Day: October 2, 2020


Summer is finally here, and love is in the air! That is, of course, one of the biggest reasons we all look forward to summer … what could be more fun than a summer fling?

Have you just started seeing some sparks flying your way? Either way, the stars have love in store for you this summer if that’s what you want.

That being said, there is nothing more disappointing than starting the sparks of some summer lovin’, only to see it all fizzle out faster than you can say romance. And sometimes we are our own worst enemies here. We say something that someone else takes the wrong way, or they say something that we take the wrong way.

Did you know that most of the problems in love are caused by a lack of understanding of where the other person is coming from? That’s right! Our own big ol’ egos get in the way, and this often gets us into trouble.

But fret not, we are able to shine the way for all of the zodiac signs. Don’t freak your partner out before you even get to the next level with them! Let’s dive in.

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How Not to Freak Your Crush Out, Based on Their Zodiac Sign


If you are dating an Aries, or want to take love to the next level with them, leave your “tired” complaints at home, even if you are.

Aries is driven by energy, enthusiasm, fire, and excitement. They will get bored very fast if you show up for a date, and start complaining. Unless your Aries has kept you up all night, (wink wink) “I’m exhausted” is the last thing they want to hear.

Take a nap before your date with Aries if you are that tired, but never, ever let them see you sleepy. Unless they’re joining you!


Your Taurus lover will be interested in hearing the details of your day, but they don’t need, or want, a play by play. This will bore them into the ground. Stay away from tedious minutia when you are talking it up with your Taurus, unless that minutia is all about them.

With the bull, less is most definitely more. All you need to remember is that they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and use that energy and potential to your advantage when playing with your Taurus.

Get luxurious, focus on sexy, sensual fabrics and textiles, bling, glitter, feathers, you name it. Whatever will make their eyes widen under Venus.


Geminis love their gadgets! Most of the things they do are ruled by the digital world, as they are ruled by the planet Mercury.

They just don’t like it when their partner is all up in their gadgets on a fun date or activity. Gemini tends to be a bit paranoid when it comes to love, and if you are checking your phone every five minutes, they will be wondering who you are talking to. If you must, send them a saucy text when you make the trip to the ladies room, just to let them know they are on your mind, even when you are away.

Putting your nose in your phone all day or all night you are with your Gem may breed nothing but contempt. Turn it off when it’s couple time, and enjoy each other’s company.


For Cancer, home is where the heart is, and the emphasis is on family. If Cancer wants to include you in a family function because that’s the only time they have for you that week, rolling your eyes or saying no is your surest way of keeping your relationship with them short.

Consider it a compliment when Cancer brings you into the fold, it’s a sure sign they care about your a lot. And, if they need to postpone a date with you because they are with the family, being understanding and supportive is the way to Cancer’s heart.

Also, if you have laundry piles and dishes that haven’t been looked at in weeks … your Cancer will notice. They will drive home that night thinking they dodged a bullet by having one less person in their life to take care of. Cancer does want to take care of you, but they are hoping you also know how to take care of yourself too.


When dating a Leo you have to keep in mind that their roar is pretty much just that: a roar. Rarely will you see a Leo truly angry, but they do like to “talk a good talk,” and a big one at that. Stroke their egos and enjoy every last delicious second they spend on you.

Underneath that confident and adventurous date of yours is a person who is much less sure of themselves than they let on. Inside is a little kitten that needs attention and assurance from the one they want to care about. Acknowledging that part of your Leo is essential in this relationship as well.

Make sure to let your Leo lead where they feel most confident (like in the bedroom).


Virgo has the tendency to be on the picky side of things, and so if there is anyone that is easy to turn off it will be this zodiac sign. You can use this information to your advantage in love. Ask your Virgo to make a list of their favorite things to do, or their favorite fantasies.

Another tip? Don’t show up for a road trip with 10 suitcases for your weekend getaway. Virgos do not take well to anyone who seems too high maintenance. Relax, and go with the flow when involved with a Virgo (although, don’t forget to clean up your clutter!).

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As the Cardinal Air sign ruled by Venus, Libra is very easy to please in love, especially when you know how to find your way into their heart. The best thing about Libra is just how flexible they are.

Libra is a lover, not a fighter, so trying to pick a fight with this zodiac sign will not go over well. Instead, talk it out together. Cater to the Venus side of Libra which is very sexy and very sensual.

Looking good is loved by Libra, but spending hours to get there is not. So find an easy, maintenance free way to your fabulous this summer if it includes a Libra, and expect a lot of spontaneous fun to result.


Scorpio gets a bit of a bad rap when it comes to love, but it really just comes down to a lack of understanding. You need to invest in giving your Scorpio more realness, more truth, and more passion.

Scorpio is the zodiac detective, and although they seem mysterious and scary, all they are doing is trying to get to the bottom of your case file. Don’t fib to your Scorpio because it’s likely that they will find you out (and they won’t be pleased).

Talk with Scorpio is anything but cheap. Pile on all of the analytic and deep conversations that you want. Just don’t fake it, or you will annoy your Scorpio’s senses and sensibilities, and offend their intelligence as well. If you be real, you will soon find out exactly why many consider this to be the sexiest sign of them all.


When it comes to having fun with a Sagittarius, don’t stick to one agenda. Sag has an inner sense of adventure that is almost unmatched in the zodiac, and playing up to that is a must if you want them sticking around.

The very word “routine” will send them running and packing, as will rules.

Give your Sag the freedom to do what they are most craving in the moment, and they will love you forever.


As the confident, committed, Cardinal Earth sign, most everyone that wants a relationship loves dating a Capricorn.

Capricorn needs to lead the way in most everything that they do. Cap doesn’t put energy where they don’t think it will work or be successful, so if they are spending time on you, that is your cue that they are in it to win it with you. If they aren’t, that’s when you can start putting on the brakes and looking elsewhere.

Never try to force your Capricorn into doing something they might not be ready to do just yet. Be confident and sexy, and this will just make their commitment to your even stronger.


An Aquarius is often the easiest to date, because simple random acts of kindness, (or dates and adventures in group and intellectual settings), will be the way to their heart for good.

What Aquarius doesn’t like? Judgmental and critical people, mean people, and people that get a rise out of making fun of others. Thoughtfulness will bring you far with your Aquarius. Bring them a cup of coffee at work, or leave them a sweet note. These little things will keep them near.

Stuck on a date idea, or want the right tip to move things along with Aquarius? Plan a date at a non profit group or charity, and doing something good for others will be a bonding experience for both of you, and one that your Aquarius will certainly thank you for.


When it comes to dating a Pisces, the first thing you need to remember is just how sensitive they are. This is the zodiac sign that will hide the second they think their feelings might get hurt, which means, long before they actually do!

Pisces is known for retreating to protect themselves from pain in love. Ruled by Neptune, they have a dreamy and intuitive side to them that soaks up the angst of the world like a sponge.

Anything that will make Pisces feel self-conscious or more vulnerable to pain will send them running back to their cave. So, always make your Pisces feel like the only one that rocks your world. Use their dreamy side to your advantage in love.

That’s right, play up on fantasies and dreams as often as you can. Tell your Pisces you had a dream about them (even if you didn’t!) and spill some juicy fantasies.

What Would You Do for Love?

There you have it! We hope that these tips and tricks will lead you to love this summer. Remember that we are all unique, and each have a unique birth chart that details a lot more about our personalities than just our Sun signs.

Look even deeper when it comes to astrological love, and you will be sure to find your perfect match.

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*Editors’ Note: This article was originally published in 2014, and has been updated.

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The 12th house is the last house in your astrology birth chart. Known as the ‘House of the unconscious,’ anything hidden resides here, from your anxieties, fears, your unconscious responses to your life, as well as your undiscovered skills and talents. It’s also where you hide things from others, including secretive behaviors and private activities.

This is also the ‘House of endings.’ While the 8th house is the ‘House of transformation,’ the 12th house is where you clear out what’s bogging you down in order to make way for something new. Newness also corresponds with your Ascendant and your 1st house. Any planets in this house are likely to make you feel misunderstood, because their energy is hidden.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though! This is also a very romantic house, where your dreams and your fantasies reside. If you can bring the hidden potential of the 12th House out into the open you could be very creative indeed. Its traditional ruler is Neptune and the Sun sign of Pisces. It is also a Mutable house and belongs to the element of Water.

What sign do you have in your 12th house? Try our free Birth Chart Generator now to find out!

What Does the 12th House Represent?

Among other things, these are the most common areas the 12th house reveals to us. The zodiac sign you have in this house will deeply influence how you relate to and experience these qualities in your life.

  • Confinement and limitations
  • Secretive behaviors
  • What you are hiding from others – and even yourself
  • Hidden talents
  • Dreams and the unconscious
  • Creativity
  • Endings, karma and past life influences

The 12th House Deals with Where You Feel Stuck

Since the 12th house deals with the hidden aspects of your life and personality, it also pertains to where you feel stuck or confined. This sometimes refers to jails, hospitals, or other institutions, but more often than not, it helps you to uncover the chains that you’ve put on yourself. Where you’ve limited yourself, you can also free yourself if you choose.

This is also the last house of the zodiac, where the residual energy from the other houses land. Think of it as a circle, with the 1st house being the beginning, the other houses being the stepping stones along the way, and the 12th house is the ending. It’s where your unrealized potential awaits for you to unlock it.

The 12th House Uncovers Secrets

The things that you keep secret can lead you to triumph or bind you in failure. You’ve heard of the term, ‘the secret of my success;’ that’s because successful people don’t share everything there is to know about why they’re successful! They have to keep some things hidden so their ideas and their formulas are protected.

Not all secrets are good, though. The 12th house speaks to our secretive behaviors…and it’s also the area of your chart that might indicate addictions. Addictions are often secretive because people don’t want others to know how dependent they are on something. This is also the house of secret enemies – unlike the open enemies of the 7th house.

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The 12th House Points to Creativity

The 12th house deals with what’s hidden, and also points to your hidden talents – things you never dreamed you could do! Dreams and your unconscious are also part of this area of your chart. It deals with your latent skills, the ability to dig into your unconscious mind and bring out your true power.

There’s both illusion and delusion here and it is up to you which one you’re going to embrace. Escapism of all sorts are attributed to this house, but very often that evasion fuels creativity. Who hasn’t heard of artists and writers locking themselves away in order to tap into their imagination and self-expression? The 12th house has what it takes for you to be very creative and productive indeed; it just takes work and discipline.

The 12th House Indicates Endings

This is the last house of the zodiac, so it’s naturally associated with endings. People often look to the 12th house for karma and past life influences, the last thing you brought into this lifetime with you. It’s also a place for bringing things to a close, particularly when a planet is making a transit to this area of your chart.

This is where it’s advantageous to analyze the transits and see what aspects are being made. What needs to be cleared out before the new cycle starts? That can be anything from your next trip around the Sun to the next transit of Saturn, to your next lifetime.

Never miss another transit! Keep an eye on our Astrological Calendar or sign up for our free Daily Horoscope emails and let us do the work for you!


The lessons the 12th house teaches are profound, and often some of the most misunderstood of you astrology birth chart. It deals with what’s hidden in your life, secrets, talents, habits. This is also the last house in your chart and it’s only fitting it also reveals endings.

Your birth chart can truly help you lead your best life by giving you more profound insight into your personality and who you are.

If you don’t already have your birth chart, or you have one and want to dive deeper, you can visit one of our experienced Advisors for more guidance!

* Editor’s note: This article was previously published April 12th, 2017 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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Welcome to your astrology forecast for the week of September 14 – September 20 beautiful souls!

As always, we are keeping you in-the-know with what’s buzzing in the cosmos. This week’s astrology overview has one major event which is the New Moon in Virgo on Thursday. This is a time to kick off new projects after quiet contemplation about what will make you feel most alive and purposeful.

This week’s astrology overview says we can expect our minds to be looking to order just about everything in our life with both the Sun and Moon in organizational Virgo this Wednesday and Thursday, so make some time to plan! Be careful not to be overly critical of yourself and others on that day because the perfectionist Virgo can get quite nit-picky.

This can be a fun and exciting week to choose the destinations on your life map, and create a way to get there over the next few weeks, months, and years. Now that Jupiter is direct, you’re able to see how and where to bring your skills to attract abundance.

We are also in the tail-end of Virgo season this week, and about to enter into Libra season, which is one of the major shifts for September 2020 astrology. To make the most of the Virgo Sun, get those little tasks that are in the back of your mind done now and you’ll find next week you feel freer to go have some fun!

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Look for Ways to Show Love

If you’re trying to spice up your love life this week, the double Virgo Sun and Moon energy on Wednesday and Thursday will make people particularly appreciative of acts of kindness.

Try fixing someone’s fence, debugging their computer, or upgrading their phone for them without asking for anything in return. Look for ways to be helpful to let them know you really care.

We still have Venus in Leo so if you’re feeling that urge to impress your crush or partner, do something that says “I love you” by showing them that you are committed to making their life easy and fun. Little gestures will go a long way this week, even if it’s getting that painting hung securely over the fireplace, or helping them finish their application for health insurance.

When you show someone you’re willing to help with things that are tedious or considered “not-fun” they will see it’s nice to have you around all the time and not just while socializing.

What else can you expect this week from the stars?

The beginning of the week is the end of the waning Moon phase, which means we are getting ready to start something new. We are working on tying up loose ends, and essentially creating space in our schedule for the new ideas that are going to show up.

Have you purged the bad habits you may have picked up over the last month once and for all? Focus on that Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

From Thursday on, work your magic. Start visualizing, meditating on what you want to manifest, and taking action. Creative energy will continue to build for the rest of the week making it a great time to plant seeds. Your manifesting work will likely yield results around the Full Moon which will be October 1, 2020.

Planetary Locations During September 14 – September 20, 2020

Sun: Virgo (August 22, 2020 – September 22, 2020)

Mercury: Libra (September 5, 2020 – September 27, 2020)

Venus: Leo (September 6, 2020 – October 2, 2020)

Mars: Aries (June 27, 2020 – January 6, 2021)

Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)

Saturn: Capricorn (July 1, 2020 – December 17, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)

Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for September 14 – September 20, 2020

Monday, September 14

Sun: Virgo – You enjoy spending time making a meal extra nice, or perfecting whatever you do. You may find yourself learning a new skill that helps you improve the quality of your work.

Moon: Leo – People are very friendly today, and it’s a great day to make new connections. Smile at people and see what fun experiences come of it.

Tuesday, September 15

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Leo

Aspect: Venus in Leo (square) Uranus in Taurus. This creates pressure in our relationships because we don’t want to compromise. If you’re struggling with feeling controlled, go cool off, and find a way to respond to your partner in a loving way.

Wednesday, September 16

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Virgo – We are looking at ways to improve our life today. We could very well kick off a new exercise plan, meal plan, or simply rearrange the furniture to improve the energy flow.

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Thursday, September 17

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Virgo

Event: New Moon in Virgo. It’s a great day to make a list of the things you want to do.

Let your dreams really sink in, and ask yourself why you’re not living up to the things you want, and how you could change your habits to do just that. Start with envisioning where you want to be and you’ll probably see exactly how to get there.

Aspect: Sun & Moon in Virgo (trine) Saturn in Capricorn. The planet of discipline is helping us put together a good plan in regards to business.

If you can capture this very responsible window today, you might just be able to see how to make a big change that will give you great financial stability. Slow down and see how the Universe is speaking to you.

Friday, September 18

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Libra – This fun energy helps us to stop worrying about the future. We are more concerned about the happiness of our friends under this influence.

Saturday, September 19

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Libra

Sunday, September 20

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Scorpio – Things feel a little intense today but that is because we are wanting depth in our lives. When the Moon is in Scorpio we need to find something meaningful in our routine.

Aspect: Mercury in Libra (square) Pluto in Capricorn. Conversations can be a bit strained today and we will likely see clashes in the news between justice and big business interests. We could see fraud exposed as well.

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Did this overview resonate with you? Get another astrologer’s take on this week’s astrology forecast.

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Welcome to your Monthly Astrology Transits Overview for October 2020!

October 2020 astrology includes two important retrogrades by Mercury and Mars that need to be managed. This month may show a period where we’re focused on looking back, reflecting and revising, and trying to understand and grow as we make use of the astrology transits.

To focus on the upcoming astrology transits, we’ve created a detailed overview for you below.

You can expect to find when the planets are changing signs, when we’ll experience the New Moon and Full Moon for the month, when a planet turns retrograde or direct, and when major aspects will occur between planets. Plus what they mean!

If you want to keep track of the planets every month, make sure to check out the free astrology calendar, which allows you to download the October 2020 astrology calendar to your phone or your computer. You can also follow the planets every week with the free weekly video forecast!

Let’s dive in.

Monthly Astrology Transits for October 2020

October 1, 2020

Full Moon in Aries

The Aries Full Moon is traditionally a time for emotions to drive us to act. We can be fueled by instincts, and motivated by unconscious desires.

This Aries Full Moon is a little tricky because the natural ruling planet for Aries is Mars, and Mars is retrograde in this sign for this Full Moon. This can mean that actions are focused on second chances and do-overs. It also means emotional energy is much higher, and we need to keep ourselves busy to use it up.

October 2, 2020

Venus Enters Virgo

Venus, the planet of love, moves into Virgo, and love becomes more practical. Small gestures can make a big difference in showing just how much you care with your loved ones.

This can also be a good period for getting organized and making lists since Virgo loves structure and order. This sign also wants to focus on smaller projects, so break big ones down into smaller ones.

This transit lasts until October 27th, 2020.

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October 4, 2020

Pluto Direct in Capricorn

Pluto retrograde began in April in Capricorn, and this has been a period of adjusting to massive transformations of the status quo, and getting clear on the direction we’re going in.

With Pluto moving forward again, we can get back to working on new transformations, and can dig deeper below the surface to make them strong and lasting.

October 7, 2020

Mercury (Scorpio) opposite Uranus (Taurus)

The Mercury (Scorpio) opposite Uranus (Taurus) aspect can speed up mental energy, and we may find it difficult to get focused. Brilliant flashes of insight can come quickly, but we may have a hard time knowing what to do with it.

Think before you speak, and take time to listen to what others have to say. Be respectful in your communication, and keep track of your ideas before you forget about them.

October 9, 2020

Mars (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn)

Mars (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn) can bring out a lot of frustrated energy, and any anger, annoyances, and rage you’ve got bottled up can burst through to the surface. This can lead to accidents, injuries, and headaches.

Try to use the energy in a productive way. There’s an excess of energy, so put it to good use, and make sure you’re keeping both your mind and body busy. Have healthy outlets for stress too.

October 10, 2020

Venus (Virgo) trine Uranus (Taurus)

Venus (Virgo) trine Uranus (Taurus) puts the planet of love with the planet of change at a beneficial angle. Open up to new people, and make acquaintances with those you’d normally never think you could connect with. This can be a great aspect to broaden your social circle.

In relationships, take a different approach to solve issues, and have a positive attitude about experimentation to make the boring more fun with this trine.

October 11, 2020

Sun (Libra) square Jupiter (Capricorn)

Sun (Libra) square Jupiter (Capricorn) can bring out laziness and excess. All of us may prefer to sleep it and overdo it with the chocolate! That may not kill you for one day, but try not to make a habit of it.

We can feel really good under this aspect, so we do have to be careful about pushing our luck. If you can use the energy to help inspire you without going too far, this can be highly beneficial.

Find out more ways Jupiter Brings You Good Luck.

October 12, 2020

  • Jupiter (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)
  • Mercury (Scorpio) sextile Venus (Virgo)

Two pleasant aspects this day! With Jupiter sextile Neptune, this has been going on throughout 2020, and this is the final time the aspect is exact. It’s a great time for creativity, and this aspect promotes growth and harmony.

Mercury sextile Venus helps us find the right ways of communicating and expressing ourselves while also respecting what others have to say. This is also a creative aspect, so this day can be fabulous for creative projects and ventures. Go pursue some!

October 13, 2020

  • Sun (Libra) opposite Mars (Aries)
  • Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio

The final Mercury retrograde for 2020 kicks off in Scorpio, and this can uncover what lies beneath, resurrect old grievances, and make for a lot of angst. On the plus side, it is good for solving mysteries, working on karma, and pursuing transformations.

This transit lasts until November 3rd, 2020, but Mercury does not retrograde entirely in Scorpio. Mercury retrogrades into Libra on September 27th, 2020, and spends the end of the retrograde targeting relationships and our ability to connect and compromise.

The Sun opposite Mars aspect can bring out some fiery tempers with Mars ruling aggression. External factors may come into play, and we may be more easily provoked into doing or saying something that we regret later, so some self-control is important.

This energy is great for anything that requires physical endurance. If you don’t have any projects like that, maybe just go for a run!

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October 15, 2020

Sun (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)

This aspect can bring out struggles over power and control. We may feel that we know best and don’t want to hear from anyone else, but this can create more problems than it solves.

It’s likely that there is something within that needs to be addressed, and when we do that, we can grow within our own power instead of looking for it outside of ourselves.

October 16, 2020

New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra is one that focuses on peace, harmony, and balance. It wants all of us to get along, make compromises, and consider one another. Libra wants everything to be pleasant and calm.

The Mars retrograde may have other plans since it’s at odds with the Libra energy, and we may experience situations on the outside that try to disrupt the harmony and connections we want. It’s important not to let those situations completely take over and remember what matters.

Being balanced, with both your focus on yourself and your focus on others, can be of great help.

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October 18, 2020

  • Sun (Libra) square Saturn (Capricorn)
  • Venus (Virgo) opposite Neptune (Pisces)

These aspects might make this day highly unproductive! Sun square Saturn can make discipline hard to find, and it can be easy to be overwhelmed and stressed out. Sometimes you just need to take a break from it all.

Venus opposite Neptune makes for active imaginations that can take over, and it can be hard to grasp reality. Boundaries may falter in relationships, but this can leave you vulnerable, so try to protect yourself. Take some time to get lost in something whimsical and sweet.

October 19, 2020

  • Mars (Aries) square Jupiter (Capricorn)
  • Venus (Virgo) trine Jupiter (Capricorn)

Two Jupiter aspects today! Jupiter is the happy planet, so our moods are likely to be positive. We can feel so good, and Venus trine Jupiter brings some luck to our side.

Mars square Jupiter can help with making our own luck if we don’t push it too hard. On the other hand, we may be lazier with this aspect, so we do have to be mindful of what motivates us and use that productively.

October 21, 2020

Venus (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)

This aspect helps with strengthening emotional bonds and intimacy in relationships. You may feel passion is easier to find, and you can be more willing to share everything with others.

At the same time, you want others to share with you, and you can be more protective and seductive.

October 22, 2020

Sun Enters Scorpio

Scorpio season kicks off, and we can dive into the depths of life, uncover what’s hidden in the dark, and face fears with light. Scorpio season may be intense as it begins, but we can use that energy to build strength. Get serious, dig deep, and get below the surface.

This transit lasts until November 21st, 2020.

October 24, 2020

Venus (Virgo) trine Saturn (Capricorn)

This aspect allows us to enjoy being disciplined and getting things done. You may feel more ambitious and driven to succeed, and goals can be pursued with enthusiasm.

In relationships, you can be more responsible with your loved ones, and bring stabilizing energy.

October 25, 2020

Sun (Scorpio) conjunct Mercury (Scorpio)

This aspect brings the Sun conjunct with Mercury in Scorpio while Mercury is retrograde. This is something called the Inferior Conjunction, and it’s actually considered a beneficial time during Mercury retrograde. You can use it to start something new that you can focus on for the next 6-8 weeks.

In Scorpio, it may be best to do research, work on a mutually-beneficial project, start a transformation, or search for a solution.

October 27, 2020

  • Mercury retrograde enters Libra
  • Venus enters Libra

Big Libra day! Mercury retrogrades back into Libra, exiting Scorpio, and this can bring relationship issues and relationship karma out. We have to work on finding healthier connections and eliminate baggage that is getting in the way.

With Venus entering Libra, this can help, and Venus can get us in a better mood for compromise and harmony. Remember the things you love about the people in your life, and remember what you enjoy in your relationships.

Mercury retrogrades in Libra until November 3rd, 2020, and exits Libra November 10th, 2020. Venus is in Libra until November 21st, 2020.

October 31, 2020

  • Full Moon in Taurus
  • Sun (Scorpio) opposite Uranus (Taurus)

The Full Moon in Taurus can help increase sensuality, and we can work to be more grounded and present. Confidence may sway depending on what others think, so you have to focus on what you think instead.

This Sun-Uranus aspect can make us feel more rebellious, restless, and craving change. That is possible, however we need to curb impatience and impulsive energy to get control. It can be a great aspect to break out from a rut or stop something that has been stagnant and stuck for some time.

Don’t forget to read your free Daily Horoscope to stay on top of your astrology transits throughout October!

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Have you ever had one of those moments where your emotions are so randomly bright, intense, and heightened that they become impossible to ignore or control? Maybe don’t just brush it off as an intense mood swing quite yet — there’s always more to unpack behind the scenes!

These kinds of moments are often easily explained by what is going on in the stars at that given point in time. Particularly during a Full Moon, we are called inward to self-examine, to remember our full potential, and realign with ourselves on a deeper level.

On October 1st, we will experience a Full Moon in Aries, a fiery, passionate, and open sign that is unlikely to sugarcoat. Although we will often experience this energy differently from person to person, there is undoubtedly a power that exists within this Full Moon for everyone to harness.

Using the Tarot, we can find out what that power will be for you! Let’s dive in.

A 5-Card Tarot Spread for Full Moon in Aries

Turn to your favorite deck of Tarot cards to inquire about this Full Moon in Aries and how it will impact you using this spread. You can use it before, on the day of, or even after the Full Moon for your reflection.

  1. What is the energy for this Full Moon for me?
  2. How will the Full Moon in Aries impact my emotions?
  3. What feelings can I expect to see arise?
  4. What is the best way to work with this Full Moon?
  5. What potential will be awakened from this Full Moon?

Below is an example of what this spread might look like in practice. Don’t forget to save this graphic to refer to this spread anytime that you want!

1. What is the energy for this Full Moon for me?

The Tower

As a Tarot card of immense changes and destruction, you might expect to see many internal and perhaps even external changes due to this Full Moon with the Tower here.

At the time of their occurrence, it may really seem like the world as you knew it is crumbling to pieces, but in truth it is to clear a better path for a new, brighter future. Brace yourself for the changes, and be open to the blank slate that will soon follow.

2. How will the Full Moon in Aries impact my emotions?

5 of Wands

The 5 of Wands is a card of social conflict and disputes. On an internal level, however, this may manifest as you fighting yourself emotionally and mentally — feeling torn between different directions.

Alternatively, you may also feel more “on edge” than usual and find yourself easily annoyed with the words of others. Be gentle with yourself and grant yourself ample alone time while this passes.

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3. What feelings can I expect to see arise?

8 of Pentacles

Despite the spunky and fiery cards we have seen so far, the 8 of Pentacles indicates that the emotions you may experience in reality have more to do with earthly matters — finance, money, home, and stability, for example.

With the added context of this card, we now know that the conflicts seen earlier may have to do with frustrations surrounding these areas of your life.

4. What is the best way to work with this Full Moon?

7 of Pentacles

Unlike the 8 of Pentacles which discusses what we work on at any given time, the 7 of Pentacles focuses much more on the how. It reminds us that pause, reflection, and planning are not only worthwhile activities, but necessary ones in order to achieve the results that we are aiming for.

In other words, this card in this position reminds you to take things slowly, one step at a time, no matter how high your emotions are running during the Full Moon!

5. What potential will be awakened from this Full Moon?

The World

Nothing is really off the table when it comes to The World card! You can expect… just about anything to be awakened from within, and for all possibilities in your wildest imagination to come to life.

However, given the purposeful nature of The World, the only requirement is that it must be highly aligned with your true self, nature, and purpose.

A Relevant Reminder…

Sometimes, especially during the Full Moon in Aries, the way that we process or experience our emotions may not be as elegant as we would like. After all, we are only human, and we can’t always expect to have all of the answers.

No matter how bold, intense, or uncontained our emotional state may seem or feel at any given time, we can easily rely on tools like the Tarot to shed some light onto our situation and give us the proper way out.

Using a Tarot spread like this as a resource can help you feel more aligned and in control of yourself, your situation, and the path ahead — so feel free to refer to it and your reflections of your reading whenever you feel lost!

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Love energy shifts today as Venus moves into Virgo! This sign rules the details, so Venus in Virgo can be a time to pay closer attention to your loved ones and your relationships, noticing the little things and seeing their true value.

Venus normally spends about a month in a zodiac sign, but will move through Virgo a little quicker than that. Venus is progressing at a good pace now, and this period is a quick burst of practical energy for relationships and connections.

Venus has been in Leo, and this pairing is light, carefree, and fun-loving. Venus in Leo wants to enjoy love and relationships and not dwell on anything.

With Venus in Virgo, it’s time to get to work in love. This allows you to notice the details you might otherwise overlook, and have gratitude for the small ways the people you love have a positive impact on your life.

Want even more insights on love? Try out a free 3-card Tarot love reading right now!

What Does Venus in Virgo Mean?

Venus is the planet of love and relationships, craving connection, and is highly sensual.

Virgo is an Earth sign, and the Earth signs are practical, disciplined, hard-working, and focused. The Earth signs focus on reality, and have little patience for anything that isn’t tangible.

The natural ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury, the planet of the mind. Add the Earth energy to the mental energy of Mercury, and this shows Virgo’s affinity for the details. It’s able to hold its attention long enough to see them, and know just what to do with them.

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Venus in Virgo in the Natal Chart

If Venus was in Virgo when you were born, you have Venus in Virgo in your birth chart. As a Venus in Virgo native, you’re someone who naturally pays attention to all of the little details with the people in your life.

For you, this can be the way you show affection for your loved ones, and you can cherish someone who is this way with you. You want someone who knows you well enough to know all of the little idiosyncrasies you have.

If you don’t know your Venus sign, use the free birth chart generator to find out!

The Venus in Virgo Man

The Venus in Virgo man can be a bit shy at first, and takes some time to warm up. Once he does, he can be surprisingly warm and passionate. They can do little things to show they care, and would like the same in return.

Stress can really throw them off, so try to give them adequate time to work that out and take care of the things that they don’t like to ease their stress.

Read all about the Virgo man.

The Venus in Virgo Woman

The Venus in Virgo woman wants to take her time in love and relationships. She wants someone who is interesting enough to stimulate her mind but also respect her enough to not push too much, too fast.

Pickiness can be a bit of a problem at times, and they can have a list they want others to meet, as well as themselves. Someone who can help them accept the imperfect can be just what they need.

Read all about the Virgo woman.

Venus in Virgo Compatibility

Fellow Earth signs Taurus and Capricorn are the best when it comes to compatibility for Venus in Virgo. This trio can understand the need for practicality in relationships, and Taurus can help ground some of the frenetic Virgo energy while Capricorn helps pick up responsibilities to take some of the stress off of Virgo’s shoulders.

Scorpio can also be good with Virgo since this sign more serious and can bring out some of the emotion in Virgo. Scorpio can be interesting with its passionate ventures and research, and this can get Virgo’s attention.

A surprisingly good match can also be Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, just like Virgo, so even though their base energy can be pretty different, there is a mental affinity between them.

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Venus in Virgo Love Astrology Horoscopes

Now that you’re informed, let’s get to the Venus in Virgo love astrology horoscopes! Read the lovescopes for the zodiac signs below:


You can pay close attention with Venus in Virgo, Aries. This can help you figure out anything that needs to be taken care of, and you can do it without fanfare. You just want to make things better for your loved ones however you can.

If single, you may be more discerning about who to give your time to, and only take a chance on someone if they try to really get to know you.


You can find small ways to show affection with your loved ones while Venus is in Virgo, Taurus. You might make a big deal out of the little things they do for you, and you can be more loving and generous with them in return.

If single, you may want someone to make the first move, and helps you to enjoy yourself.


Small gestures can improve the emotional connection you have with loved ones with Venus in Virgo, Gemini. This can strengthen the foundation of your relationships, and make them more stable and secure.

If single, you can focus on trying to find someone who is supportive emotionally and respects your needs.


Paying attention to communication can be helpful in love while Venus is in Virgo, Cancer. You can open up dialogue with loved ones and feel seen and heard. At the same time, you can detect what people mean and what they really think or feel behind their words, helping you connect.

If single, someone who can stimulate your mind can be your top priority, and you can be attracted to those who are detail-oriented in their ideas and plans.


You can ground your relationships by treasuring the little things with Venus in Virgo, Leo. It can happen in small ways that don’t seem very loud or snazzy, but can help stabilize your relationships with loved ones, and make you feel more connected.

If single, you can be especially cautious about jumping into anything, and want to take as long as you can before moving forward.


Venus is in your sign, Virgo, so this is your time to showcase love and affection with those you care about. If in a relationship, you can pump up the romance in little ways, and make tiny gestures to show you cherish your partner.

If single, you can attract more people to you, and they may find your little quirks to be endearing.


You can be especially helpful while Venus is in Virgo, Libra. You want to do whatever you can for your loved ones, and you can tend to all of the little things that they’d rather not deal with. You can do them quietly and not expect anything in return.

If single, a spiritual connection may be your biggest ask, and little signs can let you know when you’ve met the right one.


Finding new ways of improving your connections with loved ones can be an effect of Venus in Virgo, Scorpio. Your view of the details and little things can help you find solutions, and you can go about connecting in ways you haven’t before.

If single, you may focus more on being friends first, wanting to take things slow and see how well they can pay attention.


Taking care of the little things can be a way of you taking more responsibilities from your loved ones with Venus in Virgo, Sagittarius. This can help free them up, and they can connect with you better as a result.

If single, your standards can be higher than they might usually, and you don’t want to settle for anything less.


An eye for the details can help you find little adventures you can have with your loved ones while Venus is in Virgo, Capricorn. You can have fun together, make new experiences, and appreciate one another.

If single, you may want someone who you respect intellectually and feel may be able to teach you.


You can find small ways of improving emotional bonds with loved ones while Venus is in Virgo, Aquarius. This can make you feel closer, and intimacy can strengthen. Passion can grow, and you can be more open and want to share.

If single, someone brooding, serious, and intense may be on your radar, and you can work to understand them better.


Venus in Virgo puts Venus in your relationship sector, Pisces, so this can be a great period for you to focus on the people in your life. You can pay extra attention to them, and want to feel that they understand you.

If single, commitment and mutual respect can be more important to you, and you can value practicality in others.

Pay Attention With Venus in Virgo

Venus is in Virgo for less than four weeks, moving out of this sign on October 28th. Venus in Virgo benefits from being at beneficial angles to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto during this period, so you can be more positive (Jupiter), responsible (Saturn), open (Uranus), and passionate (Pluto) in your dealings with others and relationships.

Appreciate the little things, and let that add up to big improvements!

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