Grounding Elements

Appreciate the energy of the skies by getting down to earth with content centered on Tarot, crystals, healing arts, and more.


As the sun enters Libra at Friday’s Fall Equinox, our focus moves beyond the minutiae of everyday life to the loftier ideals and principles that give life order and meaning. 

The 1989 film Dead Poets Society has definite ideas on this subject. Set in the 1950s at an uptight boys’ prep school, the film’s opening scene shows a procession of students carrying banners emblazoned with the school’s “Four Pillars,” which are: Tradition, Honor, Discipline, Excellence. Shortly afterward, the same students mockingly recite their own version: Travesty, Horror, Decadence, Excrement. 

At this time of equal balance between day and night, it’s a useful reminder of the darker potential that lurks behind even our most cherished virtues. That is, if we’re not careful to balance them out. All things in moderation.

Right now, more than ever, it’s all about balance. 

Monday’s square between Mercury in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius reminds us that there’s a time to follow rules and a time to break them; a time for detailed analysis as well as a time to enjoy the big picture. Additionally, the recurring astrological theme of tension between opposites (day/night, Libra/Aries,Virgo/Pisces) makes this week a great time to check in with ourselves and ask where we might be overdoing one extreme or the other.

We’ll create and sustain a more beautiful life when we balance our passion with patience, and “seize the day” with a mindfulness about tomorrow.



The sun is in Libra, ruled by Venus. Aesthetics, pleasure, and harmony are accentuated. However, Venus herself is square the moon, adding a little discord, making things harder than they need to be. 

How does the moon affect you?

The moon represents our peacefulness, our own inner harmony and alignment. When it is at odds with Venus, we feel out of place, we feel resistance to a natural sense of ease. We want things to flow but we just can’t let them. We can feel attuned to the wrong things, the wrong people, and the wrong scenarios. 

Learning to calm the moon’s energy is crucial to achieving a sense of contentment – even when it doesn’t come easily. Because the moon affects us emotionally, physically and spiritually, we want to address all three aspects with one plant. 

Anise seed comes in handy here. 

The physical benefits of brewing an anise seed tea – or chewing on the seeds, or cooking with it – are many. They include helping fight insomnia (great during full moons), regulating women’s menstrual cycles, and easing stomach issues. 

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The sweet licorice taste of anise appeals to our emotional centers, and ingesting anise tea or seeds after a meal can make us feel light and refreshed. Spiritually, keeping some anise in the bedroom protects against bad dreams, and provides a safe space for our psychic abilities to blossom. 

The moon rules our physical cycles, our intuition, and our sense of safety. Anise seed, or star anise, provides support for all three.

Original drawing by Small Spells.



The sun recently moved into Libra, making this a good time to recommit to balance and harmony.  And, in a few days, Jupiter will oppose Uranus, creating an opportunity to remember – or discover – our authentic selves and our authentic path.

Use this meditation to prepare your inner-self to recieve all of the gifts the planets have to offer.

Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable.  Take one slow, deep breath to reconnect to your own magic. Then dive all the way into this vision and see what happens.

Take softer, deeper breaths and notice the perfect balance between your inhales and your exhales.  Feel your breath like the dancing energy of waves, coming in, flowing out.

In your imagination, see yourself before a great and beautiful temple, a secret sanctuary where many important secrets are kept.

Feel your desire to go in, but the doors are closed, locked.  Suddenly you see a gorgeous golden scale and a great pile of golden nuggets of various sizes.

You know you have to balance the scales and the doors to this magnificent temple will open.

So assign what each side of the scale represents.  You can choose from common dyads – dark and light, achieving and receiving, dreamy and strategic – or make up your own ideas for each side.

Balance the scales, putting some golden nuggets in one side and then the other.  Take your time; this is a magic process, worth enjoying.

When the scales are balanced, the doors to the golden temple swing open.  

(Read this last section, then close your eyes, enter the vision and experience it!)

As you enter this sacred space, find some objects – maybe new garments, tools, a flashlight, compass or map – that will instantly clue you into the most authentic ways to use your time on this great planet.

Whatever gifts you find, talk to each of them in turn.  Let them surprise you with what they have to say.

As you admire and take to heart each gift you find in this temple, feel yourself becoming more and more yourself in a glorious way.  



Jupiter’s current relationship to Neptune creates heightened imagination and idealism that comes with a profound intrigue toward the immaterial, the nebulous, the magical, and the etheric. The moon is a waxing crescent in the sign of Sagittarius, very appropriately shaped like an archer’s bow. So, ambitions are high and dreams are rich – but material reality can be such a killjoy.

This week’s planetary arrangement reminds me of an experience we have all surely had: the idea of finding forgiveness for a difficult coworker, a challenging family situation, or a tumultuous ex. 

We feel light and free and liberated from our dynamic as long as forgiveness is in the realm of the immaterial, and then BOOM, you’re at work and they do the thing you just can’t stand.  Or, it’s Thanksgiving and your brother is still stuck in his patterns.  Or, there’s your ex in the grocery store or looking too happy on Instagram – and suddenly all the pain and frustration floods back in, and the beautiful place of forgiveness you were able to find is drowned.

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Luckily for us, Pluto is going direct tomorrow.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn has given us the opportunity to truly examine our patterns and see what part we play in difficult-to-forgive situations. 

The stone of the moment here is humble picture jasper.

A grounding stone that also aids in connecting with heightened states of transcendental visions; an often-overlooked color palette that upon closer examination reveals great beauty, and a stone that has been used for centuries to find the patterns in all things, meditating with this stone in your hands or carrying a piece in your pocket (or both!) helps bring all of the illuminating light of forgiveness down into the material world so we can drive out the shadows that haunt us.

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Today, as Mercury moves through the last degrees of Virgo, our senses are hyper-attuned to detail.

But a tense aspect with Uranus opens the door for some potentially unsettling discoveries—like the severed human ear that college student Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan) discovers in the grassy field behind his parents’ house in David Lynch’s 1986 masterpiece.

Something unusual comes to our attention this week and lures us down a rabbit hole. Maybe it’s worth pursuing—as Jeffrey tells girlfriend Sandy (Laura Dern), “There are opportunities in life for gaining knowledge and experience. Sometimes, it’s necessary to take a risk.”

But if you do start digging, be prepared to find some creepy stuff.

Underworld lord Pluto stations direct today in Capricorn, exposing the darker side of the conventional structures governing our lives. Like the insects writhing in the soil beneath an idyllic suburban garden in the film’s opening sequence, the darker side is there whether we choose to look at it or not. Ignoring it only gives it more power; consciously facing it empowers us.

This doesn’t mean fixating on the darkness, however, but simply acknowledging it for what it is.

Tomorrow, Mercury enters Libra, challenging us to reconcile opposites and embrace paradox. We might wonder how wholesome, idealistic teenagers like Sandy and Jeffrey can coexist in the same town as troubled nightclub singer Dorothy (Isabella Rossellini) and psychotic criminal Frank (Dennis Hopper, who will haunt your dreams).  Or even, as Jeffrey wonders, why villains like Frank exist at all.

But asking questions like this can be a waste of mental energy. If another person has us recoiling in fear or disgust, chances are they’re mirroring some unacknowledged potential within ourselves.

Right now, we’re better off tending to our own gardens, “until the robins come… and the mysteries of love come clear.” 

Don’t lose hope! Your guardian angels can inspire and comfort you…



There’s tension in the air today as Pluto recently turned direct and, paired with several other challenging planetary oppositions, you may be tempted to throw in the towel.

When Pluto is involved, you can  expect deeply transformational energy – and now that the planet of change is turning direct in Capricorn, you may finally see the physical results for your hard work beginning to manifest. 

The themes of death and rebirth that accompany Pluto in Capricorn often represent the removal of bad habits that have been blocking success in the workplace. Pluto moving direct means that the time of work-related soul searching is passing, so use the lessons of this past retrograde to make real progress.

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In addition to Pluto’s forward momentum, we’re still dealing with Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries, an aspect that can cause some real financial turbulence. Tomorrow, Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, bringing with it the possibility of delusional thinking, especially in regards to romance and money.

You may need to focus on the hard financial truth today, assimilating the lessons of Pluto’s retrograde in Capricorn. Mac DeMarco echoes this sentiment in his song “On the Level” off of his latest album This Old Dog. The slow groove and smoked vocals portray a certain lonely realization: this could be your year, but not without acknowledging your weaknesses.

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Mac Demarco photographed by Coley Brown.



Today we are feeling the lingering energy of Mars in Virgo, the sign of healing, trine to Pluto, the planet of power and authority. 

When planets are trine, they are working with, not against, each other. Pluto’s energy can be intense: it rules power in a global sense; the power we collectively hold as creators… as well as destroyers. Meanwhile, Mars rules our own personal power: how we initiate and create – or destroy – in our own individual lives.  

This trine can be helpful for discovering how to reclaim our powerful personal energy. It can also be helpful for learning to integrate that power with the community around us both by assisting others and by adding our voice to the collective conversation.

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So, how can we bring out the best qualities of that manifesting, active Mars and Pluto energy while taking advantage of some healthy empowerment as well? 

Ginger can get us there. 

This dynamic root, whose power comes from its warmth and ability to heat things up,  is typically used in dishes to add some spice and intensity. But ginger can also be used to metaphysically amp up your own energy – and the energy around you – in the same way. 

By energizing the mental plane and the physical body at the same time, ginger root is a great ally to amplify any type of manifestation work. 

Try some ginger oil, available here.

On a physical level, ginger is anti-inflammatory and works to ease nausea—you may remember being offered ginger ale to ease a stomach virus when you were a kid.  To avoid the negative effects of too much sugar, you can make your own ginger tea by boiling ginger root in water with some honey, and drink it hot or cold. 

Ginger stimulates the mind, and its fiery nature gives us strength and courage, as well as hope. It’s best ingested into the body, as the fresh root, or dried and powered, and can be used in a large variety of dishes. 

To really amp up that Mars energy, chew the fresh root to discover and draw out the power hiding within you. 

Original artwrok by Small Spells.



What are we truly passionate about? 

Today’s Venus-Pluto trine is a golden invitation to be indulgent. This aspect tends to have us really feeling our feelings … about everything we love and care about. While it is good to allow ourselves room to experience the intensity of our emotions, it’s also important not to get bogged down in them. It can be easy to forget what powerful creatures we are at heart.

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This meditation was created specifically to help us find balance in these moments of self-indulgence as we amplify all of our innate charm and charisma. 

Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable.  Take one slow, deep breath to reconnect to your own magic. Then dive all the way into this vision and see what happens.

Put one or both hands on your heart and just breathe.  Think of your heart, and how it quietly supports you as it beats, all the time, in the background of your life.

In a very sincere, down-to-earth way, thank your heart.

Let your hands fall away from your heart and start listening intently to your heart’s deepest wisdom.  Call on Venus, who knows your heart best, and let her help you investigate the truth of your heart right now, in real time.  

Now call on Pluto, the master of the things that compel us, and let him help you bow down to the wisdom of your heart. The more clearly you can see what your heart knows, the more power you have access to.

(Read this last section, then close your eyes, enter the vision and experience it!)

See yourself in a wide-open place with a metaphorical representation of your heart in your hands.  Breathe into your real inner heart, perceive its magical abilities, and see and feel a fantastic energy starting to stream from your inner heart to the outer heart you hold in your hands.

See that outer heart magically grow and transform as energy infuses it – that outer heart becomes something huge, a castle, a forest, a lion, a wonderland.  See what magnificent thing your outer heart becomes and what insights and fresh power you can draw from that vision.

Image Source



Mars and Venus, the cosmic power couple, are bunking up together in the sign of Virgo this week.

Seeing as Virgo tends to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb and analyze it deeply, this planetary arrangement can bring up ruminations on things like the nature of our relationships or the patterns set in place by our parents. 

The moon left Pisces last night just after midnight and is void of course until 1:40pm PST, when it will burst into Aries flame and get things moving, gearing up for the full moon tomorrow.

This month’s moon is often called the Blood Moon, and this time around it is bringing up all of our ancestral karma, dragging out the skeletons in our closets, and silvering all of our old wounds with wise light. Tempers could run a little hot, and we might find ourselves fixated on our losses, old pains, or familial shortcomings.

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Rhodonite to the rescue! 

Rhodonite’s energy is associated with the releasing of old traumas, establishing good self-care, and living in self-forgiveness. 

This black and pink stone, named from the Greek word for rose, cools the heart and soothes a worried mind, while encouraging us to stop and smell the roses. It will help you stay present in the here and now, allowing troubles from the past and worries for the future drift away. 

Our suggestion of how best to utilize the power of this stone today? Gently place a small piece of tumbled rhodonite in some almond oil, add a few drops of rose essential oil, and give yourself a gentle, intuitive heart massage, all the while reminding yourself that your heart can open like a flower.



Full moon cycles are usually five-day affairs, so don’t be surprised if you are still feeling last night’s apex of the full moon in Aries.

This energetic lunation probably has you pushing forward like a warrior at the start of this weekend. Don’t shy away from those vibes! Instead, get ready to indulge in your lone-wolf tendencies.

No chains, no problem.

Independence and going-it-alone is in the forecast for you this Friday night, so take this as an opportunity to blaze your own trail. This full moon was all about questioning authority and your relationship with the powers that be.

Indie R&B songstress Kelela echoes this no-strings-attached attitude with the track “LMK,” an anthem for those who know what they want and aren’t trying to lock anything down. Today’s energy asks you to be bold enough to state your needs, but gives you a boost of self-empowerment to stand by your freedom and personal authority.

Yesterday’s Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo adds action and attraction when paired with Aries energies. While this conjunction can result in animal magnetism and bold moves in love, the presence of Virgo’s subtlety and eye for detail adds some restraint. This aspect is charismatic and can give an extra boost to going after what you want, especially in regards to romance.

Add to that the monthly Moon-Uranus union in Aries that happens today at noon, and you get to choose – breakthrough, or breakdown?



Today is the last day of Jupiter in Libra, before he spends the next 13 months in Scorpio. 

Jupiter is the expander, the bestower of blessings. Whatever he touches turns to gold, and so on this last day in the sign of relationships and harmonious balance, we want to honor the gifts that Jupiter in Libra has given us this past year. 

Take a moment today to honor how much you have grown over the past year. Think about how much you have learned about working with others, and how to care for others, while also keeping your own boundaries in place. 

Then treat yourself to some time with a supportive nurturer: Chamomile.

Chamomile is a gentle herb that works well for gratitude and acceptance, key qualities of healthy relationships. It offers protection and good luck to the home, and it can be used to attract abundance and love

We know chamomile for the sedative tea that helps us sleep, but it also works to soothe pain, sore muscles, and problem skin. Chamomile oil can be used in aromatherapy to fight depression, anxiety and insomnia. The oil can also be added to a bath to soak away physical pain and soreness. Rub it directly onto your stomach to help digestion, or breath in its aroma to combat nausea. 

The gentle restorative qualities of chamomile show us, in the final moments of Jupiter’s visit in the home of one-on-one relationships, how relaxation can help us to cooperate better with each other. 

As Jupiter moves into Scorpio, we will go even deeper into the dynamics of merging with others. Establishing a foundation of ease and well-being with others will make this next year an exciting ride. 



Today, after more than a year in Libra, Jupiter, the great magnifier, exits the ruler of relationships. Starting today, Jupiter’s new home for the next year will be Scorpio – and so we can expect a magnification of the strange and mysterious.  

Now is not a time to fear the unknown. 

Let’s all be like the adventurous and curious Alice, who blithely followed the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole. Who knows what magical secrets we can learn?

Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable. Take one slow, deep breath to reconnect to your own magic. Then dive all the way into this vision and see what happens.


Bring your hands together in a prayer position and then spread your fingers out (like jazz hands). Keeping your palms together bring your thumbs to touch the center of your forehead.

Breathe for a while, feeling your third eye opening up, becoming very lit up.  As your third eye continues to open become aware of things that your suddenly just “know.”  Feel your ability to see things that are normally invisible being heightened.  

Release your hands, and feel that beautiful illumination at your third eye starting to radiate and shine through your whole body and even out into the world around you.

Take a moment to contemplate the incredible, infinite web of life we all live within, appreciate its mystery and outrageous majesty.

(Read this last section, then close your eyes, enter the vision and experience it!)

Now imagine standing next to a clear pool of freshwater, its surface so calm it looks like a mirror of the sky. 

Step into the pool and feel yourself free-falling into a new, fantasy-filled dimension. Once you’ve crossed the threshold of the pool’s surface, you’ll find yourself standing upright in a strange garden. In this enchanted place, you are small and the flowers are tall and they can talk. Listen to what they say, look around this upside-down place and take in all the visions it can feed you.

Enjoy yourself here as long as you like.  Know that everything here, no matter how mysterious, means something and has its parallel in the outside world. 

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Jupiter entered Scorpio yesterday, and chances are we can already feel the cauldron bubbling. 

Scorpio rules sex, death, and mystery. And Jupiter, our largest planet, grants power and influence. So, we are in for a pretty long and wild ride, as Jupiter moves through the universe at a slow pace and will be in Scorpio for a little over a year. Quite often during these cycles, significant secrets are brought to light and the truth is illuminated – both in our personal lives and in the larger world.

As a corollary for Jupiter in Scorpio, there may be no better gemstone than ametrine.


Rare and precious, powerful and unusual, this stone has spent much our lifetime shadowed in secrecy. Until recently, natural ametrine (a combination of yellow citrine and purple amethyst, created by variations in the earth’s radiation) was only found in one mine in Bolivia. Due to a complicated sludge of capitalist politicking, ametrines had to be sneaked over the border into Brazil in order to enter the global marketplace. 

Once exposed to this powerful gemstone, crystal workers around the world were bowled over by its remarkable potency. The stone’s frequencies link the solar plexus chakra (associated with willpower) with our crown chakra (associated with spiritual growth and development). 

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In the past few years, the secrecy and scarcity around this stone have dissolved – Bolivia’s political environment has changed, and ametrine has also been discovered in other places around the world. Thankfully, its power is now widespread.

And it’s a good thing, too: we are going to need both our willpower and our connection to the divine for the year ahead. By wearing or carrying ametrine, especially in this first phase of Jupiter in Scorpio, we simultaneously accept our own power and humbly behold the power of the great mystery.

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Today’s last-quarter moon in Cancer finds us struggling to balance concerns about our own safety and security with the greater imperatives of love. The sun in Libra is shining its conscious light on the places where we’ve too long prioritized personal comfort and convenience over standing up for what’s right. If we’re still clinging to old ways of being and doing that perpetuate injustice, inequality, and suffering for others, now is the time to relax our grip and make way for the change that’s long overdue.

Consider Richard and Mildred Loving, the husband and wife at the center of the historical drama that bears their name. They never set out to become activists—all they wanted was to build a home, raise a family, and live simply together in the Virginia countryside. But in a time and place where interracial marriages like theirs were considered a crime, love left them no other choice.

When seeking to live authentic lives in a culture that’s not yet ready for it we, too, are likely to encounter some resistance – from both within and without. 

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This resistance will be more easily navigated after Saturday, when Venus joins the sun in her home sign, reaffirming our personal and collective commitment to heart-centered values: harmony, fairness, cooperation, but most of all, love. In the words of Dr. Cornel West, “Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” 

Then, Mercury enters Scorpio on Tuesday and conjoins Jupiter in that sign on Wednesday. We’ll be supported in digging deep beneath the surface of things and communicating honestly about any injustices or imbalances we find there… even if that means breaking the silence on taboo subjects like race, sex, and power. 

Speaking out is not always safe or comfortable, but at times like this, we’re asked to rise to the occasion and stand on the side of love.

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Harness the power of your mind today and get organized! 

Thanks to a helpful sextile between Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius, this is a great day to reorganize your workspace or revamp the structuring of a creative project. Consider throwing an impromptu party tonight: Libra thrives in the company of friends and associates. 

You can also use today’s energy for detail-oriented task management. Saturn is all about putting in the hard work in order to improve the existing structures within your life, and paired with expansion-loving Sagittarius, any effort put forth during this transit can lead to long-term results. 

We suggest blasting Guordan Bank’s “Keep You in Mind” while you dig into your project of the day. This jam will bring just the right mix of smooth-talking Libran energy mixed with the possibility of long-term Saturnalian commitment to set you on the right path to get it done right. 

Also, sidenote: relationships and love get a boost tomorrow as Venus enters Libra, bringing forth the urge to communicate and connect. Venus in Libra asks that partnerships be based on fairness and peaceful interaction.

No need to rush, but make your feelings known. This could be the start of something wonderful.