Full Moon in Cancer: January 1st Astrology


2018 kicks off with a pretty hot and heavy full moon in Cancer on January 1st! There is lots of passion around the New Year’s Eve celebration time. People may be getting that New Year’s Eve kiss because of a Venus opposition to the full moon. We will feel a strong need to connect emotionally and may meet someone special.

Watch how your friends even have romances blossom around you because of strong Neptune, Mars, Venus, Pluto and Jupiter alignments. It’s a unique day to say the least with a cosmic recipe for spiritual connections too.

Additionally, we are out of that Mercury retrograde shadow, so the floodgates are open and things are moving full speed ahead. Just do a mental break check to make sure you’re not making emotional decisions with the watery Cancer moon energy exaggerating our feelings.

Known as the full wolf moon to many Native American tribes, the wolf is a pack animal (making us feel social) and has heightened instincts. It’s sure to be a lively couple of days because a full moon is in effect two days before and two days after the actual event.

The Bright Side: Things Come To Fruition

If you have been intentionally manifesting a relationship, expect someone to make the first move now. Today people have more confidence and desire. We have strong intuition when the full moon is in a water sign so you may be picking up on unspoken cues just like a wolf communicates with body language and eye contact.

The moon is also in the sign it rules, Cancer, bolstering our intuitive capabilities that much more. You may feel a deeper than usual connection with someone this full moon which feels extraordinary. The reason we are feeling confident is because the planet of passion, Mars, is joined with Venus, the planet of love in a sextile.

Other things you have started around the December 18th new moon may show up or move forward now. A full moon is always an exciting time that rewards those who have diligently followed up on their goals. The manifesting energy is also extra potent because the Mercury retrograde is over. We may see solutions that were right in front of us now.

The Dark Side: Beware of Seduction

If you know someone has feelings for you and you don’t feel the same way about them, it’s best to just not be around them on this full moon. Unfortunately, the power plays we have been seeing a lot of recently may also be heightened with everyone feeling so frisky. We may see more symptoms of the inequalities in our society.

These disparities are coming to light through days like this. The symbolic wolf moon qualities of the alpha male could show its fangs today.For those already in relationships, this is a time where differences in perspectives may become evident. To strengthen your relationships instead of pushing each other away, use the tools of compassion, empathy and affection.

To overcome the differences that may arise, do something that makes your partner feel safe in your relationship. There’s a little dark humor here too because we will see those who aren’t aware of the astrological influence having some hard to curtail impulses that we astrology geeks may get a little chuckle out of.

The Sun in Capricorn Increases Our Desire For Security

The sun is always in opposition to the moon on a full moon. The sun is currently in grounded Capricorn and Cancer is a sign that loves a cozy home. Cancers are natural cuddle bugs and need a sense of home to feel safe. Capricorns also place strong emphasis on security in the physical world which could make people look to relationships to create that reality.

It’s not just the sun in Capricorn that is pulling our focus to these practical living ideas. We have Saturn, Mercury and Venus in this Capricorn sign that requires physical security to feel at ease. Saturn’s energy makes us crave the characteristics of the sign it is in and it just entered Capricorn December 19th where it will be for 2 ½ years.

This brings our awareness to more practical needs of security than a creative and risk taking sign would. Chances are, we will be craving stable, committed relationships under this influence.


Looking to get to know astrology better this year? Use our astrology calendar to track what’s going on when. With relationships in full focus, the numerology for 2018 also confirms that long term relationships will fare well this year with the full moon in Cancer kick off at the very start of the year.

The wolf moon concept was derived from a pack of wolves howling in the winter outside of town because they were hungry and yet a wolf is good at surviving. Their innate sensitivities will help them seek out options that others will miss. Similarly, we may now see options we didn’t before.

With a year ripe for love, why not give yourself the best possible shot for a lasting relationship? The moon sign in our birth chart indicates our emotional needs. Knowing what you need to feel secure and what your partner needs can help a relationship last. Get your free birth chart and expand your relationship intelligence.

The moon being a feminine sign and Capricorn being a masculine sign points to people wanting stable relationships. These two opposite signs can bring balance to extremes in personalities as well within our own minds. From now until the new moon on January 16th, follow up on what comes on today’s full moon and let go of habits you no longer need as it’s not the best time to begin projects.

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