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Ever wonder why you dream of things you have never seen or animals you’ve never met? It’s not that you’re just traveling around the world and seeing things when you’re sleeping. The laws of gravity aren’t there holding you in your body when you’re sleeping and your soul is having an out of body experience.

However, the place you’re visiting is not in the dimension you observe with your five senses when you’re awake. It is the land of your intuition, which is colored with your subconscious. You may see familiar things in your dreams but the land you are in is offering you healing symbols and stories that will help you see helpful solutions in your waking life.

Let’s take some time to unlock the healing that we can find when animals show up in our dreams. It’s not a bad thing to see a scary animal in your dream. Your dreams are always there to help you and awaken you to a deeper truth to free you from negativity in your mind. When you see the larger and more ferocious wild animals, your soul is showing you your own strength.

Let’s see what these animals likely mean when they show up as well as how to interpret what they are doing in ways that will help you unlock your personal power.

Animals in Dreams: The Symbolism


The lion symbolizes leadership qualities, inner strength, wisdom, and an innate sense of protection. If you see a lion in your dreams, it is helping you see that you may be giving away your power by thinking less of yourself than of others. Think about how you may feel inferior or how someone may be influencing you to think that you’re not capable of doing something you want when the lion shows up in your dreams.

The lion is about stepping into your power by trusting your inner guidance and bringing it forward. Cats are very intuitive and they can sense emotions. A lion may show up in your dreams to help you see that it’s time to awaken your intuition and use it so that you make an important decision. The lion is your subconscious protecting you from repeating patterns of behavior that give your power away or make you think that you’re unable to take decisive actions.


The tiger is a master at getting what they want. A tiger shows up to show you that you can track down what you want. When you sense the power of a tiger, it’s visceral. That same power lies within your mind to focus on what you desire. The eye of the tiger represents your own inner vision which can help you manifest. If the tiger shows up in your dream, it’s likely to help you see that you can manifest when you focus your energy.

The tiger is also mothering which is about the fertility of ideas. Tigers are solitary animals and the symbol can help you find your own independence. A tiger likes to provide for itself in the wild and the males and females hunt. A tiger in your dream may be helping you see that you need to think for yourself or find a way to be more independent in how you live your life. We often get this dream when our family is influencing our decision making.

However, a tiger can also show you that you are being aggressive and killing your own happiness. If you feel the tiger is creating havoc in your dream, look at ways to deal with your own anger, and take responsibility for how your reactions are making you blame other people for your emotions.

Or, perhaps, the tiger in your dream represents an individual whose Chinese zodiac animal is the Tiger. Click here to read more about the Tiger of the Chinese zodiac.


The bear symbol is really interesting. Bears are more about gathering what you need for the future and using your time to prepare. They are often in our dream to help us see the need to hibernate as well. If you see a bear in your dream, pay attention to what they are doing because that will clue you into the aspect of the bear’s personality that is within you and ready to come forward. Bears have a home or a cave and often they are in our dreams to help us see the need to create stability or a healthier environment for us. Look at how the energy around you may be affecting you and if this resonates with the feeling you had in your dream.

Bears are nurturing so often we are getting a message to reconnect with what our body needs because we may be pushing too hard. Bears are not concerned with becoming famous because they are in harmony with nature, the cycles of the seasons, the migration of the fish, etc. The bear often shows up to help us see that we are not paying attention to our true nature and what our soul really wants.

Animals Chasing You

Regardless of which animal shows up, what they are doing in your dream also helps you see how your mind is affecting you. If the animal is chasing you, it represents a thought that you are allowing to rule your mind. More than likely this is a fear, a way of thinking that is limiting you, or that you’re allowing yourself to be intimidated by past experiences that may be shaping your identity.

Perhaps there is a fear of the opinions of others, a fear of failing, or a fear of being judged that is chasing you in your mind and keeping you from letting your light shine brighter. Whatever that thought is, it’s coming forward to help you let it go, and see that you can be much happier. Being chased is the subconscious telling you that you don’t have to allow those thoughts in your mind anymore.

Animals in Water

It’s common to see animals in water and water represents emotions. We often have water in our dreams when we are pushing our emotions away and not dealing with them.

If you see an animal in the water, think about the characteristics of this animal and how their strengths are being masked in your life by negative emotions. Sometimes the animal will show up because we are exhibiting a negative expression of the animal and if we allow ourselves to look at the emotions, we can harness the energy into something more positive and productive.

Animals Looking Into Your Eyes

This type of dream will often stand out because it’s a bit startling to look into the eyes of another creature.

Think of it as looking into a mirror or seeing into your soul. We can harness the strength, playfulness, resourcefulness, agility, curiosity, and other characteristics by asking our intuition which characteristic is lying dormant within us. This will almost always relate to some situations in your life you feel frustrated with. It will help you solve an energetic issue that is making you feel as if you have limited options.

Animals Sleeping

The symbol of an animal sleeping helps you see a hidden talent. If you see an obscure animal, look up the strengths or traits of that animal, and see what resonates with what you feel in your heart. This can help unlock your own success because we excel when we recognize our hidden talents, focus on them, and allow ourselves to share them.

Additionally, a sleeping animal may just mean we need rest and there is a healing that needs to happen. We may be overthinking, overworking, or stressing ourselves to the point of burnout if we see a sleeping animal in our dream.

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The reason we connect to a good story is that we are all a part of the story of society, we all experience certain highs and lows, and we all have similar emotional growth through our experiences. These stories play out in our dreams as well just like a movie. The writer is our soul who is using our own experiences, fears, and associations to reveal helpful messages to us while our body recovers during sleep.

The more you read about dream interpretation the easier it will be to unlock the hidden meanings in your dreams. You can use our dream dictionary to look up things you see in your dreams and remember one key piece of information which is that everything in your dream represents a part of you.

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While the Full Moon and New Moon often get all the attention when it comes to lunar events, the real savvy astrologer also tracks the first quarter Moon and last quarter Moon. The quarter Moon is the halfway point essentially. The first quarter Moon is the halfway point between the New Moon and Full Moon and the last quarter Moon is the halfway point between the Full Moon and New Moon.

Now, if that makes your head spin, stay with us, we are going to break this down and show you just how valuable this quarter Moon is.

First, what is important to know is the energy of the two periods just mentioned. For those that aren’t familiar with Moon cycles, the New Moon is when the veil is thin between the physical world and the Divine, and it’s during this time we can grasp our highest spiritual inspiration for what we can begin in the new cycle. For two and a half weeks, we move towards the Full Moon.

Each day, more of the Moon is illuminated and our energy builds for our goals. When we reach the Full Moon, it is a time of culmination when we see things move forward and blessings arrive as well as a time of release. Then we descend into darkness for two and a half weeks as there is less of the Moon illuminated each day as we approach the next New Moon.

The “Crisis” of the Quarter Moon, Explained:

Now that we have established the placement of the quarter moons, we can now more easily understand why astrologers refer to this midway point as a crisis.

The Square Aspect:

Essentially what is happening is there is a ninety-degree angle between the Sun and the Moon at this time, which is why we see half of the Moon. This angle is called a square. A square always represents a challenge but this doesn’t have to mean the outcome is bad.

How prepared you are to face the tension that is inherent in a crisis will greatly alter your experience of a quarter Moon crisis. Even if you’re not actively trying to manifest something in the lunar cycle, on this day, you may feel like you need to finally make a decision or something may come into your life that feels like a challenge. It is a turning point, a moment to face your fears or let them win. We will also have people around us going through some sort of a mini-crisis because tensions are running high. Small things may get blown out of proportion because we are feeling more stressed too.

The First Quarter Moon:

The opportunity of the first quarter Moon is to embrace the first obstacle that shows up to your goal or welcome the first sign of things moving forward. We do not have control over what shows up, but our control lies in how we respond. Do we give up on our goals or persevere? Do we let our minds become negative, or trust in the magnetic power of positive energy? On the first quarter Moon, often plans can go awry as we will also often see on a Full Moon, but more than likely you’ll notice you feel a bit more on edge from this energy pushing you out of your own comfort zone.

The Last Quarter Moon:

During the last quarter Moon, the crisis may feel a bit different. We may feel like we aren’t moving forward because it is not time to expand, but to go within and prepare for the clarity that will arrive on the New Moon. We may start to process the emotions that need to come forward for us. We enter the darkness to meet our spirit and go within. Our creative energy is not peaking and we aren’t necessarily seeing how to connect the dots to move forward in the outside world because we need to prepare ourselves and take care of ourselves in the present moment to become fully aware of what is going to arrive intuitively.

Know What Sign the Quarter Moon Is In

To be better equipped on a quarter Moon, you want to understand first of all how the Moon affects us all. It is our emotions that are most strongly affected by the Moon. The Moon is the closest to us, so it travels faster relative to the other planets and affects us more potently.

The reason our emotions are always changing is that every two and a half days, the Moon moves into another zodiac sign and beams us the qualities of that sign, emotionally. The quarter Moon energy will highlight the very energy of the sign that it is visiting in our own psyche. This means if we know the elements of signs, we will also know what type of crisis might arrive in our minds.

Moon in Earth Signs

For example, Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) often focus on the home, jobs, money, plans, family, and fixing things. You could expect your boss to call a meeting to address organization, efficiency, or perhaps you’d get an interview scheduled for a potential new job. You may be struck with the need to organize your garage or you may come home and your partner already is.

Moon in Water Signs

Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) however, often focus on emotions, healing, intuition, spiritual pursuits, and artistic expression. This could mean we are extra emotional and that people around us may also be bursting into tears or talking about some past memory seemingly out of nowhere. It could also mean you get stronger intuitive insights about how to achieve or tweak your goals. Be patient with yourself and kind to yourself if you hit an emotional wall and soothe your soul to let yourself heal.

Moon in Fire Signs

A quarter Moon in a Fire sign (Leo, Sagittarius, Aries) will often bring out anger or we can transmute it into passion to drive us forward. We also would want to be aware that everyone around us was getting blasted with Fire energy so we wouldn’t want to not enter into altercations. The confidence of the Fire element could push you to really hit the ground running towards your goal or to finally draft your letter of resignation.

Moon in Air Signs

A quarter Moon crisis in an Air sign (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra) could have people feeling a bit ‘all-over-the-place.’ It could also bring new ideas, help you feel more outgoing and ready to branch out, or bring some anxiety because of the boost to our mental sphere. We could also expect people to be more communicative, long-winded, and even flirtatious. Of course, each sign has it’s own unique energy as well which can help you understand how the crisis theme will unravel. Just remember, it’s temporary, and the world is not ending even if it feels like it is.

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Too many people miss out on the significance of the quarter Moon and its opportunity for us to see our own patterns more clearly. If we can use the way we respond to the crisis to better understand our own patterns and fears that are holding us back, we can become wiser. Additionally, if we are prepared for something to move forward, we are more likely to actually see the opportunity right in front of us.

In summary, be prepared for people around you to be freaking out about something. Take the extra time on a quarter Moon to find your zen whether that means driving slower, taking more frequent breaks, listening to soothing music, or just taking deep slow breaths. In order to keep up to speed with the planets, use our handy Astrology calendar. And to best understand when the past will come back to be healed in certain areas of life or why things don’t seem to be moving forward during lunar cycles, you’ll need the Complete Guide to 2020 Retrogrades.

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The immersion into the Age of Aquarius has already brought significant change on both an individual and global scale. Individually, people are beginning to ‘wake up’. This means that a number of people are beginning to shed their skin in the physical world and enter the path of spiritual awakening, which can include reconnecting with your soul’s purpose, activating your psychic abilities and contributing to the global shift of consciousness.

With this shift, greater interest in numerology has occurred, which includes the Master Numbers.

What are the Master Numbers?

Everyone has a Life Path number which ranges from 1 to 9, each number representing a soul’s purpose and what you are meant to learn during your time on earth. However, there are three numbers which do not fit into the single-digit spectrum and these are 11, 22 and 33 – otherwise known as the Master Numbers. People with Master Numbers in their numerology charts are believed to possess special skills and attributes that will help with the spiritual progression of the human race.

Master Number 11 represents ‘Old Souls’ and are said to possess psychic gifts of prophecy, clairvoyance and empathy.

Master Number 22 represents ‘Master Builders’ and are said to possess the same psychic gifts of 11, but have the added benefit of bringing their dreams into reality with discipline and focus.

Master Number 33 represents ‘Master Teachers’ whose soul purpose is to devote oneself to a spiritual uplifting for humanity and the planet. This number represents pure selflessness, guidance and compassion.

Lucky Crystals for the Master Numbers:

It is important to remember that a Master Number can also apply to anyone at any point in their life, even if a Master Number is not present in their numerology chart. For example, many people have reported seeing the numbers 11:11 popping up as they go about their daily business. Their eyes might slide to the clock as the exact timing is 11:11 or they might see 11:11 on a billboard or poster. Often, this is a sign from the universe that you’re on the right track or there is spiritual work to be done.

As we have entered a new year, new decade and, in Chinese Astrology, a new 12-year cycle in the Year of the Rat, the era of great change applies to every one of us. Many are waking up to psychic abilities; many are working to create change in the world where injustice occurs; some are working hard to guide mankind into a place of selflessness and spiritual understanding.

Is a Master Number in your numerology chart or have you been seeing a Master Number everywhere you go? Do you feel an odd, compelling sensation that draws you to Master Numbers or you find you can’t stop reading about them? Below are some lucky crystals to use for 2020 which vibrate at the same level as each of these three Master Numbers and can help you on your spiritual journey.

Crystals for Master Number 11


Selenite is a high-vibrational crystal that taps helps one tap into the subconscious with ease. It is excellent for meditation and spiritual work as it helps calm the conscious mind. It is a healing stone that can align a person’s internal energies into harmony with one another.


Merlinite is a powerful crystal for psychic ability. It attracts good luck and strong magic into a person’s life and stimulates intuition. It is powerful in the sense it enables to your access your inner world and the natural world.

The Master Number 11 is all about psychic abilities and learning how to use them which is most beneficial for yourself and all humanity. Both of these crystals resonate at the same vibrational rate as 11 and can help you on your journey.

Crystals for Master Number 22

Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz is a healing crystal that has the ability to transform negative energy into positive. It enhances a person’s perception of their surroundings and is excellent in merging the spiritual world and the physical world as one.

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Aventurine is a stone of leadership. It promotes prosperity, compassion, empathy and determination. This is a crystal that is able to take a person’s inner world and manifest it into the outer world, providing one with the courage to do so and overcome obstacles in their path.

Master Number 22 encompasses the intuitive and psychic abilities, but it is also about building your dreams into the real world. These two crystals can help you imagine and build in equal measure.

Crystals for Master Number 33

Black Coral:

The Black Coral crystal is about purification and regeneration. It dispels the fear of darkness and can transform negative energy and bestow peace on an individual. This is a powerful crystal resonating at the same vibration as this Master Number, which requires patience and focus to achieve its aims.


Celestite combines a strong spiritual strength and awareness with emotional resilience and focus in day-to-day tasks by keeping one eye on the ‘higher path’ and one eye on the physical world. This Master Number is one of patience, focus and teaching, and Celestite can help remind an individual of their soul’s purpose so they do not get too caught up in negative energies on the physical plane or distractions.

Master Number 33 is one of guidance for all of humanity. Both of these crystals can help you teach and guide others, while never losing sight of your goal or mission.

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The day of love is upon us, Valentine’s Day! Has Cupid shot you with its arrow? (hopefully in the right spot!) Or are you still on the prowl for your Prince/ss? Love horoscopes and astrology can shed light on either situation!

You can use your Sun sign to tell you how you approach relationships, though if you want to be really thorough and on-target, also assess your Moon sign (your emotional needs and approach) and your Venus sign (the planet of love; this article on your Venus sign may be helpful).

Don’t know either of these? Go use the free birth chart generator to find them!

You may find you operate a little differently when you’re in a relationship versus when you’re single and mingling. The “relationship you” may be shown more accurately through your 7th house sign (go generate your birth chart if you don’t know that either!).

The 7th house rules committed relationships, so once you’ve got your partner, it kicks in (this article on 7th house signs may be helpful). You may find the Sun to be more accurate when you’re single and dating.

Want to know if now is a beneficial or challenging time for your love life? Keep up with the daily love horoscope for your sign!

Now let’s go through each of the single and attached zodiac signs.

Love Horoscopes for the Signs, Single or Attached:

Single Aries:

The single Aries is a hunter, someone who loves the game and the chase. You’re a great dater, and you likely have no shortage of potential suitors. You take a light-hearted approach to love and dating and don’t want to be too serious too fast. Look for someone who can keep up with your energy and shares your enthusiasm for life.

You’re not likely going to do very well with someone who is clingy and too emotional. Someone who can let loose is right up your alley. Maybe try meeting someone while rock climbing or parasailing!

Attached Aries:

The attached Aries brings that trademark Aries energy and enthusiasm into their relationship. You want to enjoy your time with your partner and can spice things up routinely. Make time to do something fun together, and bonus points when it’s something physical (use up that energy!). Go for a hike, go camping, travel, or just play a game of paintball!

You can be remarkably committed once you settle on someone, but you do need to work on being more open and making sure you’re being attentive. Focus on your partner and not just yourself.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Aries: anything that keeps you physically active and engaged.

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Single Taurus:

The single Taurus is slow to warm up, preferring to take its time in all matters, including the heart. You’re someone who doesn’t want to rush. But you are also very sensual, which can attract lots of interested parties to you, and you can fully take advantage of the physical fun.

Once you’re with someone, you’re all the way, so be fun and no strings attached while you have the chance. You likely need someone who will do the instigating since you can be a little cautious about making the first move.

Attached Taurus:

The attached Taurus is as loyal as they come (mostly!). You don’t care too much for change, so once you’re with someone, you’re with them. You’re fairly comfortable with commitment, though it can take some time for you to get there. After the long process of getting there, you’re usually not interested in moving from that place.

You may have a tendency to let things get stale though, so be open to changing things up every so often to keep that from happening. Surprise your partner (and yourself!).

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Taurus: something with the senses (couple’s massage or spa day, concert, an exhibit, and of course, anything with food!)

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Single Gemini:

The single Gemini loves to date and can keep those who date them on their toes. Your variety of interests can make you a fascinating creature, and you can be pretty charming in conversation. The people you’re most likely to be interested in are the ones who can keep up with your mind, and that you find interesting as well. If you think they’re dull, you’re kicking them to the curb!

You may want to try meeting someone doing something that you enjoy so you have a mutual interest you can talk about (along with everything else!).

Attached Gemini:

The attached Gemini likes to keep it fresh. You don’t care to let things become stagnant in your relationships (and may go running when they do). You can be open to experimenting with your partner and having new experiences you can talk about together.

You can be surprisingly romantic, and come up with all sorts of romantic scenes for your partner. But you can also be in your head a little too much sometimes, so make sure you’re connecting emotionally and physically, and not just letting the mind rule.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Gemini: something with a group so there’s plenty of conversation or something that stimulates the mind (like a thought-provoking film)

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Single Cancer:

The single Cancer is focused on finding someone they can connect with emotionally. You crave emotional understanding with others, and you can be so nurturing and supportive and want that in return. You may be a little hesitant to pursue anything with anyone until you’re sure of the emotional connection.

Others can find your emotional maturation to be attractive, though you do have to watch for attracting those to you who are just looking for a mommy/daddy (no good!). The right person for you is someone who supports you emotionally and makes you feel secure.

Attached Cancer:

The attached Cancer is incredibly supportive of their partner. You want them to feel good all of the time, and you’ll do what you can to make that happen. You can help build them up and keep things steady for them in the background so they can shine.

You can be romantic, attentive, and tend to the emotional needs of your partner and your relationship, but there may be times when you ignore yourself, your own wants and needs, and end up feeling a little empty. Make sure your partner is giving you as much support and you give them.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Cancer: cuddling at home with cookies

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Single Leo:

The single Leo is the dating professional. This sign rules dating! So as a Leo, you know how the game goes. You enjoy dating lots of people (maybe all at once), and want the attention you get from all of these romantic entanglements. You’re warm, fun, friendly, and charming, and people can gravitate toward that.

When you’re not in a relationship, you likely just want to enjoy yourself and be carefree. You can throw yourself so fully into a relationship that you need to bask in the dating glow before it’s gone.

Attached Leo:

The attached Leo is incredibly loyal (the loyal lion!). When you’re with someone, you really don’t want anyone else. You can give your heart fully, and you can make the relationship warm and happy. You can spend time at home lounging with your partner and enjoy it just as much as going out on the town and being glamorous together.

You can be pretty generous, and sometimes this can mean you give more than you get – a lot more! So make sure your partner isn’t someone who steals your light and keeps you from shining. They should be someone who loves your light and encourages you to shine brighter.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Leo: one part drama (going somewhere glitzy or doing something fab-u-lous, like out of a movie) and one part comfort (have the pj’s waiting at the end of the night with some cake)

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Single Virgo:

The single Virgo is perhaps the shyest of the zodiac signs. You generally don’t want to make any moves unless you’re absolutely certain the person wants you to, so you’re more likely to be hunted instead of doing the hunting. You may not care very much for the “game” of dating and can be just as well alone. When you’re single, you may be very, very single!

You need someone who is more open to showing how they feel about you so you can be comfortable showing how you feel about them. Someone who can get you to open up more is perfect for you. Also, ditch the list (you know you have one!).

Attached Virgo:

The attached Virgo can be the most attentive of the zodiac signs. You pay attention to the details in every area of your life, including your relationships. Paying attention can be the way you express love and affection for someone. Does your partner complain about the annoying dripping faucet in the bathroom? You get right to fixing, and probably won’t even say anything. You don’t need the attention and feel good just knowing you did it.

This can lead you to be in relationships where you’re always trying to fix things though, and perfectionism can get the better of you. Try to learn to be happy with things as they are. Minor issues in relationships don’t mean they’re wrong, just normal!

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Virgo: something quiet where the two of you can talk and give undivided attention to one another

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Single Libra:

The single Libra is a charmer. (and often a heartbreaker, ha!) There’s something beautiful and effortless about you, even if not in a conventional way, and people can be drawn to you because of it. You have a way of being with someone and making it feel like it’s just the two of you. You like making people feel special, which makes them like you a lot!

Even if you date a lot, you’re likely someone who doesn’t care too much for being single (though you may not project that). In your heart, you like being attached, so dating for you tends to be for the singular purpose of meeting a partner, not for fun.

Attached Libra:

The attached Libra places a lot of value in having a partner. You may feel that you’re at your best when you’re with someone, and that makes your relationships super important to you. You can also be very supportive of your partner, and encourage them to reach new heights in their life. You can be a great cheerleader.

The best partner for you is someone who gives you as much as you give them. There needs to be mutual respect and admiration for the relationship to thrive. When you have that, you can feel powerful, like you can mold the world in your hands. It helps you feel balanced, and you can strive to maintain balance, peace, and harmony in your relationship.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Libra: something where you have to dress up and show each other off

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Single Scorpio:

The single Scorpio is magnetic and intoxicating. You can draw someone to you with one (brooding) look. People may be drawn to you in ways they (or you) don’t understand. You can be passionate and intense, and want to make things serious, but this can be a little too much too fast sometimes. Slow it down, and let the fire build to get the intensity you’re looking for.

You’re likely drawn to those you feel are mysterious, riddles for you to solve, and they keep you interested for some time. Just make sure their mystery isn’t that they’re terrible for you (serial killers, out!).

Attached Scorpio:

The attached Scorpio is totally, completely devoted to their partner. You don’t want anyone else, can’t think of anyone else, and only have eyes for your partner. This loyalty can make them feel confident and believe in your feelings. If you don’t go overboard, anyway!

You can bring passion to your relationship, and you can be willing to work on issues that come up. You’re a problem solver by nature, and you’re not afraid of climbing into the dark depths of the relationship if it means making it better. You need someone who is willing to do that with you, and keeps you from getting lost in the darkness.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Scorpio: something taboo, or maybe one of those escape room games

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Single Sagittarius:

The single Sagittarius is the super bachelor. Everyone knows Sagittarius is the eternal bachelor! Sagittarius absolutely loves the game (this is the Archer, after all). You love the chase, the thrill of it all, and being attached may seem like a nightmare to some of you. Dating is where you’re comfortable, and you can be passionate, interesting, and fun.

Keeping it light is a-okay with you, and no strings attached can be your mantra. That just leaves you free to have all of the earthly experiences you desire without any person or responsibility to hold you back.

Attached Sagittarius:

The attached Sagittarius is the hardest to pin down. You don’t want to feel held back, so the right partner for you is someone who doesn’t do that much. They should be someone who is confident enough to let you wander and roam. At the same time, you should show them respect for that, and show your loyalty.

Once you do truly commit, you can be a wonderful partner to have. You bring fun and adventure into your relationships, share your experiences with your partner, and always want to make them smile.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Sagittarius: traveling somewhere new (or faking it with some exotic cuisine)

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Single Capricorn:

The single Capricorn has an earthy confidence that can be incredibly attractive to others. You’re someone who knows exactly what you want and how to get it, and that can also be true in dating. You may focus on those you respect, admire, look up to, or maybe attract those who feel that way about you.

You’re a goal-oriented person, so you may set some dating goals that you’d like to meet or goals for the people that you date. This can suck out some of the fun though, so try not to let that take over.

Attached Capricorn:

The attached Capricorn is committed and responsible. You’ll take care of things in your relationship, and make sure responsibilities are being met. Your partner doesn’t need to worry about these things since you’ve got them covered, but the best person for you is someone who helps you with those responsibilities instead of letting you shoulder them alone.

Being in a relationship can be an excellent situation for you since it allows you to feel settled in your personal life, which frees you up to pursue external or professional goals with zeal and focus. You may find you accomplish more with the right partner.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Capricorn: something that lets you hobnob with important people

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Single Aquarius:

The single Aquarius can be fun yet a little elusive. You’re someone who wants to try new things all of the time, and this can mean you also like meeting lots of new, different people. Your roster of past exes may be pretty eclectic! But that’s what you need to be interested in someone. Something about them needs to be very different from whatever you think of when you hear the word, Normal.

You can keep things light, and likely avoid using standard terms for a while. Ultimately, the best person for you will be someone you think of as your best friend. Friends are governed by this sign, after all!

Attached Aquarius:

The attached Aquarius can be surprisingly loyal. As much as you may date around when single, you likely have no interest in that when attached, and have a hard time letting go of someone. You can fantasize about the future you’ll have together, and want to achieve your dreams together. You can push your partner to pursue their dreams, and hope they return the favor.

You may not be the most passionate person, so a good fit for you is someone that can bring that out of you. There’s a fire somewhere inside of you, so let them light it up!

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Aquarius: something experimental or that you’ve never heard of before, or with some friends

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Single Pisces:

The single Pisces may fall a LOT. You have a big heart and lots of feelings, and you can fall in love a zillion times in your life, even if only in the dreamworld in your head sometimes. You’re super sensitive, compassionate, and want to be there for anyone you care about. This may mean you attract some emotional vampires though, so try to keep your distance from them.

The best person for you is someone who has a gentle touch with your feelings and is a bit protective of you. You’ll bring the romance and go big if you feel they’re worth it.

Attached Pisces:

The attached Pisces is incredibly sacrificing for their partner. You want to do anything they need you to and can go above and beyond. You’re so supportive and loving, romantic and sweet. You can feel your best when you’re with someone, but this can lead you to fall into some bad relationships with bad people, so don’t be so uncomfortable with being single that you attach yourself to anyone.

Your biggest danger in relationships tends to be losing yourself in them. Maintain a solid sense of self to avoid that, and choose a partner that respects healthy boundaries.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day date for Pisces: something super romantic, sappy, think lots of roses and love songs and champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries

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No matter what your sign or relationship status, celebrate love now! If you want to learn more about astrological compatibility, check out Tthe Truth About Astrological Compatibility to get started, peruse all of the love articles on the site, or use the compatibility generator.

Live in love!

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