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Aquarius season is upon us, with its futuristic, humanitarian vibe that propels toward eccentricity and innovation. What better way to embrace everything that the Aquarius energy has to offer than to explore and discover the best crystals for this delightful sign?

Whether you’re an Aquarius yourself, soaking in the amplified energy of Uranus, or you’re simply trying to make the most of this season, these crystals will help you ramp up the Aquarian vibes.

But first, let’s take a look at the traits – both positive and negative – that make Aquarians so unique and utterly amazing.

Aquarius Personality Traits:

  • Assertive
  • Willful
  • Analytical
  • Nonchalant
  • Eccentric
  • Humanitarian
  • Laidback
  • Flighty
  • Independent
  • Innovation
  • Original

Aquarians are unique, easy-going, and inventive. However, they can also come across as detached or lacking emotional depth. If an Aquarian can learn to open their heart and share their feelings, they make wonderful partners and friends; their hearts are big, and they truly care for those around them.

Best Crystals for Aquarius


Aquamarine is a courageous stone that comes in shades of light green with a slight translucence. This stone helps Aquarians gather the strength they need to tackle their goals and dreams – which are often very lofty. Aquarians want to save the world, and aquamarine is a stone that can give them the motivation and bravery they need to do so. This crystal soothes fear and eliminates negativity. It is also a mentally stimulating stone that will help you focus.

Black Onyx

Aquarians are prone to bottling their emotions, eager to keep their issues to themselves. An Aquarius may need help learning how to share their feelings with others, and black onyx is a crystal that can help facilitate this process. Beyond this, black onyx repels negative energy and helps you face your fears. This crystal also works to reduce self-doubt and increase confidence.


This stone is connected to Aquarian energy and will help you get in touch with your higher self. Amethyst connects you to your intuition, helping you better hear any spiritual guidance that flows your way. Amethyst reduces stress and increases willpower, making this the best stone to turn to in times of extreme duress. Stressful moments can lead us to indulge in things like alcohol or drugs, which seem to provide an escape from an overwhelming reality. Amethyst helps you avoid this pattern, allowing you to deal with your stressors with strength and clarity.

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Labradorite is a magical stone that benefits every sign for different reasons. This is a stone of transformation, a concept that is near and dear to the Aquarian heart. Labradorite was thought by Inuit people to have fallen straight from the colors of the Aurora Borealis, imbuing it with mystical energy. This crystal contains shimmers and sparkles that reflect its magical nature. Labradorite protects the aura, allowing you to reflect any negative external energy. It will help you feel strong and safe during moments of turbulence. This stone helps us see the truth and hear the guidance from our higher, spiritual self.


Garnet is known to connect to Aquarian energy and is recommended for any Aquarius to work with. This crystal is known as the Stone of Commitment, and it will help you stay focused on your goals and dreams for the future. With increased focus and determination, this crystal helps you tackle any item on your to-do list which will bring you closer to your goals. Garnet also provides emotional strength during times of duress.


Aquarius is an Air sign, and sometimes it needs some help connected to the Earth. Hematite is a stone that brings grounding energy to those who work with it and will help you feel rooted within the Earth. While Air energy makes you more intellectual and inventive, Earth energy helps you feel productive enough to make those ideas come to life. This stone also reduces stress and worry.


Angelite is a crystal that assists in communication and will help you feel more comfortable opening up to those around you. Not only does this stone help with matters of communication, it increases your spiritual energy, helping you connect to your guides. Angelite is a soothing crystal that reduces negative emotions and helps you deal with strong feelings.

Embracing Aquarian Energy

These crystals will help you embrace the inventive, intelligent energy of Aquarius season. Or, if you’re an Aquarius yourself, these crystals can help you year-round. The eccentric, original energy of Aquarius is something that can be felt and should be celebrated.

So, gather your Aquarius crystals and make your own ritual, soaking in the unique energy of the season.

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Among the other crazy phenomena that can occur with Tarot, getting a “stalker card” is one of them – or, more literally, having repeat Tarot cards in your readings. Yes, much like with all other Tarot-related things, this means something too!

Whether it’s a card that you are simply seeing often, a card that has non-stop been popping into your readings, or a card that you just cannot get out of your mind, it can be confusing and sometimes alarming to have a “stalker card” on your hands, especially if you don’t understand why it won’t leave you alone or you’re a beginner with Tarot.

If you’re questioning whether or not a card is “stalking” you, and have successfully found your way to this article, chances are that your suspicions are correct – so that’s step one! We don’t often tend to feel like a Tarot card is following us around for no exact reason.

Once you have identified a stalker card, the next course of action is to understand a little further as to why the card is following you around. Here are some reasons why you might find a Tarot card getting a little too clingy with you!

1. The energy hasn’t changed, so neither has the reading!

If a card is coming up again and again – or even further, if multiple cards are coming up again and again – it’s possible that simply nothing has changed, so there is no need for the cards to change.

This reason is likely especially if you conduct readings quite often or perhaps on a daily basis. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything good or bad; often, the cards are just showing you what they see, so it can’t make up something new if there isn’t anything new for it to show you!

2. The message didn’t sink in the first time.

Maybe you dismissed the card, it confused you, or you even chose to actively ignore the message. More commonly, maybe you misunderstood what the card was trying to tell you! Sometimes a stalker card appears in your life when you aren’t seeing what the card is trying to communicate to you.

If you find yourself hitting a roadblock with a card and can’t seem to understand what it wants to say, consider journaling it out or meditating instead of dismissing the card, assuming it’s nothing, or thinking you’ll automatically figure it out later.

While it’s indeed possible for you to figure it out on your own naturally, setting aside time in your day to let the message of the card sink in is more efficient and effective.

3. The card is a warning or message of something you can’t see quite yet.

When you read your cards on present situations, it can be fairly simple to see what card is corresponding to which event, feeling, person, or energy in your life. With a good grip on our own lives, we tend to be able to connect the dots since a lot of the information is already known and personal to us.

However, if a card pops up with a message about a future event, it’s possible that our intuition might have a harder time perceiving ahead. Especially if the card is trying to communicate a piece of advice, we may not know what the advice is for yet, and that makes it difficult to understand why the card is there in the first place.

To make up for this, a card might show up again and again to make sure that the message is sinking in properly, even if you don’t need its message right now. If you feel like this might be the case, write down what you feel the card might be trying to communicate as if you were giving the message to a friend, and keep it for later. You might find that it resonates at a time that you need it most – just not yet!

4. It’s time to expand your Tarot practice.

When in doubt, keep in mind that a Tarot card is not limited to a few keywords or one traditional meaning. Personal experience and your own connection to each card are important factors in understanding Tarot, and your Tarot deck may be communicating to you that it’s time to reconsider your relationship with this particular card if it refuses to let you go a day without seeing it!

Spending some time journaling is really key here. Consider the following questions: What does this Tarot card mean to you? Are there any situations that you would have a hard time reading this card in? What’s an unconventional way for you to read this card? And how have you seen themes and messages within this card play out in your life?

Perhaps this will lead to a bit of a breakthrough in why this card is showing up for you right now in particular, but perhaps it will, if anything, just further your understanding of the card. Either way, you’ve gained something new from the experience!

In Conclusion…

Don’t stress too much about a familiar face showing up in your readings, even if it starts to get repetitive or annoying. Take some deep breaths, keep your calm, and remember that the Tarot is here to help, not hurt.

So long as you keep an open mind and don’t let the existence of a stalker card throw you off course completely, a card that gets a little clingy can’t hurt you. If anything, a stalker card is here to illuminate something important, just like with all things involving Tarot!

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Astrology goes far beyond the study of the stars and how they affect us, because astrology is connected to so many aspects of our daily lives. Astrology is certainly concerned with the celestial bodies above, but what makes it so magical is its correlation to everyday things here on Earth.

For instance, did you know that your Sun sign is connected to a certain chakra?

Today, we’re here to talk about the connection between Pisces and the chakras, and how to best open and balance your chakras as a Pisces.

The Pisces Chakra(s):

Pisces is the last sign of the astrological calendar, and it is ruled by the dreamy planet Neptune. Neptune is connected to the sixth chakra, also known as the Throat chakra or Vishuddha in Sanskrit.

Pisces, however, is one of the few signs that is heavily influenced by two planets, with the other planet being expansive Jupiter. This planet connects to the third, or Solar Plexus, chakra – known in Sanskrit as Manipura.

Therefore, the Throat chakra and Solar Plexus chakra are the two that may require more attention from a Pisces than others. When these chakras are aligned, a Pisces will feel confident and capable of speaking up for themselves. When these chakras are blocked, however, a Pisces may feel stuck, insecure, and unable to share their feelings, beliefs, and desires with others.

Maintaining proper balance in all seven of our chakras is necessary for personal growth and evolution, as well as mental, emotional, and physical health. For the Pisces, however, it is important to pay special attention to your astrologically connected chakras, as balancing these energy points can assist in maintaining balance through all of the seven chakras.

Chakra Work for Pisces:

Now that we know which chakras connect to the imaginative sign of Pisces, let’s take a look at the easiest ways to maintain proper balance in the Solar Plexus and Throat chakras.

Which Chakra is the Key to Your Abundance? Take the quiz to find out!


Meditation is recommended for many things, including but not limited to emotional balance, mental health, patience, and mindfulness. But meditation also plays a big role in the balancing of the chakras. Because meditation is so customizable, it is one of the easiest and most personal ways that you can begin to balance the chakras.

To work on the Solar Plexus chakra, bring yourself into a meditative state and then imagine energy flowing from the ground, up through your feet, and into the warm center of your belly. Focus your energy on your abdomen, and imagine a ball of spinning, golden light resting in this area. Envision the glowing, yellow orb growing bigger and bigger until you’re surrounded by its light.

To begin opening the Throat chakra, imagine the healing energy flowing to your throat area. Picture a floating, glowing blue orb dangling near the neck and surrounding the throat with healing, cerulean energy. Picture the orb growing bigger and bigger and bathing your Throat chakra in its healing light.

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Color Work

Each chakra is associated with a certain color. You may have noticed the color references within the meditations listed above: The Throat chakra is associated with the color blue, while the Solar Plexus chakra is connected to shades of yellow.

Working with these colors is another easy way to begin opening their respective chakras. You can try incorporating yellow and blue into your wardrobe, brightening up your everyday outfits with a pop of cornflower here or a bit of canary yellow there.

Painting, drawing, and coloring are fun and effective ways to work with color. You could paint a picture of the blue sky with a field of golden sunflowers; or pick your favorite coloring book and dedicate an entire page to different shades of blue and yellow.

Crystal Work

Crystal healing is fantastic for many, many purposes, with chakra balancing being one of them. There are certain crystals that are associated with each chakra. An easy tip is to look at the color of the crystal – if it matches the shade that represents the chakra you want to work with, there’s an excellent chance that the two are energetically connected.

Throat Chakra Crystals:

  • Lapis lazuli
  • Azurite
  • Angelite
  • Celestine
  • Amazonite
  • Blue apatite
  • Larimar
  • Sodalite

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals:

  • Citrine
  • Fire agate
  • Lemon quartz
  • Yellow apatite
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Calcite
  • Rutilated quartz
  • Amber

Crystal work for chakras can be as complex or streamlined as you’d like it to be.

You can simply place a crystal in your pocket and carry it with you throughout the day. You can place a crystal in your hand while practicing your chakra meditations. You might even try wearing jewelry featuring these crystals. Or you might prefer something a bit more involved, such as a crystal elixir: Place the crystal you’d like to work with in your drinking water for 30 minutes to infuse it with the healing energy you desire. (Remove the crystal before drinking, and research the crystal before you place it in your drinking water to make sure it’s safe to do so!)

The Balanced Pisces

As you can see, there are many ways to balance the Pisces’ special chakras, Manipura and Vishuddha. Once you begin working on these chakras, you’ll find it easier to maintain balance in all seven of the major chakras in your body. Maintaining chakra balance will bring the Pisces more confidence, security, imagination, and internal peace.

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Greetings Earthlings,

There is not a lot on the docket this week, but Moon energy is going to delight you. As you come out of Valentine’s week you may be feeling a little more romantic than usual. This can be caused by some Pisces energy that is available to us now and will be more in the week to follow when the Sun enters Pisces and Pisces is enjoying their annual solar return.

Happy birthday, Pisces! In the meantime, enjoy the flow of the Moons this week as they ebb to and fro and work with your emotions in the post-Valentine’s romantic follow-up.

Enjoy the glow of Pisces and also the glow of the Moon, which you can relate to your own sense of self and your own personal journey. Check out your chart and peek at what your Moon sign means to you.

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At the same time, Mercury is retrograde in this emotional Water sign of Pisces and emotions feel slow-moving to begin with. But that doesn’t mean slower emotions are bad for you. It just means you are taking more time to process them and work through them as emotive Pisces moves along.

Use our Daily Horoscopes and Free Tarot Card Reading to get specific information on how to deal with these slower-moving days.

Until then, Namaste.

Planetary Locations During February 17-23, 2020:

Sun: Aquarius (January 20, 2020 – February 18, 2020); Pisces (February 18, 2020 – March 20, 2020)

Mercury: Pisces (February 3, 2020 – March 3, 2020)

Venus: Aries (February 7, 2020 – March 5, 2020)

Mars: Capricorn (February 16, 2020 – March 29, 2020)

Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (January 10, 2020 – August 14, 2020)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for February 17-23, 2020:

Monday, February 17

Sun: Aquarius – The Sun puts you in the spotlight of appreciation and glory when you share your most ingenious ideas.

Moon: Sagittarius – See the Big Picture in all things today.

Tuesday, February 18

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Capricorn – Take the lead on a thing that you want to last.

Wednesday, February 19

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Capricorn

Thursday, February 20

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Capricorn

Friday, February 21

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Aquarius


  • Mars (Capricorn) trine Uranus (Taurus): Here we have warrior Mars working in concert with shock planet Uranus. This is happening in a trine, which is a favorable energy that will allow you to use the themes of both Mars and Uranus. Mars is the planet that rules your drives and your passions, while Uranus is the plant that is working to send shocking events in your life that free you from the things that are oppressing you. These can be stressful times, as Uranus is not exactly a planner. But you soon find after working with Mars in this transit that when you free yourself from some things, you find the exciting relief that Uranus promises – liberty, freedom, and all of those exciting things.

Saturday, February 22

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Aquarius

Sunday, February 23

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Pisces

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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We are living in a time when people are exploring all kinds of new interests and hobbies – but for some, it can be a real challenge to know how to get started – with so many options, how do you know just which one you’d like to explore?

Some people enjoy the tried and tested method of simply doing new things until they stumble upon one they like – which is an excellent investment when it comes to getting to know yourself better, but can take a fair amount of time.

To save you time, money and maybe a little frustration though, we’ve put together our list of hobbies you should try – by consulting the zodiac! If you’d like to leap into a hobby which will bring you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from an astrology point of view, read on!

Best Hobbies for Each Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about the type of things you like. This is because your Sun sign represents the ‘core’ of who you are. You’re naturally drawn to certain things which, one way or another, will satisfy that core.

Of course, a natal chart is a many-layered complex thing. If you are a Taurus Sun, for example, you’ll be drawn to the hobby suggested for Taurus. But if there is a lot of Taurus in your natal chart, or you are a Taurus Rising or Taurus Moon, you’ll also benefit from it.

Read on to find out more about the hobbies you should try at home!


Aries has a lot of energy and drive. This is the Cardinal Fire sign and they need a positive outlet to direct this powerful energy otherwise it can go haywire! Therefore, the best hobbies for them are ones which are intense and enigmatic, especially in regard to fitness.

For the more sporty Aries, HIIT workouts at home are strongly recommended. These workouts require short bursts of intense energy and don’t tend to last very long – this matches the energy of this feisty sign as they have a tendency to blow up quick and burn out fast. Meanwhile, the less sporty will benefit from transforming areas of their home, such as rearranging things to create a library or office space or a meditation den.


Fixed Earth sign Taurus is calm and loves nature, making outdoor hobbies ideal. So while at home, gardening is a great hobby for them, feeding that desire to be closer to the earth as well as providing a slow and methodical opportunity for enjoyment.

An alternative to gardening can be growing herbs in their home. Any Taurus would take great delight in planting a variety of herbs in little pots and leaving them in the kitchen, watching them grow as the weeks pass.


Gemini is the Mutable Air sign and loves to communicate. They have an interest in everyone and everything, eager to learn and explore. One great hobby for a Gemini to take up is learning a foreign language which can mentally challenge them and help them expand their horizons.

Geminis are often talented writers and speakers, so the more artistic types may want to focus on writing a book or communicating through other art forms, such as drawing, sculpting or painting.


The sensitive crab, Cancer, is the Cardinal Water sign and feels right at home when in their home! Cancer has a desire to protect and nurture, so cooking is a fantastic hobby for them. A Cancer would benefit from pouring over different types of recipes and trying them out. They’ll be especially inspired to do this if they are cooking for others.

A Cancer is the type of person who would create a Youtube cooking channel or post pictures of their culinary masterpieces on Instagram. Another hobby they would enjoy is gardening, especially growing their own fruits and vegetables.


Fixed Fire sign Leo rules the fifth house of creativity – so these talented individuals are big on creative stuff and like to let people know about it!

Leo signs thrive on hobbies such as dancing and fashion. Dancing provides a more physical outlet for their energy, while fashion – particularly designing – gives them something to create while keeping things fun. They will also enjoy cooking, especially unique and interesting recipes. The more creative, the better!


Virgo is the Mutable Earth sign. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo expresses Mercury’s energy differently to how Gemini does, the other sign ruled by this planet. Virgo’s Earth element means they are very focused on logic and practicality. They like to scrutinize and make sense of everything – logically!

A good hobby for Virgo is anything which is detail-oriented. They particularly enjoy crossword puzzles or brain-training games (which is also strongly recommended for them. Virgos can struggle with worry and nervousness so they are encouraged to take good care of their brain health.) Chess is also great for them and sculpting is recommended for the more creative, as is needlework.


Cardinal Air sign Libra is ruled by Venus. As the planet of love and beauty, Venus has a strong influence over Libra – and they have a special eye for beauty. Pretty things bring them joy!

So a good hobby for Libra is beautifying either themselves or their home – and they can spend hours doing this, so they’re unlikely to get bored! Exploring different DIY face masks, rearranging their homes, or trying out different outfits and styles are all enjoyable hobbies for Librans.


Scorpio is the Fixed Water sign known for their intensity. Scorpio may not always seem like it on the surface, but deep inside them is a chaos of emotion. Scorpio hobbies include meditation (which is excellent for keeping their emotions in harmony) and investigative work, such as learning about a period of history or a different culture.

Because Scorpio rules the eighth house of sex, death and magic, they may also be drawn to areas of the occult.


Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, so they like to travel and explore. Being indoors all the time can be depressing for them, so it’s important for them to have hobbies that fulfill their desire for exploration – a Sagittarius must sometimes learn that a lot of adventures can take place in their own mind!

This is the Mutable Fire sign and they can make great writers who weave amazing stories, creating their own adventures. They are also teachers of the zodiac, so taking up a part-time skill such as teaching English as a foreign language or life-coach studies can be very rewarding for them.


The Cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn is all about the long-term. This sign has got extraordinary stamina. Hobbies which are somehow related to advancing their career are very rewarding for them.

Online courses that help them learn about marketing or strategy may be right up their alley! Another great hobby for them is reading – Capricorn should fill their shelves with books, especially on topics they can apply to the real world. Capricorn also likes collecting things, so stamp or crystal collecting is enjoyable.


Aquarius is the Fixed Air sign – and a very quirky one at that! These are the innovators and odd types who have genius thoughts. Their minds are quick and they love having something to solve.

Puzzles are a great hobby for them. An Aquarius would feel joy and satisfaction from puzzles of all kinds – jigsaw, word or number. Because this sign is also the sign of technology, hobbies in this area can be equally rewarding. They may enjoy learning about coding or building robots!


The last sign of the zodiac is Mutable Water sign, Pisces. These gentle and compassionate individuals have wonderful imaginations. Hobbies related to the arts where they can harness their imagination are very rewarding for them.

Painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, writing, sculpting and drawing are all wonderful hobbies for Pisces. Because Pisces is also an ethereal sign, they may be drawn to metaphysical practices. Working with crystals and reiki are two things they may like to take up as hobbies which could evolve into something more.


We all work hard, as the world moves faster and we can make quicker connections, we all need something to relax with when we get home, or at least to take on something we really enjoy that may have nothing to do with our jobs. Hobbies can be relaxing or challenging, singular or social, but they all serve a purpose in keeping our interest!

Board games, sports, yoga, reading, painting and music – these are all hobbies we are used to seeing and are likely the most common around the world. Some of us tend toward the more intellectual pursuits, while others get more of a kick out of the physical. There are hundreds of options, so how will you go about choosing one that best suits you?

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Life can be challenging sometimes, and the stress and tension of everyday life can seem to drain our inspiration and squash our imagination. When life gets you down, it can be extra hard to find the motivation and creativity that we need to follow our dreams—and that’s where crystal healing comes in.

While astrology is a wonderful tool to use to decipher the mysteries of life, there are myriad metaphysical tools that can be used in conjunction with the magic of astrology to not only help us understand the energy around us, but also to help us find the strength to put ourselves out there again!

Crystal healing is one of the best tools at your disposal for healing emotional and physical wounds, as well as propelling you into forward motion. If you’ve had difficulty connecting to your inspired center, then this guide is for you. We’re going to learn about seven crystals that you can use at any time to get your creative juices flowing and find the inspiration you need.

The 7 Crystals You Need for Inspiration & Motivation

While there are many crystals that provide ambitious, creative energy, these are the seven most powerful crystals for ramping up your imagination and letting your inspired energy flow.

Labradorite – The Stone of Magic

Labradorite is a shimmering stone that comes in shades of dark green and grey on the surface, with a rainbow of color that shines in the sunlight. This crystal is known as the stone of magic because it connects to deeply to the mystical realm.

When you’re in the presence of labradorite, your Third Eye is activated, and your intuition is illuminated. Place a piece of labradorite near any creative project that you’re working on to help you feel more connected to your wisdom and your spiritual center.

Citrine – The Merchant’s Stone

Citrine is known for its good vibes and warm energy. This crystal comes in translucent shades of white, yellow, and orange, giving off the same hues as the shining Sun. Citrine connects to the Solar Plexus chakra, where our confidence lies. Working with citrine helps you feel more jubilant, optimistic, and artistic.

Place a piece of citrine in your left pocket when you need a boost; this crystal will raise your vibrations and promote heightened self-esteem, allowing you to trust your vision.

Carnelian – The Setting Sun

Carnelian is a motivating stone that comes in shades of orange and red. Ancient Egyptians used to refer to this stone as the setting Sun due to its beautiful, glowing appearance. This crystal connects to and heals the Sacral chakra, the center of creativity within the body. As such, spending time in the presence of carnelian helps you feel more creative and connected to your center or artistic ability.

Try placing a piece of carnelian in a cup of drinking water for 30 minutes, and then carefully remove it for a healing, motivating elixir.

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Tiger’s Eye – The Stone of the Mind

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful stone with a deep, dark brown-to-black foundation and shimmering flashes of orange and yellow light. This crystal is known for its protective qualities; but many overlook the connection that tiger’s eye shares with the mind. This stone connects to your mental faculties and helps you think more clearly, allowing you to access your imagination with ease.

If you feel like you’re stuck on the same ideas, place a piece of tiger’s eye in your left pocket. The left side of your body is the receiving side, and setting a crystal near this area will help you soak in its energy more easily.

Fluorite – The Rainbow Keeper

Fluorite is a gorgeous crystal that typically contains shades of purple and green, ranging from lilac to lavender and emerald to seafoam. The beautiful colors of fluorite result in its nickname as the rainbow keeper of the crystal realm. This stone clears the mind, removing negativity and promoting clarity. Working with fluorite helps you think more clearly, allowing you to access your imagination with ease.

Try holding a piece of fluorite in your left hand, closing your eyes, and breathing deeply. Meditating with this stone will allow your thoughts to flow freely.

Sunstone – The Stone of Leadership

Sunstone is a crystal that comes in orange, peach, and yellow hues, with small inclusions of shimmer that make it shine like the Sun. This is a confidence-boosting stone that helps those who work with it feel so motivated that it’s known as the stone of leadership. Sunstone is known for its ability to amplify positive energy, self-esteem, and motivation.

Place a piece of sunstone in your left pocket on any day that you need a creative boost. Keeping this crystal near you will help you absorb its optimistic, confident energy.

Aragonite- The Earth Goddess Connection

Aragonite is a crystal that comes in many colors and is naturally formed within mollusk shells. This is a grounding stone that helps you find a deeper connection with the Earth, allowing you to utilize the naturally healing powers of Mother Nature. Aragonite will help you conserve your energy and use it for creative, inspired projects.

Place a piece of aragonite in your workspace to encourage a grounded approach to your creative work. When you’re connected to the Earth, it’s easier to follow your intuition.

Embracing Your Imagination

One of the most powerful aspects of crystal healing is that it amplifies your own intentions; working with crystals is more effective when your set your intentions and focus on the energy that you want to manifest. It is useful to make a list of these manifestations before working with your crystals to enhance your results.

But the most important thing to remember is that you are an inspired individual and these stone will bring that out of you! Embrace your imagination and let your stones do the rest of the work!

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Mercury is about to move into Cancer in a few days, and this brings the planet of communication into the sign of emotion. Mercury in Cancer is the merging of the mind and heart!

This influence can focus astrology on communications, even more than it’s already been thanks to the Venus retrograde in Gemini. But with the Venus retrograde, it’s been more of the mind, and with Mercury in Cancer, it’s more of the heart. Emotional communication – it really does matter!

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Mercury in Cancer

If you were born with Mercury in Cancer in your birth chart, this comes naturally to you. Separating the heart and mind isn’t really something you know how to do (or at least, not very well). Whatever you say to others, you truly mean.

You take what others have to say to heart, and this can mean reading into things more than you should at times. Sometimes there isn’t anything behind what people have to say.

Objectivity may be lacking at times as well, and this has to be developed as you mature. Being more objective can be of great help in managing what you feel and not being too sensitive to what people say and think. This can plague you in your youth, and you can feel really insecure and always worried about what others are thinking – even though they may not be thinking at all!

You’re also someone who probably has a great memory for the things that leave an emotional imprint on you. If it makes you feel, you can recall it fifty years later like it was yesterday. The situations, the words, the people who get to you emotionally are the ones you never forget.

Don’t know your Mercury sign? Use the free birth chart generator to find out!

In transit, Mercury in Cancer makes communication laced with emotion for all of us. That makes this a good time to say what we mean and mean what we say. We can be more emotionally honest and forthright, but also subjective, and we need to be better able to figure out when there’s something between the lines and when there’s nothing to see.

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Mercury in Cancer: Love Horoscopes

Aries: Focus on the Emotion

Mercury in Cancer focuses on emotional communication on the actual emotion. You may want to express what you’re feeling more openly, and you can work on emotionally connecting with others. By being more open and authentic, this can help improve your connections in relationships.

How you feel within your relationships may be dictated by whether you feel like you’re being heard. You can seek out more encouragement and support, and be more nurturing as well.

Taurus: Focus on Communication

For you, Mercury in Cancer focuses the emotional communication on the communication aspect. You can work on finding the right words to say and be more mindful of the way you’re saying it. You may want to explore finding different ways of expressing yourself, and find this helps you in dealing with others.

One of the last things you should do with your loved ones is fly off of the handle and speak without thinking first. That gets you in trouble! Know that your words have value and meaning.

Gemini: Don’t Hold Back Too Much

You may be more cautious about expressing emotional communication right now. You’re probably feeling pummeled by everything else going on astrologically, so you don’t want to start any extra drama that you don’t need. But holding back too much might make you feel frustrated and stuck, and this can cause you to lash out at loved ones. Don’t hold back quite so much.

Give more time to say what you need to say, and don’t feel like you have to say much more than that. And keep your ears open to others so they feel heard too.

Cancer: Be Open

This transit has Mercury in your sign, Cancer, so you can be a lot more open with what you’re thinking and feeling with others. You may look to others for validation, to make you feel seen, but this can cause you to be a little needy. Try to look more at yourself, and give yourself what you need.

If you’ve been quiet lately, you can work on being louder, and take steps to mentally connect with others in new ways.

Leo: Quiet Listening

Mercury in Cancer can take communication for you and make it a lot quieter. This may be a time when you don’t speak up as much, and instead, do a lot of listening. You can learn and absorb so much from others this way! When you do speak up, it’s probably going to be when it’s just you and them. You don’t need a big audience right now.

You may spend some time connecting to your subconscious mind now, and this can help you figure out underlying issues that have been impacting your ability to emotionally connect.

Virgo: New Thinking

Mercury in Cancer can help you find new ways of emotionally communicating and being open. You can feel that exploring new modes of expression allows you to find ways of connecting with others both mentally and emotionally. As an added bonus, you can be more objective as well, and not get too lost in the emotions.

You may feel inclined to push your mind outside of its comfort zone, and this can get you rolling on new ideas.

Libra: Make Emotional Communication a Goal

Mercury in Cancer can make emotional communication more of a goal for you than usual. You may start to see the importance in it, and want to foster it more in your relationships. When you make it a goal, you can work hard to make it real. If you don’t make it a priority like that, then you may not give it as much attention.

Much focus may go to your goals and ambitions during this period, so relationships in general just may not get as much attention.

Scorpio: Expand Emotional Communication

Mercury in Cancer can help you expand on emotional communication in your life. You can learn ways to do so, and you can feel positive about it. You may not focus too much on challenging emotions, instead of wanting to connect with others by focusing on the positive. You may have less interest in anything too serious.

Part of you may want some more space from others to free your mind, but be careful not to push too much, too far.

Sagittarius: Serious About Emotional Communication

Mercury in Cancer can help you get serious about emotional communication. You can connect with others on a deeper level, and have a greater understanding of what’s below the surface of what people say. You can be more intense and passionate while communicating, and this can strengthen intimacy in relationships.

You may need to work on not being too much for others to handle though. Give them some room to breathe.

Capricorn: Communicate in Your Relationships

Mercury in Cancer lights up your relationship sector, so you can focus on communicating within your relationships. You can be more expressive one-on-one, and feel more connected with others when you feel supported mentally. This can help you open up even more with loved ones, and show support to them.

Some degree of peace and harmony may be necessary for you during this period to keep your mind balanced and communication clear.

Aquarius: Small, Subtle Communication

Mercury in Cancer can actually make communication a little less emotional for you. You may prefer to keep your mind practical and focused instead. You can become passionate about the details, and may express your emotions in small, subtle ways. This is fine if you’re okay with others not noticing because it’s so small and so subtle.

You can show nurturing and support for others by paying closer attention to the details, and noticing the little things about them and what they say.

Pisces: More Love, More Open

Mercury in Cancer can make you more open with emotional communication with your loved ones. You may get a little dramatic about it at times, but your heart is a lot bigger and you probably mean well. The more you feel the love, the more open you can become. This can help you connect with the people you love.

Being affectionate, sweet, and gregarious can be a way you show support for the people you care about, wanting to make them feel good and laugh.


Know that Mercury will remain in Cancer for a prolonged period of time, staying in this sign until early August. Mercury normally moves through one sign quickly, so this is a while!

This occurs because Mercury will retrograde in Cancer mid-June to mid-July. That means focusing on emotional communication is incredibly important over the next 2 ½ months, and it’s vital that you set yourself up (and your relationships) to be able to endure this period!

How can you improve emotional communication with your loved ones? Brainstorm now!

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Welcome to your astrology forecast for the week of May 25 – May 31 beautiful souls!

After two very busy astrological weeks, we finally have some peace and quiet. We are in the lull before the storm this week but in a positive way and here is why. Two eclipses coming our way in June will bring major changes – but for now we can focus on our goals diligently, using the building energy of the waxing Moon, since we just had a New Moon last week.

If you spend the week really focusing on what you want, manifesting each day with visualization and action, next week’s Full Moon will likely make those wishes come true! Make sure to pay attention to what sign the Moon is in to plan out your week’s activities most efficiently. You can do that here.

We may still feel like there are some delays in seeing how the future is meant to unfold because we have four planets retrograde but, trust the process and allow yourself to reassess your plans, your attitude, your budget, and your heart’s truest calling at this time in your life!

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We have an aspect at the beginning of the week with Mars sextile Uranus. This means our passion is aligning with the planet of rebellion. If you were looking for a way to break out of the gate, you’ll likely find it now. If some old viewpoint was keeping you from pursuing your passion fully, that stale thought won’t hold you back.

When Mercury, the planet that rules our thinking, moves into the Water sign of Cancer on Thursday, we’re not looking at details, but bigger picture spiritual concepts. This is a great time to brush up on your Tarot reading or to use your crystals to gain some intuitive insights.

You can also use this boost of intuition to really extract what it is your soul feels called to manifest for the greater good. Selfless wishes are much more powerful! All in all, the astrology overview for this week is relatively easy breezy.

Planetary Locations During May 25 – May 31, 2020

Sun: Gemini (May 21, 2020 – June 20, 2020)

Mercury: Gemini (May 11, 2020 – May 28, 2020), Cancer (May 28, 2020 – August 4, 2020)

Venus: Gemini (April 3, 2020 – August 7, 2020)

Mars: Pisces (May 13, 2020 – June 27, 2020)

Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)

Saturn: Aquarius (March 21, 2020 – July 1, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (January 10, 2020 – August 14, 2020)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for May 25 – May 31, 2020

Monday, May 25

Sun: Gemini – You are a chatterbox and a nosy neighbor but so is everyone else! You’re probably looking to explore new hobbies.

Moon: Cancer – You crave a little affection and you’ve got some to give. Just make sure you offer it to a worthy party. Creative tasks are favored.

Transit: Mars (Pisces) sextile Uranus (Taurus). If you’ve had a creative idea brewing, the planet of passion is helping you see how that idea can manifest. You have an extra boost of independence to forge ahead with those ideas from the planet that wants us to break the norm (Uranus) with the unrelenting focus of the Taurus bull.

Tuesday, May 26

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Cancer

Wednesday, May 27

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Leo – You just want to be fabulous and you aren’t afraid to flaunt your new spring fashion. The Sun beckons you to bask in it as you feel more optimistic and ready to expand. It’s time to make bold moves in some way.

Review: 5 Simple & Effective Ways To Embrace Your Spiritual Side

Thursday, May 28

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Leo

Ingress: Mercury enters Cancer. Our mind turns toward how other people make us feel and we see people on a more energetic level now. Our conversations become more about inner fulfillment and how to find it. There’s heightened compassion which compels us to care for our loved ones by simply listening or sending a thoughtful letter.

Friday, May 29

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Virgo – You’re more focused on how you can help people fix their problems and how you can be a resource for others. You’re not going to give up easily even if it’s hard to fix. It’s time to tackle those little tasks you’ve been putting off!

Saturday, May 30

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Virgo

Sunday, May 31

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Virgo

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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On May 21st, the Sun moved out of steady, earthy Taurus and into adaptable, airy Gemini. So what does this influence mean for us?

Ideas Galore!

This is a great time for fresh ideas! Gemini is a sign that thrives on communication, travel, and language, always seeking the next mental adventure. During Taurus season, we were able to focus on practical matters with greater ease, concentrate on our health and well-being, and zoom in on tangible, real-world issues. The sign of Gemini brings us into a month of innovation, discussion, and execution!

What Tarot Cards Represent Gemini?

All twelve signs of the zodiac have corresponding Tarot cards. So which cards represent the sign of Gemini?

The Lovers

Representing the 6th card in the Major Arcana, the Lovers is one card that people who get relationship readings love to see! However, when it represents Gemini it is far more about choice.

The Lovers, while indeed being a card of pure, unconditional love, is also a powerful card for choice and decisions. It represents how two separate halves can become whole – and this is also at the core of Gemini which is represented by the twins.

The Lovers card often shows up in a reading when there needs to be a choice made between head and heart; body and soul; soul and mind. This decision-making strongly resonates with Gemini, a sign with an extremely inquisitive mind who must learn to utilize all aspects of their character – body and soul, as well as mind – in order to achieve ultimate satisfaction.

In most Tarot decks, the Lovers card shows a winged angel floating above two people who are soulmates. This angel is depicted as a messenger who comes down from the heavens to help the soulmates in their journey through life. Likewise, Gemini is the sign of the messenger, ruling the third house of travel and communication.

This shows the potential power of Gemini, where they can use their gifts of communication for the highest good, expanding their horizons in order to make their own life, and the lives of others, better.

Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, known as the ‘winged messenger,’ another hidden clue in the Lovers card!

King of Swords

In the Minor Arcana, Gemini is represented by the King of Swords.

The King of Swords is the master of the Swords suit.,corresponding with the Air element, representing all aspects of the mind.

You may wonder why the King of Swords represents Gemini and not the other Air signs, Libra and Aquarius. In the Tarot, some believe that Kings represent Mutable signs – this is because they are secure in their understanding of themselves and their environments, while at the same time being open to new ideas and originality. Therefore, according to this belief, the King of Swords represents the Mutable sign of Air: Gemini.

The King of Swords is an extremely powerful communicator. He is an intellectual with high standards and morals, his mental discipline is brilliant and he is concerned with fairness and equality. The King of Swords does not allow his emotions to rule him, but neither does he disregard him. The King of Swords has mastered the art of merging his head and heart as one, which is the challenge of the Lovers in the Major Arcana.

When Gemini is at their best, they too become the King of Swords, able to listen to the heart while acting through the mind. This is the person who has found a way to use their intellect for the highest good and is able to dispense justice, fairness, and equality through it.


Tarot astrology is a fascinating thing because we’re able to blend two metaphysical subjects together to gain even deeper insight into ourselves and others. As Gemini season is now upon us, let’s embrace the positive powers of this Mutable Air sign: the ability to communicate effectively, the excitement generated when exploring new ideas, the desire to expand upon existing ones, and a thirst for mental adventure!

By understanding the Lovers and the King of Swords, we can then better understand ourselves and figure out ways in which we are able to harness the power of Gemini, applying them to our own personal goals and ambitions so we, too, may become like the King of Swords!

Want to know more about how the Tarot and Astrology work together? Read more here!

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Have you ever worn a piece of turquoise jewelry or been in the presence of this beautiful stone and felt its powerful healing properties flow through you? Do you find yourself inexplicably drawn to this crystal, enchanted by its inviting teal hues? Turquoise is one of the most ancient stones on the planet, and its metaphysical properties are second to none.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at this mysterious gem to discover exactly how turquoise works to help you heal emotional wounds, leaving you feeling cleansed and energized. If you’ve ever wondered what it is that makes turquoise so special, keep reading to explore this mystical healing tool.

Turquoise Lore & History

Turquoise has been found to have been utilized by both Ancient Egyptians and artisans in China more than 3,000 years ago. Egyptians created beautiful jewelry using the stone, while Chinese artisans would carve pieces of turquoise into figurines.

This crystal is well-known for its importance in Native American culture, regarded as a living stone by many tribes. It is perhaps most associated with the Navajo tribe but is respected and revered among all Native Americans. The Pima tribe considers turquoise to represent vitality and strength, while the Hopi believe that turquoise is the excrement of a lizard that moves between realms. Pretty magical stuff, right?

One of the most striking features of this stone is its rich color, a deep teal that catches the eye.

Healing Properties of Turquoise

Turquoise is a hydrous phosphate that is comprised of copper and aluminum. It is a stone of purification that allows negative energy to dissipate. One of the things that makes turquoise so special is the fact that it is one of the few stones that connect to each of the seven major chakras within the body. Turquoise healing cleanses each chakra, leaving them healthy and flowing.


This is a protective stone that guards your energy and keeps you safe from external negativity or psychic toxins. Wearing or working with turquoise is a surefire method of boosting your psychic shield, forming a protective barrier between your spirit and the outside world. While stones like tiger’s eye may be well known for their protective properties, turquoise should not be overlooked when protection is needed.

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A spiritual stone, turquoise connects you to your center and helps you resonate with the vibrations of the Universe. When you’re near turquoise, you feel a deeper connection to the spiritual elements that lie beyond the physical realm, bringing you closer to transformation and enlightenment.

This stone enhances any metaphysical work, like Tarot readings, astrology work, balancing the chakras, meditation, and even numerology. Turquoise creates an opening in the barrier between this realm and the spiritual realm, allowing you to hear the messages and wisdom coming from beyond.

Setting Intentions

Because turquoise is both powerful and receptive, this is an excellent stone for charging with certain intentions. Turquoise can take on specific healing powers based on your own energy and intentions, making it one of the most mysterious and beneficial stones within in the crystal kingdom.

Hold a piece of turquoise in your right hand – as the right side of the body is the side that emits and gives energy – and close your eyes. Now, think of the exact healing properties that you want to infuse in your crystal. Are you dealing with heartache? Program your turquoise to penetrate and heal the pain in your heart. Do you need strength for a job interview or to tackle a project? Charge your turquoise with intentions of courage and strength to help you move forward with confidence.


Turquoise is a powerfully relaxing stone, known for its ability to infuse the body with tranquil vibrations. These therapeutic benefits make turquoise one of the best stones to work with during meditation. Holding a piece of turquoise in your left hand while you meditate will amplify the relaxation and harmony that you feel.

You can also place a piece of turquoise under your pillow at night to help you sleep more deeply and promote peaceful dreams. Or, if you’re feeling tense or anxious, place turquoise in a glass of drinking water for 30 minutes to create a calming crystal elixir.

The Versatility of Turquoise

Turquoise jewelry has always been quite popular, despite changing fashion trends, making it one of the most accessible stones for crystal healing. You can easily wear turquoise jewelry all day for healing, relaxing energy regardless of external circumstances. If you’re curious about crystal healing but not quite sure how to begin working with crystals, find a piece of turquoise jewelry to get yourself started.

You can work with this stone in any manner that suits you, from placing a piece of turquoise on your altar to keeping a chunk of this crystal in your left pocket – the receiving side of the body. The versatility of this stone, coupled with its intense healing energy, makes turquoise a unique crystal that anyone can work with.

Find yourself a piece of turquoise that seems to be calling out to you and start developing your relationship with this healing crystal for more peace, tranquility, and balance in your life.

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​Gemini season spans between May 21 and June 20. Those who fall under the Gemini Sun sign have brilliant minds, and are known to have the potential to reach great success. They are the chattiest of all the signs and love to socialize!

We’ve rounded up 46 Gemini celebrities, and discuss how they connect to their Gemini zodiac sign. If you’re a Gemini, notice how there are common qualities that these celebrities share. As you read through the ways that these stars fly their Gemini flags high, you’ll find it inspiring to know that you also have these unique viewpoints and personality traits.

It’s exciting to uncover the treasures of your Sun sign so you can capitalize on your strengths! Read ahead to discover more.

Not a Gemini? No worries! You can still learn about your own zodiac personality using our free birth chart!

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We’re collectively living through a challenging time filled with uncertainty and isolation that most of us have never experienced previously. It can be hard to feel connected right now, especially when we’re still practicing social distancing and following safer-at-home orders.

Yet, connection is one of the most important things in this life. Fortunately, this is one of the many challenges that astrology can help us work through and overcome.

Today, we’re taking a look at Venus placements to explore different ways to connect during social distancing. Venus is the planet that rules over love and shows us more about how we connect to those around us.

So, if you’ve been feeling disconnected lately, keep reading to find out how Venus can bring you love and good vibrations during this time!

Venus Vibrations

The planet of love and beauty, Venus is the celestial matchmaker of the astrological world. This planet was named after the Roman goddess of love, circling back around to its romantic vibes. Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun, representing warmth and connection.

This planet rules over the signs of Taurus and Libra; however, each and every one of us has a Venus placement in our birth chart that can help us understand more about our romantic lives and friendly connections. Venus will also give you insight into how you choose to express love to your friends, family, and partners. Today we’re focusing on how your Venus placement can help you find connection during an isolating moment in history.

If you aren’t sure where your Venus is placed, try using our free Birth Chart Calculator to find out!

How Venus Can Help You Connect

Depending on your Venus placement, there are certain aspects of connection and relating that you might appreciate more than others. Whether you’re spending your time away from your loved ones or spending periods of quarantine at home with family, Venus can help you reach out in a manner that will speak to your heart.


Venus in Aries denotes a playful quality that encourages light-hearted activities when you’re connecting with others. If you’re home with family or roommates, this is the time to break out the board games and get into competition mode. Game play will lighten the energy of the room and encourage friendly vibrations.

If you’re away from loved ones, try creating games that you can play virtually. You could get groovy with some Skype karaoke or play an online video game with your friends or family to boost your connection.


Venus is at home in Taurus, a sign that it rules over naturally. Those with a Venus in Taurus placement enjoy predictability in relationships, making social isolation and distancing an especially difficult event. If you’re away from those you care for, try creating a schedule for virtual connection – make a special time or day each week for a video call or chat.

If you’re riding these waves out at home with family, create a sense of routine by choosing a movie night and popping the popcorn with your loved ones.


Venus in Gemini indicates a social person who loves conversations with others. You may not be enjoying the same frequency of discussions that you’re used to lately, making it difficult to feel connected. If you’re at home with family, try choosing a new topic for discussion each day to keep the conversation flowing.

If you’re away from friends and family, think of questions you can ask about them on your next phone call. This is an excellent time to really get to know the people we care for.


Those with a Venus in Cancer are extremely loyal to the people they love. You’re emotionally sensitive, which can make you feel lonely right now. If you’re away from your loved ones, try making it a point to reach out and check on them. This gives you the chance to connect while making sure they feel supported and loved.

If you’re home with family or roommates, use this opportunity to let them know how you’re feeling. Sometimes you have to be vulnerable with those you love.


A Venus in Leo placement represents someone who adores being adored; you love attention, and you’re not afraid to say it! However, it’s time for you to turn around and give that attention to others. Reaching out to someone and making them feel special will help you glow with delight right now.

If you’re away from friends and family, send a care package or a post card to let them know you’re thinking of them. If you live with someone, cook their favorite meal and digitally rent their favorite movie to let them know you care.

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Venus in Virgo placements are dedicated to those they care for. You are loyal and dependable to your loved ones. It helps you feel balanced and harmonized to help your family and friends whenever you have the chance. This is a great time to be of service to others, which will help you feel more aligned in the Universe.

See if there’s anyone in the house that needs help with a chore or a project. Or, try calling the friends and family you aren’t near to and ask them if they need virtual support or simply someone to talk to.


Those with a Venus in Libra are social, kind, and willing to compromise. Venus rules Libra and feels right at home in this placement, leading to a warm, friendly demeanor. It is likely difficult for you to be away from people right now. Try to reach out in new ways. For instance, you could start a correspondence over email with your best friend or schedule weekly video chats.

If you have family or friends at home with you, don’t be afraid to seek more connection and quality time. Break out the art supplies and host an inspiring crafting afternoon for the family.


Venus in Scorpio indicates someone who takes their relationships and connections seriously. However, they also have an intense thirst for metaphysical knowledge. This challenging time might have you more curious about life’s mysteries and throwing yourself into research, but it’s important that you share your feelings and thoughts with others right now.

If you live with people, crawl out of your research cave and spend some time with them! If you’re away from loved ones, reach out with a phone call or an email to connect and bounce your ideas off of someone who cares.


Those born with Venus in Sagittarius like to grow through their relationships, learning about the world alongside their favorite people. While you may not be able to travel around with your pals right now, you can still find the expansion you seek in your connections.

If you’re away from your friends and family, try using Netflix Party to watch movies in real time that are synchronized with anyone else using extension. You can watch travel documentaries and comedy specials alike! If you’re home with family, this is a great time for creative projects that expand the spirit and bring the group together.


A Venus in Capricorn placement denotes someone who can be reserved in relationships and may have a hard time fully relaxing around their loved ones. This is a good time to allow yourself to let loose and have a little bit of goofy fun with those you care about.

If you live with friends or family, put some tunes on and have a dance party in the living room. If you can’t be near those you care about, try using Houseparty, a face-to-face social network that lets you play games with friends, no matter how far away you are!


Venus in Aquarius represents a social butterfly who appreciates unusual and eccentric friendships. Why not try to find unusual and eccentric ways to reach out to your loved ones right now? Start an ongoing short story that friends can take turns adding to, or begin a snail mail correspondence with a family member.

If you live with others, break out the Tarot cards and give everyone a reading, or try a deep dive into each other’s birth charts. Metaphysical activities will help you connect on an entirely new level.


Those with a Venus in Pisces are playful and imaginative, and these qualities carry over into their relationships. It’s a great time to let your imagination get involved with your connections. Try using music apps like Garageband to create song tracks and beats that you can send to friends who are far away. They can even add to your work for a collaboration!

If you live with friends or family, get creative in the kitchen. Have each member of the household make a dish that they can contribute to your ultimate creative feast.

Sticking Together

We need community and connection now more than ever. If these ideas aren’t sparking excitement and joy in your heart, try coming up with ways to reach out that you’re comfortable with and happy to participate in. The important thing is that you find safe ways to maintain your connections with others, bringing more love and light into the world!

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You already get your monthly horoscope – but what can the Tarot reveal about the month ahead for your zodiac sign?

Taurus season encouraged us to find our footing yet again, but in June we find ourselves well into witty, curious, and cerebral Gemini. Sporting its Mutable quality, it brings with it the element of unpredictability and change, making the climax of June 2020 all the more exciting — or anxiety-inducing.

Whatever the feeling is for you, we’ve pulled one Tarot card each from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana to find out what the energy of your June looks like for your zodiac sign to limit the surprises.

Use your Tarotscope to help you prepare ahead, or just take a peek into the future to quench your curiosities. Enjoy, and find your June 2020 Tarotscope below!

Your June 2020 Tarot Horoscope

Aries: Judgement (Reversed) & Ace of Swords (Reversed)

Slow down the decisions this month, Aries. With Judgement in a reversed position, it’s more likely that your fast-paced tendencies will lead to something bitter more than it would lead you to somewhere sweet. And with Ace of Swords in a reversed position, that additionally adds to the sticky equation of speed ultimately equaling nothing good.

This means that you may experience more restlessness than usual, but don’t let it get to you, because more important decisions and plans for the future are at stake (Which you already know). Stay cool, calm, and collected, and double the amount of time that you would usually take before landing on a choice this June.

Taurus: The Empress & Page of Cups (Reversed)

Your cup is empty, Taurus, and it’s time to refill. In April, you saw truths coming to light, conflicting facts, and noise from the external world being hurled at you left and right. So much of this past energy involved emotional drainage on your end, and it’s OK to admit that you need to take a breather this month.

With The Empress at play, there’s an indication that you may want to refill in the best way that you know how — a Taurus-style “me” time session or two. Spoil yourself if you can, and this doesn’t have to be with splurging your wallet away but in general, finding any and all creative ways to spread some self-love around your life again.

Gemini: The Moon & 10 of Wands (Reversed)

You’re on your home turf, Gemini — after all, you’re amidst Gemini season itself! While it doesn’t feel like everything will be crystal clear, it does seem like a lot of the weight you’ve been carrying around is getting released this month. Stress, unnecessary burdens, and lingering energy of the distant past is able to be cleared and totally out the door this June, which seems like something you’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Although what may come after is not yet decided with The Moon bringing some amount of emotional and intuitive uncertainty, the important part is to first get the path clear before attempting to see what lies on it. Keep up the good work and you will be rewarded!

Cancer: The Hermit (Reversed) & 4 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Careful, Cancerian friends. Many of you are going to attempt to re-open your energy to others and share the love this month, recognizing the needs of others and identifying that there are those around you who need some help. While this is admirable and keen observation, you have to be careful you’re not depleting your own energy reserves to the point of exhaustion.

As a born nurturer, it’s only natural that you would demonstrate this desire to help, but many of you are still innate introverts and need your precious alone time — so remember to give it to yourself!

Leo: The Sun & 7 of Wands

This June is one of hard work but smiling through it for you, Leo. Despite the trying circumstances that the 7 of Wands may bring, it’s clear that you aren’t going to allow the obstacles to harsh your upbeat summer vibe. The Sun shines upon you with a warm, joyous embrace, encouraging you and fellow lion friends to take upon a more childlike outlook towards things.

Remember that your joy radiates outwards no matter how much the heat is actually getting to you, and it invites others to cooperate more readily and see things from your perspective, so it’s a win-win all around.

Virgo: The World (Reversed) & 8 of Cups (Reversed)

With The World in a reversed position, this June it might feel like you’re miles away from where you need to be, but there are some things that can be done to take a few of the weights off of your shoulders, Virgo. The 8 of Cups in a reversed position indicates that this includes being very honest about what does and does not belong in your life, and being ready to let go of what needs to be removed.

Many of you might have been clutching too tightly to an old idea of what the future should look like, and it’s time to be flexible about where you are willing to see yourself go from this point on. Keep that reminder in your back pocket this June, and just be ready to flip your perspective on its head!

Libra: Justice & Knight of Wands (Reversed)

You should feel right at home with the energy of Justice at play, Libra, as you yourself are a very diplomatic and equality-seeking being. However, it seems more like Justice is here because you called upon it out of necessity, attempting to step back into a more balanced, centered energy for June.

This seems to be really good work, but with the Knight of Wands in reversed position here too, it’s important that you’re not attempting to do this too quickly or aggressively. While it might be anxiety-inducing in the moment that not everything is balanced or in order, it’s better to take things slowly and steadily first.

Scorpio: Temperance & 8 of Swords (Reversed)

This June is much softer and sweeter than the month before, Scorpio! Temperance shines upon you with a patient, calm, and steady glow, ready to help you move into a sweeter and more balanced mindset for this month. With 8 of Swords in reversed position, it’s clear that you are ready to let go of restrictions and not allow fear or external problems pin you down or slow your progress.

At the same time, the energy of Temperance isn’t going to allow you to jump right into everything and anything — the key is patience and accepting the present as it is. In freeing yourself of restricting mindsets and attitudes, you’ll be freeing yourself of many of your other problems in the process.

Sagittarius: Death & 2 of Pentacles (Reversed)

Change is still very much afoot for you, Sagittarius, as we saw The Tower in April shake things up for you very unapologetically. Now, Death is here with a bit more natural kind of change, which is something you look to be getting behind quite well, being the overwhelmed juggler in the 2 of Pentacles.

It might feel sometimes like you’re behind the game rather than in it and far from winning it, not being 100% where you want to be. But this June, try taking advantage of the momentum and shifts that Death brings instead of fighting it, and you might just feel more like your free-flowing, adventurous Sagittarian self.

Capricorn: The Emperor & 3 of Swords (Reversed)

It seems you’re putting the heartache behind you and taking up your throne this month, Capricorn! With The Emperor here to help you lead, it is likely that you’ll be able to take upon more of a leadership role in your life this June instead of feeling like you’re the one being led around.

While the 3 of Swords in reversed position could indicate that you’re not letting fear or heartbreak get to you, you have to be careful that this doesn’t lean into suppressing how you really feel. As much as it’s a good thing that you’re finally in the driver’s seat, you can still let yourself feel what you need to feel without fear of losing control.

Aquarius: The Devil & Ace of Wands

This June brings forth themes of intense light and dark for you, Aquarius, but you can handle it! This month, The Devil signals that people might tempt you with options that you know are no good for you, or you might see some tempting shortcut “solutions” to your problems.

In truth, it’s the might, light, and power of the Ace of Wands that will grant you salvation, but it means actually putting forth the effort and initiative necessary in order to access this block-breaking energy. Stay true to who you are and what you know is truly for you this June and you’ll be right on track with the light, Aquarius.

Pisces: The Tower (Reversed) & 9 of Swords (Reversed)

The Tower and the 9 of Swords are both no fun to see — that is, unless they’re reversed like they are for you, Pisces! It looks like you’re putting all the negativity to rest and refusing to allow yourself to be suffocated under the weight of stress or turmoil.

This June looks to be one of clearing, cleansing, and letting go of what isn’t working for you, which is of course good but still hard work. Remember to rest and take care of yourself in the process; otherwise, keep up the good fight — you’re doing an amazing job!

A Final Reminder

This Tarot reading is meant to be a light of clarity and truth into whatever situation you might find yourself in, cluing you in on some of the upcoming (or already existing) energies that you may find in June 2020. Remember that the power of free will and choice is still always yours, and use your Tarotscope as an extra tool at your disposal however you would like!

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In honor of Taurus season being well underway, today we want to debunk some of the most popular Taurus myths out there that give those Taurus men and Taurus women out there a woefully misconstrued reputation.

Zodiac myths often develop from people (and even some astrologers) who make blanket statements that don’t give enough insight into the full nature of a sign or take into account the rest of one’s natal chart. The language used to describe some zodiac signs can be misleading when it doesn’t allow for the fact that each individual chooses how they use the energy available to them through their sign and other chart placements.

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For example, someone who is ultra-romantic could use that energy to be a considerate and fun partner or they could get clingy and codependent quickly. This article is going to help you see that there are more dimensions to the characteristics you may have heard about Taurus. This will help you see the truth beyond the myths about Taurus so that you can make up your own mind about each person rather than reducing them to just one part of their layered personality.

We know that Taurus is one of the most loving and nurturing of all the zodiac signs. After reading this, we hope you’ll see your Taurean friends and family (and if YOU are a Taurus, you’ll see yourself) in a different light.

5 Most Common Taurus Myths: Busted

1. Taureans Are Lazy

Do not believe this myth. A Taurus is just more advanced in their understanding of the yin and yang of life. They do not burn the candle at both ends and know that slow and steady wins the race. They are able to balance work with play well because they know instinctively that they bring better energy to work when they give themselves time to recharge. Bulls are far too practical to think that work isn’t necessary or valuable; they also just don’t feel the need to own five businesses and be famous for inventing all the latest gadgets. They would rather the peace of a steady, stable existence. Inevitably, it’s really their humble nature that is often misconstrued as laziness.

They are not very type-A and it’s probably type-A people that are calling them lazy not realizing that not everyone wants to be the best at everything and win all the accolades by pushing themselves to the point of burnout. Taurus likes to have a comfortable, secure life, but they don’t need the public recognition that some of the other signs crave.

2. Taurus Folks Aren’t Creative

Just because Taurus is an Earth sign doesn’t mean they don’t have that creative spark! They may not be painters or fiction writers but their creativity is often expressed through amazing home decor, their own personal fashion, and their culinary mastery. People who say Earth signs aren’t creative are probably thinking that creativity is just about art in a more traditional sense.

Creativity for a Taurus can be coming up with ways to create romance, finding common ground with friends throughout the changes that life brings, or finding inspiration in simple tasks as a monk does. The creative spark of a Taurus is packaged differently but it is still there. You may visit the home of a painter and find it disheveled but then you visit the home of a Taurus and the home itself is their canvas down to the curves of the flower beds and the scents of the candles.

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3. Taureans Are Close Minded

The stubborn reputation of Taurus is very misunderstood. It’s not that they aren’t willing to consider opposing viewpoints, it’s that they refuse to be forced to think something. They actually have a higher than average capacity to consider other viewpoints. They just must be allowed to make up their own mind on things – they are a Fixed sign, after all.

Taureans are great listeners and while it may seem like they push back on everything, they will continue to think things over and consider what you say. They don’t have the ego that other signs have because they don’t need constant praise and affection. They are more kind-hearted than their reputation would lead people to believe and they do care about making other people feel heard.

4. Taurus Bulls Dig in Their Hooves & Resist Change

Taurus might be slow to make decisions and prefer to plan things out but because they are natural nurturers and will drop everything to help deal with a crisis in a friend’s life big or small. They are the ones you want by your side in the hospital who will drop everything to be there. They adapt to certain situations and yet aren’t motivated to be spontaneous in others. They don’t like spending money frivolously or doing last minute things that might not fit their budget or get in the way of their responsibilities the next day.

While they may seem like they aren’t down to try new things, they enjoy travel and just like to travel with a plan instead of at the last minute. They also are very good at adapting when it comes to helping people they care about at a moment’s notice. They will move heaven and earth if someone they care about is unhappy. They are so caring that they put others’ needs before their own and that urge to help trumps their desires to enjoy the simple pleasures which is also a part of their sign. While it may seem like they don’t let loose and go with the flow, this trait could be seen as a heightened ability to manage their own stress and not give in to peer pressure.

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5. Taureans Aren’t Naturally Intuitive

While Earth signs aren’t considered to be ones that dive headfirst into the spiritual, the Taurus has a tremendous amount of empathy. Their intuition is felt through their own body. They will sense the tenseness in others as well as their energy field. Taurus is connected to helping others stay healthy, comforted, and happy which could win them the title of spiritual. The way they navigate their lives with that well-known stubbornness is also how they use their intuition to create healthy boundaries, wait until they’ve felt things out, and intuitively decide what is best for them to participate in.

They seem to have their own set of standards for what jobs they like and where they live which is their way of creating a positive flow of energy for themselves. They are grounded but also intuitive and their slow decision making shows they are actually quite psychic. They may just not be the ones calling attention to themselves for something they are born with.


While each sign is born with a certain energy and tendencies, how they express those traits is up to them. We are never doomed by our sign and when we learn more in-depth about it, we can find our greatest strengths. Understanding our Sun sign on a deeper level, allows us to align ourselves with our greatest potential. Additionally, astrology helps us to understand how people think and what they value instead of just writing them off as one negative thing or another. The surface-level understanding of astrology makes some people turned off to it because they don’t see the whole picture.

The picture continues to widen and become more specific as you dig deeper and get to know more about astrology. For example, the primal triad, which is the Sun sign, the Moon sign, and the rising sign, reveals much more about each person’s personality. Then you can get into their birth chart even more and find out what signs show up in which planets at the time of their birth and what signs show up in what houses. That will reveal why that person who is perhaps a Taurus is so much different than another person who is a Taurus. If you don’t understand someone or yourself look to the birth chart and it will help make sense of what may seem inexplicable.

Continue learning more in-depth about all of the zodiac signs to be able to get along with everyone and improve your interpersonal skills.

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How much do you know about your Chinese Zodiac sign?

Perhaps as a Rat you know that you are witty and ambitious? Perhaps as a Rabbit you know that you are gentle and accommodating? Maybe as a Snake you know that you are philosophical and refined?

However, there is much more to the Chinese Zodiac than just knowing the qualities of your individual sign.

Don’t know your Chinese Zodiac sign? Use our calculator to find out.

One way or another, both as individuals and as a collective, we are experiencing great change in 2020. Learning more about your Chinese Zodiac sign growth can help you understand yourself and others better.

So how does your Chinese Zodiac sign deal with change?

2020 – The Year of the Rat

Whenever the Year of the Metal Rat comes around, we know that it is going to be a time of great upheaval and change. The last time it was the Year of the Metal Rat was 1960. During this year, J.F Kennedy won the Presidential Election, the USA entered the Vietnam War and the IRA began its fight against the British.

Metal is perhaps the most powerful and ambitious of all the elements in Chinese Astrology – people born in a Metal year tend to have a very strong presence and are very determined, sometimes even ruthless, in pursuit of their goals.

The Rat is the most ambitious sign of the Chinese Zodiac, making this combination a force to be reckoned with.

Which Chinese Zodiac Animal Matches Your Personality? Take the quiz!

How to Deal With Change, Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign


The Rat is someone who deals with change quite well, provided they have managed to prepare for it. This can present problems when the unexpected happens and can cause a Rat to become irritable and even unreasonable if they are thrown into a situation they aren’t prepared for. On the other hand, a Rat is extremely resourceful and will often analyze a variety of outcomes to ensure they are prepared. Because of their natural ability to think of solutions, a Rat will often be able to find an agreeable outcome. So even if they panic a bit at first, a Rat will always find a way to pull through.

As a Rat, prepare yourself for change by exhausting all possible outcomes and planning in your diary for each one.


The Ox is a member of the Second Trine and probably the most stubborn of the lot. This is someone who, once they set their sights on a goal, will stay the course, no matter what. Change is not always very welcome with this sign. They tend to plan for the long-term and disruptions to this can throw them off track. On the other hand, the Ox has phenomenal endurance and they are not afraid of hard work. So while they may resent change at first, they will adapt to the situation with their inner strength and fortitude.

As an Ox, you can deal with change by staying positive, focused and grounded.


The Tiger is a flexible individual like their close friend, the Horse, and therefore tends to deal with change well. Because this is someone who tends to live for the moment anyway, ‘expect the unexpected’ is one of their mottos in life. They adapt easily to new situations, even in their later years when they have become a bit more stable. Tigers tend to think on their feet so this is a sign that will embrace change at times, especially the unexpected kind. A Tiger can get sloppy, lazy or depressed when they are in the same routine for a long time, which may partly be why change is often welcome for them.

As a Tiger, you can deal with change by showing hope and optimism, both to yourself and others.


Rabbits are gentle and peaceful individuals who enjoy their comfort zone. Therefore, change is not always welcome unless it has been planned well in advance. Rabbits carefully cultivate their lives and their environments; disruptions to this are really not their style! A Rabbit may burrow themselves away for a while to avoid the change, but sooner or later, that inner Rabbit strength will shine through and a Rabbit will accept what is happening, moving forward in their usual pleasant and focused way.

As a Rabbit, you can deal with change by not letting negative thinking or fear get the better of you and practicing positive affirmations.


Dragons deal with change quite well, particularly if they are in charge. Dragons like to be in control so if change is thrust upon them by someone else, it may get their nostrils flaring. However, they are incredibly resourceful like their friend, the Rat, and they are also extremely innovative. When there is unexpected change, you want a Dragon around because their strong presence helps you feel secure and optimistic about the future. It is common for them to set out firm guidelines and plan for the future as soon as change hits as they are highly adaptable.

As a Dragon, you can deal with change by taking charge of your situation and having faith in your abilities.

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The Snake is someone with an extremely cool head. They deal with change well, especially unexpected change, because they don’t tend to let their emotions get the better of them and will instead deal with things in a logical and rational way, carefully thinking out plans for how to adapt to it. However, their process for accepting change can be slow; they may take days to accept it is happening because it needs to fully sink into their thought process. This can make a Snake appear cold to others in times of change, but actually it’s just their way of trying to deal with things.

As a Snake, you can deal with change by surrounding yourself with positive thinking and harnessing your ability to be flexible.


The most flexible sign of the Chinese Zodiac, ‘change’ is practically the Horse’s middle name. This is someone who goes where the wind takes them and they deal well with change, able to adapt to pretty much any situation. A Horse can be good to have around for more fixed individuals who dislike change, as they can help to inject optimism and positivity into the situation. However, they can be known to blow things out of proportion so it’s important for a Horse to keep a level-head in times of change, too.

As a Horse, you can deal with change by reassuring others and yourself, as well as having a good balance between your logic and emotions.


This is an imaginative and sympathetic member of the Fourth Trine and like their friend, the Rabbit, they are not eagerly fond of change. The Fourth Trine is all about peace and harmony. Change means disruption, and disruption can mean lack of harmony! A Goat may deal with change by drifting off into their own little world for a while as they take solace from their powerful creativity. It provides a wonderful coping mechanism for them. Once the Goat is clear where they stand, they will adapt to change quite well, though they will be cautious as they do so.

As a Goat, you can deal with change by writing down your thoughts and feelings so you can assess everything easily.


This resourceful member of the First Trine is similar to their friends, the Dragon and Rat, when it comes to change. Able to assess the situation quickly and take charge when necessary, Monkeys are very good when it comes to change because they have the gift of the gab and can help bring people together in order to find harmony and stability. The Monkey is the ultimate social networker. They may secretly resent change as they value order and work hard to create structure. But a Monkey will always put on a face of confidence and trust which helps instill confidence in others.

As a Monkey, you can deal with change by bringing people together and injecting positivity into the situation.


Roosters are extremely diligent and independent members of the Second Trine and like their friend, the Ox, they have a determined view of how they want things to be. This makes this sign resentful to change which is thrust upon them and they are not ones to hide their feelings, so usually everyone will know exactly how they feel about it. But like the rest of the Second Trine, they are hard-working and eager to get results so once they have accepted their situation, they will be an important pillar of restructure and rebuilding.

As a Rooster, you can deal with change by thinking things through, assessing the situation and writing out a plan of action.


The Dog is the least flexible member of the Third Trine and prefers order and stability over chaos. Therefore, change is not always the most welcome thing to the Dog. It can generate worry and anxiety within them. However, a Dog is an extremely loyal and faithful individual, and will do everything possible to ensure that any type of change runs smoothly, especially for others. So you will rarely know that a Dog is bothered by change because they tend not to show it. This is a sign that believes in putting on a brave face in order to help others get through change, especially unexpected change.

As a Dog, you can deal with change by meditating, breathing sessions and affirming to yourself regularly that everything is fine.


The Pig is probably the most easily-adaptable to change of all the animals in the Fourth Trine. Pigs are pretty happy-go-lucky and tend to look on the bright side of life. When there is unexpected change, Pigs will focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Their friendliness and positive attitude will inspire and motivate others. However, Pigs also enjoy their comfort zone and if change is thrust upon them and they are not ready for it, they can be resentful and object to it for some time.

As a Pig, you can deal with change by exuding positive energy and reminding yourself that change is a part of life, which is also part of self-growth.

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