Day: January 1, 2021


Have you ever had a dream that you can’t seem to shake? Or woken up with the feeling of a distant dream, unable to recall the lands you traveled to in your slumber? Or, perhaps you remember your dreams clearly, but you aren’t quite sure what to make of them.

If you answered “yes,” it’s important to know that you’re not alone.

Dreams are mysterious and complex, often difficult or even seemingly impossible to understand. Dreams – and what they mean – are a wildly popular topic that many of us spend our time trying to understand.

You probably already know, if only on an instinctive level, that dreams and their meanings are powerful and can be used as a tool in life, allowing us to understand certain topics or subjects better than ever before.

If you’ve ever been curious about your dreams and the messages they’re trying to convey, then this article is for you. We’ve compiled some information that will help you learn everything you need to know about dreams, what they mean, and why we have them.

So, if you’re ready to explore the lands you create when you’re in a deep, blissful state of sleep, keep reading to learn more!

What Are Dreams?

Dreams can be defined as the “subconscious imaginings that contain sounds, images, and other sensations while you sleep.”

If you’ve ever had a dream that seemed to stick with you like glue on paper, you probably understand that they are made of so much more than this simple explanation – even if we aren’t quite sure what that material they’re made of is.

We know that dreams occur during the REM – or rapid eye movement – cycle of sleep, meaning you need to be in a deep state of sleep before your dreams can come to life. REM is the deepest stage of sleep, and you will likely go through this cycle many times a night.

There are a wide range of different schools of thought regarding the function of dreams as well.

As one example, psychologist Allen Hobson claims that dreams are essentially meaningless – but how can this be? If you’ve ever had a dream that seemed to change the way you view the world, you might also find this suggestion incomplete.

While we may not know exactly what dreams are made of, there is still much we can learn about them and how to use them to our advantage…

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

One of the most powerful methods of dreaming is called lucid dreaming, wherein the dreamer is aware of the fact that they are in the dream world. As a result, when someone becomes proficient at lucid dreaming, they can actually control certain aspects of their dreams.

There are certain ways to make lucid dreaming an easier habit.

A few old tricks include attempting to locate a light switch in your dream – if the light does not turn on and off as you would expect, you can recognize that you’re dreaming. Another way to check is by trying to find a book. Open to any page and see if you can read the writings; if you’re in a dream, the words will be jumbled and hard to make out.

While it may seem complicated, the majority of people who remember their dreams have had a lucid dream at least once or twice in their life.

When you’re lucid dreaming, there is a tiny part of your subconscious that is somewhat awake, allowing a part of yourself to realize what is happening. This small amount of lucidity is what helps you control certain aspects of your dreams.

What Is Dream Induction?

Dream induction is another way to describe lucid dreaming – particularly, the ability to induce a state of lucid dreaming.

Cognitive techniques are one way to induce lucid dreaming; another is reality testing, which involves asking yourself if you’re awake throughout the day. If you ask yourself this question enough times, there’s a good chance that you’ll also ask your sleeping self.

Being able to induce your own dreams is not as much about choosing the specific content of your dreams as it is about assisting you in recalling them so clearly that you can actually harness their powers and use them constructively in your life (more on this later in the article!).

What Are Bad Dreams & Nightmares?

If you remember your dreams frequently, you may notice that some of them take on a dark or frightening theme. It can feel scary and isolating having bad dreams or nightmares, but it’s important to note that you are not alone.

A nightmare is defined as “dreams that bring out strong feelings of fear, terror, distress of anxiety.” They will feel more vivid than a regular dream, and you will often experience intense emotions upon waking.

A few of the most commons themes in dreams include:

  • Teeth falling out
  • Falling
  • Dying or death of a loved one
  • Being chased
  • Being naked in public
  • Extreme weather
  • Being late
  • Babies or family members

These are not all common nightmare scenarios, but rather the most common themes in general.

As you can see, frightening situations are not at all uncommon when dreaming. Each of these themes contains meaning, and the daily stressors in our lives contribute to dreams of this nature (we will touch more on these themes later!).

Stress, anxiety, and substance abuse can also contribute to nightmares. While they seem rather scary at the moment, even nightmares are dreams that we can learn from.

Is It Possible Not to Dream?

There is a percentage of people who do not report dreaming, even when they are successfully dozing into REM cycles each night.

That being said, there is a possibility that these people simply just don’t remember their dreams!

A 2015 study printed in the Journal of Dream Research out of France found that indeed, everybody does in fact dream. This research looked at 289 random people and studied their sleep patterns and body movements. Everyone included in this study in fact, had a dream, even if they had claimed beforehand that they “do not dream.”

You simply may not remember dreams because they happen when your brain waves are slowest and longest, and they don’t deposit information into your memory bank.

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Why Do We Dream?

There may not exist a scientific answer to the question of why we dream, but there are a number of dream theories to consider.

Some scientists suggest that there is no rhyme or reason to dreaming, that it happens randomly, and has “no direct function.” Others claim that dreams help us process the things we learned or experienced throughout our waking hours, helping us retain new information.

There are even theories that dreams are simply a recollection of the things we experienced during the day, or that they act as a way for us to process the things that might be causing us stress or anxiety.

Another possible reason? Dreams are seen by some to act as a protection device, shielding us from the dangers or threats we feel we are facing in our “real lives.”

8 Common Dreams & Their Meanings

Let’s explore a few of the most common dreams we experience collectively to find out the deeper meaning behind them.

1. Dreams About Being Naked

These kinds of dreams refer to a sense of vulnerability or being exposed in some way. If you dream about being naked in public, you may feel like a secret side of yourself will come out to the world around you or that your secrets are no longer safe.

Solution: Try exploring the areas of your life that you may be feeling vulnerable about to learn why you might be having such dreams.

2. Dreams About Being Chased

When we’re being chased by something in a dream – whether a person, animal, or unknown entity – we’re likely feeling overwhelmed about some aspect of life. It may be your career, your bills, or even unhealthy relationships causing these dreams. This dream often means that you are allowing fear to lead your life.

When we are actively avoiding someone or doing something that causes us anxiety, we will often have fearful dreams of being pursued relentlessly so we can see that there is a more empowered way of living that can bring us a greater sense of fulfillment.

Solution: To find out more about why this dream might be occurring or even recurring, try to figure out what you feel is “chasing” you during your waking hours. If there is a feeling of powerlessness, think of where you feel powerless in your life and where that belief may have come from.

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3. Dreams About Flying

Dreaming of flying, on the other hand, relates to your own sense of power. It represents a feeling of control that you might be experiencing in your life right now. Did you recently receive a promotion or a raise? Did you finally stand up for yourself in a toxic relationship?

You are often about to take off on something really big. You are rising above the circumstances and have all of the information at your disposal, you can see it all clearly now, laying before you.

These kinds of experiences can lead to the personal power you might feel during a dream about personal air travel. Dreams about flying may also represent a new perspective or way of looking at things in your life.

Solution: If you woke up with a not-so-great feeling after this type of dream, it could suggest that you need movement in your life. Think about a relationship that might need a different direction or a lifestyle habit that needs some tweaking. What might be weighing you down?

4. Dreams About Teeth

Teeth are also seen as symbols of power in dreams, but they may relate more to your personal appearance or physical health. If you dream of your teeth falling out, you may feel as though you’re losing your own power in some way!

It can also suggest that you feel powerless about your health or how others see you. You might be concerned about how someone is currently perceiving you. Teeth can also represent renewal and communication in dreams.

Solution: Nail down what might be bothering you, or where you might be feeling insecure in your life.

5. Dreams About Having Sex with Your Boss or Co-Worker

While you may initially feel strange after such a dream, you can rest easy knowing that dreams about sex very rarely represent sexual desires. In fact, dreaming of having sex with a co-worker or a boss can indicate that you recognize your leadership qualities developing in your waking life.

Maybe you want more responsibility at work and are looking to deepen a relationship here. Maybe you want a more engaged experience at work, which could mean a promotion that puts you in a role you more deeply desire.

Solution: If you have these dreams, it might be time to start taking your career more seriously!

6. Dreams About Falling

If you’ve ever had a dream of falling, you know how scary they can be. However, they typically represent a feeling of being unsupported in our waking lives.

Solution: If you frequently dream of falling, you may need to take some time to bond with and seek support from a friend or family member. Talking about your needs and fears can help you feel more loved and cared for. Pay attention to who is in the dream, where you are, how old you are or what the emotional state is.

Perhaps an experience you had as child or a pattern you witnessed in your family is holding you back from making a career move, getting out of a co-dependent relationship or making you think you need a relationship to be happy.

7. Dreams About Death

Dreams about death can feel particularly scary, but they actually represent the ending of a certain cycle in your life. Perhaps you’re growing out of the insecure identity that you developed in high school. Maybe you’re letting go of being a smothering partner because you’re finding your own purpose in life.

Dreams about death are indeed a good omen that you should embrace with a positive attitude.

This can mean a new beginning for you, if you pay attention. What is going on in your life right now? Are you changing jobs? Relationships? Moving? What is the change the death in your dream is symbolizing?

Solution: If you have a dream about death, whether your own or someone else’s, this may mean that a certain chapter in your life is closing and making room for new experiences.

8. Recurring Dreams with Different Themes

We sometimes have dreams that seem to pop up in our lives over and over again, and those can be frightening. These dreams are trying to tell you that something is unresolved in your life, and that’s why they keep happening.

Many people experience reoccurring dreams of some sort. Whether it’s being late for school or work, losing control of a vehicle, or being inexplicably naked in public, these are all messages meant to wake you up to your own inner struggle to show you how to make your life easier. If you are out of control in some way in your dream, you probably need more stability and structure in your life. If you are being stalked or chased, it means you may want to avoid the influence of the thoughts of a culture or person in your waking life.

A common recurring dream many people often have is getting into a fight with someone. It’s important to remember that recurring dreams are trying to help you release negative emotions.

Solution: Try to ask yourself intuitively what these dreams might relate to in your waking life, as this area needs your attention and your willingness to resolve any lingering frustrations. Be mindful of what you might not need in your life.

What Are My Dreams Trying to Tell Me?

Every dream is sprinkled with messages and themes, whether they’re presented to you in detailed symbols or simple codes. It can feel confusing, even overwhelming, to have strange dreams that seem to contain hidden messages, but decoding them can help you understand even more about how you’re handling things in your waking life.

Learning to understand the signals contained within your dreams is one of the most effective ways to interpret them. Try tapping into your deepest emotions to learn more about the symbols within your dreams and what they mean for you:

  • Did you have a strong reaction?
  • Was the feeling fleeting?
  • Do certain symbols seem to stick with you longer than others?

Asking yourself these questions may be the key to realizing which dreams contain a stronger message for you and your life.

Try not to stress yourself out if you aren’t recalling your dreams, as this can make it even harder to remember them. Connect to your emotional center and try to understand your emotional response rather than the dream itself to start. For instance, if you wake up feeling anxious but do not remember your dream, this anxiety may be trying to send you the same message as the dream itself.

Connecting to your emotional response upon waking can tell you nearly as much as the symbols of the dream you were just experiencing.

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How to Recall Your Dreams

Have you ever woken up with the feeling that there was something important in your dream that you wanted to remember? There is a good chance that your dream was trying desperately to tell you something that your conscious mind is unaware of.

One of the best ways to start remembering more about your dreams is to jog your short-term memory upon waking.

  • Try writing the word “remember” on a glass of water on your bedside table.
  • Make sure the last thing you do before closing your eyes for bed is to drink from this glass of water.
  • When you wake up, take a sip of your memory water before doing anything else.
  • Grab a pen and a notebook and try to write down anything you remember from your dreams the night before.

This ritual will help you start recalling your dreams more easily, giving you the opportunity to interpret and understand them. Here’s a few more quick tips:

Use a Dream Journal

It’s a good idea to pick out a notebook and a pen that will live on your bedside table. This can be your official dream journal, and you’ll want to make a habit of tending to it each morning when you wake up. Even if you don’t remember your dreams at first, try writing down anything that comes to mind.

The process of writing them down will further jog your memory, helping you recall more details as times goes on.

Avoid Food Before Bed

Having a large meal or snack before bed can make it harder for you to reach that restful, dreamy REM stage of sleep. Focus on sipping your memory water instead.

Be Consistent

When you begin trying to remember your dreams, you may find the process frustrating and want to give up – but consistency is key. Try setting a timer before you write in your dream journal and don’t finish writing until the timer is up.

Practice makes perfect! Keep at it for as long as it takes, because it will eventually become easier than ever to recall your dreams.

Meditate in the Evening

Meditation can not only clear the mind, making it easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and remember your dreams, but it can also assist with lucid dreaming.

Try a guided meditation for lucid dreaming, or simply meditate before bed to get the most from your sleep.

Wake up Earlier

We often have our most intense dreams right before waking up. Training yourself to wake up earlier can help you catch the tail-end of these dreams, allowing you to remember more of them.

Try setting your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than usual, which also gives you more time to practice recalling and writing down your dreams in the morning.

Where Will Your Dreams Take You?

Our dreams are like messages from the Universe, messages from our subconscious, or both. Learning to remember and interpret your dreams can open you up to a world of information that you’ve never before experienced.

So, grab your pillow, your blanket, and set your dream journal beside your bed. It’s time to dive into that world of mystery that exists within your mind.

Wondering about other dream topics? Try our free Dream Dictionary!

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      The December 2016 supermoon will reach peak fullness at 7:05 p.m. EST (0005 GMT) on December 14.

      Supermoons have been all the rage in the world of astrology, over the last few years. It seems you can’t go from one season to the next without a moon being super, or bringing magic powers, or doing something extraordinary. But is it all hype, or is there really something special about November’s supermoon?

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      What Is a Supermoon?

      In order to really understand what’s going on, you first have to realize what a supermoon is. The moon’s orbit is elliptical, so it is closer to the Earth at some times than it is at others. The point at which the moon is closest to the Earth—less than 223,694 miles—is called its perigee. When the moon is either new or full when it’s at perigee, it becomes a supermoon.

      Of course, even though November’s moon is going to be closer to to us than it has been since 1948, it’s not going to make any real difference to its gravitational pull on us, so don’t listen to anyone who predicts extreme weather or any other supernatural events because of this supermoon. It will just appear around 7% larger than it usually does, partly because of the distance and partly because of atmospherics.

      You’ll hear some people talking about the moon being 15% bigger, but that’s slightly inaccurate, too. They’re also comparing it to a super micromoon, which happens when the full moon happens at the moon’s farthest distance from Earth (over 248,548 miles). You’re unlikely to notice any great contrast in the size of the moon—unless you’ve got previous lunar photographs to use in comparison. You may notice a difference in brightness, though—up to 30%, though 12-15% is more likely.

      All of this will make it hard to judge any differences in size simply with the naked eye. What makes this supermoon a super supermoon is that it this is the closest the moon will be to our planet until the year 2034, being the largest and brightest for nearly 70 years. Interestingly enough, there’s also a meteor shower at that time, which means that while stargazers will have a treat seeing the super Supermoon, the chances of seeing the meteors will greatly diminish.

      Supermoon Astrological Forecast

      This astronomy about December’s supermoon is all well and good, but what will it mean for you? When the Aries moon reaches fullness at 1:51 pm GMT, it sets off a void of course (VoC) period that will last nearly 12 hours. You’ll be tempted to push forward, but don’t. The Aries full moon brings a lot of enthusiasm and a rise in emotions, but the VoC makes progress challenging. Try slowing down and contemplating your plans, instead. There will be time enough to push forward later during Taurus.

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      Try not to rush into any projects though; you could lose interest before they are completed if you start them now.

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      Avoid the ‘Supermoon’ Hype, and Enjoy the View!

      However you choose to mark the occasion of this supermoon, just remember that there are going to be those who use it to create propaganda and hype in order to get attention.

      1. Yes, supermoons are closer to the Earth and may appear slightly bigger and brighter.
      2. No, you’re not going to feel anything particularly different.

      If you already live with the rhythms of the moon, do your usual rituals. While this is indeed a very special moon, it’s unlikely that anything climactic is going to happen. If you miss this supermoon, there will be another one in December, although it won’t be a record-breaker like this one. Whatever you do, enjoy the rhythm of life and the opportunity for the striking astronomical displays that—weather permitting- December’s supermoon has to share with you.



      We talk about karma a lot here, and the laws of attraction. The tenets are pretty basic. What you sow, you reap. There are a number of theories on karma, with some of them saying what you do now in this lifetime won’t matter, as the karma you are playing out now is from a past life. While there is some truth to this, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sow good karma in this life. Karma and the law of attraction go hand in hand, and you still need to sow good karma in this life, as there are many lifetimes ahead of you! At the same time, you can negate any chances of negative karma from a past lifetime finding you in this lifetime by simply improving your karma today. So how do you do that?

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      Turn Your Thoughts Into Things

      It’s as easy as it sounds. Thoughts become things. Have you ever wondered if someone had bad karma, just by the way they behave, or by the bad things that always seem to happen to them? Maybe you even wondered that about yourself? It’s a normal thought process. But if bad things happen to you, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, and it doesn’t even mean that you have bad karma. It also doesn’t mean that having bad things happen to you is your Destiny.

      You have the power to turn this train around any time that you want. That’s what fee will is about. Yes, we believe in fated events. But we also believe that you create that fate as often as it simply happens to you. How? Thoughts become things. This is the very basis of karma, and also the Law of Attraction. You can begin improving your karma today, by simply changing your mindset.

      If something negative happens in your life, you have two choices. You can assume this means that your life is doomed, and you are destined to have negative experiences. That’s one choice and not the one I recommend. Or, you can embrace it with positivity and use this as an opportunity to see the good things in life. Sometimes this is really difficult, and sometimes this feels impossible. But would you rather be feeling badly in a bad situation, or, positive?

      Everything that happens to you is a door of opportunity. And, thoughts become things. So the more negatively you think about someone or something, the more you are going to attract that. The same goes for positive. The more positively you think about a situation, no matter how bad it seems at the time, the more you are going to attract positive things in your life too. This is the manifestation of Karma.

      The Power of Jupiter

      We have a lot of karma energy in the month of November as usual. This is the power of the number 11 and the 11th month of the year. We also have some Sagittarius energy coming into the picture later in the month, and even a Supermoon at your disposal. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is the god of gods, and one of the biggest planets when it comes to karma. So you have the whole month of November to really think about how to change your own direction of Fate, and use the laws of karma in your life. When you do, you will find that those lucky Fated events, spun by the magic wand of Jupiter, work more in your favor than they do not.

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      Concluding Thoughts

      So if you want to increase your own karma in this lifetime, you need to change your mindset today. Yes, random acts of kindness are very helpful in upping your karmic ante. And we want you to keep doing that. But embracing the optimistic spirit of Jupiter is a more long-term approach that can help you feel positive, and happy every single day. It’s all about your thoughts becoming actual things. How will you do that this month?



      NASA recently got us all worked up by talking about a 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus. Many followers of astrology were worried that their sun sign was going to change; and then there were the astrologers, who rolled their eyes at the fact that the discussion had surfaced yet again.

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      To Be Ophiuchus or Not To Be Ophiuchus

      First, let’s clear the air: There’s no new sun sign.

      Astrologers use classical astrology when working with your reports and birth charts, which established the position of your sun sign about 3,000 years ago. This makes your astrological reading based on a very ancient and established map of the heavens. NASA (established in 1958), is still a newcomer to the game (and completely incapable of changing your 3,000-year-old sun sign). Besides, the organization is made of astronomers, not astrologers—there’s a big difference. (If you want to really get into some astrological nerdisms, NASA just went through its 2nd Saturn return. That in and of itself is going to shake things up for the organization).

      To understand how astrology works, you have to first accept that it takes the Earth approximately 365 days (365 days and 4 hours, to be exact) to orbit the sun. Because we’re on the Earth, and watching this as a spectator, it looks like it’s the sun that’s moving through the skies, in much the same way that when you’re on a moving train, the parked cars seem to be passing you. All of the other planets and stars move around the sun, too, against a backdrop of constellations. The constellations are in the same order—and on the zodiac wheel, they always start with Aries and finishing with Pisces. These are the same constellations that the ancient Greeks used, and we still use them today.

      Traditional & Modern Constellations

      There are many other constellations in that backdrop, not just the 12 that we use in determining zodiac sun signs. For example, most of you have heard of the constellation of Orion, or the Big Dipper, but are they sun signs in your horoscope? Nope. Just like Ophiuchus was always present in the constellations, its presence alone doesn’t prequalify it for a spot among the other sun signs. It was already there, and astrologers and stargazers already knew about it. It just wasn’t deemed as bright or as important as some of the other signs, so it has never held a relevant place as far as astrology goes. Astronomically, Ophiuchus is actually quite large, but the constellations either side of it are much brighter, so they get more attention.

      There are many schools of thought as to why there are only 12 signs of the zodiac, even though there are many more constellations. One theory is that there is 360° in the circular wheel of the zodiac, which makes it very easy to work with a division of 12. Another theory is that only the brightest and most obvious signs were originally included, rather than every star cluster that was recognized.

      The zodiac works in harmony with the natural cycles of the Earth, and many other mathematical factors. For example, the zodiac is divided up into four quadrants, just like the four seasons. There are 12 signs, just as there are 12 months (and the 24-hour clock can be divided by 2 to get 12-hour halves). It all gets very complicated and sophisticated, and it takes into account the Earth’s wobble, the movements of the other planets and stars—even geometry and astronomy have their place in astrology. This was all established by Ptolemy long before NASA threw us into a spin regarding this so-called 13th sign. There is no new sun sign; only some resurfacing information as to what is astronomically out there.

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      Astrology vs. Astronomy

      Even though a big fuss has been made over Ophiuchus, it’s not the only additional constellation out there. It’s just one of the largest. There are some 88 modern constellations, and the Sun appears to pass through around 34 of them. You might think that if NASA is interested in this additional sign, then it must be of some value, but that’s not necessarily so. NASA doesn’t have anything to do with the study of classical astrology, as the organization is exclusively focused on astronomy. Some of the other ‘lost’ constellations include the Dragon, the Lyre of Orpheus, The Wise Centaur, The Ship of the Argonauts, and more. In fact, constellations come and go, as is discussed in John C Barentine’s book, The Lost Constellations. They’re worth exploring as a novelty, but for accurate astrology readings, stick with a professional astrologer and the sun signs that were established all those centuries ago.



      It’s that time of year when everyone is beginning to talk more and more about gratitude. It’s that “attitude of gratitude” and it’s one that is a good one to have. But it’s very easy to get caught up in just those words, being thankful, saying thank you, and having that attitude of gratitude. Having that attitude is about more than that. It’s about more than just saying the words. It’s about BEing gratitude.

      We’ve been talking about karma a lot in this eleventh month of the year, and this is the reason you want to not just say the words “thank you.” When you have that actual attitude of gratitude, miracles actually do happen to you more and more frequently. So don’t get caught up in the colloquialisms of having the attitude of gratitude. Instead, embody the spirit of gratitude.

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      What is the Attitude of Gratitude?

      The spirit of gratitude is exactly what it sounds like. It is about having that actual spirit, as much as possible. It’s impossible to be grateful every minute of every day. But when stress or discomfort arises in your daily life, being grateful for that experience sets off a chain reaction with the law of attraction that enables you to create and attract more abundance in your life. It’s all about your overall mindset, just like improving your karma is. You can spend time in the woe is me moments of life when negative events happen, or, you can thank Universe and the angels for sending you this test, and look beyond the test to see the opportunities you are actually being given.

      Forgive the Negative Nellies

      Have you ever been around someone that is nothing but negative? It can be really draining. And sometimes we get so caught up in it that we become negative ourselves. Believe it or not, this is their intent! A negative nelly is someone that is having problems embracing and embodying the spirit of gratitude in their own life. And, they see that you, or someone else around them does not have this same problem. So they pour on the negativity and drama, put on their Negative Nelly hat, and try and bring you down. Don’t let them! When they feel they have brought you down, they feel better. And, you don’t.

      It’s impossible to embody the spirit of gratitude when you are busy grumbling about how someone is trying to ruin your day. Guess what? When you are busy grumbling about them, they have succeeded. Instead, show them how to win by embracing the spirit of gratitude. Thank them for their entrance into your day, and don’t engage their drama. That’s exactly what they want you to do: Engage. So, don’t! Being the bigger person and having that actual spirit of gratitude is about actually being the bigger person, not just saying the words. But you can use your words to rise in these occasions.

      The next time you have a Negative Nelly on your hands, forgive them, and tell them that you appreciate them. Realize, in your heart, where they are coming from, and smile and love them on the outside. That will not only throw them off, and tip the scales of gratitude in your favor, but it mitigates the drama factor. They won’t keep pushing your buttons if they know they can’t win. Some will try, yes. But you just keep appreciating them. They won’t stick around too long if they know they can’t drag you down.

      Then, who ends up having the worse day in this scenario? Not you. And their bad day is not your problem. Not if you have embodied the spirit of gratitude and appreciated all of the souls in your day that have reminded you of this.

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      Concluding Thoughts

      Having that attitude of gratitude is a great thing. And we are all reminded more and more of this at this time of year. But it’s about more than just saying thank you in the good times. It’s about being truly appreciative of the tests and challenges that are thrown at us every single day. When you can see beyond those tests and challenges, and see them as opportunities, then you know you have nailed the spirit of gratitude and will rise like no other during this season of gratitude.

      And remember, the attitude of gratitude is not about showing off that you are the bigger person. It’s about embracing your own positive mindset, to create your own personal success. Any zodiac sign can do this. And sometimes that’s just about having a successful day. And then doing it again. And again. That’s the power of embodying the spirit of gratitude. How will you embody this spirit of gratitude today? And tomorrow? And the next day?



      Sagittarius is a Fire sign with an infectious spirit that charms and delights those they spend their time with. Their innate positivity spreads around them like a wildfire, infusing their friends, family, and colleagues with an energetic sense of optimism and hope. If you’ve ever known a Sagittarius, you’re likely well aware of their inviting, charming attitudes.

      As we move into Sagittarius season, there is no better time to take a look at the romantic nature of Sagittarius – including their most and least compatible astrological matches.

      However, it is crucial to keep in mind that when we look into astrological compatibility, we are only looking at the Sun sign – the sign in your chart that you are likely most familiar with. And while our Sun signs represent who we are at a core-level, this is certainly not the only sign that’s important when it comes to compatibility.

      For a truly in-depth look at your potential compatibility with another person, it’s important to contact an experienced astrologer and request a relationship synastry chart. This will give you a deeper, more accurate look into the possibilities of a certain union.

      With that being said, certain Sun signs seem to mesh well with one another’s vibrations. So, let’s take a look at who Sagittarius is on a more intimate level, as well as the signs that buzz with positivity when in the presence of our dear friend, Sag.

      Where is Sagittarius in your natal chart? Find your Sagittarius placements with our free birth chart generator!

      Sagittarius Personality Traits

      It may be easier to understand certain compatible matches if we take a moment to explore more about the archer’s nature.

      Positive Sagittarius Traits

      • Honest
      • Forthright
      • Ambitious
      • Optimistic
      • Idealistic
      • Creative
      • Passionate
      • Adventurous
      • Spiritual
      • Fair
      • Open-minded
      • Generous
      • Gregarious
      • Bubbly

      Negative Sagittarius Traits

      • Impulsive
      • Blunt
      • Impatient
      • Careless
      • Reckless
      • Hotheaded
      • Forgetful
      • Avoidant
      • Dogmatic

      Each zodiac sign under the Sun possesses both positive and negative qualities – as humans, imperfection is unavoidable. But the bubbly, joyful nature of Sagittarius more than makes up for their forgetful or impatient ways. This warm, open, and honest personality can get along with just about anyone.

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      Sagittarius Strengths in Relationships

      If you’re a Sagittarius yourself, you know that optimism runs through your veins at full-speed. You’re hopeful by nature, and you can’t help but look for the silver lining in any situation. (There’s a strong chance that your motto might even be, “Everything happens for a reason.”)

      You respect your needs as well as the needs of others – and you’re never fussy about giving a loved one their space. After all, you’re quite independent yourself, and you may require quite a bit of alone time to gather your thoughts and focus on your dreams and goals.

      You’re honest about your feelings, so those you with whom you enter relationships will likely never have to guess at what you’re thinking or feeling.

      Your sense of humor is top-notch, and you know how to make others laugh. You may use humor as a defense mechanism, but making light of certain situations helps you release nervous energy – which you have a lot of. You aren’t short on compassion for others, and you not only want to help those you love, but you also want to do your part to change the world.

      Any partner of yours will never lack fun and adventure, as you know how to have a good time. And while you may not settle down easily, you’re fiercely loyal once you have.

      Sagittarius Challenges in Relationships

      You tend to blurt things out, even when they might be inappropriate or hurtful. It’s not that you ever want to make anyone uncomfortable. It’s simply that you get too excited about your thoughts to let them marinate. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and if you’re in a bad mood, everyone around you will be able to feel that energy because you can’t hide it well.

      Your direct manner can sometimes ruffle feathers, and your innocent nature might leave you wondering what you’ve done wrong. You might have to learn the hard way that some thoughts and opinions should be kept to yourself.

      You are your own person, through and through, and you may freeze up if you feel your individuality has been challenged. Like your fellow Fire signs, Aries and Leo, you love the spotlight, and you delight in any attention that someone is willing to give you. However, you may come across as attention-seeking or even inappropriately flirtatious by others.

      You need a partner who’s comfortable with your strong desire for freedom, honesty, and self-expression.

      Sagittarius Compatibility in Love Relationships

      While any two signs may be able to get along swimmingly, certain unions just seem to click.

      Most Compatible Matches for Sagittarius


      Aries is a fellow Fire sign, so they naturally understand Sagittarius’s passion and impulsive nature.

      The fiery nature of Aries flows seamlessly with the glow of Sagittarius’ personality. You’re both spontaneous and adventurous, so this union will always have fun together. However, no relationship is without challenge. Aries can be more controlling than Sag cares for, and you both possess a certain heat that can get out of control now and again.

      If you can learn to breathe through the frustrating moments and be patient with one another, this can be a fantastic cosmic match.


      As another Fire sign, Leo’s energy can match and even exceed Sag’s excessive energy.

      You’re both the life of the party, and you can enjoy the finer things in life together, like good food, great drinks, and fun adventures. As a bonus, each of you possesses a flair for drama that brings a little spice into the relationship. However, this drama may also be your downfall. You each experience over-the-top emotions that might be too big to fit into one room.

      You’ll both need to learn how to settle your energy a bit to make sure that you’re hearing and understanding each other.


      You may have heard the following term before: “Air feeds the fire.” That’s exactly the energy that stems from this union – Aquarius’ eccentric, spontaneous nature feeds into Sag’s love of adventure and excitement.

      This is a social, outgoing union that also has the ability to talk about deep, political, and philosophical subjects together. Yet, Sagittarius is giving and open with their affection, while Aquarius tends to keep their emotions to themselves. Aquarius might need to work on opening up, while Sagittarius may lower their expectations for this relationship to run smoothly.


      A fellow Sag is one of the best matches in the zodiac because your energies flow so smoothly together.

      You understand each other’s need for space, your optimism, humor, and blunt nature – and you’re able to be open and honest without fear of hurting the other. But, you’re also both impatient and impulsive, and you may get irritated with one another from time to time, especially if one of you feels the other is taking too long making a decision.

      If you can be patient and understanding with each other, this can be a magical match.

      Least Compatible Matches for Sagittarius


      Taureans are grounded and earthy, quite the change from Sagittarius’ wild and carefree spirit.

      While Sag may want to spend the night out on the town surrounded by city lights and happy people, Taurus may be much more aligned with a cozy night at home with delicious food and a good movie. These two may simply not see eye-to-eye on certain things, like responsibility and loyalty.


      Virgo is an Earth sign with a blunt nature like Sag, but Virgo’s constructive criticisms may feel more like attacks to friendly Sagittarius.

      Virgo wants to spend their time working and laboring, while Sag prefers the spontaneous adventures that life can bring. Sag may even find Virgo’s hard-working nature a bit boring, while Virgo may grow tired of Sagittarius’ carefree (flighty) spirit.


      The last Earth sign of the bunch, Capricorn, is grounded and stern – they create a plan of action and they don’t deviate from that plan until their goal has been achieved.

      Sagittarius has a hard time deciding which goal to go after on a day-by-day basis, so all that routine can feel overwhelming for the spontaneous Fire sign. Furthermore, Caps tend to be reserved emotionally, which may make Sagittarius feel lonely in their big feelings.

      Smooth Sailing With Sagittarius

      If you’re currently crushing on a Sag and you didn’t see your sign on this list – or even in the least compatible portion of this list – don’t give up hope quite yet! Again, there are many, many important placements and aspects in each of your charts that may indicate a beautiful union. This is simply a jumping-off point for compatibility.

      And fortunately, Sagittarius is one of the friendliest signs of the zodiac bunch – and they want to be loved and appreciated! A Sag can find a way to get along with just about anyone.

      If you’re lucky enough to enter into a relationship with a Sagittarius, try to enjoy the optimism and adventure that’s about to flow into your life. Get cozy next to the Sag’s bonfire, as it will keep you warm in the cold, winter months!

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      We are in that time of year when everybody seems to be having a massive freak out. A stressful season is upon us. There’s so much to do, and so little time to do it! You are thinking about the upcoming holiday season and a brand new year ahead. At the same time, you are probably still thinking about the past year. Part of what’s causing the panic is that you may feel you haven’t accomplished your goals for 2016. On top of worrying about all you need to do for the holidays, you are also worried about all you need to do, across your entire life

      The holidays are the best time of year to take a big breath and calm down. We have an abundance of Sagittarius energy upon us now for the next few weeks, and Sagittarius is the big thinker, it’s all about the ‘big picture’. Use this time wisely. Instead of allowing your nervous energy to control you, plan that big picture. Again, this will all be about your mindset. Don’t think about what hasn’t been done. Instead, think about what you will do in the new year.

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      Your Mindset Determines Your Happiness

      The biggest source of stress in your life right now is uncertainty. How will I do it all, and how will I pay for it all? These are your nagging thoughts and they are taking away fro the joy of the holidays. Stress and anxiety is a major part of the problem when it comes to planning the big picture. It’s very important for you to change your mindset. Instead of thinking of the negative, think about how exciting this big picture actually can be.

      You will have to learn to be patient with yourself. You can only do so much in a day. Forget about what you haven’t done or have to do. Worrying about that is a waste of your time. Instead, think about what you will do and what you can accomplish. Make positive associations with a new beginning. When you do, you are more optimistic about life. The end of the year begins to look a lot brighter!

      Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

      How do you change your mindset and perspective? When you think in terms of ‘can’ or ‘can’t’, then you’ve already decided there is a slight chance you will not succeed. You can’t move ahead with these thoughts. It is a self-defeating prophecy. Cut the negative thoughts off as soon as they take hold and begin each plan, every day, with an ‘I will!.’ It might take some meditation to embrace the big picture and realize that each step you take is one more in accomplishing your goals. Work hard, but remember that you’re only one person tomorrow is a new day.

      Whether you have to run errands, buy gifts, put on a holiday dinner, get a new job in the new year, or you want to secure a big relationship commitment, it’s all about your mindset. Use the Law of Attraction to your advantage. When you think and act with the confidence that what you want to happen, will happen for you. Visualize your goals coming to pass and remember that you are controlling all the factors you can. You won’t obsess and have so much anxiety.

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      Concluding Thoughts

      Where there’s a will, there’s always a way, this is the message you will put out into the Universe. Stop thinking about maybe getting a new job, possibly starting a healthier lifestyle, and hopefully landing that relationship commitment this year. Instead, think about the job that you will have, the healthier body you will have, and what your new relationship level will look like. It’s going to happen for you if you are thinking of the big picture. What big picture dreams will happen in your life as this year ends and another one begins?



      Numerology is the study of numbers. Every number from 1 – 9, and the master numbers of 11 and 22 have certain qualities that make them unique. In order to better understand numerology, you really need to get to know the energy, personality, and vibe of each individual number before they can be applied in a numerology reading to give you insight into your life path. We have developed a series for you so that you can learn about each number in detail. What better place to start than with the number 1?

      What Does 1 Represent?

      In numerology and most other areas of life, 1 indicates a beginning. We talk about first steps, a starting point. The number one indicates the infinite possibilities of “day 1”, it carries assertion, and drive. It takes the potential that the placeholder 0 brings, and gives it form. It takes the abstract and makes it tangible, turning ideas into a plan with purpose and strength. The number 1 also takes pride in what it achieves. Think of it as an arrow – because if you turn it on its side, that’s what 1 resembles! It has goals, and the momentum to reach them. When obstacles get in the way, it pierces them and continues.

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      Characteristics of a 1

      A 1 at Work

      You are brave, courageous, loyal, dependable, and dedicated. You are determined to try new things, and you’re not afraid of taking risks to get what you want. You’re assertive, demanding attention and respect. Leadership seeps from your pores.

      You do well in careers where you are given a lot of responsibility for a leadership role. You also love being around people and excel at working in professions that require interpersonal skills. You may do well, or already be successful, in one of these jobs:

      • Entrepreneur or business owner
      • Middle or high-level management positions
      • Military
      • Politician
      • Architect or engineer

      A 1 in Relationships

      You don’t shy away from being your own person. Others may have tried to change your nature, but they likely learned the lesson, that you won’t be coerced or manipulated, the hard way! You are generally fair and balanced in your thinking and don’t let things get overcomplicated. You tend to see things as right or wrong, positive or negative. You’re not interested in fluff, you want facts.You abhor unfairness and prejudice of any sort.

      You don’t suffer fools and you won’t be persuaded or pushed into anything that isn’t already on your agenda. You are strong enough to believe in your choices and trust your own judgement. When you’re motivated by your convictions and opinions, you’re not afraid of a confrontation or being unpopular if it means being right. If someone disagrees with you, they’ll probably lose the argument, but you’ll develop a level of respect for them because they had the courage to stand up to you.

      Challenges for a 1

      Your energy can be particularly obstinate and you can be hard to get along with at times. You’re also incredibly demanding. Your positive qualities push and lead those around you to think outside of the box, improve, and become their best self. That’s why – despite being occasionally infuriating – people view their relationship with you as worth the effort. They will generally put up with your frustrating qualities. They can’t help but love and appreciate your energy.

      You can also have a tendency to come off as arrogant. People who respect a more subtle approach to leadership may find you bossy and bull-headed. It might serve you well to include other people in decisions and ensure their voices are heard before you go full steam ahead with plans. Advice that applies to your work and family life.

      • Life Path Number 1

      You’re headstrong; determination and independence are your keywords. You’re original and creative but you’re also impatient, which can be your downfall. Try to remember there are other people in your life and you must compromise and accommodate their needs too. You may have to learn how to be more sensitive to the feelings of others, and if you can, you’ll find you’ve got natural leadership skills. People will naturally warm to you and allow you to take charge.

      • Past Life Number 1

      At some point in one of your past lives, your soul lacked the nourishment and the sustenance it needed. You did so much for others, but you didn’t look after yourself. You lost your drive, your sense of purpose, and you started to say “yes” and do things to keep the peace. Every time you did this, a bit of you withered. You’re here in this lifetime to redress the balance. You’ll find your sense of self-worth, and you’ll learn how to be more independent of others and their opinions.

      • Heart’s Desire Number 1

      A heart’s desire of number 1 signifies you have a lot of independence and willfulness. You live by your own rules and you take no prisoners along the way. No one is going to tell you what to do or how to do it – and woe betide them if they try! You’re competitive and want to be the leader of the pack. You are suited to this role, too! Your sense of adventure and natural curiosity will take you places if you let it. You will need to find a way to channel a cooperative spirit along with your assertiveness.

      • Personality/Expression Number 1

      You are open, friendly, extroverted, and people easily take to your naturally warm temperament. You may have to work at keeping their affection because you can be blunt and strong-willed. You want to say what you think when you think it, and some folks aren’t prepared for that level of candor. Even when you’ve cultivated a bit of self-discipline, many people will find you headstrong – but you’re unlikely to let that bother you.

      • Hidden Passion Number 1

      Your talents and passions probably won’t stay hidden for long! You are a natural leader, and you aren’t hesitant about coming forward. You’re competitive; you want to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. You enjoy being the center of attention. You’re usually honest and sincere, but when you realize how captivating others find you, it could be tempting to influence them into doing what you want to reach your own goals.

      • Personal Year Number 1

      This is a year of new beginnings. You should continue to simplify your life and sort our high-quality people and opportunities to make room for exciting possibilities. How do you want to see your life unfold over the next few years? You’ve got control, and you can steer yourself towards achieving your goals. Although you are the driver of your own choices, you may have had decisions thrust upon you. Discernment is essential if you’re going to use this year as the foundation for your long-term success.

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      Astrology Answers wants to help you familiarize yourself with numerology, the study of numbers, so that you can put your knowledge to work for you in your own life (and better understand other people based on their numerology interpretations). You will need a basic understanding and appreciation of the different qualities of each number from 1 – 9 and the master numbers 11 and 22. We’ve already looked at the number 1, let’s move onto the next numeral in the sequence, the beautifully balanced number 2.

      What Does 2 Represent?

      This number takes on a very feminine energy, and like many women, it has more strength, integrity and potential than is apparent on the surface. 2 signifies harmony and equilibrium. It is balanced scales, a perfectly sung duet. Trust a 2 to be the mediator, the peacekeeper, and a diplomat. 2 calms the chaos and represents unity. 2 is also the master of flexibility and adaptability and can easily steer through new and challenging situations.

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      Characteristics of a 2

      A 2 at Work

      Some people see a swan gliding on the water when they look at you. You tend to move gracefully through life. That strength lies in the ability to bend, and compromise, rather than to be so rigid that you crack under pressure. Adaptability is the driving force behind your success.

      You are great with people, relationship building, and know how to smooth over complicated situations. You also have a strong creative side that reaches into art, music, and anything that requires polished taste or refinement. You are suited for the following careers:

      • Legal or business mediator
      • Counsellor or psychologist
      • Interior designer
      • Politician
      • Sales

      A 2 in Relationships

      People may perceive you as a figure on bended knee, head bowed in reverence. Where a 1 is proud and independent, you are more humble. Although they should not be fooled by your humility, you have incredible strength. It’s found in patience rather than bravado and show. You are a valuable ally because you are loyal. Also, you understand other people and how to use them to bring out the best outcome, whatever the situation. You can outwit people when they are not paying attention and you’re not easily pushed you around.

      People should observe 2s carefully! You can be charming and make people believe that they came up with an idea or guided the outcome you wanted all along. Others may have never seen your influence because you don’t demand attention. You have a gift for words and bring great conversations to gatherings because of your tasteful humor, as well as the ability to talk about many topics because you are often fascinated by the unknown. Your energy is lighthearted and graceful; sharp, but never coarse and abrasive.

      Challenges for a 2

      At this point, you might sound like a goody-two-shoes. Although, you should work on curbing your needy impulses. You love compliments, and when people stroke your ego. You can become quite upset, jealous, and spiteful; you may throw a temper tantrum as well as anyone when you feel you’re being wronged, ignored, or your needs aren’t being met.

      You need to be mindful that your words can cut people to the bone and cause a lot of pain. Although you won’t hold a grudge for long. The easiest way for others to coax you out of a bad mood after a tense situation is to give you some space until things have calmed down a bit – and when you reappear they need to pay some quality attention to you and bring gifts to pay their penance. The secret to handling you is to pamper you and cater to your needs. It’s not hard to keep you happy.

      • Life Path Number 2

      You’re diplomatic and you crave love, beauty, and harmonious surroundings. You’re quite a social person and require regular interaction with other people to feel alive and energized. Partnerships are important to you, and you may quickly become uninterested when doing a solo activity. You should try not to get too fixated on finding a soul mate. Cultivate independence and it will make you an incredibly interesting and self-sufficient person that will attract a partner without so much worry and effort.

      • Past Life Number 2

      Materialism could have been more important to you than necessary in the past. There are two ways of interpreting this: either you had too much and took it for granted, or you didn’t have enough, and it made you hard and bitter. Consumerism and material comforts didn’t nourish your soul. In this lifetime, you’re here to understand that you have to be responsible with your income and possessions, but they’re not everything. Your actions and what you are able to share, are more important than what you can acquire.

      • Heart’s Desire Number 2

      If you have a heart’s desire number of 2, your life has a mission and purpose. You’ll know what you want, and you’ll have a burning desire to make it happen. It’s easy for you to fall in love – with life, with people, and even with ideas. It’s also easy for you to change your mind. Some people may read this as fickle, but you’re just flexible. You’ve got a good intuition and need to learn to trust it. It will lead you to your long-term success.

      • Personality/Expression Number 2

      You’re open and people see you as warm and welcoming. It’s easy for you to make friends and charm people because you’re gentle and sincere. You still have the fire in your belly, burning under the surface. People who are sexually attracted to you will sense it and want to unleash it. You try to stay in the background for the most part, and it might make you appear aloof and vulnerable until people get to know you better.

      • Hidden Passion Number 2

      This hidden passion number reveals that you’re sensitive to others and have above average intuition. You don’t simply listen to others, you really feel what they’re saying. It’s easy for you to be kind and compassionate. You want to solve the world’s problems and create peace and tranquillity with your life, no matter your surroundings. People can rely on you. You’re very observant, but you need to make sure you don’t get moody or resentful when things don’t go your way.

      • Personal Year Number 2

      After the new beginnings of the past year, this is a year when you need to pause and determine if everything you started are decisions you want to continue. It’s not the time for rushing ahead, making leaps of progress or starting anything long-term. Use it to strengthen and appreciate what you have, and that goes for relationships as well as opportunities and personal gain. Learn cooperation, and let go of what’s standing in your way of happiness.

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      Every number in the study of numerology has a different personality, a different energy, that it imparts to different areas of your life. The numbers 1 – 9, as well as the master numbers of 11 and 22, all fit into your life somewhere and they’ll all resonate through the lives of the people around you, too. We’ve already examined the traits of number 1 and 2 in previous articles we hope you have read. Let’s continue our exploration of numerology by looking at the number 3.

      What Does 3 Represent?

      The number 3 takes the assertiveness of the number 1 and the harmonious aspects of the number 2 and blends them with drive and talent into the number 3. 3s are captivating, engaging, gregarious and charming. These qualities can downplay any (often obvious) faults. A 3 represents charisma constantly bubbling below the surface. 3s are optimistic and believe that there are so many interesting things to do and people to meet!

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      Characteristics of a 3

      A 3 at Work

      If you have a 3 energy, you have a thirst for novelty and an office job marked by routines and procedures will not cut it for you. You will probably chomp at the bit and ache with dissatisfaction in this type of environment.

      You are creative, artistic and communicative, which you can easily make into a successful niche for yourself. Your artistic temperament embodied with your great social skills make you ideally suited to these careers:

      • Artistically oriented careers
      • Public Relations
      • Broadcast journalist
      • Entertainer (musician, actor)
      • Photographer

      A 3 in Relationships

      You tend to flit from one occupation, social group, or romantic relationship to the next. You’re always focused on enjoying life, avoiding difficulties, and seeing what else is out there. You depend on a large network of friends and family to support and encourage you. You will need to work on building a rich, deep, and lasting foundation for your life. You have an instinctive urge to enjoy every moment. When lows happen in your life, you feel them more intensely than others and are less prepared to cope.

      You may have been told that you lack discipline and structure. Although, you have been quite fortunate and always seems to fall on your feet, no matter the situation. This ability to bounce back is a combination of eternal optimism, your support group, and just plain luck. You seem to have some kind of a rhythm, and an instinctive knowledge of how things are going to unfold, you’re able to plan ahead and prepare for the future. Although, not in as much detail as others would want you to.

      Challenges for a 3

      A 3 energy makes relationships difficult for you. If you know a 3, don’t gush over them, pay too many compliments, or focus all of your attention on that person. You are known for being self-involved and superficial. It could be hard to obtain commitment, loyalty, and responsibility from you. These kinds of ties take too much work. When your optimistic bubble is shattered, you feel alone and abandoned. You can be irritable and moody; you may pout and throw tantrums, There’s insecurity at the root of all this, and it breeds jealousy and contempt when you don’t deal with these feelings.

      When you make a serious mistake in your life, your loved ones find it hard to watch you crash and burn. You’ve often had to learn lessons the hard way to turn your life around after a stumble. You may dissolve into a heap of woe-is-me, but sometimes this is what it takes to get you to add depth to your life. When you finally confront yourself and start to get a grip on life you will reap amazing rewards. Your family and friends will feel privileged to observe your transformation.

      • Life Path Number 3

      You’re a natural entertainer. For you, the words ‘comedian’ and ‘performer’ can easily describe you. You don’t usually shy away from attention. You come alive and deliver joy when you’re in the limelight. You must follow your dreams. If you don’t, you’ll keep looking for activities to pass the time and keep yourself interested in life. It’s possible that you could begin questioning why you’re not pursuing your passion. In an attempt to silence that voice, you might start to self-medicate or overindulge in life’s diversions.

      • Past Life Number 3

      It’s been hard for you to be who you really are in past lives – perhaps even in this one. You found it difficult to express your authentic self. Situations and people always seemed to make you feel devalued, and unimportant, somehow. Now you’ve got a chance to redress the balance and find your voice. Confidence and individuality are yours for the taking. You just need to tap into your natural charisma and make yourself heard.

      • Heart’s Desire Number 3

      You’re here to find what you enjoy in life, and then to go and do it! You’re talented, engaging, and social, and you don’t let things get to you too deeply. You’re communicative and could even make a career out of this talent. Be sure that you build a life that isn’t superficial – some tenacity will be required from you in order to reach your long-term goals.

      • Personality/Expression Number 3

      You’re attractive and charismatic and have no problems getting the right kind of attention from the people you want to impress. Your sense of style is very much your own, and you may like to dress in different ways according to your mood. You converse easily with others about a wide variety of topics. Make sure that you’re not always light-hearted or only engage in small talk, or it’s possible that people will be tempted not to take you seriously.

      • Hidden Passion Number 3

      You tend to be outgoing and companionable. You’re good with words, you’ve got a flair for entertaining and charming others. When things get mundane, you have no reservations about inventing something to spice life up again. Your biggest downfall is that you can spread yourself too thinly, being adept at many things, rather than mastering a few. You also tend to go for instant gratification, rather than the long-term picture. You will need to work on curbing self-indulgence.

      • Personal Year Number 3

      It’s time to socialize, kick back, and have some fun! You’ve earned it, and you’ll need it to prepare for the next year in your personal cycle. Take the time to connect with old friends and make new ones. Explore new hobbies and activities that will tap into your innate creativity. You’ve got the spotlight shining on you this year, and you could well attract the right kind of attention from the right kind of people to help you reach your goals.

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      By now you are learning that when it comes to numerology, every number vibrates on a different frequency,and has a specific set of characteristics. The numbers that are important are the single digits from 1 – 9, and the master numbers of 11 and 22. These numbers will all play a part in your life. it could represent the energy of your birth date; your name can be reduced to numbers; even things like your address can be used to identify the numbers at work with your own personal vibe. We’ve already studied number 1(the beginning of the cycle); number 2 (balance and duality); and number 3 (the creative force). Now it’s time to move onto number 4.

      What Does 4 Represent?

      The energy of number 4 is masculine, stable and strong. We can talk about the 4 as a foundation. The walls of a home, four seasons, a pyramid – believed to be a sacred shape – has a base with four corners. 4s symbolize productivity, stoicism, and tradition. Reliability and consistency are the indicators of a 4. It isn’t showy or attention-seeking. Everything about 4 is orderly, neat, and uncluttered.

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      Characteristics of a 4

      A 4 at Work

      You are good with your hands, this is different than being creative. You can take the ideas of others, and make them real. You work hard and methodically. If you are in a managerial position, you will roll up your sleeves and get to work along with your subordinates.

      You may not do well in a fast-paced environment. If things start to overwhelm you, or you feel that a situation is not in control, then stress and anxiety creep into your thoughts. You do well in careers requiring a high level of attention to detail, structure, or cyclical routine such as:

      • Skilled craftsman (carpenter, bricklayer)
      • Construction or landscaping
      • Mechanic
      • Engineer
      • Accountant or financial planner

      A 4 in Relationships

      You would be the first to admit that you aren’t one for displays of emotion, but that doesn’t mean they’re not felt. You feel things deeply. You remain cool and detached on the outside – that is, until someone tries to take advantage of it. You are purpose driven, always down to earth and practical, observing every detail along the journey. You wouldn’t be described as a visionary, but you are sincere and respectable. Your gratification comes through hard work and a job well done.

      4’s may not blow people away with good looks or charm. You are reluctant to draw admiration to yourself, and you don’t go out of your way to seek recognition. You won’t let attention from others, positive or negative, interfere with what you firmly believe to be right. You will follow your own convictions, this can lead to intolerance and prejudice. You evaluate others from a place of your own insecurities and this can make you appear judgemental.

      Challenges for a 4

      One of your main flaws – and there aren’t many – is your rigidity. You tend to be stuck in your ways. You resist when people try to get you to change your mind. You are spiritual, conventional, and tend to be a follower rather than an attention-seeker.

      • Life Path Number 4

      A life path number of 4 means that you’re hard-working. People rely on you, and you do your best not to disappoint them. You’re loyal to your friends, family, and colleagues. You aren’t really a social butterfly, and people shouldn’t expect you to be the life and soul of the party. You often feel awkward if you have to entertain. You’re a bit too hard on yourself, always putting yourself under pressure to meet deadlines or goals. You’re focused, and not everyone understands that.

      • Past Life Number 4

      If 4 is your past life number, perhaps in this lifetime (or even past incarnations) has not been the happiest. You’ve struggled with home, family, and the traditions of your culture. 4 is often the number of a hard life, one where you may have even been abandoned, orphaned, or separated from your loved ones. Abuse or neglect could have occurred. The good news is that this is the lifetime can make up for all of that; this incarnation should be full of love, support, and kindness for you to give, as well as to receive.

      • Heart’s Desire Number 4

      You understand the importance of routine and order in your life. You become unsettled when things are disorganized or unpredictable, and this leads to stress and irritability. You need people to be able to depend on you, and when you get overwhelmed you believe you’re letting them down. You’ll do well in your career, but take time to relax, because it is easy for you to become a workaholic. Find joy in leisure as much as you do in being a productive member of society.

      • Personality/Expression Number 4

      As a 4, you’re reliable and dependable, but not necessarily outwardly charming or gregarious. Your warmth inspires trust and respect from others. You don’t like to draw attention to yourself and that’s reflected in your sense of style. Make sure that you don’t come off too stiff in your desire to be proper and respected. You will need to work to avoid coming off as stuffy or arrogant when people are meeting you for the first time. You may come across as aloof or selfish, when the truth is, you’re anything but egotistical.

      • Hidden Passion Number 4

      You believe that people can rely on you. You want to be deeply involved with your family and friends, feeling secure and appreciated. You have a burning desire to be organized, and value history and tradition. Don’t be too resistant to change, for life is constantly evolving. You’re goal-oriented and you will attain your ambitions if you stay focused on the outcome. Your wise advice and considerate actions win you respect and admiration. The knowledge that you’re valuable to others makes your spirit soar.

      • Personal Year Number 4

      A year of hard work and potential frustration lays ahead for you. You may feel like you’re banging your head against a wall, working diligently, but not seeing any results. Patience is necessary. You’re laying the foundation for what’s to come. While you may not see immediate rewards from your commitment, don’t give up, but don’t become a workaholic in the process, either. Rest and relaxation are as important as your dedication to your long-term goals.

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      Many people are interested in numerology because they realize that numbers – like music – all vibrate on their own unique frequency. Numerology takes the important numbers in your life (your date of birth, the number of letters in your name, even address) and turns them into an analysis to be used as means for self-improvement, and for understanding others. The main focus of numerology is the single digits from 1 – 9, and the numbers 11 and 22. In previous articles, we’ve looked at the numbers 1 – 4. Now let’s learn about the influence of the number 5.

      What Does 5 Represent?

      The number 5 is probably the most dynamic and the least predictable of all of the numbers. Its hallmarks are creativity and change. It’s the tomboy that breaks the rules, the successful businesswoman, or the ‘old dragon’ of a mother-in-law. There’s nothing subtle about the energy of a 5, even though it’s slightly more feminine than the dynamic number 1, or the masculine number 4. 5 represents independence, adaptability, and the need for novelty and creativity,

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      Characteristics of a 5

      A 5 At Work:

      Variety is the key to you being happy at work. You are a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. If you’re young, you may not feel the hurry to settle into a position, and you will probably try on many different career paths and explore many options before finally choosing one. Once your niche is found, you will easily climb the ladder of success.

      Even when you have found a career you enjoy, it will need to provide variety to keep you interested. Mundane jobs won’t fit the bill. You need to put your diversity and creativity to work in a very positive way. You’re more suited to high-risk careers that require you to deal with unexpected situations and roll with changes:

      • Advertising or marketing
      • Graphic design
      • First responders (firefighter, police officer, paramedic)
      • Anything involving travel (tour guide, flight attendant)
      • Writer
      • Linguist

      A 5 in Relationships:

      You’re generally sociable and warm; your charisma will captivate those who resonate with your energy. You can be choosy about your company, though, cycling through many different relationships may be the norm for you. The people you interact with are going to have to be charismatic, enticing, and original themselves if they want to catch your fancy! Anyone who comes across as mundane, or who highly values routine and convention, should not set their sights on taming you. You will get bored before things can even get started.

      Even though you vibrate with changeable energy, your loyalty is sincere once it is earned. It takes a lot for you to want to settle down, but when you decide to do so, you are trustworthy. If you do happen to become tired of a romantic relationship, you won’t cheat or be deceitful. You will be honest about your feelings. Issues arise when you don’t feel that you’re in a relationship and your partner does. You’ll probably date around until you feel that you’ve found a companion worth your time and energy.

      Challenges for a 5

      Independence and taking risks are in your blood, they are second nature to you. You have been fairly lucky, and risks usually work out for you. You are flexible, changeable, and tend not to stay in one place for long. Job changes, house moves, a streak of wanderlust all permeate your life. You will boldly demand personal freedom. You want to think and act independently and you usually will not immediately compromise with or flatter the people around you.

      You roll with changes so fluidly, it’s easy for you to appear irresponsible. Long-term plans aren’t as important as the here and now, and it can create problems in your relationships. You don’t worry much; you just change your mind. You aren’t the most organized and disciplined person. Overindulgence, procrastination and unfinished projects are common if you have a 5 energy, you can throw yourself into something wholeheartedly and next week, it could be another obsession.

      • Life Path Number 5

      You’re self-reliant and an unconventional thinker. You don’t blindly follow tradition; you need to understand why you should. You’re effective at putting your own ideas across, too. You will have to try not to get too opinionated or fanatical when doing so, or people will think you’re too pushy and self-absorbed. Try to see other people’s points of view sometimes. You’re fascinated by society and love to learn what makes it tick because you’re spiritual and thoughtful,

      • Past Life Number 5

      In your past life, you’ve been able to charm others into getting you what you wanted. You knew how to manipulate people and you orchestrated this to your advantage. You only considered yourself and your own desires, with little thought for others. You quickly dismissed anyone who wasn’t useful. Now, you’re here to learn respect and value others for who they are, rather than how much they are able to do for you. You’re also meant to find out what’s possible once you set your mind to accomplishing a goal.

      • Heart’s Desire Number 5

      For the sake of your own happiness, and that of people around you, don’t try to settle down into anything routine and mundane. You’ll never live up to your potential if you do. Find a way to travel, to do new things with new people. You need to be among people doing unconventional and exciting things in order to feel vibrant and alive. You may have trouble with sticking to your plans and projects and seeing them through. Don’t overstretch yourself with commitments which you’ll be unable to honour.

      • Personality Number 5

      Your charisma automatically draws others to you, but you’ll have to resist the temptation to use and dismiss those people who you think aren’t particularly interesting, but want to spend time with you. You’ve got a lot of energy and are not reluctant to be the center of attention. People might think you’re vain, flighty or a bit of an exhibitionist. Your independence also has the potential to make others feel inferior. You may have to stand back a bit, let others shine, let them help you, and compromise to have healthy relationships.

      • Hidden Passion Number 5

      You thrive on change. If you’re not a whirlwind of activity you feel bored and melancholy. You’re an active communicator and a master of self-expression. You abhor mediocrity and conventionality. You don’t want to be labelled unless, of course, the label is a rebel. You throw yourself into all that life has to offer, but take care not to overindulge in things. Staying in one place, in one job, or with one person may be a challenge for you. Try to strike a balance between drifting aimlessly and having roots that center you.

      • Personal Year Number 5

      Get creative this year! You’ll be full of energy and ideas, but you’ll need to watch your step. You have so much going on that you could spread yourself too thinly, and actually slow down any progress that is coming your way. It will be a particularly lucky and joyful year for you, too, so don’t squander those good vibes. You still need focus and determination if you’re going to get anywhere substantial in the long run. Keep the big picture of your life in view.

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      Our lives revolve around numbers – phone numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver’s license numbers, and more. Numerology is the study of these numbers. All numbers from 1 – 9 and the master numbers 11 and 22, possess a different energy. It’s the combined vibrations of numbers that make us individuals. An understanding of the meaning of each number is necessary before you can figure out how they function together in your life. Numerology helps you to understand not only your personality but also your purpose. You’ve already been introduced to numbers 1 – 5. Now meet the giving and generous number 6.

      What Does 6 Represent?

      6 is a harmonious number, but even with its grace and balance, it has its positive and negative sides. 6 is compassionate, caring, nurturing, and understanding. 6 tends to look after people, feeling a need to feed them and bring them together in a sense of community or family. 6 is at its happiest when it’s teaching or mentoring others. It seems the more vulnerable other people are; the more dedicated 6 becomes towards healing, sometimes to its own detriment.

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      Characteristics of a 6

      A 6 at Work

      You shine in positions of responsibility and care for others. You are a nurturer and protector of vulnerable people. You may even take this to a professional level, choosing a career that is not just a job to you. It has to be a real calling and fulfill some higher purpose.

      As a natural born people pleaser, you need to feel you are making an impact on people’s lives and improving their well-being to be happy at work. You would excel in careers that require immense empathy and compassion:

      • Doctor or nurse
      • Teacher
      • Caregiver for children or the elderly
      • Counsellor
      • Social worker

      A 6 in Relationships

      You are a trustworthy companion. You are warm, understanding, and non-judgemental. You are the first to give a listening ear, a hug, or tea and sympathy when someone you love needs comfort. You also give some pretty practical advice, too – along with some wit and silliness to help someone find their smile again. It will be easy for people to lean on you and they may let you do all the work to solve problems. You also willingly fill that role. Make sure that you set some boundaries, so you don’t become co-dependent on people.

      You are responsible, reliable, and idealistic, this can be your undoing when others don’t have the same level of compassion or integrity that you do. You have a strong sense of fairness. Seeing injustice, inequality, and the plight of vulnerable people will send you spinning out of control into anger and sadness. You may find you hold contempt for those who have different opinions, you can become moody and hurt when other people don’t live up to your high standards.

      Challenges for a 6

      All of your caring and nurturing is great, but sometimes don’t know when to stop and your attention can cross into meddling. Make sure that, as you care for others, you don’t smother them. There’s often a fine line between helping and interfering. Also, you need to feel stability. When you lose your balance you may develop anxiety and irrational fears; you’ll obsess over the littlest thing,(rather than seeing the whole situation); you may seek out attention in unhealthy ways; and your jealous streak may rear its head.

      You are very good at self-sacrificing, so much so, you sometimes seem to be playing the role of the martyr. You may even pursue an interest in something – or someone – that’s detrimental for your overall well-being, even against all the advice from friends and loved ones. You may let people take advantage of your kind heart and generous nature, coming apart at the seams in the process. You go out of its way to create peace among others, even if it means neglecting your own peace of mind in the process.

      • Life Path Number 6

      You give of yourself freely and unconditionally. You will feel called upon to serve humanity and the people around you to provide the nurturing and protection they require. You need to make sure that you don’t let others take advantage of you. Speak up for yourself so that your own needs are being met in your relationships with family, lovers, or colleagues. Develop healthy boundaries and don’t let yourself get involved in co-dependent relationships.

      • Past Life Number 6

      Health matters could be a concern if your past life number is a 6. It could have been a physical, mental or emotional problem. There wasn’t enough love and attention in your life. You may have felt abandoned and like you had to face life alone. You’ve in this current incarnation to make up for lost time; to learn how to give and receive love, affection, and acceptance. Do pay attention to all of your body’s needs, because there are still weak spots that need your careful attention for you to be truly successful in your life.

      • Heart’s Desire Number 6

      A heart’s desire indicates how much you need others; how you rely on them and must feel they need you. You were born to nurture, and if there’s no one for you to nurture, you feel unfulfilled. You’re sympathetic, a good listener, and you’re generous with your time and your assets. Follow these strengths throughout your life and you will find fulfilling work and relationships with people.

      • Personality/Expression Number 6

      You’re warm and compassionate. People immediately feel that when they meet you. They see your heart on your sleeve. You may find that complete strangers approach you with their troubles and triumphs because you just instill trust in them, they know that you’ll hear what they have to share. Sometimes you’re too willing to trust the wrong people, and that can get you into sticky situations which can impact your integrity and your finances.

      • Hidden Passion Number 6

      You revel in your burning desire to help others. It’s a calling and you feel incomplete if you’re not following it. You need to be of service to others, to feel valuable. It may be a problem if you start to worry too much about people all the time. You’re enough. You have value and worth simply being who you are, not only by what you can give to people. You don’t have to keep sacrificing yourself or playing the martyr to be appreciated and loved. Be yourself, because others appreciate your idealism and your counsel.

      • Personal Year Number 6

      This is a year for focusing on family and those who are close to you. There’s a lot of solace in being with those who you love and cherish. Strengthen family ties. It could be a year for added obligations, but see this as a task of love. Juggle your responsibilities so that you can fit everything in, even if it means placing your own goals on hold for awhile. You’ll be glad you did in the long run.

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      Everything in your life can be summed up in a number, whether it’s your body measurements, date of birth, home address, or phone number. The study of those numbers and how they relate to you is called numerology. The combined energy of numbers is what makes you different from other people – and also what makes us similar. Understanding the single digit numbers 1 -9 that influence you, as well as the master numbers 11 and 22, helps you to make more sense of your life and the people in it. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the number 7.

      What Does 7 Represent?

      The number 7 has always seemed to have a bit of a mystical quality: seventh heaven, the seven voyages of Sinbad, and the seventh son of the seventh son. All of these and more are spoken of in folklore and mystery. Part of this is legend, but it endures because of the unique energy that 7 brings into any personality or situation. 7 is the beat of a different drum and it is the person who marches and follows that rhythm. It also denotes an incredible intelligence.

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      Characteristics of a 7

      A 7 at Work

      You are happiest when you get to use your brain and explore possibilities at work. Abstract thoughts that are out of the ordinary, things that are anything but mundane will intrigue you. Philosophy, religion, mythology, and metaphysics seem to captivate your attention because of the lack of hard facts.

      You will choose a career that provides room for inner exploration. You wouldn’t choose a career based on materialism or financial greed. You find little value in money and things and you would rather invest in spending time exploring all that life has to offer. You would do well in the following careers:

      • Investigator or researcher
      • Historian
      • Lawyer
      • Scientist
      • Math-oriented professions
      • Religious life (pastor, priest, nun)

      A 7 in Relationships

      If you’re a 7, you follow your own path. You are a seeker, an explorer into the unknown. You want to know the meaning of life, why people behave the way they do, why things happen, and what’s the point. You might not be a particularly religious person, but 7 often makes for a spiritual lifestyle. Superficiality makes you uncomfortable and fashion seems irrelevant and boring. You aren’t particularly sporty, either, as you aren’t interested in competition, unless you’re scheming a strategy.

      There are many things that you will tolerate because of your unique outlook and philosophies. Although, you won’t partake in gossip, unfairness, unkindness, or untruthfulness. If people don’t live up to your standards they won’t get very far in a relationship with you. You frequently feel misunderstood because of the unique way you process information and your surroundings. You may not always get the joke, but that doesn’t mean you have no sense of humor.

      You function on a different vibration than most people, and you won’t force a laugh just to fit in with the crowd. You will never limit your interest in something if you’re intrigued by it. When you’re captivated by someone, that person may feel very uncomfortable by your attention. People may view you as a ‘jack of all trades,’ because you will know a lot about a variety of topics, but that can also make you seem like a know-it-all. Although, you aren’t arrogant, you have a lot of knowledge to share with the people around you.

      Challenges for a 7

      If you have a strong 7 in your numerology, you’re easy to spot. You’re uncomfortable in crowds. It doesn’t mean you’re aloof or lacking in confidence. You’re such a unique individual that you feels out of place in most social situations. People shouldn’t mistake your quietness for a lack of intelligence, though. You can frequently out-think most people, but you try never to be too vocal about it.

      You often find yourself alone, because you flaunt society’s rules and norms. You follow you own path. Your self-absorption in your own interests has the potential to come across as vain, arrogant, cynical, blunt, unkind, and demanding. You can sometimes get away with your negative qualities because of your mental acumen and the way that you surf the realms of possibility that others only dream of being able to do.

      • Life Path Number 7

      You’re going to be intrigued by anything that uses your mind. Philosophy, metaphysics, strategy, and inventing new ways of doing things will appeal to you in some way. You’re unique, focused, and unconcerned with the opinions of others. You have high expectations of your life and the people in it. Although, it can be hard for others to rise up to those standards. In your thirst for knowledge you’re sometimes inconsiderate. You need to take care you don’t isolate yourself from people completely.

      • Past Life Number 7

      In past lives you’ve struggled to find your place among other people. They didn’t understand you and it made you fiercely independent. You might have chosen to wash your hands of everyone who didn’t see things the way you did. It’s also possible you isolated yourself through competing with people. The lesson in this life is to find a common ground with others, learn to understand them as individuals rather than archetypes. You need to find the interpersonal connections that you have been missing.

      • Heart’s Desire Number 7

      You may struggle with relationships, interpersonal connection, and expressing emotions. Interacting with people is a challenge and you may find it hard to establish close connections and intimacy with others. You’re more intellectual and academically competent. You have a natural flair for investigating, researching, teaching, and you love a challenge when it comes to solving a problem. You’re adept at planning and finding new solutions to old problem

      • Personality Number 7

      You’re intelligent and it’s easy for others to see and appreciate your knowledge and wisdom. You’re not particularly social, and coupled with your intelligence, can make you appear distant and nonchalant. You enjoy your own company, but there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. People misunderstand this and may think that you’re withdrawn or shy. It can be hard for people to get to know you because you’re so wrapped up in your own thoughts. Small talk and mundane chatter bore you, and your desire to find interesting and stimulating conversation which often makes you seem arrogant.

      • Hidden Passion Number 7

      You prefer the abstract over the tangible, and feel that anything is plausible until it’s been proven otherwise. Your brain loves being philosophical, thoughtful, and inventive. It’s your uniqueness that proves challenging for you. Many people are uncomfortable around those who don’t fit into society’s mold, who challenge the norm and do things differently. You may have to make real efforts to seek out like-minded individuals and build friendships with them so you can find belonging.

      • Personal Year Number 7

      Spend some time in your own head. 7 is an intellectual number and you’d do well to think, reflect, analyze, and consider if you’re where you want to be in your life. Review the last few years and pat yourself on the back for a job well done and getting through tough times or mistakes. Take responsibility for it all so that you have a solid idea of what you want when you move into the next year.

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      Your life is full of numbers: from your date of birth, your telephone number, address, to your work identification number. You’re surrounded by numbers. They’re used in computer coding, astrology, even cooking. Every number resonates to its own vibration. the study of numbers and how they relate to you as an individual is called numerology. The single digits 1 – 9, and the master numbers of 11 and 22, all have unique meanings. Understanding those meanings can help you to understand your life and the people in it more clearly. Let’s discover the interpretation of number 8.

      What Does 8 Represent?

      8 is associated with money, power, inheritance, big business, and responsibility. Having the number 8 prominent in your numerology doesn’t automatically mean that you’re destined to be wealthy any more than it means you’re cold and materialistic. It means that, somehow, that the career area of your life may revolve more around business and financial matters or authority; more so that the other numbers.

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      Characteristics of an 8

      An 8 at Work

      If you look at the number 8’s physical appearance, you’ll see that it’s balanced and equal. It represents the laws of cause and effect put into motion. If 8 is strong with you, then Integrity is the key to success when working within this vibration.

      You need to watch yourself, because there will always be repercussions to your choices, and they may not always be the consequences you were expecting. You are known as the money-maker and a provider and you may thrive and do well in these careers:

      • Entrepreneur or business owner
      • Accountant or financial advisor
      • Banking
      • Stockbroker
      • Real estate agent

      An 8 in Relationships

      You can be as harmonious as a 2 when your life is balanced. You bring together the tangible and the fanciful, the physical and the spiritual. You are discerning, and won’t fall for get-rich-quick schemes, bad relationships, or be duped into something with dubious principles. You are a provider for people that depend on you. You are goal-oriented, ambitious, and disciplined enough to achieve your goals, no matter what obstacles are in the way. You assume authority over your own destiny, with a realistic plan to make your vision a reality.

      You embrace drive and aren’t afraid to lead by example. You want to see results from your efforts and you’re willing to work hard and take risks. You can fail and make mistakes like everyone else, but you also admit when you’ve misstepped. You will keep picking yourself up and going back into the task at hand. You don’t recoil from a dispute or a challenge. You use diplomacy, tact, and your understanding of how to guide people to work toward the desired outcome.

      Challenges for an 8

      Like every other number, 8 has its strengths and its flaws. If you don’t work with your assets, if you aren’t a team player, if you won’t cooperate with others and find the encouragement that you need, then you can fail just as easily as you can succeed. You need the support of others if you’re going to be truly prosperous, strong, and make your dreams come true.

      Some 8s consciously turn their back against material success and prefer instead to live a simple, somewhat monastic, or frugal life. However, by doing this, you’ve created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Perhaps you choose not to be materialistic, yet you can still make success on their chosen path, taking authority for your own actions as only an 8 can.

      • Life Path Number 8

      You’ve got a flair for handling money. How you use that skill is going to depend on other factors in your life, including the choices you make. You’ve got the potential to do a lot of good and help a lot of people. Beware of your true intentions and how you conduct yourself. The temptation to make acquisition your main focus of your life is always going to tempt you You’re may be good with earning money, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to hang onto it. It could disappear as fast as it arrives.

      • Past Life Number 8

      You’ve been irresponsible in the past. It could have been the direct result of a bad decision on your part, or it could have been something that was thrust upon you by circumstance or other people. Either way, this lifetime is here for you to take responsibility for these actions in your past life and balance that residual karma. You may feel the urge to be highly responsible and provide for others.

      • Heart’s Desire Number 8

      You’re a natural visionary and you’ve got drive and ambition. Although, you know better than to go chasing rainbows. You understand that castles in the air belong there. You have the focus and mentality to be realistic and put a foundation under your dreams if they’re going to amount to anything. You inspire others to see the bigger picture, but don’t alienate them by becoming a workaholic. You need the support of others to handle the details, so you can pursue your ultimate goals.

      • Personality Number 8

      If you’re an 8, then you’ve got quite a strong and determined personality. You’re confident, but you have to take care not to come across as arrogant or self-important. You’re generous and competent and you have the capacity to succeed while taking loved ones along with you. People naturally look up to you and want to put you into a position of authority. Don’t betray their trust by trying to cut corners and take the quick route to success.

      • Hidden Passion Number 8

      It won’t be surprising to you that financial gain and professional recognition motivate you. You’ve got the business-sense to organize it and the responsibility to make it a reality. You have an uncanny knack for understanding people and knowing how to bring out the best in them. However, this same insight also reveals to you their weaknesses, and you must take care not to take advantage of them to climb the ladder of success on their backs.

      • Personal Year Number 8

      Pay attention to your finances this year. Focus on your long-term investments (if you have any) and manage your money wisely. If you do, you will be able to establish a strong foundation underneath you and make great strides ahead towards your financial goals and material wealth. Hard work will bring a high reward; chase that promotion or pay rise. You will be acknowledged for a job well done.

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