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On April 20, the Sun moves into the sensual zodiac sign of Taurus where it will be until May 20. We have compiled this comprehensive guide for Taurus season to help you understand what energy to expect and how to thrive during this time.

For those of you that have a Taurus Sun, a Taurus Moon, or a Taurus rising you’re probably familiar with the traits of a Taurus because they are a core part of your personality and this time will amplify those natural traits for you. But when the Sun transits Taurus, we all start to see life through the lens of the Taurus bull.

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This guide will not just help you understand how to navigate this time. It will also help you understand Taurus in birth chart readings which will help you see the many facets of yourself and others. Understanding the essence of Taurus can help you better understand your Taurus friends, coworkers, and family.

As you start to track the movements of the Sun each month, you’ll see how the subtle theme of each zodiac sign is apparent in everyone’s consciousness, played out in their actions and your own thoughts. Let’s dive in.

Getting to Know Taurus

Taurus is symbolized by the bull. A Taurus has the ability to be determined, push through obstacles, and stay focused on what they set out to achieve. Just as a bull will block out everything except the red flag and charge, a Taurus can be stubborn when it comes to sticking to what they think.

During Taurus season, we all may want more independence and to be able to operate on our own terms and follow our desires. We also can use this headstrong energy to focus on what we want and push forward in the area of romance.

Taurus & Venus

Did we mention Taurus energy is also characterized as ‘a die-hard romantic’? It is ruled by the planet Venus and craves a committed partnership where they can be devoted and immersed in all things love. That means we are likely to see new commitments happen during Taurus season and be more focused on our love life.

Taurus is one of three Earth signs. It has a groundedness that makes them more focused on the here and now. It helps us stop spending time planning for the future or working obsessively to prepare for it. It helps us stop and smell the roses so we can enjoy the pleasures of the senses.

As well, being a Fixed sign means most Taureans are capable of being incredibly stubborn and persistent.

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What To Expect This Taurus Season

The key themes during this time will be focused on a partnership that feels like it has staying power in your life. We may finally feel more interested in dating or self-dating.

You may find yourself refreshing your wardrobe and thanks to the warmer weather we can stop dressing in big bulky layers and perhaps pull out something a little more fun and sexy! People are likely to change their hair or even redecorate their homes.

You’re more able to think of ways to connect with your crush in special ways online. You may get a flood of ideas about how to make a romantic evening or do something special for them that will entice their senses. Taurus energy is all about indulging in your senses so treat yourself and others to flowers, sweets, and delicious home-cooked meals by candlelight.

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How To Spend Your Taurus Season

Things that are easier to do during this time include:

  • Entertaining
  • Getting to know someone
  • Dating
  • Making romantic gestures
  • Getting a makeover
  • Writing love letters
  • Attracting attention
  • Expressing your deeper feelings
  • Start up a relationship
  • Work on creating intimacy
  • Get clear with what you really want in a partnership

On the New Moon April 22, you can write down a note to the Universe about what you want in your love life and watch as you manifest it at the Full Moon May 7 in sultry Scorpio. Make that wish and take action to make it happen and this Taurus season might bring you more romance than you even expect!

As we said, it’s a very sensual time so focus on things that stimulate your senses to get in touch with this part of yourself whether that means using perfume or a lavender spritz on your linens.

Things that are harder to do during this time include physical exertion, mental exertion, and spiritual or intuitive development.

You may just find it not as easy to progress in the area of business as you’re more motivated to work a little less and have a little more fun. Allow yourself to take a break from extremely hard work and pushing so much on expanding so you can establish some balance and get in touch with what you want.

Closing Thoughts…

As always, it’s crucial to know what the other planets are doing as well to get the overall feel for the time you’re in and to know key events. We have a New Moon in Taurus April 22 which is going to amplify and kick off this theme of sensuality and commitment bringing it to a head on the Full Moon in steamy Scorpio May 7.

We will have a lot of Taurus energy because Mercury, the planet of communication and thinking also enters Taurus on April 27 where it will be until May 11.

We will also have Pluto retrograde in Capricorn beginning on April 25 allowing for self-improvement and transformation of financial matters. Near the end of this Sun transit in Taurus on May 13th, we have Venus moving retrograde in Gemini which will test the bonds we’ve created and love that has blossomed during the beginning of Taurus season.

Throughout Taurus season, check in with your free daily horoscope and keep up to speed on the daily events with our free desktop and mobile astrology calendar download.

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Whether you’re separated from someone that you love or are interested in seeing where a long-gone connection is now, Tarot is thankfully always up for the task.

We’ve crafted a spread that looks into that connection and clarifies any lingering questions or concerns you might have had about the distant soul in mind. Tarot will be able to illuminate the answer to what is going on in any separation, allowing you to tap into the connection a little deeper than you might be able to on your own.

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Ultimately, however, this spread has a variety of purposes. If you’re interested in seeing your connection with the collective consciousness and want to tap into your relationship with the universe — something that, at times, can also feel distant — you can! Simply think of the universal consciousness instead of a specific person when using this spread, and you’ll be tapping into something entirely different, but of course wholly valuable.

Check out the spread below:

6-Card Distant Soul Connection Tarot Spread

  1. A card representing you in the connection
  2. A card representing the distant soul
  3. What connects you across the distance
  4. What separates you
  5. The energy of your connection overall
  6. A piece of advice from the Tarot

Below you can find an example of what the spread might look like in practice.

Card 1: You – 2 of Swords

At the moment, you have clouded vision and are unable to see the truth, as well as what’s to come.

This card would indicate that in this situation, you’ve got a metaphorical blindfold on and aren’t sure what steps to be taking next.

Card 2: The distant soul – Knight of Wands

With so much fire and energy at play, this card would signal that this is a soul on the move.

This person may have physically traveled away, putting a strain on your connection, or simply be miles apart in communication. Their words may say one thing while their actions say another, as they may not entirely be sure what course of action they are taking next right until they take that step.

Card 3: What connects you – 4 of Wands

No matter where this Knight of Wands ends up traversing to next, you always will have a strong foundation of friendship and communication that you once had built together.

This is a card of stability and home, indicating that there’s something about you that still can remind the distant soul of a place to return to. The horse always comes back to the stable, after all!

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Card 4: What separates you – Death

Profound change and transformation are not always something that we want in our moments of stability, but sometimes it’s simply very necessary. Something about your connection might need a shake-up, or perhaps it was just the distant soul that had some self-growth and inner transformation to do.

Either way, change was a necessary happening in your connection, and sometimes, that separates you in the process.

Card 5: Your energetic connection overall – The Hanged Man

This card would indicate that something has put your connection at a standstill, and it is literally suspended in the air!

Typically, The Hanged Man foretells a need to sacrifice something in order to proceed forward, and that may be the case for this relationship. Perhaps in order to reconnect with this distant soul, there is something one of you must give up in turn.

Card 6: A piece of advice – 3 of Wands

The 3 of Wands is a card of communication and a long journey ahead. The Tarot may be warning you that your journey is not yet over, and just getting started. It also maintains an optimistic tone to its message, encouraging you that whatever may be coming is something still for your own benefit.

Either way, the Tarot is with you on the path ahead!

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At the times when we feel most distant and disconnected from the ones we love for whatever reasons there may be, Tarot is with us as both our voice of reason and as our illuminating guide to show us the light ahead.

You may always return to this spread, as well as the Tarot, for some words of wisdom and clarity in times of confusion and change.

Feel free to check out our favorite Tarot spreads, or pick up your own deck of Tarot cards if you are itching to try out this spread!

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Are you new to the world of astrology? If you are, we’d like to welcome you to this fantastic, mystical world of the stars. It can be hard or even overwhelming when you step into the celestial land of planets and aspects, as there is a vast array of information to unfold. Even if you’re familiar with many facets of this wonderful art, there is always something new to learn.

Today, we’ll be discussing houses—or more specifically, the Relationship Houses.

What are Astrology Houses?

Each person on the planet has a birth chart (get yours here – it’s free!) that is made up of the planetary positions that were occurring at the moment of their birth.

Each chart is divided into 12 houses that connect to different facets of life, like romance, money, or spirituality.

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The Relationship Houses

The relationship houses are made up of the 3rd, 7th, and 11th houses of the astrological wheel. Learning more about your birth chart and the aspects flowing through your 3rd, 7th, and 11th houses will tell you everything you need to know about the relationships in your life, whether romantic, platonic, familial, or professional.

Each house in the zodiacal wheel belongs to a trine—a group of three houses that share similar or connected energy. The 3rd, 7th, and 11th houses are all ruled by the element of Air, which is what connects these houses together.

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The 3rd House of Communication

The 3rd house is known as the house of communication, and it connects both communication and travel. This house is ruled by the sign Gemini, a social sign that represents intellect. It is also ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication and travel.

This house represents the knowledge that you gather from this realm during your lifetime. In other words, it’s not connected to the spiritual knowledge that comes from beyond you, but rather those areas of study that you focus on in this corporeal realm.

This is the house of all communication—not just the words you share during conversations with others, but written, spoken, and even physical communication. This is why this house belongs to the trine of relationships. Understanding the aspects within your 3rd house can help you better understand how you communicate with others.

This house also relates to family and the things that you learn from your environment, including speech patterns. Understanding your 3rd house placements can give you a deeper insight into your connection with family members.

The 7th House of Partnerships

The 7th house connects to the partnerships you have throughout your life. This house is ruled by the sign Libra, a very social sign indeed. Libras are the social butterflies of the zodiac. The ruling planet of the 7th house is Venus, the planet of love and beauty.

The partnerships associated with the 7th house go beyond romantic partners to include business partners and even friends. This house can also include partnerships through contracts, legal arrangements, or negotiations.

The 7th house gives us a deeper insight into why we choose certain partnerships. For instance, learning more about your 7th house can give you a better idea about your deepest desires regarding certain partnerships. Why would you choose to marry a certain person? For money? Love? Companionship? This house helps you uncover the things that you value most within a relationship.

Learning more about your 7th house placements can also give you a better idea of how your partnerships might grow and change throughout your life. This house also sheds light on the darker aspects of partnerships, like break ups. If you’re going through a stressful breakup or divorce, this house can give you a better idea of the bigger meaning.

The 11th House of Friendships

The 11th house is known as the house of friendships. It is ruled by the sign Aquarius, a sign that is known for its preference of group activities over solo endeavors. The 11th house is also ruled by the planet Uranus, a planet of spontaneity and surprises.

This house can give you deeper insight into how you interact with people and how well you blend into group structures. While this is the house of friendships, it focuses largely on group dynamics, like institutions and organizations. Have you always participated in group activities and clubs? You may have a favorable placement within your 11th house!

The 11th house also gives you a better idea of what kind of friend you are. Are you a laid-back friend or are you overprotective with your pals? Do you prefer one-on-one hangouts or are you better in a crowd?

If you have a hard time making and keeping friends, this house can be particularly useful to study. Challenging aspects within the house of friends will show you what you need to work on or grow past in order to manifest deeper, more meaningful connections.

The Connection Between the Relationship Houses

If you look at your birth chart and see heavy activity in the 3rd, 7th, and 11th houses, you’re probably someone who has a very active social life. Whether these social activities typically run smoothly is also determined by these houses.

Air, the ruling element of these houses, is a very social, friendly element. But like the wind, it can also become rough or even dangerous. This is why understanding your relationship houses is so important. People may enter your life like a destructive gust of wind, and it’s important that you understand your own approach to relationships to avoid being blown away.

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Understanding Your House Placements

Learning more about the houses in astrology gives you a better idea of the aspects in your chart because you can see what area of life they connect to. A challenging aspect in your 3rd house will tell you that this may relate to how you communicate with others.

Astrology is rich with meaning and messages, and learning about the houses is just another way to better understand the messages flowing to you from the stars.

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Taurus Season kicks off in 2 days with the Sun moving into this Earth sign. Taurus is sensual, indulgent, grounded, and secure, and is represented by the astrological Bull. Even if you’re not a Taurus Sun, you still have Taurus somewhere in your chart – we all do! Which means there is a Taurus Bull somewhere inside of you.

Make sure to use the free birth chart generator to find your Taurus placements!

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus is the second zodiac sign. It comes after fiery Aries, which is impatient and impulsive, so Taurus has learned how to slow things down and take a beat. It comes before airy Gemini, the sign of the mind, so Taurus is more focused on the body, hence being so sensual. With Venus being the ruling planet for Taurus, this brings out the sensuality.

As an Earth sign, Taurus is practical, reliable, stable, and focused. As a Fixed sign, this doubles down on that energy, and Taurus can be the most grounded of the signs. When Taurus isn’t grounded, this generally leads down some bad roads. Grounding it ultra-important for this sign!

Being the astrological Bull, Taurus can be focused. It can take a little while to get going, but once Taurus does, it sees things through to the end. It keeps going, and very little can deter Taurus. This can lead to some stubbornness at times, but it does make Taurus formidable.

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Impact of Taurus Season

With the Sun moving into Taurus, this begins Taurus Season, which lasts for about a month. During Taurus Season, we’re all taking our time, moving at a slower pace, and once we make a decision or get started with an action, we see it through. We firmly believe in our choices and actions, and can keep going no matter what.

It’s a good time to get more grounded, especially if Aries Season was frazzling and maddening. We can get more in tune with our bodies, and develop better confidence by listening more to ourselves. We can engage with the physical world in a tangible way, and feel more connected to the moment, the present, the here and now.

When the Sun is moving through Taurus, this will impact the Taurus parts of your natal chart. The Sun lines up with them at some point during Taurus Season, and you can really channel that inner Bull!

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Taurus in the Birth Chart: Planets

So where do you find your inner Bull? The first and most obvious place to find Taurus in your birth chart is if you have any of your planets in Taurus.

Sun, Moon & Rising in Taurus

A Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon, or Taurus Rising is going to manifest the Bull energy strongest and most obviously because the Sun governs your true self, the Moon governs your emotional self, and the Rising governs your outer self. You connect deeply with the Bull when you’re a Taurus Sun, you bring out your inner Bull when emotional if you’re a Taurus Moon, and you show your Bull externally when you’re a Taurus Rising.

Mercury in Taurus

If you have a Taurus Mercury, your inner Bull comes out when you’re expressing yourself and communicating. You may be someone who takes a while to make decisions and put together plans, but you can get on a roll once you move forward. You just don’t want to be in any rush, and can push back against anyone who tries to rush you.

Venus in Taurus

If you have a Taurus Venus, your inner Bull comes out in relationships and dealings with others. You may be slow to start a new relationship or partnership, but once you commit yourself, you’re in completely. You can be surprisingly passionate and loyal in romantic relationships.

Mars in Taurus

If you have a Taurus Mars, your inner Bull comes out when you’re pursuing something. Mars is the planet of energy and drive, the one who takes initiative, so you may be slow to start new projects and ventures. Once you get started, you’re almost impossible to stop, and this is one of the more formidable positions to find Taurus.

Jupiter in Taurus

If you have a Taurus Jupiter, your inner Bull comes out when expanding your life and choosing opportunities. You can take time to make a choice and to make expansion start, but can see them through once you do. You may focus on practical opportunities, or ones that provide stability and security, and can expand your life in quieter ways that don’t disrupt too much.

Saturn in Taurus

If you have a Taurus Saturn, you may struggle more with embracing your inner Bull than most of us. Saturn restricts and limits, and there may be some lessons you have to learn before you can use your Bull energy. Once you do learn the lessons or overcome obstacles associated with Taurus, you can find great strength in your ability to be practical, focused, and disciplined.

Uranus in Taurus

If you have a Taurus Uranus, well that’s actually where Uranus is right now! Only the super old folks at the moment have Uranus in Taurus (we’re talking people born in the mid-1930s to the early 1940s). If that’s you, woo for making it this far! You’re someone who knows how to merge the practical with the unconventional, and can push for your way like a Bull to make radical change happen.

Neptune & Pluto in Taurus

Neptune and Pluto were last in Taurus in the 1800s, so I don’t think there’s anyone alive who has these positions! If you did, you’d be a Bull spiritually with Neptune and a powerfully transforming Bull with Pluto.

Chiron in Taurus

If you have a Taurus Chiron, you can take your time when it comes to your approach to healing and dealing with emotional issues, but can see it through once you do start and accomplish far more healing and growth than the rest of us. You can focus on healing that helps you feel confident, stable, and secure, and the more grounded you are, the more you can grow.

Now remember, as the Sun moves through Taurus, it links up with each of these positions and lights up the energy for you. Your attention is brought to the planet and to the energy of that planet, and you can feel the Bull energy stronger. Make use of it!

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Taurus in the Birth Chart: Houses

Let’s say you have no planets in Taurus. That means your inner Bull is found through your houses! One of your natal houses should fall in Taurus (depending on the house system, some may have more than one; and some may have none, in which case look to the house that falls in Aries since that means Taurus is inside that house).

Taurus in the 1st House

If your 1st house is in Taurus, you come across as a Bull. The rest of your chart may be completely different, but you seem to others to be very grounded, stable, sensual, and someone who takes their time. You’re not super into being rushed either (at all!).

Taurus in the 2nd House

If your 2nd house is in Taurus, your inner Bull can come out when you’re dealing with your finances or focused on your beliefs. You can stick to what you believe loyally, and can take time to make financial decisions but stay with them once you do.

Taurus in the 3rd House

If your 3rd house is in Taurus, your inner Bull can come out when you’re communicating or dealing with your immediate environment. You can take time to express yourself and to get busy, but end up being able to take on a lot, and can be a stabilizing force in your immediate environment.

Taurus in the 4th House

If your 4th house is in Taurus, your inner Bull can come out at home and with family. You can provide stability and security to your family, and can be the one everyone can count on. You crave a solid, secure home life so you feel secure emotionally as well.

Taurus in the 5th House

If your 5th house is in Taurus, your inner Bull can come out in love and with your hobbies. You can take time to get involved with romantic interests, but can be loyal and affectionate once you do. You can focus on hobbies that make you feel confident and secure.

Taurus in the 6th House

If your 6th house is in Taurus, your inner Bull can come out with your work life and in your daily life. You may take a while to get started with work projects and chores in your daily life, but can get on a roll once you start moving. You can be dedicated to what you do.

Taurus in the 7th House

If your 7th house is in Taurus, your inner Bull can come out in relationships and your dealings with others. You may take time to enter into relationships and partnerships, but once you do, you’re fully there. Others may see you as a stabilizing force in relationships.

Taurus in the 8th House

If your 8th house is in Taurus, your inner Bull can come out when you’re taking control and making transformations. You can take your time when taking control of situations, but can be a powerful leader once you do. Transformations may be slow for you, but you can see them through and make them all-encompassing.

Taurus in the 9th House

If your 9th house is in Taurus, your inner Bull can come out when you’re expanding your mind and life. You can take some time to open up, and may stick with your beliefs whole-heartedly, but once you do open up, you can grow more and more.

Taurus in the 10th House

If your 10th house is in Taurus, your inner Bull can come out through your goals and career. You can take more time to start pursuing your goals and pushing for what you want professionally, but once you get started, you can go all the way and end up accomplishing a lot in your life. People can look up to you as someone who is grounded and respectable.

Taurus in the 11th House

If your 11th house is in Taurus, your inner Bull can come out with your friends and when you’re focused on your dreams. You can take time to warm up to new people, but are very loyal to the friends you do make and groups you do join. You may put your dreams aside for a little while until you develop enough confidence to get started, and achieve them.

Taurus in the 12th House

If your 12th house is in Taurus, your inner Bull can come out when you’re alone or with people you’re very comfortable with behind closed doors. In the background, you can be grounded, stable, practical, reliable, and focused. You can be a powerful force behind someone or something.

Parting Thoughts…

We all have a Bull lurking inside of us, and that’s more obvious for some than for others, but nevertheless the case for everyone. Use this Taurus Season to get in touch with your Bull!

If you’re a Taurus, follow your horoscope, and for everyone, make use of the astrology calendar to keep track of when Taurus Season starts and ends.

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Did you know that each of the Chinese Zodiac signs has a Western Zodiac equivalent? Both East and West Zodiac have 12 signs, but they have their own differences.

The Western Zodiac is based on star signs from the constellations. The Eastern Zodiac is based on a legend where twelve animals were asked to run a race. The Western Zodiac has four elements that correspond to the signs: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. The Eastern Zodiac has 5 elements that correspond to the signs: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood.

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The Western Zodiac begins with the sign that heralds the beginning of the Spring Equinox: Aries. It ends with Pisces. The Eastern Zodiac begins with the sign that first won the race: The Rat. It ends with the Pig, who was last.

In Western Astrology, your Sun sign is determined by the month you were born. In Eastern Astrology, your sign is determined by the year you were born (find out your Chinese Zodiac sign here).

The Solar (Sun) Calendar rules the Western Zodiac with the first sign of the year beginning at the Spring Equinox. Spring has arrived; winter is over. Meanwhile, the Lunar (Moon) Calendar rules the Eastern Zodiac, where the year begins at the start of the Chinese New Year, which is always the second New Moon after the winter solstice.

So, how does each Chinese Zodiac sign correspond with the Western Zodiac sign?

Jupiter has a lot to do with it. Jupiter takes twelve years to go through the Western Zodiac, spending around one year in each sign. As a general rule of thumb, it spends the Year of the Ox in Capricorn, the Year of the Snake in Taurus, the Year of the Rat in Sagittarius, and so on.

So which Chinese sign corresponds with which Western sign? Read on to find out.

Equivalent Chinese Zodiac Signs & Western Zodiac Signs:


The Rat who won the race in the Chinese Zodiac is the equivalent to Sagittarius. Like Sagittarius, the Rat is adaptable and able to find the positive among the negatives. Jupiter is powerful in Sagittarius and the Rat is likewise considered a sign of luck in Chinese Astrology.


Like Capricorn, the Ox is down to earth, steady and organized. Both signs are highly industrious, able to focus on a task and see it through till the end. Both have strong earthy energy and both can be downright stubborn! Respect and power are important to these signs and both of them value all aspects of the material world.


Tigers are known for their rebellious streak and if Aquarius isn’t the sign of the rebel then I don’t know who is! Both of these signs are resistant to authority and prefer to follow the beat of their own drum. Their desire to stand out from the crowd and, above all, not to follow it makes them known for their courage. Both possess leadership skills, though both can be hard to get along with.


As the second home of Jupiter, the Rabbit is likewise considered to be a lucky sign. Dreamers and artists, Rabbits and Pisces have a strong imagination and appreciate aesthetic beauty. They have kind hearts and can both be very passionate about their views. Both of these signs can struggle with escapism as neither like conflict.


In the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon is the most revered of all the signs, commanding respect and attention wherever they go. As the first sign of the Western Zodiac, Aries is just as strong-minded and respected. Aries is a sign of leadership, the go-getter who knows what they want and isn’t afraid to get it. The Dragon is highly independent. It is difficult telling either of these signs what to do!


Like Taurus, the Snake possesses a special sort of wisdom that helps them moved forward cautiously but cleverly in life. Both of these signs have the ability to withstand a lot and both enjoy the benefits of the material world. When challenges, both of them are fierce opponents! They are also highly sensual signs.


Plenty of mental energy with these two! The Horse is someone of great intelligence who thinks quickly and has oodles of curiosity. It’s the same with Gemini – a quick-thinker who is always looking for new adventures. Often, the Horse and Gemini will have multiple talents and skills in a variety of areas. Both of these signs are charming and know how to win you round. Both can struggle with commitment!


Like the Goat, the sign of Cancer is a sensitive and imaginative sign. In fact, both of these signs are the most artistic of their zodiacs! They are both extraordinarily talented and usually have a special gift for writing, painting, drawing and other forms of the arts. Because of their high sensitivity, both of these signs can be quite moody.


The Monkey is a highly sociable sign and also very intelligent. While they are a little more flexible than Leo, both of these signs know how to have fun and have a very bold streak. Both enjoy having an audience and being the center of attention. They can both be very persuasive, though in their own unique ways: the Monkey with words and Leo with action. Both can come across as a little arrogant at times, though their hearts are in the right place.


The responsible signs of each zodiac, both the Rooster and Virgo are deeply concerned with doing a good job and ensuring everything is running smoothly. The Rooster is a little more loud-mouthed than Virgo, who is more reserved, but at the core, both of them have the same aim: to get things done. Both are highly analytical. They can both be accused of interfering at times.


The ultimate defender of the underdog, the Dog is someone who believes in justice and fairness above all else. They are similar to their Western counterpart, Libra, who is represented by the scales of justice. Both of these signs seek companionship. Both of them will fight for a worthy cause and do anything to ensure justice is served. Both can be stubborn in their own way.


Like the Pig, Scorpio is passionate and secretive. Both of these signs enjoy carnal pleasures – the Pig enjoys a good romp in the hay while Scorpio is the sign of seduction! The primary difference between these two is that the Pig comes across as more jovial and less intense, while Scorpio’s intensity shines through. The Pig is also more naïve than Scorpio, but both of them have a dark edge that gives them the ability to delve deeply into themselves and others.


So there you have it, the Chinese Zodiac signs and their Western Equivalents!

Which are you? Are you surprised to learn which one your equivalent is?

Don’t forget to check into your Chinese Daily Horoscope for even more insight into your Chinese Zodiac sign!

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Venus, the planet of love, moves into Air sign Gemini today. This starts a whole new period for Venus that’s especially important because Venus will retrograde in this sign, which means Venus is in Gemini all the way until August 7. Venus usually only spends about one month in a zodiac sign, so we’ve got some seriously prolonged Venus in Gemini energy now!

As the planet of love, Venus wants us to connect with one another. Venus is love, affection, romance, and highly sensual.

As a Mutable Air sign, Gemini is the sign of the mind, and governs communication and engagement.

Venus in Gemini in the Birth Chart

If you were born with Venus in Gemini in your natal chart, you’re someone who feels this position innately in your relationships. You likely need lots of mental stimulation with the people you’re closest to, and for you, love is best expressed through words. You’re big on words!

You can think up grand romantic scenarios in your head, and this can sometimes keep you from taking action as the image in your mind is more palatable than whatever the physical world has to offer you. You may be let down often because the real world doesn’t match what you think it should. The best romantic relationships for you are ones that marry the two, and bring together what you envision in your mind with what you can experience physically.

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Venus in Gemini Woman:

The Venus in Gemini woman is highly sociable, engaging, and full of life. She’s curious about the world and everything in it, and craves variety. She loves fun conversations, has a great sense of humor, and needs lots of mental stimulation. She doesn’t want to get bored in any way, and boring the Venus in Gemini woman is a sure way to send her packing.

Venus in Gemini Man:

The Venus in Gemini man is spontaneous, adaptable, and flexible. He loves spending time with friends, out in social gatherings, and may seem like a Cassanova with his way with words. Occupy his mind, and he has less of a wandering eye. A mental connection matters more than anything else to the Venus in Gemini man, and he wants someone who can match his personality.

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Venus in Gemini & Venus Signs Zodiac Compatibility

Venus in Gemini is the most focused of all of the signs on mental connection, even more than the other Air signs of Libra and Aquarius.

Gemini has mental energy that flows all over. Libra and Aquarius can understand this though, and have an easier time with it.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the Fire signs, and they can keep up with the energy of Venus in Gemini.

Where they diverge comes with action, since the Fire signs want to take action. This can be a good pairing though if the Fire sign is willing to take the initiative and Venus in Gemini is willing to follow.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the Earth signs, and they can struggle with Venus in Gemini because Earth signs are very practical.

They may see Venus in Gemini as erratic and unreliable, and Venus in Gemini may see them as boring – the worst thing of all to a Venus in Gemini!

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the Water signs, and the Water signs are ruled by emotion.

Venus in Gemini is ruled by the mind, so there can be some issues with getting on the same page. Water signs want to connect emotionally, while Venus in Gemini wants to connect mentally. Venus in Gemini can find the Water signs interesting though, especially mysterious Scorpio.

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Relationship Communication Tips for Your Zodiac Sign:

So, what can you do to make sure you’re connecting mentally and communicating openly during this long period with Venus in Gemini? Read on:

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Communication is number one for you during this period, and you can work on old communication issues or try to talk about something you have before. You may lack mental patience, and this can bring out lots of fights and miscommunications, so try to get some control over your mental energy. Having an outlet for your mind can be helpful.

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Mental energy may be slower during this period, and you may want to give yourself plenty of time to make your point, to talk things out, and to understand what others are saying to you. Do watch for stubbornness, which may be at an all-time high! Open your mind and really listen to the people you care about and trust.

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Venus is in your sign, and you can focus on how to connect and reconnect. You may bring people back into your life, and you can talk about things that should’ve been talked about a long time ago. In existing relationships, you may want to speak first so you can get things off of your chest and then allow for others to have their say without interruption.

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You may be less inclined to share openly during this period, and keep a lot of your thoughts and opinions to yourself. Try to make time for those you care about and trust to be open with them privately, without anyone else getting in the way. You can feel more comfortable being open behind closed doors, and can speak up about things from the past or dive into your subconscious.

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Try communicating in new and different ways. Shake things up a bit with your communication style, and listen to a diverse group of opinions. Your friendships may get a lot of attention during this period, and if you’re in a romantic relationship, you may want to work on the foundation of friendship.

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Communication during this time may be focused only on what needs to be said and nothing more. There may be less patience for verbal fluff, and you want everything said to have a purpose. Try to make sure you don’t shut people off just because you don’t think they’re making a point. Be thoughtful with your words.

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You can feel more open to sharing big stories and big ideas during this time, but may struggle with the details and little picture. Don’t ignore those things, otherwise you may miss something you need to see. Also, watch what you say during this period because you may be more likely to make promises you can’t keep. Be realistic with your words.

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This period may have you even more focused on serious matters, and you can tackle serious subjects with those in your life. You can take what you say very seriously, but this may come across as a little too intense at times. Try to give those in your life a little breather so they don’t feel like you’re suffocating them mentally. Let them have a say, and don’t just impose your will.

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Open lines of communication in your relationships can be incredibly important to you during this period, but not only for you or only for them. It only works if the lines of communication are open for both of you equally. Have balanced give and take, otherwise the lines of communication may become closed off.

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You may be inclined to pay closer attention to the little things in your relationships and with the people in your life, but this may lead to being picky, to picking others apart, or to being even harder on yourself. Try to approach the details from a place of constructive action, so you can use the information but not be too caught up in perfection.

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Ignoring the serious problems may be a problem during this period, but you want to enjoy yourself so much and just focus on the love that you don’t feel much like dealing with anything serious. This can lead to bigger problems though, so don’t paint such a rosy picture. Recognize what’s there, and address it quickly. This is the best way to give yourself lots of time for love.

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This is a period where you’ll want to focus on merging what you feel with your words, and expressing how you feel can be more important. You may stumble over your words at times and struggle with finding the right words to say, but others can sense what you mean, and you can sense what others mean.

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A Little Sweet Talk Goes a Long Way!

We’ve got 4 months of Venus in Gemini, so buckle up!

Venus will be retrograde in Gemini May 13 – June 25, so this is the hottest time for this energy.

Make time now to get prepared so it’s not so bad for you, and come out of the retrograde stronger than before. By the time Venus finally leaves Gemini in August, your relationships can be communication powerhouses!

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We find ourselves in the midst of a strange time where we’ve had to globally maintain distance from one another. While this period, astrologically, is likely to bring about important change and transformation for our global society, it can feel lonely and isolating to maintain, well, isolation.

Astrology is a wonderful tool for not only deciphering our own personal challenges but also for helping us through the challenges that we face as a community. Now is the time to focus on compassion, understanding, optimism, and our faith in what the Universe has in store for us.

While it may seem easier to give into fear, we must collectively choose guidance and hope—and that’s where astrology comes us.

What is Your Rising Sign?

It may not feel easy or comfortable to maintain social distance right now; however, depending on your Rising sign, you may be soaking in the sweet sense of alone time and introspection.

Your Rising sign is the zodiac sign that was rising above the Eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth.

To find out your Rising sign, click here to use our free birth chart generator.

While most people are familiar with their Sun sign—the core of your personality—your Rising sign may actually give people a better idea of who you are. Your Rising sign, also known as the Ascendant, indicates how you show yourself to the world, how you present your being and spirit to those around you.

While we’re collectively trying to maintain positivity and connection in a time where social distancing is necessary, it would be useful to take a look at each Rising sign and discover more about how social distancing affects every sign in the zodiac.

Understanding how your Rising sign values socialization and connection with others can help you process upsetting or confusing feelings that you might be having right now. Plus, we’ll give you ideas for maintaining connection while distancing socially, as well as practices and techniques to maintain calm and optimism right now.

Learn more about your rising sign here: The Ultimate Guide to Your Rising Sign

How to Handle Social Distancing, Based on Your Rising Sign

Let’s explore each Rising sign, their views on socialization and connection, and tips for finding your flow during this challenging time.

Aries Rising

Aries is ruled by assertive, aggressive Mars, which indicates a feisty spirit with a desire for action. If you’re an Aries Rising, chances are that your body and mind move swiftly. You are not one to sit around and ponder, preferring a path that leads to quick solutions. This can be a difficult time for Aries Rising, because you’re forced to slow down and take a break from your whirlwind lifestyle. Furthermore, an Aries Rising is charming and magnetic, loved by everyone. This is a time where you might experience loneliness that is otherwise foreign to you.

Try to take advantage of this time spent with yourself, exploring your thoughts, feelings, and desires for the future. This is a great time for creative visualization, like creating a vision board or painting a picture of your ideal future.

Taurus Rising

Ruled by social Venus, this may be a very difficult time for Taurus Rising. The loyalty that you display in relationships is not reduced during this time of social distancing, and it probably pains you that you can’t physically be there for those your love. Your sense of responsibility towards your loved ones makes it feel like you aren’t doing enough or helping enough. You have to find a way to release your sense of guilt and realize that this situation is beyond your control. Letting go of control isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s crucial for maintaining your sense of optimism and connection.

While you can’t physically be there for everyone you love, you can be there emotionally. This is a great time to reach out in safe, healthy ways, extending your love and appreciation for friends and family. Try connecting through video calls or chatting applications. See if there are ways that you can share your love and loyalty—sometimes a simple question, like “How are you?” is enough to brighten someone’s day.

Gemini Rising

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Gemini Rising signs are social to the core, and they love bouncing their many ideas off of those around them. During this time of social distancing, a Gemini Rising may feel lost or confused, not sure how to process their racing thoughts without their sounding board of trusted friends and family. However, communication between yourself and others is only one form of expression. You also excel at writing, and this is a good time to put pen to paper and explore your emotions—through a journal, writing poetry, or writing to others.

This would be an excellent time to find a pen pal or start correspondence with friends and family that you can’t see in person. Writing letters or emails to your loved ones gives you an excellent way to not only let your thoughts and feelings out, but to connect in new ways to your community.

Cancer Rising

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is an emotional and intuitive sign. This Rising sign is sentimental and cares deeply for those they love. While Cancer Risings are domestic and happy to spend time in their home, they feel a sense of loss when they can’t be around the people they love. This may be an emotionally charged, frustrating time for you; but there are many ways to make the most of this situation. While you can’t take care of your loved ones like you typically might, you can always lend an ear and be there for your friends and family emotionally.

This is a great time to bring back the long-forgotten tradition of phone calls! Some of us may remember spending hours on the phone as a teenager, talking about everything under the Sun with our friends. Pour yourself a glass of wine, light a candle, and call your friends and family. You’ll feel more connected and they’ll appreciate your compassion and thoughtfulness.

Leo Rising

Leo is ruled by the bright, burning Sun, the giver-of-life. A Leo Rising’s personality shines through their connection with others, and they feel lost without the attention they give to and receive from those around them. You may feel less enthusiastic and optimistic without the physical connection you have with your friend and family. And while your connections are important, this is a great time to begin building a deeper connection with yourself. Many of us go through lonely periods in life, and these challenging moments are often necessary to help us foster a better relationship with our own being.

Try using this time to explore your hobbies and talents. Write a song or poem, paint a picture, or dust off your old karaoke machine and put on a show in your living room. Get silly, be creative, and try to have as much fun as you can on your own. When you learn to connect deeply with your own being, you’ll be better able to appreciate your connections with those around you.

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Virgo Rising

Virgo is another sign ruled by communicative Mercury, however this sign is more focused on independence than Gemini. The hardest part of social distancing for Virgo Rising may not be the lack of physical connection, but the inability to work as hard as they would prefer. You have to find a way to sink into this moment and take advantage of the free time that you now have. While you may feel stir-crazy during this challenging time, this is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and find transformation in the journey.

This is a great time to study new subjects or spiritual avenues. Sit down with your favorite book and relax into the story. Break out a notebook and write about your experience. Practice yoga and sink deep into the needs of your body. Exploring your shadow will help you find solace and enlightenment.

Libra Rising

Libra, ruled by harmonizing Venus, is all about balance. And right now, things feel a little out-of-whack. It’s understandable that a Libra Rising might be experiencing frustration or anxiety during this time. You probably do not typically prefer to spend too much time alone, preferring the company of your loved ones to experience a sense of connection with the Universe. But this is a time to try to find the balance of the moment. If you can locate your center right now, you’ll be even more prepared to handle future challenges.

Balancing activities, like yoga, meditation, and chakra work are beneficial right now. And when you need to feel connection, reach for the phone. Finding ways to connect with those you love is a facet of the balance you need right now. Even if you can’t see them in person, you can still engage.

Scorpio Rising

Ruled by mysterious Pluto, Scorpio is a sign that loves to explore anything hidden in life, anything that flows beneath the surface. A Scorpio Rising may seem to handle social distancing with a sense of understanding, as the strange, dark aspects of life are no stranger to Scorpio. This is a great time to go within and explore your shadow. Introspective work will help you maintain a sense of grounding right now. Journaling is an especially effective way to explore your own depths.

You may benefit from creative socialization, like internet chat rooms or forums. This is a good time to find other people that enjoy the same interests or subjects as you and chat with them about it. Connecting creatively with people who are like-minded will help you feel engaged with the world around you.

Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter, and optimism is the name of their game. But a Sagittarius Rising is also likely to enjoy their socialization, making this a difficult time to maintain positivity. It can be hard for you to remain enthusiastic when you feel cut off from your loved ones, but it’s important that you don’t let this challenging period squash your spirit. This is a good time to engage your inherent independence and try to find activities that bring you peace and joy.

Creative self-expression is beneficial and healing during this time. You may even start working on a project that you can later bring others into. Because Sag is so future-oriented, try thinking about the wonderful, exciting things that you’ll be able to do with your loved ones in the near future—and start making a plan to fulfill these goals.

Capricorn Rising

Ruled by sensible Saturn, a Capricorn Rising is likely to be taking things seriously right now. Those with a Capricorn Ascendant are responsible and hard-working, and you may be currently trying to find your own solution for the world’s problems. While your hard work usually pays off, this is a great time to take a step back and try to learn from the situation around you, exploring your feelings along the way. And although you can’t physically be near everyone you love, it’s a good time to take a moment to reach out.

Video calling is an excellent way to stay in touch right now. Take a moment to simply relax and chat with a friend. Tell them how you’re feeling and allow them to explore their own confusing emotions. Let your wall come down a bit and be vulnerable with those you love right now.

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius is ruled by surprising, spontaneous Uranus, making it hard for an Aquarius Rising to go through the motions of seemingly similar or mundane days. You like your life to be filled with surprises and excitement, which can be hard to find when you feel like you’re stuck at home. However, there are many ways to find excitement right now. This is a great time to engage your spontaneous spirit and create your own surprises for others.

Try sending a card to your best friend or a bouquet of flowers to a family member (which can be safely left on their doorstep). Create a song for someone on your computer or through your smartphone and send it to them for a delightful and uplifting gift. Give others the gift of spontaneity to help you feel more enthusiastic about life.

Pisces Rising

Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac, thanks to their ruling planet Neptune. A Pisces Rising can spend a lot of time in their head, exploring their fantasies. While it may feel like a challenging and confusing time, this is a great time to engage your brilliant imagination and explore your sense of creative self-expression. Create gifts for those you love that you can present to them once the dust clears and we go back to our usual routines. Working on artistic projects will not only soothe any frustrating or upsetting emotions, but it will also allow you to take advantage of this time of rest and stillness.

Bring out all of your art supplies, pour yourself a glass of wine, put some music on, and start creating. Don’t hold yourself back; now is the time to trust your intuition. If you create digital art, this is a great time to share it with the world. And even if you can’t give someone a painting or a hand-written poem right now, you can always send them a picture of it.

Bridging the Social Distance

While this is a challenging time for all of us, there is always a lesson in these difficult moments. Exploring astrology is an excellent way to find peace and solace in moments of confusion, allowing you to learn more about yourself and the world around you.

And remember, even when we have to spend time apart, we are in this together.

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