Day: January 17, 2020


​It’s time for a change of season again, and some of us are a lil’ bit cranky about that. Who wants to say goodbye to Summer?

The Fall signs, that’s who! Most especially Libra, the Cardinal sign of the Air signs, the sign that launches Fall. Virgo energy is abundant in Fall alongside Libra energy too, and this combination of Earth and Air gives us just what we need to get down to the brass tax of it all. It’s time to get to work! But more than that, we have only four months to go until 2019 is over. How did THAT happen?!? And… what now?

This time of year then presents a little bit of a freak-out moment for many zodiac signs. We’re sad about Summer being over, but more so, we are worried that our ambitious goals set forth in January 2019 aren’t coming to fruition. That’s okay. It happens to everyone. Many Earthlings gave up on resolutions long ago.

But maybe you hoped that this would be the year you met your soul mate or found that epic dream job at the top of the ladder. Or both. And maybe none of that has happened and you are having a bit of a freak-out. Don’t.

Divination is now your answer to finish off 2019 with exactly what you need to do in order to fulfill the Universe’s Destiny for you. One way we do that is through the Tarot. Every Tarot card reading contains messages from your spirit guides and angels that show you the path to enlightenment. Humans like the Tarot because it uses symbols to illustrate what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen. Maybe you don’t even know what your goals are, but you do want to finish 2019 in exactly the way your Destiny has intended for you.

As we change seasons and head into the glorious Autumn Equinox, the days are getting a little bit shorter and we have less time to figure out what needs to get done. So, let’s ask the Tarot what to do and when to do it! Here’s how to perform your own Autumn Equinox Tarot reading. When you do this, you’ll not only finish 2019 exactly how you need to, but you’ll have perfect 20-20 vision and know precisely what goals you need to make. We’ll touch base with you about a 2020 Tarot reading then too, don’t worry! But until then, get ready for Fall and the 2019 life wrap up with this Tarot reading right here.

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Autumn Equinox Tarot Reading

Tools you will need:

  • Your Tarot cards, and
  • A little bit of peace and quiet.

You can do whatever you need to accomplish this. This can be a meditation room, add candles, get a diffuser with essential oils going, or you can just do the reading when you are home alone and have some time to really examine what lies ahead in the last quarter of 2019.

This is going to be a 12-card reading. Four cards are going to represent each month: September, October, November, December. Then, under each month you are going to draw an additional two cards, and that is where you are going to get your 12 cards from.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Step One:

Shuffle the cards, any way you want. I’ve seen it done a number of ways. My son, for example, usually cuts them in half and picks the top card. Ever the Libra! He likes to keep it simple. Logical. Organized. Neat and tidy. I’ve seen other people fan the cards out and mix them all up in a big mess.

After you shuffle your cards you are going to pick them, or, draw them, as some Tarot professionals say. I always say, there’s no wrong way to do either. Which way is your heart telling you to shuffle? Then do it.

Step Two:

Draw your cards. I personally prefer that all cards for the reading are pulled at the same time. Very often we pull clarifying cards if a question comes up during the reading. Those are simply that, extra cards, to clarify something the Tarot is telling us.

But first, pull or draw the number of cards required for the reading. Again, any way you want to get those 12 cards is up to you. You will find that the Tarot pushes some cards out to you. With practice, you will recognize this more.

Step Three:

Lay out four cards in front of you, and as you do, name them. You can do that out loud or in your head – September, October, November, December. Lay them out face up. Don’t freak out or get too excited yet. If you see a card that looks scary, relax. You’ve only just begun your reading, remember?

Step Four:

Now you are going to take the remaining 8 cards, and two cards are going to go under each of the four cards you just set out. You can lay these face up as well. These are what I call “Advice Cards.”

One represents: What to do. One represents: What not to do. So this is where you get direct advice from the Tarot to give you actionable energy to fulfill your 2019 potential. Now it’s time to read the cards.

Step Five:

Now you are going to read your cards. You may want to use our Tarot card definitions to do so.

Each of the four cards is going to tell you what the theme for you of that month is.

For example, let’s say you get the Sun for September. That’s an awesome month ahead for you! It signals prosperity in joy and a lot of abundance in some form.

Then you’re going to look at your advice cards. What should you do to encourage this potential? What actions should you avoid? Tarot may tell you to avoid being sneaky on something, to avoid overspending, or to avoid causing drama, or things like that. And it may tell you exactly what you need to do to receive that abundance in September.

Now you’re going to do that every month. You may want to journal this and come back to it in January 2020 to see if the cards were right. I bet they will be! Use the reading, and take its advice, or don’t, as many Earthlings sometimes just don’t like it, and see what happens. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve read for that didn’t take the advice from the Advice Cards and then come back to me and say, “What happened? Why didn’t that come true?”

Well, instead of the cards, let’s ask Captain Obvious, shall we? It’s okay. I’ve even done that myself a few times. It happens. It’s called being human.

You always have your free will no matter what the cards say. And your intuition. Use it. Use them both. Until then though, this reading should give you some peace of mind, and less freaking out, as you wrap up 2019 and head into 2020.

Concluding Thoughts…

Remember that when you are doing your own readings, there is no wrong way to do them. And also, when you do your own readings, the things you see now are truths in potential. That means these things CAN happen. But anything can change. The winds of change are always blowing. For example, you may make a decision today that will change the outcome of this exact same reading tomorrow.

Don’t be afraid to do this Tarot card reading as often as you need to. At the same time, come back here and check your Free Daily Tarot reading – you will probably be surprised to see that the same cards keep showing up (happens to me all the time). That’s a sign! Duplicate cards always are pointing you to something major. So pay attention, and don’t be afraid to hit us up with any questions.

Are you happy with the results of your Autumn Equinox last quarter of 2019 Tarot reading? Share your pre-Fall Equinox 2019 Tarot reading with us on our Instagram or Facebook page for a chance to be featured!

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There’s nothing quite as mysterious and intriguing as the Scorpio sign in astrology.

The Scorpio man is vampiric in nature, reclusive, passionate, and compared to most, wild.

This man may seem to be out for himself, but that is only because he is fiercely dedicated to his small wolf pack and little else matters for him to feel like he is achieving his life purpose. While there can be bubbly Scorpios, there will always be parts of the Scorpio personality that fearlessly and obsessively contemplate the finality of life and how people cope with death. They view their own morbidity as healthy and try to help others overcome and face their deepest fears. If you can get over how intense they seem at first, you’ll find someone who is very self-aware as well as one of the most intimate friends you will ever have.

The Scorpio personality male adults exude is often a little rebellious because they want everyone to find the truth of who they are and not be controlled by outside forces. This is why they approach each situation as if it’s a covert operation. When you’re on their good side, hanging out with a Scorpio can be exhilarating. But get on their bad side, and you might want to watch your back because all that passion can quickly turn to anger.

The Scorpio is a chronic sleuth when it comes to the deeper secrets of life because their ruling planet is Pluto, the planet most closely associated with the subconscious. Scorpio men can be a bit manipulative when it comes to seduction but they also don’t hide their intentions or feel they need to be fake. They really don’t put up with fake-ness and will challenge you if you’re putting up a front. Don’t let their quest for dark secrets fool you, they are as loving and loyal as they come.

Personality Characteristics of the Scorpio Man

The loyalty of a Scorpio man makes them extremely dedicated to their careers. They will strive for excellence and work rigorously often blowing the competition out of the water. This is not necessarily because they are competitive, but because they love to find out how to go all the way with things by removing their own inner blocks to excelling or pursuing the pinnacle of human experience.

The extreme nature of the Scorpio man can be their power and their demise. If they know their own mind, they can channel their need to be either friend or enemy with things in a healthy manner such as detective work, being able to focus creatively without distraction, or fostering relationships that enrich their career and life. If they are not self-aware, they may be prone to obsession, overly dramatic, and too caught up in conspiracies or dark ideas.

But a characteristic Scorpio male adults share across the board is their sensual and charming nature. As Water signs, they are intuitive and more concerned with emotional richness than monetary gain. That being said, they will splurge if something inspires them.

The Scorpio often feels like they are the outsider or that people don’t understand them and in some ways, that is true because they are stricken with the gift and curse of genius. Most Scorpios understand the workings of human nature on such a deep level that they can move the pieces of life to their liking just by pulling on people’s innermost desires.

They are cunning but not inherently deceptive. They will often break the law if they feel the law isn’t upholding a true sense of justice for one reason or another. Scorpios excel in careers such as theology, criminology, creative writing, investigatory work, and end of life services.

Scorpio can handle the heavier parts of life without feeling overwhelmed which is why they are often the ones going in to clean up a crime scene. They are drawn to violence not because they want to hurt others but because they want to understand where it comes from to dismantle it. They are extremely sensitive and loving at their core.

The Scorpio Man in Love

Having a Scorpio relationship requires you to give of your time as they expect to dive into the depths of your relationship and soul. A Scorpio man in love will move heaven and earth to impress you and make you feel safe, heard, and cared for.

They don’t waste time either. They already see you walking down the aisle when they meet you and they feel a deep connection with you. Just be prepared for their extremely possessiveness nature and jealous tendencies that require you not to have a roving eye. If you’re not one that can commit, you’re going to have a real nightmare if you’re dating a Scorpio because they are all or nothing people.

The tell-tale signs a Scorpio man is in love would be that they act like there is no one else in the room, they offer all their time to you, and they share their secrets with you. The great thing about dating a Scorpio man is that they would sacrifice anything to keep you happy and they are known to have a very strong sexual appetite making them great lovers. If you’re someone that is more cerebral and less physical, you may want to think twice about dating a Scorpio man because they will want to spend a lot of time getting to know you intimately.

If you are trying to attract the eye of a Scorpio man, show them your intelligence along with your favorite outfit. They love a strong perfume as much as a strong-willed partner. Ultimately, Scorpio men in relationships think of themselves as a loyal servant to their Queen or King and enjoy creating and exploring both of your fantasies. Dating a Scorpio is not like dating other men, so reading the Scorpio love horoscope can help you understand their emotions day-to-day.

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Scorpio Compatibility & Communication

The Scorpio man speaks without holding back which means they are going to be the one that talks about taboo topics or says what everyone else is thinking but too embarrassed to say. They use words that conjure emotions because it’s a part of their game. They are able to make people feel things just by their exotic word choice. They play with words as a conductor brilliantly leads an orchestra.

They love to get people to open up and it can be very healing to have even one conversation with a Scorpio. They aren’t afraid to pull out the skeletons and uncover how they may be affecting your life.

If you’re going to have a healthy relationship with a Scorpio man, don’t try to hide your feelings from them. They appreciate honesty and bond with people who are unapologetic about their true feelings. A Scorpio becomes very animated when they feel they are uncovering the truth, so get ready for them to show emotions and don’t back down when they do.

Working or living with a Scorpio is like a soap opera because they explain things with such passion and love with such openness. They will probe you with questions, and if you’re not up for deep conversations, they would rather you just say so instead of building inner resentment.

Scorpio men get along best with other Water signs who feel things as deeply as they do, although their inner darkness is often a bit too much for sweet, sensitive Cancers. They also like the Earth signs who, similar to them, search for their soulmate and want to be joined at the hip.

Scorpio men often take things personally which can make it challenging to have a Scorpio man in the family. They really feel hurt when people shut them out because they take it as a permanent gesture so whether you’re dating them or related to them, don’t ignore them or they may never get over it.

At the end of the day, Scorpios are independent and do not like to be controlled so allow them to be themselves and you’ll get on fine.

To find out more about your compatibility with Scorpio coworkers, pets, and lovers, check out our compatibility page.

Learn More About the Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man keeps life interesting by looking beneath the surface and challenging the status quo. They like to help people awaken their passion and they never miss a chance to make out with the one they love. These affectionate men are often intimidating because they are not bound by the fear of what people think. Their allure is all about the dark secrets they seem to have when you gaze into their eyes. They are often very successful and they need to keep their addictive tendencies in check.

The more you read about the traits of a Scorpio man, the more you will understand what makes them tick. If you’re trying to better understand yourself or a Scorpio in your life, read the Scorpio daily horoscope to see how they feel everything deeply and respond to the world in such a unique way. Alas, we love our Scorpio men because so much of the balance in our lives can be attributed to the sign of Scorpio who helps us integrate our experiences and make sense of things.

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Scorpio is famous for being the most intense sign of the zodiac. A Scorpio woman in astrology has mysterious eyes and an intense gaze.

This Water sign likes to go all-in when they are interested in something (or someone) and the only thing as deep as their interest level is the place they keep their own secrets. They lock up their own true feelings in a labyrinth which they will only reveal to something they trust. The reason they have trouble sharing secrets and they are slow to trust others is because they themselves are often dodging being real with others in order to get their way.

Water signs are known to be a chameleon when it comes to matching the likes and dislikes of those around them. This is a way to understand the people around them but it can also be used to manipulate.

A Scorpio woman being a Water sign carries a lot of passion for just about everything she does. She often either loves or hates someone which means, it’s hard to be disliked by them if a friendship turns sour. They are intimidating to work with and unlikely to see a Scorpio sign like to take orders.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, so the themes of transformation, death, and rebirth are always carried in the essence of the Scorpio woman’s personality. Whether that means she likes to watch scary movies, or she has a collection of black leather boots and jackets that are a part of her mystique, you will see the god of war (Mars) and the god of the underworld (Pluto) alive in her spirit.

Although she may appear a bit dark or Gothic, it doesn’t mean her heart is cold. Scorpio women have some of the warmest and loyal hearts that are likely to dedicate their undying love for a lifetime. They are very spiritual and tend to care deeply about right and wrong.

Personality Characteristics of the Scorpio Woman

The fearless personality characteristics of a Scorpio woman make her achieve great success in her career. She is both relentless and unhampered by the need to keep up with appearances. Her strong sense of individuality, and lone-wolf mentality, make her a great leader and an intimidating boss. Other Scorpio woman traits that are hard to understand are her possessiveness that can often make other women feel a bit uncomfortable if they are around her man. She keeps her nose to the ground to sniff out potential threats or those who would compromise her den.

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Scorpio woman characteristics that are a sure sign of this stinging goddess are her lure, her home which is her lair, and her inquisitive side. She will always look into who you are when you meet because that is how she determines if you’re safe to welcome into her inner-circle.

She is magnetic and highly attractive which can make her very presence distracting for those who she is not interested in. Many consider the Scorpio woman characteristics ideal for a mate because she has a strong libido and loves to be deeply committed. Scorpio woman personality traits that are challenging are their refusal to try to fit in as well as their habit of talking about taboo topics which can make others a bit uncomfortable.

Her ability to get what she wants can also mean she is one track-minded and not always going to check off the list of what a typical woman does around holidays or family events. She’s brilliant but having a genius in your home also means a few less significant things can fall by the wayside when she’s inventing or investigating the mysteries of life. She needs to be free to discover and explore her greatest fears as well as be accepted for her obsession with the human soul and its journey beyond the body.

The Scorpio Woman in Love

The characteristics of a Scorpio woman in love are unmistakable because she is not discreet about her feelings and will make it known when she is interested in someone. She will protect the one she loves and a Scorpio woman in love doles her affection endlessly as if her soul purpose is to be the best lover that ever lived. A Scorpio relationship will make you feel seen and you will feel loved as they are not cold but very attentive and tuned into their partner’s feelings.

The signs a Scorpio woman is in love are that she is obsessed with someone, wants to know what they are doing, and asks about what other people’s intentions are to guard that person even when she isn’t around them. She will also want to be intimate with her partner daily as her love language is often physical touch.

If you’re getting tons of texts, heart emojis, and wedding ring hints, these are clear signs that a Scorpio woman likes you. Dating a Scorpio woman can often become serious because they don’t waste time with people they don’t believe they’re meant for. If you’re wondering how to make a Scorpio woman fall in love, know that they are not impressed with money but with honesty, intelligence, compassion, and vulnerability.

Another blaring truth about what a Scorpio woman is like in a relationship is that she really does care about intimacy and needs it. A Scorpio woman in bed could be ideal which is great if you can put up with the jealousy that comes with dating a Scorpio woman. To decode the Scorpio woman in your life, read the Scorpio love horoscope or make her feel special by sending it to her.

Dive deeper: Romancing the Scorpio: Astrological Compatibility for Scorpio

Scorpio Woman Compatibility & Communication

We all need to know how to communicate with a Scorpio because we will interact with them at work, school, in our friend groups, or in our families. Be prepared for a Scorpio woman to ask you deep questions and if you want to bond with her, be willing to share more openly and honesty than you would with others. They are not judgmental and are more comfortable with people who are honest about their past and the things they struggle with the most.

A Scorpio woman looks for absolutes and wants to categorize everything as good or bad, which is a crucial point in being able to communicate with them. Just know they don’t really understand ‘grey areas.’

But are you going to have an easy time getting along with this goddess? Scorpio women are most drawn to Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

But if you truly understand a Scorpio woman, you can make it work. To read more about Scorpio woman compatibility, check out our compatibility page. You can even get along better with your Scorpio pets if you understand what makes this sign tick. They all want closeness and something to immerse themselves in.

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Learn More About the Scorpio Woman

Let’s recap the most prominent personality traits of a Scorpio woman: her mystery and intriguing nature as well as her willingness to help others be emotionally deep. You can rely on a Scorpio to help you face your fears and overcome them making them one of the best friends to keep close in a difficult time. Their strong understanding of the motivations of others also makes them quite good at helping you find what you’ll be good at in life so don’t hesitate to talk about your life plan with them.

The more you know about the Scorpio sign, the better you will be able to get along with a Scorpio woman. It’s often easier to understand personality traits by looking at people who have them. A famous Scorpio woman that really exudes the Scorpionic intensity is Katy Perry whose music videos are always tackling the dark side of human nature and seek to unlock the secrets of the human soul through archetypes.

Another singer with the sultry Scorpio vibes is the famous singer SZA who sings about love, loss, and honestly shares her most personal emotions to connect with her fans. You can find many more famous Scorpio woman and you’ll notice they all have intense eyes.

To keep up with how the Scorpio in your life is feeling, read the daily Scorpio horoscope so you know when to approach them and when they need to brood in their lair. We all need Scorpio women to help us get in touch with our desires and heal our emotional wounds.

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2020 heralds an exciting time as we move out of the Year of the Pig and into the Year of the Rat. The Year of the Rat begins on January 25th, 2020, and marks the beginning of a brand-new 12-year cycle in the Chinese Zodiac.

New cycles are always significant as they usually represent a tremendous upheaval, on both a personal level and a global scale. What’s more, 2020 is the Year of the male Metal Rat. The male and Metal aspects are significant for several reasons: Male indicates that a strong Yang energy will dominate while the Yin energy will take a backseat. This means that action is strongly on the agenda and people are likely to be more focused on their external surroundings.

Metal is a strong element, one of the strongest in the Chinese Zodiac. It is durable, powerful and as strong as a steel blade. Meanwhile, the Rat itself is governed by Water which brings a more emotional aspect to this year; we may find ourselves feeling more stubborn than usual in regard to our beliefs or outlooks, especially ones which trigger a degree of high emotion.

All in all, it looks like it’s going to be an exciting year so let’s crack on and see what pros and cons come with the Year of the male Metal Rat!

Year of the Rat Pros:


The combination of Rat and Metal brings a lot of opportunities for innovation. Two animals governed by Water, the Rat and the Pig, are likely to experience opportunities in the realm of relationships and sociability, while animals such as the Rooster and Monkey, who are governed by Metal, can expect to see opportunities in business and careers. All twelve animals of the zodiac may experience a surge in innovative ideas, but whether these ideas come to fruition depends entirely on the individual.


The Rat is an animal known for its desire to succeed, especially to succeed in the material sense. With Metal and Yang also dominating, this success is amplified and almost all animals of the zodiac should experience good luck and fortune to some degree. Everyone will experience a surge in determination with regard to reaching their goals. But these initiatives can only succeed if they are planned carefully. The Rat is not naturally lucky like the Tiger; his luck depends on careful planning and clever strategy. It is something everyone should bear in mind during the Rat year.

Global Change

Change is not always easy – sometimes it is downright difficult. On the surface, it may even look like change is not going the way it should, but the Year of the male Metal Rat indicates that the change that comes will be for the best. The Rat is a shrewd thinker, not clouded by emotions. A general energy across the world will begin to merge as one and more people will begin to “wake up” to what is going on around them.

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Year of the Rat Cons:


More of a warning, the Year of the Rat in 2020 brings with it a number of opportunities and innovation, but also the risk of complacency. People may become overly-content to the point of just sitting back and doing nothing; this complacency can mean the difference between success and failure. So while opportunity may abound, people are advised to stay on their guard and keep striving for their goals until the tasks are achieved.

Conflict of Opinion

The Rat is a stubborn individual and will often view things through tunnel-vision. Unlike his nemesis in the Circle of Conflict, the Horse, he is not known for being flexible. As such, tensions may run high among people who may find themselves less empathetic than usual. A resistance to Yin energy (which is always there, but which some people may struggle to tap into more than usual) can exacerbate this, so keeping a check on one’s emotions is important throughout the year.

Mistrust in Relationships (2nd Half of the Year)

While the first half of the year bodes well in terms of relationships, with people striving to make relationships work, parting amicably or meeting like-minded mates, the second half of the year may prove more challenging. There may be a rise in distrust which can put a strain on all types of relationships; it is important to keep things in perspective if this happens to you and not react too hastily. Keeping an open mind is essential; suspicion and paranoia may loom so be sure to keep a check on unruly thoughts if they are not grounded.


The year of the male Metal Rat is indeed an exciting time due to beginning a new cycle in the Chinese Zodiac. Take advantage of the innovative and driven energies that dominate and be sure to keep an eye on any mistrustful suspicions or complacency that may creep up on you!

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Aquarius season happens when the Sun moves through the zodiac sign Aquarius from January 21 to February 20.

The Sun helps set the themes for what we are all focused on and influences the characteristics we can call on to move forward. It can also pull out the less desirable traits of this Air sign as well but don’t worry, we will give you ideas on how to capitalize on the best aspects of this very independent, creative, and idealistic sign as well as how to avoid the potential sticky points that you might experience from others who are also influenced by this energy.

Truly, it’s a time of great excitement because it kicks off the Chinese New Year with the energy of the courageous and globally-focused Aquarius. This can help us start our new endeavors and projects with mental clarity, confidence, and a boost of inspiration. We expect people to be really focused on long-term success this year and find their goals line up with enhancing their financial abundance because we are entering the year of the Metal Rat.

So, as Aquarius blasts our psyche with ambition, higher states of awareness, and spiritual insights, we will likely be able to fuse our work with something that uplifts humanity as we begin this decade. This Aquarius Season will be like finally getting the combination to the safe that holds our most altruistic dreams and then putting those dreams in a Ferrari to get to their destination quickly with style.

Themes for Aquarius Season

Aquarius is ruled by Mercury, the planet that influences our mind. Aquarius energy is fast thinking and geared towards humanitarian or revolutionary ideas. Aquarius energy is related to electronics, the radio, and communication.

Under this influence, we may find it easier to express ourselves with greater clarity and effectiveness. We may also become privy to the side of ourselves that truly wants to help the world and those who are disadvantaged. Aquarius energy is also very fun, is a natural leader, and often breaks the mould to try new ways of doing things. Aquarius is full of ideas being an Air sign so there is no shortage of those at this time.

Aquarius is one that will give up routines and predictable secure lifestyles to fight for a cause and they love to travel and learn about the world. We love the spiritually open and curious nature of Aquarius because each time this year, no matter what our sign is, we get a boost towards our soul and its highest calling. Using the sense of humor and the childlike playfulness that is inherent in Aquarius energy, we can find positive solutions to real-life problems that others may be dealing with.

Aquarius can be a bit irresponsible so don’t take it personally if people find it difficult to follow through with their word at this time or are impulsive. Aquarius is very friendly so if it seems like everyone is flirting with you, don’t assume they have feelings for you.

Finally, be aware that Aquarius is not one to be obedient to authority, so keep your own power trips in check so your ego doesn’t get you into too much trouble.

6 Ways to Make Your Ideas Soar During Aquarius Season

While we are in the Aquarius season, here are ways you can capture and launch your big bold ideas. As your creativity is flowing, these simple tips will help you get clear on how to take steps towards implementing your ideas.

1. Carry a Journal

Keep a journal tucked in your bag or back pocket so that you can capture ideas when they come to you. This will allow you to find inspiration for big dreams throughout your day. Write down ways you can take action on causes you care about.

2. Make a Vision Board

The New Moon on January 24 will likely bring you some ideas about how you can help the world. This is a great day to sit and make a vision board so that you see the future you want to create each day. This will help you overcome distractions and you can add traits (like persistence, patience, and positivity) that you want to amplify to the vision board to help you use them to achieve your goals.

3. Spend More Time in Meditation

During this time, you will find your mind expands more easily to spiritual states of consciousness where you can really get in touch with your soul. Spending time in meditation can help you hear what your heart is calling you to do the most.

4. Consult the Tarot

Since the Tarot helps us access our intuition, we can use it during the Aquarius season to see what may be blocking us from doing what our soul is calling us to pursue. The symbols of the Tarot are very Aquarian in nature which makes this a great tool to call on at this time.

Try a free online Tarot reading right here!

5. Get a Reading

There’s no shame in asking for spiritual guidance during this time. This is also a great way to set your direction for the new decade and year. Spiritual readers are often able to help you find clarity on ideas that seem to be just on the tip of your tongue.

6. Read Your Astrological Birth Chart

Your free birth chart is the blueprint of your soul and a map to help you achieve your soul’s purpose. It highlights your personal talents and areas for opportunity. You can align your ideas and natural abilities more easily when this information is fresh on your mind.

    Learn to read your birth chart: The Ultimate Guide to Birth Charts

    Closing Thoughts…

    As always, we want to remind you not to ever focus on just one aspect of the many planetary placements at any given time. In order to really have a feel for the energetic climate you will be in, it’s important to know the key players and their positions just like a chess game. Download our astrological calendar here! We have a New Moon January 24 which will also be in Aquarius so this will kick off our idealism and creativity to set us in the direction of our big lofty ideas. We can expect these ideas to blossom around the time of the Full Moon in the confident sign of Leo on February 9.

    With these two courageously charged lunar events following the eclipse season of December and earlier in January, we can expect ourselves to really catapult into new places if we have been dreaming big and staying positive about the potential outcomes of those wishes. We probably experienced or are adjusting to some big changes that always come with eclipse season and we are now perched on the brink of the new decade, inspired with the spiritual enlightenment of Aquarius, ready to help heal the world.

    You’ll find your free daily horoscope will help you navigate the daily energy. You can also take our fun quizzes which can help you gain insights into your own energy, healing, and personal creative potential.

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    It’s Capricorn season and what does this mean for many of us?

    Well, let’s take a look at Capricorn qualities first of all. Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign and so embodies the characteristics and attributes related to earthy matters.

    Capricorn is particularly known for its resourcefulness, discipline and practicality. Many people, even watery characters who are known for veering more into the ethereal plane than the physical one, will feel the effects of Capricorn. If Capricorn features anywhere in your birth chart, you will know what I mean!

    Check out your Capricorn placements! Get your free birth chart here.

    Mars in Capricorn, for example, will usually denote someone who is willing to wait a long time to yield results. This is irrespective of other signs in their chart. They will be patient in their endeavours and keep their sights firmly set on the goal in their minds. Mars is energy and drive, so when it is paired with Capricorn, this energy becomes long-lasting and slow-burning like a candle that burns for three days at a time, as opposed to one which randomly blows itself out as soon as you pop it into your Himalayan Salt candle holder.

    But what role does Capricorn play in the Tarot cards?

    Capricorn in the Major Arcana: The Devil

    Many of you may be surprised to learn that the card in the main Major Arcana that corresponds with Capricorn is The Devil.

    In a way, this can be taken as a good thing for your average Capricorn who has earned a rather unfair reputation among zodiac signs as being the dull, boring stuck-in-the-mud person who lacks, say, the ethereal creativity of Pisces or the sociable genius of Gemini.

    The Devil is one of the most intriguing cards of the Major Arcana and even one of the most feared. It’s not hard to see why. It usually depicts a naked man and woman bound by chains to a grinning beast with two horns. Not the most pleasant of images.

    But the Devil represents temptation, lust and giving in to that ‘wild side’ which many people repress in their daily lives. It represents the temptations of the physical world which are oh so naughty but nice, and usually leave you ending up with feelings of regret if you cave in to them.

    Likewise, Capricorn, while being a sign driven by success and ambition, also has a side to them which correlates with The Devil. Much is expected from a Capricorn, most of all by themselves – to succeed, to have status, to be the epitome of ambition. This is in direct conflict with their other side, their devilish side which whispers almost subconsciously for them to just throw away their responsibilities, to just ‘do whatever they feel like doing’ and to hell with status, success and all that jazz.

    This is why you will find so many Sun in Capricorns feeling very un-Capricorn. Many struggle with responsibility and prefer not to acquire it; on the other hand, Capricorn can also be about loosening the chains that others – or themselves – have placed on their bodies. Like the two figures in The Devil card who are chained to the devilish goat, they can feel trapped and restricted in their positions and social status.

    But as with the two figures who, if you look closely will see that the chains are not that tight and they can break free whenever they wish, Capricorn also has a choice. Do they remain trapped and bound in situations that make them unhappy? Or do they break free?

    So, like The Devil card, Capricorn is often faced with a choice throughout their lives and much of it is to do with breaking free from social or personal obligation and exploring a side to themselves which is often buried or repressed.

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    Capricorn in the Minor Arcana: King of Pentacles

    In the secondary Minor Arcana, Capricorn is represented by the King of Pentacles.

    Earth signs correlate with the suit of pentacles in the Tarot. While we can say that Capricorn is also similar to the Page, Knight and Queen of Pentacles, it is the King who is closest to this Earth sign.

    The King of Pentacles is the master of his suit. He represents the hard-working and determined sign of Capricorn, the slow and steady individual who is willing to work hard for years in order to achieve his goal. The King of Pentacles, like Capricorn, is someone who understands the power and benefits of focus. He is not easily-distracted like a Wand or driven by his emotions like a Cup. He is, instead, someone who understands that slow and steady wins the race. The Page, Knight and Queen still have some lessons to learn in relation to mastering this work ethic and dogged determination, which does not only apply to himself, but to his entire kingdom.

    We could say that the King of Pentacles is like the evolved Capricorn who has mastered the skill of hard work and perseverance and who understands that in order to succeed, one must be willing to put in the effort.


    As we continue into this Capricorn season, we can enjoy harnessing the Capricorn qualities of discipline, reason and hard work. At the same time, we can find a way to temper our own ‘devilish’ side with these qualities. Once we find a way to do so, we may find success on levels that we previously may not have even imagined.

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    Greetings, Earthlings,

    It’s a nice slow week; Mercury is the only major planet this week that is making some moves. Communicator Mercury switches gears from Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn and enters Fixed Air sign Aquarius. This means that communication, travel, and all gadgets that rule those themes will take on the lighter tone of airy Aquarius.

    Check this out: Solar Eclipse Rituals With Healing Crystals – 7 Crystals for New Beginnings

    Air signs are symbolized by Swords in the Tarot. They carry the themes of thinking, higher intelligence, justice, paperwork matters, words, and often communication in general. So a Swords card in the Tarot may be pointing you towards justice matters, emails, or things of this nature. But they can also represent communication forms.

    When Mercury enters Aquarius this week on Thursday, your communication takes on these Sword like themes as well. This emphasizes clarity, paperwork, and words used in multiple kinds of communication.

    Try our Free 3-Card Tarot reading yourself to see if any Swords are coming up. If they are, you are being pointed to a state of higher thinking or can expect to receive messages or emails very soon. A Daily Numerology reading helps too!

    And that’s it, that’s all, folks. A nice quiet one just like we said. Do enjoy! It’s well-earned after a crazy holiday season.


    Planetary Locations During January 13-19, 2020:

    Sun: Capricorn (December 22, 2019 – January 21, 2020)

    Mercury: Capricorn (December 29, 2019 – January 16, 2020); Aquarius (January 16, 2020 – February 3, 2020)

    Venus: Aquarius (December 21, 2019 – January 13, 2020)

    Mars: Sagittarius (January 3, 2020 – February 16, 2020)

    Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)

    Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

    Uranus: Retrograde in Taurus (August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020)

    Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

    Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

    Daily Snapshots for January 13-19, 2020:

    Monday, January 13

    Sun: Capricorn – The Sun is shining on the opportunities where you need to lead to create abundance.

    Moon: Virgo – Flawless attention to detail can be productive, and provocative.

    Tuesday, January 14

    Sun: Capricorn

    Moon: Virgo

    Wednesday, January 15

    Sun: Capricorn

    Moon: Libra – When you serve as the gracious diplomat in all situations, you win.

    Thursday, January 16

    Sun: Capricorn

    Moon: Libra

    Friday, January 17

    Sun: Capricorn

    Moon: Scorpio – Time for your rebirth and personal transformation!

    Saturday, January 18

    Sun: Capricorn

    Moon: Scorpio

    Sunday, January 19

    Sun: Capricorn

    Moon: Sagittarius – When your mind wanders, follow it up with action.

    Review: Connecting Your North & South Nodes

    What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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    If you were born anywhere between January 17th and January 23rd, you may have a hard time fully identifying with your Sun sign, whether it happens to be Capricorn or Aquarius. The reason for this is because you were born during the few days a month that are thought by some astrologers to include the cusp of two signs.

    In other words, when a birthday falls near the astrological shift from one sign to another, that individual may experience personality traits that belong to both signs. If you were born on January 17th, you may technically be considered a Capricorn Sun, but you might find yourself just as interested in or connected to the Aquarius section of the horoscopes.

    While the idea of a “cusp sign” is somewhat controversial in astrology, the fact remains that many people born near the cusp of two signs experience a connection to both signs. Certain specific traits are attributed to cusp signs as well.

    Let’s dive right in and take a look at the traits that make the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp so unique.

    The Capricorn/Aquarius Cusp

    While it may seem like this cusp might just exist as a combination of these two individual signs, this cusp actually has its very own set of personality traits that exist separately from both Capricorn and Aquarius. Think about the art of combining colors – when you mix red and yellow, you get orange.

    A Motivated Energy

    This cusp is one of the more motivated and driven cusps that exist, stemming from the success-driven Capricorn and the revolutionary Aquarius. While a Capricorn may feel ambitious about achieving success, the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp derives its motivation from the thought of changing the world around them. Aquarius adds a sense of rebellion against the status quo and a desire to shake things up.

    This cusp is concerned with making changes, and their drive stems from a sense of responsibility to their fellow human. There may also exist an element of spiritual drive or philosophical focus in your work, as you tend to look at things from a big-picture point of view. You want to understand the world, and you want to make it better.

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    Inevitable Success

    This drive possessed by the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp may not come from a desire to be successful, but it tends to lead to material success and abundance. The fact is that you work hard at whatever you do, which will not go unrecognized. While your focus may rest on your vision for the world and the people in it, your energy inspires those around you and your innovative ideas can’t help but bring you success.

    One reason for this seemingly inevitable success is your ability to maintain focus. You know how to keep your eye on the prize, whereas other signs may suffer from a short attention span. If you can maintain this drive and focus throughout your life, you will be able to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

    The Conversationalist

    This cusp derives great pleasure from intellectual conversations containing depth and honesty. The combination of Saturn, which rules Capricorn, and Uranus, which rules Aquarius, makes for a sense of both logic and mystery that lead you down a path of intrigue. You’re drawn towards life’s puzzles, and you enjoy trying to find the answers within the conversations you hold with others.

    The Mystery-Seeker

    Saturn is the planet of lessons, teaching us what we need to know in order to grow. Uranus, on the other hand, is a spontaneous, exciting planet that brings surprises and mystery into our lives. The combination of these two planets creates an air of curiosity within you. You seek understanding, knowledge, and wisdom in your daily life.

    This combination may also indicate a very creative individual, perhaps someone who works through their desire to understand the world around them with the use of art and poetry. If you haven’t yet found your creative outlet, you may want to start trying out new mediums.

    A Grounded Imagination

    Aquarius is a naturally imaginative sign, while Capricorn is more practical and pragmatic. When these two energies come together, you’ll find an individual with grand ideas and the pragmatic skills to bring them to life.

    If you can learn to harness and utilize your sense of imagination without letting yourself escape into a world of fantasy, you’ll be able to find real-world applications for your many incredible ideas.

    Other positive personality traits include:

    • Wise
    • Opinionated
    • Intellectual
    • Complex
    • Ambitious
    • Creative
    • Intimidating
    • Exciting
    • Entertaining
    • Witty
    • Empathetic

    Negative traits include:

    • Judgmental
    • Nonchalant
    • Reserved
    • Selfish
    • Disorganized
    • Critical

    Concluding Thoughts:

    Every sign in existence possesses both positive and negative traits; learning about negative traits can help you foster and amplify the amazing qualities of your personality. While you may sometimes feel emotionally reserved or detached, knowing that about yourself can help you open up to loved ones when you feel safe enough to do so.

    There are many wonderful qualities inherent to the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp, so embrace your unique personality and the many great things it may lead you to!

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    Aquarius is an Air sign so they bring intellectual curiosity to a relationship and gravitate towards people with an active imagination. As a Fixed sign, their personality is set and they pride themselves on speaking with integrity. Their positive demeanor is sometimes mistaken for flirting but they are just friendlier than most and very loving at heart.

    Aquarians are known for their larger than life personalities – dating them can feel like going to Disneyland every day because they love to make things fun and exciting! Aquarius likes to have conversations to create relationships and feel comfortable with their partners so look for a first date in a place that is not too loud at first but has an option for dancing because they won’t miss an opportunity to dance the night away with you.

    The sign of the Water-bearer likes to play just as much as they work. They are driven to help others and will never sacrifice their career for love (so don’t ask them to). Aquarius wants a partner who will support their goals and a relationship that allows both people to be who they want to be. They love people who are independent and willing to let them have their freedom.

    About the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

    Aquarius is associated with the 11th house of friendships so this part of life tends to get priority. They often spend just as much if not more time with their friends than their partner because they are able to foster such strong bonds that they lean on them to create many great things in society. This means you must be willing to let them have a social life and see the value that they see in those relationships.

    Aquarius is known to be a big-picture person, willing to risk it all for a cause and work hard to help the downtrodden. They have to work on being sensitive to people who aren’t wired like them and see that each person’s purpose is unique to them so they don’t belittle people’s goals or seem arrogant in relationships.

    The natural ruling planet for Aquarius is Uranus, so they tend to buck authority, start rebellious trends, and align with progressive ideas. In love this means, they may not follow the stereotypical ideas of a relationship buying flowers, having dinner each night, and celebrating each anniversary. But if you admire altruism and can forgo the notion that you have to be joined at the hip, they will inspire you to live a truly meaningful life.

    If you’re an Aquarius, be sure to check out your daily Aquarius love horoscope!

    Aquarius Personality: The Good & the Bad

    The Aquarius zodiac sign is just like every astrology sign, meaning it has its good and its bad. Let’s go through a quick list:

    Aquarius Strengths

    Aquarians are…

    • Naturally inclined to be successful
    • Outside of the box thinkers
    • Strong leaders
    • Progressive and compassionate
    • Highly independent

    Aquarius Weaknesses

    Aquarians tend to be…

    • Overly optimistic/unrealistic
    • Spontaneous and unable to stick to plans
    • Lack of emotional intimacy
    • Overly self-reliant and distant in relationships

    Most of the flack that Aquarius gets is that they are afraid to commit and this is often because they think they will have to choose between big lofty goals and stable relationships.

    If they have some Earth signs in their birth chart (placements in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) this can help open them find it easier to commit. But even then, they may use that organizational and business savvy energy to further their big dreams to help society. Ultimately, they will have to know themselves if they want to find a partner that fits them.

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    Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Aquarius

    • Aries
    • Gemini
    • Libra
    • Sagittarius

    Aries and Sagittarius are Fire signs who carry a passion that feeds Aquarius. These relationships will be filled with adventure, travel, and romance because they are able to bond over their love for new experiences. They will admire the strength and bravery in each other.

    Gemini and Libra are fellow Air signs with Aquarius. This means they are on the same page about being curious about cultures, inventions, ideas, spiritual truth, and intellectual conversations. Their affinity for brilliance will give them endless things to talk about and they will match each other in being highly social and playful.

    Zodiac Signs Least Compatible With Aquarius

    • Taurus
    • Capricorn
    • Cancer
    • Scorpio

    Taurus loves their routines and puts a lot of energy into making a nice home but Aquarius is constantly on the go and doesn’t spend time on home projects often. Aquarius will shapeshift to make their many ideas happen which makes the planning oriented Taurus uncomfortable. The friendly and outgoing Aquarius will not enjoy that Taurus likes just a few close friends.

    The Capricorn is not inclined to be overly concerned with people they don’t know and like to take care of their family. Aquarius will give their last dollar to a stranger and take major financial risks. Capricorn wants to have a long term plan and stick to it but Aquarius need the freedom to try on ideas and throw them out if they aren’t keeping up with their ideals.

    Cancer is a homebody who likes to spend lots of time with their partner. They crave love and affection which they will find little of in a relationship with an Aquarius who may seem to always want to be away from the house. Cancer is highly sensitive and needs partners who are attentive to their moods and needs. Aquarius is always positive and doesn’t get the need to retreat and process which the empathic Cancer needs often.

    Scorpio is aggressive and has an alpha personality which can conflict with the bold and leader type qualities of the Aquarius. This relationship could heat up and fizzle out fast because while they share passion and intellect, the Scorpio requires closeness and emotional intimacy that the Aquarius is not inclined to take time to give.

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    Aquarius Man in Love

    • Appreciative
    • Inspiring
    • Trusting

    Aquarian men will talk about how they are helping the world because that is how they measure their worth. They will connect with you over spiritual topics, global issues, political views, and environmental or activist type of activities. They love to share art, music, and goals with their partners. They want to know everything about you and what you want out of life. They will encourage you to join them on their adventures sometimes but they need time to think and plan.

    Aquarius is open about what they want and they tend to be direct so take things at a pace you’re comfortable with. If you aren’t sure what their intentions are, just ask and they will clarify that for you. They also will love to show you off because they tend to be extravagant at parties.

    Aquarius Woman in Love

    • Artistic
    • Spiritual
    • Compassionate

    The Aquarius woman sees the world as her family and she will spend time paying attention to the world as if it were her backyard. She treats all children like her children and wants to stop suffering wherever it is found. She will seek to see the compassion in her partner and bond with them over that. If you write her poetry, she will appreciate it more than buying her things. Although she does love a nice accent or statement accessory to be fashionable.

    Aquarian women are unconventional in that they don’t rely on their partner and don’t plan to. They will expect to have separate finances and be offended if you insist on paying for everything. Let them be the boss they were born to be and relish in the strength they possess.


    Don’t take this information and throw out a relationship that feels like it has potential because your birth chart is much more than just your Sun sign. Our personality, our emotional needs, goals, and areas for learning are shaped by much more than our Sun sign and you may find you have more compatibility with someone when you compare charts. You also may find you just don’t jive with someone who has a compatible Sun sign because of this.

    Ultimately, use compatibility as a way to understand yourself and your partner so that you can speak each other’s language. You can look to the planet of Mercury, for instance, to understand how each person communicates. The 7th house will also reveal more about how each person behaves or craves certain qualities in relationships and the Moon sign reveals a person’s hidden emotional needs that are essential to know. Make sure to grab your birth chart with the free birth chart generator to get started!

    Want to learn more about compatibility? Read The Truth About Astrological Compatibility next!

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    If you’ve just started learning Tarot or are still considering picking up that first deck and find yourself overwhelmed, you’re not alone!

    Tarot resources are abundant and it can be easy to feel exhausted by conflicting sources telling you what to do, so why not eliminate some of those possibilities by knowing what you might not want to do?

    Today, let’s discuss 5 common beginner’s Tarot mistakes that people can make when learning and reading cards.

    5 Common Tarot Beginner’s Mistakes:

    1. Being hesitant to conduct readings when you’re “still learning.”

    It’s true that some level of memorization and understanding of the cards is needed to be able to read them fluently – but it’s also true that no one is really ever “done learning” cards. While baseline levels of understanding the symbolism, history, and traditional interpretations behind each card are always helpful, there is also a lot of improvement that simply comes from practice.

    Of course, if you’re very early within the stages of learning Tarot, it’s okay to take the meanings of some readings with less gravity and recognize that you may be wrong — but keep in mind that, on the other hand, anyone can always be wrong, regardless of their level of expertise!

    Blocking yourself off from the practice of card readings because of a lack of confidence in your level of experience simply continues that cycle of inexperience. Don’t be afraid to try to read for some friends in a comfortable, judgment-free environment, where you can also receive healthy and constructive criticism.

    2. Feeling as though you must follow Tarot’s old myths & traditions.

    From being gifted your first deck to only using silk Tarot deck bags to who can and cannot touch your deck, there is no shortage of Tarot myths out there. Some feel hesitant to even reach for their first deck if it hasn’t been gifted to them simply because of the existing tradition, and some people can feel extremely cautious about who touches their deck.

    The truth is, if you wish to follow an age-old Tarot custom and tradition, you’re more than welcome to!

    Don’t want anyone but you to touch your decks? Enjoy covering your Tarot cards in beautiful silk? Do it!

    Whatever may enhance your Tarot journey and empower your confidence and experience with card reading is always a wonderful thing to try for yourself.

    However, your Tarot journey is foremost a very personal one, and it’s up to you to decide how much you would like to adhere to those myths and traditions. Ultimately, they are never something you should have to do or feel limited by.

    3. Asking the wrong questions.

    In-depth, specific, and thought-provoking Tarot readings come from in-depth, specific, and thought-provoking questions. If you find yourself constantly hitting roadblocks or leave readings feeling more confused than empowered and clear-headed, perhaps the questions that are being asked are misleading, worded funkily, or simply need to be replaced with something more helpful and effective.

    Understanding how to ask the right questions can be just as important as reading the cards themselves.

    4. Taking keywords & memorization too seriously.

    Keywords and associations that come with learning Tarot cards can be incredibly helpful. For example, if you are learning how to remember the 3 of Swords and come across keywords like “heartbreak” and “pain” and find these easy to memorize, you are more likely to be able to use these words as a springboard to further understanding the Tarot spread or reading before you.

    However, interpreting the artwork directly in front of you, relating each card to each other, and getting the big picture are goals when you’re reading too. If you limit your understanding of a card down to a few words, you may also be limiting the depth and complexity of your readings in the long-run. Don’t be afraid to reflect a little further on what each card might mean to you personally.

    5. “Re-reading” or pulling cards again for the same question.

    If you find yourself stumped or confused by a card in a spread, scratching your head and saying, “that doesn’t make sense,” don’t let the instinct to put the card back and pull again take over. If you truly wish to find immediate clarification, simply ask for a clarifying card, and pull again. If you are still confused, consider interpreting the surrounding cards first and coming back to the confusing card.

    If, by the end of interpreting the spread as a whole, that card is still a giant, muddled cloud over your head, take a photo of the spread or write down each card to make note of the reading, and come back to it later. The truth is that sometimes we simply aren’t able to make sense of everything within a reading, just like how we cannot always make sense of every situation we encounter or immediately understand why, how, and when things are happening. The fault tends to lie within us rather than the card itself, so allow time to pass before questioning the validity of that card.

    A Final Reminder

    While learning Tarot can be an immensely gratifying journey with rewards like self-growth, insight, and an enhanced intuition granted to you along the way, it’s inevitable that mistakes will be made along the way.

    Even while being aware of some of the common mistakes people make, you still may find yourself wanting to switch out a card or sticking within your comfort zone of memorized Tarot keywords – and that’s okay! Bumps existing in the road and you jumping over them can be a part of your journey too.

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    Many people view those who have the ability to read tarot cards, astrology charts, palms, and tea leaves with a bit of awe and of wonder – and rightly so. Exceptional readers have put a lifetime into studying their tools, having a strong code of ethics, and years of experience with readings. However, did you know that you don’t always need tarot or crystals or other metaphysical tools to be able to take a peek into the unknown? You can tell your own future with many everyday items.

    One of the most popular everyday divination with playing cards. Playing cards are derived from and are very similar to, tarot cards. There are 4 suits in a deck and each suit has 13 cards. There’s an extra court card in the tarot, and also has 22 trump cards called the major arcana. However, divination with playing cards can be read like the minor arcana of the tarot. It’s a skill that you’ll pick up very easily but takes a lifetime to master.

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    The Meanings of the Cards

    Reading playing cards is important to understanding the four suits in a deck of playing cards pertaining to a different area of your life and even the timing of events. The suit of hearts deal with emotional matters and may foretell events in the summertime.

    Diamonds deal with money, material objects, the tangible, and when it comes to timing, they hint at the season of winter. Clubs point to friendships, relationships, matters that require action and springtime. Spades indicate a conflict or warning and resonate with the season of autumn.

    • Aces: New beginnings.
    • Twos: A choice needs to be made.
    • Threes: Things are falling into place.
    • Fours: Foundation and stability.
    • Fives: Be prepared for an important event about to happen.
    • Sixes: A lack of focus.
    • Sevens: Luck, this can be either good or bad, depending on the surrounding cards.
    • Eights: Fate, or destiny.
    • Nines: A conflict or decisions may be coming to a head.
    • Tens: Completion. endings, or fulfillment.
    • Jacks: Messages are coming your way.
    • Queens: Knowledge, awareness, enlightenment.
    • Kings: Confidence, self-assurance, ego.
    • The Joker: Some playing card readers include the joker and some do not when performing tarot with playing cards. Whether you choose to do so is entirely up to you. I recommend it. The joker means that something unexpected and unpredictable is about to happen. It cautions you, no matter what the rest of the reading revealed, things could change in heartbeat, so be prepared!

    Now that you know the meaning of each suit and card, you need to apply your knowledge to interpret the message from reading the playing cards. Let’s use eights as an example. The eights mean fate or destiny. If you pulled the eight of hearts, it would mean something was fated in a relationship or your emotional destiny. However, if this was the eight of spades, then it could mean that a conflict or disagreement was destined to happen.

    Fortune telling with playing cards takes a bit of thought and objectivity to put the interpretation together. The more you understand the tarot card meanings, the better you’ll be at seeing how they all fit together. Half of the art of a tarot card reading is storytelling.

    You will develop the skill of reading playing cards, taking the message in the cards, and applying it to your life and the situation you are consulting the cards to answer.

    The Layout of the Cards

    When you tarot with playing cards, you’re going to lay them out in a pattern on a table or other flat surface. Your pattern is called a ‘spread’ or a ‘layout’. There are hundreds of different layouts to choose from. Most free tarot readings are done in a three-card spread.

    You can use the same spreads for playing cards as you do for tarot, or you might want to use something different. For beginners, a simple place to start when using playing cards as tarot is to use a four-card spread.

    Shuffle your cards, ask them your questions, lay the four cards out one by one face down, and read them left to right.

    • Card #1: This represents the main theme of your question.
    • Card #2: This card is showing you the advantages you’ve got working for you.
    • Card #3: The next card shows you the challenges, or perhaps what’s working against you.
    • Card #4. The final card reveals the potential outcome of your question.

    Pay close attention to cards that repeat themselves in a spread. In the above spread, you’ve only used four cards. That means that if you get two of any card – two threes, two queens, two sevens – pay close attention. The numbers are trying to alert you and send a message.

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    Concluding Thoughts

    You can tell your own future without having to be clairvoyant. With experience, you’ll start to become familiar with different combinations and layouts to master fortune-telling with playing cards. You’ll develop a real feel for what the cards are trying to reveal to you. Bear in mind that it’s not a quick fix.

    While you’ll be able to learn to read the cards immediately, it takes time, patience, and wisdom to become adept at tarot with playing cards.

    There are no hard and fast rules about reading your own cards. Do what feels comfortable and don’t get bogged down with details and thinking there is a perfect or correct interpretation of the tarot. Even the most experienced card readers will sometimes consult reputable professionals to get a second opinion. Approach the tarot with humility, respect, and the mindset that you will always learn something new with each reading.

    Editor’s note: This article was previously published November 28, 2016 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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    The Moon spends about 2 ½ days in one sign, and will be in your Sun sign for about 2 ½ days every month. But… what does this mean for you?

    The Moon is the planet that moves fastest in astrology, covering all 12 zodiac signs in less than one month. None of the other planets even come close!

    Since the Moon moves so quickly, it will touch every part of your natal chart in every way possible every month. Today, we’re going to dive deep into what it means when the Moon is in your zodiac sign and what you should do during these times.

    The Moon in Astrology

    In astrology, the Moon governs emotions. In your natal chart, the Moon rules what you need for emotional security and stability, and how you express yourself emotionally. This is found with the sign your Moon falls in and the house the Moon is located.

    Don’t know your Moon sign and house location? Use the free birth chart calculator!

    The transit Moon brings emotional energy wherever it goes. It spends about 2 – 3 days in one natal house, and brings emotional focus to whatever that house rules. It touches every one of your planets, and amplifies the energy of that planet when the transit Moon is in the same sign as that planet.

    The Moon is the natural ruling planet of the sign Cancer, a Water sign full of emotion and craving comfort and support. The Moon naturally rules the 4th house, which governs the home, family, and internal foundation, our roots from which we grow.

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    Your Monthly Personal New Moon

    You’ll often find that one of the most (if not the most) important periods for you every month is when the Moon is in your Sun sign. The Sun is your true self, who you really are, and the Moon connecting with the Sun lights you up. This is your personal New Moon, a time when energy, enthusiasm, and excitement can be higher, and you can open up to new ideas, new opportunities, and new journeys.

    Everyone is familiar with the New Moons that are talked about every month, involving the transit Sun and Moon coming together. With your personal New Moon, this is a new moon just for you, with the transit Moon coming together with your natal Sun to give you energy for the new.

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    The Best Ways to Use the Moon in Your Sign

    When the Moon is in your sign, this is your monthly opportunity to explore possibilities, make use of energy, and pursue ideas.

    Want to start a new project or venture? Put together new plans? Go over new ideas and take initiative? This may be the best time of the month to do it!

    Don’t let this time each month pass by eventless. Make use of it every month, even if you don’t get to deal with anything else astrologically! It’s an easy way to take advantage of some helpful astrology.

    If your Sun is in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), you may find energy is highest for you to take action in a tangible way. You can be optimistic and enthusiastic, and can’t wait to take the initiative for what you want.

    If your Sun is in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), you may find you want to take action in practical ways, and can stick with what you begin. You can be less afraid of action and more willing to push forward.

    If your Sun is in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), you may find the ideas and plans you’re working on push you to act, and you can get excited by what you come up with. You can get out of your mind a little to take action.

    If your Sun is in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you may find your emotions drive you to act, and you can get out of just feeling and start moving. Your intuition can be strong, and help guide you with decisions and actions.

    When the New Moon or Full Moon is in Your Sign

    There are times when the Moon is in your sign, it’s not just any Moon, and it’s occurring with a New Moon or Full Moon. There are 1-2 New Moons or Full Moons in every sign every year, so you’ll experience 1-2 New Moons or Full Moons in your Sun sign a year.

    When a New Moon is in your sign, this takes the energy and cranks it up about 100 notches! This is an amazing time for new beginnings, and you can feel pulled to do something new that’s a focus for the next 6-12 months. The New Moon in your sign is one of the times each year you should look forward to!

    When a Full Moon is in your sign, this means the Moon is in your sign and the Sun is opposing. Full Moons correspond to culminations, so you can use the Full Moon in your sign to bring something to fruition, finish something big, and see the results of months of labor. This tends to be important, and can be somewhat emotional. This is a time of the year when you should carefully consider your actions and plans, and make sure to tend to yourself emotionally so you can handle whatever passes.


    You don’t have to wait for specific New Moons to make use of new moon energy. You have the opportunity every month!

    Make sure to follow the movement of the Moon, and see what you can do when the Moon is in your sign. Checking your daily horoscope can help too!

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