Month: October 2020


November 2020 astrology brings the end of three retrogrades: Mercury, Mars, and Neptune. All planets except Uranus will be moving forward, and we may feel like we’re finally making some progress as we go on.

This month also brings the last lunar eclipse for 2020, so there’s some major energy for closing, finishing, finalizing, and culmination.

An overview for the November 2020 transits is outlined below. The astrology transits for November 2020 include when the planets move into new signs, end their retrograde, when the New Moon and lunar eclipse will occur, when we’ll experience major aspects between the planets, and what all of the energy might mean for us.

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Monthly Astrology Transits for November 2020

November 1, 2020

Mercury (Libra) Square Saturn (Capricorn)

Mercury (Libra) square Saturn (Capricorn) can bring out some serious restrictions and limitations, and some of it may be real, but some of it may be perceived. Are you just thinking small and throwing up unnecessary blocks?

Try to take a step back and not get caught up. See what’s really there, and don’t jump to pessimistic conclusions.

November 3, 2020

Mercury Direct (Libra)

Mercury retrograde comes to a close, and we’re done with Mercury retrograde for 2020. It might take some time to feel like we’re switching back to normal motion though since Mars is still retrograde.

In the meantime, take some time to assess, to reflect, and to consider what your next steps will be coming out of this period. What have you learned from your experiences in the last few months (or in the last year), and how can you apply that to your life now?

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November 6, 2020

Mercury (Libra) Square Saturn (Capricorn)

The Mercury retrograde ended square Saturn, so it’s in play for an extended period of time (starting around when Mercury goes back to Libra October 27th to about when Mercury exits Libra on November 10th).

This transit can bring conscious awareness to ways in which we’ve been holding ourselves back, being stifled, and how responsibilities have been either crushing or ignored. Plans and goals we’ve lost ground on can start to become more important again.

We can be less satisfied with the way things have been, and want to start thinking about how this can change. That can be a big theme in 2021.

November 9, 2020

Venus (Libra) Opposite Mars (Aries)

During Venus (Libra) opposite Mars (Aries), Mars is still in retrograde. This means we may be extra frustrated and annoyed with others. But, since Mars is retrograde, this frustration may have some subconscious motivations that need to be acknowledged.

It may seem like the problems are external and caused by others, but projection may be high. Be honest with yourself.

November 10, 2020

Mercury Enters Scorpio

Mercury re-enters Scorpio, the sign it began its retrograde in, and we can start to see some things come full circle that were first important around the start of the retrograde in mid-October. Dig deeper and try to find solutions that got set aside.

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Sun (Scorpio) Trine Neptune (Pisces)

Thanks to the Sun-Neptune aspect, intuition can run high, and your gut instincts can help guide you through this murky period. Connect to your subconscious and see what insights you can get.

Mercury is in Scorpio until December 1st, 2020.

November 12, 2020

Jupiter (Capricorn) Conjunct Pluto (Capricorn)

Jupiter and Pluto have connected throughout 2020, and this is the final time they meet up. Passionate beliefs can be on full display, and we can make a big push for transformation now.

Look at your life and what has changed over the last year. Any last touches that are needed can be worked on now.

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November 13, 2020

Mars Direct (Aries)

Mars has been retrograde since early September, and now this comes to a close. Motivation may have been questionable, energy may have been lacking, and what has driven us subconsciously may have led to some unwise decisions and actions.

With Mars moving forward now, this can free you up to take control over your energy, and make positive use of inspiration. You should be more aware of your subconscious motivations, and let go of the baggage that has caused insecurity.

November 14, 2020

Sun (Scorpio) Sextile Pluto & Jupiter (Capricorn)

The Sun comes to a beneficial angle to the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, and this helps shine a light on our passionate beliefs and on what we want to transform for the better. Our view of what we want and how we get it can become clearer.

You may feel more comfortable with what you want to do for yourself, and you can find motivation to do it for you.

November 15, 2020

New Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio New Moon comes to us in November and signals a time when we can get started on new transformations, get to the heart of matters, bring some light to dark corners, and be realistic about situations. This is a time to solve problems and clear the way.

Venus (Libra) Square Pluto (Capricorn)

Venus comes to a hard angle to Pluto, and we may struggle over power and control at times, or feel we have to fight against others in order to get what we want. Work to find some common ground where you can.

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November 16, 2020

Venus (Libra) Square Jupiter (Capricorn)

Venus and Jupiter at odds tend to increase laziness and indulgence. We may not want to get much of anything done, and instead prefer to take a break.

If you’ve been pushing yourself really hard lately, a break may be the right answer for you.

November 17, 2020

Mercury (Scorpio) Opposite Uranus (Taurus)

This aspect comes full circle since Mercury first opposed Uranus at the start of its retrograde. It may have brought out rebelliousness, impulsive energy, and a big push against norms.

Now, we can see the results of that, and we can think about what we should do next. We need to think outside of the box, but also be realistic about what’s possible and how to enact the changes we seek.

November 19, 2020

Sun (Scorpio) Sextile Saturn (Capricorn)

Saturn gets the attention of the Sun and Venus, and the Sun helps to bring attention to the long-term plans and goals we want to achieve. We may have been put off course this year, but we can get back on track with some smart choices.

Venus (Libra) Square Saturn (Capricorn)

Venus brings some challenges with the people around us, and we may need to find some balance between the personal and the professional. Tragic ambition doesn’t really serve anyone well.

November 21, 2020

Venus Enters Scorpio, Sun Enters Sagittarius

Venus and the Sun move into new signs, and Venus gets us more passionate and serious about love and relationships, while the Sun gets us more open to adventure and optimistic about the future.

In some ways, we may need more space with the Sun in Sagittarius, yet we want more closeness with Venus in Scorpio. We need room to do what we want, but also feel secure in our relationships.

Venus is in Scorpio until December 15th, 2020, and the Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21st, 2020.

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November 23, 2020

Mercury (Scorpio) Trine Neptune (Pisces)

Imagination can be very strong with this aspect, and we can use that imagination to pursue creative projects and ventures. Inspiration can flow freely.

We can also have an easier time understanding what people mean behind what they say, and empathy in communication can be helpful.

November 27, 2020

Mercury (Scorpio) Sextile Pluto (Capricorn), Venus (Scorpio) Opposite Uranus (Taurus)

Focus can be intense, and any subject you want to dig deeper into, you can find it easier to do so. You can tackle serious matters, and come up with effective plans.

Patience may be tested in relationships thanks to Venus-Uranus, and you may want to push to get your own way. Avoid rebellion and try to maintain composure to find some room for compromise.

November 28, 2020

Neptune Direct (Pisces)

Neptune retrograde coming to a close helps to lift the fog that can stifle everyone and everything. We can see a little more clearly, and find answers that were right in front of us all along.

Mercury (Scorpio) Sextile Jupiter (Capricorn)

Optimism can run high thanks to Mercury-Jupiter, and you can think bigger with your ideas. Communication can be positive, and you can open up about your thoughts and plans.

November 30, 2020

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

The lunar eclipse in Gemini helps with finalizing plans and sorting through ideas so you know what you’re going to work on and what you’re going to save for later. This helps with moving toward a new year.

Mercury (Scorpio) Sextile Saturn (Capricorn)

Mercury-Saturn helps in a big way, and you can work on your long-term plans, feel more focused on your goals, and make use of disciplined mental energy.

Make sure to bookmark this page so you can reference these transits throughout the next month! You can also read your free daily horoscope to stay on top of your astrology transits each and every day.

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As we are in the depths of Scorpio season, it is only appropriate to honor the sign from which this time of year dignifies!

You may be thinking to yourself: “I’m not a Scorpio so this doesn’t apply to me.”

You’ll hear often with astrology “as above, so below,” meaning that just as the sky holds every zodiac sign and planet at any given time, so do each of us have some representation of each sign and planet in our natal chart.

Throughout the article, I will teach you how to discover Scorpio in your chart and then how to best work with the Scorpio energy.

While every sign in the zodiac has a dark side*, Scorpio is one of the deepest, intimate, and most dark zodiac signs. I hope that you might have some insights or secrets revealed about yourself that lead you on a deeper path into passion and purpose.

*I should note that “dark” doesn’t mean evil, but rather a mysterious, hidden secret or trait. Your zodiac secret or dark side is just as varied and unique as the next person.

Before we go over how to find Scorpio in your birth chart, let’s get to know this zodiac sign just a little bit better.

3 Common Misconceptions About Scorpio

To help discover how Scorpio resonates with you, let’s begin with some common misconceptions about Scorpio.

Misconception #1

Scorpios are mean.

Sure, if you engage in battle with a Scorpio, you’ll want to make certain you have antivenin ready because there will be swelling. Truth be told, Scorpios are a Fixed sign, meaning that they tend to be very resolute and inflexible.

This is never the case 100% of the time, but given their inability to back down, it can come off as malicious and sharp.

Misconception #2

Scorpio is often associated with the shadow self.

This is true, however, many individuals don’t want to go that “deep” and feel their Scorpio companions will. The idea that a Scorpio tries to pull others into the depths of their psyche is not accurate.

While Scorpios are intellectual individuals, this misconception gives them way too much credit. Going to grab a drink with a friend who is a Scorpio will not always result in a psychoanalytic assessment, but you may find that your conversations rarely stay on the surface.

Misconception #3

With all of the above misconceptions in mind, we can see more clearly why Scorpios can be considered cold or distant, but perhaps it is not so much that they are dismissive, as much as they are introspective.

They tend to think deeply on a topic and love to get into the details. They’re not ignoring you. They’re just very focused.

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3 Important Traits Scorpio Possesses

Now that Scorpio is more fully realized, let’s explore why we love them!

Trait #1

Scorpios are brave in mind and spirit.

The scorpion symbol itself represents that fearlessness. Scorpios take a stand on what they believe, and as mentioned, will never leave a fight easily. We love them because this courage is a model for others and easily contagious.

Trait #2

It’s not such a secret that the sign of Scorpio relates to sex, and not just the act of sex, but the passion of it as well. This is because Scorpios are passionate!

This trait is not only applied in the bedroom but with many areas of life.

Scorpios will most likely be the first of their friends at a protest or the one with daily reminders to vote (coincidentally another major Scorpio season event). Each passion may vary, but when there is something to learn or do involving their area of interest, there is nothing that Scorpios won’t know.

Trait #3

Scorpios don’t like to waste time.

They usually prefer to get right to the heart of a matter. Given this, Scorpios are extremely purposeful and direct. They keep to the point, get deep fast, and are very honest. You can usually learn quite a bit about a Scorpio’s opinion of you whether you ask for it or not.

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How Do I Find Scorpio in My Birth Chart?

Now that we’ve gotten to know the Scorpio zodiac sign a little bit better, let’s talk about Scorpio in your birth chart.

First, ensure that you’ve gotten a free birth chart done, and have your chart in front of you.

Now you’re going to look for the Scorpio symbol. It looks like the capital letter “M” with an arrow tail. The arrow is pointing outward. This is very important because it can be easily confused with the Virgo symbol that has the tail pointing inward!

Wherever the Scorpio symbol falls in your chart, is the area of life it is associated with for your unique birth chart.

You will notice that the birth chart looks like a clock divided into twelve different parts. These are called astrological houses. Each house represents the area of life that the sign’s energy is happening.

The 1st house begins where the 9 o’clock would appear. Each house goes in numerical order counterclockwise.

For example, the 2nd house begins where the 8 o’clock would appear, tenth house where the 12 appears, and so on. Therefore, if you’re seeing Scorpio in your 6th house (5 o’clock), then that is the house most affected by the sign of Scorpio.

There are many opinions in the field of astrology about how the houses should be appropriately divided, and there are even interpretation techniques that also involve using the house’s natural sign and ruling planets to get even deeper into understanding one’s chart.

To spare you all these details (but I encourage you to do more studies), below is a simple but unique clarification of how Scorpio can play out in your chart and suggestions of how to work with the energies.

Scorpio in Our Birth Charts: Secrets Unmasked

These examples only skim the surface of the depth Scorpio reveals in the houses, but it’ll give you a good idea of how to work with that investigative Scorpio energy to learn more! Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Get more insights on how to read your birth chart with: The Basics of Reading a Birth Chart

1st House

With Scorpio in your 1st house, you are a mysterious one.

While you might hold the cards into your personality, this doesn’t keep you from learning all you can about others. You love psychology and learning about people’s traits. You are likely the first to pull out a birth chart to figure out who in your group of friends is the most watery sign or which of your co-workers is the ENTJ of the group.

You like to know more about others than just what’s on the surface, but also trust that you can be open with them as well.

2nd House

With Scorpio in your 2nd house, you are very private when it comes to your finances, and have a very “no joking” view when it comes to your work ethic.

You can put such an emphasis on these areas that you tend to freeze when considering any sort of change in the current structure of your daily routines. Allow some time to reflect on where you might be a bit rigid and allow for some more fun and play.

3rd House

Are you a teacher? Or perhaps work in education? If Scorpio falls in this area in your chart, you might be very passionate about education or learning. And if you aren’t, were those grade school years particularly painful and better left in the past? Perhaps if you have siblings are there some secrets associated with them?

While 3rd house manners are varied, maybe you can take a moment to journal on some memories long forgotten and give them the processing they are due.

4th House

You tend to be more private when it involves matters at home with Scorpio in your 4th house. Even if you are friendly with your neighbors, you’re not necessarily gossiping with them daily (unless you have strong Gemini aspects in your chart).

This could also show up in your past.

Was your mother a particularly private individual? Were there secrets kept from you that didn’t come forward until you grew into adulthood? Maybe it’s time to write a letter of forgiveness for anything that happened in the past. Take that note and burn it.

If you’re unable to forgive, it means that a person or situation still has some control over you, and life is too wonderful to hold onto such things!

5th House

The 5th house has to do with children and romance. You may be emboldened by your children or deeply entrenched in a love affair. However, if you have neither in your life right now, no need to fret.

The Scorpio placement here means you are capable of deep passion not only in these sorts of relationships, but also in creativity!

When was the last time you had a playdate with yourself? Whatever creative outlet you have, (and you definitely have one), do not be afraid to devote some attention and time towards it.

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6th House

The 6th house has to do health and service. One of your primary values is to be helpful to others. You will give all your time and attention to a cause or task and not stop advocating until you are completely exhausted.

Consequentially you might not give yourself the rest you deserve.

Make sure to do a look back at the last time you had a doctor’s appointment, or a trip to the gym, or cooked yourself a healthy meal. You’re going to want to make sure to give yourself the TLC you need so you can keep up your passion of giving to others.

7th House

One-on-one partnerships is the essence of the 7th house, particularly partnerships in marriage and long-term commitments. Honesty is very important to you, and you long for that same value to hold strong in your relationships.

This commitment doesn’t have to be just in marriage, but can also be in individual friendships and even in business affairs.

Take time to consider if you’ve been skeptical or not feeling completely settled on an issue. Bring it up to the other person in a loving and non-blaming way. Talking things through and do not suppress them as this will be better for both parties in the long run.

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8th House

The 8th house is historically the house that is ruled by Scorpio, so it is the house that Scorpio fulfills it’s most “Scorpionic” things!

What are those you might ask?

Intimacy, taxes, shared finances, loans… the list goes on. While it may be an extensive list, it is usually regarding topics that are not everyone’s favorite to talk about or share. Perhaps this Scorpio season it’s time for you to do some organizing of your finances? Are you spending too much on credit? Should you consolidate loans? Is it time to plan for a monetary goal with your partner or yourself?

Get these things straight before the end of the year, and your tax return come April will thank you.

9th House

If Scorpio is in your 9th house, you might be a deep thinker. Philosophy and higher learning is associated with this house.

What subjects do you want to learn more on? Is there a particular culture you’d like to experience at a deeper level? Maybe it’s now time for you to set a goal of visiting that place or studying that subject? Take this as your cue to investigate it now.

You can’t keep procrastinating forever!

10th House

Being that the 10th house is one of the more public houses, dealing with one’s reputation and career, the secrets that may be within this sector might be a little bit more anxiety-provoking than others.

Are you hiding anything that you would rather keep out of the limelight? I don’t want to freak you out, but it is worth asking: are you acting out of integrity or are you trying to save face?

11th House

Philanthropy, technology, and the future. You care about doing good for others but make sure you don’t get too ambitious and forget your “why.”

Often with 11th house matters, it can be more about the subject matter and less about the people within the experience. Just make sure there is time for you to check-in with yourself and make sure your heart is really in it.

Make that time to listen to yourself and especially the needs of others.

12th House

Remember what I mentioned earlier about Scorpios being natural shadow workers? Well, this is the house where that shadow work lives.

The 12th house holds deeper spiritual matters.

If Scorpio falls in your 12th house, go deeper and don’t hold back. Ask yourself the things that others may not even want to venture into. You won’t get stuck, but rather you will come out with even greater fortitude!

Now that we’ve uncovered the secrets of Scorpio in your birth chart, it’s time to sit back and reflect. Did anything resonate with you? Do you feel a pull to anything that was mentioned? There are a multitude of different layers and mysterious within every single birth chart, so it’s important to take a look at your own and see what you might be able to find.

Who knows, you might just uncover something magical.

Our Astrology Answers Advisors are highly skilled in many forms of divination, such as reading birth charts, to help you make the most of today, tomorrow, and your future.

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It all sounds so mystical and magical, doesn’t it?

Moon water.

People have harnessed this authentic and potent type of water for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is used for all types of ethereal and magical work, but it is used in various rituals that enhance the power of the individual using it.

So what exactly is it, how can you use it, and how can you make your own Moon water? We’re going to explain all of this and more.

What is Moon Water?

Moon water is water that has been charged and infused with the energy of the Full Moon.

Why the Full Moon?

Well, Full Moon energy is like no other. If you don’t believe it, observe the energy of yourself and those around you during the next Full Moon. Notice how everyone’s a little bit more high-strung than usual? A little bit more emotional? A little bit more … out there?

It is said that our bodies are made up of 70% water. The Moon causes tides on the earth, affecting the flow and ebb of the waves. It is only natural that the Moon should affect us too.

We are watery beings!

In astrology, the Moon represents our emotional and inner self – our emotions are tied in with water. Hence the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are known for their emotional depth. They are also known for their intuitive insight, and this is another reason people use Moon water. Emotions are linked to intuition, and intuition is linked to magic.

You can see why people use Moon water. The Full Moon’s energy is so powerful that it can amplify our own intuition and magical abilities when water is infused under it.

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What Can Moon Water Do for You?

Moon water can…

  • Enhance your intuitive abilities.
  • Aid you in manifestation rituals.
  • Help calm and balance your emotions.
  • Charge crystals that can be cleansed in water.
  • Bring you greater clarity and relaxation (such as when placing a few drops in the bath with you and meditating).

You can even drink Moon water and infuse your body with the wonderful energy of the Full Moon (this is only a good idea if you leave it on your windowsill and not in the garden overnight).

How to Make Moon Water

The following are easy, simple steps for you to make Moon water:

  • On the night of the Full Moon, choose a container of your such as a cup, a glass, or even a mason jar. This is your “vessel.”
  • Fill it with (preferably filtered) water.
  • Place it on your windowsill, which is facing the Full Moon. You can also leave it out overnight if you wish (if it is not too windy or raining!) Cover it with clear wrap.
  • Leave some crystals next to it. If you have a specific goal in mind, such as money, love and relationships, career, or anything else, place crystals specific to your intentions next to it. For example, for love, you could use rose quartz. Also, crystals such as selenite and moonstone are always an excellent idea to leave next to Moon water as these crystals enhance the Full Moon’s rays and strengthen your water’s energy.
  • Say a little thank you to the Full Moon and express your gratitude.
  • Leave it overnight. Then, in the morning, pick your Moon water up – it is ready for you!

2 Moon Water Rituals

Light of the Moon Bathing Ritual

This ritual involves mixing some Moon water with your bath. This particular ritual is excellent for calming and focusing your mind, releasing negative energy, and preparing yourself for a new day.

Remember, after the Full Moon is over, we move into the stage that builds us towards the New Moon.

When doing a Bathing Ritual with your Moon water, time it so that it coincides with each Moon phase’s specific energies. Pour a few drops of Moon water into your bath and get in.

Envisage a white light surrounding you and let the energy of the Moon water absorb into your entire being. Feel your mind relax and imagine negative energy being swallowed by the Moon water. This ritual will leave you feeling spiritually nourished and ready to start a new beginning.

Find out when the next Full Moon is to perform these rituals with our free 2020 astrology calendar.

Intuitive Ability Ritual

This ritual focuses on enhancing your psychic gifts and is best done when you cannot be disturbed.

Dab some Moon water in the middle of both eyebrows where your Third Eye chakra is. This ritual is best done with the crystals merlinite and Preseli bluestone, which are powerful crystals for enhancing psychic ability. Keep these crystals close to you, preferably in your hands or worn around your neck, if possible.

Close your eyes and clear your mind. Play gentle meditation music if it helps to calm you.

Take note of what images freely enter your mind as your conscious mind stops chattering. Be sure to note down these visions as you can then analyze them later on.

Discover How Flowers Work With the Stars & Rituals: Flora & Astrology.

Use Moon Water During the Next Full Moon!

Moon water is a wonderful, magical, and potent water that can aid us in many different ways. It’s so easy to make and yet brings such spectacular benefits.

Of course, belief is crucial. Do you believe in the powers of the Moon? If so, Moon water will be an essential part of your rituals and manifestation moments.

Remember, water is one of the most powerful elements. It runs deep, and its abilities are infinite. It represents everything that exists within our subconscious mind, a place that is vast and mysterious. Just like the Moon card in the Tarot, the Moon up above helps us tap into and understand this mysterious place. Moon water, therefore, helps us navigate the powerful and dark waters of our subconscious mind.

Have you tried Moon water? How did it work for you?

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The holidays are exciting and busy times for most people, but even the happiest of times can come with stress.

We all know the feeling. Will something go wrong during dinner? Did I buy presents for everyone on my list? Did I buy the right decorations? Did I even remember to buy decorations at all?

The list of questions, and the worries, seem truly endless during this time of year. It’s important to engage in a little bit of self-care so that you can tackle these stressors with confidence and ease!

Here’s exactly how to tackle your holiday stress, based on your zodiac sign.

How to Defeat Holiday Stress, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


A certain amount of stress can be good for you, because it keeps you on your toes, Aries.

Aries is ruled by Mars, and like the keywords of your planet, you’re full of action and energy most of the time, even if it is just mental stimulation or emotional energy. What some people find relaxing, you probably find boring.

You can beat the holiday stress by keeping busy, and by staying organized. Make plans so that you don’t have to spend idle time, and always have something in reserve should your original plans fall through. Make sure you are creating lists and schedules so that you have something to reference when you feel like you are falling off track.

Mind your temper, though. When you’re stressed it can get the better of you. As you enjoy being busy, find an enjoyable activity to pursue when things start to get too overwhelming.


As a Taurus you’re a hard worker. In fact, you are often a bit of a paradox, because although you’ve got a great work ethic, you can be prone to laziness, too.

The problem is, when you get stressed, you start to get critical. You’re ruled by Venus, (with its refined tastes and love of harmony), and when that harmony is threatened, you can uncharacteristically lash out.

As an Earth sign, you may find that venturing outside can help you to relax. Take a walk, or indulge in something like a delicious gingerbread cookie. You’ll get far more out of the holidays when you find ways to be at ease with yourself.


You tend to live your life on the edge, and for you, Gemini, anxiety is often a way of life. Even when you’re relaxing, your mind is usually racing, making it hard for you to completely unwind.

You’re great at multi-tasking, but when you do reach your limits, you may say things that you don’t mean. Your tongue can be very sharp when you feel pressured because you’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect.

It is important that you communicate your own needs to your loved ones when you start to feel the holiday stress hit—and remember, not all communication is verbal. Don’t wait for someone to notice that you are feeling “off.” You will feel a million times better by simply letting out your worries.

You may also find that making time for an intellectual pursuit, such as reading or a game that uses your gray matter, may help you keep your stress levels under control.


Ruled by the Moon, you’re likely to wear your heart on your sleeve, because the Moon is associated with your emotions. You love nothing more than to see that everyone else’s needs are met, often to the detriment of your own interests, Cancer.

As a natural caregiver, you can handle a lot, but you do have your breaking point. Make sure that you don’t reach it by taking care of yourself. If you are not the best “you” that you can be, then you can’t be the best to others, either.

The main thing you can do to help keep holiday stress at bay is to recognize that you’re naturally emotional, and work on ways to stay in control of situations that are adversely affecting you. Above all, don’t let others impose on you. The word “no” is in your vocabulary, and you’re allowed to use it.


You’re generally optimistic and gregarious, and you never want to let anyone down, or make them feel unhappy. Your ruling planet is, in fact, the Sun!

The issue for you, dear Leo, is that you are a great actor, and you will be the life and soul of the party even though you are struggling inside. That doesn’t bode well for keeping your stress levels in check.

There are going to be times when you need to let down that masquerade, and be who you truly are. When that point comes, try to find a way to pamper yourself a bit. A massage, a trip to the hair stylist, or a night out watching stand-up comedy can help you unwind and find your joy again.

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Much like Gemini, you’re going to be “on the go” in some way during most of your day. This is because you are both ruled by Mercury, Virgo.

While you have an active mind, you are an Earth sign, so that “nervous” energy may manifest in a very different way for you. You may comfort eat when you’re stressed, and that can add more stress, both to your body and your mood.

One of the things you can do to try to relax under pressure is to learn to delegate. You don’t have to control every little detail of every situation—even though you’d like to! The world won’t fall apart if you ask Aunt Sally to cook the turkey this year so you have some extra time to do other things on your holiday list.

Make time for yourself, and indulge yourself in whatever your mind appreciates as a means of staying on top of the holiday season.


Indecision is likely to be your main nemesis when it comes to keeping your cool over the festivities, Libra.

If anything is going to stress you out more than not being able to make up your mind, it will be people trying to make up your mind for you. When it comes to this holiday season, stand your ground and don’t let others boss you around. Like Taurus, you are ruled by Venus, and you like to keep the peace. Just make sure that in doing so, you’re not sacrificing your own happiness.

One of your skills is that of a mediator. Don’t hesitate to bring that into situations where friction may start to develop. Speaking your mind (like saying no to that fifth holiday party you were invited to) is one of the ways where you can feel both productive and resolved during the hustle and bustle of this season.


Your feelings naturally run high, and you are passionate in every sense of the word, Scorpio.

When you start to feel overwhelmed, that passion can become heated, and angry. It’s one thing to take make sure that everyone has a good time, but it’s another thing to let this rule your life and your moods. The best way that you can stay centered is not to overstretch or over-commit yourself.

Take on a few tasks that you really want to do, and throw yourself into them wholeheartedly. Like your ruling planet, Pluto, yours is the realm of depth and profundity. When you stay in your depth, you can do great things. Should you find that you have overstretched yourself, then a quick change of scene should help you to recharge your batteries.


If anything is going to stress you out, it is a threat to your personal freedom, Sagittarius.

You hate feeling restricted or confined in any way. Like your ruling planet Jupiter, you are expansive and expressive, and you start to bristle when you’re not allowed to be who you are. Compromise is going to be to your advantage when it comes to surviving the holidays.

You cannot always have your way, nor all of the attention, so resign yourself to this and don’t pout. Should you start to feel penned in—either by too many people or too many events—get away from it all and enjoy your own company.

As much as you like your freedom, you may find somewhere lofty or expansive where you can relax and put things back into perspective would serve you well.


No one can play a better Scrooge than a Capricorn, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Someone has to put things into perspective, like telling others to eat their vegetables or to wear their winter coats, and it may as well be you.

Ruled by Saturn, you’re naturally disciplined, and cautious, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let that control your holiday. Abrupt changes of plans are likely to be the things that stress you the most, but try to go with the flow.

When you can find adaptability, and not take things so seriously, then you stand a better chance of enjoying yourself—and we know that Capricorns do have a wicked sense of humor once they feel secure enough to let it show. Try to loosen your grip on things so that you can take everything in your stride.


You often come off as cold and aloof, but it’s because you are trying to hide how very restless you are, Aquarius.

Ruled by Uranus, you’ve gotten used to changing your mind and your interests frequently. As an Air sign, you live very much in your thoughts, and it can be hard for you to switch them off. To keep your cool, you need to learn how to quiet your mind, and to do that, you may have to downsize and prioritize a bit.

Only commit yourself to things that are important, and plan ahead so that you have time to do what calms you, rather than what everyone wants you to do this holiday season. You might find a meditative activity, such as yoga or Tai Chi, beneficial for your relaxation.


You feel things very deeply, and frequently take things to heart, Pisces. It would be too easy for you to play the martyr when things go wrong, and you need to guard against this if you want to enjoy yourself.

Neptune is your ruling planet; yours is the realm of dreams, illusions, wishes, and fantasies. You repeatedly imagine things as worse than they are.

For you to cope with everything, make sure that you have some time for escapism with a book, a movie, or some other means of “getting away from it all.”

Have Fun this Holiday Season

Of course, your Sun sign is only part of who you are, and if you know your Rising sign or your Moon sign, you should take those into consideration when figuring out how to de-stress as well.

There’s a way of coping for everyone. Once you know where your trigger factors are, it is easier to learn how to deal with them, and feel more relaxed during this busy time. Make sure that you are putting energy into taking care of yourself.

Happy holidays to you all! What is your favorite way to unwind from the holiday frazzle?

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*Editors’ Note: This article was originally published in 2014, and has since been updated for better accuracy.

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New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! Are you celebrating by throwing a party or planning an event to ring in the new year?

Your zodiac sign can actually influence quite a few different things in you life, even a favorite cocktail. Why not captivate your guests by guessing what type of drink might appeal to their senses (if you don’t know their zodiac sign, just ask!), or whip something new and creative up for yourself to try at home?

Toast to the new year by trying something deliciously unique based on astrological influences. Here’s your ultimate mixology guide for your next New Year’s Eve event.

Your New Years’ Eve Cocktail, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Moscow Mule

Aries is a Fire sign which means anyone who falls under this sign is active, dynamic, and bursting full of energy. An Aries will do everything with gusto, and to the absolute best of their ability. Aries would love a drink that matches their feisty energy levels.

Why not mix them a Moscow Mule? It’s bracing, refreshing, and with a bit of a kick to appeal to the Aries in your life.

How to Make a Moscow Mule

  • 2 oz. vodka
  • 3 oz. ginger beer (not ginger ale)
  • Half of a fresh lime, juiced
  • Pour all ingredients over ice into a highball glass and garnish with a lime wheel

Taurus: Hot Toddy

Taureans are loyal, dependable, and don’t do anything in a hurry. They love the finer things in life and enjoy that bit of luxury when they can.

A slow and luxurious cocktail is the way to warm their heart. Mulled wine, a good brandy, or perhaps a good old-fashioned Hot Toddy would do the trick to tempt Taurus’s heart.

How to Make a Hot Toddy

  • 8 oz. hot water
  • 1 oz. honey
  • 2 oz. good bourbon
  • Pinch of ginger
  • Melt the honey into the hot water then add the bourbon and ginger
  • Garnish with a lemon wheel

Gemini: Sicilian Kiss

The sign of the Twins is likely to get into mischief with their merriment. Gemini may be a bit impulsive when it comes to beverages, and something new and unusual is liable to pique their curiosity.

Go for the really unique with a Sicilian Kiss. With only two ingredients, it will surely appeal to the nature of a Gemini.

How to Make a Sicilian Kiss

  • 1 oz. shot Amaretto
  • 1 oz. shot Southern Comfort
  • Pour over ice

Cancer: South Shore Sangria

Cancers are quite emotional when it comes to the zodiac signs. Ruled by the Moon, they are intuitive and will absorb the mood of the room like a sponge.

They might feel at home with a traditional mint julep, a Tropical Blue Hawaii, or a more adventurous South Shore Sangria?

How to Make a South Shore Sangria

  • 2 oz. champagne or sparkling white wine
  • ½ oz. red wine
  • 1 oz. Amaretto
  • 1 oz. Triple Sec or Cointreau
  • 1 oz. orange juice
  • 1 oz. pineapple juice
  • Slices of lemon, lime, and orange
  • Place a wheel of lemon, lime, and orange in the bottom of a highball glass and add ice
  • Add the liqueurs and then the fruit juices and stir
  • Fill the glass ¾ with sparkling wine and then top up with red wine
  • Garnish with a slice of citrus

Leo: 57 Chevy

Leos are known for their sociability and charm. They’re generous, gregarious, and charming, even if they do get a touch egotistical now and again.

Ruled by the Sun, they need a warm and glowing drink to match their engaging personality. Choose something colorful that demands attention, like a Tequila Sunrise, Harvey Wallbanger, or the unusual 57 Chevy.

How to Make a 57 Chevy

  • 1 oz. Southern Comfort
  • 1 oz. gin
  • 1 oz. orange juice
  • 1 oz. pineapple juice
  • Dash of grenadine
  • Blend all the ingredients and pour over ice
  • Garnish with a sprig mint

Virgo: El Presidente

Virgos is an Earth sign.They are known both for their interests in health and their fondness of convention. It may be hard for them to break out of the vodka and cranberry juice or cosmopolitan niche.

Allow them to loosen their collected and polished exterior a bit. Look for cocktails that are fruity and interesting, such as an El Presidente.

How to Make an El Presidente

  • 1 ½ oz. white rum
  • ¾ oz. Vermouth
  • ¾ oz. Orange Curacao
  • Splash of grenadine
  • Shake all ingredients and pour over ice
  • Garnish with a cherry or orange wheel

Libra: Green Ghost

Librans are Air signs and quite peaceful as they keep things balanced and harmonious. This same energy applies to their New Year’s cocktail, too. Look for a mix of sweet and sour to bring out intrigue and delight in the drink.

A cocktail like a Whiskey Sour or Tom Collins could be a great choice. We recommend a Green Ghost. It’s a little sweet, a little spicy, and the color! It’s nearly perfect.

How to Make a Green Ghost

  • 2 oz. gin
  • 2 oz. Chartreuse
  • ½ oz. of freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Mix ingredients in a shaker with crushed ice
  • Strain into a martini glass

Scorpio: Purple Rain

Deep and mysterious, Scorpio is the passionate observer of the zodiac signs. Scorpio may not be the life and soul of the party, but they’re not going to miss a trick.

Drinks that are as dark and enigmatic as they are will certainly enhance the mood. Try something made with a black vodka or dark rum. A Purple Rain cocktail appeals to a Scorpio’s depth and magic.

How to Make a Purple Rain

  • 1 oz. vodka
  • 1 oz. Blue Curacao
  • 1 oz. cranberry juice
  • Moisten the rim of the glass and dip in sugar
  • Pour drink into the glass
  • Decorate with a lemon curl

Sagittarius: 12 Mile Limit

Sagittarians are known for their outgoing personality and sense of adventure. They may have tried all the cocktails on the menu, including the Screaming Orgasm and B52 shots.

Why not be impulsive and give them something different this New Year? Forget the Long Island tea, go for a 12 Mile Limit.

How to Make a 12 Mile Limit

  • ½ oz. white rum
  • ½ oz. rye whiskey
  • ½ oz. Brandy
  • ½ oz. Grenadine
  • ½ oz. fresh lemon juice
  • Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice
  • Strain and serve with the lemon garnish

Capricorn: Electric Lemonade

Capricorns are known for their love of security and the familiar. It’s hard to get them to break out of the mold and let them try something different for a change.

Forget the rum and coke and be a bit more outgoing for this drink choice. Be daring and mix them up Electric Lemonade. It’s more down-to-earth than it sounds!

How to Make an Electric Lemonade

  • 1 ½ oz. vodka
  • 1 ½ oz. orange juice
  • ¾ oz. Blue Curacao
  • Shake over crushed ice in a cocktail shaker
  • Garnish with a slice of lime

Aquarius: Blue Mist

Restless and cerebral, Aquarians aren’t likely to stick with one thing for too long. Aquarius is witty and rebellious, and you may find that this applies to their drinks as well as their outlook on life.

This sign needs something stimulating and unusual. Try a cocktail that is quirky, such as a Vancouver, an Atlantic, or perhaps something enigmatic and cool like a Blue Mist.

How to Make a Blue Mist

  • 1 oz. vodka
  • 1 oz. Cointreau
  • 1 oz. lemon / lime soda, such as 7-up or Sprite
  • Pour all ingredients over ice and give a gentle stir
  • Garnish the glass with a slice of lime

Pisces: Sea Mist

Ruled by Neptune and the sea, Pisces is a Water sign. Pisces is drawn to wishes and fantasies. Why should their drinks be any different? The more fanciful and romantic, the more they are likely to appeal to them.

Try highballs, fizzes, or perhaps the beautifully hazy Sea Mist.

How to Make a Sea Mist

  • 1 oz. coconut rum
  • 1 oz. Triple Sec
  • A splash of Blue Curacao
  • Pour over plenty of ice
  • Add a cocktail cherry for garnish

The world of cocktails is a multitude of mixtures, with new ones being tried and tested every day. Never be afraid to experiment and try something a bit different. Especially now that you know an astrological guide to cosmic cocktails does have a foundation in the stars.

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*Editors’ Note: This article was originally published in 2016, and has been updated.

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Go into any metaphysical shop and you’ll see crystals everywhere! Small or large, tumbled, raw or carved, and so many different colors! They’re very pretty to look at, but what do they actually do?

With all the vast selection of stones on the market, what ones do you truly need? Here’s our shortlist of the 7 must-have healing crystals to add to your collection. If you’ve got these stones at hand, you should be able to focus on any area of your body, and work with it to create a healing environment.

Crystals are far more than just pretty things to gaze at! They have immense healing powers and, when used correctly, can help transform our lives in ways we may never have dreamed.

What Are the Benefits of Crystals?

There are so many benefits of crystals for everyday life and for your life purpose. They enhance your dream life, enabling you to remember and analyze your dreams effectively, even controlling them to a degree.

They heighten your psychic abilities.

We all have psychic ability, but whether these abilities are activated is another story. Crystals can help open your Third Eye chakra and enhance gifts such as clairvoyance, clairsentience and many more. People are usually especially gifted in one or two types of psychic ability in particular – crystals can help you realize which are yours!

They are fabulous at increasing your work productivity.

When you feel in a slump due to work, just wear a crystal or carry one around with you and it’ll be like having your own Santa’s Little helper to help you get the job done.

They are also wonderful for protection.

Crystals such as black tourmaline and black obsidian (in fact, most of the black crystals) can protect you from negative energies and harmful thoughts that others direct towards you. They can also keep you grounded, which is especially important if you do a lot of spiritual work.

Crystals can help you attract more money…

…which is one of their most useful attributes for the physical world! Green crystals such as jade and aventurine are especially good for this and they are particularly good to use during manifestation rituals between the New Moon and Full Moon.

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What About Healing Crystals?

While crystals can be used for a variety of things, one of their most potent uses is their ability to heal. This can be spiritual healing, emotional healing, physical healing or mental healing. A healing crystal is especially powerful because it is working with your energy at several different levels, identifying the issue and using its magic to help heal you.

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But there are so many crystals! How do you know which ones are right for you?

Below is a list of 7 crystals which are known as the ‘essentials’. They’re a bit like the hand sanitizer you keep in your bag or the emergency $20 bill in your purse. They’re the ones that are a must-have among the crystal world because their healing abilities work for the 7 chakras in the body, they are not difficult to find in any crystal store and they are easy to work with.

Hematite – Root Chakra

Hematite is an amazing stone for grounding energies and allowing you to repel negative energy that might cause disease in the body. It’s a very earthy stone, made from iron—and of course, you’ve got iron in your body, too.

Hematite’s energy is calming and protective. It helps you to stay in control of situations in your life, while at the same time removing obstacles that are preventing you from improving your circumstances. It’s a great stone to carry if you work in an environment where there’s a lot of electronic technology.

Hematite is associated with the Root chakra, the energy center located at the base of your spine. It rules what you need to survive.

When your Root chakra is out of balance, you’ll feel out of harmony with your life. It’s easy to panic and find things to fear. You hold grudges from the past. Your temper may be short.

When your Root chakra is balanced, the harmony and the joy in your life are restored. Your vitality is strong, and you don’t fear what might happen. You find it easy to let go of the past and enjoy the present. Overall you’re contented.

To use hematite to tune up your Root chakra, hold it in your non-dominant hand and hum or chant the musical note of C. Don’t take your good health for granted. Look after your body’s physical needs, and hematite will help your energy to stay positive and productive.

Carnelian – Sacral Chakra

Carnelian is a translucent form of quartz, and comes in every shade of fire from the palest peach to the deepest scarlet. It’s a stone of life and vitality. It’s energy is bold and brings courage and determination.

Carnelian is a great motivator. It adds an energy boost to your plans so you’re more dedicated to making them happen, and are more alert and focused when it comes to attaining your goals. It enables you to see what is realistic and what is far-fetched, and helps you fend off naysayers who would try to deter you from your success.

Carnelian is associated with the Sacral chakra, the energy center located just below your belly button. It relates to your emotions and your moods.

When your Sacral chakra isn’t aligned, you’ll feel out of sorts, perhaps with nervous energy. Intimacy with others becomes a problem. You lose interest in your physical well being.

When your Sacral chakra is balanced, you have a healthy attitude towards sex. You neither avoid nor demand attention. Your confidence is high, but not arrogant. You’re happy with your life.

To use carnelian to bring your Sacral chakra back into balance, hold it in your non-dominant hand, and sing or chant the music note of D. You might even want to chant what you truly want in life, so that it resonates with your energy on a soul level. Then go play or do something spontaneous. Let your creativity bring you your heart’s desires.

Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra

Citrine is another form of quartz, resonating with your inner child. Neglecting your inner child and taking life too seriously opens the door for stress and illness.

Citrine is best when it is a natural stone, rather than citrine that has been created by heating quartz to high temperatures. This stone promotes creativity and imagination, and encourages new beginnings.

Citrine resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra. This is sometimes called the navel chakra, and it is located between your belly button and your rib cage. It aligns with your spiritual growth, tenets, and opinions.

When this chakra is out of balance, it’s easy to feel self-conscious. You’ll judge others, and criticize yourself, becoming bitter and frustrated with your life and where it’s going.

When your Solar Plexus chakra is aligned, you’re happy. You are able to reflect on and rejoice in what you have achieved. You don’t let the opinions of others control your happiness. There’s no need for you to criticize others.

It’s very easy to use citrine—particularly a natural citrine point—as a healing stone. Simply hold it over your navel, and sing or chant the music note of E. Eat lots of fresh healthy yellow foods, and get out in the sunlight and enjoy yourself.

Rose Quartz – Heart Chakra

Obviously, this is another form of quartz, this time in a beautiful pink. It comes in hues from the palest pastel to the deepest rose, and is either translucent or opaque. It’s called ‘the heart stone,’ or ‘the love stone,’ and has been given as a token of affection for more than 2,000 years.

Rose quartz is one of the gentlest stones, but don’t take that for it not being important. It’s a powerful nurturing stone. It’s also a protective stone, said to safeguard someone who carries it against gossip and slander.

Rose quartz is associated with the Heart chakra. This is located in the center of your chest, next to your physical heart. It helps you to learn understanding, compassion, and forgiveness.

When the Heart chakra is out of balance, it’s easy to feel heartbroken, to hold grudges, and to become a doormat to other people. You’re discontent with your life, becoming indifferent to the needs of others, and perhaps selfish or preoccupied.

When this chakra is functioning optimally, you’ll be satisfied with how things are unfolding. You’ll have time for people and be able to help them without compromising your own needs and desires. You take responsibility for your words and deeds.

It’s possible to use any rose quartz as a healing stone. Hold it in your non-dominant hand, over your chest, and envision its pure pink energy filling you with unconditional love. Hum or chant the music note F. Allow yourself to let go of the past. Forgive your own faults, as well as others who have made mistakes.

Sodalite – Throat Chakra

Sodalite’s name comes because of the high amount of sodium it contains. Richly blue in color, with flecks of white calcite, it is considered a lucky stone, and is helpful when dealing with business negotiations, or relationship issues.

Sodalite is a wonderfully cleansing stone, too. Use it when there are obstacles in your life that need removing, so that you can get going forward once again. Some people call this ‘the poet’s stone,’ because it is associated with self-expression.

It’s no surprise, then, that this stone is associated with the Throat chakra, the energy center located right where you’d think, in your throat. It governs all means of communication and exchanges with other people—listening, as well as speaking.

When the Throat chakra is out of balance, you’ll have trouble being heard. Maybe you think no one is paying attention to you. You feel overlooked, or maybe you’re overlooking others. Your self-expression is weak.

When this chakra is functioning well, you know when to speak and when to listen. Your body language is open and honest, and your creativity is strong. You’re confident in what you want to express, and you get your point across easily.

To use sodalite as a healing stone, place it over your throat around your larynx. Practice speaking clearly and concisely, so that you don’t waste your words. Sing, hum or chant on the music note G. Take time to really listen to what others have to say.

Amethyst – Third Eye Chakra

Amethyst is another member of the quartz family, its color range starts with the palest lilac and goes to the deepest and darkest of purples. In its raw state, it forms in points, from tiny clusters in the druse, to huge natural termination. Sometimes it even forms amethyst and citrine in the same point, to be called ‘ametrine,’ but be careful; many such stones on the market have been artificially heat-treated.

This is one of the most gentle healing stones out there, but don’t let its soothing properties fool you. Its strength lies in its tenderness. It’s known as the ‘all healer,’ and encourages healing in a multitude of ways. It is known to enhance wisdom and promote greater awareness.

Amethyst—particularly the darker stones—is a Third Eye chakra crystal. It’s easy to tell when this chakra is imbalanced. You jump to all kinds of conclusions. You’re gullible, believing what you want to hear, whether it’s the truth or not. Narcissism and unrealistic expectations are not uncommon.

When this chakra is balanced, you feel balanced. Your goals are realistic and you know the truth between fantasy and illusion. You don’t form unhealthy attachments to situations or people. You’re content with how things are unfolding.

This is possibly the most difficult chakra to keep aligned, and amethyst is a fantastic stone to assist you. Hold it in your non-dominant hand, and point it between your eyes, right at the bridge of your nose. Hum the music note A, and learn to discern the difference between fact and fantasy.

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Lepidolite – Crown Chakra

Lepidolite may not be the most popular healing crystal, but don’t let that deter you from using it. It’s a beautiful lavender form of mica. It’s a soft stone—as opposed to the hardness of diamonds, for instance—and that softness is what makes it such a useful healing stone.

Lepidolite helps to clear away the stress that modern life brings. It encourages self-expression and creativity. When you’re seeking to write the book of your life, to find your heart’s desires and manifest your bliss, call on lepidolite as an ally.

Lepidolite is a Crown chakra crystal, which, when imbalanced, can make you feel separated from the rest of your life. You don’t find any joy in leisure pursuits or spiritual practices and take things far too seriously, feeling that you’re elite or above everyone else in some way.

When this chakra is functioning at its optimum, you’ll see clearly where you want to go and the best route to reach your goals. You have a strong sense of self identity, and don’t worry about the opinions of others. You are optimistic, and not worried about your life.

To use Lepidolite as a healing stone, hold it at the top of your head. Focus on clearing your thoughts, and hum or chant the music note of B. Lepidolite is amazing for helping you find your purpose in life, the place where you resonate on a positive vibration with your surroundings. It is also a strong stone for healing through loss or grief.

Make It Happen!

It’s easy to do an overall tune-up using crystal healing, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it, either. First, hum or chant the music scale. Think of the ‘do-re-mi’ song, if you like, or chant your own words.

Next, pick up your 7 healing stones, and gently toss them onto a soft surface. Did any particular stone stick out from the others? Where is your attention drawn? That is the stone that is showing you where you need an extra boost of healing.

Pick up that stone, and hold it over the relevant chakra. You can chant again, if you wish. Focus on that area being healthy and balanced. Trust the stone to do its work.

Finally, pick up all the stones, starting with hematite and ending with lepidolite, and put them away one by one. As you do, envision the healing energy from each stone pouring into your body and resonating through your life.

If you practice this every day, you’ll find that your life becomes more organized, you feel more content and in harmony with your environment and the people in it, and you’ll have more energy and interest to reach out and achieve your goals.

Use Crystals to Enhance Your Daily Routine – and to Create New Ones!

These are some of the best crystals for positive energy and the best crystals to wear every day, helping to raise your vibrations and attract positivity into your life. Life is for living, and crystal healing most certainly enhances it!

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Welcome to your astrology forecast for the week of August 10 – August 16 spiritual warriors!

Uranus Goes Retrograde

The main event to be aware of in this week’s astrology overview is the planet Uranus turning retrograde in the Earth sign of Taurus on Saturday. Uranus helps awaken us to the truth, truths that are deep within us, and those we are ignoring about the role we should be playing to be a responsible citizen.

If you’ve felt like your mind has been a broken record, this shift will help change the tune.

Usually, this energy will compel you to get out of a rut by helping you see innovative ideas, and awakening you to where you have been sitting on the sidelines in your own life. This will help you take action, change your long-term trajectory towards something exciting, and finally feel the electricity in your feet to move as you see the old patterns that have been playing over and over in your mind.

Leo Energy is Heightened!

August astrology 2020 may be the most transforming month of the retrograde season because we are confident with the Leo Sun, and with Mercury moving through confident Leo helping us speak our minds.

You’ll notice yourself stepping into a new chapter, likely based on changes or realizations you made last week during the Full Moon.

We also have a waning Moon this week, making it a great time to follow up on details and get organized as we move away from the highly energetic Full Moon in brave Aquarius.

Love Is In the Stars…

When it comes to love, you can bet people will be finally going for what they want. Uranus retrograde allows us to get clear with what we truly want, and with Venus having transitioned into Cancer last week, we are going to see lots of people opening up to love and new relationships.

When we finally decide to be the most authentic version of ourselves, we allow ourselves to feel better and attract positive relationships as well. This new energy will help us do just that.

The Moon starts out in flirtatious Aries, moves into romantic Taurus, spends a few days in chatty Gemini, and then finishing the week in loving Cancer making it an excellent few days for love!

What else can you expect this week from the stars?

The theme this week is that you feel like you’re getting a wake-up call from Uranus retrograde. You’re feeling ready to really make this new vision happen.

We can expect the global arena to still be going through some changes this month, and the months to come. When Uranus stations retrograde, we will likely see people having to confront how their actions are affecting others, which ultimately presents the opportunity for change.

This can happen individually and collectively. We might see some odd declarations in the news as a result as if things aren’t already odd enough!

Planetary Locations During August 10 – August 16, 2020

Sun: Leo (July 22 – August 22)

Mercury: Leo (August 4, 2020 – August 19, 2020)

Venus: Cancer (August 7, 2020 – September 6, 2020)

Mars: Aries (June 27, 2020 – January 6, 2021)

Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)

Saturn: Capricorn (July 1, 2020 – December 17, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)

Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for August 10 – August 16, 2020

Monday, August 10

Sun: Leo – Big and bold are the themes under this influence, which means people are wearing bright colors, like a bird showing its feathers in a mating ritual.

We are also feeling more energetic, which allows us to do more things that bring us joy, instead of just barely getting through our responsibilities.

Moon: Aries – Please think before you speak! You might just put your foot in your mouth when both the Sun and Moon are in a Fire sign.

We may feel like we need everything to happen right away, so give yourself a chance to take a few deep breaths. Channel this energy into one simple step you can take to get closer to your goal.

Tuesday, August 11

Sun: Leo

Moon: Taurus – This energy helps you stop and smell the roses, literally and metaphorically. If you’ve been pushing towards your goals, allow this energy to help you take a break and enjoy things as they unfold.

Taurus helps us to remember to enjoy the journey.

Wednesday, August 12

Sun: Leo

Moon: Taurus

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Thursday, August 13

Sun: Leo

Moon: Taurus

Transit: Mars in Aries (square) Pluto in Capricorn. Oof. This can feel like heavy energy when it comes to people who don’t support our passions, or obstacles in our own minds we need to face. But when we do face it head-on to move forward, we will find that peace comes from trusting our heart’s guidance.

Don’t let people try to pick a fight over beliefs with you unless you’re looking for a dual.

Friday, August 14

Sun: Leo

Moon: Gemini – You could find yourself having conversations everywhere you go today, which is a nice break from the isolation we may have been feeling due to the global situation. Even if you’re home social distancing, you’ll likely connect with people online or on the phone.

Saturday, August 15

Sun: Leo

Moon: Gemini

Transit: Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus. This transit lasts until January 14, 2021. We may wake up to the way we want to live our life when something unexpectedly calls our attention to it.

The truth will be revealed, and our ego will not be able to rule our subconscious under this influence. We will likely evolve spiritually over the next four to five months.

Sunday, August 16

Sun: Leo

Moon: Cancer – Be careful not to start blaming people for the way you’re feeling today. Take time to meditate, and set your intention to fill yourself with loving positive energy.

Detach from any negative thoughts that might feel strong because of a Cancer Moon.

Transit: Sun in Leo (trine) Mars in Aries. This is a fun, harmonious energy bringing more focus on our deepest passions. If you had placed your passion project on the back-burner, you’ll probably want to make it more of a priority under this influence.

People will likely be really outgoing, friendly, and looking for love as well.

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Good omens from the Universe come in many forms. Maybe you’ve just seen a rainbow, a dove, or a $20 bill lying at your feet on the sidewalk — but have you considered what good omens may be a little less obvious, and yet are still foretelling your good fortune?

The number 8 in the Tarot is like this kind of omen; it is often a diamond in the rough, even if it appears to be dull and unpleasant at first glance. While you may not have initially seen the light at the end of the tunnel when an 8 appears in your Tarot spread, it may be time to take another glance to find its good fortune.

Explore the 8’s of the Tarot with us today below, and pick up a fresh perspective on what your 8’s of your Tarot deck are trying to tell you!

What Does an 8 Represent in the Tarot?

Right before the mysterious 8 comes the tumultuous 7 of the Tarot, which we know to explore themes like obstacles and challenges. It is only fitting that following this difficult number, we come across themes of mastery, accomplishment, and the final challenges before we reach the gold at the end of the rainbow.

This is why in the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the 8 is often represented by Strength, a card of hope, inner and outer willpower, grit, and balance. The card represents what it will take for you to get to your destination, but assures you that the resources you will need are already very much inside you.

And so, while each 8 of the Minor Arcana at first glance may appear to offer more challenges, seeing these cards is really an indication that you’re ready to take the next big step towards greatness. Consider it a blessing in disguise!

Life Path 8

The ideas of mastery, responsibility, and completion aren’t just seen among the Tarot, but are additionally relevant to those who fall under Life Path 8. They are practical visionaries — people with a plan who know how to put it into action, and often come into great financial success because of it!

Don’t know what your Life Path Number is? Find out with our free Life Path Number Calculator.

As true workhorses and dedicated souls, people who resonate with the calling of Life Path 8 understand how to put everything that they’ve learned from the past into practical usage for the present and future. This lines up perfectly well with the challenge that the 8 in the Tarot demands, as the stakes are high when we know blessings are on the horizon for us.

Keep this calling in mind as we explore the Minor Arcana of the Tarot, as all is connected!

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The 8’s of Tarot Through Each Suit

You know now that your Tarot deck is secretly offering you a blessing in disguise when it presents you an 8. Now it’s time to break down how this can manifest differently from suit to suit, and what exact themes and challenges you are meant to be mastering.

8 of Wands

The suit of Wands is one of power, passion, and the fiery energy that is often well-encapsulated by fellow Fire signs of the zodiac (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius). So far, it is a suit that has wrestled with problems of willpower, speed, and creative self-expression.

The 8 of Wands itself is a card of quick communication and speedy surprises. Perhaps someone is reaching out to you, or you are considering reaching out to others. Perhaps everything is coming together so fast that you’re afraid to blink.

As it falls under such a fiery and dramatic suit, it is no surprise that the 8 of Wands is a challenge of haste, and how you assert yourself to others.

8 of Swords

We know that the suit of Swords explores some intense themes of tragedy, loss, mental battles, and heartbreak — thus, it is only fitting that the ultimate challenge for this suit is primarily an internal one.

The 8 of Swords indicates that you may feel restricted, blind, and confused by your present situation. Whatever the issue, however, many of these ties and binds are typically created from within. With a clear head, open mind, and your wit and smarts that carried you through the rest of this difficult suit, this is a battle that can be easily won.

8 of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles is the suit of practical matters, logic, finance, and material and monetary values. Thus far, it has explored the difficulties of sharing, keeping, and acquiring resources, and portrayed the journey that it can take in order to achieve the material comforts and abundance we often desire.

By the time that you reach the 8 of Pentacles, much of the hard work has actually already been done!

The planning, obstacles, and complications of give and take are already behind you in the previous numbers of the suit, and now all that is left is to put your plan into action and do the work that you’ve been waiting to do.

No excuses! The path has been paved, and all that is needed now with this card is your work ethic. Abundance soon follows!

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8 of Cups

Romance, love, relationships of all kind, matters of the heart, and spirituality are the main contenders for what the suit of Cups both challenges and blesses you with.

As a result, meeting the 8 of Cups is a challenge of your own independence, inner voice and intuition, and the ability to move forward from situations that emotionally wounded you — and sometimes even blindsided you completely. This card is a true leap of faith in believing that by moving on blindly, you will find love and happiness in whatever path you choose.

It is the ultimate act of self-love, but also the act of belief in yourself and the Universe’s power to bring you the love you need as your trudge on.

To summarize…

It might be hard to see where the Universe, or even just a simple 8 in your Tarot spread, is trying to pave the path to positivity and happiness. But the 8 reminds us that not only is there a light at the end of the tunnel, but that we also have all of the resources needed in order to find it.

The blessing is the reminder that you are capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to, as well as the fact that you’re almost done with the suit at hand!

Need a reminder on what you’ve learned leading up to the 8?

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When we talk about why people have pets, a number of things come up. Companionship is usually the first. Others may feel it is their duty to save a stray, or have a pet for protection. The reasons are truly endless, but for the most part, anyone with a pet is indeed an animal lover.

In today’s article, we will be looking into which pet suits each zodiac sign. While we can look to our Sun sign to figure out which pet might be ideal, we can get an even more accurate read on pet compatibility by looking to the 11th house. This is the astrological house of friendship! This house looks into where we belong, what we surround ourselves with, and even how how we choose to interact socially – all of which line up with pet ownership.

Let’s dive into the best pet for your zodiac sign!

The Best Pet For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Beagle

For an Aries, they need a pet that is fun-loving and easy to train. When choosing a dog an Aries would likely prefer one that is independent, a dog that likes to go on lots of walks and adventures.

That being said, any trainable pet will bring a lot of satisfaction to your life if you have other influences in your chart that foster patience and leadership.

It is for this reason, dogs like Beagles or Italian Greyhounds are usually the ultimate pet for an Aries: clever, independent, brave, but eager to learn. They offer everything an Aries needs.

Taurus: Pig

Pigs are both intelligent and independent in a way to goes really well with the Taurus lifestyle. Taurus is grounded and the ultimate homebody, which means they enjoy talking to their pets even more than people. A fantastic potential pet owner indeed!

You have a natural ability with animals, so almost anything you choose will likely be satisfying. This is why Taurus is an absolute natural with animals like livestock, particularly, cows. Of course, a cow isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea.

A small pig will do just fine as a halfway point between a cat and a dog (you’ll thank us later!).

Gemini: Rabbit

For Gemini, a pet is part of the family and as such, you might prefer pets that act and feel the same way. Dogs are what many would assume is an obvious choice, but rabbits are actually much more in tune with Gemini energy.

Rabbits are highly intelligent, social, and affectionate with a slight tendency to be a little bratty and vengeful. They also require someone who can work to understand their complex personalities, something that chatty, charismatic Gemini is up to the task for.

In this environment filled with Gemini love, a rabbit would be fulfilled in all the ways they need, and Gemini would get someone to talk to about their dreams. It’s a win-win.

Cancer: Siamese Cat

Since Sagittarius is the dominant influence in a Cancer’s zone of pets, some people believe that the love of freedom doesn’t lend itself well to pet ownership – but this could not be further from the truth.

Instead, this zodiac sign loves to have pets roam around the house freely, and is also very much of the mindset that pets are family and should be treated as such. Siamese cats are a fantastic pet for Cancer natives.

Leo: Persian Cat

You know that Leo is going to want an animal that they can show off! Leo will typically opt for pets that you can not only spoil, but also pets that they can be proud of when taking them around the town.

A Leo wants nothing but the best for their pet. So, a pet they can pamper makes the most sense. A real princess of a Persian cat, or even the hairless sphinx would do the trick.

Virgo: Turtle or Tortoise

Aquarius influences the pet zone for Virgos, and this means you may prefer more exotic “out there” pets. You’d probably also prefer very independent pets that are a little bit more your speed.

For neat-freak Virgo, a turtle or tortoise is small, quiet, clean, and easy to care for. With a tidy, proper environment the love between a Virgo and their little shelled friend will be an unbreakable bond.

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Libra: Fish

Pisces rules Libra’s pet zone, and you probably know what that means: Fish. You may enjoy a big koi garden outside with beautiful, flashy orange fish and loads of plant life, or a big saltwater aquarium in your living room.

If you did want to go for something with a bit more fur, you would likely not care about status or lineage: no pedigrees needed for you. You would simply fall in love with your pet, and form a bond that would last a lifetime.

More than likely, just as you do with people, you would have a home full of strays that you could save.

Scorpio: Ferret

Aries is a big influence on with Scorpio here, and that means you can take on pets that really are challenging. You generally prefer pets that are very independent, and you’re not inclined to go for something “usual.”

Ferrets and gerbils would appeal to you a great deal and offer you quite a bit of satisfaction. Additionally, hand-rearing larger birds, such as parrots, would hold a great deal of appeal to you.

You would accept any animal as they are, without any conditions.

Sagittarius: Hedgehog

A free-spirited Sagittarius needs a pet that is cute, fun, and thrives individually. That’s why a hedgehog is a perfect pet for a Sagittarius. This is the perfect-sized pet for you, as you can bring it on all of your daring adventures.

Both of these nocturnal beings will bring the best sides of each other out.

Capricorn: Golden Retriever

When it comes to animals, they make you feel younger and happier, Capricorn. You have always had a way with them and you are tremendously good with any animal you encounter. For you, though, one would never be enough.

You like to have a houseful of pets, and likely, you prefer that they come from the shelter or otherwise rescued.

That being said, you would pair well with a Golden Retriever, who would be just as loyal as you are.

Aquarius: Labrador Retriever

Since the ruler of Aquarius pet influences is Cancer, you have a genuine warmth when it comes to animals, and you tend to like them more than humans. You usually opt for pets that are soft, pets that are warm, caring, and sensitive.

While you may still adore independent animals such as cats, a loving and loyal dog is always going to be the animal that gives you the most pleasure and keeps you happy.

The very best breed for you would be in the retriever class, owing to their vast beauty.

Pisces: Hairless Cat

Pisces is always interested in the strange and mysterious. Often times, their mind is in a dreamworld, rather than here on earth.

That being said, an interesting pet would bod well with the interesting Pisces. A hairless cat would make a great companion for you.

Do any of these pet choices match up for you? As always, we each have a unique birth chart that bring in a host of other influences. Whatever pet you might be interested in, it is sure to be a beautiful match!

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*Editors’ Note: This article was originally published on October 11, 2014, and has been updated.

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Fellow Earthlings, welcome to Scorpio season! Get ready for your Scorpio season horoscopes.

The Sun entered Scorpio on October 21st, and we are now officially in Scorpio season. If you’re wondering, when is Scorpio season exactly, the Scorpio season dates are October 21st to November 20th.

When it comes to what Scorpio season means, Scorpio season is when we’re more intense, passionate, and want to get below the surface. We know that there is more than meets the eye, and we can keep digging until we find it.

This is a season for transformation, and this transformation can last. What we start now this can be worked on for the next month, up to the next year.

This Scorpio season does come with two challenges: Mercury and Mars retrogrades.

While Mercury retrograde is in the same sign, Scorpio, Mars actually used to rule Scorpio (before Pluto came along), so there’s an abundance of retrograde energy this season.

This can be used to evaluate and assess, which is great use of the passionate, researching energy of Scorpio.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Traits

Scorpio is a Water sign, and the Water signs are linked to emotion. With Scorpio, that emotion is intense and passionate. This sign is very all-or-nothing, and takes everything to heart, not letting things go.

Scorpio is also a Fixed sign, which is why it doesn’t let things go. Fixed signs are fixed in nature, and this is part of what allows Scorpio to dig below the surface and get to the core of anything.

The natural ruling planet for Scorpio is Pluto (formerly Mars), which gives Scorpio its great strength of will and determination. This is the sign of the phoenix rising from the ashes, and there isn’t much that can hold Scorpio back from whatever it sets its mind to. Scorpio is quite the powerful sign.

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Positive Scorpio Traits

  • Investigative
  • Problem-solving
  • Magical
  • Loyal
  • Determined
  • Sensual
  • Regenerative

Negative Scorpio Traits

  • Obsessive
  • Possessive
  • Fanatical
  • Brooding
  • Dark

With the basics of Scorpio out of the way, now we can get to the horoscopes for Scorpio season for your zodiac sign!

Your Scorpio Season Horoscopes


Scorpio season gives you an opportunity to find what has been eluding you, Aries. This is especially the case if it’s been a mystery for a while! Take some time to figure out a different approach, and then start looking in a new way.

Passions run high, and that can be true for you personally, so having something to focus the passionate energy on can be highly beneficial for you in many ways.


The people in your life can get a lot of attention from you during Scorpio season, Taurus. There may be issues that need to be addressed, and they may not even be your own, but someone else’s that you’re helping with. This can be frustrating, but likely what is needed.

Try to balance this out with some time to focus on yourself. Self-care is a good thing, and you can feel better equipped to handle whatever you have to manage.

Take some time for yourself this Scorpio season: The Best Self-Care for Each Chakra


There may be plenty to do this Scorpio season, Gemini. Part of you may be overwhelmed by it all, but you just need to slow down for a second and get organized. Make a list, make a schedule, create some structure, and you’ll be better able to move on it.

Taking on too much may be tempting, but it only serves to stress you out more, and that’s not something you need right now. Take little breaks when you can.


Scorpio season can bring out your heart, Cancer. You can focus on reconnecting with your heart, with your loved ones, and with the things you love most in the world. A heart-centric life is a happy life, after all.

Creative energy may be strong as well, and you can be more passionate about creative projects and ventures. Choose wisely and let your emotions flow into what you can create.


Focus on your emotions this Scorpio season, Leo. Your emotions may be much stronger right now, and it may be a little much at times. If that’s the case, you’re likely not giving yourself the emotional support that you need, so work on that first.

Once you feel supported, this makes it easier for you to sort through what you’re feeling and use your emotions to motivate you or guide you.


Make use of your ideas and mental energy this Scorpio season, Virgo. You may have plenty on your mind, and you’ll need to use that mental energy up if you want to avoid getting anxious and stressed out. Fill up your schedule, and keep busy.

Old ideas and plans may come back, and you can give them another try, make tweaks, or understand what went wrong and how to do better going forward.


With your season coming to an end, Scorpio season is a time for you to slow down, Libra. Take a beat and look around you. What do you see?

If there’s anything chaotic, tackle that and work on bringing stability. If you’re feeling aimless or restless, work on grounding yourself so you can have better focus. If you lack clarity, be present and let information flow in its own time.


It’s time for your season, Scorpio! Traditionally, this is your time to start anew and work on something that can be a project for the next year of your life, but with the retrograde energy, that changes things a little bit.

Take a second chance with something you’d like to do over again, and see how it shapes up this time. If you want to start something truly new, make sure you gather all of the information you need first and have a solid plan, but are also open to adjusting on the fly as needed.

Harness the energy of the Tarot this Scorpio season: Sun in Scorpio 3-Card Tarot Spread


Scorpio season may be a time for you to take a step back and not deal with too much in the spotlight, Sagittarius. You may work better on your own, behind closed doors, and not want any pressure put on you. Think quiet and soothing environments.

Your intuition can be crazy strong right now, so think about ways you can strengthen your connection to it so it lasts long after this season is over.


Changes may be on your mind this Scorpio season, Capricorn. Think about changes you’ve tried to make before and would like to try again, or changes that require you to be more determined and to dig around for information first.

You may question your future right now, but this is just a temporary lapse in confidence. Trust in your abilities and wait until this energy passes before you do anything drastic.


This is a time for progress with what you’ve done right, Aquarius. Long-time goals can see some payoffs, though it may come in ways you hadn’t thought of, or after you’ve made some adjustments. Hit your stride and keep going.

Part of you may feel a bit restricted now thanks to some extra responsibilities, so make sure you’re giving yourself enough room to breathe without completely abandoning them.


Scorpio season can bring a desire to get some space, Pisces. You may feel like pursuing a new experience in some way, and can be frustrated when you don’t have as much space as you want to do whatever you want. Don’t give in to impulse and push everything out of your life.

Take time to expand your mind, and take in new information, dream new dreams, and let your mind give you the room to roam you need.

Make Use of Passion this Scorpio Season!

Intense, passionate energy is likely to be big, and this can be put to productive, beneficial use. Focus on something that requires you to have some strength and determination to see it through all the way.

Powered by a sense of purpose, you can keep going through it all and take control to make things happen. Good luck!

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Rune stones aren’t really the oracle that you’d think about consulting when it comes to matters of the heart.

They’re often very blunt—even cold—in their messages, and many of the meanings reflect the harshness of the Nordic environment. However, using rune stones for guidance in love can bring to you the cold reality of the situation, and fairly quickly, too!

Be sure you really want to know the answer, though, because the rune readings tend to be concise and too the point, without much wiggle room for guesswork! Let’s take a look at how rune stones can help you when it comes to matters of the heart.

Why You Should use Rune Stones When it Comes to Romance

  • They’re concise
  • They’re to the point
  • You don’t need any fancy spreads or layouts to get to the heart of the matter
  • There’s not a lot of room for conjecture
  • You can find out a lot of information very quickly

When it comes to relationships, many of us look to the stars, Tarot, Oracle cards or other forms of divination to get a hopeful glimpse into our future. Rune stones, unlike Tarot cards, are not as left up to interpretation – so if you are looking for a more cut and dried reading, using rune stones will get you an answer – whether you like it or not!

Runes are fantastic tools, and available as a set of stones (which most people prefer) or a set of cards. The symbols on them are Germanic in origin, and they’re shrouded in mystery. No one really knows who started using them or when they originated—and of course, that just adds to their enigmatic appeal when used as a method of divination!

Do you have your own set of rune stones? Check out our amethyst Rune Stone set to get started!

There are many different kinds of rune stones. Probably the most popular is a set of 24 stones referred to as the Elder Futhark. Every symbol means something different. The significance of each rune is profound on its own. More complicated spreads—sometimes called layouts—can be used for a more involved reading.

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What Each Rune Stone Means When it Comes to Relationships

There are numerous reference materials when it comes to learning about the runes. They’re one of the divination tools that takes minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master!

Below are possible interpretations of the rune staves when it comes to matters of the heart. Remember that if the rune is presented upside down, it’s considered to be ill-dignified, and its meaning—its energy—is being challenged or delayed in some way. You might want to draw an additional rune for clarity if this happens in your reading.

Fehu: This is a good omen for love when it’s upright, indicating newness and growth, or coming out of the friend zone and into romance! Upside down, things may not be what they seem.

Uruz: There’s a definite masculine energy here, and the vitality to make your dreams come true. Changes are usually positive, so it’s another good sign for love! If it’s upside down, though, you need to look at the integrity of the situation and see what may be lacking.

Thurisaz: This rune indicates synchronicity, and balance. When it comes to relationships, you should both be on the same page. However, if it’s upside down, either you or someone else is being too pushy, and some restraint and patience are required.

Ansuz: This rune means ‘mouth,’ and it’s considered to be Odin’s rune—and he was the bigwig in Norse traditions! It’s a good omen for communication, unless it’s upside down. When it’s inverted, you’re not listening, or you’re listening to the wrong person.

Raido: This is another rune that might indicate positive changes. It also has to do with travel, which could be actual journeys or a metaphor for a relationship progressing. If it’s inverted, then things are stuck, and not going to go anywhere until some changes are instigated.

Kenaz: This is a very feminine rune and it relates to responsibility and having the ability to change what you don’t like about your life and the relationships in it. When it’s upside down, then something has usually come to a close, and if it’s your relationship that’s ending, don’t try to rekindle it. It’s over.

Gebo: This rune means ‘a gift,’ and it could definitely be bringing you a gift when it comes to romance! It’s the same upside down as it is right side up. To ensure that your relationship is everything that it should be, you need to make sure that there’s equal give and take.

Wunjo: Wunjo is associated with the planet Venus. It represents joy and happiness, and a wish coming true. It’s a sign of good things, which is what you want to see when you’re asking about your love life! However, when it’s upside down, something’s not quite right, and you’ll need to change either your mindset or your partner to get back into the happiness groove!

Hagalaz: You do not want to see this rune when asking about love! It means destruction, something beyond your control. It’s the same upside down as it is right side up. It always indicates some kind of a warning that something really is very wrong in your relationship.

Navdiz: When it comes to love, this isn’t the best rune to see, either. It’s a rune of self-sufficiency, and it could well be advising you to be alone for awhile and get your ducks in a row. When it’s inverted, it’s stern advice not to compromise your integrity for anyone else.

Isa: This rune is cautioning that self-control is needed. It’s neither good nor bad—and it has no reversed meaning. Your relationship could be cooling off. Whenever you see this run in a love reading, you have to back off and try to be objective, rather than seeing what you want to see.

Jera: This rune is an indicator that hard work could pay off in a great way. If you’re thinking of life mate or soul mate or twin flame or karma or past life connection, then this rune indicates that it may actually be there. Patience is the key to finding out! It also is the same way upside down as it is right side up.

Eihwaz: It’s time to look at your motives and what is concerning you about this relationship when Eihwaz appears. It’s all about how you feel and has no inverted meaning. If your relationship isn’t stimulating you, then you’ve got to look underneath the surface to find out why.

Pertho: There are secrets around when Pertho appears. They don’t have to be bad secrets; maybe an engagement is looming, or perhaps a surprise party is being planned! Are you pregnant? This rune is all about the life force, and might indicate fertility or childbirth. Upside down, it’s a very stern warning against taking any unnecessary risks.

Algiz: This is a very protective and watchful rune. It’s a good one to wear, or to give to your loved one to keep them safe. In love, it’s counseling you to only take calculated risks. When it’s upside down, you could be too stressed or emotional to listen to wise counsel.

Sowilo: This rune has no inverted meaning. It always brings light, hope, and brightness—in fact, it’s said to represent the Sun! It’s pretty consistent as a positive omen. Whatever you’re going through when it comes to love, this is a good sign for better times ahead.

Teiwaz: Logic and sensibility are the message that Tiewaz brings. You can’t let your emotions override what you know in your head to be best. Your situation has a good chance of improving, but not if this is inverted. This rune upside down indicates too much doubt and insecurity for you to get what you really want.

Berkanan: This rune has no upside down meaning. It’s another fertility rune, and while this could indicate conception, it could also indicate newness of other kinds; new romance, new partner, or a new depth to an existing relationship. It’s usually a positive indication when it comes to love.

Ehwaz: This is another good omen in a relationship reading—at least, when it’s right way up! It means cooperation and teamwork. If it’s upside down though, then things aren’t as harmonious as they need to be. One or the other of you is being too stubborn and that’s not going to get you anywhere.

Mannaz: This rune is advising you to pause, and see things—including yourself—as they really are. It’s another rune where you have to be very objective. If changes are needed, you have to instigate them. If Mannaz is upside down, then you may need to make a break from things and be on your own for awhile. There’s too much blame and not enough responsibility here.

Laguz: Pay attention to your intuition, your hunches, and your dreams when this rune appears. You’re very intuitive, and you need to see what’s going on behind the scenes in your relationship in order to really understand things. Inverted, it indicates illusions, delusions, and the inability to see things clearly. Make sure you’re not feeling overwhelmed.

Ingwaz: Things are growing when you see Ingwaz. It has no inverted meaning and is usually an optimistic and positive rune, provided you’re paying attention. You have to learn from your mistakes, and how you do that will influence how your love life unfolds—or not! Don’t try to be something you’re not.

Dagaz: This is a rune of awakening into your full potential. It has no upside down meaning. It indicates a revelation, a change in how you see things. Go with this when you see it. When you’re with a partner who’s truly on your wavelength, you’ll both grow and evolve for the better.

Othala: This is another rune of personal growth. When it’s applied to romance, it is an indication that others are looking to you for inspiration. Perhaps you’re a good influence on your partner! However, when this rune is inverted, then the relationship is out of balance, and you’ll have to bring things back in line if they’re going to stay harmonious and pleasant.

For more on the history of runes, and how to use them, visit our Runes page!

The Rune Stone Love Spread

As I’ve mentioned previously, the easiest way to get a short and straightforward reading with the runes is just to reach into the bag and pull out a stone. Put it on the table, and there’s your answer! This is called a one-stone reading, although there are many other ways of reading the runes, each method having its own nuances.

One of my favorite spreads when it comes to using rune stones for guidance in love is to lay ten runes out in a heart shape and use the interpretations to mirror what’s going on

  • Position 1: The current situation
  • Position 2: How you see yourself
  • Position 3: How you see your partner
  • Position 4: What is working with you
  • Position 5: What is challenging you
  • Position 6: What you want to see happen
  • Position 7: What you’re afraid might happen
  • Position 8: Where your responsibility lies
  • Position 9: Where the other person’s responsibility lies
  • Position 10: The potential outcome.

If you want to see a Rune Cast in action – check out our How to Rune Cast video!


It takes a bit of practice to apply the outspoken and forthright language when using rune stones for guidance in love, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite simple. The runes are not for the faint-hearted, but they aren’t unkind, nor are they ugly.

They have a tendency to cut through all the superficiality and unnecessary details and provide you with the bare bones of the situation. Their messages are loud and clear, straightforward and to the point. If you’re like me, once you learn the language of the Elder Futhark and bond with your rune stones, you won’t want to put them down!

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*Editor’s note: This article was previously published April 26th, 2017 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again with the people in your life? Do you ever wonder why you seem to attract – or be attracted to – the same type of person? We all do! But the answer may lie within your birth chart – and the zodiac sign that lies in your 7th house of partnerships!

The 7th house in your astrology birth chart can reveal so much about you, the way you interact with others and most importantly, how you are in relationships of any kind! This covers any one to one partnership from friends to business partners, lovers, family and frenemies.

The cusp of this house is opposite your Ascendant. Where the 1st house is all about you; the 7th house is about the other people in your life.

The cusp of the 7th house is called the Descendant. While the 5th house showed what kind of people you were attracted to for fun, the 7th house indicates those with whom you’d like a serious partnership. Your attitudes to commitment will be found here, too.

This house also points to your open enemies. If you think about it, you might have pretty personal and one-on-one relationships with people who don’t like you! It’s a Cardinal house, and it belongs to the element of Air. It’s ruled by the Sun sign Libra and by the planet Venus.

What sign is in your 7th house? Hop over to our natal chart page and get a free birth chart reading done now!

The 7th House Rules Partnerships

It’s easy to think that the 7th house is the house of marriage – and it is! However, marriage isn’t just two spouses bound together. Marriage also means a combination of two or more elements. That also defines a partnership. It doesn’t have to necessarily relate to romance.

The planets in this house and the sign on the cusp divulge a lot of information about how you feel about commitment. The Ascendant explores your relationship with yourself; the 7th house explores your interpersonal relationship with another person. That’s why it’s also the ‘house of open adversaries.’

Compatibility is a tricky thing, but looking only at your Sun sign is far from the whole picture.

Here’s an example: If you are a Taurus Sun and your partner is a Cancer Sun, that may look like a match made in heaven if you stop there, as Taurus provides emotional stability for sensitive Cancer, and Cancer’s dedication in matters of the heart will nurture Taurus’ need for loyalty and deep emotional connection.

But! If your Taurus Sun has Virgo, and their Cancer Sun has Gemini in the 7th house, that may indicate a different kind of relationship. Gemini in the 7th house means they are looking to the folks in their life to provide stimulation – and they have a real need for a mental connection.

7th house in Virgo needs the people in their lives to provide rationality and keep them on track to reach their goals – which sounds like a match made in heaven.

On the flip side though, these two Mutable signs are also capable of being too critical of each other – Gemini brings a very direct form of communication and Virgo can be super picky about details. If they can’t be a little patient with the other, this could point to a very rocky road ahead!

Whether in love or not, knowing your 7th house sign and that of your various partners in life can help you dig a little deeper into your compatibility – and help you navigate what could have seemed to be mysterious issues in your ability to work together!

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The 7th House Shows How You Interact

The purpose of this house is to examine how you interact with one other individual for the purpose of reaching a goal or accomplishing something. These unions can be beneficial or detrimental. How many times have you met someone and thought you were going to be close friends, only to find out that the more you got to know each other, the more you disliked each other?

It is all part of the journey of the 7th house. It’s where failed relationships either become teachers or opponents. That one-to-one relationship is still there, even if you decide that you can’t stand each other. It’s a difficult concept, but one that needs to be understood to grasp the true potential of this house.

The 7th House Reveals Friends & Enemies

While the 11th house has more to do with your friends than this house, information about your friendships will arise here. This is where you’ll find glimpses of your childhood playmates that are still your best friends through adulthood. It’s also where you’ll find that the residue of those you couldn’t stand when you were younger still stings.

The people who come into your life from a 7th house aspect are very different from those who interact with you from your 1st house. Remember, the Ascendant is part of the mask that you wear. What happens in the 7th strips away that mask, and have a lot to teach you if you’re willing to learn.

What is Your Descendant? Revealing What We Reject

The 7th House Acts as a Mirror

This house is a mirror for how you feel. Any person who arouses a strong emotional response from you – whether it’s rooted in pleasure or abhorrence – has triggered something in your 7th house. No matter what they make you feel, they’ve opened the door for you to do some inner exploration as to why you feel that way.

A strong response makes this area of your chart a wonderful teacher. If you want to know why you feel the way you feel, look at the planets here, and study their aspects. What you uncover here will be vital information when it comes to delving deeper into the mysteries of the 8th house.


The 7th house is where you need to go when you want to find out more about the partnerships in your life. This could relate to marriage, friendships, even shed light on the people who will oppose your goals, or act as ‘enemies.’ This house reveals how you will get along and interact with certain people.

We have more information on the 8th house of your astrology birth chart. This is the house where aspects of your sex life, attitudes towards death, and also your religious, spiritual or metaphysical beliefs are held. Read on and find out more about your chart, and yourself.

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*Editor’s note: This article was previously published April 11th, 2017 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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Have you ever wondered what the secrets of your personality are based on your zodiac sign?

You may think you know yourself well – but each of us is far more complex than we give ourselves credit for. We operate on a daily basis with the conscious mind, but the subconscious mind (the one we access while sleeping, deep meditation or through a sense of feeling) is infinite and often hidden to us.

It’s also in the subconscious mind that the realm of our personality secrets linger.

So, are you ready to explore yours? It can be a little daunting, just like the eighth house. But the more we explore ourselves, the closer we come to experiencing a sense of wholeness and oneness with ourselves and the Universe at large.

For even more insights about your unique personality, make sure to get your free birth chart.


Your Success in Love Depends on Your Ability to Commit

The raging ram is known for their daring nature, passion and enthusiasm. You are also known for your hot temper and tendency to look before you leap. When it comes to love and romance, your flame and passion rises hot and fast, but can burn out just as quick.

The secret here is that the more you are able to ground yourself and commit to your loved one, the more successful your relationship will be.

You Are Sensitive on the Inside

Sensitivity is most often associated with the Water signs, but few see the deep sensitivity that lies inside the Aries. You may appear confident and spirited to others, but on the inside is a sensitive and compassionate individual.

Don’t be afraid to show this side of yourself, Aries.


Tradition & Principles Lead to Satisfaction

The steady bull is known for their reliability, steadfastness and ability to see things through to the end. You are known for your level head and patience. When it comes to love and romance, a relationship steeped in tradition where you are able to practice your principles to your heart’s content is what makes for a successful relationship.

Don’t deny what lies in your heart or try to change for someone else. You must be free to be your true, authentic self to be happy.

You Believe in Compromise

Ruled by Venus, you are not one for conflict if you can avoid it. In this respect, you are no different to your fellow Venusian, Libra. You are someone who believes in fairness and sticking to your opinions. You may have gained a reputation as “stubborn”, but essentially what you want is equal balance between all.

You are not afraid to wave a white flag to find harmony, Taurus.

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Communication is Key to a Successful Relationship

This chatty Air sign is known for their ability to engage others, quick wit and intelligence. When it comes to love and romance, communication is key. A relationship where you are unable to express yourself is doomed to failure.

Acknowledging this aspect of yourself is key to finding a partner you can gel with. Mental attraction and compatibility paves the way for happiness.

You Speak Before You Think

It is the case that sometimes you open your mouth without realizing what comes out of it, Gemini. This can land you in hot water at times, but this does not lessen your sincerity. If you sometimes wonder why someone suddenly seems “off” with you, it could be that you said something that hurt their feelings.

Recognizing this quality about yourself can help you turn the tables and apply a little more tact where necessary.


The Freedom to Nurture Paves the Way for Success

This caring crab is known for their sensitivity, motherly behavior and protectiveness for those they love. When it comes to love and romance, you feel a strong desire to nurture, Cancer. If you are unable to care for your loved one in the way you want to, you can become moody and resentful. Finding a partner who lets you take care of them is a surefire way to your happiness.

Just be sure you are being nurturing as opposed to “smothering”, and that your partner appreciates all you do. Feeling unappreciated can create a lot of resentment.

You Need Your Space

As much as you love nurturing others, you need your alone time. You are a sensitive soul, and if you aren’t given time to recharge your batteries, it can result in emotional outbursts that can be very difficult for all involved, including you. Recognizing that you need time to yourself can help you stay balanced and happy.

It is especially healing for you to spend quiet time among nature, which naturally replenishes and rejuvenates you.


Passion Paves the Way to Happiness

This majestic lion is known for their boldness, liveliness and daring nature. When it comes to love and romance, it is passion that keeps the flames of desire alive. A relationship without passion becomes dull and drab, leading to low moods and even depression.

You need a partner that stimulates you, that excites you, and who boosts your spirits when you are low. You value teamwork in a relationship, Leo.

You Need Encouragement in Your Relationships

As bright and bold as you come across, deep down is a sensitive and sometimes insecure person. While the Water signs show their sensitivity openly, you Fire signs have a tendency to hide it. In all of your relationships, you require re-affirmations from others that remind you of your positive qualities. Without this, you can sink into your negative ones.

Recognizing this about yourself helps you work on your self-confidence and enables you to see the difference between ego and confidence.


Acceptance Paves the Way to Happiness

This earthy maiden is known for their practicality, reliability and attention to detail. When it comes to love and relationships, you value structure and order. You like things to be planned and, above all, you like things to go to plan. However, you can be too critical, both of others and yourself.

Accepting others’ flaws, and your own, is the sure-fire way to true happiness.

You are Generous to a Fault

Others may perceive the Virgo as boring or dull, but you are anything but. What’s more, you have a deeply generous nature which is what makes you such a wonderful friend. When there is a crisis, others know they can count on you. Your generosity is one of your finest qualities.

Just be careful others don’t take advantage of this kind nature.


Harmony is Key to Happiness

These scales of justice are known for their desire for justice, balance and harmony. Librans have a love of beauty and pleasantness. You also strongly dislike conflict, and the key to your happiness in relationships is equality and harmony between you and another. However, sometimes you will run from conflict rather than face it.

The key is to face issues preventing you from achieving your heart’s desire, and finding a way to acquire the harmony you seek.

You are a Born Leader

Librans may come across as a bit demure at times, but there is nothing demure about this Cardinal Air sign. The Cardinal signs are the signs of leadership. As much as you value diplomacy and peace, you have an innate gift of leadership.

It may not be obvious to others or even yourself, but authority is a position you take in your stride when you accept this fundamental part of yourself.

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Depth is Key to Happiness

This magnetic scorpion is known for intensity, passion and strength. As one of the deepest and most mysterious signs of the zodiac, Scorpio goes where angels fear to tread. The key to happiness in your relationships is depth with another.

A superficial relationship just doesn’t wash with you. You need meaning, which leads to passion.

You Possess the Power of Transformation

As ruler of the eighth house, your potential for transformation is incredible. You are able to take a bad situation and transform it into a good one; you are able to take a negative emotion and transform it into a positive one.

When you are able to recognize this superpower within you, you are capable of achieving more than you ever knew.


Freedom is Key to Happiness

The adventurous centaur is known for its free-spirit, optimism and honesty. To find happiness in your relationships with others, a mutual understanding of freedom and fairness is important.

Feeling restricted and unable to express your beliefs or thoughts leads to negative spirals.

You are a Natural Teacher

You are a seeker of wisdom and enlightenment. The journey is harder for some and easier for others, but your core purpose is to understand everything at a spiritual level, and spiritually evolve in the process. You have an innate gift to teach others and pass onto them your own experiences and findings.

When you acknowledge this side of yourself, you can truly change the lives of others, Sagittarius.


Being True to Your Soul Purpose is Key to Success

This determined goat is known for its seriousness, ambition and persistence. Ruled by Saturn who shares these qualities, Capricorn is a sign that is willing to go the long-haul to see results. You may find yourself struggling between your soul purpose and the whims of your ego throughout your life.

When you reach deep within and find out what you truly want, this is when you find true happiness.

You are an Optimist

You are an optimist, far more than you let on. Others may think you are a pessimist because you are such a realist, but the reality is that you see the silver lining in every cloud. Others value you for this quality, especially when the chips are down.


Uniqueness is Key to Happiness

This water-bearer is known for its individuality, love of freedom and intelligence. In relationships, it is important for you to be able to be your true, authentic self. You are the progressive of the zodiac, and if you feel you are trapped or being caged in, it paves the way for misery.

When you and your loved ones embrace your individuality, this is when you find true success.

You Care What Others Think

It is an ongoing struggle for the unique Aquarius having to waver between being themselves, and being what society expects of them. This is in fact the soul purpose of Aquarius. Expressing yourself at your most individual level makes your heart soar; but you care what others think more deeply than you let on.

You feel you are being judged often, but it is a secret you will rarely share.


Compassion is Key to Happiness

This dreamy fish is known for its gentleness, kindness and benevolence. In relationships, it is important for you to be able to express yourself from the heart. A meaningful and deep connection is important for you. Scorpio in particular intrigues you and can fulfill that yearning desire for depth.

Of all the signs, Scorpio is the one that can travel with you through the waves of the mystical ocean and penetrate the magical watery layers. At your most compassionate is when you feel most fulfilled – and this includes compassion towards yourself.

You Can Struggle With Commitment Issues

Being such a dreamer, you sometimes prefer to stay in your own little world, Pisces. So when reality hits – particularly unpleasant reality – you can have a tendency to flee. Recognizing this aspect of yourself is important when it comes to relationships or anything else that requires commitment.

Acknowledging it can help you find a good balance between reality and fantasy.

What Are Your Personality Secrets?

So there you have the secrets of your zodiac sign. Remember, when you acknowledge both positive and negative aspects of yourself, you are then able to understand them better, and understanding them enables you to master them.

A natal chart is not set in stone. We are the masters of our destiny. What may appear to be a flaw can be transformed into a strength. Riding the waves of astrology is an exciting journey and can provide intense spiritual experiences. What secrets lie within you? Understanding them is key to your own happiness, and the happiness of others.

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We’ve all faced many different personality types when it comes to the folks we work for. But when it comes to dealing with your own boss, have you ever considered how astrology strategy can help you get what you want, or at least make things a little bit easier?

We thought it would be fun to explore this idea, so today, each sign is lined up for you, with our best advice on how to not go crazy and even to thrive with your manager/boss/team lead/President.

All you need to do is cross reference what sign your boss is, in the hopes we can provide a few suggestions for how best to get ahead of your cohorts and suck right up to the person who signs your paycheck!

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How to Work with an Aries Boss

How exciting to work for an Aries! You will likely never be bored working for a Ram, but if you’re the type adverse to change, expect to be frustrated in a hurry. Aries can be like squirrels with a nut – one minute they’re crazy enthusiastic about building a hotel on a landfill, the next they’ve decided to focus attention on investing in a peanut butter company.

There may be no rhyme or reason to their goals, as long as they are engaged, that’s all that matters. Aries are the first Cardinal sign

Kiss up by becoming their right-hand – help them meet deadlines, keep them on track and be the one they vent their temper to before they take it out on someone else!

How to Get the Most Out of Working for a Taurus

The Taurus boss is self-sufficient, with very high standards. If you expect to make an impression on the Bull boss – you better be resourceful and pay attention to details. Taurus needs to get things done right the first time and they don’t like to dilly dally.

Pay attention to opportunities to step up and ask for work – but make sure you do it perfectly or you might not get a second chance. They’ll respect you if you prove you can be counted on to present excellent work and help to ease their workload.

Don’t ever complain that you’re hung over or tired after a late night out – they respect their job as separate from their personal life and will expect the same from you.

Gemini Bosses Want Action – But Need Direction

The Gemini boss has no time to mess around. Their heads are chock full of ideas and they’ll probably be thinking 28 steps ahead of you. If you want to get into their good graces, be concise in your communication – keep it short and sweet. Go into your meetings prepared, with a list of intelligent ideas to keep them coming.

You’ll get bonus points for using technology to communicate – Geminis love being ahead of the pack on what’s cool and efficient. This boss will also appreciate if you can learn how to gauge their gears. Gear 1: High energy, engaging with everyone, gregarious and holding the spotlight. Gear 2: Head down, door closed – need to think ie. Do not disturb.

Most people are not aware enough to realize that leadership has needs too – they aren’t just there to help you. If you can master the art of when and how to approach, you’ll be their favorite for sure.

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Cancer Leaders Go with Their Gut

Working for a Cancer boss can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling – or obnoxious and tiresome, depending on how you approach them. The Cardinal sign of the Crab is a natural leader – and wants to to get things done. They’re also enormously sensitive and need to know their feelings and ideas are validated. This boss could be the one who ‘goes with their gut,’ using intuition to make decisions or judgments.

To get in their good graces effectively, tell them how much you believe in their ideas and don’t speak badly about anyone – be the best team player you can be. Beware of Cancer’s propensity for being passive-aggressive; they are not likely to be direct, so if you come on too strong, they may be hurt or annoyed.

Rather than telling you so, they may take it out on you in weird ways, like giving you side eye or throwing out snippy comments until they get over it. Take a direct and thoughtful approach without putting them on the defense and this will likely be avoided – while you earn their trust at the same time.

Working for a Leo Means You Need to Include Them

The best way to a Leo boss’ happy place is to remember that flattery will get you everywhere. Make sure to tell them how great their ideas are and don’t ever interrupt them in a meeting – or face their wrath! Leos don’t like to be told they’re wrong, so if you disagree with something they’ve asked you to do, you’ll do it their way or figure out a constructive way to tell them it won’t work.

Lions love praise, being social and being in the spotlight, so giving them lots of credit will go a long way in getting in their good books. They also admire and expect creativity, community and playfulness – so being more social and light in your approach can pay off. Let them know you respect them and defer to them as your leader and you’ll be on the way to being their favorite.

Virgo Leaders Need it Done Right the First Time

A Virgo boss could be a dream mentor – or a slave driver, depending on how confident they are in their own abilities. Hard-working Virgo is extremely particular and efficient – and they know they can get the job done on their own. If they are less evolved, they may be inclined to hoard the best work to make sure it gets done properly.

If you want to get on the right side of this hard to please boss, pay attention to the little details, be strategic, organized and make sure you understand their purpose so you can subscribe to it. Once they see you have the same attention to perfection they do, you’ll earn their respect.

Never hand in sloppy work, show up on time and make sure to iron everything you own – they despise slovenliness.

Libra Bosses Want Everyone on the Same Page

A Libra boss is interesting, as they can have a hard time making decisions! They also struggle with making sure they are fair, which means things could become unclear in a hurry. If they feel someone’s interest is wavering, they might get on their side and delegate the good projects to pacify them. That means you have to get in line if you don’t speak up!

Libras also don’t want to hear you talk smack about others, so no throwing your team under the bus. If you really want to put yourself in their lap, listen to them carefully and help give them confidence in their ideas – especially when it comes to getting the whole team on board.

Being more organized than they are could help too, they’ll appreciate you breaking things down for them so they can make a crystal clear choice.

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Make Sure to Be Honest with a Scorpio Manager

A Scorpio boss is a force to be reckoned with – they make an impact on anything they take on. While Scorpio can be intimidatingly intense, they can also be inspiring leaders, charging forward with integrity and often bringing a transformative influence to anything they are committed to.

Get on their side by boldly speaking up – they won’t get flustered by a direct approach, and will respect you more for being open and confident. To get a solid in with a Scorpio boss, earn their trust and never give them reason to doubt you. Do not ever lie to them – they’ll see right through dishonesty and you’ll never earn their trust back.

The benefit to Fixed signs like Scorpio is they are very loyal to those they know they can rely on, so once you prove your worthiness, you’ll never have to be concerned.

Sagittarius Bosses Don’t Want the Details

Sagittarius is always looking to the bigger picture, to learning and discovering. Your Sagittarius boss does not want to get bogged down in the details, they need to be brainstorming and figuring things out on a larger scale. If you want to get into their good books, don’t waste time asking mundane questions, ask about their vision and find a way to help them achieve it.

Avoid negativity; the sign of the Archer is incredibly optimistic and does not want to hear about petty arguments or struggles. Be an adult, check your emotional baggage at the door and keep the boring tasks off their desk. Bonus points for effectively using meeting times and solving problems for them.

If you show you get their visionary approach, your relationship will change – they’ll see you as an equal and co-contributor.

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Capricorn Bosses Run a Tight Ship

If you’re looking to get into the good graces of a Capricorn boss, be prepared to not see your family for a while. Get used to waking up before the sun rises, because you have to start by beating them into the office/warehouse/restaurant.

Caps can also be pretty pessimistic and will be wary of flattery, so the best way to compliment them is by trying to stay one step ahead of them and stay cheerful (But not too cheerful!) about the work they give you. Don’t even think about leaving before them and you can’t brag about the extra time you’re putting in – it would defeat the purpose.

The glory of Capricorn’s success is in the work itself. Get a cot for your office – best of luck champ!

Working for an Aquarius is About Purpose

It’s not a surprise if your Aquarius boss has the heart of an entrepreneur (Or is one!) – this sign is tailor made to take on their own business, not least of all because they’re rebellious, innovative and quirky, so it could be either terribly inspiring or awfully annoying to work for one.

Aquarius is also all about purpose, it’s unlikely they’d do any type of job that doesn’t serve at least one of their values. To get on their good side, come up with bold ideas and show them that even if you don’t understand their ideas, you’re completely on board with their vision and willing to put in the work to see it to fruition.

Work the same weird hours as they do and keep emotions to non-existent status – this sign will not sympathize with your feelings, but will respond to you speaking your mind.

Pisces Leaders Can be Dreamy

Successfully sucking up to your Pisces boss will depend on how evolved they are. If they’re fully in tune with their emotional side, the responsibility of being in charge could really wear on them, as they’ll likely get caught up in caring too much about their people. For this level, take a very personal problem to them one time to establish how human you are.

This would be an incredible leader to have, who will likely care very much about you and what you do, trying to include you in many ways. A Pisces boss is also highly creative, but may need to bail when things get too overwhelming. Make sure to ask to take things off their plate – or help them get clarity in a meeting that is getting away from them.

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Understanding your own traits and best qualities can certainly help you navigate your life, but being able to translate the characteristics of other signs can be just as beneficial to you. When it comes to getting the edge at work, take any advantage you can get!

Did we hit the nail on the head? Have you tried to apply astrological strategy to your workplace in the past? Let us know what’s worked for you – we can use all the help we can get!

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* Editor’s note: This article was previously published August 27th, 2017 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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Did you know that the day of the week you were born on can determine different points of your personality? Have you ever discovered a personal trait in yourself that doesn’t match your zodiac sign? Perhaps you need to investigate what day of the week you entered the world.

Who knows? Maybe Monday born people may have more in common with each other than they may think.

Don’t know what day of the week you were born on? You can use this amazing weekday calculator from

There is an old poem about the days of the week that many people know well. When we learned it as children, we probably didn’t think too much about the deeper meaning at the time.

The interesting thing is that this old poem carries a significance that illustrates how each of the planets rules each of the days of the week. Not only that, when you know which planet rules each day, but it could also reveal some very interesting information about your life.

The notion that planets rule each of the days of the week goes back much further than this poem. In ancient Babylon, they organized a 7-day calendar where each day corresponded to one of the 7 planets that we can see with the naked eye.

Does the day of the week you were born on have any impact on your birth chart information? Absolutely. That’s exactly what we are going to look at today.

Do you know what day of the week you were born on? You might be wondering, which planet rules that day and what does it mean?

Don’t have your birth chart? Let’s get started: Get your free birth chart here.


Monday is ruled by the Moon and this means that a child born on a Monday will likely be more emotional than other people. Often being highly sensitive to the emotions and desires of others – meaning that people born on Monday’s are more likely to be empaths. The Moon also rules the Cancer zodiac sign, so those born on Monday will feel that similar emotional & maternal pull that this water sign also feels.

They might be the strong silent type, keeping all of their emotions in check until called on. Even so, Monday’s child is strongly guided by their emotional center, even if they do not show that side to them so much.

A person born on Monday may also get nervous very easily, as they tend to be sensitive. They will also be a peacemaker and try to smooth over conflict when it occurs.

Suggested Crystals: Moonstone or Selenite

Ruling Planet: The Moon

Associated Sign: Cancer


Tuesday is the day that is ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is akin to movement and energy, so Tuesday’s child is going to be one that always has a lot of energy. They are filled with a strong will, determination, and courage. While this can be a positive boost that will get them far in life, those born on a Tuesday need to be wary of their own impatience.

Scorpio and Aries, which is also ruled by Mars, share common traits with Tuesday-borns as they are extremely innovative, energetic, and courageous. They are born leaders, and they live their lives almost fearlessly. Tuesday children are always on the go, always trying new projects, and always initiating their dreams and goals.

Suggested Crystals: Carnelian or Rhodochrosite

Ruling Planet: Mars

Associated Signs: Scorpio & Aries


In the poem Wednesday’s child is full of woe, in astrology, Wednesday (called Mercuri in Latin) is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the thinking planet, the intellectual planet, and it promotes skills in communication. Similar to Gemini (which is also ruled by Mercury), someone born on a Wednesday is going to be largely communicative, witty, optimistic, and open-minded. They love debates and learning more than anything.

Their power comes from the restless energy that gives them their desire to be forever students, wanting to absorb as much knowledge as possible. Wednesday’s child is going to be highly gifted intellectually.

Mercury also rules short journeys and transportation. Similar to Virgo, they may worry a little too much and wind up being a bit of an overthinker and get lost in their thoughts on occasion.

Suggested Crystals: Smoky Quartz or Jade

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Associated Signs: Gemini & Virgo


Thursday’s child has far to go according to the poem, and this is an interesting comparison to the notion that Thursday is ruled by Jupiter (in Latin it is called Jovis). People born on Thursday are said to go far in life, because Jupiter is the generous, benevolent planet, and is the luckiest planet of them all.

Similar to Sagittarius (which is also ruled by Jupiter) their jovial outlook on life and carefree attitude may make it appear that Thursday-borns are the luckiest person on earth, but they just trust the process and love the journey.

If you were born on a Thursday, consider yourself to be very lucky. Find out where Jupiter is on your chart and use that power to harness your true karmic destiny. Things may fall in line for you, seemingly effortlessly, so it’s important that you follow your destiny, connect to the inner world like a Pisces, and do the hard work to prepare.

Suggested Crystals: Malachite or Celestite

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Associated Signs: Sagittarius & Pisces


Friday’s child is full of love proclaims the poem. We see this from the planets as well. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, and she rules Fridays (Veneris in Latin.) People born on Fridays are going to love everything to do with love, relationships, and romance.

Similar to Venus-ruled Libra and Taurus, Friday-born people are intellectual and creative at their core.

If you have questions about love and were born on a Friday, have a look at where Venus is in your chart and make the necessary preparations to harness that power in your romantic life and relationships.

Suggested Crystals: Rose Quartz or Garnet

Ruling Planet: Venus

Associated Signs: Libra & Taurus


Saturday’s child works hard for a living, which may be surprising for a weekend born. This day is ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations and restrictions. One of the reasons we all spend Saturdays running errands and doing odd jobs around the house is because Saturn rules this day. We are called upon to limit our fun to get the job done, and sometimes this involves restricting ourselves in some areas. Saturday-borns are also dreamers (like Aquarius) and like changing the game – their originality is what makes them stand apart from others.

The responsibility and hard-working nature of Saturday-borns are also reflected in Capricorn, which is also ruled by Saturn.

If you were born on a Saturday, you are a hard-working individual that doesn’t cut loose too often. You may want to learn to relax a bit more. You can also look to see where Saturn is in your chart to find out where you can make the most advantage of this hard working day, and the planet, that rules your destiny.

Suggested Crystals: Onyx or Hematite

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Associated Signs: Capricorn & Aquarius


Sunday is exactly what it sounds like, can you guess what planet rules this day? The Sun of course! The Sun is not an actual planet, but it is the biggest luminary body in the sky that has a tremendous effect on all of us. As you can imagine, those that are blessed to be born on a Sunday are among the sweetest people to know.

Sunday has similar traits to Sun-ruled Leo, they are bubbly, feisty, and bursting with energy. Additionally, the rest and relaxation that Sunday usually brings reflect Leo’s own self-care dreams.

They are wise, good, and full of gratitude so whenever they enter a room they bring the joy and light of the Sun with them.

Suggested Crystals: Orange Calcite or Leopard Skin Jasper

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Associated Sign: Leo

Open Your Calendars

When it comes to understanding your birth chart, the day of the week you were born might not be the most important information, but if you can have one more little piece of the puzzle to help you better understand your destiny, why wouldn’t you?

Knowing what day of the week you were born on can give you that “ah-hah” moment and some insight into yourself. How is that going to help you in life today?

Have you ever wondered why you work so hard in life, then you realize it is because you were born on a Saturday? Ah-hah! Maybe you should try to balance work with family a little better.

Do you have a tendency to be a worry wort and wonder why you are this way? You then discover you are a Wednesday child. Ah-hah! Maybe you should try to be mindful that your worst fears rarely come true.

Now, take that information and look at your chart to see how you can make the most of that planet’s influence. What day of the week were you born on?

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* Editor’s note: This article was previously published October 1st, 2013 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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