Bold Ideas Take Hold: What to Expect in Aquarius Season


Aquarius season happens when the Sun moves through the zodiac sign Aquarius from January 21 to February 20.

The Sun helps set the themes for what we are all focused on and influences the characteristics we can call on to move forward. It can also pull out the less desirable traits of this Air sign as well but don’t worry, we will give you ideas on how to capitalize on the best aspects of this very independent, creative, and idealistic sign as well as how to avoid the potential sticky points that you might experience from others who are also influenced by this energy.

Truly, it’s a time of great excitement because it kicks off the Chinese New Year with the energy of the courageous and globally-focused Aquarius. This can help us start our new endeavors and projects with mental clarity, confidence, and a boost of inspiration. We expect people to be really focused on long-term success this year and find their goals line up with enhancing their financial abundance because we are entering the year of the Metal Rat.

So, as Aquarius blasts our psyche with ambition, higher states of awareness, and spiritual insights, we will likely be able to fuse our work with something that uplifts humanity as we begin this decade. This Aquarius Season will be like finally getting the combination to the safe that holds our most altruistic dreams and then putting those dreams in a Ferrari to get to their destination quickly with style.

Themes for Aquarius Season

Aquarius is ruled by Mercury, the planet that influences our mind. Aquarius energy is fast thinking and geared towards humanitarian or revolutionary ideas. Aquarius energy is related to electronics, the radio, and communication.

Under this influence, we may find it easier to express ourselves with greater clarity and effectiveness. We may also become privy to the side of ourselves that truly wants to help the world and those who are disadvantaged. Aquarius energy is also very fun, is a natural leader, and often breaks the mould to try new ways of doing things. Aquarius is full of ideas being an Air sign so there is no shortage of those at this time.

Aquarius is one that will give up routines and predictable secure lifestyles to fight for a cause and they love to travel and learn about the world. We love the spiritually open and curious nature of Aquarius because each time this year, no matter what our sign is, we get a boost towards our soul and its highest calling. Using the sense of humor and the childlike playfulness that is inherent in Aquarius energy, we can find positive solutions to real-life problems that others may be dealing with.

Aquarius can be a bit irresponsible so don’t take it personally if people find it difficult to follow through with their word at this time or are impulsive. Aquarius is very friendly so if it seems like everyone is flirting with you, don’t assume they have feelings for you.

Finally, be aware that Aquarius is not one to be obedient to authority, so keep your own power trips in check so your ego doesn’t get you into too much trouble.

6 Ways to Make Your Ideas Soar During Aquarius Season

While we are in the Aquarius season, here are ways you can capture and launch your big bold ideas. As your creativity is flowing, these simple tips will help you get clear on how to take steps towards implementing your ideas.

1. Carry a Journal

Keep a journal tucked in your bag or back pocket so that you can capture ideas when they come to you. This will allow you to find inspiration for big dreams throughout your day. Write down ways you can take action on causes you care about.

2. Make a Vision Board

The New Moon on January 24 will likely bring you some ideas about how you can help the world. This is a great day to sit and make a vision board so that you see the future you want to create each day. This will help you overcome distractions and you can add traits (like persistence, patience, and positivity) that you want to amplify to the vision board to help you use them to achieve your goals.

3. Spend More Time in Meditation

During this time, you will find your mind expands more easily to spiritual states of consciousness where you can really get in touch with your soul. Spending time in meditation can help you hear what your heart is calling you to do the most.

4. Consult the Tarot

Since the Tarot helps us access our intuition, we can use it during the Aquarius season to see what may be blocking us from doing what our soul is calling us to pursue. The symbols of the Tarot are very Aquarian in nature which makes this a great tool to call on at this time.

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5. Get a Reading

There’s no shame in asking for spiritual guidance during this time. This is also a great way to set your direction for the new decade and year. Spiritual readers are often able to help you find clarity on ideas that seem to be just on the tip of your tongue.

6. Read Your Astrological Birth Chart

Your free birth chart is the blueprint of your soul and a map to help you achieve your soul’s purpose. It highlights your personal talents and areas for opportunity. You can align your ideas and natural abilities more easily when this information is fresh on your mind.

    Learn to read your birth chart: The Ultimate Guide to Birth Charts

    Closing Thoughts…

    As always, we want to remind you not to ever focus on just one aspect of the many planetary placements at any given time. In order to really have a feel for the energetic climate you will be in, it’s important to know the key players and their positions just like a chess game. Download our astrological calendar here! We have a New Moon January 24 which will also be in Aquarius so this will kick off our idealism and creativity to set us in the direction of our big lofty ideas. We can expect these ideas to blossom around the time of the Full Moon in the confident sign of Leo on February 9.

    With these two courageously charged lunar events following the eclipse season of December and earlier in January, we can expect ourselves to really catapult into new places if we have been dreaming big and staying positive about the potential outcomes of those wishes. We probably experienced or are adjusting to some big changes that always come with eclipse season and we are now perched on the brink of the new decade, inspired with the spiritual enlightenment of Aquarius, ready to help heal the world.

    You’ll find your free daily horoscope will help you navigate the daily energy. You can also take our fun quizzes which can help you gain insights into your own energy, healing, and personal creative potential.

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