How to Line Up Your Career Using the 2nd and 10th House


This is not just another choosing a career article, this is decoding your skills and potential that were set at birth. This is unlocking secrets the universe gave you that will make your life easier and more enjoyable as well. The formulas are not just theory, they are predictable and reliable. We each have a unique blueprint and a snapshot of that blueprint is visible in our birth chart.

The 2nd house indicates what you want in the physical world, hints at talents you have revealing areas where you can make money. Your 10th house is where your ambitions go, reflects long-term goals and shows our status in society.

You can start to understand the significance of these two houses more in depth with these articles, Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The 10th House, Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The 2nd House.

You may be wondering how to find your houses in astrology. In order to use this secret, you can get a free astrology reading our our site. You’ll see which sign falls in your 2nd and 10th sign. Some people will have an empty 2nd house or an empty 10th house but this doesn’t need to be considered a bad thing, it just means the energy is concentrated somewhere else in our life.

If you know which sign is in your 2nd and 10th house, look below to see what secret potential the stars hold for you. If you feel you are scattering your energy or unfocused, you can use this information to line up your career with energy that will have your desire behind it and fit your attitude so money can start to flow.

2nd House in Each Sign

Aries – They are very creative. They speak bluntly and like things to happen quickly.

Taurus – They crave environments that are inspiring and nice. They are fed by their environment.

Gemini – Freelancers who want frequent change. Practically allergic to routine. They want to communicate constantly.

Cancer – They do well in the family business or feel their skills came from family. They enjoy working in home atmospheres.

Leo – They have a gift of confidence and theatricality. A desire to be in the spotlight and a knack for it.

Virgo – They like to feel they’ve perfected something. If they can dig into details, it will keep their interest.

Libra – They don’t want to work alone but with other people. They are good with and crave relationships.

Scorpio – They love meaningful endeavors and have a knack for investing and uncovering.

Sagittarius – They love adventure, philosophical subjects and are the quintessential mad professor.

Capricorn – This person can manage budgets and does well in business. They can see long-term goals through to completion.

Aquarius – They can do things that affect society as a whole by taking risks.

Pisces – Not a money minded person but can make money through the arts or metaphysics.

10th House in Each Sign

Aries – A career minded person who links up with leaders and may need to overcome low self worth. If they dream big, fame is likely.

Taurus – Motivated by what they love and enjoys the pleasures of the senses, living comfortably and routine.

Gemini – A natural communicator who can handle a lot of information. Tend to be in social roles.

Cancer – Usually they want to work with family, children or do something home related.

Leo – A natural leader, they aim to be the boss and not have restrictions.

Virgo – A taskmaster, who loves to fix problems and be able to be extremely organized. They like helping others.

Libra – They like to uphold justice and improve relationships. They are hopeless romantics and love to work with people.

Scorpio – Any field where they get to dig deep to uncover truths will allow them to channel their energy well.

Sagittarius – They love philosophy and are motivated by big ideas instead of material gains. They are adventurous.

Capricorn – Responsible and practical, they see how to work their way up even if it requires a long time to succeed.

Aquarius – They love to be outside of the box and help humanity with original ideas. They are rebellious revolutionaries who see why things are the way they are, they are change agents.

Pisces – They like variety and artistically freeing positions.

With the areas you can naturally make money (from your 2nd house) and your motivations/long-term goals (from your 10th house), what fields come to mind? What positions in those fields are supported by the natural talents your 2nd house says you possess?

If you don’t have the strong motivation from the 10th house, you probably won’t stick to it. This is a process of helping you see what people in your environment may be pressuring you to do and what your heart truly wants.


Don’t rush this decision, but start to brainstorm and read as much as you can about the 2nd and 10th house until you feel you really get it. Astrology is like an onion, there are many layers. Our understanding begins with our sun sign and then expands to our moon and rising sign.

Next, we usually learn about our houses but we could keep uncovering deeper truths our whole life because the universe is infinite and the planets are constantly shifting offering us more insights.

If you’re ready to deeper to get to the heart of your soul’s purpose look to the 6th house and north node. The 6th house can also help you line up to the right career. The 6th house helps you understand how you relate to your environment, your mindset in work and how you can be of service, what jobs you would enjoy because of how you interact with your environment.

The north node is what your soul came here to learn and it will stretch you outside of your comfort zone. It’s the opposite of your south node which is what your soul came here already knowing, and is detrimental to your soul if you stay in that area of comfort. Astrology has many secrets waiting to help you align with something you love and are good at.

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