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Are you excited for the upcoming New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd? If so, good! Because there is much to be excited about!

As the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, the Pisces fish represents a host of deep and mysterious attributes such as healing, surrender, transcendence and sacrifice. When the Moon is in Pisces, we tend to go inwards and feel a stronger connection with our emotions and inner self. We become more distanced from the physical world and more in tune with the spiritual one; and when it’s a New Moon in Pisces, all of this is amplified even more.

The New Moon is all about new beginnings – setting new intentions, achieving new goals, reflecting on the old and thinking about how things can be better with the new. Under the influence of Pisces, this newness has a strong attachment to what lies deep within us – New Moons herald new beginnings on a number of levels, such as physical, mental and emotional. In Pisces, the transformations are very much focused on the spiritual.

And that’s why it’s so exciting! Spiritual transformations lie at the core of all other transformations. Your deepest self is what influences your impact and movements in the physical realm. This is a gentle New Moon and it encourages open honesty and gentleness with oneself and others.

The Sun is in Pisces too and this empowers the spirit of Pisces even more!

With all this Piscean energy in the air, you can expect epiphanies and transformations of all kinds emerging. New Moon rituals can help enhance this energy even more. When you combine it with a good Tarot card reading, you can make the most of this New Moon in Pisces and see how this deeply spiritual and transformational time can work for you!

Below is a New Moon in Pisces Tarot spread – cards at the ready!

4-Card Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Pisces:

Question: What do I need to manifest in my life during this New Moon?

  • Card 1: The change I need in my life
  • Card 2: Why it needs to change
  • Card 3: How I can change it
  • Card 4: The obstacles in my way

Below is an example reading so you can see how this New Moon Tarot spread can work for you:

Card 1: 2 of Cups

This card indicates that a relationship or friendship in my life needs to undergo a transformation. The 2 of Cups indicates a romantic relationship or close friendship with someone.

Card 2: 7 of Wands

The 7 of Wands as for why it needs to change indicates that someone has their guard up. Someone is on the defensive side. It could be in this relationship that someone feels like they are always under attack from the other or that they need to be on their guard all the time. Whatever the reason, there is a barrier between me and this other person.

Card 3: Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups represents indicates how I can help this relationship transform. It is quite a simple message with this card: be open about how you feel. This indicates there may be a lack of openness and honesty in the relationship which is why this wall is up.

The Ace of Cups represents all types of emotion, both positive and negative. In this advice position, it indicates that everything must be laid out on the table for the necessary changes to take place.

Card 4: King of Swords

The King of Swords as the obstacle indicates a person who can appear cold and unfeeling. This indicates that either myself or the other person – or possibly, both of us – may have trouble showing emotions. This shows that in order for the transformation to occur, this needs to be resolved. The person has to try and be more willing to show their feelings and emotions.

This spread indicates the transformation very much revolves around an ‘emotional’ theme. In order to break down the barrier presented in the 7 of Wands, the courage to show one’s emotions needs to occur. The cups also represent water, whereas the wand is fire; as water douses fire, this is a powerful change that can take place if the strength is mustered to do so.


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With the New Moon in Pisces approaching, using the Tarot cards for astrological readings can bring greater insight into the situations and relationships you are in. Sometimes, we ourselves may become so used to the way things are that we start accepting things as normal; we start to accept our own frustrations, sadness or dissatisfaction as something we should simply ‘put up with.’

The New Moon in Pisces brings the opportunity to draw any issues or relationships we are struggling with into the light so that changes can be made, leading us to greater happiness and contentment. Enjoy the gentle rays of this New Moon and let the Tarot be your guide!

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Your Rising sign, also referred to as your Ascending sign is your exterior, the face you give to the world, the way you appear to others. Some people describe and consider it as the mask you wear that prevents the world from getting to know the real you. This is how we see the world and how the world sees us.

Well, it’s the sign that makes up the part of your chart called the Ascendant, which is at the cusp of the first house. Cusp is an astrological term used to describe the lines between the Sun signs and the lines between the houses. Since your Rising sign is the first placement of your natal chart, it has a huge impact on your life and sense of self.

This sign represents the astrological sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at the time and in the location, you were born.

How is a Rising Sign Calculated?

There are 12 houses and each one relates to a different area of your life. The Rising sign is the sign that is in the first house of your natal birth chart (get your free birth chart right here!).

The first house rules your personality and your countenance. Your Rising sign can only be determined if you know your time and place of birth as well as your date of birth. The houses of the birth chart cannot be accurately placed without this information as the Rising signs change every 2 or so hours and constantly change throughout the day.

How Do I Know What My Rising Sign is?

Find your Rising sign by using our free Birth Chart Generator to discover your Rising or Ascending sign!

Because the houses change every 2 hours, it’s very important that you know your exact time, date and location of your birth. This is why astrologers always ask for that information because even an hour different can give you different results.

When you’re trying to make a good impression on someone – for romance, or maybe a job – you’ll unconsciously play up the good points of your Rising sign. If you have a planet conjunct to your Rising sign, it will have a major impact on your personality.

Here’s where you start to look when you don’t identify at all with your Sun or Zodiac sign. “I don’t feel like a Gemini,” may be a common complaint – but don’t write off astrology all together – you just need a little more information to get really specific about your own unique personality.

Another way to look at this is that your Rising sign speaks to the initial impression you give to others – which may not at all be what you feel like inside!

Vice versa, when you tell people your Sun sign and they look confused – they’re judging your Rising sign personality, not your Sun sign, which can remain more hidden. For example, if you tell someone you’re an Aquarius, they might expect you to be a bit kooky, coming up with 8 million ideas and avoiding public affection. But you actually have Scorpio Rising, which will come across as a personality who appreciates privacy and is much more guarded and mysterious than outgoing Aquarius.

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How to Identify My Rising Sign in My Birth Chart:

When viewing your birth chart, the Rising sign will always fall in the 9 o’clock position.

Look at your natal chart as though you’re looking at a wall clock. Your Rising sign is located exactly where the 9:00 position would be. The sign that appears in this position represents your Ascendant.

How do your Sun, Moon & Rising Signs connect?

The first thing to note is that while your Rising sign is talked about less than your Sun and Moon Sign, it has powerful effects over your life.

While your Sun sign is considered the dominant foundation of your personality, your Rising sign is the lens that persona shines through. If you’ve ever been told “Huh, I’d never peg you as a _____“ when telling people your sign, it’s probably because you have a Rising sign that’s especially strong-willed, or even contradictory to your Sun sign.

The interplay between these primary three signs (Sun, Moon, and Rising), known as the primal triad of your natal chart, gives more insight to your personalities, motivations, emotions, and perceptions than relying on just your Sun sign alone.

Your Rising Sign is an Important Part of Your Primal Triad

Your Rising sign reveals a lot about you. As stated before, your Moon sign and Sun sign this makes up your primal triad. Your Rising sign is a good indicator of how you interact with others and the world around you, and what kind of first impression you make.

The strength of your Rising sign depends on where your Sun sign is in your natal chart. If your Sun sign isn’t in a particularly strong position, you may even behave more like your Rising sign than your Sun sign. It could account for why your Sun sign’s traits sometimes don’t match your personality.

The Rising sign will most definitely influence your immediate, unfiltered reactions to new people, unexpected events, or anything else that surprises us. It’s then no shock to learn that your Ascendant will have a deep impact on the way we communicate and the way people perceive us – especially in situations that are tense or unpleasant.

When we do not have the space to retreat behind the confident armor of our Sun sign or the time to process complicated thoughts through our emotional Moon, the reaction that often presents itself at these times of friction is our Ascendant – just as this sign was Rising in the sky at the moment of your birth, so too will this aspect of your personality ‘rise to the occasion’ in a difficult situation.

Rising Signs & The 1st House

The 1st House Sheds Light on Your Family Environment

One thing you may not be aware of is the special relationship between the Rising sign and the 1st house.

These placements both represent, to an extent, who you are at the core – yet they function differently. They exist in the same part of the natal chart and play off of one another.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “nature versus nurture”? The 1st house of your natal chart basically encompasses this idea. Your 1st house represents not only who you are at the core, but the environment and upbringing that makes you who you are today. The nurturing that you received helped to create who you are and your 1st house placements represent that nurturing.

Sometimes, when people characterize you, you might feel like you don’t identify with that characterization. Learning more about your 1st house can help you reconcile these discrepancies. The difference lies in your Rising sign, which is how people see you. Sometimes who we are isn’t exactly who people perceive us to be.

The 1st house surrounds how we show ourselves to others, and understanding this placement in conjunction with our Rising sign – the way we project our personalities onto the world around us – can help you understand even more about who you are.

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Your Rising Sign is also the Zodiac Sign in Your 1st House

The 1st house represents your environment and your outward personality because it is connected to your Rising sign within your natal chart. The 1st house and Ascendant signs are located at the same portion of the birth chart, which gives them a special relationship. While the 1st house may shed more light on your environment, the Rising sign shows you how you present yourself to the world.

The 1st House Gives Insight Into Your Personality

The placements in your 1st house have the ability to give detail and insights into deeper facets of your personality. This house shows you not only who you were born as, but who you are meant to be. The 1st house represents the self, the fundamental center of who you are, the ego, the id. The 1st house is the foundation of your individuality, as well as being the starting point on your journey around your natal chart.

The 1st house placements of your chart will give you clues into your countenance, your mannerisms, your approach to life, your disposition. Understanding more about this portion of your chart will give you a greater understanding of who you are in general.

The 1st House Reveals the Masks You Wear

We all wear masks when we leave the house, and sometimes within the safety of our own home. We often feel the need to protect others from the depths of ourselves. The 1st does represent the core of who you are, but it also represents the role you play, the masks you wear.

Learning more about your 1st house can help you understand why you wear the masks that you do, and which masks might prove more effective. After all, wearing a mask is not always a bad thing, especially if you do it with care and precision. You don’t want to share every single aspect of who you are with everyone you encounter, after all. Understanding your 1st house will help you wear the most protective, fiercest mask in your closet.

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How Rising Signs Affect You in Everyday Life:

What Does Your Rising Sign Say About You?

Aries Rising

This is a Rising sign of action. You are not one to sit around and wait for an opportunity, favoring swift movement and quick decisions. While this position does not necessarily equal an aggressive individual, you might be more likely to jump the gun, so to speak, than other signs.

Making an impact on the world you live in is important to you, and you’ll want to conquer as you go. This is a Fire sign of action, and the 1st sign of the zodiac, so first impressions are even more important. ‘Enthusiastic’ could be your middle name and you throw yourself into new projects, plans and ideas with a primal energy. You may appear to be perpetually in a hurry, as though you cannot wait to get where you’re going.

Physical activity is critical to keep that energy flowing in a positive way – roadblocks and the word, “no,” will be met with instant frustration, but flare-ups are like fireworks – loud and vibrant, but not long-lasting. When things begin to shift around you, try to learn to take a moment and breathe in the present before making any rash decisions. It’s okay to savor the flavor of the moment before making plans and forging ahead with them.

Aries Rising’s are natural leaders, and those who master their Aries’ traits can have a huge impact on those who would follow their inspired path.

Taurus Rising

A Taurus Rising indicates an individual who is loyal, strong, and trustworthy. Yet, this ascendant is one that is inherently resistant to changes. You aren’t comfortable with quick-shifting scenery and can get unraveled in chaotic or fast-moving areas of life.

Activity for its own sake is not important to you – value is critical to Earthy Bulls, so in your 1st house, this lends a more thoughtful and patient lens to the way you see and react to the world. Being rushed will be met with characteristic Taurus stubbornness – you’re not resistant to change, but it must come in your own, good time. This is a pragmatic placement, and it’s likely you’ll do your best to avoid drama.

Try to take a moment to reassure yourself that everything happens for a reason, and reach into your heart to find that trust in the universe that you need to remain calm in times of change. Remind yourself that everything will be alright because it will.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet that cares deeply about beauty and harmony, so an eye for the finer things in life is applied here as well. You may find yourself to be more outwardly affectionate and loyalty plays a much larger role in your world than with other signs.

Gemini Rising

Air sign Gemini in your 1st House means communication is critical for you, especially when it comes to self-expression. Mercury-ruled Gemini needs mental stimulation to survive, so long conversations, debates, and deep thoughts are par for the course. You may be described as flaky, but those who know you best will understand your strong aversion to boredom, and know you avoid it like the plague.

This placement creates an air of intellect and thoughtful responses to events and circumstances, but it also comes with a difficulty in making decisions.

Channeling your intellectual energy into lifelong learning can keep the fires burning, and ensure you don’t become disappointed if those around you can’t seem to keep up. These are storytellers, entertainers and more often than not, the social butterflies of the group – ever up for a new challenge or idea to bat around.

You love to question the nature of reality and dig within yourself for answers, which are sometimes hard to find. During times of change, try to ground yourself in your intuition and understanding. You have more of the answers than you realize, they’re just lying dormant and waiting to be discovered. Discover that inherent truth within yourself to make those changes easier to face.

Cancer Rising

Your personality is one that both feels familiar to others and prefers familiarity in life. You like comfort and cozy surroundings, which are sometimes disrupted when life throws you a curveball.

Be prepared for people to come to you for help, for tender-hearted Cancer is terrifically nurturing. You might be described as initially shy, and people may be surprised to find such a kind and compassionate soul beneath your outer shell of privacy.

Protecting family and home are key, and dedicating time to both is a likely focus. At worst, a hurt Cancer can be passive-aggressive – or a crier – but that usually indicates a sensitive personality who doesn’t yet know where to put hurt feelings or disillusion. You instinctively try to protect yourself, retreating within your shell and attempting to avoid discomfort.

Sometimes the best things in life happen outside of your comfort zone, however. Try stepping out of that shell and learning to face the discomfort of change. You’ll be proud of yourself and surprised at how strong you are when you push yourself.

Learning to channel and become more comfortable within your strong emotions can lead you to be a powerful influence on the people lucky enough to be in your inner circle.

Leo Rising

Lions are generous and powerful in their ability to lead – there’s often a tendency to show off in some way – be it in physical appearance, a loud, roaring voice or a desire to bring people together as the Social Director. At its strongest influence, these are performers who want to be recognized for their unique abilities. Leos connect to the influence of the 5th House of Pleasure and are ever-seeking joy in the world.

This is another physical Fire sign, looking to direct that intense energy somewhere – but Leo is more social than independent Aries – team sports, clubs and group efforts are highly desirable. A strong inclination to be creative lives here as well, and finding ways to wow the VIPs in their lives can take interesting and even provocative forms, especially in the bedroom and with social events.

While you are self-aware, you sometimes tend to react too quickly to situations that disturb or upset your center. You might act out during unexpected changes, and while you don’t intend to hurt anyone, it can be jarring for those closest to you.

Try to remain focused and calm when things seem to be turning upside-down, and remember that your charm and personality will carry you through any of life’s surprises. If you remain centered, everything around you will appear calmer and easier to take on.

Virgo Rising

Your nature is analytical; you like to pull things apart and get to the bottom of them. You want to discover and properly place each piece of the puzzle. This is not always an option in life, however, as many of the puzzle pieces haven’t been given to us yet.

The world is a place that needs routine – and you have a need to serve. You might be described as thoughtful, quiet and even intense – Virgo Rising has a lot going on their heads but isn’t always keen on sharing those thoughts with the world. They want as much information as they can gather in order to solve problems, which can leave little room for spontaneity.

Virgos have a powerful desire to help others, so an interest in caregiving, volunteering or even combining their interest in health by being a personal trainer or nutritionist is likely. You are probably very particular about certain areas of your life -your appearance, your eating habits, even the car you drive – having things just so gives you comfort.

Be patient and know that you can’t know everything. There will be unexpected happenings that you can’t control, and that’s okay. Learn to trust the universe and try to understand that sometimes, being out of control can be liberating. Once you realize this, you will be much calmer in the face of change.

Libra Rising

Decisions are tough when you can see many options – but you relate to most people and don’t want to take sides! Libra Ascending promotes balance, charm, creativity and a friendly approach to life. You seek centered-ness in all things, which can be disrupted when unexpected changes flow your way.

Libra Rising does not want to offend anyone and tends to be careful in choosing their words. You may be known as a diplomatic and willing to collaborate – this is a sign that enjoys working with others and relationships will be a huge focus.

When you’re knocked off-balance, it’s important for you to find that focus again, and the easiest way to do this is to accept the transitory nature of life. Remember that balance requires there to be imbalance from time to time as the universe constantly shifts. Trust that you’ll once again find your center when the dust has settled a bit.

Appearance is important here as well, and it is common for many Libra Rising signs to be considered stylish and fashionable. Also ruled by Venus, beauty and harmony play key roles in the choices of Libra Rising. Fairness and balance in all things will pervade the life of this sign.

Scorpio Rising

You know what you want, and you demand it from life. Rather than being thrown off balance when things shift unexpectedly, you shake your fists at the sky and demand answers from the universe.

Self-control is key -and there may be a strong desire for power in some way shape or form. People may find you mysterious – or at least unpredictable – and you have no trouble keeping a good secret, especially when it’s about yourself. Remember that patience is a virtue, and the answers won’t always be given to us immediately. You must learn to be patient with the universe, and trust its process. When you soften a bit and learn to see the world through more accepting eyes, your destiny will unfold naturally.

Try not to take things too seriously, as life can be as much fun as you make it. While you may have many deep feelings running through your soul, don’t let those outweigh feelings of love, light, and positivity.

Sagittarius Rising

You love adventure and new experiences, and you might accept changes a bit more naturally than others, perhaps because you seem to be perpetually seeking something new and exciting, you can go with the flow rather easily.

Just remember that everything happens for a reason in the universe, and when one of your projects falls through, the universe is likely making room for a more fortuitous venture.

Don’t fret when things don’t seem to work out despite your efforts, there is always another opportunity around the corner. In fact, Jupiter brings fortune to this sign. Try to look for signs of your luck and feel fortunate for every time things do go your way.

Adventure and travel are prominent themes in the Sag Rising’s routine. You may even find that these concepts are involved in your career or daily life somehow. Trust in your intuition to lead you toward the appropriate adventures.

You want to see every corner of the world. Capitalize on your curiosity and make this Earth your playground.

Capricorn Rising

You might have the tendency to take things a bit too seriously at times, and the ebbs and flows of life are no exception. You are often deep in thought, concerned with the meaning of certain events and circumstances, and perhaps disappointed when you don’t feel you’ve found an answer.

Remember that you are capable and competent and will succeed in any area that you put your focus into.

Don’t be discouraged when life pushes you down a new or unknown path, you’re probably on your way to something amazing. Success is a prominent concept in the Capricorn’s vernacular, and as a Capricorn Rising, you may be obsessed with the thought of becoming successful. Just remember how important personal relationships are in life, too.

Success, self-control, and manipulation of your environment and reputation are key.

Aquarius Rising

This placement denotes individuality and unique problem-solving skills. You find interesting, one-of-a-kind solutions to life’s problems. You seem cool and even reserved in the face of change, rarely shaken by newness or strangeness. But, try to see the message in the changes of life; learn to sense what the universe is trying to tell you.

There may be a muse that’s trying to make its way into your sphere, or an idea meant only for you. Keep your eyes and heart open. It’s important to take note of the ideas that flow your way because Aquarius Rising folks have a million inventive, innovative ideas that may take the world by storm.

Your uncharacteristic point of view can have varying effects; your innovation, altruistic nature is helpful, while your stubborn point of view can turn others off.

Pisces Rising

Your nature is one that goes with the flow quite easily, as you seem to have been born from the very waters that create the flow of life itself. You can lose your direction from time to time, so fluid is your personality.

Learn that you can go with the flow while still focusing on the things you desire and the goals you wish to achieve. There is something to be said for remaining focused in times of change.

Deep feelings can lead to intense emotions or frequent anxiety. You may have to carve your own routine out to avoid these negative experiences. Spiritual and metaphysical practices can help you relax into your beingness with a sense of self-love and confidence.

You know how to flow with life’s currents, but you may have a hard time creating boundaries that suit you. Learning how to live within reality rather than escape it can prove difficult.

How Does My Rising Sign Affect My Relationships?

Because your Rising sign deals with how you present yourself to the world, understanding more about it can help you understand how you are presenting yourself to your partner. For instance, if you are a Pisces, you may feel that you come across as sensitive and empathetic as you feel deep down. However, if you are a Taurus Rising, you may be presenting yourself as more stubborn than you feel.

Learning about your Rising sign helps you understand the energy that you’re putting out there, which in turn can help you better evaluate the energy you’re receiving in response.

In Conclusion

While the Sun sign seems to get most of the attention in astrology, learning more about your chart and every sign within it will bring you closer to your center and your purpose on this Earth. Embrace your Rising sign, as each one has its very unique strengths and amazing qualities.

Remember, there is no such thing as a “bad” sign, whether it’s a Sun sign, a Moon sign, or a Rising sign.

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Have you just pulled a 2 of something in a reading and find yourself unsure of how to read it? Starting to learn to read Tarot and find yourself stumped by the 2’s of Tarot? Or simply want a better understanding of how those tricky 2’s can impact a reading?

Let’s clarify the twos of the Tarot, and see how you can unpack the frequency of a 2 in your reading with complete clarity!

What Does 2 Represent in the Tarot?

In general, 2’s in the Tarot represent themes of balance, clarity, duality, diplomacy, and peace. At its most pure and genuine peak performance, a 2 can hold the same frequency and plenty of similarity to The High Priestess, also bearing the number 2, and demonstrates how balance, clear-thinking, and peace looks at its finest.

Coming after the Ace of the Tarot – which kicks off each suit with boldness, opportunity, and fresh starts – a 2 can also often represent you getting your footing in your new path, hence the emphasized need for balance and clarity.

In numerology, the life path 2 plays the role of mediator, peacekeeper, and often bears a lifelong goal of wanting to ease the chaos of the world. Those that resonate with the journey of life path 2’s may potentially more easily grasp both the difficulty and the beauty of receiving a 2 in a Tarot reading. While a 2 represents balancing acts, it often then implies that there is something to balance in the first place, acknowledging both the need for chaos and the need for order in the world.

The 2s of the Tarot, Through Each Suit:

With a basic understanding of how the frequency of 2 tends to roll, it can be a bit easier to understand each 2 of the four suits of the Minor Arcana. While not exactly as simple as pairing the meaning of the suit to the meaning of the number, understanding the foundation of a 2 can still be a crucial key to understanding each card individually. With that said, let’s go through each 2 of the Tarot individually, and break down what it might mean to receive each 2 in a reading!

2 of Cups

In the suit of Cups, the element of water contributes its energies and themes of love, romance, connections with others, intuition, and communication. Thus, when you combine the energy of the 2 and the energy of Cups, you get quite a harmonious result! Representing a union between typically two people in a most peaceful, beautiful arrangement, the 2 of Cups reminds us of how a connection between two people, no matter the circumstances or how different they may be, should look. Sometimes, due to still being early on in the suit, the 2 of Cups can also represent more of a honeymoon phase or strong chemistry than a long-lasting connection. It regardless reminds us of the varying ways that harmonious connections can manifest!

2 of Wands

In the suit of Wands, the 2 can be both a blessing and an intimidating thing to see; birthed in the flames of the suit corresponding to fire, passion, and inspiration, the 2 of Wands is here to ask to you to make plans, to foresee the journey ahead, and to prepare for the long haul. Sometimes indicating travel, difficult choices, and decision-making, not everything about this card is glamorous, once more hinting back to the themes of duality and balance.

2 of Swords

Sometimes dubbed as the suit of tragedy, it’s no secret that the suit of Swords can be a sore sight sometimes when appearing in a reading.

The 2 of Swords often depicts us with our blindfolds on, unable to see everything or perhaps purposefully ignoring something that desperately needs to be brought to light. It is a reminder that not everything can be known immediately, and that sometimes clarity is hard to grasp. Remember: the 2’s of Tarot are here to acknowledge duality of all things, and sometimes this isn’t as fun as a blossoming relationship or a new journey!

2 of Pentacles

This card literally often depicts a juggling act, and can arguably be the easiest to remember when it comes to associating each card with its numerology-based meaning! Grounded in the earthy suit of Pentacles, the 2 of Pentacles relates to balance, duality, and literal juggling acts to matters that are more tangible, like money, finance, and work. Think of schedules, time management, and taking your physical needs into consideration too!

To Summarize…

The tricky 2’s of the Tarot can be a little harder to remember than the Aces that make bold statements and stick a harder landing (in both our lives and our memory). The energy and themes of the 2 manifest differently from suit to suit, but such is natural for a number that associates itself with duality and difference!

If you find yourself having difficulty getting down the meaning of a 2, just remember that the struggle to remember the definition alone can be associated with that card – clarity is sometimes the name of the game, and sometimes, we’ve got a blindfold on that needs to come off!

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Feeling like doing things differently right now, Earthlings? This may be thanks to Mars trine Uranus today!

This aspect puts energizing Mars and changemaker Uranus at a beneficial angle to one another, and they share their energy positively. Both planets are in Earth signs, with Mars now in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. This helps ground their energy a little bit so we can work on making changes in more practical ways.

What is Mars Trine Uranus?

To better understand the trine aspect, let’s go into each part of it.

Mars is a fiery planet, governing what gives you energy and how you use it, and what drives you to take action in the natal chart. Mars is the planet that takes initiative and goes down new paths. With transit Mars, its energy and drive gets funneled into whatever areas of life are ruled by the house in your natal chart it’s touring, and is altered depending on aspects it’s making to your natal planets.

Uranus is the planet of change. Uranus doesn’t like things to stay the same, and always wants to push you toward the new, the different, the future. In your natal chart, Uranus shows where you can experience change throughout your life and where you need things to be a little different. In transit, Uranus instigates changes in the areas of life ruled by the house in your natal chart it’s touring, and to the natal planets it’s aspecting.

Mars trine Uranus in the birth chart can show you’re someone who is comfortable with taking initiative for the changes you want in your life. You don’t have to wait for someone else to do it, or for life circumstances to make it happen. You can feel confident in your abilities to change, to do things differently, and to push outside of your comfort zone.

Don’t know your natal Mars and Uranus positions? Use the free birth chart generator!

Mars is traveling through the zodiac sign of Capricorn, which is all about goals, succeeding, and being practical. The energy of Mars becomes more disciplined and focused while in Capricorn. Uranus has been in zodiac sign Taurus for a couple of years now, and this sign helps to ground the changeable energy of Uranus.

With these two highly dynamic planets in Earth signs, this means you can take action (Mars) in disciplined ways (Capricorn) for practical and grounded (Taurus) changes in your life (Uranus). And with them trine, which is a positive, easy aspect, this can come more easily now than usual.

Trine Meaning in Astrology

In astrology, a trine occurs when two planets are exactly four signs apart. This puts the planets in the same element. Trines are considered beneficial aspects (along with sextiles). There’s an ease to the energy of trines, and you don’t feel quite so challenged to make things work out for you. Instead, it feels like the energy is on your side.

Signs of the same element have a common energy between them. This gives an understanding between those signs, and when planets are in signs of the same element, that understanding is seen between the two planets. They work together in harmony, without sacrificing any of their energy.

Don’t know the elements? They are:

  • Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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Key Takeaways for Mars Trine Uranus:

Liberate yourself from something stagnant.

You’ve got the energy you need from Mars and the willingness to do something new and different from Uranus, so this can be an excellent time to take some part of your life, some project or relationship that has been stagnant, and inject some new life into it. Pretty much all Mars-Uranus aspects are great for this, but with the trine, it’s a LOT easier to do. Just don’t get lazy about it!

Embrace independence.

Mars and Uranus are the most independent of the planets, by a long shot! These two don’t need to wait for someone else, and are perfectly capable of doing whatever they want whenever they want, no permission necessary. Embrace your independent self, and go for what you want on your own. Have confidence that you can do this.

Trust your first instincts.

Mars rules gut instincts, and Uranus gives flashes of insight. They’re not the same as Neptune or the Moon, who rule intuition. Mars and Uranus are more that first, initial gut feeling that you get, the first impression of any person or situation. With them at a positive angle to one another, this means that first impressions are far more likely to be the right ones. Time to take a risk!

One Final Note:

This is not the only positive aspect for change in play right now – the Sun sextiles Uranus tomorrow! The Sun is in watery, imaginative Pisces, and comes to a positive angle to Uranus, and this brings extra comfort and enjoyment with making changes. The Sun can shine a spotlight on the changes you want to make and whatever you want to do differently, and you may want to focus on changes that you feel closely tied to.

The Sun and Mars will sextile in three days as well, so energy is very high right now, along with enthusiasm and excitement. This may feel like an amazing time to go for what you want, to pursue your dreams, and to push outside of your comfort zone.

Yesterday, expansive Jupiter was sextile dreamy Neptune, so dreams can be of utmost importance at the moment. With Jupiter also in an Earth sign, Capricorn, perhaps now is the time to think about how to make those dreams real. You have the Sun, Mars, and Uranus to help give you the courage you need and to see what changes need to be made to move closer. Don’t just dream, take action!

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