Day: February 5, 2021


Happy Halloween! It’s an astrologer’s, psychics, and medium’s favorite night of the year. It is the night when Spirit comes out to play. Trick or treat! And be careful what you wish for. To be sure, Spirit comes out to play every day. But this is the one time of the year when the portal opens just a little bit wider, and the energy is abundant for any zodiac sign to have connections and experiences with The Other Side. It is a tradition that dates back through many centuries and through many countries, the tradition we know of today as Halloween. And its purpose has been the same since the beginning of time, to connect with The Other Side. Have you ever wondered how to do so? That’s what we are going to talk about today, and how to use that powerful energy during today’s haunting period, and every day of the year.

The Earliest Mediums and the Legend of Halloween

Believe it or not, Halloween is said to have originated in the Christianity religion many centuries ago. This is very interesting since today, many fundamentalist Christians believe this period to be a period for the devil, and will not celebrate it. But this is not what the earliest Christians believed. The period of Halloween was actually the period of All Hallow’s Eve, and was a liturgical period that lasted three days, and included All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints Eve, and All Saints Day, which occurs on November 1 every calendar year.

That this period occurs in the Water Sign of Scorpio is no coincidence. Scorpio is one of the most psychic zodiac signs of all, and can very easily connect with the purpose of this liturgical period. And that purpose is to connect with The Other Side. Scorpios that are born during the All Hallows Eve three day period are said to be among the most psychic people on Earth. You will also find they are the most drained and emotional as a result of sucking in everyone else’s energy. But during this period, Scorpio comes alive, particularly Scorpios with birthdays in this time range. But Scorpio is not the only one. All Earthlings and all zodiac signs have the power within to connect with the energy on The Other Side, and this power becomes a super power during the period we call Halloween and All Saints Day.

The earliest liturgical scholars celebrated this period with the intent to call on the dead saints and martyrs that taught them so much through the legacies they left behind. This would be a period where early scholars would engage in an activity known as “guising”, as “guising” was said to assist in establishing connections with Saints and martyrs from The Other Side. Studying the legacies was one thing. Actually talking to the souls and experiencing them first hand was considered a great religious gift. One was not worthy however to present one’s Self to the dearly departed Saints and Martyrs as one’s Self, and thus a guise was necessary in a tradition that became known as guising. Today, we do the same thing, when we put on costumes on Halloween because our own plain Self is not worthy enough to present on its own to the purity of The Other Side. And when we do, we, like the scholars of days gone yore, open the portal between the now and The Other Side. Trick? Or Treat? What are your wishes during this Halloween period?

Now more than ever is it possible to connect with The Other Side. But you are not restricted to using this energy in this time frame alone. Here are some tips on how to get comfortable developing and embracing your own psychic abilities to connect with The Other Side. Yes it is true that there are some zodiac signs that will find these exercises as easy as breathing. If you don’t, all that means is that you are different, and you have your own gifts that come as easy as breathing to you, that they struggle with. It doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to connect with The Other Side, every soul has it, and has since the beginning of time. If you find you are struggling, don’t give up. Embrace the potential, and the souls you want to connect with will find the way to give you exactly the message that you need to hear. Here is how to start developing and embracing those talents, no matter what zodiac sign or life path number you are.

1. Remember your perspective.

A lot of people think they need a medium to connect with the Other Side. You really don’t. It helps, of course. Why wouldn’t you ask someone that does this for a living and experiences this every day, seemingly on command, for help? Who wouldn’t? Even psychics have their own psychic. That’s because we can not be objective and unfeeling when it comes to our own connections, so we do need unbiased third parties for guidance, just as much as you do. That is however as Oprah would say, a whole other show. When it comes to remembering your perspective in connecting with the Other Side, you need to let go of the notion that you need someone else to help you. The only real soul you need help from is the soul you are trying to connect with.

Teresa Caputo, medium and regular talker to the dead, also star of TLC’s Long Island Medium, says people make this mistake with her all the time. She told People Magazine that people think she walks around her life with their loved ones all the time. She says this is not the case, that in fact, we walk around our lives with our own loved ones, all the time. In other words, they come with us, not with the medium we use to connect with them. Teresa said that point was really driven home to her during a reading when a boy asked her to tell his mother that she didn’t need to visit his grave every day. He said, she goes to such trouble and she doesn’t really need to because I’m with her all the time.

Thinking you need someone else’s help, or even a place like a cemetery to connect to other souls, makes it seem like other souls are far away somewhere. But they aren’t. If they are in your soul, they are with you now, and forever. Like angels, you really can connect to them whenever you want, you just need to be open to that process. Once you establish that perspective, it’s easier to be open to that process.

2. Ask for signs.

During a period such as the Halloween period, expect many strange things to be happening. I have a butter knife in my kitchen that pops out of the dish at the strangest times, when nobody else is in the room. It has been happening all week since the Full Moon at a greater intensity than usual. This is not a sign that I have asked for and I still have not quite figured this one out, but this is an example of a sign. If you are one of those that has troubles connecting with The Other Side easily, ask for signs and yes be specific! “Can you send me a lady bug or a butterfly or something to show me that you are around?” Then, when the sign arrives, and it will, don’t forget to thank your soul friend! The key here is to really and truly, just ask. “They” really and truly are waiting for the signal to send out their own vibration. The biggest mistake you will make is overthinking this. This is as simple as it sounds. Set the intention. Just ask. Make the wish. Ask for the sign. The angels are always standing by for that dispatch. You just have to make the call.

3. Celebrate children.

There isn’t a medium, psychic, or astrologer on the planet that will argue this one. Children are very close to the Other Side and their connections, and your connections, for many reasons. One is that they are newly incarnated on this planet and thus just have more recent memories of the Other Side. Another is, they are children. And they are pure in thought and not as distracted by life in general as adults are. This pureness and undistracted focus makes it very easy to connect with the Other Side, and one reason children and their experiences should be celebrated. It is not a coincidence that Halloween is largely a child celebrated holiday now. When children come to your door for trick or treat, embrace their beauty and pure joy. They bring with them the fresh energy from the spirit world that allows you to connect more with either your loved ones, or just souls in general. You may even notice a child that reminds you of a loved one. Again, nothing is a coincidence. Children in your own domain during this time period should be carefully observed as well. Don’t be surprised if some random statements crop up now like, “So that boogey man showed up in my closet again last night.”

This is happening for many reasons. Children are surrounded by haunting and Halloween celebrations at school and at extracurriculars and it’s just on their minds, for one thing. This can be called a predispostion, or a societal conditioning, or any fancy psychological term you want to call it. It’s a latent expression of a recent memory, we all do it. They are socially predisposed to just naturally discuss it more, and even see these things happening in their dreams. But there are other explanations as well. This period is known to heighten these experiences in children as well. Their recent journey in the spirit world was not all that long ago, and it is much easier to connect with that vibration at any time. At this time, it could also very well be that there is a spirit in their closet that is communicating with them. I used to wonder about a very specific static on my son’s baby monitor when he was just an infant. He is a teenager now, but since his very first days I always wondered who it was that was around him. He too, like millions of other children all over the world had a “boogey man” that would sit on the top of his bookshelf. For the life of me, no matter what I did with the lighting in his room, it wouldn’t change the shadow on the wall that he perceived as his “boogey man.” I never saw it, which is why I could not eliminate the shadow he kept seeing, which he describes as the side profile of an older man. It was not until he was 9 when he saw photos of his great grandparents on the wall at a holiday dinner. As he was passing the turkey he said, “Oh thank goodness. Now I know who it is that’s in my room every night! That’s the guy! Thank god. I thought I would never figure that one out!” Of course, every fork at the table immediately clattered to the holiday china as we all sat in stunned silence. And now we know, our grandfather is around our children. Think about the children in your life and your soul connections, and you will likely begin to come up with some similar examples. This is phenomena that happens not just in psychic families, but in all families all over the world. Celebrate the children that come into your life, they bring special messages with them.

4. Go unplugged.

The souls that you wish to connect with are on a certain energy pattern or vibration. There is scientific evidence to prove this. Many means of technology have been created to capture spirit world on camera, on recording devices, and in many ways. The truth is, these devices actually slow down the spirit process of connecting with the Other Side. These devices operate at an energy that interferes with spirit vibrations. So why do so many psychics use them you will ask? Because it does help you in your after the fact processing. We know this. We know you receive more validations after a good reading than you do during it. Some psychics are talented enough to connect with the Other Side despite electronical interferences. The less you have around you, the easier it is to connect. It works almost exactly like a Wi Fi signal, because it is all electric energy that you can’t see. If you have many of your spiritual “devices” plugged in around you, the souls you want to connect with will simply arrive, or their messages will, slower, because you have more energy distributed amongst various sources. The more sources you unplug, the stronger the signal between you and The Other Side. If you have a phone or recording device near you, that doesn’t mean you won’t connect, just that, your signal might be weaker depending on all variables like, what else is “plugged in” or draining energy, or blocking energy.

5. The early bird gets the worm.

Spirit for some reason is most energetic and easiest to connect with first thing in the morning, or in the dusk hours just before nightfall. I imagine it has something to do with less interference with Sun or light energy and vibration connections are just easier. But that is just a theory. Minimal light is a fairly universal accepted practice by most psychics and mediums, as it is just generally accepted that dim lighting is preferred by spirit. It’s no myth that the ghosts come out when the Sun goes down. Many of the famous ghost stories you will hear occur in the very wee early hours of the morning, right before dawn, and right after Sundown. So if you want to engage in meditation sessions, psychic sessions, or channelling, doing so in the wee hours of the morning or at dusk will help you in your efforts. Remember that connecting with The Other Side is really just about getting your vibration to match theirs. Theirs is enlightened and elevated, ours is human and grounded. Anything you can do like finding the best time of day for you gets you one step closer. If you ever have gone camping or had family vacations and taken pictures of sun rise or sun set times with the family, take a look again. There is a very good chance you are not alone in those pictures. And those are the best times of day to catch spirit on film as well.

6. Use whatever method you are most comfortable with.

Once you have opened yourself to the process, have asked Spirit to give you physical signs of their presence, and are embracing all possibilities, find the method of connecting with other souls that works best for you. There is no one size fits all. You can simply sit in a quiet place with no electronics around you and meditate. Taking photos of the people that you want to connect with and meditating on those helps as well. There is a technique called the mirror technique that you can try when you first begin connecting.

In this method, find a quiet spot that is unplugged, and dimly lit, and hold a mirror in front of you. Stare at the mirror and empty your mind of distractions until the mirror takes on a cloudy look. It should almost look like an overcast sky. The more you meditate, the more likely you are to have visions and see souls that wish to communicate. You can stop anytime by just not looking at the mirror anymore.

Meditating, quiet time, dimly lit rooms, and opening yourself to the process are all great ways to begin exploring your inner medium and connecting with the other side. Every person will find the method that works the best for them. When you begin to have your experiences, don’t forget to thank your spirit friends for making themselves known, and passing on their messages of healing. When you do, they will be that much more likely to appear again. Who are you hoping to “see” this Halloween? Trick or treat? What are your Halloween wishes? Do you have any experiences you wish to share about your spirit connections?



Have you ever had a dream that you can’t seem to shake? Or woken up with the feeling of a distant dream, unable to recall the lands you traveled to in your slumber? Or, perhaps you remember your dreams clearly, but you aren’t quite sure what to make of them.

If you answered “yes,” it’s important to know that you’re not alone.

Dreams are mysterious and complex, often difficult or even seemingly impossible to understand. Dreams – and what they mean – are a wildly popular topic that many of us spend our time trying to understand.

You probably already know, if only on an instinctive level, that dreams and their meanings are powerful and can be used as a tool in life, allowing us to understand certain topics or subjects better than ever before.

If you’ve ever been curious about your dreams and the messages they’re trying to convey, then this article is for you. We’ve compiled some information that will help you learn everything you need to know about dreams, what they mean, and why we have them.

So, if you’re ready to explore the lands you create when you’re in a deep, blissful state of sleep, keep reading to learn more!

What Are Dreams?

Dreams can be defined as the “subconscious imaginings that contain sounds, images, and other sensations while you sleep.”

If you’ve ever had a dream that seemed to stick with you like glue on paper, you probably understand that they are made of so much more than this simple explanation – even if we aren’t quite sure what that material they’re made of is.

We know that dreams occur during the REM – or rapid eye movement – cycle of sleep, meaning you need to be in a deep state of sleep before your dreams can come to life. REM is the deepest stage of sleep, and you will likely go through this cycle many times a night.

There are a wide range of different schools of thought regarding the function of dreams as well.

As one example, psychologist Allen Hobson claims that dreams are essentially meaningless – but how can this be? If you’ve ever had a dream that seemed to change the way you view the world, you might also find this suggestion incomplete.

While we may not know exactly what dreams are made of, there is still much we can learn about them and how to use them to our advantage…

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

One of the most powerful methods of dreaming is called lucid dreaming, wherein the dreamer is aware of the fact that they are in the dream world. As a result, when someone becomes proficient at lucid dreaming, they can actually control certain aspects of their dreams.

There are certain ways to make lucid dreaming an easier habit.

A few old tricks include attempting to locate a light switch in your dream – if the light does not turn on and off as you would expect, you can recognize that you’re dreaming. Another way to check is by trying to find a book. Open to any page and see if you can read the writings; if you’re in a dream, the words will be jumbled and hard to make out.

While it may seem complicated, the majority of people who remember their dreams have had a lucid dream at least once or twice in their life.

When you’re lucid dreaming, there is a tiny part of your subconscious that is somewhat awake, allowing a part of yourself to realize what is happening. This small amount of lucidity is what helps you control certain aspects of your dreams.

What Is Dream Induction?

Dream induction is another way to describe lucid dreaming – particularly, the ability to induce a state of lucid dreaming.

Cognitive techniques are one way to induce lucid dreaming; another is reality testing, which involves asking yourself if you’re awake throughout the day. If you ask yourself this question enough times, there’s a good chance that you’ll also ask your sleeping self.

Being able to induce your own dreams is not as much about choosing the specific content of your dreams as it is about assisting you in recalling them so clearly that you can actually harness their powers and use them constructively in your life (more on this later in the article!).

What Are Bad Dreams & Nightmares?

If you remember your dreams frequently, you may notice that some of them take on a dark or frightening theme. It can feel scary and isolating having bad dreams or nightmares, but it’s important to note that you are not alone.

A nightmare is defined as “dreams that bring out strong feelings of fear, terror, distress of anxiety.” They will feel more vivid than a regular dream, and you will often experience intense emotions upon waking.

A few of the most commons themes in dreams include:

  • Teeth falling out
  • Falling
  • Dying or death of a loved one
  • Being chased
  • Being naked in public
  • Extreme weather
  • Being late
  • Babies or family members

These are not all common nightmare scenarios, but rather the most common themes in general.

As you can see, frightening situations are not at all uncommon when dreaming. Each of these themes contains meaning, and the daily stressors in our lives contribute to dreams of this nature (we will touch more on these themes later!).

Stress, anxiety, and substance abuse can also contribute to nightmares. While they seem rather scary at the moment, even nightmares are dreams that we can learn from.

Is It Possible Not to Dream?

There is a percentage of people who do not report dreaming, even when they are successfully dozing into REM cycles each night.

That being said, there is a possibility that these people simply just don’t remember their dreams!

A 2015 study printed in the Journal of Dream Research out of France found that indeed, everybody does in fact dream. This research looked at 289 random people and studied their sleep patterns and body movements. Everyone included in this study in fact, had a dream, even if they had claimed beforehand that they “do not dream.”

You simply may not remember dreams because they happen when your brain waves are slowest and longest, and they don’t deposit information into your memory bank.

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Why Do We Dream?

There may not exist a scientific answer to the question of why we dream, but there are a number of dream theories to consider.

Some scientists suggest that there is no rhyme or reason to dreaming, that it happens randomly, and has “no direct function.” Others claim that dreams help us process the things we learned or experienced throughout our waking hours, helping us retain new information.

There are even theories that dreams are simply a recollection of the things we experienced during the day, or that they act as a way for us to process the things that might be causing us stress or anxiety.

Another possible reason? Dreams are seen by some to act as a protection device, shielding us from the dangers or threats we feel we are facing in our “real lives.”

8 Common Dreams & Their Meanings

Let’s explore a few of the most common dreams we experience collectively to find out the deeper meaning behind them.

1. Dreams About Being Naked

These kinds of dreams refer to a sense of vulnerability or being exposed in some way. If you dream about being naked in public, you may feel like a secret side of yourself will come out to the world around you or that your secrets are no longer safe.

Solution: Try exploring the areas of your life that you may be feeling vulnerable about to learn why you might be having such dreams.

2. Dreams About Being Chased

When we’re being chased by something in a dream – whether a person, animal, or unknown entity – we’re likely feeling overwhelmed about some aspect of life. It may be your career, your bills, or even unhealthy relationships causing these dreams. This dream often means that you are allowing fear to lead your life.

When we are actively avoiding someone or doing something that causes us anxiety, we will often have fearful dreams of being pursued relentlessly so we can see that there is a more empowered way of living that can bring us a greater sense of fulfillment.

Solution: To find out more about why this dream might be occurring or even recurring, try to figure out what you feel is “chasing” you during your waking hours. If there is a feeling of powerlessness, think of where you feel powerless in your life and where that belief may have come from.

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3. Dreams About Flying

Dreaming of flying, on the other hand, relates to your own sense of power. It represents a feeling of control that you might be experiencing in your life right now. Did you recently receive a promotion or a raise? Did you finally stand up for yourself in a toxic relationship?

You are often about to take off on something really big. You are rising above the circumstances and have all of the information at your disposal, you can see it all clearly now, laying before you.

These kinds of experiences can lead to the personal power you might feel during a dream about personal air travel. Dreams about flying may also represent a new perspective or way of looking at things in your life.

Solution: If you woke up with a not-so-great feeling after this type of dream, it could suggest that you need movement in your life. Think about a relationship that might need a different direction or a lifestyle habit that needs some tweaking. What might be weighing you down?

4. Dreams About Teeth

Teeth are also seen as symbols of power in dreams, but they may relate more to your personal appearance or physical health. If you dream of your teeth falling out, you may feel as though you’re losing your own power in some way!

It can also suggest that you feel powerless about your health or how others see you. You might be concerned about how someone is currently perceiving you. Teeth can also represent renewal and communication in dreams.

Solution: Nail down what might be bothering you, or where you might be feeling insecure in your life.

5. Dreams About Having Sex with Your Boss or Co-Worker

While you may initially feel strange after such a dream, you can rest easy knowing that dreams about sex very rarely represent sexual desires. In fact, dreaming of having sex with a co-worker or a boss can indicate that you recognize your leadership qualities developing in your waking life.

Maybe you want more responsibility at work and are looking to deepen a relationship here. Maybe you want a more engaged experience at work, which could mean a promotion that puts you in a role you more deeply desire.

Solution: If you have these dreams, it might be time to start taking your career more seriously!

6. Dreams About Falling

If you’ve ever had a dream of falling, you know how scary they can be. However, they typically represent a feeling of being unsupported in our waking lives.

Solution: If you frequently dream of falling, you may need to take some time to bond with and seek support from a friend or family member. Talking about your needs and fears can help you feel more loved and cared for. Pay attention to who is in the dream, where you are, how old you are or what the emotional state is.

Perhaps an experience you had as child or a pattern you witnessed in your family is holding you back from making a career move, getting out of a co-dependent relationship or making you think you need a relationship to be happy.

7. Dreams About Death

Dreams about death can feel particularly scary, but they actually represent the ending of a certain cycle in your life. Perhaps you’re growing out of the insecure identity that you developed in high school. Maybe you’re letting go of being a smothering partner because you’re finding your own purpose in life.

Dreams about death are indeed a good omen that you should embrace with a positive attitude.

This can mean a new beginning for you, if you pay attention. What is going on in your life right now? Are you changing jobs? Relationships? Moving? What is the change the death in your dream is symbolizing?

Solution: If you have a dream about death, whether your own or someone else’s, this may mean that a certain chapter in your life is closing and making room for new experiences.

8. Recurring Dreams with Different Themes

We sometimes have dreams that seem to pop up in our lives over and over again, and those can be frightening. These dreams are trying to tell you that something is unresolved in your life, and that’s why they keep happening.

Many people experience reoccurring dreams of some sort. Whether it’s being late for school or work, losing control of a vehicle, or being inexplicably naked in public, these are all messages meant to wake you up to your own inner struggle to show you how to make your life easier. If you are out of control in some way in your dream, you probably need more stability and structure in your life. If you are being stalked or chased, it means you may want to avoid the influence of the thoughts of a culture or person in your waking life.

A common recurring dream many people often have is getting into a fight with someone. It’s important to remember that recurring dreams are trying to help you release negative emotions.

Solution: Try to ask yourself intuitively what these dreams might relate to in your waking life, as this area needs your attention and your willingness to resolve any lingering frustrations. Be mindful of what you might not need in your life.

What Are My Dreams Trying to Tell Me?

Every dream is sprinkled with messages and themes, whether they’re presented to you in detailed symbols or simple codes. It can feel confusing, even overwhelming, to have strange dreams that seem to contain hidden messages, but decoding them can help you understand even more about how you’re handling things in your waking life.

Learning to understand the signals contained within your dreams is one of the most effective ways to interpret them. Try tapping into your deepest emotions to learn more about the symbols within your dreams and what they mean for you:

  • Did you have a strong reaction?
  • Was the feeling fleeting?
  • Do certain symbols seem to stick with you longer than others?

Asking yourself these questions may be the key to realizing which dreams contain a stronger message for you and your life.

Try not to stress yourself out if you aren’t recalling your dreams, as this can make it even harder to remember them. Connect to your emotional center and try to understand your emotional response rather than the dream itself to start. For instance, if you wake up feeling anxious but do not remember your dream, this anxiety may be trying to send you the same message as the dream itself.

Connecting to your emotional response upon waking can tell you nearly as much as the symbols of the dream you were just experiencing.

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How to Recall Your Dreams

Have you ever woken up with the feeling that there was something important in your dream that you wanted to remember? There is a good chance that your dream was trying desperately to tell you something that your conscious mind is unaware of.

One of the best ways to start remembering more about your dreams is to jog your short-term memory upon waking.

  • Try writing the word “remember” on a glass of water on your bedside table.
  • Make sure the last thing you do before closing your eyes for bed is to drink from this glass of water.
  • When you wake up, take a sip of your memory water before doing anything else.
  • Grab a pen and a notebook and try to write down anything you remember from your dreams the night before.

This ritual will help you start recalling your dreams more easily, giving you the opportunity to interpret and understand them. Here’s a few more quick tips:

Use a Dream Journal

It’s a good idea to pick out a notebook and a pen that will live on your bedside table. This can be your official dream journal, and you’ll want to make a habit of tending to it each morning when you wake up. Even if you don’t remember your dreams at first, try writing down anything that comes to mind.

The process of writing them down will further jog your memory, helping you recall more details as times goes on.

Avoid Food Before Bed

Having a large meal or snack before bed can make it harder for you to reach that restful, dreamy REM stage of sleep. Focus on sipping your memory water instead.

Be Consistent

When you begin trying to remember your dreams, you may find the process frustrating and want to give up – but consistency is key. Try setting a timer before you write in your dream journal and don’t finish writing until the timer is up.

Practice makes perfect! Keep at it for as long as it takes, because it will eventually become easier than ever to recall your dreams.

Meditate in the Evening

Meditation can not only clear the mind, making it easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and remember your dreams, but it can also assist with lucid dreaming.

Try a guided meditation for lucid dreaming, or simply meditate before bed to get the most from your sleep.

Wake up Earlier

We often have our most intense dreams right before waking up. Training yourself to wake up earlier can help you catch the tail-end of these dreams, allowing you to remember more of them.

Try setting your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than usual, which also gives you more time to practice recalling and writing down your dreams in the morning.

Where Will Your Dreams Take You?

Our dreams are like messages from the Universe, messages from our subconscious, or both. Learning to remember and interpret your dreams can open you up to a world of information that you’ve never before experienced.

So, grab your pillow, your blanket, and set your dream journal beside your bed. It’s time to dive into that world of mystery that exists within your mind.

Wondering about other dream topics? Try our free Dream Dictionary!

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      How many times have you heard someone say, “Make a wish, it′s 11:11?”

      If you’ve ever wondered why this might be, or what more this mysterious sign may be trying to communicate with you, you’re not alone. As auspicious as it is curious, the real truth behind 11:11 can be referenced to multiple meanings and different kinds of signals from the Universe.

      Because of this, breaking down what this special set of numbers is trying to share can seem like a daunting task at first. After all, if there are so many different messages, it could be trying to communicate. How are you meant to know which one is for you?

      Rather than have 11:11 approach us, we’re going to be approaching 11:11 first today. Read on to discover more about what 11:11 really means — and how you can use it to your advantage as well!

      Interested in numbers? Make sure to check out your daily numerology reading for even more insights!

      What Does Seeing 11:11 Mean?

      First thing’s first: if you’ve been seeing this mysterious number everywhere and have been desperately trying to crack its code — breathe a sigh of relief before stressing over what it means! This is because, at its core, repeating numbers like 11:11 are a distinctly positive sign no matter what the circumstances are.

      That said, there are still various meanings attributed to 11:11, and you may have to put in some elbow grease to connect with your intuition in understanding, which makes sense for you given your present situation.

      Theories Behind 11:11

      When you notice that you see the numbers 11:11 on your clock, or in other areas of your day to day life, many times you′ll get a little twinge of feeling something, but you just aren′t sure what. But with practice and a little more knowledge on 11:11 in your back pocket, you’ll be a pro at decoding it in no time!

      1. It Ties to Numerology

      In numerology, 11 is known as a master number.

      The number 11 represents intuition and trusting your instincts. It also is considered to be a number having to do with duality, the mixing of our realm, and the next. For example, in practice, when someone has a life path number of 11, they are considered highly intuitive beings.

      So, to see 11:11 can be a callback to this numerological understanding of the number, especially since its power is now doubled!

      2. Angel Numbers

      It is common lore that the sequence 111 or 1111 can be a sign that your angels or spirit guides are near. Perhaps they are trying to get your attention, making you more aware of the things going on around you (or from within you). Or perhaps you’ve been in need of assistance and have been looking for a sign yourself.

      This also means your angels are paying close attention to the things you are doing and the things you need most in life at the moment. You may be at a crossroads or at a time of spiritual significance in your life’s journey, so with the sign of 11:11, you may be being called to look within for more spiritual or esoteric wisdom and knowledge.

      3. It’s a Message from the Universe

      Ultimately, you do not need a semi-colon or colon or any particular format to receive a message from the Universe through 11:11. It could be in a phone number with the last four digits being 1111, a store receipt, a gas tank number, a mileage number, or a house address that catches your attention for “no reason.”

      What does it mean?

      If not a sign from the angels or a strictly numerological tie, the sign 11:11 could be a nudge, message, or reminder from the Universe trying to pull your attention to something. However, the “something” that you’re being called to is likely to be something you and you alone can really understand.

      On an intuitive and soul level, 11:11 speaks to you to remind you of something that deep within, you already know.

      How to Make the Most of 11:11

      Looking for more clarity and considerations on 11:11? Here are 11 things that you can do when you see the 11:11 phenomenon:

      1. Stop, Look, & Listen

      Abraham Hicks, the author of the Law of Attraction, says that when you see 11:11, it’s the Universe’s way of “knocking you out” to show you physical evidence of your alignment.

      In other words, it’s the Universe’s way of saying, keep going, you’re doing everything exactly right, and the blessings are coming. So, when you see this little symbol, stop and appreciate it for what it is, and have faith that you’re on the right track.

      2. Make a Wish!

      11:11 wishes are very popular and common, and they do come true. Of course, you don’t have to wait until 11:11 to make a wish each day, but there is certainly strength in the process of utilizing the power of numbers that we know to hold spiritual significance.

      In the beginning, the best way to try out the process is to be realistic and ask for little things. This way, you’ll gain more faith in the process as you watch the smaller things come true first. Similar to the law of attraction, the more gratitude you show for this gift of unconditional love that comes your way, the more often it will happen to you.

      3. Write it Down

      Start keeping track of when and where you see occurrences of 11:11!

      If anything really awesome also happens that day, write it down. You won’t see the pattern for a while, but in a few months, take a look and see if you can discover for yourself what is trying to be communicated to you through this symbol.

      Let’s say you get a letter or a text from someone you are crazy about every day that you see 11:11.

      That is not a coincidence, but at the moment, it can be hard to see what exactly the “random” number is trying to tell you. With time, you will begin to understand what it means to you specifically, especially if you keep track over prolonged periods of time.

      Remember though. This number is about expanding and spiritual growth, so it may not mean just one thing forever. Be open to the process of change, and use your log or journal to simply take note and keep track of that progress as needed.

      4. Follow Your Intuition

      No matter what you are doing right then and there, listen to your intuition at the time of seeing 11:11. Take a moment of pause, and try to take notice of the first things that came to mind as you stumbled upon the sign of 11:11.

      If you have already forgotten or are struggling to decipher an intuitive knowing versus a typical inner dialogue, take a step back and wait it out rather than overthinking it.

      You may spot another 11:11 soon that will guide you to the right place, so don’t stress over it!

      5. Consider Your Twin Flame

      Beyond the lore of angels and spirit guides, there is also the concept of twin flames that is often associated with 11:11.

      Connecting twin flames is not the only purpose of 11:11 in astrology or numerology today, but the tie still exists if you feel the call in this direction. While not everyone will resonate with the concept of a twin flame and experiences may vary, it is highly likely that if you’re already acquainted with a twin flame, the sign of 11:11 may hold a special kind of significance for you.

      It is perhaps a sign that your twin is out there sending you a message, or one from the Universe that you’ll be meeting them soon.

      Read this one next to learn more: Twin Flame Signs: 11 Ways to Know if You’ve Met Your Match

      6. Embrace Leadership

      Many leaders throughout history have 11 as their Life Path number (for example, Barack Obama).

      In numerology, all those born with the Life Path number 11 are seen as intuitive leaders that are born with a direct purpose on earth. So when you see 11:11 appear, embrace your inner leader and consider how you can take charge of your life.

      What is your first hunch when you see it? Follow it and do so with a spirit of leadership.

      7. Meditate

      Especially if you’re balking at decoding what your intuition is trying to tell you, meditation is a very powerful tool if you have been given the gift of 11:11 in your day in some way. If it happens and you have the time, stop there to just close your eyes and ask the angels, Universe, or just your own inner eye to show you what it is that you need to know about that sign, at that moment, on that day.

      There is always a message when 11:11 appears, and meditation is the best way to open your own channels up to receive that message.

      8. Ask for What You Need

      Asking questions can be a good way to use 11:11 to aid in your personal growth and spark a dialogue with yourself.

      Do you really want to connect with your twin flame? Do you really want to make a life-changing job decision? Ask for signs that you are on the right path and seek out the signs that you will receive.

      This works best when it becomes part of daily practice. Once you start looking for and asking the right questions, you can start to seek answers.

      9. Plan Ahead

      If feeling rooted and grounded in the present moment doesn’t feel like the right move, perhaps it’s time to write up that plan for the future that has been put off. Whip out a pen and paper, think up a to-do list, and write out what intuitively feels like the best move for your next journey.

      Whether it’s for a project, a trip, or something else that is close to your heart’s desire, the fortuitous collision of 11:11 and your future can make some magic for the road ahead.

      10. Cultivate Friendships

      The 11th house in astrology revolves around friendship and relationships, so when you see 11:11, it might be the Universe telling you to take some time to let those you love know how much you care.

      Sometimes we don’t always realize how much we need a shoulder to lean on until we are reminded of how helpful our interpersonal connections can be, so the Universe sends this as a helpful nudge. Alternatively, you may not be the one who is in need at the moment, but someone else in your personal circle. Either way, it’s time to reach out!

      Learn more about the 11th house in: The 12 Astrological Houses: 11th House of Friendships

      11. Embrace the Moment

      If nothing else, when 11:11 appears, embrace it as a moment of possibilities. We don’t know exactly what wishes it grants. We just know all of the clues that it provides. That’s why it’s called a phenomenon. When it happens to you, don’t question it. Would you question a rainbow if it arrived?

      How Will You Use 11:11?

      There is ultimately an abundance of ways to approach witnessing 11:11, as well as a variety of ways that you can interpret the message or call. At the end of the day, it will be as unique of a signal as your connection to your intuition is — extremely personal and special!

      However, using some of these tried and true methods of approach, or discovering alternative ways to interpret 11:11, can all contribute to furthering your understanding of this unique little set of numbers. Try them out and see if you unlock a new meaning of 11:11 at any time!

      Dive more into numerology with: How to Use Your Expression Number in Numerology



      We have been talking a lot about synchronicities this month, and that is because this month is full of them for so many reasons. It being the eleventh month with the power of II is only one of them. We also have two very important transits happening this month that are going to help you see through the fog of synchronicities. Are you still confused about what they are and how to use them? If so, fret not, you are not alone. Right now we have both Chiron and Neptune retrograde in Pisces, and about to redirect that into direct motion. That means some of the fog that we have been experiencing on things like dreams, signs, messages from heaven, and even synchronicities, have been a little muddied up. Synchronicity is when two events happen in two different places at the same time, that are connected and have meaning. So in one location you are thinking of someone, and in another they are picking up the phone to call you.

      It’s important to know what synchronicities are when they happen, because they are always meant to happen to you in that moment. And when they do, we consider them to be messages from the Divine. If you are thinking of someone and then they call, we say, that person comes to you in your soul’s journey for a reason. What is it? It is up to you to figure that out, and we are only too happy to help while you progress through this journey.

      Chiron is the planet that is known as the Wounded Healer. Chiron also has the archetype of being the synchronicity king. His magic wand is waving when you receive these powerful moments and messages. But when Chiron is retrograde, there is a bit of a fog on these elements in life, and it is easier to miss those synchronicities, and their meanings, when they happen to us. It is the same when Neptune is retrograde. Neptune rules our Other World. Fantasy land, Dream land, subconscious entities in our life. When Neptune is retrograde, all of these parts of our Other World are less accessible to us.

      Neptune and Chiron will both be going direct in Pisces this month. For Neptune this will happen on November 18. Expect to be receiving clarity almost immediately, but the fog will take a few days to lift. This is a great day to start getting into the habit of asking your guides and angels to pass on signs that you are on the right path. One week later it will be Chiron’s turn on November 27. These two transits happening in concert will help you not just in the month of November, but all through 2016 as you lift the fog off of the synchronicities that are coming your way, and begin to see the light.

      Are you ready to start really using the power of synchronicity in your life? When both Neptune and Chiron go direct in Pisces this month, the power to do so will be more intense than it has been all year. Here are the top 5 most common ways that you will experience synchronicity in your daily life. And when you do, make sure you use those messages wisely, no matter what zodiac sign you are.

      1. Electronics and digital devices.

      11:11 is one of the most common synchronicities you will hear of. Almost everything you will read about synchronicity will include some mention of the 11:11 phenomenon. People are starting to see this everywhere, and although you can see 11:11 in print or somewhere that is not digital, it is most commonly seen on digital devices. I’ve seen it appear on my digital devices when it’s not even that time of day. If you are meant to see this message, you will see it no matter what. 11:11 through digital devices is the most common however, because digital vibrations in the air are a vibration that the Divine can relate to.

      And it won’t be just 11:11 that you receive as a synchronicity through electronic devices. Whatever message you are meant to receive, you will receive it. Electronics and gadgets function at a frequency that our angels and guides have an easier time connecting with. So you may have lights flicker three times if you are a life path 3 for example, or 5 times if you are getting a message about someone with 5 in their birthdate, address, phone number or life path. One psychic that I work with does not use digital devices during sessions for this reason. Synchronicities from whatever she or I is bringing along are bound to occur that could interfere with her process. Digital devices are the leading tool for psychic investigators as well. You are far more likely to pick something up on a recording device left at a scene to investigate, than you will if you were just in the room all night listening for it yourself with your “naked ear.” If you want messages and synchronicities from your guides and angels through your electronics and digital devices, just ask. It’s very easy for them, and very easy for you to understand when the message is coming in as well.

      2. Music or the arts.

      Have you ever just felt closer to God or a Higher Power when singing or chanting in a church or temple? It’s not in your head. You actually are closer to your Higher Power when you do so. Many theologians and spiritual leaders will tell you that music gets you closer to the angels. It’s why you see groups like the Baptists getting all up in their music when they are celebrating their spiritual place. Connecting with the Divine really is just that, a celebration. And there is much truth to be told in the notion that the arts and music specifically get you closer to this plane.

      Again it has everything to do with vibrations. And remember that music also has a mathematical basis. So when air passes through your soul’s vocal chords and you put voice to music and send it into the Universe, you create a frequency of sound waves and emotion that puts you on a plane that is closer to angels and guides. Any art however can help you achieve this as well. Connecting your soul to a canvas, or a screenplay puts you on this plane as well. But music in particular is a very specific way to connect with the Divine and experience synchronicities. Ever have a song in your head and you weren’t sure why? It could be someone is playing that song and thinking of you. If that ever happens, play the song yourself to try and get it out of your head, and really tune in to what your instinct is telling you. What are you thinking about? Who are you thinking about? Music helps you connect with the Divine, and also helps the Divine connect with you. The next time you can’t get a song out of your head, think about it. There’s a reason for that. What is the message? I have always found that once I figured that out, I get the song out of my head. I usually end up sending a message to the person that I thought of, or something like that. And every single time I get, “Hey I was JUST thinking about you!” Now you can too!

      3. Feathers.

      To me, feathers are always about visits from the Other Side, but what they will be to you may be something completely different. I’ve frequently discussed feathers as wish omens, because they bring that potential to you as well. When you see a feather in your path, it’s a sign or synchronicity from Universe saying, “We’ve got this.” So maybe you are in the middle of a big decision and don’t know what to do, or you’re thinking a lot and worried about something. Then out of the blue you see a feather. For me, that is a message from someone that I love saying, you’ve got this and you are doing the right thing. Whatever it is to you, only you will know at the time. If you think of someone you love that has passed the next time you stop to notice the feather, then that’s what it means for you too. But if you don’t, that doesn’t mean the feather is there for no reason.

      Feathers always bring wishes with them, and are a great synchronicity omen. When you see one, all you need to do is pick it up, make your wish, then blow it off the tip of your finger. And then walk away. If it’s gone when you come back the next time, to me that always means the angels picked up my wish and are working on it. I am pretty happy with my success rate with wishes, and you can be too. Keys to remember when wishing on things like feathers, don’t take it for granted and ask for the winning lottery, okay? Be realistic. If it’s your grandmother visiting you with a sign from a feather, the last thing you want to do is ask her to work out a $5 million lottery for you. You wouldn’t ask her that if she was alive, would you? No. Being realistic is a big key in having wishes come true. An example might be picking up the feather and making a wish like, “I’d really like it if this problem with this friendship worked out sooner than later. Can you help me out with that please?” And away it goes. Be realistic. And pay attention to those signs.

      4. Rainbows.

      You have to be a pretty grumpy Gus to not like rainbows. Rainbows are pretty Universally known to be spectacular things when they occur. Rainbows are scientific phenomena that occur when moisture in the air and a certain temperature collide. But they go back to the Biblical times as omens from the Divine. And although they are created by a scientific principle, it is very interesting that there are exactly 7 colors of the rainbow, with each of them corresponding to one of the 7 chakras. When you see a rainbow in your day, it is no small thing. Rainbows are wish omens as well as being synchronicities, like feathers. So you can make a wish on whatever you want when you see a rainbow. Remember, your success rate in wishing improves if you wish on things that are actually realistic. There’s nothing wrong with wishing this particular money problem would go away. But wishing you drive home to a $15 dollar mansion today is kind of out of reach even for the angels. And even the Divine knows we need to earn those things as well. So use those rainbows for wishes. And if you recently asked for a sign or message or synchronicity about a specific problem, and then see a rainbow, then know the answer to your question is a very big resounding yes.

      5. Actual signs.

      Our angels and guides can be pretty funny with us sometimes. They are about as literal as it gets on occasion. The reason being, it’s easier for them, and it’s easier for us, to just “get it.” Trust me when I say sometimes your signs will be actual signs. Remember that this vibration of energy is difficult to match from one plane to another, so sometimes the messages, and the signs, are literally put right in front of you.

      I will never forget the time I sent an “order” up for a synchronicity. I asked for a very specific sign of the name of an individual to appear in my path if that person was going to be an important person in my life for a long time. I was on my way to their house for dinner when I made that request. Would you believe within moments a sign literally appeared on the highway with the name? I’m not talking about a name like “John” or “Bill” or “Jones” that anybody might see everyday. This person’s name is unique, and I’ve never personally met anybody else in the world that has this first name. That’s how I knew a sign with that name on it would be an easy one from the Divine for me to interpret. And lo and behold a sign with that actual name appeared. You can be as specific as you want with your guides and angels too. It helps them, it helps you, everybody’s happy. The more you practice this, the more it will happen to you too.

      Here’s how I know it was a synchronicity. To this day, I have gone down that same road several times looking for that sign so that I could use it in an article such as this. Would you believe that I can not find that sign? At all? Anywhere? But I know I saw it on that day. Another reason I know? That happened to me almost 5 years ago, and that person and I still have dinner whenever we can. So yes. Your guides will be cute with you sometimes too. Sometimes you will ask for signs, and get actual signs. It is a very common and easy way for them to hit you over the head with something if you haven’t paid attention to all of the other signs they’ve sent you that day.



      We ask this question a lot. Do you feel like you have a hidden higher calling somewhere? Do you feel like you are just meant to do something bigger, but you aren’t quite sure what it is? These are very ordinary questions of the human race. We all ask the same questions. We work as hard as we can at Astrology Answers to help you answer those questions every single day. There are a number of ways to answer this question. You can find out some of those clues in your natal chart or birth chart. Your life path number from numerology can be very revealing about your destiny and what your purpose is. And once in a while we get a little lift from astrology where the clues to your destiny and fate come in the form of astrology answers. And this time around it’s a big one. We are talking about the North Node in Virgo. For the past year and a half, the North Node has been in Libra. All events and experiences that you have had in relation to your higher calling has been intellectual, rational, and there may have even been a lot of paperwork scurrying back and forth for you. Now, with North Node in Virgo for the next year and a half, all of that thinking you have been doing about your destiny is going to manifest into action, and concrete experiences that align you with your soul’s true purpose! What IS the North Node anyway? This is an astrological transit that maps your destiny. On the other side of this axis is the South Node. With your South Node you learn about past events and experiences that shape your future destiny. The South Node tells you what you have learned, and what you need to learn before you fulfill that North Node destiny. And sometimes it tells you what you need to let go. Meanwhile, your North Node shows you what you need to embrace.

      What is the North Node in Virgo all about?

      It’s about not only discovering your true calling, but getting to work on it! With the North Node leaving Libra and entering Virgo on November 12, you will receive much more clarity on your soul’s purpose than ever before. It is the very definition of thoughts becoming things. The Law of Attraction is in play here, and Fate isn’t playing around anymore. Before now, for the past one and a half years at least, you have been almost entirely thinking about it. Virgo is a do-er, and so now, the experiences related to your destiny are going to be work oriented, or action oriented. Things are actually going to start happening! All of the planning that you have been doing towards your success is about to pay off. Consider your North Node information as your Agenda. It is where we look on your birth chart to assess your destiny, your life path, and what great potential you have on this planet Earth. You’ve been “seeing” it in your head for some time. You may even have been planning it. The North Node in Virgo is your action plan.

      We all have the North Node in our birth charts and natal charts. What sign is yours in? This is the zodiac sign that will propel you to your final destiny in this lifetime. But no matter what zodiac sign your own North Node is in, when the North Node enters Virgo, all Earthlings can use this energy. Look to where Virgo energy is in your birth charts. You don’t have to be a Virgo to use this energy. Almost everyone has Virgo somewhere. Maybe your Moon is in Virgo, or Mercury is in Virgo. If you need some help finding this out, just let us know! Wherever Virgo energy is abundant in your life path in this lifetime, the North Node in Virgo for the next year and a half will help you to harness and manifest that destiny and that abundance.

      Let’s say Mercury is in Virgo for example in your chart. Mercury is a thinker, and Virgo is a do-er. Mercury also rules transportation and communication. So that would mean that over the next year and a half, your destiny will be discovered in short journeys, communications, contracts, paper flying back and forth, lovers messages, and things of that nature.

      Another very fun stroke of luck and synchronicity in play here is the magic of Jupiter in Virgo until August 2016. Just another reason we have been talking about synchronicity so much this month. Everything is connected, and everything happens for a reason. Yes, everything. When experiences influenced by your North Node begin to manifest, you will understand that with 100% clarity if you do not already. So while you are discovering action oriented things you can do to discover your soul’s purpose and higher calling, Jupiter will be waving its magic wand in this area for you as well! It is rare for Jupiter to be in the same sign as the North Node, so consider this an extra gift of fate and karma for all of those committed to doing the work needed to discover your soul’s purpose and true calling. So how can you do that over the next year and a half, and especially through August 2016 while Jupiter is in Virgo? We’re so glad you asked that question. Here are 5 ways to discover your true calling and soul’s purpose with the North Node in Virgo!

      1. Be discerning – Just say no to fools rushing in.

      Virgo is a thinker and over analyzes everything. When it comes to your Fate and your Destiny, this is your mission while the North Node is in Virgo. This is not a time for fools to be rushing into anything. Think it over. Opportunities of all kinds will come your way. The ones that require serious thought are the ones that will reap the most rewards. Mercury rules Virgo and Mercury energy is in play under this transit as well. That means use your intellectual side when making major life decisions. Use your head, but bring your heart with you. The South Node in Pisces will tug at those heartstrings and send you intuitive hunches. But the South Node is your past. The North Node is your future. Use your heart yes, but use your head to move in that forward direction. Living life under this transit will be like driving. You don’t use your feelings to figure out the directions to where you want to go, do you? No. You use data and logic and maps and structure and an intelligent plan. Then when you get there your feelings take over. This is the same concept under North Node in Virgo. You are in the driver’s seat. Be discerning about how you get to where you want to go. Use your instinct and your heart to help you swerve when you need to, but use your head to make all major decisions before arriving at your final destination.

      2. Maintain integrity.

      Virgo is about the most honest zodiac sign you will find. They are the all around good guys of the world that are just always there for everybody. That is because Virgo has a deep and inner calling to serve humanity at large. Virgo does not like to see suffering and will stop it. Tests will come your way during this transit that look like really awesome opportunities. Do you need to sell your soul a little bit to make some coin? Do you need to betray someone you deeply love to get a little action? Be discerning, and have integrity. Those who maintain integrity at all costs will reap the karmic rewards. Those who don’t, won’t, and may even experience some Fated zings that set them back in every possible way.

      3. Be giving, just because it’s an awesome thing to do.

      Again we go to Virgo being the zodiac’s humanitarian. This is a simple force of Law of Attraction. What you sow, you reap. What you plant, blossoms. Is it hate and greed or is it love and generosity that you are planting? A word to the wise. Be giving because it’s awesome. Not because you want people to think you are awesome. Do not plant seeds of love and giving if you only want to have a nice flower, the rewards of giving. Because no flower will grow under those conditions. You have to actually have a giving and loving heart, without any expectation of reward, and then the rewards happen. When you expect it, you run into trouble. There is no Universe formula for reaping rewards other than this. Give with a cheerful heart without any expectations. And it finds its way back to you one way or another. When the North Node is in Virgo, it comes back in very epic ways. We’re talking about Fate here!

      4. Be organized – Stock your spiritual pantry.

      When it comes to planning, Virgo is a meticulous one. Virgo is the one who has 8 different sections in their closet with labelled bins, organized by season and then by color palette, and never has a hair out of place. The most scattered experiences that come your way right now are not Fated events. The ones that require meticulous planning and immaculate organization are. This is tough for some zodiac signs to handle, some people are just better at this than others. This energy begins to provide the impetus for you to want to organize more so it’s a little bit easier. For every plan that you have and decision that you make when it comes to the grand scheme of your life, be organized. Have a plan, a backup plan, and a backup to your backup plan. And then pull the trigger on that Fated events. Yes, Fate just happens to us. But when you are prepared for it, when it does happen, it’s easier to deal with. Consider this the spiritual equivalent of stocking your pantry before the Winter, just in case there is a big winter storm. You know there will be sometime. You don’t know when or how big the event is going to be. But you can be ready for it. Be organized, stock your spiritual pantry and then whatever storm or rainbow shower comes your way you are prepared. How are you going to stock your spiritual pantry?

      5. It’s not against the law to have high standards.

      It’s not against the law to have high standards. It IS against the Law of Attraction not to. High standards have developed somewhat of a stigma in society. If you have high standards, you must be a prude, or a snob, or think you are better than everybody, is what society is now saying. This is simply not the case. There are some pretty low people in this world, and there’s nothing wrong with being better than them. Remember what we said about integrity. So long as you are maintaining that, having high standards is never a bad thing. You get what you expect out of life. If your standards are low, that’s what will enter in. Society may ridicule you for choosing nothing less than exceptional in your life, you have to simply develop a thick skin over that. It’s not against the law to have high standards and it doesn’t make you a prude or a snoot. It IS the foundation of the Law of Attraction to only want the best. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with only wanting awesome people and awesome things in your life. Abundance is available for everyone. Wanting exceptional is the first step of getting it. So have those high standards and close your ears to anyone who has a problem with that. Who cares what they think? Having high standards means you know your worth and are waiting for it. With the North Node in Virgo, if you keep those high standards, exceptional will come.

      Are you ready to manifest your soul’s purpose and your true calling? What do you think your true calling is? What do you hope that it is? Manifest your wishes and bring them to life by first putting voice to your deepest desires. Light the match of your desires by telling us now in the comments below, what true calling do you hope comes knocking at your door with the North Node in Virgo?



      If you’ve been paying attention in the last few years, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about the power of positive thinking. Also known as the Law of Attraction, there’s an idea that’s been circulating in many communities – including astrological circles – that suggests that we bring into existence the thoughts we spend the majority of our time on.

      And while that concept may seem simple enough, it can be difficult to understand the Law of Attraction fully, appreciate it, and enact it in your own life.

      After all, everyone undoubtedly wants the power to think about financial abundance and find their bank account overflowing the next day. And if that’s possible, why aren’t we all living our dreams?

      Because the Law of Attraction – manifestation, vision boards, positive thinking – while real, is perhaps a bit more complicated than you might think. And it doesn’t work exactly as you’d expect.

      That’s why we’re here today to discuss the Law of Attraction, how it works, and how you can make it work to bring abundance into your life.

      Maybe you’ve dabbled in the concept of manifestation or even created your own vision board only to give up shortly after, or maybe you have felt too intimidated by the idea of infinitely powerful thoughts.

      Even if you’ve never heard of the Law of Attraction, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to understand it and allow this law to bring miracles, abundance, and joy into your life!

      Looking for more on abundance? The stars may reveal some answers. Make sure to check in on your free daily money horoscope, daily career horoscope, and daily love horoscope.

      Abundance & the Law of Attraction

      If you want a simplified way to think of the Law of Attraction, think about it in terms of vibrations: You get the vibes that you, yourself, give.

      To put it another way, the energy that you put out there in the Universe is exactly the energy that the Universe gives back to you.

      Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be influenced by your thoughts, words, and actions. And on top of that, energy vibrates at a certain frequency, and that frequency creates a relationship with the other energies surrounding you.

      If you’re putting good, positive energy in the world, you’ll get the same vibes gently floating into your sphere.

      This concept is exactly what ties the Law of Attraction and the idea of abundance together. When you feel abundant, when you feel wealthy, this abundance becomes your reality. This can be not easy when our bank accounts aren’t quite as full as we would prefer.

      That’s why it’s so important to practice the Law of Attraction in your daily life.

      When you feel like you’re “broke,” your mentality can become broken as well. If you focus your thoughts and energy on what you don’t have, how much debt you’re facing, or how empty your wallet feels, you’re sending that energy out into the Universe. And while the Universe is powerful, it assumes that what you’re constantly thinking about must be what you want more of.

      As the Law of Attraction states: What you focus on grows.

      Therefore, if you’re focusing on abundance, wealth, and financial security, those are exactly the things that the Universe is going to send your way.

      However, you mustn’t panic – the Law of Attraction takes time to work. The same delayed response that often causes people to give up on the law of attraction is exactly what saves you from accidentally bringing something into existence that you don’t really want. So, even if you had a negative thought or two today, your world isn’t going to change drastically or immediately.

      And there are also things you can do to amplify the power of your thoughts and energy, like utilizing the potency of words.

      Empowered language is one way to guarantee that the Universe hears your desires clearly. Empowered language is simply taking the time to truly think about what you say, only to use words and phrases that align with what you want in life.

      For instance, if you want to attract more financial security into your life, you wouldn’t want to say something like, “I want to go there, but I can’t afford it.” Using empowered language, you’d want to rephrase your intention to something like, “I can’t wait to go there, and I’m looking forward to being able to afford it.”

      The last thing to remember about the Law of Attraction is that, while positive thinking is wonderful, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and do some hard work to make your dreams come true. Fortunately, an optimistic attitude makes it easier for you to work on chores or projects without becoming jaded or wanting to give up. If you’re willing to put time, effort, and positive energy into your fantasies and desires, you can bet that the Universe will help it dance into your own personal solar system.

      Now that we’ve gone over the connection between the Law of Attraction and abundance, it’s time to look at a few tips and tricks you can use to harness the power of positive thinking and use that power to bring more abundance into your life than you ever thought possible.

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      The Law of Attraction Guide to Finding Abundance

      You may be wondering what you can do to ensure the Law of Attraction is working to bring abundance into your life. The following is a guide that will tell you everything you need to know to encourage the Universe to shower you with blessings!

      Know What You Want

      This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised by how many of us know we want something, but we aren’t quite sure what that is. The Universe can’t begin to bring things to fruition in your life if you yourself are unclear about your desires. In fact, the more specific you can be when manifesting or practicing the law of attraction, the better.

      Abundance is achieved one step at a time, and the first step is determining what you want out of life, what you want to petition the Universe for.

      Let’s say you want a new car: What kind of car do you want? What make and model? What year is it? How much would you like to pay? If you can get as specific as possible – down to the interior color – it will be much easier for you to attract that very thing.

      Be Realistic About Your Goals

      Being optimistic about your goals is one thing, but you mustn’t cross the line into delusional. It’s unlikely that you’ll become a millionaire overnight or meet the love of your life tomorrow just because you manifested them today.

      On the other hand, that doesn’t mean that either goal is unreasonable – just that they may take longer to achieve than you might like. Keep those desires in your mind’s eye, work hard in the meantime, and eventually, they’ll make their way to you.

      Learn more about goal setting: How to Use Numerology to Set Goals

      Start Where You Are

      We often want things to look or feel a certain way before we get started on a project or make a move that will bring us closer to our goals. For instance, many people want to fall in love if only they could lose five pounds first. But the person who’s meant for you is going to love you for who you are.

      And that means it’s time to start loving yourself, right now, in this moment, enough to go for what you want.

      Loving and accepting yourself in this moment is the best encouragement there is. So, don’t be afraid to start today, right where you are – no matter what it is you want.

      Establish Positive Habits

      When it feels like things aren’t going our way, we often turn to poor habits that make us feel good in the moment, like greasy food or cocktails. But these things only slow us down in the long run and lead to a decline in confidence, making it harder to put ourselves out there.

      Try to establish positive habits now, like yoga, meditation, Tarot reading, studying astrology. These activities not only allow you to switch up your routine, but they also bring you closer to the giving, abundant energies of the Universe.

      Choose Your Friends Wisely

      If you want to live an abundant, high-vibration life using the Law of Attraction, you need to surround yourself with high-vibration people. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, meaning that a group of enlightened individuals practicing the law of attraction is even more powerful than manifesting on your own.

      Furthermore, these kinds of friends won’t hold you back, which will celebrate your successes right alongside you. Don’t cling to old friendships or relationships that aren’t pushing you to grow and evolve.

      Don’t Compromise Your Integrity

      We get it – you want what you want, and you want it now. But taking shortcuts to get where you’re trying to go is almost always a recipe for disaster. Your integrity is more important than success, more important than abundance. And ironically, your integrity is exactly what’s going to bring success and abundance into your life.

      Don’t compromise who you are right now. Don’t give up when the road ahead seems long. Stay the course and trust yourself to do what’s right.

      Alter the Path to Reach the Destination

      Many, many people give up on the road to success the first time the car breaks down. Instead of calling a metaphorical tow truck, they hitch a ride and abandon the plan. And while you may have to take an unexpected road or two along the way, you must keep your eyes fixed on the goal and trust that the Universe will always create a new path, will always offer a tow truck when you’re in need.

      So, when you hit a roadblock that you can’t see your way around, look again. Find a new way forward, and keep going. It’s only a detour.

      Get Rid of Excess Baggage

      It’s time to let go of the things that haven’t been working in the past, the ideas holding you back, and the relationships that are dragging you down. What you need is a deep cleanse, one that will leave you feeling refreshed, reborn, and ready to tackle the world.

      Take note of any clutter that brings stress in your life and get rid of it. Let go of habits that are making you feel slow or sluggish. Release those relationships that don’t add value to your life.

      While it may feel difficult at first, even contradictory, to let things go while attempting to attract more, you must make room in your life for all the new blessings headed your way.

      Don’t Be Trapped by Negativity

      This is perhaps the most important thing to remember when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

      You’re going to encounter a few bumps in the road along the road to success, but you mustn’t let these pitfalls turn into a downward spiral of negativity. You can’t attract positive things into your life if you’re focused on the negative.

      Each successful person you’ve ever met or heard of has seen their fair share of failure, but they didn’t let it bring them down. They stayed positive, they kept working hard, and eventually, they made it happen.

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      5 Simple Law of Attraction Manifesting Techniques

      The Law of Attraction has been around for a very long time, but it’s often been referred to as different concepts or names. However, we can still benefit from the many time tested techniques that have been passed down through generations and cultures since the dawn of man.

      One of the amazing things about positive thinking and manifesting is that introducing more optimism into your life is enough to create momentum and get things moving in a forward motion.

      Yet, you may be looking for more tangible techniques, such as the following!

      1. Create a Vision Board

      First, grab a piece of poster board from the nearest craft or dollar store. Grab a few old magazines, scissors, and glue, and start creating your dream life on your vision board. Cut out images and words representing certain goals or aspects of life that excite you and make you feel alive.

      You can include pictures of your dream home, wedding, car, city, apartment, job, family, or anything you feel inclined to include.

      The possibilities are endless, just as they are in life! Creating a tangible, visible representation of what you want out of life makes it easier for you to focus on bringing these things to life.

      2. Thank the Universe

      An attitude of gratitude is one of the most important aspects of manifestation work. Think about how much happier and more willing you are to do favors for someone who genuinely appreciates it, and thanks to you for your consideration. The Universe is similar in that the more thankful you are for your blessings, the more likely it is to shower you with more.

      Try beginning and ending your day by writing a thank you note to the Universe. You can either practice gratitude for one thing that brought you joy that day, or you can make a list of everything you feel grateful for.

      This appreciative energy creates the perfect vibrational frequency for abundance to enter your life.

      3. Write Your Manifesto

      Write a manifesto that covers your life exactly as you want it to look. Write about the career, the romance, the location, the finances, and the details of your ideal life. When you’re finished, place your manifesto by your bedside table and look at it as many times as you can throughout the day.

      Try to put yourself in the shoes of your future self. Try to feel the gratitude and joy as though this life is already yours. While the results may take time, this is a trusted technique for building the life you want.

      4. Prepare for Your Goal to Manifest

      Just as you did when reading your manifesto, again put yourself in your future shoes. Do the things and create the habits that you would if this life were already yours, your goals already achieved.

      For instance, if you want more abundance, start planning the trips you’ll take with that money or the things you’ll buy. Plan the charities you’ll give to and how much you’ll keep in savings.

      Placing yourself in this mindset convinces the Universe that this life you’ve envisioned is already yours, making it easier for the Universe to make these goals manifest.

      5. Keep Your Vibes High

      Keeping your vibrations high is crucial while manifesting. Fortunately, there are many ways to maintain a positive state. One excellent technique is practicing affirmations like, “I am abundant. I am grateful for the blessings sent to me by the Universe. I love myself, and I love my life.” You can even make your own book of affirmations to glance at throughout the day, reminding you to think positive.

      Crystal healing is another beneficial way to lift your spirits and keep them raised. Citrine is particularly powerful because it is an incredibly uplifting stone that also attracts abundance!

      On top of these techniques, make sure that you’re eating right and taking care of your body. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, and make sure to get plenty of fruits and veggies into your diet.

      When your energy is clear and uplifted, it’s that much easier for you to focus on the positive and bring even more magic into your sphere than ever before. You’re creating an energy field that invites financial security, love, confidence, and spiritual connection.

      Want even more insights? Take the quiz: Which Chakra is the Key to Your Abundance?

      4 Common Law of Attraction Pitfalls & How to Beat Them

      Your biggest threat on the road to manifestation is your own mind. Humans are creatures especially gifted in the art of self-sabotage, whether we do so consciously or not. The key to manifesting your dreams is to make sure that you don’t get in your own way.

      Following these techniques will also provide a powerful way for you to help you shift your subconscious into a more positive, forward motion.

      To make sure you’re on the right track, take a look at the following pitfalls that tend to crop up when practicing the Law of Attraction. When you know what to look out for, it will be much easier to avoid falling into the traps.

      1. Not Taking Action

      You can visualize from dusk until dawn, but it won’t do you much good if you aren’t putting yourself out there and trying to make things happen.

      If you don’t attempt to step outside of your comfort zone, you’re not giving the Universe the chance to meet you halfway. While visualizing is a crucial component to manifestation, taking action might be even more powerful.

      Network, reach out, make an effort, take a chance. Share that million-dollar idea with your boss, ask your crush out, do something that scares you. Remember, fortune favors the bold.

      2. Fear-Based Thinking

      While we all have our own insecurities and fears, one of the most important parts of the Law of Attraction is the refusal to give in to these insecurities and fears. Letting fear control you is the quickest way to shut down any hard manifestation work you’ve been doing.

      The difference between a coward and a hero isn’t fear – they’re both afraid. The difference is that the hero continues despite fear. The hero faces their fear and moves forward anyway.

      3. Lack of Consistency

      There’s a running joke about New Year’s resolutions and the fact that most of us have given them up by February. This is the exact lack of consistency that can tear down manifestation work.

      If you feel passionate about your goals one minute only to abandon them the next, it’s going to be pretty hard to make your dreams come true.

      Use the tools you have at your disposal, like visualization, journaling, and planning, to help yourself stay on track. As the saying goes, “Slow and steady wins the race.” It takes time, effort, and consistency.

      4. Lack of Clarity

      Many people simply are not spending enough time getting clear about what they really want. Just as it is important to be specific about what you want, you need to project clarity towards the Universe when it comes to your goals and dreams.

      For instance, don’t ask for a high paying job in television if what you really want is to host your own cooking show.

      Be as clear as you possibly can about your desires – shape, size, texture, consistency, location, fragrance. Name it all, say it aloud, and say it clearly.

      How Will You Use the Law of Attraction?


      You’ve just taken a monumental step towards making the law of attraction work for you, a step towards making your dreams come true once and for all. You now understand that your thoughts possess immense power, that you yourself are a powerful creature in this world.

      The Law of Attraction gives you the upper hand in life. You are now privy to the secret of life: You can make anything happen if you believe hard enough if you pay enough attention and focus your energy. And now it’s time for you to decide how to use this power for good.

      Any intention you set that is good for all is more likely to come to fruition. The less selfish your intention, the higher your vibration, the more likely it is that your goal will manifest quickly.

      Make your dreams come true. Embrace your power. And use your power for the good of all.

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      It’s that time again, folks! Sagittarius season is upon us, meaning that the warm Sun will be moving into this fiery sign and shining the optimistic light of Sagittarius on all of us for about a month!

      This energy is all about exploration, expansion of the mind, and the attraction of abundance – among other luminescent details. Opportunities are knocking, celestial doors are opening, and a wave of positivity washes over our collective consciousness during this time.

      While this has certainly been a challenging year, we can start looking toward the light when cheery Sagittarius comes into the picture. So, if you’re ready to take the world by storm and embrace the opportunities of the future, keep reading to find out how to make this Sagittarius season work for you.

      Where is Sagittarius in your birth chart? Find out by using our free birth chart generator now!

      What Does Sagittarius Season Mean?

      The Sun is the celestial body that rules our sense of self, identity, and self-expression. In your chart, your Sun sign represents the core of your personality – who you are on the deepest level. And as the Sun moves through each sign during the astrological year, our personalities may take on some of the qualities connected to the sign that it’s transiting through at the time.

      Sagittarius is a sign ruled by the benevolent planet Jupiter, who is all about expansion.

      While many people ascribe to a “less-is-more” philosophy, Sagittarius is more closely aligned to a “more is more” motto. This sign wants to see, experience, taste, feel, and have it all – and this energy can feel like a little too much for other signs of the zodiac.

      However, this energy is often misunderstood.

      Sagittarians often come across as a bit too carefree and trusting of their lucky nature. As Jupiter is a benevolent and giving planet, this sign possesses a natural advantage for luck. Its overly optimistic demeanor can come across as flighty or even chaotic for more grounded signs.

      To add to this, Sagittarius is ruled by Fire, the element of passion, creativity, and impulsivity. Fire encourages Sag to follow its intuition and go where the heart leads – a habit that might seem to free-spirited for some.

      Additionally, this is a Mutable sign that is the most flexible and adaptable in astrology. Sagittarius’ fiery nature is subject to shift as its environment does, and this sign is likely to go where the wind takes them.

      Sagittarius Season Dates

      The Sun will be moving into friendly Sagittarius on November 22nd, where it will remain until December 21st. That’s almost a full month of this sunny, positive energy to look forward to!

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      Sagittarius Season Themes for the Zodiac Signs

      As Jupiter is the planet of expansion and luck, we may see an increase in abundance, opportunity, and ability to manifest the things we want in life. You’re like a walking magnet for opportunity and financial gain when the Sun transits through this sign.

      Sagittarius is represented by the archer’s symbol, highlighting this planet’s connection to personal and global goals.

      This sign wants to see society’s spiritual evolution, wants to see us rise on a cosmic level, and begin to fulfill our potential as a collective consciousness. The archer is also known as the philosopher, who studies and learns how to help our culture advance spiritually and philosophically. The wisdom of the archer, the Sagittarius sage, helps us understand that love is the only ingredient needed to overcome fear.

      We need more love and light than ever, and this influence encourages you to begin sharing yours with the world around you. How can you lift your neighbors while attracting your own desires? Finding the balance between reaching for your dreams and helping fulfill the dream of a peaceful, loving planet is what this transit is all about!

      There is an opportunity to share the love during Sagittarius season that will not only help those around you glow, but it will also allow your full spirit to shine and evolve – making room for the financial security, romantic love, and career success that you desire. Living in harmony with your soul urges the Universe to step forward and support you in all of your endeavors.

      Other Key Sagittarius Season Themes

      • Sagittarius makes their own destiny. Once this sign aims their arrow at a certain goal, you can be sure they’re going to reach the target. This is the time for you to dust off your bow and arrow and decide what you’d like to aim your sights on.
      • Sagittarius is a risk-taker. You’ve probably heard this phrase before: “Fortune favors the bold.” That’s never been truer than now, as the Sun in Sagittarius encourages you to make bold moves and resist the urge to shy away from what you want. Take action, take risks. You can’t win the metaphorical lottery if you don’t play the game!
      • Sagittarius knows when to fold ‘em. While being brave is a key theme during this season, it’s also important to realize when you should fold your hand or call it quits. If there’s something toxic in your life – whether it’s a relationship, a job, or even a bad habit – it’s time to let it go and allow yourself to move onto bigger and better things.
      • Sagittarius enjoys a challenge. Many things might come to this sign by luck, but Sag doesn’t always want to take the easy road. This is a time to challenge yourself mentally through learning and studying and physically through exercise or adventure. Reaching your goals is all about pushing yourself towards them, after all.
      • Sagittarius likes to have some fun! Jupiter brings optimistic energy that encourages you to kick back and unwind with your favorite hobbies or activities. You must be having fun while reaching your goals, so you don’t become burnt out or emotionally exhausted. When Jupiter sends this positive energy your way, embrace it, and let it guide you towards new adventures and experiences! And remember, following that optimism leads to even more luck, abundance, and expansion.

      Your Sun in Sagittarius Checklist 2020

      This year, let’s end on the highest note that we can and let this friendly, giving energy shower us with light.

      These five suggestions are simple but remarkably beneficial, and following this formula will help you make sure that you’re getting the most that you can from lucky Sagittarius season. Sagittarius swoops in to fill our hearts with wanderlust and a desire for adventure, right on the heels of a year that made many of us feel more like hibernating.

      Let’s explore the best ways to embrace the expansive energy of the Sun in Sagittarius!

      1. Come From a Place of “Yes”

      Sagittarius is not a sign that says “no” to opportunity.

      And while the challenges we’ve collectively faced this year might have left you feeling more like turning down opportunity than embracing it, it’s time to turn that energy around. Sag encourages you to say “yes” to life, to explore the ins and outs of this wondrous world in which we live.

      It’s not about saying yes to any and every experience you encounter this season – it’s about not saying no. It’s about trying new things and having unique and exciting experiences. It’s time for a new adventure. What do you want your adventure to look like?

      2. Find Your Way With Optimism

      It can feel scary or even naïve to trust in the optimistic energy that accompanies this season, but locating and embracing your positivity is a must right now. In fact, being positive will bring you even closer to your intuition, allowing you to separate the real from the fake.

      Additionally, being optimistic makes you even more magnetic in the Universe, helping you manifest your goals and dreams faster and more efficiently than ever. Don’t let fear or worry get you down this Sagittarius season! Let your optimism guide you to greener pastures.

      This season offers up more optimism and positivity than we may have seen all year, so don’t let it go to waste!

      The Tarot can help you navigate the energy of Sagittarius Season: Sun in Sagittarius 4-Card Tarot Spread

      3. Finalize Decisions

      This Sagittarius season may have you questioning a few things in your life, like which situations, relationships, or habits you may need to let go of to heal and grow into the person you’ve always been meant to be.

      It’s time to search your spirit for the answers and finalize your decisions – especially if there are things you’ve been mulling over for quite some time now.

      Because Sagittarius is an intuitive sign, it’s one of the best times of the year to trust your gut and let your instincts lead you in the right direction. If you get a feeling or an urge that you can’t deny, go with the flow of it and see where it leads you.

      4. Lean Into Luck

      Jupiter is all about showering us with blessings, bringing much-needed relief from a year that has felt taxing and frustrating for many of us. It’s time to lean into this luck and trust it! This is one of the only times of the year that we can embrace those things that might seem too good to be true.

      The archer guides us toward our destiny, and Jupiter is ready to give us the tools and the resources we need to get there. Your wishes are right on target, and the Universe is ready to grant them!

      5. Roam Close to Home

      As Sagittarius is the ruler of the 9th house, there exists a deep desire to travel during Sagittarius season.

      While physical traveling may not be possible this year, this is an excellent time to explore the reasons behind Sag’s love for travel and embrace the adventures that we can go on in our mind.

      Sagittarius is like an experience hoarder. This sign wants to see it all and take in every wonder of the world. Therefore, traveling is less about going to places and more about experiencing new things. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for you to embrace the desire for new experiences without putting yourself in harm’s way.

      Try to focus on learning and studying new things, exploring mystical ideals and new metaphysical tools, engaging with astrology and Tarot, and expanding the mind through new philosophies.

      This is also a great time to begin planning for your future traveling adventures. Make a list of everywhere you want to visit when we’re able to travel safely again. To really sink into the desire, try reading books or watching movies about those places.

      Shifting and renewing your perspective is one of the best ways to end the year. You’ll enter the new year with an open mind, a deeper sense of optimism, and perhaps a new philosophy.

      Celebrities Born During Sagittarius Season

      If you’d like to see the magic of Sagittarius in action, just take a look at these stars that were born during Sagittarius season!

      • Miley Cyrus
      • Scarlett Johansson
      • Taylor Swift
      • Zoe Kravitz
      • Brad Pitt
      • Britney Spears
      • Lucy Liu
      • Jake Gyllenhaal
      • Tina Turner
      • Jane Fonda
      • Sarah Paulson
      • Tyra Banks
      • Jon Stewart

      Check out all that star power!

      Light Your Fire With Sagittarius Season

      Your spirit needs a break from the heavy energy that it felt this year, and Sagittarius is swooping in to lift your vibrations and help you find the magic again. This season allows you to view the world with the same wonder that you did as an innocent child, reveling in the beauty all around you.

      While this energy is especially strong for those born with strong Sagittarius placements, this is an energy that will be felt by one and all.

      So, embrace the optimism, look forward to the luck, and allow yourself to see the world for its magic and splendor! It’s time to start looking forward to the positivity and opportunity that the future holds.

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      It is wish list season! Have you been making your wish lists? No matter what you believe in, it seems that no matter where you go or what you watch on television or at the movies, everybody is talking about wishes. Retailers are trying to tell you what you should wish for this holiday season, the television tries to tell you what you should be wishing for during the holiday season, the entire house has been steadily scribbling out the wish lists such that your to-do list is miles long. During this season, having a second to think about what we want in our lives seems like a luxury. But we wish anyway. And given that this is the wish season, we are going to be wishing more and more every day for the next few weeks, just because society tells us to. Sometimes we will even wish without realizing it. But it’s not just society that is putting the power of wish season into our heads and into the atmosphere. Astrology is too.

      December 2015 is chock full of wishing opportunities and lucky strikes that are guaranteed to make some wishes come true this holiday season. And we have just come out of a powerful Moon phase of the Full Moon in Gemini where we had the opportunity to double our wishes and double our luck. Did any of your Full Moon wishes come true this week? If not, wait for it. There is still plenty of time. The key to making sure that your wishes come true are found in the process of simply wishing for the right things. Have you been using your wishes on the lottery numbers? If so, and you haven’t won the lottery, that’s a pretty good sign that you are wasting your wishes. Or, are you one of those naturally lucky people that seems to have all of your wishes come true, all of the time? Guess what? Those people don’t exist.

      Yes there is an element of Fate and Destiny in our wish lives, and in our life path, but nobody is lucky all the time. Universe is always about balance. Meaning, some people are lucky a lot of the time, it seems. The truth about those folks is not that they have a lucky streak. In fact, they aren’t lucky at all. They just know how to make a wish, and how to make their wishes work for them to manifest the success and the abundance they seek. Do you want to become one of those people? It’s not a Fated event. Anybody can be. We talk all the time about how to make wishes, but if you don’t have the right things on your wish list, there’s no point in wishing at all. So here are the only 7 things you need to wish for to manifest success and abundance in every area of your lives during the holiday season.

      1. A happy family.

      The key to wishing and wishing successfully is to be specific about your wishes. You also want to be global about your wishes, which kind of sounds like an oxymoron but you can do both. Wishing to win the lottery is an example. This is a global wish, that will solve many problems for you, but a specific money related wish. But the actual statistics on having this wish come true are slim to none for you. So wish for things that actually can happen, if you channel your power and your belief appropriately. Wishing for a happy family accomplishes this goal. This way you wish away their problems, while wishing them a positive blessing instead. The power of this wish is amazing. Let’s say for example your child is dealing with a stressful situation at school. Praying and wishing that they have a happy day, as opposed to praying and wishing that their bully “gets theirs”, works wonders. This kind of wish will reap the miracle of, “Had a great day mom!” text when your child is on their way home. Wish for a happy family, believe in the power of that wish, and that happiness manifests in the smallest but yet most miraculous ways. You can’t put a price on a great day for your child.

      2. Peace.

      We all want peace on Earth. There is no human on the planet that does not, regardless of what anybody says. So wishing and praying for peace on Earth is great! But you can wish for peace in your day as well. Again, here you wish for a global concept, but a specific one in your day. It is truly amazing how quickly you can find peace in a single day, just by wishing for it. And when you wish for an abstract concept such as this, or a happy family, you might be surprised. Let’s say you are having problem with online drama, and you just want it all to go away. Don’t wish, “I wish they would just suck it and leave me alone!” Instead, wish for positive things, like peace. We’ve all run into this problem, which is why we all want peace. I’ve wished for this very thing during this very example. And wouldn’t you know it, but the day I wished JUST for peace, is the same day that all of a sudden multiple messages in multiple forums online that were flinging drama at me got deleted. Poof vanished all at once. It was a miracle! And my wish came true! People that believe in realistic things that can actually happen, have their wishes come true more often than not. Peace is not an unrealistic concept if you wish for it. Do you need peace in your day? Is drama or war distracting you from your work or your success? Wish for peace! You will get it!

      3. Signs.

      We talk about signs a lot here, because they are such important messages of validation from the Universe. And you can wish for signs too! Actually this is a very strategic form of wishing. Here you say, “I wish for a sign that I’m on the right path with this romantic partner” or “I wish for a sign that this is the house we should get” or “I wish for a sign that I’m making the right work decision.” When you wish for validations, you get them, every time. If you don’t receive the sign that you are asking for, wish again. That’s the Universe’s way of saying, please reword your wish and get back to us with your next order. Wishing for signs, and getting them, is just as miraculous as getting your wish granted. Because this is communication right from the Universe itself. When you see that sign, then you know it, that your other wishes are going to come true. Note, you will never get a sign that you are about to win the lottery. That is luck! And believe it or not the angels and Universe have zip zero nada to do with that if it’s not in your birth chart.

      4. Clarity.

      The biggest stress in our life stems from uncertainty. What is so and so going to do in this situation now? What lies ahead for me at work? What is the status of this relationship? If you are confused about something, and also want something, don’t wish for the thing. Wish for clarity. Clarity almost always arrives in the form of information. That’s what clarity is! It is information that clears an issue up for you. So if you are trying to make a decision, or working on your path to success, and feel distracted or confused by a confusing and distracting issue, wish for clarity. “I wish for the information I need to solve this problem.” Boom. Order received and wait for the clarity to arrive. It may come in the form of an email, a phone call, a letter, a person bringing you more information. Clarity is one of the greatest gifts you can ask for. It opens so many doors. Need help getting through the holiday season? Need help fine tuning your own wish list? Identify what you are confused about first. Then, wish for clarity, and wait for this powerful information to arrive.

      5. Solutions.

      We spend a lot of time asking and wishing for specific things. “I wish for a diamond ring this Christmas!” “I wish to win the lottery this week!” The truth is, the diamond ring isn’t what you really want. Yes it is pretty and you will love it, but it’s not what you are really asking for. And the lottery, isn’t what you really want either. You want the ring because you want to know where you stand with somebody. And you want the lottery winnings because you want money problems solved. So, if you are having these problems that are leading you to these wishes, wish for solutions instead of diamonds. “I wish for an answer to my relationship question.” Or “I wish to know where he stands with me.” Or “I wish for a solution to this hydro bill.” Or “I wish for a solution to how I am going to afford Christmas.” When you wish for concrete and actual things that can happen today, you will get them. Maybe you won’t get the ring on that day, but maybe you will have your other wish answered through some delivered flowers and a card that reads “Forever yours.” And maybe you won’t win the lottery today, but maybe you will get a call from someone about a pay bonus or a back owed situation that takes care of some of your bills and the holidays. When you wish for solutions to specific problems, the Universe replies. Always. Because every problem has a solution. When you wish for big things that 1 in 7 billion are going to get this year, you minimize your chances of having that wish come true. By a lot.

      6. Appreciation.

      Love and money are the two biggest questions we see here. Those questions come in all shapes and sizes. Will we get married? Should I keep this job? Should I get a new job? Should I relocate because of work? Should I relocate because of love? All of the questions that astrology provides answers to usually boil down to one of these two things. And most of the time we face uncertainty in both work and relationships because we don’t know whether or not we are appreciated. How many times have you wondered if you should leave work because you just don’t know if they appreciate your talents? Probably a lot. We all have. It’s only human. And how many times have you wondered if you should leave a relationship because you just don’t know if your gifts are appreciated? We all have. It’s only human. So wish for appreciation. We talk about being grateful all the time and how to have the best attitude of gratitude during the holiday season. But the truth is, if the most important people in your life, like your boss or your spouse, aren’t showing YOU gratitude in return, life can be pretty miserable. You would be surprised at how fast your day can turn around from a simple message from a boss or a spouse that says, “I appreciate you.” Changes your whole outlook! So rather than wish your boss gives you a raise or your spouse helps you with the dishes, wish for appreciation. When you feel appreciated by the most important people in your life, life just feels more successful. A big part of manifesting success is that all important attitude of gratitude. But if we aren’t feeling it from others, it’s very hard to feel ourselves. Wish for a token of appreciation from the people in your life, and manifest success in your day with the power of a simple wish.

      7. Unconditional love.

      This of course is our greatest wish of all. And we speak about this magical quality all of the time. But this time of year, we experience more and more acts of unconditional love through random acts of kindness and out of the blue giving. But not everybody is feeling this way. Just like having more appreciation and clarity in your day can change an entire day, and entire week even, so can having more unconditional love. And you can wish for unconditional love and get it within minutes. Again, the key is to not expect huge grandiose displays coming your way. But just wish for unconditional love. When you are just having one of those days, just wish for it. “I wish for some small gesture of unconditional love to come my way today.” You don’t need to ask in a people specific kind of way. Just ask for unconditional love, and you will get it. The Universe is in abundant supply, and there’s enough to go around for everybody. And when you have your wish come true, you will clear a pathway to success for yourself because this wish fulfillment gives you the confidence to go on, and go after anything you want. That is the power of unconditional love! So if you truly want to manifest success, but don’t want to ask for the lottery numbers, ask for unconditional love. And you’ll get it!

      And there you have it. Now, just imagine how much more successful your life would be today if you had more clarity, unconditional love, more appreciation, and more signs that you were doing all of the right things in all of the right ways. Wouldn’t you be more confident in the fact that your skills of manifesting success are in progress? The key is to wish globally but specifically at the same time. Ask for success. Ask for peace. Ask for solutions. And they will come! And it really doesn’t matter what zodiac sign you are. All of these things are readily available to you, the Universe is just waiting for your command. Stay tuned as December is chock full of astrological transits that will help your biggest wishes for all of these things come true. What Full Moon wishes did you make for this week’s Full Moon in Gemini? Have any of them come true? What is on your wish list this holiday season?



      It’s that time again! And I’m not talking about a Moon phase, this time. This time I am talking about holiday shopping! And it’s something that we are all just a doing a little bit more right now, no matter what we believe in. There’s always somebody that needs a little something for whatever purpose of awesomeness they have been put into your life. Maybe it’s your post man or your child’s teacher. Maybe this year you want to do something extra spectacular for your lover or partner just to show them how much they mean to you. Or maybe there is just someone special that you just want to do something special for, but you aren’t really sure how to do that. Anybody can pay for a box of chocolates or a spa set that’s just going to get added to the pile. But that doesn’t have to be you. We all want to give the “wow” factor when it comes to holiday gifts and there is actually a very easy way to do just that. By giving a gift that is just meant for that very person, and that very person alone. That’s how you make someone feel special and like a cherished part of your life this holiday season. And it’s easier than you think! All you need to know is their zodiac sign, and this handy gift giving guide. When you tailor your gifts to the mysterious secrets within each zodiac sign, then you are not just sharing holiday presents. Then, you are actually making wishes come true. And that’s really what we are striving for when it comes to this awesome season of giving, and wish fulfillment. You want to be the one to make wishes come true for the people you love. And there’s no reason that you shouldn’t do just that. So stop fretting and grab a pencil and start making those lists, by the zodiac sign like we’ve done right here. You want holiday shopping to be easier this year? Your wish is our command. Here’s the only gift giving guide you need this holiday season.


      Anything that is the color red is a great color for this Mars ruled planet. Aries is driven and likes to succeed, so things that will help them to do that are great gifts that tells an Aries you admire their drive. Maybe it’s a car gadget for the busy office commuter, or a best selling book by someone successful that your Aries admires is also a great gift. A gift that nurtures a talent of your Aries shows your Aries you think they are gifted. For the Aries lover, something saucy you both can enjoy behind closed doors will certainly make some wishes come true too.


      Remembering that Taurus is ruled by Venus is almost all you need to know to buy Taurus presents. As the Fixed Earth sign, Taurus is also the zodiacs gardener. So gifts that cater to this side of them will always be well received. Taurus loves their pretty things and designer labels always go over well with Taurus. But they also love the gift of shopping and this is one zodiac sign that loves receiving gift cards. Don’t just stuff them in an envelope though. Be creative with the sparkly paper and ribbon when you are wrapping it up as this is half the fun for Taurus.


      Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is the Mutable Air Sign. This means gadgets and all things related make great gifts for Gemini. A newfangled tool that just came out makes a great gift for dad. Phone accessories or computer accessories that make work fun or easier are also all appreciated by Gemini. And, if you are on a low budget then use your words to touch Gemini’s heart. A heartfelt love letter wrapped in a few of their favorite things will make you Gemini feel like they are on top of the world.


      Cancer is the Cardinal Water Sign that is also considered the zodiac mother. And so Cancet is happy when all of their peeps is happy. They often don’t even want you to get them a gift and will say, “spend it on the kids.” Many Cancers like to putter in the kitchen making kitchen gadgets and accessories a great gift for any Cancer. And if your Cancer doesn’t, then gift certificates to a fancy restaurant will make your Cancer feel special too! Give the gift of a night in the town, a day at the spa, or an experience that takes care of Cancer for a change.


      Leo is the Fixed Fire Sign and always has a very special spark to them. Leo is also ruled by the Sun, so if they always seem happy, that’s why. Takes a lot to get a Leo down. But they are human and so they just don’t show it too often. Leo is another sign that loves the lap of luxury and expensive pretty things. If you can afford it, a big ticket item like jewelery or designer threads makes a Leo feel special. But at the heart of every Leo is a love of loyalty and generosity. A homemade gift like a letter or short story making your Leo the star will make this holiday one to remember for your favorite Leo.


      Many people that know Virgo think Virgo is hard to buy for. But not really. Virgo is another sign that is ruled by Mercury so gadgets and gaming accessories are great gifts for Virgo. Virgo is also an intellectual, so a book of their favorite author or a T-shirt and memorabilia is as well. My brother is a Virgo and I gave him a Mockingjay pin last year that barely cost a thing, it is a gift that he still brags about to this day. Every Virgo has that little spark of genius they love to have honoured. What makes your Virgo grin like a child? A little token is all they need, Virgo just wants to know they are appreciated, and that you “get” them.


      Libra is another zodiac sign ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and money. And so Libra really likes their pretty things too. The more bling the better for Libra! But Libra is also an intellectual as the Cardinal Air Sign, and so gadget related items or gaming devices or games are big winners for Libra. And don’t be afraid to ask Libra for a list. They don’t mind not being surprised on the holidays, and are thrilled if you get the gift just right. Literature is a great gift for Libra as is anything that comes on paper, like tickets to their favorite ballet or concert. Libra likes unique experiences over the holidays that don’t necessarily come in a box. Creativity is a big winner with Libra!


      Scorpio is the Fixed Water Sign and thus ruled by the heart. Scorpio usually doesn’t want anything specific for the holidays and feels greedy asking. All Scorpio wants is to feel the love. Finding ways to tap into the heart of the Scorpio will be the way to make their heart sing this holiday. Something small that tells Scorpio how you feel about them or makes them feel loved goes a long way. And Scorpio is one zodiac sign that loves home made or hand made gifts from people they love. They are the ones with the nightstand sand mantels filled with Christmas crafts from the kids for decades. Make something unique and just for your favorite Scorpio and they will be bragging about how awesome you are for holidays to come. Gifts that send Scorpio to the shores or on the water are also great gifts for Scorpio.


      As the Mutable Fire Sign, Sagittarius is one of the adventurers of the zodiac. And they are ruled by Jupiter and this are always actively curious about the world. Travel gift cards are a great gift for a Sag, as are any items they can use on their next road trip, like a designer carry on or travel accessory. Sag is a fun one but don’t let their fun side fool you into thinking they aren’t thinkers. Books on the mysteries of life or a DVD on their favorite passions will also go far with Sagittarius.


      Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth Sign and the sign that launches Winter. Capricorn is the leader of the pack in many ways, and will appreciate gifts that appreciate this. As an Earth Sign Capricorn is a hard worker and sometimes even married to their job. Gifts that make this easier for them or lighten their load are always appreciated by Capricorn. A maid service for a week or a weekend road trip away from the grind is a gift that will wow Capricorn. And, because Capricorn works so hard they do like their pretty things. Cashmere is a favorite of Capricorn, and cinnamon and Earthy tones warm them right up!


      Aquarius is the Fixed Air Sign ruled by the out of the box planet Uranus. So gifts that explore the quirky and unconventional side of Aquarius will surely grant some wishes. Aquarius is usually an intellect, and the written word goes very far with them. A book lovers package will be adored by the Aquarius who will be so flattered that you realize how smart they are. Your Aquarius has a unique side to them that not many see. A gift that celebrates their inner quirks or nerdy genius is what makes an Aquarius wishes come true. Turquoise or blue and anything that relates to the blue throat chakra for communication are also great gifts for Aquarius.


      Pisces is the Mutable Water Sign and one of the most emotional zodiac signs of them all. But Pisces doesn’t show it the same way other Water Signs do. Pisces unloads their emotions creatively which is why so many of them are writers, dancers, artists, or musicians. Your Pisces has this side too even if they have a different kind of day job. A gift that gives Pisces another opportunity to use creativity as an outlet will go a long way. A new journal or new paint palette will certainly make some Pisces wishes come true. Pisces loves the arts, and so tickets to the ballet, a musical, or a rock concert are also big wishes coming true for Pisces.

      And there you have it! Your wish list and holiday gift giving guide for all zodiac signs. You don’t have to break the bank to make wishes come true this holiday season. All you need to know to make your giftee exclaim “Wow!” over the holidays is right here. Did we miss any? Do you need more ideas of gift giving for your favorite zodiac sign? Let us know a little bit more about them in the comments and we will see how we can help you make their Christmas wishes come true! What is your sign and what is on your wish list this year?



      Whew! As if Scorpio season wasn’t intense and passionate enough already, we have Venus moving into Scorpio on November 21st, and for all you lovebirds, it’s time to brace yourself!

      In fact, everyone might want to think about bracing themselves, not just the lovebirds, because Venus affects all of our relationships, not just our romantic ones.

      She also affects our creative passion and love of beauty. So expect some sudden interest in macabre art or creative projects that involve digging beneath the surface. You may be drawn to wearing dark colors, and you may even favor makeup of the sultry, mysterious kind.

      So what’s Venus in Scorpio all about, really?

      About Venus in Scorpio

      Passionate, intense, loyal, jealous, possessive, highly sexual – that just about sums Venus in Scorpio, and if you are one yourself or you have been in a relationship with one, you’ll be nodding your head and saying, “Oh yes!

      In astrology, Venus is the planet that rules over all matters of love, truth, beauty, and sensuality.

      Your Venus placement in your natal chart is one of the more important placements and can give you insight into how you love and how you connect within and to relationships. Venus is also the planet of pleasure and concerns itself with all the pleasing activities and experiences in life.

      Scorpio is known for its air of mystery, its magnetic draw towards the hidden and deeper truths of life, passionate romance, secrecy, and jealousy. Scorpio is an intense sign, and that intensity is palpable when the pleasure-seeking planet of Venus passes through this constellation.

      As such, Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, which means she is not fully comfortable there. The planet of love feels restricted in Scorpio’s jealous and intense energy. This can make for rollercoaster relationships with these people – they love with phenomenal passion, and when things are good, they are really, really good, but when things are bad, they are … well, just run.

      How Venus in Scorpio Affects the Signs

      Water Signs

      Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will feel the intensity of Venus in Scorpio more than other signs (especially Scorpio themselves). This is also especially potent if you have Scorpio Rising or Venus in Scorpio as your placement).

      Fire Signs

      Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will experience the passionate side of Venus in Scorpio, especially Aries, which shares the same ruler as Scorpio, Mars.

      Earth Signs

      Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn need to be careful not to get swept away in all the intensity because their instinct may be to avoid it entirely. This will prove difficult as Venus in Scorpio does not like being avoided and ignored – everything has to come out into the open, or there may be a price to pay!

      Air Signs

      Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will likely fare the best under this season because they can rationalize the intensity better than others. Rather than get overly swept up in emotions, their linear thinking can inject some much-needed mental stability.

      What to Expect When Venus Enters Scorpio

      During Venus in Scorpio season, one thing you have to be careful of is the negative aspects of Scorpio’s personality: jealousy and possessiveness.

      This is no time to be playing games or making your lover jealous on purpose. Venus in Scorpio does not tolerate rivals and if Scorpio feels their affection is under threat, out comes the stinger. Instead, tread carefully, watch your words and be open and honest. Venus in Scorpio values honesty above all else.

      This is also a time to keep an eye on your mood. While Scorpio is not as moody as fellow Water sign, Cancer; Venus in Scorpio transit can generate dark and suspicious moods, especially where love is concerned. Accusations of infidelity may be more common and it is important to be more reassuring and patient during this season to counter any negative feelings.

      Expect revelations of all kinds in relationships during Venus in Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign that tends to drag what is hidden out into the open and this can be challenging for some. On the other hand, it paves the way for much stronger relationships and closer bonds.

      This is also a time for incredible passion and hot times between the sheets! If you’re looking to spice up your relationship, Venus in Scorpio season is the time to do it. This is also a time when you are at your most attractive, especially if there is strong Scorpio in your chart. Scorpio is the sign of sex and bestows strong sexual energy; so expect the sparks to fly!

      Scorpio Intensity Intensifies

      Scorpios are associated with the deep sting of the scorpion’s tail. As a Water sign, the Scorpio may not initially appear to be ferocious or emotional, but once crossed, a Scorpio knows how to hold onto a grudge.

      So, you may feel more determined to win the fight than usual. Just remember, the ultimate goal is to find communication and compromise within a healthy relationship. If you find yourself feeling a bit testier during this transit, try to take a step back from the situation and remind yourself that these intense emotions are temporary.

      While Scorpio intensity can be challenging to deal with, it also brings great reward. Heightened passion has never been so profound. Magical memories can be made during Venus in Scorpio, declarations of love will never be forgotten and sex is very exciting at this time of year. Scorpio is a sign that likes to explore in this area and things are guaranteed never to be dull.

      Relationship-wise, jealousy is the main issue. People are more suspicious than usual and blow-ups can occur if people are not upfront. The key to dealing with relationships at this time is to stay calm and be as grounded as possible. Speak straight and don’t talk in riddles. The more upfront you are, the more you are able to simmer Scorpio energy if it starts to get out of hand.

      Responsibilities Get Personal

      Venus also rules over money, so this influence is very likely to affect our financial situations as well. With many people worried about their finances right now, this is a very good transit for us.

      Venus in Scorpio gives us the motivation and opportunity to get our financial situations organized and in order. This transit may be an excellent time to create a budget for yourself – you may even find help in the form of an app on your smartphone. While budgeting may not be fun, you’ll feel much more relaxed once you know that you’re on top of your finances.

      Venus in Scorpio values passion so you may find that passion is linked to your day to day life; in other words, if you’re tired after a hard day, rather than sitting and plonking yourself on the sofa, you may find a sensual bubble bath works far more in your favor; or a planned romantic dinner with you and your beloved.

      This is when Scorpio energy is at its best – when it lights the flames of passion!

      Venus in Scorpio Brings Passion & Love

      After reading this, you may be thinking, “Oh gosh, things are about to heat up and I think I’d rather just curl up in a ball for a while until the storm blows over!”

      But remember, for all the intensity and possible conflict Venus in Scorpio brings, it also brings passion and profound love. It also brings things that are hidden to the surface and in the long-term, this is always for the best (think the Tower card in the Tarot!)

      Really, as with all transits, how you deal with them is down to you.

      Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of how you can ride the waves of love this Venus in Scorpio season. Just keep an eye on jealous or possessive tendencies and focus on the magical aspects! Navigating Scorpio is not always easy, but the rewards can be truly magnificent.

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      Each month, we experience the refreshing and transformative energy of the New Moon. And each month, that magical, mystical New Moon takes place in a different sign of the zodiac, meaning that it brings with it its own unique and exhilarating energy.

      We’re here today to talk about the New Moon in Sagittarius that is fast approaching – what will this energy bring into your life, and how can you be sure to make the most of it? If you’ve been waiting for a time to kickstart your motivation and allow abundance into your life, then this is the New Moon you need most!

      What’s even more exciting is that this New Moon is paired with a Solar eclipse, also taking place in the sign of Sagittarius. That’s a lot of bright, bubbly energy to take in right before the holidays.

      So, if you’re ready to learn more about the one-of-a-kind energy that accompanies a New Moon in the bubbly, optimistic sign of Sagittarius, keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

      What the New Moon in Sagittarius Means

      While each New Moon brings with it the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and start manifesting your most important goals and dreams for that month, every New Moon brings its own individual energy due to the astrological sign that it transits through.

      This month, the New Moon occurs in the Fire sign, Sagittarius. Fire signs – Aries, Leo, and Sag – are known for their passionate energy, creativity, and boisterous personalities. When a New Moon occurs in a Fire sign, you can expect a certain amount of excitement and intensity in the air, burning like a crackling bonfire.

      This also means that the Fire signs of the zodiac are likely to feel this energy the most, amplifying their already wild nature.

      Sagittarius is also a Mutable sign, a sign known for its flexibility and ability to adapt to change. This is a perfect energy to pair with the inherent change and transformation associated with the New Moon.

      The New Moon is also cozy in the sign of Sagittarius because New Moons are a time to think about the future and make your monthly wishes to the stars. Similarly, Sagittarius is a sign symbolized by the archer, who aims his arrows towards his target – goals, and dreams – and doesn’t let go until the targets been hit. You may feel more motivated than ever to go after what you want and work on manifesting your deepest desires.

      This sign is also ruled by the expansive, benevolent planet, Jupiter. Jupiter looks to shower us with blessings, making this a particularly beneficial New Moon for making wishes and manifesting. Jupiter wants your worlds, both physical and mental, to expand outward and take up more space in the Universe.

      Sagittarius rules the 9th house, the House of Philosophy in astrology. This means that your intellect and connection to spirituality will be heightened during this New Moon, making it an especially effective transit for Moon rituals. Break out the metaphysical tools and connect to your spirituality to deepen your connection to the energy of the Universe.

      The New Moon Combined With a Solar Eclipse

      During a Solar eclipse, the Moon is positioned exactly between the Sun and the Earth. Solar eclipses only occur during a New Moon, and therefore they are connected to the same ideas of new beginnings and possibilities as a typical New Moon.

      It’s important to keep an open mind and an open heart during Solar eclipses, as the energy can feel quite chaotic. This particular transit may open new doors or bring unexpected changes in your life that feel challenging or distressing in the moment – but the end result will be worth any frustration you may experience.

      This is a time for some major growth in your life, especially with both the New Moon and the Sun being in the expansive sign of Sagittarius. Even if the energy makes you feel a bit frazzled, try to remind yourself that it will all be worth it in the end, as abundance is surely flowing your way.

      Sagittarius New Moon & Solar Eclipse Themes

      The main themes you’ll notice during this New Moon, and Solar eclipse in Sagittarius are:

      • New beginnings
      • Abundance
      • Opportunity
      • Transformation
      • New possibilities
      • Manifesting
      • Embracing chaotic energy
      • Enhancing passion
      • Amplifying creativity
      • Improving mood
      • Optimism
      • An eye on the future
      • Hope

      While you may experience one, two, or even all of these themes, how this transit affects you personally has a lot to do with your birth chart – specifically, where Sagittarius falls on your birth chart.

      Read this one next: New Moon Cleansing Rituals for Your Zodiac Sign

      What the New Moon in Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Means for You

      Although your birth chart plays a big role in how this transit will affect you, there are a few things you can expect. New Moons always encourage us to turn over a new leaf, as they signal the beginning of a new lunar cycle.

      This energy is amplified by the fact that this is the last month of the calendar year, the time when we collectively look towards the future and feel a sense of wonder and possibility for the new year.

      And what’s more, is that this New Moon not only accompanies a Solar eclipse – a time of change and new opportunity – and both the Sun and the Moon are in the future-oriented, driven sign of Sagittarius.

      All of this adds up to a month of excitement and hope for the future, a time when we imagine all of the possibilities of life and determine which goals and dreams we want to begin manifesting into our lives. And while this entire month will be powerful for attracting abundance and blessings, the New Moon and Solar eclipse are particularly potent.

      Remember that while the New Moon Solar eclipse occurs on December 14th, the energy can be felt for about 48 hours before and after this transit occurs. That gives you nearly a full work week to plan your New Moon wishes and practice your rituals.

      Who Will Be Affected Most?

      If you don’t know how prominently Sagittarius is placed in your birth chart, you may be wondering how strongly you’ll feel the effects of this magical transit. Fortunately, this will be a powerful transit for everyone on the planet – not just those with prominent Sag placements in their natal chart.

      However, Fire signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius – are likely to feel this energy more powerfully than other signs. That applies to your primal triad, or your Sun sign, Rising sign, and Moon signs.

      For instance, someone with a Leo Sun, a Moon in Aries, and a Sagittarius rising will be buzzing with electricity during this New Moon Solar eclipse. But the fun isn’t just for the Fire signs. We can all expect a boost of creativity, passion, momentum, and sociability.

      How to Get Lucky With the Sagittarius New Moon & Solar Eclipse

      Now that we know more about this transit, you may be wondering how to make the most of this concentrated, dynamic energy. We’ve compiled a list of some simple tips and tricks that you can follow to make this the most powerful New Moon Solar eclipse you’ve ever encountered.

      Aim High

      Sagittarius is known as the archer, the centaur who never leaves their abode without their bow and arrow intact. When they see a goal they want to reach, they keep their eye on the prize, and their arrow pointed at the target.

      Sag is not a sign that simply takes what it can get – it aims high and doesn’t give up until the prize has been won. That is one lesson for you during this New Moon Solar eclipse – set your sights high.

      This sign is concerned with the big picture, the end over the means. Sag wants to think about things on a grand scale – forgetting about settling for second best: Sag asks you to aim for the stars and to avoid even thinking about lowering that arrow to an easier, more attainable goal.

      If you know what you want, this is the time to ask the Universe for it. Be as specific and precise as possible, and don’t even think about settling for less.

      Let Optimism Rise

      There is no room for Negative Nelly’s in the world of the bright and bubbly Sagittarius. Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius knows that the world is endless and expansive, and anything can happen within this unknowable realm. Sag also recognizes that like attracts like, meaning that focusing on the negative will only bring about more negativity to focus on.

      That’s why it’s crucial that you take this transit as a sign, a beacon calling your spirit to head away from the darkness and towards the light. Your willingness to practice positivity may be the catalyst for all of your dreams coming true. When you set your sights on what you want and trust that the Universe will provide, it becomes much easier to trust any setbacks that occur along the way.

      Think about it like this: it can be very frustrating when you’re running late to work. But you never know when a guardian angel is preventing you from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, protecting you from an accident. When you trust the Universe, you understand that everything happens for a reason – and when you don’t get what you want in the moment, it may be the Universe protecting you.

      So, take this transit as the sign you’ve been looking for that the Universe cares for you and is working to bring all of the positivity and abundance in your life that you can handle.

      Learn more about the impact of an eclipse: The Ultimate Guide to Lunar & Solar Eclipses

      Luck Be a Lady

      As Jupiter is a planet of benevolence and expansion, it brings a bit of luck into our lives. If Saturn is like the stern father of the zodiac, Jupiter is like the aunt or uncle that always comes over to your house bearing gifts and positive energy.

      That means that during all of Sagittarius season, and particularly during this New Moon Solar eclipse in Sag, your luck will be looking up. This amplifies the results of any manifestation work you do during this transit.

      Wishing for an increase in luck right now sends a message to the Universe, letting the celestial energy surrounding you know that you’re ready to receive abundance and blessings.

      Be Specific

      When it comes to manifestation work, we often think of things in vague terms:

      • “I want to be happy.”
      • “I want to attract a new car.”
      • “I want to have a job that I love.”

      But the Universe is more informed and willing to play along when you’re specific with your desires. Instead of asking for a new car, ask for the exact make and model you desire, down to the interior color and the price you want to pay. Instead of asking to be happy, think about the traits that would make you feel happier, like increased confidence or thicker skin.

      Being specific about your wishes communicates to the Universe that you know exactly what you want, signaling that you’ve given it thought and truly made up your mind.

      Express Your Inner Moon Child

      We all have a Moon child, a free spirit, living within our bodily vessel. Are you letting your Moon child come out and play? Are you expressing yourself in bold and creative ways?

      This particular New Moon is all about embracing that carefree part of yourself and letting it step out into the world – a feat that may be harder for some people, like Earth and Water signs.

      Sagittarius loves to explore the worlds both outside and inside ourselves, and this New Moon encourages you to do the same. This is the time to let your inner Moon child step out into the daylight and guide you towards adventure and creative self-expression.

      Focus on Loyalty

      This year has been a real challenge, and you may feel like a part of yourself has been stripped away. You may have even given too much of yourself and your energy away, trying to improve the energy of the world surrounding you – a noble cause, to be sure, but one that can leave you feeling drained and emotionally exhausted.

      As a Fire sign, Sagittarius is more aligned with self than other signs, encouraging you to be loyal to yourself. This is a time to think about your needs, your desires, your deepest wishes.

      When you are loyal to yourself during a New Moon Solar eclipse such as this one approach, your manifestation work is amplified even further.

      Make sure to check out: What is Manifestation? & How to Use It

      Explore What Excites You

      Sag is a sign of passion, and the motto of Sagittarius could easily be, “More is more.”

      Sag wants to explore it all, see it all, taste it all, feel it all – and have it all. This sign urges you to locate and follow your bliss, to spend time with the activities and subjects that spark a fire of passion within yourself.

      This also ties into Sag’s intense focus on the big picture. Are you participating in activities that will bring you long-term joy or new skills that will last you for years to come?

      Stroke Your Inner Fire

      While the New Moon is a time of new beginnings, it also brings both literal and metaphorical darkness. The Moon is typically invisible to the naked eye during this transit, which means the night seems even darker – much as our emotions might.

      You’re called to stoke your internal fire to bring light into this lunar phase. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and the flames of your spirit are needed more than ever right now.

      Fortunately, Sagittarius season awakens a light in you that may have been dampened by the waters of Scorpio season, so we all feel a bit brighter right now.

      Do whatever you need to do to make sure that your flame is shining a light in your own life.

      Get Ready for This Exciting Transit!

      This is an exciting transit that will give you the opportunity to begin planting the seeds of tomorrow. How you treat this powerful New Moon and Solar eclipse can determine how smoothly the next year of your life flows.

      So, pay attention to your deepest desires and be genuine to your truest self right now. The New Moon and Solar eclipse in Sagittarius have the potential to shift things around and transform your life into the life you’ve always dreamed of.

      What will you wish for this New Moon Solar eclipse?



      We’ve all had moments where someone has hurt or disappointed us so deeply that we feel we can never forgive them. While it’s true that some things might be unforgivable for you, based on your own personal views, ethics and expectations, some things can be recovered from, if we only receive the acknowledgement or regret we are looking for from the offending person.

      With Venus entering Pisces, we face a time of forgiveness and love, softening our resolve to remain angry or to hold grudges. Venus is the planet of relationships and resilience, while compassionate Pisces displays an innate ability to understand, forgive and move on.

      The road to forgiveness involves a few things: You need to gain perspective on what you are feeling and get to the heart of it. On the other hand, trying to see the point of view of the person who has let you down can be immensely helpful on the road to understanding. As the saying goes, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

      It’s about letting go of your own feelings long enough to listen to what happened, and to rise above your own pain to give someone a break for making a poor choice. There is personal power in forgiveness as well, for it means you are willing to face negativity, purge it from your life and decide to not be a victim to what happened. It’s all in your hands.

      What we can learn from Venus in Pisces

      Venus represents harmony, refinement and the urge to sympathize. She encourages us to see the beauty in life, and to take a view of solidarity, as there is power in numbers. At the end of the day, Venus wants us to move towards love and peaceful existence, as ugliness such as anger or disharmony is repulsive to her nature.

      Receptive Pisces seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to the emotions of others. Empathy differs from sympathy because with this ability, you are not just compassionate towards their sadness, happiness, anger – you actually seem to absorb the same feelings they are having.

      Have you found yourself coming to tears when you observe a friend suffering from a devastating break up? You could be having a totally normal day, and after you see her, you suddenly feel distraught, deeply sad and emotionally exhausted. If you find your moods changing on a dime when in the presence of others, you are experiencing empathy.

      It’s pretty easy to see how much more understanding we could be of each other if we truly put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, but first, we have to name what we’re feeling so we know how to proceed. It doesn’t matter how easy it seems if we can’t even get past what happened. Which leads us to perspective.


      When someone hurts you, lets you down or even crushes you with their behavior, you need to let yourself go through your initial reaction first. Cry it out, yell and scream, talk to someone, hit stuff with pillows, have an angry shower – whatever you need to get the poison out of your system.

      Get a handle on what you are really feeling, because, “unforgiving,” just means you aren’t going to let it go, it doesn’t help explain the emotions you’re going through. Try to put a name on exactly how you are feeling, because that can help you figure out how best to heal.

      Hurt/Anger – This is a tough one, as perceived betrayal can be hard to get over. This can be described as, “I can’t believe you’d do this to me!” Another description is a violation of the vulnerability we showed someone when we gave them our trust. How can you count on them if they’d callously hurt you or go against something they know you feel strongly about?

      Humiliated/Ashamed – Did someone pull a stunt that completely embarrassed you, or set you back in some way or another? Maybe a trusted colleague threw you under the bus in a big meeting, or took credit for your work in a way you can’t prove. Perhaps you’ve discovered something huge that a loved one kept from you, and not in a surprise party kind of way.

      This one is tough too, because it could lead to questions about a loved one’s destructive habits, or mean that you both have to face some recurring issues that are only seeming to escalate.

      Sore Ego/Disrespected – It’s hard to even think about anyone but ourselves when our egos are stung. “How dare you!” we think. We feel tricked, foolish and taken advantage of, and it’s an awful feeling to go through. This is the one where we blame ourselves for not knowing better, or not seeing the signs.

      Whatever you are going through, remember that blaming yourself is a sure way to live with ongoing negativity, even guilt. Part of forgiveness is to forgive yourself for whatever your part was in the situation. If you don’t, you can be starting down a path of bitterness and resentment that can scar you and your relationships for years to come.

      You don’t have to accept the behavior of the person, but you can decide on whatever level you feel comfortable to at least come to terms with how this has changed your lives, and what you need to do to move forward.


      You’ve never hurt anyone’s feelings, right? Making mistakes is not something you ever have to worry about, and every decision in your life has been solid and fruitful. Let’s be real, everyone screws up. We all make terrible decisions at some point, and often someone else bears the brunt of our frustration, drunkenness and thoughtless statements.

      How have you felt when you’ve dishonored, disrespected or really hurt the feelings of someone you care about? Have you begged their forgiveness, tried to explain what happened in hopes that they’ll hear you out? Felt horrible when they shut you out or worse – when they start to look at you differently and pull away from you?

      If you’re ready to try to untangle what happened, start by thinking about the last time you did something really dumb you had to explain your way out of. What kind of treatment did you hope for? Did they give you a chance to figure out why you did what you did? Being at the point where you consider forgiveness is good – it means you’re open to respectfully hearing them out.


      If we can first separate what happened from how we feel about it, we’re making a step in the right direction. For fire and water signs, it can be hard to pull out of how you feel in order to look at the situation as an impersonal problem to solve. Your emotions are so intense, it will be hard for you to untangle your reaction enough to approach the situation unbiased.

      An apology can go a long way, and the outcome will likely be different if you see that someone understands they’ve done wrong, clearly feel horrible and want to make it up to you, than if they show no remorse, are a repeat offender or try to pass the blame off on someone other than themselves.

      For you, it might just take time to figure out if you care about them more than you do about protecting what it is they damaged in order to start down the road to forgiveness. At the end of the day, your mental and physical health is what’s most important. Listen to your heart and your gut, and give yourself as much time as you need to sort everything out.

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      2020 has certainly been a year of ups and downs so far, and chances are you’ve been frantically going through your crystal collection to help you get through these turbulent times. Maybe you’ve been wearing your rose quartz pendant to help promote Universal love or your tiger’s eye bracelet to bring you greater courage.

      Crystals are wonderful things.

      To tap into the magic of a crystal is to tap into the essence of the Earth itself. We have crystals for all different things: crystals for healing, crystals for traveling, crystals for strength, crystals for love, crystals for wisdom – and so forth.

      We want to make 2021 a bit easier for you when it comes to choosing the perfect crystal for you. That’s not to say that 2021 won’t come without its own challenges (though it’ll likely be a case of “building” things up again, as implied by the Year of the Ox), but it’s good to have a crystal that works with your own personal energy throughout the year.

      Life Path Numbers & Crystals

      Your Life Path number is a major clue when it comes to the best crystal that works for you!

      The Life Path number is all about the soul, and your soul knows a little bit more about the direction your life is going in. Therefore, it’s important to find the crystal that will work best with your soul. At the same time, you want a crystal that will work with the energies of 2021, which will center around building, rebuilding, and repairing.

      To find out your Life Path number, use our numerology calculator before reading ahead!

      Your Lucky Crystal for 2021, Based on Your Life Path Number

      Life Path Number 1: Citrine

      Life Path 1 is all about independence, determination, and leadership.

      In the determined and focused year of 2021, you need a crystal that emphasizes your natural leadership qualities so you can get the job done and inspire others around you. Citrine is perfect for you. It promotes motivation and self-confidence, encouraging your individual self-expression.

      How to Use Citrine

      Wear this crystal around your wrist as a bracelet. Keep a stone in your pocket, especially to meditate with if you find yourself lacking confidence or experiencing uncertainty.

      Life Path Number 2: Sodalite

      As a Life Path 2, you’re sensitive and diplomatic with a kind heart.

      2021 is going to require you to speak out more and use your voice. This is why sodalite is your lucky crystal for this year. Sodalite provides you with the confidence to speak out and helps to open up your Throat chakra. 2021 will be a time of bringing your own personal truth into the world, and sodalite can help you achieve this.

      How to Use Sodalite

      This is best worn around the neck next to the Throat chakra to stimulate your voice and bring greater self-confidence. Use particularly when you have a presentation to deliver or important topics to discuss.

      Life Path Number 3: Shungite

      Life Path 3 is all about networking, communicating, and being inquisitive.

      2021 may see you being more curious than usual and exploring all kinds of new interests, which is wonderful. At the same time, you must maintain a sense of grounding. That’s why the grounding crystal, shungite, is perfect for you.

      Connected to the Root chakra, it helps to ground you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, ensuring you have a good balance between the physical world and the spiritual world.

      How to Use Shungite

      Carrying a piece with you is the best way to harness the energy of this stone. It is also effective to place a piece on your desk when working or keeping by your bed.

      Life Path Number 4: Tiger’s Eye

      As a Life Path 4, you are giving, caring, and compassionate. In 2021, you may find your nurturing and caring qualities going into overdrive.

      Therefore, you’re going to need your strength. Inner strength, that is, and what better crystal to help you along than the mighty tiger’s eye. This crystal bestows you with courage, strength, and resilience, no matter the situation.

      How to Use Tiger’s Eye

      This is best worn as a bracelet around the wrist or a pendant around the neck ( and also looks very pretty!).

      Life Path Number 5: Moss Agate

      Life Path 5 brings you creativity, mental stimulation, and a desire to get to the truth.

      In 2021, you may find yourself up against all kinds of opinions and different types of people as you navigate yourself on your soul journey. Moss agate is the perfect crystal for you as it promotes tolerance and corrects any imbalances between the right and left brain, enabling you to see things from all different perspectives.

      How to Use Moss Agate

      It is good to carry a piece of moss agate around with you. If you find yourself being particularly stubborn or unwilling to listen to others, take some time out with this crystal and meditate with it for five minutes.

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      Life Path Number 6: Carnelian

      As a Life Path 6, you are responsible and focused. 2021 has the type of energy that works very well with your own, as it is all about building and grafting.

      You may find yourself becoming a little one-track minded, though, which is why carnelian is the perfect crystal for you. This fun orange crystal stimulates your passion and creativity, so if things get a little dull or monotonous, this crystal will help brighten your day and keep you looking on the bright side of life!

      How to Use Carnelian

      Carnelian is best worn around the neck. It is also good to keep a piece under your pillow to keep your thoughts positive while you sleep and carried around in your pocket for you to meditate on whenever you feel down.

      Life Path Number 7: Selenite

      As a Life Path 7, you are balanced, intuitive, and harmony-loving. 2021 may present its own challenges for you, and you don’t do too well with conflict.

      Therefore, selenite is the luckiest crystal for you. This crystal has a powerful feminine energy that is connected to the Moon. It enables you to tap into the Divine Feminine and bring inner balance and peace to yourself.

      How to Use Selenite

      This is a wonderful crystal to carry around with you and meditate with when you feel particularly stressed. When used in conjunction with the New or Full Moon, it is especially potent, bringing you greater balance and aiding you in manifestation rituals.

      Life Path Number 8: Rose Quartz

      As a Life Path 8, you are ambitious, strong, and influential.

      2021 enables you to move forward with long-term plans, but you have to be careful of being a little ruthless in your endeavors! Rose quartz is your lucky crystal this year as it helps promote universal love, as well as love for yourself.

      If you find yourself feeling disconnected from others or the world, use rose quartz to help you get by.

      How to Use Rose Quartz

      Wear this as a bracelet or around the neck. This helps to radiate the energy of rose quartz to others. You can also keep a piece under your pillow to help promote good dreams.

      Don’t forget to check in on your free daily crystal reading throughout 2021 as well!

      Life Path 9: Preseli Bluestone

      As a Life Path 9, you are an idealist and a humanitarian with a strong connection to the spiritual world.

      2021 may involve transcendence for you and out-of-the-ordinary experiences. To enhance your natural intuition, Preseli bluestone is your special crystal. This crystal is made from the ancient rocks at Stonehenge, which is known for its magical properties.

      This crystal can grant you greater awareness and strengthen your natural gifts.

      How to Use Preseli Bluestone

      This crystal is best used meditating with when you have some quiet time. This is a powerful crystal that requires your concentration. Play some soft music and sit in a dimly-lit room while meditating with Preseli to reap the benefit of its properties.

      Wishing You Luck for 2021!

      Make sure to get your lucky crystal before the end of the year if you haven’t already got one in your crystal collection!

      Remember, the Life Path number is like a blueprint, a map that helps navigate your soul’s journey. Souls like crystals, and one thing we all need is a lucky one to help us through the coming year.

      What does your lucky crystal say to you? Do you already have one in your collection? Let this crystal be a clue as to what to expect in the coming year, and remember, your crystal is there to help and guide you!

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      As we wind down another year, we look ahead to a new one. It’s the same cycle of endings and beginnings that we experience every year. In fact we experience different cycles of endings and beginnings all year long. Some are more epic than others. The end of the year always seems to be an epic ending, and an epic beginning for all Earthlings. And it’s an exciting one too! A brand new year stretching out before us like the clean blank slate that it is. With this blank slate, you can write whatever you want on it! What do you want to write on your tabula rasa of 2016?

      Of course you may pause at the very mention. We all do. And the reason for that is uncertainty. So many questions lie before us with a brand new year. And as you know, when it comes to uncertainty, that’s where we come in. We want to be sure that you have the most spectacular ending to 2015, that paves the way for a very bright and happy spectacular beginning to 2016. And the way to do that is through of course, answers from astrology. That is what we do! That is why we get up in the mornings every single morning of every single year. And we know there is a LOT on tap for 2016 for all Earthlings. There is no way that we could fit into one blog feature everything that you need to know to banish uncertainty for 2016. So once again, we are going to do our year-end wrap up in two blog features. Today will be part one, and we will talk about the transits from astrology that are going to be in play for all zodiac signs in the year ahead. There are some big ones as usual! Next time we talk about helping you prepare for 2016, we will make sure that every single zodiac sign has their own special road map. Are you ready to say goodbye to the uncertainty of 2016? Here we go! A Happy New Year is ON! Bring it, 2016, we are ready to help you face anything!

      1. Jupiter in Virgo inspires the health fanatic.

      Have you been putting off health matters? If so, it’s time to switch gears on that. If it’s a little thing or if it’s a big thing, just deal with it before September 9, 2016 and you will be in good shape. Literally! We don’t comment too much on health matters here at Astrology Answers. We prefer to leave that to your medical professionals as they have the real expertise. We are not medical professionals and although we can give you a lot of answers, we can’t make anybody healthy again. Sorry for that report! The truth is though, we can help you empower yourself to make the best and the healthiest choices of 2016. And the astrology transit of Jupiter in Virgo can help you do just that. We’ve already talked a little bit about this one as it began in August 2015. It’s a year long transit that lasts until September 9, 2016, and one where you can use to catch up on all of your health stuff.

      Make sure your immunizations are in check, make sure you are eating well. Of course it is okay to binge a little over the holidays, we all do it. That’s what the holidays are for! But when it comes down to the nitty gritty once 2016 hits, start taking care of the nitty gritty. Jupiter in Virgo will help tremendously here. Remember that your soul may be in fantastic shape. But your physical body that is used to carry that soul in this lifetime needs to be taken care of tool. Make sure you are getting your rest, and getting in whatever activity that you can. With Jupiter in Virgo, it’s time to work smart, not hard. And your body will thank you for it. You can’t conquer the world when you have the flu or an ailment that takes you out for a few days. So make sure that you don’t. Take care of all those details like washing your hands regularly, eating right, and getting a full night’s sleep. That will take you farther towards success than burning any midnight oil ever will. And, if you are waiting for some health answers this year, Jupiter in Virgo will help you clear all of that up! Say no to stress and take care of you and the rest will fall into place.

      2. Mars in Scorpio reaps financial booms!

      Money is looking good for all zodiac signs this year, especially if you are following your hidden drives, passions, and motivations. Mars in Scorpio is the reason for this. This is the planet of drive and passion located in the zodiac sign that is fixated to the point of obsession on success. Scorpios in particular are in for a boom year when it comes to money, as are other Fixed Signs, Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus. You can ensure this financial boom finds its way to you by taking care of details early in the year. Mars in Scorpio runs from February 20 to September 17, 2016. That means between January 1 and February 20, line up some ducks for yourself.

      Balance the checkbook, make some investments if you can, and put in the time to do some networking. As well the more you educate yourself on finances, through self help books or by consulting a professional, the more you will learn some money savvy secrets. Scorpio is all about the secrets. So expect a few money surprises to make themselves known to you this year! Those will manifest in ways you are not expecting, and will be big ones if you start laying the groundwork now. Try finishing December 2015 with some money still in the bank. I know, it’s Christmas, and easier said than done. But if you can start 2016 with a little bit in the wallet, you are already off to a great start. How will you prepare for this financial boom?

      3. Travel is a must, thank you Saturn in Sagittarius.

      Saturn entered Sagittarius and left the intensity of Scorpio earlier this Fall. Scorpio was pretty happy about that one! Scorpio is finally feeling some relief there as are all Earthlings with Saturn in Sagittarius. This is an exciting transit where the planet of responsibilities and restrictions enters the zodiac sign of fun, fire, and adventure. Travelling is always favored when Sagittarius energy is in play. And so this transit is telling you to take at least one vacation this year. Start saving for it now before you rebut me. It doesn’t take a lot of money to do a road trip or a fun summer vacation. And for some, travel will reap financial rewards and connections that you never expected. You may even land a job or get a job offer while you are taking that awesome vacation. With Saturn in Sagittarius, rewards are yours for the taking with travel. So travel you must! Where do you think you are going to go?

      4. Mercury retrograde says, just the facts ma’am, just the facts.

      We are starting 2016 off on a crusty note with a Mercury retrograde chiming in right on January 5. Mark these Mercury retrograde dates down as there will be 4 this year, and they are all hitting the Earth Signs.

      • January 5, 2016 to January 25, 2016: Capricorn

      • April 28, 2016 to May 22, 2016: Taurus

      • August 30, 2016 to September 22, 2016: Virgo

      • December 19, 2016 to January 7, 2017: Capricorn

      Remember that Mercury is the planet of communication. He handles paperwork, short journeys, travel, and all gadgets related to all of these things. When retrograde, all of these areas slow down. So January is going to start off slow, and you shouldn’t be pushing too hard for too many things like contracts, legal matters, travel plans, or the investment of any gadgets that manage these things. Get those all done before January 5! And then relax for a bit in January resting up from the holidays. Remember that forcing anything during a retrograde is going to work against you. Instead use these periods to reflect, review, and remember all of the wonderful things in your life that are working or have worked well. Then, when Mercury goes direct again after these dates, it will be all systems go. We will cover these in more detail in features next year, but this is your heads up to get them on the calendar to remind you now!

      5. Eclipses that shake the status quo.

      We have two months where eclipse season will be in full gear in 2016. Those are March 2016 and September 2016. Big news and big shakeups will be arriving to all zodiac signs during these periods. There’s not really a whole lot you can do to expect the unexpected this year, but prepare by having all emotional matters handled well when this comes. And if you are hoping for a big change in your life next year, now you know what months that is most likely to happen. Eclipses are about information coming to light that help you reach abundance. They are very closely tied with karma. So if you have been sowing your karmic oats well, then these are going to be some very lucrative periods for you!

      In March, Pisces will be the zodiac sign that feels this the most, but fellow Water Signs, Cancer and Scorpio will also reap the benefits of this eclipse. No matter what zodiac sign you are though, we all are going to feel it. This eclipse season in March will be fantasy fueled with Pisces in play. Many Earthlings are going to have their biggest dreams come true! In September it will be Virgo’s turn to feel the eclipse change. And Virgo is the opposite of Pisces by being more reality based. So the fantasies from March eclipse season will manifest into realistic opportunities come the Fall. Dream a little dream this March and watch it turn into something big and beautiful by September! What are your biggest dreams for 2016?

      And these are really the only 5 key transits you need to be aware of before 2016. At the end of 2016 we are going to see Jupiter switch gears and move into Libra. 2016 then will end on a high note for lovers all across the globe. We’ll cover that and all of these transits in more detail when the time comes. For now, all you need to do is begin taking care of your health, prepare for a financial boom, and expect some big changes in the way of your biggest dreams and love affairs this year. Not bad for a blank slate of 2016, huh? We wish you all the very best in 2016. Be sure you stay tuned to see how these transits are going to impact all zodiac signs in our next 2016 forecast! What are your biggest dreams of 2016?



      Each month, we experience a new astrological season as the Sun moves into a different zodiac sign. As the Sun transits through each sign, the energy of the planet changes and ushers in new themes and information to discover.

      This time around, the Sun is moving into responsible, grounded Capricorn, helping us feel more motivated and goal-oriented than ever!

      The Sun moves through each of the 12 zodiac signs throughout the year. With each new astrological season comes new energy, a shift in consciousness, and a deeper connection to the themes that a particular sign possesses.

      Every astrological season has different themes, different energy, and a unique path to lead us down to bring us closer towards our biggest goals and dreams. Capricorn season is a particularly potent time of ambition and determination to get things done.

      Capricorn is an Earth sign, accompanied by the energy of hard work and a focus on our careers. So, if you’re ready to learn about this surge of motivation and how to make it work for you, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Capricorn season!

      The Meaning of the Sun in Capricorn

      As a new year approaches, Capricorn is that energy that guides us towards motivation and the endless possibilities that a new year can bring. In fact, Capricorn’s earthy energy may be the reason we get so motivated to make changes during the new year, as Capricorn reminds us of all the hard work that needs to be done to meet our goals.

      Capricorn’s grounded energy helps us focus on practical matters – those parts of our lives that are neither glamorous nor exciting, but that are necessary nonetheless.

      This may be why we are attracted to new workouts and dieting routines, new planners and notebooks to keep our thoughts and ideas organized, and a desire to turn over a new leaf when a new year approaches. It’s that ambitious energy of Capricorn that propels us forward into unfamiliar territory.

      However, like each zodiac sign under the Sun, Capricorn has both strengths and weaknesses.

      While you may feel more motivated than ever before, you might also feel more emotionally reserved, less able to connect with your friends, family, and loved ones. In fact, Capricorn can be so hyper-focused on career and success that personal relationships may suffer.

      Every sign has its own skills and its own blind spots, and we’re here today to help you understand both so that you can make the most of Capricorn season – accomplishing great things that bring you closer to your dreams while also maintaining your most precious connections.

      It’s important to find that balance between work and play, especially while Capricorn is in charge!

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      Capricorn Season Dates

      This year, the Sun moves into Capricorn on December 22nd, where it will remain until January 20th of 2021. We will also experience a New Moon in the sign of Capricorn on January 13th, further amplifying this energy.

      Capricorn Season Themes

      As an astrological sign, Capricorn may be the most associated with the certainty of success because a Capricorn is willing to do pretty much anything it takes to reach their goals. Capricorns will stop at nothing to get what they want – even if that sometimes means missing out on other opportunities.

      When the Sun is resting (or rather working) in Capricorn, it’s an excellent time to take a look at your long-term goals and what you could be doing right now to move closer towards them. The wonderful thing here is that Capricorn energy also clarifies what actionable steps are the most appropriate for helping you reach your goals.

      For instance, let’s say you’ve been dreaming of starting your own company.

      This astrological energy will propel you forward, helping you take the first steps toward your dream of owning a small (or big) business. Or, if you want to create a budget for yourself, Capricorn season is the perfect time to do so! Capricorn energy will help you understand where you’re overspending and how you can cut back.

      When it comes to connections, Capricorns are loyal to the bone – which is no coincidence, considering that Capricorn as a sign rules over the skeletal structure of the body.

      Capricorns will go hard for those they love, but they’re reserved regarding their emotions. Meaning that you may feel overwhelmed with love for your friends and family, but you may also feel incapable of sharing this love with them.

      This is a good time to stand back and observe the intentions of those around you, especially because you’re better able to detach yourself from your emotions under this planetary influence. It will be easier than ever to understand which of your connections deserve the time and energy you put into them. Those that do not are probably ready for you to release them, making room for new, more intimate, and symbiotic connections.

      There’s a comfort in Capricorn season because it’s so much easier to tend to the tasks that make our lives run more smoothly. Stability is the name of the game during Capricorn season, and these feelings of stability and security will help you gather even more trust in yourself – convincing yourself of your inevitable success.

      How to Make the Most of This Capricorn Season

      While the Sun in Sagittarius greeted us, we felt more alive, more outgoing, and excited about this thing called life – friendlier and more aligned with fun and adventure. However, when the Sun is in Capricorn, we feel the element of Earth grounding us and helping us connect more to rooted, earthy concepts such as responsibility, stability, and hard work.

      We are no longer as relaxed and concerned with enjoying life and more focused on doing the work it takes now to make life feel better, easier, and more enjoyable later.

      Furthermore, Sagittarius season shined a light of sociability on us last month. At the same time, Capricorn helps us determine which connections are worth the time, effort, and energy that we put into them. Because Capricorn helps you detach from your emotions, it’s easier than ever to determine which friendships or relationships are no longer serving you because your feelings towards them don’t drag you down.

      In fact, feelings are not a highlight of Capricorn season.

      You’ll be much more focused on logic and reason than emotion and intuition. This can make it difficult for you to embrace and connect to your emotions, but it also gives you a break from feeling bogged down or trapped by emotions.

      However, you may have to make an extra effort to focus on the things that make you feel good, like meditation, yoga, self-care, bubble baths, and listening to relaxing music. Spending extra time concentrating on your spirituality and self-care will help you find the balance you need to avoid burning yourself out emotionally and physically.

      And one thing to keep in mind is that Capricorn energy, when left unchecked, can slowly wade into materialistic energy.

      Capricorn wants to work hard for their goals and dreams, but they want to enjoy luxury along the way – and at the end of the long, hard road of responsibility. You might feel more aligned with material concerns than spiritual concerns this month, which can throw your balance all off.

      Just try to remember that self-care is just as important as hard work. Remind yourself of your self-worth and try to focus on the needs of your soul this month, alongside the needs of your physical, corporeal body.

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      Capricorn Season Lessons

      While you’ll feel more motivated than ever to get things done, the lesson here is to find the balance between your reasoning skills and your emotions. While being successful in your career is an admirable goal, it’s important that you tend to your own needs, including physical and emotional affection.

      Celebrities Born During Capricorn Season

      If you were curious about the potential of a Capricorn, you need to look no further than the following list of Capricorns who’ve made a very successful life for themselves:

      • Denzel Washington
      • Zooey Deschanel
      • Diane Keaton
      • Carla Bruni
      • Cuba Gooding Jr.
      • Michael Stipe
      • Michelle Obama
      • Kate Middleton
      • Kit Harington
      • John Legend

      Work Hard This Capricorn Season!

      This is an excellent time for our careers and our responsibilities in life, as Capricorn encourages hard work, focus, and more logical reasoning than most of us are used to. So, take advantage of this incredible energy and allow it to propel you even closer to your dreams than you’ve ever imagined!

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