Demons, Darkness & Depths: What to Expect From Scorpio Season


Scorpio season is here! The Sun will be in Scorpio on October 23 to November 22, touring this Water sign for almost a full month. Mercury and Venus are already in Scorpio, and a New Moon occurs in this sign on October 27. We’re already talking taboos with Mercury in Scorpio and are more passionate in love with Venus in Scorpio. Now that the Sun is in Scorpio, we all get an extra heaping dose of Scorpio through our lives and personalities.

This Scorpio season does get a little complicated since Mercury will retrograde, appearing to move backward October 31 to November 20 in Scorpio. A good chunk of Scorpio season this year gets that kick from Mercury retrograde. This means we’ll have to maneuver both!

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What Scorpio Season Means

Scorpio is known for being an intense sign, so the intensity can ramp up during Scorpio season. This means that anything you do, you don’t do halfway. Scorpio is not a fan of half-attempts at anything! Go all in, or don’t go at all.

Passion is often associated with Scorpio, so you can feel more passionate during Scorpio season. This can play out in your relationships, and you can show more passion for the people you love and strengthen your relationships. That can be helpful with intimacy and close connections. This can also play out in other areas of life, and anything that you can be passionate about. Causes, projects, ideas, plans, or hobbies can get a dose of passionate energy.

Scorpio doesn’t accept anything superficial, wanting to dig deeper below the surface, so this sign is quite researching. No matter how much digging is required, Scorpio can keep going until everything has been exposed. Scorpio season can be a great time to do research and investigate whatever you need to know more about, and to cut through the B.S.

And of course, there is the Scorpio tendency to be obsessive! This sign is so passionate and so intense that it can have a hard time letting go of people, places, things, ideas, plans, causes, hobbies – anything! Chalk it up to being a Fixed sign, stuck in its positions, and a Water sign, so it’s guided emotionally. This can be a good thing when you need to focus on something you can’t give up on and want to see all the way through, so that is something that can be focused on during Scorpio season.

How to Manage the Demons, Darkness & Depths of Scorpio Season

Since Scorpio is so passionate, intense, and researching, Scorpio season is an excellent period to face some of those inner demons you’ve been running from, bring them out into the cold light of day, and conquer your fear of them. Even if it’s as bad as you think it is, it’s likely worse to keep that demon hidden away. Vanquish the demon instead!

With Scorpio season, you can stick with things enough to explore the depths inside of you, and bring a little light into the darkest corners. We’ve all got darkness inside of us, and you can use this period to go into the parts of yourself that you’d normally shy away from. Scorpio is a creature of the dark.

Keep in mind that since Mercury is retrograde for most of this Scorpio season, it’s even more important for you to try to use this Scorpio energy productively. If you don’t, and you keep running from the demons, refuse to explore your depths, and keep the light away from the dark, the retrograde can mean this Scorpio season is a huge challenge for you that creates even more problems. You don’t need that! Embrace the energy and use it instead.

4 Tips for Scorpio Season Survival:

Here are 4 quick tips to get through this Scorpio season:

1. Have positive outlets for passionate energy.

Since passion can run so high during this season, you’ll want to make sure you’re channeling that productively to avoid fits of rage and emotional explosions. Use it in creative projects, hobbies, or exercise.

2. Spend some quiet time reflecting.

You may want to write things down in a journal, talk it over with someone you trust, or use art as a way of expressing yourself. Reflection can be a good way of better understanding the demons underneath and vanquishing them once and for all.

3. Strengthen your intuition.

Scorpio is surprisingly intuitive, a trait normally assigned to fellow Water sign Pisces, but each of the Water signs are intuitive in their own ways. With Scorpio, it may be blocked by emotional baggage, so the more you strengthen your intuition, the more those blocks can fall away, and the more you remove blocks, the more your intuition is strengthened. It may even unleash your inner witch!

4. Transform, transform, transform!

The natural ruling planet for Scorpio is Pluto, the planet of transformation. Pluto gives Scorpio its passion and power, and absolutely loves a good transformation. This is even truer during Mercury retrograde, and it’s awesome energy for major transformations, so pick at least one thing in your life you can transform for the better or breathe new life into (and if you need some courage, consider making a talisman with a piece of your clothing). It helps with the demon-slaying too!

Special Note for Scorpio Suns, Moons & Risings:

The energy for you can be super intense, the most intense of any of the signs, so it’s a good thing you’re used to intensity! But this can become overwhelming and take you over, so it’s even more important for you to try to get some control over this energy. With Mercury also retrograde, you may find that this period is either one full of setbacks and delays and mismanagement, or one full of second chances you didn’t think you’d ever get.

Which will it be? That’s up to you!

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Parting Thoughts

Scorpio season can be intense, passionate, and a little scary sometimes, but if you know what to do with it, it can be empowering! And while this Scorpio season does have the hiccup of Mercury retrograde, Mars is going to enter Scorpio at the end of this season on November 19 to the end of 2019.

Mars will help to give you the opportunity to get everything sorted and centered, so even if Mercury retrograde throws off this Scorpio season for you, you’ll have another shot at it thanks to Mars. You have plenty of opportunities for the rest of this year to explore your depths and darkness, use passion productively, and vanquish demons!

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