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Crystals are wonderful things. To tap into the magic of a crystal is to tap into the essence of the earth itself. We have crystals for all different things: crystals for healing, crystals for travelling, crystals for strength, crystals for love, crystals for wisdom – and so forth.

But what about crystals for your life path number?

The life path number is mysterious because it represents – as the term suggests – the path your life will take and it is discovered through adding your birth date up until you reach a single digit. Of course, we all have free will, but the life path number goes into detail about the lessons you were meant to learn while on earth and the type of obstacles you are likely to meet. By exploring the life path number, we can deduce the specific challenges and values we were meant to come across and encompass.

Crystals and the life path number are intertwined because they both represent aspects of the Universal consciousness, a mysterious force that connects us all. As we approach 2020, it can be very handy for us to know which crystals are luckiest for us based on our life path number.

To find out your life path number, go to our calculator here.

2020 is a significant year on many levels. It not only marks the start of a new decade, but in Chinese Astrology it also represents the beginning of a new twelve-year cycle (the Year of the Rat). It is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts.

Your Lucky Crystal for 2020, Based on Your Life Path Number:

Life Path 1: Sodalite

Otherwise known as the Leader, people born on the life path number 1 are here to learn about independence and individuality. They may be faced with challenges that urge them to build their self-confidence and find their voice.

The crystal, sodalite, is the luckiest crystal for them in 2020 – it is a crystal that focuses on truth and communications and in the year when new beginnings are at their most prominent, it can help you speak out with self-assurance and confidence; it is especially potent when worn around the neck.

Life Path 2: Rose Quartz

Also known as the Diplomat, people born on the life path number 2 are here to learn about balance and partnerships with others. Challenges they face can include tapping into their own emotions in order to connect with others on a deeper level.

The crystal, rose quartz, is their lucky crystal in 2020, especially if they are experiencing emotional blockages. Rose quartz is a stone of love and understanding, particularly good for encouraging love and harmony, and opening up the Heart chakra.

Life Path 3: Tiger’s Eye

Also known as the Socializer, people born on the life path number 3 are here to learn about creativity and self-expression. Challenges they face can include finding a fine balance between realism and optimism, and learning to keep their head on the ground.

Tiger’s eye, is perfect for them in 2020, especially as this is a year which may be full of emotional ups and downs for them, if they do not manage to find that balance. Tiger’s eye has great power in focusing the mind and helping to solve problems without being blinkered by emotions.

Life Path 4: Fluorite

Otherwise known as the Worker, people born on the life path number 4 are here to learn about discipline and structure in the material world. Challenges they face can include finding a balance between their need for security and their aspirations.

The crystal, fluorite, is their lucky crystal in 2020 because it has the ability to neutralize stress (4’s can be very prone to stress due to their strong desire for material security) and also increases our sense of self-confidence and worth.

Life Path 5: Agate

Also known as the Free Spirit, people born on the life path number 5 are here to learn about adventure and freeing themselves from restrictions. Challenges they face can include finding a balance between routine and spontaneity. These people can be very rebellious.

The crystal, agate, is their lucky crystal in 2020 because it is a powerful grounding stone that can help them keep their feet firmly on the ground and not get too lost in their own heads.

Life Path 6: Angelite

Also known as the Nurturer, people born on the life path number 6 are here to learn about nurturing others, relationships, family and responsibility. Challenges they face can include ensuring their environments are harmonious for themselves and their loved ones.

Angelite is a beautiful crystal that is perfect for them in 2020. As great changes may be inevitable during this year, people on life path 6 may struggle to find a balance between head and heart. Angelite is a powerful stone for inner strength, love and connecting to the best of yourself. Its energy is calming and soothing.

Life Path 7: Smokey Quartz

Otherwise known as the Mystic, people born on the life path number 7 are usually gifted in the realms of intuition, psychic ability and strong creativity. Challenges they face can include learning to value their rational mind as much as their intuitive one.

Smokey quartz is their lucky crystal in 2020; a 7 can veer off into escapism if life becomes too challenging and 2020 will present its own set of challenges. Smokey quartz is an excellent grounding stone, can neutralize negative energy and help strengthen the rational mind.

Life Path 8: Amethyst

Also known as the Commander, people born on the life path number 8 are driven, passionate, authoritarian and focused on success. Challenges they face can include knowing when to relinquish powers to others or learning when to take charge.

Amethyst is their lucky stone in 2020; this crystal is good for many things, but the amethyst is particularly good for a number 8 because it helps neutralize the ego and pave the way for the higher self. It brings clarity and good judgement and helps people become the best of themselves.

Life Path 9: Merlinite

Also known as the Humanitarian, people born on the life path number 9 are here to learn about compassion, acceptance and peace between all people. Challenges they face include facing problems head-on and learning vital lessons from each experience. Sometimes 9’s can be so overwhelmed by their experiences that they immerse themselves too much in the physical world to avoid experiencing pain.

Their lucky crystal in 2020 is merlinite, a powerful crystal for tapping into intuition and inner wisdom. As 2020 looks set to be a year of great change and ground-breaking energy, this crystal can help them harness the power of their instincts and higher self, which can help them find the deeper meaning behind everything.

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