Beneficial Thought: Ways to Manifest with the New Moon in Aquarius


Hello Earthlings! Today’s New Moon is in Aquarius, zodiac sign of the future, change, and independence. It’s a fitting New Moon as we’re in a new year, so it’s the perfect time to work some manifestation magic. New Moons are times of beginnings, high energy, and enthusiasm, and Aquarius is a sign that naturally ties to manifestation.

What does a New Moon in Aquarius mean?

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon come together at the same position in the same sign. New Moons correspond to new beginnings and have lots of energy and excitement to help you take initiative, pursue opportunities, and make great things happen.

Aquarius is an Air sign, so it’s a sign of the mind (and very mind over matter), and it’s a Fixed sign, so it’s not so scattered and can stick to whatever it’s interested in. Aquarius is one of the experts in astrology and knows how to make the most of its brainpower.

When there’s a New Moon in Aquarius, this gives you the opportunity to be independent, innovative, and true to your individuality. You can focus on the changes you want to make, and you can go about them in your own way. You can feel inspired by the possibilities of your future, and want to create the best future that you can. Enter manifestation!

Law of Attraction & Astrology

Aquarius is one of the signs that naturally connects to manifesting. It rules your hopes and dreams for the future. As you’re feeling hopeful and dreaming about what you want your future to be like, you can use manifestation to push it along and make it happen in reality.

Manifestation is a way for you to use your mind to create the reality you want. It’s mind over matter – just like Aquarius! So of course, it’s a perfect fit. The more you can visualize something, the more you believe in it, the more you focus intently and with purpose, the better your chances of manifesting your goals and dreams.

Using astrology to go along with manifestation just helps you to make things happen quicker and more easily. When you know what the planets are doing at any given time, you know the conditions you have to work with (or that are working against you).

New Moons are generally great times for practicing manifestation because of their connection to new beginnings. They’re fresh and ready for action. Positions in Aquarius are primed for hope, change, and the future. Put them together, and some of the best manifesting energy of the year comes when the New Moon in Aquarius occurs.

3 Easy Ways to Manifest With the New Moon in Aquarius 2020

There are lots of different manifestation techniques you can use out there, but I’ll outline 3 of the easiest and simplest that you can use right away if you’re new to manifesting or don’t want to do anything too complex:

1. Write it out.

Writing down what it is that you want to manifest is the most basic form of manifesting you can use. Writing it out keeps you focused on what it is you want, which helps in manifesting. Read what you’ve written daily to keep bringing you back to it.

A few tips:

  1. Write about it as if it has already happened;
  2. Express gratitude for it happening (gratitude gives a big boost to manifestation, so write, I’m so grateful for whatever it is you’re trying to manifest); and,
  3. Be detailed (otherwise, you may end up manifesting in a way that you’re not very happy about!).

2. Make a vision board.

You have probably heard of vision boards before, and it might seem a little silly, but it can be powerful. Create a collage of pictures, images, and words that represent what you want to manifest (you can cut them out of magazines, or create a collage on your computer and print it out). Once done, keep your vision board somewhere you’ll see it regularly.

One of the great things about vision boards is you can use them to successfully manifest more than one thing at a time (which can sometimes be a challenge with other forms of manifesting), so if you have, say, more than 2 specific things to manifest, a vision board is probably going to be the way to go.

3. Use mirrors.

There’s something called the mirror technique, and it’s considered an advanced technique because it’s so powerful, but it’s actually really simple to do. Basically all you have to do is stand in front of a mirror (it’s said you should be able to see your full torso; I haven’t tried using only my face so I can’t say if that’s true, but the full torso is what I’ve used), and you talk to yourself about what it is you want to manifest.

Talk to yourself as positively, optimistically, and pleasantly as possible (nothing negative!), and again, as if it’s already happening. This is something that a lot of successful athletes use (though I don’t think they realize it’s manifestation).

Mirrors are great for manifesting because they double energy. Whatever you say in front of a mirror is doubled, which helps make what you want happen. And with barely any extra effort!

  • Bonus tip #1: It can help to do a little cleansing before you start your manifestation ritual. Eliminating some of the energetic sludge makes room for positive energy for manifesting. It can be as simple as visualizing white energy flowing in and out of your body, taking some of the sludge with it, or doing a little meditating. This article on New Moon cleansing rituals for the signs may be helpful!
  • Bonus tip #2: Using aids can be really helpful with manifesting, and they don’t need to be complicated. Do a little space clearing (essentially, clean and tidy up) for some good feng shui, burn some candles or incense (make sure it’s a smell you love), or use some crystals.
  • Bonus tip #3: Affirmations! An affirmation is basically just a sentence or two that is incredibly positive and directly tied to whatever you want to manifest. It’s essentially positive reinforcement for your manifestation goal and keeps you and your energy positively focused.


The Aquarius New Moon is your time to manifest your dreams. The power is in your hands, so don’t let it go to waste. Make it happen!

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