Beneficial Thought: February 2020 Tarotscopes


In February, we move from rebellious, colorful Aquarius into the dreamy season of Pisces. This month, we attend celebrations of love and check back up on our New Year’s resolutions ⁠— so why not check back in with Tarot too?

We’ve pulled one Tarot card each from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana for each zodiac sign to find out what the energy of your February looks like.

Enjoy, and find your Tarotscope below!

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Your February 2020 Tarotscopes:

Aries: The Hermit (Reversed) & Queen of Swords (Reversed)

Beware of the beast that is overthinking, Aries.

This month brings you a multitude of opportunities and choices, but something funky must be in the air and is making you lose your decisive, go-getter attitude! Not all of your choices are equal in quality, it’s true, but there will inevitably be pros and cons to all options. If needed, do not be afraid to seek a second opinion, even if your independent flair is telling you otherwise.

Taurus: Death (Reversed) & 10 of Cups

Changes, choices, and vast life alterations in the past few months are at a complete halt in February for you, Taurus.

No more shifting, no more confusion, and no more need to second-guess your decisions. This February, you can expect to more fully see the fruits of your labor blossom into fruition, as a more stable emotional environment kicks in for you and the crazy tides of change have died down.

Gemini: The Tower (Reversed) & Ace of Cups

We spy quite a mix of pleasure and pain for you this month, Gemini.

On one hand, love is certainly in the air — there’s a newfound sense of playfulness, flirtiness, and enjoyment that stems from your relationships with others. On the other hand, navigating new relationships and connections isn’t the easiest task in the world either, and you’ve entered new territory when it comes to communication styles and differences in personality. Enjoy the ride of connecting differently, but don’t be discouraged or give up too quickly if things don’t click immediately.

Cancer: The Star (Reversed) & Page of Swords (Reversed)

Confusion is looming this February for you, Cancer, and it’s understandable given your circumstances.

While it’s true that the situations you’re about to be presented with in February are requiring a level of discernment and judgement that is difficult with the limited information you’ll be given, you need to be able to take what you know and share that information with others. You’re a strong individual with a tendency to not want to pass burdens off to others, but the people in your life genuinely want to be of assistance, so don’t let yourself stew in your thoughts all alone!

Leo: The Sun (Reversed) & Ace of Pentacles

February is primarily about work, finance, and career for you undoubtedly, Leo.

There have been lingering questions about the direction of these areas, the opportunities that are available to you, and what is good enough for your wonderful lion self’s creativity and emotional needs. Coming into this month, placing focus on these things is going to do wonders for what work, money, and career ultimately look like for you, but you have to be careful that you set aside time to have fun and let loose a little too!

Virgo: Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) & 3 of Swords

You may suddenly feel way out of sync this month, Virgo.

Schedules may be thrown off, the effectivity of your routines get questioned, or maybe a plan has to be thrown out the window altogether. Whatever the case, disappointment and plans going awry seem to be a running theme during this February for you, and part of the challenge is going to be how you adapt to those situations. Remember: even as a bit of a perfectionist sign, Virgos are still Mutable and meant to roll with the punches!

Libra: The Chariot & 6 of Cups (Reversed)

While success, tangible progress, and positive traction is definitely on the way for you this February, Libra, you have to be careful that you don’t lose sight of your roots.

Whenever you celebrate a victory, take a step ahead in the path of success, or achieve a goal, make a little mental note of why you had set those goals or plans in the first place. And spread a little gratitude towards those that may have helped you, whether directly or inadvertently!

Scorpio: The Fool & Knight of Swords

These past few months have been a period of intense emotional and spiritual work for you, Scorpio, truly testing your limits of how you might handle stress and inner conflict.

Now, though, the running theme of placing focus on emotion is taking a break for February, and you’ll find a much lighter, action-focused approach to be more appropriate for your circumstances. Expect new opportunities, adventures, and finally some prospects for movement, spontaneity, and fun!

Sagittarius: The Magician (Reversed) & 7 of Swords

You are artists and creatives at heart, wild archer, but something about your social circles in February is pushing your ability to focus on your independent hobbies to the side.

Perhaps people in your life are partaking in gossip, petty actions, or are actively interfering with you or being dishonest. Unfortunately, this looks to take priority as you have to sort yourself out among the social scuffle and make sure that you come out unscathed from the conflict. While of course, it would be more fun and enjoyable to keep practicing your hobbies or focus on your individual work, it’s time to play mediator for now.

Capricorn: The Moon (Reversed) & 9 of Wands

It seems you just can’t quite catch long enough of a break, Capricorn!

Already heading into the second month of February, it seems that something is causing you to act with a lot of caution and reserve like you’re on the defensive in the midst of battle. What’s more, it looks like the energy of The Moon in reverse brings a lot of confusion, second-guessing, and clouded judgement to the table, making a plan of action even more difficult. Rest assured that this phase will pass and it’s just that — a phase!

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Aquarius: The Hanged Man (Reversed) & 2 of Wands

No more waiting — it’s go-time for Aquarians this February!

After placing focus on others and trying to ease situations for everyone else in your life, you’re finally done being the hero for the world and are now the hero for your own story. Expect several plans, ideas, and spontaneous bursts of energy to come to you this month in the heat of Aquarius season itself, and try not to get caught up in perfectly executing everything or feeling as though you must initiate all of those plans. Enjoy your new freedom and independence, and try out the ideas that appeal to you the most without overthinking too much!

Pisces: The World (Reversed) & 8 of Wands

There’s a sense of haste, speed, and quick communication and decision-making that’s arising for you this month, Pisces.

While your excitement and desire to be decisive is admirable, you also have to be careful that you’re not making shortcuts or looking for easy solutions. In part, you will have to be making snap decisions simply due to deadlines or other external circumstances, but where there can be patience, let it come through.

A Final Reminder

While your Tarotscope will reveal the energies you’re likely to encounter as you head into February, it can also be helpful to refer back to it throughout the month as they seep in more clearly. First and foremost, though, it is but one tool to add to your toolbox and not the whole guidebook — keep in mind that the future is always in your hands!

If you still find yourself lost, confused, or in need of a little more individualized guidance, feel free to pick up an individual free Tarot reading yourself too.

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