4 Myths About Astrologers: BUSTED


Astrologers aren’t wizards. There … I said it!

Oh! And we’re not pixies, psychics or pampered maidens either. Very few of us wear turbans, and there’s probably not one crystal ball among us!

Sadly though, the reputation of Astrologers seem to be under a spell in some circles. Despite all we now know about energy, meditation, spirituality and the Cosmic Shift, there are still those who think “astrology” is some woo-woo nonsense designed to confuse innocent bystanders. Or … that we are dangerous wizards intent to harm others with magic spells of our own!

Of course, those of us “in the know” … know better! And just the fact that you are here means you too, understand that an astrologer can tell you a lot about trends, potentials, and of course, your True Astral Nature.

But we don’t carry around a crystal ball that doles out winning lottery numbers, the name and address of your Soul Mate, or the exact date of anyone’s death!

An Astrologer’s REAL “Crystal Ball”

Our “crystal ball” is a complex set of mathematical relationships that pinpoint things like:

√ The themes for Soul Growth at play in your life.

√ The timing for opportunities and risks.

√ Indicators of where and when you’ll have the greatest chance of bringing your dreams into reality.

Yet there are some very outdated myths about Astrology that still raise their ugly heads in our modern world. Many of these were created during the Dark Ages and that terrible period of time known as the “witch burnings” in old Europe.

Most folks lived in ignorance and fear back then. Dealing with war, pestilence, poverty and the looming threat of “witchcraft” was a daily issue.

Sadly, a great deal of esoteric wisdom was lost during that time. But thankfully, not all of it! Some of the ancient knowledge went “underground” and has resurfaced today, during this critical time of Cosmic Shift.

No More Hocus-Pocus During the Great Cosmic Shift

So let’s dispel some of those old astrology myths once and for all, shall we? That way, when you happen to mention astrology to someone who is still fooled by fear-based hocus-pocus, you’ll be “in the know” about the truth!

Astrology Myth #1: Astrologers are Wizards with Psychic Powers

As cool as Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Academy is, we Astrologers don’t fly on brooms (although admittedly, some of us would love to!)

We aren’t wizards and most of us aren’t psychic either. Although as Astrologers, many of us have cultivated our intuitive skills to a level of mastery. This enhances our KNOWLEDGE, so that we can gain specific insights for our clients, or “follow our gut” on what’s critical when reading someone’s chart.

Astrology Myth #2: Astrologers Can Give You the Winning Lottery Number

Sorry … no-can-do 🙁 As much as we love helping our clients live richer, more fulfilling lives, the ability to foresee a specific winning lottery number (or a specific Soul Mate, date of Birth or Death) is not within the realm of the esoteric art and science of Astrology.

An Astrologer studies for years to understand specific FACTS and information. Things like: The movements and mathematical relationships of the planets; each planet’s energetic ‘signature’ (or “archetypal themes); the themes and energies of the signs, houses and angles. We learn all of these elements through long years, Master teachers and many, many books! Then we analyze how all these elements relate to one another by analyzing thousands of Astrological Charts – charts for people, events and even nations!

So while we can forecast times of greater luck, areas of opportunity or characteristics to develop, the specifics of how these themes unfold are completely up to your free will.

Astrology Myth #3: Consulting An Astrologer Can Be Dangerous

Uh, no.

Unless of course, “danger” means alignment with your True Astral Nature. After all, for those committed to staying comfortable in self-ignorance, life ruts and limited dreams, understanding yourself through Astrology is indeed, quite “dangerous”.

Astrologers cannot – and would not – cast spells, make pacts with the devil or undermine your Divine Free Will. A trusted Astrologer is a guide, counsellor and insight-provider, helping you navigate your unique life path in greater alignment with your True Astral Nature.

Astrology Myth #4: Astrology is a Bunch of Hooey

This myth stems from the scientific school of thought we have been steeped in since Newton. This dominant view of reality says that the world and everything in it is mechanical in nature. The only consciousness is human consciousness, and there is no other meaning, connection, consciousness or force of awareness that animates the cosmos.

This sad perspective on reality – a perspective which basically says everything is dead and without spirit or meaning – has been the cause of a lot of trouble for Astrology, because Astrology is based on the greater meaning and connection among ALL life.

Most Astrologers deal with this myth by simply ignoring the nay-sayers. After all, we are here to help and serve, and we cannot help or serve those who don’t recognize the true Divine Connection of all things, right?

Despite the Ugly Rumors …

We know Astrology works because among us, we have millions of hours logged, and countless results among our clients to demonstrate it. The fact that you are here and a part of our community tells me you understand this too.

So even if you are not an Astrologer yourself, as a student of this ancient system of wisdom, you too can gain the benefits of Astrology for yourself and all those you love, despite the myths, ugly rumors, wizards, witches and faulty crystal balls!

Source: astrologyanswers.com

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