Connecting Your North and South Nodes


You might not have heard much about the North Node, as it isn’t a planet or a fixed point in your birth chart.

This is simply a mathematical point that astrologers calculate based on the relationship between the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth, and the Earth’s tilt on its axis. It’s important, though, because you can learn a lot by studying it, particularly when it comes to what you have brought forward from other incarnations into this lifetime with you.

The North Node, past lives, and karma are so intertwined that a good astrologer can tell you much about your karmic debt just by looking at the sign and the house of your natal North Node. A north node calculator can help you figure out how your past lives and karma affect you.

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We’re Here for a Reason

The North Node can reveal to you your soul’s purpose in this life. It’s here you unlock your heart’s desires, and how to go about manifesting them.The north and south nodes can help you to work through things from a spiritual perspective so that you can transcend your ego and silence your mind as it tries to negate your feelings.

Lunar nodes astrology is rootedin the moment that you were born. As such, it stands to reason that your birth was not an accident but something that your spirit planned so that you could enter this incarnation with a specific set of goals — lessons that help develop your soul. The patterns of the planets and points in your birth chart is a map to your destiny, something that a good astrologer can help you understand and navigate towards your highest happiness and your greatest success.

About the North Node

The North Node is the place to find karma, past life residue, and how to approach fulfilling your life’s purpose. It works together with the Sun, which is

why so much emphasis is placed on your Sun sign. That’s an overview of your personality and will give you the scenarios that your personality might develop as you mature. After all, you’re a combination of your own personality and the influences that are around you; and those influences are going to play a part in how you develop.

The North Node tells you what your soul wants you to know. Your north node life purpose can say a lot about you. It shows you where to pay attention, and it can also bring you some insight as to how to do that, who you might attract into your life, for example. It will guide you to what your soul hungers to learn this time around, even if it may seem challenging at the start.

The South Node tends to be more where your karmic baggage is stored. This is where you bring habits through from other lifetimes into this one. You could say that your South Node represents your previous lifetimes, and your North Node represents this one. The South Node is where you’ve been, and the North Node is where you’re going.

Remember, you’re a work in progress — we all are. Therefore, the influence of your North Node isn’t going to be just one event at just one time of your life. Your life will probably present you with different teachers along the way, and it will keep doing so until you learn what there is to learn. This is heavy stuff. It’s your life’s lessons, something you’ll keep doing until you get it right, and then keep doing until you’ve perfected it.

As you keep having your chart analyzed, looking deeper into who you are, make sure you keep an eye on what’s making an aspect to your north and south nodes, too. The North Node always points you to where there’s work to be done, while the South Node always shows you what comes naturally, even if it is a fear or something that keeps you from living life to your full potential.

North Node Aries, South Node Libra

The north node Aries and south node Libra placement can lead to codependency and issues in your one-on-one relationships. You sometimes find it hard to love yourself, and you may have some phobias or inhibitions. Your ascending node astrology says that you don’t like to assert yourself because you fear that someone might not like you if you do. You want others to think of you as being ‘good’ or ‘nice.’ You should learn to trust your intuition, be independent, find inner peace, and stop looking to other people and situations to validate who you are.

North Node Taurus, South Node Scorpio

A Taurus / Scorpio node can lead you to look to who’s in your life and what you have as a way of finding your identity. You get involved in other people’s lives and sometimes let your own obligations slip. This can cost you your peace of mind. Your lesson is to find a way to explore your own sense of purpose and value, to learn to create the life you want to live and to understand that happiness is a choice — something that comes from within you, and not through other people and events.

North Node Gemini, South Node Sagittarius

With your north and south nodes in this position, you tend to jump to conclusions, making snap decisions on first impressions. You may be a bit insensitive to other’s feelings and have a lot of pent up energy. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself — real or imagined — and you sometimes come across as a bit self-important. You’re shy of anything that seems to limit you or threaten your free spirit, and because of this, you don’t pay enough attention to the important details and people in your life. Part of your karmic lesson is to learn to slow down to the speed of life, be interested in the lives of others and get over your fear of being repressed.

North Node Cancer, South Node Capricorn

If your North Node is in Cancer, you could have a hard time surrendering control and letting others take the lead. You’re afraid to depend on others — they may not do things the way you want them done. Your lesson is to learn to stop micromanaging everything. Relax, and don’t be such a perfectionist. It’s okay to reach out to others. When you understand that vulnerability is actually a strength rather than a weakness, you can find greater happiness and fulfillment in your interactions with others.

North Node Leo, South Node Aquarius

Others might label you as distant if this is where the north and south nodes are in your chart — but you’re not. You’re just frightened that people will let you down, because that’s been your past experience, and you don’t want to risk being disappointed again. It’s possible that you’re thrust into the limelight in some way, but you’re not going to feel comfortable there until you’ve brought the North and South Nodes into balance with each other. Care less about what others think of you, and spend more time pursuing your creativity and manifesting your bliss. Try to keep your head and your heart in balance, and rather than over-thinking things.

North Node Virgo, South Node Pisces

A Virgo North Node reveals a tendency to try to escape the routine practicalities of your life. You find yourself lurching from one situation to another, with no real idea of where you’re going or what you want to achieve. You feel things deeply and strongly — sometimes too intensely, which can knock you off your center and be very distressing. Creating a routine and sticking to it is going to be one of the best things you should hope to achieve — and it may bore you to tears before you get used to it. You’re very creative, and in the long run, it’s going to be discipline and scheduling that will take you to your goals and aspirations.

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North Node Libra, South Node Aries

If this placement applies to you then you’re too independent for your own good. You’re competitive, you have a hard time understanding the viewpoints of others, and you take things too personally. You’re here to learn that the world does not revolve around, you, and find some kind of balance between looking after your own needs, and considering those of other people. Acting on your own initiative is one thing, but don’t alienate others by not asking for their opinions and feedback. You could be missing valuable opportunities if you do.

North Node Scorpio, South Node Taurus

If these are your north and south nodes, then you’ve got the potential to be stubbornness incarnate. You cling to what you own, you’re too focused on material security, and you tend to be a bit of the proverbial bull in a china shop when it comes to getting your own way. You let your determination overrule any hunches and gut feelings that you may have, and this leads you to doing things the hard way. It’s time to loosen up and hang on loosely to what life has to offer to you. Appreciate people for who they are, not what they have or what they can do for you. If you hang onto things too tightly, you cannot open your life up to for newness. You’ll find no long-lasting value in things that become outdated because of your inability to surrender them.

North Node Sagittarius, South Node Gemini

With your North Node in Sagittarius, you’ll find it hard to process information. It seems to come to you thick and fast, with little time for you to understand it before something else is happening. You can easily get lost in details and minutiae, and find it hard to commit yourself to anyone or anything. People could see you as being flighty or superficial. You’re interested in many things but have trouble seeing them through to their completion. You have to learn to try to make informed decisions about what — and who — you want or need in your life so that you don’t make too many false starts when it comes to manifesting your bliss.

North Node Capricorn, South Node Cancer

This placement can give you an unhealthy attachment to the past, for wanting to stay back when things seemed easier, and you didn’t have as many responsibilities as you do now. This is a problem because you can’t go back to the past no matter how much you want to, and in trying to live there, you’re bringing sadness into your life, and missing what today has to offer to you. Even when you realize that you can’t go back, it’s all too easy to blame your past for your current circumstances, rather than shrugging it off and getting on with the business of improving your life. You’re going to be very tuned into your emotions, but you have to make sure that they’re not controlling you.

North Node Aquarius, South Node Leo

With the north and south node pairing of north node Aquarius and south node Leo, you like life to be interesting and when it is not, you’ll go out of your way to stir things up, just to see where the pieces lie. You want to stand out from the crowd and be recognized for your achievements. Relationships — intimate and otherwise — can be hard for you, because you want people to be who you expect them to be rather than accepting and appreciating them for who they authentically are. You have to be willing to surrender your attachment to having your own way, and not take differences of opinion so personally if you want your partnerships, friendships, and other interactions to be pleasant and successful.

North Node Pisces, South Node Virgo

If this coupling is you, then you worry too much. You’re concerned that you won’t live up to people’s expectations of you. You’re too critical, both of yourself and others. You overthink things, and it creates unnecessary stress and anxiety for you. You get caught up with rules and obligations and forget how to have fun. Your lesson is to learn to love and accept yourself for who you are and what you have to offer. Release your creativity and your imagination and see where they take you. It’s okay to enjoy yourself and to make mistakes now and then. You’re here for a reason, and the universe is incomplete without you.

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Those brief interpretations reveal a lot about how the North Node, past lives, and karma are all intertwined, but there’s so much more. A study of your north and south nodes and what they have to offer is detailed and delicate and will tell you so much about your soul’s journey through recent incarnations as well as this one. Studying past lives is fascinating, but it’s all too easy to get bogged down in who you were and forget that if you were still supposed to know all the details about that life, you’d continue to be there and in that time frame, rather than here and now. Astrology nodes can help you make sense of it all so that you make the most out of this lifetime, and all the wonders that it has to offer to you.

* Editor’s note: This article was previously published September 22nd, 2016 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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