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Are you having an epic holiday season? The kind that makes you want to sing about miracles and abundance from the mountain tops every day? Or maybe you feel like the pressure of it all is just a little too overwhelming. Miracles? Maybe that word feels laughable to you right now because you’re just trying to get through the day without ripping someone a new one.

During this time of year, it is very easy to wonder how some people sail through life without any problems. And the truth is, especially this time of year, everyone else’s problems seem very tiny compared to yours. Does it ever feel like you are the only one that seems to have tidal wave sized problems?

This time of year thinking like that is really easy, and you are not alone. One small financial hiccup this time of year, and Christmas could be ruined. The tiniest of lover’s quarrels could decimate your dearest relationship, right before that New Year’s Eve kiss. What started out as a fight over the cat box, now has become one of the worst memories of your life.

We started talking a bit about this earlier in the holiday season, when we showed you the 3 simple steps to manifesting the life of your dreams. And, due to all of the awesome feedback from all of our amazing readers (that means you!) we decided we would revisit this topic and expand on this a little bit more. It’s not too late for your holiday miracle.

All you need are the tools that will recharge your astrological DNA so that the next time he starts griping about the cat box, you’ll be smiling and the conversation will end much differently. So let’s revisit those 3 simple steps to manifesting the life of your dreams, all things that you can start doing right now, and get you on the path to grabbing the holiday miracle that could not only change 2015, but could change your life. Are you ready?

Step 1: Put it in writing…..and be honest. It’s your life!

A lot of us write down our New Year’s resolutions every year. A lot of us also write down our grocery lists, our calendar plans, our daily agenda, our deadlines, our phone calls, our to-do lists, our random thoughts. Have you ever written something down on your grocery list that was a lie? Or did you ever “fudge” the details on a calendar entry, just because you didn’t like the date so much? Of course you didn’t. Why would you be less than authentic when building your grocery list? That isn’t very helpful now, is it?

So, when it comes to changing your life, guess what? You gotta be real. You gotta put stuff on that list that you actually mean and that you actually want. We can’t do that for you, that is a choice you have to actually make for yourself. When it comes to changing your life, and harnessing miracles, writing down intentions that you don’t actually intend to follow through with is like putting shrimp on a grocery list for someone that will die of anaphylactic shock when they eat it. It’s a game changer. And not a good one. When it comes to your life, you want good ones. So be real, nobody else is going to know about it but you, and then follow through (that’s where we come in, but we’ll get to that in a minute.)

This is not rocket science. This is actually even easier than your grocery list. You know what you want out of life. So write it down silly!

Step 2: Senses and Sensibilities…..Engage.

We discussed this in the previous article where we told you to get all of your senses involved. We used a new car as an example in our previous article. The reason this step is so important is because it sets your brain on fire to create magic for you. When you engage your five senses, or your six senses if you are training them all, then you are basically telling your brain what to do with your life.

Engaging your senses and activating them when you are thinking about what you want is like downloading software onto your computer. You want to do some math and some scheduling and some invoicing, but your computer is an empty machine. What do you do? You tell the computer what to do to create your invoices by downloading something onto it.

Engaging your senses to change your life works exactly the same way. But, in this case, you are the software developer. You decide what lessons your brain learns and what tasks it performs. So let’s say one of the things you want this year is a lover to return to you. How can you activate your senses to train your brain to send them back? Here are some suggestions, but, you be creative and tweak your senses to your own intentions.

1. Go to the department store and try on their favorite perform or cologne. Better yet, buy it, and bring it home and use it to engage that sense whenever you need a little “lover boost”.

2. Close your eyes and remember something sweet or lovely they said to you once. Actually put yourself in that moment as if you are watching it play back on video. Play it back in slow motion, and let your love roll over the intonations in their voice when they complimented you. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, it is going to feel good and you may even shed a tear. That’s ok! But do it. Remember words that they said, or sounds that they made that really made you melt or….if I have to say it…sent you over the edge. That puts you in their vibration and believe it or not, they feel it too.

3. While you are at it, make sure you play back exactly what they looked like too, or find a moment when they really got your motor running and hang on to that visual memory. Was he all sweaty and sexy after a morning run? Did she make your jaw drop when she arrived at Christmas dinner looking like Sandra Bullock? Activate that sense. And for this one, it’s okay to embellish a little.

4. What does this life changing experience that you want taste like? You have to walk yourself through that one. As we are using an example about lovers, I am going to leave this one up to your imagination, run with it. And yes, as many times as you like.

5. Lastly, use your tactile sense to remember the touching. Ohhh the touching. How did that feel? Awesome right. Again, you can (and you should) play back this movie in your head as many times as you want.

The key with this step is to not stop at one sense, but engage them all when you are working to create these miracles and these life changing moments.

Step 3: Make the Commitment.

So you have your list, you have your fun time where you get to sit and meditate and dream and fantasize about how this life changing event looks, sounds, tastes, smells, and feels. Now what? Commit to it. In other words, intend, experience, and repeat. This is not a one time thing. This is your life changing holiday miracle, remember? It’s going to take some effort on your part. But fantasizing about what that will look like and how that will manifest is the second most fun part about the whole exercise! (hint: the most fun part, is actually getting it. We’re getting there!).

Like we said before we think you should do this for about 15 days. Be verbal, be vocal, experience all of these things that you want in your life to its fullest potential. And, expect it to happen! If we go back to this lover example then, imagine that person is already in your life right now.

I know someone who set a plate for a lover she was hoping would return, and she did that every night for dinner for 7 and a half years. (I secretly thought she went a little overboard). But guess what happened? If you guessed her lover came back, you were right. This is the law of attraction at work, and it is the law that works. Act like the things that you want have already happened to you. And guess what happens? Miracles.

Do you know what your changed life will look like once you harness all of the miracles that you want? If not, here’s where we come in. Astrology is the only life changing resource you need to manifest the abundant life you seek. Whether that is a lover, a new job, a new car, or even just a bank account in the black, you can and you should use astrology to accomplish that goal. We all have moments in our lives, and during the holidays, where the smallest problem feels like a tidal wave that will wash everything all away. But, when you have a 2015 Life Changing Astrology Guide, those tidal waves will appear more like little blips on a radar. And these 3 steps? Will be as easy as breathing. This is your guide, tailor made just for you and all of your awesome intentions. See it, feel it, hear it, taste it, smell it…and use it wisely.

Check out this brand new 2015 Life Changing Astrology Guide!

What is your holiday miracle or your holiday wish? It’s not too late. How can we help?



We consult the Tarot every day for the widest range of things — our curiosities on love, the latest work drama, our lingering heartbreak, or whatever else may be on our minds.

Among these deep, dark, and serious topics, though, we may also get an inkling of something much brighter and luckier.

After all, the Tarot isn’t just here to help us discover life’s mysteries or heal us through pain but knows how to share messages on the opposite side of the spectrum too. Happiness, joy, exciting opportunities, and good luck — these are topics that are all throughout your Tarot deck too.

Which Tarot cards really represent good luck? Is your Tarot deck offering you messages of unexpected fortune and good luck? And which Tarot card would be the luckiest sign for you?

Let’s find out, and talk about some of the cards that can best indicate good luck on the way.

Looking for some extra guidance? Try a free interactive 3-card Tarot reading right now!

These 6 Tarot Cards Predict Good Luck

1. 9 of Cups

Also known as the “wish card,” the 9 of Cups undoubtedly is a lovely sight to see in our spreads.

On the surface level, the 9 of Cups could simply be predicting that your wishes are on their way to coming true. Talk about a sign of good fortune already!

But beyond that, the 9 of Cups also demonstrates that you know what you want at a soul level and that you’re aligned spiritually with what is actually best for you. It means that your desires aren’t just shallow or the easy way out, and you’ll be rewarded for your genuine intention and hard work.

So, on the one hand, the 9 of Cups is “lucky” — or at least, it definitely feels that way to see it in a reading. But on the other hand, know that it’s not just pure luck, but your hard work and desire paying off too.

2. Wheel of Fortune

Often associated with Jupiter, often known as the planet of luck, it’s not surprising that the Wheel of Fortune is a sign of good fortune — it’s even in the name!

The Wheel of Fortune can show up when we are even least expecting it, here to tell us that the wheel is now turning in our favor.

More than a card of luck, it’s also a card of destiny and fate and is here to let you know that the Universe has tricks up its sleeve that you can’t see or understand yet until they actually unfold.

With this card, your good luck may come tomorrow or in a month, or it may look familiar or completely unexpected. But whatever the case, good luck is good luck, no matter how unpredictable!

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3. The Star

Take a big sigh of relief if you’re seeing The Star on the table, especially if you’ve been having a particularly hard time.

In the Tarot, The Star comes right after The Tower, which we know to be a card of destruction and turmoil. In other words, it’s not a fun time, to say the least.

Still, with the clean slate that it often provides us with, we can look towards a new beginning, which is exactly what The Star provides. More than that, it’s a card of peace, hope, and spiritual healing and renewal, which can lead us to the more standard form of good luck we’re used to (like money and love) later down the line if we really want.

Above all, though, this soft and welcoming energy is always a lovely sight to see.

4. The Sun

Bright, bold, and full of smiles, The Sun shines upon you in a reading with a beaming kind of optimism and joy.

You may not always anticipate the level of excitement and happiness that The Sun can provide, but even at our lowest of lows, The Sun shines through the clouds. With this card on the table for you, you might be able to anticipate a kind of joy and excitement that parallels the kind of optimism and innocence children radiate.

This is a kind of good luck and positive energy that can benefit us in any situation, so embrace its light when it smiles upon you in your Tarot spread!

Life is about to get a whole lot sunnier.

5. Ace of Pentacles

Broad predictions of good fortune and spiritual renewal are great and all, but sometimes we need something a bit more grounded and tangible.

The Ace of Pentacles literally depicts a hand emerging out of the clouds with a bright, beaming pentacle extended towards you — what more could you really ask for? A sign of opportunity, new beginnings, and often manifesting in job offers or influxes of cash, the Ace of Pentacles is a long withstanding favorite indicator of good fortune for a reason.

Make no mistake: you’ll still have to be the one to reach out and grab the offer when the time comes. Still, we could all use a nice little sign that offers and opportunities are on the way.

So if that’s what you’re wishing for, then the Ace of Pentacles is the card to keep an eye out for!

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6. 6 of Wands

Sometimes it’s not just money or a period of peace that we’re looking for, but a cheer of validation from our peers and loved ones.

The 6 of Wands is a success card and triumph over obstacles, but with a parade and an audience applauding to accompany it. It’s not really about taking the spotlight permanently or being conceited either; the 6 of Wands reminds us that we all deserve our moment to be pat on the back.

With this card on the horizon for you, you can expect that some recognition and cheer are on their way to you — and it’s well-deserved too!

Not Feeling Lucky Yet?

Not seeing any of the above Tarot cards in your reading?

That’s okay! The lack of these cards in your Tarot reading does not necessarily mean that you’re doomed to failure or can’t access any good luck right now.

As we know with the Wheel of Fortune, our luck is an unpredictable and easily changeable thing. With something as small as a mindset shift, you might find yourself stumbling into an Ace of Pentacles opportunity tomorrow, even if you weren’t ready for one today.

If you’re looking for some good fortune, use the lucky cards of the Tarot as inspiration in getting on the right track.



The 12 houses of astrology have long been a subject of fascination for many people. The tradition of the wheel of life or fortune is present across all cultures, and almost all forms of astrology have their take on this.

But what are the 12 houses of astrology, and what can they offer you? It’s time to find out!

Simply put, the astrological houses are the 12 equal sections in a wheel that signifies an area of existence.

Each house covers a particular area of life while influenced by their assigned zodiac signs. While all of them have specific coverages, the planets determine how much influence they exert.

Thus, it is necessary to fully comprehend the 12 houses before going deeper into astrological planets.

In this article, you’ll be learning more about:

  • The order of the 12 houses
  • The zodiac sign that rules the houses
  • The best healing crystals for each of these houses!

The 12 Houses of Astrology, Their Zodiac Signs, & Healing Crystals

1st House

Ruler: Aries

Located at the lower left side of the astrological wheel, this house concerns itself about the value of giving good “firsts.” This includes first impressions, work experiences, relationships, and beginnings in general.

Valiantly, the god of war’s influence emphasizes how being decisive and confident can make your first steps go a long way.

Healing Crystal Companion: Carnelian.

This healing crystal excels at balancing one’s inner drive and creative energy. Instead of carelessly leaping forward, carnelian can help you to take a step back without vanquishing your inner drive to move forward.

2nd House

Ruler: Taurus

The 2nd house rules over the sensualities and pleasures of life. It presides over everything that can cause stimulus or sensation. Often, these are worldly or physical experiences.

However, this house isn’t just all about things that make life pretty. It is also about wealth and finance, precisely the very things that keep our lives in this modern world bearable yet challenging.

Healing Crystal Companion: Rose quartz.

Being the healing crystal for love and romance, rose quartz will certainly help you distinguish true love from lust. Furthermore, it can help decide the value you give to your financial life.

3rd House

Ruler: Gemini

Ruled by the sign of communication, this house governs all human interactions. How you convey your emotions and express yourself is under the jurisdiction of the third house.

Additionally, it also governs your early childhood interactions within your family and community. Your family, teachers, and even travels are part of this all, and this house defines the extent of their influence over you.

Healing Crystal Companion: Turquoise.

As a healing crystal, turquoise aids in proper communication. It helps you withhold the wrong words in favor of the right ones. Thus, miscommunication is less likely to happen with this crystal around.

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4th House

Ruler: Cancer

Located at the southern part of the astrological wheel, the 4th house presides over the things that act as our identity’s foundations. Of course, this is none other than your family life, the first thing that you witnessed as a child.

Along with this is the concern, compassion, and security that you’ve experienced with your family. Eventually, how these molded, you will define your methods of expression to the world.

Healing Crystal Companion: Moonstone.

Resonating with your inner energies, Moonstone can help channel Cancer’s true power. Stitching the gaps between childhood and adulthood, this mystical crystal is a certain fit for the 4th house!

5th House

Ruler: Leo

As expected of the house ruled by the flashiest zodiac, the 5th house shapes how you present yourself to the world daily. Being dramatic, an attention-grabber, yet also creative is definitely under its jurisdiction!

How you live out your love life is also a 5th house thing. Are you fun and flirty, or do you want to take things slowly and do romance the traditional way? It will be up to this astrological house!

Healing Crystal Companion: Citrine.

Powered by the sun, this healing crystal can help bring out Leo’s pure energy. With it, your personality will become more radiant and vibrant as you charm your way through!

6th House

Ruler: Virgo

Health concerns are something that the 6th house is all about. Wellness in all its forms will be this house’s primary concern. Thus, you better hope that it will turn out to be in your favor.

Another thing that the 6th house is all about is how one can be of service to others. Being selfless and kind is something that can help boost your wellbeing, as well as others!

Healing Crystal Companion: Amazonite.

As a healing crystal, amazonite helps with balance and self-expression. Since health and social service both require these qualities, this healing crystal can truly bring out the Virgo in you!

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7th House

Ruler: Libra

Like the scales that represent its ruler, the 7th house aims to maintain the balance between relationships. Maintaining harmony is crucial regardless of how these relationships are formed.

Making fair contracts is also this house’s primary concern. It believes that no one must take advantage of another and that dealings should be considered with everybody’s interests.

Healing Crystal Companion: Pink tourmaline.

Since most of us carry some sort of inner insecurities and anxieties, pink tourmaline can help channel those negativities. With its power to bring clarity and protection, this crystal can help create better dealings and relationships.

8th House

Ruler: Scorpio

Being mysterious and open about taboos is a trait that this house cultivates. After all, change and transformation are what keeps this earth going, so we might as well live for it!

Another area that the 8th house is concerned about involves properties, especially those that are inherited. The intrigue behind all these definitely keeps this astrological house on its toes!

Healing Crystal Companion: Ruby.

Scorpio is a sign that’s powered by emotions. And often, these areas of life are motivated by one’s emotional drive. As such, ruby can be of use as it provides proper motivation and inner empowerment.

9th House

Ruler: Sagittarius

Being ruled by a zodiac sign that is chaotic in all aspects makes this house all the more exciting. On the one hand, the 9th house is highly intellectual and interested in gaining knowledge and life experiences.

However, this house will also define how you see luck and your overall risk appetite. To make things even more exciting, it can even dictate your moral compass!

Healing Crystal Companion: Crystal quartz.

Known to bring clarity, this healing crystal can lead to better decision-making skills and knowledge acquisition. As such, it helps bolster your 9th house together with Sagittarius’ philosophical prowess.

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10th House

Ruler: Capricorn

Located at the astrological chart’s highest point, the 10th house will influence how you will consolidate power. Being famous, along with achieving the things that you’ve always wanted, will be its primary concern.

Additionally, the cusp of the 10th house’s border (also known as the midheaven) speaks about your career in the future. Think of this house as your north star towards achieving greatness!

Healing Crystal Companion: Jade.

Jade is known to bring balance and stability. With the help of this healing crystal, dealing with your career and quest for power will remain within the bounds of morality.

11th House

Ruler: Aquarius

All things that are hip and funky make this house feel alive. From technology to just causes, how you interact with all of these and how they define you in the long-run concerns the 11th house.

Being impulsive and original is also something that the house will be too eager to imbue people. The never-ending progress is sure to keep this house busy!

Healing Crystal Companion: Gem Silica.

This healing crystal is known to bring peace and prosperity, both of which are within the goal of Aquarius. Thus, your long-term actions will be guided to help the greater good!

12th House

Ruler: Pisces

As the house that closes the wheel, the 12th house is all about ending things with a good note. From something as emotional and challenging as a death to a simple goodbye, all these are the house’s concerns.

It will also define how you become a productive member of society and how society will also treat you back. This house will also get your creative side to run wild!

Healing Crystal Companion: Amethyst.

Fitting the higher self, amethyst allows you to pursue spiritual guidance. Thus, when seeking self-actualization, this crystal fits perfectly with your pursuit of the transcendental self.



Have you been feeling out of control or out of touch with your capabilities? If so, you can expect some celestial miracles this week, coming in the form of self-confidence, a desire for achievements and accomplishments, and vitality that helps kick off spring and get your energy moving and shaking!

On Monday, April 12th, the Aries Moon is in a harmonious angle to Venus, which is also in fiery Aries.

This transit brings peace and harmony to your day and your own energy, helping you start the week with a feeling of calm and confidence. This is a great day to set aside time for fun and relaxation, which will revitalize your spirit.

Venus, the planet of beauty and love, moves into steady, calming Taurus on April 14th, amplifying charm, sensuality, and peaceful energy in your relationships.

Venus is Taurus’ ruling planet, bringing even more harmony to this transit. This transit can also bring financial success and opportunity, so be sure to keep your eyes and your heart open to new possibilities.

The Sun – currently in Aries – is sextile Jupiter (in Aquarius) on April 15th, a transit that signals optimism, good fortune, good luck, and a positive attitude. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and this transit is another one that brings new and unforeseen opportunities, ramping up your ability to attract abundance and possibilities.

And on April 17th, Mercury, the planet of communication and information sharing, is then sextile Jupiter. This transit encourages you to think about and plan for the future you most desire, making this an excellent day for manifestation work.

Let your dreams go wild!

This Week Brings Optimism, Confidence, & Hope for the Future

The transits we experience this week are rather personal, affecting you on an emotional level and helping you feel more optimistic about the future. That means this is one of the best weeks of the year so far for attracting those experiences, relationships, and objects into your life which you most desire.

This is a week to make your own magic.

We already know these transits are bringing good fortune and abundance, so all you need to do is infuse your own energy into the current energy of the Universe. Let your imagination run like a stallion, wild, free, and unbounded.

Your only limitations are the ones you set for yourself this week.

If you’re looking for more information on how best to begin manifesting your dreams, a personalized astrological reading will teach you what you need to know about making this magical energy work for you.

Planetary Locations During April 12 – April 18, 2021

  • Sun: Aries (March 20, 2021 – April 19, 2021)
  • Mercury: Aries (April 3, 2021 – May 3, 2021)
  • Venus: Aries (March 21, 2021 – April 13, 2021), Taurus (April 14, 2021 – May 7, 2021)
  • Mars: Gemini (March 3, 2021 – April 23, 2021)
  • Jupiter: Aquarius (December 19, 2021 – May 31, 2021)
  • Saturn: Aquarius (December 17, 2020 – March 7, 2023)
  • Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)
  • Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)
  • Pluto: Capricorn (Until January 20, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for April 12 – April 18, 2021

Monday, April 12


Aries – Aries continues bringing heat, passion, and motivation to the forefront of your mind. This is an excellent time to focus on physical exercise, which rids the body of negative energy.


New Moon in Aries – When the Moon is also in Aries, you feel this fiery energy even more intensely. Try evaluating your feelings around your career, as you may feel more inspired to make moves.

Astrological Aspect

Moon in Aries conjunct Venus in Aries – This transit brings good vibrations and a desire to enjoy yourself. Set time aside for activities or hobbies that bring you joy and happiness.

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Tuesday, April 13




Taurus – A Taurus Moon brings feelings of calm and peace, allowing you to relax into the energy of the day. This is a great day to spend some time outdoors, soaking in the healing vibrations of Mother Nature.

Astrological Aspect

Sun in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini – You can expect a boost of confidence that helps you believe in yourself today. Try to focus on activities that require self-confidence and a belief in your abilities.

Wednesday, April 14





Astrological Aspect

Venus enters Taurus – Venus is cozy in the sign of Taurus, enhancing sensuality, a desire for fun, and your ability to manifest abundance. Allow yourself to have some fun and enjoy your connections during this transit.

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Thursday, April 15




Gemini – The Gemini Moon stimulates your mind and encourages you to spend time on mentally challenging activities. This is a great day for taking care of paperwork or tasks that require enhanced cognition.

Astrological Aspect

Sun in Aries sextile Jupiter in Aquarius – This transit amplifies feelings of optimism and brings enhanced fortune and abundance. Keep your eyes and your heart open to new possibilities, and work on manifestation today.

Friday, April 16





Astrological Aspect

Sun in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn – You may feel an increased need to be in control today, but try to remember to go with the flow as much as possible.

Saturday, April 17




Cancer – The Moon moves into Cancer today, heightening sensitivity and intuition. Pay attention to any flashes of intuitive visions that appear to you today.

Astrological Aspect

Mars in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius – Your desire to win is amplified today, making you feel more competitive than usual. Applying this energy towards a good cause can create success and abundance today.

Sunday, April 18





Astrological Aspect

Sun in Aries conjunct Mercury in Aries – Your focus lies on thinking and communication today, encouraging the exchange of information between yourself and others. This is a great day for deep, meaningful conversations and making decisions.

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

Did this overview resonate with you? Get another astrologer’s take on this week’s astrology forecast.



The planet Saturn often gets a bad rap in astrology. Usually, it is classified as the planet of rules and restrictions. Many people get intimidated by upcoming Saturn transits believing it may bring hardships, more work, or just no fun.

I’d like to challenge that mentality. Saturn may bring challenges, but challenges bring opportunities to learn, grow, and ultimately become a more experienced individual.

Saturn Equals Empowerment

The way I’ve seen Saturn work in my life is through lessons.

Let’s say I forget to pack underwear on a trip, or I mixed up some words in an email and sent without proofreading. You can bet that the next time these situations come up, I’m going to remember to pack everything I need, and I’m especially going to take the time to reread what I wrote.

These are very mediocre examples, and I am certain we’ve all faced harder situations, but as hard as those times may have been, I like to think back and consider how grateful I am for them because they taught me something that changed me for the better.

Saturn empowers us, and wherever Saturn shows up in your chart, it can teach something unique about your inner strength.

Where is Saturn in Your Birth Chart?

Take a peek to see what the glyph for Saturn looks like and other amazing Saturnine things!

Once you know what symbol (or glyph) you are looking for, you will need your birth chart. If you don’t have yours, you can use our free birth chart generator to get one.

When you have your chart, locate Saturn based on its symbol.

Now you can tell what zodiac sign your Saturn is located in. We will share the same Saturn sign with those who are close in age with us. Since Saturn is a slower-moving planet, people born about two to four years apart have the same Saturn sign.

In the section below, I have provided some ideas for how to tap into the strength of Saturn in your chart based on the zodiac sign. Don’t think of Saturn as pushy but rather an irreplaceable coach in your path of understanding yourself and growing in confidence!

How to Be a Boss, Based on Your Saturn Sign


Aries is already a very fiery sign, but even people with Aries placements can stumble at times, especially since they tend to like to initiate but can fizzle out of excitement once the going gets tough.

One way to tap into a Saturn in Aries is to know your why. Having a purpose behind whatever task you’re engaged in will keep that fiery blaze burning for longer, and it will ultimately help finish the project!


Taurus can be a stubborn sign, but think about how much you can use that stubbornness to your advantage!

Imagine you’re in the middle of a tough workout or about to go into a big presentation at work. Take that headstrong mindset and use it to propel yourself through any obstacle that is in your way.

Coming out on the other end, you will be grateful to that Saturn in Taurus placement for pushing you through till the end.


If your Saturn is in Gemini, you are an advanced thinker. Gemini, you are adept at taking in information, but you are also at sharing that information.

One way to create a boss-like mentality is to teach others. Now, I am not telling you to teach in a know-it-all kind of way, and you don’t want to illicit unwelcome advice. However, with that considered, I know you and the other person will appreciate an outlet for your knowledge.


Displaying your emotions and communicating your feelings, whether in action or emoting, is important.

Tap into this Saturn in Cancer by journaling out your thoughts before divulging into your vices. If you can process a bit through the initial thoughts and feelings, it can help you better understand yourself and help prevent you from giving in to any unhelpful coping mechanisms.

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If your Saturn is in the sign of Leo, I can bet you’re extremely self-assured. One way to spread love is to show up for others who may need more reassurance.

It may be bringing awareness to a cause that you feel passionately about, or it also may be as simple as standing up for a friend who is getting treated unfairly. Whatever the case may be, you can be a boss by showing others how to believe in themselves too.


Saturn in the sign of Virgo could be difficult to please. Although your standards may be high, sometimes it’s worth giving yourself some slack.

Maybe you don’t do the laundry this week, or maybe you leave the dishes in the sink overnight. Laugh at yourself a bit and pour yourself a glass of wine (or tea if you’re not a drinker). Find value in who you are, not in what you do.

You’ll be amazed at how much of a boss you feel like after!


Saturn in Libra is about seeking balance, but balance primarily in the area of relationships.

Have you been feeling like you’re putting all the effort into certain friendships but not getting any reciprocal support back? Maybe it’s time, to be honest with yourself and ask what you need in partnerships?

Ensuring that you are energized and not drained from a companionship is a sure way to activate your Saturn.


Scorpio Saturns are passionate and inquisitive. They also are fixed in their ways and often feel they are right about almost all subjects.

In other words, you’re a natural boss, but this can make you a bit intimidating to others. One way to support your Saturn without being overbearing on those around you is to truly consider their thoughts and ideas before making up your mind.

You might be impressed by what you learn.


A Saturn in Sagittarius means you certainly enjoy a good time, but for you, it’s not so much about just having fun as it is about connection and adventure.

Support your Saturn in Sagittarius by trying out new experiences. When you have the opportunity to explore, you will find out things about yourself that you never realized. Then, the more you learn about yourself, the more you grow in fascination with who you are.

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Saturn is very comfortable in Capricorn because Capricorn is Saturn’s ruling sign. If your Saturn is in Capricorn, you feel comfortable taking charge and love to work hard. You have to remember that there will always be more work to be done, so before working yourself into the ground, repeat a positive mantra about yourself.

Make sure it’s about who you are and not about whether you get all your to-dos crossed off.


You are a boss that brings people together over a common cause. The thing about those with Saturn in Aquarius is that they are great at networking and building community.

These Aquarius Saturns are also resourceful. For example, Saturn is in Aquarius now. As a collective, even though Covid is still prohibiting some gatherings, we have learned ways to still be in fellowship (safely) despite the restrictions.


Pisces Saturns can tap into their inner boss by remembering and paying attention to their breathing.

It’s easy for Pisces to be distracted or discouraged, but by coming back to breathe and taking a moment to sit with and embody this activity of breathing, you will come back to your center.

It will ground you spiritually in who you are and give you that extra oomph to live into your boss-ness.



Have you ever had a stressful dream and thought to yourself, “was that dream trying to warn me of something?”

If so, it’s likely your theory is correct. Dreams about bad omens are not as uncommon as you may think.

It’s important to pay attention to your feelings after waking up from a dream. Your feelings are an excellent indication of letting you know what a dream is trying to tell you. If you have some fear or apprehension, it’s a strong possibility that your dream is trying to warn you about something.

Your dreams can, of course, represent underlying fears and anxieties. But if there is a bad dream omen in your dream, then it’s important to watch out for it.

Dream interpretation is a mysterious thing. However, certain dream omens can warn you of impending danger or troubles ahead.

Want to check out the meaning of your dream? Search Astrology Answers Dream Dictionary.

What Are 5 Bad Dream Omens to Watch Out for?

It’s natural to tell ourselves, “Oh, it was just a dream!” But if that bothersome feeling is eating away at you, don’t ignore it!

Read on to find out about five of the most common bad omens experienced in the dream world.

1. Teeth

Dreaming about teeth can be a bad sign in dreams. Though it can also indicate feelings of insecurity, teeth can be an omen that troubles are on the horizon or an unpleasant event is about to happen.

This is especially common if the teeth are falling out in the dream. If the teeth are rotting or decayed, it can mean that something in your life requires cutting loose, but you are not facing it.

Dreaming about teeth can often lead you to frantically checking your teeth upon waking to make sure they are all intact. But if you dream about teeth and have a bad feeling upon waking, it’s a good idea to be cautious and prepare yourself for any eventuality.

2. Being Chased

Dreaming about being chased by someone can be very frightening. You may or may not be able to see your pursuer(s) in your dream, but you’ll likely wake up and feel like you had a terrible nightmare.

Being chased is a warning that there are underlying issues you are not dealing with, and they are affecting you in a powerfully negative way in your waking life. If the issue is not addressed, it could spell trouble in the future.

This dream encourages you to confront yourself and the fears that bind you. It is not uncommon for this to be a recurring dream for many people.

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3. Dead Flowers

While it’s nice to dream of flowers, dead ones are a different story. Dreaming about dead flowers is often an indication that something in your life is over and it is time to move on.

It may indicate the end of something major in your life, often in romance or in your career. The dream is showing you something powerful: Where there is growth, there is also the possibility of wilt.

There may be a reluctance to do so. Hence your subconscious is passing the message on to you in the dream world!

Dead flowers symbolize it is time to let go. Whatever it is that needs letting go of, there is no coming back from it, no matter how much you may wish the situation to be different.

4. Sabotage

This is one omen that should not be ignored! Though it can be a sign that something in your waking life is being ignored or overlooked, it can also be a warning that someone is attempting to sabotage you in some way.

During waking hours, you may have felt that something isn’t quite right and if it is a feeling that points towards someone having negative intentions towards you, then listen to your intuition!

5. Sickness

Dreaming about sickness can mean that there is an area of your life that requires your nurture and attention, but it can also be a forewarning that sickness is coming to your life in some form.

If you are sick in the dream, then it is time to pay attention to your mental and physical health in your waking life. If it is someone else, then it is important to consider the health of this person.

Such a dream can be your subconscious mind’s way of warning you to take better care of your health or to warn someone else to. These dreams can actually be described as blessings in disguise.

Dream Omens Are Different for Everyone

Dream omens are extremely varied and can be interpreted differently for everyone.

Ultimately, listening to your intuition and paying attention to your gut feeling is the best way to determine what the omen means for you.

If your gut is telling you that something isn’t right, then listen closely. Our subconscious mind is a valley of information and wisdom, and dreams are one of the easiest ways for it to communicate with us without the chatter of the conscious mind.

The more we pay attention to our dreams, the more we prepare ourselves for our waking life. Trusting ourselves and giving our dreams the attention they deserve is a way to both nurture and protect ourselves.

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Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight because we are moving full speed ahead into the number “5” vibrations of May.

2021 is such a multidimensional year of divine expansion, as we open our hearts to love and our channels to the sacred melody of the Universe. The number 5 represents the perfected individual in human form—the magic of balance and harmony and divine will.

Since we are in a number 5 year, May’s energy will feel more intense, generating rapid currents of transformation.

The previous months packed one heck of a punch, but the exhaustion is finally lifting, we are getting up, and our purpose is taking root. We are beginning to feel more confident, empowered, and ready to walk in our divine truth. May will be moving fast, but it’s important to know that your test is balanced and the driving force of love you wish to see in the world.

Don’t rush the process because so much is unfolding.

Even if you are unsure what’s around the corner this month, the best thing you can do is breathe and hope for the best. When you experience doubt, that energy in motion triggers unconscious fears and patterns that dismantle your manifestation. We are experiencing a historic shift in consciousness, and the key focus is to root in the higher consciousness of unconditional love.

So, what can we expect this month? Well, the energy will be busy, busy, busy, that’s for sure.

Mercury is up to his tricks in Gemini, with Venus repairing the distortion in our mind/heart connection. The Taurus New Moon opens the summer eclipse gateway, showing us how to really bring down the spiritual into material form. The Sun moves into Gemini, along with social planets, Jupiter moving into his traditional ruling sign of Pisces, and Saturn stationing retrograde in Aquarius.

Another revolutionary shift for the collective.

The Sagittarius eclipse restores our ultimate physical power, taking us on a journey of a lifetime. While the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the North Node, usher us closer toward the soul’s promise, our divine truth.

Let’s check out this month’s planetary conversations.

Your May 2021 Energy Forecast

May 3, 2021: Mercury Enters Gemini

Multidimensional Expansion

After manifesting with Pluto while in a stressful square to Jupiter, the illuminated messenger moves into its ruling zodiac and activates a new cycle that expands our multidimensional channels.

Mercury feels right at home in Gemini, the sign of interplay whose energy moves faster than the speed of light. Our words create our reality, and Gemini shows us the duality we see in our reality due to our thoughts and words. Especially the duality between the mind and the heart. Your heart feels its purpose, but the mind continues to cause limitations.

At its highest frequency, Gemini is loving conscious wisdom in action. When paired with Mercury, we attract the opportunity to detach from habitual fear-based reactions and thought patterns. Exposing the truth of the lower mind and the perception that was based on duality.

Once the realization is achieved, the lower mind becomes the multifaceted diamond, the higher divine mind!

What makes this transit even better is that it kicks off the second Mercury retrograde of 2021. Our favorite season of the year. Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow starts 5/14, retrograde begins 5/29 through 6/22, with post shadow ending July 7th.


Since Mercury is right at home in Gemini, expect a boost in communication, intuition, curiosity, and social connections.

The downside of Gemini energy can create gossip and know it all’s. Be receptive and create space for others to speak. The inner operating system is learning how to create and imagine a world of love through the power of the higher mind and integrate that into our current reality.

We are shifting our actions, responses, and thoughts to a new station. Allow yourself to surrender and change the station.

May 8, 2021: Venus Enters Gemini

Relational Duality

Venus enters Gemini just after manifesting with Pluto and in a tight square Jupiter. If we speak to the heart, the mind will follow. The multidimensional energy of Gemini elevates the heart to new territories, infusing it with the crystalline consciousness of the source.

The mind/heart duality limits us from reaching our true potential and living a life aligned with the soul. When we are willing to see the truth in duality, regardless of whether it is pretty, we amplify our power and access the portal to limitless possibilities.

This energy boosts communication, social, and romantic connections.

Remember, when you speak, do it with love, do it with dignity, honor, truth, and passion. Venus is extra flirtatious in Gemini, and the heart wants to explore and have fun. The downside is the energy may cause miscommunications in relationships.

Take a step back and breathe!

May 11, 2021: Taurus New Moon

Sacred Geometry of the Heart

Today is one of the most fertile New Moons of the year.

The grounding force of May’s New Moon in Taurus comes to light the way towards material abundance and soul manifestation.

Taurus is the light of material creation, the sign of conscious obedience, and the tree of life. The stabilizing force of Taurus grounds us in the higher vision of the heart and awakens the sacred geometry of the soul. If we continue to remain stuck in our belief system, attitudes, attachments, and ego limitations, we miss the chance to evolve and shift our story.

You limit yourself by clinging to what you think you know or allowing the mind to override your soul’s blueprint. It’s time to move out of the head and into the power of the body.

Mercury conjunct the North Node underneath the New Moon, Mars square Chiron, and sextile Uranus, all conversations occurring 11 degrees. We will be forced to confront those deep core wounds and the imbalances in our emotional bodies.

Your emotional body needs to be healed from past pain and trauma to fuel your desires from a clearer, higher channel of consciousness for your manifestation to unfold successfully.

Transformation requires active change, love, patience, and trust. We charge like the bull when the time is right, patiently waiting for the signal from the Universe.

This New Moon is about us taking root. It’s a new beginning to material manifestation and a life of luxury aligned with your soul’s purpose—such a potent opportunity to open your eyes, surrender, and align with the abundance you deserve. Just like a seed planted, we have to creep, crawl, and grow into the magnificent garden of abundance.

The New Moon is in a sextile with Neptune, heightening our intuition and providing us with clarity.

Use this energy to ground and get practical about your goals.

Happy New Moon!

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May 13, 2021: Jupiter Enters Pisces

Spiritual Expansion

Jupiter moves into the cosmic ocean of Pisces, taking us on a journey beyond our physical boundaries and into the unconditional ocean of cosmic love.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces before Neptune was discovered. This transit provides us an opportunity to develop our intuition, compassion, wisdom, and emotional support. Jupiter enjoys abundantly expanding in the limitless ocean of Pisces, dissolving all boundaries of physical manifestation and uniting with our soul’s power.

This energy is just a preview of what’s to come. Jupiter will begin retrograde on June 20th, re-enters Aquarius on July 29th, and back into Pisces on December 28th, 2021.

Now, of course, Jupiter’s expansive and overindulgent energy may cause some problems when in Pisces. Boundaries are dissolved, and you may lack direction. It’s important to focus and ground. Many spiritual truths and realizations flood to the surface under this energy. It is time to realize that despite all the religions, groups, etc., we are all connected to an inner spirit, and our experiences and views can help each other.

There are so many paths to enlightenment. That is what makes us unique!

May 14, 2021: Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow

Building Tension

The swift messenger Mercury enters pre-Rx shadow in Gemini today.

Retrograde begins on May 29th, ends on June 20th, and finishes post-shadow on July 7th. Another massive retrograde for the books. During this time, there’s uncertainty in the air. Minor miscommunications, arguments, and errors are sure to arise. The heart is ready to lead the way, but the mind keeps going back to limiting situations.

This transit activates a major cycle and point of ascension, which will peak during the lunar eclipse season and summer.

May 20, 2021: Sun Enters Gemini

Celebrating Gemini

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

A new season is upon us, with the Sun moving into Gemini, until June 20th. This is a brand-new season of action, movement, and fast-paced energy. Gemini is the light of interplay, the crystalline twins of love in action, one here on earth and one in higher dimensions, similar to our higher and lower selves.

Always caught between the angel and the devil, good and bad, which are really just expressions seeking to need balance.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, there is no doubt that Geminis are known for their zany speech, but they also symbolize the community’s living spirit and higher consciousness. Under this energy, we can expect massive downloads and insights.

Creating the need to make sacred space for conscious self-care, love, and compassion.

Since Mercury retrogrades in this sign, there will be a strong focus on communication, expression, and how we connect with people. Relationship issues with family, friends, or lovers may resurface due to miscommunications and the fear of expressing the truth.

This season takes us full speed into the Pleiades portal, conjunct the fixed star Alcyone until May 24th. An evolutionary journey into our soul’s cosmic blueprint.

So, what can we expect this Gemini season? Learning how to discern and focus on the balancing of the mind and heart, along with the calling of the soul. The winds of change are breezing in, taking us on a new path.

  • Air signs, expect new opportunities and social connections.
  • Fire signs will find ease adjusting to new projects and goals.
  • Water signs, it’s time to swim outside your comfort zone. The world is literally your oyster.
  • Earth signs will be forced to change and release old habits. So much abundance awaits you.

Happy Gemini Season!

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May 21, 2021: Sun Squares Jupiter

Conflicting Views

The Sun and Jupiter clash in a head-on square that is like a double-edged sword.

This energy brings up questions surrounding our belief system, community, and value system. In comparison, you may feel extremely confident and ready to take over the world. It is important not to bite off more than you can chew.

Are you making promises you can’t fulfill? If so, it’s time to confront those issues and find a resolution for change. Patience, self-discipline, and persistence will align you with your soul desires.

May 23, 2021: Saturn Retrograde

Collective Responsibility

Saturn stations retrograde 13° in Aquarius for around five months until October 10th. There is no doubt that Saturn’s trip through Aquarius is an evolutionary shift in our current foundation.

You can count on those good ole’ Saturnian issues to resurface and create a storm.

This retrograde will test you and all your work for yourself since the Grand conjunction back on December 21st, 2020. Any resistance to change will create a lot of stress and frustration. One minute you feel grounded, the next, feelings of instability kick in.

The important thing to learn during this station is trust.

It is time to take responsibility for the structures we create. When we start making the right choices in our own lives, we start revolutionizing a new way. Saturn’s second square to Uranus in June will be a massive wake-up call for the collective to come together.

May 26, 2021: Saggitarius Lunar Eclipse

Soulful Adventures

Today activates the summer eclipse season, with the Lunar eclipse occurring 5 degrees in Sagittarius, the seeker of truth and wisdom. This cycle opens up the gate of soul power and stimulates our zest for life. The energy brings some major yet needed challenges to aim our arrow and expand.

Sagittarius is the adventurous and noble archer of physical wisdom and spiritual truth. This Full Moon is the light that destroys, purifies, and reveals a greater pathway. A pathway that expands our worldwide view. Now it’s about really releasing attachments, burning away the old patterns that bind us to 3D limitations, and freeing ourselves from the same tired old conditioning stories.

That is not to discredit what anyone has been through, but it is really time for us to step up and create a new way of acting, thinking, and speaking at this point of the game.

When we release and allow the fire to destroy, our spirit is set free to explore new territories and reign free. Mercury has been opposite the Galactic center, streaming in new levels of light codes. Always remember to connect back with your breath in times of confusion or stress. The power in you knows the truth.


This Lunar eclipse is the ceremonial fire, the purification of your physical limitations, and expansion into your soul’s blueprint. At any given moment, you can set yourself free. Your truth is what will aid in that process, but it comes with the unlearning of what was, to learn what is.

Get ready for a summer full of quantum leaps and expansive change.

Happy Full Moon!

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May 27, 2021: Venus Square Neptune

Blurred Lines

It’s easy to blur the lines between what’s addicting and what’s not, our values, our beliefs, and morals.

When Venus and Neptune intersect, it may cause you to feel frustrated with yourself. You can always count on Neptune to lift the veil of illusions for our highest good. In this case, those illusions include beauty, finances, social connections, relationships, values, and our decision-making process.

To reach the core of our heart, the battery for soul manifestation, we need those reality checks and revelations to shift us in order. Instead of focusing on everything that you are not happy about, focus on what you have.

Focus on the beauty of life and the breath in your body. This transit has great potential to stimulate your artistic and sensual side. The most amazing art is created through some of the most intense challenges. This energy can blur boundaries and cause mixed signals in relationships.

Take a step back and focus on the enlightenment of self.

May 29, 2021: Mercury Retrograde 24 Degrees Gemini

Exploring Truth

The swift messenger of the cosmos stations retrograde today, 24 degrees in the multidimensional consciousness of Gemini. This transit refines our inner operating system to crystalline clarity. As we know, Mercury retrogrades always like to kick up a storm, and there is no doubt that this retrograde will be another one for the books.

So, what can we expect during Mercury retrograde in Gemini?

Themes of creativity, discernment, freedom, gossip, and exploration. This energy will really put the collective in check by showing us different perspectives and ways to take on new opportunities. This is where discernment comes in because you need to be able to tell what is and what is not meant for you.

There is so much freedom when you spread your wings and fly but try not to get caught up in any arguments or heated discussions.

Gemini is known as the chatterbox; be mindful of what conversations you place yourself in. Be prepared for miscommunications, reconnecting with old friends or exes, excess email, text messages, and even misplaced packages.

As previously mentioned, Gemini is Mercury’s home, aligning and rebooting us to the crystalline truth. Expect to channel higher levels of consciousness during this time.

Words create your reality; be mindful of the reality you create.

May 31, 2021: Sun Conjunct North Node, Opposite South Node

Journey to Fulfillment

The axis of adaptability and change is activated as the Sun blends with the North Node and opposes the South.

The nodes are known as our Soul Star and Earth Star chakras, the magnetic poles of our past truth and destiny. As we finish out a dynamic month, today’s aspect gifts us creativity, inner fulfillment, and the necessary skills needed to achieve the soul’s purpose, a path filled with abundance, love, luck, and prosperity.

Insecurities of the past are not allowed on this new journey, so it’s best to leave the fears in May and step into your power. This energy will also help you express yourself more clearly. Learn to trust yourself.

You have everything you need!

Energy Tips for May 2021

May has taken us by storm, a whirlwind of transformational shifts, revelations, and upgrades.

We transformed from the Fool into the Magician. Actualizing our soulful expression and spiritual will to achieve. When your destiny calls, will you be alert and present to answer? Because you do not want to miss what the universe has in store for you. This is the divine alignment of your greatest truth.

This month’s oracle card is “spiritual cleansing” from the Sacred Symbols Deck.

With brand new opportunities and divine alignment unfolding, this would be a great time to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. A cleansing of energies will shift any stagnant or stuck energy in your space. To move forward, light as a feather. We have to cleanse the 3D junk from our bodies and mind.

Find a practice that works best for you. There is no right or wrong way, as long as you show up for yourself.

We planted the seeds in dark, fertile ground. Now we create sacred space for nourishment so that the seeds may bloom. Don’t rush the process. As we leap into an active season this summer, you will begin to see your dreams manifest in reality.

  • Cleanse your space
  • Clear out any clutter and catch up on correspondence
  • Meditate to find a balance between the extremes
  • Make mental health your top priority
  • Love yourself!

Be the driving force of love this month! Happy May!



Have you been craving some good vibrations from the Universe? Then you’re in luck because the stars are sprinkling some magic dust over our lives and bringing harmonious energy this week to help you recharge and revive your own energy for spring!

While there may not be that many major aspects of transits occurring this week, there are lots of smaller, groovier transits taking place each day to make sure that there’s at least a little bit of ethereal, mystical energy for you to enjoy every day of the week this week.

And as we’re just winding down from the emotional Full Moon in Libra that took place on March 28th, it’s time to give your body and spirit some time to rest and relax.

On Monday, Mercury – currently in Pisces – is in a harmonious angle to the dreamy planet Neptune, also in the sign of Pisces. This transit turns your focus towards spiritual topics, both in conversation and in your internal thoughts and ideas. This is particularly potent energy for consulting metaphysical tools like astrology and tarot cards – the Universe is practically itching to share information and secrets with you!

Later in the week, on April 3rd, that communicative Mercury moves into the fiery sign, Aries. When Mercury is in this spontaneous, friendly sign, our communication skills and cognitive abilities take on vibrant, adventurous energy.

You may find yourself exploring ideas and conversations that you never imagined you’d be drawn to.

And there are plenty of loving, balanced transits throughout the rest of the week to help you feel prepared, enthusiastic, and ready for springtime!

March 29 – April 4 is a Week That Brings Spirituality, Connection, & Focus

This week begins with a transit that calls on you to deepen your connection with the energy of the Universe, the secrets of the stars.

Communication is an important theme this week, and it starts on Monday with a call to action – what metaphysical practices or tools can you use to refresh your bond with the energies that exist beyond this realm?

Think about what topics pique your interest, and bring them to life this week.

Mercury– the planet of communication and information – is quite active this week, bringing conversations and thoughts to the front of your mind. Creative ideas, new hobbies, sudden interests in new topics – these are all possibilities when Mercury dances around us with enthusiasm and spirit.

If you have trouble sharing your thoughts and ideas with others, a personalized astrological reading can help you release any blockages holding you back.

Planetary Locations During March 29 – April 4, 2021

  • Sun: Aries (March 20, 2021 – April 19, 2021)
  • Mercury: Pisces (March 15, 2021 – April 3, 2021), Aries (April 4, 2021 – May 3, 2021)
  • Venus: Aries (March 21, 2021 – April 14, 2021)
  • Mars: Gemini (March 3, 2021 – April 23, 2021)
  • Jupiter: Aquarius (December 19, 2021 – May 31, 2021)
  • Saturn: Aquarius (December 17, 2020 – March 7, 2023)
  • Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)
  • Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)
  • Pluto: Capricorn (Until January 20, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for March 29 – April 4, 2021

Monday, March 29


Aries – Aries continues to bring warm, friendly energy that puts a spring in your step. Do things that bring your energy to life, like being creative or even playing outside.


Libra – Libra brings some lighthearted energy to your emotions – it may be easier to look at things from a brighter perspective today. Don’t avoid talking to your loved ones about issues that might be bothering you; Libra will help you both reach a compromise.

Astrological Aspect

Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces – This transit helps you connect to and attract spiritual energies and conversations. This would be an excellent day to consult astrology or the tarot to see what messages the Universe is trying to bring to you today.

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Tuesday, March 30




Scorpio – The Scorpio Moon further enhances your connection to mystical and spiritual subjects this week. Work with labradorite and moonstone to attract more answers from the well of Universal wisdom all around you.

Astrological Aspect

Venus in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius – This is a cuddly transit that encourages you to connect even more to your loved ones. You desire true love, so don’t shy away from deeper conversations that might otherwise seem scary.

Wednesday, March 31





Astrological Aspect

Sun in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius – This transit amplifies self-confidence and helps you feel more capable than ever. Tackle creative projects or chores that previously felt overwhelming, as this energy will help you whiz through them.

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Thursday, April 1




Sagittarius – Sagittarius’ fiery energy matches the warmth of the Aries Sun. This Moon helps you feel more optimistic and bubblier, and it increases your desire to seek the truth in all situations.

Astrological Aspect

Moon in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius – Sagittarius encourages you to expand your mind while Saturn urges you to rethink your approach to hard work. It might be time to learn a new skill or trade.

Friday, April 2





Astrological Aspect

Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn – Conversations, and thoughts, take on an added layer of depth as Pluto probes you to look deeper. This is another great day for studying and learning more about topics that interest you.

Saturday, April 3




Capricorn – Capricorn is hardworking and gives you a boost of motivation, especially when it comes to how you feel about work. This is a great day to take care of your chores.

Astrological Aspect

Mercury enters Aries – Conversations take on an enthusiastic, excited energy, and it may become difficult to think before you speak. You want to share your thoughts and ideas with all your passion right now, and those thoughts are both original and engaging.

Sunday, April 4





What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers!

Did this overview resonate with you? Get another astrologer’s take on this week’s astrology forecast.



If you’re craving inspiration and motivation, then we have some good news for you! The stars have some creative, communicative, and motivating vibrations to bring to you this week! If you’ve been struggling to find the footing you need to get started on turning your dreams into reality, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief because passion is just around the corner.

First, we begin the week with a waxing Moon – coming just off the heels of that inspiring New Moon in Pisces last week – which is the point of the lunar cycle that pushes you towards action. That means we’re starting the week with plenty of drive and energy!

On Monday, Mercury – the planet of communication and information – moves into romantic, dreamy Pisces.

This energy brings some increased imagination into your mental sphere, helping your mind open up and focus on your fantasies – and how to make those fantasies come true. Mercury in whimsical Pisces also sprinkles your words with love and compassion, helping conversations run more smoothly and lead to emotional breakthroughs and deeper bonds.

That waxing Moon moves into an earthy Taurus on Tuesday, giving us a couple of days of the calm but grounded energy that Taurus is known for. That means you’ll be able to tackle projects and maintain creative energy without feeling stressed out or pressed for time – especially if you connect to Mother Nature and soak in her wisdom.

But perhaps the most exciting and motivating astrological event this week comes on Saturday, when the Sun moves into fiery Aries, marking both the beginning of Aries season as well as a new astrological year!

Ruled by assertive Mars, this shift amplifies both motivation and passion for your creative projects.

It’s Time to Make Moves!

Last week’s New Moon allowed you to think about what you want to manifest and start putting it out there, and this week’s planetary energy is encouraging you to start moving towards those goals.

Don’t be afraid, don’t worry about how you’re going to make things happen or whether failure might befall you. The Universe has a way of creating paths where the human eye would never see a road – so take a deep breath, open your heart, and let the magic begin!

Be sure to request a personalized astrological reading if you need a bit more encouragement.

Planetary Locations During March 15 – March 21, 2021

  • Sun: Pisces (February 18, 2021 – March 20, 2021), Aries (March 20, 2021 – April 19, 2021)
  • Mercury: Pisces (March 15, 2021 – April 3, 2021)
  • Venus: Pisces (February 25, 2021 – March 21, 2021), Aries (March 21, 2021 – April 14, 2021)
  • Mars: Gemini (March 3, 2021 – April 23, 2021)
  • Jupiter: Aquarius (December 19, 2021 – May 31, 2021)
  • Saturn: Aquarius (December 17, 2020 – March 7, 2023)
  • Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)
  • Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)
  • Pluto: Capricorn (Until January 20, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for March 15 – March 21, 2021

Monday, March 15


Pisces – Pisces continues to encourage creativity and spiritual connection. Focusing on self-care and self-love and critical for gathering momentum as we shift into Aries season.


Aries – The Aries Moon gives us a sneak peek of the passion and motivation to come and helps you connect emotionally to your creative projects and goals.

Astrological Aspect

Mercury moving into Pisces, amplifying intuition and compassion within conversations. It’s easier to understand other people’s motives and intentions, so don’t shy away from more difficult conversations today.

Tuesday, March 16




Taurus – The Taurus Moon helps you feel more grounded and calmer when approaching big tasks or projects. Take a walk in nature to connect to the energies of the Universe.

Astrological Aspect

Moon sextile Mercury in Pisces – Ideas are flowing freely, and creativity is abundant today. Don’t ignore flashes of insight or artistic urges, but rather follow them and see where they lead.

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Wednesday, March 17





Astrological Aspect

Moon square Saturn in Aquarius – while motivation is flowing, it’s important to practice patience. Pushing things too hard or too fast may result in chaos today.

Thursday, March 18





Astrological Aspect

Moon in Taurus sextile Sun in Pisces – This transit is laid back and relaxed, bringing good vibrations that help you groove through the day. Deep breathing and meditation in the morning ensure you make the most of this energy.

Friday, March 19




Gemini – The Gemini Moon amplifies mental stimulation and cognitive abilities. If you have any paperwork or studying that needs your attention, Gemini will help you whiz – although it may be hard to focus for prolonged periods of time.

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Saturday, March 20





Astrological Aspect

Sun moving into Aries – The beginning of Aries season also marks a new astrological year; new beginnings, motivation, and a desire for new experiences are in the air. Let the passion move you this month.

Sunday, March 21




Cancer – The Cancer Moon may increase sensitivity and heavy emotions, but it also encourages deeper intuition and a desire to spend time at home.

Astrological Aspect

Venus enters Aries – Romance is swirling all around, encouraging you to be adventurous in love with Venus in Aries. Just be sure to spend carefully and avoid making wild financial decisions now.

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This is the start of the soul’s journey as it travels through twelve lives of its esoteric journey. From Pisces to Aries, the soul must learn important lessons to cultivate its growth and become what it must: whole and fulfilled through the trials and tribulations it encounters on Earth.

The beginning of the soul’s journey takes place in Aries Rising, the sign of the ram.

When we think of Aries people, we think of bold, confident, and fearless people getting what they want. This strength is empowered by its traditional ruler, Mars, the planet of courage and dynamism.

However, in Esoteric Astrology, Aries is ruled by Mercury, and it represents Aries’ purpose at a deeper level.

Aries is first and foremost a sign of the mind. The lessons learned will be on a mind level. This is why in health astrology, it is associated with the head area; Aries commonly suffers from head ailments, such as headaches and migraines.

The purpose of Aries Rising in Esoteric Astrology is to tame the mind and cultivate self-awareness of one’s actions and the effects they have on others.

Not sure what your Rising sign is? Make sure to get your free birth chart to find out!

Aries & the Fool in Tarot

In many ways, Aries is similar to the Fool in the Tarot.

Both start on their journey with enthusiasm and a certain type of innocence that is not yet tarnished by the darkness of the world. Both are bold and forthcoming. Nothing can stand in their way.

In the Tarot, the Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana and embodies a young person, fresh-spirited and ready to take on the world’s challenges. In Aries Rising, we see this same fresh enthusiasm, this same drive that says, “I can do anything!”

As with the soul’s journey, the Fool realizes that not everything is as simple as it may seem.

There are twists, turns, obstacles, and challenges that can be both spirit-breaking and heartbreaking. This is the energy that Aries Rising must also inevitably face, but for now, in this current incarnation, this fresh way of strength embodies the Aries soul.

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Aries Rising & Leadership

Aries is a Cardinal sign and a powerful leader.

Remember, Aries is a ram, not a sheep. The sheep follow, the ram leads. Aries needs to lead, so whether they are generals commanding an army or CEOs commanding a company, Aries Rising is one of the most effective and dedicated leaders. Their vision is not marred with doubt of the self or others; they see a goal, and they go for it.

However, this soul must learn that its actions can have consequences as well as victories. This is why Aries Rising will meet a series of challenges throughout their lives.

As a general, the men and women they send into battle never come back. As a CEO, the idea they invested in never comes to fruition. As a parent, the expectations they had of their children never come to pass. The bold, enthusiastic idea they envisioned in their mind is hit with the stone-cold realization of reality and experience.

Here, the soul begins to understand that the world does not necessarily work in the way imagined.

Ultimately, like the sign of Scorpio, Aries is a warrior. But while Scorpio, having already lived through seven lives of the soul, battles the dark forces within themselves and others, Aries battles the forces in the physical world, which include forming a sense of identity about oneself.

The often charming innocence of Aries Rising is akin to a toddler who says, “Me! Me!” as he learns to navigate his way through this strange world.

Like a child, Aries Rising can be stubborn (“Mine!” when someone tries to take his toy away) and very affectionate when someone is upset, comforting them with the type of innocence that one would expect from a child.

Aries Rising & the 7 Rays of Divine Light

Aries Rising is functioning on the First Ray of Willpower. This is the ray that breaks up existing structures to make way for new ones.

This is why many Aries Rising go into the armed forces, politics, statesmanship, and become rulers, leaders, and explorers.

At their best, Aries Rising, functioning on the First Ray, uses their courage and determination to benefit humanity. At their worst, Aries Rising uses their tremendous strength for selfish or ego purposes, manipulating people to follow them and becoming victims of their own pride.

Aries Rising is also operating on the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order & Magic, a ray that has the primary operation of bringing “heaven to earth.” Aries Rising uses their powerful cardinal energy to infuse the spiritual with the physical.

An Aries Rising operating successfully on this level is at an advanced state, becoming a shaman or occultist, or a film director, to name a few. At their best, they bring order out of chaos and use their mind to lead others towards a more spiritual state.

At their worst, they follow the rules too rigidly and are inflexible and pretentious.

Aries Rising Traits

How to spot an Aries Rising? They often have a unique characteristic around the eyebrow area, just like the ram.

Below are some ways to spot an Aries Rising.


Those with an Aries Rising are courageous and bold people. They tend to have a commanding presence, and when they speak, people listen. They can be intimidating to shyer signs which are not used to the bold energy of Aries.


An Aries Rising will always let you know what they are thinking.

They don’t mince their words, and it can genuinely surprise them when they realize they have hurt someone’s feelings. Aries Rising is very clear about what thinks and what it believes should happen. They aren’t going to fluff around with being diplomatic like Libra.

They say what they want when they want!

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These people are independent and proudly so! Aries Rising women, in particular, thrive on their independence, and they are keen to inspire others to be the same. Aries Rising does not like to depend on anyone else.

They believe that if you want something, you need to make it happen yourself!


Aries Rising can be very short-tempered! You will know when this ram is upset with you. At the same time, their anger tends to disappear as quickly as it emerged.


The enthusiasm of Aries Rising is infectious!

If they have a vision, they will pull others into it and quickly infuse everyone with their ideas and plans. This is the magic of Aries and the power of the Aries cardinal fire. It draws others in, inspiring and leading, reminding you that you can take on the world.

Will Fight for Others

One of Aries Rising’s most admirable qualities is their innate desire to fight for others fearlessly.

Depending on other aspects in their chart, this quality may be direct or indirect. But this is a quality they all possess. When someone is in danger, they know only one thing: the person must be protected.

Are You an Aries Rising?

If you are an Aries Rising soul, your purpose is to use the energy of the Divine to inspire and lead others. The fire that exists within you can either light up the world or destroy it.

Your challenge is to remind yourself that your strength and courage are to be harnessed for the greater good and not for selfish means. Your soul is encouraged to use its mental capabilities to infuse the Divine light into the minds of others so you can bring about change in this world.

As an Aries Rising, you are just starting on your soul journey. It is believed that the soul must go through 12 cycles in each sign of the zodiac before it reaches its nirvanic state.

In Aries, you have the fire, passion, and drive to make great change and help those struggling. Others look to you for inspiration and guidance. Your leadership and enthusiasm are deeply valued in a world that desperately needs brave and strong individuals to lead the way.

The spark of the soul is embodied in you; go forth into the world and light a flame to shine a light in the darkness.

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Taurus season is fast approaching! Soon, the Sun moves into Taurus, and we enter the season of steadfast energy, sensuality, and security. That means it’s time to get into your Taurus season forecast, specifically for money and wealth, so you’re fully prepared!

This Taurus season starts April 19th and lasts until May 20th.

As it starts, Venus is already in Taurus (as of April 14th) and stays until May 3rd, while Mercury enters Taurus on the same day as the Sun, April 19th (to stay until May 8th). We’ll also have a Taurus New Moon on May 11th.

That is some powerful Taurus energy!

This gives plenty of energy for steady progress, taking a practical approach, and embracing abundance. We can be confident, secure, and in tune with the physical world.

Uranus has been in Taurus for a few years now, so this group of planets joins up with Uranus in Taurus. That means we can work on more changes and do things in fresh, new ways to improve stability, security, being steady, and being abundant.

They play nice with Mars in Cancer, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn, so it’s all good! Mars drives us, Jupiter opens up doors, Saturn keeps us focused, Neptune helps with the imagination, and Pluto gives us some control.

To follow your money energy at any time, make sure to keep up with your money horoscope!

What Does This All Mean for Money & Wealth?

Taurus is actually one of the signs ruling money (along with Scorpio), so this is an awesome time of the year to focus on improving your financial situation. This is even more the case with this Taurus season because of all of the planets in Taurus and how nicely they’re playing with the other planets.

Use the Taurus energy this Taurus season to drill down and focus on what you can do to improve.

We can be open to doing things in new ways financially thanks to Uranus, and we may think about how we can start from the ground up with something that secures us for a long time to come.

What can you build on that you’ve already started and can perhaps take a new approach with? How can you start a new financial venture and stick with it to maximum benefit?

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Your Money/Wealth Forecast for the 2021 Taurus Season

Money/Wealth Forecast for Aries

This is your money season, Aries! Taurus activates your money sector, so you can get focused on what you need to financially, gather information for financial decisions, and work on staying the course with financial projects.

You can start from the bottom with something or work to strengthen the foundation of a financial project or venture, and this can open up more financial opportunities for you.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Taurus

It’s your season, Taurus, so you can spend it focusing on new beginnings, new projects and ventures, and new ways to improve your financial situation that lasts for the next year. You can be more willing to take the initiative with what needs to be done.

You can have plenty of ideas for what you want to do and find motivation more easily. Change may lead to more doors opening.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Gemini

This may be a time for you to focus on getting rid of anything weighing you down financially that you can in a healthy and positive way, Gemini. Less baggage means a free intuition that can guide you to the right money choices.

You may be taking on more responsibilities and hit some new highs soon, and this can pay off for you in many ways, including financially. When Mars moves into Cancer on April 23rd, this can give you plenty of energy and drive to get financial results for your hard work.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Cancer

It may be change that leads you to improve your financial situation, Cancer. Try to be open to doing things in new, different ways, as you may benefit from thinking outside of the box right now.

Your social circle may benefit you and help you develop new financial pursuits or encourage your financial ideas.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Leo

There may be progress made with anything you’ve been working hard and smart with, Leo, and you can find rewards for your responsibility. You may benefit from mentors or other elders in your life, and they can impart some helpful wisdom for your financial situation.

Your financial decisions and transactions during this season may be more practical, and you can do your homework first.

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Money/Wealth Forecast for Virgo

You may want to think more optimistically when it comes to money matters this Taurus season, Virgo. You can benefit from seeing the positives, which can help you see opportunities and options you hadn’t before.

You may also be more open to thinking a little bigger, which can create new opportunities.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Libra

You can take money matters seriously this Taurus season, Libra. You can do your research, dig deeper, and see what needs to be done, and you can tackle any financial situation with a serious approach.

You may start thinking about things more long-term financially, and not only what you have for yourself, but what you have for others. Eliminating financial baggage may be more of a focus with the Scorpio Full Moon on April 26th.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Scorpio

Other people may be more helpful to you financially this Taurus season, Scorpio. They can help you gather information and give you advice and opportunities, and you can help them with their issues as well.

You may focus on being more balanced in your financial approach and make sure your money is working for you holistically.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Sagittarius

You can pay close attention to the money details during Taurus season, Sagittarius. This can help you find the information you’ve been missing and make important financial decisions or transactions.

You may put in a lot of work managing your money, and some can be helpful, but try not to stress out too much.

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Money/Wealth Forecast for Capricorn

You may take a more carefree approach to money matters this Taurus season, Capricorn. You may want to spend more time enjoying yourself and not being caught up in serious matters and responsibilities.

Ideas may start coming to you later in the season, and you may get some help from others or help others.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Aquarius

This may be a season where you focus more on the foundation of your financial life long-term and set the stage for the future, Aquarius. You can work to build from the ground up.

Note that Jupiter moves into Pisces on May 13th and starts its tour of your money sector, so financial opportunities to expand and enhance your wealth may be on the horizon and present through 2022.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Pisces

There can be plenty of ideas for you to play around with during Taurus season, Pisces, and dome of those may be financial ideas. You can come up with ways to make more money creatively, to save more money, to grow more money, and to make money work for you in a positive way.

Jupiter enters your sign on May 13th. This can open up lots of opportunities in various parts of your life, including financially, so gather ideas now you can embark on later.

Make the Most Financially of the Money Season – Taurus Season!

This is a great time every year to improve your financial situation or make important financial decisions, and this year, it’s working in most of our favor.

Be confident in your choices and actions, and keep going once you get started. Good luck!



Not everyone appreciates Valentine’s Day.

I totally get it! Why be reminded that you’re single (if you are) or have to buy an obligatory gift or dinner out for your partner (if you are in a relationship)?

All things considered, regardless of if it’s near Valentine’s day or not, what one finds beautiful or pleasurable is unique to each person. Astrology can help us learn more about these aspects of ourselves, or others, by learning more about the planet Venus in our charts!

Venus astrology is not just the planet of love and beauty. It can also be associated with money, the arts, harmony, and much more! When in a more negative vibe, Venus can be lustful, indulgent, and vain.

We’re going to be talking about how to “woo” someone based on their Venus placement in their birth chart.

It is important to state that the Venus placement is only one consideration. You can discover much more by also investigating its house placement and aspects to other planets.

Because of this, I recommend getting an astrological reading to learn more about your natal (or birth chart).

It is also my ethical duty to remind you that you should make them aware of what you are doing when investigating another person’s natal chart (especially your crush’s astrology!). Obviously, you would already be in conversations with them about it because you would need their birth information to produce a birth chart, but the below tips should by no means be used as a manipulation tactic. They are more of a way to have fun and provide inspiration.

Lastly, even if you aren’t in a relationship or dating, I hope the below ideas can help you discover more about yourself!

After all, learning more about yourself will help you love yourself more, making you a super attractor of others and goodness. Try any of the activities below solo and journal your experience afterward.

How Do I Find Venus in My Birth Chart?

Make sure to get your free birth chart if you don’t already have one handy.

If you are looking up someone else’s (always with their permission), you will need the birth date, time, and location. You will now need to locate Venus. You can do this by finding the glyph, or symbol, of Venus in the chart.

From there, it’s as simple as seeing what zodiac sign it’s located in. Again, you can do this for yourself and/or your partner.

Keep reading once you have the zodiac sign the planet Venus is in. As always, if something doesn’t resonate, then don’t spend time dwelling on it, but hopefully, you will learn how to get their attention.

Perhaps reading other zodiac signs will help you come up with some fun ideas!

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How to Woo Them, Based on Their Venus Sign


Aries is a get-up and go zodiac sign! When Venus is in this zodiac, your partner wants to share a physical experience with you. Given this energy, perhaps take an online dance class together.

If you want more privacy, you can always skip the lesson, create a playlist, and you two can dance the night away, enjoying the rhythm of the music and each other.


Venus is a very happy planet when in Taurus, so you already have a hunch of your partner’s capacity for sensuality. Why don’t you find a recipe for a dessert or meal you’d both like to make together?

The only thing hotter than fresh, warm bread to a Venus in Taurus is being close to the one they love while sharing in their creation together.


Venus in Gemini likes variety and is quite the intellectual conversationalist. Begin the evening by placing questions in a bowl and taking turns drawing and reading them to each other.

Remember to make sure that both people answer the question. The Venus in Gemini person wants to learn just as much about you as you do them.


Who doesn’t like acting like a kid now and then? With a Venus in Cancer lover, you can both share in that childlike spirit by building a fort.

Grab as many plush pillows and blankets as you can, drape a sheet over the couch and chairs, and turn off the lights. You can both then spend the evening in your little playhouse you build together.

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Time to get creative and indulge in some vanities. For your Venus in Leo companion, hold a photoshoot! They can get dressed up, wear a costume, or model for you as if they were living their daily life.

When you’re done, have a glass of your beverage of choice and look through the photos together. It should provide for some good laughs and stories!


This may not at first seem romantic, but for a Venus in Virgo placement, do some goal planning together.

The goals can be for a specific event, like a trip, or more general, like the next three years, but a Virgo Venus partner will want to help you make plans for your goals. Doing it together only further solidifies your intentions for the relationship.


Coordinate a group game night. You can go classic with an online version of a board or card game, but you can also try charades or trivia.

Sometimes with a person who has Venus in Libra, the more people involved, the merrier! Being social with the other important people in your partner’s life will show your partner you care for them.


Take a trip down memory lane if your partner has Venus in Scorpio.

Not everyone is completely open about their past, but sharing two or three highlights can certainly help your partner open up more emotionally (and connecting on a deeper level is important with any Scorpio placements). Use old photos to help jog your memories!


Venus in Sagittarius is open to having a good time and very interested in philosophy and travel. Watch a movie or documentary together on a subject or place you both find fascinating.

After it’s done, spend time talking about it. You’ll be surprised by how much your partner may get turned on by your ideas.

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Capricorn Venuses are to the point and very logical, but you have probably already discovered that they are also extremely committed and loyal.

Help your partner feels as secure as you are in the relationship by writing down some qualities you love about them. Share this list with them in a note so that they can reference it often.


For the Venus in Aquarius, they want to know what causes you are passionate about. Is it social justice, environmental activism, or fighting poverty?

Take an evening to discuss the charitable causes you both value. Surprise them later by donating to a cause in their honor. This will really show you listened and care enough to take action.


Plan an arts and crafts night for you and your Venus in Pisces partner. You can both paint, color, or make a vision board.

Whimsy and creativity are an expression of this planet in Pisces, so being creative together is not only fun but also a major turn-on for them. See how messy you both can be together.

Where Will Your Venus Sign Take You?

It’s important to note that the above ideas consider the current state of the world.

Many around the world are still in lockdown or have some restrictions on the day-to-day. All the activities we discuss can be done at home and/or online, so even if you’re not physically together, you can still have a meaningful connection.

Oh, and all ideas are PG rated. Maybe try a different site if you’d like other ideas…happy romancing!



You may already be familiar with the planets and their role in the sky, but digging into asteroids can help you find deeper layers of meaning within your natal chart.

Rather than trying to analyze all of them at once, spending time with each asteroid individually may help you understand how they impact your chart and your personality more fully. And today, we’re going to start with Ceres.

An asteroid connected to familial love and Earth’s harvest, Ceres is another name for Demeter, the Greek and Roman goddess of grain, agriculture, health, and nourishment. Despite having plenty of her own myths and stories, Ceres is most often remembered for her role in the story of her daughter Persephone and their entanglements with Hades or Pluto, the god of the underworld.

While we tend to associate the goddess Demeter herself with protective instincts and personal loss, in astrology, Ceres is tied to the natural world, devotion, and deep, unconditional love.

By learning more about Ceres and digging into where it lands in our personal birth charts, we can understand more about the ways that we express love and the ways we want to be shown love in return.

If you’ve wanted to go beyond your horoscope, get your free birth chart and open your eyes to a whole new definition of your astrological personality!

Ceres in the Birth Chart

In our natal birth charts, Ceres reveals how we demonstrate love and support to our blood family and our chosen family.

Think about your relationships with your parents, children if you have them, siblings and cousins, as well as those friends that play significant, long-term roles in your life.

How do you nurture others, and how do you like to be nurtured? In what ways do you extend comfort and care to those around you? Ceres is often specifically connected to motherhood, offering insights on how we relate to our own mothers and the ways we may turn that energy outward onto children in our lives or other people that we provide caretaking for.

But whether your mother’s relationship or identity is significant for you or not, what’s important to remember is that Ceres is action-oriented. This piece of our chart is about how we communicate our love through comfort and physical care.

While it may feel simpler to focus on how Ceres directs healing and generosity outwards, this asteroid can also help us understand how we care for and love ourselves.

Especially during stressful periods and difficult circumstances, we must understand how we can show ourselves kindness, generosity, and grace.

What do you believe about your own self-worth? How do you value yourself? In what ways, both physical and otherwise, do you attend to your personal needs? Are you willing to invest time, energy, resources into your own care?

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Ceres as Major Arcana Archetypes

After looking at where Ceres lands in your natal chart, you may find it helpful to study the Major Arcana archetype that corresponds to that sign.

Looking at both your Ceres astrological sign and the card that aligns with it can help you understand this placement through the lens of Tarot and may give you some additional insights into how your sense of care and nurturing manifests itself.

For example, Ceres in Virgo corresponds to the Hermit, indicating that someone with this placement might show care by encouraging independence, paying attention to important details, and offering space for deep personal reflection on ways to improve and grow.

On the other hand, Ceres in Gemini is associated with the Lovers. It may manifest as open communication, sharing information, checking in with those you love, and actively pursuing knowledge around specific interests or challenges.

The following Tarot spread for the asteroid Ceres is designed to help you explore your own relationship with self-care, honor the needs you may be avoiding or ignoring, and make space for new methods of showing yourself gentleness and nourishing love.

How do you nurture those you love, and how do you like to be nurtured by others? How can you apply those lessons to your own rituals of self-care and generosity?

Below, you can find a quick sample reading using the Next World Tarot to help you understand how to use this spread.

If you use this layout in your own work, I highly recommend pulling the Major Arcana archetype that corresponds with your Ceres natal placement out of your deck and reading with the other 77 cards, letting that archetype act a signifier for your reading.

A Self-Love Tarot Spread Inspired By Ceres

Card One: A Personal Narrative or Belief to Release

Knight of Wands

Part of learning to care for ourselves is in letting go of the negative ideas that we may carry about who we are or what we are capable of.

The Knight of Wands is fiery and eager to prove themselves, bursting with charisma and independence but not always great at finishing all of the projects they start.

Do you feel like you always have to have a big idea, a fresh take, an exciting new adventure to pursue? Do you believe that you have to start every fire yourself and that only you can keep them burning brightly?

There may be opportunities for collaboration and creative cooperation that you’re missing, sparks from other people that might feed your own drives and ambitions. Knights usually ask us to pay attention to how we’re utilizing and balancing the element they represent, so consider how you’re using your natural fire, passion, and instincts.

How might you be isolating yourself within your creative drive?

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Card Two: A Way I Can Show Myself Kindness

8 of Swords

Sometimes it can be difficult to see our way out of messy situations or challenging circumstances. Still, with the 8 of Swords, we may be layering additional restrictions or expectations on ourselves that leave us with very few options.

This Tarot card speaks of mental traps, the ways that we limit our own perspective out of fear, guilt, or anger. And in this position, the 8 of Swords indicates that we may be cutting ourselves off from kindness or empathy, isolating ourselves in ways that don’t leave room for growth, connection, or evolution.

Are you so focused on protecting yourself that you aren’t giving yourself space to adapt? What paths forward are you immediately dismissing, and how could one of those possibilities offer more freedom than you realize?

Card Three: A Nurturing Practice to Remember

6 of Pentacles

Incorporating regular habits and practices into our lives can be a powerful part of self-care and nurturing our spirit. With the 6 of Pentacles, we are called to be attentive to how we give and receive resources, to our cycles of redistribution and reciprocity.

How are we generous with the things that we have? How do we ask for what we need, and how graciously do we accept those things? Nurturing the self and those around us can go hand in hand, so this card asks us to invest in our communities and elevate those that may have had their voices silenced or ignored.

What are you doing to care for those with less? And how does giving back to the community also strengthen your own ability to show empathy for yourself?

How Will You Embrace Self-Love?

As you connect more deeply with Ceres’s energy, give yourself space to explore different methods of showing care, empathy, and kindness. How deeply do you resonate with the archetype associated with your Ceres placement? What might this card have to teach you about ways that you can care for yourself?

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Are you ready for the season of dreams, romance, and imagination? With Neptune-ruled Pisces in the stars, life is about to get a whole lot more fantastical.

Rebellious and revolutionary Aquarius season is already under our belt, and we may already be feeling the unpredictability and changes that have come with that. Aquarius season may indeed be out the door, but like it or not, changes don’t tend to slow down with Pisces season en route!

Perhaps in different ways than Aquarius, Pisces season — reigning in the skies from February 18th to March 20th — still demands change and progress.

Let’s learn about what Pisces season often brings to the table, and then affirm what we will need from within to make it a great one!

New energy means new horoscopes. Stay updated on your daily horoscope so you can navigate Pisces season in the best possible way!

What is Pisces Energy?

Dreamy, imaginative, and intuitive, Pisces energy often gets a funny rep for being hopelessly romantic and emotionally intense.

It’s true that there is a Piscean tendency for emotional dramatics at times. Like its fellow Water signs (Scorpio and Cancer), intuition, creativity, and all the feels tend to run high when Pisces season comes around the corner.

Additionally, Pisces is the Mutable representative of the watery crew, making the sign seem more unpredictable and chaotic if not properly understood and worked through. However, at the end of the day, Pisces is the culmination of the zodiac as the last sign, indicating an abundance of wisdom and creativity for us to draw from.

So while the ups and downs may seem plentiful with Pisces season at bay, know that a steep challenge often comes with rich rewards. You may just be able to tap into a stronger intuition, free-flowing creative energy, and dreamy perspective that Pisces has the power to bestow.

Tap into your Pisces power with: Learn the Secret to Success as a Pisces

10 Affirmations for Imaginative Pisces Season

1. “I Go With The Flow.”

The mutability of Pisces season can sometimes throw even the most thrill-seeking of us for a loop.

Going with the flow — whether that’s an emotional, mental, or spiritual flow — is often essential to a successful Pisces season. This affirmation encourages this attitude and assists us to roll with even the most unexpected punches.

2. “I Express Love With Ease.”

While they are still so much more than just one or two labels, Pisces spirits are, at heart, intense lovers and romantics.

As Spring blooms and romantic Pisces season reigns, it’s always a good idea to affirm our ability to express love to others. This affirmation encourages that vulnerability and openness and encompasses love in all forms.

3. “I Honor My Intuitive Senses.”

While we all have an intuition to varying degrees, Pisces season tends to bring out the strongest of our intuitive senses no matter where you land on the psychic scale.

Sometimes this is uncomfortable for those of us who aren’t as acquainted with our intuition. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable simply because it’s too strong for those who are typically intuitive.

Either way, it’s important to honor whatever comes through. Use this affirmation to assist with the management of your very own intuitive power!

4. “My Emotions Empower Rather Than Overwhelm.”

Like it or not, Pisces energy leans heart over head.

This inevitability can be uncomfortable if we think of our emotions to control us, rather than something that we can use to our advantage.

Use this affirmation to remind you of this reality. Your emotions are a gift, not a curse!

5. “I Listen to My Dreams.”

Ruled by dreamy Neptune, it comes as no surprise that Pisces season ranks high when it comes to zodiac seasons that shower us in crazy dreams.

Often, these dreams can offer profound insights if we’re willing to listen. In fact, dreamwork is often a fruitful practice during Pisces season if you’re willing to give the unconscious mind a shot to speak up!

6. “I See Confusion As Opportunity.”

It’s no secret that sometimes Pisces season is just a little… weird.

Thanks to the foggy influence of illusory Neptune once more, we often have a bit of confusing energy on our hands when Pisces season rolls around. While we could see this fog as frustrating, it’s usually a push to have some faith and trust that your intuition will guide you.

Think of these hiccups as avenues for growth, as well as excellent opportunities for strengthening your connection with your intuition!

7. “My Feelings Are Meaningful & Important.”

No matter how frequent or confusing your emotions and feelings may be during this Pisces season (or any time, for that matter), it’s crucial to know that these feelings are still valid and meaningful.

The emotional flow of Pisces season can be seemingly overwhelming, but that should be a sign of your strength and capacity to feel rather than a signal to minimize your experience. This affirmation simply reminds you of this!

8. “I Easily Ground Myself In The Present Moment.”

Thanks to the romantic and dreamy energy of Pisces season, it’s easy to get caught up in the whims of the imagination.

At times, this leads us to reminisce on the past or perhaps thinking too far ahead into the future. With this affirmation, you can stay centered in the here and now and make a stronger attempt to be present this Pisces season.

9. “Creativity Supports & Nourishes Me.”

Undoubtedly, one of the perks and beautiful traits of mystical Pisces is its creative potential.

Whether or not you yourself are a Pisces, we all have a unique form of creativity that gets enhanced by the watery Pisces flow. This affirmation encourages whatever your creativity may look like and places it in your palms for self-empowerment and nourishment.

10. “I Am Intuitive, Mystical, & Creative.”

Finally, we can use this affirmation to remind ourselves of some of the best Pisces qualities and know that they are within us in our day-to-day lives to some degree.

While they may not always be the clearest or most traditional qualities, they are powerful when utilized properly under a Pisces sun. Tap into them, and watch yourself make some magic!

Meditating On Piscean Power

Life may seem to get a bit hazy with Pisces ruling the skies and stars. It may seem like you don’t always have the answers, but your heart sure has plenty of questions and musings.

But the power of Pisces lies in our ability to take that “haziness” and run with what we feel rather than what we’re trying to see. That’s why Pisces imagination, creativity, and intuition are so strong!

That said, it’s always easier said than done. That’s why affirmations can help us set the right intentions, put us in the ideal frame of mind, and help us make the most of what we have at our disposal.

With perhaps your favorite journal, some sticky notes, or even verbal repetition, using these affirmations can be an easy and simple way to make the most of this Pisces season.

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The thing about the Chinese Zodiac is that there is always so much to discover, so no matter how much you read up on it, you always end up learning something new!

For example, you might know that you are a mild, peaceful Rabbit, but maybe you didn’t know that you have a Horse Ascendant, which would explain why you tend to be more flighty and willing to step outside your comfort zone than other Rabbits.

Or maybe you’re a fiery, independent Tiger but you have a Wood element attached to you, making you more peaceful and diplomatic than your fierce counterparts.

Now the question is…have you ever wondered what the best and worst qualities of your Chinese Zodiac sign are?

The Chinese Zodiac Personality Traits

When it comes to the best and worst of the Chinese Zodiac, and as with everything else, there is a Yin and a Yang, a light and a dark, a Moon and a Sun. In other words, conflicting opposites can become problematic when an individual does not pay equal attention to both sides.

Carl Jung commonly called the worst traits the “shadow side.”

This is the side of ourselves that lurks in the deepest recesses of our mind, the side that can bring negativity and destruction when it is not made conscious and brought into the light. It is the side that is associated with evil because it is entirely capable of committing evil acts. These negative personality traits can be accompanied by learned qualities that merge with the natural, innate qualities we are born with and form the “shadow.”

By understanding this side of ourselves, we can know ourselves deeper and get them under control.

By understanding your Chinese Zodiac sign’s negative qualities, you learn not to fear them but embrace them, leading to an integration with your “light” and helping you become the best of yourself.

Read on to discover more about the best and worst traits of your Chinese Zodiac sign!

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The Best & Worst Characteristics of Your Chinese Zodiac Sign


Best Characteristic: Resourcefulness

As a Rat, you have many positive qualities, but perhaps the best one of all is your resourcefulness.

The Rat is a survivor. How else did he manage to win the race in the original Chinese Zodiac legend, despite being one of the smallest of the animals?

Size is no indication of strength, and as a Rat, you epitomize this. Whenever there is a crisis, you know what to do. Whenever it seems all hope is lost, you are the one to pull yourself and others through. It is one of the greatest gifts, Rat.

Worst Characteristic: Calculating

While this quality can be beneficial in terms of helping you achieve your goals, it can quickly become a tool for selfishness when it is not harnessed properly. Being calculating comes with being shrewd, and yours is a shrewd mind. However, this quality can make you ruthless, willing to trample over anyone and anything to get what you want.


Best Characteristic: Persistence

One of your greatest strengths is your persistence, Ox. Few rival you when it comes to staying the course. If you have a goal in mind, you will reach that goal, no matter what. You are reliable, and others know they can count on you to get the job done.

Worst Characteristic: Stubbornness

Ox stubbornness is a famous thing.

Once you are fixed on something, it is challenging to change your mind, even if rational and plausible explanations are provided. This is persistence in its worst form – therefore, learning the art of flexibility is highly beneficial.


Best Characteristic: Courageous

The Don Quixote of the zodiac, you are the one who charges in fearlessly when there are dragons to slay and monsters to overcome.

Few can compete with your courage and bravery, Tiger. It is one of your finest attributes, and others feel protected when you are around. You see yourself as a warrior, and you are not afraid to stand for what you believe in.

Worst Characteristic: Reckless

With great courage comes great responsibility. Unfortunately, this is something you are learning only too well!

Recklessness is one quality that can lead to all your hard work going up in a puff of smoke. You may be willing to leap into all sorts of dark and dangerous places, but one wrong move in a fit of anger or ego, and that’s it, game over.

When you learn to find the middle ground, it is then that you shall experience true success.


Best Characteristic: Intuitive

This is a powerful and potent characteristic, Rabbit.

You may be one of those Rabbits that doesn’t pay as much attention to your intuition as you should, or you may nurture it daily. Whichever you are, you are the most intuitive sign of the zodiac, and when harnessed properly, this quality enables you to go further than others because you can see more.

Do not underestimate the power of this gift, for you have been blessed.

Worst Characteristic: Conflict-Avoidant

More than any other sign, you have a special sort of aversion to conflict.

While your peace-loving nature is pleasant to be around, it is important to remember that sometimes conflict is necessary. Learning the art of conflict and recognizing that a negative feeling does not necessarily mean a bad feeling is one of your important life lessons.

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Best Characteristic: Charismatic

One of your greatest qualities is your charisma, Dragon.

You are one of the most powerful members of the zodiac, a true leader. Others respect you for your fire and tenacity. You have the ability to overcome any challenges that spring your way, and you quickly earn the respect of others for your strength and determination.

Worst Characteristic: Egotistical

One of your struggles is with the ego. You may sometimes think that if you are right, then everyone else is wrong.

You can become fierce and short-tempered if you don’t get your own way. Appreciating that everyone’s viewpoint matters is a valuable lesson for you, Dragon. Practicing and mastering this art will help you become a true and wise leader, loved and respected by all.


Best Characteristic: Wisdom

Your best characteristic is undoubtedly your wisdom, Snake.

People often think you are wise beyond your years. You seem to know stuff that others cannot comprehend. This quality gets you far in life, and others seek your advice because they recognize the innate wisdom that lies within you.

Worst Characteristic: Vengeance

You are a sign that is known for wanting revenge.

In fact, you can wait years if necessary to exact it upon another when you feel you or your loved ones have been wronged. But one fundamental life lesson for you, Snake, is to learn forgiveness. The desire for revenge hurts you more than anyone else, and when you forgive, you set yourself free.


Best Characteristic: Independence

One of your greatest strengths is your independence, Horse. All Third Trine members are independent to some degree, but yours is a free and unbridled spirit.

You go where your heart leads you, and damn the consequences! This type of quality is revered and endeared by other signs. Because you value your freedom above all else, you also value your creative spirit, leading you to phenomenal places.

Worst Characteristic: Selfishness

In its worst form, your independence can manifest as selfishness. If you want something, that’s all that matters, never mind who gets hurt along the way!

This can lead to great hurt and anger for those around you, and while you may not set out to intentionally hurt anyone, the damage caused can be tragic. Practicing empathy can be beneficial for you, and so can compromise!

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Best Characteristic: Compassionate

As a sensitive member of the Fourth Trine, you are a truly compassionate soul, Goat.

Nothing you would not do to help a friend in need – or anyone really – and your kind, compassionate nature brings much comfort and joy to this world. Your big heart is truly one of your greatest attributes.

Worst Characteristic: Co-Dependent

One of your negative attributes is a loss of independence. You can become too dependent on others or a partner, relinquishing all control and responsibility.

This leads to an unwillingness to take responsibility for your actions. Maintaining your independence is important for your overall well-being, Goat, so practicing doing things on your own and not looking to others all the time is a good way to keep a rein on it.


Best Characteristic: Charming

It’s hard to pinpoint just one positive quality about you, Monkey because there are so many, but charm is probably one of your finest attributes!

You have a way of charming others in such a way that people don’t know what hit them. You can talk the talk and walk the walk. You make others laugh, and they feel at ease in your company – one of the things you excel at is easing tension.

Your oodles of charm take you far in life.

Worst Characteristic: Arrogance

Sometimes, though, Monkey, this charm can manifest in its most negative state, which is arrogance. You start to think you are better than others and become incredulous when other people don’t know as much as you do.

You are very clever, but just remember that everyone has their own strengths and talents. Practicing humility is a good way to maintain balance within yourself.


Best Characteristic: Outspoken

One thing you will never do, Rooster, is let others tell you what to think or say.

In fact, you will speak your mind if it is the last thing you do. You are famous for it, in fact. This is a quality that others admire in you. You are brave and ready to stand for what you believe in. If you think something is wrong, then you will speak out, no matter who is watching or listening.

Worst Characteristic: Egocentric

In your most negative state, you become egocentric and intolerant.

Your shining outspokenness becomes rude and insensitive, and you can wound others deeply with your words.

Practicing empathy is helpful for you, Rooster. You do not have to be right all the time, and it is important to remember that everyone is on their own individual journey in life; there is no right or wrong way.

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Best Characteristic: Loyal

Just like your furry counterpart, you are deeply loyal and will never betray those you love, Dog.

It is your fines quality. Yours is a friendship that many wish they had as you can be counted on, no matter what. Faithful until the end, you will go through hell and high water to be there for someone.

Worst characteristic: Pessimistic

It can be easy for you to fall into negative thinking, resulting in further anxiety, paranoia, and suspicion.

This is something that can drive others around the bend, but it hurts you a great deal, Dog. It is important to remember that not everyone is out to get you and to keep your eye on a glass that is half full.


Best Characteristic: Genuine

One of the most wonderful things about you, Pig, is you are such a genuine soul.

Your inner child shines brightly, and you are open and honest. You tend to accept others for who they are, no matter what they have done or their background. This makes you one of the most tolerant of all the signs.

Worst characteristic: Indecisive

You can be very indecisive, refusing to make a decision and letting others lead the way.

This can be detrimental, Pig, as it means you do not take responsibility in areas you should. Trusting in yourself and your abilities is an important life lesson for you. Remember, mistakes may be made but what matters is that you tried.

Get to Know Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

All members of the Chinese Zodiac have their good and bad qualities. The key isn’t to focus entirely on the good traits and hide or ignore the bad ones. The key is to focus on all the qualities and find a way for them to work together.

By understanding your Chinese Zodiac sign more, you can then find ways to merge all of your traits as one.

This is the integration of the light side and the dark side, something that no human on earth is exempt too. Your positive qualities are something to be admired and nurtured, but you should never be afraid of your negative side or ashamed of it.

It is part of who you are, and the best way to deal with it is to understand it.

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