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Love it or hate it, we’ve officially entered well into Virgo season, and the responses may be… mixed.

Whether you’re anxious or feeling organized and motivated to get to work, there is no doubt a series of ups and downs to handling this September’s Virgo season, and perhaps even a learning curve.

Aside from the abundance of other methods that you could use — crystal healing, some self-care, or whatever else! — affirmations are a simple, and Virgo season-friendly, way of grounding yourself and harnessing the power of Virgo energy. While they are always a relevant and powerful tool at our disposal, they may be even more potent during this zodiac season!

We will dive into what healing affirmations can grant us power during this Virgo season, and gain some deeper insights into why we may experience this most interesting time in the way that we do.

Get up close and personal with the Virgo zodiac sign!

What is Virgo Energy?

Ruled by the communicative and cerebral planet Mercury, Virgo energy can grant us the intelligence, detail-oriented mindset, and organizational motivations that we’ve been looking for. Both an Earth sign and Mutable, Virgo energy desires structure but still demands flexibility, which can be either an asset or a serious challenge.

On the other hand, it can also lend to overthinking, anxiety, and stress if not handled with open arms and some slight caution. Like anything, it needs to be balanced out.

You don’t have to be a Virgo in order to experience classic Virgo tendencies. Especially in Virgo season, we all tend to fall into Virgo energy, so these affirmations can help you manifest, relax, or be empowered in your best self regardless of zodiac sign!

10 Comforting Virgo Season Affirmations to Support & Empower You

1. I Create My Own Opportunities With Ease

What’s a common anxiety that you usually stumble into? For many, the idea of what comes next in your life — whether a romantic partner, the next job opportunity, or something else entirely — can be a daunting thought.

This affirmation reminds you that you have the power to change, create, and forge your own path while harnessing all of Virgo season’s powers.

2. I Release Stress With Every Breath

As one of the biggest difficulties of Virgo season can be grappling with your own inner world and the anxieties that await you within there, this affirmation will allow you to let go of it all in the simplest way.

By breathing simply and slowly, we remember that we have control over our own bodies and how we choose to relax, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

3. My Insights Are Assets to Myself & Others

The keen eye and mind of Virgo are not just limited to Virgos themselves! In Virgo season, we may feel more inclined to share our ideas with others.

With this affirmation, we validate our insights and empower ourselves to share what is on our mind, knowing with confidence it offers value.

4. I Receive Back the Energy I Give

This simple affirmation reminds you to hold onto your boundaries and establish them clearly.

Virgo energy can implore us to give to others very freely as it catches weak spots and designs solutions, but we must remember to allow ourselves to receive too.

5. I Find Power Through Routine

In Virgo season, it’s highly likely that you’ll find yourself needing organization and routine, even if it’s not initially desired.

This affirmation allows you to be empowered by, rather than restricted by, routine and structure. Using it frequently and incorporating it into a routine itself can be even more powerful!

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6. I Am Intelligent and Capable

In true Virgo fashion, communication, thought, and the general functions of our mind will be heightened this season.

This affirmation bolsters and takes advantage of these facts, and allows you to make the most out of your quick-thinking mind during this time.

7. I Carry My Plans Through & Accomplish My Goals

Sometimes, we might feel as though we’ve bit off more than we can chew. Especially now, there can be a million plans and ideas we’ve had floating around and just never got around to.

Repeat this affirmation when you need the confidence that you can do what you set your mind to, and watch as you prove yourself right!

8. I Branch Out & Attract New Beginnings

Despite its communicative nature, there actually is quite a bit of shyness to the energy of Virgo!

If you’re feeling locked inside your own mind and can’t quite seem to break free of inner anxieties, this is another affirmation that will open you up to new possibilities and help you speak with eloquence — and attract greatness.

9. I Am Adapatable & Brave

It takes a lot of guts to be able to roll with the punches and make up new plans of action on the spot when things go awry.

But with Virgo season supporting us in this, we only need the confidence and occasional slight reminder that we are more than capable of handling it all. Repeat this affirmation when you’ve hit a seemingly immovable obstacle, and channel the strength within that already exists.

10. I Readily Accept Recognition & Reward

Virgo or not, we all offer something incredible to the world, and often wish to share our unique gifts and talents with others in the best way that we can. Sometimes, especially with Virgo energy at play, we can fall into the trap of desiring to share so much that we forget to ask for reward in return, or forget that we were always worthy of it in the first place.

This affirmation empowers you to recognize what is yours immediately, and claim it with confidence and strength.

Taking Advantage of Affirmations

Both Virgo season and the tool of affirmations are more than meets the eye, and it may feel, especially now, like you have to take upon more than you might usually.

In reality, the lesson of Virgo season, and the point of affirmations, both serve to remind us that we are capable of keeping things simple and smart. As intelligent beings, we are more than able to handle what sits in front of us, and use any tool — like affirmations — or grapple with any obstacle with ease and grace.

That is to say that ultimately, how you use these affirmations is up to you! Remember that it’s only about empowering what already exists within, and watch as you witness your own power and greatness unfold with ease.

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​As we move from practical, structured Virgo season into balanced, beauty-seeking Libra, you may find yourself reflecting on this year, on its challenges and struggles and obstacles, from a new perspective.

Virgo is intensely focused, cleaning up messes and helping us wrap up existing work — and now that we are shifting into Libra’s Cardinal air, we have a new opportunity to start fresh, to begin additional projects, to take everything we’ve learned and use those truths in brilliant and perhaps unexpected ways.

With Virgo we were pushed to sit with the reflective energy of the Hermit, looking inward and considering what we’ve been hiding from ourselves. Now, Libra and Justice urge us to allow some of our ideas to spill out into the world, to put our dreams into practice, to combine innovation with awareness.

After taking the time to examine our own secrets and shadows, after uncovering what it is we truly believe in, Libra gives us an opportunity to see how those theories actually play out, and to learn from those around us. We introduce our vision, work with those we trust to refine it, use our natural sense of harmony and beauty and magic to create something that others are drawn to.

While we may be beginning something new, there’s a sense of rich certainty and power that we perhaps have not felt with other cardinal seasons.

Libra brings joy and clarity, asking us to make thoughtful decisions, to weigh the pros and cons of our preferences, and to find deep pleasure in our ideas. Libra wants to understand, to collaborate, to share. And in adopting an attitude of education, in being willing to listen to all, Libra can help us evolve and transform with sensitivity, courage, and grace.

Libra & The Justice Card

Justice may seem like an intense card for gentle, peace-making Libra, with its sharp swords and a perceptive ability to cut through certain issues. But at its core, the drive of Libra is one of equality and reciprocity, making sure everyone has what they require, honoring the needs and desires of all. This sign often gets a bad rap for being indecisive, so concerned are they with considering every side of a problem — but when Libra thrives, everyone wins.

When we feel strongly about what we believe in, when we’re willing to take a stand for the things that matter, we can join up with others that feel the same way, that view the world through the same lens. And in taking the time to evaluate all of the angles of a particular problem, we can recognize for ourselves where we are ready to push forward, and what we are willing to fight for.

This Tarot spread for Libra season invites you to remember the archetype of Justice even as you move into a new season of magic, equality, and strength.

Where have you been craving balance? What are you ready to begin, and what new perspectives might you need to keep in mind? How can you combine grace with power?

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Powerful 4-Card Spread for Libra Season

Card One: A Way to Find Beauty

What sings to you, inspires you, brings pleasure and comfort and joy? What expands your mind, opens your heart, speaks to your soul? How does beauty manifest around and within you?

Card Two: A Place to Seek Compromise

Where might you need to consider another viewpoint or perspective? What can you give, and what might that allow you to receive? Where is balance needed? What are you overlooking?

Card Three: Something to Fight For

Where is your energy, your brilliance, your ability to innovate, needed? Where have you been too soft or hesitant? How can you use your mind to solve an important problem?

Card Four: Something to Remember

What is an important lesson to carry forward into this new season? What have you been discovering? What have you forgotten that you need to hold close?

You can certainly use this spread for specific questions, but I recommend using it for more general readings, simply making space for the cards to speak openly about how you can fully embrace the energy of Libra season. The sample spread below was done without a question, to show you how this reading can work even without a particular situation or challenge in mind.

4-Card Libra Season Example Spread

Card One: 4 of Swords

A card of boundaries and rest, the 4 of Swords offers us opportunities for beauty in stillness, quiet, and introspection.

Sometimes taking a step back from focused movement and giving our minds an opportunity to heal and recover can inspire us to new observations and insights, allowing us to see our world through fresh eyes.

Where might you be served by exercising caution? What brilliance can be found in rest? There can be such magic in moments of gentle awareness, and this season is inviting you to reflection, making space for the beauty that emerges in tranquility.

Card Two: 2 of Cups

Love, friendship, and community can inspire us to great heights, giving us the sensation that absolutely anything is possible. But deep, authentic, lasting relationships usually require some kind of compromise, so consider ways that you can practice reciprocity with the people you care about, particularly when building new connections.

This is what the 2 of Cups is trying to tell us here.

How can you be generous with ideas, inspiration, insights? Libra is so good at making space for multiple perspectives, so do so with an attitude of openness and grace and you may be pleasantly surprised by the ways that you’re invited to grow.

Card Three: The Empress

An archetype of abundance, generosity, and creation, the Empress may not immediately seem like a card that inspires righteous anger or marching into battle. But this figure is no shrinking violet, no tame and timid creature. The Empress is fierce and powerful, stands firmly in strength, is in full command of their resources and abilities and communities.

There’s so much space for courage in Libra season, and the Empress serves as a reminder to be protective of what you are creating, to be brave and bold in the things you are offering.

Where have you been hesitating or holding back? Even if your work isn’t flawless or finished, be proud of where you are presently, and where you are going.

Card Four: 2 of Wands

When new ideas come forward, it’s tempting to harness all of that passion and energy and just rush ahead, enjoying the enthusiasm for as long as it lasts. But chances are you’re working on something that holds the promise of real longevity, that offers opportunities for deep transformation and magic.

With the 2 of Wands, remember to take some time to plan, to move with intention, to find your focus.

What are you actually building? What does your vision of the future really look like? Don’t confuse movement with progress—if you’re thoughtful about the actions you take, there’s no limit to how far you can go.

This sample reading is one of protection, movement, and personal power, urging abundance and creative energy. As you step forward into Libra season, remember the truths you uncovered with Virgo and the Hermit, and don’t let your capacity for joy get lost in your desire for equality.

This is a time for thoughtful and deliberate action, for awareness, for honoring all of our options. Have a safe and beautiful Libra season!

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It’s New Moon time! We just had a New Moon in Virgo, and this energy is strong at the moment. Bring on the Virgo New Moon horoscopes!

Virgo is seen as the sign of work, health, and daily habits. It’s an Earth sign so it’s practical and focused, and a Mutable sign so it’s constantly on the move. That means this sign can get a lot done, and while we’re under its influence, so can we.

This is coming at the perfect time! Mars has been retrograde in Aries for a little over a week now, and both Mars and Aries rule energy, drive, and taking initiative. With Mars retrograde, this has slowed down or been difficult to get a grasp on.

Thanks to the Virgo New Moon, we have a period right now where we can rediscover our productive sides, make use of energy we have, and actually get things done. This is energy you don’t want to miss out on!

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New Moon in Virgo Meaning

A New Moon occurs when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon come together in the same exact position in the zodiac. We have a New Moon every four weeks or so.

New Moon Periods Are:

  • Energizing
  • Enthusiastic
  • Exciting
  • New beginnings

Mars retrograde throws a wrench in those plans though, so something brand-spanking-new may not be the right idea. Instead, it may be better to focus on:

  • What has already begun and needs to be finished or picked back up
  • Something old that you can re-attempt
  • Something you can finish quickly

Virgo New Moons come after Leo New Moons, which are times when we want to enjoy ourselves and have fun. With Virgo, we get down to business again, pay attention to the details, and tackle the little tasks and chores that we left for another day under the Leo energy.

We recently published a whole article on the Virgo New Moon, but here is a bit of a recap on what the New Moon in Virgo is great for:

  • Getting organized
  • Adjusting your schedule to be more productive
  • Finding ways to increase efficiency
  • Improving structure and order
  • Clearing out junk (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional)
  • Breaking bigger projects down into smaller ones
  • Pursuing work you’re passionate about
  • Tending to your physical self and pursuing healing
  • Performing routine maintenance

The energy lasts for about 2 weeks, but is especially strong this weekend (make sure to make your manifestation list! read these 5 law of attraction tips).

Virgo New Moon Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs

Now that you’re caught up on what the Virgo New Moon means in general, let’s explore the horoscopes for the Virgo New Moon for the zodiac signs:


This is your time to focus on the work that you really need to do right now, Aries. That Mars retrograde is hitting you hardest, so you want to utilize this Virgo New Moon as much as you can. Think about the projects that need to be tackled, and work on a quick list.

Try to also plan for little breaks in between the projects and tasks you’re doing so you can avoid burning out before you’re done.


The New Moon in Virgo gives you an opportunity to be disciplined with your creative energy, Taurus. You may be feeling like putting it all aside for a long break, but this period provides a little burst of energy to make some progress before you have to halt.

Inject some fun into what you’re doing so you can stay with it, and let your intuition give you clues about which steps to take.


Look around your home and focus on any of the little tasks and chores there, Gemini. Clear it out and give yourself some extra space to breathe. This could end up helping you feel more stable emotionally.

Outside of the home, focus on strengthening and improving the foundation of projects, work, and relationships.


Your mind can be a lot clearer with the New Moon in Virgo, Cancer, and you can focus on different ideas and plans that need some more attention and information. This can help you to keep from getting too off track with any goals that may be feeling off right now.

You can keep yourself busy, and use your mind to help get you out of any challenges you encounter.


Improving stability and security in your life can be a good thing to do with this New Moon in Virgo, Leo. Part of you may be frustrated by the energy lately, but this New Moon can be a beneficial period for grounding yourself and cutting through any blocks that are making you feel stuck.

Work on slowing things down a little right now as well. This can help you be more present and not feel like pushing too hard.


This is your New Moon, Virgo! Traditionally, a New Moon in your sign is a great time to start something new that you’ll work on for the next year of your life. This can still be a good time for that for you, but you may need to make some sort of transformation in your life in order to make it stick.

Luckily, you can have more energy and enthusiasm right now, so that can help you to make a transformation that may be a challenge, but beneficial.

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Your productive energy may come out when you’re dealing with things on your own for this New Moon in Virgo, Libra. This isn’t too surprising considering your relationships are getting a direct hit from the Mars retrograde, and you’re probably dealing with some annoying people right now!

Take time to yourself to tackle the projects, tasks, and chores that you need to do, and you can find you have much better focus and enjoy it more.


Trying to go about what needs to be done in different ways may be the best way to use this New Moon in Virgo energy for you, Scorpio. Experiment with different approaches and unusual styles, and see what gives you the best results.

You may feel most productive when you’re working on projects with friends or in a group, and focused on your future.


You can use productive energy with this New Moon in Virgo to work on your goals and make progress, Sagittarius. You might even get some attention for what you do, and can feel good about your abilities and accomplishments.

This can free you up to get a little extra time to get away from it all once the period passes, and enjoy yourself.


The big ideas you have and want to pursue can benefit from the productive New Moon in Virgo energy, Capricorn. You can make more progress by merging your disciplined side with the big ideas you have and big opportunities you want to create.

Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of emotional comfort and support through it all so you can maintain any momentum.


Productive energy can be intense with this New Moon in Virgo, Aquarius. Whatever you set your mind to, you can accomplish no matter what challenges are put in your path. This can be great for complex projects and anything that requires you to be more willful.

You can also be more researching during this period, and this can help you focus your mind on something interesting.


Working with others can help you be more productive with the New Moon in Virgo, Pisces. A partner can help keep you on track and focused, and you can push through the desire to be lazy and indulgent.

This New Moon can also be helpful for focusing on your relationships themselves, and you can get invested in improving how you connect with others. This may help restore some balance in your life as well.

Parting thoughts . . .

As energy ebbs and flows a great deal over the next two months, this is a time that you want to take some action. Make a list, and get right to it!

There’s extra help thanks to the New Moon occurring at a nice angle to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn brings discipline while Pluto brings passion and power. Use that to make your productivity soar.

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Did you just pull a reversed Tarot card? First things first – don’t panic!

If you are a seasoned Tarot reader, you’ll be well-aware that some readers avoid reversed cards like the plague. You may be one such reader yourself. There is a lot of talk among Tarot readers about the placement of Tarot cards, and what upright and reversed Tarot cards really mean — whether it complicates the reading, adds to it, or changes the meaning of a card entirely. Or, worse: what if it only brings negativity to your previously positive spread?

For instance, imagine you receive the World card in a reading. You’d be over the moon – success in your endeavors, expansion of your horizons, possible travel to new and exciting destinations. Who doesn’t want to see that in a reading?

But imagine you’re reading with reversals and the World falls out in the reversed position. Shock, horror – for here comes lack of success, being stuck in one place for too long, stagnation in your goals… the list of negatives is seemingly endless.

And who wants to see that in a reading?

Wait! Reversed Tarot Cards Aren’t Bad

Firstly, it’s important to remember that reversal doesn’t necessarily mean “bad.” Reversals can represent an abundance of different meanings.

The most common interpretation that your mind may go to is the simplest one. All Tarot cards have keywords that help to describe their meanings, so you may consider that the reversed meaning of the card could also be simply opposite to its upright meaning.

For example, take the Major Arcana card The Chariot. The upright keywords for this card include:

  • Movement
  • Determination
  • Control

Therefore, you could assume that the reversed meaning for the card could mean:

  • Lack of movement
  • Lack of determination
  • Lack of control

However, a reversal can be so much more than that.

Upright vs. Reversed Tarot Cards

Tarot cards represent energy and situations in your life. No matter who you are or what you’re going through, there are going to be easy and challenging aspects of any situation. This can actually be mirrored in the tarot.

If you have mostly upright cards in your reading, then that’s an indication that you’re on top of your situation, and the energies are flowing smoothly. However, if you have mostly reversed cards in your reading, then your situation is on top of you, and the energies are challenged in some way.

You may see a reversal (sometimes called inverted or contrary) as a card that is drawing attention to itself. It’s asking you to pay special attention to that area of your life, or that energy of the card. In this instance, the card is showing you what’s upside-down in your life—and very often, it will give you hints as to how to put things right again.

Or, a reversed card simply represents some blockage in energy. The energy of the upright card is being blocked – but why? The key is not to run from this blocked energy, but instead to face it so the issue might be resolved.

Additionally, the reversed images on the Tarot cards might be sending a specific message as well. What sparks within you when viewing an upside down image of Strength, as an example? There are a few different ways you can interpret reversed Tarot cards!

Ultimately, the key to getting over a fear of reversals is to remove the negative identification with bad and instead replace it with the more realistic identification such as nuanced, deeper insight.

Are Tarot Reversals Needed?

There really isn’t a right way or a wrong way to read the Tarot, so using reversals or not is simply a matter of preference and choice. There may be an initial learning curve to adding reversed cards to your readings, so the thought of using them can be initially daunting.

However, do give the idea some thought instead of letting reversals intimidate you immediately.

When you do add in the reversed meaning of the cards, you double the scope of what the Tarot has to offer you. Instead of having 78 different meanings running through the cards when reading just the upright images, including the reversals means that you now have a total of 156 meanings for the cards; 78 upright, and 78 reversed.

Since there is more than one way to interpret a reversal, that is even more nuance, detail, and color being added to your reading!

That being said, if you are new to reading Tarot, having 156 different meanings can quickly become confusing. Try sticking with upright cards in the beginning, and once you are comfortable with those, ease your way into incorporating reversed Tarot cards into your readings.

An Example of Reversals in a Tarot Reading

Still stumped by what your reversed card could possibly be trying to share, or what reversed energy may look like in a Tarot spread? Below is an example of what reversed Tarot cards might look like in a reading.

Let’s say you ask a question about love:

  • What will my love life be like within the next three months?

The Tarot cards you pull are:

  1. The Empress
  2. The Knight of Cups, reversed
  3. The Moon, reversed

Two reversals may appear to be an unwelcome sight at first in a love reading, but let’s look at the situation a little deeper.

The Empress

The Empress is a card representing a beautiful woman who likely has many admirers. This may very well represent you, the reader, or the person you are reading for. It may represent a person who is at their most bountiful and beautiful, so this could mean a number of admirers are on the way.

The Knight of Cups, Reversed

The Knight of Cups in its upright position often indicates an offer of romance from a very romantic individual who likes to wine and dine.

However, in its reversed state, it can mean someone who initially seems too good to be true – they may seem romantic and genuine at first, but this may simply be an act. Perhaps the Knight of Cups reversed can represent a person who has issues with commitment.

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The Moon, Reversed

The Moon upright can represent enchantment, fantasy and all magical things. In its upright position, it can show a romance that is passionate, exciting and enchanting. The Full Moon can represent beauty, magic and mystery.

In its reversed state, however, there may be a lot of fear and confusion; for while the Full Moon can represent splendid things, it also highlights the darkness that comes along with it. This would indicate a romance where things are not as they seem and the sitter/reader ought to tread carefully, lest they lose sight of the moon’s light.

Interpreting the Reversed Tarot Cards

Overall, this reading may be interpreted as having a host of admirers within the next three months and one admirer in particular standing out. This person may seem great at first, but then they may display noncommittal tendencies that are not so great after all, resulting in fear and confusion.

This reading with its two reversal cards is not negative – not remotely!

It acts as a very valuable warning to the sitter/reader, informing them that while it may be an exciting next few months, it is important to be careful about who they become involved with. This reading can stop a potentially bad situation from getting out of hand and serve as a reminder to keep an eye out for any unusual behavior in someone who may otherwise seem consistent.

Quite importantly, the reversals in this reading added a layer of detail that would not have otherwise been there with a simple upright, “negative” card. So, it is in fact not a negative reading at all, but a highly helpful and useful one that can ensure the sitter/reader stays several steps ahead.

Give Reversed Tarot Cards a Chance!

If you haven’t worked with reversed cards in the past, there is no harm in giving it a try.

You may find that reading with reversals expands your Tarot reading practice to new heights, and offers insight that you would never have received otherwise. With time, practice, and confidence, reading a reversed Tarot card can become like second nature.

Ultimately, because there are so many different ways to read a reversed card, you don’t have to stress that you’ll be reading it in a “wrong” or “right” way — your intuition and what you feel is right will always guide the way.

Interested in learning more about Tarot? Learn more with your Daily Tarot Reading!

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There’s a Mars retrograde coming up from September 9th to November 13th and, what’s more, it turns retrograde in fiery and dynamic Aries!

Mars is the ruler of Aries, so as you can imagine this retrograde will produce some pretty intense stuff! We know that hearing the word “retrograde” might immediately signal panic, but the best way to deal with a retrograde planet is simply to prepare for it, and we are here to help you do just that.

You do not have to sink into uncertainty or lose control over your emotions during this phase. By acknowledging what Mars retrograde means, and by preparing yourself, you can view this period as an opportunity for growth and enlightenment.

Mars retrograde directly affects our confidence, which is why we have prepared a list of the 5 vital crystals you need to keep your vibes high this season. You can wear these crystals or meditate with them to get the greatest benefits from them.

But first, let’s dig into why and how Mars retrograde affects this area of our life…

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What does Mars in Retrograde mean?

When a planet goes retrograde (appears to be moving backwards) the energy of that planet is stifled or blocked in some way. Think of reversed Tarot cards when the energy of the card is obstructed – it’s a bit like that.

This means challenges and obstacles appear in areas of our life the planet rules over – for Mars, it’s our ambitions, sex life and anywhere we direct our energy.

When Mars is direct, our energy is assertive and aggressive. When in retrograde, we become hesitant, uncertain and constantly second-guess ourselves. Our confidence isn’t as high as it normally is, or we may begin to doubt or question our abilities.

While this can be uncomfortable for us, like all planets that go retrograde it provides us with the opportunity to get to know ourselves at deeper level and, in the case of Mars, we are able to understand better what makes us tick and where we may be lacking in confidence.

Don’t panic! Learn more about planets in retrograde by reading The Ultimate Guide to Retrogrades.

The 5 Best Crystals for Mars Retrograde

Crystal 1: Fire Agate

If Mars Retrograde is making you feel particularly dull or lackluster, Fire agate is brilliant for helping you feel alive and energized.

Depressed slumps are not uncommon during Mars retrograde. This particular crystal helps provide a spark in the dark, and can be that kick up the rear-end you need to get you back into action. It is also known to be a protective stone that brings about a lot of calming energy, which will definitely help you navigate the intense energy of Mars retrograde in Aries.

Your sexual and creative energies might also struggle under Mars retrograde. Fire agate can actually help stimulate these areas of your life, so keep that in mind.

Try sleeping with the stone underneath your pillow, or have it on your nightstand. You can also have Fire agate on your work desk, or beside you when you are working on a project, as this can help reignite some creativity.

Crystal 2: Sunstone

Sunstone is one of those crystals that bring a ray of sunshine with them wherever they go, as the name suggests.

For anyone who is struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, or who lacks the confidence to move forward with their plans, Sunstone brings vitality a joy. Wearing this crystal around the neck can be particularly effective.

Sunstone instills self-confidence where it is lacking. It allows the real self to shine through and enables you to feel good about yourself and your surroundings, even when things are challenging. It is like a beacon of light that helps you during trying times.

Crystal 3: Carnelian

Mars retrograde inhibits natural self-confidence and courage. Step up, Carnelian! Like most orange and red stones, it relates to the Solar Plexus chakra, and helps balance our internal energies which relate to strength and courage.

Carnelian promotes creativity and strength. Standing up for ourselves and others can benefit from the noble and warm energies of this stone.

Anything which requires leadership and endurance can be helped along by carnelian. It tackles fear, and helps our inner light shine out into the world.

Crystal 4: Citrine

Another crystal that resonates powerfully with the Solar Plexus is Citrine. This magnificent crystal strengthens your energy levels and boosts optimism. If you are struggling with pessimism or negative thinking, Citrine can help dissolve this.

It transforms negative energy into positive energy. You will be able to see the silver lining in each cloud with this crystal.

Citrine is especially helpful when worn as a pendant. It releases deep-seated fears and encourages you to go for what you want. This crystal helps you believe in yourself and your natural abilities.

Crystal 5: Red Jasper

This is wonderful crystal if you are struggling with self-worth, which is a real possibility during Mars retrograde. Red jasper may have fiery energy, but its methods are gentle. It boosts self-confidence and the ability to be honest with oneself.

It is known as the Supreme Nurturer, and helps to keep you feel grounded. Escapism is common around the time of Mars retrograde. Things become so overwhelming that we want to escape into our own world and not come out.

Red jasper helps us maintain a balance, enabling us to face our fears and push forward, even if the way ahead is frightening.


So there you have it, 5 vital crystals you need during Mars retrograde!

If you do find yourself struggling with confidence, having trouble maintaining positive energy, internalizing your anger, and having negative thoughts, these crystals can help you get through the troubling times.

Remember to look at Mars retrograde as an opportunity, not a hindrance. Yes, your energy may experience blips. But every blip is the chance to get to know yourself better. If you are able to think in these terms, then you are harnessing the power of these crystals already, perhaps without even realizing it!

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Love. It’s one of the most beautiful experiences we can have in life, and most of us are eager to find that earth-shattering romance that we’ve always dreamt of. But the search for love is often a long, arduous process that might contain a few broken hearts along the way.

Fortunately, we have mystical, metaphysical tools like the Tarot that can give us insight and hope along our path.

Sometimes it can feel difficult to put yourself back out there, especially if it’s been a while since you dipped your toes in the dating pool. And let’s face it, the dating game has changed; there are multiple dating apps out there, and trying to find your best angles, and creating a riveting bio can feel overwhelming.

That’s why working with the Tarot is so useful when it comes to matters like love and romance. And even if you’re in a relationship, a reading from your favorite deck can clear the air and provide a deeper understanding of your relationship.

The cards can help you regain focus and find clarity in nearly any situation, and that clarity leads to confidence that helps you open yourself up to new romance or a deeper bond with your current partner.

If you’re excited and ready to step into a new, luscious chapter of your life, keep reading to find out how the Tarot can help you attract more romance than ever before! We’ve got all the information you need to get the most accurate love Tarot reading.

How Tarot Readings Can Help with Love

Life is full of questions and mysteries, especially when it comes to love.

Will I find love soon? How can I know if they’re the right one for me? Will they support me during challenging times? Can I really open up and be vulnerable with them?

Sometimes we possess the answers, but they’re hidden by fear or external influences. The Tarot simply connects you to your innermost wisdom, to the knowledge that courses through you, perhaps untapped. It also creates a direct line between you and the Universe, allowing you to access celestial knowledge and understanding.

The cards help you hone your intuitive skills, allowing you to trust yourself. They connect you to the Universal consciousness that we are all a part of.

Don’t forget to try out our interactive 3-card Tarot love reading!

Asking the “Right” Questions in a Tarot Love Reading

Desiring love, romance, and connection is a natural part of being human. And it’s a valid, beautiful quest to seek spiritual assistance in learning how to manifest a happy relationship.

It is important, however, that you know how to ask the right questions. Many people will simply ask, “Do they love me?” While this might be the questions you most desire an answer to, the cards are more complex, requiring more than “yes” or “no” questions. It’s better to ask open-ended questions, like, “What are the strengths of this relationship?” Or, “What can I do to improve my communication within relationships?”

Think about your query carefully before asking your question.

The way you word your question will directly influence your results, so it’s important to be specific and precise. If you ask an ambiguous question, you can expect to receive an ambiguous answer. You may feel like starting with something like, “Is there someone special out there for me?” But this is a vague question that will lead to a vague reading!

One way to get a thorough, insightful reading is to plan a series of questions, and take time to lay out multiple spreads. The additional information from multiple readings will help you better understand the message flowing towards you from the Universe.

While you may be tempted to ask questions about a crush or your partner, it’s more effective to focus on yourself, and the things you can do to facilitate romance in your life. Asking about another person or how they feel will not provide a clear reading if that person and their energy are not present. It’s much easier and more informative to concentrate on yourself and the actions you can take to find love.

Read ahead for information about open-ended and close-ended questions!

Open-Ended Vs. Close-Ended Questions

Close-ended questions are those with answers like a simple “yes” or “no.” On the other hand, open-ended questions leave room for a more detailed, informative answer or explanation. Tarot readings are all about intuition and your own person interpretation of the cards, so open-ended questions give you the opportunity to reach into your spirit and discover the meaning behind your reading.

Close-ended questions can lead to even more confusion than before you started your reading, as there are no Tarot cards that contain such black and white meanings.

Open-Ended Questions About Love

It can be difficult to think of the “right” questions when performing a reading, especially if you’re a beginner.

We’ve compiled a list of open-ended questions that will help you get started, inspiring you to get creative with your questions for the Tarot. Questions like these will help you focus your emotional energy, allowing you to connect with your intuition and your soul on a deeper level than ever before.

For example, asking the cards if you will find love can yield vague results. It’s better to ask how to find healthy, long-term soul connections. Love is everywhere, and it’s relatively easy to find in different ways – like the love we feel for pets, friends, and family members. But, if you’re seeking Earth-shattering romance, it’s better to focus on how to find someone that you can grow with spiritually and romantically.

Try asking open-ended questions like these:

What can I do to attract love?

Be open to new ways of thinking that the cards will reveal to you. Maybe it’s being more lighthearted and playful, or maybe it’s about being more generous.

How can I improve my relationship?

This type of question requires humility, but can be the most valuable question you will ever ask in a love Tarot reading. Perhaps you need to harness your creativity, for instance, in order to direct your energy in a loving way to your community (or even yourself) instead of directing too much energy at your partner.

Some more valuable questions on love include:

  • How will I recognize my soul mate when I meet them?
  • What do I need to do to find romantic love?
  • Is love looking for me at the moment?
  • When and where might I meet this person?
  • What am I doing that might be hindering my search for romance?
  • What growth should I be focusing on to attract romantic love into my life?
  • What do I need to know about my future partner?

Why Ask These Questions About Love?

These types of questions help you concentrate on your own experience with love, which is exactly what the cards can help you discover. The Tarot reminds you that you hold the power, you hold the cards, and your fate is not determined by anyone or anything outside of you.

When you focus on yourself, and what you can do to attract love, you’re building a better relationship with the Universe – which always encourages growth. When you’re bringing the best intentions and energy into a romantic relationship, you will enjoy your experience more deeply and be able to build more intimacy and connection with a partner.

Your questions should focus on what aligns with your soul and will bring the highest good for all involved.

You deserve a partner who brings out your potential and helps you shine – and the easiest way to filter out any bad eggs is by finding your light, shining it brightly, and ridding yourself of any relationships that require you to dim your luminous nature.

Focusing on yourself during your readings will also ensure that you aren’t invading anyone’s personal space or privacy – which is bad form that leads to bad karma. After all, you wouldn’t want someone infiltrating your sacred, psychic space.

The higher your vibrations, the easier it is to attract the romantic love you seek. Attempting to control the emotions of others never leads to a successful union, which is why it’s so important to place the spotlight on yourself. Ask the Universe to support you in being a high vibration individual so that you can attract a high vibration individual.

Try to remember that the Law of Attraction will always bring you the energy that you’ve been putting out there into the world – so sharing positive energy with those around you is a must.

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Close-Ended Questions About Love

These are the types of questions that can lead to a vague, or even confusing, reading. The future is not written in stone, making it hard for your intuitive center to access answers to close-ended questions.

Avoid asking questions like:

Does X want to be with me?

If you don’t feel comfortable asking someone if they want to be with you, it’s better to ask the cards why you’re not comfortable being open to directly asking the person. Try directly communicating with this person instead.

What is the name of my soul mate?

There are many possible energetic matches that can show up in your life to help your soul evolve. Limiting yourself to a name could very well block you from many wonderful and loving relationships. This is not going to help your soul evolve, nor will it lead to greater happiness.

Does my ex hate me?

Sometimes, new relationships won’t manifest if we are still blaming others for our feelings, or if we haven’t made amends with someone we exchanged hurtful words with. This is often because our subconscious is still holding that negative energy, and it needs to be released.

Other questions that are best to avoid include:

  • Is X attracted to me?
  • Is it time to end this relationship?
  • Does my ex still love me?
  • Is X ever going to commit?
  • When will I find true love?
  • Is my partner cheating on me?
  • Does my crush like someone else?
  • What can I do to make X fall in love with me?

Why Should You Avoid These Questions About Love?

When you ask questions like this, you can expect that you’ll be performing a few follow-up readings, as they typically lead to vague answers that do not provide accurate information.

Many of us believe that finding love and romance will lead to happiness. The truth is, happiness comes from the love that we, ourselves, put out into the Universe. When we convince ourselves that we need love to find joy, we end up running in circles, chasing a fantasy. Real love takes work and commitment, and it often includes frustration and arguments.

It’s up to you to amplify the love in your heart and share that love with the world. When you radiate with compassion, love, and understanding, people are magnetically attracted to you because that energy is irresistible.

That’s why it’s more important to focus on the self when working with the Tarot. Asking questions like those above will not lead you to a life of purpose or fulfillment.

Additionally, exact dates, names, and specific events are very difficult to pinpoint through the cards. And it’s fun to allow a little mystery in life! Focusing on your own happiness and what you can do to be a more loving person will help ensure that you’re happy even when you’re on your own.

Ask Follow-Up Questions Afterwards

Often a love Tarot reading will reveal how your emotions are affecting your current situation. It’s very empowering to ask how you can best shift your emotions once a spread reveals a deep truth about your energy.

If the Tarot shows there is a potential for someone new in your life, you can ask about what type of emotional energy you can expect to experience when you meet that person. That way, you’ll be more aware of your own energy and the energy of others around you.

Which Cards Indicate Romance in the Future?

There are a few cards that are may hint at blooming love or a chance encounter with your future partner. The Lovers card is probably the most obvious, and it represents harmony, peace, and union.

The 6 of Cups is another card that is linked to love, and it’s known as one of the soul mate cards. In fact, the number 6 is connected to love and soulmates in numerology, and any card in the Minor Arcana associated with this number is typically a good omen for romance.

Finally, while the Star is not explicitly linked to love, it can represent the twin flame or soulmate that may soon enter your life.

If you pull these cards during a reading about romance and love, you may be on the precipice of meeting your twin flame or soul mate!

The Top 10 Tarot Card for Love will give you more insights about love-related cards!

Try Your Own Love Tarot Spread

While working with the Tarot will not magically make a romantic partner appear in your life, it can help you open the doors and focus on the self-work that will attract the love you seek. Just remember to be precise and focused with your questions and keep an open mind when you receive your answers.

And remember, above all things, to love yourself and spread that love with the world around you. The more love you feel for yourself, the more love you’ll attract from others.

So, shuffle your deck, create a sacred space, and start connecting to the cards! You may be surprised about what you learn.

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Welcome all of you beautiful souls to your astrology forecast for the week of September 7 – September 13!

With the passion ruling planet of Mars moving retrograde, we have some time to reassess this week. All retrogrades are a time to evaluate the area of our lives that the particular planet influences. In this case, we get to look at what direction we have been pushing, and if we like that direction.

This Mars retrograde will give you a chance to kick back and look at what you really, authentically enjoy in life. This will help you excel because when you’re aligned with your true passions, you’ll be much more expansive.

Speaking of expansion, we have another positive thing happening at the end of the week…

Jupiter Finally Moves Direct

One of the biggest highlights of September 2020 astrology is that Jupiter is finally moving direct!

We get a break in our luck and fortune this Saturday, and we can finally feel free to grow, move towards a new vision of ourselves, and gain public recognition for our natural abilities.

Because Jupiter is moving direct in the money-minded sign of Capricorn, we can expect our financial portfolio to see some of Jupiter’s good fortune as well. That might mean you finally stumble across the perfect job, get a raise, or find money arrives in the mail.

Keep in mind that patience pays this week, and if money doesn’t show up at your door, it might just mean that the ball is now rolling in the right direction to bring abundance at the next Full Moon, which is October 1, 2020.

Keep your eye on the prize and take little steps towards your goal.

We also have a waning Moon this week, which is why it may take one more Moon cycle for the big winnings to arrive. Now that the four months of Jupiter retrograde and shrunken opportunity is in the past, you can be assured the proverbial Sun is shining on your bank account.

Make sure to check out 8 Crystals to Attract Money & Wealth to further capitalize on this transit!

Venus is in Lovable Leo

With so many planets still in retrograde, it’s high time to allow some love into your life. Venus is in the gregarious and charming sign of Leo, which means you have the gumption to get out there, and put your best foot forward in love.

Venus and Mercury are not retrograde right now, so you can actually see clearly to find love. You may also feel other people are more willing to go on a date right now. A little love helps us heal from the drama occurring on the world stage.

Planetary Locations During September 7 – September 13, 2020

Sun: Virgo (August 22, 2020 – September 22, 2020)

Mercury: Libra (September 5, 2020 – September 27, 2020)

Venus: Leo (September 6, 2020 – October 2, 2020)

Mars: Aries (June 27, 2020 – January 6, 2021)

Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)

Saturn: Capricorn (July 1, 2020 – December 17, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)

Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for September 7 – September 13, 2020

Monday, September 7

Sun: Virgo – It’s the Virgo Sun that has us looking around the house to see what we can perfect. If you find yourself rearranging furniture or wallpapering, that would be Virgo’s influence.

Moon: Taurus – We want to have a comfortable and enjoyable life so we will seek out the things that bring us to that as easily as possible.

Tuesday, September 8

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Taurus

Wednesday, September 9

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Gemini – Ideas are really streaming today, and we need something to chew on intellectually. Maybe watch a documentary or explore a virtual museum to give your mind some food today.

Transit: Mars stations retrograde in Aries. This transit will last until November 13. If you notice resentment or paranoia, this is normal, but you’ll be able to understand the mechanism and not be controlled by it.

If you need to rest, please do. This is a time to slow down, get to know your passion on a deeper level, and ask what drives you to feel most alive.

Learn all about your Heart’s Desire vs. Hidden Passion Number for more insights.

Thursday, September 10

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Gemini

Friday, September 11

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Cancer – Partnerships are on our minds today, and we are likely to want to have some company. Give yourself permission to honor those feelings.

Aspect: Sun in Virgo (opposition) Neptune in Pisces. This is a time to focus on your health and not to binge to handle stress. You’ll find the fog and confusion lifts soon!

Saturday, September 12

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Cancer

Sunday, September 13

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Cancer

Don’t forget to review Your Monthly Astrology Transits September 2020.

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Do you ever have questions about your relationships? Almost everyone does at some point — and that curiosity is just a part of being human.

One of the most basic elements of human nature is our natural curiosities, concerns, and questions about the people in our lives. We can never know everything fully and completely about the people we are hoping to relate to, and so this means we are always going to have questions about them.

Sometimes we can get those answers from astrology, but astrology is only one tool. Tarot, on the other hand, is another tool that can offer insight to our relationships, and add a whole other dimension of understanding that astrology might sometimes miss. So while love astrology is very useful and essential, a relationship Tarot spread is something that can give you immediate answers to relationship questions that you have right now.

Below is a love and relationship Tarot spread that can illuminate any shadows lurking in your relationships, and answer many of the questions that you might have about a loved one!

A 7-Card Relationship Tarot Spread

When using this spread, bring to mind an individual that you would like to examine your relationship with. This can be a romantic partner, a friend, or even a family member — all kinds of relationships can leave us with questions, after all!

Bring them to mind and focus on your connection as you shuffle, and pull a Tarot card for each of the spread positions below.

  1. What is the overarching energy of our relationship in the present?
  2. What was the overarching energy of our relationship in the past?
  3. What do I want and expect from the relationship?
  4. What does [name of other party] want and expect from the relationship?
  5. How do I currently impact our relationship?
  6. How does [name of other party] currently impact our relationship?
  7. What is a weak spot in our relationship that I should be aware of?

Still stumped? Below is an example of what this spread might look like in practice…

1. What is the overarching energy of our relationship in the present?

The Fool

The Fool represents the beginning of a new path in some way, so perhaps the relationship at hand is either new or has a “clean slate” kind of energy at the moment. This spread position informs us overall of what underlies the relationship as a whole, and gives us context for whatever cards we may see next.

2. What was the overarching energy of our relationship in the past?

The Tower

Asking about the past context of the connection in question is important because it informs us of important background that might even lend insight on what is going on in the present. In this case, The Tower indicates that some sort of major upheaval or life change had recently occurred for one or both parties, which can definitely affect how both are feeling in present day.

3. What do I want and expect from the relationship?

4 of Wands

Spread positions 3 and 4 in this spread show us if both parties are on the same page — or on the other hand, if their interests conflict.

With the 4 of Wands coming up first in this example, you would be interested in creating a lasting foundation for this connection. Even in a romantic situation, this card would also emphasize the importance of a strong platonic bond supporting the stability of the connection.

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4. What does [name of other party] want and expect from the relationship?

2 of Wands

Because the 2 of Wands is about new enthusiasm and planning, the other party in this situation may see a lot of potential within the relationship, but hasn’t quite figured out what this looks like practically.

As we just discussed, the information from spread position 3 makes it easy to see if these perspectives conflict. In this situation, both parties may not exactly be on the same page, but seem optimistic about the future of the connection in general.

5. How do I currently impact our relationship?

8 of Pentacles

Cards 5 and 6 in this spread show us how both parties are currently working to create the energy that is at play. In this example with the 8 of Pentacles, you would be hard at work to make the connection thrive. Earthy Pentacles’ energy adds a practical, goal-oriented mindset to the situation as well.

6. How does [name of other party] currently impact our relationship?

2 of Cups

The 2 of Cups indicates an almost honeymoon-like attitude, and definitively shows that the other party involved has a lot of interest, affection, and joyous emotion towards the querent.

Although both cards we received for cards 5 and 6 are extremely positive, the other party may not be as grounded or practical as the 8 of Pentacles energy, so at times the relationship can feel out of sync.

7. What is a weak spot in our relationship that I should be aware of?

5 of Wands

This spread position might illuminate areas of conflict that you may not have considered or been aware of.

This particular couple has to be conscious of quarrels and arguments, and this may not even always stem from inside the connection. The 5 of Wands can also indicate that outside parties and external influences are getting in the way.

Before Jumping In, Keep in Mind…

A word of caution to consider before jumping head-first into a relationship Tarot spread is to really think about that question you want to be answered. Never come to the Tarot only expecting to get the answer you want; this spread might not be for you if you’re only expecting sunshine and rainbows.

If you are ready to embrace all of the potential ahead for the growth and the strengthening of your relationships, however, then a relationship Tarot reading is the most exciting way to do that. In receiving honest insight into potential areas of weakness in your relationships, they can ultimately come out much stronger.

Have you ever had a relationship Tarot reading done? Try out our interactive 3-card Tarot Love reading for more insights!

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Astrology is a tool that can help us navigate so many different aspects and facets of life, and love is no exception. We’re all curious about love and relationships, and today we’re going to explore the concept of the synastry chart in astrology, and how it can help us discover more about our relationships than ever before.

This article will give you a deeper understanding of how love relates to astrology, as well as how composites and synastries in astrology highlight the way we relate to each other!

Astrological compatibility typically focuses on the Sun signs of two individuals, yet there is so much more to you than just your Sun sign.

Our charts start with a wheel that contains a plethora of information about who you are, how you relate emotionally, and what you seek in romance. The zodiac wheel or natal chart is complex, but a synastry chart can show you where you align with another individual and how well you two will mesh. Let’s dive in!

Using Your Synastry Chart to Find Your Soul Mate

A relationship synastry chart is the result of an experienced astrologer taking the natal charts of two individuals and comparing them simultaneously to see which planets are in harmony or discord with each other. This is typically done between two people entering or currently entangled in a romantic relationship with one another.

On the other hand, a composite chart looks at the relationship itself by combining the two charts together as one singular chart. Both charts are based on the time, date, and place of birth of each individual.

But, while a synastry chart looks at how well two people might get along based on their individual charts, a composite chart takes a look at the energy of the relationship itself – treating the relationship as its own entity.

A relationship synastry chart is more focused on compatibility, while a composite chart is more concerned with the karma and destiny of a particular union. While both are useful, today we will be focusing on the synastry chart and how it can help you find your soul mate.

What to Expect During a Reading

As we already mentioned, a synastry reading involves an experienced astrologer and the information of two individuals needed to create their natal charts. It can tell you more about how each of you relate to and express your emotions, as well as what each individual is looking for in a romantic relationship.

However, it’s important to recognize that a synastry chart can indicate compatibility even when the relationship is not healthy or sustainable. This can occur when there are certain elements in a synastry chart that indicate a fated relationship, or a relationship bound by destiny – and these relationships are not always smooth sailing.

Our Astrology Answers Advisors are highly skilled in many forms of divination, and synastry charts, to help you make the most of today, tomorrow, and your future.

What Experts Look for In a Synastry Reading

While you’ll need to contact an astrologer to get your synastry chart read with another individual, there are certain things that they will look for – and knowing about them ahead of time will help you get the most out of your reading.


There are three planets/luminaries in a synastry chart that are critical:

  1. The Moon
  2. Venus
  3. Mars

The Moon’s position in a synastry chart will tell you how each person relates to the world emotionally, how they deal with their emotions, and how they prefer to express those feelings to others.

Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and it can tell how what kind of person each partner is attracted to in a synastry reading. Venus will also explain more about how each individual views romance and what they want out of a relationship.

And then there’s Mars, the planet of passion and drive. The Mars placement of each person will highlight sensuality and sex drive. If two Mars placements are compatible, you can expect a relationship full of passion and intimacy.

The Sun & Ascendant

The Sun sign is typically the first sign people look at when exploring compatibility between two individuals. The Sun represents the self, or who we are at a core level. The Sun is the center of attention in Western astrology, whereas Vedic astrology focuses more on the Moon.

Looking at the compatibility of two Sun signs can explain more about how each partner behaves on a fundamental level, what they believe in, and what they’re passionate about.

The Ascendant, or Rising sign, is one of the most important – and most overlooked – placements in a birth chart.

Your Ascendant tells you how you express yourself to the world, who you present yourself as. Sometimes we pick up more on someone’s Rising sign than their Sun sign, because this sign is connected to the way you put yourself out there in the world.

Want to learn more? Read The Truth About Astrological Compatibility.


Aspects are the relationships between planets in a chart. The major aspects are:

  • Conjunct
  • Opposition
  • Square
  • Trine
  • Sextile

The aspects can be harmonious, neutral, dynamic, or discordant depending on their position. Favorable aspects within your chart can indicate deep connection, passion, wild romance, or even a destined relationship.


One of the most efficient ways to determine someone’s destiny is by looking at their nodes in a birth chart. Whether you’re exploring a birth chart, synastry chart, or composite chart, there are a few key factors that represent the destiny of an individual, and the nodes are crucial.

North Node

The North Node is also called the dragon’s head because it represents where we’re going in life. The North Node is all about your potential and what you’re capable of accomplishing in this reality.

South Node

The South Node is called the dragon’s tail, as it is linked to the past and the karma you’ve brought into this life. It represents what you’re already aware of, the things you’ve learned, and what lies deep in the crevices of your subconscious.

The Nodes in a Synastry Chart

When it comes to connections with a karmic tie or a destined energy, an astrologer will explore the relationship between the Nodes and the partner’s Angular Axis.

The Angular Axis consists of the Medium Coeli (MC) or the Imum Coeli (IC). They will also take a look at conjunctions between personal planets and the Nodes of the partner involved in the reading – paying special attention to squares or oppositions.

The North and South Nodes can give you a very basic idea of destiny and karma contained in a synastry chart. Whatever sign belongs to the North Node in a chart, the South Node will belong to the sign on the opposite end of the astrological wheel.

The North Node will give you a better idea of the experiences and karmic lessons that will help you develop and grow spiritually in this life, while the South Node represents the traits and aspects that you possess already to allow your North Node to develop.


Finally, the houses are important in a synastry chart and will tell you how each partner views one another and where certain challenges or opportunities for growth will lie. For instance, if your Sun interacts with a certain house in your partner’s chart, it is almost like you will have a permanent effect on that aspect of your partner’s life.

Another example is if your Moon falls in your partner’s 6th house, it is like the Moon is transiting your partner’s 6th House each time you interact.

While this may seem complicated, an experienced astrologer can learn much from house placements and explain the meaning in more detail.

Examples of Good Synastry

There are many examples of a good synastry between two individuals, and while these may not fall in your own synastry chart they will give you a better idea of what to look for or what to expect from a synastry reading.

Many fulfilling synatries have a strong focus on the 5th and 7th Houses, the houses of pleasure and partnerships, respectively. If planets fall in the 7th house, you can learn more about your connection to your partner and what motivates that connection.

The 7th house is often focused on during a synastry reading because of its connection to partnerships and relationships. For instance, a Venus placement in the 7th house can indicate a pleasant, loving relationship.

It’s also useful to take a look at the Saturn placement in a synastry chart, as Saturn is connected to karmic lessons – it can show you the lessons that you and your partner will have to learn to promote a harmonious relationship.

Again, this information can seem rather complex to even an intermediate astrology student, which is why it’s best to contact an experienced astrologer when seeking a synastry report between two people!

Would You Get a Synastry Report?

We all want to know more about our romantic relationships – especially when they’re fresh – and a synastry report can give you much more useful and enlightening information than simply looking at the compatibility between two Sun signs.

A synastry reading can tell you how fate or destiny plays into your relationship; how the two of you interact; how you can build more intimacy; and even where the relationship might be headed.

So, if you want to know more about the romance, emotional connection, and karmic energy between yourself and another individual, contact one of our astrological advisors for a synastry reading today!

Wouldn’t you like to know if the two of you are meant to be? Your synastry reading is waiting for you.

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Jupiter turns direct on September 12th (hooray!) and this is good news for us. The planet of fortune and expansion has been retrograde since May, which has obstructed its natural energies.

Jupiter is a benefic planet (meaning it’s the planet everyone likes – Jupiter would be the cool kid in the classroom that everyone gets along with). Where Jupiter is in your birth chart is the area where you will tend to attract the most fortune.

Even Jupiter has its off-days. For the last four months, this planet which is known for bestowing luck, good fortune, prosperity and opportunity on everyone has been experiencing blips and uncertainties as it appears to be moving backwards.Thankfully, that is all swiftly coming to an end as the planet moves direct~

With all of that being said, what does Jupiter direct mean for you as an individual? Let’s dive in and explore which sign this planet is currently in, and how it is going to affect your unique zodiac sign.

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Which Zodiac Sign is Jupiter Currently in?

Jupiter is currently in the sign of Capricorn.

As it is stationed in Capricorn all year, this means this Earth sign’s hardworking and realistic energy is stifled. It means we are more inclined to come up against hurdles and obstacles in our professional lives, probably feeling lazier than usual, unrealistic and ungrounded with our ambitions, and being sloppy in regard to our goals.

On a collective level, we have seen how Jupiter retrograde has affected us due to COVID-19 – almost everyone has had their work ethic disrupted in some way, which has forced us to adapt to the best of our ability. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and freedom, much like the sign it rules over, Sagittarius, and during lock down we have found ourselves restricted.

How Will Jupiter Direct Affect Your Sign?


Things are about to soar for you, Aries.

Jupiter turning direct will be particularly welcome for you as your ruler, Mars, turns retrograde on September 9th, which may bring issues with self-confidence and doubt. However, Jupiter’s benevolent influence will bring you a desire to push through, even if doubt overcomes you.


You’re likely to shift into a more spiritual mindset when Jupiter turns direct, Taurus.

You’ve focused a lot on the physical these last few months (you’ve had to), but Jupiter direct helps to bring new ways of thinking, especially on a spiritual level, which can result in greater abundance for you for the rest of the year, and enable you to embrace higher vibes.


It looks like you’re going to experience a financial shift, Gemini, and this is likely to be a welcome one for you.

However, your success depends on how well you plan and save. Preparation is everything. Learn from your lessons the past year; don’t tell yourself they were for nothing. Some kind of caution has been learned so be sure to apply it to the coming months.


An emotional shift is imminent, Cancer.

You’re ready for balanced partnership, whether it’s in work, relationships, your ideals and community, or with yourself. Lessons have been learned, but there is still emotional inner work you need to do. This can be accomplished with Jupiter’s benevolent influence. Insecurities or jealousies will require attention.


Things are about to get jam-packed for you, Leo, and the beneficial influences of Jupiter bring you new and fresh creative ideas which can manifest into something spectacular!

The warning here is not to burn yourself out – you may become so consumed with enthusiasm, you might end up making errors you’ll regret. It’s also important for you to harness your inner confidence as Mars goes retrograde and could be feeding you self-doubt.


This Jupiter direct encourages you to put hard work into the love and relationships area of your life, Virgo.

There’s something special about Jupiter direct this year which can enhance and strengthen your bonds on a soul level. So remember to go with the flow and try not to question things too much. Trust your instincts.

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There’s a lot of focus on your home and living environment with this Jupiter direct, Libra.

A sense of being “ungrounded” during Jupiter retrograde may have thrown you out of the loop. Jupiter direct brings you a greater sense of stability, and the ability to see things more clearly. This will include redefining your life in certain areas and expanding your wisdom.


Focus towards your goals is tremendous, Scorpio.

You have keen drive and concentration when Jupiter goes direct, especially in areas of your professional life. Be careful not to let your emotions get the better of you or overwhelm you. This can result in moments of doubt and stagnation. Have confidence in yourself.


This has been an up and down year for you, Sagittarius, but your ruler Jupiter is back on schedule!

Things are looking up for you now. Your focus and drive is stronger, and there’s also some incoming good news. The important thing is not to get carried away – continue to be cautious. It’s a good idea. Stay away from an excess of materialism.


Great news – Jupiter turns direct in your sign again and you have luck on your side from now, Capricorn.

This is a particularly good time for work projects and long-term goals. Intriguing discussions around this time can lead to something spectacular in the future. It’s a time of opportunity for you, so reach out and grab it.


It’s your sense of self that Jupiter wants you to reflect on now, Aquarius.

Don’t waste your emotional energy with negative thinking or obsessive thought patterns. Now is the time to focus on you and harness your best qualities. Projects require your attention and relationships require balance. Take control and practice mindfulness as much as possible.


Jupiter direct brings you into closer contact with your community and working towards a common goal, Pisces.

When this goal is for the benefit of humanity, you are harnessing your talents to their best ability and Jupiter will reward you for this. Do things from the heart and go with what your inner self tells you. There is great potential for change for the better.

Use Jupiter Direct to Your Advantage

With Jupiter turning direct, our fortunes take an upward turn and we are able to see positive outcomes in even the most dire of situations. Jupiter’s change in direction comes at a good time as Mars goes retrograde on the September 9th, and this can bring issues of insecurity and self-doubt to the forefront.

Therefore, concentrate on the areas laid out for your sign in this article. Remember to stay positive and to harness your talents to the best of your abilities. Jupiter rewards those who work with his energies – go forth and trust yourself!

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Here comes the fire, Earthlings! Mars retrograde just began a couple of days ago, and this retrograde comes to us entirely in the sign of Aries. We had no Mars retrograde in 2019 and won’t in 2021, so of course, the wild and wacky year that has been 2020 has to come with this retrograde.

When is Mars retrograde exactly? Well, it started on September 9th and will last until November 13th. It’s just over 2 months long, and that’s 2 months of intense Mars in the mix! Mars has been in Aries since June 28, kicking up energy for all of us, and remains in Aries for the rest of 2020.

Make sure to use the free astrology calendar to track the planets every month!

The Meaning of Mars Retrograde

Mars is the natural ruler of energy and drive. A planet is called “retrograde” when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac signs, and retrograde planets tend to operate in the opposite way that they normally do.

This means Mars retrograde is a time when energy and drive can slow down.

If you were born while Mars was retrograde, you have Mars retrograde in your natal chart. Natal Mars retrograde shows you’re someone who takes action and uses your energy in more subtle ways, and who may be more passive. Taking the initiative may be a challenge for you.

Don’t know if you have a natal Mars retrograde? Use the free birth chart generator to find out!

Mars retrograde natives may be better at being passive-aggressive and finding other ways of making things happen. You may have a hard time expressing anger, and this can lead to bottling it up and then exploding at some point.

Learning how to stand up for yourself, take initiative, and be more confident is crucial if you were born with Mars retrograde.

The periods when transit Mars is retrograde can offer you an opportunity to tap into the Mars energy that might normally be unavailable to you, so you should try to make the most of those periods (like the one we’re in now!).

Transit Mars retrograde can bring difficulties for all of us with energy and drive. We may have a hard time getting things moving, and can feel a little stuck at times. That may cause us to blow up, and create even bigger problems.

Healthy, positive outlets for anger and aggression is incredibly important during Mars retrograde. When that can be controlled, we can navigate the retrograde period much more easily.

Mars Retrograde 2020: The Details

Let’s get down to the details, shall we? The Mars retrograde began at 28 degrees Aries, and will end at 15 degrees Aries, so the retrograde is occurring in the second half of this sign.

Aries is a Fire sign, full of fiery energy, and a Cardinal sign, so it’s the sign that wants to get started, take initiative, and blaze new trails.

Mars just also happens to be the natural ruling planet for Aries, so the energy is very pure with this retrograde, and we experience the pure Mars retrograde impact.

That means we have extra issues with:

  • Getting things started
  • Using energy properly
  • Being driven
  • Controlling anger

That also means that the general way to navigate Mars retrograde is the way to walk through this one:

  • Address blocks to taking the first steps with whatever you want.
  • Have healthy outlets for anger and rage.
  • Tend to your physical body.
  • Reflect on ways you’ve let impatience get the better of you and how to improve on that.

Mars governs our motivations and desires, and Mars retrograde in Aries is an excellent time to take a breather, really consider what our motivations have been, and why we’ve wanted what we have. There may be some underlying issues that need to be addressed, or some old subconscious or karmic patterns at play that need to be broken.

The areas of life ruled by the house the Mars retrograde occurs in your birth chart can get much of the impact. Mars retrograde is a time to reassess, and work on improving confidence.

If you’re an Aries Sun, Moon, or Rising, this retrograde is bound to have the strongest impact on you since it’s both in your sign and is a retrograde of your planetary ruler, Mars.

Usually, when your ruler is retrograde, you feel off in a subtle way, and when a retrograde occurs in your sign, you feel off in a way-more-than-subtle way. So this is going to be a time when you need to exercise extra patience with yourself and others!

Any Aries planets in your natal chart can get the brunt of this Mars retrograde, so pay close attention to those planets and what they rule, if you have any. If you have no Aries planets, give your attention to the house(s) it’ll occur in.

Interested in learning more? Find out what your dominant planet is!

5 Tips for Surviving Mars Retrograde

1. Make Use of Crystals

Crystals can be very helpful for managing the retrograde energy when you’re struggling on your own. Carnelian is often linked to Mars energy (though you can use any red stone), and can help with making sure your energy isn’t completely zapped and you’re using it properly.

Obsidian (especially snowflake obsidian) can help to ground you, which can help with anger and frustration.

Keep the crystal with you, sleep with it under your pillow, or spend a few minutes each day meditating with it.

2. Heal & Strengthen Your Root Chakra

Mars and Aries link to your Root chakra, which is located at the base of your spine. Make sure that chakra is in good condition to get through this retrograde!

You can heal your root chakra with music or sound, videos, or essential oils, and strengthen with exercise, by grounding yourself, or just wearing the color red.

3. Take up Meditation

Meditation can be helpful with virtually any retrograde, so consider taking it up!

If you’ve tried meditation before and didn’t stick with it, don’t despair – you probably just weren’t doing the right form of meditation for you. Yes, there are many different forms of meditation! So give a few different ones a try.

Considering trying out meditation for Mars retrograde? Try out our Grounding Meditation for 2020 Retrograde Season.

4. Start (or Continue) an Exercise Regimen

Mars and Aries are big on keeping the physical body moving, and during Mars retrograde, it may be tempting to be a lump on a log and stay that way, but it only adds to the aggravation. Keep your physical body in motion (hey remember science class? A body in motion stays in motion).

Don’t overdo it though because that may lead to accidents and injuries, so know your limits and take breaks!

5. Take Micro-Breaks When Needed

Micro-breaks can be great during Mars retrograde, and you can give yourself a tiny bit of room to breathe and get a fresh perspective on whatever you’re doing.

If you find yourself getting frustrated about something you’re working on or losing steam, those are clues you should consider a quick break so you don’t get completely derailed. You can come back to it feeling much better later.

What Other Astrological Influences Can We Expect?

This retrograde does come at a heated time with astrology, to be certain. First, it starts with Mars aligned with Black Moon Lilith in Aries, and aggression is high right now. We need to be productive with it though, channel it in a smart way, and use it to make constructive change.

We have the Capricorn stellium that we’re still contending with, and it’s at odds with the Mars retrograde, so the old tried-and-true continues to be dismantled. We need to be careful that we’re not tearing down the things that are serving a positive purpose though, and focus on the ones that truly need to go.

Mercury retrograde is coming up as well, mid-October to early November, and that’ll likely increase agitation and arguments since Mercury governs communication. With both planets retrograde, that period is one where we’re likely doing some major reflecting, reassessing, and revamping.

Overall, this Mars retrograde is important for its energy, for what the other planets are doing at the same time, and for this moment in the world. How can you change your own life to make a positive contribution and use Mars retrograde to your advantage?

Mars will remain in Aries until January 6 2021, so there will be plenty of time when the retrograde is over to get everything right and back on track. The smarter you are during the retrograde, the easier that’ll be when it’s over!

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Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Had a day that you just couldn’t seem to improve? Do you feel like you’ve lost your inner goddess? When we can’t feel the connection to our inner, divine self, it’s hard to perform at our best.

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of who we are. When our energy becomes stagnant or stale, we are no longer operating from a center of balance and focus, but a murky and muddied pool of energy that longs for cleansing.

This is where Reiki can come into play.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing where practitioners use hands-on healing in order to heal a person’s emotional and physical state.

A Reiki practitioner will send natural healing vibrations through the palms of their hands onto an individual’s body, and the person will absorb healing Universal energy through the hands.

How to Tell if Reiki Energy is Flowing

Reiki healing is used when a person’s energy is low, damaged or misaligned in some way. We know when our energy is out of sync or blocked because we will experience all kinds of mental, physical or emotional ailments, ranging from headaches and migraines to irritability and depression.

You may feel down for no reason or lethargic for no reason. These are classic signs of blocked Reiki energy.

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Some of the Benefits of Reiki

There are countless benefits of using Reiki to cleanse the spirit. While it can be quite a simple process, you’ll find that it is one of the most effective methods for bringing out the best in yourself and allowing your inner goddess to shine.

Many of the benefits of Reiki as a practice include:

  • Opening blocked energy
  • Relaxing the body and the mind
  • Increasing energy
  • Promoting creativity
  • Assisting the immune system
  • Encouraging deeper sleep

Who Can Practice Reiki?

You don’t have to be a trained Reiki master to practice the healing art. The art of Reiki is said to be passed from practitioner to trainer; however, formal training is not necessary in order to shift energy.

The movement of energy is a natural occurrence, and your own energy can be moved through force of will and calm technique. While taking Reiki classes is recommended for a beginner to learn what they need to know, you will not do yourself any harm by attempting to tune into, and positively shift your own energy.

Different tools can be used to perform Reiki such as a massage table and Reiki stones.

Reiki Healing & Astrology

Reiki healing can be very helpful in the astrological sense, and helping to unleash your inner goddess. This can often be determined based on the element that rules your sign.

People of different elements will experience different types of blockages which are often associated with their specific element.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

When the Fire signs experience blocked energy there will usually be symptoms such as being quick to anger for no reason, irritability, stress, migraines and directing too much energy into one thing, and none into another.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

When the Water signs experience blocked energy there will usually be symptoms such as too much daydreaming, escapism, reclusiveness, sullenness, and moodiness.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

When the Air signs experience blocked energy there will usually be symptoms such as fatigue, mental exhaustion, confusion, excessive sleepiness, a reluctance to communicate or, conversely, too much chatter.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

When the Earth signs experience blocked energy there will usually be symptoms such as laziness, lethargy, apathy, being over-critical, self-indulgence or being selfish in a way that is out of character.

In all cases, the inner goddess is being stifled. Reiki can help release her.

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How to Use Reiki Energy to Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Reiki is akin to meditation. Here’s how you unlock Reiki energy healing to unleash your inner goddess.

Step 1

Begin by putting yourself into a calm, meditative state. Close your eyes, and deepen your breath. Do not attempt to control your thoughts, being careful not to follow their path. Simply allow thoughts to come and go, while focusing on your deep inhales, followed by your deeper exhales.

Step 2

Locate any tension in the body and allow it to melt away. When your body is completely relaxed and your mind is focused, you’re ready to attune yourself to the Universal energy that Reiki thrives on. Focus on your chakras, from the root to the crown.

Step 3

In your mind’s eye, begin “sweeping” away unnecessary or negative energy. Imagine your cells as a housekeeping helper, who systematically marches up and down your being, sweeping away any tension, pain, frustration, jealousy or anger.

Imagine them burning sage in every crevice of your spirit, and infusing every cell with positive, cleansing energy. Imagine every part of yourself being healed and wrapped in the warmth of the sun.

Step 4

Envision your inner goddess waking from her long slumber to greet you with joy and fill your spirit with divine, feminine energy. Allow your goddess the space to breathe and live within you, and thank her for the courage she places within you to follow your dreams and desires.

When the inner goddess is not tended to, or is made to exist in a swarm of negative or stale energy, she is not at her best to assist you in your endeavors. Use the power of Reiki to cleanse your spirit and your soul, and awake the goddess within.

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As quickly as it seemed to have arrived, Summer seems to be closing out before we can take another blink. Thankfully, it hasn’t quite yet passed us by — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking advantage of what’s left of August!

Of course, it’s really no secret that 2020 has all-around proved to be somewhat of a chaotic year with several planets going retrograde all at once, and it’s possible that your previous Summer plans have been foiled altogether. Summer predictions are key in pinches like these!

That said, whether your August plans have needed some fine-tuning or all-around reworking, are smooth-sailing as planned, or are blank pages in your calendar ready to be filled, you can at the very least rely on the stars to remain a reliable, constant guide for the rest of the Summer season.

Let’s explore some fun, astrologically-relevant activities for August 2020 that you can still mark in your calendar. You can think of your own as you consider the following transits, or simply add our suggestions to your to-do list!

Stay up to date on all the astrological goings-on with our free Astrology Calendar!

1. Introspective Indoor Activities are A-Go: Full Moon in Aquarius August 3

For a one-day event, the Full Moon in Aquarius is going to pack quite the emotional punch for days to come. You can expect a serious push towards a release of what no longer serves you, and a strong desire for freedom, self-expression, and individuality.

You may even come into a few new epiphanies about yourself and others, and how you see yourself fitting into wider communities and collectives around you.

Self-reflection and an ongoing inner dialogue may not seem like the most exciting Summer activity to initiate this August, but it doesn’t actually have to be so serious! Take advantage of these introspective vibes with some creative projects like painting, journaling, poetry, and crafts. When the wild tide of the Full Moon is done riding out its crazy wave, you’ll have some beautiful art and inner work to appreciate at the end of the chaos.

Easiest For: Mutable signs Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, and Pisces will have an easier time adjusting to new energy as they constantly roll with the punches regardless of a wild Full Moon. While this doesn’t necessarily make the process of letting go easier than it would be for any other sign, this quality does allow them to be more receptive to something new, which is ultimately what the Full Moon in Aquarius is here to bless us with!

Hardest On: Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, but especially Leo and Aquarius, will have a harder time taking on an introspective period just for the purpose of change and transformation. Fixed signs are passionate about the people, projects, and places they have put their energy into, and are often less inclined to let go of them out of nowhere.

The upside? The reward for doing the extra work will be even sweeter for all Fixed signs that are willing to put in some extra elbow grease and become one with the rolling tide. Embrace the wave of change as it washes over you, and you may find yourself walking away feeling more refreshed than ever before.

2. Bond With Your Closest Loved Ones: Venus Enters Cancer August 7

Venus will enter sensitive, family-oriented Cancer towards the beginning of August and see it through to the very end of the month, which makes August a wonderful time for family-bonding or reconnecting with dear loved ones that have been waiting to catch up with you.

Whether it’s reconnecting over a cup of coffee, playing a few board games, or simply settling in for a lighthearted and heartfelt discussion over the phone, Venus in Cancer re-centers us with heart-focused activities that allow us to remember what home really feels like!

Easiest For: Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio will feel at home in their element with this transit. These signs feel more at peace with this kind of intimate connection, and have likely been looking forward to connecting with the ones closest to their heart.

Hardest On: Fire signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius may have a harder time with this transit. As the boisterous, more often extroverted bunch, they may still be desiring a thrill-seeking summer or larger group settings.

3. Uranus Goes Retrograde in Taurus August 15: Time to Meditate and Refresh!

While Uranus isn’t the only planet to be in retrograde in August, it joins the bunch of existing retrogrades mid-August, further solidifying the universal shift towards self-improvement and development.

Uranus is a planet of authenticity and only desires for you to be showing and sharing your true colors — something that has been pushed and teased out already thanks to the other difficult transits of 2020 thus far.

This means that this transit is truthfully going to be more of an opportunity to review and reflect more than anything, as a lot of the work has likely already been done. Meditation, simple breathwork, and some light journaling are some fun, simple activities to help you ease into this transit.

Easiest For: Naturally introverted and introspective Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are likely to feel slightly more at peace with this transit. Even though the Taurus influence can center the focus on earthly, practical matters for most, this reflective bunch can still find a lot of value in this period of alone time.

Hardest On: Taurus and Aquarius are going to be most directly impacted by this transit as it falls under their respective influences — Uranus being Aquarius’ planetary ruler, and the transit moving through Taurus itself.

The desire for inward reflection may be stronger, and these activities may be more required more so than desired…however, that doesn’t mean that meditation or journaling has any less potency or value!

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4. Treat Yourself During the New Moon in Leo on August 18

Is it really Leo season at all if you don’t spoil yourself every now and then?

The true Leo spirit is granting yourself the spotlight because you know you’ve worked for it! And if you thought you deserved some pampering before with just the Sun in Leo, you’ll know that it’s time to do those nails, grant yourself a makeover or spa day, and loosen the purse strings when the New Moon rolls around in Leo mid-August.

If it’s not a shopping spree or a new look, simply showing off your sense of style and individuality is the key. Don’t be camera shy — you can even consider a home photoshoot to make yourself feel like you are the star of the show.

Easiest For: Spunky Fire signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius will feel at home with this fiery, passionate transit. These signs know how to have a good time, so this New Moon will be a welcome experience for all of the feisty fire placements that have been waiting to loosen up.

Hardest On: Grounded and practical Earth signs Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn may face some difficulty with this New Moon, as fire meeting these signs can just result in scorched earth. Keeping in mind that all work and no play can hurt in the long-run is key for these signs as the New Moon in Leo approaches.

5. Mercury in Virgo Starting August 19: Communicative Juices are Flowing!

Mercury is finally at home in Virgo well into August, and this means only great things for those who are looking for meaningful, fun, free-flowing communication.

No longer are we plagued with the perils of Mercury retrograde, and we (at least for now) can enjoy what Mercury is like at its best!

Strike up a conversation with a stranger, join some new social groups (perhaps even online!), and tell your best jokes — the world is listening, and they can actually understand you crystal-clear when Mercury is in this favorable position.

Easiest For: Many people can benefit from this transit, but Virgo and Geminis are likely to feel most at home here. Both ruled by Mercury, these signs will enjoy their home planet in a place that just seems to make logical sense!

Hardest On: Sagittarius and Pisces are at detriment when they meet communicative Mercury, and are often communicators that seem to be speaking a different language even when interacting with someone of their same native tongue.

For those of this sign, your creative expression may not be as welcomed in this transit, but don’t stress — you’re not a stranger to reading in between the lines, and all is temporary!

6. Plan Ahead as the Sun Enters Virgo on August 22

Who said planning can’t be fun? When we dip into practical, earthy Virgo season, it’s time to begin getting your affairs in order, and it isn’t necessarily meant to be a chore!

This can mean planning the fun stuff too, especially since Virgo is such a health-oriented sign. While you may have felt like lazing around during the rest of the summer season, Virgo and Summer meeting can mean actually enjoying a scheduled morning hike, a timed jog around the block, or following a new recipe by the book to absolute perfection.

Embracing the structure and rules can result in that healthy summer glow you’ve been looking for all along, and finally feeling at peace with your once-pesky morning alarm.

Easiest For: Earth signs Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are already well-acquainted with the importance of hard work, structure, and planning, and will likely have a lot more fun with these kinds of specific activities than most signs. Where work meets play, the earthy signs of the zodiac rejoice and celebrate the happy medium.

Hardest On: Fire signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are more likely to forge their own idea of fun rather than follow someone else’s rules. Still, they can still find some fun in the very idea of structure and organization as a challenge to overcome in of itself!

Keep in Mind…

No matter how much the first half of 2020 may have seemed to catch you off guard or throw your initial Summer plans to the wind, you’re now all caught up on what you can expect this August, and the fun activities can now ensue!

Nonetheless, much in life can go unplanned or remain unpredictable, and sometimes your Summer activity calendar is more like a work-in-progress blueprint for the month more so than a dedicated plan. Use these astrological transits as a roadmap for navigation, and still remain open to the many possibilities and opportunities for fun that August can bring to you!

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Mercury is leaving Virgo and moving into Libra! Mercury in Libra helps us focus on trying to be a little bit nicer in our communications (which we probably need!).

When is Mercury in Libra exactly? Mercury enters Libra on September 5, and stays until September 27, so it’s just over 3 weeks. Mercury does come back to Libra briefly in late October to early November, but that’s for Mercury retrograde – let’s not dwell on that drama right now!

Make sure to use the free astrology calendar to keep track of when the planets are moving signs (and going retrograde).

Breaking Down Mercury in Libra Astrology

If you were born while Mercury was in Libra, you have Mercury in Libra in your birth chart. As a Mercury in Libra native, you’re someone who strives to be charming, pleasant, diplomatic, and mediating in your communications. You can also see both sides to situations fairly easily.

On the negative side, having Mercury in Libra can make you extremely indecisive as a result, and can struggle with sticking to a decision. You may avoid confrontation, not wanting to get into fights and feeling like you always have to compromise your own opinions and ideas to keep the peace.

Don’t know your Mercury sign? Use the free birth chart generator to find out!

The Mercury in Libra man can be quite the charmer and have a way with words, and tries to be respectful. The Mercury in Libra man wants to be fair, but may sometimes play both sides.

The Mercury in Libra woman can be sociable and engaging, and likes to help others with their predicaments. The Mercury in Libra woman can take a while to make up their mind though, and can have a hard time sharing feelings at times.

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Mercury in Libra Meaning

Mercury is the planet of communication, showing how we express ourselves with one another. Libra is the sign of diplomacy and charm, and wants to keep everything beautiful and balanced. Put them together, and we have a period where communication is diplomatic and charming.

We can focus on being pleasant, polite, and proper while Mercury is in Libra. We may strive to understand what others are thinking, and this can make us fairer, but we can also take longer to make decisions since we want to consider every position first.

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Now that you’re caught up on the energy of Mercury in Libra, let’s get to your Mercury in Libra horoscopes for the zodiac signs!

Mercury in Libra Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs


If there’s something you need to talk about with the people in your life, Mercury in Libra may be the time to do it, Aries. You can find the right words to say, and can be more considerate with how it’ll impact others.

Try to avoid dramatic people and places, if you can. That’ll just make you more frustrated during this period, and lead to more problems for you that you don’t need.


You can have an eye for the details over the next few weeks, Taurus, and this can help you figure out what you need to be working on, how to get organized, and where to restore balance. You can tackle smaller projects, and this can calm your mind.

You may want to think about ways you can maximize your schedule so you can be more productive, and get more little things out of the way.


Your creative mind can soar with Mercury in Libra, Gemini, and you can enjoy focusing on creative pursuits. Let your creative energy roam, and see what new ideas and projects you can come up with that you thoroughly enjoy.

You can be more diplomatic when it comes to matters of the heart as well, and can be more considerate of your loved ones.


It can be easier for you to open up emotionally over the next few weeks, Cancer, and find the right way to make what you’re feeling heard. You don’t have to let emotions completely take you over though, and can apply some logic, reason, and analysis so you’re clearer.

This can be a good period to focus on projects and plans that you need to work on from the ground up, and gather information for them now.


Mental energy can soar while Mercury is in Libra, Leo, and you can come up with plenty of new ideas and plans. You can get excited about them, and can talk it over with people in your life to get advice and gather information.

You may be extra sociable and want lots of time with others, however you can get it. This can help you use up extra mental energy you have.


Your mental energy may slow down over the next few weeks, Virgo, and you can take more time to make decisions and come up with ideas or plans. You want to be certain of your position first, and you can take extra time to weigh all options on the table and consider the outcomes.

Taking a beat mentally can help you feel more balanced and restore some peace of mind, so try to detach and get a break when you can.


Mercury enters your sign, Libra, and this is usually a time when you have lots of mental energy, and want to take initiative to pursue your ideas. You can be excited about what you’re working on, and more open with others about what you’re doing.

You may seem more analytical at times, yet also more willing to take charge. You may want to try to get others on board, but that may be a challenge at this time, so try not to fret if you can’t.


You can do your best thinking on your own over the next few weeks, Scorpio, and may prefer to work on mentally-taxing projects and plans alone. The ideas and opinions of others may just slow you down or take over, and that can be an issue if you let them steamroll you.

The time alone also gives you the opportunity to replenish your mental energy, which may be a little low during this time. Dive into your subconscious mind and see what you can get rid of to free yourself up.


You can think outside of the box while Mercury is in Libra, Sagittarius, and come up with some new, unexpected ideas. You can be open to trying out what’s totally different and unconventional, and push yourself outside of your mental comfort zone.

You can gather advice and information from a wide circle of people, and focus on how what you’re planning can impact the future.


You can work on long-term plans for your goals over the next few weeks, Capricorn, and have a practical approach. You may succeed with a plan you’ve been working on for a while or see the culmination of an idea, and this can inspire you to keep striving for more.

You may find that talking things over with a mentor or someone you admire can be most helpful to you now, and you can craft even better plans from it.


Big ideas can come to you while Mercury is in Libra, Aquarius, and you can benefit from a view of the big picture. Your outlook can be brighter, and you can believe more in your abilities and in the plans you create.

You may want to give yourself more mental freedom during this time, so take some time away from work and duty when you can and let your mind roam freely.


Your outlook can be more serious over the next few weeks, Pisces, and you can tackle serious matters that require some complex solutions. You may want to work on plans for a transformation, and can feel up to the task.

You may feel more secretive at times with others, but can be more willing to share if you feel they’re also being open with you.

How Will You Use Mercury in Libra?

While Mercury is in Libra, Mars is also retrograde in Aries, the sign that opposes Libra. Mars retrograde stirs up some hot tempers and argumentative energy, so we may try to balance that out with Mercury in Libra right now.

Mercury comes back to Libra October 27 to November 10, and that comes with Mercury retrograde. Pay attention to some of the occurrences and themes that are prominent over the next 3 weeks since there may be some connection, or they may come back again with the retrograde. Use this energy wisely!

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