Month: October 2021


Are you ready for a week of emotional release followed by blissed-out balance? Then scoot over and make room for the stars and their plans because they’ve got some big ones in store for you this week!

We have two major transits rolling in this week, starting right on September 20th with a Full Moon in dreamy, imaginative Pisces. The Full Moon is the time of the month to release anything pain, overwhelming emotion, bad habit, or toxic relationship that may have had a hold on you during the previous lunar cycle. And Pisces is a Water sign, so you can bet that emotions will be big this Full Moon.

That means it’s time to let go of that grudge you’ve been holding onto or the mild TikTok addiction that’s keeping you up into the wee hours of the morning. Releasing this baggage makes room for new opportunities and unexpected abundance. The Full Moon is also the time to practice gratitude for the blessings received during the previous cycle!

Then, on September 22nd, the Sun moves into Libra marking the beginning of luscious Libra season! Libra is airy, bright, intellectual, and above all else balanced. This Air sign ushers in an astrological season of themes surrounding communication, creativity, original thought, and harmony.

During Libra season, you may have an easier time negotiating and compromising with others – there’s one benefit of that equilibrium this sign is so well-known form. Further, ruled by luxurious Venus – the planet of love and beauty – Libra asks us to lighten up, smell the roses, and appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

If the hard-working, meticulous energy of Virgo season left you feeling a little frazzled, you can count on the Full Moon to help you let any frustration go, while Libra season swoops in just around to corner to slow the pace down a bit and encourage balance – especially the balance between work and play.

September 20 – September 26 is a Week to Let Go & Harmonize

The Full Moon is like a big, round cup just ready to overflow with light – or in our case, emotions. That’s why a Full Moon ritual can be so exhilarating and healing, it gives you the perfect opportunity to name those things that are weighing you down and set them free from your spirit. That sense of freedom is followed by a season of lighthearted, harmonized vibes.

Pour out those big feelings and drink in the mellow Libra waters. Shed the weight of anything that held you down during the last lunar cycle, take a day to rest, and then get ready to practice balancing self-care to enjoy the more relaxed tone of Libra season.

If you aren’t sure what needs to be released for you this Full Moon, a personalized astrological reading can help shine a light on the things that might be holding you back now.

Planetary Locations During 20 – September 26, 2021

  • Sun: Virgo (August 22, 2021 – September 22, 2021), Libra (September 22, 2021 – October 23, 2021)
  • Mercury: Libra (August 30, 2021 – November 5, 2021)
  • Venus: Scorpio (September 10, 2021 – October 7, 2021)
  • Mars: Libra (September 14, 2021 – October 30, 2021)
  • Jupiter: Aquarius (July 28, 2021 – December 28, 2021)
  • Saturn: Aquarius (December 17, 2020 – March 7, 2023)
  • Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)
  • Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)
  • Pluto: Capricorn (Until January 20, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for September 20 – September 26, 2021

Monday, September 20


Virgo – Virgo season unwinds, and you may feel that last push of productive, grounded energy. Take advantage of this energy while it lasts and go get things done!


Pisces – Pisces might amplify emotions today, but creativity, intuition, and imagination are also heightened. Let that intuitive center guide you toward a fulfilling and healing creative expression.

Astrological Aspect

Full Moon in Pisces – This Full Moon may feel even more palpable (read: emotional) because it’s in the sign of Pisces, but that gives you the perfect opportunity to experience those emotions fully and release them completely.

A Full Moon ritual is perfect for healing emotions and releasing negativity today.

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Tuesday, September 21




Aries – The Aries Moon offers zest and passion, helping you feel more adventurous and assertive. Do something creative that ignites the flame within.

Astrological Aspect

Moon in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius – Saturn brings some productive energy, particularly if you feel a sense of excitement about the task before you. Try to infuse your work with a bit of fun to get things done today!

Wednesday, September 22


Libra – Libra season is here! Get creative, tap into your inner negotiator, focus on compromise, and remember the Libra scales.



Astrological Aspect

The Sun enters Libra – Creativity abounds with the onset of Libra season.

Thursday, September 23




Taurus – You might feel more grounded and relaxed when the Moon is in Taurus, making it easier to deal with stressful situations. Spending time outdoors amplifies that relaxed vibration even further.

Astrological Aspect

Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus – Emotional drama or tensions in relationships is possible during this transit. Balance the Heart chakra to promote more understanding and compassion during interactions with others.

Friday, September 24





Saturday, September 25





Astrological Aspect

Mars in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius – You feel more ambitious and tenacious today, able to face even the most difficult tasks. Don’t be afraid to go follow your passion or seek a challenge.

Sunday, September 26




Gemini – The Gemini Moon is stimulating and social, meaning you may feel more like engaging in witty and interesting conversations today. Catch up with a friend!

Astrological Aspect

Moon in Gemini trine Mars in Libra – Intuition is fierce, courage is at an all-time high, your charisma is off the charts during this transit. Be bold and put yourself out there.

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With the mysterious and captivating Scorpio season cloaking the skies with its presence, you may be wondering just how this enchanting sign can truly leave an impact on your natal chart.

After all, with Scorpio season kicking off from October 23rd to November 21st, its effects will be felt by all. And in fact, those effects will be especially prominent wherever it lands in your personal birth chart.

In other words, having your hands on that info is essential at this time of year!

So what does the Scorpion’s bite look like within your chart? Let’s dig a bit deeper to find out its true colors depending on its spot.

Make sure to use the free birth chart generator to find your Scorpio placements!

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

If there’s one fact the veil of mystery surrounding Scorpio can clue us in on, it’s that Scorpio’s reputation of deep, dark, and mysterious seems to hold some water.

And literally: Scorpio dons the deep and emotionally contemplative element of Water itself, known for its vast depths and — yes, vast mysteries, from time to time.

Water on its own isn’t inherently full of the dark and private energy that tends to make up Scorpio’s exterior, however. Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, death, and rebirth (just in case the Watery layer of intensity wasn’t enough, of course).

It’s safe to say that Scorpio likes to keep their feelings private, as their emotional world is incredibly potent and personal to how they lead their life. However, once their guard is down, they can be the most loyal and powerful friends, lovers, and allies to have on your side.

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The Impact Of Scorpio Season

You’ll be seeing Scorpio’s influence reign for around a month (October 23rd to November 21st).

This is just enough time to experience Scorpio’s transformative themes of rebirth, emotional intensity, intuitive insights, and perhaps even psychic development (if you’re open to it).

Again, put a pin in those themes, as they get highlighted depending on where Scorpio actually falls in your personal birth chart!

Where is Libra in Your Birth Chart?

First, check to see where Scorpio lands in the planets of your birth chart, with these placements having a major impact on core pieces of your personality and who you are as a person!

Learn more about the importance of the planets in your chart. Check this out: Why Don’t I Relate to My Sun Sign?

Sun, Moon & Rising In Scorpio

With any of these placements in your chart, you’ll notice the energy of Scorpio come up quite prominently for you wherever you go.

For instance, the Sun, representing the ego and a core piece of the self, places the intense Scorpion’s energy in many places of your life, including what you wish to put forth into the world.

The Moon, governing emotion and your inner world, allows you to connect with Scorpio in the emotional space (which is, in particular, deeply felt with this intense sign).

And finally, with a Scorpio Rising, the traits are projected outwards, making it a noticeable part of who you are to others around you (and equally so, makes the air of mystery one of the most noticeable things about you to the outside eye).

Mercury In Scorpio

If you have a Scorpio Mercury, your Scorpio energy comes through most in how you communicate and share information.

This placement is profoundly honest and deeply intuitive, aware of even the subtle truths that people communicate with, say, their body language and unsaid words.

Your conversations are important to you, and you seek discussion that goes a bit beyond surface-level thinking. The deeper, the better.

Venus In Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio may seem like an elusive or strange placement to have, thanks to it being in detriment here.

In other words, Scorpio finds itself in the opposite of its home turf when in Venus (planet of love and beauty).

This is because Scorpio loves others intensely and emotionally but sometimes doesn’t express their intentions in the most conventional way (like keeping others at more than an arm’s length, for instance).

But rest assured, when they do settle in for the long haul (if you can get them there), you’re sure to find a loyal and devoted partner.

Mars In Scorpio

In traditional astrology, this placement is in domicile (AKA, in its home turf).

Mars, the planet of war, ambitions, and will, is a powerhouse either way when it links up with Scorpio. Devoted and driven, Scorpio knows how to go after what they want and keep that intention until the very end.

The drawback is that you’ll have to be cautious not to get too caught up in past events and burned bridges. This placement can be vengeful if scorned and may have a harder time forgetting and forgiving.

Jupiter In Scorpio

Understanding lucky Jupiter – planet of opportunity, luck, and expansion – is essential to understanding your keys to success.

Jupiter in Scorpio seeks change and expansion constantly, speaking to that transformative element of Scorpio already within its nature. All change has to be meaningful change, and this placement may feel the need to shed their skin often in order to gain access to new paths and opportunities.

This placement intuitively moves them from one long-term course of expansion to the next, seeking something truly aligned with their soul.

Saturn In Scorpio

You may wince at the sight of Saturn in your chart, knowing that this planet rules over some tough cookies like restrictions and karma.

The sheer intensity of this placement cannot be understated; this much is true. Scorpio is already a deeply private placement, and only more so when restrictive Saturn is in play.

However, intensity is not necessarily a bad thing if you can learn how to work with this placement rather than against it. With unmatched resourcefulness and commitment to the task, you’ll also find this placement to create powerful allies and friends.

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Uranus In Scorpio

If you were born in the mid-‘70s or early ’80s, you may find this placement in your chart.

And thankfully, too. Uranus in Scorpio is an exalted placement, meaning it finds some power and strength here. This makes sense, as Scorpio wishes to transform and change, and Uranus loves radical rebellion and development throughout the world.

For the few years that Uranus in Scorpio landed in the skies in the mid-’70s, it created quite a few changemakers and “black sheep” in society.

Neptune In Scorpio

With a sprinkle of this transit in the late ’50s, and a larger wave arising in the ’60s and very early ’70s, the effects of this placement are already abundantly obvious.

Neptune in Scorpio folks often grew up amidst the rise of interest in occult and spiritual topics. With the dreamy and elusive aspect of Neptune housing psychic and intuitive Scorpio, it’s no wonder that they felt right at home.

Pluto In Scorpio

Seen throughout the ’80s and ’90s, having Pluto in Scorpio likely lands you in the millennial generation.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll remember that Pluto in Scorpio creates a placement of essential dignity, seeing as Scorpio is right at home in transformative Scorpio.

Emotional at heart and holding a deep desire for something more, the millennial generation has grown up amidst changes and transform their entire lives and keeps it right in their heart.

Chiron In Scorpio

Chiron shows us where we hold some of the deepest wounds.

With Chiron in Scorpio, the wounds are unlikely something you’re unfamiliar with, with the deep feeling Scorpion housed here.

It’s likely that changes and transformations themselves are the cause of many of your wounds and that throughout adolescence, you’ll strive to find a way to regain control.

Learn more about: Chiron – The Karmic Marker of The Birth Chart

Where is Libra in Your Astrological House?

Even if you have no planets in Scorpio, you can still see where the energy of Scorpio lands in your chart through your astrological houses!

One of your natal houses should fall in Scorpio – depending on the house system, some may have more than one, and some may have none.

Scorpio In The 1st House

If your 1st house is in Scorpio, the qualities of this passionate and powerful sign are projected outwards.

Much of the mystery and devotion you see within this sign is placed on a mask for the outside world here. Even when you’re not trying, your presence may feel intimidating or commanding, with others having a difficult time getting a read on your true intentions and emotions.

Scorpio In The 2nd House

If your 2nd house is in Scorpio, you may notice that money finds your way to you through strange or even secret means.

If not a secret inheritance (and yes, that’s really possible with this placement), Scorpio in 2nd house folks easily access money through other people, which could mean business partnerships and the likes.

Scorpio In The 3rd House

If your 3rd house is in Scorpio, you’ll find its qualities highlighted in how you communicate with others.

The 3rd house is the house of communication amongst some other things (like siblings), which places some of Scorpio’s darkness on a seemingly innocuous spot in the chart.

Scorpio’s flair for deep conversations is heightened here, as well as a potential for darker humor and a delight in the more taboo discussion topics.

Scorpio In The 4th House

If your 4th house is in Scorpio, your foundations and sense of home will be structured around Scorpio qualities.

While this means that your home becomes an ultimate sanctuary and safe space, it also means that you originally may have grown up in surroundings that put that at risk very frequently.

Because 4th house Scorpio natives are accustomed to frequent changes in their home life growing up, a secure and safe home in their adulthood becomes all the more important.

Scorpio In The 5th House

If your 5th house is in Scorpio, the qualities of Scorpio can come out in love and with your hobbies.

With a flair for the passionate and perhaps dramatic, you thrive in areas involving occult research or the creative arts, perhaps even being capable of combining the two into one.

Scorpio In The 6th House

If your 6th house is in Scorpio, you assist and help others with the powers of the intuitive Scorpion.

You may do well in fields surrounding health, the sciences, and research — anything that puts your information-gathering abilities to the test. However, the intensity of Scorpio here needs to be managed with balance, as you can easily overwork yourself without noticing from time to time.

Scorpio In the 7th house

If your 7th house is in Scorpio, your connections with others take on a particularly devoted and perhaps overly intense tone.

Relationships are taken seriously with Scorpio in the 7th house, as when you do choose to settle, you’re ready to offer your partner or closest friends the world.

However, the challenge lies in getting there, as it can take a while for 7th house Scorpio natives to let down their emotional walls.

Scorpio In The 8th House

With the 8th house in Scorpio, all the powers of the Scorpion are especially heightened, as this is Scorpio’s native house.

Topics like the occult, finances, hidden research, death, and rebirth all get prominently highlighted, with their strengths in full force for anyone with this placement.

At the same time, their difficulty and intensity can equally be highlighted as well, as Scorpio 8th housers must learn to find balance and moderation in devoting themselves to these things.

Scorpio In The 9th House

If your 9th house is in Scorpio, you’ll find its qualities highlighted in travel and philosophy.

This placement is furiously curious, always seeking the next big truth. There’s likely a strong interest here in other cultures, religions, and especially their hidden inner worlds.

Intelligent and easily invested in understanding foreign topics, Scorpio in the 9th house makes for an excellent researcher and student of life.

Scorpio In The 10th House

If your 10th house is in Scorpio, the qualities of the scales take over in your career.

With this placement, you may find that others expect you to have all the answers (or at least go find them). Your intuitive, emotionally intelligent, and curious nature shines through in the public sphere, and you do well when offered the chance to ask questions.

Scorpio In The 11th House

With the worldly 11th house ruling over friendships and community, Scorpio finds a strange home here.

Like other placements that require the vulnerability of Scorpio, having the Scorpion in the 11th house creates a strong tie whenever Scorpio does choose to plant their roots and call a community theirs.

However, these communities must equally possess the honesty and truth that Scorpio is willing to give them in return.

Scorpio In The 12th House

With the 12th house holding illusions, mysteries, and the subconscious, Scorpio being housed here may be the gift that keeps on giving — if you know how to use it properly.

If handled with care and finesse, Scorpio in the 12th house could grant Scorpio the answers and hidden opportunities they so desperately desire. After all, Scorpio loves the taboo, and the 12th house can certainly offer that.

However, the drawback is that it’s all too easy for Scorpio to get submerged here, hiding their emotions and feelings instead. Balance, as always, is required.

Accessing Secret Scorpio Superpowers

If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that having Scorpio in your chart can really be a secret superpower.

As it shrouds everything it touches with just a bit of mystery, it equally lends your chart some extra power if you’re willing to look. This Scorpio season, it’s always a good idea to explore where it lands in your chart and allow its potent energy to guide you.

If you’re a Scorpio, follow your daily horoscope — and for everyone else, make use of the astrology calendar to keep track of when Scorpio season starts and ends and where other transits may be impacting this special season.

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If you’ve been seeking some spiritual vibes, then November is the month for you because, according to numerology, the spiritual vibes are going to be absolutely amazing this month. Mystical, otherworldly connections and synchronicities abound this month, so open that Third Eye chakra and get ready for the magic!

A deeper connection to the Universe helps you create a foundation of gratitude, centered energy, and blissed-out blessings for the future.

November is a month to break out the Tarot cards, spend some time with Mother Nature, and get back to your spiritual roots.

According to numerology, November is a 7 Universal Month (1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 7).

October was a month of balance and creativity, and November is a month to sink into the mystical wonders of life and refresh your relationship with the powers that be. In numerology, the number 7 is a number of depth, of mystery, and of awareness.

So, let’s crunch the numbers to learn more about what this month will bring and what it means for your own Personal Month number!

How to Calculate Your Personal Month Number

There are quite a few important numbers in numerology, and that can be intimidating at first. But, while your Personal Month number might be a bit different from your Life Path number, it’s actually quite easy to calculate. To get your Personal Month number, all you need to do is add your Personal Year number to the current month number and reduce it down.

Your Personal Year number is simply your birth date, your birth month, and the current year added and reduced.

For instance, if your Personal Year number is 9, you would add that to 11 for the month of November:

9 + 1 + 1 = 11

Most double-digit numbers are reduced to a single digit in numerology, but 11 is a Master Number, so you can leave it there.

Your November 2021 Numerology Forecast

Personal Month 1

The number 1 in numerology is connected to the ideas of cycles, ego, and the self. In your case, this month might be about figuring out how spirituality and depth fit into your idea of yourself. Evaluate the role that life’s mysteries play in your life and whether that role is currently fulfilling. Perhaps you’re craving more connection to the Universe than you currently possess?

How long has it been since you’ve felt moved by the world around you?

Maybe it’s time to take a step outside with a new sense of wonder and amazement.

Personal Month 2

In numerology, the number 2 represents femininity, grace, and a strong intuitive force. This month, tap into that deep intuitive power within to discover your next steps. Your internal insight already knows where to go – all you need to do is listen.

Spend time balancing and cleansing the Third Eye chakra to develop an even deeper connection to your intuition.

Have you been tapping into that voice that comes from within?

Try sitting in stillness and opening your ears to the messages of your soul.

Personal Month 3

The number 3 is all about expression, whether in communication or creative expression. But beyond expression, there is a distinct uniqueness of the number 3 – which means your approach to spirituality and Universal connection is probably also unique. You’ll need to find out what kind of spiritual expression speaks to you this month.

Have you been honoring your personal eccentricities?

It’s time to embrace your unique view and let it guide you in the right direction.

Personal Month 4

Work, work, work – that’s the motto of the number 4. And while hard work and achievements are wonderful, that’s certainly not the only important aspect of life. In fact, spending too much time on your work projects means less time to develop your spiritual self. Maybe it’s time to put the work aside and focus on the needs of your soul this month.

When was the last time you took a deep breath and let yourself relax?

Relaxation may be just the kind of spiritual experience you need right now.

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Personal Month 5

The number 5 is all about creativity, adventure, and curiosity in numerology – and these are just the traits you’ll need for spiritual exploration this month. Turn to your imagination and desire to learn new things this month, as a new metaphysical practice may be just the thing to break you out of a rut right now. Try shaking things up – spiritually.

Has your connection to the Universe felt stiff or mundane lately?

It might be time to try a different approach; remember, the Universe is just as curious as you are!

Personal Month 6

The number 6 in numerology is compassionate, loving, and understanding. The question for you this month is whether you’re sharing that compassion and understanding with your own spirit. Do you have more patience for others than you do for yourself? Your spiritual lesson may include learning how to hold yourself in high regard.

Does your spirit feel seen, acknowledged, and appreciated?

It’s time to give yourself the same special treatment that you give to your loved ones.

Personal Month 7

This is your month, as your own energy perfectly aligns with the numerological energy we’re experiencing now. The number 7 is all about depth, perception, and spirituality – your curiosity is more palpable than ever, making it a great time for new spiritual concepts and practices to enter your field of view. Let your curiosity take over!

Have you denied the truth-seeking side of your spirit as of late?

Take the time to explore your more curious musings this month.

Personal Month 8

The number 8 is connected to ideas of balance, success, and infinity. How much more spiritual can you get? Yet, your sense of authority may apply more easily to your career than your connection to the metaphysical. Maybe it’s time to separate your spirit from your achievements and focus more on the kind of food that your soul craves.

When was the last time you indulged your curious inner child?

Set the work aside and make time for more whimsical activities this month.

Personal Month 9

In numerology, the number 9 simply flutters with a sense of wisdom, experience, and completion. This number represents the end of a cycle, and that coupled with the spiritual vibes of this month might urge you to think about the wisdom you’ve already gained in this life – and consider what you’d like to learn more about. Where does your curiosity lie?

When did your curiosity last feel satisfied?

Try to infuse your life with practices and routines that expand the mind and spirit.

Personal Month 11

As the first of the Master Numbers, the number 11 is associated with mysticism and spirituality – so you’re already aligned with the energy of this month! Your desire to seek the truth of life will feel even more intense this month, which highlights just how important spiritual practices will be for you. It may be useful to consult your astrological chart for more information.

What spiritual practices make you feel most connected to the world around you?

The routines or rituals speak that to your soul are calling for you now.

Personal Month 22

The number 22 represents a deep sense of responsibility and strong values in numerology. But there’s a chance that you could be clinging to values that no longer align with your beliefs. Maybe this is the month to reevaluate your more rigidly held beliefs to determine whether they still connect to who you are on a fundamental level.

Has anything felt “off” or disconnected in your life?

Take stock of any belief or practice that no longer feels comfortable or natural to you this month.

Seeking Spirituality This November

It doesn’t matter what your Personal Month number is – there’s a good chance you’ll be feeling connected to the Universe this month. And if not, you’ll probably feel a sense of longing or lack because that Universal connection is something we all need in life.

Spirituality is deeply personal, and you only need to follow the path that feels right for you. But seeking those synchronicities are part of the fun of this life!

This month is all about testing the waters and figuring out which practices and rituals speak to your soul.

Are you ready to find yourself?

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Scorpio season is upon us, and you may find yourself wondering – how will this sultry, mysterious sign and its corresponding season, full of depth, affect me and my sign?

Scorpio is one of the signs with the most infamous, yet misunderstood, reputations of them all! Scorpio is typically associated with one of two things – sex and the stinger of a scorpion’s tail. But this sign, and its season, is comprised of so much more, and that’s what we’re here to talk about today.

And while Scorpio season, just like each astrological season, has an influence on all of the zodiac signs, it does affect some more and others less. So, if you want to learn what Scorpio season is all about and how it might affect your sign, keep reading!

What Does Scorpio Season Mean?

There are 12 signs in the zodiac, and correspondingly there are 12 astrological seasons we experience each year. A new season occurs when the Sun moves into a new sign, which happens once a month. And while the dates are typically in the same range, the Sun does enter a sign on different days each year.

For instance, this year, the Sun enters Scorpio on October 23rd, where it remains until December 21st when it enters Sagittarius. Yet, there are some years when Scorpio season begins on October 22nd, which is why some horoscopes might have dates that seem wrong.

When a new astrological season begins, it brings a shift in energy that reflects that of the sign that it’s in. And Scorpio has a few ruling forces contributing to its unique charisma, the first of which is its ruling planet, Pluto. Pluto is associated with the psyche, the underworld, and transformation, meaning all this intense energy will likely lead to emotional breakthroughs.

Secondly, Scorpio is a Water sign – along with Cancer and Pisces – and this element is known for its intuition, creativity, and depth of emotion. This contributes to Scorpio’s deep, nearly psychic intuition, emotional sensitivities (even when they don’t show it,) and creative prowess.

Next, we’ve got Scorpio’s Fixed nature, meaning that it acts as a fastener and easily attaches to ideas, connections, or curiosities. Once Scorpio fixates on something, it doesn’t easily let go, which is why this sign is often accused of holding grudges.

Finally, this sign is associated with the 8th house – the house of rebirth, sex, and the cycle of life and death, which are all themes strongly evident in Scorpio’s nature. This is also one of the sources of Scorpio’s correlation with all things sexual.

All of these aspects combine during Scorpio season to bring intense, passionate emotions; transformation; sensuality and romance; mystery and curiosity; and superior intuition.

The Zodiac Signs Most Affected by Scorpio Season

1. Scorpio

This one might seem obvious, but there’s an even bigger reason that Scorpio will feel this sultry energy most palpably, and that’s the fact that both Mars and Mercury will be in your sign for most of this season as well. All of that Scorpio energy brings intense conversations, intuition-driven motivation, and stronger impulses.

If you haven’t been paying attention to your intuition lately, it’s crucial that you listen to it now.

2. Pisces

As a fellow Water sign, you’ll be feeling pretty intense this Scorpio season as well, Pisces, especially because of the spiritual and metaphysical undertones of this season. You may feel drawn to astrology, Tarot cards, and rituals more than ever right now, which are perfect tools for dealing with the big emotions that might be headed your way.

3. Capricorn

While yours is a grounded Earth sign, Venus – Scorpio’s ruling planet – is moving into your sign this month, meaning that you might be feeling some conflicting emotions this season. While Scorpio is encouraging you to feel things more deeply and sensually, Venus in Capricorn makes it harder to commit romantically. Try opening your Heart chakra to let more love in.

4. Taurus

You’re next up, Taurus, and that’s because your ruling planet, Venus, is naturally sensual and intense.

And as an added influence, Venus is in a fellow Earth sign like yours, meaning that you may feel a combination of emotional intensity paired with a desire to get serious in your relationships. If there’s someone you want to be with, you’ll feel that pull even stronger now.

5. Cancer

Your watery nature also makes Scorpio season more palpable for you, Cancer. Your intuition is on fire, and you’ll be feeling more creative during the month. But this may also lead to increased sensitivity, so work on affirmations and self-care that help you feel confident and worthy of love.

Creativity is an excellent way to let go of unprocessed emotions.

6. Sagittarius

Scorpio shares a certain kind of intensity with your sign, Sagittarius, and the curiosity and metaphysical nature of Scorpio season perfectly match your expansive mindset. You want to expand your world at all opportunities, and you may feel more spiritually inclined than ever. Just don’t forget your self-care rituals to avoid becoming too aggressive or impulsive.

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The Zodiac Signs Least Affected by Scorpio Season

1. Virgo

While you may feel a bit more intense than usual, you’re so focused on your own projects right now that you may not even notice the shift, Virgo. However, you can expect to feel more passionately about the things you enjoy and the projects you’re driven to work on. Try opening your heart and connecting to your loved ones this Scorpio season.

2. Libra

While your season just ended, you may still be riding that airy high of it, Libra. Your lighthearted, thought-driven nature may not suddenly feel like the emotional weight of the world is on your shoulders, but you might experience a deeper sense of commitment to your creative projects. Surround yourself with beauty during this time to draw out creativity.

3. Gemini

Yours is another Air sign that may be too busy with your artistic endeavors to feel the sensual heat of Scorpio season. Yet, you may feel more curious than ever about the world around you. This is a fantastic time to take a deep dive into your birth chart and get to know your Tarot cards even better, Gemini. These practices will also help you sharpen your intuition.

4. Aries

Your energy is always intense, Aries, so this may feel like just another month to you. But it is a great time to let your internal passion heat up and come to a boil because your creativity will indeed be heightened during this Scorpio season. Try to follow your instincts and see where they lead, especially when it comes to your creative passions.

5. Aquarius

The most significant shift you’ll feel is a desire to get to the bottom of life’s mysteries on an even deeper level than usual, Aquarius. You may feel more connected to humanitarian efforts during this time as well, as all that Water energy tugs on your heartstrings. As the Water Bearer, it’s a good time to surround yourself with water and see what emotions it evokes.

6. Leo

Your fire always burns bright, Leo, so a slight shift in your intensity or sense of passion might not feel all that different for you. But this is a great time to take advantage of the creative, intuitive energy, nonetheless. It’s also a fantastic season to get in deeper touch with your psyche and hidden emotions to process and release them.

Are You Ready for Scorpio Season?

Each astrological season brings something new and exciting to the table, and this time around, it’s time to get deep, sultry, and metaphysical. Break out the Tarot cards, cleanse your crystals, and let the mystical energy of Scorpio take over.

What’s your favorite thing about Scorpio Season?

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Libra season is almost upon us! This means Venus, the planet of love, art, and relationships, is at her most powerful when she enters a sign of her rulership.

Libra is a Cardinal Air sign, and if you are a Libra – or know a Libra – you will know that these people have a deep appreciation of beauty, art, justice, and balance.

Being a Cardinal sign, they are the first to spring forward with an idea and get cracking with it, envisioning possibilities and inspiring others to join them as they manifest these ideas into reality.

Plus, they make powerful and influential leaders.

Wondering what celebrities are Libras? Margaret Thatcher, Mahatma Gandhi, and Admiral Nelson are some historical Librans, to name just a few.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the Libra equivalent is the Dog, a sign that is part of the Third Trine and known for its powerful sense of justice and desire to right wrongs. Dogs of the Chinese Zodiac have an innate sense of fairness and an appreciation of comfort, just like Libra.

So when Libra season comes along, we will feel an increased desire for justice in all forms, whether on a personal or collective level.

We will become more appreciative of art and beauty, as well as our surroundings, and seek ways we can improve areas of our life in the aesthetic sense. We may also be more prone to avoiding conflict and seeking peace in a harmonious and non-confrontational way. We may also feel more romantic, as Libra is also the sign of love and relationships, as is Venus, Libra’s ruler.

Libra is the forward-thinking sign after Virgo, which was all about planning and setting the groundwork. The Cardinal energy of Libra now puts Virgo’s plans into motion and gets the ball rolling.

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The Connection Between the Zodiac & the Chakras

The zodiac and the chakras work together to help us find balance mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Each zodiac sign connects to one of the seven chakras. Libra is connected to the fourth chakra – the Heart chakra.

The Heart chakra is assigned to both Libra and Taurus, the signs that Venus rules.

When Libra’s Heart chakra is working at its best, love is allowed to flow freely, both in relationships and to the world.

They are loving, kind, and compassionate. Their natural diplomacy skills enable them to find peace without descending into conflict. When they are working on a collective level, they become leaders of campaigns and movements, generating powerful change worldwide and in their communities.

When Libra energy is in the air, we are called to pay attention to our Heart chakra and recognize if it is blocked, working to unblock it so we can make the best of Libra energy.

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What Happens When the Heart Chakra is Blocked?

A blocked chakra can affect all the other chakras around it. When a Heart chakra is blocked and underactive, the following symptoms may occur:

  • An inability to forgive others and move on
  • Lacking in empathy
  • Feeling withdrawn
  • Being too critical of yourself
  • Feeling isolated
  • Feeling emotionally numb
  • A detachment from emotions

When the Heart chakra is overactive as opposed to underactive, it manifests in the following:

  • Saying yes to everything, even when it is damaging to you
  • Neglecting your emotional care
  • Losing your sense of personal identity
  • Giving too much to others on an emotional level at a cost to your well-being

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How to Unblock Your Heart Chakra

If your Heart chakra is blocked, the following methods can help to unblock it so that your love can flow freely in the right way!

1. Try Nature Bathing

Spending time among nature, whether a walk in the park or lying on the grass in a field, is soothing and healing for the Heart chakra.

Being connected to Libra, the Heart chakra responds very well to air. Therefore, if you are cooped up all the time and rarely spend time among nature, your Heart chakra may feel stifled.

Taking time to nature bathe can be a wonderful way to help open up your Heart chakra.

2. Volunteer

A blocked Heart chakra can result in a lack of empathy and compassion. Volunteering to help others, whether at a soup kitchen, or at an animal shelter, or keeping the elderly company, can help unblock a Heart chakra.

It helps to develop empathy and compassion as you experience first-hand the struggles others go through.

3. Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are wonderful in helping a Heart chakra.

Often, a Heart chakra becomes blocked because you were hurt when you gave your love to someone or something, and it was not returned or was misused. Positive affirmations can help to rewire your mind as it sends messages to your subconscious mind, which likewise help to heal the chakra and tell it to start working again.

Affirmations such as the following are very helpful, and you are encouraged to repeat them to yourself as many times as possible throughout the day (a set routine of 20 in the morning and 20 before bed is a good start!)

4. Do Yoga

Yoga is fantastic for bringing a harmonious flow to the energy of your Heart chakra.

These are some specific yoga poses that help the Heart chakra:

  • Fish pose/backbends
  • Camel pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Wild thing pose

Practicing these yoga poses for even ten minutes a day can help the energy in your Heart chakra to flow freely again.

5. Visit a Chakra Specialist

Sometimes, seeking help from an energy or reiki healer is the best option for those with blocked chakras. Energy healers and reiki healers specialize in this area and can help unblock the chakra energy so it can flow freely again.

Finding a reputable healer in your area is worth looking into if you feel your Heart chakra needs a little extra help from someone on the outside!

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Harness the Energy of Libra for Your Heart Chakra

As we enter Libra season, let’s think about all the great qualities of Libra.

Balance, fairness, justice, diplomacy are some of the great qualities of this Cardinal sign. Similarly, romance, love, relationships, a desire for harmony, and a need to spread love into the world are some of Libra’s most admirable traits.

But when Libra falls into the negative, indecisiveness and inability to forgive and move on, shutting out love due to past hurtful experiences and lack of empathy can all manifest, making it difficult for our poor Libra to expand their Venusian loving power into the world.

We are encouraged to nurture our Heart chakra during this Libra season, no matter what our zodiac sign is.

We have all suffered hurt and disappointment, but one of our most profound lessons and struggles is to push through the hurt and pain we experience and harness it to increase our compassion and love – not allow it to close us off to the world and situations that could bring us true joy and happiness.

Is your Heart chakra blocked? We hope this article can help you as we enter Libra season. Nurture the love within you – it is one of the most powerful and precious gifts you possess.

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Buckle up and get ready because your sense of balance and grounding will determine how your next few weeks sail along. We’ve got one major transit this week that might make you feel anxious at first – but with a little bit of centering and some preparation, we can help you get through it with grace and poise!

If you’re an astrology lover, you might already have an idea of the transit we’re going to talk about and prepare ourselves for today.

That transit is the infamous Mercury retrograde period that we all brace ourselves for a few times a year. This week, Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Libra on September 27th, where it will remain until October 18th.

Mercury is our planet of communication, information, intellect, and the mind – and when it’s retrograde, these areas of life seem to slow down or stall.

When Mercury is in retrograde, the planet is moving so slowly that it appears to be moving backward. That reduction of speed on such a speedy little planet can make things feel quite frustrating. It can feel difficult to think clearly, make decisions, communicate, and even travel short distances.

You might even notice people bumping into one another more often, as we’re all a bit clumsier during this time.

The key to surviving this transit – which occurs three to four times a year and lasts for about three weeks – is lots of patience! It might feel like things aren’t going your way or are moving too slowly, but it’s actually a great time for rest, relaxation, reflection, and reconnection! And because Mercury is in Libra during this retrograde period, a focus on balance is essential.

Grounding exercises and self-care practices are crucial right now, so don’t skip your routines and rituals! Balancing the Heart chakra and Throat chakras will help promote clear communication and ample compassion and empathy, which are necessities during this challenging transit.

Yoga, meditation, and grounding work will also help you gather more patience and resilience now.

Even something as simple as taking a step outside, kicking off your shoes, and letting your feet touch the ground beneath you can help you relax during a moment of tension during this Mercury retrograde period.

September 27 – October 3 is a Week to Reflect, Surrender, & Focus

Reflection is a key theme during Mercury retrograde – slowing down your thoughts and considering them thoroughly can help you work through frustration, collect yourself, and move forward with poise.

Surrendering to the Universe is crucial; while you may feel out of control during this transit, it’s important to maintain your trust in the benevolent forces taking care of you.

Amplify your focus this week to ensure you’re getting all the necessary information.

Double and triple-check your emails and texts, read through contracts with a magnifying glass and a fine-toothed comb, and sincerely consider any decisions you’re faced with. Following these tricks will help you sail through Mercury retrograde like an astrological pro!

If you’re still feeling nervous about Mercury retrograde, a personalized astrological reading can give you more helpful information to help you get through this challenging period.

Planetary Locations During September 27 – October 3, 2021

  • Sun: Libra (September 22, 2021 – October 23, 2021)
  • Mercury: Libra (August 30, 2021 – November 5, 2021)
  • Venus: Scorpio (September 10, 2021 – October 7, 2021)
  • Mars: Libra (September 14, 2021 – October 30, 2021)
  • Jupiter: Aquarius (July 28, 2021 – December 28, 2021)
  • Saturn: Aquarius (December 17, 2020 – March 7, 2023)
  • Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)
  • Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)
  • Pluto: Capricorn (Until January 20, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for September 27 – October 3, 2021

Monday, September 27


Libra – Libra season continues to focus our attention on themes of balance, intellect, creativity, and sociability. Balancing exercises are the best way to get the most of this lighthearted Libra energy!


Gemini – The Gemini Moon heightens intellect and helps us start the week strong. Creative self-expression can help you release tension or frustration.

Astrological Aspect

Mercury retrograde in Libra – While Mercury retrograde can bring its own unique challenges, the balance and intellect of Libra season can help us through it. Remember to breathe, practice your self-care routines, and focus on grounding now.

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Tuesday, September 28




Cancer – You may feel like spending some time at home, cozy in your pajamas, while the Moon is in Cancer. This is a great time to rest and be sure to acknowledge and feel any emotions that you experience.

Wednesday, September 29





Astrological Aspect

Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces – Romance, creativity, and dreamy vibes are on the menu today! This is a fantastic day to be of service to others, as compassion is at an all-time high during this transit.

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Thursday, September 30





Astrological Aspect

Venus in Scorpio square Jupiter in Aquarius – While you will likely feel positive and optimistic during this transit, it may feel hard to get work done or focus on tasks that seem boring.

Try to infuse your chores with a sense of excitement by playing your favorite playlist or promising yourself a reward after!

Friday, October 1




Leo – When the Moon is in Leo, you may feel feistier and more playful than usual. This is a great influence for letting loose and having an adventure.

Astrological Aspect

Mercury retrograde in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn – Deep thoughts and intensity during conversations with others are possible today. Clear your mind with a morning meditation to promote calm and understanding.

Saturday, October 2





Astrological Aspect

Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn – Relationships and companionships take on an intense quality, and you may long more deeply for connection today. Reach out to your loved ones and let them know that you care.

Sunday, October 3




Virgo – The Virgo Moon makes it easier to focus on small details and analyze situations. This transit also asks you to focus on your physical health and taking care of your body.

Astrological Aspect

Mercury retrograde in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius – Optimism and positive news are possible, lightening up the challenges that Mercury retrograde brings. This is a good day for research, as it’s easier to focus.

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers! Did this overview resonate with you? Get another astrologer’s take on this week’s astrology forecast.

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Perhaps one of the most incredible things about the Moon is the potential she provides us for transformation.

Those who are deeply connected to the lunar energy will be consciously aware of these transformations when they occur. Others may not feel the connection as deeply, but they will experience the magical lunar rays on some level or another, even if they can’t fully explain why or what is happening.

The Moon goes through several phases as she completes her cycle throughout the month. These phases are:

  • New Moon
  • Waxing Crescent
  • First Quarter Moon
  • Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon
  • Waning Gibbous
  • Last Quarter Moon
  • Waning Crescent

While each of these moon phases is significant, this article will focus on the Quarter Moon stages.

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What do the Quarter Moon Stages Mean?

Each Moon stage has a specific spiritual meaning. When we tap into this spiritual meaning and work simultaneously with the Moon, we are able to communicate more effectively with our soul and continue our soul path with greater ease.

It also enables us to recognize where we may be veering off the path in our lives. The Full Moon and New Moon are perhaps the most well-known for their transformative abilities, but the First and Last Quarter Moon play a huge role too.

  • The First Quarter Moon is a time for pushing through obstacles and facing your fears. During this stage, we are encouraged to confront whatever is holding us back, no matter how challenging it is.
  • The Last Quarter Moon is a time for thinking about what you want to achieve in the future. This Moon phase encourages you to take the lessons of the Full Moon which precedes it and take decisive action in reaching your goals. It could be anything from changing your hairstyle to embarking on a new project to achieve your dreams.

Both Quarter Moon phases center around transformation – the First is the struggle to push through to get to the transformation, and the Last is letting go of what no longer serves you and applying the transformation itself to your life.

Naturally, there are crystals that can help with this.

The Best Quarter Moon Crystals

So what are the best Quarter Moon crystals to use as you navigate your way through the magical lunar energies?

Moon phase crystals can be incredibly helpful, not only to connect you to your soul and the messages it wants to send you but also to keep you feeling emotionally balanced as la Luna works her magic!

First Quarter Moon Crystals

For pushing through fears and obstacles

1. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is the perfect crystal to use during the First Quarter Moon phase. This crystal is famous for providing us with courage and endurance.

Like the Tiger in the wild, it is strong and fearless and helps you be as well. It also helps to calm you if you are particularly stressed and gives you the strength and fortitude to push through any obstacles in your way.

2. Crazy Lace Agate

This is a tremendous crystal for regulating emotions.

During the First Quarter Moon stage, fear tends to creep upon us. We start to doubt ourselves and our abilities. We begin to question ourselves. We want to just curl into a ball, where at least it is safe, and we don’t have to face the onslaught of whatever is frightening us.

The crazy lace agate crystal helps balance emotions and trap fear so that it cannot consume us.

3. Merlinite

This is an intensely powerful crystal, and its primary feature is that it highlights the light and dark that exists within ourselves and represents ancient magic.

Merlinite works with the soul to make the individual aware of their shadow side – the side where all fears lie. When the individual does not confront it, it can manifest on its own, often with disastrous consequences. In such instances, it is challenging for the individual to recognize their dark side and distinguish it from who they truly are.

Merlinite helps to confront fear, acknowledge it, recognize it, and work with the soul to transform it into something positive.

Last Quarter Moon Crystals

For planning for the future

1. Aventurine

This is an excellent crystal for moving forward and leadership. It brings renewed optimism for life and pushes us to take action so that we manifest our goals and dreams.

Aventurine is fantastic for clearing confusion and also for planning strategically so that your plans come to fruition. It is good to keep a piece nearby while you are writing notes about your upcoming ideas or making future plans.

2. Moonstone

Moonstone is a crystal that is good for any Moon phase, but it is especially helpful during the Last Quarter Moon because it helps to connect you with the deepest part of yourself – your intuition. We may have grand ideas about what we want, but are they what we truly need?

Moonstone helps you connect to your soul so that you can make plans based on what you need on a soul-based level.

3. Sunstone

What better crystal to help the gentle rays of the Moon than one that represents the vibrant power of the Sun? The Sun and Moon work together to breathe life and light to all humans, animals, and living beings on earth.

Sunstone is a fantastic crystal for promoting joy, hope, and optimism. When making new plans, it is important to feel enthusiastic about those plans! Sunstone brings a feeling of happiness and security, pushing you with a distinct and powerful motivation that will give you the boost you need.

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Let the Quarter Moon Phase Aid Your Transformation

We are constantly undergoing a process of transformation. Life is a series of mini-deaths and rebirths, all designed so that we can become the best versions of ourselves.

Quarter Moon crystals can be excellent in aiding you during these transformational moments. Trusting in yourself and the lunar energy is an essential component to manifesting the you and the life that you want.

Your soul knows the way – you simply have to talk with it and see which way it leads you.

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Feeling out of sync, lacking balance, or disconnected? Fear not, for Libra season is here!

This sweet Air sign embraces some of the best parts of living a harmonic lifestyle, teaching us to seek balance and peace in our day-to-day lives. As such, Libra season rolling around is always a great time to slow down, smell the roses, and try to tip the scales back into balance if you’re feeling depleted.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for Libra season all this time, or perhaps the sight of the sign of the scales is off-putting after getting used to grounded Virgo energy for a whole month.

Either way, you’re going to want to get a quick refresher on what Libra energy looks like for us all, and then we’ll send you on your way with some affirmations in your back pocket to make use of this special zodiac season!

The Libra Energy Low-Down

When you think of Libra, some initial keywords surrounding indecision or the classic Libra charisma may come to mind.

And while they may seem too simple to be true, these ideas have nuggets of truth and insight about how we can understand the sign of lovely Libra — once we break it down on a core level.

For starters, Libra is ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Venus. This explains their natural charisma and widespread appeal, and it’s why during Libra season, you may find yourself striking up more romantic opportunities than normal — love is just in the air!

Additionally, the Airy aspect of Libra makes this season especially communicative and witty, opening doors for conversation and communication. And the Cardinal aspect of Libra implores us to take the lead, share our ideas, and take mediation, diplomacy, and peacekeeping seriously within our connections.

The drawback? We merely must also be cautious that the weight of these responsibilities, as well as the desire to open up to new connections, doesn’t lead to indecision or stagnancy.

So, in order to strike that balance and find some clarity, peace, and advantageous opportunities, let’s review some Libra season affirmations that will get the job done.

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10 Inspiring Affirmations for Libra Season

1. “I Seek and Create Balance.”

Simple and to the point, this affirmation centers a central theme of Libra season at its core: balance.

More than just existing within a zodiac season that tries to balance things out for you, this affirmation reminds you of your own control over this important theme. Don’t wait until the Universe has to tip the scales back into harmony!

Use this affirmation to create and seek a balance of your own.

2. “My Interactions with Others Inspire & Fuel Me.”

With the communicative aspect of Libra season shedding light on our connections of all kinds, we’ll want to take to heart any inspiration that comes our way because of it.

Use this affirmation to get the most out of your conversations with others, seeing the fruitful details and insights that you may have otherwise missed.

3. “My Internal Beauty Radiates Outwards.”

In Libra season, we take the beauty of Venus and combine it with the communicative element of Air, ensuring that our beauty is shared far and wide, communicated to the best of our ability.

This affirmation highlights the special quality of Libra season and assists with carrying out your internal shine to the outside world.

4. “I Place Equal Value Into All Parts of My Life.”

What is harmony for the world if not starting from within?

Sometimes we have a tendency to focus on career more than romantic love, or romantic love more than our friendships, or our friendships more than our own self-care. In Libra season, we want to create balance in all aspects of our life.

For a reminder that life is sometimes best lived with a holistic, integrative perspective, use this affirmation for a dose of balance.

5. “I Am Devoted & Driven Towards My Goals.”

Libra season is more than just making friends and making peace.

Don’t forget about the Cardinal qualities of Libra as well, which encourage our leadership capabilities, fresh ideas, and new beginnings just as much.

If you’re passionate about something and wish to carry a goal through, you can use this affirmation to assist with your goal setting and manifestation this Libra season.

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6. “My Natural Charisma & Grace Shines Through.”

Whether or not you yourself embody the Libra characteristics of effortless charm and charisma, the truth is that this zodiac season is not necessarily about adhering to clear-cut standards of what communication should look like.

In reality, embracing your natural charisma and unique communication style is what is important. Libra season can simply help you bring it out (even if you’re typically on the shyer side).

7. “I Choose Peace & Prosperity.”

Known for keeping the peace, Libra embodies many qualities of an ideal mediator.

This affirmation highlights those skills and qualities within you! Libra season is a great time for ironing out communication issues and saying hello to peace and blessings once you do.

8. “I Am A Magnet for Beneficial Connections.”

Maybe you’re looking to forge some peace with your existing interpersonal connections, or maybe you’re hoping to find some new ones!

If you’re looking for love, trying to make space for new friends, or just looking for fresh discussion, try your hand at this affirmation to call it all in.

9. “My Self-Expression Is Clear & Helpful.”

The Libra Sun isn’t the only transit happening in the skies.

A slew of retrogrades is also occurring all at once, making our desire for communication and openness slightly more complex. But no fear!

Complex doesn’t mean bad, nor impossible to manage. Use this affirmation when you’re feeling the need to speak up but perhaps are finding blocks in your road as you try.

10. “I Am Balanced, Fair, & Kind.”

Last but not least, step into all of the best qualities of lovely Libra with this final affirmation.

With care, diplomacy, and charm, Libra brings out a sweetness and free flow of communication that we often miss in our lives. Use this affirmation to embrace the Libra energy headed your way this blessed zodiac season.

Livening Up Libra Season With Affirmations

There’s something to be said for the power of words — that’s why Libra season itself is special, and that’s why affirmations sometimes make way more of a difference than we expect.

When you believe in the power of your own words and mind with these affirmations, you’re not only embracing some of the best parts of Libra season but equally will be utilizing a Libra skill in itself – self-expression. Fancy that!

There’s obviously more than meets the eye to using affirmations. Of course, you’ll want to carry out their words in your daily life, taking steps towards the progress you want.

Still, an affirmation to boost your confidence, place you in the right mindset, and open a few doors of opportunity can be just what you need in the midst of a new zodiac season.

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Throughout history, many different religions and belief systems have sprung up around the idea of reincarnation.

From the Buddhist cycle of rebirth to Jainism’s concept of deliverance to the Hindu process of samsara, there are a variety of perspectives on the ways that our soul moves through different bodies over different lifetimes.

Some people develop clear memories of past experiences, sometimes while still children and other times later in life, with intentional and focused exploration. But even if you don’t have a deep awareness of previous journeys that your soul may have taken through this world, there are different methods that you can use to begin exploring possible alternate lifetimes.

Working with a professional is the best place to start for many, like getting a past-life regression reading or an Akashic records’ healing session.

Someone trained for this type of work can help you get into a deep state of meditation and can guide you through memories or experiences that you may not have known how to access on your own, as well as help you understand and come to terms with the discoveries that you may make along the way.

But if you want to start a bit simpler and feel comfortable working by yourself to start, Tarot can be a useful tool to begin dipping your toes into the waters of past lives, offering a framework for this kind of exploration.

Gain Past Life Insights With the Tarot

Rather than attempting any kind of memory regression or hypnosis on your own, this Tarot spread instead offers opportunities for simple insights into a previous version of yourself and can help you begin to dig into lessons, successes, and challenges that you may have been through.

In considering the kinds of successes and obstacles that your soul has already experienced, you may be able to connect more deeply into your present and find richer meaning or fresh perspectives on what you are working through right now.

As past lives and concepts of reincarnation can be a sensitive or challenging topic for many, it’s important to view a reading like this as the gentle opening of a door rather than a deep dive into potentially traumatic memories or emotional wounds. Give yourself plenty of time to get into a meditative state before diving in, and be open to whatever the cards may show you.

If you find yourself having a strong reaction or experiencing difficult emotions, give yourself permission to step away from the cards and care for yourself. You can always return to the reading later.

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Past Lives Tarot Spread

  1. An insight into someone you once were
  2. A challenge that you experienced in this previous life
  3. A lesson that you learned in this previous life
  4. An energy from this previous life to explore

Sample Past Lives Tarot Spread

As always, this sample reading is meant to offer you an example of how to work with these cards and is not a collective or community reading.

Card One: An Insight Into Someone You Once Were

Knight of Pentacles (Materials)

Grounded, patient, responsible, and focused, the Knight of Pentacles shows someone who knows what they are working towards, who is willing to put in the effort to create the kind of stable, secure life they crave.

Knights always ask us to consider how we are balancing a particular element in our lives, and the suit of materials is concerned with physical health, a stable home, and career, resources, pleasure, comfort, and legacy. While this person can be stubborn at times, set in their ways, or determined to follow their course despite challenges that may emerge along the way, this knight is strong and loyal, able to keep their eyes on the prize and remember what they are working towards.

Card Two: A Challenge That You Experienced in This Previous Life

The Priestess

The second advisor that the Fool meets along their journey, the High Priestess, is a figure of wisdom, intuition, and personal magic.

This is someone who asks us to pause our movement and instead consider how our choices are reflecting our values, desires, and experience; to look at the opportunities before us and consider what truly feels right. As a challenge, the Priestess could speak to someone that had to wrestle with trusting themselves or who struggled to fully believe in the wisdom that they carry.

Learning to listen to our intuition can be a lifelong effort, so a previous life may have been defined by a desire to tap more fully into the magic within or to learn to follow their own insights rather than being steered by the demands of others.

Card Three: A Lesson That You Learned in This Previous Life

2 of Swords (Voices)

A card of balancing viewpoints and struggling with blockages, the 2 of Swords often explores internal conflict or indecision when we are faced with two paths forward and can only choose one.

The suit of swords is tied to the intellectual self and the mind, and with the 2, we are trying to figure out which truth, idea, or ambition to pursue. In this position, a previous life could’ve been marked by learning to be decisive, perceptive, or independent. Whether big or small, the decisions that are made can have a huge impact on our lives and end up defining both who we are and who we are not.

This person may have found power, magic, and courage in learning to make their own way, in defining for themselves how they would move through the world.

Card Four: An Energy From This Previous Life to Explore

3 of Cups (Emotions)

Blending community, celebration, and chosen family, the 3 of Cups is a card of connection and compassion. It’s here that we share our hearts with others, that we find the people that support and love us in good times and in bad, that see us for all of our facets, that stay by our sides through challenges and victories.

While the first three cards in this reading feel very solitary, showing singular figures of purpose, solitude, and intention, this last card is one that shows hearts united, emotions intertwined, joys shared.

As an energy to explore, this card reminds us that we are rarely as alone as we think we are and that sometimes we find our deepest magic in the connections we form and foster with other people.

What Will Your Past Life Reveal?

The Tarot has so much wisdom to offer and can be a great jumping-off point for exploring alternate lifetimes or past memories that you may not otherwise have access to.

If you find yourself deeply intrigued by what you discover in using this spread for personal readings, I highly recommend seeking out an experienced professional who can help you dig deeper, understand what you’re feeling or finding, and process this new information with grace and compassion.

What do you believe about reincarnation, cycles of rebirth, and past lives? Have you used Tarot to explore old memories or hidden mysteries? How can the cards offer new insights into people that you might have once been?

This post features cards from The Muse Tarot.

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We all may have a personal bone or two to pick with a particular zodiac sign, maybe jaded by bad past experiences or scorned by toxic exes of the same sign more than once.

But have you ever noticed a collective dislike for one sign in particular, seemingly all against one random zodiac member? Or maybe you’ve told someone you’re a Gemini, only for them to end the conversation abruptly as if they’ve already made up their mind about who you are.

Today we’ll discuss why that seems to be and also take a peek at some of the signs that seem to be hated more than others.

Why Do Some Signs Have A Reputation, Anyway?

Astrology is nearly never as cut and dry as a “good” or “bad” zodiac sign, despite their reputations seeming to indicate otherwise.

But understanding why some signs get a bad rep can tell us a lot about ourselves as a collective, as ultimately, every judgment we pass onto others reflects back onto ourselves.

In fact, we have every zodiac sign somewhere within us, thanks to the profound depth of our natal charts. So it really can also be a literal reflection of what we’re uncomfortable with within ourselves.

Ready to unveil your zodiac signs within? Try our free birth chart calculator!

The Top 5 Most Hated Zodiac Signs

With that piece of info in our back pocket, we can explore the top five zodiac signs that tend to get some of the biggest heat right now and consider why that may be.

Remember that even if a sign seems to be getting a bad reputation now, the tides can always turn pending our cultural perspective. And ultimately, there’s more to the complexity of the stars than a black-and-white, good or evil perspective!

1. Gemini

It seems like, in recent years, Gemini has faced the most heat of all the zodiac. But why?

At the root of all rumors, maybe there is some truth (after all, there’s definitely a dark side to each zodiac sign). Geminis can indeed be unpredictable, flighty, and, yes, even the worst of their stereotypes — two-faced — from time to time.

At their core, they do fall under the Mutable modality, being easily changeable and flexible. Additionally, being an Air sign ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, ensures an ability to charm anyone and anything onto their side. So it’s true – Geminis could easily use this power for deception.

However, the positive side of this is their ability to adapt and go with the flow, being more adventurous in discussion and open-minded than others.

Geminis are also capable of moving a conversation forward even when the party seems to have died down, and sometimes, in the stickiest of situations, it’s their moment of unexpected genius or whimsy that saves the day from disaster.

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2. Scorpio

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Scorpio ranks second-place in the zodiac signs for their bad reputation, but this comes with the territory of being the enigma of the zodiac.

Scorpios seem to get a bad rep for emotional distance, but also emotional manipulation. They are claimed to be guarded and difficult to reach but also prodding and possessive. So what is the truth?

As confusing as it may seem, all of these claims can hold some water. Scorpio is a Water sign, holding the emotional intelligence and aptitude for intuition like its other watery companions, Pisces and Cancer. However, Scorpios are ruled by transformative Pluto in modern astrology and assertive Mars, the planet of war, in traditional astrology.

When a Scorpio trusts and loves someone, which may take longer than some of its Water sign peers, they can love hard — and in the experience of others, sometimes it seems to be too hard.

In healthy form, however, Scorpio can use their powers of perception for good and will adamantly protect anyone close to them with that Martian intensity and passion. They are truly capable of being powerful allies and strong companions.

3. Leo

With such a bold and beautiful presence, why would show-stopper Leo end up taking the stage on a top 5 “most hated” list?

It’s true, though: Leos, too, hold a bit of a bad reputation in recent years. The claims to their name include selfishness, possessiveness, and egotistical behavior. And like other signs discussed so far, it’s definitely possible for these traits to shine through a Leo sign.

Leo is a Fixed sign, capable of keeping their eye on one prize. For example, a fellow Fixed sign is Taurus, also known for its loyalty and steadiness. Both signs are capable of being possessive, which can be the shadow side of a Fixed nature.

But it’s Leo, not Taurus, who gets more heat for their possessiveness, whether it’s over the spotlight or a prized partner. Well, thanks to Leo’s Fiery nature, they’re simply more likely to be more open and possibly aggressive about what it is they want.

On the flipside, Leos can be passionate lovers and friends who will go to bat for the people they care about. And in healthy form, their love of the spotlight is actually capable of being shared if you’re in that select group.

A healthy Leo placement wants to see the best for those that they care about, too!

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4. Aries

Full of energy, the initiator and, therefore, first of the zodiac, Aries, seems to be leaving a harsh impression from time to time.

Like Scorpio, Aries is ruled by the planet of war, Mars, and as a Fire sign, tends to leave more of a clear impression, easily more bold and obvious with their outgoing and sometimes aggressive nature.

They don’t get as harsh of a reputation as the others so far, likely because this behavior is perceived as more upfront, but it’s also not perceived as the most diplomatic approach. It’s true that Aries is capable of being a short fuse, competitive and stubborn at their cores.

But equally, Aries is also capable of being passionate and sweet lovers and friends. Although even in healthy form, an Aries energy can still be too chaotic for some, it’s sometimes the life of the party for others.

5. Virgo

Poised and detail-oriented, the meticulous energy of Virgo is perhaps not for everyone.

Known for being judgemental and overbearing, Virgos can hold a bad rep for being impossible to please. It may seem like no matter what you do, it’s never enough for them or that they’re judging you before you even start working on the job.

Virgo often directs their attention to practical matters as an Earth sign, capable of noticing the fine details. You may also see a pattern of Mercurial signs getting a bit of a bad reputation so far, as Virgo, like Gemini, is ruled by the planet of communication.

Like Gemini, Virgo is unafraid to voice their ideas and concerns, and its Earthy nature may seem too nitpicky for some.

It’s actually probably true that Virgos are judging, but the zodiac would be out of balance without their exacting eye. Healthy Virgo placements will learn how to deliver criticism with grace and tact but still get the job done right.

Does Your Zodiac Sign Have a Bad Reputation?

Are any of your placements found on this list?

Whether they are or not, it’s actually more than likely that at some point, the narrative will shift from one set of signs to another. While today Gemini and Scorpio are at the top of the list, the tides may turn to lend the heat to a different set of signs in a few years.

Just remember that because every zodiac sign is capable of holding a shadow side, the signs we “hate” say way more about us as a collective community than those signs themselves. A set of traits may be culturally poorly received now but needed and popular at another time.

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Have you been waiting for your charm and persuasiveness to emerge before making your next move? Then this is the week for you because charm, negotiable energy, and a friendly attitude are at the forefront of our minds right now.

We only experience one major transit this week, but it’s so spectacular that its energy will fill the air for nearly two months to come! Mars – the planet of passion, ambition, and will – is moving into balanced, sociable, harmonious Libra on September 14th, bringing charming, persuasive energy until October 30th.

Mars is an aggressive planet that moves swiftly and makes decisions quickly, but the energy of this planet shifts when it passes through airy, thoughtful Libra. Libra tends to mull over its choices for quite a while before deciding, and Mars may have to learn to be patient during this time because you might feel more inclined to think things through before acting.

Libra also brings a sense of charm and friendliness to Mars’s otherwise quick and busy energy. Your ability to persuade those around you is amplified during this transit, making it a great time for selling your ideas and asking for what you want. However, this may also lead to the manipulation of others if you aren’t careful.

Mars in Libra is a transit that asks you to maintain patience, balance, and an open mind. Focus on your powers of persuasion and be sure to foster a healthy sense of humor, as Libra likes to look on the bright side.

September 13 – September 19 is a Week to Ask for What You Want

If you’ve been keeping your thoughts and feelings private recently, it’s time to open up and set them loose into the world. You’re more charming than ever once Mars moves into persuasive Libra, so put a friendly smile on your face and ask for what you want!

This week, your desires guide you toward your dream future. If you can put yourself out there and let your charismatic personality win others over, you can begin to manifest exactly what you want right now.

If you’re nervous about putting yourself out there, a personalized astrological reading can help you amplify confidence and courage.

Planetary Locations During September 13 – September 19, 2021

  • Sun: Virgo (August 22, 2021 – September 22, 2021)
  • Mercury: Libra (August 30, 2021 – November 5, 2021)
  • Venus: Scorpio (September 10, 2021 – October 7, 2021)
  • Mars: Virgo (July 29, 2021 – September 14, 2021), Libra (September 14, 2021 – October 30, 2021)
  • Jupiter: Aquarius (July 28, 2021 – December 28, 2021)
  • Saturn: Aquarius (December 17, 2020 – March 7, 2023)
  • Uranus: Taurus (Until April 25, 2026)
  • Neptune: Pisces (Until March 30, 2025)
  • Pluto: Capricorn (Until January 20, 2024)

Daily Astrology Snapshots for September 13 – September 19, 2021

Monday, September 13


Virgo – Virgo continues to signal ambition, hard work, and a focus on Mother Nature. Try to spend some time outdoors this week.


Sagittarius – We feel buoyant and optimistic when the Moon is in Sagittarius. Take advantage of this energy and enjoy yourself.

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Tuesday, September 14




Capricorn – The Capricorn Moon mirrors Virgo’s hard-working energy, but it also helps you focus more on your career. This is a great day to get things done and tackle your to-do list.

Astrological Aspect

Mars enters Libra – Mars in Libra marks a time of persuasion and charm, making it easier for you to talk your way into certain situations. Let your social, charismatic energy shine now.

Wednesday, September 15





Thursday, September 16




Aquarius – When the Moon enters Aquarius, you feel drawn towards futuristic and humanitarian ideas. This is a great time to learn a new form of technology.

Astrological Aspect

Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn – An air of intensity surrounds you today and brings deeper experiences than usual. It’s a great time to consult the Tarot for more meaningful answers.

Friday, September 17





Astrological Aspect

Venus in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius – This transit can bring stress or tension, so self-care is critical today. Start the day with yoga or meditation to promote balance and harmony.

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Saturday, September 18





Astrological Aspect

Moon in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius – This is a transit that signals positivity and upbeat moods. This is fantastic energy for socialization or business meetings.

Sunday, September 19




Pisces – The Pisces Moon is dreamy and imaginative, urging you to create. Explore your creative side through new artforms today.

Astrological Aspect

Moon in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus – Stimulation, and excitement are on the menu today. Keep your mind open and your eyes peeled for new opportunities and adventure.

What’s up in the stars today? Check your free Daily Horoscope – here on Astrology Answers! Did this overview resonate with you? Get another astrologer’s take on this week’s astrology forecast.



​The veil begins to thin as we approach the mystical vibrations of October, getting into the fall season, and anticipate the celebration of Samhain, which coincides with All Hallows’ Eve.

October carries the number “8” vibrations that represent harmony, higher realms, and acquired wisdom. This month marks the beginning of the last quarter of 2021 and is the spark that reconnects us with our divinity and spirit – so we may fully reclaim and utilize our intuitive and psychic gifts.

The cosmic evolution of last year into this year brought us into unchartered territory. October will help us remember our true gifts and how to navigate through the void of darkness and the space of unmanifested potential.

As a result, we will feel lighter and more in tune with the subtle frequencies of higher realms.

There are still a few bumps in the road this month as Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all station direct. Yet, there is a great deal of activity and excitement in the air. Mars’s journey with the Sun all month will lead us in a new direction. Plus, the Libra New Moon reinvents our relationships, and the Aries Full Moon illuminates the soul’s truth.

Finally, Samhain lifts the veil allowing supernatural beings and the souls of the deceased to come into our world. As if they weren’t already here.

Let’s explore this month’s cosmic conversations!

October 1st – 3rd: Mars & Sun Opposite Chiron

A Time to Release Negative Patterning

The Sun’s transits to Chiron trigger healing regarding our ego, self-identity, and life direction. In contrast, the transit of Mars to Chiron deals with healing our masculine energy, drive, and unresolved goals.

Together, the Sun and Mars oppose Chiron creating a luminous rainbow bridge to release inner aggression and confusion with our plans, self-identity, and inner warrior archetype.

Mars urges us to find new ways to initiate conscious, consistent, and constructive action that has the power to heal soul imprints. Healing wounding in the pain body creates a sacred space for our authentic truth to go live. It allows us to stretch beyond the settings that trigger us into a fight-or-flight response. We no longer want to respond or perceive situations as frightful or stressful.

These two will be traveling together for the entire month, activating a sensitive point during the Full Moon. Individual and collective healing amplifies under this transit.

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October 6th: Pluto Goes Direct, Libra New Moon

Restructuring Relationships

Today brings us the magical New Moon in Libra, along with Pluto, the planet of death, sex, and rebirth stationing direct.

Libra symbolizes the point of balance where neither spirit nor matter dominates – with its consciousness carrying the highest mirrored realization of self. Since the New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, so in this case, October’s New Moon will act as a mirror reflecting your inner truth through worldly experiences.

Small but catastrophic Pluto stations direct 24 degrees in Capricorn after five months retrograde.

Pluto’s energy acted as a catalyst for transformation through the deepest recesses of our psyche. Pluto retrograde was here to illuminate our darkest truths. Now direct, Pluto’s forces can be felt externally and projected into our experiences.

As a result, we will experience more ease while navigating through subconscious shadows.

October 7th: Venus Enters Sagittarius, Sun Conjunct Mars

Higher Heart Expansion

Swiftly moving forward, Venus enters the philosophical sign of Sagittarius, seeking the light of higher expansion after her eventful dive in Scorpio. Here, we transcend limiting behaviors and ascend into the abundant realms of Sagittarian playfulness, optimism, and wisdom.

Venus begins her adventure in Sagittarius tightly conjunct the South Node (Earth Star chakra), opposite the North Node (Soul Star chakra). This energy requires us to reevaluate the foundation of our relationships and core values – revealing karmic lessons regarding forgiveness, finances, love, and healing.

Venus sets the stage with the Nodes preparing new heart contracts based on integrity, respect, substance, and universal truth.

After an intense opposition with Chiron, the Sun and Mars are precisely conjunct in Libra, sparking a new cycle of the soul being recognized by the personality and anchored in our physical reality. Together, these two bring powerful energy and higher will developed from sacred universal principles.

During this time, focus and harness your energy toward succeeding in career and personal goals. It’s essential to avoid social media triggers or current collective energy. Instead, focus on channeling and harnessing overwhelming feelings into greater motivation and drive to succeed.

October 9th: Mercury RX Conjunct Mars

Communicating Differences

On top of dealing with Mercury’s retrograde antics, now Mars steps in to untangle the primal patterning in the body so it may support a greater awakening.

Closely conjunct 16 degrees in the winds of Libra, the Messenger and Warrior initiate a new cycle that strengthens the mind/body relationship. Both come together to help us shift out of automatic mode and suspend ourselves from the mainstream triggered response.

The energy of this transit lasts for about 23 days and makes it an ideal time for focus and critical thinking. We can no longer shrink ourselves, shut down, or stew in hurt, anger, or pain.

Awakening through emotional, mental, and physical triggers is key to a radical reinvention.

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October 10th: Saturn Goes Direct

Social Reinvention

After an eventful summer of T-squares and oppositions, Saturn stations direct 6 degrees in Aquarius. Under this energy, you can expect Saturn to help steer you and keep you on the right track. This station marks the forward movement of Saturn’s journey through the innovating sign of Aquarius.

Saturn is the planet of boundaries, authority, limitations, time, responsibility, and patience. While in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius, we have witnessed a series of extreme events, and Saturn is not finished. The final act will create a global shift to redesign our social structures.

Amidst the chaos, Saturn reminds us of the ultimate authority and power that allows us to rewrite our story and create enriching experiences.

The numerology of today, 1010, represents new beginnings, creation, and unmanifested potential.

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October 18th: Mercury & Jupiter Station Direct

Accessing Universal Truth

The largest and most majestic of the planets, Jupiter stations direct 22 degrees in Aquarius. The master degree of 22 signifies higher octaves of manifestation.

Shortly after, Mercury, the planet of communication, stations direct 10 degrees in Libra.

We made it through the final Mercury retrograde of 2021, and although we are in the post shadow period until November 2nd, communication will begin to take on a softer compassionate tone. The upgrade is complete, and the new software is ready to go live. The collective is cleared a great deal of historical, political, and social drama, and although we still have more to reconstruct, higher consciousness is finally anchoring in.

It’s time to expand into happiness and success. A world of abundance and opportunity is open now that Jupiter is direct. Also, expect anxiety and technological issues to ease up thanks to Mercury.

October 20th: Aries Full Moon

Reinventing Self

October’s Full Moon in Aries emits fresh new energy to remind us that we have the capability to access the thoughts of the heart and initiate new experiences. Full Moons act like magical midpoints that shine a spotlight on everything from the previous cycle. Seeing as how so many planets are direct, everything is under the light, front and center.

Aries is the spark of light, the Cardinal Fire sign with a primal desire, urge, and impulse to act. The Moon in Aries challenges our self-identity and personality, forcing us to confront the anger and what is hidden.

October’s Full Moon activates a T-Square between the Sun and Mars, making the collective more prone to anger, stress, and uncontrollable emotions. It’s a highly intense time, but it is also the breaking point where we move into higher realms – an excellent time to dream big and tap into your soul’s passions.

You may find yourself suffering from being too aggressive or impulsive under this energy. Be gentle to yourself and focus on how you can ground yourself. The collective is clearing the distortion in the mind/body feedback loop and anchoring divine expression in the present reality.

Use this Aries Full Moon as motivation for a fresh start. Expect to feel more confident and courageous with the Universe urging you to go after your soul’s desires. The potential of this Full Moon invites us to explore new ways to do things.

October 22nd: Sun Enters Scorpio

Facing The Shadows

The Sun enters the seductive sign of Scorpio redirecting our attention to our deepest needs, desires, finances, intimate relationships, and security.

Scorpio is the emotional powerhouse and magnetic Water sign of sexual alchemy and transformation. In contrast, the Sun acts as our driving principle, sense of self, spirit, and will.

Scorpios’ dynamic magnetic field is their tool for manifestation. It reveals their capacity to bring what they envision into the physical realm, whether they are conscious of it or not.

A Scorpio’s love can manifest everything they focus on, and at a subconscious level, they understand that we co-create with source in every experience. That sacred and intimate act of the divine is the love that a Scorpio draws on to manifest their life.

With the Sun traveling through these mysterious waters, expect to tap into the Scorpionic power of alchemy and transformation – bringing what you envision into your physical reality. Scorpio requires us to dive deep into the unknown, the darkness, and the great void. In those esoteric realms of darkness, we unlock the magic of manifestation and transcend and transmute shadows that emerge.

Use Scorpio Season to travel beyond separation and into communion with the hidden parts of yourself. It is a perfect time to engage in shadow work, inner child healing, divination, and deepening your relationships with others and the world around you.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio!
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October 30th: Mars Enters Scorpio

Emotional Authority

Mars, the record keeper of the physical body, the planet of our drive, sexual energy, willpower, and impulse, comes home to the seductive waters of Scorpio for regeneration and renewal.

During Mars’s trip in Scorpio, significant aspects made with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, generate tremendous drive and determination to combat anger negativity and align with success.

Scorpio is the light of alchemy, death, sex, and rebirth. So, it is imperative to forgive and release, give those things which no longer serve you a proper burial for your freedom and renewal. Tap into your competitive spirit and magnetic energy to achieve goals. Expect passions to intensify and your confidence to feel more robust.

Letting go of pent-up emotions from the body, mind, and spirit creates space for authentic manifestation and universal will.

October 31st: Samhain & Halloween

The veil lifts on this magical day and celebration of Samhain, which coincides with All Hallows’ Eve or Halloween. Samhain is a Pagan festival from ancient spiritual traditions. This day is about celebrating and honoring the cycle of death and rebirth as the leaves die off and we prepare for the stillness of winter– the midpoint between Equinox and Winter Solstice.

In a safe and sacred space, this would be a perfect time for mediums to communicate with the spirits of loved ones who have passed on, whether animal or human. Since the energy is intense due to the barrier lifting between the spirit and the physical world, it’s essential to ground and protect your energy.

We are at a potent turning point in the wheel of 2021. Honor the cycles and seasons of your life. Try your best not to get stuck in past patterns and gather the courage and strength to move forward without living in fear.

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Energy Tips for October

Step up and fulfill your life purpose and soul mission this month. You came here with something to do – a dream, a plan, a goal – and you are divinely guided and protected to do it.

So, take a leap of faith and trust your intuition. Meet yourself with love and allow your divinity to shine.

October’s oracle card is “Power Over Seven Scorpions,” power to conjure lower vibrational forces. The card is brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

This card confirms that we are ready to let go and free ourselves from limiting attachments. Whether you are aware of it or not, something is draining your energy field and is no longer necessary for growth.

Peace is waiting for you when you let go.

You are not abandoning the things you have loved; instead, you are providing it a proper burial for freedom. Trust that the love of the divine masculine & feminine will protect during this transition.

Overall, October takes us beyond the veil and into our spiritual truth by strengthening our relationship with the divine. Reclaim your authority and power, breathe, and come home to your center. Step forward with integrity and trust that your soul knows where to go.

This month is perfect for:

  • Psychic divination
  • Shadow work
  • Honoring nature and her beautiful seasons
  • Celebrating loved ones that have transitioned

If you slow down and listen closely, you will hear the Universe orchestrating on your behalf.

Happy October!