Jupiter in the Zodiac Signs: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Get Lucky for Life


When it comes to astrology, every single minute of every single day gives YOU an opportunity to create your own luck! As usual, those lucky secrets and astrology answers are found right in the zodiac signs. Luck is also found from the planets, especially lucky Jupiter. Well right now, Jupiter is in Scorpio, and will be until later this year.

If you want to have the luckiest 2018 possible, you need to know how to channel Jupiter in Scorpio. Today we’re going to talk about how you can do that by looking at how Jupiter impacts your zodiac sign this year.

What Can Jupiter Do For You?

Jupiter is the largest planet and so its effects in our lives are humongous. As the god of the gods, he is the keeper of the Big Picture.

What Jupiter Is: He is the great benefactor, the benevolent one, the optimistic planet, and essentially, the planet of luck. Jupiter has a magic wand on those big picture events in life, and is directly related to karma. Channeling these qualities, compassion, kindness, benevolence, are ways to keep Jupiter happy and working that magic wand in your favor.

What Jupiter Isn′t: Jupiter doesn′t tend to the small details. Asking for Jupiter to send you the lottery numbers for a minute, daily event, will be a waste of time. Instead, ask him to send you the opportunities that will help you create the lucky life windfalls yourself.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Aries

As the cardinal sign of the fire signs, you are going to be very lucky in leadership roles or anything in which you take initiative. Opportunities will fall in your lap, and you should do very well with whatever stokes your fire when it comes to work. With Jupiter in Scorpio though, you need to take the fixed sign approach to your work as opposed to always needing to be the boss.

Jupiter in Scorpio is working your eighth house of transformations. When you get obsessed about your success, big changes happen for you.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Taurus

You are one of those so practical that even leaders turn to you for strength, and that’s the earth sign in you. You are also very stylish, and always seem to just look beautiful without even needing to try. Harness your Jupiter in Scorpio luck is going to come natural to you, as you share this trait with saucy Scorpio.

This transit is touching your seventh house of love, and you should expect all kinds of luck in romance this year. Channel it by tapping into that fixed sign obsessive part of you, but not in the single white female kind of way. Step way back on that and you are in for a very romantic year!

Jupiter in Scorpio for Gemini

You are skilled when it comes to coming up with new ideas, and seeing them through like the good mutable air sign you are. This is especially true in the fields of communication, writing, education, and literature. Your wheels are always turning, aren′t they? Create your Jupiter in Scorpio luck by tending to the little things, and not glossing over them as you tend to do.

Jupiter in Scorpio is in your sixth house of work details and is all about the little things. A flawless attention to detail is the way to win this year.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Cancer

You are one of the most generous people on the planet, and you simply love to make others feel loved due to your cardinal sign maternal nature. Keep doing that. Jupiter in Scorpio is working your fifth house of pleasures, and this will bring luck to areas related to your children, and also of your fun-filled romantic pursuits.

As a cardinal sign, you can get a little intense and bossy. To be lucky this year, you need to let that go and just let your hair down and go for it. We know you can do it, Cancer.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Leo

As the fixed sign of the fire signs ruled by Sun, you have a natural shine to you. You are confident and cultivated and consider yourself to be a star of sorts. You might even be one, or on the way to becoming one. Your lucky for life moments this year will arise when you focus on the home and family, and really establishing roots.

It’s time you planted roots somewhere, Leo. Fear has been holding you back from doing this, but Jupiter in Scorpio is in your fourth house of roots this year, and promising you all kinds of luck when you set up shop with someone special.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Virgo

You are most productive and most successful when you are following routine, structure, and order, you gorgeous mutable earth sign, you. You are very disciplined and seek the refined life, and you will likely get it. Channel your lucky for life Jupiter in Scorpio energy by focusing on your siblings and your communication gifts.

Jupiter in Scorpio is working your third house of communication, and is expanding your luck when you reach out and touch someone, or many someones this year.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Libra

You have high ideals due to your cardinal sign nature, and you work very hard to achieve them. You insist on balance in all areas of your life and you get it. You have a gift for being exceptional in one on one settings with people, and partnerships seem to be very lucky for you. With perfect alignment, this transit is touching your house of earned income and talents.

It’s time to have faith in yourself, Libra! When you do, and use those gifts and talents wisely, luck, and money will follow.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Scorpio

You’ve been waiting for this, Scorpio, as you should. Luck is a factor this year, but you have to play a clean game. You will learn a lot of karmic lessons, but also receive epic karmic blessings as a result. You see the truth and nothing but, and don′t settle for anything but either. With Jupiter in your first house, you have a lot of emotional strength and power.

This is useful in fields like metaphysics, shamanism, healing, and creative industries. Take care of you, but not at the expense of others, or the wrong kind of luck will find you. When you take care of the “little people” in your life, employees, friends, neighbors, your sense of self is complete and luck finds you.

Good karma works for you this year, bad karma has you paying a lot of debts, and you can’t fool Jupiter with manipulations or shady games.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Sagittarius

With Jupiter in your twelfth house this year, Sag, you are in a period of endings and beginnings, but mostly endings. You may be obsessed with this like the fixed sign Scorpio, but you can use this to adapt to life like the mutable sign that you are. You are also protected by a guardian angel this year. Far away and foreign matters are very intriguing for you, and lucrative.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so you have a little extra luck this year too. Use it wisely, or karmic Jupiter will wind that clock back.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Capricorn

As usual, given your cardinal earth sign nature, you want your career affairs to be nothing short of outstanding. The way you can take this up a notch this year is by engaging your social networks, as Jupiter in Scorpio is working your eleventh house of social circles. Dream big, as your eleventh house is also your house of big dreams.

When you do that, the laws of karma and the law of attraction aligns to do something wonderful for you.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Aquarius

This is truly an exceptional Jupiter placement for your career, Aquarius. Jupiter in Scorpio is in your tenth house of career destiny, and you have the chance for some real recognition this year. Finally. This is intelligence that knows no bounds, and genius that can not be created or destroyed when you channel your inner air sign Einstein to shine, baby, shine.

Don’t be afraid to go completely out there with your ideas. Then, be obsessed about them and follow them through like the good fixed sign you are.

Jupiter in Scorpio for Pisces

Jupiter in Scorpio is in your ninth house of foreign matters, and this is the house Jupiter rules so this is a very karmic driven year for you – even more than the karma driven years other zodiac signs are facing. Mother Teresa was ruled by the number nine, to give you an idea of what kind of karma we are talking about.

This is a “feed the world” kind of karma, and you want to do so in your own special way, Pisces. When you do, 2018 promises to be very lucky for you.

Concluding thoughts…

Do you feel luckier yet? Well, maybe you just feel more optimistic. THAT is the power of Jupiter. Be sure you are checking your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes here to find out how Jupiter is impacting you day by day, and week by week. When do you feel luckiest? How can we help you channel your lucky for life superpower?

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