Month: June 2020


2020 is a year filled with many different, and challenging, astrological transits. It can be hard to know how to navigate this intense energy, even more so with the amount of planets we currently have in retrograde. We are also entering a time where we will experience eclipses, intensifying this energy even further.

With all of these things happening in the Universe, what can we do?

We sat down with astrologer Christopher Renstrom to talk about what we can expect from the Universe in the upcoming months.

Who is Christopher Renstrom?

Christopher Renstrom is a professional astrologer and writer. He began studying Astrology in 1980 but started out as a full-time Astrologer in New York City in 1985. His career started in reading astrology charts in every conceivable setting.

Eventually, he would move on to writing horoscope columns for print and then online media. His transition onto the internet came with the creation of Ruling Planets.

Many people are worried about the fact that we’re in a period of four Retrogrades (Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter) occurring all at once. What does this mean for us Astrologically?

Retrogrades mark the period of time when a planet appears to be moving backwards. It’s said that the planet acts opposite to the way it normally behaves when it’s retrograde.

Venus becomes discordant, Jupiter brings misfortune, and Saturn relaxes the rules. But retrogrades are actually tests. For instance, good manners are tested by rude behavior. Bad luck tests our faith in a higher power and disobedience may make you feel independent in the moment, but it could also lead you to discover the value of why those rules were created in the first place.

What should people do or avoid doing during this time?

Remember that “retrograde” means “backwards” and backwards can be progress too.

We often retrace our steps to find a lost item or revisit a situation when something doesn’t sit right. Going back to the drawing board may seem regressive, but it often results in coming up with a better way to do things.

What do retrogrades mean? The Complete Guide to 2020 Retrogrades

Where do you see 2020 heading astrologically?

We can expect a lot of clashes with authority in the months ahead. Mars enters Aries in late June and its subsequent retrograde turns a six week stay into a six month one. Mars is the most combative and fiery in Aries and Saturn is the most strict and unyielding in Capricorn.

Mars/Saturn squares will occur on Aug. 24 and Sept. 29. These will be challenging and potentially explosive times. And the fact that people won’t be clear on which authority they should be fighting for or against won’t make things easier. It kind of looks like a barroom brawl.

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Are there any other transits people should be aware of in the upcoming months?

Mars retrograde from Sept. 9 to Nov. 13. I call this the Trojan Horse Mars. Mars traveling backwards can give the impression that the enemy has retreated and that the coast is clear when actually it’s laying in wait. You really don’t want to let down your guard during this time – especially when it comes to something like the current pandemic we are experiencing. You want to be wary and tread carefully.

2020 has been a challenging year and it will continue to be through Autumn, but there’s a marvelous Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on Dec. 21. Those are the blue skies that we’re aiming for. It won’t solve all the world’s problems, but it will certainly signal better times ahead.

What is your Primal Triad (Sun, Moon & Rising sign)?

I am a Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, and Aries and/or or Taurus Rising. I can never decide which it is.

Tell Us About Your Upcoming Book: The Cosmic Calendar: Using Astrology to Get in Sync with your Best Life.

My book The Cosmic Calendar: Using Astrology to Get in Sync with your Best Life is based on the premise that Astrology is a calendar. Some say it’s a religion; others say it’s a science, but it’s really a calendar. It’s why every major civilization on the planet – Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, and Mesoamerican – developed some form of Astrology. It was in order to tell time.

And when you think of Astrology in terms of telling time – rather than as something fated – it really changes your perspective. My book talks about doing things in your own time.

Download our 2020 Astrology Calendar for more insights.

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You may have read your horoscope for July 2020, but the cards are here to lend their insight as well in your July Tarotscope!

As we kick off July, we will begin with Cardinal Cancer leading the way, and will experience its effects for the majority of the month. Soft, nurturing, and family-oriented Cancerian energy is what we may all be needing right now, but it’s no surprise that this energy can manifest very differently for everyone.

In light of this upcoming zodiac season, we’ve pulled one Tarot card each from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana to find out what the energy of your July is based on your zodiac sign.

Feel free to use your Tarotscope to help you prepare for the road ahead, quell your curiosities or anxieties, or perhaps even confirm what you may have been anticipating for this month.

Your July 2020 Tarotscopes


The Magician (Reversed) & King of Wands (Reversed)

Let’s not kid ourselves — the vibe of a slow and soft Cancer season is not for everyone, and this time it may not sit right with a more fiery personality such as yourself, Aries. Last month the Tarot encouraged you to take things slow, and this month you may find yourself at a full-blown stop.

The lack of momentum in your goals and aspirations may be initially frustrating, but the King of Wands in a reversed position warns against losing your cool.

At the end of the day, reversed Tarot cards can be turned around into their upright position if you give them some time and patience.

The creative flow, leadership roles, and faster pace that you seek is coming for you on its own time — just don’t scare it off by jumping for it too quickly!


The Hermit (Reversed) & 5 of Cups

Despite the earthy and grounded exterior, love-struck and Venus-ruled Taurus friends alike know emotional depths more than many might give you credit for. An emotional Cancer season plus this pre-existing hopeless romantic energy equals a month of getting caught up in your feelings — but don’t fret quite yet!

The biggest battle you may face this month is the one in your own head and heart. You may lament some amount of loneliness or feeling misunderstood with The Hermit in reversed position. And, yes, the 5 of Cups often presents some level of loss and heartbreak, or the idea that something is just missing.

These feelings are very real, but the 5 of Cups also reminds you that there are full (metaphorical) cups waiting for you when you’re ready to focus on them. As much as there can be loss this July for you, Taurus, there can be love.


The Chariot & 9 of Cups (Reversed)

Success is imminent this month for you, Gemini — or is it?

The Chariot certainly foretells some amount of recognition and return. And in June, we definitely saw you put in that work necessary in order to achieve it. In particular, The Chariot emphasizes others that may recognize your efforts, or attempt to pat you on the back for the work well done.

There may very well be opportunities presented to you alongside this public recognition. However, the 9 of Cups in reversed position only warns you to be wary of the opportunities that wear a thin veil of dishonesty.

Not everything is always as it seems, as not all opportunities are going to be equal in their output.

Keep your keen eye on the prize and don’t lose sight of what your end game goals are, and you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor in full force.


The Tower & 10 of Pentacles (Reversed)

As much as you will find yourself in your home turf of Cancer season this month, Cancerian friends, the cards at hand present you with quite the challenge.

The Tower, a card of change and transformation, may indicate that you find yourself at the mercy of greater twists, turns, and familiar systems falling to ash. And with the 10 of Pentacles in reversed position, the resources you may be used to relying on may not be at your disposal this month, or they perhaps won’t lend the right kind of support that you will need.

The Tower is ultimately a blessing in many ways, as it clears the path for something bigger and better in the process. However, that doesn’t make it any more fun in the midst of things!

In order to grapple with these changes, expect the unexpected, and prepare to adapt quickly and in new ways to the change in pace.


Strength & Knight of Wands (Reversed)

Looking good, Leo! Strength is your card, and part of July will be in your very own Leo season — what more could you ask for?

This month, it looks like you may be turning a lot of your efforts, as well as your fiery energy, inwards. In June, we notably witnessed you and your lion friends alike working hard to no end, truly putting your all into your work and putting your best foot forward.

With the Knight of Wands in reversed position, as well as with the grace of Strength on your side, you might start to feel like it is soon time to let yourself kick back and have a little fun — and that time is July!

Enjoy the “off time” that you’re being given, and fall freely into the beautiful energy of simply having a good time.


The Lovers & Page of Cups (Reversed)

With Mercury as your planetary ruler, communication is something that is always on your plate, Virgo — but prepare for this at a maximum this month!

The Lovers calls into question our connections with others, and truly puts them to the test. As fun and light as the energy can be at times, it also can bring some miscommunications and disagreements, so prepare to see all ends of the spectrum with how those around you are handling their relationship with you.

Believe people when they show you who they are this month, and with Page of Cups in reversed position at play, don’t be afraid to retreat sometimes to let yourself re-calibrate and recharge emotionally when needed.

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Death & 5 of Wands (Reversed)

Just when you think you’ve found your footing, the Tarot throws Death your way — the ultimate sign of change, transformation, and a shakedown of everything you thought you knew.

The 5 of Wands in reversed position shows us where exactly we can expect these changes. In particular, the changes that are coming this way for you this July, Libra, are those surrounding conflicts, interpersonal connections, and communication with those around you.

You might see this theme not just with people close to you, but even through witnessing conflict and disagreement between others, or even online.

This theme may seem to come back again and again this July and, initially, this may be frustrating or confusing, but Death is clearing out the chaos whilst showing you what kind of conflict you don’t want to circle back to ever again — so take notes!


The Emperor & Queen of Swords (Reversed)

Time to take charge, Scorpio. This July, you’re being called forth into Emperor energy with some force, and you may very suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself being the person that others are relying on and looking to for wisdom, advice, and direction.

This responsibility is yours because you’re capable of taking it on, but you have to believe it!

The Queen of Swords in reversed position warns against getting caught up in your head, and overthinking or losing confidence. Comparison is one of the worst kinds of poison for the mind, so hammer it into your head that there is no replacement for the kind of leadership that you bring to the table, show up, show out, and do what you’ve always been born to do!


The Hierophant & 4 of Wands (Reversed)

This month, you may find yourself wrestling with pre-existing systems, traditions, and ideas that have been laid down even decades before you arrived here on Earth.

This isn’t new for the rebellious, naturally curious Sagittarian spirit, but it’s possible that this July, this never-ending battle you have with The Hierophant leans into your interpersonal connections, and translates into disagreements with those that are close to you.

The 4 of Wands in reversed position puts your friendships and other close relationships at risk.

Compromise is key with this, wise archer. The phrase “pick and choose your battles wisely” rings especially true for you this July, as there are certainly more pressing matters that will require your time, energy, and effort later.


The Moon & Ace of Cups

Love is in the air for you this month, Capricorn. Whether this is self-love, new romance, or all of the above, the Ace of Cups foretells a beautiful, loving, and warm energy that comfortably blankets your month of July.

With The Moon at play, mystery and a light fog over your eyes may cause some sense of confusion and uncertainty with where all of this is ultimately going, but that’s okay!

Even a strong planner such as yourself does not always need to know what the future exactly holds. Let your guard down this month, Capricorn, and watch as the universe rewards your bravery.


The Devil (Reversed) & 4 of Cups

Boredom, tedium, and a lack of substance is just about what would create an Aquarian nightmare — so prepare to face your fears this month!

The 4 of Cups predicts some amount of boredom and dissatisfaction, and you may find yourself not enjoying hobbies or even TV, movies, food, and other activities as much as you usually do.

The challenge here is to not lean into the embrace of The Devil, that which tempts you with memories of the past, old habits and routines, and things that you have long since said goodbye to. Don’t text that ex, don’t pick up that old habit, and don’t fall back into those routines that you know hold no long-term value for you!

The boredom and temptation may be real this month, Aquarius, but so is your fighting spirit and willpower to say no.


Justice & 6 of Cups

Sweet, emotional, and sensual Pisces souls may often find some comfort in your kindred spirit’s — Cancer — season.

This month is both sweet and sour for you, Pisces, as you are likely to find yourself reminiscing and reflecting fondly upon the past. After all, the typically emotional Cancer season is something that you tend to work well with, so it’s easy for you to fall into this kind of emotional, nostalgic state.

While this reflection looks to be positive overall, the Justice card only kindly reminds you to approach these reflections with balance and as much objectivity as possible. Use the memories you visit as a learning opportunity rather than something to get totally lost in, and you’ll have a rewarding, refreshing July.

A Final Reminder

While both the Tarot and the stars will lend you the appropriate insight and spotlight onto the energies ahead and at play for you, they still do so to empower and validate you in making your own choices.

Consider your July Tarotscope as but one extra tool at your infinite disposal of others, and feel free to return to it if you feel like you need to listen again to what the cards have to say!

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Still looking for more? Check in with your daily Tarot reading or try a free three card Tarot spread!

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Hands up on who loves crystals? If you’re reading this article, you’re probably swinging your hand in the air right now or, at the very least, you’ve developed a curiosity towards them and want to know more.

Crystals are extraordinary little things that have an ability to help us in almost every area of our lives when we manage to tap into their power. The object of the crystal is to work with you to help you achieve your aims, whether it is related to work, love, relationships, health and many more.

But what happens when you pair a crystal with another crystal? The power of crystals is doubled!

Being strategic about the crystals you want to pair is something that comes more easily once you are familiar with different crystals and their meanings (or you might be one of those gifted intuitive types who simply knows which ones to pair up.) Crystals do an amazing job on their own, but these little fellows are extra happy when they’ve got another shiny gem to work with because it means their own powers are enhanced and they get a friend to spend time with.

This article will focus on seven crystals in particular and their perfect match. Think of finding your soulmate – it’s a bit like that for these crystals. Read on to find out more!

1. Rose Quartz & Angelite

These two crystals are amazing together, and particularly good when dealing with love and relationships. Rose Quartz is the ultimate crystal for relationships. It also promotes self-love and self-acceptance. It dissolves negative energy and helps us to be more understanding and empathetic with ourselves and our loved ones.

Angelite is the “angel” crystal. It has a gentle, soothing energy and helps us tap into the best version of ourselves. When these two are paired together, negativity finds it a lot harder to affect us. We become more open and understanding. These two together also have a wonderful way of dissolving anger.

2. Moonstone & Selenite

You can probably guess why these two make such a perfect pair!

They are both lunar crystals, belonging to the gentle and mysterious Moon. Moonstone as the name suggests has a powerful, feminine, Yin energy. It enables us to tap into our feminine side, which is especially helpful if we are dealing with someone who has too much masculine energy or a situation which is dominated by masculinity.

Selenite is a crystal that instills a sense of peace, making it perfect for meditation work and heightening your spiritual awareness.

As a pair, these two help you tap into your intuition (Moonstone) and help you view things with greater clarity (Selenite). They are especially potent under the Full and New Moons.

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3. Citrine & Smoky Quartz

These two as a combination are particularly good if you want to take care of your mental and physical health.

Citrine encourages self-expression and motivation. It also releases depression and negative thoughts, helping to balance your emotions. Smoky Quartz is a crystal that is known for releasing all kinds of blockages – emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.

Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone and has a powerful ability to help you see things with greater clarity, unclouded by negative thought of debilitating emotions.

When they are paired together, strength and inner peace are more easily acquired. It becomes easier not to be overwhelmed by the negative with the Quartz crystal, while the Citrine crystal brings positive feelings and a sense of hope and optimism. It is particularly good to wear both of them if you are having a bad day!

4. Amethyst & Fluorite

A lot of crystals work well with Amethyst as it is known as the “Jack of all trades” crystal, capable of doing pretty much anything! But this article will focus on its relationship with Fluorite as together they increase focus and concentration.

If you’ve got a big presentation coming up, or a test, or a project that demands your undivided attention, wear these two to help you get through it!

Amethyst is a powerful protection stone, helping to ward off negative energies or doubtful thoughts, while Fluorite is an excellent crystal for self-confidence and concentration. Together, they are able to create a protective bubble around you so that you can focus on what is necessary without interruption.

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5. Black Jade & Black Obsidian

If it’s protection you’re after, look no further than these two!

Black crystals are usually protective, and these two together are very protective of you. Black Jade protects you wherever you go, and also from psychic attack. It helps to calm fears and repel negative energy.

Black Obsidian is strongly connected to the Root chakra and likewise has strong protective qualities. It also has the ability to help you deal with grief and sadness.

As a combined force, these two are potent. If you are struggling with doubt, fear or uncertainty, wear these two to bring you strength, courage and protection.

6. Merlinite & Shamanic Dream Quartz

These are two extremely powerful crystals if you want to enhance your psychic ability and strengthen your intuition.

Merlinite, as the name suggests, is closely linked to the sorcerer, Merlin, which highlights its magical abilities. Merlinite helps to open your Third Eye and assists with meditation through the spiritual realm.

Shamanic Dream Quartz is a favorite among shamans, as the name suggests, and is also fantastic for assisting with psychic dreams, connecting to your power animal and strengthening your intuition.

As a pair, they are truly a force to be reckoned with – especially if you sleep with them under your pillow.

7. Celestite & Lepidolite

If you’re looking to relax and unwind, then these two are the perfect pair!

Celestite is a high-vibration stone that helps to rid you of chatty or chaotic thoughts. Struggles with sleep can be put down to an over-active mind, and Celestite helps to clear away the mental clutter, paving the way for peace and silence in the mind. It is an extremely soothing crystal.

Lepidolite helps you find peace in times of stress, calm and over-active mind and helps to rid you of troubling thoughts that may be going round in your mind.

Combining these two can make for a peaceful sleep and soothing moments of relaxation – especially when you put them under your pillow before bed!

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Experiment with Your Crystals!

There are many crystal pairings out there, but these seven are some of the most helpful and powerful pairings you can have. Try them out and experience the potent magic of paired crystals for yourself.

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Oracle decks and Tarot cards are a popular divination tool, but how do you choose the one that is right for you?

What is the difference between an Oracle deck and Tarot Cards?

It’s good to know the distinction first.

Tarot cards are a set of 78 cards comprised of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. There are four different suits in Tarot cards (just as there are in ordinary playing cards). The suits of Tarot are: Cups, Wands, Pentacles and Swords.

Each card has its own unique meaning (or several). When you do a Tarot card reading, you are laying out cards in order to create a story that answer the question you have asked the Tarot. It requires a mixture of imagination, intuition and knowledge of the card meanings to assess a Tarot reading successfully.

Meanwhile Oracle cards are a little simpler.

All Tarot decks, regardless of the theme/pictures, are usually based around the original Rider-Waite deck of 78 cards. But Oracle cards can be based on any type of theme!

With oracle cards, you would usually ask a question and pick a card. You can use your intuition to decipher what the card means in relation to your question or check the accompanying interpretation book to understand what the card means for you.

Oracle cards are a fun way of answering your questions because the sky really is the limit with them – your imagination knows no boundaries when it comes to the oracle.

How to Choose the Oracle Deck For You

Usually, choosing an Oracle deck is best done on an intuitive basis. If you go into a metaphysical store and see lots of Oracle decks at your disposal, it’s a good idea to browse around and simply choose the one you are most drawn to.

You can, of course, read about different decks beforehand and make a rational assessment for which one you want. But sometimes, simply feeling the best Oracle deck for you is the way to go.

Sometimes, you may have an idea of the type of Oracle deck you want and then find yourself choosing something entirely different – and that is totally fine! That’s your intuition at work – and the thing about your intuition is that you can trust that it knows what’s best for you.

Some things you might want to think about when it comes to your Oracle deck, and what might want, would be:

  • The pictures
  • The artwork
  • Guiding words
  • The size of the cards
  • The color of the cards

Different Types of Oracle Decks

Below are some of the more common kinds of Oracle decks out there.

Spirit Animal Deck

These are lovely Oracle cards, especially if you are drawn to animals and feel a special connection with them. Spirit animal decks help you tap into your natural side, and help you view things from a more animalistic perspective.

Angel Deck

These are good for people who feel drawn to a higher divinity, or are quite ethereal in nature. Angel decks connect you to your higher angels and spirit guides. They can be wonderful as advice cards as your spirit guides want what is best for you.

God/Goddesses Deck

There are Oracle decks based on ancient Gods/Goddesses which are usually of Greek and Egyptian origin. This is a wonderful way to tap into a very ancient power, especially one of ancestry. These decks are particularly good when asking questions about worldly issues.

Affirmation Deck

Affirmation decks are especially good when you are asking about yourself – your self-confidence, self-belief and your own personal path. Affirmation decks can be inspiring and uplifting as they provide various affirmations to help you deal with your specific issue.

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How to Use Oracle Cards

Once you have your Oracle deck, using them is quite simple.

Shuffle the cards with your question in mind. Then, lay the cards out and reach for one which you feel most drawn to.

You may spend a few minutes or an hour looking at the card and pondering on it. There are no rules when it comes to Oracle cards – go with what your heart tells you and listen to any intuitive wisdom coming through as you stare at the card.

You can pull another card or two if you would like confirmation. A great deal of information can come from just one card and you may be surprised at how much you can gather simply from staring at a picture!

Using Tarot and Oracle Cards Together

You can also use Tarot and Oracle cards together, especially if you have a pressing question.

For example, if you want a more detailed answer, you can use the Tarot cards with your specific question in mind. Then, if you want greater insight, you can ask the same question of your Oracle cards. The picture on the Oracle card may give you greater insight or even a completely new way of thinking – this is because, unlike the Tarot cards, Oracle cards don’t have specific meanings attached and your imagination and intuition is free to roam even more than usual.

Both Tarot and the Oracle cards can be a wonderful way to gain deeper insight and aid you on your spiritual journey. Next time you go into an Oracle store, browse around and see which one calls out to you – remember, it’s calling you for a reason!

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Right now we are in the midst of an intense astrological time, moving through eclipse season as well as some powerful, disruptive transits. And while eclipse periods come around twice a year, 2020 continues to be remarkable in that this current season has three eclipses instead of the usual two.

We recently worked with a Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th, will shift into Cancer season with a Solar eclipse in Cancer on June 20th, and will wrap up the season with another Lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 5th. Each of these eclipses has its own unique astrological impact, but in general, eclipses make space for sudden and permanent shifts.

Much is being revealed: problems, challenges, obstacles, dreams, goals, ambitions, wishes for the future. Eclipses shake things up, push us to be authentic and attentive, clear away distractions and force us to acknowledge truth. And as we have already been moving through a collective time of deep and profound transformation, with pandemics and protests and calls for revolution, eclipse season may feel like more upheaval than any of us are ready for.

But rather than shying away from this intense energy, looking at eclipse season through the lens of Tarot can help us to dig deeper, to intentionally seek the potential and magic within these shifts, and to learn how to turn difficult change into empowering progress.

Eclipse Season & Tarot

Eclipses occur during New and Full Moons, and amplify the energy and intention of the phases and signs that they fall within.

The recent Lunar eclipse turned the Full Moon in independent Sagittarius into a brilliant time of truth and exploration, urging us to be flexible, to leave behind anything that’s been holding us back. The Solar eclipse in sensitive Cancer will transform the New Moon into an even richer time of intuitive understanding, building connections, and exploring personal freedom, letting us seek a vision for our future that inspires and protects us.

The Lunar eclipse in structured Capricorn, our final eclipse of the season, will boost that full moon energy into a powerful period of boundaries and strength, reminding us of all that we are capable of, and urging us to focus on what really matters. Here’s an easy spread for you to follow.

A Spread For Working Through the 2020 Summer Eclipses

These three eclipses are about illumination, transformation, and evolution. What truths are coming forward for you? What insights can you explore? And how can you harness this magic to its fullest potential?

  • Card 1: A revelation that is coming forward
  • Card 2: An evolution to embrace
  • Card 3: A new perspective on this shift
  • Card 4: A way to make the most of what is changing

Decoding Eclipse Season Further Using the Tarot

Eclipse Season & The Tower

In Tarot terms, think of eclipses as manifestations of the Tower archetype in the Major arcana: sudden upheaval and permanent transformation, shattering the things that cannot be repaired and urging us to start again from a place of new clarity and awareness. This energy may scare us, may rattle us, may even have us wanting to run and hide. But just like with the Tower, during eclipse season, remember that the things that need to survive, will — and the things that break are meant to be broken.

Eclipses often push us to our limits, but these shifts are absolutely necessary, and clear the way for growth, change, and positive evolution. We will be moving through multiple Tower moments in the next month, watching things get pulled apart again and again, creating opportunities for future growth. Just like a forest fire clears away the dead wood and closely packed trees, the old vegetation and plant matter and underbrush, the Tower strips away everything that’s been tripping us up and gives us a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning.

We aren’t losing everything, even though sometimes it feels that way — we’re just removing blockages, opening up new pathways.

And after the smoke clears and the intensity fades, what we find in the ashes is space, freedom, a chance to put the lessons we’ve learned into immediate practice and establish a more stable foundation.

Eclipse Season & The Fool

Just as eclipses are connected with the archetype of the Tower, we can also see the energy of other Tarot archetypes within the different phases of the Moon.

New Moons are associated with the protagonist of the Major arcana, the Fool, an archetype of new beginnings, exploration, and endless potential. When we look at the Fool and the Tower archetypes together, the Tarot’s guide to Solar eclipses, we see a leap of faith that results in powerful change, allowing our intuition to guide us through a period of dramatic shifts and brilliant possibility.

If we can embrace it, there’s a real sense of freedom in this combination, urging us to look deep within ourselves and follow the path that feels right. This pair of cards can feel chaotic, even impossible, but there’s a kind of joy in not knowing what may happen, a sense of power and magic in trusting our instincts to bring us to the places we need to go.

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Eclipse Season & The Sun

With the energy of the Full Moon, we turn to the Sun, the archetype associated with celebration, childlike joy, and embracing a sense of victory and personal magic. Paired with the Tower and demonstrating the energy of Lunar eclipses, we see clarity and truth, a desire for understanding, success and empowerment after hard work.

The things we want, the dreams we chase, the ambitions we strive for — they don’t just drop into our laps, unnamed and unearned. We have to be intentional in our objectives, name and identify our goals, clear the way for the future we want to build for ourselves. And sometimes, that means leaving behind the things that don’t fit into our dreams anymore, instead moving in another direction, towards ideas and ambitions that resonate more deeply with who we are.

How to Move Forward

We tend to focus on loss and fear with the Tower, worrying about what we are giving up. But sometimes something magical comes bursting forth in these moments of transition, ruining all of our best-laid plans and instead urging us to run with hands outstretched, chasing this new dream or opportunity or idea.

If you spend all of eclipse season cowering in terror, afraid to make any choices for fear that they’ll be the wrong ones, you may very well miss out on a major shift that could open up all kinds of new possibilities for you, showing you a future that you hadn’t dared to dream of yet.

Instead of hiding from the energy of eclipses, remember the optimism of the Fool, the success and magic of the Sun, and don’t lose sight of the power that is present in both of these archetypes. Eclipse season has the potential to free us from any uncomfortable bonds, to let us shake off the ways that we’ve imprisoned ourselves and create new patterns, new habits, new ambitions.

What have you been clinging to that is simply weighing you down? What new dreams or visions of the future have you been afraid to chase after?

As you work with the complex but powerful energy present in these two upcoming eclipses, and as you reflect on any shifts that began with the recent Lunar eclipse, remember to be gentle with yourself, to listen, to be open to new ideas and perspectives. There is deep wisdom in these transformations, and with the help of the Tarot, you may find yourself beginning a personal cycle of magic, strength, and evolution.

Lean into this growth, and enjoy the fact that right now, anything is possible.

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Welcome to your astrology forecast for the week of June 15 – June 21 beautiful souls!

This is one of those weeks when there is a lot going on, but it’s all internal and not external.

Our extroverted Gemini season personalities might start to retreat into our shells as we enter Cancer season and have a Cancer New Moon Solar eclipse later this week on Sunday. We all instinctively feel like starting over, and going into the cocoon, to transform into the next version of ourselves.

Before that happens, we have good old Mercury Retrograde starting on Thursday in the sensitive sign of Cancer.

With so much Cancer in the sky, we can expect to be moody and have a good cry, even if it’s for no good reason. Our best advice is to watch a sappy movie to help let your emotions flow. Chocolate ice cream is totally okay too!

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What can you expect this week from the stars?

June 2020 astrology is all about the retrogrades and eclipses. Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and now Mercury, are all retrograde.

We will have the usual delays to travel and miscommunications that Mercury Retrograde can bring, so double-triple check your plans and emails before clicking send. Friday and Saturday could bring some confusion with both the Moon and Sun back in Gemini (and the new Mercury Retrograde energy playing its usual tricks), so just ride it out and laugh it out.

Your takeaway for this week’s astrology overview is: capture your dreams in a journal and decide to follow your heart. The world is changing and needs more honesty, kindness, and humble spiritual warriors like you.

Planetary Locations During June 15 – June 21, 2020

Sun: Gemini (May 21, 2020 – June 21, 2020), Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Mercury: Cancer (May 28, 2020 – August 4, 2020)

Venus: Gemini (April 3, 2020 – August 7, 2020)

Mars: Pisces (May 13, 2020 – June 27, 2020)

Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)

Saturn: Aquarius (March 21, 2020 – July 1, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (January 10, 2020 – August 14, 2020)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for June 15 – June 21, 2020

Monday, June 15

Sun: Gemini – We feel like playing dress-up and wish every day was Friday so we can get together with friends, and not deal with responsibilities. Embrace a playful attitude and just enjoy the day.

Moon: Aries – We can’t hold back about what we want to do today, and might just splurge on a new outfit. We are likely wanting to feel the excitement of summer. It’s a great day to plan an event.

Tuesday, June 16

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Taurus – You may feel some heightened cravings for your favorite food today. It is a great time to plan a romantic date night, or notice suitors that might be on the prowl.

Wednesday, June 17

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Taurus

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Thursday, June 18

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Taurus

Transit: Mars (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn). Our collective passion becomes supported by the powers that be. We are likely going to see artists coming together with large institutions to project healing messages for the world. We need a plan in order to infuse more love into the world, and we are all on board.

Transit: Mercury Retrograde in Cancer. When your phone can’t catch a signal and the lines are jammed, just laugh, and find something else to express yourself with. We want to share our love and this might just show us new ways of doing that. We might now be able to reevaluate what we have been creating with our emotional energy, and clean out our energetic gunk to let our hearts feel more in tune with the Universe.

Friday, June 19

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Gemini – The mind is moving on high speed, and people are talking all at once. Take a deep breath, tune it out, and find that inner lake of stillness where you can go to have a little peace and quiet.

Saturday, June 20

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Gemini

Transit: Mars (Pisces) sextile Jupiter (Capricorn). It’s a good day for money matters. We may see that our creativity is rewarded, or that we can set our sights on the stepping stones to success. Capture the ideas that are flowing and put them into action.

Event: Summer Solstice. As we are able to turn on the light of our spirit, we can see in the darkness once again. We have walked through the challenges and found the blessings. We can now rise above the outdated thoughts we thought protected us to walk hand in hand with our soul. A spiritual resurgence is just what the world needs, and today, it arrives.

Sunday, June 21

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Cancer – We just want to love and be loved. A good chat and a nice meal will suffice today. We are looking for comforts of home and family.

Event: New Moon in Cancer Solar eclipse. Our thoughts turn toward nesting and settling down. We realize that the love in our home will fuel everything else, so we need to cultivate that. We also want to be there more for our fellow humans.

It’s time to make a personal vow to be kind to ourselves, and others, without having to accept the pressure to excel at all costs. Set your intentions and kick off the season of compassion and intuitive soul connections.

Ingress: Sun enters Cancer. Our dreams are more vivid and our stomach is talking to us! We need to stop and listen to what our body needs in order to balance our energy.

We are beginning a season where emotions are strong. We can either honor them and win, or ignore them and be knocked down. Plan to take time to talk about your emotions in relationships and spend just as much time listening.

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

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Mercury Retrograde always tends to bring a few ‘Eek!’ moments. This happens about three or four times a year when Mercury, the planet of communication and the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, gives the illusion of going backwards.

When Mercury goes backwards, it can have all kinds of effects on our communication with others. Our words get muddled, misunderstandings occur, communication breaks down. Technology is affected too, and can lead to very frustrating moments with a laptop or other devices!

Of course, as with most things, Mercury Retrograde is not all bad.

It gives us the opportunity to see how well-equipped we are for disturbances. It sharpens our senses and really brings out the planner in us. It also gives us the opportunity to see how well we are able to enter a zen-like state of mind when unexpected mishaps crop up.

What Happens When Mercury Goes Retrograde in Cancer?

On Sunday, July 7th, Mercury will go retrograde in the Zodiac sign of the crab, and goes direct again on July 12th.

As Cancer is a potent Water sign powerfully associated with emotions and matters of the home, it’s time to think about the way we communicate on an emotional level. In fact, one of the best ways to harness this retrograde is by getting in touch with our more troublesome emotions and hatching a plan to deal with them.

This could even manifest in the Universe flinging situations or conversations at us to trigger it, if we don’t do so of our own accord. Remember: the Universe knows best!

These few days of Mercury Retrograde this summer bring the opportunity to connect with others and ourselves at a deeper, emotional level. It could result in some touchy moments, but if we are open and honest, there is great potential for healing.

3-Card Tarot Spread for Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

A good Tarot spread for this transit should focus on what emotional issues need facing and how we can resolve them. Remember, when you work in line with the universal energies, your results are all that more spectacular.

Check out the Tarot spread below and try during your time in Mercury Retrograde this summer:

Question: What emotional issues do I need to focus on?

  • Card 1: The underlying emotional issue
  • Card 2: Why I need to focus on it
  • Card 3: What I should do to resolve it

Below is an example spread so you can see how it pans out:

Card 1: The Moon

The Moon as the emotional issue I need to focus on indicates that there is a problem deep within my subconscious that needs addressing.

It is also something that generates fear inside me. The Moon is a card of mystery and magic, but it is also a card of fear, especially hidden fear. It would be good to meditate and spend time reflecting to dig deeper about what this fear is.

As this card is a Major, it indicates this is a large and debilitating emotion.

Note: You can always pull a “clarifier” card if you still have questions about want to know more about what this card means.

Card 2: 8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords is a card of entrapment. It indicates being trapped and paralyzed mentally. Whatever this emotional issue is, it is imprisoning me in some way. I feel surrounded and unable to break out of it mentally. This is clearly having a negative effect on my growth and the ability to move forward.

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Card 3: The Hermit

As another card of the Major Arcana in the “What should I do?” position, this is indicating that I need to go within and do some soul-searching. The Hermit is the ultimate soul-searching card. It can speak of going away on spiritual retreats to find myself or having meditation sessions which can help me understand the situation better.

The Hermit is very much a “me” card which indicates that the answers lie within.

Overall, this reading shows that emotional trouble is related to my personal fears and is preventing me from being the best of myself. The solution is to go inwards where the answers can be found.


Mercury Retrograde in Cancer can be a powerful time of reconnecting with oneself and understanding our emotions at a deeper level.

This is a world that revolves around emotions – and when we understand our own emotional selves better, we can then help to change the emotional lives of those around us, helping them to become the best of themselves too.

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As we enter eclipse season, what better time than this to explore everything about these planetary events that mesmerize us and shake things up? This guide will teach you everything you need to know about eclipses – both solar and lunar – and how to mentally and emotionally prepare for the energy that accompanies them!

What is an Eclipse?

According to NASA, “an eclipse takes place when one heavenly body such as a moon or planet moves into the shadow of another heavenly body.” In other words, an eclipse occurs when any planet or Moon passes between another planet, Moon, or Sun.

Eclipses are caused by a planet’s natural trajectory, as a planet or a moon may naturally pass between the Sun and the Earth.

History of Eclipses

The word “eclipse” comes from the Greek word ekleipsis, which means “abandoned.”

Traditionally, Solar eclipses have been thought of as bad omens or a sign of death. While they are not a bad omen, Solar eclipses can cause uncomfortable emotions or mood swings.

According to Herodotus, a Greek historian, the war between the Lydians and the Medes was ended with the appearance of a solar eclipse. Those fighting viewed the dark sky as a sign from the heavens to conclude their war and live peacefully.

Lunar Versus Solar Eclipses

You may be wondering what the difference between a Solar and Lunar eclipse is. A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes directly between the Sun and the Moon – the resulting shadow is the Lunar Eclipse. Lunar eclipses take place during the New Moon, while Solar eclipses occur on the Full Moon.

A Solar eclipse takes place when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the light of the Sun. Lunar eclipses are easier for us to experience, as the shadow created by the Earth covering the Moon is much larger than the shadow created by the Moon blocking the light of the Sun.

Lunar and Solar eclipses do share a few similarities, however, including the fact that there are at least two of each kind of eclipse.

While there can be up to five Lunar and five Solar eclipses in a year, the average is about seven at most. Both Solar and Lunar eclipses can be predicted with outstanding accuracy as well.

Lunar Eclipses

As we briefly mentioned, a Lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into the shadow of the Earth, and it occurs only during the Full Moon.

The Moon is blocked from any sunlight, often resulting in a reddish tint coming from the glowing Moon above. This is why totally eclipsed Moons are sometimes referred to as Blood Moons.

The phases of the Moon do not affect eclipses, however a Lunar eclipse will only take place when the Moon is full.

Eclipses have a naturally revealing energy, and during a Lunar eclipse you may learn information that greatly affects or changes your life. Because of their revealing nature, you may have more intense, vivid dreams during a Lunar eclipse. Keep a notebook next to your bed during a Lunar eclipse to quickly write your dreams down when you wake up. You may find beneficial information or visions in these dreams.

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This revealing period also has an interesting effect on relationships, and it may cause you to reevaluate your existing relationships and friendships.

Information may be revealed that causes you to think twice about your current romantic endeavors, especially if there is any toxicity in your relationship. This is an important time to take stock of your emotions regarding your partner; however, a Lunar eclipse is not the best time to make life-altering decisions.

At least two Lunar eclipses occur each year, however we may experience as many as five in one year.

How Will a Lunar Eclipse Affect Your Sign?


As the first Fire sign of the astrological calendar, you are prone towards transformation and desire new beginnings under a Lunar eclipse. A Lunar eclipse will propel you towards your goals, helping you find new and exciting ways to achieve them. This influence is likely to encourage you to seize the moment and try new things.


A Lunar eclipse is likely to encourage new money-making ideas for you, Taurus, especially as the first Earth sign of the zodiac. Your head is always creating new ways to go for your goals and bring more wealth into your life, and this influence only amplifies that part of your nature. Take note of your ideas during this time, as you may receive flashes of insight.


Lunar eclipses can cause irritation and emotional upsets for you, Gemini. As an Air sign, you’re quite social, but you may feel drawn towards conflict during a Lunar eclipse. This is not a great time for deep discussions about feelings, as you may experience emotional outbursts. Spend this time practicing meditation and chakra healing work.


Because your sign is ruled by the Moon, you may experience Lunar eclipses more deeply than most. This is a good time to stay cozy at home and perform any rituals that bring you peace and joy. Cancers are already a rather home-oriented sign, comfortable in their own abode, and surrounding by their own things. This isn’t a great time for travel.


Lunar eclipses may stress you out, Leo. You may find yourself worried about health and finances, making it important that you practice exercises that boost your mood and help you focus on the positive. Manifestation work is favored now, as it allows you to practice gratitude for what you already have and focus on bringing the future you desire into your field of vision.


You will need to practice patience during Lunar eclipses, Virgo, as they tend to bring out feelings of frustration and aggression for you. Yoga is favored, especially as you are an Earth sign who benefits from physical exercise that connects you to the Universe. Try practicing yoga in the morning to help you avoid taking on negativity.


Lunar eclipses have an interesting effect on you Libra, as they cause you to speak without thinking, which can lead to conflicts, remorse, or regrets. Writing in your journal during this time allows you to release negative emotions without hurting anyone’s feelings, allowing you to address your feelings and move on.


Lunar eclipses may encourage stress and emotional disturbances for you Scorpio, especially as an emotional Water sign. It’s important that you incorporate rituals into your daily life that boost your mood and amplify confidence during this time. Positive affirmations are a great way to remind yourself that you are talented, gifted, and loved.


You may find yourself overthinking things more than usual during a Lunar eclipse, Sagittarius. While analyzation is great for many parts of life, this is a time to allow yourself to feel your emotions deeply rather than thinking about them. The Lunar eclipse encourages you to open up and receive the messages flowing towards you from the Universe beyond.


You will find yourself more concerned with your health during the Lunar eclipse, and you may even begin to worry about your physical health. But remember, positivity is crucial for physical health. Repeating positive affirmations throughout the day will help you avoid falling into a pit of despair and stress. You should incorporate positive affirmations into any Full Moon or Lunar eclipse ritual you perform at this time.

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Lunar eclipses make it more difficult for you to get along with others, Aquarius, a wide step away from your compassionate, humanitarian personality. You may find yourself in conflicts with those around you, and you’ll need to amplify your patience and understanding to avoid becoming emotionally overwhelmed or starting arguments.


A Lunar eclipse urges you to take precautions, Pisces, avoiding unnecessary trips or risks. Pay close attention to your actions and make sure to think things through before following the course. Writing in your journal is favored for exploring your feelings in a safe and healthy manner during this emotional time.

Solar Eclipses

A Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, obscuring our vision of the Sun. We experience a total Solar eclipse roughly once every 18 months. Solar eclipses occur during the New Moon, while Lunar eclipses take place during a Full Moon.

You may experience unusual dreams during a Solar eclipse, because each planetary transit has an effect on our mood and emotions. It’s important to take note of these dreams and try to interpret them, as the Universe may be sending you a message.

Solar eclipses have a similar effect on relationships as lunar eclipses, in that both types of eclipse involve an aspect of revelation.

These types of planetary transits can reveal hidden information, encouraging you to take a deeper, more meaningful look at your relationships. While a Solar eclipse isn’t the best time to make life-altering decisions, this is a good time to evaluate your personal relationships and determine whether they are still serving you.

How Will a Solar Eclipse Affect Your Sign?


A Solar eclipse will likely amplify your creativity and help you feel more inspired. This is an excellent time for any kind of creative endeavor, as energy and inspiration from the Universe flows through you effortlessly. You may also feel like your life is changing or that there are forces out of your control – which self-expression can help you manage.


Taurus is typically a sign of relaxation and appreciation for the senses, but a Solar eclipse shakes this energy up and encourages you toward hard work and adventure. This is a good time for trying new things and allowing yourself to break free from any ruts you may have felt stuck in. Focusing on your goals will help you achieve your dreams during this transit.

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Solar eclipses bring positive changes into your life, even if they seem scary at first. This is a time to embrace the transformation and trust the Universe, as it has many surprises in store for you. Manifestation work and practicing gratitude will help you sail through a Solar eclipse with positivity and inspiration.


A Solar eclipse brings peace and harmony into the home, allowing any existing tensions to settle. There is a sense of stability that makes you feel more mellow and grateful than usual. Take advantage of this energy by spending time with your friends and family. Being connected will help you feel more aligned in the Universe.


For a Leo, a Solar eclipse can help wipe the slate clean and give you the sense of starting over. You feel refreshed and revitalized, better able to take on the world around you. While there may be some feelings of uncertainty, it’s important to embrace the changes brought on by a Solar eclipse. Meditation will help you find the balance you need to accept transformation.


A Solar eclipse encourages you to look inward, Virgo, exploring your emotions – which you may otherwise feel removed from. Don’t hold yourself back if you feel emotional, allow your feelings to flow out of you so they don’t take hold. Writing is a great way to let these emotions out without feeling too vulnerable, so turn to your journal during this time.


For Libras, a Solar eclipse increases the desire to connect with others – especially those people that you may have been in conflict with lately. Reaching out and working through issues will help you feel more balanced and aligned with the positive energies of the Universe. Whether virtual or physical, this is a time to converse with those you love.


When the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, you may find yourself rehashing issues in your life that still bother you on a subconscious level. Interesting or confusing challenges may rise to the surface, forcing you to confront potentially uncomfortable issues. But, facing them head-on will lead to a rewarding level of comfort.


Solar eclipses can have an especially positive influence on your life, Sagittarius. Personal growth and transformation are on the menu during a Solar eclipse. Take this energy in stride and use it to your advantage when you can. Start by taking a look at your physical exercise and self-care routines, as this is a great time to incorporate new practices into your life.


During a Solar eclipse, you may experience a resurfacing of acquaintances or friends that have not been around lately, which can be both positive and negative, depending on your outlook. If you feel like reconnecting with these people, this is a good time to do so. But you should be careful to recognize toxic behaviors from those around you.


A Solar eclipse will amplify your eccentricities and desires for unusual or interesting experiences, Aquarius. This is the perfect time to explore your favorite hobbies and activities, indulging in the practices that bring you joy. Working with crystals will help you connect to your genuine self during a Solar eclipse.


For a Pisces, a Solar eclipse encourages you to slow down and smell the roses. This is a time to appreciate the present moment and focus on the things that you feel grateful for right now. Any creative self-expression is favored during a Solar eclipse, especially for Pisces – as you are a naturally imaginative and creative sign.

Other Types of Eclipses

Total Eclipse

A total eclipse happens when either the Sun or the Moon is completely covered or blocked out by another planet. A total Solar eclipse blocks out the light of the Sun, while a total Lunar eclipse completely blocks the light of the Moon. The Moon often takes on a vivid red color during a total Lunar eclipse.

Partial Eclipse

During a partial eclipse, the Moon crosses paths with the Sun, but in this case, the Moon does not completely block the light of the Sun. The result is that the Sun looks like it is missing a chunk of its mass during a partial eclipse.

Annular Eclipse

Named after the word “annulus,” meaning ring, an annular eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the center of the Sun but does not cover the outer edges. A ring of golden light is visible, which is where this type of eclipse gets its name.

Hybrid Eclipse

The hybrid eclipse is quite rare but takes place when one part of the Earth experiences an annular eclipse, while another part of the Earth experiences a total eclipse.

Prenumbral Eclipse

This type of eclipse is not as easy to observe as other eclipses, and it occurs when the Moon passes through Earth’s prenumbral shadow – or rather, when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are imperfectly aligned.

Do Eclipses Affect Our Chakras?

There are many things in life that can affect our chakras. While a Solar or Lunar eclipse are not guaranteed to either negatively or positively affect your chakras, these are excellent times for chakra balancing exercises. Working with crystals and practicing visual meditation will help you benefit from the healing energy of any eclipse, aligning and cleansing the chakras.

Which Crystals Do You Need for an Eclipse?

Labradorite is an excellent stone to work with during any kind of eclipse, as it is highly spiritual and connected to Universe energy. Moonstone is the perfect stone to use during a Lunar eclipse, while sunstone is the best crystal to work with during a Solar eclipse. Other beneficial crystals include moldavite, clear quartz, and smokey quartz.

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Rituals for Eclipses

Solar Eclipse Ritual

Because the energy during a Solar eclipse is so intense, this is an excellent time for rituals that promote self-love and self-acceptance, as the results will be amplified. Begin by setting your intentions for positivity. Settle yourself in a comfortable position, and make sure you have the crystals, sage, notebook, and pen that you might need.

Positive affirmations are a great way to amplify confidence, so begin your ritual by making a list of positive affirmations about yourself. Smudge yourself with sage to let go of negativity and toxic energy. Now, try taking this moment to surround yourself in healing crystals and write about the things and relationships you want to manifest in your life.

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Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Moon connects to Water, making this a great time for a ritualistic, healing bath. Gather crystals like moonstone and rose quartz, as well as your favorite essential oils and bath bombs. Slice chilled cucumber to place over your eyes for cooling relief.

You can even sprinkle rose petals or lavender into the bathtub for more healing. Place crystals along the edge of the tub to provide even more positive energy. Put your favorite album or playlist on and sink into the relaxing environment, allowing your body and your mind to rest and find revitalization.

When is the Next Eclipse?

On June 21st, we will experience an annular eclipse of the Sun.

On July 4th, we’ll see a prenumbral eclipse of the Moon.

On November 29th, there is yet another prenumbral eclipse of the Moon.

And on December 14th, there will be a total eclipse of the Sun.

Embracing the Shifting Energies

It doesn’t matter how you choose to celebrate or honor the eclipse, because the effects will continue regardless. But making a ritual for yourself and purposefully setting a moment aside to celebrate this shifting energy will help you get the most out of the healing energy that accompanies any Lunar or Solar eclipse.

Feel free to create your own rituals and remember to have fun with it!

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We’re approaching the sensitive, intuitive, creative Cancer season. That’s right, grab the tissues. While we may feel slightly moodier during Cancer season, there is cause for celebration, as Cancer puts us more deeply in touch with our emotions than ever, allowing us to acknowledge feelings that may have been on the back burner lately.

Cancer season starts on June 20th this year, lasting until July 22nd. But before we dive into what to expect and how it will affect you based on your sign, let’s take a look at the traits that make this sign so special.

Cancer Traits

Cancer is a Water sign, which is more connected to the fluid, emotional nature of our spirit. Water signs are intuitive and creative, traits that are deeply connected to the Cancer personality. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is deeply connected to feelings and ruled by instincts. As a Cardinal sign, Cancers are the leaders of the Water signs!

Positive Cancer Traits

  • Intuitive
  • Loyal
  • Nostalgic
  • Charming
  • Creative
  • Protective
  • Honest
  • Nurturing
  • Loving
  • Sympathetic

Negative Cancer Traits

  • Indecisive
  • Moody
  • Complicated
  • Possessive
  • Secretive
  • Vengeful

Now that we know a little bit more about Cancer, and what this zodiac sign is all about, let’s take a look at how this Cancer season will affect you, based on your own zodiac sign.

What to Expect This Cancer Season Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Cancer season encourages you to dedicate more time to your family and friends, Aries, allowing you to work on past issues and reach positive compromises. This is a time when you may feel more vulnerable than usual; try to let that vulnerability flow through you, allowing you to become closer to your loved ones through the sharing of emotions.

This is an excellent time to work with rose quartz, a crystal that promotes unconditional love and confidence. Rose quartz will help you amplify your compassion for both yourself and for others. Try adding a piece of rose quartz to a glass of drinking water for 30 minutes for a healing crystal elixir.


This Cancer season, you’re reminded to take better care of yourself both mentally and physically. Make more time for the routines and rituals that bring you joy and peace, Taurus. While you may feel like you have too much work to do to carve out time for relaxing bubble baths, yoga, and meditation, these things are crucial for mental and emotional health.

Use this Cancer season to sharpen your chakra balancing exercises, experimenting with new crystals, essential oils, and types of sage. Let the nurturing energy of Cancer encourage you to pamper yourself and cleanse your energy regularly.


You may feel driven towards extravagant purchases during this time, Gemini. Try to think through any large purchases, evaluating their value in your life. Be careful with spending, as heightened nostalgia may urge you towards purchases you don’t need. This is an excellent time for manifestation work, attracting abundance into your life.

Create a manifestation ritual, starting with a cleansing sage smudge. Sit comfortably with your favorite notebook and write down the things you want to manifest most in your life, from relationships to abundance. Be as specific as possible. Now, look at this list three times a day at the very least. When one of these things appears in your life, cross it off the list and practice gratitude.


It’s your season, Cancer! It’s time to celebrate your sensitivity, intuition, and creativity. It’s important for you to take time for yourself and make sure that you’re making yourself a priority in life. If you aren’t careful, people may step over your boundaries and take advantage of your kindness.

Build your protective shield this season with this easy visual meditation. Sit comfortably and light incense to clear the energy around you. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine a protective orb of golden light surrounding your body. Imagine this orb shielding you from external negativity and toxic energy each and every day.

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This is a time to let go of patterns that no longer serve you, Leo. Cancer is urging you to evaluate your routine and habits and release the behaviors that might be toxic or at least unhelpful. Finding forgiveness for yourself is crucial during this time. Try to be gentle with yourself during this season, as it’s easy to become emotionally overwhelmed.

Meditation and positive affirmations are the best ways to lift your spirits when you’re down, infusing your body with positive vibrations. Repeat positive affirmations throughout the day, and begin each day with a cleansing, relaxing meditation to help you set your intentions for empathy and forgiveness.


It’s time for you to open up and let others in on your feelings, Virgo. You may not feel like telling someone when you’re disappointed in them, but being clear about your emotions and perceptions is crucial for allowing any relationship to blossom. Try to remember empathy and compassion while you share your feelings with others.

Focusing your attention on the Throat chakra during this time will help you maintain open and honest communication. Work with stones like blue kyanite and aquamarine to clear and balance this chakra, helping you feel more comfortable when talking about your feelings. Blueberries and herbal teas also connect to the Throat chakra, so incorporate these into your diet.


Cancer season might encourage you to focus more deeply on your career and long-term goals, Libra. You may feel like starting new projects or diving into existing ones, as you’re itching to get things moving. Just make sure to work on trusting the timing of the Universe, as this may not be the best time to start new things.

Meditation is an excellent way to connect more deeply to the energies of the Universe. Burn sage to clear the energy of the room, seat yourself comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Imagine a golden light beaming down on you from the heavens, surrounding you with love and illumination. And trust that the Universe will bring all things in good time.


You may feel urged to reevaluate your commitments during Cancer season, Scorpio. This influence encourages you to take a look at your plans and decide what projects still fill your heart with joy. It’s okay to shift focus as you grow in life, and it’s healthy to say “no” to things that don’t excite or inspire you.

Focusing your attention on the Solar Plexus chakra will help you gain more confidence and willpower to refuse any activity that doesn’t bring you joy. Citrine and golden calcite are the perfect stones to work with when healing the Solar Plexus chakra, as they connect directly to this chakra. You can also eat yellow foods, like lemons, bananas, and yellow peppers, to send even more healing energy to the Solar Plexus.


It’s time to focus on your gifts and talents, Sagittarius, of which you possess many. Amplifying your confidence will make it easier for you to pay attention to your creative prowess. This planetary influence is asking you to let go of behaviors and relationships that no longer serve you. Prepare yourself and be willing to let go of negative or toxic situations and habits.

Yoga is one of the easiest ways to build strength, promote relaxation, and increase your connection to the Earth beneath your feet. Try dedicating a half hour each day to sinking into deep stretches with your favorite music playing and a stick of incense burning. Make a little yoga ritual for yourself that grounds and inspires you.


Cancer encourages you to connect more deeply to those you love this season, Capricorn. With increased sensitivity and compassion, it’s easier than ever for you to relate to friends and family, so try opening up to them. This is not a good time to bottle your feelings and keep them held inside, which can lead to emotional outbursts.

Try taking up journaling and creating a daily ritual for yourself. Open your notebook or journal each morning and give yourself 30 minutes of uninterrupted writing time – with your favorite candle lit, of course. Writing allows for a safe and healthy emotional release, which is the best way to start the day.


This Cancer season is encouraging you to purge any emotions or negative thoughts that may be taking up space within your psyche, Aquarius. While you don’t always love facing emotions and feelings head on, it’s time to put those worries aside and dive into your internal world. Don’t be afraid of what you find; acknowledging these feelings will help you release them.

Focus on chakra balancing work this month, practicing a new chakra exercise each day. When the chakras are flowing freely, you’ll be better able to deal with any unpleasant emotions that spring to life. Blue kyanite and bronzite are two stones that connect to and heal each of the body’s seven major chakras, making them the perfect crystals to work with this month.


You may experience more emotional sensitivity and moodiness under this influence, Pisces. It’s important to be gentle with yourself and accept your emotions for what they are. You don’t have to be strong every moment of the day. Be your own best friend during this time. And if you need to break out the tissues and the ice cream and have a movie marathon in your pajamas, that’s perfectly fine too.

Don’t neglect self-care routines this Cancer season, as taking care of your mental and emotional health is crucial. Yoga, meditation, chakra work, writing, and creative self-expression are all wonderful activities for promoting self-acceptance and self-love. Rhodonite and rose quartz are two perfect stones to work with when amplifying confidence and compassion.

Embracing the Emotions of the Cancer Season

While we may be feeling more tender during the Cancer season, vulnerability and sensitivity are important aspects of life. This is a great time to give yourself a break and allow yourself to feel things more deeply than ever before. Your personalized rituals and self-care routines will help you stay positive and confident during this astrological period.

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Manifesting your dreams can be powerful. Adding a little love astrology to the mix helps give you an extra boost to make it happen more easily. The most commonly used astrological occurrence for manifestation?

The New Moon!

New Moons are times for new beginnings, full of energy and enthusiasm. We’re going to have a New Moon in Cancer in 2 days, so it’s time to start focusing on what you want to manifest now.

This isn’t just any New Moon either – it comes with a Solar eclipse! Solar eclipses have much stronger energy, and you can use this to your advantage through manifestation. It’s time to some of that energy for yourself, and make your dreams come true.

New Moon Eclipse in Cancer & Love

The New Moon eclipse is in Cancer, an emotional Water sign that connects to our core selves and internal foundations. Cancer is guided by feelings, which can be extremely helpful with manifesting. You can feel more connected to whatever it is you want to create in your life.

A lot of manifesting is focused on money, but we’re going to focus on another big subject – love! We’re coming soon to the end of Venus retrograde, which has had love on thin ice for the last month, and it’s a great time to start planning for how you can make love more positive.

Manifesting healthy, abundant love serves all of us pretty well, whether we’re rediscovering that love in existing relationships and connections, or finding it in new ones.

And, since this is an eclipse, you’re more likely to find that this lasts for a while. Eclipse energy can last for six months before and after, while New Moon energy is only two weeks before and after. On top of which, this New Moon occurs at the very start of the zodiac sign Cancer, so you’re laying the foundation now for years to come.

New Moon Ritual Basics

You’ll want to carve out a little bit of time to actually perform your love ritual. It doesn’t have to be that long if you don’t have much time to spare, but ideally you’ll want at least 15 minutes, and up to an hour. It’s going to be the strongest on the day of the New Moon in Cancer (June 21), but you can technically do it any time in the two weeks before or after.

Gather together whatever supplies you’ll be using for your love ritual, and then clear your head. The easiest and simplest way to do this is to meditate for at least a few minutes:

  • Close your eyes
  • Take deep breaths
  • Relax your body as you visualize bright green light swirling around your heart (to activate your Heart chakra)

If you struggle with meditation, you can try something else that clears your mind, like listening to soft music, taking a shower or bath, or going for a walk.

The next step is to connect emotionally to the love you want to manifest:

  • Imagine love as you want it to feel in your life
  • Imagine being loved the way you want to be loved, and giving love in a healthy, positive way

Love should flow freely and abundantly to you and from you as an energy that is never depleted. You can envision love as a flowing current of energy being absorbed into you and flowing out of you.

After this, you can perform your love ritual. Once you’re done with your ritual, you can perform it again daily for two weeks, or you can simply envision the current of love flowing to and from you in abundance every day. This can stimulate love in your life, and help bring more love to you and open you up to love.

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New Moon in Cancer Love Rituals for the Zodiac Signs

The following are simple love rituals for each of the zodiac signs depending on what this New Moon in Cancer is doing for you. You can deviate where you feel guided to – always trust your intuition when it’s speaking to you!


Water may be of assistance for you with this New Moon, so for your love ritual, try the water manifestation technique. You’ll need:

  • Water
  • 2 cups
  • Something to write with
  • 2 sheets of paper and tape (or 2 sticky notes)

On one piece of paper, write down what your current state is with love. On the second piece of paper, write down what you want love to be. Tape each sheet of paper (or sticky note) to each cup.

Pour water into the cup that has the paper with your current love state on it. Then pour that water from that cup into the second cup that has the paper with the love state you want. Hold that cup and let your emotions rise to the level of love that you want to have. Then drink the water!


Writing things down may be of assistance to you with this New Moon, so for your love ritual, try the 55×5 manifestation technique. You’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Something to write with
  • An affirmation

The hardest part is your affirmation.

You need to come up with an affirmation of what exactly you desire, so if you want to improve your existing relationship, you can use something like: I am grateful that my relationship with (name) is loving and strong. You’ll usually want to start your affirmation with: I am grateful/thankful/blessed.

Write down your affirmation 55 times, and do so for 5 days (so 5 days in a row, 55 times each day). This technique gets you very focused on what you want to manifest.


With the wonky energy you’ve had to deal with lately, you’ll likely benefit from some grounding. For your love ritual, try a grounding technique and utilize the Earth. You’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Something to write with
  • Match or lighter
  • Somewhere to bury the paper ashes

Stand with your feet firmly planted. Feel your weight in your legs, and imagine roots growing out of your body and into the Earth. Stay like this for a few minutes.

Then sit (on the ground, if you can) and write down what you want to manifest. Hold the paper and feel centered. Burn it, and bury the ashes.


This New Moon eclipse is in your sign, so you hold a lot of the power, Cancer! For your love ritual, give the mirror technique a try. You’ll need:

  • A mirror (ideally large enough to see your whole torso, so likely not handheld)

In front of a mirror, say out loud what you want to manifest. Talk to yourself in a super positive way as if you’ve already manifested the love you want. It can almost be like a pep talk (like athletes give themselves before a big game). Shower yourself with praise and adoration, and see yourself the way you want the person you love to see you.

Make sure to repeat this at least twice a day. You can fit this in whenever you wash your hands if there’s a mirror above your sink!


Some water matched with some solitude may be of assistance to you, so for your love ritual, try a spiritual bath manifestation. You’ll need:

  • A bathtub (you can make do with a shower if that’s all you have)
  • Aesthetically pleasing items that make you think of love (candles, flowers, stones, etc.)
  • Essential oils and/or bubble bath to add to the water (think of your favorite smells)

Fill the tub with water, and add whatever essential oils or bubble bath you’re using. Surround it with the items you love, that you feel are beautiful, and make you think of love.

In the bath, take some deep breaths, and visualize the love that you want to manifest. If you use a stone or something that can be held in water, hold that over your heart (to activate your Heart chakra).

If you have to use a shower, add a few drops of essential oil, and place your items wherever you can. Hold your stone (or whatever is solid) to your heart as the water washes over you, and envision the water filling you with love energy. Picture the love you want in your mind.


Normally the loner, you may actually benefit from utilizing others for your love ritual. Give group manifestation a try. You’ll need:

  • A group of people to manifest together

Gather together a group of people to manifest. You don’t have to all be together physically, and can each be in your own locations (so you can recruit helpers online).

Be clear about the love you want to manifest in advance, and select an exact date and time for everyone to manifest, as well as what they should do (recite a specific affirmation, use a specific mantra, sing a specific song, etc. and for how long).

When it’s happening, everyone in the group should visualize you, and feel loving, positive energy toward you. If it’s done right, you’ll feel it when it’s happening!

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You may benefit from some traditional manifesting with this New Moon, so for your love ritual, use a vision board. You’ll need:

  • Paper and glue
  • Magazines (or online images you’ve printed out)

Vision boards are old-school manifestation 101. Go through magazines and cut out images that embody the feeling of love you want to manifest (or search online and print out and cut out images). Glue them to your paper.

You can also cut out words or phrases, or put together an affirmation on your vision board.

Feel free to adorn your board with glitter, stickers, or anything you feel is pretty, and then leave it out somewhere you’ll see daily. This will ensure you’re constantly focused on the love you want to manifest.


Fire may be helpful for you with this New Moon, so for your love ritual, use candles for manifestation. You’ll need:

  • Candles that correlate to love (pink for romance, red for passion, or green to activate your Heart chakra; you can use choose one candle, use one candle of each color, or if you can find a candle that has all three, use that; you can also buy the candle or make it yourself, if you’re really crafty)
  • Match or lighter
  • Paper
  • Something to write with

Light your candle. If you’d like, you can dress the candle first (anoint with essential oil, or surround with herbs, flowers, or crystals). Once the candle is lit, stare into the flame and envision the love you want to manifest.

Once your mind is focused, write it down, and then place the piece of paper under the candle.

Let the candle burn out, or burn the candle for a period of time every day until it does. Then bury the piece of paper.


A little bit of concocting can be helpful for you with this New Moon, so for your love ritual, try using a potion for manifesting. You’ll need:

  • Water (charged water works best, so water that you’ve already charged under a New or Full Moon, otherwise regular water is fine)
  • Herbs for love (any of your choosing; some options are: lavender, ginger, rosemary, cinnamon, sage – just make sure you don’t use anything you’re allergic to!)
  • Coffee filter and string or an empty tea bag (for infusion)

Place the herbs you’re using in the coffee filter and secure it with string, or put the herbs inside of the empty tea bag. You can use hot or cold water, whichever you prefer, for infusion. You’re basically making this like you’d make tea!

As it brews/infuses, visualize the love you want to manifest. You may want to recite an affirmation over the potion as well. Once done, drink the potion. You can choose to either drink it all at once, or drink a little at a time each day until it’s all gone.


Scent may help you to stay centered with this New Moon, so for your love ritual, try using essential oils for manifesting. You’ll need:

  • Essential oils for love (some options are patchouli, ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, and lavender)
  • Paper
  • Something to write with

Write down the love you want to manifest on the piece of paper. Open up the bottles of essential oils you’re using and let the scents get you in a loving mood.

Place a drop or two of each oil you’re using on the sheet of paper, and visualize the love you want.

Sleep with the paper underneath your pillow. Take it out daily as a reminder. You can add the oils to it as the scents fade to refresh.


You may want something tangible to use with this New Moon, so for your love ritual, try crystals for manifestation. You’ll need:

  • Rose quartz (or any pink stone; you can use clear quartz in a pinch)
  • Sea salt

You’ll first want to cleanse your stone of any sludge energetically with the sea salt, if you haven’t cleansed it before. Simply submerge the stone in sea salt and leave it for 24 hours. This will remove any negative energy and keep it clear for you to imbue with your intentions.

For your ritual, hold the stone in your non-dominant hand (the one you don’t write with) over your heart (to connect with your Heart chakra), and visualize the love you want to manifest.

The stone will become connected to your heart energy and absorb your vision. Keep the stone with you in your pocket, sleep with it under your pillow, or just hold it for at least 5 minutes daily and connect with the vision in your mind.


You may benefit from some sweetness with this New Moon, so for your love ritual, use a honey jar. You’ll need:

  • Honey (sugar can work as a substitute)
  • A small mason jar (or clean out a baby food jar!)
  • A piece of paper
  • Something to write with

If you’re focusing on love manifestation involving a certain person, write their name 9 times on the sheet of paper, and then write your name 9 times overlapping theirs; if you’re single and want to manifest new love, just write your own name 9 times.

Hold the paper to your heart (to activate your Heart chakra), and envision the love you want to manifest.

Fold it up and put it in the jar, and then pour in the honey (or sugar). Hold the jar and continue to envision the love you want to manifest (state an affirmation if you desire). Keep the jar out somewhere so you continue to hold it daily and envision love (if you use sugar, shake the jar daily).

Parting thoughts . . .

Don’t worry about getting it “right” or making your ritual “perfect” – there’s no such thing when it comes to this!

Do what you feel aligns with you, what you’re guided to, and what is accessible to you. Use these ritual ideas as a jumping off point. It’s going to be more important that you remain consistent and focused.

Live and love!

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2020 is a year filled with many different, and challenging, astrological transits. It can be hard to know how to navigate this intense energy, even more so with the amount of planets we currently have in retrograde.We are also entering a time where we will experience eclipses, intensifying this energy even further.

With all of these things happening in the Universe, what can we do?

We sat down with astrologer Christopher Renstom to talk about what we can expect from the Universe in the upcoming months.

Who is Christopher Renstom?

Christopher Renstom is a professional astrologer and writer. He began studying Astrology in 1980 but started out as a full-time Astrologer in New York City in 1985. His career started in reading astrology charts in every conceivable setting.

Eventually he would move on to writing horoscope columns for print and then online media. His transition onto the internet came with the creation of Ruling Planets.

Many people are worried about the fact that we’re in a period of four Retrogrades (Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter) occurring all at once. What does this mean for us Astrologically?

Retrogrades mark the period of time when a planet appears to be moving backwards. It’s said that the planet acts opposite to the way it normally behaves when it’s retrograde.

Venus becomes discordant, Jupiter brings misfortune, and Saturn relaxes the rules. But retrogrades are actually tests. For instance, good manners are tested by rude behavior. Bad luck tests our faith in a higher power and disobedience may make you feel independent in the moment, but it could also lead you to discover the value of why those rules were created in the first place.

What should people do or avoid doing during this time?

Remember that “retrograde” means “backwards” and backwards can be progress too.

We often retrace our steps to find a lost item or revisit a situation when something doesn’t sit right. Going back to the drawing board may seem regressive, but it often results in coming up with a better way to do things.

What do retrogrades mean? The Complete Guide to 2020 Retrogrades

Where do you see 2020 heading astrologically?

We can expect a lot of clashes with authority in the months ahead. Mars enters Aries in late June and its subsequent retrograde turns a six week stay into a six month one. Mars is the most combative and fiery in Aries and Saturn is the most strict and unyielding in Capricorn.

Mars/Saturn squares will occur on Aug. 24 and Sept. 29. These will be challenging and potentially explosive times. And the fact that people won’t be clear on which authority they should be fighting for or against won’t make things easier. It kind of looks like a barroom brawl.

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Are there any other transits people should be aware of in the upcoming months?

Mars retrograde from Sept. 9 to Nov. 13. I call this the Trojan Horse Mars. Mars traveling backwards can give the impression that the enemy has retreated and that the coast is clear when actually it’s laying in wait. You really don’t want to let down your guard during this time – especially when it comes to something like the current pandemic we are experiencing. You want to be wary and tread carefully.

2020 has been a challenging year and it will continue to be through Autumn, but there’s a marvelous Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on Dec. 21. Those are the blue skies that we’re aiming for. It won’t solve all the world’s problems, but it will certainly signal better times ahead.

What is your Primal Triad (Sun, Moon & Rising sign)?

I am a Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, and Aries and/or or Taurus Rising. I can never decide which it is.

Tell Us About Your Upcoming Book: The Cosmic Calendar: Using Astrology to Get in Sync with your Best Life.

My book The Cosmic Calendar: Using Astrology to Get in Sync with your Best Life is based on the premise that Astrology is a calendar. Some say it’s a religion; others say it’s a science, but it’s really a calendar. It’s why every major civilization on the planet – Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, and Mesoamerican – developed some form of Astrology. It was in order to tell time.

And when you think of Astrology in terms of telling time – rather than as something fated – it really changes your perspective. My book talks about doing things in your own time.

Download our 2020 Astrology Calendar for more insights.

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The New Moon is always a powerful time of the month for a variety of reasons. Moon phases are an interesting thing; each one possesses its own special magic, and the New Moon is one of the most powerful phases of all.

What is the New Moon known for? It is a time that signifies new beginnings. The invisible nature of the New Moon represents all that is old being cleared to make way for the new. It’s a time to start new phases and projects; to plan for the month ahead; to set new intentions with rituals and meditation; to take a step back and breathe (something particularly handy for those who’ve felt the effects of stress lately)!

This is also why the New Moon is a perfect time for healing of all kinds. Furthermore, healing with crystals is highly recommended during this time. Crystals love the Moon because her energy vibrations resonate with their own. When you work with crystals under the lunar powers of the New Moon, whatever you wish to manifest is amplified more powerfully than under any other phase.

Manifestation is merely the manipulation of energy; energy is what the world and universe are made up of. We are able to manipulate the energy around us to manifest the life we want, but when we do it using the power of the New Moon, our abilities are stronger than usual and the results are even more potent than they would be under another Moon phase.

There are certain crystals that are wonderful to work with during the New Moon, especially in terms of helping you to heal from any stress, unhappiness or wounds you have suffered in recent times.

Top 5 New Moon Crystals:


As the name suggests, moonstone is a great stone to use during the New Moon.

Moonstone has a strong feminine energy and is also known as the ‘stone of new beginnings’ which means its gentle yet powerful energy works perfectly during this lunar phase. It enhances intuition, soothes stress and promotes emotional stability and is also very good for women who are going through bodily stress of any kind.


The selenite crystal is a healing crystal and also promotes spiritual healing. Anyone who feels that they are lost spiritually can benefit from selenite under the influence of the New Moon. Selenite aligns the spiritual with the physical and helps you to view things from different angles, releasing you from negative thought patterns that hold you back.

Shamanic Dream Quartz

The Shamanic Dream Quartz is highly potent. It delves deep into your subconscious and draws out the negative things that are standing as obstacles in your way.

The Shamanic Dream Quartz can assist you in traveling through other realms, as well as identifying anything within your spiritual body which is depleting you of your energy. This is a strong crystal that can aid with meditation and guidance in the realm of healing and replenishment.


Amethyst is a highly popular crystal and it is fantastic for using to alleviate stress and misery.

Amethyst activates spiritual awareness and strengthens intuition, enabling you to harness the power of your instincts during the New Moon. It is a great stone to use when you are seeking new beginnings as it has a gentle, yet firm energy that highlights negative thought patterns to you in a way that is easiest for you to understand.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a potent crystal that protects you from negative energy and helps you identify negative energy that is attached to your physical and spiritual body.

If you are seeking protection for yourself or loved ones during the New Moon, Black Tourmaline is one of the best crystals to use. It has a very powerful vibration and skilfully harnesses the lunar rays to weave protection around you and others.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals for the New Moon

It’s important to cleanse your crystals prior to use during the New Moon. Even crystals that sit stagnant on a shelf for a period of time can pick up energy. To get the most out of your crystals during the New Moon, ensure a cleanse beforehand. Below are some ways you can cleanse your crystals before this lunar phase:

WATCH: How to Cleanse Your Divination Tools

Full Moon Bath

All crystals love a moon bath! Under the Full Moon, they are particularly happy! When the Full Moon is out, place your crystals outside or on the windowsill where they can catch the lunar rays. Then, place them in a selenite bowl so they don’t attract any energy until the New Moon is out and they are ready for usage.


Incensing your crystals are a nice, quick way to cleanse your crystals before use. Simply waft some palo santo or white sage around your crystals so they can benefit from the smoke and are ready for use.

Thought Vibrations

You can hold your crystals in your hand, close your eyes and set your intention for cleansing. Think to yourself, “I cleanse these crystals and release them of all energies attached to them.” This is cleansing the crystals with your own energy. Ensure to send the thoughts to your crystals so they catch the energetic vibrations.

Follow these steps and you can have a New Moon ritual with your beloved crystals to help and heal you for the coming weeks!

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If you were born between March 17th and March 23rd and feel like you can’t help but glance at both the Pisces and Aries versions of your daily horoscope to get a full picture of what’s going on, you’re absolutely not alone. If you’re inexplicably drawn to both signs, even though you technically belong to one or the other, you may be a Pisces/Aries cusp!

Cusp signs remain a bit of a taboo in astrology, but you can’t deny that many people feel like the cusp label fits them perfectly. Those born in late March may feel like Pisces or Aries alone doesn’t suit their complex personality—and we’re here to help you explore that feeling.

Pisces & Aries Traits

Before we dive into the traits that make this cusp so unique, it would be useful to explore the individual traits of each sign.

Pisces Personality Traits

Positive Traits Include:

  • Generous
  • Imaginative
  • Compassionate
  • Kind
  • Creative
  • Intuitive
  • Sensitive
  • Spiritual

Negative Traits Include:

  • Negative
  • Melancholy
  • Anxious
  • Moody

Aries Personality Traits

Positive Traits Include:

  • Assertive
  • Passionate
  • Motivated
  • Determined
  • Honest
  • Friendly
  • Energetic
  • Athletic

Negative Traits Include:

  • Tactless
  • Insecure
  • Competitive
  • Reckless

Even if you don’t identify with each trait listed here, take note of those that seem to jump off the screen. When you’re a cusp, you kind of get to have your cake and eat it, too!

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The Pisces/Aries Cusp

Pisces is ruled by Water, the element of emotions, intuition, and creativity. Conversely, Aries is ruled by Fire, the element of action, passion, and spirit. When these two signs join together, creativity and intuition are married to ambition and spark—a courageous duo, to be sure!

Pisces is ruled by the dreamy planet Neptune, who specializes in illusion. This is why Pisces are known to be imaginative and spend quite a bit of time in their internal fantasy realms. Neptune can cause confusion and foggy thinking, which may result in anxiety for Pisces.

Aries is ruled by assertive Mars, a planet of ambition and will. Mars feisty energy can lead to a quick-temper or impulsivity. When this energy is harnessed and used properly, it can turn into a determination of spirit. Mars may not always be the calmest planet, but it knows how to get things done.

When these energies combine, you will find an individual with a vivid imagination, a desire for depth, and the tenacity to go for their dreams.

The Pisces/Aries Cusp Personality

When Water is introduced to Fire, the depth of emotion meets the passion of the spirit. Pisces’ energy brings empathy, compassion, and intuition to the table, while Aries contributes vigor and vitality. This cusp is bound to feel emotions and experience life with a fair amount of intensity.

This is known as the Cusp of Rebirth, because Pisces completes the zodiac calendar, while Aries brings in a new cycle. Someone born under a Pisces/Aries cusp may experience many transformations and rebirths throughout their lifetime, constantly seeking new areas of exploration and growth. This is not an individual who is going to remain stagnant in life, this is someone who will shed their skin and evolve many times in their life.

This cusp may experience many moments of brilliance, as Pisces’ intuition meets with Aries’ passion. You may feel driven to achieve as much as you can in life. However, where a Pisces might be more likely to incorporate their brilliant ideas into their fantasies, the Aries part of your personality motivates you to take action.

This overachieving side of your personality can lead to burn-out if you aren’t careful. Self-care is just as important as success, if not more. You’ll have to learn to take time off to explore your creativity, dance with your muse, and have a little fun.

You may feel motivated to help others in life, as Neptune encourages compassion for your fellow humans. Volunteer or charity work can be an excellent outlet for this energy, allowing you to work with your hands (satisfying Aries’ desire to act) while sending love and light to those who need it (fulfilling Pisces’ need to help people).

When it comes to romance, this cusp can be unpredictable. Pisces are gentle, dreamy lovers, while Aries are more passionate and dominant in romance. You may experience wildly swinging emotions in relationships, confusing your partner and even yourself. This cusp makes up for this unpredictability by offering excitement and spontaneity.

It may be difficult for you to effectively communicate your feelings and emotions with your partner because they can be hard for you to understand. Moving from calm intuitive waters to spirited, burning fires can be tricky to navigate. Self-exploration will help you learn more about how you respond to romance and what you need out of a relationship. When you learn to understand your own feelings, they become easier to share with those you love.

Embracing Your Mosaic Mind

Yes, your personality is complex—and this is a beautiful thing. Who wants to be one-dimensional in this multi-dimensional Universe? Your complexity is what makes you who you are: beautiful, creative, imaginative, passionate, intense, and assertive. The blend of Pisces’ compassion and empathy with Aries’ feisty spirit is a recipe for inspiration.

Celebrate your unique, inventive spirit each and every day!

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Welcome to your astrology forecast for the week of March 16-22, beautiful souls!

This week starts out with the last quarter Moon inviting us to slow down and enter the void before the New Moon happens at the beginning of next week. During this period, it’s best not to start new projects as creativity is low. Focus on the theme of surrender and listen to what your body needs.

It’s the astrological new year this Thursday as the Sun moves into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, symbolized by the ram because it makes us quite headstrong and gallant. This is also known as the Spring Equinox, and spiritually, this specific astrological alignment helps us start a new cycle and get a fresh start as we begin the new Spring season.

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Just because we aren’t starting new projects doesn’t mean this isn’t a busy week. We have three planets playing musical chairs this week. We have three inner planets changing signs this week in addition to the Moon. Inner planets change signs more frequently because they are closer to Earth. First is Mercury, the messenger planet, moves into the sign of Pisces, which can really help us bond with people on an emotional level.

That ingress happens on Monday and then by Thursday the Sun has finished it’s transit in Pisces and moves into the Fire sign Aries. As we said, this gives us a boost of energy and confidence so we can be productive. This energy will be lighting a fire under us for the next month. Finally, the planet of time, discipline, and karma, Saturn, enters the Air sign of Aquarius on Saturday where it will hang out until July 1, 2020. By Sunday we will also be out of the stronger post-shadow Mercury retrograde phase which means we will feel even more clear-headed about how to move forward.

Planetary Locations During March 16-22, 2020

Sun: Pisces (February 18, 2020 – March 20, 2020); Aries (March 21, 2020 – April 19, 2020)

Mercury: Aquarius (March 4, 2020 – March 16, 2020); Pisces ((March 16, 2020 – April 26, 2020)

Venus: Taurus (March 4, 2020 – April 3, 2020)

Mars: Capricorn (February 16, 2020 – March 29, 2020)

Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)

Saturn: Capricorn (September 17, 2019 – March 22, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (January 10, 2020 – August 14, 2020)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Snapshots for March 16-22, 2020

Monday, March 16

Sun: Pisces – We are imaginative, enjoy time with friends, and appreciate art. We are more interested in enjoying the moment than working ourselves to the bone.

Moon: Sagittarius – You have the urge to explore and break your routines. There is a desire to be outside or find food for your soul through reading or art.

Tuesday, March 17

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Capricorn – You feel like you have the power of five people to get everything you want accomplished in an orderly fashion. You’re able to see the practical approach.

Wednesday, March 18

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Capricorn

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Thursday, March 19

Sun: Pisces

Moon: Aquarius – You’re interested in meeting new people and checking in with global news. You’re compelled to join a cause or speak your mind in a way that will lead to positive overall change.

Transit: Sun (Pisces) sextile Saturn (Capricorn) – We are able to find a bit of discipline today that can help us work on creative projects. We may feel pulled between wanting to just play and feeling like being an adult so try to be a playful adult.

Friday, March 20

Sun: Aries – You feel energized, confident, and a need to get things done quickly. If you feel something you’re likely to just say it.

Moon: Aquarius

Transit: Mars (Capricorn) conjunct Jupiter (Capricorn) – Our work could prove to be extra lucky today with our passion (Mars) united with expansive (Jupiter). If you see how to make money, capture that idea, and put it into action.

Saturday, March 21

Sun: Aries

Moon: Aquarius/Pisces – You’re feeling quite a lot under the Pisces Moon and can also sense how others are feeling. Avoid trying to escape your feelings but instead, face them head-on.

Sunday, March 22

Sun: Aries

Moon: Pisces


  • Mercury (Pisces) sextile Uranus (Taur us) –This could lead to good conversations about romance. The eclectic energy of Pisces helps us speak about how we want to find new ways of expressing our sensuality (Taurus). The change-making energy of Uranus may have us speaking our minds with independent Taurean energy.
  • Venus (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces) – We could be looking to indulge our fantasies or even believe someone is meant for us when they really are not. Keep an eye on being delusional about who you have created someone to be in your mind so you don’t overlook their true character.

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We know the planets in Western Astrology each rule one of the 12 signs in the zodiac, but which planets rule each sign in the Chinese Zodiac?

To find this out, we need to look at the Western counterpart to each Chinese Zodiac sign. The Chinese Zodiac, just like the Western one, is made up of 12 signs. Each one is governed by an element and each one displays unique characteristics. Each one also has a Western Equivalent which shares similarities with it.

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For example, the Rat is the equivalent to Sagittarius. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. The Rat’s ruling element is also Water, which gives us added insight into the make-up of the Rat.

So which planet rules your Chinese Zodiac sign? Knowing this information can help you understand more about yourself, especially when you take a look at your natal chart and spot where your planets are!

Chinese Zodiac Signs & Their Ruling Planets:

If you’re not sure what your Chinese Zodiac sign is, click to use our calculator right here.

Rat: Jupiter

The Rat is ruled by Jupiter, a planet of expansion and benevolence.

Jupiter is often looked on as a favorable planet and so is the Rat in Chinese Astrology, which is viewed as a fortunate sign, one of luck and money. Jupiter is all about abundance and opportunity and Rats are the same. They are the ones to seize the day and go forward with optimism and faith in their hearts.

Ox: Saturn

The Ox is ruled by Saturn, the planet of tough life lessons and discipline.

Remember that teacher at school that you really didn’t like because they were hard on you, but years later you thanked the universe for them because if they hadn’t taught you those vital lessons you wouldn’t be where you are today? That’s Saturn and that’s the Ox as well. A character of strong discipline, focus, and commitment, Ox people embody the spirit of Saturn. They are people who are not afraid of hard work or challenges in order to get things accomplished.

Tiger: Uranus

The Tiger is ruled by Uranus, the planet of individuality and freedom.

As the ultimate rebel of the Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger defines the qualities of Uranus in abundance. Uranus is all about questioning authority and working towards change. This is why Tigers are the humanitarians of the zodiac. They march to the beat of their own drum and are especially known for their courage – and they need plenty of it if they wish to be the change they wish to see in the world!

Rabbit: Neptune

The Rabbit is ruled by Neptune, the planet of healing and intuition.

The Rabbit is a peacemaker, someone who dislikes conflict. Rabbits are also incredible healers and nurturers, often putting the needs of others before their own. Their gentle characters embody the spirit of Neptune, whose role is to help transcend the physical into the spiritual. Rabbits are famous for their humility and grace.

Dragon: Mars

The Dragon is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and strength.

This is no surprise, for the mighty Dragon is revered and respected in Chinese Astrology for their courage and determination. Mars is the ultimate planet of self-empowerment and Dragons are all about coming into their own power and unleashing it onto the world. There is a great strength to someone with this sign.

Snake: Venus

The Snake is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love.

The Snake is traditionally viewed as the most physically beautiful of the Chinese Zodiac and they also have a love of aesthetics. Like Venus, Snakes appreciate the finer things in life. Venus is about giving and receiving love and Snake people have a charming and delightful air about them which makes others feel it is a pleasure to be in their company.

Horse: Mercury

The Horse is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence and information.

It is no surprise that the quick-thinking Horse has this planet as its ruler. Mercury gives them the ability to think on their feet and communicate effectively. A Horse person will often be charming in their communication and they will often be gifted writers and artists.

Goat: Moon

The Goat is ruled by the Moon, the planet of feelings and nurture.

The Goat is the most creative sign of the Chinese Zodiac and the Moon bestows them with the ability to access their subconscious, where their creativity streams from. The Moon also provides the Goat with powerful intuition. As the Moon is the planet of emotions, the Goat is a highly emotional individual with a heart of gold.

Monkey: Sun

The Monkey is ruled by the Sun, the planet of self-identity and ego.

Monkeys often appear to be brimming with confidence and as members of the First Trine, they have the ability to shine in the spotlight. This is the power of the Sun, which is the basis of our ego and who we are. Monkeys are passionate and confident people; they are there to be seen and heard!

Rooster: Mercury

The Rooster is ruled by Mercury, just like the Horse. It is the planet of information and intelligence.

Roosters are also highly-communicative individuals and they are more expressive in the way they do it. You will always know when a Rooster is around – there presence is hard to miss! They like to talk and are often very engaging and dynamic.

Dog: Venus

The Dog is ruled by Venus, just like the Snake.

However, the Dog is motivated more by Venusian values, while the Snake is influenced more by the Venus love of beauty and pleasure. The Dog is a person with strong morals. They desire the world to be a better place, a beautiful place. Venus gives them the ability to see the world in a beautiful light but to recognize where it needs improvement. This is why Dogs are driven by justice and balance.

Pig: Pluto

The Pig is ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation.

While Pigs may seem like simple and cheerful individuals on the outside, there is a great depth to their character. Pluto reminds us that life is short, so the Pig is someone who relishes in the pleasures of life. At the same time, Pluto reminds the Pig that because life is short, it is important to do something memorable while on earth. Therefore, the Pig’s desire for transformation on all levels is an innate one.

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