Many Moons

Join us in following the lunar cycles to better absorb the magic of the moon.


Today, Thursday, October 5th, we begin the month with a full moon, known in October as the Blood Moon.

This moon is also called the Hunter’s Moon and the Shedding Moon. This year, it is also technically the Harvest Moon, as it falls closest to the Autumn Equinox that happened last month on September 22.

The sun is in Libra, the month is five days old; it’s time to begin with gratitude.

Gratitude for apples, for falling leaves, for goofy Halloween movies, for old friends and new ones. Gratitude for making it through these nine months of the year so far, of sticking to some things and leaving behind others, and remembering to drink water and take deep breaths.

And, gratitude for the appreciation that you’ve shown yourself.

You love yourself by releasing the grip of perfection and criticism. Speaking to yourself a bit more sweetly, or lavishing praise on yourself for doing the dishes or smiling at a stranger, or stepping into your power more, or taking naps more, or standing in the moonlight more.

If you haven’t yet done any of these, this is your reminder.

Tonight is your full moon. Stand under her reflected light for five minutes, put your crystals out, take a bath, write in your journal, smile to yourself, start where you are, talk to your cat, or your plants or your face in the mirror. Speak out loud who you are and what you want and what is coming to you.


October is the month that Samhain falls in—some witches’ New Year. For many Pagans and practitioners, the Wheel of the Year begins later this month, at Samhain.

This month marks the end of the harvest and the descent into darkness.

Before there was light, there was darkness. We can step into this darkness, and work with its gifts. At this time, this month, it is believed that the veil between living and dead is the thinnest. This is the time to remember, to memorialize, and reflect on who helped make us who we are—and thank them. To honor and respect those who have shaped our thinking, our behavior, those who are in some part responsible for our facial features, our blood types, how many eyelashes frame our eyelids.


For those of us whose stories have traditionally been silenced by others, silenced by our own sacrifices, or stolen, it is imperative that we speak and share them. Witches believe that one of our many responsibilities in our lifetime is to work on healing  ancestral wounds. We can work on forgiving and acknowledging ancestors who have passed on, as well as ancestors we have never met.

Through this, we have not only the ability to work towards healing our lineage, but also healing future descendants—whether they are related to us via blood or not. We work towards healing our past and our future through the work we do in the present. There is always now, and now is always changing based upon our inner and outer work and actions.

To make amends with the past is to send good luck into the future.

During this full moon, reflect on the different parts of your identity, those inherently “you” and those that have been nurtured through others. Are there any that came from someone else in some way?

To honor your ancestors, your lineage, your family, or your chosen family is to honor yourself, as well as place yourself in the web of the collective. Write down any stories about your family. Write down any poignant memories of people who influenced you deeply. Write a story about your life, one you’d like to be known for and remembered. Think about ways, moving forward, to befriend elders, or nurture the relationships you have with the elders in your life.


Dear heart, it is time to tell your story: to bring forth, in ceremony, with awareness of where you came from, and how that background, in part, makes you who you are. If it is time to write your memoir, write it. No one else will. If it is time to learn the language of your ancestors, begin. If it is time to do research on your background, ask questions of the elders in your family or community, begin this process. Take a DNA test, research the traditions of your blood and bones. On this Blood Moon, start harvesting in a tangible way. One day it might be time to pass on this knowledge. For some of us, that one day is now.

We’ve been trained to keep our stories to ourselves—particularly if shameful, and shameful, in this culture, certainly does cover a lot of ground and many fuzzy definitions. We have all seen the heartbreak of hiding, covering up, survivor blaming, and gaslighting: in our school systems, some of us didn’t learn about internment camps, the accurate history of slavery in this country, or the genocide against Native Americans in North America. If we are women, shame has been thrown at us by trying to make us feel uneasy with our bodies, or for covering up too much, not covering up enough, our periods if we get them, hair, appearance, and other markers of the patriarchal paradigms’ idea of “femininity.” If we are gender non-conforming or trans, the shame thrown at us can be around our identities, bodies, and freedom. So many attempts of dehumanizing us; the shame that cloaks abuse, that shame that tries to keep us all quiet.

It is time to take back what is ours, to no longer feel ashamed of speaking up. Indeed, we are in a time where our shared stories are saving us, serving as lighthouses and motivation.

In telling our stories, in framing and contextualizing our own narrative, we are asserting our choice. Our autonomy via the voice. Our knowledge. We need every remembering. Every last one. We need to encourage the telling of other people’s stories—particularly those who are historically marginalized—through asking our loved ones about their life, through listening compassionately, through sharing and talking in groups, buying books and zines about people’s stories, recounting the contributions of others, signal boosting others’ accomplishments, and educating each other as much as possible.


Honor the full moon by building an altar to meaningful ancestors.

You may feel called to honor some. With that comes offerings, prayer, gratitude, and the promise that you will continue to remember, and continue to pass on the gifts that they have given you.

With others, you may be called to forgive. To make amends, to attempt to let go of some of the hurtful patterns or imprints that have been passed down to you. To understand that in doing so, the load lessens psychically, emotionally, mentally for you, for your community, for your future self. For people you haven’t met yet, as well as their children and community members.

And lastly, during this full moon, attend to yourself. Your present and future self. Your stories. The ones that are yours and yours alone. Commit to telling them, to sharing them, in a way that feels accurate and authentic.

Whether it is a dance, a zine, a class, a garden, an archive, or something else entirely, make a promise to follow through. Do it for your chosen family, for the greater collective.

Do it for you.

Do it for the healing that blossoms open our heart when our stories are listened to and our unique gifts are truly seen. That is a great offering for us, a true promise to humanity. After we’ve exhaled our last exhale, when our bones are dust and ash, our stories and our sharing are what remain.

As the witch adage says: “What is remembered lives!”


Today or tonight, take the time to sit and write. Here are some suggested questions to get you going:

What stories is it time for me to share? How will I do this?

What needs to be exorcised out of my life at this time? How will I do this?

Who do I need to forgive at this time? How can I do this?

What are some promises I’m making to myself in service of my authentic voice, my unique stories?

Where will I no longer let shame or fear hold me back?

What could come of this, if my behaviors were led by love?

Excerpted from Many Moons: 2017 Vol 2. To get your copy, go here.

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Artwork by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener.



For centuries, ancient and indigenous cultures have harnessed the power of the moon cycles in their rituals and routines.

We’ve all heard the term “lunatic.” Relating to “luna,” this reference comes from the idea that people act out in bizarre ways when there is a full moon. The lore goes like this: because the phases of the moon control the tides, and our bodies are made of mostly water, the energies have an irrevocable impact on human behavior.

The two most potent times of the month are during the new and full moon. During the new moon, the sky fades to darkness. It is a time to plant seeds, develop a vision, and ground oneself. During the full moon, the light is brightest, and the moon is at its strongest gravitational pull. It is a time to take action, and also to observe how far we are on the goals we have made since the new moon.

Below are suggestions for how you can best harness the energy of the full and new moon, based on your Zodiac sign.


NEW MOON: Articulate your desires. Because Aries are so thought-driven and mindful, it is more common to find an Aries reading other people’s ideas than documenting their own. The best way to gain clarity on your goals and what you want moving forward is to express yourself in a way that you don’t always feel comfortable doing.

FULL MOON: Listen to feedback. Aries are leaders, but they can also have a “know-it-all” dark side to them as well. The best way to gauge how well you are doing is to truly take in feedback, to listen to what other people are saying and how they are responding to you.


NEW MOON: Let yourself be “unpresentable.” What holds a Taurus back is their need for things to seem “perfect” all the time. If you want to build something new in your life, start with a blank slate. Begin by letting the night of the new moon represent a shedding for you, a moment that reveals your true, core self. In connecting with that place, you will be able to then make choices that better align with it. Perhaps this means not wearing makeup, or being transparent about a difficult part of your life with someone close to you.

FULL MOON: Paint your visions with a group of friends. A Taurus is so driven by visuals that the best way to choose what they want to manifest is by doing something that is just that. However, what trips a Taurus up is needing their lives to seem too perfect, that’s where being around friends comes in. Show people your process, share your dreams, share what you fear. The process will empower you by humbling you.


NEW MOON: Take yourself on a date, and think about what you want to create next in your life. Because it is your instinct to want to connect with people as often as you can, often it’s easy for you to forget that at the end of the day, you need to affirm yourself, you need to be there for yourself, and you need to believe in yourself. Developing this aspect of you will actually help you harness your inner power, and feel less reliant on other people.

FULL MOON: Dance alone, in the dark. You need to completely allow your energy to course through you without judging it, trying to change it, or wondering what other people think. You should turn off the lights in your house, put on your favorite song, and just move as you feel called to. Give yourself some time to warm up, and then connect with your untapped energy potential. It’s calling for your attention.


NEW MOON: Create a playlist that makes you feel the way you want to feel. Do you want to experience more joy in your life? Do you want to feel safe enough to mourn or grieve the loss of something? Do you want to feel excited, at ease, or happier? Whatever it may be, use the power of your raw emotions to channel it. Work on evoking them through sound.

FULL MOON: Try to meditate outside. During the full moon, your emotions are going to be at an absolute peak, which means that you may not be able to think very clearly, or really evaluate how you are doing in terms of the progression of your goals. What matters most for you right now is your ability to ground yourself. Do so by being in nature.


NEW MOON: Write a letter to your future self. Leos are so driven by their sense of self, the best way to set intentions is for them to talk to… themselves. Try writing a letter to your future self about how you feel right now, what you hope they are doing, and what you want them to learn from what they have experienced.

FULL MOON: WNow, on the full moon, flip the exercise and write a letter to your past self. Nothing will help you evaluate how you’re doing in life better than identifying how you’ve grown as a person. Seeing how far you’ve come is your motivation, let it fuel you at this time.


NEW MOON: Donate some clothes you don’t wear. This is a symbolic act for a Virgo, who is both a humanitarian at heart yet someone who struggles to let go in their personal life. Start by releasing some belongings in your space, and giving them to other people who would love and appreciate them. The act of doing so will help you set the intention of moving on, and focusing on what you can give the world.

FULL MOON: Meditate with crystals. Virgo’s are the low-key adventurers of the Zodiac. It usually eludes people, but Virgos are typically very interested in anything that seems unique and different than the “norm.” Perhaps try clearing your mind and focusing on the next steps you want to take with the aide of something you haven’t tried before.


NEW MOON: Throw out whatever is keeping you off-balance. If your closet is messy, organize it. You know that junk drawer that’s been frustrating you? Clean it out. Wipe down your surfaces, light some incense, and just be in your space. A Libra can only feel at peace if their life is in balance. Sure, there’s no way to fix everything in a single night, but given how aesthetically-oriented Libras are, starting the moon cycle with a clean, blank slate is an amazing way to start.

FULL MOON: Write a list of intentions. Make a bullet point list of things that you want to have or experience in your life. If writing isn’t your thing, maybe make a new board on Pinterest, or cut out photos from a magazine and then make a collage. Keep these things in a place where you can see them often.


NEW MOON: Open up to your best friend about what’s really on your mind. The way a Scorpio’s thoughts start to rule their lives is when they are left to fester in the dark. By shedding light on the irrational worries, jealousies and fears you have been carrying around, you will be freed to start imagining what you’d like to experience next.

FULL MOON: Put yourself out there. Go on a first date. Apply for a new job, or work on your résumé. Write some new music. Look for the dog you want to adopt. Take a single action step toward what you really want to be doing, but often feel too afraid to actually start doing. Use the full moon’s energy to help propel you forward.


NEW MOON: Go for a hike. As the adventurer of the Zodiac, the best way to clear your mind and press the “restart” button is to go be outside in nature, and reconnect to your roots. Exploring new, uncharted ground is exactly what you need to do to plant seeds of more adventure and experience in your life.

FULL MOON: Start your new project. Whatever it is that you really, really want to be doing, whether it’s for work, travel or in your relationships, use the full moon to begin taking steps toward what you want, and put all of your self-doubt and second thoughts aside. You’re risk-averse because you’re a logical person, but you’re also at odds with yourself often because you crave that aforementioned adventure. Defy your logic just for one night… see where it takes you.


NEW MOON: Be honest about what’s not working in your life. Of everyone, Capricorns have the hardest time admitting when they are on the wrong path (at the wrong job, in the wrong relationship, etc.). And that causes them a lot of unnecessary stress, hanging on past the expiration date. Know that admitting what isn’t working doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it means you’re ready to move onto something else.

FULL MOON: Be honest about what is. Are you succeeding in some aspect of your job, do you have a friend who you think could be a potential partner, do you know that you need to return to a field you have expertise in, but you aren’t ready to take the dive? The flip side of admitting what’s not going well in your life is acknowledging what is. That’s what will truly clear your slate and move you forward.


NEW MOON: Make amends. In your endless pursuit of greatness, it’s very possible that you’ve lost some friends, haven’t always valued your relationships, and have come across as brash now and again. Maybe you don’t need to directly apologize to someone, but set your intentions for the new cycle by connecting with people in a genuine way. Do not forge that you need others to make your dreams come true. You cannot do everything yourself.

FULL MOON: Take an action step toward your most unrealistic goal. You are notorious for being an outrageously big-picture thinker, and often other people talk you out of your ambitions by encouraging you to be more realistic. Use the energy of the moon to see whether or not you can make those big ideas a reality. This is the time to try.


NEW MOON: Watch a movie that makes you cry. No matter what it is that you need to let go of, whether it’s an old relationship you can’t admit you still care about, the feelings of other people you empathize with far too much, or even just your own lingering self-doubt, set up some time to let yourself have a complete emotional release, even if you have to trigger it with your favorite sad romantic drama. Don’t beat yourself up for needing a night to just feel what you’re feeling.

FULL MOON: Write a poem, or whatever form of art most speaks to you. As the creative kings and queens of the Zodiac, your energy is best spent in any kind of creative endeavor. Challenge yourself to be even more honest and expressive than you’ve been before, and perhaps to share your work with someone that you never have before. Your gift is in what you can create for the world – work on doing so more proficiently.

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This new moon on Thursday falls in the astrological sign of Libra, while the sun is also in Libra.

Double air, double speech, double clear communication. There’s the potential for bright words between the conscious and the subconscious.

Libra is ruled by Venus, she who came out of the sea in a shell. A pearl come to life, perhaps.

Across cultures, there are scores of similar myths of goddesses of the sea, coming out of the sea: Oshun, the Yoruba deity of the sea; Yemanjá, giver of all; Mami Wata, the ocean goddess of Ghana. Even the Greek sea god Poseidon was first the female Posidaeja in ancient Minoan culture, as noted in Barbara G. Walker’s The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects

The symbol of Libra is that of a scale. The Sanskrit name for the sign of Libra was “Tula,” which meant the Balance, and the scale of Egyptian Goddess Maat (also associated with Venus) weighed hearts in the afterworld. 

Other aspects that Venus rules are love, beauty, relationships and partnerships of all kinds, sex, money, pleasure, earthly delights, harmony, charm, contracts, and artistic pursuits. You can work spells on your own around these subjects. 

You can focus on infusing these themes into your life. 

New Moon in Libra Tarot

Three of Cups and The Empress

When I think of this harmonic energy, it makes me think of the Three of Cups card in the Tarot. 

This card represents the harmonic power of the joyful collective. Manifestation is at its most potent when done as a group, in the form of spiritual altruism. The figures in the Three of Cups symbolize celebration and harvesting successful outcomes together. 

This card is about collaboration and selfless hard work.

Of course, this card—three women— evokes the Triple Goddess. It also references the three Graces, as well as the three Fates. Sometimes when this card appears, it signals a moment where those around you can help you with your destiny, with what you know you must work on growing. We can’t not see this card as a semblance of sisterhood, these dancing women with glasses raised towards one another, raised towards the sky, raised towards the shared success that comes with support.

The other Tarot card that is the embodiment of Venus is the Empress. The Queen of all the Queens, the Empress attracts through the power of self-love. She’s brilliant and bold, pregnant with possibilities. She is a symbol of the harvest. 

Do you need to invoke the Empress card at this new moon? Do you need to slather on more love to your body, heart and mind? Is it time for you to harvest? To call in what you are owed? To birth new projects with a new kind of magnetism?  

New Moon in Libra Invocation:

Finding Balance

New moons can be invocations. We can’t actually see the moon; it is a blank slate. An invitation to a new way of thinking, a different mode of life. A fresh form of inquiry, of speaking about things, at beginnings. How do you handle beginnings in your life, new phases? Is there a catch in your throat? Do you hurtle yourself into them wholeheartedly? Why?

This is a time of negotiating balance. We stand in the mix of the dark and the light. 

We prepare for the descent into the cold of winter while still enjoying the bursts of sunlight filtering through the changing leaves of autumn. This time isn’t one or the other. We aren’t just one thing at the expense of the other. 

Balance isn’t either/or. It’s everything/and. 

If part of this new moon message is to accept and integrate all your complexities and start fresh with a richer understanding of your stamina and beauty, let this settle. Let this burst forth in the ways it needs to. This may be messy, complex, raw—more lavish in wholeness than you’ve ever experienced.

Maybe finding balance, for you at this time, is simply accepting all the emotions, all the lessons, all the signs and messages and goodbyes and hellos more fully as your reality. Maybe redefining balance for you at this time is the grace and ease with which you flow from sorrow to sunshine, compassion to celebration. Maybe your balance is bringing in more folks with which to share the external and internal, the spectrum from darkness to new moon dawn.

May this new moon bring you harmony between some tension. May you be mirror of love. May the new cycle bring you weavings and more belief. More chances to peer into the authentic mirror that is your birthright. Paint your new reflection boldly. May you stand up for yourself and that which you love as never before. 

The ask at this time, this new moon in October, a bridge month, is to come together in ritual and meditation. In support and linked invocation. Surrounded by the riches of the last external harvest of this year. Surrounded by your own grace and those who inspire you with their alignment. There is power in numbers. There is power in being reflected by those around you.

Seek those out who show you the beauty of grit, resilience, your blossoming and and your beauty. Seek out those who still believe. Those who choose to continuously weave new stories out of the lessons of the old, the presence of the present, and the stardust of the future

Suggested Activities:

Come together with loved ones.

Gather with a few close friends. Honor one another in a New Moon Circle. Feed one another. Listen to one another’s dreams and intentions for this next lunar cycle. Squeeze one another hand’s affirmatively. Spoil them with love letters and snacks. Tell one another how beautiful you are and how much you believe in them, how much you are rooting for them.

Make your mirror your vision board. 

On the new moon, spend a few hours finding pictures of illustrations of what you are ready to step into. This could be abstract, like colorfields, or very exact, like more friends or community. Tape them on your mirror so that they will frame your face, or your body with affirmations. Look into your mirrored eyes and smile, knowing you are surrounded by your intentions every day.

Meditate on the Three of cups, the Empress, and Justice cards.

Which card resonates with you at this time? Put it on your altar. Write about it. Close your eyes and place yourself in it. Then invoke the feeling of the card in your day to day life.

Journaling Questions: 

What are my new definitions of balance?
How will I step more fully into them? 
What will my new reflections consist of? 
How will my intentions be a mirror of my beauty?

Happy new moon!

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Welcome to our November full moon!

She falls on a Friday, one day after Dia de los Muertos ends and four days after Halloween – otherwise known as Samhain, otherwise known as Witches’ New Year. 

We have begun our descent into the underworld. 

We are at the cross-quarter mark between Fall and Winter; it is time to take stock of our year, our selves, our lives. It is time to honor and listen to the messages our ancestors, our guides, our ghosts, and our past lives wish to share with us.

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Full Moon Power: Time to Harvest

The veil is thin. This could be a powerful time for listening and communing with messages from beyond the void. Be sure to acknowledge and make record of any sensations or downloads you receive during these weeks.

The full moon is in Taurus, a sign that is a metaphor for work, self-worth, abundance, and love. Ruled by Venus, this could be a time to connect to tactile pleasures and sensuality. It could be a time for examining what we are working for and why. We are asked to define what abundance means to us. We are asked to give enough back to ourselves, so that there will joy and sustenance to last throughout this winter. 

This full moon could also act as our last external harvest of the year. Think back to the new moon in Taurus six months ago: What have you called in since then? Is it time to stake your claim on a few last desires before this year is finished? Look back on what stories have unfolded for you since May. Acknowledge any patterns, positive or challenging, that have been a through line for your story. Where has your worth been tested or confirmed? How much is enough? Have you had enough? Where and why? 

We can look to the seasons as a gentle guide for our own lives. What do we need to shed? What do we wish to let die? Make any goodbyes at this time as gentle and compassionate as you can. Remember that ghosts are merely stand-ins for the remnants of our psyche that we let haunt us.

Let us honor those that have given us life, as we honor our own lives and calling. 

Helpful tools for the full moon in Taurus:


Rosemary is for remembering. Make rosemary and hawthorn tea, put rosemary in your bath, your food, and under your pillow to remember. 

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz works to help you ground. Put a piece under your feet as you do a grounding meditation. 

Black Kyanite

Black kyanite is good for protection. Put some in your pocket or bra when you go out, or to have good boundaries against ghosts or unexplained energies

Suggested activities to honor this full moon:

Spend a night alone with yourself.

Turn the lights off when the sun goes down. Light tea lights. Make a cup of tea and get comfortable. Ask your guides or your higher self to give you messages. Write your past lives, the people you’ve been this year a letter. Thank them. Let some of them go. Promise to let new versions in. Write down what those will be. Write down what you will be harvesting come next spring. Draw in the dark. Dream in the dark. Take a bath in candlelight. Before you slip into slumber, ask your dreams to give you messages. Take note of what those are when you wake up. 

Create an abundance altar.

This altar could consist of both everything you’ve accomplished this year so far as well as what you are currently manifesting. This altar could have everything that is a metaphor for abundance for you on it—you can draw or make collages of these items if it is easier. Use two candles. Place them at opposite ends of your altar. Light a candle for all that you have. Then light a candle for all that is making its way to you. Move those candles closer and closer together until they touch.

Acknowledge your ancestors, your guides, and other helpers.

You may choose to create an altar that honors the helpers in your life. This altar could also consist of photos of helpful ancestors, family members, and friends. This altar could include your guides, inspirational figures, or ascended masters that have helped you.  You could also make offerings, in the form of fruit or nuts to your ancestors or to helpful deities. Cook a deceased loved one’s favorite food and enjoy it in front of your altar. Write letters thanking them. Promise to carry on their positive legacy with your actions and intentions. 

Meditate with Tarot Cards that resonate with the energy of the time.

Death, the Empress, and the Hierophant are all cards that correspond to this time. 

Ask yourself: What abundance am I ready to step into? What unique gifts of love do I possess that can be used towards my own manifestation? Must I develop more meaning around work and self-worth? Who or what do I need to grieve at this time? What can I release that will clear the way for more of the energies I value to take up space?

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new moon 
26 degrees Scorpio
6:42am, Nov. 18th, 2017

Welcome to a new moon weekend! The nights are longer, we’ve begun settling into the rhythm of more quietude, more time in the dark. We are adjusting to daylight savings time and to the coziness of Autumn. 

Release and Rebuild

This new moon is in the sweet, spicy, seductive sign of Scorpio: an archetype of sex, death, creation, transformation, and rebirth. There’s an intensity there, a deepening into the darkness. Psychic hits come from time spent in the unknown and intangible. Scorpio is the great regenerator; knowing that death is an integral, rich aspect of life.

We die many times before our body dies. How we handle this change speaks to how valuably we view the processes of waning and waxing, of release and rebuilding. We can utilize the lessons of pain, of release, and of loss, if we allow ourselves to deeply process them. We can transform stagnant energy into movement and negative habits into positive patterns so long as our consciousness, subconscious, and will are in alignment. 

Freaky, Flawed, and Fabulous

New moons typically begin new cycles. Since our hemisphere will be in the dark for quite some time, we may wish this cycle to be more internal. More secretive. More underground, underworldly. We may wish to receive more information via dreams, meditations, automatic journalling or art making. The more we surrender, the more messages may come in. 

We may need to do some behind-the-scenes work for the next few months before we are ready to unfurl new flags publicly. There may be more healing, more quietude to commit to. The focus at this time could be on the discipline that conscious change requires. There could be a summoning of self-trust and an aspect of surrender. This new moon could ask us to deepen our doorways to ourselves. The freaky, flawed, and fabulous aspects alike.

At this new moon, examine your reserves. If they are depleted, be sure to fill them. If it is time for you to call in helpers in the form of therapists, friends, spirits, or animal guides, do so. 

Swimming in the dark

Swimming in the unknown for a while might be what your soul needs at this new moon. This could be a time to do a spell to summon the strength to surrender. To reinstate your desire for some forms of mysteries. To see the unknown not as a challenge, not as scary, but as a way to get closer to visceral experience, to life. We can prime ourselves for outcomes we wish to come to fruition in the Spring. We may examine how we need to transform certain energies in our lives for the sake of regeneration in the months to come. 

Journaling questions:

What emotions have been intensely coming up recently?
Have you been honoring these feelings?
How are they a guidepost?
What must you do to regenerate?
What armor must you sacrifice to let your dreams in more?
What must you create at this time? 

Meditation Companions: 

Crystals: obsidian, jet, labadorite, petrified wood, garnet
Cards: Death, the Tower, the High Priestess, Judgement 

Suggested activities:

making a creative collage, talisman, or other sign of transmutation, beginning the first brainstorming stages of an important creative project, having sex, caring for your body, massage or reflexology, astral projection, guided meditations, hypnotherapy, or breath work.

A Tarot Spread for the November New Moon

1. Find yourself in a comfortable position. You may wish to have a journal and pen with you. 

2. Pull out, in this order: the Moon card, The High Priestess, Death, The Tower, and the Judgement Cards

3. Shuffle the rest of the deck for as long as feels right. 

4. Ask yourself: what theme is coming up for me at this new moon?

Pull a card and place it to the top of, or covering the Moon card. 

5. Ask yourself: what does my intuition need from me to get more helpful information?

Pull a card and place it to the top of, or covering the High Priestess card. 

6. Ask yourself: what energy or patterns need to die, or be transformed at this time? Where do I need to let go? 

Pull a card and place it to the top of, or covering the Death card. 

7. Ask yourself: what is more truth about this matter? What is making my ego or limiting beliefs resistant to this change? 

Pull a card and place it to the top of, or covering the Tower card. 

8. Ask yourself: What will this healing garner me? What culminations or successes can I hope for if I surrender?

Pull a card and place it to the top of, or covering the Judgement card. 

9. Ask yourself: What might this rebirth eventually look like? What part of myself must I fully embody to help the shifts take place? 

Pull a card and place it to the side, or on top of all the cards.

You may wish to journal or write a lot about what hopes and fears, spells and surrenders some of these images and archetypes mean for you. 

You may wish to use one of these cards in spell work or meditation work over the next few days. 

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December 3, 2017
7:46 AM PST

This December full moon is sometimes called the Cold Moon, the Long Night’s Moon, or the Oak Moon. 

This full moon is a super moon, which means its orbit is very close to earth. Super moons appear around 10% larger than a regular full moon. Your emotions might feel larger. There are opportunities for deeper releases. Illumination and insights might be popping and crackling. 

This full moon is in Gemini; the sun is in Sagittarius. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which also goes retrograde on the third until December 23. This is an excellent time for wrapping up loose ends, finishing up a project, or turning inwards. Clear communication must be highlighted here. Be self-reflexive: examine the ways in which you communicate to others. Do you really need to fight that battle? Pause before speaking about complicated subjects. Slow down; re-read your emails or texts before you send them. 

This full moon is good for ideas.

This full moon might have you buzzy and feeling wired and possibly surreal. It is a super moon in Gemini, after all. Attributes of Gemini include intellect, creativity, ingenuity, and communication. If you get ideas, write them down. Let yourself feel as creative as you’ve been yearning to be. It might be a great idea to spend an hour or more sometime during this full moon weekend writing down desires, hopes, creative ideas, plans and goals for your career or life. If you are feeling revved up, or unable to sleep or concentrate, work with the energy accordingly. Harness the electricity of your neurons going off by expressing them in constructive and healthy ways. Make a collage, write some poetry, create an abstract photoshoot out of found objects in your apartment. Then take a salt bath or cuddle up under a soft blanket to decompress. If you brain needs feeding, nourish it. Listen to a meditation, do research around a topic that fascinates you. Open up portals in your own mind you didn’t know where there.

Reflect and release.

This full moon might be doing the job of illuminating your entire year back to you. For some of us this might feel challenging—this has been an extremely painful and raw time for the collective. Be gentle on yourself in processing your lessons and growth. Can you be creative and make it into a story? If it were a movie, what would be the pivotal scenes? Write about it, draw your favorite gifts, tell a trusted friend about it. When we name our lessons out loud, we integrate them into the present. It might be easier to congratulate yourself on your growth if you write out the themes that came up for you under the light of the moon. 

This would be an opportune time to release. Put what needs to go into the past into the past. Burn your regrets and resentments around a fire or through a candle’s flame. Make amends or reach out to those who need reaching out to with care and compassion. Embark on the process of letting go so that your New Year will feel that much fresher. 
During this full moon weekend, pause to access what you need to give yourself. We can give ourselves the proper time to reflect and recalibrate, breathe deep and sink back into the newest version of ourselves. Give ourselves the time to catch up to ourselves. Catch up to this year. Then, refreshed, we can write our new poems, declare our new manifestos. Launch our bright wishes like so many clear quartz arrows exploding into the sky as blinking stars. 


Orange calcite helps stimulate creativity. 
Dalmatian stone helps calm anxious or frazzled nerves. 
Aragonite helps us clear blocks and brings patience. It can help with trust, seeing the truth, and aids with understanding. 
Celestite connects us with the spirit realm, helping us see a greater picture and access messages.
Optic calcite or any clear quartz helps us see scenarios more clearly, and brings a blank slate quality to one’s energy. 

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DECEMBER 17, 2017
10:30 PM PST

This new moon lies just before the winter solstice. This is the darkest week in the Northern Hemisphere—in just five days it will be winter solstice, and the sun will move into Capricorn.

The new moon falls on a Sunday, the day ruled by the sun, and it is in Sagittarius. The sun is also in Sagittarius. This is a great time to dream about all the places you’ll go—literally, philosophically, and magically. 

What you dream about, what you know you want, and what you wish for, already exists inside of you. With spell work and ritual, we create symbols to help energy to spring forth—for the universe to pick up and run with. We alchemize the internal with the external via energy, intention, and spirit.

At this time, begin to begin. Don’t just believe it, know it. Speak your truth. Bring forth what is already within you. Watch it take shape symbolically in front of you, signal to the universe, to the present, and the future. Show yourself you are ready. Invite the universe in to co-create with you. 

Below are some ways to honor this new moon in Sagittarius, the last new moon of the year. 

Count the miracles

The year has been a rough one for the collective, but through the darkness there were victories of all shapes and sizes. This new moon, on the fifth night of Hannukah, five days before solstice and the Yule, we can focus on the lights in the dark. We can remember the miracles. We can count all the miracles we can behold. 

Gather with a friend or group of friends. Light candles, eat comforting food together, and talk about all the miracles that happened this year. Miracles that got you through the dark. Talk about what miracles you excited about receiving in the coming months and in the coming year. Ask your friend or friends to also imagine these miracles vividly as you speak them, and in turn you will honor theirs with sending their dreams positive energy and affirmation. 

If you are feeling solitary, simply pour yourself a cup of tea, get cozy, and write down all the miracles that have occurred for you this year, in your life. Sometimes, even breathing is a miracle. Staying present is a miracle. Let the miracles unfurl and expand in your mind, like a stallion’s breath curling upwards through the cold night air as they run into the cosmos. 

Fire Magic for a Fire New Moon 

The element that corresponds with Sagittarius is fire. Sagittarius is an adaptable fire sign; generous and expansive, optimistic and philosophical, the archer gallops where ever they’d like! You can connect with this exciting energy at this time. 

Fire magic is perfect for a new moon in Sagittarius. Light a candle—or two or three or four—and meditate on what you’d like to expand out into. (If you aren’t allowed to have fire at your home, simply light a string of lights around your altar. Place the target of your dreams as high as you can muster, so this burning energy will rise up to meet it.

Spells favored at this time when the moon is new in Sagittarius, on a Sunday, are: travel of any kind, higher purpose, luck and fortune, friendship, fun, and education and philosophy.

Expand your desires out as wide as you can imagine, and with it, your consciousness. As the candles burn, as the lights twinkle, imagine the seeds you are planting beginning to take root in the energy of your subconscious. Have your intentions in the coming weeks align your actions, tending to brilliant new ways of thinking and patterns of being. 

Fire magic is also very appropriate for this time of year, with the solstice and Yule just around the corner. Yule is typically honored with a special “yule log” burning at a fireplace, or a bonfire. Yule honors the sun: the great fireball. It welcomes the return of the light, rebirth, and renewal. 

Stones & crystals that help stoke energy and higher alignment: carnelian, spirit quartz, lemon calcite, tiger eye.

Make Fire Cider

This is the time of year where our immune systems run the risk of breaking down. We need to take the extra time to nourish our bodies during the cold winter months. We can take baths, steam our faces, drink loads of tea and lemon water.

A wonderful remedy for a weakened immune system is fire cider.

Symbolically, making fire cider around this new Fire Moon makes complete sense. Creating a magical concoction to keep your magical body and fiery desires going through the coming winter months is a perfect way to honor the flames of your heart. 

There are many recipes floating around for fire cider—there is no originator for this medicine, as it is a folk tradition. I like Rosemary Gladstar’s recipe; here’s a link to her preparing it. 

New Moon Tarot Spread

The card that corresponds with Sagittarius is number 14: Temperance.

Temperance is the great alchemist—the angel shown in the traditional card takes essences from all of the elements to help aid her focus into creating the impossible. In this card, liquid is flowing upward. This card reminds us that magic is made of many parts. The word temperance stems from the root tempor; which means “time.” This card speaks of time periods of transformation and expansion. This reminds us that our magic is born out of many mixtures. You may wish to meditate with this card. You may wish to ask yourself: what fresh new mixtures am I ready to activate in my own life?

Before this Tarot spread, turn away from all distractions. Get comfortable. Meditating beforehand is encouraged. 

Get comfortable. Pull the Temperance card out and put it in the center of the surface you are reading. Shuffle the cards very throughly. 

1. Ask: What must I release fully at this new moon? Pull one card out and put it to the left and below temperance. 

2. Ask: What is ready to meet me? After I’ve begun the process of release, what can I expect to enter my life? What does another perspective offer me? Pull one card and place it to the right of card 1.

3. Ask: What is my manifesting super power at this new moon time? Pull one card and place it to the left and above card 1. 

4. Ask: what recommended actions are supported for me at this time? What can I do to activate my goals? Pull one card and place it to the right and above card 2. 

5. Ask: What dreams does this new moon want me galloping towards? Pull one card and place it above Temperance. You may wish to pull one or two clarifying cards to place above this card, for even more guidance.

Sit with these cards for a couple of days. Journal about them. Write down practical steps you can take towards embodying the magic inside you.

Happy New Moon!



6:24PM PST

Our first full moon arrives in a wonderfully divinely-timed fashion: on the very first day of this bright new year of 2018. And on a Monday, ruled by the moon herself.

It is deeply auspicious to have the beginning of the year start out with such natural fireworks. Wherever you are, take time to stand outside under her glow, and take in her energy.

This moon is also a super moon – the moon is closer to us, and so she appears much brighter than usual. This is the second of three super moons in a row this year!

This January moon is also called the Old Moon, the Cold Moon, the Cooking Moon, the Snowdrop Moon, and the Pine Moon, depending on who you are asking.

This full moon is in Cancer, and the sun is in Capricorn. 

This full moon is also opportune as it is the first full moon of two in this month, the second being a full Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse. To make these first few months even more exciting, this is the first of four full moons in the next three months, as we have two full moons in March as well.

This is also a gentle warning: emotions and illuminations alike will be coming up in a crescendo for the first part of the year. If we’ve been doing our internal work, there may be the possibility for swift changes in our lives. If we haven’t been as conscious, the next three months may be rocky. Let’s all use this beautiful, reflective energy for our own highest self’s power and benefit.

Suggestions for Heart-led Magic

Full moons are times when all magical activities are supported, so take this time to be extra magical. Define and connect with what magic means for you. Take this time to embody this magic, as well as cast a spell.

Be really clear about your intentions: let them be heart-led, and let your subconscious know without a doubt that you will be carrying out the work of your desires in the next six months. (Make a mental note to work backwards from next July: the new moon in six month’s time will be also be in Cancer.)

How will you nurture yourself towards growth during the first half of the year? 

What baseline standards will you keep in place as you continue to point towards the North stars of your personal definitions of success, your life goals, and the external benefits of your internal attention? 

Where do you need to show up for your magic? How can you focus more on ritual? How will you create more space for your intuition to unfold? 

A Moment of Yin: Working with Earth & Water

The sun is Capricorn, a Cardinal Earth sign.
The moon is in Cancer, a Cardinal Water sign. 

Both Capricorn and Cancer are Cardinal: they instigate, they initiate, they innovate. Both of these signs need a strong emphasis on nourishment, on the ability to give and receive love and recognition, and on making love and hard work manifest. 

We can examine what is strong and what is lacking in our lives through the lens of these archetypes and elements.

From a Tarot perspective, Earth corresponds with stability, structure, building, definitions and perceptions of value and worth, long-term plans, external goals and manifestation, the body, and the work of life. 

From a Tarot perspective, Water corresponds with love, intuition, spirituality, service, creativity, dreams, intimate relationships, emotions, and feelings. 

Both these elements are Yin, or receptive. Both these elements have the capacity to morph, to change, and to hold and nourish.

At this time, we can examine how are we being steadfast through our storms. How are our everyday activities linked to building and carrying out our internal love and values through the gestures of consistent actions? 

We can ask ourselves questions around these themes. How does what we love and what we value show up in our lives, especially around our most precious relationships, and around our career? How much are we listening to our intuition, our own particular manifestation abilities?  How are we mothering our desires, how are we nourishing the seeds of our goals? 

Our capacities for giving and receiving love, for recognizing the work of love, can only gain strength with the attention we give them.

At this full moon, allow your capacities for holding love, nurturing your heart, and carrying out the work of your love take up space. This is a New Year, and all successful manifestation work begins with sturdy self-love, with recognizing all that you are and all the work you do. 

Suggested Full Moon Tarot Spread

This suggested Tarot spread uses the same archetypes of the elements present at this full moon: the Moon, the Queen of Pentacles (Earth), and the Queen of Cups (Water).

Get comfortable and cozy. You may wish to do this on or by your altar, and light incense and a candle beforehand.  

Take out the Moon card, and put it in the center.
Take out the Queen of Cups card, and put it slightly below and to the left of the Moon card.
Take out the Queen of Pentacles card, and put it slightly below and to the right of the Moon card. 

Shuffle the cards and breathe deeply into yourself.

Ask: What is this full moon bringing to me that I can work with; what are the gifts? 

Pull a card and place it below the Moon card.

Shuffle the cards again and ask: What does my heart need, what does it wish to tell me? What are my watery gifts?

Pull another card and it place below the Queen of Cups. 

Shuffle the cards again and ask: What do my desires wish to tell me about the work involved? What will ground me through my process?

Pull another card and place it below the Queen of Pentacles.

Shuffle the cards again and ask: What must I release in the next few weeks in order to gain more intimacy with my goals? 

Place this card at the bottom center of the spread. 
Take time to notice any symbols that pop out at you, and any cards that create a reaction from you.

Pay attention to any patterns.

What resonates?
How must your capacity for love grow?
How must you carry out the work of your desires? 

Happy full moon!

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New Moon in Capricorn
Tuesday, January 16
6:17pm PST

This new moon is in Capricorn, and the sun is in Capricorn as well. So is Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto! There is a lot of Earth energy in the skies right now.

Capricorn, the Sea Goat, is a cardinal Earth sign. Capricorn energy can involve work. It can ask us to examine our worth, ask us to question what we put out into the world, and why.

This energy can be incredible for starting something tangible, and for building— whether it be your glittering empire, new relationships or collaborations, or simply a different way to exercise. 

This is an excellent time to tend to your physical temple. Pay attention to your body and what it is telling you about how much rest you need, what kinds of energy you need, and what kinds of food you need.

Reconnect with how much you love parts of your body by massaging yourself, admiring yourself, and allowing yourself to be a person, in a body, perfectly imperfect. 

Apogee Moon

The new moon in January is a Micromoon, or an Apogee Moon.  The opposite of a Supermoon, an Apogee Moon occurs when the moon is at the farthest point in orbit from Earth – also known as apogee. 

This is an important new moon, as it is the first new moon of the year. And, this new moon sits squarely between two full moons as January is a Blue Moon month. It is a time for massive shifts, changes, and magic! 

This new moon might bring us the freshness we all need to really jumpstart the year. It is time to get grounded. 

Feet on the Earth, Reach for the Sky

This is a new moon for getting real. Really real. Earthly tangibility is the name of this new moon’s game. Ask yourself what you want, what you really, really want, on the 3-D plane. There’s no shame about getting serious about success and goals, so long as they are in alignment with your gifts and higher power. We are earthly creatures, after all—defining ourselves through what we create, through the things we buy, the people we touch, the items we see, or feel, or stand on. 

Curious about your relationship to money and wealth? Try our Gold Tarot reading today.

At this time, take inventory of your own ground floor. Examine your base, your supporting structures, the skeleton of your life, the outlines of your legacy.

Do you need to make them sturdier?

Are your frameworks ready for a change?

Are your goals and dreams ready for an upgrade?

Are you still playing small?

How are your everyday actions pointing you towards your big goals?

This new moon would be a great time to hold yourself gently accountable and start living more in line with your long-term goals. 

Consider the Devil: Capricorn in the Tarot

The Major Arcana tarot card associated with Capricorn is the Devil.

This card is about a lot of things: addictions, the ways in which our subconscious tricks us into believing our patterns are real, the trappings of the material world, the limitations we impose upon ourselves.

However, because this card is about entrapment, it is also about liberation.

The first step to change is acknowledging and naming. Being mindful of our patterns begins the shift. 

The Minor Arcana card associated with the sun in Capricorn is the Four of Pentacles.

This is a card about earthly power, and how this can be both freeing, and alienating. This is a card about security, and how it both helps us and keeps us trapped. 

At this time, examine the potentially binding energies in these cards.

What are your contractions, and self-imposed constrictions telling you about where your freedom truly lies?

How will your own personal magic liberate you from old stories? 

What makes you feel safe?

What are your earthly anchors?

How are they constructive and destructive? 

For more insight from the Tarot, try our 2018 Tarot reading today!


Playing it safe will not continue to get you what you want. Obeying your fears will not build your most effective altar. 

Change is always possible. Choice is always available. 

It starts with tangible, tiny steps. With each breath, a new alignment. It can start at this new moon. 

Pull out the Devil card and meditate with it. You can ask yourself:

How can I get more free?

Now pull a card.


Take time this week to sit down and write all of the things you would like to transpire over the next few moon cycles. Now write down what the proof, on an earthly plane, of these desires would be. More time? More chances to shine, to share your gifts? More money in your bank account? More phone calls from friends and loved ones? Think about all the ways you would need to shift to welcome those changes in. Then at this new moon, make a pact to start doing one or two of them. 

Create a ritual for yourself involving tangible items. Maybe it is a stack of dollar bills you charge with your intention and spend. Maybe you create a labyrinth outside using stones and pine cones that invoke new forms of self-love or motivation. Maybe it is a list of people you want to collaborate with. Perhaps you create a list of dream projects you want to finish this year. 

After your ritual, bring the items and actions into your daily life. Make a list and tack up at your desk. Put them in a place where you can see them every day and are reminded of them. 

Stones crystals talismans for this new moon

petrified wood

New Moon Herbal Support

pine needles
oat straw
red raspberry

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5:28am (PST)

The moon is passing through the earth’s shadow in the early hours of January 31, (PST). If you live in North America or the Hawaiian Islands, this total eclipse will occur in the sky before sunrise. If you live in the Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Australia, or New Zealand, this eclipse will occur in the evening hours after sunset. 


In general, blue moons appear every few years. The last time we had a blue moon month, it was July of 2015. The next time we have a blue moon, it will be in 2020. 

The last time we had two blue moons in a single year was in 1999, 19 years ago. The next time we will have a year that has two blue moons will be 2037… 19 years from now. 

It is very rare to have a blue moon lunar eclipse. The last time our planet had a blue moon total lunar eclipse was December 30, 1982. Use this time wisely. Use your energy wisely. 

This blue moon eclipse falls on a Wednesday, a day traditionally ruled by the messenger Mercury, ruler of communication, thoughts, and movement. It is time to track where we’ve been and synch-up with the expansive spirals of the cosmos. It is time to embody where we are, and who we are, now. 

We are walking sacks of water. The moon—and the sun, but mostly the moon—controls the tides. 

This is the second full moon in 30 days. Feelings could be coming up, turgid, churning sensations taking up space in your energy field.

Drink more water and tea than you think you can. Rest and float in water. Let tears wash away pain. This time can be an almost total eclipse of the heart, if you will. Be conscious of your consciousness, your subconscious, and your emotions. 


Our moon is in Leo, with the sun in Aquarius. When the moon is in Leo and the sun is in Aquarius, we have the archetypal contrast of the self and the collective.

This time can highlight our inner strength and reserves of confidence, and can ask us to examine how they relate to the bigger picture of our communities and being of service to something much greater than ourselves—movements, ideologies, family constellations, justice, equality, and innovations. 

Leo, ruled by the sun, rules the heart. The word courage, derived from the Latin cor, means heart. We have more power when we are heart-centered. Leo rules the heart and Aquarius rules the circulatory system.

The more aligned a heart is, the more powerfully it carries its messages through the various systems and channels. The blood is channeled freely, benefiting the whole. 

The Leo archetype is of the self and the stage, of needing to be seen, of needing to be loved. The Aquarius archetype is one of being of service to the greater collective, to humanity, and to ideals — of being inventive and innovative.

These themes might be coming up for you, how you need to be seen, how you need to honor your heart, and how this, in turn, is serving the collective. 

The Tarot cards associated with this astrology are the Strength card, which correlates to Leo, and the Star, which correlates to Aquarius. Hope and the heart, empowered compassion, and healing on an expansive level.

This is fire and air. Passion and the intellect. Love and clarity. You may feel ignited at this time to use your voice, use your ideas, to set something exciting into motion. 

Or, you might feel inclined to burn it all down. Burn down the false thoughts, the unhelpful voices, the ways in which you sell yourself short. 

We don’t have to do everything all at once. We don’t have to do everything all alone. 

This full moon would be a good time to remind yourself of where reaching out for help is needed. This full moon could be a good time to think more deeply about where you might need to be of service to the greater collective and to this planet. 


Eclipses are about beginnings and endings.

Lunar eclipses, from an astrological perspective, have to do with transforming internal patterns and processes. The shadow of the earth moving across the screen of the moon highlights our own shadows more starkly. This can be a messenger, bringing deeply needed endings. 

Eclipses are portals, like cosmic sliding doors. If it is time to break patterns around self-hatred and self-loathing, or other emotional stickiness, this is the moon to do it. If it is time for you to shine in brighter ways than ever before, put your focus there.

Pay attention to what messages are coming up for you around this time—especially internal ones:

What do you need to end?
How might this be related to the new moon total eclipse that happened in August?
What events have taken place in the past six months?
What patterns can you map in the spiral expanse of your experience? 

Because lunar eclipses can be about breaking patterns, if you feel called to, this could be the time to break long-standing patterns. Patterns that travel far backwards, in your DNA, familial patterns around recognition, being loved, being of service, of belonging. 

If your intentions are to break a pattern, begin by simply practicing doing the opposite of what it is you no longer want. Give your heart, your mind, and your nervous system encouraging feedback in the form of space, affirmations, journaling, and breath. 

Trust this process and know that the positive changes we make in our heart’s healing ripple outward into the collective. Trust that everything starts in the present, no matter how challenging the present may be. Pay attention to what is ending, so that something else may begin. 


If you are a magical practitioner, this is a full moon for making amazing magic! 

How do we get extraordinary results? By doing extraordinary things. By thinking extraordinary thoughts. By surrounding ourselves with extraordinary inspirations. 

During this week, during this full blue lunar eclipse, be sure to think, feel, create, say, and listen to the extraordinary. Plan a moment, an hour, a day to do something memorable. If nothing else, life is for living, for making memories. Let this eclipse remind you of this. 

The suggestion is to create something as rare and unique as this moon. 

Some suggestions could be:

Drive out to the water to moon gaze and write her a poem.
Create tonics and tinctures to charge under the moonlight.
Do something that reflects feelings of self-love and abundance.

Try something your heart has always wanted, but you’ve held yourself back from experiencing. Try listening to your intuition and embarking on something deeply nourishing: a feeling your heart has wanted for ages. Let yourself have it, enjoy it, and drink it in, to fill you up. 

From a magical perspective, this blue moon lunar eclipse in Leo is it. Lit. Up. Aflame with delight and wonder; full with the promise of heart’s desires. This is your chance, a time and place to dream massively and cast a spell like no other. 

This is also a time to charge your crystals and consecrate Tarot decks and other magical tools you use frequently—including yourself! If you do nothing else, take time on this full blue moon lunar eclipse to write down at least one and up to three very thrilling, hugely majestic desires. Light a candle for them, slide them into the flame, shoot those dreams upward and bask in the energy of this eclipse moving them forward. This unique moon is a gift to be used for the greatest good: just like you. 

This very rare full blue moon lunar eclipse must be treated as a gift. A glittering, celestial diamond, imperfect with precious shadow. An offering of our magic to our hearts and to the collective. 

May this full blue moon lunar eclipse reveal your heart’s desires to you in more truthful and tangible ways. May it lead you to your own heart-centered practice for the larger picture. May you set greater, golden standards for yourself and the alignment of your courageous heart — and for the collective. 

Happy full blue moon and lunar eclipse! 


What does my heart want and need at this time?
How will my healing serve the collective?
Where do I see the collective, or my community, needing help right now?
What are some ways I can help the collective?


The Sun 
The Moon
The Star

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Thursday, February 15, 2018
1:05pm PST

The new moon in Aquarius coincides with a solar eclipse the day after Valentine’s Day, this Thursday, February 15. For millions of people around the planet, this is also the New Year. 

This new moon takes place in a month where there is no full moon. There will be two full moons in March. A month with no full moon was sometimes referred to as a dark month, or a black moon. 

This is a time for introspection, for reflecting on what needs to shift or change internally, before making what could be some sweeping external changes in March. 


There are many myths about the constellation of Aquarius. 

Babylonians called this constellation “The Great One,” and associated it with their floods and flooding season. Water bearing was an occupation that, in ancient times, was important, as water cleansed, revived, and brought new life. 

A common myth in Greek mythology is that the water bearer who came to be known as Aquarius was, in fact, Ganymede, a boy that Zeus kidnapped to be his attendant and consort on Mount Olympus. The boy spied his home village undergoing a drought, so poured his water through the heavens to save them. 

This particular myth reminds us that healing can be disruptive. It requires bravery, strength, and fortitude. 

Speaking up can be healing. 

And while healing is incredibly personal, we need one another through the process. 

This myth reminds us that our actions are connected to the greater collective — another Aquarian trait. 

At this new moon solar eclipse, consider what needs to be cleansed, cleaned, cleared, and revived. 

Set the intention that your dreams are also connected to the whole, even if you can’t quite connect the dots at this moment.  


Eclipse seasons have the potential to be rocky, even for the most centered of us. That is, in part, because a slight interruption in the regularly scheduled order of the cosmos can affect our own reverberations. 

If we are always in the service of evolution, then we are always in the process of transforming. If we are always in the process of transforming, there will bound to be levels of uncomfortableness. Being uncomfortable is usually a sign of being in unfamiliar territory.

Shadows are what is happening at an eclipse. Shadow work is all about the Ego, and shadow work is where we can do the most healing. Shadow work is where our subconscious resides: our fears, anxieties, worries, and automatic patterns. During eclipse time, we can bring our shadows into clearer focus. We can attend to our subconscious with consciousness and awareness, and shift them. We can make new choices. 

We can always change. We always have choices. 

Eclipse season heralds endings and beginnings. Patterns that are no longer serving us can be cleared away. Doors that open up to fresh starts and more expansive paths can be opened. 

Be mindful now of any behaviors or patterns that need your attention. Trust that anything leaving your life will, in time, serve as a clearing for something better. Trust in your ability to take care of yourself in the process. 

This can be a time of great release if we allow ourselves to notice patterns and notice our behaviors. If we allow ourselves to move through our suffering, to name what needs love, and to listen to what needs attention, we can feel relief.

If we allow ourselves to treat ourselves differently, more lovingly, we can make changes. 

Remember: things come up to come out. 

If things are coming up that are uncomfortable, deal with them. These patterns are trying to get your attention in the spirit of positive change. Be sensitive and compassionate to yourself during this time.


The Tarot card that is associated with the sign of Aquarius is the Star. 

In the traditional Rider-Waite deck, an ibis bird is positioned in the background of the Star card. The ibis is the first to leave before a storm hits, and the first to come back. 

This card represents a homecoming to ourselves after many travails. It represents the true healing that can take place when we allow ourselves to be as vulnerable as we can be, truly laid bare to bask in the beams of starlight and nurtured by the cleansing waters of an unwavering source. 

We may be finding ourselves at the precipice of a new dawn. 

This new moon can symbolize the hope of the new, the relief of finding a different way forward. 

Alone in the night, the Star is aligned with her purpose. 

When we give away as much as we take and nourish as much as we allow ourselves to be nourished, there’s a smooth balance, an equilibrium. 

We don’t hesitate to cry to our friend because, next time, it is our pleasure to listen to her tears. We feel fine about asking our roommate to cook because, next week, we’ll bring home takeout, no problem. 

That’s what this card illustrates. Glimmering tides lapping gently at shores. The whoosh of a grey wing rustling on the wind. Being carried by the trust that what we receive is matched by what we give. 

If you need to do work around expectations of yourself or others, if there is clearing that needs to be done, if it is time to ask for more help in general in your life, this card can indicate that now is an opportune time to do so. 

Need spot-on, sage advice? Try our King Solomon Tarot reading…

The Star card also illustrates rest and healing, and if it is time for you to take a dedicated break, please find a hot tub or spa this weekend. Make an acupuncture appointment. Allow your brain chemistry to rest in meditation or dreaming. Lie on your floor, listening to music. 

The Star exhibits an undying hope for the future

Freed from the limitations and chaos of the Tower, the card that comes right before, the figure is naked, unmasked, replenished, with nothing to hide. 

She gazes softly at her visage in the reflected water, able to see clearly for the first time in a great while. 

The eight stars above her provide light and inspiration. 

Tonight and this weekend could be an optimal time to create, to make art, poetry, songs, or strategies. Look high above your head for clarity and insights. Pay attention to the pin cushions of light that poke through the velvety-cold new moon sky. 

Know that the same matter that floats in the cosmos can be found in your body, your cells.  

The Star reminds us to move forward into the legacies of our higher purpose. 

Know that there is healing and hope available to you. 

Know that there is hope in healing. 


Your intentions at this time could be very simple, yet profound and joyful. 

To do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time: read a book, write a book, make a phone call, make an apology. Get a new haircut, wear brighter lipstick. Take a dance class, an herbal class, donate old clothes, start a savings account, research therapists. Begin a morning ritual or meditation practice. 

Try to start one or two activities, or do one or two things, that, down the line, could have a greater impact on your life. 

Know that you deserve to be the star of your own life. 


If you need a little more guidance, you may wish to pull Tarot cards for these:

Where am I ready to heal?
How can I do this at this time? 
What might be ready to be looked at or dealt with that is painful, but necessary?
Where am I ready to take up more space?
How am I a shining star? 
How can I show that more, to myself, to others, to the world?


You will need: 

A place to take a private bath (a shower can work too; you may wish to sit down in it for part of the ritual)
A scrubber or exfoliation sponge of some kind
Lavender or lavender oil
Violets or violet oil
Blue kyanite
A candle or two
As you run the water for your bath or shower, ground and center yourself in your body. Envision what you want to invoke during this next cycle. Imagine it filling you up with colors, sensations, and images. 

Place the herbs, salt, and crystals in the bath, and light your candle(s). Turn out all the lights. Slip into the bath and get relaxed, emptying your mind. 

Begin scrubbing as much of your body as you can, from your toes up to your neck. 
Once you’ve sloughed a bunch of cells off, re-center. 

Spend as much time as you need invoking your desires and your new story into your body. 

Imagine the light of the candle on the wall as the projector of your new movie. Try to visualize your dreams and new behaviors onto the light. 

Take as long as you need to make some of the scenes become forms in the flame. 

Allow yourself to feel hopeful, happy, excited, and centered in lovely feelings, thoughts, and feelings. Stay in the water until you feel a shift in your spirit. Thank yourself, your guides, the universe. 

For a few days after your shower, you may wish to light candles, and daydream and vision next to them to continue on with your intentions. 

This ritual was adapted from Many Moons, a workbook to guide readers through the Moon’s phases. Buy your copy here.

Work with Sarah here.



March starts out with a bang: a full moon! 

And not just any full moon – this full moon comes two weeks after a solar eclipse and 30 days after a full blue moon lunar eclipse!

And, it’s the first full moon in our second blue moon month of the year.


The newness of spring is warming us and we are a week-and-a-half away from Daylight Saving Time.

This March full moon is traditionally called the Worm Moon, as the ground has thawed and we can see the worms moving in the earth. 

Other names for this moon are the Chaste Moon, the Sap Moon, and the Snow Crust Moon. 

The orb, that glowing ornament of reflection held in the sky on invisible strings of gravity, sits above our heads wanting to impart her transmissions.

She dares us to center, beckoning us into our intuition and our unique insights

She is our largest nightlight, slowly moving away from us, inch-and-a-half by inch-and-a-half, year after year. We are grateful to honor her, and honor ourselves, in this moment in time. 

Take space tonight or tomorrow night to light your spell candle and submerge in a saltwater bath. Consider what energies are filling up inside of you, and what they are telling you about who you are now.


Having a full moon begin a month is auspicious, indeed. 

March is the second blue moon month of 2018. Take advantage of all the magic this month has to offer you. Controlling your consciousness and choices is especially important this month. 

What we focus on will grow. 

If it seems no one is encouraging you, encourage yourself daily. Be your own loudest cheerleader as new seedlings unfurl out of the earth.

Some birds practice their songs hundreds of times alone in their nests before they seem to trill a perfect melody. This can be a month of highlighting our practice so that later on, only the most important fruits will bear juice.  

This blue moon March month is so very ripe, so very special. In this (so far) alarming, heartbreaking, fantastic, incredible year, we are being offered the opportunity to worship life by the light of a full moon, not once, but twice in one month.

March offers us two chances for massive magic, two chances to consider the perceptions of our abundance as much as our lack.

If you’ve worked magic or done intention work in January, check back in on how that is going. 

Eclipse season is over, our hemisphere is warming up, and we can proceed accordingly, now, with the knowledge we’ve gained.

This full moon comes after the building month of February. By now, perhaps your spells and intentions from the first full moon of the year, back in January, have started to knock on the door of your world. By now, you may be starting to feel some of the benefits of any new practices or commitments you’ve started in the first two months of the year.


This full March first moon – Moon of Winds, Moon of Earth, and Moon of Water, this full-moon-just-after-an-eclipse-and-before-a-blue-moon dose of bright, cobalt magic —is a place to center and ground.

While every month is a month for magic, during this month, allow space for magic every day you can muster.

Connect to your breath and feel rainbows filling your lungs. Allow some of your moments to feel like treats. Remember the times you wanted what you have now, and express gratitude to yourself, to the elements, and to those in your community who have helped you get here. 

This full moon is particularly primed for magic around building and growing, as it falls on a Thursday, ruled by Jupiter. 

Jupiter has the golden touch—this planet expands anything it touches. Water the seeds of the wishes you make at this full moon every day for the next month. 

Commit to doing one thing a day that correlates to your manifestations. Even if it is meditating on that which you desire, and how it turns up for you.

Even if it is for one minute, or one hour.

Make this your most magic month yet. 


The Tarot cards that correspond for this full moon are the Hermit, which correlates to the sign of Virgo, and the Moon, which correlates to Pisces, the sign where the sun currently resides. 

This combination of cards is very interesting, indeed. 

The Hermit speaks to forging one’s own path, alone. The Hermit is a divine vessel unto herself, needing only her inner light to lead her.

Being guided by your inner light, after a period of hardship.

This card also simply connotes rest, and the gifts that come from letting your psyche settle. 

February might have tested you in some way. Now it is time to really process and learn from the lessons that have been presented to you. When you draw the Hermit, it might mean it is time for more solitude as you integrate life’s lessons.

It could also mean it is time for you to step out of your quiet corner and reconvene with others as a teacher, or healer. 

This is the card of the Mystics, the Wise Ones, the Seekers, and the Leaders. Virgo means “Virgin” which means “Goddess” or “Divine Vessel.” Ancient spiritual priestesses belonged to no one. Your gifts and your knowledge is yours and yours alone. If you feel called to, at this full moon, really define what is yours and what belongs to you. Allow that to be the source of your power moving forward. 

Traditionally, the Moon card has been thought of as representing a time of contraction and of the shadow world coming up to give us information. 

It is a wild card: a card of ghosts, howls, and feral expression. 

However, these traditional interpretations have more to do with what mankind thought of womankind than what the moon really correlates with: evolution, intuition, cycles, bending to the natural ebb and flow of life.

Allowing our processes to be internal and external, and knowing that our inner life is just as important as our outer life. Honoring our psychic abilities and messages. Acknowledging our emotions and the very real role they can play in our motivations and manifestations. 

The Moon card is a card of internal knowing and internal magic—a beautiful compliment to the Hermit.

These cards ask us to dedicate ourselves to our own processes, our own practices. Trust your intuition at this full moon, and do something for yourself, from yourself. 


Take out the Hermit card, the Moon card, and another card that symbolizes what qualities you are trying to invoke at this full moon.

Put the Hermit card to the left, the Moon card to the right, and the third card above them, like a triangle point.

Ask yourself:  What light am I ready to activate or heal? 

Place the card below the Hermit card.

Ask yourself: Where are my magic and intuition guiding me?

Place the card below the Moon card. 

Ask yourself: Where can I focus my energy more, or what do I need to let go of, to get to a breakthrough? 

Place the card below your manifestation card. 

Journaling Questions:

Do I need more time alone, or do I need to spend more time connecting with others in generative ways? 
Where am I ready to express more of myself?
What unique gifts from my past experiences, pleasurable or painful, are ready to be mined and shared? 
What are some interesting combinations of my gifts I have not yet explored?
What must I sacrifice in order to achieve my goals?
How can my intuition guide me? 

Happy Full Moon! 

Some of this information is from Many Moons, a workbook to guide readers through the moon’s phases. 
Buy your copy here.
Work with Sarah here. 



Our new moon this month comes to us on Saturday, March 17. 

Sandwiched in-between two full moons that make up this Blue Moon month, we will receive an opportunity to reset just after daylight savings time and the vernal equinox in our Northern Hemisphere.

On March 20, Pagans, Wiccans, and some Witches celebrate Ostara, and our western zodiac moves into Aries. But for now, our astrological energy is in Pisces, the symbol of the cosmic fishes, the archetype of the waves, and the liminal space of the end. 


Our sun is in Pisces and our moon is in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces floats in the lake, swims in and out of waves, and astral projects into parts of the universe no spaceship has gone. 

Pisces embodies the dichotomy and wholeness of everything and nothing at the same time. Pisces is our mystical side, encompassing the energies that sometimes exist outside (and within) any language or definition we attempt to give our knowledge of the unknown. 

Pisces knows that after we die, we cannot take money, power, or fame with us. It knows that we can, however, take our evolution, our love, and our learnings. We can take who we’ve helped, what we’ve transformed, and how we’ve expressed ourselves creatively. 

At this time, how can we use the afterlife and the dream life? And what can they teach us in us in our waking life? How are you fulfilling your most cosmic purposes? Where would this season like you to swim? 

Pisces is the very last sign of the zodiac, appearing just before we burst into spring. What have you learned about yourself this winter? What can be buried? Where are you reading to plant new seeds? 

New moons are the best time to dream, vision, and intention-set. 

This is a fantastic time to be creative, to express yourself with poetry, dance, doodles, paintings, or culinary creations. Spend time with yourself in ways you normally do not. Be pleasantly surprised at what insights you gain by this expression and creative action. 


Some astrologers and other mystics like to work with Sabian symbols to help interpret different degrees of the zodiac. Sabian symbols were channeled by the psychic Elsie Wheeler to the writer and astrologer Marc Edmund Jones in California in 1923. Many astrologers have theorized and further interpreted these downloads, most notably Dane Rudhyar. 

This new moon is at 26 degrees Pisces. The Sabian symbol for this new moon is: “Watching the very thin crescent appearing at sunset, different people realize that the time has come to go ahead with their different projects.”

This is a very apt description of any new moon. However, it especially rings true for a new moon occurring just on the cusp of a transition. 

This is the time for all of us to be living out our most individualized dreams in service of the collective. It is also the time for us to step into our own expressions of ourselves. To change, transform, and evolve. 

Where are you a different person? What new projects are on your horizon? 

Let any realizations and sparks of inspirations you receive around this time be your guidepost.

Let any insights and messages ring out clearly under this new moon. 

Then, once you see that crescent moon sliver in the sky, start taking action towards any different goals or pursuits that have bubbled up within the well of yourself. 


This moon can ask us what is working and what we are doing well, and it can also allow situations, patterns, and behaviors that have run their course to come to an end. 

When in doubt, take inspiration from the Pisces poet Audre Lorde who reminds us that “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” We cannot find solutions with the same mindset that they were created. We cannot move forward with our own dreams and desires if they are tangled up in another’s—if they are truly not our soul’s own. 

At this new moon time, get clear about where your dreams need to go for your spirit. 

At this new moon time, be certain about what moves will dissipate pain and what moves will continue the attachment of pain.

At this new moon time, allow your love of yourself to lead the way. 


You will need: a paper and pen, a deck of Tarot or Oracle cards.
Optional: an altar, candles, any other magical tools you like to work with.

Get comfortable and quiet.

You may wish to put on the sound of waves, the ocean, sonar, or seashells. You may wish to light a tea light or two and do this ritual in candlelight.

Shuffle your cards.

Ask: What messages must I be open to receiving at this time?

Pull your first card.

Ask: What bounty can I begin to call in?

Pull your second card.

Ask: Where must I plant seeds in my life?

Pull your third card.

Take time to card-gaze. What patterns are there in the cards? What images are you excited about? What images are you unsure about?

Take out your paper and pen. Write down one word for each card. 

These words will be your touchpoint for intention and action throughout the next lunar cycle.

Close your eyes and spend time meditating on what you would like to invite into your life this month, what that would feel like, and all the wonderful ways this could transpire. Promise yourself that you will act in accordance with your alignment and your words. Allow yourself to be open to new opportunities. Allow yourself to experience the inspiration and creativity you hold within you. You may wish to put your words under your pillow, or on your altar for the next two weeks.

Happy New Moon! 

This tarot spread was adapted from Many Moons: Vol 1 2018.
To buy your own copy, go here. 
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Full Moon in Libra
Saturday, March 31
5:37am PST

Our last blue moon of the year comes on the last day of the month. This blue moon, Sap Moon, Pink Moon, she’s a Libra moon as well. And she’s a special one because she is so rare—she’s the fourth full moon in three months! The next time we will have a year with two full blue moons will be 2037.

A Moon with a Message

This moon is here to illuminate what is true for us now with deep reverberations for years to come. She’s a moon that sings of Spring, the first one to shine forth after the Spring Equinox. She’s also a moon with a message: Get going already! Get going with the year itself, and with what is important to us and those around us on this shiny, cobalt-marbled planet. 

Blue moons happen often enough, but the energy is different. Around three percent of all full moons are blue moons. Even fewer of those occur twice in a row, like this one. That’s why when they glide in, low on the horizon, glowing above us like a mirrored halo, we must pay attention. We must close our eyes and listen to the clear messages this moon has for us, within us. 

Because blue moons can serve as a metaphor for a cosmic miracle, we can tune into this powerful energy and match its hum with our own energy and actions. We bridge intentions to outcomes with actions. Are your actions in alignment with who you truly know yourself to be? And, what miracles you possess inside of you?

The sign of Libra correlates with relationships. It is imperative that we reflect upon our relationships with our self, our beliefs, our mindsets, our patterns, the external world, and those around us if we wish to evolve and if we wish to make a magical change. 

Bloom into Being

On Saturday, when that blue, full Spring Libra moon climbs high in the sky, she will be moon-beaming out the most honest reflections of who you’ve been all along. She will be shining out possibilities that are ready to be enacted with ease, like picking the sweetest smelling wildflowers on your path. What if you allowed yourself to pluck the prettiest ones without guilt, with the utmost gratitude? What if you began making decisions from the true seat of your unique power? 

Think of a few things your conscious mind believes to be impossible. Make it something you have been yearning for and can feel in your body. Allow yourself to imagine this as a possibility

Imagine your insides softening and allow this lunar energy to weave through your subconscious mind and your heart with impossible possibilities. What if this is the full blue moon that makes your impossible possible? What if this is the full blue moon where you allow yourself to feel the tangible truth of your dreams within you taking shape? 

Let the power emanating from this blue moon mirror your own intrinsic value. Get going on the most important projects of your life that you can no longer afford to keep dormant. Bloom them into being. Let this blue moon serve as a marker, as a lighthouse guidepost on your path. Because it is now, and because you are ready.

Full Blue Moon Tarot: Two of Swords and Justice

The Major Arcana Tarot card that correlates to the sign of Libra is the Justice card. We are in a Justice year. (2 0 1 7 = 11, the number that Justice correlates within a Rider-Waite Colman Smith style deck. If you have a Marseille style deck, that card will be Strength.) A year of hard truths, internal and external. A year of karmic endings and karmic beginnings. A year of deep psychic and energetic cord-cutting, in service of balance. A year of rethinking Justice and what it means for us individually, and as a collective. Meditate on Justice when you need to find clarity around your truth, and when you need to find the bravery to act on that truth.

The Minor Arcana card that correlates to the moon in Libra is the two of Swords. Like the moon, the two of Swords’ meaning changes based on what mood you are in when you look at her. She’s still and quiet and focused within. Does she need to make a decision, or does she need to stay in her chair a little longer, waiting for the messages of the water behind her to infuse her with intuition? Many times, this card correlates with a decision that must be made once a new relationship in entered into with our mind, with our thoughts. This card is almost always an indicator that it is time to make a decision about something important—but first, we must wait until we are clear, not clouded. We must be sure about our truth, be steadfast in love, and step into the path of our power. 

A Tarot Spread for the Full Blue Moon

Get comfortable, light some incense or a candle if you wish. You may wish to meditate first. 

Pull out the Moon card, the 2 of Swords, and the Justice card

Ask: What does this full moon want me to release?

Put your card under the Moon card.

Ask: What do I already know about my life/self/situation that I must act on?

Put your card under the two of Swords.

Ask: Where is it time to make the previously impossible possible?

Put your card under Justice.

You may wish to pull an additional clarifying card (or three, one for each card pulled), journal about your cards, or meditate on them.

Happy Full Moon!

Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is the founder of the Many Moons workbook series. To get the latest edition, go here.

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Welcome to our only new moon of April, square in the middle of the month!

This new moon marks the end of Mercury retrograde, though some of us might be still dealing with the aftershocks of this period for the next few weeks. It also marks, hopefully, the end of the snow storms in part of the Northern Hemisphere. This month has been intense so far, and this new moon offers us a reset, and a chance to finally clear away the winter sludge and step into spring.

This new moon is a moon to think about what seeds you will be planting, internally and externally. What spiritual growth would you like to see bloom in the next few months? Take some time Sunday or Monday to create a ritual. Then take time to make a plan to usher in the change that has been a long time coming.

Here, an intuitive tarot card reading for each sign of the zodiac to honor the occasion. 


The Hanged Man

The shifts and changes that are occurring in your life are at a soul level, an alchemical level, and are deeply spiritual. From the outside, it could appear as if nothing is actually happening, when in fact, everything is actually happening— because it’s happening from the inside out!  What you are interested in working with and changing is profound, it is personal, and has the capacity to widen your consciousness into expansive territory. The trick is to let the dust settle, wait to receive more information, and give yourself time and space to tune in. At this time, remember that sometimes doing nothing, or doing something other than your usual actions or reactions, is doing everything. 


King of Cups, Reversed

Now is the time to put focus and energy on sharing your creativity and opening up emotionally. Don’t hesitate to work through your most thrilling ideas at a faster clip than usual — displaying the raw parts of yourself is a challenge that will help you evolve. Vulnerability will pay off so long as your audience can be trusted. Ask for help if need be — your tendency to do things all on your own isn’t going to yield you the best results.  At this new moon, release any resistance you have for allowing others into your brilliant world. 


The High Priestess, Reversed

You’ve spent long enough doubting yourself, you’ve spent enough time hiding. You’ve spent ages waiting for permission, waiting for a perfect green light to come from outside. Wanting the right person at the right time to wave the fairy wand of discipline and devotion your way. At this new moon, do not wish for any signals or signs or external helping hands. At this new moon, begin planting the unwavering connection you have to your intuition. The permission is you, knowing you have always been the one, always been the powerhouse of divine connection and beauty. The green light is you, starting your new life with nothing to prove to anyone but yourself and your heart. 


8 of Pentacles

A very long time has been spent working and cultivating gardens for yourself and your community. Are you looking up from your desk to enjoy it? Are you focusing on the pain, the sorrow, on all the tasks you have yet to figure out? Make this a new moon where you can really celebrate and name your magic, your drive, and all the gifts that are beginning to pay off in your world. This could be emotional, spiritual, with career, with family, community, or all of the above. At this new moon, do a ritual that reinstates your devotion to your work. Redefine what work means to you if need be. Your work is you, your magic, your talent, your pleasure, your birthright. Make it fun, make it intriguing, make it playful, invoke joy. This is how your abundance will continue to grow.


The Wheel of Fortune

Lovely Leo, loosen your grip. Beautiful dancer, leave space for the universe to fill in the gaps. The cycle you are currently in wants you to reinstate and redefine the true core of who you are now. Not yesterday, not last year, not what you think you want people to see. You may have just started new projects, or screwed up your courage and screamed out your new desires or identities to the world. So far you’ve only received echoes and it may be getting you down a bit. Please realize that that change takes time. At this new moon, please devote yourself to seeing all the opportunities that are coming your way. Please commit to following the threads, even if they could almost be invisible at times, that are weaving their way into the bigger resplendent web that only needs your surrender and your steadfast sweetness.


The Lovers

Ok, Virgo, there’s someone on the other end of the line for you and it’s saying its name is Grey Area Deuce, Get Loose, Sing the Truth, Move Your Caboose. Virgo, the message is telling me that in order to make the huge strides you are just on the edge of making, you’ve got to recombine. Introduce wonky combinations of ideas, ways of being, ways of communicating, ways of showing your belly, in order to attain transcendence and access to a different and exciting aspect of yourself. A very true purpose of your life at this time is to show the larger world something weird, something different, something that only you possess, something only you can feel the weight of in your hand. But first you’ve got to go through a messy period and messiness isn’t your favorite state of being in. First, you’ve got to put the other limiting ways of being and ways of seeing in the recycling bin. That will clear up space for you to finger paint out your fresh haiku to the adoring masses.


5 of Wands

We’ve been raised in our society to be afraid of conflict. However, going through conflicts are what forces us to grow. Tension forces us to clarify who we are and who we are not. For the past while, you might have been feeling really stretched thin. There might have been external events pulling you every which way. Internally, there might be some ego conflicts of the past and present battling it out, making it hard to focus.  Before a massive up level comes challenges and freakouts. At this new moon, get really clear around what you own, who you are, and what you are tending to. Let anything not in support of that fall away. Work with this pressure to make you into a diamond. Be resolute about which battles are wasting your time, and which ones will end in an olive branch.



Hey sweet babe, let’s have some fun! Hey sweet babe, sing a love song to stubbornness until the bridge changes key into flexibility. You’ve been working so hard for so long for so many other reasons, parts of you might be on auto-pilot. This is a lovely New Moon to reconnect with your heart: after all, isn’t that the real reason you go, go, go? Let your heart’s desires lead you into different settings. Make play a priority, especially with the tough bits. Opening up in tender ways allows you to see how many people are devoted to you.


The Emperor

Lovely Archer, this new moon is just for you. But isn’t every fresh start, a fresh start just for you? 😉 This is a time for you to recommit to your highest ideals and most lofty ideas. You’ve got the power, the devotion, and the confidence to go for it. This is a New Moon to set your wildest intentions for what you would most want to happen in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years. At this new moon, you are both ant and hawk. At this new moon, you are both the roots of the trees enjoying the rich soil, and the tippy tops of the tall branches reaching towards the stars. You must be both now. Sink in. Stretch out. You’ve got this. 


Queen of Wands

Hey, Sexy thing. Yes, you—stop looking over your shoulder! If you are doing any manifestation work, any spells, any intentions at this new moon you better make them easy and sensual. You better fill up your altar with berries, dance the Tango or the Horah or the Tootsie Roll or whatever else makes your toes tap with ease because it is a laugh-out-loud joy that will be filling your cup and it is sparkling, scintillating speeches that will be your best spells. And you better let other people see you, arms spread wide, teeth flashing as you chortle. Get out there. Let others see you, revel in you, enjoy you. Let yourself be the magnet to all that you desire simply by being your freest most true self.


2 of Cups 

There’s a lovely, healthy, abundant introduction coming your way, and it is setting the tone for the next few years for you. That’s because you’ve been doing the uncomfortable work of really looking in the mirror and allowing yourself to enjoy what you see. You’ve stopped blaming yourself so much. You’ve given yourself the priceless gifts of forgiveness and acceptance. At this new moon, allow yourself to invite in even more collaborations with all the different parts of yourself. If it is time to explore one area, swim out into uncharted oceans, pick up an old beloved hobby from the past, go for it. If it is time to exhale and allow other people to help you; particularly help you to do things you dislike, allow them. You need to time for healthy activities, for activities that fill you up and give to you, and for being the messenger of cosmic love that you know you have always been.  


6 of Pentacles

Have you been taking too much, or have you been giving too much? Is it time for you to ask for more? Take up more space? Put your needs first and take a stand? There are people in your life that want to help you. 6 of Pentacles has to do with power, with altruism, and with giving as much as you take. You have most likely spent the last 2 months or more in an up-leveling process. Lots of shadow work and lots of facing your greatest fears and vulnerabilities have taken place. Now it is time to allow your transformed and empowered self to catch up. At this new moon, practice asking for more than you previously have. Practice receiving opportunities and praise in an embodied manner. You are more than worth all that you ask for. Your gifts are priceless.