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Air sign Libras are our fair-minded, everyone-should-get-along diplomats with hearts of gold and style to be envied. Libras are associated with the 7th House of Partnerships in the astrological birth chart, so it’s no surprise that their main focus in life seems to be centered around getting along and creating meaningful partnerships.

Looking for someone to make a great impression on your family? Look no further than charming Libra, who always knows what to say! Manners are of much importance to Libras as well, and they will go out of their way to not offend anyone, so even if you are having a side argument, they will know how to put on a polite performance and not embarrass you in front of anyone.

Libras want you to love them – and will sometimes go out of their way to make sure you do. These are definitely the people-pleasers of the zodiac! Libras are fabulous partners, and with enough patience, confidence and appreciation, anyone who finds themselves in a relationship with one of these charming and intelligent creatures will be satisfied indeed. Libras work best over time with more self-confident partners who aren’t prone to jealousy – they know their flirtatious Libra is just having some fun – and are ultimately happiest at home with them.

As are steady Earth sign Taurus, love and harmony-seeking planet Venus rules over our lovely Libras. Creature comforts and luxury are desirable to the sign of the scales, so lavish gifts, pampering and dinners out will go a long way into winning their hearts.Because Libras can always see many outcomes, it can be natural for them to remain optimistic, even in the face of negativity.

Their Cardinal sign traits may also help here – they like to take action, to start something, to initiate. This combined with their desire to find harmony almost ensures they will be perpetual cheerleaders, but even they are allowed to have a bad day once in awhile. As their partner, it will be important to make sure you are taking as much notice of what’s going on with them as they are for you.

Let’s take a look at the unique characteristics of the sign of the scales!

Libra Strengths

  • you are quite trusting and forgiving
  • you are adaptable and flexible
  • you are insightful and emotionally intelligent
  • you are affectionate, and feel more secure when in a relationship

It’s hard to annoy a Libra – because they want to achieve an environment of peace and calm, they are more than willing to accept an apology if it’s heartfelt. This should not be taken advantage of though – they will eventually tire of people who prove they cannot be trusted. Part of Libra’s intoxicating charm is their ability to make you feel like you’re the only person in the room – and this is due to their innate ability to read the room and the people in it. Intellectual Libras have an uncanny way of knowing when things are, ‘off,’ and this can be both a positive and a negative if you’re in a relationship with them.

Libra Weaknesses

  • you have a supremely hard time making up their minds
  • you can be co-dependent
  • you can come across as two-faced
  • it’s easy for you to fall into – and out of – love

Libras want everyone to get along – so when faced with too many choices, they want to be sure to carefully consider every possible outcome. This can make Libras seem wishy-washy or non-committal, but they may just need a little more time than everyone else. Also due to their ability to consider many views and be non-offensive, they may tell you something slightly different than you heard it from someone else. In reality, they are likely just not taking sides, but on the negative, they can seem like they are playing both ends against the table. At their worst and most secure, Libras will accept a flawed partnership, rather than be alone.

What do the elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water have to do with your love life?

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Zodiac Signs Most Compatible with Libra

Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Libras need room to think, to observe and to decide what’s right and wrong for them. Fellow Air signs Gemini and Aquarius will understand and support this, and they will both provide different perspectives for their Libra partner to consider. Mutable Geminis are the most free-thinking and Fixed sign Aquarius’ are more solid in their process. Fun-loving Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius are up for a good time and love to entertain as much as you do, Libra!

Sagittarius tends to see the world through a lens of optimism, and will keep your spirits up, while encouraging their Libras to explore their open-minded side, especially in the bedroom! Leos are creative and generous, and while you could just end up in a never ending compliment contest, the capacity to admire and hold each other in high regard will make this a very strong bond indeed.

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Zodiac Signs least compatible with Libra

Cancer, Virgo, Aries, Capricorn

Libras should make sure they aren’t run over by a stronger-willed partner who tries to rush them into a decision they will live to regret – or at least to question if they did the right thing without having a chance to think it all through. Fellow Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer and Capricorn may become competitive with Libra, wanting to lead the way themselves and getting frustrated when Libra doesn’t immediately jump into the boat.

Disciplined Capricorn and Virgo may tire of Libras ‘wishy-washy’ ways and Libra may find it hard to connect with the more stoic Earth signs, who seem less inclined to care about the beauty in the world and more on tradition, routine and hard work. Water sign Cancer’s moodiness, sometime passive-aggression and tendency to be jealous will not float well with the more free-spirited Libra.

Air signs are dreamy and thoughtful – so other zodiac signs who need a faster answer from Libra, or who need decisions and ideas to be based on rationality and logic will not necessarily be a good match here. on the one hand, an ‘opposing’ love match could prove challenging, but you could also learn a lot from each other here, if you both have the patience and compromise to stick it out.

Libra Men in Love

  • Good listeners
  • Generous
  • Persuasive
  • Need a lot of attention

When his attention is on you, he’s the most charming and romantic guy around. When it’s not though, you may wonder where it is. Libra men are very flirtatious and can talk their way into – or out of – anything. Once you have established some ground rules and make it clear you want to keep it one to one though, they can be highly loyal partners. A Libra man will be a sexy and charismatic partner, and he will pay attention to your needs, as long as you don’t take him for granted!

Libra men are chatterboxes – let them talk, and you will be on the road to winning their hearts. Good food and drink, a sultry atmosphere and soothing music will also speak to this romantic at heart – pleasure comes in many forms – and Libras are well known to indulge in many of them! Libra men and women may struggle with the balance between wanting to meet new people to test their charms, and the side of them that deeply desires to make a meaningful and romantic connection.

Libra Women in Love

  • Trusting
  • Affectionate
  • Demonstrate integrity
  • Supportive

Because of their willingness to go along and not rock the boat, spending time drawing out their deeper desires may take some time, and Libra women may need to be coaxed out of worrying about being a ray of sunshine, and into sharing who they really are under their lovely exterior.

While all Libras have an eye for detail and need to keep a pleasant and beautiful home, the Libra women will take an especially keen interest in this area, aligning deeply with her connection to sensual Venus. This doesn’t mean they like to do chores! Show them you appreciate their efforts by not destroying their hard work once in a while.

Appearances are ultra important to all Librans, and Libra women in love are forces to be reckoned with. Well-spoken, well put together and set to charm all who meet them, it can be difficult to resist their attention once it’s set on you. Here is the person who can change the energy of the room when they enter it – and they have a particular way of making you feel like the most important person in the room. They can also be fierce, defending anyone – or anything – if they feel someone has been wronged.


When it comes to zodiac love compatibility, bear in mind, not looking good on paper doesn′t mean a match won′t work out! When looking at the elements, Fire and Air signs tend to be more extroverted, while Earth and Water signs are more introverted. This can be very helpful in considering how people will get along in any kind of relationship, but it isn′t restrictive!

There are many more layers to astrology to consider, including the rest of someone′s primal triad – their Moon sign and Rising sign. Having a birth chart done for both of you could definitely provide more insight into your compatibility!

The 7th house rules partnerships and will tell you how you communicate and feel about being in a relationship. For example, if you have Taurus in your 7th house, you′ll need a partner who will be sensual and affectionate, while low on the drama and high on the faithfulness scale. You can try out Astrology Answers′ free love compatibility test here to get an initial idea of where you sit.

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