Intense Communication Meets Stable Flexibility: Mercury in Scorpio


Have you been making many plans, but have still somehow not been able to execute on them? Have you been sitting on a deep, dark secret that’s been eating away at you? Then we have some good news for you – October 10th may be quite the cathartic and progressive day for you!

That day, we see Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus, an interesting combination of influences that could be just enough to change our mental atmosphere, inspire us to new ways of expression and encourage us to launch a long-held plan into action.

With Mercury in Scorpio, we see curiosity and expression meeting intensity and transformation. In Uranus is Taurus, we see progression and chaos meeting stability and structure. What will come of this?!

Let’s take a look at what kind of impact this will have on us!

Planets in Opposition

What does opposite mean with regard to planetary aspects In simple terms, an opposition means that 2 planets are at a 180-degree angle from each other – looking across the table at each other if you will. When it comes to the influence this will have over us, opposites bring a bit of a tug of war between the energies they are representing.

It may make us feel torn between two thoughts or emotions, going back and forth like a tennis match. This can be unsettling, but it can also serve to shake us up enough to affect real, important change in our lives, especially when disruptive Uranus is involved.

Let’s not forget we have two of our Fixed signs in Scorpio and Taurus involved. Loyalty will be increased, but perhaps not flexibility. Fixed signs are the glue that keeps us together – they don’t tend to like quick changes, especially when it comes to their hearts. However, with fast-moving Mercury and activist Uranus involved, their energy could serve to force us out of our comfort zone enough to explore new ways of doing things.

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury allows us to better express ourselves and to open our minds to ideas, other languages and experiences. It clears our throats to speak up about whatever it is that’s blocked them in the first place.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of secrets and transformation, so with communication planet Mercury in this sign, your dark side is ready to be explored! Underlying tension may be revealed in order to clear the air and move forward. The transformation here may be the death of an old wound and the renewal that comes from a clean slate.

Scorpios are the detectives of the zodiac too – they have the kind of probing techniques that are so subtle, you won’t know you’ve revealed too much until it’s too late! They have crazy powers of observation, so with the influence of Mercury’s curiosity, expect the questions to flow. This could get a little obsessive and maybe too real – confrontation may not be out of the question here, but don’t be afraid – once the cards are on the table, you know the hand you’re dealt. Basically: let it out and deal with it.

Uranus in Taurus

What happens when shake-it-all-loose Uranus meets Taurus, the astrological sign most associated with steadfast-dig-in-your-heels stubbornness?

Uranus represents progress, the future, technology and even revolution! Uranus is kind of like that free-spirited, sassy aunt you don’t see very often because she’s on the road with a singing telegram company or planting trees in Brazil. Like a breath of fresh air, she whisks into Thanksgiving dinner loaded down with woven goods and taro – and a whole lot of inspiration.

What would you do if you removed all your boundaries, just like your favourite aunt did? When Uranus shows up, it slaps you in the face with possibility. It wants action, adventure and change! Taurus on the other hand, needs a fair amount of time to consider new ideas from every single angle possible. Their mantra could be, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’

There is such a thing as calculated risk though…and perhaps that’s where we see a great combination in Uranus-Taurus. Things you’ve been sitting on for some time can finally be started. We feel less inclined to cover ourselves in bubble wrap and more interested in what we could accomplish or change if we loosen our girdles a little. We feel restless and disruptive, wanting to shake things up.

Uranus’ influence can certainly shake the foundation of security that Taurus brings us but actually, its ability to bring us freedom and chaos can help us pull out of a place where we are so afraid to take any risk that we never try anything at all.

Put It All Together

Added all up, this means that either way the energy flows between these opposite planets, we have the opportunity to affect real change in our worlds!

One thing both Scorpio and Taurus share in appreciation is deep, meaningful conversation over superficial B.S. These signs crave a more honest connection, they just go about it in a different way! This points us back to the kinds of conversations we are likely to face under this influence and if we keep our own hearts and minds open, we can reach a deeper level of intimacy with someone important to us.

The trick to October 10th may well be to expect the unexpected – stay relaxed and anticipate that you will need to display flexibility and an open mind. If you can accomplish these things, you can better decide how you will respond to the influences coming our way.


It might make us feel a whole lot of uncomfortable. We might face some dark secrets we’ve been desperately trying to avoid. In the end though; if we embrace this odd combination of energies, we could come out with a huge win. Clear the air, relieve that heavy burden, and push through like the little sprout you are into a new, rejuvenated, and light-hearted flower.

Mercury gives us a voice and Uranus encourages us to be brave, to take risks and to fight for what we believe. We may feel a little push and pull between the Mercury-Scorpio and Uranus-Taurus energies, but if we can stay open to change, possibility and telling our own truth, we can see some amazing and forward-thinking results.

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