How to Make Wishes Come True Even if You Don’t Think You Have Magic Powers


What if your big, brilliant, successful, love-infused, magical life were only a wish away? It might be, especially with Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus in Taurus is an astrological aspect, starting last month and lasting for the next seven years, focuses on wealth, appearance, success, and how we’re able to make our biggest dreams a reality. Uranus in Taurus teaches us that it’s okay to dream big, and that even wanting material things, like wealth, security, or a really nice house isn’t necessarily “bad.” Uranus in Taurus teaches us not to have guilt surrounding our goals and to go after what we want. Uranus in Taurus allows us the freedom to own our goals, expand them, and gives us the tools to make them work in our lives.

Which means that now is the perfect time to set our intentions for the life we want.

The other day, I went to an event, sponsored by the jewelry company Alex + Ani and co-hosted by style contributor Ruby Warrington, all about how to set intentions for Taurus season. And these intentions begin with diving deep into your imagination, using it as a trusted partner and guide to getting you exactly where you want to be.

Moderated by hypnotherapist Shauna Cummins, participants were told to get deep inside their bodies, closing their eyes and tuning into the rhythm of their breathing, focusing on what they wanted as they moved aside fear and expectations. And then, it was time to look into the future — and here, in this super-simple mind trick, is how the magic happens.

Sitting in a comfortable place, imagine your life a year from now. What will you be wearing? Who will you be with? What will your commute look like, or what might your after work plans be? Be as imaginative and creative as possible. Feel that big, bold life. Imagine the way your clothes feel on your skin, envision what your Instagram grid will look like, and then, write down the three big, bright goals you want to achieve.

According Cummins,  who calls the practice Wish Craft, it’s important to write these thoughts down — even if you don’t necessarily know how or when you’ll actually achieve these goals. After you’ve written them down, here’s how to make them a reality.


  1. Talk them up. Find a friend, and pretend you’re meeting one year in the future. Talk as though your dreams have been achieved. Where have you come from? What are your weekend plans? It’s okay if the conversation gets a little silly — the point, says Cummins, is to learn how to shift your language from “I want” to “I am.”
  2. Write them down. You have your goal list, but make them a reality by setting up an email for your future self. Send her updates, thoughts, advice, memes. You’re meeting your future self. Get creative. Have fun! See him or her. Visualize him or her. Become friends with him or her.
  3. Text them. Have a goal group on WhatsApp, and, instead of talking with friends about what you want, imagine everything has happened. Use present tense. Again, the idea is to get used to talking as if those dreams already happened.
  4. Have a talisman. A piece of jewelry can serve as a powerful talisman to keep you focused on your goal.
  5. Set a reminder on your phone. Once a day, for one minute, give yourself permission to think about your future life. Allow yourself to daydream. Remind yourself how it’s okay to have wants.

Of course, during this time, you’re also dating, working, or writing that killer book or business plan. You’re living your life, but you’re living with a bit more intention and purpose. Over time, the tiny, almost imperceptible actions you take every day — you say hi to a certain person, you finally open and name that business plan doc on your laptop — become the big ones that lead to a big, bright, authentic life.

Wish it. Achieve it. You’ve got this!


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