Cosmic Trick or Treat! What to Expect with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio on Halloween


It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit again as we dig out our costume trunks and hang up spider webs on our doors. This year, the holiday of spooky goblins is promising to be extra creepy with the trickster planet Mercury going retrograde on Halloween night. To make it even more auspicious, Mercury will be in the shadow-revealing sign of Scorpio which means we are going to see the monsters of our past. But hark! Before you get worried, this cosmic trickery has hidden blessings and healing treats for your soul.

Mercury is the planet that controls the mind. It also controls communication, electronics, and travel. Anything in those areas is likely to be off-kilter or not go as planned during Mercury retrograde and that’s how the planet gets its tricky reputation. We often are encouraged not to make large purchases, sign contracts, or begin new endeavors like jobs or relationships during this time, not because there is some curse on us, but because our mind isn’t fully in the present to make the best decisions.

Retrograde energy puts us in the past somewhat. It means we are looking at past experiences to understand them and be free of patterns we are creating in our life that are just shooting ourselves in the foot. For example, we may start to think of someone we dated in the past now, not because we are still in love with them, but because there is a lesson about our own behavior that is still waiting to empower us in this memory.

Mercury Retrograde May Play Tricks On You

You know that feeling when it seems like you’re not alone or you’re extra jumpy about shadows? There’s actually something called your shadow that can be full of energy from your own traumatic experiences that reaches capacity and starts to make its presence known so you will actually deal with it. The perfect time for it to spill over is Mercury retrograde in Scorpio.

Basically, when we go through something that is really difficult, we often don’t process it at that time but put it in our shadow to handle it when we are ready. But this is a house of cards, because once too many experiences are stacked up, it can feel like it all comes down on us. In order to avoid that unnecessary dramatic feeling, we can use this specific cosmic event over the next two and a half weeks to dismantle the shadow and actually use the energy in positive ways.

During Mercury retrograde, it’s good to reflect, reorganize, revisit, and rejuvenate. Because it’s generally hard to see a clear path forward with the thick and thorny woods of our past lingering in our view, we are better off cleaning out our emotional closet and taking inventory of our own thought patterns at this time. That way, when Mercury stations direct on November 20th, we’ll have more energy to put into the things we want to create and spend less energy getting angry about the past or reliving experiences we haven’t fully dealt with. Scorpio, the sign which has an intense reputation for stirring up our darkness, can help us deal with those energetic imprints, the memories that haunt us in our sleep.

Enter the Shadows: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Scorpio, the sign symbolized by the stinging insect, is a Water sign ruled by the planet Pluto. This planet is the one that most closely deals with our subconscious. Our subconscious mind is greatly affected by our past experiences and so when the planet of the mind moves into this sign, the Universe is putting a spotlight on our subconscious mind. Ring the bells of celebration folks, because it’s much easier to deal with the subconscious gunk in this window of opportunity. We can clear those cobwebs from our minds and revamp our clarity so we can move in positive directions.

Scorpio is not afraid of the dark and can help you look at those experiences that you have shame about or that you may push away because they bring tears to your eyes. Scorpio can handle the darker aspects of ourselves because it seeks to understand energy not to judge it. It wants to uncover the truth and bring light or wisdom to the parts of ourselves we do not yet understand. This is a great time to address phobias or anxieties that keep us from doing things we would do in a world where we were not scared by past experiences. As we look at those past experiences with the spotlight of Mercury retrograde, we can ask for our soul to help us understand how our choices could have been different or our reactions to things can be altered to find a more loving and compassionate way forward.

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Productive Ways to Embrace Your Shadow Side this Halloween

How will you spend this Halloween? We think it’s a great time to embrace your shadow and find a way to embrace the things that scare you.

In light of this quote, we start to sense that perhaps we hold onto our fears and believe that we shouldn’t go for that bigger dream because we are most afraid of what we are truly capable of. When we remove our fears and live in a higher frequency, where we can manifest quickly, sense the intentions of those around us, and perceive our soul’s highest good, we see that we have a great responsibility to use our mind to build a more loving society. That means we can inspire with our words, our world is responding to our energy, and we are responsible for focusing on a better future. The truth that Scorpio reveals, in our shadow, is actually that we are spiritual beings, ready to step into our soul’s purpose, and able to shape-shift into a brighter more loving version of ourselves. The soul healing held within our shadow is the greatest healing of all and to find it this Halloween, try these simple three steps.

Step One: Find a quiet place to conduct your shadow healing meditation. Make it special by creating a sacred space with candles, pillows, calm music, or anything that you feel will help you focus in meditation. Grab a journal to aid in your meditation.

Step Two: Spend a few minutes breathing slowly and deeply to relax and prepare for meditation. Calm your thoughts and let your body become still.

Step Three: Ask your soul to help you heal three memories or patterns of thinking that are stored in your subconscious. One at a time, look at the pattern or memory, and ask what healing it has for you. How can you replace the negative response you have to it with love? Write down how you can open your heart with this wisdom.

Unlocking your light may feel a bit scary but it will help you be free and allow you to take off the mask of the ego to show the world your soul. To assist you in this process of revealing your soul over the next two and a half weeks, look up your horoscopes and utilize our dream dictionary to see what your subconscious is bringing forward to heal. The horoscopes can help you understand why you feel different on any given day and help you manage the energy that comes with the planetary movements as they affect your sign specifically. The subconscious is likely to come through in your dreams during this time as well and our dream interpretation articles can help you unlock the healing in them.

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