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In the study of astrology, astrologers have begun to observe Chiron more closely especially when it comes to healing ourselves and finding sense in synchronicities.

Some have even referred to natal transits in Chiron as symbolic of “Chirotic” time, a time where signs and purpose meet in our lives. The patterns that we see and the odd events, like when we’re thinking of someone randomly and that person calls.

Even though Chiron is only a minor, terrestrial planet, it has an important impact on our birth charts and personal growth throughout our lives. If we ignore Chiron, we ignore progress and we can never truly know ourselves.

What is a Chiron Return?

You have heard of Saturn Return or Jupiter Return as powerful times in our lives, but seldom talked about it Chiron’s return and its affects on us.

Chiron is known as the ‘wound healer,” therefore, when it transits through your natal sign – things will begin to heat up and heal.

Chiron takes roughly 50-51 years to make its circuit around the Sun, and as such the Chiron Return lies midway between that Uranus opposition and the Second Saturn Return. We experience the first Saturn Return in our late 20’s up until age 30, a time when we move from being young adults into taking our place in the world with larger responsibilities.

This can catapult us into our 30’s if we handle it right. Then when we get to age 42 or so, we encounter the Uranus opposition which challenges us to find new ways to incorporate the idiosyncrasies of others in our lives and to encourage our own innovative element. The mid-’40s oftentimes are the moment when the fabled “mid-life crisis” occurs and the radical choices being made are going to be reflective of one’s level of maturity.

At age 50 then, another milestone along the way comes in the form of the Chiron Return, where we come to assess progress made in learning the lessons of the sacred wound and its integration into our lives. Astrologer Zane Stein, who has written extensively on this planetoid, has noted that individuals’ handling of the issues of this time will have an impact on that second Saturn return which will take place between ages 56 to 58.

Chiron Retrograde changes the game. Learn more in What to Expect during Chiron Retrograde.

Chiron’s History & Mythology

The mythology of the centaur who was a class apart from the other man-horse hybrids shows another dimension of synchronicity and leads us to examine our sacred wounds. Chiron was said to have divine parentage, and one myth makes his father none other than Cronus (also known as Saturn). He was tutored by Artemis and Apollo in civilized skills and talents. He in turn taught many of the heroes of Greek myth, including Heracles.

The well-known hero is actually the instigator of Chiron’s death. During a drunken melee, Heracles attacked a pack of centaurs and killed several of them. In the wild fight, he let loose many arrows that were dipped in the blood of the Hydra. (One centaur, Pholus, who also has a planetoid named after him, was said to have picked up an arrow and dropped it, grazing his leg and killing him instantly.)

Chiron, as an immortal, could not die, however. He was left in agony and he implored Zeus to put him out of his misery. He was allowed to die and at his passing was installed as the constellation we all know as Sagittarius.

This mythology is relevant to the consideration of Chiron in the birth chart, for it indicates a place where we have been wounded by the Gods. There is something mysterious about where Chiron appears in our charts and the planets it aspects and a feeling of being wounded such that the pain cannot be healed. Chiron in Aries or the 1st house, for example, shows up as a feeling of not being good enough.

Chiron’s wound is direct and indirect action – while Chiron taught Hercules to make arrows, they also were what ended him. Therefore it is a reminder that we allow ourselves and others to wound us and rewound us if we do not seek corrective action.

For Example: From April 2010 – February 2019, Chiron Return was in Pisces

People in their late 40’s and early 50’s today are experiencing the Chiron Return in the sign of Pisces. We who have entered or are about to enter the 6th decade of our lives have a wound in the place where we feel connected to the Divine. Pisces placements reveal something about our relationship to the Spirit realm and its non-rational experiences.

We Chiron in Pisces folk have difficulty with feeling that all will be well, that our needs will be met. Oftentimes we will have had to have been self-reliant and have a defended nature. For many of us, this has been all we know, and yet deep down we sense there is something more, something divine that could be impelling us towards better choices.

To stay in self-reliance will keep us Chiron in Pisces folks stuck. It’s necessary we take some risks and really trust that the God of our Understanding has our backs. This is never an easy prospect, especially for people who have made it their business to boot-strap ourselves along.

Many of the Chiron in Pisces generation also have an opposition to Pluto and/or Uranus in Virgo which was also operative in the 1960’s, and can not only emphasize our bravado but also add a ruthless edge to it. Many who have this aspect have at least flirted with a stark and unforgiving atheism or agnosticism, if not delved into these waters more deeply.

Many will have a deep discomfort with religious words and names or conversely try to impose their views and dogmas on others. People with Chiron in Pisces are also in danger of elevating their suffering to the status of being so sacred that they refuse to escape it.

Right now, Chiron is in Aries until 2027

Where we are seeing a whole generation born in the 1970s with Chiron in Aries developing and facing feelings of worthlessness that it has to counteract. We could have an impaired ability to express our direct desires at any given moment. Somewhere along the line, we got hurt in this area, and we are trying to heal that wound if we’re smart about it.

Since Chiron spends a long time in Pisces and Aries (the last and first signs of its transit), we will see a long period of this generation coming to terms with their own worth – hopefully reshaping the future instead of seeking for escape.

Learn more about Chiron in Aries or try a Chiron Direct in Aries 3-Card Tarot Spread.

Chiron in the Houses: Where are your Wounds?

So when Chiron enters your natal sign, it’s time to come to grips with the emotional wounds you have because of its planetary alignment and look back over their lives to see how it has manifested in their choices.

But, you can also get insights into your wounds through the house position on Chiron in your birth chart.

Chiron in The 1st House

As stated before, Chiron in the 1st house will give the sense of being wounded in the self-identity. This is associated with childhood wounds or trauma that we gain early in life. It often has to do with self-discovery and the Marsian flaw of overcoming the feeling of not being enough.

Personal focus importance on discovering the meaning of existence and becoming present in life will be the salve to this wound.

Chiron in the 2nd or 7th Houses

Chiron in the 2nd house and the 7th house can act in similar ways, for these are the realms of Venus.

Relationships both to one’s body and to others, in general, are going to be the area to examine for these Chiron placements regardless of gender. The 2nd or 7th house aspect is more intimate than others. All of these placements resonate with wounds having to do with relationships with the Self and another, as well as with the values we hold dear. The 2nd and 8th can also relate strongly to wounding around money, both personal finances as well as those shared with a partner.

Chiron in the 3rd or 9th Houses

Chiron in the 3rd house and the 9th house will have attracted wounds to the thought processes and one’s ability to communicate.

Chiron in the 3rd will show up with traumas surrounding simple communication skills and one’s ability to trust in their own speech to talk out their truths. The 9th house shows a wounding around one’s intellectual abilities, and the faith we can have in how we process more abstract and difficult learning. Chiron in the 9th can also manifest as wounds experienced as children around prophetic abilities, like the little girl who can see when grandma is about to transition, or the boy in the film The Sixth Sense, who can see dead people.

Chiron in the 4th or 10th Houses

Perhaps the hardest places to handle Chiron’s wounds are in the 4th house and the 10th house for these are the houses related to one’s parents.

Often, the 4th represents the opposite sex parent while the 10th speaks to the same-sex parent, and with Chiron situated in either of these, the parent-child relationship is the source of the wound. The relationship with both parents as well as the themes of nurturing and security are likely to be vexing and painful for the person with these placements, and they can unconsciously turn their suffering onto their own children. Owning the wound and giving appropriate care and attention to one’s children will be the hallmark of success here.

Chiron in the 5th or 11th Houses

Both the 5th house and the 11th house speak to creative expression. The 5th is the more personal of the two, for the 11th relates to how one interacts creatively with friends.

The 5th house Chiron has the suffering attached to being rejected for their brand of creativity. The 11th house is similar, but this has more to do with the feeling of being somehow different from other people and therefore rejected for the differences. It’s important for people with Chiron in these houses to find supportive relationships that affirm one’s creative elements. The 5th house is also a house of playful sexuality and the desire to have fun can also have attracted the wounding that Chiron has initiated.

Chiron in the 6th or 12th Houses

The 6th house and the 12th house have affinities with the Virgo-Pisces axis and they actually emphasize all the themes of suffering and service so far spoken of herein.

Chiron in the 6th makes it more of a challenge to find the opportunities to be practical in one’s service, but doing so will help them to engage the feeling of being divinely guided. Contrasting that, Chiron in the 12th needs to transmute their suffering into practical acts of devotion and consideration for others.

Chiron in the 8th Houses

The 8th house can also echo this element, but this can also manifest as a wound in one’s sexuality.

This often is found in a struggle to understand someone’s sexuality or even sexual attraction to others – this can often be seen in those who struggle to come out to others or come into their own.

To Chiron & Beyond

Astrologer Adam Gainsborg has noted that the house and sign opposite one’s Chiron placement show an avenue for expressing our newfound understanding of our wounds. As we understand more about this planet and its place in our stars, we will begin to understand more about ourselves.

So, will you be looking at your Chiron placement the next time you feel you are struggling?

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As many of us start to take our first cautious steps out into social gatherings and group experiences again, it can feel like a lot to get used to…being around people, remembering how to converse outside of video calls, and perhaps most notably, interacting with the energies that each of us holds within ourselves.

Whether you identify as a highly sensitive person (HSP), an empath, or are simply someone that relies on your intuition to navigate the daily challenges and victories of life. The chances are that you will at various points find yourself responding to the energies that people carry, to their emotions and desires, to the things that they want, and the things that they avoid.

And if you are an HSP or an empath, you may find these energies deeply overwhelming and sometimes difficult to navigate.

What is an Empath?

Empaths are people that are extremely sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of the people, animals, or spaces around them, sometimes to the point that physical sensations are experienced.

This is often seen as a gift but can bring a variety of stressors with it, making it incredibly important to establish rituals of separation and support. With so many sensations constantly being filtered and absorbed, it can be challenging for empaths or highly sensitive people to identify and honor the emotions they themselves are creating and separate their own needs from those around them.

And while there are a number of different kinds of empaths, anyone who feels that they fit on this particular spectrum can benefit from being intentional about recovery, introspection, and taking time to reflect.

As you practice daily rituals of self-care, you may find that the Tarot can act as a useful tool for checking in with yourself, recognizing what you want or need, and focusing on your own emotions rather than those that are swirling around you.

Even if you aren’t an empath or an HSP, you can still benefit from using this divination tool to tap into your own intuitive powers and cultivate a regular practice of listening to your own inner wisdom.

Tarot for Empaths

The Tarot itself acts as a tool to both activate and heighten our natural sense of intuition. In shuffling the cards, in asking ourselves questions, in honoring the emotions that come forward when we work with certain archetypes or pips, we allow our intuition to speak to us.

And when it comes to making decisions, weighing different choices, or understanding our emotions, the Tarot can help reflect our own insights back to us. What does it mean to allow our intuition to speak freely?

When we open our hearts, what thoughts, needs, fears, and desires reveal themselves?

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4-Card Tarot Spread to Unlock Your Inner Empath

This Tarot spread is a simple one, designed to help set up a structure for your intuition to flow freely within. As you come to the cards, work to be open to whatever messages you receive, honor whatever bubbles up, and not judge yourself for whatever you discover.

If you have a strong reaction to the cards you pull, that can help indicate what you may be working through or need to spend more time thinking about.

If you feel neutral or uncertain, that is your intuition speaking as well, letting you know that a better solution may still be out there or that you need to do some deeper digging into whatever you are considering.

Working with our intuition is a lifelong practice, one that can get easier with time and effort. And whether this is your first time honing into this natural sixth sense or you’re someone that frequently creates space for your heart to speak, this spread can help guide you farther along this path and perhaps tap into some empathic skills you didn’t realize that you had.

The sample reading below is meant to offer you insights into how to work with this spread in your personal rituals and uses The Muse Tarot.

Card One: Something to Recognize About My Intuition

The Sun

This archetype is one of celebration and joy, of being our full and most authentic selves, honoring the clarity that we’ve found, and integrating all of our pieces into one unified whole.

And as an insight into intuition, the Sun reminds us to keep things simple and honest, to look at things for how they truly are instead of trying to make them what we want them to be.

Our intuition often serves as a shift in perspective, helping a truth or insight click into place. In this position, the Sun suggests that intuition is something to find power and magic in rather than something to fear, avoid, or hide away.

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Card Two: Something My Intuition is Particularly Valuable

4 of Emotions/Cups

This card is often associated with boundaries around the emotional self, the ways that we protect ourselves or even cut ourselves off from pleasure, connection, and community in an effort to avoid heartbreak.

Sometimes the 4 of Cups asks us to be more open with our hearts, to share our emotions and fantasies and desires with those we trust; yet in this position, this card indicates that our intuition can help to keep us safe, pinging when we need to guard ourselves or not reveal all of our vulnerabilities to others.

Our intuition can be valuable in protecting us and is worth listening to particularly in difficult or dangerous circumstances.

Card Three: A Way to Honor My Intuition More Deeply

2 of Materials/Pentacles

Twos in the Tarot always speak of balance and juggling, which we can see quite literally depicted in this particular image. And when we look at the 2 of Pentacles, we specifically think about how we are integrating new plans into old responsibilities, finding harmony between the things we want and the things we need.

In this third card position, we find lessons around balancing our intuition with the other things that we know to be true and giving those instincts and emotions equal weight among our mind, body, and spirit.

Intuition shouldn’t be the only thing that we rely on, but it also needs to be a significant part of the conversation and help guide us forward in a way that allows us to keep making progress.

Card Four: A Way to Protect Myself From Being Overwhelmed

3 of Emotions/Cups

A card of community, chosen family, and deep trust, the 3 of Cups reminds us of the people that love us, and the support systems that we have established for ourselves. Intuition and empathy are deeply personal things, a kind of magic that lives within us, yet in staying connected with those that know us intimately, in sharing that kind of vulnerability and expression with other people, we can find strength and purpose.

Sometimes we need outside voices to help us remember our own, and in this position, the 3 of Cups wants us to find support from friends and loved ones as a way to avoid being overwhelmed.

Harness Your Inner Empath

Intuition is a powerful tool, no matter how sensitive your own natural sense might be. And in being intentional about the ways that we listen and trust those personal instincts and deep inner wisdom, we can choose paths forward that truly reflect what we want and need, rather than getting caught up in what other people are doing.

How do you honor your intuition? Do you identify as an empath or highly sensitive person, and how does that impact the ways that you work with Tarot? How can this spread help you to be more purposeful in listening to your own inner voice?



Have you been craving a change in your life? Are you seeking a shift in reality that brings your consciousness alive? Then this week is bringing exactly what you’ve been looking for, thanks to the celestial energy above.

While only two major astrological transits are happening this week, they’re here to bring an entirely new energy, along with an entirely new perspective, to the center of your mind.

Perhaps the most important celestial gift we receive this week comes in the form of the Solar eclipse in the sign of Gemini, which takes place on June 10th. This eclipse will affect all of us, although those with strong Gemini placements may feel it even more intensely. This particular transit encourages you to embrace change in any form, especially when hidden information is revealed.

The very next day, on June 11th, Mars – the planet of passion, ambition, and will – moves into the fiery sign of Leo.

This is a comfortable position for Mars, who enjoys the fiery energy of Leo. Mars feels livelier, which in turn shines a light on your own passion projects. This is a transit that will help you feel reconnected to those creative ideas you’ve been having recently while giving you the confidence to go after those things you truly want.

This energy shakes things up and then tells you to go for it.

June 7 – June 13 is a Week to Transform, Create, & Feel Passion

If the first signs of spring didn’t have you bursting with electricity, then consider this your starry week. Both the Solar eclipse and Mars moving into Leo light a fire the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while. So, if you’ve felt like your creative passion has been hiding beneath the surface, this is the time to let it unleash itself.

Mars in Leo is a time to reignite the fire within and let your passion explode like a firework.

Have you been searching for that creative passion? Then this is the week for you to reconnect with your spirit and let it shine through you.

If you aren’t sure how to locate that passion, a personalized astrological reading can help you discover an internal passion that’s been dying to express itself.

Planetary Locations During June 7 – June 13, 2021

  • Sun: Gemini (May 20, 2021 – June 20, 2021)
  • Mercury: Gemini (May 3, 2021 – July 11, 2021)
  • Venus: Cancer (June 2, 2021 – June 26, 2021)
  • Mars: Cancer (April 23, 2021 – June 11, 2021), Leo (June 11 – July 29, 2021)
  • Jupiter: Pisces (May 13, 2021 – July 28, 2021)
  • Saturn: Aquarius (December 17, 2020 – March 7, 2023)
  • Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)
  • Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)
  • Pluto: Capricorn (Until January 20, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for June 7 – June 13, 2021

Monday, June 7


Gemini – The Gemini Sun continues to inspire deep thought and curiosity within. Continue to challenge your own mind with stimulating projects and new research.


Taurus – When the Moon is in Taurus, you may be reminded to mix work with play. Try to have fun doing your chores, and let yourself truly relax once the workday is over.

Astrological Aspect

Moon In Taurus square Saturn In Aquarius – Spend some time away from all things work or responsibility. This energy encourages us to indulge and explore.

Tuesday, June 8





Astrological Aspect

No major transits today.

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Wednesday, June 9




Gemini – With the Sun and the Moon in Gemini, curious thought and interesting conversations are on the menu. This is a great day to catch up with those you love.

Astrological Aspect

Moon in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius – This transit increases your sense of emotional strength, making it easier for you to face difficult situations. Try seeking advice from those you trust most.

Moon In Gemini square Jupiter In Pisces – Continuing the relaxing energies this week, this aspect encourages your to take a break and allow yourself to enjoy a moment of calm. Focus on your dreams and interests, allow them to fuel a day of self-care.

Thursday, June 10





Astrological Aspect

New Moon Solar eclipse in Gemini – This eclipse brings a sense of change to your life, helping you identify the passions that now feed your spirit. Listen to any intuition that speaks to your soul today.

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Friday, June 11




Cancer – The Cancer Moon helps you feel more receptive to emotions, both those that come from yourself and those that come from others. Don’t avoid conversation or connection today.

Astrological Aspect

Mars enters Leo – Mars is comfortable in the sign of Leo, and it helps you feel more connected to the creative projects in your life. Seek out passion today – that’s where you’ll find the answers.

Saturday, June 12





Astrological Aspect

Mars in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus – You may desire a bit of adventure and excitement today. Following your inspiration will bring you closer to your creative projects.

Sunday, June 13





Astrological Aspect

Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus – You want to shake things up today, especially when it comes to relationships. Go on a new adventure with a loved one!

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July’s ascension energies focus on creating healthy and strong boundaries, manifesting inner gratitude, joy, harmony, passion, and wisdom through the doorway to our soul self.

Solarized sparks from this month’s energetic shifts take us by storm as we enter the number “7” vibrations of July.

2021 is the new lens that will gift us a clearer understanding of how to move forward into a higher dimension based on unity and oneness for all. We must be completely present in the moment to gain the momentum we need to build a new foundation. We are bridging the gap between spirit and matter, light and dark, as the Universe, so the soul.

July comes in to help us cultivate healthy new habits and practices to release stagnant energy and trauma from our bodies.

Anything we hold on to emotionally, mentally, and physically holds us back from where we are going. Now it’s time to really let go and learn how to flow in the moment, trusting that the Universe will bring you exactly where you need to be. When we balance extremes and bring harmony to opposites, we can flow more freely and intentionally between the physical and astral worlds.

From major planetary shifts, eclipses, supermoons, and retrogrades, we have dealt with major energy this year, and July 2021 comes packed with even more astrological shifts!

The Sirius gateway opens the 1st- 7th, with Mars opposing Saturn, trine Chiron, and square Uranus. This energy is sure to set July to new social heights while breaking down old systems and traditions. Mercury officially ends post-retrograde shadow, with the Cancer New Moon birthing the soul’s foundation.

Venus enters Virgo right before the Sun moves into Leo, sparking the Aquarius Full Moon.

Let’s explore this month’s powerful energy!

Your July 2021 Energy Forecast

July 1, 2021: Mars Opposite Saturn

Social Struggles

Mars and Saturn Rx form a dynamic opposition stimulating the need to act on social change. Ever since Saturn and Uranus clashed for the second time back on June 14th, the need for change and freedom, along with fear of the unknown, has caused a great deal of unrest.

Mars in Leo generates the ego’s resistance to Saturn’s desire for limitation and discipline.

When operating at a high vibrational frequency, this transit will help us socially achieve balance and realize that the highest action is when we follow the natural order of the Universe. At its lowest, this transit becomes confrontational and may generate destructive activity, aggression, attacks, depression, and civil unrest.

Soon after, Mars forms a harmonious trine with Chiron and squares Uranus. We are collectively healing historical wounds, lifting the veil, and uncovering the truth. Remember, chaos is energy seeking an outlet. Always send it to love.

July 4, 2021: Sun Square Chiron & Venus Sextile North Node

Healing the Personality

Powerful galactic frequencies emit in the sky, marking a new journey to heal the personality and fragmented identities.

The Sun clashes with Chiron, “the wounded healer,” revealing the shadow of our identity and self-expression. With Venus in an easy-going sextile to the North Node and Mercury at its greatest Western elongation, we have a powerful opportunity to turn on the light and heal the personality, with the Sirius Gateway open until the 7th.

Healing sparks of cosmic light send earth into higher dimensions of divine truth. The battle between your personality, identity, and soul is what stops you from moving forward.

This is a wonderful time to bring more harmony and healing into your life.

July 7, 2021: Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow Ends & Venus Trine Chiron

Communicating Your Heart’s Desires

After a dramatic retrograde, Mercury is officially out of the post-shadow Rx. Whew! Thank you! Let us take a moment to give thanks for such an eventful journey.

Thank you for all the sparks of realization. The collective has come so far in learning how to speak their truth from an empowered place. You are an artist and a healer because both are the same. Embrace these new changes and know that true love comes from within.

It comes from actively communicating your heart’s desires and trusting that the Universe supports you.

July 9, 2021: Cancer New Moon

Birthing the Soul’s Foundation

Today is an emotionally charged day, with the Cancer New Moon is closing out the summer eclipse portal that opened in May. We have traveled through a dynamic portal that represented transformation and alchemy of the highest order.

Now, the Cancer New Moon births the soul’s foundation, grounding in physical form.

Cancer is the foundation of creation and the light of emotional power—also, the divine feminine yin essence and the mother nourish all life. The New Moon is conjunct Sirius, sextile Uranus, trine Neptune, square Chiron, and opposite Pluto. We have an opportunity to receive divine wisdom from the ascended masters to heal and arrive at a spiritually satisfying solution in our lives.

This soul alignment asks you to get in touch with, realize, and utilize your unique gifts and talents.

The key to getting in touch with the deepest parts of yourself is through compassion, patience, accountability, and responsibility. It is time to elevate and take care of ourselves, each other, and our planet.

Today marks an extraordinary collective and personal mission: to fulfill your highest spiritual destiny.

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July 11, 2021: Mercury Enters Cancer

Upgrading Emotional Intelligence

After an eventful cycle, Mercury enters the emotional waters of Cancer to cool off, pause, digest, and reset.

There was a lot of activity and unexpected twists and turns with Mercury in Gemini. This most recent retrograde brought us face to face with our demons and provided our inner operating system with a boost of diamond consciousness. Now in Cancer, Mercury provides us an opportunity to digest and process those experiences to move forward in higher light.

There is a great deal of support from the unmanifested realms that helps us open our minds to a higher perspective. The challenge under this energy is achieving a balance between emotional and mental energies, communicating compassion, empathy, and kindness.

Mercury wants to find healthy outlets to express the depths of your experiences and gain emotional intelligence through connecting with the arts.

This energy may cause you to take things personally, creating outbursts and moody behaviors. When unresolved issues rise to the surface, the attitude of forgiveness can calm the murky waters of the past. Speak from your heart, and don’t be afraid to own your truth even if that truth is frightening to others.

July 15, 2021: Chiron Retrograde

Reinventing Self

This is a powerful day of transformation guiding the inspiring flow of cosmic fire to heal the fragmented personality, with Chiron stationing retrograde 12 degrees in Aries.

Chiron retrograde in Aries symbolizes the ability to take higher action in healing our sense of self. Unexpected chaos in our external environment is the trigger that forces us to go within and be the change we want to see in the world.

This is a wonderful time for self-realization, self-actualization, and healing, with Chiron bringing our focus to the aspects of ourselves that may feel uncomfortable and we associate with doubt or shame.

Our feelings and thoughts matter because that is what drives our actions.

If we do not heal the wounded sense of self and transform the personality, we operate from a low vibration, and our nervous system becomes triggered. That trigger causes wounding, which stores an energetic signature in our physical body. To be able to take higher spiritual action, desire, and will. We must make peace with ourselves and practice self-love from a higher lens.

When you revisit experiences or situations from the past, remember that this is an opportunity to face the enemy in self to reimagine, reinvent, or rework it. Chiron will form a harmonious trine to the Sun in Leo on August 4th and a rainbow bridge to Venus on the 26th.

This is the key to healing the personality and revealing the light of the soul.

July 17, 2021: Sun Opposes Pluto

Rebirth of a New Collective

The Sun and Pluto form a dynamic bridge that amplifies the rebirth of a new collective. If we push or fight with our shadow, we create that fight in our physical reality.

Under this energy, you may confront those parts of self-labeled as negative or destructive. This transformational process is about recognizing the shadow as a part of your own unconscious to purge and transmute lower vibrational frequencies.

So often, we repress aspects of ourselves because it is too painful or scary to look at.

This powerful opposition holds space for all to honor the shadows, the void, and the absence of light. Duality is an illusion of the mind, and the shadow is a part of you that should not be feared. Most of the time, our subconscious tries to protect the ego by employing defense mechanisms that include suppression, projection, or manipulation.

The negativity found within yourself is a ladder to ascend to higher heights of consciousness, ultimately healing the shadow.

July 20, 2021: Mercury Conjunct Sirius

DNA Activations & Upgrades

The illuminated messenger conjuncts the great stars of the skies, Sirius also known as the dog star, the brightest star in the heavens.

This conjunction launches a brand-new beginning in communicating with higher realms of the ascended masters. This is a powerful day that allows us to reach beyond the physical dimension, far beyond what we can see or know.

Light codes and galactic activations send the planet into a higher realm, allowing us to convert wisdom from the ascended masters and download it into our light body.

July 21, 2021: Venus in Virgo

Refining Relationships

Venus moves into the Mutable sign of Virgo, birthing the true master healer/teacher from the depths of our hearts.

Virgo is the perfection of creation and the light emotional wisdom that brings balance to mind, body, and spirit. Balance is cultivated by perfecting the relationship with self and carefully tending to your own wellbeing. It’s important to use this transit as a time to reflect on areas where you may have been too critical, harsh, or picky in your relationships or how you make decisions.

When we make decisions and evaluate our experiences, we must take our various relationships with objects and people into consideration when analyzing important areas of our lives.

Ask yourself, are you putting unreasonable expectations on yourself or others? Are you not seeing the bigger picture and being too critical of the minor details? These are all wonderful questions to ask yourself with Venus in Virgo.

Through self-realization, actualization, discipline, and practice, we can learn how to tend to our own well-being and be a greater service to humanity. This transit is great for examining our inner world and how that reflects our relationships with money, people, time, sex, and food.

It will also bring awareness that every answer you need is in your heart.

July 22, 2021: Sun Enters Leo & Venus Opposes Jupiter

Radiating Abundance

After an intermission in Cancer, the Sun enters the fiery sign of Leo, the life-giver that radiates abundance, blessings, and gratitude.

This fixed zodiac represents the birthplace of the individual and the light of emotional love. The Sun reminds us of our dignified nature while in Leo.

Just like the Sun, it is our authentic nature to shine bright like a diamond. There is nothing more powerful than coming home to your true self.

This season is about expressing your creative side, generosity, and loyalty, along with gaining self-confidence and displaying your emotionally warm nature. Avoid being too controlling, flamboyant, self-centered, and quick-tempered. A balanced attitude is a key to maximizing harmony, joy, and pleasure in your life.

Leo rules the Heart charka, and when we make time to rest and relax, we strengthen our energetic body and heart. Under the Sun in Leo, invite more compassion, confidence, joy, and love into your life.

During this time, Venus opposes Jupiter suggesting that conflict stems from expansive energies focused on only one area of your life.

The overindulgent energy of Jupiter may cause you to make some poor financial, social, or relationship decisions out of selfishness. Use this energy to transform your value system and guide your relationships in a positive manner.

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July 23, 2021: Aquarius Full Moon

Learning Healthy Emotional Detachment

July’s Full Moon occurs 1 degree in the innovating sign of Aquarius, launching us into a higher dimension of awakened collective consciousness. Aquarius is the light that forever shines in the darkness, the fixed zodiac of spiritual love, and collective unity.

This month’s Full Moon is conjunct Saturn, making things seem worse than what they are. Aquarius reminds us that there is much work to do, and we must learn how to emotionally detach from the past in a healthy manner. When we surrender assumptions and expectations, we can reboot our thought patterns to higher levels and establish the framework for the new earth paradigm.

When we fixate on the outcome of situations instead of trusting the universe, we delay and even stop our blessings.

Our whole life, we have been programmed to fear. Our inner operating system is attuned to hate, lack, and scarcity. Now, we have an amazing chance to invoke intimacy and love, calling forth a new way of living and thinking.

July 25, 2021: Mercury Opposes Pluto

Day Out of Time

Pluto challenges and disrupts our ability to communicate and process information while in opposition with Mercury.

Here, we have a chance to achieve a balance between the conscious and subconscious realms. This transformational process through the waters of Cancer, grounding in Capricorn, is the powerful moment of truth where we face the ego’s assumptions, perceptions, and shadows, clearing away any distractions and hindrances.

Today also marks the final day of the galactic calendar, the “Day Out of Time,” which is the culmination of the 13-moon calendar year in Mayan astrology. A sacred period to pause and celebrate before the dawning of The Galactic New Year.

This is a great time to give thanks for art and the sacredness of life.

July 27, 2021: Mercury Enters Leo

The Gates of Creation

The messenger moves full speed ahead into the fiery sign of Leo. With this energy, we have a chance to redevelop our values and self-worth to gain a more positive outlook on life.

Leo is the life-giver, the sign of emotional love, gratitude, and the soul’s creative expression. Mercury’s journey has been an epic one so far.

Now in Leo, Mercury is ready to move us forward toward inner gratitude, love, and attunement to infinite light. Use this time to explore the nature of your mental creativity and power of communication. When you hold back your thoughts with hesitation or timidity, you guarantee rejection and may end up using negative behaviors to cover up insecurities.

Words form our thoughts which crystalize our perceptions and belief systems, thus creating our reality. When we cultivate a healthy mindset and find confidence in personal expression, we align with the source’s divine creative power.

Avoid overly dramatic and boastful behavior. It’s important to listen and be receptive to others.

July 28, 2021: Jupiter Retrograde Re-Enters Aquarius

Jupiter, the most majestic of the planets, re-enters Aquarius until December 28th, 2021, where it will station in Pisces until December 2022.

This backward dance of the largest planet in Aquarius will revisit major themes from the 2020 Grand Conjunction signifying the final drafting of new laws and higher-order that will anchor in the new Earth paradigm.

We have a chance to gain more information and come together as a stronger collective group. Political and societal arguments may increase, shifting the focus on collective healing and growth.

Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius encourages you to take the time out to listen to your inner wisdom and embrace your unique individuality.

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July 29, 2021: Mars Enters Virgo

Recognizing Right Action

Mars finishes the month off on a powerful note by moving into the sign of Virgo. Mars in Virgo is a profound cycle that will integrate the physical body with emotional wisdom, as the new relationship between the body and mind takes root in higher consciousness.

It may take a while for you to realize the full impact of the cellular upgrades provided by this cycle.

You must trust that you have the power to shift your thoughts to be a generator of love. When our thoughts are clear, we recognize “right action” and act from a higher place. A place that is rooted in the soul’s greatest good. This is a wonderful time to focus on the small details, break down ideas and your course of action into manageable tasks.

Do not overstress yourself by striving for perfection. You are perfect in all imperfections.

Learn how to recognize “right action” through controlling your desires.

July 30, 2021: Sun Sextile North Node, Trine South Node

Revealing the Ego Self

The Sun in Leo forms an easygoing sextile with the North Node while manifesting with the South Node. You have an ample opportunity to find your true self by learning that your ego-self is unreal.

This planetary conversation suggests that you have many natural strengths and talents from past lifetimes. Those talents are extremely accessible to you and can help you deal with stressful obstacles or situations. At the same time, it is important to understand that those talents may be easily manipulated by the ego.

When you know yourself, you clearly see when the ego tries to manipulate your gifts and talents.

Energy Tips for July 2021

This month is about refinement and expressing the soul’s highest vibrational frequency. Fine-tuning ourselves, our beliefs, thoughts, patterns, and relationship dynamics, so we may grow closer to accepting ourselves and learning how to accept others.

Collective growth comes from individual growth and the willingness to apply discipline to be the change you want to see in the world.

July’s oracle card is “Double Mission,” brought to you by the Starseed Oracle Deck.

This card serves as a reminder that many souls have a double mission. Meaning we have an individual mission and a collective mission. July revealed the importance of healing and being you, to help heal the collective. Healing the collective does not have to be extravagant. All it takes is you following your heart and walking in your passions and joys.

You serve the world by being you.

Use this month to:

  • Dance
  • Practice inner gratitude
  • Find new ways to express your creativity
  • Do something you have never done before (nothing crazy, just simple)
  • Surround yourself with people who support you and believe in your purpose

Express your soul self!

Happy July!



Are you looking for connection and abundance? Have you been craving a sense of inspiration and an alignment with the loving energy of the Universe? Then this is the week for you because we’ve got one major transit that’s shifting the energy for all of us – and moving us into a more loving direction.

While we’re still hanging on through Mercury retrograde, there’s one big transit that brings the connection we need to make it through the spring and move into the summer with an artistic, loving spirit that can help you sail along this Mercury retrograde period with positivity and light.

And that’s all because Venus – the planet of beauty and love – moves into Cancer’s sensitive and intuitive sign on June 2nd, where it will remain until June 26th. This is a transit that brings an abundant sense of connection and love because it combines the energy of two powerfully loving sources: the planet Venus and the sign of Cancer.

When Venus is in Cancer, you feel more nurturing and more understanding. You experience a deeper desire to focus on your home and how welcoming it feels to yourself and others, making this a wonderful time to reach out to loved ones and focus on cleansing your sacred space.

It’s hard to get sidetracked by the confusion of Mercury retrograde when Venus is pointing your attention towards your relationships with others, yourself, and your home.

And while there aren’t any other major transits taking place this week, this one is bright and loving enough to set a tone of understanding and Universal connection.

May 31 – June 6 is a Week to Connect, Nurture, & Cleanse

If you haven’t been hit by the spring-cleaning bug quite yet, you can expect this week to bring motivation surrounding your home: You want your sacred space to be as welcoming as possible for your own spirit, as well as the spirits of those you love.

Spending some time cleansing and even rearranging your domicile can scratch a deep itch within, helping yourself and others feel more peaceful than ever when inside your own four loving walls.

Venus in Cancer is a time to connect, nurture yourself and others, and take care of your energy.

While you can certainly benefit creatively from this energy, you might feel more expressive by using this time to focus on love. Self-love, the love of others, and your love for the world around you are crucial components for getting the most from this transit.

If self-love seems like it’s a million miles away, a personalized astrological reading can guide you towards the self-love and self-care that you seek and deserve.

Planetary Locations During May 31 – June 6, 2021

  • Sun: Gemini (May 20th, 2021 – June 20th, 2021)
  • Mercury: Gemini (May 3rd, 2021 – July 11th, 2021)
  • Venus: Gemini (May 8th, 2021 – June 1st, 2021), Cancer (June 2, 2021 – June 26, 2021)
  • Mars: Cancer (April 23rd, 2021 – June 11th, 2021)
  • Jupiter: Pisces (May 13th – July 28th, 2021)
  • Saturn: Aquarius (December 17th, 2020 – March 7th, 2023)
  • Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25th, 2026)
  • Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30th, 2025)
  • Pluto: Capricorn (Until January 20th, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for May 31 – June 6, 2021

Monday, May 31


Gemini – Gemini season continues to stimulate you mentally, creatively, and socially. Let this energy guide you toward your next project!


Aquarius – An Aquarius Moon amplifies the excited and intellectual energy of Gemini season. This is a great day to challenge yourself mentally and focus on cognitive or creative tasks.

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Tuesday, June 1




Pisces – The Pisces Moon brings an increase in compassion and imaginative thought. This is an excellent day to focus on self-care, self-love, and creative expression.

Astrological Aspect

Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter in Pisces – This transit brings feelings of peace, happiness, and a sense of being content. Allow yourself to enjoy the relaxing energy of the day today.

Wednesday, June 2





Astrological Aspect

Venus moves into Cancer – This is your time to shine with love towards both yourself and others. You feel more nurturing and sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others, making it an excellent time to connect.

Thursday, June 3





Astrological Aspect

Venus in Cancer trine Jupiter in Pisces – This transit encourages feelings of cheer, joy, and love, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment. Being affectionate with those you love will build deeper bonds today.

Friday, June 4




Aries – When the Moon is in Aries, a spark of motivation and passion may overtake your body. It’s a great day to focus on creative projects, hard work, or physical exercise.

Astrological Aspect

Moon in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius – You feel more protective over those you love today, and you may even feel more like expressing that love and affection. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with your loved ones.

Saturday, June 5





Astrological Aspect

Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn – You feel passionately driven to achieve your deepest desires today, and you’ll do whatever it takes. Just be careful not to become competitive with those you love.

Sunday, June 6




Taurus – The Taurus Moon signals a desire for sensory experiences, like delicious food and beautiful music. Give yourself time to enjoy life’s pleasure today.

Astrological Aspect

Moon in Taurus sextile Venus in Cancer – You feel even more tender, loving, and understanding than usual today, making it easier to get along with others. Remember to infuse your words with compassion and kindness to help conversations flow smoothly today.

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All crystals are good crystals. I can say this with confidence!

Every crystal has got the same purpose, to help us in some way. However, the way each crystal goes about helping us is different. The types of help each one offers are different too.

For example, if you were looking to generate greater kindness, empathy, and love in the people around you, you wouldn’t use a crystal such as black tourmaline, which is very specific for warding off negative energy and rebounding it back to the person who unleashed it. Like most black crystals, Black tourmaline is a crystal of protection as opposed to enhancing positive energy.

You would use something like rose quartz, a high-vibrational crystal that amplifies compassion and love. Its energy is pure and designed to enhance positive energy rather than protect it from negative energy.

Therefore, knowing the specific purpose of each crystal is important, depending on what you hope to achieve.

The benefits of crystals apply to dreamwork and psychic gifts too.

How Do Crystals Work With Dreams & Psychic Gifts?

Dreams are a portal to the unconscious mind which is filled with infinite possibilities. There are several ways we can access it – meditation and intense concentration are just some examples. Another is through our dreams.

Through our dreams, we can access parts of ourselves that are hidden to our conscious mind – the shadow, for example, the side of us that lurks in the darkness and which we only become aware of when it is dragged into the light of our conscious.

In dreams, we can discover our own unique psychic abilities.

Dreams of the future where you have a dream about an event, and it happens; dreams where you are picking up on another person’s thoughts and feelings, and then you find out this is how they think and feel about you in the waking world; dreams where you find yourself in mysterious yet vivid realms and experience lucid dreaming. These abilities are a part of your unconscious mind.

Hence why dreaming is such a tremendous and exciting activity!

Discovering your unique abilities for dreamwork, which also strengthen your psychic gifts, can be enhanced using certain dream work crystals.

Some popular ones, such as amethyst and selenite, help a great deal and are good all-rounders, but the five crystals listed below are not quite well-known, yet their power is potent.

The 5 Best Crystals for Dreamwork & Enhancing Psychic Gifts

When using these crystals, it is always important to prepare yourself first. Ensure you are in a good frame of mind before sleeping. Don’t watch any horror shows on Netflix, for example!

Free your mind and meditate for 10-20 minutes to clear it of hassles or events that have happened that day. This will help your conscious mind understand and access information more easily while you are dreaming.

A cup of ginger tea before bed can also help. Ginger is a source of melatonin that helps produce restful sleep and cleanses the pineal gland, which is where all the magic happens.

You can put these crystals under your pillow while you sleep or leave them by your bed. You can hold them in your hand and meditate while you fall asleep.

It is not necessary to use more than one on any given night. Each one is unique and powerful in its own right.

So what are the five best crystals for dreamwork and psychic gifts?

1. Preseli Bluestone

This is an ancient crystal, the properties of which are so magical that they form the inner ring of Stonehenge, the world’s most famous prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England.

It is best meditated with as you fall asleep. You may experience seemingly random flashes coming into your mind.

Preseli bluestone connects you to the very ancient magic of the Earth; the thoughts that enter your mind when working with this crystal are not random or coincidental. Everything you see is being shown to you for a reason. It is also a powerful crystal for exploring past lives, especially in Celtic Britain and Ancient Egypt.

2. Tremolite

This is a potent crystal, and care should be taken with it, meaning that it has the ability to go very deep within yourself, and meditating with this crystal should be controlled and monitored.

Tremolite connects to the crown chakra, and it is common to experience a state of trance with this crystal. It brings deeply hidden fears and anxieties to the surface, so if you sleep with it under your pillow, you may experience nightmares of some sort.

However, these nightmares are designed to help you as they will assist you in realizing where your fears lie and their source. Vivid dreams also happen under the influence of this crystal.

Holding this crystal in your hand as you drift off has the ability to produce a tremendous effect that will carry on into your dreams.

3. Shamanic Dream Quartz

As the name suggests, this is a crystal strongly associated with dreamwork and is often used by shamans and magical practitioners to travel through people’s dreams and across realms.

It is a crystal used by those who wish to practice astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Shamanic dream quartz is a great crystal with comforting energy, like a friendly and strong guide leading you into a strange land for the first time. Its purpose is to heal and to help find the source of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical ailments.

It is best used to keep under the pillow during sleep.

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4. Merlinite

Named after the sorcerer Merlin in the Arthurian Legends, this crystal is known for attracting good luck and magical experiences into your life.

Above all, this is the best crystal for discovering more about your shadow side and bringing it into the light.

For as long as the shadow is unconscious and hidden, it will continue to affect us in our waking life. The source of many of our problems in the waking world is connected to our shadow. Merlinite is a crystal of duality, so it not only makes the darkness conscious but also helps you find a balance between light and dark.

Anyone interested in self-healing can benefit enormously from merlinite, which also enhances psychic abilities. Meditating with it and keeping a piece nearby as you sleep will help its energy seep into your dream world.

5. Black Moonstone

All moonstone crystals are good for enhancing psychic work, but black moonstone brings extra grounding and protection when using it.

This crystal helps calm your mind and enables you to connect to the feminine (Yin) within you. It is in the feminine that the subconscious mind is activated and can access parts of the unconscious hidden to us from day-to-day life.

Black moonstone is best used in conjunction with the lunar cycles, especially the Full Moon and New Moon.

Nurture Your Dreams & Psychic Abilities

Anyone serious about dreamwork and nurturing their psychic abilities can benefit hugely from using the dream work and psychic crystals listed above.

Many crystal stores have these crystals, and they can also be found online. However, choosing the crystal in person is advised whenever possible so that you can get a feel of the stone’s energy and vibration.

The unconscious realm is a mysterious world, and though we all feel it on some level, only some choose to dig deeper. Our shift into the Age of Aquarius brings the notion of dreamwork, psychic power, and crystals to the forefront of our interests, leading to healing on both an individual and collective level.

We all dream. We all have psychic talent.

Whether we choose to explore them further is up to us, but if you choose to delve into the wonderful world of dreams and psychic talent, let the dream work crystals above assist you.



Have you ever wondered what the most loyal zodiac sign is?

You might have an inkling of some sort, depending on who you know. Your Leo best friend might be the most loyal soul you ever knew, while your Pisces brother has left a trail of broken hearts behind him.

Of course, that’s not to say every Leo is loyal and every Pisces will stray! Of course not. Everyone’s natal chart is so complex and unique that it’s not possible to bracket individuals in this way.

However, you can still get an idea of how loyal someone is based on their Sun sign!

Learn more about the different zodiac signs by reading The Ultimate Guide to Sun Signs.

Loyalty in Relationships

As well as the Sun sign, take a look at someone’s Venus sign if you want to get an idea of how loyal they can be. This is the planet that rules love, friendships, and relationships. Their Venus sign says a lot about them in this area.

It’s important to mention that just because there are planets in certain signs in a chart, it doesn’t mean the person will be exactly as it describes.

A person with Venus in Scorpio can be loyal to a fault (sometimes to the point of obsession), but that doesn’t mean they will turn into the “I will stalk you forever until you want to be with me” type.

Free will has a lot to do with it, and an individual chooses how well – or not well – they manage different aspects of their chart.

The 5 Most Loyal Zodiac Signs

So what are the five most loyal zodiac signs? Read on to find out and check out three at the end who aren’t so loyal!

1. Scorpio

Scorpio, the Fixed Water sign, is widely claimed as the most loyal sign of all.

This is especially true for Venus in Scorpio.

This is a very jealous sign. They want you all to themselves. Scorpio believes strongly in loyalty. Its fixed nature means they will never stray.

However, if you do, watch out – this sign takes no prisoners if they have been betrayed. Whether you are a friend or a lover, a betrayal is rarely, if ever, forgiven, and vengeance of some sort usually follows swiftly.

2. Cancer

Another Water sign, the Cardinal Cancer, is among the most loyal of all zodiac signs, and this is also true of Venus in Cancer, who will latch on for years to someone, even if the love is unrequited.

This sign is easily hurt, and if they feel their advances are rejected, it can cause them to shy away for a long time, feeling unable to open their heart again.

This sign is extremely loyal in a quiet, understated way. Not only are they loyal, but they are very nurturing. They’ll cook your food, run you a bath and make sure you’re happy in general!

3. Leo

Another Fixed sign but this time in Fire, Leo is a loud and proud loyal sign. Partners and friends become extensions of themselves, and if any of them are under attack, Leo will fiercely defend them.

In return, Leo expects lots of compliments and pats on the back. This sign has a heart of gold.

They can be stubborn at times, but they will do anything for you and go through hell and high water if you are in trouble.

4. Taurus

Taurus is the final Fixed sign, this time in the element of Earth. They are very loyal indeed.

Slow to anger and stubborn, once Taurus sets its mind on something, it won’t be swayed.

This applies to friendships and relationships too. If a Taurus chooses you, be honored! They will take you under their wing, and if anyone should attack you, out come the horns! In particular, a Mars in Taurus will be loyal until the end, as Mars highlights a person’s sexual nature.

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5. Libra

Librans are loyal people as they seek harmony and balance, and they don’t want to tip the scales.

A Libra is someone who likes to weigh up all options, and they will often carefully choose a partner that ticks the right boxes.

Librans struggle with indecisiveness, and this is where things can go wrong. If they do end up being disloyal, it is rarely intentional and more a case of “wrong place, wrong time.” Libra is a loyal zodiac sign, and of all the signs, they are the most willing to work through any issues in a friendship or relationship.

Now the Not so Loyal Zodiac Signs…

1. Gemini

This is more prevalent for Venus in Gemini, but this sign has two faces for a reason!

That’s not to say every Gemini is disloyal, of course. Some are extremely loyal!

But be careful when you tell Gemini something. Their mouth can run away with them at times. They don’t mean to reveal everything. It just sort of happens!

2. Sagittarius

This sign is flighty and free-spirited, so if you’re looking for a commitment of some kind, you might want to look elsewhere if you get the vibe they’re not interested in settling down.

Sagittarius wants to explore and be free. In later years, once they’ve had all their adventures, they’d probably be more inclined to settle down.

Until then, don’t expect too much commitment from them. You might end up disappointed!

3. Pisces

The gentle Pisces believes in spreading the love, but unfortunately, this can sometimes mean spreading the love to everyone, not just you.

Pisces want harmony and goodwill between all. So they can find it difficult to say no. This can be especially true for Venus in Pisces, who will never stray when they find their one true soul mate. But for as long as they are, will someone they feel isn’t “the one,” they can end up leading a double life, as they can’t bring themselves to end it and hurt their partner’s feelings.

Pisces go where the wind takes them. They are wonderful friends and lovers but don’t expect the ferocious type of loyalty you would see in either Leo or Scorpio.

Any Zodiac Sign Can Be Loyal or Disloyal

Any sign can be loyal. Any sign can be disloyal.

A natal chart, as mentioned at the beginning, is a complex and unique thing. But as you can see, some signs do have a tendency towards greater loyalty than others!

Check out the people you know. Which zodiac signs are they? Do they fit with how loyal they are (or aren’t?)



Are you ready for abundance? Cancer season is just around the corner, and as the summertime unfolds in the northern hemisphere, we all want to have a little fun! But what about the funds needed for those summertime adventures?

Well, that’s what we’re here to tell you today!

The Sun enters Cancer on June 20th, marking the beginning of Cancer season – a time of nurturing, connecting to our emotions, and maybe even deeper, more intimate romance, thanks to Cancer’s dreamy ruling element, Water. This is amplified by the fact that Venus – the planet of love and romance – is also in the sign of Cancer.

Cancer says, “go with the flow.”

Venus is a planet that deals with money and finances, and in the sign of Cancer, it wants to nurture and protect, meaning that you may find unexpected abundance and financial security flowing your way this Cancer season.

However, Jupiter – the planet of expansion, luck, and good fortune – moves retrograde on June 20th as well, the very same day that Cancer season begins. With the planet of luck moving more slowly than usual, it may feel like good fortune and opportunities grind to a halt.

Neptune also goes retrograde this month, falling behind its normal speed on June 25th.

Neptune deals with illusion, mysticism, and dreams, and when it is retrograde, it may feel like a veil has been lifted from in front of your eyes – especially if you’ve been clinging to or clouded by certain illusions that have been holding you back.

This can help you feel more confident in taking risks or making financial or career-based decisions.

If you want to follow your money and wealth energy throughout the year, make sure to read your money horoscope.

What Does All This Mean for Money & Wealth?

Your own personal experience with finances this Cancer season is more heavily affected by your birth chart and what’s happening with your unique astrological map. However, this season promises transits that will certainly help you narrow your path toward financial freedom, especially if you’re motivated and determined to make things happen for you.

With Jupiter in retrograde, it’s less likely that you’ll luck into an unexpected flow of cash, which means your Cancer season money and wealth outcomes will have a lot more to do with your own actions and the risks you’re willing to take.

Are there any steps to take that you’ve been avoiding or decisions that you haven’t been able to make regarding your career? How can you buckle down and take initiative right now?

Your Money/Wealth Forecast for the 2021 Cancer Season

Money/Wealth Forecast for Aries

This Cancer season might feel busy for you, Aries, as you may have quite a few projects on your plate. However, this is an excellent time to consider whether you feel as fulfilled by these projects as you once thought, especially with the Neptune fog dissipating.

You’ll always be most successful when you feel like you’re fulfilling your calling.

How close to that feeling are you right now?

Money/Wealth Forecast for Taurus

You may have been feeling like your financial situation is in a slump, Taurus. Still, an unexpected windfall may be just around the corner – especially with your ruling planet, Venus, in nurturing Cancer.

Venus wants to make sure you’re taken care of, so open your heart and expect abundance to flow right into your sphere.

The more you focus on wealth, the easier it flows toward you.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Gemini

Gemini season was the perfect time for you to manifest your wishes, and you may notice them beginning to trickle in now – especially those that revolve around abundance. It’s important that you continue to do the work needed to make these abundant dreams a reality; don’t give up just because you’re not yet seeing results.

Maintain your momentum and keep the faith to attract more financial security.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Cancer

It’s your time to shine, Cancer, and you have every reason to expect great things – including money – to flow your way this month, especially with wealthy Venus in your own sign.

The most important thing to remember is that a positive attitude will amplify your abundance and powers of manifestation more than any other factor. So, be sure to practice positive thinking and abide by the Law of Attraction!

Money/Wealth Forecast for Leo

You enjoy luxury, Leo, but this is the month to focus on the things you need rather than the things you want – which may include self-care and self-love. Luxurious purchases can never truly boost your confidence, and they may even leave your wallet feeling empty.

Focus on an internal sense of abundance right now, allowing the Universe to match your vibrations externally.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Virgo

You don’t need tips on how to work hard toward your goals, Virgo – in fact, the opposite is true. You’ve been toiling away at your projects, but when was the last time you stopped to take a break?

This month, try nurturing your inner child and allowing them to rest, relax, and spend some time playing. Releasing feelings of wonder and excitement will bring you even closer to those goals you wish to achieve.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Libra

Libras are all about balance, but that doesn’t mean you don’t find yourself on one side of an extreme from time to time. Have you been approaching money and wealth with more of an extremist attitude than usual?

If so, it’s time to ask yourself why.

Try exploring your inner emotions to find out where stress and tension surrounding money might be coming from – and allow that stress to melt away for a better relationship with your incoming wealth.

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Money/Wealth Forecast for Scorpio

Your focus may rest heavily upon your work life and career, but have you nurtured your home life lately?

Maintaining balance is key for allowing abundance to flow in, Scorpio, and it may be time for you to take a look at your personal life and connections – are they flowing peacefully? If you’ve been feeling disconnected from your relationships, take a deeper look and try to mend them.

This balance will clear up any energetic blockages and promote flow.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Sagittarius

Things may feel a bit stagnant with your ruling planet, Jupiter, moving retrograde, Sagittarius. But this only means that you’ll have to work a bit harder to make your own luck!

Maintaining that positive attitude of yours is a must for the flow of abundance, especially when it feels like none is moving your way.

Imagine all the money you want as already being yours to maximize your manifestation potential.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Capricorn

This month, your goal is to ensure that self-care is just as much of a priority as manifesting and saving money, Capricorn. It’s much harder to enjoy the fruits of your labor when you’re emotionally or physically exhausted.

Make sure that you’re taking care of your body and your mind’s needs to promote even more wealth, which flows when your energy is aligned.

If it feels uncomfortable to relax, that’s a sign that you need even more rest!

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Money/Wealth Forecast for Aquarius

Generosity is the name of the game this month, Aquarius, as you’re called to share your abundance with others. Surprise someone with lunch or give a few dollars to someone who needs it.

When you’re generous with your own supply, the Universe blesses you with even more – especially when you’re tapping into that humanitarian energy of your own sign.

Share your financial abundance to attract even more blessings.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Pisces

Your emotions run deep this month, Pisces, making it the perfect time to investigate your feelings toward money and wealth: Are you approaching abundance with loving, peaceful energy or one of stress and worry? Wealth resides on a high vibrational level, and it’s essential that you match those vibrations.

Lift your spirit, redefine your relationship with money, and focus on appreciation to attract more.

Go With the Flow of Wealth With Cancer Energy

As a Water sign, Cancer encourages us to flow with the high-vibrational, loving energy of abundance to attract more of it. A negative attitude is one that will bring more negativity, while trust in the Universe inspires more blessings and fortune than you may have realized.

Have you been going with the flow of abundance?

If you want to follow your money and wealth energy throughout the year, make sure to read your money horoscope.

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It’s Aries Season, Earthlings, which means Aries energy is strong right now. We’re more Aries at the moment: excited and energetic, taking initiative, and going forward with enthusiasm.

If you’re not an Aries Sun, you still have Aries in the birth chart somewhere (everyone does), and that means this Aries season will set that part of your chart off, triggering whatever it rules and bringing the inner Aries energy out of you.

Don’t know your Aries placements? Make sure to use the free birth chart generator to find them!

The Aries Zodiac Sign

The Aries zodiac sign is the very first of the signs, so no surprise, it corresponds to new beginnings, new ventures, new journeys, and everything new. Aries is always ready to start something, always excited by going down a new road.

Aries is a Fire sign, giving it plenty of energy, and a Cardinal sign, helping it to lead. This sign is a great leader and known for a pioneering spirit.

The natural ruling planet for Aries is Mars, the fiery planet itself. Mars helps Aries to get moving, get going, and always feel driven to make things happen. Aries is symbolized by the Ram, forceful and strong.

All of this energy can make the Aries zodiac sign a bit impulsive and impatient, having a hard time slowing things down to think it through first, so this can get Aries into trouble sometimes (or more than sometimes!).

The Impact of Aries in the Birth Chart

If you have a planet in your birth chart in the Aries zodiac sign, that means the planet expresses its energy in an Aries way. You’re more take charge, more energized, more enthusiastic, and more open to new beginnings.

If you don’t have any planets in Aries, you likely still have one of your natal houses in Aries. The house that falls in the Aries zodiac sign shows areas where you take the lead, are more driven and are more excited.

A note: some house systems have uneven houses, which means you may have more than one house falling in Aries, or no houses falling in Aries; when you have no houses falling in Aries in the birth chart, that means Aries is within the house that falls in Pisces.

When the transit Sun moves through Aries like it is now, this impacts the Aries parts of your natal chart. You may focus on a new beginning, have greater energy and enthusiasm, and want to take charge with whatever that part of your chart rules.

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Aries in the Birth Chart: Planets

So, where do you have energy, enthusiasm, and take the lead? First, look at any of your natal planets in Aries.

Sun & Moon in Aries

If you have your Sun or Moon in Aries, you can express the Aries energy the most (unless it’s in the 12th house, anyway!). You’re someone who naturally takes the lead or that others look to as a leader, who is easily excitable and enthusiastic, and who loves a new venture.

Mercury in Aries

If your natal Mercury is in Aries, you can be energetic in your speech and expression. You may talk fast, think fast, and get frustrated by anything slow because your mind has already moved on to the next new thing.

Venus in Aries

If your natal Venus is in Aries, you can take the lead in love and relationships and may like to be the chaser (instead of the one being chased). You may seem attractive to others with your energy and enthusiasm.

Mars in Aries

If your natal Mars is in Aries, this puts Mars at home, so you can be very comfortable with taking the lead, using your energy and drive, and starting anew. You may be a strong personality and push for what you want.

Jupiter in Aries

If your natal Jupiter is in Aries, you can enjoy new beginnings and benefit from making your own opportunities, being independent, and going down new paths. You can enjoy being a leader and pursuing what you want for yourself.

Saturn in Aries

If your natal Saturn is in Aries, you can struggle with the Aries energy, feeling uncomfortable with being a leader, new beginnings, or using your energy and drive. There are likely lessons you need to learn first before you can access the Aries energy, but you can be a strong leader once you do.

Uranus in Aries

We just came out of Uranus in Aries recently, so the very young among us have Uranus in Aries. They’ll grow up to be pioneering rebels, independent thinkers and embrace unconventional new ways of doing things (good luck to your parents when they’re teenagers!).

Neptune & Pluto in Aries

It’s been a very long time since Neptune and Pluto were in Aries, so unless you’re a vampire, you don’t have this!

Neptune will go into Aries in a few years (Pluto not for a while). Still, anyone who has Neptune in Aries can be spiritually independent, while anyone with Pluto in Aries can be a transformative rebel.

Chiron in Aries

We’re experiencing this one now!

Chiron in Aries shows you’re someone who can take charge with your own healing and growth and can be more open to healing and growth than others because you prefer to focus on the good and embark on new journeys in life.

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Aries in the Birth Chart: Houses

If you have no planets in Aries, you’re going to focus on letting out your Aries energy via your Aries house. If you don’t have any Aries houses, look to your Pisces house (Aries is within it), but know the Aries energy there may operate subconsciously:

Aries in the 1st House

If your 1st house is in Aries, you have an Aries Rising, which means you come across as an Aries. People may see you as a leader, and you may display your excitement and enthusiasm outwardly.

You may seem very high energy.

Aries in the 2nd House

If your 2nd house is in Aries, you can take charge financially and make money quickly and spend it quickly (don’t let it burn a hole in your pocket!). You can also be independent and free-thinking with your values.

Aries in the 3rd House

If your 3rd house is in Aries, you can keep yourself quite busy and may need a lot to do, so you’re always using up your mental energy. You can be engaging with others and active in your community.

Learning for you may happen quickly, or you may get bored easily.

Aries in the 4th House

If your 4th house is in Aries, you may be the leader with your family, or you may be independent of them. You likely don’t like people who are too clingy and prefer to be emotionally independent.

You may need a home that gives you lots of flexibility.

Aries in the 5th House

If your 5th house is in Aries, you can be very creative and give a lot of your energy to your hobbies. Joy and love can be important to you, and you can be enthusiastic about love, the people you love, and the pursuit of love.

Aries in the 6th House

If your 6th house is in Aries, you may need to work independently, on your own, and can have lots of energy and enthusiasm for your work. You likely need some room in your daily life to do what you want.

Exercise can be important for your overall health and well-being.

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Aries in the 7th House

If your 7th house is in Aries, you can attract many Aries people to you, people who are energetic and enthusiastic and pioneering. You may want relationships that help you open up to new beginnings and bring out your enthusiastic side.

Aries in the 8th House

If your 8th house is in Aries, you can pursue transformations in your life with enthusiasm and excitement. You may find you have more strength and more energy when you’re bringing fresh life into something old and stale or that no longer serves a purpose in its current state.

Aries in the 9th House

If your 9th house is in Aries, you can be enthusiastic about expanding your life in new ways and pursuing new opportunities. You may enjoy traveling on your own, and you can pursue learning independently.

Aries in the 10th House

If your 10th house is in Aries, you can pursue your goals on your own and may work best as your own boss, so you may pursue a career you can work on your own. You can also be a natural leader, though, so you can also do something that allows you to lead (basically, nothing where you have a boss!).

Aries in the 11th House

If your 11th house is in Aries, you can opt for friends that are independent and energetic. Your dreams can be of new beginnings and have you blazing a new trail for others, and you can see this as having a positive impact on the world.

Aries in the 12th House

If your 12th house is in Aries, you may only show your Aries energy when you’re alone or with those you’re very comfortable with. You may seem quiet and subdued on the surface, but behind the scenes, you can be high energy and have lots of enthusiasm.

Everyone Has a Bit of Aries!

Everyone has some Aries inside of them, which can become more apparent during Aries season when it gets triggered for each of us. Start grasping your Aries energy now!

If you’re an Aries, make sure to read your horoscope, and for all, you can use the free astrology calendar to know when Aries season starts and ends.



You are at the epicenter of healing energies and gaining clarity about your existence. Everything you do this month will have long-term effects, so make every action count! The timing is terrific to meditate on goals and ambitions for success.

Everything new and fresh is knocking on your door!

It is an ideal time to begin a new project or relationship. Have the courage to create something new!

According to numerology, May 2021 is a 1 Universal Month (5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1).

If you have been pushing too hard or have a narrow focus in certain areas of your life, this month stops you from such habits. Stop before things come to that. Do not force your way ahead. You will gain more by being calm and reducing the pressure on yourself.

Please relax and enjoy the diversions as they come.

Don’t forget to check in on your free daily numerology reading throughout the month!

How to Calculate Your Personal Month Number

To calculate your Personal Month number, you simply need to add your Personal Year number to the current month number. Your Personal Year number is just your day and month of birth added to the current year number.

If you were born on June 23, your Personal Year in 2021 is 7

  • 6+2+3+2+0+2+1=16
  • 1+6=7

Simply add your Personal Year number to the current month number (which for March is 3), reduce if necessary. And voila, you have calculated your Personal Month number.

Someone with a birthday of June 23 would add 3 (the current month) to 6 (Personal Year Number) and get 9 as their Personal Month Number for March 2021.

Now discover your May 2021 Numeroscope below!

Your May 2021 Numerology Forecast

Personal Month 1

In every situation, the powerful force of number 1 brings the opportunity to make great leaps in life.

First off, the number 1 energy opens up fresh insights and ideas at an entirely new level of opportunity that is out of reach in the past months. You are being encouraged to think creatively and take a leap of faith. If you can handle living on the edge, out of your comfort zone, you will feel the revitalizing energy that makes you ready to take on anything.

It is not the month for you to put limits on yourself!

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Personal Month 2

The number 2 frequency makes partnership, connections, and collaboration at the forefront for the next 31 days.

At this time, expect your intuition and empathy to level up. Overall, you will be extra sensitive to others’ needs. There is a likelihood that work projects will be better if you collaborate with others, so bring your colleagues and coworkers to the planning stage rather than taking on all the work by yourself. If you are a naturally competitive person, then it is time to change your approach.

Staying on the right track helps you achieve your goals. You might be working on two projects at the same time.

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Personal Month 3

Wow, you are lucky!

This month is sure to be rollicking with all the fun and games since the number 3 energy is aligned with self-expression and creativity.

If you were ever limited in exploring your artistic side before, this is the month to unleash your creative prowess. Spend time nourishing your inner child and tap into your dreams and desires, and most importantly, try to have a sense of humor.

The number 3 brings encouraging frequencies for you to lighten up.

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Personal Month 4

Roll up your sleeves and do the elbow grease!

The number 4 is a time to do hard work and practical action.

After the playful times of the past month, you are now called on to set down roots and establish structure in your life.

You may want to tie up loose ends in critical areas that have slipped your attention. Put some order in your office. Clean the clutter and straighten your finances.

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Personal Month 5

This month brings you a combination of frequencies that will knock you off your feet.

The number 5 brings freedom and a hunger for adventure. Change is likely stirring up on the horizon since this numerology brings on frequencies that will shake things up.

The number 5 is an expansive digit that will encourage you to think out-of-the-box and perceive the world differently. In any case, you have very little choice but to open your eyes.

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Personal Month 6

This month brings generous, loving frequencies, which means your focus will likely be on the people close to your heart.

This numerology’s energy is nurturing, and its creative influence gathers together close friends and family and makes way for you to spend time with those you love the most. These close-knit gatherings will nourish and feed your sense of well-being and provide you comfort after the number 5’s topsy-turvy energy.

You will feel nurtured spending time with your roots.

But be cautious about over-giving. Similar to number 2, establishing boundaries is crucial at this time. The number 6 and number 2 may act as a guiding light for those in need, and you may find that you are asked a lot of favors and help during this numerology.

Try to give, serve, and love but always remember to fill your cup and refuse if you feel that you are stretched to the limit.

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Personal Month 7

This month, it may feel like outside forces are stepping on the breaks.

Allow these energies into your life and turn to introspective, spiritual, and meditative practices. It may appear that not much is going on. But below the surface, things are stirring up, and all the action is happening.

Thus, it would be best if you went easy on yourself.

Try not to push yourself too hard towards preset goals or achieve too much. When the number 7 lands on the calendar cycle, changes are happening. Allow these transitions to pass even if it is not entirely clear what they are.

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Personal Month 8

This is the month you’ve been waiting for all your life!

After the gentle, reflective energies of last month, it is time to power up!

The number 8 brings strong vibrations, which often appear in predictions of prosperity, wealth, and power. It is time to focus on your career, investment, and work in the material world. All these will put you in a strong and capable position. Never hesitate to take a risk or two.

Put yourself out there so you can witness the fruits of your labors quickly.

During the number 8 cycle, it is crucial to stay within the lines. Keep your integrity and never attempt to cut corners or cheat the system since this is the number of flows and balance, and you could just as easily lose it all if your intentions are shady.

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Personal Month 9

The number 9 brings strong vibrations. The cycles in your life are nearing a close, and it is crucial that you gracefully set them free and allow them to reach their completion.

It may be time for a friendship or relationship to be concluded. Or, it might be a signal for you to change your career path or switch from your field of study or interest.

Endings can be terrifying, and you will likely feel all the feels for the next 31 days since you face the great unknown. But it is crucial to realize that every ending brings fresh beginnings.

The future is ready for you and waiting. Thus, you must utilize the next 31 days to create some space in your life for what is to come.

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Personal Month 11

The Master number 11 powers up your critical thinking and sixth sense. Prepare to wield power.

You are highly magnetic and charismatic and can easily draw an audience this month. You are tuned in to the deeper feelings of others because of your high-powered empathy. You can get to the root and heart of the matter, whether in situations or people.

You know that appearances are not what they seem.

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Personal Number 22

When the number 22 lands on your calendar, prepare to be taken to the top so you can gain a new perspective and reassess your strategies and plans in life.

Open yourself to a fresh point of view and open your doors to the beneficence of the universe. Trust that all your needs will be provided for. The number 22 at its root has the number 4, so you will still be required to do the hard work and fulfill your responsibilities for your wildest dreams to come true.

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Personal Number 33

This numerology brings magic for the next 31 days.

Prepare to receive healing and loving frequencies that will motivate you to share with others. When the number 33 is on the calendar, it levels up your ability to offer kindness and compassion. The number 6 is the root of the number 33, which is a maternal force.

You are called on to be a guiding light to others. This month group goals will likely reach fruition.

Read more about your Personal Number #33 Numeroscope



As we leave the dynamic and energetic sign of Aries, we come to the sensual and spiritual path of Taurus Rising.

Taurus is an intriguing sign in Esoteric Astrology because it is one of the most spiritually enlightening signs of all. This also runs true for the Taurus North Node, which is known as one of the most spiritual North Nodes.

This is because it is the job of Taurus to transcend the material into the spiritual. Quite a tough job!

Taurus Rising is here to break free of material attachments. Not only this, it is about helping others to break free of attachments so that the Earth as a whole can move towards greater spiritual enlightenment.

Not sure what your Rising sign is? Make sure to get your free birth chart to find out!

Understanding Taurus Rising

It is believed that the Buddha’s life was born in and reached enlightenment in the sign of Taurus. Though Buddha was born into a life of wealth, he was greatly touched by the world’s suffering and decided to live a life of poverty instead.

However, he found a life of poverty as unfulfilling as a life of wealth. It was then that he promoted the idea of the “Middle Way,” which is a balance between wealth and poverty. His life was then dedicated to spreading the word about this Middle Way; a life without indulgence, but a life without deprivation too.

This is the quintessence of Taurus Rising. It is also the soul purpose of those with North Node Taurus.

It is not an easy state to achieve.

Most humans struggle between balancing their spiritual and material world. In this materialistic era, it is very easy to get caught up in materialism and lose sight of the spiritual. At the same time, delving too much into the spiritual can cause a person to disregard the benefits of the material world.

In short, it is the ability to recognize how the material world can be used to assist humankind and elevate it towards a more spiritual state.

Buddha taught that detachment from desire is the path to enlightenment. This is the soul purpose of Taurus Rising.

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The Ruler of Taurus Rising

In Esoteric Astrology, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and art. In Esoteric Astrology, Taurus is ruled by Vulcan.

Vulcan is known as the Blacksmith of the Gods. Its job is to transform and refine all form and matter of the physical plane to benefit the soul. In simpler terms, we could attribute this to a Taurus Rising person using their wealth to promote humanitarian causes and assist those suffering and struggling.

Taurus Rising also operates on the Fourth Ray of Beauty which seeks to merge the beauty of the Earth with the beauty of the spirit world.

How to Spot a Taurus Rising

So how do you spot a Taurus Rising? They have some unique characteristics that make this Fixed Earth Rising sign easy to spot.

Graceful Personalities

Taurus Rising are graceful in their demeanor and actions. There is a peace-loving quality to them and also a kind energy that they give off. As such, they are easily likable, and people are often keen to be their friends.


One of the most prominent qualities of Taurus Rising is their sensuality. A love of good food, a pleasant environment, and sensual lovemaking are important to them. They enjoy the finer things. However, they must be careful of taking it to excess as this can result in poor health.

The strong sensuality of Taurus Rising means that healthy sex life is important. It is essential for these people to enjoy their bodies because it directly contributes to their sense of self-worth.


Taurus Rising can be possessive and stubborn, unwilling to let go of what they consider to be theirs, whether it is a person, object, or idea. It is important to have a strong understanding of their emotional nature so they can recognize patterns that are unhealthy or destructive.

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Grounded Energy

Being a Fixed Earth sign, Taurus Rising is grounded and practical. There is soothing energy that others find comforting as it hints towards someone who has a good grasp of reality and can find practical solutions to problems.

Indolent Reactions

Taurus Rising often prefers an easy time of things, and when their surroundings are conflicting with their natural pace, they can dig their heels in and stubbornly refuse to budge.

However, they tend to be drawn to intense individuals (they can be very drawn to their opposite sign, Scorpio, known for its intensity) because such individuals tend to bring emotional upheaval to their lives.

This upheaval forces them out of their comfort zone and helps edge them closer towards their soul purpose.

Are You a Taurus Rising?

If you are a Taurus Rising, your soul’s purpose is to free yourself and others from personal desire and attachment to the physical plane.

In doing so, you are one of the most spiritual Rising signs of all. You come to understand that matter within the material world is in itself meaningless. What makes it meaningful is when it assists the Soul and humanity, elevating us to a greater height of love, wisdom, and compassion.

It is a tough role for Taurus Rising, and many will experience transformative moments throughout their lives, just like the Buddha, until they reach a stage of enlightenment.

A huge challenge they face is choosing whether to push themselves out of their comfort zone. The comfort zone can often be a blockage towards greater spiritual growth.

When they choose the brave step of crossing it, they become an inspiration to this world, bringing a balance between two often opposing worlds, the spiritual and material, and merging them in harmony.

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