house of earned income going a little bit longer. You have both passion and motivation to pursue a higher bottom line. Your only caveat right now would be to make sure that you aren’t getting too sucked into tying your self-esteem with your money-making abilities.

You are awesome whether you have $5 in the bank or $500. Be creative and the money grows. Use our free Tarot reading for those days when you need help making money decisions.

Libra – Self Care is Health Care

With Mars entering your sign, Libra, this is your time to take really good care of you. Not only do you have the inspiration and motivation to do it, but you also have the energy to do it as well. It’s time to indulge in a little bit of retail therapy, or just do something that makes you feel good. Right now you are really shining, your inner glow is really creating a spark in the world.

A few extra outfits while you are enjoying this glow will be so well worth the money spent. Or just invest in something that makes you feel like exactly who you are intended to be. This self-care boost will make you feel better, and even keep you healthier with all of those health-boosting endorphins you’ll be self-injecting when you find yourself smiling and just enjoying life more.

Scorpio – You Time!

You are in for a long and well-deserved rest, Scorpio, and Mars in Libra is, oddly, going to give you just the energy that you need to do that. As Mars enters Libra it works in your twelfth house of spirituality, and this is a rather reclusive house for you. You have the energy and motivation now to connect with the Divine, and keep that flow of life and love force flowing within and through you.

You could find yourself more tired than usual as you work through this all, and this is one of those times when alone time is favored. Try not to lose your temper. The more zen you can be now, the sooner you will realize just how strong you really are.

Sagittarius – Ya Gotta Have Friends!

Expect some social butterfly wings to get a flapping over the next several weeks, Sagittarius. Warrior Mars is entering your eleventh house of groups and friendships, and anything can happen on the social scene. You will be giving and receiving a lot of invitations. You can find success for many goals using groups over the next few weeks as well. Try putting a humanitarian focus on the group work that you do over this transit. This is also your house of big dreams.

Feed the world right now, Sagittarius, and you see many of those dreams come true. It’s a real opportunity to create a lasting legacy. Friends are game-changers for you now, in every way. You may see an office romance crop up, or a friendship turn into something more over the next few weeks as well. Lead with this pure spirit of friendship and you win.

Capricorn – Your Future is Bright, Baby

When Mars enters Libra this month, Capricorn, you are going to feel like you have the fire lit under you when it comes to your career goals. This transit is working your tenth house of career and public image right now, and you are going after what you want full steam ahead. It’s important to watch your karmic decisions right now. The cleaner your game is, the bigger your win will be. This is the time to make it on merit alone. You can do this.

Be sure that your goals and your actions are aligned in a way that you are standing in your truth and doing it to impress nobody but your Higher Self that you can do this. Everything else that you want will fall into place after that. Stay on the right side of karma as well, as a touch of authority figure action could be in play here. But that could also mean you become an authority in your field if you play your cards right. Time to bring home the W, baby.

Aquarius – Go Big or Go Home

When Mars enters fellow Air sign Libra this month, Aquarius, it is working your ninth house of foreign affairs. Your mind is really wandering big and far right now. Global issues matter. You may be inspired to travel or become obsessed learning about foreign lands right now. Or you may just be itching for your next big adventure. Whatever you decide, it’s time to go big or go home, Aquarius.

It’s a good time of the year as well to expand your mind or your area of expertise with some learning. Higher learning credits could work well in your long game of life. And you always love a good learn, anyway. Unleash your excess energy on a good book instead of a good debate, or find a debate partner that matches you evenly. Whatever you channel your energies into, it’s for the long game, and you intuitively feel this right now.

Plan your destiny: Venus Sextile Jupiter – Your Love, Luck, & Destiny Roadmap

Pisces – Hit the Reset Button

There is a lot of energy in the area of joint matters, Pisces, and this can range from sexual issues to shared investments. Inheritances may be an issue, or any area of joint money matters. There could also be money problems in a relationship, but the flip side is this is also an area where you can hit the reset button.

Mars in Libra is working your eighth house of shared resources, which is also your house of transformations. So you have a lot of energy, and maybe even some excess energy, in the area of money. This could lead to some money squabbles. But you may also just be in a personal space right now where you are in a rut and want out of it.

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The planet of love, Venus, moved into Capricorn just a few days ago, and will stay in this sign until December 20.

Venus has been traveling through the zodiac signs pretty quickly this year, so this is actually the second time Venus is in Capricorn in 2019. The first time was February 3 – March 1. The Capricorn energy will be a lot stronger this time though!

Venus is the planet of love, a pleasant planet with pleasant energy. Capricorn is an Earth sign, making it practical and stable, as well as a Cardinal sign, making it take initiative for what it wants. This means Venus in Capricorn is the perfect time to take the next step in relationships and commit!

What to Expect with Venus in Capricorn

If you were born while Venus was in Capricorn, you have this placement in your birth chart. You know this position well!

Venus in Capricorn takes commitment very seriously, and approaches potential new beaus like it’s a job interview. You want someone who can stand by you and help you create the life you want and achieve the goals you’ve set. If they’ll hold you back from that, you’re not interested.

Venus in Capricorn tends to be attracted to those they feel have status and authority. This can mean going for highly successful types, someone who is a doctor, lawyer, politician, or CEO, or it can manifest as being with someone much older. You can find success attractive, and lazy couch potatoes can be a turn-off.

This is also a placement that tends to love their career and can be a workaholic, so if you’re pursuing someone who has Venus in Capricorn, turn up the romance to get their attention away from status reports and product launches. Once you win them over, Venus in Capricorn in love can be super committed!

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When transit Venus is in Capricorn, we can take on some of this energy as our own. We can focus on trying to make connections with those who we feel will help us achieve our goals, and success can be a big goal. Commitment can be easier to achieve, and may end up being a goal for many.

If you’re in a relationship, you may focus on trying to take the next step, whatever that is for you. Keeping things casual with someone may not feel as satisfying anymore. If you’re single, you may push to be with someone more forcefully, wanting some form of commitment. But you won’t settle either, so you may just have to be patient!

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3 Relationship Tips for Venus in Capricorn

Take love & relationships seriously.

Capricorn is a sign that takes anything it’s committed to seriously, and love and relationships are no exception. Give your sweetie more time and improve the foundation of your relationship so you can soar to new heights. If single, find someone who has the same serious attitude about commitment so you don’t have to worry.

Exercise self-control in relationships.

Capricorn always wants to be the professional, whether it’s with work or in love. No getting out of control! Wild and wonky is for other signs, but not for Capricorn. Having better self-control allows you to be more responsible with your relationships and helps you follow through with commitment.

Take charge in relationships.

Capricorn does love to be the boss! Though you do have to watch for becoming bossy (that’s usually not attractive). Focus more on taking charge instead of bossing loved ones around. Take charge with commitment, and see how sexy THAT is!

Venus in Capricorn Outlook by Element

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius):

Venus in Capricorn activates the earthy energy inside of you, so this transit is good for being practical in your approach to love and relationships. You can do any work that is needed to improve your relationships and strengthen commitment, and can feel more comfortable with commitment itself.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn):

Venus in Capricorn brings out activity for you, in life in general and in your relationships. You may possess a more positive outlook on life during this transit, and this can help you to be more pleasant and joyful in love and relationships. Commitment can come with romance, and sparks can fly.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):

Venus in Capricorn stirs up emotions inside of you, so this transit can be great for working on emotional connections in your relationships. This can help strengthen commitment or forge new commitment that has better intimacy and goes beyond just the mind, bringing in your heart and soul.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces):

Venus in Capricorn focuses on your relationships with everyone in your life, both personal and casual. You can commit more to your friendships and your partner, to your neighbors and your community. All of these connections can help you feel more grounded and secure, which opens you up to commit even more.

Parting Thoughts…

Venus in Capricorn is a lovely time to commit, and as I mentioned at the start, the energy is much stronger this time than it was earlier in the year. Why? Because expansive Jupiter is moving into Capricorn December 2, joining Venus (along with Saturn and Pluto), and we’ll have a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn in December. Hello Capricorn!

This is a period where many will commit in some way, in love or elsewhere. It’s been light and casual with Jupiter in Sagittarius. Time to get down to business and commit!

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Life is all about balance, and sometimes we lose ours. It’s hard to feel like you’re on the right track each and every day, especially when it feels like opportunities have been waning or relatively nonexistent. If you’re feeling a bit stuck or directionless these days, you need to get your hands on a soothing piece of green aventurine.

History of Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a variety of quartz that comes in milky shades of minty green.

This crystal is known as the Stone of Opportunity, and with very good reason. It was first discovered in the 18th century, and the name aventurine comes from the Italian a ventura, which means “by chance.”

Aventurine got its name from a happy accident made in the 1700s. It is said that a glassworker accidentally dropped shavings of metal into a vat of melted glass. Once the glass cooled, the sheen and sparkle left from the metal shavings were so beautiful and eye-catching that the glass was then used to make gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

This glass was given the name a ventura. When green aventurine was later discovered, it was decided that because the natural crystal so brilliantly resembled the glittering a ventura glass that it would share the same name.

From then on, these sparkling green crystals would be known as green aventurine. Green aventurine can be thought of as a metaphor for those chance encounters in life that might, at first blush, seem like a mistake, only to turn into the chance of a lifetime.

This stone represents exactly that type of unforeseen, yet wonderfully fulfilling, opportunity and chance.

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Green Aventurine: “The Stone of Opportunity”

Green aventurine shares the same brand of luck that gave this crystal its name. There are many things in life that happen entirely by chance; and yet these events seem fated, as part of our destiny. Think about the last opportunity that came to you completely out of the blue, almost as if the heavens were smiling upon you. Green aventurine is a stone that can help facilitate chance opportunities like that, the kind that you don’t see coming but then can’t imagine your life without.

Green aventurine is thought of as the most powerful crystal for attracting material abundance and wealth. It is considered the luckiest of the crystals, and one that you definitely need to add to your collection if you enjoy things like prosperity and abundance.

But beyond the material aspect of luck that this stone perpetuates, it is known to help the stars and the Universe align in such a way that opportunity is essentially unavoidable. When you work with green aventurine, you might find yourself surprised and delighted by the unexpected fortune that seems to flow so naturally in your direction.

Releasing Old Patterns

While the manifesting capabilities of green aventurine are reason enough to work with this magical stone, it is helpful in many other areas. Green aventurine helps you identify and release old patterns and habits that are no longer serving you, which can open your eyes and your heart to the opportunities that it will attract into your life.

Let’s imagine that you have a habit of looking at things negatively—even if you were showered with opportunity and abundance, there’s a chance that you wouldn’t be able to recognize or feel joy and gratitude for such things. You might even find a way to see such an opportunity as a bad thing, so powerful are the thoughts we create. Green aventurine will help you release this pattern, making room Thfor a positive outlook and recognition of the wonderful, favorable circumstances that this crystal manifests.

Clearing the Smog

Most of us spend quite a bit of time near electromagnetic smog, whether we mean to or not. We live in a technologically advanced society, which comes with increased convenience and access to information, as well as electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress. Green aventurine is a grounding stone that connects you to the Earth and helps to clear away this type of spiritual pollution.

Soothing Emotions

Green aventurine is also a very relaxing stone, soothing emotional wounds and upsets. This stone relieves nervous, anxious energy and helps those working with it feel relaxed and calm. It can help diffuse stress and cleanse your vibrational field, while cleansing the spirit of negative emotions. Just as this crystal helps break negative patterns, it can assist you in realizing emotional habits or responses that do not serve you, allowing you to see things from a more objective point of view. Green aventurine helps us understand that pain and upsetting situations are temporary, and that this, too, shall pass.

How to Work with Green Aventurine:

There are innumerable ways to utilize the healing powers of crystals, and it’s truly up to your own personal preferences. One suggestion is to carry a small piece of green aventurine in your left pocket each and every day to manifest as much opportunity as possible.

You may also choose to create an Opportunity Elixir by infusing your drink with the powers of green aventurine. Place a small (clean) chunk of aventurine in your water or tea and let it soak for 30 minutes or more. The energy of the crystal will seep into your beverage and then flow into your bloodstream, amplifying its properties. (Just remember to remove the crystal before drinking to avoid any accidents.)

How you choose to work with green aventurine is entirely up to you, but it will always work to bring you luck, fortune, and emotional clarity and strength.

For even more magical crystals, check out this gorgeous Crystal Healing Collection from Astrology Answers. It comes with 10 genuine healing crystals and a beautiful velvet carrying pouch. This truly is the perfect addition to any collection, from the beginner to the crystal connoisseur.

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The Sun transits the friendly Sagittarius zodiac sign from November 22 to December 21, officially ringing in the holidays and Sagittarius season!

We are coasting on that warm Fire sign energy as we are now in full swing with holiday festivities. You may notice yourself less focused on work and more drawn to fun new experiences and you can thank adventurous Sagittarius for that. Use this time to really embrace your friendships, build new ones, and allow yourself to actually have some fun.

It’s okay to take a break from being a #bossbabe or firing on all cylinders at work because the Universe says you need (and deserve a break). The Universe is bringing some balance to our social life and the way we spend our time by kicking our festive fire into gear. Get ready to trim the tree, light the lawn, bake until you pass out, and binge on holiday films that will inspire you to find the gifts that you’ll be giddy to give this year.

The Sagittarius Sun gives us that burst of holiday spirit that feels so very magical and renews the spirit so let yourself take some risks whether it’s a fun and sexy party outfit, a holiday trip, or perhaps speaking to that special someone you’ve been wanting to see.

Sagittarius Themes that Decorate the Month

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter which is known as the planet of luck. That means we are extra magnetic and able to attract during this transit. Focus on what you want and you’re more likely to see things show up around the Full Moon on December 12 because your passion is burning bright like a lighthouse to guide the ships carrying your greatest desires. Keep yourself open to opportunities and spend some time taking risks that could lead to great rewards or advancement in your life whether it’s applying for a home loan, traveling to see a lover, or applying for your dream job.

Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer which represents setting sights on a higher state of consciousness for society. The archer is known as the philosopher, the one who studies how to advance culture spiritually, and has the sage-like wisdom that can melt the anger and fear in our own hearts. As you can now set your own sight on how to bring more love and light into your lifestyle, use this time to reset your own heart and mind to be positive, friendly, and spiritually aligned. The opportunities to share love this season will help you feel how joyful it is to live in harmony with your soul and the way the Universe shows up to support you when you do. It’s interesting that the strongest personality traits of our beloved tradition of Santa are goodwill, cheer, and inspiring being nice instead of naughty, just like Sagittarius.

Ways to Embrace Your Festive Fire

To close out the year on a high note and make the very most of Sagittarius season, here are some fun ways to embrace this theme of fraternizing and fun as well as some astrology nerd insights into the very best things that can happen while the Sun is filling us with wanderlust. If you’ve been feeling a bit like a hibernating bear, let’s transform you into a jolly holiday muse that brings the spirit of love and generosity through your creative ideas.

It’s a time when we feel confident and our fire can turn into romantic passion if the mood strikes so be sure to keep up on your daily love horoscope.

Spread Love by Baking

The Sagittarius Sun ignites creativity you can use in the kitchen. One of the most fun and relaxing parts of the holidays is dusting off the old family recipe cards and using the spices that bring the holiday spirit to life. Baking allows us to be creative, share our love, and gives us an excuse to get together. When we show people we appreciate them through a homemade pie or batch of cookies, it helps uplift their spirit and ours.

Decorate to Get in the Spirit

The Sagittarian theme of enlightenment and awakening is infused throughout the holidays. One way to bring more of the positive vibration of Sagittarius into your home or office is to hang lights and all the sparkling decor that allows you to be creative and feel inspired. This is a way to keep your creative energy soaring like the arrows of Sagittarius and helps open your imagination where your intuition lives.

Plan a Holiday Gathering

One way to welcome new opportunities and experiences into your life is to invite it. Sagittarius loves to meet new people and see new places so many people are open to get out and experience something new. When we take time for others and really let ourselves make it special, it helps us see all the love that is within us waiting to come alive. Whether it’s a tacky sweater party or singing carols around the tree, you never know what magic may come of it.

Find Soul-Inspiring Gifts

When you’re doing that holiday shopping, let your intuition guide you. Think of what would inspire each person individually to embrace who they are and their unique talents. This will keep the experience from feeling stressful and instead infuse each moment with a sense of deeper connection and love. Whether it’s an inspiring piece of art, a journal, a Tarot deck, or a book about building rocketships, you’ll know what will help inspire your friends.

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Closing Thoughts…

We are in the window between the New Moon in Sagittarius (which happened November 26) and the Full Moon in Capricorn (which is happening December 12) guys and there is majorly cool New Moon Solar Eclipse December 26 approaching this month. During this time, send your wishes out to the Universe, write them down, and really spend time listening to the whisper of your soul that can be heard more clearly during this transit. It will help you launch into 2020 with a renewed vision and unstoppable positive vibes.

Your soul wants to take a vacation from adulting and enjoy the present moment so you can feel the magic that is always there. This time can be a great time of spiritual renewal and you don’t have to spend money or do the conventional holiday things to feel the uplifting loving energy that is behind the stories that we like to participate in about Christmas that we tell our kids to keep their imaginations alive. Spark your imagination by revisiting some form of art this year, and you might just find the same childlike wonder you experienced on Christmas morning is still alive inside of you.

Sagittarius people really come alive during this time and can find even more luck as the Sun transits their sign. Be sure to read your Sagittarius horoscope to catch the daily boosts of cosmic consciousness available to you. If you’re not a Sagittarius, consider sending your Sagittarius friends their Sagittarius daily horoscope to inspire them as you wish them a happy birthday and celebrate their presence in your life. We want to wish a happy birthday to all our Sagittarius readers and a happy holiday season to all.

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Greetings, Earthlings!

It’s an interesting week from the Universe – and it’s an exciting one. There is not much in the forecast to report, but as we get closer to the holiday season, we are feeling a little busier and more stressed as days go on. This week, the Universe is here to say that you can get the ‘W for the Win’ when you follow the good flow.

Overall it is a quiet week in the forecast, with the biggest change being Jupiter changing signs – and when Jupiter changes signs, it stays in that sign for a whole year. This week, Jupiter is changing from Sagittarius into Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn on Tuesday, and your luck is going to change as a result. It won’t happen the same day, but it will happen over the course of the year.

Jupiter is the karmic planet that expands what it touches. So, when Jupiter changes signs your direction of luck changes as well. You’ll want to keep those horoscopes handy, but you also will be able to make good choices using our Daily Tarot readings.

Focus on the Law of Attraction and building bridges, as Jupiter expands your heart’s desires. Bring in other tools to help, such as your crystals and Love Tarot readings. It all adds up to your win.

Rise, Baby, Rise: Rose Quartz Rising Crystals & Ascendant Signs

Jupiter is mixing it up this week, and the energy feels big because of it. But you are a winner when you follow the flow of glow. Enjoy the luck that Jupiter brings this week – right in the middle of the holiday season. When you follow that flow, luck arrives!

Planetary Locations During December 2 – December 8:

Sun: Sagittarius (November 22 – December 22, 2019)

Mercury: Direct in Scorpio (November 20, 2019 – December 9, 2019)

Venus: Sagittarius (November 1, 2019 – November 26, 2019)

Venus: Capricorn (November 26, 2019 – December 20, 2019)

Mars: Libra (October 4 – November 18, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus Retrograde: (August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for December 2 to December 8:

Monday, December 2

Sun: Sagittarius – When you fly by the seat of adventure, your soul sings!

Moon: Moon in Aquarius – Follow the feelings, and the Einstein ideas you are having today.

Jupiter enters Capricorn – Here we have lucky Jupiter changing signs, in a transit that lasts a whole year. Lucky and optimistic and expansive Jupiter enters Capricorn today, and this changes the turn of your luck for the next year. Jupiter is the karmic planet of luck and has a way of expanding the magic of the house that it is in.

Today, Jupiter enters zodiac sign Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth sign, and you are entering a phase for the next year where you are putting a solid effort into reaching your goals. Plant your feet on the ground and take the lead in the area that Jupiter controls this year. You can find out when that is when you follow our free Daily Horoscopes, and can also find magic and luck in multiple healing crystals. Remember, Jupiter expands!

Tuesday, December 3

Sun: Sagittarius – When you fly by the seat of adventure, your soul sings!

Moon: Moon in Pisces – Signals from your dreams signal opportunities for new beginnings.

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn – Information is coming out today when Mercury forms a sweet sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. Communicator Mercury is hugging the planet of death and transformation. This means that Mercury is putting the gentle squeeze on Pluto to have an important conversation. This important conversation or the information that comes out will do so in a good way and you’ll be happy that it happened. The air is cleared in one way or another.

Read more about these transits: Your Soul Speaks with Mercury in Scorpio & Career Clarity Arrives with Pluto in Capricorn

Wednesday, December 4

Sun: Sagittarius – When you fly by the seat of adventure, your soul sings!

Moon: Moon in Pisces – Signals from your dreams point to opportunities for new beginnings.

Thursday, December 5

Sun: Sagittarius – When you fly by the seat of adventure, your soul sings!

Moon: Moon enters Aries —Bring a little spark of passion full circle.

Friday, December 6

Sun: Sagittarius – When you fly by the seat of adventure, your soul sings!

Moon: Moon in Aries – Bring a little spark of passion full circle.

Saturday, December 7

Sun: Sagittarius – When you fly by the seat of adventure, your soul sings!

Moon: Moon in Aries – Bring a little spark of passion full circle.

Sunday, December 8

Sun: Sagittarius – When you fly by the seat of adventure, your soul sings!

Moon: Moon enters Taurus—The slow and steady race is the path to abundance.

Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces – This is the love planet working in sextile with the dreamy planet Neptune. Venus is also the attraction planet, and sextiles are favourable aspects. So when you have the attraction planet working in concert with dreamy Neptune, what you get is a very creative and delicious combination.

Stay in the dreamy energy that you get today but don’t use it to make gain unless you have all of the facts before you. Venus is going to help you to attract the things that you need to do in order to do so.

Learn more about these transits: Commit in Love: Venus in Capricorn & Use Neptune in Pisces to Unlock Your Dreams

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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Were you born in late November? Do you feel inexplicably drawn to both the Scorpio and Sagittarius sections of your birth chart?

While the issue of cusp signs remains somewhat taboo within the astrological community, the fact remains that those born between November 18th and the 24th may find themselves relating to both signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio.

If you’ve ever read the horoscopes for both of these signs and caught yourself thinking “these are both me,” this article is for you.

Sagittarius & Scorpio Personality Traits

Each zodiac sign has both positive and negative traits, and for those born on the cusp of two signs, it can be useful to revisit the traits of each.

Scorpio Traits

Positive Scorpio traits include:

  • Passionate
  • Tenacious
  • Intense
  • Strategic
  • Loyal
  • Mystical
  • Curious
  • Deep
  • Sensual
  • Charismatic
  • Creative

Negative Scorpio traits include:

  • Jealous
  • Controlling
  • Secretive
  • Possessive
  • Resentful

Sagittarius Traits

Positive Sagittarius traits include:

  • Honest/Outspoken
  • Ambitious
  • Idealistic
  • Independent
  • Passionate
  • Adventurous
  • Spiritual
  • Seeking
  • Open-minded
  • Gregarious
  • Generous
  • Optimistic
  • Bubbly
  • Strong sense of ethics

Negative Scorpio traits include:

  • Impatient
  • Blunt/tactless
  • Hotheaded
  • Careless
  • Reckless
  • Impulsive
  • Domineering
  • Forgetful
  • Dogmatic

While you may not personally identify with each and every trait listed here, there may be a few that jump out at you. The beauty of being on the cusp of two signs is that you get the best of both worlds.

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The Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp

Scorpio is a sign ruled by Water—the element that represents emotion and depth, while Sagittarius is ruled by Fire—the element of passion and action. Both signs share a vibe of intensity, and those under this cusp are bound to have an intense air about them.

Scorpio is ruled by two planets, Mars and Pluto.

Mars is assertive and aggressive, giving Scorpio its tenacity and intensity. Mars is known for its action and vigor. Pluto, on the other hand, is a secretive yet revealing planet. Pluto demands that mysteries be uncovered, that all things in life be revealed, and it represents psychic elements of the personality.

Sagittarius is ruled by the benevolent planet, Jupiter.

Jupiter is concerned with expansion and aims to bestow experiences and gifts upon its subjects. It is responsible for the Sag’s bubbly, optimistic nature that assumes things will always work out—because with Jupiter on your side, things do tend to work out for the most part. Jupiter also asks you to expand your mind, which is why the Sagittarius is so keen to collect knowledge and wisdom.

When these signs come together, you can bet that the result will be an individual who is borderline obsessed with uncovering the mysteries of life and getting to the molten core of things.

The Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp Personality

When Water meets Fire, there’s bound to be a depth of passion and emotion. Scorpio’s water contributes to this cusp’s keen sense of empathy, while Sag’s fiery passion means you feel things strongly.

Because Scorpio can be jealous, this cusp must learn to control emotions, as the Fire from the Sagittarius portion of this astrological union can create a firestorm of feelings. Fortunately, while Sagittarians tend to feel things intensely, they don’t quite hold a grudge like a Scorpio and can move on from intense emotion rather quickly.

With the blend of Scorpio and Sag, you have a deep need to feel free and independent—once you feel trapped or tied down, you’ll begin to lose yourself and even feel like you’re losing your mind. While your romantic endeavors are enthusiastic, and you can feel truly head-over-heels for someone, you’ll need to maintain your own sense of self and personal space in order for the relationship to flourish. You won’t work well in any union that demands too much of your independence.

This cusp may also experience strong feelings of rebellion or the desire to start a revolution. With Scorpio’s desire to uncover the hidden secrets in life and Sagittarian’s need for experience and strong ethical center, this is the perfect astrological combination for a truly revolutionary individual. You want to make a real difference in the world, and you certainly possess the tenacity (Scorpio) and the curiosity (Sagittarius) to pull it off. Along these lines, you’re likely to become successful or accomplished in some way within your lifetime, especially if you can parlay your rebellious nature into a career. (Think trailblazing journalist bad-to-the-bone songwriter/activist.)

Celebrating Your Blended Personality

Both Scorpio and Sagittarius are wonderful, magnetic, unique signs that you should be proud to be a blend of. You get to swim in the waters of the mysterious Scorpio while traveling the world of Sagittarian wisdom. You feel the realistic yet rich sense of the Scorpio’s take on the world while celebrating the optimism of the Sagittarian’s adventurous bonfire of life.

While you may not fit neatly into one Sun sign, you can revel in the fact that yours is a personality that never gets boring, never ceases to amaze those around you, never settles for less than the best. So celebrate who you are, whoever that may be.

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On November 23rd, the Sun went from Scorpio into Sagittarius and it’s time for everyone to get their thinking caps on, broaden their minds and expand their horizons!

Sagittarius is the great explorer of the zodiac. Of the three Fire signs, it is the one whose fire has a tendency to direct its energies externally, spreading its flames across the wider world, continuously expanding, growing and flourishing.

When the Sun enters Sagittarius, it’s time for adventure. The energies of this Fire sign impact us all, and the best thing we can do is to harness the opportunities it offers!

During the month when the Sun is in Sagittarius, we can enjoy some light relief from the heavy and often chaotic energies of Scorpio. This is a time when we realize we can achieve that goal, we can reach those heights, we can do whatever we set our mind to! Sagittarius brings us bright optimism, energy, and a powerful “can-do” attitude. When opportunity knocks, we answer the door with nerve and excitement!

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With Sagittarius sign, there comes a negative side. Sagittarius is known for its propensity towards the truth, but it can also be known for lies. Under the influence of this Fire sign, a tendency towards exaggerating the truth or even just telling a big whopper may be prominent. During this time, it’s important not to get too carried away with all the excitement and hubbub, and retain some form of grounding.

So how about a Tarot reading to help you reap the magic of the Sagittarius sun? Don’t forget to check your free Tarot online for greater insight into your current situation and beyond!

The best type of reading during a Sun in Sagittarius transit is one that helps you gain greater insight into working with these fiery energies. How can you expand your horizon? What is the best way for you to find adventure? What sort of activities should you explore or take part in that can help you grow as a person?

Below is a 4-card spread to help you find out!

Sun in Sagittarius 4-Card Tarot Spread

Question: How can I work with the Sagittarius energies this month?

  • Card 1: What new project shall I explore?
  • Card 2: What are the positives of this project?
  • Card 3: What are the negatives of this project?
  • Card 4: What I look set to gain from this project

Below is an example spread so you can get a better idea of how it works:

Card 1: The Sun

The Sun is an interesting card in the position for what I shall explore and I intuitively interpreted it as travel. As Sagittarius is a sign where travel is highly recommended due to the opportunities of exploring new lands and places, this would make sense. Traveling somewhere, whether it’s somewhere else in your state or country, or somewhere across the globe, is recommended by the cards to help me expand my horizons.

Card 2: The Hermit

Another interesting card to get and a Major! The Hermit indicates there may be some serious soul-searching going on during this project; that it may even be a spiritual journey. Some kind of dawning realization may hit, as the Hermit represents going away for a while and coming back feeling enlightened. For this reason, I would think this trip would be a solitary one.

Card 3: King of Wands

The King of Wands is a card of dynamism and energy. It can also represent a person who displays characteristics of the King of Wands.

However, in the ‘negatives’ position, I would intuit this card as ‘ego’. The King of Wands is indeed an energetic and vibrant character, but he is also a card of powerful ego. As the second card is one that represents the journey of the soul, I would take this to mean my ego may stand in the way – one way or another – of me being open to this spiritual journey. In the negatives, the King of Wands shows up as a warning and encourages me to use the energies of Sagittarius to be open-minded to this journey.

Card 4: Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is a card of emotional purity and love in its highest form. As the card represents what I seek to gain, this indicates I will in some way experience emotional release. Perhaps some emotional healing and being able to move on from something. As the journey appears to be a spiritual one, the Ace of Cups may help me realize something on an emotional level that could be wonderful for my soul.


Remember to keep an eye onour Instagram to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action!

So, there you have a reading to help you harness the energy of Sagittarius! Remember, expansion and exploration come in many forms – you may travel, you may read a new book, you may try a new hobby. Whatever it is, let the Tarot card meanings assist you during this time and, above all, enjoy!

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Capricorn is an Earth sign, which makes it practical and focused on everything it does (and earthy it is!). It’s also a Cardinal sign, so it has no problem taking charge and is associated with career. At first glance, Capricorn doesn’t seem like much of a lover! But there is more than meets the eye with Capricorn and love.

Capricorn doesn’t like to waste any time. It’s got too much to do! So, when Capricorn is interested in someone, it’ll usually pursue. This is a zodiac sign that knows what it wants and isn’t afraid to go for it, and this is not only true professionally. It’s also true in their love life!

Capricorn may not make it obvious at first though, and overt romance probably isn’t their game (depending on other positions in their natal chart). Instead, they’ll be incredibly considerate, go out of their way for you, and try to impress you. They want your attention, and they’ll give you as much of theirs as they can. They can be loyal, dependable, and responsible with your heart once you reciprocate.

Capricorn is associated with the 10th House of Career, so this part of life tends to get priority, especially in their younger years. Over time, they can learn to balance the personal and professional. The 10th house is the highest part of your natal chart, so they have very high aspirations, and this applies not only to their careers. It applies to their love life too!

So they have to work on tempering their expectations because it can be almost impossible to live up to them (which just breaks their hearts!).

The natural ruling planet for Capricorn is Saturn, and this is the planet of lessons. Wherever Saturn is positioned in your natal chart, you often have lessons to learn and are a bit of a late bloomer. In their love life, Capricorn may have a lesson or two to learn before fully committing to someone.

If you’re a Capricorn, make sure to check out your Capricorn love horoscope!

Capricorn Personality: The Good & the Bad

The Capricorn zodiac sign is just like every astrology sign, meaning it has its good and its bad. Let’s go through a quick list:

Capricorn Strengths

Capricorns are…

  • Hard-working and disciplined
  • Mature and responsible
  • Ethical and practical
  • Goal-oriented leaders
  • Committed and respectful

Capricorn Weaknesses

Capricorns tend to be…

  • Emotionally cold/distant
  • Overly realistic/pessimistic
  • Tragically ambitious
  • Transactional and impersonal in their relationships

Most of the knock against Capricorns in love is their lack of emotional connection. This isn’t the most emotional sign, not by a long shot!

If they have some Water signs in their chart (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), this can help open them up. But even then, you may find that they’re a little cold and distant sometimes. It’s not because they don’t care about you though. They just always feel like they have to stay on top of everything and not break down.

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Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Capricorn

Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Taurus and Virgo are fellow Earth signs, and this brings a natural affinity between them. They understand the practical nature of Capricorn, and won’t be too bugged by the lack of emotion. Taurus helps to ground Capricorn, while Virgo helps to keep them busy. A pairing with either is sure to get a lot done!

Scorpio and Pisces are Water signs with complementary compatibility, and they can bring some of the emotion out of Capricorn, making Capricorn more comfortable with it. Scorpio helps to bring the passion out of Capricorn, while Pisces helps bring out imagination and whimsy. A pairing with either can show Capricorn’s a new side to themselves.

Zodiac Signs Least Compatible With Capricorn

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius

Cancer is the sign that opposes Capricorn, so this can bring polar opposite focuses in life. If there are other more positive connections between your natal charts, this can bring sizzle that actually helps bring you together. But you may find yourselves at the opposite spectrum in situations and arguments pretty often!

Aries tends to have more energy than Capricorn likes and can be a little too impatient and impulsive. Aries also likes to take the lead, which Capricorn likes too, so there can be sparring over who is in charge.

Libra may not be focused enough for Capricorn, and the famous Libra indecision can drive Capricorn bonkers. Libra can also have difficulty with how practical Capricorn is, and Capricorn may view Libra as flighty or superficial.

Sagittarius may be a little too blunt, a little too adventurous, and a little too wild for Capricorn to handle. Sagittarius is all about freedom, wanting lots of space to roam, while Capricorn wants to buckle down and get to business. Sagittarius may fly high while Capricorn is firmly planted!

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Capricorn Man in Love

  • Helpful
  • Direct
  • Generous

The Capricorn man wants to give heaps of attention and can go out of his way to do things for you. He’ll pay attention to the little things that you need help with, and feels like he’s being a good partner by helping. At times, this may become a little annoying when it feels like he has to fix everything, but show appreciation for his consideration.

Capricorn men will be much more direct with you, and you usually don’t have to worry too much about them holding back their interest. They can work hard to impress you as a way of winning you over.

Capricorn Woman in Love

  • Self-sufficient
  • Committed
  • Traditional

The Capricorn woman is pretty self-sufficient, so you don’t need to do too much for her. She can do plenty for herself. But she can appreciate when you take care of little things or get some of the personal, mundane stuff out of the way for her so she doesn’t have to worry about that. She’s got enough to worry about!

Capricorn women can be very committed to you once they do commit, and they tend to be more traditional in love than you’d think. You’re probably not going to jump ahead with the phases of the relationship quickly and progress forward steadily in a way that makes logical sense.


Know that when it comes to astrology and compatibility, it’s far more than just your Sun sign, so if you’re of a zodiac sign that seems incompatible to Capricorn and a Capricorn is who has your interest, don’t despair!

You can assess your Moon signs for emotional compatibility, Mercury signs for mental compatibility, 7th houses for basic relationship compatibility – and on and on! Make sure to grab your birth chart with the free birth chart generator to get started!

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Metaphysical tools act like treasure maps from the Universe, leading us on a journey towards ourselves and our true center. One of the reasons that working with metaphysical tools can be so enlightening is the fact that they often blend beautifully with one another, enhancing each other’s properties. For instance, while astrology is a wonderful and extremely useful tool on its own, it can provide even more illumination into life’s mysteries when paired with another metaphysical tool or element, such as chakra work.

Chakras are energy points that radiate within our bodies, with seven main chakra points being of primary focus: The Root chakra, the Sacral chakra, the Solar Plexus, the Heart chakra, the Throat chakra, the Third Eye chakra, and the Crown chakra. Each chakra occupies a different region of your body, as well as a different aspect of your life; but did you know that the chakras also correspond to the signs of the zodiac?

Learning about how astrology and the chakras work together can help you not only understand each practice more thoroughly – a misaligned Sacral chakra may indicate that the areas of your chart containing Sagittarius and Pisces need special attention – but it can help you synthesize your work with the chakras and the zodiac to better understand yourself, your unique personality, and your path in this world.

Working with Chakras & Astrology

The Root Chakra

  • Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Planet: Saturn

The Root chakra is also known as Muladhara, and it is associated with Saturn – linking it to both Capricorn and Aquarius.

This chakra is located at the base of the spine, and it deals with our sense of security and stability within our own small worlds and the big world around us. If Capricorn or Aquarius are prominent signs within your natal chart, you may need to focus more energy on Root chakra work than others.

Conversely, a misaligned Root chakra may indicate that the areas within your chart that contain Capricorn and Aquarius need a little more attention than usual. In either case, if you are feeling notably more insecure or unstable than you typically do, you may want to take a look at the connection between the Root chakra and these zodiac signs.

Grounding exercises, like visualization and meditation, are especially useful for reviving and rebalancing the Root chakra. Because this chakra is associated with the color red, you may also want to incorporate more crimson shades and maroon foods into your everyday life.

The Sacral Chakra

  • Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius, Pisces
  • Planet: Jupiter

Svadhishthana, the Sacral chakra, is connected to Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius and co-rules Pisces.

This chakra is located in the lower region of the abdomen and focuses on creativity and sensuality. When Pisces or Sagittarius are in an important position in your chart, you may need to spend more time cleansing this chakra than your other chakras – when the Sacral chakra is out-of-whack, you may feel uninspired and disconnected from your expressive side.

An unbalanced Sacral chakra may also be a signal to take a closer look at these signs in your chart – the houses they fall in may represent an area of your life that needs your focus right now. Focusing on and surrounding yourself by bright orange colors can help balance the Sacral chakra, as can participating in forms of self-expression, such as painting. Exploring potential problem-areas in the realm of your sexual expression may also clear blockages within this chakra – be open with your sensuality.

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The Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Zodiac Signs: Aries, Scorpio
  • Planet: Mars

This chakra is located behind the navel and is also referred to as Manipura. The Solar Plexus Chakra is connected to Mars, the planet that rules Aries and co-rules Scorpio, alongside Pluto.

This chakra is concerned with confidence, willpower, self-assurance, and motivation. If these areas of your life feel lackluster lately, you may need to get a better idea of where Aries and Scorpio are located within your birth chart.

If either of these signs is placed in a prominent position in your chart, you may need to focus more on the Solar Plexus chakra than other chakras, as it may require more attention to remain balanced. When this chakra is aligned, we feel more capable and ready to face any challenges that may arise. Yellow is the color associated with this chakra and surrounding yourself by it will work to subtly improve function and balance in the Solar Plexus.

Mental and physical stimulation are excellent ways to get this chakra flowing, such as philosophical studies, a day at the gym, or spontaneous adventure. Any activity associated with motivation and willpower will further heal the Solar Plexus, so be responsible!

The Heart Chakra

  • Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Libra
  • Planet: Venus

The Heart chakra is connected to Venus, the planet that rules both Taurus and Libra—two signs that are very loyal to their friends and family.

This chakra is located in the center of your chest and deals with our sense of connection, compassion, and ability to be vulnerable with loved ones. A strong Venus or Taurus placement may indicate a greater need to address and balance this chakra, while a misaligned Heart chakra may signify the need to look deeper within the birth chart and address the areas containing these signs. When this chakra is misaligned, you may have a hard time connecting to your loved ones or letting them in on how you’re feeling.

The Heart chakra is one of the most important to maintain to feel connected to the world around us – fortunately, there are many ways to balance this chakra. This chakra is associated with green – the color that is most easily absorbed by the human eye, and therefore exudes the most shades.

Green is all around us and an easy color to incorporate into our lives, especially if you’re eating your daily vegetables. Practicing loving actions, such as volunteer work, is another excellent way to open up the heart chakra. Think love and be love, and this chakra will naturally unfold.

The Throat Chakra

  • Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Virgo
  • Planet: Mercury

The Throat chakra is connected to the planet of communication, Mercury, who rules Gemini and Virgo.

Both the Throat chakra and the Mercurian planets are concerned with properly getting their point across and open communication. This chakra is located in the throat, and when it’s untended and becomes unbalanced, we can have a very difficult time expressing ourselves to others.

A prominent Taurus or Libra location may be a sign that this chakra needs more love than others.

The Throat chakra is associated with blue, and ample use of this color in your life will certainly contribute to the proper flow of this chakra. When this chakra is impaired, it may feel difficult to share your feelings with others, but you must practice doing so; opening up and communicating honestly helps soothe the Throat chakra.

Be sure to explore the location of Taurus and Libra within your chart – an unbalanced Throat chakra may be trying to tell you to do work in the areas of your life that these houses represent.

The Third Eye Chakra

  • Zodiac Signs: Leo, Cancer
  • Planet: Sun, Moon

This chakra represents our spiritual knowledge – the wisdom that exists beyond our physical self. The Third Eye chakra is also called Ajna, and it’s connected to both the Sun and the Moon, the planets that rule Leo and Cancer respectively.

These are two signs within your chart that you are likely very familiar with, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting as much focus as they need – a misaligned Third Eye chakra may be an indication that the houses that these signs represent in your chart need more personal focus and exploration. When this chakra is unbalanced, we may feel lost in the world and unsure of anything.

Balancing the Third Eye chakra requires a willingness to journey into your spiritual center; practices like meditation and tarot are especially useful because they ask you to explore yourself deeply. This chakra is associated with the color indigo, so you may choose to eat indigo foods – such as dark blueberries – and surround yourself with the deep blue-violet hue to help this chakra heal.

Spiritual practices and exploration are excellent ways to help this chakra open up and blossom, such as journaling, yoga, dream work, and religious studies.

The Crown Chakra

  • Zodiac Signs: All/None
  • Planet: All planets/the Universe

This chakra, also called Sahasrara, is associated with the Universe, and therefore encompasses both none and all of the zodiac signs.

The Crown chakra is located at the top of your head and is connected to the color violet – a color known for its deeply spiritual qualities. This chakra is concerned with our higher consciousness, freedom from self-sabotaging habits and patterns, self-awareness, and our ability to live in the present moment.

While the Crown chakra isn’t technically associated with any certain sign, because of its nature it is associated with every sign, and reminds us that astrology is a valid and useful manner of self-exploration. The Crown chakra encourages us to use astrology as a means of discovering more about ourselves and our paths, where we come from and where we’re going. This chakra and astrology itself both ask us to transcend the limitations of this world and dig deeper to find our spiritual truth.

Balancing this chakra is necessary for the health of our autonomy – when this chakra is unbalanced, we can feel trapped within the confines of this reality. Working with the color violet is an excellent start, even if that means simply painting a picture with lots of lavender flowers or a magenta sky. But one of the most intriguing ways that you can balance this chakra, and the manner which highlights the divine connection between the zodiac and the chakras, is working with astrology.

Closing Thoughts…

Astrology enhances your basic understanding of the world, your knowledge of yourself, and your conscious comprehension of your path. Taking the time to dive into your natal chart is mentally stimulating, which directly reaches out to the Crown chakra and signals healing.

As you can see, the zodiac and our chakras work hand-in-hand to enhance our experience and understanding of life and learning how to marry the two within your metaphysical work brings you back to your spiritual center. Focus on the energy, the stars, and the energy within the stars.

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