Day: September 4, 2020


Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Had a day that you just couldn’t seem to improve? Do you feel like you’ve lost your inner goddess? When we can’t feel the connection to our inner, divine self, it’s hard to perform at our best.

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of who we are. When our energy becomes stagnant or stale, we are no longer operating from a center of balance and focus, but a murky and muddied pool of energy that longs for cleansing.

This is where Reiki can come into play.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing where practitioners use hands-on healing in order to heal a person’s emotional and physical state.

A Reiki practitioner will send natural healing vibrations through the palms of their hands onto an individual’s body, and the person will absorb healing Universal energy through the hands.

How to Tell if Reiki Energy is Flowing

Reiki healing is used when a person’s energy is low, damaged or misaligned in some way. We know when our energy is out of sync or blocked because we will experience all kinds of mental, physical or emotional ailments, ranging from headaches and migraines to irritability and depression.

You may feel down for no reason or lethargic for no reason. These are classic signs of blocked Reiki energy.

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Some of the Benefits of Reiki

There are countless benefits of using Reiki to cleanse the spirit. While it can be quite a simple process, you’ll find that it is one of the most effective methods for bringing out the best in yourself and allowing your inner goddess to shine.

Many of the benefits of Reiki as a practice include:

  • Opening blocked energy
  • Relaxing the body and the mind
  • Increasing energy
  • Promoting creativity
  • Assisting the immune system
  • Encouraging deeper sleep

Who Can Practice Reiki?

You don’t have to be a trained Reiki master to practice the healing art. The art of Reiki is said to be passed from practitioner to trainer; however, formal training is not necessary in order to shift energy.

The movement of energy is a natural occurrence, and your own energy can be moved through force of will and calm technique. While taking Reiki classes is recommended for a beginner to learn what they need to know, you will not do yourself any harm by attempting to tune into, and positively shift your own energy.

Different tools can be used to perform Reiki such as a massage table and Reiki stones.

Reiki Healing & Astrology

Reiki healing can be very helpful in the astrological sense, and helping to unleash your inner goddess. This can often be determined based on the element that rules your sign.

People of different elements will experience different types of blockages which are often associated with their specific element.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

When the Fire signs experience blocked energy there will usually be symptoms such as being quick to anger for no reason, irritability, stress, migraines and directing too much energy into one thing, and none into another.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

When the Water signs experience blocked energy there will usually be symptoms such as too much daydreaming, escapism, reclusiveness, sullenness, and moodiness.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

When the Air signs experience blocked energy there will usually be symptoms such as fatigue, mental exhaustion, confusion, excessive sleepiness, a reluctance to communicate or, conversely, too much chatter.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

When the Earth signs experience blocked energy there will usually be symptoms such as laziness, lethargy, apathy, being over-critical, self-indulgence or being selfish in a way that is out of character.

In all cases, the inner goddess is being stifled. Reiki can help release her.

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How to Use Reiki Energy to Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Reiki is akin to meditation. Here’s how you unlock Reiki energy healing to unleash your inner goddess.

Step 1

Begin by putting yourself into a calm, meditative state. Close your eyes, and deepen your breath. Do not attempt to control your thoughts, being careful not to follow their path. Simply allow thoughts to come and go, while focusing on your deep inhales, followed by your deeper exhales.

Step 2

Locate any tension in the body and allow it to melt away. When your body is completely relaxed and your mind is focused, you’re ready to attune yourself to the Universal energy that Reiki thrives on. Focus on your chakras, from the root to the crown.

Step 3

In your mind’s eye, begin “sweeping” away unnecessary or negative energy. Imagine your cells as a housekeeping helper, who systematically marches up and down your being, sweeping away any tension, pain, frustration, jealousy or anger.

Imagine them burning sage in every crevice of your spirit, and infusing every cell with positive, cleansing energy. Imagine every part of yourself being healed and wrapped in the warmth of the sun.

Step 4

Envision your inner goddess waking from her long slumber to greet you with joy and fill your spirit with divine, feminine energy. Allow your goddess the space to breathe and live within you, and thank her for the courage she places within you to follow your dreams and desires.

When the inner goddess is not tended to, or is made to exist in a swarm of negative or stale energy, she is not at her best to assist you in your endeavors. Use the power of Reiki to cleanse your spirit and your soul, and awake the goddess within.

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As quickly as it seemed to have arrived, Summer seems to be closing out before we can take another blink. Thankfully, it hasn’t quite yet passed us by — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking advantage of what’s left of August!

Of course, it’s really no secret that 2020 has all-around proved to be somewhat of a chaotic year with several planets going retrograde all at once, and it’s possible that your previous Summer plans have been foiled altogether. Summer predictions are key in pinches like these!

That said, whether your August plans have needed some fine-tuning or all-around reworking, are smooth-sailing as planned, or are blank pages in your calendar ready to be filled, you can at the very least rely on the stars to remain a reliable, constant guide for the rest of the Summer season.

Let’s explore some fun, astrologically-relevant activities for August 2020 that you can still mark in your calendar. You can think of your own as you consider the following transits, or simply add our suggestions to your to-do list!

Stay up to date on all the astrological goings-on with our free Astrology Calendar!

1. Introspective Indoor Activities are A-Go: Full Moon in Aquarius August 3

For a one-day event, the Full Moon in Aquarius is going to pack quite the emotional punch for days to come. You can expect a serious push towards a release of what no longer serves you, and a strong desire for freedom, self-expression, and individuality.

You may even come into a few new epiphanies about yourself and others, and how you see yourself fitting into wider communities and collectives around you.

Self-reflection and an ongoing inner dialogue may not seem like the most exciting Summer activity to initiate this August, but it doesn’t actually have to be so serious! Take advantage of these introspective vibes with some creative projects like painting, journaling, poetry, and crafts. When the wild tide of the Full Moon is done riding out its crazy wave, you’ll have some beautiful art and inner work to appreciate at the end of the chaos.

Easiest For: Mutable signs Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, and Pisces will have an easier time adjusting to new energy as they constantly roll with the punches regardless of a wild Full Moon. While this doesn’t necessarily make the process of letting go easier than it would be for any other sign, this quality does allow them to be more receptive to something new, which is ultimately what the Full Moon in Aquarius is here to bless us with!

Hardest On: Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, but especially Leo and Aquarius, will have a harder time taking on an introspective period just for the purpose of change and transformation. Fixed signs are passionate about the people, projects, and places they have put their energy into, and are often less inclined to let go of them out of nowhere.

The upside? The reward for doing the extra work will be even sweeter for all Fixed signs that are willing to put in some extra elbow grease and become one with the rolling tide. Embrace the wave of change as it washes over you, and you may find yourself walking away feeling more refreshed than ever before.

2. Bond With Your Closest Loved Ones: Venus Enters Cancer August 7

Venus will enter sensitive, family-oriented Cancer towards the beginning of August and see it through to the very end of the month, which makes August a wonderful time for family-bonding or reconnecting with dear loved ones that have been waiting to catch up with you.

Whether it’s reconnecting over a cup of coffee, playing a few board games, or simply settling in for a lighthearted and heartfelt discussion over the phone, Venus in Cancer re-centers us with heart-focused activities that allow us to remember what home really feels like!

Easiest For: Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio will feel at home in their element with this transit. These signs feel more at peace with this kind of intimate connection, and have likely been looking forward to connecting with the ones closest to their heart.

Hardest On: Fire signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius may have a harder time with this transit. As the boisterous, more often extroverted bunch, they may still be desiring a thrill-seeking summer or larger group settings.

3. Uranus Goes Retrograde in Taurus August 15: Time to Meditate and Refresh!

While Uranus isn’t the only planet to be in retrograde in August, it joins the bunch of existing retrogrades mid-August, further solidifying the universal shift towards self-improvement and development.

Uranus is a planet of authenticity and only desires for you to be showing and sharing your true colors — something that has been pushed and teased out already thanks to the other difficult transits of 2020 thus far.

This means that this transit is truthfully going to be more of an opportunity to review and reflect more than anything, as a lot of the work has likely already been done. Meditation, simple breathwork, and some light journaling are some fun, simple activities to help you ease into this transit.

Easiest For: Naturally introverted and introspective Water signs Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are likely to feel slightly more at peace with this transit. Even though the Taurus influence can center the focus on earthly, practical matters for most, this reflective bunch can still find a lot of value in this period of alone time.

Hardest On: Taurus and Aquarius are going to be most directly impacted by this transit as it falls under their respective influences — Uranus being Aquarius’ planetary ruler, and the transit moving through Taurus itself.

The desire for inward reflection may be stronger, and these activities may be more required more so than desired…however, that doesn’t mean that meditation or journaling has any less potency or value!

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4. Treat Yourself During the New Moon in Leo on August 18

Is it really Leo season at all if you don’t spoil yourself every now and then?

The true Leo spirit is granting yourself the spotlight because you know you’ve worked for it! And if you thought you deserved some pampering before with just the Sun in Leo, you’ll know that it’s time to do those nails, grant yourself a makeover or spa day, and loosen the purse strings when the New Moon rolls around in Leo mid-August.

If it’s not a shopping spree or a new look, simply showing off your sense of style and individuality is the key. Don’t be camera shy — you can even consider a home photoshoot to make yourself feel like you are the star of the show.

Easiest For: Spunky Fire signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius will feel at home with this fiery, passionate transit. These signs know how to have a good time, so this New Moon will be a welcome experience for all of the feisty fire placements that have been waiting to loosen up.

Hardest On: Grounded and practical Earth signs Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn may face some difficulty with this New Moon, as fire meeting these signs can just result in scorched earth. Keeping in mind that all work and no play can hurt in the long-run is key for these signs as the New Moon in Leo approaches.

5. Mercury in Virgo Starting August 19: Communicative Juices are Flowing!

Mercury is finally at home in Virgo well into August, and this means only great things for those who are looking for meaningful, fun, free-flowing communication.

No longer are we plagued with the perils of Mercury retrograde, and we (at least for now) can enjoy what Mercury is like at its best!

Strike up a conversation with a stranger, join some new social groups (perhaps even online!), and tell your best jokes — the world is listening, and they can actually understand you crystal-clear when Mercury is in this favorable position.

Easiest For: Many people can benefit from this transit, but Virgo and Geminis are likely to feel most at home here. Both ruled by Mercury, these signs will enjoy their home planet in a place that just seems to make logical sense!

Hardest On: Sagittarius and Pisces are at detriment when they meet communicative Mercury, and are often communicators that seem to be speaking a different language even when interacting with someone of their same native tongue.

For those of this sign, your creative expression may not be as welcomed in this transit, but don’t stress — you’re not a stranger to reading in between the lines, and all is temporary!

6. Plan Ahead as the Sun Enters Virgo on August 22

Who said planning can’t be fun? When we dip into practical, earthy Virgo season, it’s time to begin getting your affairs in order, and it isn’t necessarily meant to be a chore!

This can mean planning the fun stuff too, especially since Virgo is such a health-oriented sign. While you may have felt like lazing around during the rest of the summer season, Virgo and Summer meeting can mean actually enjoying a scheduled morning hike, a timed jog around the block, or following a new recipe by the book to absolute perfection.

Embracing the structure and rules can result in that healthy summer glow you’ve been looking for all along, and finally feeling at peace with your once-pesky morning alarm.

Easiest For: Earth signs Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are already well-acquainted with the importance of hard work, structure, and planning, and will likely have a lot more fun with these kinds of specific activities than most signs. Where work meets play, the earthy signs of the zodiac rejoice and celebrate the happy medium.

Hardest On: Fire signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are more likely to forge their own idea of fun rather than follow someone else’s rules. Still, they can still find some fun in the very idea of structure and organization as a challenge to overcome in of itself!

Keep in Mind…

No matter how much the first half of 2020 may have seemed to catch you off guard or throw your initial Summer plans to the wind, you’re now all caught up on what you can expect this August, and the fun activities can now ensue!

Nonetheless, much in life can go unplanned or remain unpredictable, and sometimes your Summer activity calendar is more like a work-in-progress blueprint for the month more so than a dedicated plan. Use these astrological transits as a roadmap for navigation, and still remain open to the many possibilities and opportunities for fun that August can bring to you!

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Mercury is leaving Virgo and moving into Libra! Mercury in Libra helps us focus on trying to be a little bit nicer in our communications (which we probably need!).

When is Mercury in Libra exactly? Mercury enters Libra on September 5, and stays until September 27, so it’s just over 3 weeks. Mercury does come back to Libra briefly in late October to early November, but that’s for Mercury retrograde – let’s not dwell on that drama right now!

Make sure to use the free astrology calendar to keep track of when the planets are moving signs (and going retrograde).

Breaking Down Mercury in Libra Astrology

If you were born while Mercury was in Libra, you have Mercury in Libra in your birth chart. As a Mercury in Libra native, you’re someone who strives to be charming, pleasant, diplomatic, and mediating in your communications. You can also see both sides to situations fairly easily.

On the negative side, having Mercury in Libra can make you extremely indecisive as a result, and can struggle with sticking to a decision. You may avoid confrontation, not wanting to get into fights and feeling like you always have to compromise your own opinions and ideas to keep the peace.

Don’t know your Mercury sign? Use the free birth chart generator to find out!

The Mercury in Libra man can be quite the charmer and have a way with words, and tries to be respectful. The Mercury in Libra man wants to be fair, but may sometimes play both sides.

The Mercury in Libra woman can be sociable and engaging, and likes to help others with their predicaments. The Mercury in Libra woman can take a while to make up their mind though, and can have a hard time sharing feelings at times.

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Mercury in Libra Meaning

Mercury is the planet of communication, showing how we express ourselves with one another. Libra is the sign of diplomacy and charm, and wants to keep everything beautiful and balanced. Put them together, and we have a period where communication is diplomatic and charming.

We can focus on being pleasant, polite, and proper while Mercury is in Libra. We may strive to understand what others are thinking, and this can make us fairer, but we can also take longer to make decisions since we want to consider every position first.

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Now that you’re caught up on the energy of Mercury in Libra, let’s get to your Mercury in Libra horoscopes for the zodiac signs!

Mercury in Libra Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs


If there’s something you need to talk about with the people in your life, Mercury in Libra may be the time to do it, Aries. You can find the right words to say, and can be more considerate with how it’ll impact others.

Try to avoid dramatic people and places, if you can. That’ll just make you more frustrated during this period, and lead to more problems for you that you don’t need.


You can have an eye for the details over the next few weeks, Taurus, and this can help you figure out what you need to be working on, how to get organized, and where to restore balance. You can tackle smaller projects, and this can calm your mind.

You may want to think about ways you can maximize your schedule so you can be more productive, and get more little things out of the way.


Your creative mind can soar with Mercury in Libra, Gemini, and you can enjoy focusing on creative pursuits. Let your creative energy roam, and see what new ideas and projects you can come up with that you thoroughly enjoy.

You can be more diplomatic when it comes to matters of the heart as well, and can be more considerate of your loved ones.


It can be easier for you to open up emotionally over the next few weeks, Cancer, and find the right way to make what you’re feeling heard. You don’t have to let emotions completely take you over though, and can apply some logic, reason, and analysis so you’re clearer.

This can be a good period to focus on projects and plans that you need to work on from the ground up, and gather information for them now.


Mental energy can soar while Mercury is in Libra, Leo, and you can come up with plenty of new ideas and plans. You can get excited about them, and can talk it over with people in your life to get advice and gather information.

You may be extra sociable and want lots of time with others, however you can get it. This can help you use up extra mental energy you have.


Your mental energy may slow down over the next few weeks, Virgo, and you can take more time to make decisions and come up with ideas or plans. You want to be certain of your position first, and you can take extra time to weigh all options on the table and consider the outcomes.

Taking a beat mentally can help you feel more balanced and restore some peace of mind, so try to detach and get a break when you can.


Mercury enters your sign, Libra, and this is usually a time when you have lots of mental energy, and want to take initiative to pursue your ideas. You can be excited about what you’re working on, and more open with others about what you’re doing.

You may seem more analytical at times, yet also more willing to take charge. You may want to try to get others on board, but that may be a challenge at this time, so try not to fret if you can’t.


You can do your best thinking on your own over the next few weeks, Scorpio, and may prefer to work on mentally-taxing projects and plans alone. The ideas and opinions of others may just slow you down or take over, and that can be an issue if you let them steamroll you.

The time alone also gives you the opportunity to replenish your mental energy, which may be a little low during this time. Dive into your subconscious mind and see what you can get rid of to free yourself up.


You can think outside of the box while Mercury is in Libra, Sagittarius, and come up with some new, unexpected ideas. You can be open to trying out what’s totally different and unconventional, and push yourself outside of your mental comfort zone.

You can gather advice and information from a wide circle of people, and focus on how what you’re planning can impact the future.


You can work on long-term plans for your goals over the next few weeks, Capricorn, and have a practical approach. You may succeed with a plan you’ve been working on for a while or see the culmination of an idea, and this can inspire you to keep striving for more.

You may find that talking things over with a mentor or someone you admire can be most helpful to you now, and you can craft even better plans from it.


Big ideas can come to you while Mercury is in Libra, Aquarius, and you can benefit from a view of the big picture. Your outlook can be brighter, and you can believe more in your abilities and in the plans you create.

You may want to give yourself more mental freedom during this time, so take some time away from work and duty when you can and let your mind roam freely.


Your outlook can be more serious over the next few weeks, Pisces, and you can tackle serious matters that require some complex solutions. You may want to work on plans for a transformation, and can feel up to the task.

You may feel more secretive at times with others, but can be more willing to share if you feel they’re also being open with you.

How Will You Use Mercury in Libra?

While Mercury is in Libra, Mars is also retrograde in Aries, the sign that opposes Libra. Mars retrograde stirs up some hot tempers and argumentative energy, so we may try to balance that out with Mercury in Libra right now.

Mercury comes back to Libra October 27 to November 10, and that comes with Mercury retrograde. Pay attention to some of the occurrences and themes that are prominent over the next 3 weeks since there may be some connection, or they may come back again with the retrograde. Use this energy wisely!

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