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Have you ever felt like you were in the wrong job? Maybe you took a job to learn a specific skill. Or, maybe it was simply to pay the bills (that’s a reality in life that doesn’t need a spiritual purpose).

At any rate, if you have ever found yourself in a position where you knew that you needed a push in the right direction, we might be able to help. Are you truly using your natural gifts and talents to the best of your ability? Maybe you aren’t even sure what those are!

Not need to fret. You simply need to tap into your unique zodiac sign, and the traits that you already possess to figure out the career of your dreams, and make money.

Let’s dive into how to make money, based on your zodiac sign.

The Fire Signs

Fire signs truly do well in positions where they can have a chance to be in the spotlight. Those who fall under this element also like creative work that allows them to express themselves.

These are the zodiac signs that wake up in the morning wondering how they can make money and have fun doing it.


Aries as a Cardinal sign is great in a leadership role, and would enjoy starting up their own business. What are you passionate about, Aries? Nail that down, and start trademarking that company name!

This sign would also do well starting in an entry-level role at a big company where they can advance, and climb the ladder.


Leo is the Fixed sign of the fire group, and those who fall under this zodiac sign often have a steady career that allows them to travel. It isn’t unusual for a Leo to try out a variety of different job roles in their lifetime, because they are truly interested in learning about everything.

That being said, Leo likes to be “the boss” and enjoys jobs where they are in charge of making all of the decisions.


Sagittarius is the Mutable sign, and ever the wanderer. Sagittarius loves to travel, so any work that gets them moving from one place to the next, or where no two days are ever the same, is ideal for Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is also not likely to be at the same firm or company for 30 years, unless that job offers a lot of freedom. A journalist, for example, that stays with the same outlet would not interest this sign, and even if this pays well, they will get bored.

This zodiac sign will need to find a career path that matches their goals of freedom, with a philosophical tone.

The Earth Signs

Earth signs are the practical and steady ones of the zodiac, and often stay at the same position until they retire (if it is fulfilling, of course). Earth signs love to make money, count it, stockpile it, invest it, save it, and always have enough of it to feel comfortable.

Being wealthy comes easily to Earth signs because they work so darn hard, but they are also extremely humble about it. They really just want to spoil the ones that they love most of the time.

Being less picky than other zodiac signs really helps this group make money easier, and more quickly, than others. They understand that rooted careers grow abundance over time.


As a Cardinal sign, Capricorn is the leader of this pack, and a born initiator. A Capricorn could make money in their sleep if they had it all planned out properly (which, they usually do).

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Capricorn would enjoy working with a startup or with investment ventures. They are going to be happy spending their time being the CEO, or working to be one. This sign often spends a lot of time in school as well, so becoming a doctor is not off the table!


Taurus loves Mother Earth and all that she provides. You will see a lot of florists and interior designers from Venus-loving Taurus!

This zodiac sign would also enjoy any type of outdoor job where they can be in nature. Marine biologist, zoologist, gardeners – these are all amazing jobs for a Taurus where they can make money, and feel happy every single day.


Virgo is a Mutable sign, and they would feel most fulfilled making money in a job that allows them to cater to their love for humanity. A Virgo does very well in any type of service job such as at a hotel, as a teacher, or even as a government worker.

Virgo is intellectually gifted and will make money and success when they feed that daily. Virgo also likes to feel like they are contributing something to society, and when they do, the money literally rolls in, even if it doesn’t look like a lucrative career field at first.

The Air Signs

Air signs are “the thinkers” of the zodiac, so you won’t likely see them in emotional or creative type jobs. This group needs a career field where a rational mind is required, like science, justice, and sales.

Air signs create success when they use their rational and logical mind over emotional matters. They can really breed money and success when they focus on jobs that involve paperwork, communication, writing or law.


Libra, the Cardinal sign, likes working with beautiful things, but also likes harmony and balances. Many Supreme Court judges are Libras, as Libra is marked by the scales of justice.

Libras would be good leaders in fields where attention to detail and numbers are required, like accounting, checks and balances. That being said, they are not simply just another cog in the wheel. Libra is always working towards higher positions with more responsibility.


Gemini, the Mutable sign, likes work that is different every day, but that always involves logic and communication. Writing is something that a Gemini can get extremely passionate about.

This zodiac sign is also very chatty, and would make money easily from a sales job.


Aquarius is the unconventional Air sign. This zodiac sign can make money by simply following those unconventional urges. Use your intelligence like you are Einstein, because you are, and you will see great success.

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The Water Signs

Water signs often show that by using institution and psychic intelligence, you can make money, and create abundance. This group does well in careers where they can connect on a personal level. Water signs are the natural psychics of the zodiac, and so careers in this field or in the occult, psychic realm, astrology, paranormal, or science fiction would be lucrative.

Water signs soak up the emotions around them like a sponge, and although it can be exhausting for them, if they learn how to use that energy wisely they could make very good money turning that into a career.

They are also natural nurturers, and love is their middle name. That is also a special gift that could be used wisely to make money and create success!


Cancer is the Cardinal sign, and there are actually many chefs that are Cancers! This is because Cancer rules the home and the domestic center, and what better way to serve and make money than by providing excellent food.

Cancer would also feel very fulfilled by being a nurse, or a veterinarian.


Scorpio is a truth-seeker as the Fixed sign, and great at digging up details and secrets. Scorpios make good detectives and also good investigative reporters.

Work that puts Scorpio in the psychic realm is also a great outlet for Scorpio’s intense energy which seems constant, because it is. When focused on what they are best at, money comes very easily to this zodiac sign.


Pisces is the artsy and dreamy one of the zodiac, and does well in the creative fields where they can pour their hearts out, and bring their fantasies and wild dreams to life.

You will see a lot of artists, musicians, comedians, and entertainers that are Pisces because they have so much emotion to share with the world. Pisces has a problem of retreating to the cave when everybody else is going to work though, and overcoming that is the only thing stopping Pisces from being a superstar.

The Academy Award and Grammy-winning kind.

How Will You Make Money?

Picking your career by the zodiac sign is very easy when you understand how the elements play into your personality. Many people are always talking about doing what you love in order to create your success, and getting job tips and career tips by the zodiac is one way to tap into your inner passion.

When you can tap into that element, it will be that much easier to find something that you love to do, and can be successful at as well!

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*Editors’ Note: This article was originally published in 2016, and has been updated.



There are few things more frustrating than turning to Tarot for answers… only to come out of the reading with more questions. Or maybe you haven’t received more questions, but your line of thinking is turning up empty. Or maybe you’re just straight-up confused at what your cards are trying to communicate to you.

Either way, you aren’t alone in experiencing something like this!

Just like life, Tarot isn’t always easy — so neither is uncovering all of the mysteries of the Universe in one sitting. However, just because we aren’t always meant to hold all the answers doesn’t mean that we have to give up when we get stumped on a tricky Tarot reading.

In fact, there are a few very common reasons why your Tarot reading may appear to make no sense on your first go. If you find yourself confused or drawing a complete blank in front of the cards, you may just find what you’re looking for below!

5 Reasons Your Tarot Reading Made No Sense

1. The Spread is a Mismatch

Many factors go into creating an effective, helpful, and powerful Tarot reading, and one of the most obvious yet underrated pieces of this is the Tarot spread. The spread creates the foundation and bones of a reading and can significantly shape where you ultimately take it.

As a result, with a spread that doesn’t really work for your topic or question, you may be limiting your scope or reaching too far, depending on your objective.


Consider more Tarot spread research.

At times, a creative or far-reaching Tarot spread may be what you need for the topic at hand. At other times, it may be a very simple 3-card spread that does the trick. Maybe a spread is complicating the situation altogether, and you can stick to just pulling one card!

If your Tarot reading is failing to make sense, ponder a little further the faults or weak spots of your current spread and perhaps dig a little deeper to find a more appropriate one if you’re finding that there is, in fact, a mismatch.

2. It Does Make Sense… Later

At times, Tarot communicates to us in mysterious and seemingly incomprehensible ways.

It is possible that you aren’t experiencing a disconnect between you and your cards, but rather a disconnect in when the message is for. It’s true! Your Tarot reading may be trying to advise future you, rather than present-day you.


Practice patience, and step away from the cards.

The simple solution here is to record or write down the details of your reading as objectively as possible and come back to it at a later time.

Just know that even if the messages seem irrelevant or useless to you in the present, your Tarot reading may actually be a diamond in the rough and your saving grace a little later down the line.

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3. You’re Stuck in Traditional Boxes

When you learn the Tarot, in the beginning, it’s natural to try to memorize key symbols, keywords, phrases, or images that help you remember the meaning of each card. However, as you continue with your Tarot journey, it helps to let loose a little and let your intuition run more of the show rather than rattle off something by memory.

At the end of the day, you are more likely to want more specific, detailed, and personal interpretations than something you learned in a book or online, so a set of keywords may be eventually tying you down if you’ve been on the Tarot reading road for a while.


Creative writing, research, and meditation.

It’s time to get creative with your Tarot study and think outside of the box.

Expanding upon your arsenal of what each Tarot card means here is key, and it’s helpful to branch out and try new things. Consider creatively writing or creating art for each card, researching new sources, or even just a simple meditation.

4. The Question is Confusing

Much like a Tarot spread, the question that you pose to the cards and how you phrase it can be an easily overlooked, but extremely essential, key to the success of your reading.

It’s possible that your intention is in the right place, but the framing of your question is muddled, leaves room for multiple interpretations, or is guiding the reading in a direction that you ultimately don’t want.


Rethink the question.

You may have to completely rework or reconsider your question. While there are ways to workshop your question — like writing it out and tweaking pieces of the wording, for example — understanding the key to asking an effective Tarot question is all the more important.

At the end of the day, it may be a simple fix! (Or it may be time to do some research on how to frame an effective question for the Tarot).

5. You Aren’t Meant to Know the Answers

Sometimes, the reason what we don’t understand our Tarot readings is the simplest one — we just aren’t meant to.

Maybe the question isn’t meant to be known by anyone at all, or maybe it’s just better off left to our imaginations. But whatever the reason that your Tarot deck has decided that you’re not meant to see its secrets, at these times it is best to trust its judgment.


Reflection and meditation.

This revelation can be a little frustrating and disappointing… even if it is probably for the best.

We can always consider with some honest self-reflection why we may not be ready to receive an answer to our particular curiosity, and this may open up a window to some important insights on its own. With some increased self-awareness under your belt, you perhaps may find that you won’t need to consult the cards in the end at all!

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If You’re Ever Still Stumped…

Remember that ultimately Tarot isn’t the only tool out there to help you out with your curiosities, problems, or life dilemmas. Equipped with your intuition and an abundance of different divination tools gifted from the Universe at your disposal, not even a confusing Tarot spread can stand in your way.

So deep breaths!

Being stumped and stuck in your tracks with questions and no answers is not the end of the world. Inhale, exhale, and trust that your intuition knows just where to guide you next.



Have you ever experienced the beauty, the magic, and the splendor of a Lunar eclipse? Whether you’ve viewed this magnificent sight for yourself or felt the powerful, potent celestial energy that accompanies this phenomenon, it’s impossible to deny the mystery and the mystical nature of the enigmatic Lunar eclipse.

While science can easily explain the ins and outs of a Lunar eclipse, there’s a primordial, primeval part of our human nature that can’t help but bask in the awe and the wonder of such a thrilling Lunar occurrence.

On a scientific level, a Lunar eclipse happens when the Earth orbits between the Moon and the Sun.

On its own, the Moon does not actually provide any light – it is illuminated by the glowing light of the life-giving Sun. And when the Earth gets in the way of this shining light, the Moon dances into darkness.

Let’s explore more about these magical occurrences.

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

Lunar eclipses can only occur during the Full Moon, bringing even more intensity to an already powerful astrological transit.

All Full Moons bring fierce, energetic waves to our periphery. Still, when the Full Moon is combined with a Lunar eclipse, you are met with the energy that has the potential to shine a light on any hidden information or feelings lying beneath the surface.

And if you learn to use this energy to your advantage, you can expect some incredible emotional and psychological healing during this transit.

While eclipses happen to other planets – like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, which all have moons of their own – it is the Lunar eclipse that occurs here on Earth that seems to stir up our energetic juices to create a unique astrological cocktail.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Lunar Eclipses

1. Lunar Eclipses Signal Transformation

Eclipses tend to indicate the start of something significant, something new. Events are set into motion during a Lunar eclipse that signals individual transformation, although these transformations may not be made manifest for a few weeks or even a month.

You may even notice that these changes are not happening directly to you but the world around you. Something may be shifting for someone or something around you that might influence you in the long run.

Just as the Full Moon brings powerful energy that can feel overwhelming at times, the Lunar eclipse’s energy can make us feel anxious or nervous. That’s why it’s so important to understand the effects of a Lunar eclipse. If you can prepare yourself for transformation and learn to breathe through the anxiety, you’ll begin the trust the Universe and its plan for you.

2. Lunar Eclipses Shine a Light

Some of the transformations we experience in life require endings so they can begin to take shape, and a Lunar eclipse may expose situations or relationships that you need to release before you can evolve.

While the light of the Full Moon may not be visible during a Lunar eclipse, this transit is just as skilled at exposing certain elements of your life that need your attention. This can include bad habits, toxic relationships, buried emotions, and situations that are no longer serving your growth and balance as an individual.

You may realize that someone in your life is not exactly who they appear to be, which can be a painful realization. What is important is that you don’t take this disappointment personally and remember that the Universe is protecting you and guiding you toward the path you’re meant to be on.

3. Lunar Eclipses Connect to Health

A Lunar eclipse can have an impact on both your emotional and physical wellbeing – especially if it happens to fall on or opposite your birthday or at the quarter points between each two.

You may have to face certain aspects that you’ve been hiding from yourself, things that you’d prefer to keep hidden.

Buried emotions may come spilling forth during a Lunar eclipse, so you must plan on utilizing a particular outlet during this time – whether that’s writing, drawing, ritual work, crystal healing, Tarot, or astrology. There are many activities you can choose from that will help you remain calm and grounded when faced with these big feelings and emotions.

This energy may also manifest itself in a physical manner, from muscle tension to physical pain in a certain part of the body. Meditation and yoga are excellent ways to keep your body balanced and harmonized during this transit. Take care of your sacred vessel right now.

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4. Lunar Eclipses May Clear a Path

There may be people or relationships removed from your life to make room for bigger and better things during a Lunar eclipse. If you’ve been having issues with a friend, co-worker, partner, or family member, the eclipse may swoop in to let you know that this relationship is no longer meant to be.

With a Lunar eclipse, this person is often a woman, as the Moon represents feminine energy.

This separation does not have to be emotional or dramatic, even with the heightened emotions inherent in this transit. In fact, the decision to end this connection may be mutual and even amicable.

Perhaps each of you realizes that it’s time to move on, time to give one another the space they need to grow and flourish.

This is not, however, an excuse to go looking for trouble in your relationships. You don’t have to scrutinize your connections, as the Moon will provide exactly the information you need to make an informed, respectful decision.

5. The Zodiac Sign the Lunar Eclipse Falls Under Matters

Each eclipse occurs in a certain sign, whether it’s a Lunar or a Solar eclipse. And when an eclipse occurs in your sign or even a sign that shares a common ruling element, that specific eclipse tends to have a particularly beneficial impact on your life.

For instance, the next Lunar eclipse we’ll experience will be in the sign of Gemini, meaning that Air signs in general – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – and Geminis, in particular, will benefit most from this eclipse.

Understanding your primal triad – your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs – will give you a better idea of your chart’s most prominent placements and their corresponding ruling elements.

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What Happens if the Lunar Eclipse Falls on or Near My Birthday?

If the Lunar eclipse occurs on or near your birthday, you can expect this to be a significant year for you. There will be big, positive changes in your life during the following year, many of which may involve personal relationships and your own feelings and emotions.

Don’t expect anything traumatic, as these changes – while potentially challenging – are making room for wonderful experiences in your life.

The evolution of things in your life will flow naturally, and any situations that aren’t bringing you closer to your purpose will naturally fall away. It’s important that you try not to cling to anything, whether a relationship or a professional position, this year. Let the Universe roll out the red carpet to your future, and trust that your path is unfolding as it should.

If you can access your birth chart, pay special attention to the locations of your Rising sign and your natal Moon. If the eclipse in question is aspecting your Moon, prepare yourself for amplified emphasis on emotional issues.

If, however, the eclipse is making an aspect to your Rising sign, it may very well signal a chain reaction in your life, leading to big opportunities and changes.

When is the Next Lunar Eclipse?

The next Lunar eclipse that we’ll grow and learn from takes place on November 30th, 2020, in the sign of Gemini.

While the Lunar eclipse may only occur over the course of one evening, its effects can be felt for 48 hours before and after it takes place.

How to Make the Most of the Lunar Eclipse

There are a few things to keep in mind when met with the energy of a Lunar eclipse, and when you hold these thoughts in your consciousness, it will be much easier to flow through this transit with ease and harmony.

The first thing to be aware of is that a Lunar eclipse can cause heavy feelings and trigger buried emotions, which means that misunderstandings and conflicts with others are possible. Try to stay patient with those you love, as well as yourself, during this time.

This transit can also signal brain fog and mental confusion, making it more difficult to make decisions and focus on work. It can be difficult to see a certain situation clearly, so it’s best to avoid making big or life-changing decisions until after this energy has passed.

And finally, your trust in the Universe is crucial right now.

Lunar eclipses can bring a sense of closure to past situations, setting yourself up for better things to come. You’ll need to approach life with a sense of patience and understanding right now, reminding yourself that even difficult moments will lead to a better, more fulfilling future.

Any eclipse, but especially a Lunar eclipse, is an excellent time for transformation, growth, and manifestation – especially if you learn how to work with this energy correctly.

Try performing a Moon ritual during the Lunar eclipse to help yourself align to the celestial, powerful energies of this unique lunar phase. Be patient with yourself and your surroundings, as the seeds of change are being sown.

Bask in the magical essence of the Lunar eclipse to help your dreams come true!

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We are sitting on the precipice of major change this week!! Are you ready to find out how to use this upcoming energy to co-create magically with some major transits?

November 2020 astrology will shift at the end of the week, beginning on Saturday when Neptune moves direct in Pisces. Energy will continue to shift into the weekend as the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Gemini starts to effect.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse in Gemini officially happens on November 30th, but its effects will start to be seen and felt over the weekend.

We predict the year’s biggest changes with this coming Full Moon for the entire astrology forecast 2020 thus far.

Keep diligently putting one foot in front of the other each day this week, walking directly towards your desired outcome. Don’t be surprised when you get answers you’ve been waiting for and when blessings arrive!

4 Ways to Embrace the Energy This Week

  • With the Sun in a Fire sign, we want to build relationships and start projects. Make a list of creative projects that you could do with someone special and choose one.
  • The holidays are coming up, and the waxing Moon gives you an energetic boost to get your shopping done.
  • This year has been tough, but the Sagittarius Sun can help us find our sense of optimism this week. It’s ok to indulge in some good food, extra fun activities, and time with loved ones (safely, of course) to remind us of all the great things we enjoy.
  • Meditate and visualize your desired outcome for the coming Full Moon!

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Planetary Locations During November 23 – November 29, 2020

Sun: Sagittarius (November 21, 2020 – December 21, 2020)

Mercury: Scorpio (November 10, 2020 – December 1, 2020)

Venus: Scorpio (November 21, 2020 – December 15, 2020)

Mars: Aries (June 27, 2020 – January 6, 2021)

Jupiter: Capricorn (December 2, 2019 – December 19, 2020)

Saturn: Capricorn (July 1, 2020 – December 17, 2020)

Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)

Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until January 20, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for November 23 – November 29, 2020

Monday, November 23


Sagittarius – As we settle into Sagittarius season, the urge to grow needs to be fostered in some way. If you’re snowed in, find a way to explore through books, movies, or imaginative activities.


Pisces – We are in love with words, images, people, and music today, and the arts can soothe our soul. Spend time with friends or in nature to take advantage of this intuitive energy.

Tuesday, November 24





Wednesday, November 25




Aries – When the Sun and Moon are in a Fire sign, we are too hot to handle. Make sure not to take it too personally if someone is overly blunt. This is a good day to exercise to blow off steam. Creativity is also high.

Thursday, November 26





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Friday, November 27




Taurus – Today, people are more likely to dig their heels in and resist authority. Allow yourself to indulge in life’s simple pleasures today to replenish your energetic balance.

Saturday, November 28






Neptune stations direct in Pisces – The hard lessons we’ve been presented with are going to take a backseat now, and we are released for forward movement. If you’ve felt like nothing has been going your way, you may feel like things start to line up now.

You may feel your desire to engage with the world increase as well.

Sunday, November 29





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This is the time of year when our surroundings glisten – from the glowing holiday lights strung upon the trees to the sparkling snow that dusts our hats and makes the perfect snowmen. Thanksgiving is a holiday that may have a misunderstood history, but the cheer and togetherness that this tradition brings cannot be denied.

It’s a time to get together with friends, family, delicious food, and hot apple cider (safely of course)!

Just as each zodiac is unique and special in their own ways, each dish that graces the Thanksgiving table has a personality of its own, from the filling and sleep-inducing turkey to the bright, joyful cranberries that work so perfectly with a mouth full of mashed potatoes.

Today, we’re going to combine the decadence of our favorite Thanksgiving foods with the magic of the stars to find out which Thanksgiving dish you are, based on your sign!

Which Thanksgiving Food Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you bold and comforting like savory stuffing or sweet like pumpkin pie? Let’s take a look at the stars to find out.


While your personality is quite feisty, you are a classic, Aries. However, you do possess a wild side that makes sure everyone around you is having fun!

You’re like green bean casserole with a hefty sprinkling of chipotle pepper – a spicy twist on a traditional dish. And just like a healthy portion of your personality, everyone will be coming back for another serving.


Taurus is comfy and cozy, inducing a sense of warmth and relaxation – much like the Thanksgiving turkey!

Golden brown, delicious and a necessity for any Thanksgiving celebration. Your personality helps people feel like they’re at home like all they need is a warm blanket to feel all the beauty of the world washing over them.


Geminis are light and airy, with a unique personality that surprises those around them. You’re not quite traditional, but you do bring a fun flair to the traditional Thanksgiving celebration!

You’re like creamed pearl onions – a recipe that many might overlook, but one that is sure to shake things up and make Thanksgiving that much more fun.


Cancers make you feel like home. Their empathy and understanding fill their friends and family with a sense of support and comfort that resembles the same comfort we get from warm, buttered rolls.

After all, what would a Thanksgiving meal be without flaky rolls to dip into your mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce? These staples closely resemble the need we all have for a Cancer in our lives.


Leos are usually the life of any party, with their feisty demeanor and their positive attitude. And what makes us feel happier than ooey, gooey macaroni and cheese on our Thanksgiving plates?

There’s just something about the energy of mac and cheese that makes us feel young at heart and childlike again, just like Leo’s energetic personality!


Virgos are earthy and grounded, taking pleasure in the sights and sounds of the natural world. However, Virgos are also rather traditional.

Your personality is most like savory stuffing with a hint of wild mushrooms. You enjoy the flavors of the past, but you want to put an earthy spin on things, embracing nature in all its splendor.

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Libras get along with everyone, as their sociable nature makes it easy for them to understand where others are coming from. You’re naturally sweet, but you also possess substance – much like traditional pecan pie.

Who doesn’t love to end their Thanksgiving celebration with a slice of something sweet? Well, that’s exactly how you make others feel, Libra.


Scorpios are dark and mysterious, unlike any other sign in the zodiac. However, you also possess a sweet side that emerges once someone gets to know you, kind of like slightly bitter but ultimately inviting dark chocolate mousse.

Like your personality, one might pick up on those astringent overtones only to realize how rich and candied you actually are on the inside.


Sagittarians are bubbly and bright, with an optimistic personality that can put a smile on anyone’s face. You are sweet and caring, and your personality best resembles the joy that’s brought on by the sweetness of the essential Thanksgiving cranberry sauce.

It perfectly fits every flavor on the Thanksgiving table and brings that extra zing that we all need.


Capricorns are nothing if not traditional. They are anachronistic at heart, and they love to embrace the customs and rituals of the past. Like classic mashed potatoes and gravy, Capricorns remind us of a simpler time, a time of peace, harmony, and savory carbs.

With a pile of mashed potatoes on your plate, you’ll feel as comforted as you do with a Capricorn in your presence.


Aquarians don’t like to be like anyone else – your personality is unique with a capital “U.” You like to shake things up and go against the crowd, but you’re well-loved by everyone, you know.

You are quite like the delicious but overlooked ambrosia salad. While many people may have forgotten about this classic dish, it always puts a smile on everyone’s face – just like you, Aquarius.


Pisces are dreamy and kind, with a sense of empathy that runs deep within their veins. Your caring personality adds something special to every relationship you have, much like the slice of pumpkin pie that no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without.

You bring something extra special to the table with your loving, gentle personality.

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!

This is such a wonderful time to celebrate not only your friends and family (safely) but also yourself.

Remind yourself that your unique personality is delicious in its own way, and the exciting elements that you bring to every situation are an integral part of the lives of those you love.

Take time to really soak in the connection this year – we could all use a little sunshine in our lives right now. Savor each bite of food and each laugh with a friend or member of your family this Thanksgiving, and practice gratitude for everything that brings you joy in this life!

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Buckle in for a wild ride! Sagittarius season stops for no one, and you may feel the heat of the wild archer’s fire roaring in without a clue as to what to do with it.

As fun and adventurous Sagittarius energy can be, it undoubtedly can shake up your world at the same time. With a naturally wild and untamed spirit, Sagittarius season can be difficult to pin down and harness for yourself if you’re unsure how to manage it.

Even for Sagittarians themselves, Sagittarius season can remain unpredictable and accentuate the more difficult parts of being an archer. With a greater understanding of Sagittarius and some helpful affirmations, however, Sagittarius season can be yours for the taking!

What is Sagittarius Energy?

Free-willed, independent, headstrong, and adventurous at heart, a Sagittarius could only, of course, be a Fire sign.

Like its Fire elemental counterparts, Leo and Aries, Sagittarius is an extroverted wild child and acts with great passion. We can expect these impulses to also come through this Sagittarius season.

However, Sagittarius is also a Mutable sign, meaning that it strives to be unpredictable and ever-changing. Sagittarius ultimately dislikes to be pinned down to just one thing and embraces the possibility of change with every move.

This energy can make for some fantastic progress in your own personal life this zodiac season, but it can also be difficult to grapple with if you’re not ready for the unexpected.

New energy means new horoscopes. Stay updated on your daily horoscope so you can navigate Sagittarius season in the best possible way!

10 Essential Affirmations for Adventurous Sagittarius Season

1. “I Embrace Freedom In All Forms.”

True freedom in its purest form is all that Sagittarius will accept — no more, no less. However, this is a little hard to come by in today’s world, as it may feel like others’ rules still bind even our own choices. This frustration can make Sagittarius season a little difficult, which is why it’s important to be able to focus on where we are free versus where we are not.

To step into this kind of genuine, pure freedom with full acceptance and positivity, use this affirmation, and become one with powerful Sagittarius energy.

2. “I Value & Protect My Independence.”

Much like other Fire signs, Sagittarius will valiantly protect its independence. As a lover of adventure and change, this is particularly important for our wild archer. Remembering that this tendency is valuable and deserves to be defended is important during Sagittarius season as others can frequently challenge it.

Stand up for yourself and your boundaries with this affirmation!

3. “I Embrace Adventure & The Unknown.”

Part of Sagittarius energy’s beauty is that its confidence and optimism comes not from what is known but from what isn’t!

Everything unknown to us can either be incredibly daunting, or it can be empowering to know that so much is on the horizon that we have yet to see. This affirmation allows us to feel strengthened by that sense of unknown and adventure.

4. “Optimism Comes Naturally To Me.”

Much like its other Fire sign counterparts, Sagittarians are naturally optimistic and full of idealism.

No matter what life throws at you, it’s ideal to remain optimistic and open-minded about what positive and beautiful things could still come to you. This affirmation captures that optimistic Sagittarian spirit!

5. “My Words Are Both Helpful & Compassionate.”

If there is one other thing that Sagittarians really value, it’s honesty. However, during Sagittarius season, we can all step into being a little too honest and sometimes say things with a little less tact than we would like.

This affirmation ensures that you can stay honest and share what’s on your mind, but it keeps being helpful and compassionate at the center.

Expand your horizons during Sagittarius season with the Tarot: Sun in Sagittarius 4-Card Tarot Spread

6. “I Let Stubbornness Go With Ease.”

Headstrong and full of conviction, Sagittarius energy is not one to let go of something if they feel it’s right.

Sometimes this conviction and a strong sense of morality leans into stubbornness.

This tendency during this zodiac season may be one of the more difficult ones to shake, especially if you yourself are already a bit on the stubborn side. Still, this affirmation allows you to let that stubbornness roll right off your shoulders.

7. “Future Plans Empower Versus Restrict Me.”

As adventurous and optimistic as Sagittarius is, there’s still something about planning, schedules, and thinking too far in advance that doesn’t mix well with the archer’s wild energy.

This Sagittarius season may be anxiety-inducing because of this, to try to make plans and commit to them. This affirmation allows you to feel empowered rather than restricted by whatever commitments you may have to make.

8. “I Share My Light With Others.”

Like other Fire signs, Sagittarian energy is naturally extroverted. However, this creates an interesting mix of roaming loner and charismatic conversationalist as a strictly independent soul.

If we’re not careful with this part of Sagittarius energy, this easily leans into a tendency that rejects emotional vulnerability and creates shallow connections. Use this affirmation to remain open to sharing your wonderful light with others this Sagittarius season.

9. “I Cannot Be Tamed.”

Sagittarius energy is wild and free, and ultimately it should stay that way!

Embrace your wild and untamed spirit this Sagittarius season, let your inner fire roam free, and get creative and adventurous with this powerful energy. Use this affirmation to boost your confidence and individuality.

10. “I Am Unique, Eclectic, & Passionate.”

Finally, there is really nothing more Sagittarius than embracing all of your unique, special, and even more “out there” qualities. Certainly, confidence is a Fire sign quality in itself, but Sagittarius specifically brings out our need for sharing what makes us different and individualistic.

Step into what makes you special and unique this Sagittarius season with this affirmation, and show off what makes you… you!

Taking Advantage of Affirmations

It isn’t always easy to live independently and show off your special spark, but Sagittarius season will make sure that you do it — whether you like it or not.

Especially as 2020 comes to a dramatic close, there will ever be a need to make sure that you finish things off on your own terms. So as challenging as Sagittarius energy may seem at first, it really will be a blessing if you can embrace it fully.

Use these affirmations to best utilize the wild Archer energy, and show the world what you’re made of!

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2020 has been a whopper of a year, but it’s ending with some great energy for the new. We could surely use that as we move into a new year!

December 2020 astrology is pretty huge because Jupiter and Saturn are moving into Aquarius, and only two days apart! This intense energy points us in a whole new direction.

To go along with that, we’ll also experience our final eclipse in mid-December, this time a Solar eclipse in Sagittarius. The Aquarius and Sagittarius combo is one that really opens us up, points out new opportunities, and helps bring back some hope.

An overview for December 2020 is outlined below. The overview lists when the transit planets move into a new sign, when the Solar eclipse and Full Moon occur, when major aspects between the planets will happen, and how this can all impact us.

Stay on top of the planets every month with the free astrology calendar! It can be viewed and downloaded on your computer or phone so you can keep track of the stars anywhere, anytime. Don’t forget to check out the free weekly video forecast as well!

Monthly Astrology Transits for December 2020

December 1, 2020

Mercury Enters Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius makes us more focused on big ideas, and our outlook can become much more positive. We can look toward the bright opportunities we have and feel more optimistic.

Communication may be more open and light, and we can be more passionate about whatever interests us.

Mercury is in Sagittarius until December 20th, 2020.

December 5, 2020

Venus (Scorpio) Trine Neptune (Pisces)

Venus (Scorpio) and Neptune (Pisces) linking up bring pleasant energy into our relationships, and we can be much more compassionate, empathetic, and soothing in our dealings with others. Romance can flourish, and we can be supportive.

This is also excellent creative energy, and we can focus on creative or artistic endeavors.

December 9, 2020

Sun (Sagittarius) Square Neptune (Pisces)

This aspect can make it difficult for us to focus, and it may seem like everything is a little bit hazy. It might be right in front of us, but we can have difficulty seeing that and need to be more grounded.

We can be more vulnerable to being used and need to maintain good boundaries, so we don’t easily get so emotionally hurt.

December 10, 2020

Venus (Scorpio) Sextile Pluto (Capricorn)

Relationships can become stronger as we focus on improving intimacy bonds with Venus (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn). We can take love and commitment more seriously and can be more passionate.

This can be a good aspect for doing research and getting to the heart of a matter.

December 11, 2020

Sun (Sagittarius) Trine Mars (Aries)

Energy can flow more easily with Sun (Sagittarius) trine Mars (Aries), and we can use our energy to our advantage. Focus on something you’ve needed to take the initiative with, and get moving.

Enthusiasm can be high, and we can be more excited about what’s to come.

December 13, 2020

Mercury (Sagittarius) Square Neptune (Pisces)

Mental focus can be difficult to find, and we may need to work on not being distracted. Minds can be scattered or simply in need of some space.

Try to give your imagination room to explore so you don’t get too frustrated by the lack of focus.

December 14, 2020

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius Solar eclipse makes us more optimistic, focused on opportunities, and we can work on expanding and exploring. This can open up new experiences, and we can learn and grow.

Venus (Scorpio) Sextile Jupiter (Capricorn)

Venus-Jupiter helps bring out even more of an optimistic outlook, and we can benefit from our connections with others.

Mercury (Sagittarius) Trine Mars (Aries)

Mercury-Mars helps bring energy and drive to take the initiative with our ideas and plans to make things happen fast.

Learn more about the upcoming Solar eclipse: The Ultimate Guide to Lunar & Solar Eclipses

December 15, 2020

Venus Enters Sagittarius

Venus (Scorpio) Sextile Saturn (Capricorn)

Just before Venus moves into Sagittarius, it’ll hit Saturn, and the two can bring helpful energy for commitment, for being responsible with others, and for being more ethical and considerate in decisions and actions.

Venus moving into Sagittarius can make us more adventurous in love, and we can enjoy having new experiences with loved ones. Venus is in Sagittarius until January 8, 2021.

December 17, 2020

Saturn Enters Aquarius

This is a big one!

Saturn exits Capricorn and moves into Aquarius, and is here to stay until March 2023. Saturn in Aquarius gets us focused on our hopes and dreams for the future, and what they are exactly may change, but if we get serious and do things the right way, we can get where we want to be eventually.

We can work on being true to ourselves and what makes us different and try to be more open with others. The more we hold ourselves back to try to conform, the harder it becomes, so don’t do that.

December 19, 2020

Jupiter enters Aquarius

Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius pretty quickly (so say goodbye to the Capricorn stellium!). In Aquarius, Jupiter wants us to open up to opportunities to be ourselves, be innovative and inventive, be unconventional and original, and be unique and individual.

This may be stifled a bit with Saturn in this sign, but we need to make sure we’re doing things the right way and for the right reasons, and we’re not acting too impulsively.

Take the long view. Jupiter is in Aquarius until May 2021, then comes back in July 2021 and stays to December 2021.

Sun (Sagittarius) Conjunct Mercury (Sagittarius)

With the Sun and Mercury connecting with this conjunct, we may have plenty of ideas and plans to work on and can feel like we’re hitting our stride in some new way.

December 20, 2020

Mercury Enters Capricorn

Mercury moving into Capricorn, gets us a little more realistic about our ideas and plans. We can see how the details connect with the big picture, and we want to make sure our plans are attainable, so we’re not wasting our time and energy for nothing.

We may have less patience for the superficial and can focus our communications on what is important. Mercury is in Capricorn until January 8th, 2021.

December 21, 2020

Jupiter (Aquarius) Conjunct Saturn (Aquarius)

Jupiter and Saturn link up early in their tour in Aquarius. This kicks off a big burst of energy for us as we’re focusing on new opportunities, new beginnings, and new possibilities.

This may feel like the start of a whole new cycle (it is!).

Sun Enters Capricorn

The Sun moving into Capricorn can make us more goal-oriented, and we can work on our long-term plans. This is excellent energy paired with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

The Sun is in Capricorn until January 19th, 2021.

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December 23, 2020

Mars (Aries) Square Pluto (Capricorn)

This aspect has been in play for a good chunk of the year thanks to Mars retrograde, and this is the last time we’ll feel it. We’ve broken down what isn’t serving us well, we’ve faced fears, and we’ve taken control, and now we can assess and move on.

Anything internal that has needed to be torn down and rebuilt has gotten attention from this aspect, and you should feel stronger and more resilient as a result.

For even more insights, review: Mars Square Pluto: Face Fears to Find Power

December 25, 2020

Mercury (Capricorn) Trine Uranus (Taurus)

With Mercury (Capricorn) trine Uranus (Taurus), it’s a good time to think outside of the box and develop unconventional ideas and plans. We can focus on the future, what we hope for, and feel motivated.

We can embrace solutions that are different and untested and may be more willing to experiment.

December 27, 2020

Sun (Capricorn) Trine Uranus (Taurus)

We can feel more comfortable with the new and the different and want to embrace the original sides to ourselves. A light can be shone on what we’re moving toward with our future, and we can be excited.

We can also be more open to new people and want to expand our connections.

December 29, 2020

Full Moon in Cancer

The Cancer Full Moon gets us focused on our emotions and what we need for emotional stability and security. We can crave more emotional support and encouragement and want to be nurtured and loved.

This is a good period to work on internal issues that are leaving you feeling insecure. Get to the core of yourself and strengthen at the roots.

Full Moons are truly magical. Learn more by reading: The Ultimate Guide to Full Moons

December 30, 2020

Venus (Sagittarius) Square Neptune (Pisces)

As the year comes to a close, we can feel terrific, romantic, dreamy, and whimsical, but we may need to watch for being taken advantage of. Boundaries are a good thing.

This aspect is excellent for any charity work or finding some way to impact others positively.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can reference these transits throughout the next month! You can also read your free daily horoscope to stay on top of your astrology transits each day.

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Are you ready for the peak of transformation and rebirth this December? Get ready for the Winter Solstice!

On December 21st, 2020, this special time of year will occur, and this marks the beginning of long days and short nights as spring approaches. It is a time of rebirth, renewal, and transformation.

One reason it is so significant is that it also highlights rebirth that occurs within ourselves.

Have you noticed that the long nights often bring their own fair set of challenges with them? You may notice this being especially prevalent during Scorpio season, a season where death and rebirth are prominent themes. Darkness settles, not just over the skies, but within us too.

The Winter Solstice marks a time when we can take the lessons we learned during the long nights and transform them into something positive.

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What is the Winter Solstice?

Fresh starts, new ways of thinking, new beginnings. This is what the Winter Solstice brings us.

Think of how you want to blossom in your life come the spring. It would help if you did some preparations for that.

In winter, that means out with the old to make room for the new blossoms. The more light you have in your day, the more you can follow that light, grow your soul, and reach your soul’s purpose.

First, before you do that, you must get rid of what is no longer serving you.

This is the beauty of the Winter Solstice. Releasing what no longer serves us. Each year presents lessons and challenges, and by the end of the year, we can reflect on these challenges and see how they have shaped us, what we need to do moving forward, and, most importantly, what needs releasing.

Winter Solstice Astrology

Each Cardinal sign launches a season with a solstice or an equinox.

For Capricorn, it’s the Winter Solstice. This is an important time of year for your soul because, like all other living things on this planet, you undergo a period of rebirth and renewal during winter.

Think about the New Year’s resolutions we have in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s no coincidence this happens during the time of the Winter Solstice. We, the people of Earth, are ready to start afresh when January 1st arrives. This is precisely what the Winter Solstice is about, and the Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn is the pack leader.

It’s also no coincidence that an earth sign is the leader of the pack. Think of what happens to vegetation during the winter season.

It gets packed down, dampened, and left to cultivate until warmer weather can arrive.

When warmer weather arrives, and Cardinal sign Aries leads us into the Spring Equinox, blossoms appear soon after.

The Earth signs are our gardeners. Think of all the Earth signs you know; they likely have some connection to spring and summer gardening!

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The Solstice in Other Cultures

The Feast of Juul

Did you ever wonder what those Yule logs were about that you see around Christmas time? They’re not just there to look pretty! They have a purpose.

They are celebrating the feast of Juul (pronounced “Yule”).

The Feast of Juul is an ancient Scandinavian tradition where a log is put on the fire to symbolize the return of the Sun in the Winter Solstice. Fire represents light, and the Sun is fire.

The main log was brought in and celebrated with the Scandinavian god, Thor, being the god honored for the day. Thor’s duties included honoring the Sun and bringing it back to his people.

After the Juul log was burned, its ashes were taken and spread into the fields and farms that the farmers wanted to see abundance in.

The Feast of Saturnalia

Saturn is the planet that rules the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs, Capricorn. Saturnalia occurs around December 17th and lasts for a full week. It is a feast to celebrate Saturn, the god of harvest and time. It also honors discipline and order.

The theme of Saturnalia is about putting grudges behind you and working towards forgiveness.

In astrology, Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma. As you can imagine, reflecting on the year gone by will herald some karmic realizations in relationships, career, events, and your own personal growth.

The 12 Days of Christmas

Not many people are aware that the 12 days of Christmas are tied to the Ancient Egyptians!.

In ancient Egyptian times, the rebirth of the Sun was celebrated during the 12 days of Christmas. It is directly tied to the Winter Solstice. A 12-day festival would ensue, and each day would be themed by one of the 12 months of the year.

5 Winter Solstice Rituals to Embrace Rebirth

1. Do a New Year’s Ritual

We are all familiar with New Year’s resolutions, and how we spend New Year’s is an individual preference.

There is real magic on each New Year’s eve, and one way of embracing rebirth is to perform a New Year’s ritual.

This is unique to everyone, but to get you started, you could set yourself a quiet spot on New Year’s Eve, light a candle and ask the universe for something particular to help you with the forthcoming year.

Of course, you may have no idea what is in store; but go inwards and listen to your intuition. Your soul knows what is in store for you. Listen to the feelings you get; you may even receive images or messages. Go with your inner voice.

This ritual doesn’t have to be long, fancy, or elaborate. It could take between 10 minutes or two hours; it is entirely up to you and what feels right to you.

You can also use crystals associated with the Winter Solstice to aid you in these rituals as they draw upon the natural energies of the earth and empower your ritual even more.

Get all the crystals you need right here: Crystals to Use During December Solstice

2. Take a Candlelit Bath

Baths are purifying. Water cleanses the mind, body, and soul, removing negative attachments or energies that have latched onto us throughout the year.

When you take a Winter Solstice bath, add light around you with candles. Imagine the water is purifying you. Go under the water as the plants go under the mulch, and rise out of it anew; if you make wishes or set intentions when you rise above, even better.

3. Declutter

Time to clean out those closets that are collecting things you no longer use. One of the great things about this particular Winter Solstice tradition (and it is for many, even if they don’t realize it!) is removing those things that have served you before but no longer have a purpose.

They are taking up space, and when space in your closet or home is used for things you no longer use, you disrupt your spiritual energy flow. That’s why you always feel better when you clean out your closet.

The energy is flowing again! Out with the old.

4. Set Intentions

This is similar to a New Year’s ritual, but this time you are setting specific intentions rather than asking for something from the Universe.

What can you do with all this powerful energy on the Winter Solstice? Allow yourself to sit in quiet meditation. Make it a special one with a new candle, a beautiful piece of music, and clean loose clothing so you can be comfortable.

Clear your thoughts by breathing slowly and deeply, and allow yourself to sense what your heart is nudging you to do in the coming year.

Write down whatever arises, and don’t be surprised if it’s actually really a great idea! Trust what comes to you now because this day is great for sensing a strong soul connection – it’s always there, but it’s much easier to find on days like this.

  • What is your soul asking of you?
  • Are you on your path?
  • Are you unapologetically listening to your heart, and where can you find inspiration daily?
  • Is there something your creative energy is pulled towards?

5. Celebrate Nature With a Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is something many of us have in our homes to celebrate, and it also links to the Winter Solstice. We celebrate the Earth and Earth sign Capricorn by bringing in vegetation from the outside and then decorating it beautifully to celebrate.

Christmas trees bring great happiness, even just by looking at them!

Having one in your home is a reminder of the joy to be found in despair, the light to be found in the dark, and the rebirth and transformation that awaits after the challenges and lessons that have been learned.

How Will You Be Reborn?

The Winter Solstice marks a time of renewal and rejuvenation, which affects us all on individual levels.

This is no ordinary Winter Solstice either, as a Grand Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter will also occur this December 21st. This highlights an opportunity to start from scratch. We can expect to see plenty of changes, most likely of the shocking kind, and possibly restrictions, as Saturn dominates this conjunction.

However, great change never came easy, and that is one thing that this particularly challenging year of 2020 has taught us.

This Winter Solstice focus on your achievements, goals, and aspirations. What lessons have you learned? What areas do you wish to improve on? How can you become the brightest and best version of yourself as we move into 2021?

Embrace what is to come by trying out the suggestions above and go forward with hope, spirit, and strength in your heart.

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It’s time to find out what magic is in store for you with the spectacular Great Conjunction and winter solstice happening on December 21st!

The week’s astrology overview kicks off with the sacred winter solstice on the same day the Sun moves into the Earth sign of Capricorn. Capricorn season promises a time of family, friendship, and enough energy to get your work done.

On that day, we also have a rare celestial event that hasn’t happened since 1623, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

The feeling of coming home to yourself will fill you with inspiration, and the solstice can help you reawaken your spark, while the Great Conjunction helps you feel motivated to expand your horizons and be more of your true self.

For the rest of December 2020 astrology, the planet of romance, Venus, is in the Fire sign of Sagittarius.

This gives you the confidence to say how you’re feeling and the courage to get out of your comfort zone and meet someone new. This week is leading up to the last big changes for your 2020 forecast, and those changes could be finding true love if you keep your heart open and put yourself out there.

What else can I expect this week from the stars?

A Christmas miracle may arrive a few days after December 25th because the Full Moon will be in effect starting December 28th.

Knowing that the planets affect the energy of the Universe, really use this week to focus on your heart’s deepest desire. Trust that it will show up and direct your energy towards making it happen.

Overall, this week has lots of creative energy to help you get where you want to be, lots of magic to fill your heart with joy, and perfect planetary placements to help you enjoy the holidays!

Get ahead and track the stars with our new January 2021 Astrology Calander, packed with daily astrological guidance!

Planetary Locations During December 21 – December 27, 2020

Sun: Sagittarius (November 21, 2020 – December 21, 2020), Capricorn (December 21, 2020 – January 19, 2021)

Mercury: Capricorn (December 20, 2020 – January 8, 2021)

Venus: Sagittarius (December 15, 2020 – January 8, 2021)

Mars: Aries (June 27, 2020 – January 6, 2021)

Jupiter: Aquarius (December 19, 2020 – May 31, 2021)

Saturn: Aquarius (December 17, 2020 – March 7, 2023)

Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)

Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until January 20, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for December 21 – December 27, 2020

Monday, December 21


Capricorn – Slow and steady energy helps you feel stable as you start your week. You are inclined to take your time if you’re making last-minute gift choices because you want to make smart financial choices.


Pisces -We want to take time to notice the little moments of joy today. We might find joy in unexpected places if we are open to experiencing life as it unfolds.


Sun enters Capricorn – The Sun moves through Capricorn until January 19th. During Capricorn season, we are given a jolt of motivation to stick to our long-term goals. We put more energy into long-term relationships and nurture our big dreams and plans.

Be careful not to burn both ends of the candle, and if you need help, don’t try to be the hero.


Winter solstice – This is officially the shortest day of the year, and from this point on, the days will start to become slightly longer, helping us emerge from the cocoon of winter, where we were able to rest and transform.

Traditionally, this is a mystical time where our spirit is reborn, and we can feel hope come alive in the collective once again. We bring this hope with us into the coming cycle of 2021 to continue to evolve on our soul’s journey.


Jupiter in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Aquarius – This Great Conjunction will only happen once in our lifetime. During this moment, the two largest planets will be 1/10th of a degree apart, lighting the sky and awakening a new grounding into the expansion of technology and innovative ideas for your life in the year ahead.

Expect to feel a mixture of wanting to expand and needing to make sound judgments that will allow you to reach your biggest goals. This will likely kick off a new theme of positive growth for you in 2021 and usher in more positive shifts in society.

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Tuesday, December 22




Aries – We want to move today, and it’s a great time to get a lot done. If you’ve put off your holiday to-do list, you’ll thank Aries for giving you a boost of energy.

Wednesday, December 23





Thursday, December 24




Taurus – Today, we are inclined to be around the kitchen and gravitate towards the good smells around town. Give yourself a chance to enjoy the simple pleasures on this Christmas Eve.

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Friday, December 25





Saturday, December 26





Sunday, December 27




Gemini – Creative energy can have us wanting to play today. If you make time to let your inner-child play, you may find it relieves a great deal of stress.

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Did this overview resonate with you? Get another astrologer’s take on this week’s astrology forecast.



If you’ve ever seen a classic “fortune teller” or psychic in pop culture and television, you may be familiar with the classic image of a clairvoyant staring deeply into a crystal ball… but just what in reality is this object actually for?

Gazing into a crystal ball and relaying psychic messages may have seemed like a magical and distant accomplishment that only a few skilled psychics could really achieve. Nowadays, though, we know that the once-mysterious tools of astrology and divination are actually very accessible to everyone!

The same goes for the mysterious and quite famous crystal sphere!

If you’ve got yourself a crystal sphere or are interested in picking one up for yourself, you’re in for a real treat. There are actually a great many straightforward yet very powerful uses for this special little object!

What is a Crystal Sphere?

First, it’s important to make sure we actually understand what a crystal sphere is, especially since there seems to be so much mystique surrounding this seemingly simple little object.

A crystal sphere is exactly what it sounds like — it’s any crystal, from amethyst to tourmaline to obsidian, in a spherical shape. Different crystal spheres may have different uses, just like how any other crystal holds its own unique, special properties.

Additionally, the reason behind its mystery and mystique is actually quite simple!

The “crystal ball” has so much history behind it that its origins are ultimately tough to trace back to just one source. However, what is certain is that whether you trace them back to China, Ireland, Egypt, or anywhere else on the map, the crystal sphere has incredible magical roots in scrying and divination.

Discover more: 5 Underrated & Powerful Divination Systems

6 Easy Ways to Use Crystal Spheres

Next — just what can you use this gorgeous object for? There are probably more answers than you initially thought of! Let’s take a look at some simple yet effective ways of putting that crystal sphere to good use.

1. Grounding & Meditation

It’s not a secret that meditation and other various grounding exercises can do wonders for the soul.

Next time you plan to take on an average meditation session, consider integrating your crystal sphere into the practice! If you have one crystal sphere, you can hold it in the center of your lap with your palms and allow it to assist with grounding you. And if you have two crystal spheres, you can place one in each hand instead.

Whether you’re deep in that introspective zone or trying out the latest visualization techniques, a good meditation session can be just what we need to bring us down to earth — and a crystal sphere can easily enhance that experience.

2. Scrying

Ready to flex those psychic muscles? Believe it or not, you don’t actually have to be a born-clairvoyant to practice scrying. It’s time to get your divination on!

With the right crystal sphere of your choice, scrying — the practice of gazing into a reflective surface and decoding the images you see comin’ through with your Third Eye — can be your next best divination friend.

As the TV may have taught you, the crystal sphere can often be the right tool just for that!

For this particular practice, a dark crystal sphere, like obsidian or tourmaline, is more ideal. And like with any divination tool, it can help to have more intentionally chosen your sphere; make sure it’s one you love and trust.

3. Enhancing Your Green Thumb

Earth and fire may not always mix, but how about earth and… earth?

It may seem weird to place your crystal sphere with your beloved house plant, but it’s actually a no-brainer. After all, a crystal is ultimately of the earth, and as a result, it naturally supports its fellow earthly companions.

In particular, a sphere is a perfect shape for taking in and letting go of things, as it can do so from literally all angles — after all, there are no harsh edges. As a result, a crystal sphere is a perfect conduit for recycling and recharging any stagnant energies that were lingering around your favorite plant!

4. Intentional Decor & Reminders

Obviously, a crystal sphere makes for beautiful house decor, but you can take this seemingly simple use to another level too.

Consider filling your crystal sphere with a positive intention, whether that’s beauty, self-love, or a strong work ethic, and placing it in a spot in your home that you see frequently. Then, whenever you pass by your beloved crystal sphere, it will remind you of and uplift you with your positive intent!

Yes: it’s really that simple — and it works, too.

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5. Classic Crystal Cleansing & Healing

Of course, any crystal can be used to your advantage in any of the healing arts. A crystal sphere is really no different!

Utilizing the healing and cleansing properties of your crystal sphere is quite simple, and how you choose to take advantage of it is ultimately up to you. In reality, you really only have to be around your crystal for it to take on its healing effects, but placing it under your pillow or right on your heart, for example, can help you absorb them with more intention.

When it comes to crystals and all their unique healing properties, the field of study is extremely vast and interesting, and using your crystal sphere to dip your toe into this can be a great way to start.

6. Reflexology

Finally, there is a more practical and obvious use for a crystal sphere that still manages to slip under the radar quite often — reflexology.

A crystal sphere is really the ideal shape, and often the ideal size, too, for applying some much-needed massage to the stressed parts of your body. Intentionally using the sphere to apply light pressure to your body can actually do wonders, especially given its energetically healing properties.

Give it a go, and grant yourself that little extra self-care through this unique crystal sphere use.

Time to Get the (Crystal) Ball Rolling!

Literally and figuratively, you can now be on a roll when it comes to putting your crystal sphere to good use!

Whether it’s for meditation, some plant magic, or simply as your new favorite house decor, the range of uses for a crystal sphere is truly numerous, and there is bound to be one or two that strike a chord with you. You can apply as many of these uses to your life as you wish, as well as perhaps discover some of your own unique ideas in the process.

At the end of the day, this magical little object may have been surrounded by so much mystique and hype for good reason after all.

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Each month, the Sun moves into a new sign, marking a new astrological season and bringing with it new themes, fresh energy, and a unique focus. These astrological seasons also influence our love lives, and as the Sun approaches the constellation of Capricorn, it’s time to explore this loyal sign and its relationship with love.

While the Sun transits through your sign, Capricorns will enjoy a boost in confidence – thanks to the spotlight being shone on their own special energy. That makes today the perfect day to take a look at how Capricorn season will affect our relationships, as well as Capricorn compatibility!

At first blush, Capricorns may appear emotionally reserved in romance – but anyone who’s loved a Capricorn will gladly speak to their warm hearts and loyalty in relationships. Maybe you’re a Capricorn yourself, hoping to learn more about your ideal match. Or perhaps you’re currently crushing on a Capricorn, looking for the insider info that will help you show your interest in a way that they’ll appreciate.

It’s always important to remember that when looking at astrological compatibility, we are typically only looking at the compatibility between two Sun signs.

However, your birth chart is like your own personal map, filled with so many more aspects and placements than your Sun sign. So, for a truly in-depth look at your compatibility with a potential or current partner, it’s always best to contact a professional astrologer and request a relationship synastry chart reading. (You’ll need the date, location, and time of birth for each party.)

Let’s take a closer look at the sign of Capricorn, its symbols and meanings, and how this sign relates to romance!

Inside the Mind of the Capricorn

Capricorns are ruled by the element of Earth – the element associated with grounded energy, responsibility, hard work, and success. Earth signs crave routine and stability, and they always have a backup plan hidden up their sleeve.

Furthermore, Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, the signs that lead the zodiac. Cardinal signs are headstrong, and they desire great achievements in their lives. When you combine the grounded nature of Earth with the leadership skills of a Cardinal sign, you’re facing a powerhouse of potential!

That might also explain the more emotionally reserved state of our goat friends.

It isn’t so much that you’re uncomfortable spreading the love. It’s just that you have so many things on your to-do list already. Caps want to make sure that everything is taken care of before they settle down for rest, relaxation, or romance. The only problem with this go-get-‘em mentality is that a Capricorn can always think of something else that needs to be completed.

Saturn is Capricorn’s ruling planet – the planet that acts as the stern, fatherly figure of the zodiac.

Saturn is concerned with karma, responsibility, and discipline, leading Capricorn to feel more driven towards success and hard work than romance and good times. Yet, this sense of responsibility also bleeds into Cap’s social life, as this sign is completely devoted once they’ve committed. In fact, Capricorns value family with an intensity that makes them excellent partners.

Saturn is also a planet of lessons, meaning that prominent Saturn placements within a natal chart may indicate that certain lessons must be learned before commitments can be made. And as Capricorn is associated with the 10th house – the house of career and social status – these lessons may very well revolve around learning to balance your career and personal lives, making sure to give each the attention they deserve.

Capricorn Personality: The Good & the Bad

Each zodiac sign possesses both strengths and weaknesses, so we’re not singling you out, Capricorn! However, understanding romantic compatibility is much easier when we look at the traits and tendencies most strongly associated with a certain sign.

Capricorn Strengths

  • Hard-working
  • Disciplined
  • Responsible
  • Mature
  • Stable
  • Focused
  • Loyal
  • Respectful
  • Traditional
  • Successful
  • Witty

In relationships, a Capricorn is strategic.

You know what you want, and you’re skilled at finding out what you need to do to get it. If you like someone, you won’t shy away from letting them know – but your technique may be less rom-com material and more of a pragmatic, direct approach. And once you’ve committed to someone, your devotion remains intact.

You might shy away from deep feelings or experience discomfort when someone moves too fast; let potential partners know your boundaries upfront to avoid uncomfortable conversations in the future. You might feel more relaxed if you’re allowed to take it slow with someone new.

Capricorn Weaknesses

  • Stubborn
  • Emotionally reserved
  • Cold/distant
  • Workaholic
  • Detached
  • Critical
  • Impersonal in relationships

It can be difficult for you to show or tell someone just how much you love them, but you must try.

With all of the grounding, earthy energy brought on by Saturn, the 10th house, and the element of Earth itself, Capricorns are certainly not the most emotional group of the astrological bunch. In fact, emotional detachment or appearing aloof is one thing that Caps tend to catch the most heat for.

Yet, unless a person’s chart contains an overwhelming amount of Capricorn energy, there tend to be other placements or aspects of a natal chart to balance these emotional reservations out. For instance, a prominent Water sign placement in one’s chart – like a Moon in Pisces – will bring emotional warmth and depth to a personality.

For those who aren’t Capricorns, it’s also important to remember that just because a Capricorn may not be as touchy-feely or overly romantic as other signs, it doesn’t mean they don’t care for you deeply. They may simply show their affections in other, more practical ways, like acts of service: Changing a tire when yours goes flat, fixing a broken sink, making lunch for you.

Now that we know more about our driven Capricorn friends let’s see who would be most compatible with this sign in a more romantic setting.

Learn more about compatibility: The Truth About Astrological Compatibility

Most Compatible Signs With Capricorn

First, we’ll look at the signs that seem to vibe with Capricorn’s energy on a soulful level.


Taurus is a fellow Earth sign, meaning they naturally understand certain parts of the other’s personality. Taurus is also associated with the 2nd house – the House of Wealth – and the planet Venus, which delights in luxury.

When Capricorn and Taurus get together, they know how to live the high life.

While Taurus may not be quite as driven as Cap, no one is, so this shouldn’t cause too much strife. But you’re both stubborn, so to make this union flow smoothly and amicably, you’ll need to take a deep breath and back down every once in a while.

Taurus does appreciate playtime a bit more than Capricorn, which helps Cap focus more on relaxation, allowing them to avoid physical or mental burnout. On the other hand, Capricorn’s extremely responsible nature helps Taurus feel more motivated to take care of those chores they’d rather avoid.


Virgo is the other Earth sign outside of Cap and Taurus, so they too gravitate towards responsibility and hard work. In fact, Virgo craves stability and routine just as deeply as Capricorn does. You two will enjoy your own little routines and traditions, helping you develop a deeper bond.

This can work out to be a match made in heaven – if you learn how to communicate your emotions to one another.

Neither Virgo nor Capricorn are particularly emotional signs, so getting you two to sit down and talk about your feelings might feel like an impossible task at times. You’re each going to have to be willingly vulnerable if you want to develop deep intimacy and connection.


While Scorpio is a Water sign, their emotional depth can actually help Capricorn connect to their own emotional center. And as a bonus, while Scorpio is indeed more emotional than Cap, they’re also level-headed and not prone to outbursts.

Scorpio helps Capricorn tap into their center of passion and creativity, inspiring them and bringing light back into their eyes.

Scorpio is also pretty reserved about their emotions. Their still waters run deep – very deep – but they hold their feelings close to their chest and protect their heart in most situations. So, it will take some work on both of your parts to learn to open up to each other.

Once you’ve established trust, don’t be afraid to show yourself to one another.

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Pisces is another Water sign that just seems to mesh well with Capricorn. Pisces is a dreamy, imaginative sign that helps Capricorn tap into their inner romantic and allow them to come out and play. At the same time, Capricorn’s grounded energy positively affects Pisces’ emotional nature by helping them focus on a solution rather than a problem.

Capricorn is enchanted by Pisces’ enigmatic, whimsical nature – inspiring them to channel their own inner free-spirit!

Pisces may be more willing to put themselves out there emotionally, and they tend to be more sensitive than Capricorn. So you’ll need to be gentle when delivering any kind of criticism. But, as long as you two can find a communication style that works for you, you can quite beautifully balance each other!

Least Compatible Signs With Capricorn

Before we move onto the least compatible signs with Capricorn, it’s important to remember that this guide is only based on Sun signs. If you’re crushing on a foxy Capricorn right now, don’t be discouraged if your own sign appears on the list below, as there are many more aspects of your birth chart that might bring you two together harmoniously!


While two of the most compatible signs with Capricorn are Water signs, Cancer is the sign that opposes Capricorn in the zodiac. That means they each tend to focus on different areas of life.

For Capricorn, those areas tend to be financial security and success in their career. However, Cancers are more domestic and family-oriented, preferring a cozy day on the couch with candles and a good book to a day of hard work.

While you both value tradition and fairness in relationships, communication can be an issue that arises in this union.

Cancers are openly emotional, and they aren’t afraid to speak their minds when it comes to how they’re feeling. Capricorn prefers to keep those emotions to themselves and find an activity or an outlet for their frustration. If you two can find a way to meet in the middle, this union may help each of you grow and evolve.


Libras are an Air sign, signs which are intellectual and thought-oriented, rather than focused on action. Libras like to mull over their decisions, while Capricorn likes to make a choice and enact a plan immediately. Beyond indecision, Capricorn may also be irritated by Libra’s carefree nature – you won’t likely find an organized planner in a Libra’s bag.

Conversely, Libra sees Capricorn’s obsession with routine and hard work as rather dull.

However, these two are both Cardinal signs, so while they might take a different approach to responsibility, they’re both natural leaders who know how to make things happen. Therefore, this can actually be a powerful union if you have other complementary placements in your chart.

Libra’s lighthearted nature can grate on Capricorn’s sensibilities. But there may be times when Libra can lift Capricorn out of their seriousness and help them have a little fun. You’ll both need to compromise for this relationship to reach its full potential.

Learn more about Libra & romance: Libra in Love: Relationships & Love Compatibility


Aries is a Fire sign, full of passionate, intense energy. Their impulsive, impatient nature feels chaotic to Capricorn, who has no problem taking their time or waiting patiently for results.

While each of these signs is determined and motivated, their approach to success is as different as night and day. Aries takes chances and follows their gut instincts, while Capricorn prefers a more calculated path.

Additionally, this duo may clash in social situations, as Aries’ fiery, outgoing nature can seem too extroverted for the reserved and cool Capricorn.

But, if Cap can learn to step out of their comfort zone and have a little fun, while Aries learns to plan ahead a bit more and avoid impulsive decisions, you may be able to balance each other wonderfully. It will take work on behalf of each of you to make this relationship flourish, but it can lead to emotional growth.


Sagittarius, like Aries, is a Fire sign, impulsive, sociable, and maybe even a bit wilder than Aries.

While Capricorn may initially enjoy their lighthearted, gregarious nature, they might quickly find themselves irritated by Sag’s lack of direction or desperate desire for freedom and independence. And Sagittarius might find themselves yawning at the suggestion of yard work or cleaning the house every Saturday – they need more adventure than Capricorn craves.

However, if Capricorn is yearning for exploration and the ability to see the world with a sense of wonder, Sagittarius may very well be able to bring that aspect out!

And the grounded energy of Capricorn helps Sag find their center and focus a bit more on responsibility. This relationship will definitely take patience and work, but it could also be a blessing in each of your lives with focus and commitment.

Learn about Capricorn compatibility with Geminis, Leos, Aquarius, other Capricorns.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding astrological compatibility is the fact that men and different have different traits, even within the same sign. If you’re trying to woo a Capricorn, it may be useful to explore the differences observed between Capricorn men and women.

Capricorn Man in Love

  • Helpful
  • Direct
  • Generous
  • Shy

While the Capricorn man is direct, he’s also shy. He might fall head-over-heels in love with you months before he’ll actually tell you. But once his affections are confirmed, he’s happy to shower you with attention and acts of service.

If you feel like your Capricorn man hasn’t been paying attention to you lately, look around the house – he may be trying to show you with small acts of kindness, like fixing a curtain rod or changing the oil in your car. And while you may not initially appreciate this desire to fix everything over public displays of affection or a bouquet of roses, you’ll soon learn that this is how Capricorn men relate to romance.

If he likes you, he’ll tell you, or perhaps even show you. They’re willing to work hard to win over the object of their affection!

Capricorn Woman in Love

  • Self-sufficient
  • Committed
  • Resourceful
  • Traditional

Capricorn women are pretty independent, preferring to take care of certain things for themselves rather than relying on anyone else. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate acts of kindness; in fact, she’ll be thrilled to find that you’ve done something practical for her that lightens her load.

There’s so much on her to-do list that taking care of a few small things can really brighten her mood and help her feel supported and appreciated.

While Cap women are independent, they’re very committed once they’ve decided that you’re the one for them, and their traditionally romantic nature might catch you by surprise! You’ll just have to be patient with her because she’s not likely to jump into anything too fast.

If you can wait for her to open up, you’ll be over the moon that you’ve waited because their love is worth the wait!

Love is Love!

Once again, we must remind you that this compatibility guide is only based on Sun signs and that there is so much more to your birth chart than that. So, don’t let yourself get discouraged if you aren’t the “most compatible,” as only a professional astrologer can help you determine your true compatibility.

You can assess your Moon signs for emotional compatibility, Mercury signs for mental compatibility, 7th houses for basic relationship compatibility – and on and on.

Make sure to grab your birth chart with the free birth chart generator to get started!



The holidays are upon us! It’s time for sharing, good food, presents, traditions, reflection, and – the all-important – festive films!

Every zodiac sign enjoys a good Christmas movie to get them in the mood. Toasting marshmallows and curling up by the fire just isn’t the same without a feel-good movie to complete the fuzzy feelings the holiday season brings.

The question is, which holiday movie character are you based on your zodiac sign?

Read on to find out!

Which Holiday Movie Character Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


You are John McClane from Die Hard.

You might think Die Hard isn’t a very Christmassy movie, but it’s set during Christmas Eve and even has lines like “Now I have a machine gun, ho-ho-ho,” so who’s to say this isn’t a festive film?

As a feisty, bold, and brave Aries who laughs in the face of danger, you are the reluctant hero who does everything in your power to thwart the villains and save the day.

Remember, Aries, others see you as a hero – and that is what you are!


You are Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol.

Come now, there is no need to be offended!

Look what happens to Scrooge at the end – the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future teach him such a valuable lesson that he ends up being one of the most generous, kind-hearted characters of all of Dickens’ creations!

This is you in a nutshell, Taurus.

You are a bit of a stinge ball at your worst, but at your best, you are a benevolent and kind individual who does everything possible to alleviate others’ suffering.


You are Olaf from Frozen.

Just like our favorite snowman from the Frozen series, you are witty, charming, and hilarious, Gemini!

Olaf knows how to lighten the mood just like you do, and despite all his quirky and, dare I say, sometimes exasperating qualities, there is nothing he would not do to help his friends and ensure they are safe and well.

That is you, Gemini. Now sing it – in SUMMEEEEEEERRR!


You are the Snowman from The Snowman.

The beautiful tale by Raymond Briggs, accompanied by one of the most haunting and enchanting songs, has all the makings of your nurturing and magical presence, Cancer.

The Snowman takes a young boy on a journey during Christmas where they fly over the snowy mountains and explore the beauty of the holiday season. You are an emotional sign with great watery depths, and The Snowman symbolizes the magic that you are capable of giving to the world.


You are Miss Piggy from The Muppet Christmas Carol.

The vibrant and loveable Miss Piggy loves the center stage, Leo, and her vivacious and passionate character is equal to your own!

Miss Piggy speaks honestly, and from the heart and as the lovable Leo, you know a thing or two about that. Miss Piggy can be a bit of a diva, but so can you, and as demanding as you can be, there is no denying that you are utterly irresistible.


You are Remus Lupin from Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The Harry Potter films never fail to provide that Christmas cheer, and of all the characters in the series, you are most like the level-headed and focused werewolf teacher, Remus Lupin.

Lupin is one of the most reliable characters in the films, and he may not be as dynamic as his friends, Sirius Black or Harry’s father, but he would willingly lay down his life for his friends, and his loyalty goes unmatched.

Also, despite his calm and reserved manner, he’s got a wild side when he turns into a werewolf every month under the Full Moon – you’ve no doubt got a secret or two of your own, Virgo!

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You are Lucy Moderatz from While You Were Sleeping.

For a great romantic like you, Libra, there can be no other character that matches yours than Lucy in the romantic Christmas classic, While You Were Sleeping.

Lucy is charming, beautiful, and swept up in the magic of love – much like you, Libra!

A series of unexpected and sometimes hilarious events lead her to her one true love. This is the film to bring the fuzzies to your Venusian desires, so pop the kettle on and get watching.


You are the Grinch from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Widely misunderstood and sometimes feared by others, you and the Grinch have rather a lot in common, Scorpio!

While everyone else is busy being jovial and light, you may brood in the corner and glare. But that’s only because you embrace the darker side of life and aren’t afraid of it, just like our friend, the Grinch!

He can also be quite jealous, and you’re known for this too, Scorpio. But underneath all that, he’s got a heart of gold – just like you.


You are Kevin from Home Alone.

The hilarious family favorite with the boy who was left home alone during the holiday season will be a classic for all time.

Like you, Sag, young Kevin is smart and savvy with a thirst for adventure! He’s also got quite a bit of guile about him as he manages to outwit the thieves that attempt to invade his home.

Like you, Home Alone is exciting and adventurous, and the perfect film to portray your sign.


You are Billy from Gremlins.

The classic Gremlins film is one of those which gives you the heebie-jeebies during the holiday season and just like the main protagonist, Billy, you may think you’ve got everything under control, but then things just escalate way out of your comfort zone, Capricorn.

Well, that’s the story of your life. So just as it is with the Gremlins movie and lovely little Gizmo, it’s best to just laugh about it!


You are Rudolph from Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer.

You’ve never really fit in, Aquarius, and neither has Rudolph! Laughed at for his red nose, it’s this nose which turns the tide for Santa and enables him to deliver his presents due to the luminous glow of the nose in the dark.

Just like Rudolph, you march to the beat of your own drum.

So whether your ruler Uranus has blessed you with a nose like Rudolph or some other quirky feature, just bear in mind that your individuality and differences really are what make you unique, and this can only be a good thing, Aquarius!


You are Buddy from Elf.

Just like you, Buddy is kind, loving, and sees the good in everyone, Pisces! He can be a little on the naïve side (like you), but his heart of gold and love for his family is what makes this film such a special one for you.

Buddy also goes to great lengths to spread Christmas cheer, and this is you all over. There is nothing you wouldn’t do to spread joy to those you care for.

As a deep and emotional Water sign, this heart-warming family favorite encompasses everything that is wonderful about you, Pisces.

Which Holiday Movie Character Are You?

There are your zodiac signs as holiday movie characters! This holiday season, enjoy the festive fun it brings; and if you chance upon any of these films, keep a close eye on the characters that represent your sign.

You may be blown away by the similarities.

Which of these movies have you seen? Do you recognize people you know in there too?

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This is the time of year when we all start looking forward, hoping to embark on a brand new year with brand new adventures. That is even more so the case after the way 2020 went!

Today, we get some help for this with a new beginnings transit: Mercury trine Uranus.

Mercury governs the mind, our plans, and ideas, while Uranus is “change,” the new, and the future.

Let’s break this Mercury trine Uranus transit down so you get a full understanding and can make the most of it this holiday.

Mercury Astrology

In astrology, the planet Mercury rules the mind. This planet governs communication, expression, ideas, plans, information, and knowledge. It’s also a highly active planet.

Mercury is the natural ruling planet of Gemini, the sign of the mind, and Virgo, the sign of practical work. Mercury keeps both of these signs busy, and they don’t like things to be too slow.

Mercury is the second-fastest moving planet (the Moon is first) and usually spends just a few weeks in one sign. The exception is when Mercury is retrograde, and then it can be a couple of months.

Mercury shows how you communicate, learn, and mentally connect to the world around you in your natal chart. In transit, Mercury shows where your mind is focused most.

For more on communication and Mercury, check out the article: How to Use Astrology for Personal Development & Interpersonal Skills

Uranus Astrology

In astrology, the planet Uranus rules change. This planet doesn’t want things to remain the same for very long and believes that change is a powerful way of growing and evolving. This planet is unconventional, innovative, and unique.

Uranus is the natural ruling planet of Aquarius, the sign of change, friendships, and individuality. Aquarius doesn’t want to be boxed in thanks to ruler Uranus and pushes outside of norms.

Uranus is a slow-moving outer planet, spending about seven years in one sign. It’s considered a generational planet because large swaths of people are born with the same sign placement (Gen Z, for example, seems to be linked by Uranus in Aquarius).

Uranus shows where you need things to be different in your natal chart, where you may experience many changes throughout your life, and where you need change. In transit, Uranus shows where changes are happening right now.

For more on Uranus, check out the article: Uranus in Your Birth Chart – Innovation, Originality & Rebellion

Mercury Trine Uranus in the Birth Chart

If you were born with Mercury trine Uranus in your birth chart, you’re someone who can think outside of the box with relative ease, and you may find that doing so is beneficial for you.

With Mercury trine Uranus, you can be open to new ways of doing things, an original thinker, have a good eye for the ways of the future, and a very sharp mind and intellect.

The Mercury trine Uranus man may be extremely innovative and inventive with your ideas and worldview. The Mercury trine Uranus woman can be open to all, exciting, and an excellent conversationalist.

Neither may seem overtly masculine or feminine, at least in their thinking or speech (Mercury is dual in nature, both masculine and feminine, while Uranus is kind of neither).

Mercury Trine Uranus Transit

This transit right now puts Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus. Trines are beneficial aspects that help us grab opportunities without too much effort, so Mercury and Uranus work well together.

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury (basically, Mercury’s energy is elevated in Uranus), so they work together pretty well anyway. The fact that they’re trine adds to the positive energy.

Mercury in Capricorn is very practical and goal-oriented. We’re thinking about our goals for the new year and the big plans we need to make.

Uranus in Taurus has challenged us to change what we value and how we feel safe and secure. Changes made have likely been slower as we’ve wanted to be certain before taking action.

Having Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus now means we’re comfortable thinking about the new beginnings we want to embark on for the new year. We can gather all of the information and insights we need to make a practical, smart decision. Once we set ourselves down a path, we keep with it.

Is This a Transit for Manifesting?

Uranus is actually the ruler of manifestation (usually working in conjunction with Neptune, ruler of spirituality and intuition). With Mercury in this mix ruling the mind, we can use our minds and focus very clearly on what we want to manifest now and into the new year.

We just had an optimistic and expansive Sagittarius Solar eclipse last week, so the positive energy needed for manifesting is ripe for the picking at the moment. Keep this in mind as you concoct your plans for the new year.

If you’re new to manifestation, read this article next: What is Manifestation? & How to Use It

3 Steps for Making New Year Dreams With Mercury Trine Uranus

1. Make a list of everything you’d like to do, & then plot steps for each

There may be a lot of ideas swirling around, a lot of dreams and goals you’d like to pursue, so make sure to keep track of them by writing them down (or dictating on your phone, jotting on a sticky note, anything!).

Write them all down, even if it’s a lot. Then go through each and work out the steps that you’ll need to take to have success.

Don’t worry about having only to pick the things that are “realistic.” Uranus wants you to be open to what’s wild and out there (besides, almost everything great was unrealistic at some point!).

2. Gather information or get the advice you need

Mercury trine Uranus also makes us more helpful with one another, and we can go to friends and groups for sound advice or information we’re missing. Take it all in, and see if you can help in return on the way!

The information you need can be much more accessible now, and the advice you get may be exactly what helps you when you need it.

Make sure to keep track of the information and advice as well, so you’ve got it stored away and easily available.

3. Use manifestation as much as possible

As noted, this can be a great transit for manifestation, so make use of the energy. Just scripting (writing down what you want to achieve as if you already have) and tucking it away somewhere can instill some trust in the Universe to help you out.

Watch videos on manifesting, read books on manifesting, find articles on manifesting, and build up your manifestation knowledge.

This can help virtually every area of your life, which means that the long list of goals you created with step one isn’t so unrealistic!

Wrap up 2020 to Welcome 2021

Don’t waste the energy available to you today! Stay focused and make a little time to work with Mercury trine Uranus. Make a list, plan your steps, gather information, get advice, and manifest-manifest-manifest.

Good luck with 2021, and may the planets be on your side!

Looking for some more sound advice as you journey into 2021? Our Astrology Answers Advisors are highly skilled in many forms of divination to help you make the most of today, tomorrow, and your future.

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We just experienced a Full Moon in Libra a few days ago, and the energy remains strong for another 12 weeks. We’re out of some heavy astrological energy right now, so it’s a good time to focus on letting go, especially when it comes to relationship baggage and issues – Libra’s specialty!

What is a Full Moon?

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon directly oppose one another in the sky, and therefore, they oppose in the zodiac signs as well.

The Sun rules your true self while the Moon rules your emotions, so Full Moons bring out some intense emotional energy. You can feel challenged in some way to make changes, to take action, to reconcile, and to move on.

Find out your Sun sign, your Moon sign, and so much more – get your free birth chart!

The main keywords for Full Moons are endings, culminations, and emotions.

Impact of a Libra Full Moon

Libra is the sign of relationships, governing the people in our lives, and with a Full Moon in Libra, you can focus on bringing to an end relationship issues and baggage so you can let go. This may mean walking away in some cases; in others, it may mean just letting go of something that has been a problem in the relationship so you can function better together.

Libra also rules peace and balance, so letting go of issues can help to restore peace in your life and make you feel more balanced. The more balanced you are, the better you can feel. This can be important in any area of life, but especially in your relationships.

Libra Full Moons tend to be less wild and intense since Libra is an Air sign, and Air signs are intellectual in nature. This can provide some helpful energy for expressing and processing emotions in a more objective way.

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Libra Full Moon Ritual

Try a ritual for letting go of anger you have toward someone, an issue in a relationship that’s creating problems, or attachment to someone that hasn’t been good for you. Take some time alone in a quiet area to clear you mentally and spiritually. Imagine a peaceful scene and the issue evaporating into the air.

If you feel called to do so, light candles (white or black is good for letting go), burn some incense or sage or hold a crystal (clear quartz can be helpful for storing anything you don’t want anymore). Give yourself a Tarot reading if you’d like some guidance, or ask your guides for inspired help on what choices and actions to take.

If you want to do something more literally symbolic of letting go, write down whatever it is you want to let go of, burn the piece of paper (safely of course!), and bury the ashes outside or flush them down the toilet.

These are just suggestions, and it can be even better to craft your own ritual yourself. Make sure to read this article for how to do just that!

Libra Full Moon Horoscopes

What is the impact of this Full Moon by zodiac sign? Read on:


This Libra Full Moon is a hugely important time for you to focus on your relationships and the people in your life. What do you need to resolve? What do you need to understand? What has been weighing on you and your loved ones? The more improved you make your relationships right now, the better you’ll be.


Work on letting go of the little things that have been plaguing you and your relationships. Don’t fixate on the details so much, and expect perfection that can’t be attained. What or who have you been picking apart? Releasing this stress can be of huge help to you right now, so make the most of the Libra Full Moon and let it all go.


The Libra Full Moon wants you to focus more on love and let things slide, not worrying so much about everything but instead making time for play and to connect to your heart. Got some love issues that have kept you from doing that? Spend time focusing on letting go of that so you can feel joy again.


Emotions can run strong right now, so focus on the emotions that are directly connected to your relationships and the people in your life. What is causing you to feel this way, and how can you gain clarity or find a resolution? Let the Libra Full Moon give you answers so you can let go of the problem.


It can be easier to express what you’re feeling with this Libra Full Moon, so this can be a good time for you to say what you need to say. Let go of everything you’ve been keeping to yourself, and put it out there for others to hear. This can be a little scary at first, but it frees you up and gives you room to grow.


If you’ve been feeling insecure about something lately, have lacked confidence with others, and have instability in relationships, the Libra Full Moon can be a great time for you to work on this. Let go of insecurity and instability that is holding you back, and discover confidence in yourself so you don’t have to find it with someone else.


The Libra Full Moon is in your sign, and this is an important time of the year for you. Emotions are higher, you can see developments happening in various areas of life, and you may feel you need a break. But this is an excellent period for you to work on letting go of anything and everything that has been stifling you. Release and give yourself permission to move forward.

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You may feel like spending your time alone with this Libra Full Moon, and this can give you time to ponder, to reflect, and to dig deeper into your subconscious. Find issues that you can let go of on your own that have impacted how you are with others and in relationships, and this can improve your connections.


The Libra Full Moon may prompt you to make some changes in your relationships and interactions with others, and this may involve letting go of something that has been a negative factor. In doing so, you can give yourself and others more freedom to be yourselves, and embrace individuality.


Responsibilities in your relationships may be of focus with this Libra Full Moon, and you can address the responsibilities that maybe you shouldn’t have anymore, or never should have had to begin with. You don’t have to take care of everything, and letting go of a responsibility that isn’t really yours can give relief to feelings of restriction and limitation.


You may be craving more space and freedom with this Libra Full Moon, so issues you focus on letting go of may be ones that have made you feel like you’re held back, boxed in, and can’t move freely. What has been a leech in your life? You don’t need to continue to hold on if it’s not serving a positive purpose for anyone, especially you.


Tackling that which you hold deep inside of yourself or issues that are deep within relationships can be a focus with the Libra Full Moon. It may be intense and emotional at times, but once you come out of it, you can feel much wiser and stronger, and your relationships can endure so much more.


Full Moons are an excellent time to release and let go, and every year, we experience Full Moons in every zodiac sign. This gives us an opportunity to clear out all of the sludge that accumulates in every area of life, and free ourselves up for new opportunities and experiences.

Let go and live!

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The Sagittarius sign is known for its larger than life personality, which is both fun and friendly. The Sagittarius woman always makes things an adventure, whether it’s literally traveling to the farthest reaches of unknown parts of the world or just going around the corner to the convenience store.

To understand a Sagittarius woman, keep in mind her ruling planet is the planet of luck and fortune, Jupiter. This means all she touches turns to gold metaphorically. Her positive energy seems to bless her life and those she keeps close to her.

A burning passion for human happiness greatly influences the Sagittarius woman traits because she is a Fire sign and has a certain sense of wisdom regarding her perception of life. Symbolized by the archer, she sets her sights on big ideals and fearlessly aims to live a life that will inspire society to create harmony with each other and the environment.

She also has a soft spot for animals, although she may not be home to care for them because she has major wanderlust.

The magnetic and bohemian Sagittarius woman is a Mutable sign. This means that she is inclined to change her mind like the weather changes. You can rely on her for her upbeat attitude, but when it comes to following through with plans, her inspiration may not strike twice in the same place, and she may feel pulled by the winds of change before your event happens!

Her goals are always focused on understanding the deeper truths of human nature so forgive her when she forgets to follow through or finds something else that piques her interest.

Where is Sagittarius in your birth chart? Find out with our free birth chart generator now!

Personality Characteristics of the Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman’s personality is complex because she bonds with people and quickly builds rapport, but her focus can also quickly shift away.

Her need for steady companionship is not as strong as other signs because her independent nature finds meaning in exploring new viewpoints and understanding the world. She feels good about herself when she can see how different cultures find meaning without attaching herself to one set way of living.

The Sagittarius woman’s negative traits include her less than organized budget, her shockingly spontaneous way of operating, and her blunt way of speaking. Although, those same traits give her an allure because she has a free spirit that seems to run on fairy dust and always find things work out in her favor.

She is like a wild horse that will always look to jump the fence so she can run on the mountain tops. She excels in careers dealing with travel, journalism, anthropology, and conservation. But her moods can change, so to truly know a Sagittarius woman, you’ll find it easier to keep up with her changing energy by reading the Sagittarius woman horoscope.

It’s a good idea to bookmark the Sagittarius daily horoscope for more insights.

The Sagittarius Woman in Love

A Sagittarius woman in love is not one to be told how to behave, when to have dinner ready, or how to dress. She is a free spirit and more likely to chase after what she wants than to wait around for Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet.

It’s important to know how to attract a Sagittarius woman because she is wired differently than other women.

Compliment her on her integrity, her willpower, and her intelligence. A Sagittarius woman doesn’t hold back when it comes to expressing affection so if you’re in a relationship with her, expect it to be “hot and heavy,” as they say. She may not ask for your affection, but she will notice your good deeds for society and fall even deeper in love with you because of them.

Dating a Sagittarius woman can feel like a roller-coaster because as quickly as she falls in love can also be as fast as she loses interest.

You won’t have to look for signs a Sagittarius woman is in love because she has a straightforward nature, and she will tell you. Don’t despair. Sagittarius women can be great lovers if you only understand what a Sagittarius woman is like in a relationship.

She wants a partnership that is exciting, constantly pushing boundaries, with shared learning, and constantly finding new uplifting experiences. She is more focused on how your soul and hers fit together to help the world than on you being the one person that makes her happy. She makes herself happy, and you can either accept a place by her side or no place at all.

Keep up on love with the Sagittarius love horoscope whether you are a Sagittarius or are dating a Sagittarius!

Sagittarius Compatibility & Communication

When talking to a Sagittarius woman, you need to realize that she has no ill intentions but will push you to see beyond limited viewpoints, which can make you a bit uneasy because it challenges your comfort zone. The Sagittarius woman communicates with vivid language to awaken your senses and help you come alive again.

This is why she is such a fun and addicting person to be around. She always manages to help you feel uplifted and see a silver lining!

She is chronically positive and will ask you not to sugarcoat your feelings because she appreciates openness. A Sagittarius will help you see through your own limiting beliefs because they study how people think and see how our culture affects our minds. The wisdom they will share with you in a conversation should be highly regarded. They aren’t called the sage of the zodiac for nothing!

Even if you’re not falling in love with a Sagittarius woman, you will come across some in your life, whether it’s a coworker, a family member, a roommate, or your neighbor’s giant cat. Knowing their fun personality can help you forge strong bonds through playful experiences or even exotic and interesting gifts when there’s something to celebrate.

If you’re a Fire sign or an Air sign, you’ll find it easier to get along with a Sagittarius woman than if you’re an Earth sign or a Water sign, even though she tends to befriend just about everyone with her charm. The best match for a Sagittarius woman is an Aries, Libra, or Aquarius, while the biggest challenge will be found with Virgo and Pisces.

That being said, Sagittarius compatibility only goes as far as comparing Sun signs, and true compatibility is about looking at the entire birth chart. Check out the love compatibility page to see where on the spectrum your signs align.

Learn More About the Sagittarius Woman

Ultimately the wild, endearing, uplifting energy of this adventurous soul will take you on a wild ride you will never forget. She is endlessly seeking ways to make others happy, and her energy is selfless and generous. The Sagittarius woman will always bring life to any event she attends with her many stories of other worlds, real or imagined.

If you’re feeling down in the dumps, call a Sagittarius and go have an adventure.

If you’re trying to find a gift for a Sagittarius woman, make sure it’s something with a crazy story behind it or something that is from a faraway land. She loves art, philosophy, decorations that mean something, and anything you put your heart and soul into.

The next time you hang out with a Sagittarius, notice what stands out about them and see how their Sun sign shows up in the core of their personality. The more you learn about the big picture Sagittarius, the easier it will be to know their sign without them even telling you.

Now that is a cool party trick!

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